All Night Long (1962) Movie Script

[RANK some]
- Hey, Rodney.
- Don't stop now, man.
Hope you don't mind.
I just walked in.
Liberty Hall.
I'll be right with you.
Care for a taste, Chas?
Yeah, that'll go good, Rod.
Food and drink hasn't arrived yet.
Ought to be here any minute.
Found half a bottle of scotch, though.
I hear Rex don't know about
these happenings tonight.
No, Delia wanted to surprise him.
Well, here's to their first anniversary.
Rex and Delia.
One year down and a
long night to go.
Good evening, sir. Where would you
like the buffet placed?
Same as last time.
- You did bring plenty of champagne?
- The usual, sir.
Well, now, here comes the talent!
- How are you, Tony?
- All right, Alan.
Nice to see you, Ray.
You boys know Charles Mingus?
Hey, Charles! I see you
got here first.
Yeah, baby, and I'll be the
last one to leave.
Tony asked me to give you this.
Oh, fine. Yes, let's have a look.
Pop into the kitchen for me, will you?
Get me some hammer and tacks.
Bottom draw.
- Yes, sir.
- Take your things off, Ray.
I'll hang up this work of art.
Get the message?
You cats rehearsing the water ballet?
Hey, Cass, is this the place?
Yeah, this is the Honorable Rodney Hamilton's
pad number four...
...known as "The Warehouse".
- Suivez-moi!
- Wow! This is spook city.
I don't like it. It's weird.
I thought you said...
...this guy was rich!
Rich? He's loaded.
A townhouse across the river, a
shooting box up north, a villa down south.
- You name it, he's got it.
- But why here?
- What is this?
- Haven't you heard, honey?
Jazz is noisy. You can't have an
all-night session in Mayfair.
Oh, I get it. Amateur night.
Oh, Rod's okay - a real jazz buff.
Whenever the big boys are in
town he lays on a party.
Hi, there, Rod!
Hey, Cass, come on in!
Oh, ho, dig that billing!
Yeah, Johnny Cousin's idea.
- How are you?
- All right. This is Mac Shepherd.
- Hello.
- The Honorable Rodney Hamilton...
...and, er, Mike Garner.
- Hello, glad to know you.
- Johnny, how are you?
- Nice to see you, Colin.
Oh, this is, uh... what's
your name, honey?
- Lucille.
- Yeah, this is Lucy...
...the girl I love.
- Great pad you got here.
- Once you GET here.
- Put your things in back, boys.
- Uh, take these.
- I'll give Rod a hand.
- Yep, sure.
See what they've brought us.
Want some food?
- No. Juice, man
- How did the show go?
Wild. They kept Rex at the piano for
eight choruses of his last number.
- What time d'you think they'll get here?
- I don't know.
When we left the Festival Hall
they were still arguing.
- Two scotch, please.
- Rex wanted to go home, but...
...Delia just had to fall by old Rod's
for a drink.
Rex'll do anything Delia
really wants.
Yeah, they're coming but, uh...
he's pretty bugged.
How many, sir, will you require
to remain and serve?
- Oh, two or three.
- Here you are, sir.
Fritz, Francois, William.
- Won't you need me, sir?
- Tuttle!
Oh, let him stay, he can
make himself useful.
Very well, Mr Hamilton.
Now, here's the thing, Rod.
About this number.
- What number?
- Well, the one Delia's gonna do tonight.
I've been working with her
on the whole tour.
Rex doesn't know a thing about it.
She wants to knock him back with
this "new style" thing.
"New style"? Her old style's all right with
me. I play her old records all the time.
I think she made a mistake
giving up her career.
She felt being married to Rex was
all the career she needed.
Rex is funny, isn't he?
Seems to want to keep her
out of the public eye.
That was Delia's decision.
Now, look, Rod...
...when she does this number,
how about doing the intro...
...y'know, something big,
like, uh...
..."This is the real,
the true, the great, the new Delia Lane."
- Like that, hmm?
- I'd be delighted...
..."unaccustomed as I am".
Tell me something, Cass - you're
pretty chummy with them.
- What?
- Rex and Delia.
How's it gone, this, this first year?
Are they happy together?
Well, sure... isn't that why we're
having this celebration?
You know what I mean?
No, I don't.
If she's through with singing,
why's she working up...
...this new style? She's bored; she's
itching to get back to work.
I could see that a month ago
when I was in New York.
Well, Rex won't stop her.
Are you serious?
He's afraid to let her
out of his sight.
Perhaps she doesn't want
out of his sight.
You wouldn't have a little, um... wishful
thinking going on there, would you?
Hi, Rod!
- Hi, Cass, how're you makin' out?
- Hi, Benny.
Hah, yes.
You left your horn in my room,
baby - I found it under the bed.
Well, aint you the thorough
little housekeeper?
What, um, city was that in?
I figured if nobody called for it
in thirty days...
...I could keep it. But it'd be just
like you not to call, so...
- it is.
- Thanks, Benny.
Don't mention it.
Courtesy of the house.
I um.
...l, I think I'll make it for a few.
- Real swingers, these.
- Hmm. I ought to get this on tape.
Here comes "Cousin John".
Easy, now, don't drop 'em.
Just follow me.
Hiya, fellas!
Ah, look, he brought all
his own drums.
- I told him he could use mine.
- Yeah, but Joe's don't have his name on 'em.
Now, listen, you guys, when Rex and Delia
come in, big triumphal deal.
Make it forte, okay?
Uh, Alan, set 'em up for me, would you?
And if anybody wants to sit in, say, uh...
...there they are - okay?
Hi, Rodney.
Hi Johnny. Scotch?
- Yes, please.
- I thought you were bringing Rex and Delia's stuff?
And where's that poor little
wife of yours?
If you're referring to
lucky Emily - late as usual.
Er, Rex and Delia got trapped by the
autograph hounds, but...
...they'll be right on my heels. I think
we ought to post a sentry.
- Yes, Mr Hamilton?
- What's your name, again?
Er, Tuttle, sir.
Tuttle, would you know Aurelius Rex,
the band leader, if you saw him?
Oh, yes, sir! I'd know 'im.
