All of My Heart: Inn Love (2017) Movie Script

good morning.
Good morning...
You know, I really
gotta fix these stairs
before the inn opens.
Let's worry about
the rooms first.
Honey, October 10th's
only two weeks away.
You know that, right?
We'll be ready.
I just love fall.
The leaves are turning.
The air is so crisp.
I'll take any time of year,
as long as it includes you.
That is a good line.
A little corny,
but true.
Well, it worked.
Okay, what are we doing?
Okay, I've got
to drop the croissants off
at the coffee shop,
and then, I still need
to get curtains
for the guest room.
-You know what I was thinking?
These beautiful planters here.
We need some, like,
orange and gold flowers...
And some pumpkins.
Of course.
You can't have a b&b without
flowers and pumpkins.
No, and it's bucks county.
Celebrating the season
is the law.
Who would have thought it?
Thought what?
I live in a small town,
and people know my name.
It's nice to feel
like you belong.
Like this guy...
Yeah, but I grew up
in the mean streets
of Manhattan, honey.
Being friendly
is a big adjustment.
Well, you seem like
you're holding up really well.
Well, I appreciate that.
Pretty soon, that's
going to be you and me.
I don't know
about you,
but I think I'd look
better in a tux.
I live to make you laugh.
You know that.
And it doesn't hurt you
staring at me like that
with those beautiful eyes.
I mean, all of my dreams
are coming true.
The inn is opening.
Jenny's home bakes
is taking off,
and whoever thought
I would own a company?
Well, I did,
but you know what?
I only proposed to you
because of those scones.
The best part of the dream
was finding you.
Six months ago,
we didn't even know each other.
Yeah, well,
look at us now, right?
I couldn't be happier.
I know.
Kind of have that effect
on people.
-Look at this!
-There you go.
It's got a lot of drawers
for the guests.
I really think this says
"Emily's Country Inn."
Look at that.
It also says "expensive."
Well, what about this one?
Okay, wait.
This one is perfect.
Look at that.
It's a little worn,
but we can Polish it up.
What do you think?
This one...
Says that
"this is our dresser."
That's what
I think it says, too.
High five.
Love your work.
I'm going to have
to Polish this, though.
It's a very nice piece.
We're opening a b&b.
I think this could be
just perfect.
A lot of my customers
have b&bs.
So I guess the competition
must be pretty stiff, then.
No, but it's a good time
of year to open.
People are traveling
out to the country
to see the leaves turn.
It doesn't get any prettier
than bucks county in the fall.
I agree.
I love this lamp.
How much is this lamp?
I'm actually having
a special today...
A free lamp
with every dresser.
Thank you so much.
I am going to give this lamp
such a good home.
Does she always get
this emotional about furniture?
Just over free lamps.
you guys are a lot of fun.
She is.
I'm still learning.
No, I think
you're doing pretty good.
Doing pretty good.
Pretty good.
Something smells really good,
and I think I'm going to try it.
Go for it!
I'm experimenting
with pumpkin croissants
to take to the coffee shop.
If you bake it,
they will come...
In droves.
My distributor's expanding,
so I just want them to know
that my little company
can keep up with the demand.
Well, back at the inn,
remember the heater
in one of the guest rooms?
Yeah, it's on the Fritz.
No. no, no, no, no, no.
I can't handle any more fritzes.
I have too much to do.
I will have a sit down
and have a chat
with the heater.
Yeah, but my to-do list,
it keeps getting longer.
I swear, I cross off one thing,
three more appear.
Well, I have a to-do list, too.
I've got to go see Tommy
about these knobs
for this cabinet.
This remodel was worth
every penny...
That we no longer have.
Yeah, but I do love
my new spacious kitchen
that I get to cook in.
I just want
to make the be breakfast
in bucks county.
I think you have that title
all sewn up.
Thank you.
I have to say, though,
cooking with my ring,
it's pretty distracting.
And I'm blind.
Sometimes, I just stare at it,
and I forget to stir the sauce.
I placed an ad for the inn.
What's more important,
the inn or our romance?
Come on.
I'm trying to combine the two.
Hi, yes!
Yes, we have a room.
When will you be arriving?
And your name?
Okay, then...
That is great.
We will see you then.
Thank you!
We just got our first booking.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley
will be arriving
on October 10th.
I'm so proud of you.
She sounded so nice.
And how can you tell?
Well, she picked
Emily's Country Inn, right?
On that romantic note,
I'm going to go feed the goats.
And I'm going to take
another one of these.
I just wish I had
a few more planters.
I want it to look
perfect for the guests.
Let's hope
they're into goats.
Don't give me...
Come here.
No, no, no, no, no.
You're not going over there.
Get off!
Ricky, come on!
Brian and his flock have
certainly a special bond,
don't they?
I got her.
I'll tell you what she said,
but it's confidential.
Not your typical career path,
from, you know,
MBA to Wall Street...
I heard you!
I heard you...
To goat-herder.
Now the only stocks
I have in my life are livestock.
I'm just not sure yet
what to do
with my investments
having a tail.
Musical plumbing
and creaking stairs.
Let's hope our
guests like a house
with sound effects, right?
This looks just perfect.
The price was certainly right.
You know what else
I want to do?
I want to get
a little embroidered pillow
on each bed
that says, "welcome..."
And I was also thinking
some fresh-cut flowers
for the nightstands.
And don't forget
the best breakfast
they ever ate.
These people
may never leave.
B&B's thrive
on repeat business.
That's true.
Nothing, I just...
My new identity
as an innkeeper's taking
a little getting used to,
that's all.
Do you ever think
about your old life in New York?
sort of.
