All Nighter (2017) Movie Script

There he is.
Jesus. You'll tell him you were
the reason we're late, right?
Come on. I don't...
I don't want him to think I don't
care about time and stuff.
There's my girl.
There's my dad.
Dad, this is
my boyfriend Martin.
Pleasure to meet you,
Mr. Martin.
Uh, Mr. Gallo.
I'm Martin.
You're Mr. Gallo.
I know that.
Nice to meet you, Martin.
It's really good to see you.
You look great.
You look tired. Where you
coming from this time?
Ever been?
No, I haven't been.
Uh, i... I hear it's very,
um, clean, which I like.
I also hear that they cane you
if you spit in the street.
Uh, not that I like that.
Yeah, I don't like that part.
Good evening. Can I bring
you something to drink?
Shall we start with a
nice bottle of red?
Uh, Martin has
a sulfite allergy.
A sulfite allergy?
Um, it's not that bad, actually.
I just get a little, uh, Hivey.
But I'm fine with water
or death.
Okay. Uh, we'll have
a bottle of
the chateauneuf-Du-pape.
Excellent choice.
And, Martin,
are you sure? Nothing?
Maybe a beer? Or are
you allergic to hops?
You sure you don't want
something else, Martin?
Mm. Oh, no.
This is delicious.
These beets are
really well steamed.
I'm sorry.
I gotta take this.
He hates me.
He doesn't hate you.
He hates me.
He hates me so much,
I'm starting to hate myself.
All that matters is what
I think, and I'm a fan.
Big fan.
Huge fan.
All right.
Okay, I got this.
I'll bounce back.
Round two.
Sorry about that.
It's, uh, not a problem.
Looks like a, uh,
pretty major deal
just went down over there
by the bar, huh?
So, Martin, what
is it that you do?
Uh, dad, I told you
Martin is a musician.
Right. Right.
What is it,
the, uh, ukulele?
Uh, it's the, uh, banjo.
Banjo. Right,
like Kermit the frog.
I guess I assumed
the banjo was a hobby.
Well, I have a band,
hysterical kindness.
It's a bluegrass collective,
more Flatt and Scruggs
or punch brothers
than some, you know, poppy Mumford
& sons kind of wannabe thing.
What's wrong
with Mumford & sons?
They're a very
successful act, no?
He likes Mumford & sons.
So where you from?
Well, I was born in Chicago,
uh, but I grew up in Guelph.
Uh, Guelph, Ontario.
It's, uh...
Your folks, what do they do?
Jesus, dad, what is
with the third degree?
Third degree? I'm just
getting to know the guy.
You don't mind, do you, Martin?
No. No, no. It's great.
It's great getting
to know someone
this, you know, vigorously.
So your parents?
Oh. Right. Um...
My mother is an
acupuncturist in Toronto,
and my father is an, um...
He's an environmental
activist in Albuquerque.
He's an environmental
activist in Albuquerque, dad.
Deal with it.
I didn't say anything.
I'm sure it's
very satisfying work.
He never met a tree that he
didn't want to chain himself to.
Sweetie, you have a little,
um, salad dressing.
Oops. Oh.
Mr. Gallo,
I am so sorry.
I am so sorry.
Could tonight's dinner
have gone any worse?
Actually, it could have.
Mm, I guess he could have
castrated me at the table.
Last time I introduced
dad to a boyfriend,
I never heard from
the guy again, so...
Wow. When I disappear next,
ask your dad
where my body's buried,
just as, you know,
like, a courtesy to my mom.
Martin, I know he's tough.
But you're not gonna
have to deal with him.
I probably won't see him
for another year, so...
In that case, I think
we should make a plan
to see him sooner than that.
You'd be up for that?
I would go through that hell
all over again for you.
I'm coming.
Mr. Gallo?
Ginnie home?
Home? Uh, no. No.
I mean, uh, she may
be home, but, uh...
Ginnie doesn't
live here anymore.
We broke up.
Want to invite me in?
Oh. Yeah.
Yeah. No, of course.
I was just, uh,
getting some work done.
She didn't tell you
when we, uh, broke up?
We haven't spoken
since Christmas.
Ah. Well, I guess
you could call her,
you know, to get her, uh,
new address to go there.
She's not picking up
or returning calls or texts.
I was hoping
maybe she'd be here.
Oh, I just, uh...
I just had a little, uh,
get-together last month, so...
Don't worry about it.
Just cleaning, anyway.
Yeah. So, uh,
any idea where I could
find my daughter?
Did you try Gary and Roberta?
Gary and Roberta?
Yeah. When she moved out,
she went to go stay with them.
Do you want any coffee?
Uh, that's... that's okay.
Don't bother.
I'm just gonna make some anyway.
So, uh...
So when did you two break up?
Uh, about three months ago.
Three months and nine days
or something.
I don't... you know,
I'm not, uh...
I'm sure she's, uh...
You said she, uh... she knew
you were coming in to town?
I gave her the heads-up I
was coming in last minute,
but I never got a response.
No, no. This is...
This is Jimothy,
uh, is my new roommate.
Gallo: Gotcha.
Like Timothy
with a "j."
this is Mr. Gallo,
Ginnie's dad.
Ex-girlfriend's father.
Do you have the bong?
What? I, uh... I don't
know what you mean?
What do you mean by that?
The bong, thing I smoke
weed out of all day.
Oh, is that... is that...
Is that what this is?
I was... yeah,
I was looking earlier.
I just didn't...
I was curious.
You're giving me a real
stressy vibe, man.
You stressed out?
What's going on?
Could you just, um...
Just take
your weird machine there
and just let
Mr. Gallo and I talk?
Am I wrong? Is he giving
you a stressy vibe?
You're not wrong.
I'm having people over tonight,
in case you want to hide
in your room again.
You can come.
I thought... you know,
I thought we said,
uh... we agreed,
you know, last time,
you know, with...
With the cops...
Oh, so I'm not allowed to have
people over in my own home?
No, it's cool.
Oh, did you get my message?
What message?
The fiddle player in
your band or something
came by, wanted you to know
you had a show this
weekend or something.