Well, will you nip out onto the
catwalk, through that door, there...
...and when you see him arrive,
run in and tell me.
Yes, SIR!
- Emily... nice to see you.
- Hello, Rodney.
- Come on in.
- Hey, Emily!
See you later.
Yeah, we'll do a big, fat Mendelssohn for
their entrance.
Isn't that rather corny?
What's cornier than an anniversary?
Can I put my coat upstairs?
Yeah, well, don't put it with the
rest of the cats'...
...some of the talent might rub off.
Got some new tape equipment to
show you, Johnny.
- That's great.
- Em's arrived.
- Nice to see you.
- How are ya?
- You were going to wait for me.
- Told you to be on time.
- I was only a minute late.
- Had to lug all those drums alone.
- Hey, it's Johnny Dankworth!
- Johnny!
Hello, nice to see you.
I'm so sorry Cleo couldn't make it.
- JOHNNY ON PHONE: Er, is that Mr Berger?
- Yeah?
Oh, Lou. Johnny Cousin here.
It's all set; and the money.
Rodney'll go for any amount I need.
Well, that's fine, Johnny.
How's Rex feel about this?
- What's the difference?
- What's the difference?
His drummer's forming his own band...
...his wife is gonna sing with his drummer
- a competitor - and you ask me...
..."What's the difference?"
Well, I want my own outfit - Rex
knows this, it's no secret.
Look, I'm asking you, what does he
feel about Delia singing with you?
So, he gets salty, we go
ahead without Delia.
Johnny, I'll give it to you clearly.
I got more bands than I know
what to do with, including Rex.
Now, you tell me you have
Delia Lane...
...a sound commercial property,
and you got financial backing.
Am I interested? The answer is
yes, I'm interested.
You tell me you've not got Delia Lane,
a sound commercial property... I still interested?
The answer is no...
...I am not interested.
Do you understand me'?
Don't worry, Lou.
We'll have her, all right.
That's fine, Johnny.
I'll come along to the party, anyway,
pay my respects to Mr and Mrs Rex.
Heh. See you, Lou.
Delia, Delia, I'm so happy for you.
Don't get carried away - the
first year's a cinch!
- Aw...!
- Congratulations.
Thank you, Rod.
This proves it again...
...the husband's always
the last to know.
Delia's tricky, all right!
- Is Her Majesty pleased?
- Oh, very pleased.
What a lot of trouble
you've gone to, Rod.
Can we kiss your old lady?
Absolutely not. There'll be no
special favours and no illegal embraces.
Now, come on, Rex, give us a
break, eh, man?
Back, back, you crazy fools!
Come on over, we've got the
royal box waiting for you.
- Come on, let's have a drink.
- Yes.
Poor Rex.
He was so tired tonight, all he
wanted in the world...
...was to get back to the hotel.
Couldn't understand my sudden
urge to go out on the town.
All right, so she had me fooled.
You should go out on the town
more often, Delia.
- You weren't born to blush unseen.
- Don't plant ideas...
...just when I'm getting her
properly trained.
I have found out what I really am.
A domestic animal.
Beautiful house-cat.
- Well! Dave Brubeck's made it.
- Hey, Dave!
- Hi!
- Dave, this really is a pleasure.
I didn't think you could make it!
Well, I didn't wanna
pass up Rex's party.
- Hi.
- Glad to see you, Dave.
If I'd known you were coming I'd
have had the piano tuned.
Ha, ha, hah! The way
Dave plays...
...any piano sounds good.
You're no slouch, Aurelius.
- Oh. Anniversary present?
- No.
No, it's the first thing
Rex ever gave me.
I only use it on special occasions.
- Sentimental, hmm?
- You always were a cornball.
It's a good group, huh?
You were a dear to
round them up, Johnny.
Thank you.
Oh, you know who else is
coming tonight?
- Who?
- Lou Berger.
- Is he in London?
- Yeah.
But won't it cast a slight pall?
He's never been one for
simple merry-making.
Oh, I told him about this new
style of yours, and, um...
- ...he wants to hear it.
- Now, Johnny.
Berger may be the biggest
booking agent in the business...
...but I'm not auditioning.
This is for fun. It's a
surprise for Rex.
Now, I told you when Cass and I
started working on it...
- ...don't make plans yet.
- All right, but...
...why waste the chance?
Look, I'd like Berger to come right out
tonight, and say...
..."Johnny, Delia, I'm gonna book you."
"I'm gonna put you in the Palladium,
Copa, Las Vegas"---
It's not gonna work, Johnny.
- What?
- I know I said I'd think about it...
...and I have.
It won't work, and I can't do it.
Can't do it?
- Are you crazy?
- If I did, I... I'd lose Rex.
We'd lose each other.
Don't talk like that.
We've got too much at stake
on this - both of us.
What do you mean,
"Both of us"?
I'm not gonna do it, Johnny.
I'm sorry.
Now, look, Delia...'re not the kind of girl
to wait in the wings.
You wanna work.
You want it so much.
You can taste it.
I am sorry, Johnny.
I know how long and how hard you've
planned to have your own band.
If all you think this means to me is... having my own band...!
You just don't know!
But, Johnny, you don't
need me!
Yes, I do.
It's exactly what I do need, Delia.
I need you.
Because I want you.
Always have.
I mean it.
I, I made all of those plans -
all of them...
...because of you.
Johnny, I like you.
But don't talk to me like
this again, ever.
Now we'll forget it - all right?
I can't tell you how pleased we
both are with the way you've...
...taken hold and managed
this tour.
Thanks to you, it's been
the smoothest.
Oh, thanks a lot, Rex.
Well, I don't know what you
two boys are drinking to...
...but whatever it is, count me in.
Here's to the man who
introduced me to the woman...
...who has made me the
happiest man in the world.
Well, it couldn't have happened
to two nicer people.
And here's to the two
men in my life.
Hey, Rod?
- Can I talk to you for a minute?
- What about?
- Our deal.
- Is that still on?
Oh, it's on, and I'm ready.
Tonight's the night.
You surprise me. I thought we'd
have to forget about that.
Forget about it? But we
worked it all out...
...didn't we'?
I've had the impression since that
Delia's dragging her feet.