I mean, I just miss
the pace of the city.
You know,
it matched my internal speed.
Wall street runs
on adrenaline.
It's just hard
to slow down, that's all...
But I will take contentment
over commerce any day.
And... are you content?
I'm getting there.
You know what?
I think I should get
a new tablecloth
for the dining room table,
and maybe get
some new coffee mugs.
It's not exactly even, is it?
No one will notice
when I put the curtains on it.
Symmetry isn't high
on your list, is it?
Obviously not.
I'm sorry.
It's terrible.
You know, I've been
reading this travel blog
called "the out-of-towner,"
and basically, she covers
the pitfalls of B&Bs, and...
I don't know,
I'm starting to think
maybe we should spring
for better WiFi service.
the remodel just tapped us out.
I mean, how much more a month
are you talking about?
This woman is
really well-known.
She gave someone two stars
for a lousy Internet connection.
I'll tell you what.
I'll do some research,
and I'll try to get us
the best deal.
I'd better go
'cause I have to drop stuff off
at the coffee shop.
You know what else?
I've got to get new towels.
Get more stuff.
Bleed me dry.
Good morning!
Okay, so...
I brought a few new things
just to try and see
if they would sell.
It's our only income
until the inn opens.
Okay, I can't tell anyone
until the ink is dry,
but my boss is retiring,
and I'm going
to buy the coffee shop.
That is so exciting!
I know!
And when I own this place,
I will take
all the Jenny's home baked
that you can bring me.
Thank you.
October 10th's the big day.
Tell all your friends.
There's so many b&bs
opening in bucks county,
so we would really appreciate
the word-of-mouth.
I just hope
that my cooking
is enough to set us apart.
Are you kidding?
This looks amazing.
Thank you.
Have a good day.
Hey, vern!
Hey, hey!
I saw your ad for the inn.
Boy, you and Jenny
have come a long way
since you inherited that house.
Well, an old lady
writes a will,
and next thing you know,
I'm driving
an old pick-up truck,
and I'm hanging out
at the general store.
You were like
a duck out of water
when you came here.
It's true.
I still have
my unsteady moments, vern...
Little tugs
of who I used to be,
but every time
I look in Jenny's eyes...
I remember that's
the man I want to be.
Well, keep looking.
Well, thank you.
Don't touch?
-I won't do that ever again.
Here's your better half.
Hey, vern!
Did you hear Emily's Country Inn
is finally opening?
You did well by her.
That means a lot
coming from you.
I see that suitcase over there.
You going somewhere?
I've got a niece in Philly
who's getting married.
Nothing I like better
than a wedding.
Well, we'll make sure
that you're the first to know
when we pick a date, 'Kay?
I better be.
All right, I've got to go
pick up the rest of the fabric.
Yeah, actually,
I've got to pick up those knobs
for the cabinets, so...
Enjoy your wedding.
Well, it's just a warm-up
for yours, sweetheart.
Love you!
Now, try not to mess things up
while I'm away, okay?
I will do my best.
I promise.
Looks like your ride is here.
How soon they come.
All right.
there's a storm coming, too.
What are you
talking about, vern?
Looks okay to me.
Nah, I got a trick knee,
and it hurts
every time it's going to rain.
You can call it
my own personal barometer.
here we go!
Why don't you help me?
I'm helping you.
Morning, Trish.
Hey! hey, frank.
How are you?
Did you get my invoice
for the kitchen counter?
I did, yes.
I did, absolutely,
Actually, Jenny
is making a delivery
to her distributor,
so we'll send you a check
as soon as the funds
hit the account.
Yeah, that's
fair. Okay.
Tell Jenny
I say hi, okay?
Will do.
Nice work, by the way.
Thank you.
This remodel is costing us
every nickel
that we've ever had.
I guess I'll have to do
the repairs myself.
My condolences to the house.
Speaking of repairs,
can I pick up those knobs
for those cabinets, please?
How's Jenny liking
her new kitchen?
You kidding me?
She's a professional chef, man.
It's like Picasso
with a new canvas.
So the inn's
finally going to open.
Hey, yeah, you should send
some of your friends.
We could use the business.
That'd put me
between a rock and my ex-wife.
You care to explain?
Gloria is turning
my former home,
with my big-screen TV
and the backyard patio
that I built myself,
into a b&b.
That house is pretty small.
You mean the airbnb?
She didn't say what type.
I just know it ain't right.
Yeah, good stuff.
Hey, you and Jenny going
to the music festival?
Afraid not, man.
We're too busy with the inn.
You've got to come.
My band's playing.
It's our debut.
You're in a band?
I just put the kettle on,
and the sewing machine
is ready to go.
Thank you so much, Alice.
Just need
to finish the piping
on the quilt and the shams.
I can't believe
how much I still have to do
before the inn opens.
Well, this is
nearly done.
It's very pretty.
You know, who knew
an inherited house
would come
with such a good friend?
Emily gave me
a great neighbor.
I just wish
I had known her.
I hope I do her house justice.
You and Brian filled it
with joy.
The decorating is just gravy.
I wanted to tell you
that I saw
a wedding dress I like.
I saw it in a store window.
Which begs the question,
when is the wedding?
I have too much on my plate
right now
to plan a wedding.
We have to focus on getting
the inn up and running,
and, well, I'm also trying
to expand Jenny's home baked,
and my distributor expects me
to keep up the pace.
Well, you know best.
The remodel also cost
more than we thought.
I can tell that Brian's
really worried about money,
and I just want
to walk down the aisle
when the only thing on his mind
is him and me.
That kind of consideration
is how you make it last.
Where would I be
without you, Alice?
One quilt and
two shams short.