Wait. What do you mean?
We have a show?
I think so.
Well, did he say when or where?
Didn't say when.
Didn't say where.
You know, I'm not...
Heh. He's not...
We're not...
We're not friends.
None of my business.
W-we're just friends.
When Ginnie moved out, I needed
a new roommate
to help cover the rent.
Of course, yeah.
You don't wanna let go
of a prime piece of
real estate like this.
Yeah. No, these crossbeams,
you don't always...
Oh, I'll go get that coffee.
Look, Martin,
I can see you're, uh,
a busy man here.
Tomorrow I have to get
on a flight to Geneva.
All I want to do
is find my daughter,
so if you can just point
me to her new place,
I'll get out of your hair.
Uh, we're all out of milk.
And sugar.
Uh, but we have syrup.
You want syrup in your coffee,
or is that...
Is that weird?
I don't want syrup.
So do you have an address
for this Gary and Roberta?
Uh, no, but they're
not too far from here.
Uh, I don't have an address,
but I've been over there.
So it's close?
Yes, it's just
a couple blocks that-a-way.
Okay. You want
to get dressed,
and you can take me over there?
Yes, now, Martin.
Do you mind?
Fuck this.
Hey, Martin, do you mind if I go
on this computer for a minute,
check e-mails?
Um, yeah, sure.
Go ahead.
Fuck. Uh, wait!
H-hold on!
Why don't you just...
Holy shit!
Uh, you know, I just...
I tell Jimothy
not to use my computer,
but he does.
Look, Martin, porn is porn,
you know, but you
gotta hide that shit.
Put it in a folder or something.
Can't just leave it
hanging out there.
You know, i...
I can't even believe
that they have sites like that on
the Internet. Uh, those poor women.
Okay, you want to put on some
pants so we can hit the road?
Here. You know where we're going.
You drive.
Wasn't ready for that.
Actually, I don't drive.
What do you mean,
you don't drive?
Ah, I don't have my license.
And, uh, also I don't know how.
Nice throw.
How can you not know how
to drive in Los Angeles?
A man should know how to drive.
I have a bicycle.
Oh, well, congrats on that.
Yeah, it's actually considered
very masculine in the Netherlands.
You know, hey, I haven't really
been in touch with Ginnie recently,
So I might not come in.
Fine by me.
You know, not that
we're not friends.
You know, we're still friends.
I think we're still friends.
We're still friends
on Facebook. That...
Martin, where are we going?
Oh, uh, it's just
up ahead that-a-way
and a second left at the light.
It's one of these.
I can never tell which.
They all look the same.
Voice mail's still full.
It's gotta be this one.
I hear fighting.
This is definitely it.
Okay, well, write it down,
like, on the dry erase!
'Cause Saturday's my day!
Shit. Hey. Hey,
how's it going, man?
Yeah, hey, Martin.
Sorry to just drop by like this.
Yeah, it...
It really is...
We're looking for my daughter.
This is her father,
Mr. Gallo.
Uh, he didn't have
her new address.
She, um...
Martin, hi.
Uh, they... they're looking
for Ginnie, babe.
Um, this is Ginnie's dad.
Oh, hi.
I'm Roberta. So great
to finally meet you.
Jack, right?
That would be
Ginnie's stepfather.
Right. Well, don't worry.
She's talked a lot
about you, too.
Did you invite them in?
I literally just
opened the door.
Come in. Come in.
Yeah, come on in. Yeah.
After you. Yeah,
welcome, welcome.
Mi casa...
Heh heh.
Roberta: Uh, could I get
you something to drink?
Water or Kombucha?
Twig tea?
I have some nice
biodynamic wine.
Don't bother. Please, we're
just looking for Ginnie.
Martin said she
was staying here.
She was staying here.
Uh, she left about
three weeks ago.
Did you try her cell?
I can try her cell.
Phone is off, mailbox full
for a couple days now.
Gary: Oh, man,
sounds to me
like she's living
off the grid, you know?
Martin, was Ginnie, like,
a survivalist, you know?
Like one of those preppers
Gary, stop talking.
Do you know where she
moved when she left here?
Yes. Um...
Ohh. Ahh.
What was her name?
Martin, you know her.
Um, the jittery girl.
Always looks like she's about to cry.
You know her.
Mm, doesn't, uh, ring a bell.
Okay, did Ginnie
leave an address?
Roberta: Yes.
I think it's on the fridge.
Uh, Gary, could you
get it, please?
Please come in.
Gary: Uh,
I'm not seeing it.
It's on the fridge!
No, it isn't!
It's definitely on the fridge.
I just checked there.
Jesus. Sorry.
Excuse me.
There's no address
on the fridge.
It's on the Japanese paper.
Yeah, no. I know you
think it's there,
but it's not there.
On the Japanese paper. Christ.
Get out of my way.
Fine. I don't know
how to look.
It's not there.
You sure you guys
don't want anything,
like a... like a beer?
I could do a beer.
Ah, you know, uh,
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Uh, how have you been, Gary?
I've been, um...
Work's good.
Work's good. Yeah.
Gary, where's the tub
where we, uh, keep the receipts?
What tub?
I... I don't know.
Excuse me. Sorry.
I need to help her out.
What tub are you ta...
The tin?
That's a tin.
That's not a tub.
Tub, tin, whatever.
No, I don't know.
Can I help you find
what you're looking for?
Go... go check
the drawer.
What drawer?
The odds-and-ends
All right, I'm just
saying be specific.
We'll find it.
Can I get you guys something?
Are you sure? Something
to drink or cheese?
We have nice cheese.
Oh, we're out
of the cheese, babe.
Since when?
Since we finished it.
I didn't finish the cheese,
so don't say "we."
I was gonna freeze it
for my doula workshop
next month.
It's okay.
We don't need cheese.
Someone finished
the cheese, I guess.
Yeah, someone was hungry
in their house,
and they ate cheese.
They ate it all, though.
It's okay.
Have you seen Ginnie recently?
I certainly have not.
We love Ginnie.
Don't get me wrong.
