All In (2024) Movie Script

We lie all the time in our lives.
But are all lies bad?
My name is Cheng Kah Lung.
Since birth, I've always had this ability
to see weird lights
on top of people's heads.
But I'm not sure what these lights mean.
The baby is so cute.
He's so chubby.
One K.
- One K.
- Then I realized
-that when someone tells the truth,
-One K.
the light on top of their head turns blue.
-When a person lies,
-Two Ks.
the light on top of their head turns red.
You're lying!
As I grew up,
I realized that most people in this world
are lying.
Do you think it's good?
- Do you think it's good?
- Yes.
- Yes.
- You're lying.
Everyone will choose to lie
for their own benefit.
Cute boy, come here.
Soon, you will be my qualified voter.
You decide my future
and your future depends on me.
Sorry, this is my son.
- It's all right.
- The strangest thing is
when those people tell lies,
they may not be lying.
And the truth may not be true.
...just to get a good trade.
Welcome back to the Malaysian
Poker Dream Tournament.
There are only four players left
at the table,
including a new player, Dong Dao,
and Cheng Kah Lung,
the clairvoyant poker player.
Based on the latest situation,
the cards shown are
the ace of spades, 5 of clubs,
7 of diamonds, 8 of diamonds,
and 10 of hearts.
There's a possibility
a straight can be made.
Player, all in.
Dong Dao is going all in.
What's the result?
Let's look forward to it!
Do you really think you're a host?
The woman has left.
This round is cards J, A, and K.
There is a possibility of a straight.
Raise five million.
Dong Dao seems very confident.
Raise ten million.
Dong Dao raised another ten million.
Is it a straight again?
Mr. Cheng.
How many chips do you have left?
Pretty much the same as you.
I'm just afraid
you won't have enough to play.
Let me tell you something.
I've made a straight in this round.
Let's not waste time.
Why don't we decide the outcome
in one round?
You lose and I win.
Seems like the ending
will be known after this.
With my many years of poker experience,
I can guarantee
that if Cheng Kah Lung does not win,
then Dong Dao will!
I will also go all in.
I really only have one pair
and it is a very small pair.
But I will still go on.
A pair of threes.
You only have a pair of threes,
but you went all in?
Even if I don't have a straight,
I can defeat you with any pair.
Show your cards.
Thank you.
You played well.
Just well enough.
You haven't played for a long time.
The Asia Poker Tournament
will be held in three months.
It would be wonderful
if you could join it.
It's been so long since I played poker.
The world of poker belongs to you now.
But if you join it,
I will also consider joining.
What's wrong?
Is my hair messed up?
I hope I'll get a chance
to play against you.
You're the best tonight.
You dared to go all in
with a pair of threes.
He would have defeated you with any pair.
Where do I put this?
- Anywhere.
- All right.
Sir, the grapes seem very fresh.
Let me try one.
But sir,
how did you manage to guess
your opponent's cards?
Can you teach me that technique?
What do you want to say?
Actually, your wife wanted me
to give this to you.
- Thank you.
- It's already late now.
I'm going to have a drink with Lucy.
I'm leaving.
Hello, Miko baby.
Yes, I need to work overtime today.
The boss keeps asking me to stay
and study poker cards.
Right, sir?
Sorry, I need Vincent's help tonight.
My boss and I are really close.
Luckily, we're not a couple.
That's all.
I'll get going now.
Sorry, Dad.
He went all in with such a small pair.
What was he thinking?
Dad, since when did you have his photo?
I just printed a copy.
What do you think about Cheng Kah Lung?
He's chubby and shabby-looking.
This chubby man is quite cute.
Didn't you see him when he went all in?
He looked so cool.
Cheng Kah Lung, you will be mine.
I will be out tomorrow.
Be out?
Since when, Dad?
What do you mean?
I'll go to the US tomorrow
and need a transit flight.
Don't forget to book the hotel for me.
What a weird boy.
Thank goodness.
Feet up.
Here's your prawn noodles.
Thank you.
Sir, I'd like to pay.
You wanted to pay?
Here's 100 ringgit.
The char siu noodles cost 10 ringgit
and you paid 100.
- A hundred minus ten equals...
- It's ninety.
Ninety. That's right.
Why did I give you 100
when I have 20 ringgit?
- Yes.
- I'll give you 20. Return me the 100.
Return me the ten ringgit.
- Yes, you're right.
- The balance from 20 minus 10.
You're right. I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Thank you.
This looks nice.
Our latest product. It's good.
- Give me a discount. Five ringgit.
- Sure.
Here's 50 ringgit. Give me 45.
It's 45 ringgit. That's right.
Thank you.
Why did I pay 50 ringgit
when I have 5 ringgit?
That's right.
I'll give you 5 and you give me back 50
and it's settled.
That's right.
Why am I so dumb? You're good at math.
Why is there only five ringgit?
Something is not right.
Young man, you've counted wrongly.
What's wrong?
Please check the video recording.
Why is this happening?
Firstly, the noodles cost ten ringgit
and your customer gave you 100 ringgit.
So you returned him 90 ringgit.
Next, he said he changed his mind
by giving you 20 ringgit
and asking for the 10 ringgit change
and 100 ringgit he gave earlier.
But this is not right.
When he first gave you 100 ringgit,
you've already returned 90 ringgit to him.
So he must also return
that 90 ringgit to you.