Hey! what're you doing?
Hey, babe.
I am putting on
this last knob
on the cabinets,
and then you and I are taking
the rest of the day off,
and we're going on a date.
We are?
The music festival
in Buckingham.
Well, don't get me wrong,
I'm all in,
but why there?
Why now?
Rusty's, band is playing.
Rusty the tow-truck driver?
Yeah, that'd be...
Yeah, that'd be him.
He doesn't seem like
the musician type.
Well, I don't seem like
the goat farmer type.
That's true.
I do pretty
good, though.
You're a cute one.
Let's go rock out.
I hope there's
some '80s music.
Come on,
we can do it.
Squeeze through.
One less croissant,
and I could make it!
I am so glad
we're doing this...
Going on a date.
Me too.
You know, we went
from strangers to homeowners
to engaged.
We kind of skipped
the whole courtship, right?
Well then, it's high time
we do this, right?
No goats, no worries,
just the two of us.
You know, we've never even been
to the movies.
Well, of course,
because vin diesel
and Meryl Streep
have never been
in a film together, so...
Okay, I've got
to ask you this.
Buttered popcorn or plain?
Buttered, but only
if it's the real deal.
Well, the real deal
works for me.
All right,
thank you all for coming out.
This is my band,
Rusty and the breaks.
Hope you enjoy
what we have for you.
Who knew?
Man, they are not bad.
You want to dance?
I thought
you'd never ask.
You love your dancing.
I love you.
I never want this song to end.
Me neither.
I love you, Jenny.
I love the rain.
Dancing in the rain.
I love you
more and more every
moment I'm with you.
I hope the roof
doesn't leak!
It's going to be...
All right!
All right! I get it!
Hey, how's it...
How's it going out here?
How's it going up here?
I don't think
roofing is my calling.
You're doing a good job.
How would you know?
Yeah, that didn't work.
Hey, I'm going to run
to the coffee shop
and drop off
the pastries.
I don't think those shingles
are going to hold.
I'm going to have
to tarp them.
I'm sorry.
Good luck.
Be safe.
I will.
The house is a wreck.
Thank you so much
for taking me in.
You can stay at my place
for as long as you like.
Yeah, good,
'cause rain or shine,
Jenny's home baked
has to be made and delivered.
We need the money
more than ever.
My kitchen
is your kitchen.
You know that tarp?
Yeah, it got,
blown off the roof.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, the roof
sprang a new leak,
and a leak after that,
and another one, actually,
so all those rooms
upstairs are...
They're getting wetter
and wetter by the hour.
So what are we going to do?
I'd laugh, but I think
I'm forgetting how.
That's good.
Yeah, we should
actually call this
"emily's ark."
Turn it into a cruise ship.
I'll be its captain.
Thanks, Tommy.
The couch is yours
for as long as you need it.
Thanks, Tommy.
So how bad is the house?
Well, all the upstairs rooms
are all wet.
Jenny and I have no idea
what we're going to do.
I can help you fix the roof.
man, I don't know what to say.
Say good night.
Good night.
Honey, my room
is completely soaked.
Well, all of our guests
are going to need wetsuits.
Welcome to
Emily's Country Inn.
My room's a mess,
not to mention
all the guest rooms.
Yeah, I feel like my dreams
are literally drowning.
Hey, hey, hey.
No, it's okay.
Right, what's a little weather
when you're in love?
Do you remember
this is the spot
where we first kissed?
I do.
I guess every storm
has its upside?
We'll get through this.
Look at this.
"I'd rather be fishing."
That's nice.
A storm
with a sense of humor.
No, our sign!
You think it's a sign?
I think
what it means is up to us.
Let's see...
You see?
And I think it says
we are going to be just fine.
I still think it says
we need a new roof, but...
You know.
Balancing books
is a lot different
than waiting tables.
You know what, maybe
we could help each other out.
I mean, my kitchen is
great for making breakfast,
but I could possibly expand
Jenny's home baked
if I had a commercial kitchen
to cook in.
You can use mine
whenever you want.
No, I couldn't do that to you.
The utilities alone
would be crazy.
I'd have to do something for you
in return.
This is some negotiation.
Whose side are you on?
Okay, how about this?
If I provide the pastries
for the coffee shop,
will you let me cook here
when you're closed?
You're on.
being my own boss rocks.
It rocks
when it isn't raining.
Our first guests arrive
next week.
There's still so much to do.
I'm a little worried
about Brian.
I feel like maybe this is more
than he bargained for.
Maybe you should ask him.
Well, hello.
You know, we've really got
to stop meeting like this.
Come here.
Let me help you.
Are you becoming disenchanted
with a house in the country
and opening an inn?
What are you
talking about?
Honey, come on! No.
I love this house.
I just wish it were drier
and open for business.
Me too.
Got a phone call.
Hello. Emily's Country Inn.
How can I help you?
No, no, of course, no.
Bucks county
is lovely in the fall.
Is it just for you?
Well then, okay, Mr. Albert.
We'll see you then.
You are going
to love it here.
All right.
Take care.
This is good news.
We have three guests
and none of the rooms are done.
They will be...
You know, eventually.
Okay, let's...
Let's do
the stanleys' first
and then we'll do
Mr. Albert's.
He sounded
like a really nice guy.
Maybe he'd be willing
to bunk with the goats.
I'm going to have
to clean these.
What are you doing?
What? it's just a moment
of self-expression.
A semi-gloss wish.
Wait, semi-gloss?
Yeah, that's
all we have left,
but it's water-resistant,
in case we have
another storm.
By the way,
tommy and I are going to fix
the roof this weekend,
I promise,
so it never rains
in our house again.