But some of us loved
her a little too much,
if you know what I mean,
and some things got said.
Yeah, some things
got said. You said 'em.
Yeah, I said 'em, all right.
'Cause someone had
to say something,
'cause a certain someone
in this house
wanted to have sex
with his daughter.
Okay, what?
Excuse me?
No. No, Mr. Gallo,
you know that your daughter
is very attractive.
And unfortunately,
in this house,
that makes certain people
very insecure.
Okay, let me translate for Mr.
Sensitivity over here.
Ginnie was getting
a little sick and tired
of being leered at every
time she went to the fridge.
It was one time, and I was trying
to warn her about the bad milk!
Mr. Gallo, Martin,
Ginnie was going
for some bad milk in the fridge,
so I was peering to see what she
was grabbing from the fridge,
in order to say, "hey,
don't ingest that, yeah.
'Cause you might get sick."
I was doing a service.
You're a knight in shining
armor, aren't you, Gare?
Here's an idea. Maybe you
could sort it out with them
at your favorite strip joint...
Ohh! That happened
at a bachelor party!
They're strippers!
They climb all over you!
You can't stop them!
You guys know!
They're... they're like
monkeys at a zoo!
Can't stop 'em.
The monkeys climb all
over you at a zoo?
Interesting zoo.
Okay, we should
probably get going.
If you find that address,
you could give me
a shout, that'd be great.
We'll find it.
Don't worry.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry about the cheese.
You know, it was very
expensive cheese.
Jesus, Roberta, he doesn't
care about the goddamn cheese.
You, uh, might want
to try the cafe.
Martin knows where it is.
She's probably working there.
The cafe?
Roberta: Yeah.
Great. Martin?
Yeah. Yeah, okay.
Uh, all right.
Well, thanks, guys.
Thank you for...
That. All right.
Why do you have to attack me?
Why are you...
Have to be so hostile?
And now I completely lost face.
I gotta go apologize for
something I didn't even do.
Hey, ma-Martin.
Are we cool, man?
Are we... I just
want you to know
Yeah, no.
Bro, I would never...
Gary, it's fine.
I mean, you know,
we're not even...
I know. We're not,
but still,
I promise you on my...
I wouldn't...
And, Mr. Gallo,
I would never...
Okay. Yeah, good.
I'll rest easy now.
You guys are the best.
Hey, try the cafe.
She's probably there, all right?
Hey, and tell her
Gary says, "what's up?"
Okay, so you just wanna
go straight until sunset,
and then you make a right,
and, uh, you can't miss it.
Um, before you drop me off,
I can draw you a little map.
What, are you Dora the explorer?
Fuck that.
You're coming with.
I would love to.
Just apparently I have
a show coming up,
and I really need to rehearse.
I'll pay you, okay?
Pay me? Uh, no, no.
I don't, um...
You don't, what, need the money?
I beg to differ.
Look, Martin,
I'll be straight with you.
I'm worried here, okay?
This is not like my daughter
to just disappear like this.
If you care about her at all,
I would think you would want
to know if she's okay or not.
I do. I do.
Of course I do.
Tell me when to turn.
This is where my daughter works?
Yeah. It's...
It's not that bad.
They got a little gallery now.
It was Ginnie's idea, actually.
Really turned the place around.
Nothing. Two dudes
just came in here.
You know this one?
Yeah. Tracy.
You're the slut.
The old one, maybe.
You're gross.
I have to go.
Call me if it
doesn't stop bleeding.
Tracy, hi.
Uh, it's Martin.
Remember me?
Uh, Ginnie's boyfriend.
Is Ginnie working today?
Ginnie doesn't
work here anymore.
What? Since when?
Since none of your business.
I'm her father...
Trying to find her.
Oh. She quit, like,
a month ago, maybe.
Do you know where
she's working now?
I think she works
at some restaurant.
Lizzie, our manager, would know,
but she's at Moglu right now.
Moglu? The yoga place,
right, on Hyperion?
Did you check her Facebook?
Checked her Facebook.
Twitter. Yeah.
You tweet something, will you?
Oh, I don't...
I don't Twitter...
Or tweet or, you know, twit.
'Course you don't.
Look, um, Tracy, would you mind
just putting
something out there...
I already did it.
You... you did what?
I tweeted it.
Great. What...
What did you tweet?
"Baller old guy,
creepy young guy
looking for Ginnie g.
#random #doable."
I'm creepy?
W-why am I creepy?
I've met her many times,
many times.
Yeah. She seemed
like she... was she stoned?
Is this whole
neighborhood stoned?
Uh, maybe she was stoned.
You know, this... this
neighborhood's probably 70% stoned,
80% on a Sunday.
All right,
where's the yoga place?
Uh, just that-a-way.
So, uh, where'd you say
you were coming from?
Oh, Mumbai!
Yeah. Ever been?
Uh, no, no.
But I-I'd like to.
It's a shithole.
Huh. Huh.
Well, I guess I can, uh,
cross that off the list then.
I need to take this.
Talk to me.
Yeah, yeah.
Thanks again for coming.
Hey, Lizzie.
What are you doing here?
please do not fuck
with my yoga buzz.
No. No, uh...
I was just wondering...
I've been looking for Ginnie.
Martin, Martin, Martin...
Oh, no, no, no.
Martin, you've got to get
over this Ginnie thing.
She's moving on.
You should, too.
Uh, what do you mean,
she's moving on? What...
Okay, everything is in place.
Barry, look, my phone
is about to die.
Okay, Barry, stop talking.
I don't think this is the
best move for you, Martin,
but if you need some kind
of closure or whatever,
she's hostessing at Bibola.
Bibola? What's that?
It's a restaurant, Martin.
It's the new, hot big
restaurant in west Hollywood.
Fuck! My yoga buzz
is gone now.
Okay. Well, thanks for
the info, Lizzie. Shit.
Yeah, Martin,
you should know that...
Oh, and by the way, good job.
You know, keep it up.
What the hell does
that mean, "good job"?
No, I didn't
mean it like... like...
What did you mean?
I mean, like, yoga.