What gave you that idea? Even if
she is, we go ahead without her.
Just you?
What do you mean, just me?!
Me and my band.
Twelve guys, every one of
them a top man.
I've decided to put my
money elsewhere.
- Holy smoke. Is that the McCoy?
- Like it?
- For Delia?
- Of course.
I thought I'd tape the session.
You must be crazy to offer a
thing like that to Delia.
Why? She likes diamonds.
And it's her first anniversary.
Oh, ho! Man, are you
tipping your hat!
What do you mean by that?
Come off it, Rod.
You're speaking to "Cousin John".
Sol am.
What can I do for you...
..."Cousin John"?
Only what we said, Rod.
Twenty-five grand.
You mean Berger will back
you without Delia?
Well, he will or he won't. What's the
difference? There are plenty of agents.
- With you behind me---
- Johnny...
...when I said I might have
a little spending money...
...I made no commitment
with you at all.
But, I--- I...
...I've been working on this
a year, I, I'm, er...
...borrowed up to the neck.
But Johnny, it isn't what we discussed.
Perhaps you misunderstood.
I said it might be fun to back
a band for Delia.
Don't worry, Delia will
be in this.
Is that so?
Oh, for crying out loud.
Take a look.
Rex has practically got her
in solitary confinement.
How long do you think that marriage
is going to last?
Maybe forever.
Look, I know the type.
There's only one way to get at her,
and it's not with this stuff.
Look, Rex doesn't want
her to sing, okay?
Not even with his own band.
Maybe he doesn't want their marriage
in the limelight; I wouldn't know.
But I do know that Delia
is an artist.
One day she's gonna go
back to work.
When she does, they'll bounce
apart. They're through.
Not according to Cass.
Any putting asunder is
highly unlikely in his opinion.
Cass told you that?
He did - and he should know.
Cass, uh, ought to know.
He certainly ought to know.
- Well, he's their best friend.
- Yeah.
He certainly is!
- You seem to be amused.
- Well, I think it's funny.
- I don't know if you think it's funny.
- What's funny?
The idea of Cass reporting to you
that everything's fine... the Rex family. And I thought
that chivalry was dead.
- I don't follow you.
- Rod...
...everybody knows that Delia's been
going to see Cass at his hotel...
...every day of the tour.
They were rehearsing.
Wow. Are you from down home.
My wife knows all about it, she
even went along sometimes to, er... make it look good.
Are you saying Delia's
in love with Cass?
Uh, did I say "love"?
No, no, she's moving on. She's going to
fall right into our arms.
That's what you had in mind,
wasn't it?
So use your money where you
get some results, man!
Hi! What's going on, you two?
Can I play?
Do you mind... honey?
We're busy.
We'll... we'll talk later, Johnny.
You may be right about this.
It might be more appropriate for
the second anniversary.
Dave still playing?
- Yes.
- Thanks for the "salty tears" bit.
What're you trying to do,
make me look good?
Gee, I'm sorry, it---
You were in here so long.
Is something wrong?
Oh, nothing, go on, go back to
your friends. Lush it up.
Wait a minute.
What's the story on
Cass and Delia?
- What do you mean?
- Anything ever go on?
Why, of course not. You know that
as well as I do.
What is it, Johnny?
Are you...
...planning something?
Ah, now, whatever I'm doing, it's... business, understand?
Stay out of it...
...don't ask questions, don't talk.
That way we'll get along fine.
Oh, sure Johnny, you know I
never talk about your business.
Honey, please?
I wish you wouldn't.
- Not, not tonight.
- Ah, Emily, honey...
...get out, will ya?
Leave me alone.
I'll trot over and see to the
boys' drinks.
Not that I'll be missed here!
I'm sorry I was so stupid.
I couldn't understand why you
wanted to go out.
Tonight, of all nights, I just
wanted to be alone with you.
This time you didn't get
your own way.
- Do I usually?
- Usually!
But tonight I had to be stubborn.
They went to such a lot of
trouble to keep it secret...
...and surprise you.
All the surprise I need is
that I still have you.
I've been worried sometimes.
Oh... you mustn't worry about us.
I'm afraid I keep you away from
things you should have.
There's nothing else I want.
You know that.
That's what I wanna believe.
...then I wake up at night
in a cold sweat...
...thinking you've gone away.
Where would I go?
I don't know.
Some place where I can't follow.
But then I see you're still there
beside me and I swear...
...I'll never let you out of my sight.
Silly, isn't it?
Will you ever be sorry...
...that you married me?
You don't feel in an alien world?
Don't say that.
Isn't this a wonderful party!
- Marvellous.
- I think I'll move in for a few.
Yeah - go, man, go.
Is that my face or
is this Hallowe'en?
Shall we join the ladies?
Oh, I'll have to straighten up.
Johnny hates it when I drink.
You know why you and Rex are
so perfect together?
- No, why?
- Well, because...
- gave up so much for him.
- Oh, I didn't give up so much, really.
Oh, yes, you did - a big career.
Oh, well, I didn't have then
what I have now.
I was lonely.
Never thought I'd find a man like Rex.
Hmm. Honestly...
...don't you miss it?
The excitement, and all?
Yes, I do, I... I miss working.
I miss it very much.
But don't you tell that to anybody,
do you hear?
- You know I wouldn't.
- Besides, it was my own idea to quit.
Rex wouldn't marry me till I did.
And then he saw that I put him
above everything else in the world.
Oh. Did I ever tell you
about Johnny and me?
- How we got married?
- No.
Well, I was still in high school...
...and a bunch of us kids went to
a session one night, and...
...well, there was Johnny.
Oh, I got this awful crush
on him right away.
'Course, he couldn't see me at all.
Used to drive me crazy.
L- I went to see him everywhere
he played.
And this time, I... I heard he was
playing a gig down in Maryland.
In... in a roadhouse.
So my girlfriend got
a car, and...
...well, we just drove down there.
He was staying in a motel.
And I... well, I...
...I stayed with him.
All weekend.
And so on Sunday...
...everybody was in his room.
The boys were getting juiced.
And this piano player said...
have a wild idea. Let's all
get married!"
So we did.
Isn't that romantic?