Honey, what are you doing?
The drawer is stuck.
It needs to dry out.
it's an antique.
And, well, that storm
aged it another 50 years.
look what I found.
Those must have been Emily's.
Yeah, doesn't say much
for her taste.
I think
they're very moving.
You know, shoes say a lot
about a person.
Yeah, I think these shoes say
she needs a new roof.
You know, I just love finding
little traces of Emily
around the house.
All I found
was a rolling pin
and a popular mechanics
I don't know about you,
but I think our benefactor
was a very complex woman.
She was lonely, you know,
trying to fend for herself.
How can you be so attached
to someone you never even knew?
She's family.
Your mom's aunt
was her cousin.
That wasn't even first-string.
And I was the descendant
of her caretaker,
so forgive my irreverence,
but honey...
You know,
if it weren't for Emily,
we never would have met.
All right.
Point taken.
You do know, legally,
one of those shoes
does belong to me.
There you are.
Thank you.
I don't know about you,
but I think I'm going
to bronze mine.
You do that.
Might even try them on.
Why do you have
a toolbox?
Well, let me tell you...
I have a new rule.
"First, do no harm."
Yeah, it's the oath
the doctors take.
And what are you going
to be repairing?
the stairs got really wet.
They're creaking
more than ever.
I like stairs I can hear.
okay... all right.
Did you break the stairs?
I did no harm,
but unfortunately,
the creaking was incurable,
except for,
of course...
The fourth step
from the bottom.
And one silent step
before the big finish.
You know what?
I kind of like the variation.
Do you?
Creak! Creak!
Just love me and
love my toolbox.
I do.
We eating yet?
A phonecall?
Hey, Harry.
Hey, I got your message.
What's up?
Listen, you know,
the inn's about to open.
I just thought
I'd put the offer out
and see if any friends
are looking for a vacation.
I'll be sure
to send them your way.
How are you liking life
in the sticks?
Are you kidding me?
It's great...
I mean,
apart from the leaky house
and the lack of income...
But you know
what I was thinking?
I'm going to do
a little financial consulting.
Just put up a shingle.
I hear bucks county is teeming
with mergers and acquisitions.
Okay, you know what, I get it.
You know, maybe I didn't think
this thing through,
but don't rub it in, all right?
No kidding.
Hey, I've got to run.
I'm locking up this deal.
You know what, Harry?
Good timing...
'Cause I've got a goat
to deal with.
I'll call you later, buddy.
All right.
Coming, Gabby.
You know,
at this point, Tommy,
you're five shingles
to my one.
My dad was a carpenter,
and his dad was a Mason,
so home improvements
are in my genes.
Yeah, well,
my dad traded stocks.
His dad was a broker.
You can make your own destiny.
Yeah, I just don't think
it should involve roofing.
Wasn't enough paper
in your dinner?
Come here, Gabby.
Hey, Gabby.
What's that?
There you go.
Yeah, that's
the last of my resumes, okay?
Eat up.
Everything I thought
I wanted to be.
Well, I appreciate
your sensitivity, yeah.
Thanks there, Gabby...
But I'll be fine.
Why don't you share it
with your babies?
Why don't you share it
with your babies?
Come here.
You know, Tommy's couch
is getting pretty old.
I'm not getting much sleep,
so I can't wait
until he comes over,
and we can fix up
this roof today.
we can finish those rooms,
and Emily's Country Inn
can officially open.
Can't wait.
What do you think?
What do you mean,
what do I think?
Look at this thing!
It's awesome.
It's amazing.
I'm running out
of adjectives.
It's harvest Berry waffles.
You know, I'm going to die
a very fat and happy man.
Just hopefully not a poor one.
That would be good.
I just feel like everything's
going to be great now.
Don't do that again.
You're always seeing
the silver linings.
Yeah, says
the prince of doubt.
What are you talking about?
I'm a realist.
No, you're a pessimist...
With a lot of potential.
Well, thank you.
It's a good thing
opposites attract.
That is the last of
the fruit from my trees.
Thanks, Alice.
You can thank me with pie.
We got another reservation
for the inn.
That's great.
You know, I've been reading
this blog about b&bs,
and there's just so much
I want to do
when we can afford it.
There's a county fair
in Warwick.
You could sell
your baked goods there
and make some extra money.
That's a great idea.
I could make all kinds
of seasonal stuff.
I could just make
every kind of pie,
and who knows?
Maybe I could make enough
to buy a new sofa
for the sitting area.
I just want people
to feel like Emily's Country Inn
is a second home, you know?
The sofa's probably optional.
Your enthusiasm
will do the trick.
Well, hey, Alice!
How are you?
Hey, I'm going
to make some pies
and take them
to the county fair.
Sounds like a great idea.
I'm going for a run, okay?
My trail got washed out
in the storm,
so I might be
a little longer.
Have fun!
good to see you, Alice!
is there coffee?
There's always coffee.
Those muffins
look so good.
Thanks! they're actually
raspberry buttermilk.
Brian howell?
Hi, Roger.
How are you?
Dolling out muffins
instead of doing mergers?
Actually, no, I...
I inherited a house,
and I moved out here
to bucks county.
This is my fiancee's booth.
I'm just helping her out.
You know,
I heard about what happened
at your last firm, Brian.
That was unfair.
I appreciate
you taking my side, Roger.
Come on, daddy.
Yeah, sure.
You made me a lot of money.
The least I can do
is buy a box of those muffins.
Here, keep the change.
I owe you a lot more than that.
thanks, Roger. That's...
This is my wife, Laura.
Hi, how are you?
This is Jenny.
And what is your name?
Brian and I
did a deal together
a hundred years ago.