You know, like
"good job, yoga."
Like, you look great.
Fuck off, Martin. Okay?
Absolutely. Yeah.
Thank you.
You're an asshole.
Stop talking, Barry.
Just do your fucking job, okay?
She said Ginnie's working at a
restaurant in west Hollywood.
Let's go.
Hi. Hi.
It's been a minute.
Are you in town for a visit?
Yeah, just popped in.
You look good.
I'm a sweaty mess,
but thank you.
You look good.
How long are you in town for?
Very briefly.
Uh, I'm sorry. We're late
to meet my daughter, so...
Oh. Oh, I won't...
I won't keep you, then.
Well, it was, uh...
It was good to see you.
You, too.
So if you end up
sticking around,
give me a shout.
Will do.
Take care, Kelly.
You're gonna catch flies
there, Kermit. Come on.
Was that that waitress from
that night we all had dinner?
I don't know, maybe.
So what?
No, i... nothing.
I mean, you know,
you must have made
quite an impression on her.
Where we going?
Uh, it's just up that-a-way.
That's gotta be the 15th fucking
time you said "that-a-way."
Are you Hopalong Cassidy?
Who's Hopalong Cassidy?
Ha... get in the car.
I thought there was a little
something going on that night.
Forget about it.
No, I know. I know.
It's none of my business.
She's very attractive.
Yes. She's
an attractive woman.
Okay? Deal with it.
Very attractive.
So how did that work?
Did she slip you her number...
Would you fucking forget about it?
Okay, okay. Yeesh.
You like Bob Seger?
Yeah. I love Bob Seger.
"Beautiful loser,"
"stranger in town,"
those are some
of my favorite albums ever.
Might be hope for you yet.
MAITRE d' says
she quit about 10 days ago
all of a sudden,
has no idea why.
She only worked here two weeks.
That is pretty weird.
Yeah, it is.
Well, want to grab a bite?
Sure. Why not?
Gotta refuel, right?
I mean, you must be starving.
Let me buy you dinner.
That's very nice of you.
I guess I am pretty hungry.
Oh, yeah, Ginnie.
Yeah, I love Ginnie.
Ginnie's great.
I was bummed when she quit.
But I think maybe
she got a better job.
You know where?
I don't.
But I can ask around.
That'd be great.
In the meantime, can I
get you anything to start?
I think we'll skip
straight to the entree.
We're in a bit of a rush.
I'll take the, uh,
steak-frites, rare.
I guess I'll have, uh...
You know what?
I'll get what he's getting,
uh, the... the steak.
Excellent. Rare as well?
Uh, yeah, yeah, rare.
Very good.
This place
is pretty, uh, chichi.
Yeah, for you, I guess,
eating tofu out of a
paper bag or whatever.
That is how I
usually eat, actually.
She'll turn up,
Mr. Gallo.
She will.
Have you, um...
Talked to Ginnie's mom?
I was just thinking, uh,
maybe she's heard from her.
I don't want to worry her.
Right, but, you know,
they're pretty close.
I mean, maybe she
knows where she is.
And what if she doesn't?
Then she's in a panic.
And whose fault is that?
Well, no, it would
be yours, actually,
because it's your idea.
Maybe she lost her phone.
If she lost her phone,
then she wouldn't
get your messages.
Martin, I get that you think
I'm being paranoid here, okay?
But believe me,
shit happens every day.
Friend of mine's daughter
takes a little trip to Europe.
She gets grabbed
20 minutes out of Orly.
Lucky for them
I know a thing or two
about a thing or two. I
was able to get her back.
A thing or two?
I know how to handle
a situation like that,
let's just say.
Wait. Like those
Liam NEESON movies?
You know,
those Liam NEESON movies.
His... his daughter
gets kidnapped or his wife.
This is not a movie,
Martin. This is life.
What... what is so funny?
Oh, just, uh...
It just reminds me of...
Ginnie could never
explain what you do.
It always seemed
so mysterious to us.
We used to joke
that you were a, uh,
um, an arms dealer or something,
you know, something badass.
Well, something like that,
but not quite
so glamorous, I guess.
So what is it that
you do, exactly, then?
I'm in procurement.
So what about you? How's
it going with the music?
Well, I guess I've got
that show coming up
with my band,
but I'm not sure
that I want to do it.
Not sure?
Well, what's the issue?
Well, it's been a while,
and I guess I've been trying
to figure some stuff out
actually. I mean...
Finally hit me.
What's the endgame?
I mean, I'm probably
never gonna make...
A real living at it,
or at least one decent enough
to support a family or...
Are you good at it?
Yeah, I am.
Then you should play the show.
Waiter: Here we are.
No luck on the Ginnie front,
I'm sorry to say.
Well, thanks for trying.
You know,
it is Thursday, though.
You know, you might
want to try rococo.
You know her friend Trev?
He's awesome.
He's been DJING there
every Thursday.
Yeah, I know Trevor.
You know the place?
Enjoy your meal.
Dig in.
You okay there, bub?
It's been a while
since I ate meat.
Yeah. Like how long?
Oh, three...
Maybe five years.
Nobody made you order it.
Tell you what, let's go
to that rococo place,
get a drink,
settle your stomach, huh?
I guess one drink couldn't hurt.
If she's there, great.
If not, maybe you can point out
somebody that knows her, huh?
You're the boss.
Now you're getting it.
This place is impossible.
We're never getting in.
What, are you
kidding me? Come on.
Where are you...
All right.
He's with me.
Have a good night.
How'd you do that?
I spoke the guy's language.
What... what was it,
What, you spoke Samoan?
Martin, look alive.
Dennis said he hadn't seen
her, but you never know.
Dennis? You spoke to that guy
for, like, three seconds.
Martin, look around.
See if you can spot
anyone who knows Ginnie.
No, I don't know,
Mr. Gallo.
This really doesn't look
like her kind of crowd.
Come on.
Let's get that drink.
Two Taliskers, neat.
You got it.
See anything?
There you go.
I think I, uh...
Hey, Megan.
Oh, my god. Martin!
