All Is Well (2015) Movie Script

There's a restless my hean.
"O Lord.."
"O Lord.."
"Give me some refuge."
"O Lord..bless me with your grace."
"..and unite me with my desires."
"Unite me."
"Give me pain..and relief too."
"Bless me with courage."
"O Lord..bless me with your grace."
"..and unite me with my desires."
"Unite me."
Mister, can I be of some service?
You know no one buys your bread.
Please lease this place to my brother.
At least we'll get some rent.
Again you mentioned
about your brother.
I don't want to sell this bakery.
I'm fed-up of you and your bakery.
No need to go out and work.
Why do you keep talking
about it all the time?
What else do you want?
We should continue living like this?
We have only one son.
And he's turning into one of us.
- What's this nonsense?
Always on the guitar.
I am tired of listening to it.
What are you doing?
- The bakery's isn't doing well..
...and your mother
keeps arguing with me.
"All my refuge are lonely."
"l couldn't get a moment of relief."
"My loneliness follows me
around like a shadow.
O Lord.."""
"O Lord.."
"Either you make me..or break me."
"l'm Your decide."
"O Lord..bless me with your grace."
"..and unite me with my desires."
"Unite me."
'Some people run after dreams..'
'..because they want to fulfill it.'
'But some people run after dreams..'
'..because they're running
from their reality.'
'And you want to stan
all over again far away.'
'So far..where there are
no traces of your past life.'
'And while doing that.'
' don't realize whether
you're doing wrong or right.'
'You simply run away..'
'..from your parents.'
My hean has been stolen,
what do I do now?
Yeah.. Yes.
Mr. Dhingra.
Come, come..sit. - Good morning.
How is it? How is it?
It really hit me hard.
What? - Nice, sir. It's really nice.
It's bound to be nice.
You see..Pappi Singh is not a singer.
I keep saying the same thing.
He's a brand. - You're right, sir.
If a underwear seller doesn't
have a catchy name for his product. one's going
to wear his underwear.
These days even underwear
has catchy names.
Like you're wearing
an entire petrol pump.
Correct. Correct.
Take my advice..and turn yourself
into some brand. - Right.
I've heard your voice.
It's filled with emotions.
I'm giving you a chance
because you're talented.
Arrange for the money..and
we'll stan work.
You'll be investing the money,
boy, not me.
I only give my label.
King Audio!
Get the money and we'll start.
Go on..go!
Just a minute. - It's okay.
Hi, Ronny.
Hi, Nimmi.
Where were you from four days?
Two maninis.
Remember what happened the last time.
...when you had two together?
You won't have to carry me today.
I am here with someone.
Where did you find this nutcase?
Mom-dad found him.
...for my marriage!
He lives in Australia. And he's rich.
Do you realize..l am
marrying him next week
Can you imagine that?
Next week?'re not jealous at all?
What kind of guy is this man,
like seriously!
Look, I've told you before. - I know.
You don't believe in marriages.
you'll never get married.. want to concentrate
on your careerblah-blah.
Thank you very much
for reminding me that.
You're welcome.
You know what, I am leaving.
You can keep your non-commitment.,
no-marriage attitude to yourself.
And sleep with this guitar each night.
I ordered that drink
for my would-be husband.
Sorry, my mistake.
It's not a mistake, lnder.
It's a sign.
My desires.
...will come true.
Nimmi..Be Positive,
The SecreLLinda Goodman..
Reading these books
are not going to help you.
Marriage is a horrible thing.'s your life,
do whatever you want.
Just go to hell, lnder.
Good day, mister.
Myself, Advocate Kanar
Singh Chima from Kasoli.
Well, actually I wanted
to give you a small trouble.
Your dear father, the very
respected Mr. Bhajanlal Bhalla..
...Is tired of working
hard..and wants to retire.
It's his life,
he can do anything he likes with it.
What a great son Mr. Bhalla has.
But the problem is that the bakery..
...Is on your ancestral land.
And your grandfather
willed this land.. you and your father.
So the point is you'll
have to come down to India once.
Once you sign on the Bakery papers..
...your father can take
his share and rest easy.
And you can take your
share and have a ball.
He's very stubborn.
He won't come.
He will never come.
I am stubbormand he's
flexible like rubber band.
Look, I am not interested.
You can give him my share too.
What are you doing?
Fortune's ready to smile on you..
...and you want to wash your face.
Leave for India tomorrow.
No one's lending us money anyway.
L..can't go to India.
What's the problem
in going there once?
It's been 10 years since I left home..
Earlier I would talk to my mother.
But I haven't talked to
her either for the past few years.
You don't
have to see your father.
Just go home..take your
share..and back to pavilion!
I knew it.
I knew you can't live without me.
I knew you would come
to the airpon to stop me.
Let me guess.
don't go..and all that.
Enough, Nimmi.
I am going to India
for some official work.
Wow..what will you call it now?
Coincidence..or sign?
Look, lnder.
We decided we'll never meet again.
And I never told you
that I am going to India.
You will call-off my wedding,
I know it.
But on a serious note, lnder..
Don't make me elope with you..
...when I'm decked up in
the bridal dress and jewelry.
It'll be really difficult to run..
What say?
Son, an Indian always
helps another Indian.
Will you help me? - Of course, aunty.
Your uncle and I got separate seats.
And between us..
we've only one denture.
Where is it?
Uncle? - He's right there.
What happened? see aunty.. Indian doesn't
always help another Indian.
Inder! lnder!
Look what I brought.
My son's a graduate now.
He has completed his graduation.
Inder, come down.
Let's put up this board.
I don't want to work in your bakery.
What kind of a son is he!
He refused to work at the bakery!
What is it, Mr. Bhalla?
Did he disappoint you?
What do you want to do?
What do you want to do in life?
I don't want to live in this country.
I want to go abroad.
What's he saying?
He sounds like those
people are waiting for you..
With a Welcome' board.
Ronnie's papa is letting him go,
what's your problem?
He's going to Bangkok.
Your friend Randeep's
going really far.
We'll have to begin from somewhere.
I told you he doesn't
want to give me money.
Why don't you give him the money?
Fine..shake that tree outside.
And take all the money
that falls from it.
You weren't born with a silver-spoon!
Then what are you for?
Why give binh to
me in the first place?
Look son..take my advice.
We'll run the bakery together.
All you do is squat
flies all day at the bakery.
I want to do something with
my life..l want to be someone.
You sound as if we haven't
done anything with our lives.'ve done a lot.
You're good for nothing.
Son.. - Loser!
What are you doing?
How dare you argue with your father!
Have you ever acted like a father?
Did you ever ask me what I want,
what I thought?
Every father is a hero for his child.
The child is always assured..
...that no matter what,
his father's there.
But you are my problem!
I see..
Fine, I am your problem.
Get out of my house.
And don't come back..
...until you don't make
something of yourself.
Get out!
What are you saying? - Be quiet.
Inder, stop.
What are you doing, son?
Didn't I tell you, mom..
...someday he'll throw me
out just like my guitar. - No.
Let me go, mom. - Stop..lnder!
Nimmi, did you board the plane?
- Board?
The plane's already landed, papa.
You were supposed to arrive at 8pm,
but landed at 8am instead?
You're too much, papa.
You blundered again.
Stay there,
I'll send a car to the airport.
Get the car.
If you send a car now,
we'll be wasting a lot of time.
It's okay. - I'll take a taxi.
But. - It's okay, papa.
Okay, bye.
She has arrived.
Since you're here, why don't
you attend my wedding as well?
You sing well.
If you perform at my ceremonies,
you can make some money as well.
Come on.
Your hean might melt..when
you see me in the bridal dress.
Goodbye..Ms. Nimmi!
May your wedding be a pleasant one!
You go your way, and I go my way.
"O companiomjust a little longer."
The destination of
love's calling out to thee.
Gurdaspur. - Kasoli.
Why are you after me?
Chill. I'll take another cab.
No, no, sir.
Gurdaspur is on the way.