But you wanted to marry him,
didn't you?
Oh, yes.
But I... I don't think that
Johnny would've...
...married me if he hadn't
been drunk.
Well... you're still together.
All the others got annulled.
But Mama said...
..."You'll give it a try, or
Johnny'll go to jail."
So we gave it a try.
Here we are.
Is he mean to you, honey?
Oh, no. Um...
...he's not mean, exactly.
But, I... there's one thing I'm
pretty sure of: he, he doesn't play around.
Why, I don't think he cares at all
about other women.
It'll sound funny, but, I'm...
...sorry for him.
Well, he's so talented, and...
-, isn't he?
- Yes.
- Yes, he is.
- He makes all these plans all the time.
He worries so... why, he sometimes stays up
all night trying to figure things out.
Nothing ever works.
Let's, um... go outside a minute.
Let's get some air.
- You rehearsed the boys for Delia's song?
- Mmm.
How's your big deal comin' along?
It's coming.
These schemes of yours... you never
know when you're well-off.
Yeah, I know, you told me.
Rex is an institution.
I helped to make him one.
I owe him nothin'.
Maybe you wanna blow sideman
for the rest of your life...
...while somebody else sticks
the bows and the loot.
I'm thirty-five years old
and I'm nowhere.
Okay, 0K3)'-
So it's your turn, be a big man, Daddy.
Did you, uh, did you want one?
- I fixed a few, just in case.
- No, thanks, man, I don't use it any more.
- Huh?
- Oh, yeah, sure, no hard stuff.
- But you don't include this"?
- Ah, put it down. No more - nothin'.
Huh'? Doctor's orders?
- Hmm?
- Or something your psychoanalyst told you?
Or was it Rex that said nuh-uh?
Now, listen, Johnny...
...I owe Rex something, don't I?
When I got busted, he's the one bailed
me or I'd be in jail right now.
When I was sick he
sent me off for the cure...
...when I was wigging he got me
this head shrinker.
I mean, Rex was great.
And if he don't like pot...
...then juice is good enough for me.
All right, all right, don't flip.
Fine. I'm all for it.
Life's funny, though, isn't it?
I mean, you kick one habit and
you get another.
Er, "father image", it's called,
isn't it?
You kiddin', man?
Oh, I sympathise. I mean, if a guy can't
make a move on his own, it's just...
...another way of being
hooked, isn't it?
Rex never did - never does -
tell me what to do.
Ah, that's no problem,
anyhow, it's...
...just a symbol to me.
Oh, sure.
So, uh... I'll take a pull.
Oh, come on, now.
Let's not get reckless.
Come on, come on.
Oh, leave well enough alone. You
don't antagonise the old man.
I said, give.
All right.
Don't tell the boss I
turned you on, though.
D'you know Berger's comin' tonight?
Yeah, you know I've always admired
the way you handle that guy.
I got him fooled.
He even thinks I like him.
Yeah, I know, but the way that you
don't let him know that you know.
- I know what?
- That he's never liked the idea of... managing the band.
- I'm doin' all right.
- Ah, yeah, sure.
I mean, he doesn't understand what
Rex is trying to do for you...
...why he made you band manager.
I'm doin' my job.
Sure you are, sure.
Oh, I loved that cable, though,
that Berger sent to Rex.
"Are we running a business
or a mental institution?"
Did he say that?
Ah, come on, now, Cass.
You know Berger's not too bright.
Rex doesn't take any notice...
...of things like that.
Did you want these?
I never wanted the damn
job in the first place.
Oh, hang on to 'em, I'll
pick 'em up later.
That's pretty good stuff.
- Have a drink, Delia.
- No thanks, Rod.
- But have you got a cigarette?
- Yeah, sure.
Did you see a case around? It's sort of
squarish and gold.
It has stones on it.
If it's here, we'll find it.
Well, it's here. I know I
had it when I came.
Hi, Cass.
Rodney, guess who's here.
The great Lou Berger.
Thanks, Benny. Thrilled?
I'm truly underwhelmed.
Why don't you tape the session?
I haven't quite got the hang
of this new equipment yet.
You know who's an expert?
Johnny Cousin.
He can tear 'em down
and set 'em up.
Yeah, I'll have a word with him.
Move over, honey.
Where'd you go last night?
I'm not used to being walked out on
in those circumstances.
I'm sorry, Benny.
Makes a girl feel funny.
Why did you leave?
I felt like walkin'.
You never felt like walkin' before.
Honey... don't you remember?
It's kinda warm.
I think I'll get some air.
Yes, do that - or take a little
swim in the Thames.
That'll cool you off.
How's it going, Rex?
- All right, thanks to you.
Things are good.
- How's the concert?
- Hello, Rodney!
- Glad you made it.
- Ah, well, you know Sam Phales, of course.
This is, er, Paco O'Toole.
The Honourable Rodney Hamilton.
- How d'you do? I'll get you a chair.
- I was in South America...
...a couple of weeks ago. Paco was
the hottest thing there.
What do you play, Mr O'Toole?
- I am baterista.
- That's "drums" to you.
The drums.
Hey, Cass.
Here's Lou.
- Hope you'll play for us tonight.
- Sure, sit in, Paco.
Johnny'll lend you his drums, right, Johnny?
Ha, ha, I think he'd have more fun
with Rodney's, complete with...
...bongos, congas, maracas and
genuine native oil cans.
I would just enjoy to listen to Mr Cousin,
whose work I know well from the records.
Me?! Oh, I belong to that new
minority group...
...white American jazz musicians.
They're gonna hold a mass-meeting
in a phone booth. Ha, ha, ha!
I'll get you a drink.
Maybe you'd like to meet
some of the guys?
Oh, with much pleasure.
- You will excuse us?
- Sure, go ahead, Paco.
What's the matter with Cass?
- Sam, tell him to come over.
- I'll get him, Lou.
Excuse me.
We're on.
Everyone's like jumpin' jacks.
Hey, Rex. Come up a minute.
Got a phone call.
Oh. You sure?
Oh, come on.
No. No, no.
But why?
I might shove his cigar right
down his throat, that's why.
Why the sudden tantrum?
Has something happened?
Oh, I, I... er...