What the fuck
are you doing here?
I'm looking for Ginnie,
Oh, Martin,
you gotta get over it.
It's so sad, like...
No, I'm... I'm over it.
Uh, it's just her dad is
looking for her, actually.
Do you... do you know if she's
gonna be here tonight?
Do you know
if she's coming here tonight?
Get over it, Martin!
Oh, wow.
She's very drunk.
Yeah. Hey, uh, Lois.
Yeah. Martin, right?
Yes! Thank you!
Oh, sorry?
I just, uh... have you seen
Ginnie by any chance?
I'm sorry. Who?
my ex-girlfriend.
No, I haven't seen her.
It's so loud in here.
I know.
It's unbelievably loud in here.
I feel like
I'm screaming at you.
It probably looks
like we're having
a horrible, horrible argument.
Fuck you, you fucking asshole!
I swear to fucking god!
Woman: Uh,
what was that?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I was kidding.
It was a joke about arguments.
Oh, man. Good. Good.
I probably went too far.
I don't think I've seen her
in here for a few weeks.
Is she missing or something?
Something like that.
This one's on the house
all right?
Thank you.
You know,
you ought to talk
to that guy she's seeing.
She's seeing somebody?
Yeah, cute guy, too,
a big tipper.
They met here, I think.
You seen him lately?
No. I haven't seen
either of 'em.
Just a second.
So do you come here often?
No, never.
It's a little bit too, like...
Axe body spray?
Hey, I heard you guys
are playing this weekend, right?
Yeah. Uh...
I don't know
if that's gonna happen.
Yeah, I saw you play, like... like
a year ago at the river room.
You were really good,
kind of like...
The punch brothers meets, like,
the foggy mountain boys
meets, like, the muppets.
Yeah, thanks, I think.
That's at least partially
what... exactly what...
Man: Marty?
Hey, Trevor.
They let you in here?
Yeah. Well, you know,
Dennis is a friend, so...
Oh man.
I know this guy!
He's an idiot!
Hey, um, I think my friend
is leaving, so I have to go.
Okay. And if I do
play that show,
uh, maybe I'll see you there.
Yeah. Good to see you.
Listen, Trevor, have you
seen Ginnie recently?
Uh, yeah, I'm just
gonna do you a solid
and not even answer that, bro.
I don't know what your
problem is with me.
Hey, I told you guys
about Marty here, right?
He plays old-timey music
on his banjo
like he's old McDonald
or some shit,
and, like, 10 people show up.
It's hilarious.
Yeah, well, you know,
what's hilarious is, uh,
you know, you look
like a... a rapist...
Like you've committed rape.
You know why Ginnie dumped you?
'Cause she's way too fine
for your hella broke ass.
I kind of want to punch you
in the face right now.
You know, Marty,
a woman like Ginnie,
deserves to be given the
finer things in life.
And there's a long line of dudes
who want to give it to her.
Hey, Martin.
Everything okay?
I was just talking to
Ginnie's, uh, friend Trevor,
just asking him
if he's seen Ginnie.
And I was telling Marty here
that the way that girl's
been working through
their breakup,
she could be facedown in any bed
in a 10-mile rad...
Look out!
Time to go.
Holy shit. You flattened
that guy out.
I shouldn't have done that.
Oh, fuck that guy.
Never been
in a bar fight before.
That was...
That was so amazing
when I was like,
"look out!"
You're a real lifesaver.
I mean...
I feel like I could have
totally held my own, though.
I've got a ton
of pent-up rage
I've never gotten to use.
Maybe we should go back.
Gallo: Simmer down,
Mike Tyson.
Oh, shit.
I know that girl.
E'eryone is right now...
Where are my keys?
Megan, are...
Are you okay?
Why is Bri-baby being
such a dick-face right now?
Um, i... I don't know
who that is.
Oh, I'm so outta here.
And if he doesn't like it,
he can kiss my ass.
Well, uh...
Is this my car?
Well, oh, oh, no.
This my car?
I don't think
it's such a good idea
for you to be driving
right now, Megan.
Well, maybe it's not such
a good idea for your face
to be a dick right now.
Right. Okay.
Mr. Gallo...
Where do you live, Megan?
You know where.
Burger king.
Because we're trying
to drive you home.
Oh, I don't want to go home.
I want to go
to the par-tay.
Are you still on sweetzer?
I want to go to the party
so I can blow Dan Franklin.
Let's get her home, for
Dan Franklin's sake.
Yeah, I think
she's still on sweetzer.
It's just a right
at the next light.
Okay, slow down, Barry.
What the hell do you mean
they're backing out? They...
Barry. Barry.
Fucking phone died.
Take a picture, and post it
on Bri-baby's
Twitter fuck.
You gonna make it upstairs okay?
Where is it?
Where it's at?
We'll help you up.
Got it.
Why don't you get rid of Martin
so me and you can go
to the party and party?
I think you're
kind of partied out, kiddo.
Ah, I'm fine.
I had, like, two shots.
I'm fuckin' fine.
I just need to spit.
Where are you taking me?
Okay. All right.
There you go.
Where am I?
Move just a little bit.
Drink this.
Uh-uh. Uh-uh.
Uh-uh. Uh-uh...
Drink this. It's gonna
make you feel better.
Mm. I'm not thirsty.
It'll make you
feel better, Megan.
Drink it.
We can make out if you want.
That's a nice offer,
but I'm good.
Mm, 'cause you're so in
love with Ginnie still.
Well, sure, that, and I think
you still have
some vomit in your hair.
That's fucked up, dude.
'Cause you know she's in
love with someone else.
She is?
Who's that?
Mr. hot stuff.
Mr. hot stuff?
Dude's ripped.
This Mr. hot stuff...
Does he have a name?
Megan, what's his name?
Megan. Megan.
This girl is friends
with my daughter?
This isn't Ginnie,
Mr. Gallo.
She's not like this.
Let me find you a shirt.
What the fuck is going on here?
Hey, uh, no.
Now, um...
What the fuck is going on here?
Hey, relax, okay? We gave the girl a ride.
That's all.