It had been stalled.
Brian walks in,
and we closed in a week.
It's luck.
Dad, I want
to go see the ponies.
Yeah, let's go.
Nice seeing you again, Brian.
You as well, sir.
Take care.
He's a nice guy.
Yeah, he was
my very first big client.
Any regrets?
He's a very wealthy man.
My only regret
is not selling him more muffins.
Bombarded. hi!
I'm so proud of you.
Thank you.
You did all of this...
And I'm so proud of you.
Thank you for your help.
Are you kidding me?
People seemed
to really enjoy them.
If we didn't sell them,
I was going to eat them all.
Well, hello!
can you high-five?
thatta girl.
What a cute baby.
You know, the goats
helped me cut the grass.
I think we'll be ready
in time for the stanleys.
Looks pretty good
in here, actually.
Yep, now we just have
to finish Mr. Albert's room.
All right.
I'm on it.
You know,
this innkeeping gig?
It isn't easy.
Break's over.
Step aside, little lady.
It's time I lowered this
an octave or two.
You know what?
I like it this way.
Let's just leave
well-enough alone.
Why don't you step back...
Focus on those baked goods...
And let your man...
Do what men do.
All right.
That didn't work.
Hey, Harry.
Kind of busy right now.
Well, not as busy
as you're going to be.
What do you mean?
You bumped into Bailey,
Roger Bailey.
You sold him a muffin
or something?
That's right.
I have been trying
to land him as a client.
He wants me to bring you onboard
as a consultant
on a merger he's doing.
Wouldn't it be sweet
to prove your old boss wrong
for having let you go?
Yeah, I'm, I'm...
Yeah, I'm here.
I hear you, Harry.
I'm here.
Hey, between the two of us,
we could have this thing
wrapped up in a couple of days.
Truth is, I could use the money.
Do I take that as a "yes"?
Yeah, you can... absolutely,
you can take it as "yes."
Thanks, Harry.
Appreciate the call.
Roger Bailey wants me
to help him close a deal
with Harry's firm.
That's great.
I mean, wall street
doesn't carry the same allure
as it once did.
I mean, I'm done
with the bulls and bears.
Prefer goats.
That's good to know.
Where was I?
You were about
to break the sink.
It's going to get
serious down here.
Hey, you guys.
Hey, Gabby. Hey,
what do I have here?
Listen, I'm going
to make sure
to bring you
some spreadsheets for dessert.
There we go...
And you beautiful babies,
you guys behave.
Look at me.
Look at this.
I'm going to be
the only guy on wall street
with goat hair
on his suit.
You're certainly
the most handsome.
You're too kind.
You know,
you sure you don't want me
to drive you to the station?
Well, you've got enough to do.
I'll be fine.
The stanleys called,
and they are on their way.
I'm sorry I can't be here.
No, it's okay.
You'll see them
when you get back.
Good luck.
I feel like a stock broker
going to a rodeo.
Have fun.
Hi, I'm Jenny.
to Emily's Country Inn.
Hey, I'm Nora.
This is my husband, Wade.
It's very nice to meet you.
Come on.
I'll show you to your rooms.
Come in.
So, did you have any trouble
finding the house?
My GPS got
a little confused.
I made him switch it off.
"Turn left, turn right."
She never lets up.
Yeah, sounds like
my mother-in-law.
Are you guys hungry?
I'm happy to make you brunch.
I'm starving.
Here you are.
This is so sweet.
Red velvet pancakes, no less!
You should be a chef.
I kind of am.
I sort of thinks of this
as my little restaurant...
With beds.
Where did you work before?
Chef Oliver's gourmet catering.
It's in greenwich.
He was a perfectionist,
but I certainly got
a four-star education.
So where is this "Emily"?
Will she be joining us?
Only in spirit.
She passed away,
and I inherited the house...
Me and my fiance, Brian.
Where is he?
He's on his way to wall street.
Well, I have to ask...
Where's a good place
to go antiquing?
There's a great little
shop here right in danfield,
and there are plenty of others
in doylestown.
Well, this breakfast
looks amazing.
Looks like we picked
the right place.
Thank you so much.
This merger would benefit
both sides equally.
Except for next year's
projected revenue.
I mean, yeah, of course,
you can look at the numbers,
or you can look
at the big picture.
Which is?
Which is, the fundamentals
and the technical analysis
both show that
this sector has momentum.
This is at its peak
before the fall
if you sit
on this opportunity.
The time to act is now...
While you have
the market's attention.
Looks like
we're getting closer to a deal.
Come in.
I am so glad you chose
Emily's Country Inn, Mr. Albert.
Mitchell, please.
I'll bring some fresh
towels to your room.
that would be fine.
Okay, we'll be in touch.
I think we'll be able to
wrap this up pretty soon.
I'm working
on a new acquisition.
I'd like you
to consult on that as well.
That is
a great idea.
Nobody bottom-lines
the numbers
as persuasively
as Brian.
I appreciate that, Harry.
It would be an honor.
Now, I'm late
for a 1:00.
I'll call you guys later.
Sounds good.
Thanks, Roger.
All right,
let's get you caught up
on the Peterson deal.
Hey, look, I know
Bailey can be demanding,
but he's a good guy.
It has nothing
to do with him.
Fact of the matter is,
what am I going
to tell Jenny?
We're only talking
about another week or two here,
and everybody in the office
commutes from Connecticut,
or wherever.
You can commute
from bucks county.
Slay the markets
during the day,
and tend your goats
at night...
You done?
Yeah, let's get this.
Why don't we go
in your massive office
and get me the Peterson deal.
Hey! how are you?
I'm good.