- ...just wanted to talk to you for a minute.
- What's the matter?
About Cass.
What about him?
Why, I'm fond of Cass - you know that.
Look, Johnny, what is it?
- It--- it's his problem, man.
- What problem?
The funny ones.
He's turned on again.
How do you know that?
I saw.
No, I'm not saying it's a...
...crime or anything, but he just can't handle it.
He goes right out of his head.
Like that time in
Newport, when you were sick.
He just disappeared. Everybody
was out looking for him!
Including Delia.
Didn't she tell you?
Hey! Is that the Brazilian pistol?
I've done a good job for Rex.
And the hardest part was getting into
bed with Berger and his goons.
"Be nice to Berger",
that's been my motto.
Oh, baby... you're huffing and
you're puffing over nothing.
Come on, now, forget it
and come say hello.
I wouldn't worry about it, Rex.
About what?
Why, about, er... anything.
I just meant they're such old friends.
I mean, she knew him before
she knew you, didn't she?
Of course she did.
He introduced us.
- She's very fond of him.
- Why shouldn't she be?
We all are.
I'd really like to know what
you're talking about.
Did I miss a sentence?
I've been with you for
six years now.
You're the straightest guy in the world.
I owe you a lot.
We all do.
Maybe it's because I just don't like...
...the way it makes you look.
All right, Johnny.
Let's have it.
Oh, that's the trouble - there's
nothing to tell, it's just...
...just talk.
Maybe because she goes
to his room every day.
- Who's room?
- Case's. For the rehearsals.
What rehearsals?
Didn't she tell you?
What else have you
got to say?
Don't blame Cass, though.
I mean, there must be
ten guys got eyes for her.
- Including you?
- What?
You like her, too?
Oh, look here, Rex, I...
I don't wanna get in the middle here.
No kidding. Let's drop it.
Let's drop it.
- Cass, how are you?
- Hi.
- Swinging cat, huh?
- Sit down, enjoy it.
- Your Brazilian boy's good.
- You know what?
Figure you got a new star.
Oh, the kid's got it, all right.
Personality - and a
great background for a build-up.
I'm talking to Mr Berger.
You're gonna build him up?
We'll see.
It must be fun to be
a star-maker...
...especially when you don't know
anything about jazz.
- I thought you said he was good?
- Ah, ha, but...
...when I say he's good and when you
say he's good, that's two different things.
Take it easy, Cass.
I don't care who says he's good
as long as he makes money.
Tell me, Mr Berger,
do you agree with Coriat that...
...the content of music is
pure libido symbolism?
What instrument does he play?
Or perhaps you agree with Margolis...
...who says that music represents
regressive narcissism.
You've heard of Margolis?
I've met him.
Where on earth would
YOU have met him?
Well, since you know him, you're
acquainted with his hypothesis...
...that jazz is most appreciated
by three groups.
Negroes, adolescents,
and intellectuals.
Well, you ain't no Negro,
Mr Berger...
...and you're not adolescent...
...and as for the third group---
Hey... what is this?
Come on, Cass, sit in for a while.
The lecture's great, but, uh...'re better on the horn.
But there's another possibility.
Maybe you're a musician yourself.
Do you play an instrument,
Mr Berger?
- The boy's out of his head!
- I'm out of my head, all right!
Like every other hand-licker you've
got working for you!
How many guys you got
blowing their heads off...
...for a scale right now?
- And who gets the bread?!
- Cut it out, Cass.
I'm sorry, Lou.
Cass isn't too well.
Don't apologise for me, Rod.
I never felt better.
D'you hear that, Mr Berger?
I feel fine.
- Get him outta here.
- Come on, buster.
- You can't talk to Mr Berger like that.
- Who can't?!
I'll talk to him any way I like.
Play, boys, play!
I will talk to him any way I like!
What's the matter?
What's going on here?
Leave him alone, will ya?
What're you gonna do, Rex?
He's out of his head!
- What the---
- Cass, let's get some air, let's take---
- Let me go!
- Come on, baby.
I'd like some air.
Come on, Cass.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
In all my life I never saw
behaviour like that.
Yeah. He came over here and
insulted Lou.
- In very insulting terms.
- Lou?
Lou... you gotta overlook it.
- He's a very sick boy.
- "Sick"?
- He's stoned.
- Come and sit down.
- Lou?
- I'll get you something to eat.
Something special.
You've got some funny people
working for you, Rex.
I told you before about
this boy.
Ah, don't hold it against him, Lou.
- He's in a big emotional snarl.
- What snarl?
Tomorrow he won't even
remember it.
- I'll remember it.
- Yeah.
He made a big mistake there.
- It'll boomerang on him.
- I tell you, Lou...
...he's not responsible when
he's high.
I don't do business with people who
aren't responsible, Rex.
So I advise you to get a new
road manager.
I'm very sorry, Lou. I hope you'll
accept my apology for this.
I'm not blaming you, but I don't
have to put up with him...
...just because he's such a
good friend of yours and Delia's.
Well, you know something?
Eventually he'll finish up in
the cackle academy.
Table it, Sam, and listen
to the music...
...with the rest of us jazz lovers.
Here we are, Lou.
- Nice plate of sturgeon for you.
- Thanks, Rod.
Excuse me.
But I had to do it.
He had it coming to him,
the slob.
Shouldn't have insisted on you talking to him.
I'm sorry... keeping you up here
like this.
Rex, I'm sorry.
What are you sorry about?
Well, for what happened down there.
We've been through
this thing before, I think.
I said I'm sorry, man.
You think I haven't been straight
with you, don't you'?
This is the first time it's happened.
The first time since when?
Since you pulled me out.
Do you mind
going downstairs, Delia?
- I'll join you in a minute.
- Rex...
...I know. I promised.
And he did keep his promise.
I don't like this at all, Cass.
I'm not a probation officer.
How you come on in your
private life is your own affair.
But Berger was booking me
before you blew middle C.
And now you're finished
with him.
I'll apologise.
I hate him, and his whole
rotten racket!
But I'll apologise.
You won't have to. You're not going to
see him anymore.
What d'you mean?
I like you fine, Cass.
And you're a good musician.