That's my fucking
girlfriend, dude!
Oh, you're, um,
I-I'm Martin.
I'm Martin.
I'm Ginnie's
Megan's friend Ginnie.
Why is this dude
fucking shirtless?
Just relax, Bri-baby.
Your girlfriend
threw up on me is all.
Tell you what.
We'll just, uh,
give you a few dollars
for the shirt,
and, uh, we'll just...
Hey, Martin...
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Martin: Hey!
I think he's...
Oh, he's breathing.
He's breathing.
Good for him.
Let's get out of here.
That doesn't look too bad.
Fucking hurts.
How 'bout the smell?
I still smell like vomit?
Little bit.
You really had my back up there.
Yeah, well, Mr. Gallo...
You can call me frank.
I don't think
I can do that, Mr. Gallo,
but you're welcome.
Megan said Ginnie
had a new boyfriend.
Mr. hot stuff.
Bartender at the club
said the same thing.
Well, so...
We probably won't
be finding her tonight,
and that's because
she's with him.
Look, Martin...
So even if we do find her, find
them, how's it gonna look?
I'm tooling around with her dad.
She's shacked up
with her new boyfriend.
So she's dating someone else.
So what?
I mean, don't you still want
to know that she's okay?
Aren't you at all worried
that none of the people
we talked to tonight
know where she is?
Of course I'm worried about her.
Because I thought you
still cared about her.
Of course I still
care about her!
She broke my heart!
Has that not been spelled
out enough for you tonight?
Your daughter fucked my shit up.
My life has been a complete wreck
for the last three months.
I mean, I can't eat. I can't think
straight. I can't play music.
All I've literally
been able to do...
Is sleep.
So what do you
want to do, go home?
Crawl into bed, sleep some more?
Yes, that's exactly
what I wanna do.
Martin, I get it.
I do, but...
It's a fucking terrible feeling.
It sucks, but...
I don't think retreating
into your shell
is doing you a lot of good.
Listen, I'm telling you this
from personal experience, okay?
Life goes by really fast.
If you half-ass it now,
you're gonna feel it later.
Okay. Where to now?
There you go, juicy.
Since we're, um,
exploring our options...
And I know this is
a sensitive area,
but maybe you could try
calling Ginnie's mom.
I'm not calling
Ginnie's mother, period.
End of story. End of story.
Okay, but I was thinking...
All right.
So why'd you
and Ginnie break up?
You know that
prizewinning douchebag
Trevor back at the club,
he was saying that Ginnie
is out of my league.
She's an amazing girl,
as you obviously know.
She's smart, beautiful, funny,
and tough.
Yeah, and, um...
She is out of my league.
Maybe she saw
something you don't.
Maybe she did,
but I started to get
insecure about it,
and then I got jealous
and moody.
I don't know.
It was my fault.
I just...
I fucked it up.
I fucked it all up.
We all fuck it up sometimes.
There it is.
So procurement,
what is that?
Forget about it.
No, no.
I'm curious, really.
I bid on contracts
from foreign governments
to procure for them
anything they need in bulk,
grain, seed, fertilizer,
fucking nuts and bolts,
what have you.
Actually, figuring how to
get 20 tons of corn feed
from Germany to Nigeria can be more
exciting than it might sound like.
But it's also...
Just not a normal
lifestyle, you know?
Makes it harder
to see my daughter,
for example.
Hey, you know
that other girl at the club?
What girl?
What do you mean,
"what girl?"
The one I saw you talking to.
She's into you.
What, Lois?
Wait. How...
How did you even...
You weren't even there.
Jesus, Martin, wake up.
90% of that shit
is body language, okay?
She's into you.
Wow, really?
Huh, Lois.
I just...
You gotta be kidding me.
Hey, how's it going, guys?
Hey, did you find Ginnie?
Was she at the cafe?
Aw, bummer. Bummer.
You don't think she got
kidnapped, do you?
No! Jesus, Gary!
Hey, does Roberta
know you're here?
Yeah. Yeah, no.
She sent me out for groceries.
Um, I had to replace the cheese.
Yeah, so how's that going,
the grocery shopping?
I don't know. I think
I just, um, needed...
Yeah, 'cause actually, uh...
I don't know
if you guys noticed,
but Roberta and I have actually
been having a lot
of problems lately.
No shit? Really?
No idea.
the sight of my face
nauseates her
is what she told me verbatim.
Sorry to hear that, Gare.
Uh, how 'bout if I
buy you another one?
Yeah! Yeah, man!
Now we're talking!
Yeah, one more for our friend.
One more.
Yeah, on him. He's...
I got it.
On him, yeah.
Bartender: All right.
Always tastes better
when it's free. Heh.
It does, though, a little bit.
Yeah, no, I remember those days.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. God.
Okay, back to business.
What do we know
about this guy, Mr. hot stuff?
Mr. who?
Ginnie's got a new boyfriend.
Damn it.
For you, man.
Damn it.
That sucks for you.
We know he's
a regular at the club.
Bartender says
he's a big tipper.
And he's ripped, apparently.
So he goes to the gym,
frequents nightclubs,
likes to throw his money around,
maybe act like a big shot.
Sounds like an asshole.
This is what I'm saying.
I smell a rat here.
Hmm. What about
with Martin?
Did you smell a rat
when you met him?
No, no rat.
Field mouse, maybe.
Field mouse.
Hah hah.
He's right.
You're a field mouse, bro.
This is great.
This is what I'm talking about.
This is just guys being guys,
drinking beer,
and busting balls.
"Field mouse."
Mm. Mm-mmm.
Next round is on me.
I insist.
You've been more than generous, Mr.
Got an emergency 20
in here somewhere.
No way.
I been looking for this,
my 'shrooms.
You guys want some?
Hey, we should
do these together,
go camping.
Joshua tree.
You should probably
put those away, like, now.
Japanese paper.
Gary: Hey, man.
Aw, man. Ah, dude.
Gary, you dumbass,
drug-addled son of a bitch,
I could kiss you right now.
Okay, but we should wait
'til after we eat the 'shrooms.