That's the right way.
The situation was the same
when the customer wanted to buy the sauce.
You punk! You tried to cheat my money?
Dad, your math is better than mine.
He's really awesome.
What do you mean by awesome?
Useless boy.
I asked you to collect the money,
not give it away.
You made mistakes the moment I left.
Don't say that.
You're hurting my feelings.
Hello, fans.
- Today, we're at this restaurant.
- An influencer is doing a live stream.
It smells so good.
- She's so pretty.
- Let me try the duck leg noodles.
I get angry when I talk about influencers.
The one named Wong
made a song with foul words
and was arrested by the police.
That's embarrassing.
And the one who sells fish
while saying foul words.
What a bad influence on the kids.
He's really embarrassing.
Wong is embarrassing.
The fish seller is even more embarrassing.
The song filled with foul words
is embarrassing.
Selling fish on a live stream
and setting bad examples is embarrassing!
- It's so embarrassing!
- It's so embarrassing!
Come to Xiaolong Restaurant
if you're hungry.
The environment and decoration
are really nice.
Even the waiter is good-looking.
Handsome, come and say something.
Hello, are you on a live stream?
- That's right, come here.
- Hello.
She's really cute.
- Thank you.
- So cute.
Don't forget to like and share.
Tag her.
Look, she's so cute.
- I'm not good at this. Bye.
- All right.
This handsome guy is shy.
- All right.
- She's so cute.
Thank you. Guys...
Dad, she's so cute.
She said our noodles are nice
and that I'm handsome.
She's really nice.
What do you mean?
She's nice because I paid her.
Thank you, everyone.
That's right.
I'll go live at nine tonight.
My account name is Little Mimi.
Make sure to watch it.
I love you.
What does this mean?
She loves you.
- She loves me?
- She loves you.
- She really loves me?
- She loves you.
It's the first time
someone said that to me.
- She loves me.
- Move!
It's so easy for people nowadays
to say "I love you."
Hello, good evening.
Welcome to Little Mimi's Secret Garden.
As usual, click like and share first.
I will give you a bonus today.
Three chances of having a date with me.
Whoever gives me ten yachts
will get a chance
to spend three hours with me.
You must grab this chance quickly.
Ready, go.
Congratulations to Matt. Thank you.
Congratulations to Master Hui!
One more chance left.
First come, first served.
Congratulations, Ong Sio Qi.
Are you the handsome man
from the restaurant?
I love you.
What? Sing?
But my singing isn't that good.
Put away the laundry!
I understand.
When I was young,
I often bang bang.
I'm not.
All right. Continue with your bang bang.
Don't forget to lock the door.
...and this plush toy.
I searched online.
They're must-haves for the first date.
You're really considerate.
That's right.
On your profile, you wrote that you're 20.
You just finished your studies, right?
Thank you.
I just came back from Switzerland.
I'm being an influencer
while looking for a job.
The one that produces Rolex watches?
Your education fees must be high.
Not bad.
My dad is in the oil well business,
so he could afford it.
That's amazing.
That kid has been looking at you.
Happy times go by so quickly.
It's time to say goodbye.
That's quick.
When will you have more time?
Keep watching my live stream.
I need to see the next person.
I'm leaving.
I love you.
I love you.
That's your wife calling.
Why aren't you answering?
Did you fight with your wife?
Listen here.
Women are always right and never wrong.
In short, you just have to know
that you are wrong.
Don't think you're that great.
You treat her with so much love,
but she's taking you for granted.
Be smarter, dumb guy.
I love you.
Hello, honey.
I'm not your husband. He...
He went out. Let me chase him.
Don't hang up, honey.
I'm looking for your husband, honey.
Your wife is looking for you, husband!
Watch out!
Namo Amitabha.
Namo Amitabha.
Namo Amitabha.
Dad, are we dead?
Is this heaven?
Nonsense. You're talking nonsense again!
The doctor said
you only had a mild concussion.
You can go home after a few days.
But you're all shining like Buddha.
That's right. You see Buddha.
I play the Buddhist chant every day
so that you'd be protected.
Let's pray together. Come on.
- Namo Amitabha.
- Namo Amitabha.
- Namo Amitabha...
- Hey!
Can you keep it down?
Husband, what a coincidence.
We have the same destiny.
We got into an accident
and were admitted together
and now, we're sleeping together.
His face is small and he's chubby,
just like that radio host.
He does resemble him.
- He's so alike.
- That's right.
Hey, this is the hospital.
Can you keep it down?
- Yes.
- I want to move to a personal ward.
The wards are full. You can't change.
No matter how much it costs,
I want to move!
You're so bad. All right. I'll help you.
You ruined my coat.
He's a sissy doctor.
What happened to my eyes?
My eyes will be healed, right?
Do you know how unique
my eyes are in this world?
Sio Qi?
Sio Qi, why are you here?
Aren't you an influencer?
Why are you a nurse now? This is exciting.
Being an influencer is my hobby.
Being a nurse is my real job.
I hope to do my part for society
so that this world can keep on shining.
You're really shining.
Sorry, I need some water.
Can you help me?
Thank you, nurse.
It's me.
Be careful. It's hot.
The hospital procedures
have been taken care of.
As for the divorce agreement,
what's your decision?
Must we really come to this?
The problem lies with you, not me.
What's my problem?
Your problem is that
you never believe in others,
including me.
I really don't understand.