But I'm not going to have any
hop-head running my business.
Oh, man,
you're taking this too big!
You seem to have a lot of troubles.
A lot of things on your mind.
I think you'd better cool
it a while.
I think you need a vacation.
Does that mean I'm fired?
For the time being.
You still seeing that psychoanalyst?
I think you need
more frequent consultations.
- Rex, I can---
- We can talk about you...
...coming back to the band later.
In a couple of months.
Brought you a drink, Cass.
- No, thank you.
- What's going on, baby?
What was that scene with Berger?
I lost my head, that's all.
You're wearing it now.
Yeah... I came to about a
beat and a half behind.
And slightly after Rex fired me.
Fired you? You're kidding!
- What--- What happened?
- Rex fired him!
Oh, no, I don't believe it.
He, he didn't mean it.
- He meant it, all right.
- He'll change his mind.
- No he won't.
- Well, don't, don't feel so bad.
We all love you.
There's a thought, Cass.
- What?
- Delia.
Get her to talk to him.
Oh, I wouldn't wanna bug him
any more than he is.
Well, Rex wouldn't refuse
Delia tonight...
...even if she asked him to move
to Johannesburg!
Johnny's right, Cass.
Did I say that?!
Cass, you stay right here - we'll go
and get her. C'mon, Rod.
- Cass?
- Yeah?
- Why are you like this?
- I'm not, Benny.
What's the matter, baby?
I thought we loved each other.
What's gone wrong?
Is it all over with us?
Is it?
Look, I've got things on
my mind, baby.
We've always levelled with
each other, Cass.
That's all I want you to do...
- ...just level with me.
- Later, eh?
Hey Cass... you got that case?
What's with that chick, anyway?
- Who?
- Benny.
Whaddya mean, "What's with her?"
Well, are you...
still making it with her?
What are you, the FBI?
Well, I was just wondering.
You seemed so close there for
a while, I thought maybe you were... love, or something.
Well, she's the greatest.
That's the truth.
But it can't go on this way.
Yeah, I-l know how you feel.
It's, uh...'s tough getting out of a
thing like that, isn't it?
Deep down, I don't want out.
Benny's wonderful.
I really think I love that chick.
But it's been going on
too long this way.
I don't wanna hang her up forever...
I don't wanna get married, either.
I just can't seem to make up my mind.
Well, would she marry you,
do you think?
She's come on like she would.
You gotta do something when
it gets like that.
Still, you've had a good time up to now.
Oh, man... have I had
a good time.
But the pressure's on.
I'm back in panicsville.
It'll work out. Oh, uh... do you want this back?
Nah, you keep it.
I don't want it on me.
Hi, Delia.
- They tell ya?
- I know, you're banished.
The Iron Gates are closed.
- Oh, you're funny.
- Well, I'll, uh...
...go and leave you two
to your lovemaking.
You seem to think the world ended...
...just because you spoke a few
hasty words to Uncle Lou.
- I still love you.
- Mmm.
What about your number?
He's so salty,
if I go out there now...
...the whole thing'll be a
big nowhere scene.
Hey, you didn't hear me.
I said, "I love you."
And so does Rex.
Come on, now. I don't want you
sulking in here.
You leave Rex to me.
- Okay.
- I'll fix it for you.
- Saved you a drink.
- Thank you.
Hey... Rex.
Excuse me.
Found out something. He, er...
talked to me.
- You don't have to worry.
- What do you mean'?
- Tell you later.
- I asked you a question.
What d'you mean,
I don't have to worry?
It's nothing, Rex. It'll keep.
I want to know what you're
talking about.
All right.
Let's go inside.
All right, let's have it.
Wai--- I didn't think you were gonna
take it like this, Rex.
Start talking.
Well, I... I-I-I guess I'll
never learn.
Y-you know, I shouldn't have
said a word. Now you've got... you've got Cass all wrong.
If this is about my firing him...
...just leave that to me.
I'm doing what's right for him.
No, no, I'm talking about the other thing
that had you worried...
...about him and Delia spending
so much time together rehearsing.
Well, I... I found out
what's behind it.
What's behind it?
Well, you know how Cass has
always felt about Delia.
Her talent, and all - and
who can blame him?
When she married you,
and decided to retire...
...Cass told her she was out of her head.
L-I mean, to let so much
talent go to waste.
Well, now he's been trying to
get her interested again.
That's all there's to it.
Nothing personal.
- Okay, John. Thanks for the word.
- Oh, that's all right. I, er...
...I just thought that you'd, uh...
you'd like to know.
Do me a favour, will ya'?
Oh, sure, Rex.
Drop that Sherlock Holmes bit.
That hat looks funny on you.
I'm happy about you and Delia,
and I hope it goes on forever.
Thanks, Benny.
Uh...'re things with you and Cass?
Not good.
Oh? What's wrong?
I don't know.
The critics predicted a long run.
So did I, but all of a sudden he's
running the other way.
That's funny.
Yeah, but it hurts when I laugh.
Hello, darling.
Now... what's the matter?
Don't you love me anymore?
Hey... are you tired?
- Hmm.
- 'Cause we can sleep all day tomorrow.
- May I intrude?
- Oh, sorry, Rod.
Would Your Majesty oblige?
- Do, darling.
- Come on, Delia.
"All Night Long."
Will I never get away from
that number?
[some BEGINS]
"All night."
"All night long."
"I just lie awake"...
..."waiting for the dawn,
for the dawn"...
..."And my heart to break."
"All night."
"All night long."
"Dreaming, but with open eyes,
Make believe you're sharing my pillow"...
..."Hearing your sighs.
And I tell myself lies."
"To sing"...
..."Turning. All my hopes, all my dreams"...
..."Gone awry"...
..."longing... yearflinfil"
"But without any tears left to cry."
"I need you all night."
"Night and day,
will hear you say"...
"'Take me in your arms, and hold me
Where I belong."
"Would she walk out on Rex?"
"Would she walk out on Rex?"
..."Here, where I'm yearning."
"But without any tears left to cry."
"And I need you."
"How I need you."
"All night"...
..."Night and day"...
will hear you say"...
..."Take me in your arms
and hold me"...
..."Where I belong."