We can drop her on the
way and continue to Kasoli.
You see..this way I'll get two fares.
"You're the one..l prayed for."
Taking a single step
without impossible.
Madam..your stop is here.
Lefs go. - 0K8'!-
"O companiomjust a little longer."
The destination of
love's calling out to thee.'re on a suicide path.
So..good luck.
Please fulfill my
last wish before I die.
How about you give me
a biscuit from your bakery?
You's a four hour journey.
And I'll even take
your parents' blessings.
Once you meet them.
...It will shatter all
your illusions about marriage.
Most welcome.
Come. - Sir..are you lnder Bhalla?
Foreign return?
You see..your father is
at the lawyer's place.
And he's called you there too.
And the lawyer has
even sent a car for you.
Sister-in-law, you too.
"Oh my baby doll of gold..."
You're a bloody good for nothing,
Get out of my house. Get out.
Advocate Chima.
Welcome, mister. Welcome.
Welcome, lnder. Come.
Come, sit.
Take a seat. Don't be shy.
Sister-in-law is with you too.
Come on. Sit down.
See, Mr. Bhalla,
finally they are here.
Sign here..and make
your father sign here.
What's this? - What's this?
It's an invitation
to my tonsuring ceremony.
What a joke.
These are the papers
to your father's bakery.
Your father borrowed
a huge sum from me.
And now I've to borrow
money from other people.
Your father's borrowed money
from everyone in the village.
Even ATM machines
refuse to give him money.
Look..l've a complete list.
2 million..with interest.
2 million.
Give me the Bakery..scores settled.
I came here to take
my share of the money.
I put out a bait and you came running.
Had he been getting his share..
...he would've been overwhelmed.
Your father's left
you debt as inheritance.
So you will have to pay up.
Sign on the papers..and
make your father sign as well.
His sign doesn't matter.
I am not going to
sign in the first place.
Bloody old man..
Chima, my home's above the bakery.
If I sell it, where will I live?
Your son's come down from abroad.
He'll take you back with him.
He won't take me anywhere.
And I won't go with him either.
Son.. him?
You two have one day.
I'll come taste
sister-in-laws cooking.
Either you pay my 2
million..or give me the bakery.
And if you don't settle
this account tomorrow..
"Then I'll put you two in
your bakery's furnace.
...and make bread. fool.
Even/thing's still the same.
Same old broken roads.
Same old din and
filth..same old people.
Look there.
That dog's been peeing
there for the last 10 years.
At least he's loyal.
He's lazy, not loyal.
He's stuck at the
same place for 10 years.
I would be rotting here too.
Yes, of course. He's the
only one who's been successful.
That's why he came down for his share.
Tell him..there are no goons after me.
2 million in debts.
What was the reason
to borrow so much money?
And even if he did..
People always keep aside some savings.
I did do some savings. I did too.
I kept giving that
money to his mother.
And his mother used
to make jewelry out of it.. that it'll come
in handy someday.
Tell him that.
Ask him..where's the jewelry?
Did he put them in
the oven and make biscuits?
Tell him..his mother kept all
the jewelry at his uncle's place.
Because she didn't trust me.
Ask him..why doesn't he tell
mother to get those jewelry back?
I can't tell her that.
Tell him, daughter-in-law.
Tell're not
his daughter-in-law.
I am not your daughter-in-law. - Fine.
You're not my daughter-in-law,
good for you.
You should thank God for it.
Stop, the bakery's here. - Fine, fine.
Will you take us to the border?
Come on.
How much? - 3550 rupees.
What? - Yes, sir.
He hasn't paid my fare
for the last 5 years.
Put it on my tab.
No more nonsense from you. Come on.
What a man. - l'll..
Uncle, let me take that.
- It's alright, dear.
Come on.
Yes, papa?
Dear, it's almost evening..and
you're not home yet.
Yes, I'm a bit late.
How late?
I'll come tomorrow morning.
Where will you stay?
I'll stay with my friend..lnder.
- lnder?
Fine, dear.
Okay, papa. Bye.
Are you and lnder just friends,
or.. - Well, l..
On, l get n.
lnder's the one saying no.
Hopeless boy.
'Why don't you put
him in some good school?'
'Why don't you understand,
I don't have the kind of money..'
'Then let him stay with my brother..'
'Don't talk about your brother,
or else I will beat you.'
'Don't touch me.'
Don't you dare take his name. -
So why don't you..
'I'll slap you.'
Do you know three-lettered word for
"Aascharya, Achambit" (Astonishment).
AMAZE. - Where's mother?
No, not AMAZE. In Hindi.
Sorry, uncle.
Ask him where's mom.
She's at the Old Age Home.
She's been sick for
the past couple of years.. she's at the
Old Age Home. - Sick?
If she's sick,
she should be at the hospital.
Why the Old Age Home?
Are you going to say something or not?
There are no big hospitals here.
There's just one Old Age Home..
...where people with
such conditions are treated.
What "Condition"?
Alzheimer's is most hereditary.
At first, the patient
begins to forget small things.
Like namesmames
of things used daily.
Then slowly..she
gets morose at nature.
The patient doesn't
realize this himself.
But yes..if someone pays attention.
"Then it can be detected
at an early stage.
It's really strange.
...that no one at your
home detected these symptoms. papa and mom don't get along.
And you?
Isn't there a cure, doctor?
Well, there is no cure.
"But we can slow down the process.
The patient needs to
be given medicine on time.
And most imponantly.
...the patient needs a good ambience.
And she needs to be
kept happy at every cost.
Can I take mom home?
Welcome, mister.
Wakeup, Bhalla.
Look..this time you two
get straight to the point.
I don't want any
lengthy conversations.
Did you sign or not?
Why did you bring her here?
Did you take the
biscuits out of the oven?
They will get burnt.
Why did you bring her here?
Don't worry.
I will look after mom.
You will look after her? You?
Will you take her along?
- Isn't that what you want?
That's one burden off your shoulders.
Happy? - Enough! Shut up! Shut up!
You two are more like Wildcats
rather than a father and son.
Always fighting.
The point is..your
father hasn't signed yet.
And I never will.
Look here.. - Forget it. I won't sign.
I don't want to sign.
Nimmi, why don't
you and mom sit outside?
You cannot force me. one's going anywhere.
Sit here.
Be quiet.
Sit here.
You're too much.
Or I will shoot.
What do you mean you'll shoot?
Chima, listen to me.
I've already signed the papers.
I don't care how you'll
extract the money from him.
Get it.
I know how.
Bhalla..come on, sign.
What are you doing?
Lower the gun.
I'm saving--
What's wrong?
I've told you a thousand
times..grease this thing.
Never fires when you want it to.
Oh god, it fired!
The gun fired.
Look, Chima..relax.
We have some jewelry.
It's not here, it's someplace else.
It's with our uncle Kripal.
What uncle?
We've an uncle who
lives close to Chandigarh.
Give me his number.
Hold it.
- Wait, I'll give you his number.
Boss..there's no
balance in your phone.
Okay, dial this number.
You fool..-981..
You call him.
Why? - Why should we call him?
I won't waste any more money.
What a miser!'s ringing.
Talk to him. - What will I say?
We don't get along.
You talk to him.
Put it on speaker.
The serpent.
Hello, uncle, it's lnder speaking.
Inder? lnder who?
Oh..Bhalla's son.
Finally you called, huh!
No, aunty.
I called because I was missing you.
You forgot all about us.
And now you finally
remembered about us.
Get to the point.
Where's uncle?
Uncle's gone for a long drive.
When will he return?
We just bought a
new Mercedes yesterday.
That rascal Kirpal must have sold
my jewels and bought the Mercedes.
I know your uncle too well.
I said take me along as well.
After all I am your wife.
Let me sit in the Mercedes as well.
Fine, aunty. I am hanging up.
Listen up. You two leave right now.
And come back only with the jewelry.
And if you don't get the jewelry,
get the Mercedes instead.
Wow! That's great.