I've got to get to Casey's
and start baking.
before you go,
I think there's something
you and I should discuss.
is it good or bad?
It depends
on how you look at it, really.
Roger Bailey...
Asked me to help him
close another deal.
That's amazing! Congratulations.
I know.
It's not going to take long,
and I can commute back
every night.
It'll be easy.
It's great.
You're okay with it, right?
Honey, listen to me.
My life is here.
It's going to be fine.
This is just a way
to make a quick buck.
I just miss you, but...
That's awesome.
I've got to get
going, though.
Can you bring me back
some of that
Jenny's home baked
so I can eat it
on the train?
Of course.
I love you.
It's okay.
I have three guests!
I finished these
last night.
I just thought
I'd drop them off.
Thank you so much, Alice.
You know, you should stay
and eat something.
I made enough for an army.
If you insist.
This is some spread
you put out.
I'm so glad
you're enjoying it.
Where's Brian?
Will we meet
him today?
he's just in the city,
doing one more deal,
and then
he'll be back for good.
Well, I found
an antique lamp yesterday
that's part of a pair,
so I am determined
to find its mate. Hon'?
I guess that's my cue.
Happy hunting.
Thank you.
Good luck
finding that lamp.
See you later.
You know, Alice lives
on that beautiful farm
just down the road.
That's a very pretty
piece of land.
I saw it when I drove by.
When I was a pilot,
I traveled all the time.
Now I just want
to land for good,
and maybe do
a little bit of fishing.
I have a boat
docked at the lake.
More trout than you can count.
Well, if that's an invitation,
I'd be delighted.
Those pumpkin croissants
are a huge hit.
I'm so glad.
All right, well,
I'd better get back to the inn.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, yeah, no.
The guests are great.
I just hardly ever see Brian.
He's been back and forth
to the city all week.
He spends
more time on the train
than he does with me.
That's just
temporary, right?
You ladies let me know
when you're ready to order.
-Thanks, Casey.
-Yeah, thank you.
So what brings you
to bucks county?
for the "out-of-towner."
I'm doing this series.
Well, no,
it's more like a warning
about all these new b&bs
that are popping up in the area.
We do have
a ton of b&bs around here.
I know.
I've already tried
three of them.
I was not impressed.
Casey, do you know
any good b&bs?
Yeah, I know a great one.
It's brand-new,
and the food is terrific.
which one is that?
It's called
Emily's Country Inn.
Emily's inn...
Maybe you should check it out.
Yeah, maybe.
Do you know
where we could find a latte?
Hi, Harry.
Listen, tell him to run
the numbers again, okay?
Because I know
I'm right.
All right, I'm on my way.
Are you okay?
No, no, listen, this deal
is in danger of falling apart.
I've got to go.
I miss you.
I miss us.
I miss you, too.
Not now!
What happened?
Emily's Country Inn
just blew a fuse.
Who needs electricity
on a night like tonight?
I've never seen so many stars.
That's the beauty
of getting out of town.
What did you do to these?
Those s'mores
have cognac and Cranberries
and a little bit
of almond extract.
Gourmet s'mores.
Where's Brian?
He had to work late.
How could you miss
a night like this?
Tommy came over,
and he checked it out,
and said that three guests
was just more
than the worn-out wiring
could handle.
Okay, fine.
So then, what do we do?
He said the whole house
needs to be rewired.
Honey, the whole house?
All right, well,
what about our guests?
I've given them candles
and lanterns in their rooms.
I don't know,
I feel like we're spending
more money on the b&b
than we're making.
It's... let me just...
It's fine.
Look, honey...
I'm going to make enough money
on this job with Harry.
I'll put the lights back on.
I just...
The whole house, I mean...
I guess I should wave you off
with more enthusiasm, then.
But I will settle for a kiss
once I get back.
I'm sorry!
I'm so sorry to interrupt.
Could we just have
a few more candles for the room?
Of course!
You must be Brian.
Yes! hi.
You know, you are
one lucky fella.
She's an incredible cook.
I am the luckiest man
in the world.
Thank you
for being so understanding.
You know what?
I actually enjoy this.
Wade isn't reading
or watching TV,
so we're actually talking
to each other.
Turns out
we have a lot to say.
you two, carry on.
I'm so happy
you're home.
Me too, baby.
Come here.
Hey, hand me
those needle-nose pliers.
This one?
Stupid name for pliers.
You know,
this is my first day off
since I went back
to wall street.
Is that what you did?
Only temporarily.
Enough with
the knowing looks, Tommy.
Jenny and I are doing just fine,
thank you.
You still've got that picture
of your 'kids' on your phone?
I'm the same guy, Tommy.
I'm just wearing a suit
to make a buck.
Don't let the suit
define the man?
You know,
if you weren't so tall,
I could afford to be offended.
Is this... Emily's inn, or...?
W-would you like a room?
Although I should warn you,
we don't have any electricity
right now.
Okay, well, do you think the inn
will be fully-functional soon?
It better be,
'cause I'm running
out of candles.
I am hoping that everything
will be fixed by tomorrow.
Would you like
to make a reservation?
Is it just for yourself?
and when will you be arriving?
Next Tuesday.
You can put it under...
okay, great, we'll see you then.
She's clearly an amateur.
How's everything at the inn?
Nora and Wade
are about to check out.
I got another booking.
I just have
to keep those rooms rented.
You know, I kind of feel like...
Kind of feel
like our money problems
have forced Brian
back to wall street.
That's not what I want.
What does he want?
I don't know.
This view is so much better
with you beside me.
I've got to tell you, Jenny,
I was up all night
monitoring the markets.
I've been falling asleep
on the train.