Why do people like to lie,
including you?
My mom failed in stock trading last time.
You were competing,
so I didn't want to distract you.
That's why I secretly used that money.
You could've just told me the truth.
Do you know
there's this thing called a white lie?
You always say that you know
who's telling the truth and who's lying.
But if you really trust someone,
you won't mind
if they're telling the truth or not.
That's enough. You will never understand.
Rest well.
Don't be mad.
There are things that I can't explain.
I still want to drink some soup.
Can you feed me?
This soup is so nice.
Did you cook it for a long time?
Have you been having a hard time recently?
You have coarse hands.
And there are callouses.
Have you been working out?
Why are you so muscular?
That's enough.
Who are you?
Wei Yi Fu.
Why didn't you say anything?
I wanted to speak up,
but I didn't because you were so happy.
I stopped you
because you were going overboard.
What are you doing here for no reason?
Why would you say that?
Why were you so careless
when crossing the road?
What if something happens to you?
Don't forget.
We still have that match.
I've never met
a worthy opponent for years.
Except you.
You're my only worthy opponent.
Let's not talk about this anymore.
Your eyes have become like this.
How are you going to play?
I'll look for the best ophthalmologist.
No need. It's just a minor injury.
I'll be fine.
Minor, as if. Let me take a look.
Let's see if your brain is injured.
- I'm really okay.
- Let me check.
- No way.
- I'm fine.
Let me see.
You're back.
What took you so long?
Promise me.
Take good care of yourself.
Don't worry. I'll be fine.
- We are in trouble now.
- Wait for me.
Are you his wife?
Please take good care of Kah Lung.
Take this.
This is for him.
Cheng Kah Lung.
Honey, you're still here.
I came back to take my handbag.
Honey, please don't go yet.
I still want that soup.
Can you feed me?
You should just eat bananas.
That's great too.
Give me the biggest one.
It has the best texture.
All you do is eat.
Enjoy your banana slowly.
It's really thick.
Do you want to taste it?
Doctor, what is happening?
I can't see anything. Everything is dark.
Have I become blind?
It's normal.
You will get to see
after the bandage is off.
Doctor, my eyesight is blurry.
It's normal. I just removed the bandage.
- It's normal to have blurry eyesight.
- It's not normal.
There are no blue or red lights
on your head.
That's completely normal.
If you see lights on my head,
then I'm doomed.
You haven't come home in a month, right?
If there's nothing else, I'm leaving.
Okay, let me be honest with you.
Actually, I've had a superpower
since I was a kid.
When someone lies,
a red light appears on top of their head.
When they tell the truth,
a blue light appears on top of their head.
The light shines brightly.
It's so bright.
This is normal.
Don't you believe me?
Since it's so great,
what light do you see on top of my head
if I say I want a divorce?
I no longer see it.
Maybe the accident the other day
damaged my eyes.
Give me some time.
I'll put some eye drops
and drink wolfberry soup.
Maybe my superpower will come back.
All right.
When you get that superpower back,
look for me.
No, honey.
I'm telling the truth, honey.
I know. This is all normal. Bye.
XIAOLONG RESTAURANMrs. Chen, why do you look prettier?
I did it five times yesterday.
I'm so tired.
Five times in one night?
Hua gave birth to six babies yesterday.
Let's stay in touch. Okay.
Diarrhea makes my feet weak.
It's a bun.
Why is this happening?
Terrible and disgusting!
Your eyes are fine.
There's absolutely no problem.
No, doctor.
There's a problem with my eyes.
I can no longer see
the blue and red lights
on top of people's heads.
What do you think is wrong with you
besides your brain?
Doctor, let me repeat myself.
The problem is with the eyes,
not the brain.
I know you think my mind is not right.
But I'm pretty sure
that my eyes are problematic,
not my brain.
Sir, I need to stress this again.
You're not supposed to see
blue or red lights.
If you can see blue or red lights,
the problem does not lie within your eyes,
but your brain.
In short, you made the right choice
by coming to me
if the problem is with your eyes.
But if it's your brain,
I shall introduce you to a psychiatrist.
You can get a 20% discount.
It's just next door
and he's a good doctor.
I'm reporting Dr. Song from ophthalmology.
Why don't you see a psychiatrist first?
Then you can decide
whether to report or not.
Why should I see a psychiatrist?
I have no mental problems.
Where's Mimi?
Didn't she come to work today?
Everyone is crazy.
Where's your wife? Have you made up?
Recently, I've learned
how to understand women.
Since we're fated to meet,
let me treat you to some noodles.
Let's talk about women while eating.
I'm full.
Don't lie to me.
I'm rushing to get on the plane.
Rushing to get on the plane?
I can see the red light
on top of your head.
You're lying.
Is it true that you can see
the blue and red lights?
Blue is when a person tells the truth.
Red is when a person tells lies.
Actually, that superpower belonged to me.
I don't know how
it got transferred to your body.
It must have been the accident.
That means I'm awesome now.
This superpower is useless to you.
But you are lying.
No, I mean
it's useless for you
to have this superpower.
But it's different if I have it.
I make a living with this power.
Why don't we do this?
Let's recreate the accident
and transfer the power back to me.
Look at me.
My assets are worth
over hundreds of millions.
Okay, maybe not.
But there are a few millions, at least.
I'll give you a million.
Return me my power.
A million?
How many yachts can I buy with that?