Thank you. - Okay, fine.
Come, mom.
Nimmi..l'll drop you on the way.
Sit. Sit. Sit.
What if the entire family
disappears after getting the jewelry?
You expect me to beg outside
the temple for the rest of my life?
Aunty and sister-in-law
are going to stay with us.
And if you miss them.
Give me your phone.
If you want to talk to your mom,
just call.
Go on.
Let's go have a pastry.
Walk faster.
Isn't there a way to
the bakery from inside? - Yes.
Come on.
You, wipe my face.
I'll show you. How dare you
give a bad name to Kasol!
I will set you straight.
Welcome, Mr. Bhalla.
You could've at least
spared the police.
Now you want to borrow
money from us as well.
Have some shame.
Look, I am lnder Bhalla.
Chima and his goons have
barged in our house. - I see..
Fine then, keep him there.
The minister's visiting today.
It's best he doesn't
come anywhere close to him.
Just entertain him in any way you can.
Don't let him out.
See..that's Law and Order.
Foreign returned!
If you have any
problemsspeak out now.
Sir..a gangster called Chima
has made my life difficult.
He lends money and
charges 35% interest.
I couldn't pay him back,
and he seized all my lands.
I am ruined.
Stop. Stop.
Put it on my tab.
Jai Hind.
Where are you going? - Up.
The ladder will break.
Who is Chima?
Which party does he belong to?
Don't worry.
I'll bring him here in 30 minutes.
In 20 minutes Chima
will be at my feet.
Let's go.
Inder. - Let's go.
Mother, let's go. - No. I won't go.
Inder hasn't returned from school yet.
I am lnder.
Boss. Boss.
The minister's sent
police to arrest us.
Shut down everylhing.
Don't just stand there, close it down.
We're done for, boss!
Look, lnder got injured at school.
You've been called immediately.
Inder's injured?
Did you close the door?
Hurry UP-
I forgot my book. - Nimmi..
Safe. We're safe.
Let's go.
Where did they go?
Stop. Stop.
Come on.
Break it down.
Poor people.
You need strength for this.
See my strength,
Now watch.
Boss once broke the
lock with his head.
I think this time he broke his head.
Pull. - Slowly.
We'll lose him, come on.
Kick him from the back.
Wash your socks once in a while.
Find him. Chima!
Be careful.
My leg!
Oh God! - Come on, quickly.
Stop. - StoP-
Run.. run.
Where's that wretched Chima?
Catch them.
Jump, boss. Trust us.
Come on.
Jump, boss.
Quickly..let's go to the school.
Catch me. - We will.
Here I come. - Jump, boss.
The car.. - Here I come.
Everyone watch your step.
Hold on to the ladder.
Catch him.
I am stuck up here.
Do you want to kill me?
Put me down. - Get that car.
Take the car.
Get him out.
Come on..get out.
Where are they?
Shut up.
Bhalla, I'll show you now.
Bhalla, you're dead.
Ready..catch me.
They're gone.
Rascalsmy [Jack's broken.
Come on.
Come on.
M'! Cycle.
Are you blind? - Get lost.
We'll finish them today.
Chima will be brought
here in 5 minutes.
Bhalla in Chima's car?
In two minutes Chima.. - Get lost.
Chima in a police car.
Get lost.
Take the basket. Keep it.
Side. Side.
Don't stop for anyone.
Crush anyone who comes in between.
Why you..
Where did they come from?
Move them..come on.
You scoundrelsmove
them from the way.
Boss, cow's our mother.
I can't touch her.
Then you do it.
No, boss..she's my mother too.
You're a buffalo,
you go shove them away.
Cows are buffalo's sister.
So she's my aunt.
I can't do it either.
- You expect me to do it.
I was making something
out of my life..
...and now I am stuck in this.
You didn't exactly
become my old age support
You suppon your parents at old age..
...If they hold your
hand when you're young.
What did you do?
Threw him out. - Exactly.
He threw him out of the house.
Now even she's
commenting from the back.
The truth always huns.
You did throw me out.
Inder, what's wrong with you?
Nimmi just relax,
stay out of this, please.
Fine, please stop the
car..l've to 'make water'.
Do what?
I need to pee, okay.
Goons are chasing us,
and you want to pee.
What rulebook says that you
can't pee if goons are chasing you?
They can get here any moment.
Fine, you won't stop, will you?
I'll do it right here. I care a damn.
Don't stop the car now.
- Fine, I'm stopping.
Stop the car then. Stop now.
I'm stopping the car.
I've been telling you to stop,
but you don't listen.
Hurry up. - Shut up.
"My papa the great."
"My papa the great."
Five-lettered word..for
relief that you get after peeing.
Bliss! Bliss! Bliss!
Hurry up!
That plant will turn into a tree.
This thing can't be controlled. Wait.
Chandigarh-Solan highway!
Switch off the radio.
Whose radio is that?
Boss, it's coming from there.
It's coming from this, boss.
Chandigarh-Solan highway!
Inspector Gill reporting.
Atwal speaking.
Did you forget?
I ate 50 sweetmeats at the
wedding. - 50 sweetmeats?
Forget that, now listen carefully.
Chima has fled in a police car.
The car's covered with
flags with flowery veil.
Don't let them escape.
Stop..stop the car.
He's talking about us.
Take the flags out.
Take all the flags out.
Couldn't you find any other car?
Bloody fools.
Chima's here. - What?
Come on..hurry up. - Coming.
Fools..stupid. Don't you have any sense?
- Boss.
Look there, that's our car.
This isn't the time to joke.
I'm trying to explain him something.
Boss..l swear on you, that's our car.
Take a look. - Where?
That's our car, boss.
What the"
That is our car!
Didn't I just tell you that, boss?
Hurry up, quickly.
Come on, let's go.
We won't spare him this time.
- Hurry up.
Boss. - What?
Turn the car around.
Turn it.
They don't even die.
I think that's them. Follow them.
Drive faster. Come on.
Can't you drive faster today?
At least wash your hands.
Lions never wash their hands or face.
Come on.
You drive.
Thinks he's a lion.
Stop at some restaurant up ahead.
I am hungry.
Now you want to eat.
Highway Motel. It's a nice place. will only take your mom along,
isn't it?
I'll go get food for us.
Listen, do you have money?
Or should l?
I'll manage.
And listen..don't be a miser.
We're Bhallas!
We eat till our heart's content,
not our stomach.
Stop staring, go on.
Where's your mother.
Come on, Pammi.
There's a cot laid out here, come on.
Come on, Nimmi.
- Who gave him alcohol?
I'll murder him and drink his blood.
He doesn't even care about
his wife when it comes to alcohol.
It's not our fault.
So is it my fault?
Who's going to dance with me now?
I am there, sweetheart.
Who said that?
Who said that?
Hey heroine..look down.
I'm not scared of your slap,
sweetheart, but I am scared of love.
Hey SHOW--
It'll take three of you
to dance with me. Get that?
Pay first..and eat later.
We don't take credit cards.
What's the bill? - 4560 rupees.
Why so much?
Because singing and dancing
comes free with the meal.
Well..Jeeto's special offer for you.
Free food for singing
and dancing with me.
Will you do it?
Inder..three extra ponions of grams.
Special ones. Order extra for us.
And sweets.
"The drum of the Punjabis is beating"
"Dance to the beat of the drum"
"The drum of the Punjabis is beating"
"Dance to the beat of the drum"
"Give me the permission."
" dance with you."
Wearing necklaces each
wonh 9 lakhs, O girls!
Dance beside me on
the beat of the drum.
"After drinking from your eyes."
I'll shower dollars if
you keep on dancing this way
"l'll dance with full energy."
"With You in tonight's function."
"l'll dance with full power."
"With You in tonight's function"
I won't sit being
tired and dejected.
"With You in tonight's function"
"After drinking from your eyes."
I'll shower if You
keep on dancing this way.
"L'll dance forgetting all shame."
"l'll dance forgetting all shame."
"With You in tonight's function."