Jenny, I don't know,
but this commute's
taking a toll,
I thought I'd talk to Harry
and see if maybe
I could stay at his place...
You know, just the week.
What do you think?
I understand.
Do you?
Okay. thank you.
I'm going to be...
I'm going to miss my train.
I will call you later.
It's not forever, you know.
I'll be home on the weekends.
I'm okay with it.
Well, I think
we're going to get going.
You know
that little shop in doylestown?
They're trying to find me
a matching lamp.
They'll call me
when it comes in.
I hope you'll stay here.
Of course, we will!
We've had
such a good time.
Well, you are always welcome.
We'll see you soon.
All right, take care.
Roger, I also factored
in all the variables
and the impact
of currency fluctuations.
You got Peterson
back to the table.
He'd only leave Dallas
if he was ready to close.
Good work, guys.
Really good work.
Thank you, Roger.
I made the right decision
getting you involved, Brian.
Yeah, you did.
Appreciate it, man.
You, my friend,
are making yourself
What're you doing?
What're you doing? 'Kay.
I've got an empty office
at the end of the hall.
No, no, no, no, no.
This is only supposed
to be temporary, Harry.
I'm only providing a desk.
The ambivalence,
that's all yours.
I can almost guarantee
it's not as big as yours.
Hey, honey.
Hey, I...
I just got a call.
Are you okay?
My distributor was bought out
by another company,
and they may be dropping
Jenny's home baked.
Okay, all right.
Just calm down.
You'll find yourself
another distributor.
It's fine.
Yeah, but it took so long
to get that one.
They want to have a meeting
to discuss the terms.
What do you think?
See, there you go.
They want to meet.
That's a good sign, okay?
Yeah, I hope so.
I know
we really need this income.
We'll be fine.
Keep your chin up.
I love you.
We distribute to supermarkets
and chain stores.
We don't carry
many smaller start-ups like you.
Our sales
are really starting to increase.
You'll need
to step up production,
which means
moving your operation
to Pittsburgh,
where we have a plant.
But... I think bucks county
is a much better fit
for Jenny's home baked.
The personal association
with the brand
is of limited use.
It's not just
a marketing ploy.
We can get you into more stores
if you use cheaper ingredients
to cut down costs.
It's quantity over quaint
in the outlets that we serve.
So what do you think?
I think you're confusing
"quaint" with quality.
I want to make something
I'm proud of.
Well, let me know
how that works out.
Jenny lost her distributor.
Big financial blow, Harry.
At least we have the inn.
Well, and you've
got this job.
Yeah, which is why I've got
to get up to the office.
I've got a lot of work to do.
Listen, have you
talked to Roger
about that meeting
we're supposed to be lining up?
Yeah, I have.
It's all coming together.
Good, 'cause I mean,
we've got to nail
this down, buddy.
You must be Denise.
Welcome to Emily's Country Inn!
Thank you.
Come on up.
I'll show you to your room.
We're so happy you're here.
Okay, I...
Two-story craftsman house.
The room is rather small.
It's adequately furnished.
The bathroom's down the hall.
It's an average view,
just a barn and so on.
Just in case
you want to take a shower.
I should warn you, though...
The plumbing
is a little...
Is that so?
Yeah, but it works
totally fine.
Anything else?
How do you take your coffee?
I prefer tea.
got it, great.
I'll see you downstairs.
Emily's inn is a bust.
It's a very small chair.
There you go.
all of this food is just for me?
my other guest is out fishing.
My friend, Tommy, may join us,
but he's actually trying
to fix the electrical outlets.
That smells so good.
have a seat.
this is Denise.
I eat
based on height and weight.
You should try
the blueberry scones.
Incredible, right?
It's delicious.
Just wait
until you try the crepes.
This is...
This is very good.
You came to the right place.
I can run the inn
and keep
Jenny's home baked afloat.
You know that coffee-shop chain,
That would be an
ideal vendor for me.
Yeah, I've been
to the one in Warwick.
I could do an entire line
of cappuccino-flavored pastries.
I've been experimenting
with cupcakes and croissants
all day.
How much cappuccino
have you had?
I had to taste
everything I baked.
Why, do you not think
this is a good idea?
Is this the caffeine talking,
or is this a good idea?
No, it's a good idea.
Whatever it is,
it beats me sitting around,
waiting for the phone to ring.
You could always call Brian.
I'm not the one who went away.
You still at it?
Hey, did you know
the nikkei and the Dax
are both way up?
Come on, Harry.
Could play in our favor.
You want a beer?
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
You know,
you don't really look like a guy
who's about to walk away
from all this.
You know...
The truth?
I'm confused.
Confused is better
than deceiving yourself.
You know, I've got
a briefcase in one hand,
and I've got a toolbox
in the other.
There's a metaphor
you don't hear very often.
That's not a metaphor.
It's my reality.
I say this with
all due respect to Jenny,
who you know
I like very much.
I don't see you
living in the sticks.
I don't want to lose her, Harry.
This guy, the one that
belongs on wall street?
That's not the guy
she fell in love with, Harry.
What if this is
who you really are?
You can't change
for someone else.
That never works.
Trust me, I've tried.
Just ask my ex-wife.
I'd rather not.
I don't know, I...
I don't know.
I just don't know what to do.
It may not entirely be
up to you.
Jenny may have
doubts of her own.
I can taste the cappuccino.
I'm taking all my samples
to their flagship store.
When will,
Brian be back?
Hopefully, the weekend.
He's under a lot of pressure
at work,
so I try not to ask.
Maybe you should go see him.
The trains go both ways.
Yeah, but he's busy,
and I'm busy here.
I can't just leave the inn.
At least let him know
how you feel.