You know how to play this game.
Let's set it to three million.
No, I think I want to buy 30 or 50 yachts.
Hey, don't be too greedy.
No, let me calculate.
One yacht costs 300 ringgit.
- 3 million divided by 300...
- 300 ringgit?
What kind of yacht is that?
This yacht.
SEND GIFYou can buy ten thousand yachts.
Why don't I return you that three million?
Please let me go back and bathe first.
Do you have three million?
Yes, I will burn it for you.
How many times do you want to get hit?
You will die if you keep doing this.
What is it that you want?
We received a complaint
from the neighborhood.
We suspect that you're involved
in illegal racing.
- Making noise.
- Purposely getting into an accident.
Trying to trick the insurance company.
And there is also an element
of racial discrimination.
It's not what you think, sir.
Actually, we just want
to transfer the superpower.
Hands down.
You, continue.
Okay, I was with my girlfriend
who wasn't my girlfriend yet.
We went for coffee together.
I saw this man sitting in the corner.
He left without taking his phone.
I went after him and saw a call
from his wife, but he refused to answer.
I thought they were fighting,
but I wasn't sure.
I rushed out with that phone.
As a result, a car drove past and hit us.
I felt dizzy.
After I woke up,
I saw blue and red lights.
I was scared and thought I was dead,
but I wasn't.
So we tried to recreate the accident
to see if I could return the superpower
after getting hit.
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
Sir, let me tell you about it.
I think you know who I am.
I am Cheng Kah Lung.
You know Cheng Kah Lung?
- No.
- No.
Maybe you can't recognize me
because of this bandage.
It's actually like this.
Since birth,
I could see blue and red lights
on top of people's heads.
I could also see the blue and red lights
on my friends' heads in school.
The light on my wife's head
was supposed to be blue.
But the red light appeared several times.
Shouldn't I be mad?
- Of course.
- Of course.
- It's logical to be mad.
- Of course.
I received a divorce agreement
after going home.
I went into the car and the phone rang.
I refused to answer and went to the caf.
I saw a red light
on top of his girlfriend's head.
So I went out and he called me, "Husband."
Then I got hit
and couldn't see the lights anymore.
Where did the blue and red lights go?
They were transferred to his body.
- What is he talking about?
- How do I know?
No, sir.
Not only blue, but red as well.
I've explained it in detail.
I assume that you understand now.
We understand.
Totally understand.
We are on Route 11 now
at the parking lot under the overpass.
Three men are suspected to be
mentally challenged
and prone to violence.
Please send a backup immediately. Over.
- Sir!
- Hey!
- Don't move.
- No.
- Don't move.
- Stand back.
- Don't move.
- Calm down.
Calm down!
- Calm down!
- Sorry!
Headquarters, things are getting serious!
Suspects are emotionally unstable!
We need a backup immediately!
Gather Interpol, SDU, and negotiators!
- Over!
- Hey!
- Hey! Don't move. Calm down!
- Calm down!
- Don't move!
- Calm down!
- Calm down!
- I'll help you pick up the gun.
Why did you pick up the gun?
- Don't move!
- Wait!
- Calm down.
- Okay, calm down.
- Calm down.
- On the count of three,
- put the guns down.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay, three,
-two and a half,
-Calm down.
- Calm down.
- one.
All right.
Okay. You have the right to remain silent.
But what you say next
will be presented as evidence.
Hey, isn't this
what the police should say?
That sounds like the Miranda warning.
This is bad.
Thank goodness Mr. Zhang knows the police.
we don't know
when we could be released with bail.
Hey, what's this?
What do you know?
This thing is very powerful.
Just blow wherever you feel uncomfortable
and you'll be fine right away.
That's awesome.
- Do it for me.
- Do what?
So does he have the superpower now?
Yes, I can see the blue and red lights.
You don't believe it? Try him.
Do you usually hate me
and want to beat me up?
Impossible. You're like my best friend.
You're my idol.
Red light.
And when you see me wearing a suit
with my hair combed nicely
before a competition,
you think I'm full of myself.
There's no such thing.
The red light is so bright.
- And...
- Enough.
I believe you.
You have the superpower now
after getting hit.
Why don't we try to get hit again?
It turns out that in every competition,
you depended on this superpower to win.
What a dirty tactic.
- Embarrassing.
- Embarrassing.
What about the next competition?
Sio Qi, can you play poker?
What is poker?
I know how to fall down.
We might lose this time.
Texas Hold'em.
The cards are divided
into community cards and hole cards.
There are five community cards
on the table.
Every player holds two hole cards.
- The purpose is...
- Feet up!
I want to sweep the floor!
A bunch of losers in broad daylight
not learning nor working,
only playing poker,
hogging a seat and not ordering food.
Let's continue.
It's just like Big Two.
One pair, two pairs, three of a kind,
straight, flush, full house,
four of a kind.
The best combination is a straight flush.
Young man, are you gambling in a group?
We're not gambling in a group.
We are researching international games
that are good for our minds.
Listen here.
You can play Big Two, blackjack,
rummy, or mahjong.
But you can never play poker, you know?
You must not know.
Sio Qi's dad used to be a poker expert.
In the world of poker 30 years ago,
he was known as the Great Ghost of Poker.
Thirty years ago,
I was also a famous person
in the poker world.
Wei Yi Fu and I were dubbed
as Twin Stars in the poker world.