"All night long."
[some ENDS]
"I love you"...
..."and so does Rex."
"I love you."
Poor Cass.
He's so unhappy.
He seems to have recovered nicely.
No, he hasn't.
He feels so badly about
what happened.
He should.
Oh, come on.
You know you're gonna forgive him.
Why don't you do it tonight?
It won't hurt him to cool a while.
Well... will you do it soon?
I don't know.
If you were to ask me a favour tonight,
I wouldn't refuse you.
But, Delia...
...this is a business matter.
Why are you so concerned?
Because I love you both.
I see.
Well, you seem more interested in
Case's problems than mine.
Oh, Rex!
Cass is our oldest friend.
Berger's a top booking agent.
If Cass is going to make
juvenile scenes...
...I don't want him.
What's the matter, darling?
I'm getting a little headache.
It's all right.
Oh, I'll get you some aspirin.
I'll get them.
...I've been so busy on this tour...
...and you've had nothing to do.
Why, darling - I saw sights.
And nobody but Emily to be
with all day?
Ah, don't worry - we had fun.
I should've had...
...Cass spend some time
with you, shouldn't I?
Oh, I think...Cass has been as
busy as you have.
What's wrong with Rex?
- A headache.
- He's gone to get some aspirin.
- Well, there's some right here.
What'd he say?
Cass, I don't know.
He's acting so funny tonight.
I don't think he feels well.
Oh, he'll come round.
But, look, could we do
the number now?
- As soon as he comes down?
- Okay, I'll round up some of the guys.
Gonna do it now? That's great.
I'll take this up and stall him a second.
Here y'are, Dad, got something
here'll soon fix you up.
Feeling a little low, huh?
It's just a little headache.
It'll go.
Yeah, I know.
Must, uh, must be lots of things
bugging you. Here 'y'are, Rex.
Now, this should do the trick.
Oh, Rex, er, I know you said
no more bulletins.
But I'm not sure I
made myself clear down there.
- I got the drift.
- No, uh...
...when I said "Don't worry about it",
I really meant it.
He's not serious about her.
What the hell are you
getting at?
I... I'm sorry, Rex - nothing.
Nothing? We'll see, nothing.
Well, I, I only thought it meant something
when she started giving him presents.
Presents? What presents?
Oh... little tokens, like a...
a gold cigarette case.
Things like that.
A gold cigarette case...?
Yeah, I... I saw it.
You're crazy.
No, all-all I'm saying is...
th-that's why I talked
to him, because...
...well, I thought he was trying to
break up your marriage.
You take a lot on yourself,
don't you?
You don't wanna hear
what he said?
What'd he say?
Uh, that it, uh... it, wasn't serious...
didn't wanna marry her...
...and he, uh, he's happy enough
the way things are.
Cass couldn't say that.
- He couldn't.
- Yeah, I know, I...
...I could hardly believe it
But the trouble is, I...
I've got proof.
- I've recorded it.
- You what?!
Yeah... it's all on tape.
Well, what he told me, and, uh,
what he said to her...
...wh-when they were
alone together, in the library.
- You listened?!
- Oh, no. No, no - it was an accident.
Th-the tapes were rolling, see - I thought
of recording a couple of the numbers.
And when I played it back...
Well, there it was.
If you doubt any of this, Rex, you've
only got to listen to the tape.
Or-or we can forget it.
Erase the whole thing.
What's your stake in this?
- Oh! They're ready for you.
- What"?
Oh, we, we gotta go.
You don't wanna hear that tape.
Okay. Well, the children have got
a little surprise for you.
Aurelius Rex, a year ago tonight you
married a woman you thought you knew.
There was, however, something
you did not know.
An aspect of her personality which
you never suspected.
Mr Rex, ladies and gentlemen...
...I give you the new...
...the true...
...Delia Lane.
"I never knew I could
love anybody, honey"...
..."like I'm lovin' you.
I never realised"...
..."what a pair of eyes
and what a baby's smile could do."
"I can't eat. I can't sleep."
"I never knew a single soul
could be so sweet."
"I never knew I could love anybody"...
..."Honey, like I'm lovin' you."
"I never knew I could love anybody...
I'm lovin' you."
"Never realised what a pair of eyes
And a baby's smile could do."
"I can't eat."
"I can't sleep."
"Never knew a single soul
could be so sweet."
"I never knew I could love anybody"...
never knew I could love anybody"...
..."Like I'm lovin' you."
Wonderful! Well done, Delia.
Terrific, Delia!
Hot dog, baby - you've got it made!
- Oh, thank you. Thank you.
- Bravo!
- Great!
- Well...
...looks like I have anotherjazz
singer on my hands.
Well, it's all thanks to Cass.
I told you he'd be salty
if I played for you.
Isn't she wonderful?
Aren't you proud of her?
Come here, Emily.
I want to speak to you.
Oh, wait. Just a minute.
I want a drink.
- Never mind that. Come on.
- Oh, for heaven's sakes!
Well, what is it?
It seems that... Delia's been spending
a lot of time with Cass.
Well, he's been working with her.
- Every day?
- Well, I guess so.
Every day on tour she was supposed
to have been shopping with you...
...or sightseeing, or whatever
it is you do.
Oh, well, she wanted to
surprise you.
- Did you go with her?
- To see Cass?
Well, I guess so... sometimes.
I went with her once in Paris.
- What happened?
- Well... nothing.
We just went to see Cass at his
hotel and we all had a drink...
- ...and then they went upstairs---
- They went upstairs...?
I told you - they were practising.
Hon-honestly, Rex...
aren't you being a little silly?
Rex - come and join us.
Delia wants you.
- Come here a minute, Rod.
- Well...
...I can go and get my drink now?
Anything wrong?
I'm speaking to you, Rod,
in the strictest of confidence.
Is that clear?
- Well, yeah...! What's the matter?
- That's clear, is it?
Well, yes, of course, Rex, but
I don't understand--
Have you heard any gossip?
about my wife?
- Gossip?
- You heard me.
You know what I mean.
Look, whatever this is about...
...don't you think perhaps
you'd better ask her?
I'm asking you.
Oh, now, look, Rex.
Has there been any talk?