"You're dancing with full power."
"With me in tonight's function."
Come on..
Dance baby dance
with the Meet brothers.
They are not your mother.
Move the goats aside.
Boss, I can't touch them. - Why?
Mahatma Gandhi used
to drink goat's milk.
You don't think about Mahatma Gandhi
while devouring mutton.
My sweetheart. -
You ripped my hean apan.
This bracelet is
dancing in your hands.
It is jingling and
tinkling to the beats.
May my beloved agree to
my proposal and become mine.
O wonderful lover,
You look great only beside me.
I ignore everyone else, when you
look at me and keep at gazing at me.
"L'll flaunt the grace of a star."
"With you in tonight's function."
"l'll dance with full power."
"With You in tonight's function."
I won't sit being
tired and dejected.
"With You in tonight's function."
I'm coming to pick you up, dear.
Okay, father.
Pick me up from Dara's Motel.
I hope you didn't forget..the
ceremonies stan at 10.
No, no..don't worry, papa.
I'll be there on time.
Won't look nice if you're
missing from your wedding.
Come soon, dear.
Okay, bye. - 5V9-
Nimmi, when are you getting married?
Four days later.
Spare no expenses at the wedding.
Listen..we could not do
anything special at our wedding.
But we'll spare no expenses
at lnder's wedding.
Yes, don't worry.
We'll give him a grand wedding.
Just rest.
We'll need her medicines.
Who charges for buttermilk?
What are you saying? - Just joking.
How much? - 50 rupees.
She's here. - Nimmi.
Nimmi, how are you? - Are you fine?
I am okay.
Papa, this is Bhalla uncle.
Hello. - Hello.
This is lnder.
But you said Indira over the phone.
Indira's his sister. - I see.
Leave that..aunt's not well.
Let's take her home. - Yes.
Don't worry.
There are three doctors at home.
Three? - Ayurvedic..Homeopathic
and Allopathic.
We'll treat her at home.
Come, come, come! Nimmi's here.
Come, Come.
Come in.
Look, brother. Nimmi's here.
Nimmi's back.
Come, Nimmi.
They are all wearing same glasses.
No need to worry.
I just need to inject her.
And she'll be fine.
Allopathy is useless.
I've brought
Ayurvedic powder for you.
This will give you relief.
You've got powder for everylhing.
Powder for cold.
Powder for paralysis.
This powder is
only good for laxative.
Try this homeopathy medicine.
Hey homeopathy.
Give those sugarcoated
pills to kids. They will suck on it.
These pills are good for nothing.
Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.
Wait a minute.
She's already being treated
by the doctors at Sharda Old Age Home.
I know the doctor
at Sharda really well.
I'll ask them about her condition.
The rest of you come along.
Let's have some dinner.
Yes. Come on.
Those who speak the name of god.
They emerge victorious.
Hurry up, hurry up.
The groom's arriving tomorrow.
This is the limit.
You haven't decorated the car yet.
Mohit will be here in the morning.
Hurry up. Hurry up. - Fine.
But which car?
This one or this one?
Must be this one.
Come, let's decorate it.'s photo.
Doesn't he look so cute?
I want to just eat him up.
Get on with the henna ceremony.
I'll join you in a minute.
Nimmi, you're so lucky.
Nimmi's so fortunate.
Because she's marrying
such a guy, right?
I always dreamed about
a wedding like this.
When you get married,
make sure it's grand like this.
Your mother always wished
that we had a grand wedding.
But that could never happen.
We took our nuptial rounds
in two pair of clothes.
...and in the presence
of four family members.
I brought your
mom home in a rickshaw.
Nor did I have the
money to throw a feast.
You served sugarcane juice
to everyone and chucked them out.
I was going to say that.
- I know.
I've been hearing your
sob story since I was a kid.
Mr. Bhalla..let me introduce you.
My aunt's son, Billu Gill.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Nimmi was saying that your
daughter Indira lives abroad.
Yes, she does.
That's Lucky, his son.
- He wants to go abroad as well.
This is great.
You two talk, I'll be right back.
Mr. Billu, your son's
Lucky while my son's unlucky.
For the past 10 years I've
been telling him to go abroad.
But he doesn't listen.
He says..l won't
leave my parents.
How could I go, uncle?
My love for my
parents is such that.
...l can't leave them and go away.
He'll only get spoilt out there.
He'll be so rude..
...that he won't stop the
car even if you have to pee.
No, papa..l will
stop the car. I swear. can
you stop the car..
...when you find out that your father's
borrowed money from everyone..
...and goons are chasing
you for recovery.
How will you stop the car?
What? When did I borrow any money?
Remember, sir.
He'll forget all about you instantly.
And only come back for
his share in the property.
No, papa..
- Shut up, stupid fool.
Bloody hopeless case.
Have you seen lnder?
- Yes, he's on the terrace.
Let me guess.
You're hoping that it was
you who was getting married.
And it was you instead of Mohit.
I did give you a chance, lnder.
What to do, madam?
You see..l can't
tolerate happiness.
It's been like this
since my childhood.
Here we go again.
Now you'll talk about your
childhood and blame your papa again.
it's none of my business, but.
...why don't you talk
to your papa once.
You know, man-to-man.
Talking to him is
like talking to a wall.
He's extremely stubborn.
Completely adamant. you're
just like your papa.
No..l am not like him.
He wasted his entire
life and did nothing.
Look at him now.
He's solving crosswords.
So now you've a problem
with his crossword.
No, no..l've a problem
with his indolence.
No ambition at all.
And he never did.
are you doing here?
Come on,
the musical program has started.
You only live
gives no second chance.
Cut out your
ego..set your mood.
"Flaunt your style."
Park your
car..darken the light.
Switch on the music,
and switch off your phones.
"Forget the world."
" only live once."
So baby let's live..
you only live once.
" only live once."
So baby let's live..
you only live once.
"Ohh Billo tell me."
She says all the dancing
is making her sweat.
She make it twerk no ballerina
We only live once.
Put those branded glasses
on..and set that hair.
We keep swaying all
night..without a care.
Cool your mind..cast
out your tensions.
Feel your life..and
heal your hean.
"Erase your pain."
You only live
gives no second chance.
Cut out your
ego..set your mood.
"Flaunt your style."
" only live once."
So baby let's live..
you only live once.
" only live once."
So baby let's live..
you only live once.
" only live once."
So baby let's live..
you only live once.
" only live once."
So baby let's live..
you only live once.
Stop all this.
- Turn it off.
Where's the father-son duo?
We are here.
Do I look like a clown?
Where's Bhalla and lnder?
Yes, where are they?
They were right here.
Check that side. Take a look.
This way?
why don't you tell us?
Where is he?'re all done for.
Where's my gun?
Hey..hand over the keys.
Hand it over. Hand it over.
Where's the gun?
Where's the gun?
Where's the gun?
Sir..your boss
is asking for the gun.
The gun.
Coming, boss.
Look, I don't have a gun
right now, but we're dangerous people.
So tell us..
- Boss, here's the gun.
Move..move back.
Now tell me where he is.
Otherwise you know..
"You only live Once".
That's "Yolo".
Yolo. - Correct.
Chima, I really..
- Tell me where's lnder.
Boss, lnder sent me with the gun.
Where is he? - He's..
You.. - What's going on?
He cannot escape this time.
Hurry up. - Come on.
Trying to escape.
I'll grab him by his hair.
Catch them.
Dear, who are they?
Brother, why are they coming back?
Bring the girl.
Leave me.
- Not the aunty, the girl.
Nimmi dear..
Don't bother to inform the police,
or we'll send you her deadbody.
Don't worry, I'll be fine.
Nimmi..take care, dear.
Come on, sit.
I don't understand what's
going on or what I should be doing.
Brother, the groom's
arriving in the morning.
But Nimmi's gone.
My brother's that way.
Left..take a left.
Boss. - Where did they go?
I think they took a left.
Everyone thinks
they went this way.
But they went that way.
- No, Chima, they went this way.