No one could see through
the aura he produced.
He was like a Japanese samurai.
His sword was always kept in the sheath.
But as soon as he acted,
you would be completely defeated.
Then the sword will be put back,
forming an attack while defending.
I was discouraged
after losing the match.
My son and I were left
to depend on each other.
I will not allow Sio Qi
to join the poker tournament!
But he will give me three million.
Three million?
Just go then.
Mr. Ong.
When you competed
with Wei Yi Fu 30 years ago,
what was his weakness?
Based on my observation,
the only way to defeat him
is by confusing him
and destroying his defenses
so that the sheath
is thrown from his hand.
If I knew,
I wouldn't have lost to him.
What are you waiting for?
Deal the cards.
You said we could play anything but poker.
Three million is on the line.
Does Sio Qi have this talent?
He plays without following the rules
and has upside-down thinking.
Perfect for playing poker.
How do you know how to tell a fortune?
It's more accurate than fortune tellers
and is scientific.
Fingerprints are the best reflection
of the brain.
Check mine.
Be serious.
The tournament is coming soon.
Quickly practice. Come on.
Deal the cards.
There are cards 3, 5, and Q.
You have cards 2 and 10.
He has a pair of fives.
What should you do?
All in.
All in, your mother!
My mother is your wife.
Raise two million.
Raise five million.
You can raise the bet
if you get a good card at the beginning.
Feet up! I want to sweep the floor!
- What is this?
- I'm waiting for a straight!
- How could you?
- Are you stupid?
- Hey, sit down!
- Sit down!
What's fun about poker
is not letting your opponent
read your mind.
You need to have a poker face.
Raise 20 million.
Come on. How do you want me to play?
You're soaked in blue light.
Who dares to lie in front of you?
I won!
- Don't follow.
- Feet up!
In addition to technique,
mental strength is also important.
Useless son. It's fake!
Raise five million.
Raise ten million.
The dragon is saying
that he wants a big yacht
so that he can cross the river.
Come on. All in.
All in, come on.
All in.
In fact, there is another possibility.
That is, I actually have nothing.
I never thought rich people
would be so punctual.
You wouldn't believe it.
Cheng Kah Lung has...
All in.
All in.
All In Dragon Fist!
All in.
All in.
His name is Ong Sio Qi,
Cheng Kah Lung's new student.
Cheng Kah Lung brought him
to our casino for a few days.
They won each time.
I have reliable information
that Cheng Kah Lung has a superpower.
He can tell who is lying.
At the critical moment,
his eyes will look upwards.
If the person lies,
a light will shine above his head.
If it's the truth,
it'll be a different color.
They had an accident before.
Now, this supernatural power
has been transferred to Ong Sio Qi.
That's really interesting.
I want to know more.
Earlier, we won a lot of money.
I can buy Mimi many yachts.
You can buy tons of yachts.
How are you, Cheng Kah Lung?
You came here for a few rounds?
Have your eyes healed?
You're very kind, Mr. Wei.
I have recovered.
Is he your friend?
He's really cute.
How about this?
Since your friend is here,
how about a few rounds?
What's wrong with your friend?
- Sand in your eyes?
- No.
I just feel tired.
It's just a few rounds.
Can't you give me face?
All right.
We're pretty lucky today.
Let's play a few rounds.
You've only been playing
for a few months, haven't you?
Usually, the newcomers are luckier.
I won't waste your time.
I don't want to play either.
Are you trying to lure me, boy?
Not everyone can fish.
If you bait a shark,
you will be injured instead.
What should you do then?
Bet 50 thousand.
I'll follow you, 50 thousand.
So? Did you get a flush?
How did you know?
You are so smart.
Test him later.
See if he knows that you're lying.
I will go all in.
Player, all in.
Are you brave enough?
You know I have a flush,
yet you're going all in?
You are really smart.
All in.
I bet you don't have a straight flush.
I only have two pairs.
Let's go to the Mamak stall.
- Come on. Let's go and eat.
- Hey.
It's not over yet.
There's one more player.
One more player?
We can order food delivery then.
Fifty thousand.
Raise 30 thousand.
Count me in.
I have three 10s.
Will you follow or not?
All in.
It's like you're reading my cards.
No way.
It's impossible to have so many three 10s.
I was just fooling you, boy.
It's like you're reading my cards.
Awesome. There are two 8s.
- I have lost completely.
- Hey.
- Happy Chinese New Year.
- Looking for trouble?
- I'm buying food.
- Sit down.
Sit down!
Dumb kid.
You're the only one left.
Consider this a warm-up.
All right.
I'll start with small bets.
A hundred thousand.
I'll follow you, 100 thousand.
Raise another 100 thousand.
Two hundred thousand.
It's really boring
to raise little by little.
Hey, make sure you follow.
If you pull away, I will mock you.
For your information,
I have four of a kind.
I don't have many chips left.
I'll go all in as well.
I've got a full house of J.
You don't believe me.
I really have four of a kind.
Four of a kind wins.
Let's go.
That Wei Yi Fu.
He's really scary.
His aura was dark.
There was no blue or red at all.
I told you not to play,
but you still wanted to.
Now I've lost everything.
How can I buy the yachts?
Luckily, I was smart enough.
He wanted to test me, but he couldn't.
I looked into his eyes
and saw through him.
Luckily, you scattered the cards
so he wouldn't find out
about your superpower.