Are you kidding me?
Are you just
completely out to lunch?
Martin, who cares?
We have Ginnie's address.
Come on. Let's go.
No, no, no, no. We've been searching
for Ginnie all day and night
all over town while her address
has been sitting in his pocket,
wrapping his stupid 'shrooms!
Martin, man,
I-I'm really sorry.
I am, but you just...
Martin, come on.
Let it go.
Field mouse, huh?
Hey, guys, wait.
Can I come?
Gary: Whoo-hoo!
This is great, really.
Really great, man.
Call to adventure, you know?
We're on the case.
Oh, you know what it's...
It's, um...
It's like that movie,
that movie...
John Wayne...
Mr. Gallo, you sure
you're okay to drive?
Sound like my ex.
"The searchers."
"The searchers."
That's it.
Ah, man,
that's an awesome movie.
Hey, do either of you
have any weed on you?
I don't like to 'Shroom
without a little weed.
You know, I bet I can get
my dealer to come meet us.
What's the, um...
We're not gonna have
your weed dealer
meet us at my daughter's place.
Right. No, right.
Right. Um...
Oh, shit.
Sycamore, right?
What's the address?
1030 sycamore.
Terri Sadler.
That's her roommate, right?
Yeah, that's her.
She's the...
The jittery girl.
You know her, right?
No, but keep asking.
I'm coming.
I'm coming.
I can't get unbuckled.
Gary, just stay with the car.
Windows are dark.
Yeah, well, some people
are actually asleep
after midnight.
Okay. When you and Ginnie
lived together,
where did you hide
the spare key?
Um, that's not really, um...
That's kind of private.
Martin, I'm not gonna rob you.
What am I gonna take, your bong?
Where did you hide the key?
It was under a rock, but...
What are you gonna...
No, you're not gonna...
It's okay.
I'm her father.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
Mr. Gallo, you are not...
Martin, I need to see
if my daughter is in trouble.
Okay, this is a very bad idea.
You know what, Martin? I'm starting to
see why Ginnie kicked you to the curb.
Oh, are you? And why's that?
'Cause you're
a namby-pamby,
little fucking pain in the ass.
Now move it.
Martin, you do not
want to be standing
in my fucking way right now.
That's what I thought.
Fuck this.
Gary: Because it's...
It's frustrating,
'cause you don't trust
me like I trust you!
Because all you wanna do
is sit around watching
"game of thrones"
and fantasize
about Jaime Lannister!
You do! You want
to bang the shit
out of Jaime Lannister!
That's fine!
I don't get mad at you,
because I get it!
Even with one hand,
he's beautiful!
Anybody home?
Mr. Gallo.
I think Ginnie's room's
over here.
Thank fucking god.
What the fuck?
Wait. Hold on.
I found out where Ginnie is.
She went on vacation
with her new boyfriend.
His name is kip.
I think it sounds
pretty serious.
Gary: And guess what, babe.
'Member those 'shrooms
you wouldn't let me
take on Halloween?
Well, trick or treat,
'cause I'm taking 'em right now.
Mmm. Delicious.
I can eat 'shrooms.
I can eat sun chips.
I can eat fucking cheese,
because I'm my own man.
I have something inside of me.
I have potential.
I... hello. Hel...
All right, it's Gary.
Call me back.
Wait a minute.
How do you know
where she is?
Don't get mad.
Terri: Hello?
Is someone there?
There. This is...
No, no, no. It's...
What is this girl's name?
Um, Tammy, Toni, uh...
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Frank: Hey, it's okay.
It's okay. You know him.
I will fucking murder you!
You don't know her?
I don't fucking know her.
Terri: I will
fucking kill you!
Do you hear that,
you motherfucker?!
I have a gun!
You motherfucker, I will...
What do we do?
No way.
No way.
Come on.
Fucking calling the
motherfucking cops on you!
I am not getting
arrested tonight.
Wait. Oh.
So beautiful.
I know how you found out
Ginnie's on vacation.
You called her mom.
Yeah, that's right.
I did. I called Connie, who
actually talks to Ginnie
and cares about what's
going on in her life
and knows where the hell she is.
You had no right to do that. I told
you I didn't want to worry her.
Are you serious?
We should have called
12 hours ago.
Like, then, maybe you
wouldn't have home invaded.
It's complicated, okay?
I didn't do right
by Ginnie's mom. I...
Fucked around
when Ginnie was little.
Yeah, it's old news. I've heard
all about it, believe me.
You got a lot of nerve
talking to me like that.
Ginnie's mom is fine,
Mr. Gallo.
She's happily remarried.
She got over it years ago.
Ginnie did, too.
Freeze! Stop right there!
I'm gonna let it shine.
I'm gonna let it shine.
I'm gonna let it shine.
I'm shining my light!
This is the police.
Don't move.
Just to be clear, I've always
been there for my daughter.
I gave her
everything she wanted.
How 'bout your attention?
Oh, sh...
We, uh... could we
use your bathroom?
Toilet is for customers only.
Uh, here.
Come on.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Sorry. Look,
uh, my fault.
Here you go.
Thank you. Come on.
Let's go.
Both of you, on the ground now!
This day is never-ending.
What is this?
I'm sure it's nothing, babe.
It's fine.
No, kip, they're directly
in front of my house.
Okay, look, officers,
it's... it's just really
a big misunderstanding.
Stop right there, and get down!
Just calm down for a second.
I can explain the whole thing.
That was my
daughter's apartment.
On the ground!
Mr. Gallo, get down now.
I will not. I am an
upstanding citizen.
I am a taxpayer.
I am a...
Gary, stop.
Tastes like glass.
All I wanted was to make it
through this breakup
in one piece,
not be desperate or
stalkery or pathetic.
I just needed to wait it out,
get to the other side
with my pride intact.
Instead, I became my ex-girlfriend's
father's idiot lackey,
everyone she knows in this town
getting an eyeful
of what a loser I am.
Ah, Martin, you're not a loser.
Oh, not to mention...
Not to mention
the throwing up, the bar brawl,
breaking and entering my
ex-girlfriend's new home,
running from the police...