I'm telling you.
Let's go this way.
Boss. - You're great.
See, is necessary.
As if you're a graduate.
Stop the car at the side,
I need to pee.
Pee..l want to pee.
Such a pathetic driver,
you'll make me wet my pants.
Why are you taking
us in the bushes?
Your uncle's chasing us.
They won't spare us this time.
They can't catch us.
Stop the car. Stop.
I really need to go.
This car's such a nuisance.
"It's coming..coming..coming."
Hello. - Yeah Ronnie.
Inder, I am at Mr.
Dhingra's place.
Talk to him.
Inder..the great Singer.
Mr. Dhingra, how are you?
Well..there's a Mr.
Chhada sitting next to me.
He's from Ludhiana.
He wants to make his own album.
He's got loads
of money..but no songs.
I suggesLthat
you two make a deal.
And you both will be happy.
It will be your album.
But with Chhada sir's
name and picture.
He's ready to pay any amount.
Whatever price you say.
Mr. Dhingra,
will give the phone to Ronnie.
He'll think it over.
Yes, sir. - Here you go.
Tell him..he'll get cash and
cheque..whatever he wants. - Yes.
Yeah, lnder. - Chhada sir.
Tell him..l didn't compose
these songs for selling them.
Is there a problem?
You don't have to worry.
If you've problem, then go back.
I'll handle things here.
You'll handle it. - Yes.
I see..
Is this how you handle things?
If you had really
handled everylhing..
"Then we wouldn't
be in this predicament.
Use your brains.
Sell the bakery and
put an end to all this.
And what do I do after I sell it?
Sell candy-oss and
gumballs outside schools.
At least there's something I own.
And few people
still visit the place.
Only a handful people
come your place for years.
Bajwa, Gupta, Sharma and Gulati.
And you can live the rest
of your life depending on them.
Who else can I depend on?
You left me and went ahead
to make a life of your own.
And as for your mothenshe
sick most of the time.
All I have is my bakery.
That bakery is
just your stubbornness. was my stubbornness.
But now it's become my necessity.
Every morning when I
get up and go the bakery..
...l feel like there's
still some meaning to life.
I'll keep sitting in my
bakery as long as I am alive.
I don't want to retire
before I am dead.
You can leave if you want to.
I'll look after your mother.
Where did Pammi go?
You look that side.
"L set my vehicle."
Son, hand me the wrench.
- Here you go.
"L came at a turn.."
Why you..
Bloody.. - What happened?
Aunty, where do you want to go?
Inder.. I've to get to lnder's school.
- School?
Where the hell are we?
Wonder where they are gone?
They always disappear.
Let's try calling them.
Your mom.. - I don't know.
Wait a minute.
Didn't Chima hang your
phone around her neck?
Yes, why?
Oh yes, call her.
Answer the phone, aunty.
I've to get to the school.
Hello.. - lnder.
We've the girl.
And I have mom.
Who is this?
This is Balwinder, the
truck driver, speaking.
Aunty's lost her way.
But who are you?
L.. lnder. Her son.
It's your..lnder.
Where are you?
You see..she's a bit sick.
We're coming to pick her up.
Where are you?
There's a T-junction
on the Gurdaspur Highway.
Come and pickup
your mom from there.
Okay, fine.
Stay there, we'll be there soon.
Wakeup sister-in-law.
We've to go get her
mother-in-law - Get up.
Hello, who is this?
This is Balwinder the
truck driver speaking.
Who are you?
I am that lady's son. lnder.
Are you her other son?
Other son?
Her son lnder just
called a minute ago.
We're meeting him at
Gurdaspufis T Junction.
To pickup aunty.
Gurdaspur T Junction.
Gurdaspur.. - Chima.
What? - Let's go.
There's the truck driver.
I guess her son's coming.
Look there.
The other one's coming too.
Bhalla and lnder are here too.
To hell with them.
It fires at anytime.
I think there's something wrong.
Let's go to the police. Let's go.
Hi, lnder.
Hey truck driver, stop the truck.
Why you..
You can't drive properly.
My knee.
Boss has fallen down.'s wonh 350.
- Boss. careful.
Where are we?
What country is this?
- Boss, looks like India.
Where are Bhalla and lnder?
There they are.
No, lnder. I can't do it.
Come on.
L..can't run, I've hum my knee.
Look behind the truck.
Where are they?
Look there.
I am looking boss.
Get in the car, quickly.
Come on, son..hurry up.
Catch them.
- Boss, they're running away.
This never fires.
Get the car.
Carefully. - Come on, carefully.
Here come those freeloaders.
...Is everylhing alright?
The fritters are amazing. Superb.
Forget the
Arora still in?
This way.
Aunt'!-'re here.
You did the right thing.
Your uncle's met a terrible fate.
It's really terrible.
He went out in his new Mercedes.
But on the way..a truck
driver saw him and said..
Hip-hip-hurray Mr.
Arora, brand new Mercedes.
And your uncle took his
hand off the steering wheel..
...and replied "Hip-hip-hurray".
And smashed his new Mercedes.
But is the pole okay."
I mean, your uncle Kirpal.
ls he okay?
Can we talk to him?
We haven't seen him yet,
how can you?
- Oh my, somethings wrong.
What happened?
Papa's breathing heavily.
Oh's almost time.
Finish eating everyone.
- Finish the fritters.
Come on, come quickly.
Inder, if he goes..the
jewels are gone too.
It's time.
What happened?
It's's time.
Bhalla. - Kirpal.
Inder. - He's calling you.
Come here, son. Come here.
Come closer, son.
Jewels. The jewels.
Your mother's..jewels.
What about the jewels? Tell me.
The jewels are gone.
He's dead.
Did you insure
the Mercedes or not?
Nimmi, sweetheart. I am here.
Nimmi. Johnny Walker.
Lord is the ultimate truth."
"Lord is the ultimate truth."
"Lord is the ultimate truth."
We're carrying a dead body here,
are you blind?
"Lord is the ultimate truth."
I got a good shoot. - Right.
Let me come forward.
What the..careful. -
Lord is the ultimate truth.
He only looks skinny.
But honestly he's
heavier than a mountain.
He's turned into
a bull with our money.
- Move the red cloth.
"Lord is the ultimate truth."
Fine..fine.."Lord is
the ultimate truth."
Watch your step.
"Lord is the ultimate truth."
"Lord is the ultimate truth."
Holy Cow.. Careful.
Careful. -
Lord is the ultimate truth.
"Lord is the ultimate truth."
Come back, lnder.
Good catch.
Uncle, return our ball.
Uncle, return our ball.
Uncle, return our ball.
Will you take it along?
What option do we have?
Did you ever try to stick
your hands in a crocodile's jaw..
...and rip his heart?
"Lord is the ultimate truth."
He's left me all alone.
My husband is dead..
He went so suddenly.
He used to ride a Mercedes here.
What will he be riding up there?
He's made me a widow.
You too.
What's all this?
- Where did they come from?
Keep saying?
He ate stuffed bread here..
What will he eat up there?
Listen, Nimmi. Sorry.
You'll have to wait
little longer because of us.
It's okay.
Come here. You want this?
There's the
crocodile with the heart.
Let's go.
Inder, you're here.
You made me really happy.
Your uncle really loved you.
He used to say lnder
earns in Dollars.
Listen to me, son.
Your uncle had a wish..
...that we throw a
big feast for everyone.
And son, we left no deanh.
We made sweetmeat in organic ghee.
And fritters fried in olive oil.
And your uncle's
left this for you.
Son, I have just one request.
Lend me 300,000 rupees.
I'll install three benches
at the station in your uncle's memory.
And it will also bear your name.
"NRl lnder".
Here you go, son. This is for you.
The bills for all the expenses.
Just give me 300,000..
- Curse you, you wretch.
Don't you have any shame?
You want us to pay for
your husband's final rites.
Kirpal must have
left our jewelry behind.
Tell us where they are.
What jewelry?
What about the time when
you left your mother here?