I won't let him know.
This is just the beginning.
Next, I will arrange different matches
for you to collect points.
What points?
By playing games?
Do you think it's that easy
to join the Asia Poker Tournament?
All participants must have
collected enough points.
You want me to join
the Asia Poker Tournament?
The only person
who can defeat Wei Yi Fu now
is you.
He can tell if the person is lying or not.
When Ong Sio Qi did the all in,
he looked up,
just like Cheng Kah Lung before this.
If the superpower is real,
I'm sure it has been transferred
to Ong Sio Qi.
When I scared him earlier,
based on the cards available,
he had a high chance of defeating me.
But he chose to go all in.
Yet he didn't show his cards.
That means he refused
to let others see his cards.
What was he really thinking?
Dad, when did you keep such a photo?
Ong Sio Qi.
You will be mine.
You changed taste so quickly.
No, I would like
to change tastes for dinner.
I changed a long time ago.
Can't you change it
to something less flavorful?
I saw you riding a sports car today.
Are you talking about Prince Lim?
His family is quite rich.
He's rich and handsome, but...
I don't have any feelings for him.
I know.
You're in love with that idiot.
The one who always wears a snow hat
and comes to see you every day.
Don't tell me you like him.
No, I don't.
You even called him an idiot.
Would you want him?
- No, even if you give him to me.
- Right?
I'm the idiot
you were talking about, right?
A yacht like this,
Prince Lim can give you a real one.
Hello. Good evening, everyone.
Welcome to Little Mimi's Secret Garden.
No, I'm not feeling sad.
It's time for the bonus slot.
Today, I will open three time slots.
Thank you, Prince Lim.
He managed to get all three slots.
Sorry, but we've agreed.
We can only meet outside, not at home.
All right.
I'll make an exception this time.
That's all for today's live stream.
You're not asleep yet?
Is the live stream still going on?
It has ended.
Go to bed early.
All right.
Don't worry about the surgery.
Your health matters more.
Dad, you shouldn't worry
about the surgery either.
I will take care of that.
I came back for the letter.
It's here.
Thank you.
It's been so long.
How are you?
I'm good.
Sio Qi and I will join
the Asia Poker Tournament.
You must not know who Sio Qi is.
He's the one
who got into an accident with me.
Actually, my superpower didn't disappear.
It was transferred to him.
Forget it. This is nonsense.
It's impossible that you'd believe it.
I believe you.
I have always believed you.
Only you didn't believe me.
I'll get going.
It's me, Mimi.
Can you come here to pick me up?
Did you go to Prince Lim's house just now?
Do you think I'm really that stupid?
You're always on live stream,
defrauding people.
Now, you're lying to yourself as well!
You want money. You love money so much.
I'll give you money.
I have seven ringgit here!
Yes, I like money.
I love money so much.
That's why I trick idiots like you
to give me yachts online.
I've never seen someone as stupid as you.
You believe in everything that I say.
You watch my live stream
even though you're tired.
You know I'm lying to you,
but you're willing to be deceived by me.
It would be a loss
not to trick idiots like you!
Your wife wants a divorce.
You must be feeling hurt, right?
Don't you have anything else to say?
Why did you suddenly mention my wife?
The superpower you gave me
is really a nuisance.
It's totally useless.
That's right.
I don't want this superpower.
Can I give it back to you?
- I don't want it.
- I'll return it to you.
Listen here carefully.
Right now,
we must focus on the tournament.
Don't keep thinking about Mimi.
She's not the same as my wife.
My wife is sincere to me.
But that Mimi?
- She's only using you.
- I don't want to be used.
I'm a great white shark now.
I'll swallow everyone up!
That's right!
Let's swallow up everyone.
- Until he dies.
- Come on.
- Swallow up Wei Yi Fu!
- All right. Come!
- Cheers!
- Swallow him up. Cheers!
You two.
You didn't even invite me
to have a hot pot together.
There's bone soup.
This is tasty.
It's really tasty.
- Baldy.
- Boss, what's the matter?
- Did you cook this soup?
- No.
It's really tasty. Try it.
All right.
But why does it taste sour?
When did you vomit in this?
This is already the third time.
A newcomer, Ong Sio Qi,
has recently emerged in the poker world.
He has won several tournaments in a row
and is rising to fame.
Congratulations, you're qualified
to join the Asia Poker Tournament
with your points!
Is there anything you'd like to share?
I'd like to thank my family and friends.
My next target
is to defeat Wei Yi Fu!
Fuck you!
Sio Qi, calm down.
It's said that you can read minds.
How about we play a game?
Guess. Am I wearing red underwear today?
It's red.
Yes, red.
- It is red.
- It is red!
Your answer is correct!
No matter what superpowers he has,
I will surely win this tournament.
What's the color of your underwear today?
Don't tell me the truth.
Let me guess.
It's white.
You're lying.
That's right. I'm not wearing any.
- I don't believe it. Show me.
- No, Dad.
- Show me.
- No, there's someone here.
- Show it to me!
- No, Dad!
- Johnny, take my place.
- This kid.
Mr. Wei, I just remembered something.
I'll get going first.
They're both not wearing any underwear.
I forgot mine too.
Welcome to the 11th Asia Poker Tournament!
Today, we have gathered top experts
from all over the world.
There are 64 groups of participants
competing on the same stage.