I really couldn't say, er---
Why can't I get a
straight answer around here?
I'm asking you as a friend.
Will you look at me?
I want the whole story.
Is this meeting open to
the public?
Will you excuse me a moment?
Are you feeling better, darling?
Was I that bad'?
Rex, I'm really worried about you.
You must be sick.
Let me feel your forehead, darling.
Are you still angry about Cass?
Is that it?
I've never seen you like
this before.
Oh... Why don't you make up
with him?
You know how nice and sweet
Cass really is.
Have you got a cigarette?
- You must have a cigarette.
In your... gold case?
Oh...! Why, darling, I'm afraid
I've misplaced it.
It's around, though.
What are you?
Why, I'm your wife.
That's what I am.
If you ever crossed me...
I don't know what I'd do.
What d'you say, huh?
We'll get Berger aside and
I'll make our pitch once and for all.
We could settle it before he leaves.
We've got the dough, we're
going to have Delia.
Meet him on Monday
and sign up.
All right, Johnny,
I'll go along with you.
That's great.
You'll never regret it.
Why are you so stubborn, Rex?
The girl's an artist. She's got
as much right to work as you have.
I'm not stopping her.
Rex, you don't listen. I'm explaining,
you gotta TELL her to go back.
You gotta tell her YOU want it.
Lou, Lou.
No more tonight.
All right, all right.
I'm sorry if I'm impertinent.
I know what they say:
I only think of the money.
That's not strictly true, Rex.
This is a fine girl.
She loves you.
But she'll be happier if she's
using her talents.
Think about it, Rex.
Goodnight, Johnny.
So long, Lou. Be seein' ya.
L, er, I don't like the idea of
that thing lying around.
What d'you say I erase it, huh?
- Nice party.
- Thank you.
Are you backing Johnny and
Delia for sure?
- That's the idea. Call me Monday.
- For sure.
- Come on, Pac.
- Nice to meet you, Paco.
See you, Lou.
I just hope you and Johnny
know what you're doing.
Goodnight, Rod.
What d'you say, I wipe it, we
forget the whole thing, huh?
No. I wanna hear it.
What, what's the point?
What good'll it do?
I'm gonna hear that tape, Johnny.
- Oh, Rex, please---
- Now.
All right... if that's the
way you want it.
Lock the door.
Well, er...
...Cass, uh... Cass was there.
- Urn... the mic was right---
- Get it over with.
Okay. Er... it begins
somewhere, um...
...somewhere around here. We were
talking about Delia.
"Still making it with her?"
"What are you, the FBI?"
"Well, I was just wondering."
"You were so close for a while, I...
..."thought maybe you were
in love, or something."
"Ah, she's the greatest. That's the truth."
"But it can't go on this way."
"it's tough getting out of a thing like that"...
..."i$n'l it?"
"Deep down, I don't want out."
"I really think I love that chick"...
..."but it's been going on
too long this way."
"I don't wanna hang her up forever."
"Would she walk out on Rex?"
"She's come on like she would."
"You gotta do something when it gets like that."
"Still, you've had a good time up to now."
"Oh, man... have I had a good time."
And then he handed me this.
"Nah, you keep that."
"I don't want it on me."
Here's where Delia came in.
"Hi, Delia. Did he tell ya?"
"I know, you're banished."
"The Iron Gates are closed."
"Oh, you're funny."
"Oh, I'll, er, leave you two to your lovemaking."
That's where I left. Now,
just listen.
"You seem to think the world ended"...
..."just because you spoke a few
hasty words to Uncle Lou."
"I still love you."
"I said, 'I love you."'
"You leave Rex to me. I'll fix it for you."
That... that's it.
I'm... I'm sorry, Rex.
You did say you wanted to
hear it, didn't you?
Open the door, Delia.
Open up!
I said open this door, Delia.
Rex. Rex!
Delia! Rex!
Please, what's happening?
Rex, open up!
No! No...!
What have you done to me?
What have you done to me?!
You and Cass.
There was nothing!
There is nothing!
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
What did he do it for?
Rex, have you gone crazy?
You'll kill him.
What has he done to you?
He hasn't done a thing!
- What has he done?
- Ask your husband.
Johnny? What do you mean,
what do you mean?
- What did he tell you?
- Now, take it easy, Rex.
Wh-what did Johnny tell you?
Cass and Delia.
Johnny, did you?
It's a lie.
Johnny is a liar.
He always was. He's a liar.
He never told the truth in
his whole life.
In his whole, miserable life!
He's a terrible... terrible... liar.
Ask him, then! Ask anybody
in this room!
- They all know!
- Rex, I didn't say anything---
- You didn't have to say it!
- Rex, I swear...
...I don't know anything about this.
I only know what Johnny told me.
Ask him then! Ask him, before I
tear him apart.
They had a good time?
Has it been going on too long?
I heard it all. I heard you
talking to Johnny! He taped it!
He proved it to me.
That's right. In there.
I heard you talking about her.
I'll kill you for this, Cass.
Now or later!
Rex, listen a minute. Listen!
Cass, who were you talkin' about?
Who were you talkin' about when
you were talkin' to Johnny?
Was it me, Cass? Was it me'?
It's true, Rex.
If you were talking about me,
and not about Delia...
...Johnny musta known that.
Johnny knew that, didn't he?
Of course he knew.
He asked me.
You fixed the tape, Johnny...?
You fixed that tape.
Why did you do that?
' No!
' Rex!
Don't worry, man
Everything's cool.
Doctor's on his way.
Y-you...'re going home.
Don't worry, Benny.
' Bye, bye.
- Bye.
- Bye, darling.
- Bye.
Goodbye, Rex.
Johnny, I... brought your coat.
We must go.
Please, Johnny.
WhY don't you go.
Without you?
Walk out on me,
like all the others did.
Nothing'd ever make YOU walk out
on me, would it?
I love you.
Don't you understand?
I don't wanna be loved.
But, Johnny---
"But, Johnny."
"But, Johnny, I love you."
"I love you."
"I love." You love. She loves.
Everybody loves everybody.
Well, I don't, see?
I love nobody.
Don't even love Johnny.
Get out, Emily.
Go find somebody else to love.