Who was paying for her expenses?
You left mother here?
I'll tell you later.
Son, your father troubled
your mother so much.
...that she lost her mind.
Hey drama queen!
And when she lost her mind,
this rascal threw her out.
You're uttering nonsense.
You threw mother out of the house?
Don't listen to her,
I'll tell you the truth.
And son, we looked after
your mother for a year.
Hopeless woman..stop ranting.
Listen to me.
I am sure he never told you this.
He divorced your mother,
I've got proof.
What are you saying?
You divorced mother?
Brother lnder! Brother lnder!
What happened?
Move..move back.
Papa has left this key for you.
What key? Show me?
No..father said "Mom's a
crocodile, she'll devour everylhing".
Heard that, you crocodile.
- You shut up.
Well..don't just stand there,
catch the short one.
Give me the key. - Here.
Chote, give me the key.
Give me the key.
Come and get it.
- Come on.. - Stop.
Here's the key.
Come and get it.
Stop. What are you doing?
Chote, give me the
key or else I'll spank you.
Chote, what are you doing?
Stop, Chote.
Move aside.
Catch him.
Brother lnder.
You are all my brothers. I won't raise my hand on you.
But if anyone tries to stop us..
...l'll give them
a sound thrashing and..
I'll beat you up real bad.
Which cupboard does this key open?
This doesn't open any cupboard.
It's the key to a
locker in Kasol Bank.
Back to Kasol?
Stop the car.
I said stop the car.
Will you please stop the car?
Stop the car.
Why don't you ask..why
I threw your mother out?
Why did I divorce her?
Ask whatever you want.
There's no need to ask.
I've been watching
everylhing since I was a kid.
And I should've
realized everylhing..
...when I saw mom at the
Old Age Home the other day.
She was there
because she was sick.
Why won't she fall sick?
A woman that served you
all her life, endured your taunts..
...If you divorce her at this age,
she's bound to fall sick.
Look at what you've done to her.'re responsible
for your mother's condition.
Fantastic man..that's unbelievable.
You just keep it up, okay.
Stop showing off your English.
Do you have the strength
to hear the truth?
Your mother had already
given up on me..
...because I was
But you were the apple of her eye.
My child will make
me proud..look after me.
"He'll suppon in my old-age."
But this kid..left her all alone.
I may have divorced her,
but I am with her now.
You did this to her.
It was you. Only you!
I left her, right?
She's my responsibility.
So now I'm taking
mother back with me.
You can stay
here with your bakery.
You think that.
I have seven kids..
But you're all just
a bunch of fools. Look at them.
Boss, do we come along too? - Yes.
Bloody beggars,
have you seen your clothes?
- His uncle seems to be a rich man.
I'll go alone.
No one will get down from the car.
Fine, boss.
Look at him licking ice-cream.
and laughing.
I'll slap you.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Are you Mr. Arora,
the Mercedes owner's, wife?
Well..Mr. Bhalla's my uncle.
So? I had an imponant
message for him.
He's here, isn't he?
Can you call him?
Well..go call Bhalla now.
Okay, mom.
Come on.. - Come..
You want to meet Bhalla, don't you?
- Listen to me.
Listen to me.
This is wrong.
I think the boss
is getting beaten up.
Come inside.
Shall we go in? - Shut up.
The boss said no, remember.
Have you seen your clothes?
Nephew's looking so handsome.
Get lost.
Look at the boss' clothes.
Don't forget your jacket.
Yeah, Ronnie. - Yeah, lnder.
The bank formalities will
be done with by tomorrow. - Okay.
But I'll have to wait few days. arrange for
mom's passpon and visa.
You're bringing your parents here.
Not my parents..just mom.
And Bhalla uncle?
I just said only mom.
Did you have a fight
with your father again?
It's not that, papa. - I don't
have the time to explain all this.
We were stuck.
I'll be home in 3-4 hours.
But what will we
tell Mohit until then?
Tell him I am angry with him.
Just make some excuse, papa.
Come soon. - Okay.
If you are marrying
him then tell him the truth.
No need to lie.
One has to make excuses, lnder.
Because life has given
us excuses for staying together.
As you can
see..first in the plane.
Then we had to run away together.
You even dropped me home.
But Chima brought me to you again.
This is some divine scheme..which
will ultimately unite us.
It's a fraud.
Marry Mohit, he's a good boy.
Come on.
- I am going.
Nimmi doesn't want to see
you until you don't grow a moustache.
Are you crazy?
I can't grow
a moustache so easily.
Please drink some cold drink.
- I don't want it.
Please, have it.
Did you eat? - Yes, I did.
With my own hands.
Wow. Congratulations.
And where is he?
How many times have I told
to get the good stuff.
This thing stings.
Should l? - Yeah.
I meant me..dab it on me.
Boss, boss, boss..look.
I think that's our car.
That is our car.
Go and get it. - Yeah..
And swift.
Okay. - Go.
You carry on.
Slowly. - Carefully.
Come on.
Tip-toe. Tip-toe.
Bhalla, you..
Hey..let's go. Quickly.
They are here already.
Hey, stop.
They are gone.
Come quickly. Come on. - Coming.
Stop tip-toeing and run.
Come on. - Run!
Faster. Drive faster. - Quickly.
Bhalla..l got beaten
up because of you.
I won't spare you this time.
I'm paying the installments on the
car..and they're taking it for a spin.
They're driving really fast.
After all it's our car, boss.
What are you doing?
Inder, what are you doing?
Why is lnder
trying to flee from us?
Why is lnder coming this way?
Chima..catch him. - Boss, police.
You will get us killed,
where do you think you're going?
Where did he go?
Forgive me. Turn back.
What are you doing? - Forgive me.
I won't do it again. - Boss.
Don't turn back.
Shove them in. - Where are we?
What are you doing?
I can't see a thing.
- That's my stick.
It's so dark.
Come on. - Get out. Quickly.
Where is he?
Sir, before you're
fired from your job..
...l suggest that
you resign yourself.
It will save you the humiliation.
What's happening.
It stopped.
This was bound to happen.
Hit the self.
- I'm doing just that.
"Papa says someday l'll be famous."
This wouldn't have happened
if you weren't driving so recklessly.
Now just push.
Nimmi, put the car in gear. - Yes.
Come on.
Try now. - I am.
Where are you going?
Flowers for the pretty ladies.
How sweet, uncle.
And romantic.
What do I say?
People used to swear
by our love-story.
Tell her. Tell her.
She's feeling shy.
Why don't you tell
us some story, uncle?
What do I say?
Come on, push.
His grandpa wanted.
Come on, push.
His grandpa fixed her
marriage with some army man.
Her family must have thought,
he's in the army..
...and has regular income.
He'll keep Pammi happy.
But Pammi's happiness
was with this Bhalla.
I eloped with her on
the day of her engagement.
...from the army cantonment
and amidst hundreds of army men.
Really? - Yes.
And then? - Then they got married.
He's a hopeless case.
Don't you want to know
what happened after the marriage?
After they got married,
the love between them was over.
And when the love was over,
so was their marriage.
Really sorry, papa.
But we're at the station.
That's fine, dear.
But what do I do about Mohit,
he's getting crazy.
No matter how hard I try to
explain, he just doesn't understand.
very, very, very sorry.
It so happened that
our car broke down.
And we're taking the
morning train. - I see.
Don't worry at all.
Nimmi is like my daughter. - Yes.
I had a word with the guard.
You can pick Nimmi from
the station at 10:30. - Fine.
I'll be at the station, thank you.
Goodbye. to me once.
Well..she can at
least talk to me, can't she?
Please tell her, papa.
- I'll explain her.
Look..l'm already sprouting
a moustache, see.
I'm trying.
Nimmi, I have a plan.
We'll have our honeymoon
in a helicopter.
And there will be no
third person to disturb us.
Just the two of us.
But, brother-in-law,
who will fly the helicopter?
Anyone..what do you care?
Listen, Mohit.