From the preliminaries to the final round,
each participant starts
with the same number of chips.
Lose all and you're out!
The final winner of the groups
will advance to the finals.
The champion will receive
50 million US dollars
and the highest honor
in the Asian poker industry!
Hey, you're dressed so auspiciously.
Can you guess the color of my underwear?
You're not wearing any.
Everyone, look here for a photo.
Look here.
Look here again.
No matter what superpowers he has,
I will surely win this tournament.
You won even without your superpower.
That proves that I have the ability.
I didn't expect you to show up.
I was in the area.
I thought I saw you during the tournament.
You got the wrong person.
Gosh, women talk.
She went there to support you.
Why must you lie?
So is he the one
who got your superpower?
Yes, I did watch the tournament.
I purposely let him see me.
I think men are really shallow.
Do you know?
I hate eating durian the most.
I feel nauseous when I smell durian.
But I still accompanied him while he ate.
Do you know why?
Because he loves durian.
some things cannot be seen with the eye.
You need to use your heart to feel it.
I'm late.
Prince Lim.
Is this your new girlfriend?
Come and drink with me.
Prince Lim, it seems like your girlfriend
doesn't want to have fun with me.
How could you be like this?
- Drink up!
- Drink up!
I gave you 200 yachts.
Let's play the guessing game.
- Okay.
- Sure, come on.
I'll go first. Five.
- Drink up.
- You lost, so drink up.
- Drink.
- I don't drink.
- Drink a little.
- Drink up!
We came late, so this is our punishment.
- Come on.
- Drink more.
All right. Play with me again.
Let's play. Come on.
Five. Five again.
- Come.
- You lost again.
- Drink.
- Bottoms up.
Let's go.
Do you feel good hitting people?
I felt as if I was Datuk Lee Chong Wei!
Thomas Cup!
Hey, did you book a ride?
No, did you?
- Run!
- Run!
- Run this way!
- Split up!
What now?
You are that person.
Who? That person.
You work for Wei Yi Fu!
Beat them up.
Hey, stop running.
They're not chasing after us anymore.
I think it's safe here.
Go home first.
Where are you going?
Sio Qi is my buddy.
I can't just leave him.
I'll be okay.
Trust me.
Kah Lung.
Sio Qi!
Sio Qi.
Hold on.
Sio Qi!
Why are they taking so long?
Don't wait for them. They're not coming.
Who told you to take action?
I'm trying to help you.
You're the Poker King of Asia.
I didn't expect that you'd like...
Like what?
Like men.
I like men? Who?
First, you had feelings for Kah Lung.
Then you met that idiot Ong Sio Qi.
Isn't it obvious?
Also, his superpower is a threat to us.
You said you must win this tournament
no matter what.
So I created some trouble.
But I didn't expect Johnny...
to make it serious.
I'll deal with you later.
Cheng Kah Lung arrived at the last minute.
And why is he injured?
Why is Ong Sio Qi nowhere to be seen?
I'll start little.
Raise 100 thousand.
I'll let you two play this round.
Cheng Kah Lung, you look bored.
Bet five million.
Today's cards suit me so well.
Let's not let that go to waste.
In that case, ten million.
There are really many variables
in this game.
Straight, full house, and four of a kind.
You're being a coward now.
You won't even make a raise.
I guess your cards are not that powerful.
Let me be honest with you.
I am able to make a full house.
I don't want
to waste your time recuperating.
All in.
I know you're not lying.
I also believe that you have a full house.
But I'll follow you and go all in.
I have full house of K.
You don't have four of a kind, do you?
Are you okay?
- Let me get the doctor.
- No.
Is your dad a woman?
Is your dad a woman?
Gosh, you have brain damage
from the accident.
I'll call the doctor now.
Is it true that your superpower is gone?
We're left
with Cheng Kah Lung and Wei Yi Fu.
This is the long-awaited duel
between those two.
It's really hard to read your mind.
You can't read my mind,
but I can read yours.
What can you find out?
Ten million.
Gosh, my stomach hurts.
Excuse me.
Why? We've been playing for so long.
Can't I go to the toilet?
Let him go.
It's such a relief
to let go of everything.
Ten million.
Goodness, my stomach hurts.
Excuse me.
What's the problem?
I didn't get to let everything go.
Just go.
Cheng Kah Lung has been
to the toilet many times.
Is he that piled up?
Haven't you been in that situation?
Why is she so fierce?
What a relief.
That should be the last time.
My stomach is a lot smaller now.
Whose turn is it now?
Twenty million.
- Gosh, I need the toilet!
- Again?
I just pooped earlier.
- But I haven't peed.
- Just go.
Hey, are you spying on me?
- I can't hold it in.
- Wait.
What's the color of my underwear?
You're not wearing any.
I can't hold it in much longer.
I need to go.
I can't hold it in any longer.
Sio Qi's superpower
has returned to Kah Lung.
Be careful with his eyes.
What a relief.
I've peed and pooped.
Why don't you vomit as well?
You're right.
But that is hard to predict.
Don't tell me you'll fold again.
Thirty million.
You're betting 30 million
on the good card.
Are you trying to bait me?
Thirty million for a card.
That's worth it.
Queen of hearts.
Although the chance is not great,
he might get a straight flush.
Mr. Wei.
You don't usually ask for a check.
I have four aces.
What's your card?
I know you have four aces.
If I were you,
I'd go all in.