I really don't need
a recap, okay?
I was there.
Gary, Gary, Gary, Gary, just
shut the fuck up, okay?!
Just shut the fuck up!
Couple of weeks ago
in my hotel in Mumbai,
I woke up in the
middle of the night
soaked in sweat,
didn't know where I was.
I didn't know
who I was for a second.
My heart was just going...
Thousand miles a minute.
I mean, i... I thought
I was gonna die.
I called down to the front desk
and... and asked 'em
to send up a doctor.
And then I'm...
I'm just lying there,
thinking, "this is it,"
you know, "this is...
This is it."
And so I called Ginnie...
And Ginnie wasn't there.
And of course
the doctor shows up,
and he... and he
checks everything out.
He says it's not a heart attack.
It's not... it's nothing.
It's a fucking panic attack.
Just ridiculous...
I'm at the airport
the next morning,
and, uh...
No, it's not like
there's a layover here.
I'm supposed to be
in Geneva right now.
But I came here, because...
Because I needed to see
my little girl.
I have no one else, Martin.
You know?
She's all I got.
Hey, you guys, you guys,
you guys, you guys...
Can we just be serious
for one moment?
Okay, can we just...
Talk real shit?
Visitor for Gary...
Huh? I'm Gary.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my poor, poor baby.
Oh, yeah.
What a night you've had.
Baby, I see your light.
It's, like, blue.
Your aura is blue,
like an "avatar" thing.
Ho ho.
You know,
I actually believed you,
that you were going to the store
to replace the cheese
because you felt bad about it.
No, no, no.
Not my Gare.
My Gare's not that kind
of boyfriend, is he?
Ow. Ow. Ow... He's
more of a call you
from jail
at 4:00 A.M.
Because I'm tripping my
balls off kind of guy.
Ow. Uh, honey,
your aura's
turning, like, dark red now.
Good. Here's the drill.
You're gonna stay here
until your arraignment...
Which is in two days,
and you're gonna sit and think
about whether
you want to come home
or be your own man and let
your light shine down.
I want... i want to come home.
I want to come home.
I know you do, honey,
but that's because you're
scared and stupid right now,
so you just sit tight,
and sleep on it, okay?
Uh-huh. Okay.
Nice work, guys.
Gary: I love you!
All right, you two.
Looks like your lawyer
has saved your ass.
What the hell, dad?
I know.
Look, I was worried.
You hadn't returned
voice mails or e-mails.
I was on vacation,
and I tried to call you back
as soon as I got off the plane.
Right. And of course
then my phone was dead, so...
So you thought it
would be a good idea
to break into my house
with my ex-boyfriend?
Look, I'm sorry, okay,
but what are you doing
running off
without telling anybody and
not answering your phone?
We were in Bora Bora
trying to unplug,
and I told mom.
Dad, this is kip.
It's a pleasure
to meet you, sir.
How do you do?
I-I'm sorry about
the misunderstanding.
It's my fault.
That's very generous of you,
but I'm pretty sure
it's all my fault.
Hey. Kip.
Uh, I'm Martin.
Well, uh, since we have
your father's rental car,
you want to...
Want to take him
back to the hotel?
I'll take our car.
I'll meet you there?
Okay. I'm gonna go.
It was nice to meet everybody.
I guess I'll...
I'm gonna be going, too.
Um, Ginnie, I'm so sorry
about everything.
It was really nice
to see you, though.
Look, Ginnie,
I'm truly...
No, no, no.
You don't have to apologize.
I know how persuasive
my dad can be.
Well, yeah, but go easy
on the guy, huh?
I think he's been in a
pretty rough place lately.
I'll try.
How are you?
You know, uh...
How have you been?
I actually applied to UCLA,
architecture and urban design,
and I got in.
That's great.
That's what you've
always wanted.
That's great.
I found out last week,
and Bora Bora was kip's
congratulation gift.
I'm sorry that you had to
find out about him like this.
I didn't know if I should call.
Ah, no.
Kip seems great, Ginnie.
And you, you seem...
You seem really happy.
And I'm happy for you.
Your head hurt?
Little bit.
Look, Ginnie...
I don't want to hear it, dad.
Hey, you didn't tell me you were
thinking about going back to school.
You're not in my life.
You are never here.
When are you gonna understand
that you don't get
a say in what I do
or where I go or who with?
You're my dad,
and I love you...
And I do know that you love me.
Why do you have to be
such an asshole?
I don't know.
Why is the sky blue?
No, no, no.
Ah, no, no, no, no.
I'm trying to beat
this level, dawg.
Have some respect.
We need to talk.
Well, I'm busy.
And after I beat this level,
I'm gonna do more drugs,
have more sex with this
very attractive couple,
and then sleep for 16 hours,
so pencil you in after that.
Hey, it's time
for you to move now.
Get your shit, and go.
Listen, man...
You're 30 days past due on rent,
so consider it an eviction.
You're done.
This is mine.
You know, I find your newfound
confidence intoxicating.
What if we...
Figured out a different
way to pay rent...
A physical way?
Connie: Hello.
Hey, Connie.
I hope it's okay I called.
Mr. Gallo.
Jesus. Would you please
fucking call me frank already?
Thanks for coming, frank.
That's nice stuff up there.
Seriously, really, really good.
I enjoyed it.
Ah, thanks.
I thought you were, uh...
Had to be in Geneva.
I figured I'd stick around here,
spend a little time
with my daughter.
You want a beer?
You know, Martin, you went to
the mat for me in a big way.
I appreciate it.
Well, I mean...
I won't forget it.
Looks like you got a fan there.
Oh, Lois?
Yeah, I, uh...
Martin, would you
please open your eyes?
That girl is
clearly here for you.
We met up before the show.
Did you, now?
Yeah. You were right about that
whole body-language thing.
Look at you.
I am impressed.
I should probably go say hi
before the second set.
I think you should.
Are you gonna be...
I'm totally good.
Get over there.
They sound real good tonight.
You Martin's dad?
His dad? No, no, no.
No, I'm, uh...
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