I want you to go for now,
and I'll see you at 12:00.
Until then you'll get big
moustaches like Anil Kapoor.
Come on..
stop playing games with me Nimmi.
How can I get moustaches
like Anil Kapoor so soon?
We'll be reaching
the station soon.
My parents will take me back home.
It will all be over.
You won't stop me, will you?
Let's imagine that I do stop you.
Then..we may get married.
And maybe 20-25 years later..we'll
be travelling to somewhere like them.
I would be sleeping in your arms.
...and you will be giving
a cute smile like him.
Just imagine, lnder.
Yeah..just imagine, Nimmi.
We'll be neck-deep in debts.
You'll be sick, and I'll divorce
and throw you out of the house.
Just image.
Why are you always so negative?
Look, witnessed
some of their good moments.
You think this is all very nice.
I've seen the ugly
side of their relationship.
But that's how relationships are.
Sometimes they fight,
something they shower love.
I am sure even your parents
had some sweet moments between them.
"But you never noticed them.
Their fights and quarrels
is the only thing in your head.
You're under a delusion, lnder..
...and you only see
the negativity of every relation.
Look, Nimmi.
Maybe..l am delusional.
But you see a positive sign,
hope..goodness in everylhing.
That's a kind
of illusion as well.
That's it then, lnder.
I won't come back ever.
It's over.
Greetings. - Hello. Hello.
See, we're here on time.
Thank you.
Nimmi, thank God you're here.
I'm having a tough time
making excuses to Mohit.
Come on.
Good girl.
I could never forget
the moments we spent together.
Though separated..we
couldn't be separated.
You still dwell
somewhere in my hean.
Though separated..we
couldn't be separated.
You still dwell
somewhere in my hean.
Though separated..we
couldn't be separated.
You don't know..the
love that's in my hean.
I don't know
how to pacify my hean.
I could never forget
the moments we spent together.
Though separated..we
couldn't be separated.
You still dwell
somewhere in my hean.
Though separated..we
couldn't be separated.
You're an
embodiment of my desires.
Wherever I're always close.
"God knows.."
"God knows.."
"l can never stay away."
Though separated..we
couldn't be separated.
I could never forget
the moments we spent together.
Though separated..we
couldn't be separated.
You're an
embodiment of my desires.
Wherever I're always close.
"God knows.."
"God knows.."
I could never
erase your memories.
Though separated..we
couldn't be separated.
You still dwell
somewhere in my hean.
Though separated..we
couldn't be separated.
Why didn't you stop her?
Why do you always associate
your life with mine?
I was helpless.
You think I did it intentionally.
I don't want to hear your story,
This is not a story, lnder.
It's true.
Now listen.
'Will you bring the curry
or will I have to eat dry bread?'
'Your son didn't leave
because I shunned him.'
'Don't curse me all the time.'
No matter how many times I said,
but she never listened.
She had become irritable.
Gradually she staned
forgetting things.
She became careless.
And we staned fighting.
'You're always looking
at lnder's books.'
'Why don't you understand
that he's grown up now?'
'And he left us to..'
'She's gone crazy.'
After that..l yelled at her.
'I told you to turn
off the furnace, did you do it?'
'What furnace?'
'The bakery's furnace, what else?'
'What happened?'
'My bakery's on fire.
Do something.'
'It's my only means of living.'
The bakery burned down.
And I blamed your
mother entirely for it.
'Get in, be comfortable.'
'Rascal, he'll pay.'
Get lost.
Your cunning aunty took her home.
And a month later she
sent me divorce papers.
I just couldn't understand. this age.
No one had even heard
about it in Kasol.
I was surprised to see your mother's
signatures on the divorce papers.
'I won't sign.'
'This is the last time
I'm sending you divorce papers.'
'If you don't sign this time..l'll
charge you with domestic violence.'
'And'll be
jailed without any bail.'
Later I found
out that your aunty..
"Wanted to swindle
the compensation money.
And even after everylhing, when
they found out about Pammi's ailment. you know what they did?
out..where are you?'
Those rascals left your sick mother
outside my house in the heavy deluge.
'Come on..'
'You'll be fine..l'm right here.'
When Pammi came home I realized..
...that her twitchiness, forgetfulness,
it was all pan of her ailment.
At first I couldn't understand. I'll arrange
money for her treatment.
I had no other option
other than borrowing money.
The bakery wasn't doing any good.
I borrowed from every man,
every shop, every home in the village.
But I would still
run shon of money.
Every month I had
to pay a big amount.
And I couldn't stop thinking
about what I should do.
That's when I borrowed
money from Chima on interest.
'And listen..if you
fail to return the money..'
'..then bring the papers
to your house and bakery.'
You can call this
a story if you like.
Or curse me for
the rest of your life.
Mr. Bhalla,
in whose name is the locker?
My wife..Parminder
Singh Bhajanlal Bhalla.
Here, sign here.
Come on,'s a formality.
Come on, sign here.
D0 it.
She's not too well.'s not too well.
Can I sign on her behalf?
You're not the nominee.
It's in her name and her brother.
No problem, I'll sign.
Husband's signature
will do, right?
Mr. Bhalla, are you joking? - Why?
In the history of Kasol, there is
just one senior citizen divorce case.
I won't open the locker
with your signatures.
Kukreja, you know she's Parminder.
Open the locker, please.
You'll be booked for fraud.
For taking your crazy wife's
signature and open her locker.
Who are you calling crazy?
Who are you calling crazy?
You're crazy.
I am not crazy. - Hold on.
Hold on. Calm down.
No one's crazy.
Calm down, please. Sorry.
Look.. - Here.
Take mom home.
I'll talk to him.
Get up, Pammi.
Nothings wrong with you.
You're absolutely fine.
What's all this? - I'm very sorry.'s really imponant
for us to open that locker.
We're in a bit of an emergency.
It's a very complicated case.
There will be
a long legal process.
It will take around 8-10 months.
Thank you.
'While running from life,
you come to a turn..'
'..where you need to stop
before going ahead.'
'Instead of blaming your kin..'
' need to take a decision.'
'And choose just one path
out of the many available.'
Speak up, Bhalla.
Great. You're speechless now.
Has the cat got his tongue?
He left me trapped
amongst the police.
Welcome. Welcome.
That's called back to pavilion.
I got beaten up because of you.
I was chasing you,
and the police was chasing me.
You two have made my life hell.
Now I won't let this
mess continue any longer.
Look, Chima.. - Bhalla, you..
Don't you dare raise
your hand on him.
Or else I will beat you up.
Beat you up badly.
Get that.
Let's finish this dispute.
Give me the bakery papers..
- Yeah, sign it.
You won't sign.
Hey dude..stop it now.
Don't create a new problem.
I am not creating a new problem.
You want money, don't you?
I have a plan.
Come on. - What's wrong, boss?
He's asked for four more days.
Four days?
What's all this?
Look..l'll sign on the papers.
Take your mother with
you..and make your music album.
There's no need for that.
We'll get the money.
We will? But how?
By getting married.
- Getting married?
Whose marriage?
We need a marriage certificate.
If mother remarries.
...we'll get a new marriage cenificate
along with her new husband.
She.. - And the bank
will have to open the locker.
Sit. Sit.
Now take a good look at him.
I've chosen him for you.
Age, 60..fair complexion.
7th class fail.
He runs a bakery..which
doesn't do too good.
He doesn't drink or smoke.
But he's addicted to
solving crossword puzzles.
His knees are weak.
But he can still dance
really well if he's in the mood.
He's got a bladder
problem as well.
Wants to pee
after every 30 minutes.
He's also a loud-mouth.
But has a hean of gold.
So do you accept this proposal?
Will you marry my papa?
Come on.
Now you two are going
to have a grand wedding.
Grand wedding?
Where are you going to get
the money for a grand wedding?
What's Chima for?
Suit..but I never wore one
of those. - You will wear it now.
Mister, this one.. - 5000 rupees.
5000.. - It's alright.
Chima, pay him.