I may also get a straight flush.
Sio Qi's superpower
has returned to Kah Lung.
Be careful with his eyes.
Are you sure you want to fold?
Are you not confident with yourself?
Do you think it's easy
to get a straight flush?
I was just bluffing.
Cheng Kah Lung has
as many chips as Wei Yi Fu.
The situation is now even.
Sorry, please give way.
- Come here.
- Here.
Isn't that Ong Sio Qi?
Why is he suddenly here
in a hospital gown?
How is it? Has he been defeated?
No way. He's catching up.
He will surely win in the next round.
Keep going.
Kah Lung!
I love you!
Keep it down.
I know you have four aces.
If I were you,
I'd go all in.
You won't fold anymore?
My cards are not bad.
It's there.
It's there.
You're mumbling to yourself.
What are you talking about?
What cards are you trying to get?
Ten million.
Fifty million.
I know you have four aces.
We don't have many chips left.
Are you going to do the same?
If you do,
you still have a chance to win.
If you don't,
the chips you have left
won't be enough for you to win.
Wei Yi Fu.
I'll do the same.
I have a pair of aces.
Show your cards.
Do you have a pair of aces?
I only have a pair of threes.
But with the other cards,
I have a three of a kind.
Do you know why you lost?
When a warrior
neglects his sword's sheath,
he will be destined to lose.
The only way to defeat him
is by confusing him
so that the sheath
is thrown from his hand.
You had four aces,
but you asked for a fold.
You had lost your confidence,
so it was impossible for you to defeat me.
Let me tell you one thing.
Actually, the superpower
did not come back to me.
I looked above your head
just to bluff you.
Vincent's betrayal
was actually my plan.
I wanted you to know
that my superpower
had been given to Sio Qi.
Only then would you focus on him.
I also asked Sio Qi
to wreak havoc at your place
so that your mind would be confused.
But the incident
ruined my plan.
So I allowed these mistakes to happen
and made you think
that my superpower returned.
To make you suspicious.
don't necessarily exist
on the poker table.
Bluffs created away from the poker table
are of the highest level.
I admit defeat.
The winner of the Asia Poker Tournament
is Cheng Kah Lung!
As expected,
he truly deserves his reputation.
He has taken psychological tactics
to the extreme!
It's yours!
It hurts!
It hurts!
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
Are you okay?
Go and get a room.
- Hurry.
- Cheng Kah Lung.
I did not sabotage you.
But it's my fault
that I do not know how to teach my kid.
That has nothing to do with my dad.
I didn't expect Johnny to go overboard.
I believe you.
You believe us?
You've lost your superpower.
Aren't you afraid we'd lie to you?
My wife told me this.
Some things cannot be seen with the eye.
We need to use our heart to feel it.
It's just a game.
Sportsmanship is important.
Shake hands and become good friends.
Come on.
Come on.
Be good friends.
- It's filled with New Year's spirit.
- Yes.
Sir, something feels wrong.
Dad, everyone is here.
They're finally here.
Everyone's here,
so let's distribute the red packets.
- Baldy.
- Happy Chinese New Year.
- Always be healthy.
- Thank you.
You're still doing well.
The most important thing is good health.
Happy Chinese New Year. Thank you.
Don't be sad.
- May your business prosper.
- You too.
Happy Chinese New Year.
- Hey, you two are so loving.
- Hey.
Thank you.
I wonder if he wants to hire a cleaner.
- We'll go together.
- Hey.
How could you act as if I'm dead?
- Knock on wood!
- Knock on wood!
Don't talk about death
during the new year.
Hey, it's rare to see everyone together.
Let's play a few rounds together.
No problem.
I will take revenge
for what happened 30 years ago.
Fine, you're the greatest.
We'd usually play a few games
during the new year,
but we still have something else to do.
What haven't we done?
- Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year.
- Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year.
- May the luck of the dragon be with you.
- May the luck of the dragon be with you.
- May you prosper!
- May you prosper!
I'll follow with all in.
You've lost the superpower
and you didn't get it back.
Where did that superpower go?
Don't tell me that it has gone to you.
Do I need that superpower?
What are you looking at?
Your talent has been analyzed.
It says you are an active person
and have explosive power.
If I had checked earlier,
I would have become Lee Chong Wei.
Next time, let your child
take the talent test early.
You're right.
But do you have a girlfriend?
Cheng Kah Lung.
He indeed has a pair of eyes
that can see through others.
The most important thing for a man
is to stand tall and be a good person.
Dad, stop it.
I'm your son.
No manners.
- Don't laugh.
- Cut.
What? I can't hear.
You spoke twice.
- Namo Amitabha.
- Namo Amitabha.
Playing cosplay.
Eat it.
You've started to like
to eat bananas anyway.
I can't peel it. I'm blind.
Give me your IC.
Please come here quickly.
You are Jack Lim?
Jack Lim doesn't need to show his IC.
I know him.
I've got a full house of J.
A pair of eights.
The only way to defeat him
is to make him confused.
Break his tradition.
I wouldn't have lost to him.
I'm the idiot
you were talking about, right?
You believe me?
You've lost your superpower...
Why do we keep getting hit by cars?
Don't worry.
I will change the scriptwriter.
But aren't the director and scriptwriter
the same person?
We'll change the director as well.
Get up.
We haven't filmed two more scenes
where we get hit.
Subtitle translation by: Amorn