Take his measurements. - Rascal.
Come on, pay him.
Don't just stand there.
- Come on, Chima.
We're not paying him.
Note it down..5000 rupees.
O companiomjust
a little longer.
The destination of
love's calling out to thee.
O companiomjust
a little longer.
The destination of
love's calling out to thee.
I am neither unfaithfuLnor
is there a dearth of love.
But our destinies..are
completely separate.
"How will I find my destination of love?"
O companiomjust
a little longer.
The destination of
love's calling out to thee.
How is it?
And this?
It should be done overnight.
Okay? - Fine.
Inder, I am Ronnie's father.
Didn't you recognize me?
Hello, uncle. - Bless you, son.
Good you're back, son.
Your father troubled me to death.
He would land at my
threshold every morning..
...and say ask your son
Ronnie how's my son lnder.
What's he doing?
What's he eating?
What's he drinking?
Is he fine out there?
Now that you're here..l
can breathe a sigh of relief.
Okay, son.
See you.
He's a great boy.
"Punjabi wedding folk song."
"Punjabi wedding folk song."
"Punjabi wedding folk song."
"Punjabi wedding folk song."
lnder, it's a good
thing that you came back.
Your mother's condition is
so much better because of you.
Listen..don't throw too much.
We paid for all this.
One petal at a time.
Come on.
Throw it.
Hello. - Hello.
Let's go.
Both are looking nice.
Boss, lnder's missing.
Why are you
whispering it in my ears?
Shut up, priest.
Hey..where's your son?
He must be somewhere around here.
Why? - He isn't here. He ran away.
Ran away.
No, no..he must be here.
Inder. - Listen,
don't 30" with me anymore.
Get that.
Your son promised to pay
up right after the marriage.
He made me pay for
all the wedding expenses.
Let's go.
We won't spare him this time.
He's here.
Your money!
It's all there.
Should be 2.2 million.
Where did you get the money from?
The banks stay
closed at this hour.
Papa..we were never going to
get the money from the bank anyway.
Due to mom's condition.
"They don't consider
this marriage legal.
Anyway.. - No, I want to know..
Bhalla sir..forget it,
Bhalla sir.
We've got the money, so be happy.
Think about the results,
not the method.
Congratulations on your wedding.
Thank you, lnder.
Where are you going?
You can't leave
without having sweets.
And I still have to give
them their wedding gift.
Come on.
The board had become too rusty.
So I took some
time to take it down.
But it will never come down again.
But when did you do this?
I never realized..
First come in and take a look.
Come on. - Come.
Come, mom.
WhaLwas the"
What was the need
to do all this? Why?
Come on.
Take a look.. - You wanted to work
for the rest of your life.
And never retire.
Yes. - Come sit.
Sit down.
Now no one's going to retire you.
All this money..
I suggest that you sell this
bakery and make something of yourself.
Let me rectify my mistakes today.
You didn't make any mistakes.
No mistakes at all.
Why did you never
talk to me openly?
Always kept
everylhing to yourself?
Why didn't you call me
even once in all these years?
Every day you asked Ronnie's
father about my well-being..
"But never talked to me.
I didn't because
I was angry with you.
I had a tough time
setting up this bakery.
But who did I do it for?
I thought if you joined bakery would be the best.
It would be no.1.
But I never thought that you
wanted something else from your life.
And there was nothing wrong in it.
It's not necessary that
a doctor's son becomes a doctor.
...or a lawyer's
son becomes a lawyer.
If a baker's son doesn't want
to be a baker, it's nothing wrong.
You were right.
I never acted like a father.
Never thought what's
going on in your mind.
I thought you're just
a means to fulfill my dreams.
You did the right
thing that you left me. would've
become like me. Hopeless.
I am just like you.
All my life I kept running
away from this fact.
...because I knew
I am just like you.
Your stubbornness, your temper,
your ego, your insecurities.
...l have all that.
The only difference is..
I am selfish.
I never thought.
...about the conditions.
...and difficulties
you'd be facing.
Or how's mom?
In fact..l came here
for my own selfish gains.
I couldn't be a good son.
I am sorry, Papa-
Come here.
No, son.
Thanks to you..for the first
time in my life I'm looking good.
There are no flaws in you, son.
You've exceeded everyone by far.
These days if the parents
want to go on a pilgrimage.
"Their children buy a ticket
for them and say "Go ahead".
But you..carried your
parents on your shoulder..
...and also took them around.
What you did is much better
than going on a pilgrimage.
Bless you, son. Bless you.
That Chima..was right.
"Here comes your Shravan Kumar."
"Modern Shravan Kumar."
Our Shravan Kumar.
Tell me something.
Where did you get
the money to do all this?
You sold your songs, didn't you?
Didn't you?
Those were just songs.
I'll compose new ones.
And this time I'll
make them even better.
You'll make better
songs..but not relations.
Nimmi's wedding is today.
There's still time..go stop her.
Go get her.
It's pointless now. - Why?
The marriage must be over by now?
We'll get sister-in-law
before the send-off.
It's a four hour drive..
I'll get you there in two hours.
Boss, police.
Come on, hurry up. - Catch them.
There's Chima's goons. Stop.
See, I told you
we'll find Chima here.
Catch them. - Yes, sir.
Mr. Bhalla,
congratulations on your wedding.
Catch them.
We must leave now.
Arrange for a car.
I think..we're late.
The ceremonies are over.
You're still here.
Uncle, what are you doing here?
What are you
still doing here? - Yes.
This is my home.
Where else can I go?
I'll be spending the
rest of my life right here.
But you..were supposed
to marry Mohit.
Mohit got married. - Got married.
I mean..the day I returned
from the station..
Nimmi, try to understand.
Mohit saw me coming back.
And he knew that he
wasn't talking to Nimmi..
"But Bubbly,
who was posing as Nimmi.
Mohit is looking so handsome.
Mom, I want to marry
Bubbly and not Nimmi.
I don't mind!
Will you marry my son?
Will you? Please?
Then what?
Finally I had to accept what
I kept running from all my life.
When things are destined
to happen, why run from it?
I made three music albums,
and they were all chanbusters.
Aren't you lnder, the Singer?
Autograph please.
Chima. He's still confused
whether he's our friend or enemy.
The money we gave him,
he invested those in our bakery again.
And he takes his
share from the profit.
Son, how are you?
How was your show in Delhi?
- Super hit..sold out, papa.
Hail Goddess.
Hi, baby.
Mama-Papa - Hey, are you?
Oh, God..l completely forgot.
What happened?
Grandma, your medicine.
And your sonny..takes
good care of his grandma.
That journey taught me that even
if there are problems in the family..
...If we try to solve them instead of
run away, the family will never break.
If everyone lives together,
keeps the parents happy..
"Then you will be happy always.
And all will be well.
"Break all the rules."
"Do what you never did before."
If you're in
the mood to party.
"Don't wait for
the weekend to come.
"Break all the rules."
"Do what you never did before."
If you're in
the mood to party.
"Don't wait for
the weekend to come.
Everyone should have
this common thought.
There should be four
Saturdays in a week.
There should be four
Saturdays in a week.
"Saturdaymot one but four."
Could it ever be..that
the sun's on a holiday.
"And time's in our control."
In a long
limo..we've have a blast.
"With a beauty in our arms."
The speaker's
volume should be high.
There should be four
Saturdays in a week.
There should be four
Saturdays in a week.
I said let's panynwhy
don't you listen to me.
Life is too
short-lived to waste.
"Stop being shy and scared."
Break the rules
and the dance floor.
It's your boy Badshah.
When the music'll stan dancing.
I'll give you a tight
slap..if you talk nonsense.
Those who don't want to party
can go to hell.
Boys in the house,
baby..All is Well.
365 days in a year..but
only 52 Saturdays.
Flush the calendarjorget
all the rush.
"Youth is too shon to waste."
World-wide you should
preach only one thing.
There should be four
Saturdays in a week.
There should be four
Saturdays in a week.
"Allis Well."