Casey, I don't know how I feel.
He's changing.
I just feel like we're being
pulled in separate directions.
Maybe he was trying to be
who you wanted him to be.
It's what I've done with
everyone I've ever dated,
which is why I'm still single.
It's Brian.
Listen, I hope
I'm not calling too late.
Is everything okay?
No, it's not, Jenny.
I miss you.
I miss you.
And I love you.
Did I mention that?
Not recently.
Well, I do.
I love you, too.
That's really just
all I wanted to say.
That's enough.
Can I call you in the morning
and say it again?
I'd like that.
I'll see you tomorrow night.
You've got to hand
it to the guy...
His timing is great.
He's great.
I just scored us an
invitation to Bailey's party.
Strictly a
power-player affair.
Are you serious?
Yes, sir.
Dude, nice work, buddy!
Hey, listen, do you think
my old boss will be there?
I mean, I could use
some professional vindication
being fired for his mistakes.
He'll probably show up.
Bailey's parties
are a networking paradise.
That's awesome.
I just want to thank you.
Hey, if it wasn't for you,
I wouldn't be able
to redeem myself on the street.
It means a lot.
-Evening, gentlemen.
-Hello, sir.
Brian, I assume
you're coming to the party.
wouldn't miss it.
bring your fiancee.
My wife was very impressed
with those muffins.
I will let her know... yes.
You're becoming
quite an asset, Brian.
I've got to get home.
Good morning.
Wish you didn't have to leave
so soon.
I know, honey, me too,
but I've got to get back.
There's some issue
with the final draft
of the proposal.
I mean, the deal is close
to closing and everything,
and you know how wall street is.
They're just...
Actually, I...
I don't know.
Well, you know,
I mean, there's always
this social component, right?
I mean, there's golfing,
there's lunches and parties...
You know, I mean...
Look, okay...
Roger's throwing this party
after work on Friday night,
all right,
and it is a very big deal
to even get invited.
Now, I know you're busy...
But I'd really like you to come.
I'd like that,
but I have guests.
I can't just leave the inn.
It's a cocktail party.
You won't even be late
getting back, honey...
And Alice, I mean, maybe
she could pinch-hit for you.
Okay, I'll think about it.
Just let me think about it.
I love you.
You too.
Wish me luck.
Let's close this thing, okay?
Good luck.
Be careful.
You got it.
I could use another lamp
in my room,
but there's only one outlet.
Okay, I'll ask
Tommy to install one.
Okay, good.
Sure, no problem.
Is he...
An electrician?
he owns the general store,
so he kind of just does
Honestly, this house
would fall over
if it wasn't for him.
Is he responsible
for the musical plumbing?
No, that would be
Brian's fault.
He's my fiance.
He'll be here tomorrow.
You'll get to meet him.
You know, two outlets
would be better,
just because people need
to charge their phones.
Yeah, I'll ask Tommy.
Great. okay.
Mitchell and I
go fishing every day,
then I make him dinner.
It's been a long time
since I cared for anyone.
Alice, he seems
like a really nice guy.
He is.
And he actually asked me
if he could extend his stay...
I think because of you.
What's going on
with you and Brian?
I don't know.
He wants me to go
to this cocktail party
in the city,
and I'm just so busy, and...
I don't know.
It does kind of seem
important to him, though.
Well then, you should go.
Yeah, but it's
a park Avenue penthouse
and this wall street crowd.
It's not really my style.
It's a party.
Go have fun.
Maybe that would help you
understand that part of him.
guess I'm going to New York.
You look very nice.
Thank you.
Okay, so I've left a ton of food
in the refrigerator.
Are you sure you're
going to be okay?
You bet.
Alice should be here
any time.
We're going to be watching
a movie together.
Thank you
for holding down the fort.
I'm becoming
kind of a permanent fixture
around here.
Alice and I are turning into...
A lot more than I ever expected.
Well, you're a great guest.
I mean, if I had my way,
you'd never leave.
I'm going to grab
more of those scones.
You have a good evening.
Thank you.
So... there was hardly
enough light
to read last night.
Yes, I'm so sorry.
Tommy just got here to fix it.
Are you going somewhere?
Yeah, I'm just driving
into Manhattan.
I'll be back tonight.
So you're leaving
your guests unattended?
Yes, but my friend, Alice,
will be here.
She's great.
Hello, ladies.
Are you off
to the city?
Yes, that...
That was the plan.
Are you sure you're
going to be all right?
I'll be around
if you need anything.
I guess...
Yeah, that'll be okay.
Okay. s
let's see about putting
that outlet in your room?
if it's not too much trouble.
No trouble at all.
It's just a chair.
So it's my room.
Hi. I'm looking
for Brian howell.
And you are?
Jenny fintley.
Brian's expecting you.
His office
is right up the stairs.
His office?
Second door
on the left.
Great. thanks.
You're here!
Look at you!
You look so gorgeous.
Thank you.
I didn't know
you had an office.
This is so nice.
Yeah, I mean, come on,
it's just temporary
until we close this deal.
I am so happy
to see you.
It was worth the trip
to see your smile.
You made it.
You look lovely,
as always.
Thank you.
Is that...
Is that new?
This is new.
What do you think?
I'm trying to look important.
No? it's too much.
It's too much, isn't it?
Yeah, it looks
like I'm trying too hard.
I am.
I am trying way too hard.
I am going
to go home and change,
and I'll see you kids
at the party.
Is this an audition,
or a party?
No, this is a night out
together in the city.
This is what I guess
real money buys you.
Look at that view.
-It's beautiful...
I thought that was you.
Hi, Howard.
I heard you were
back in the game.
I'm pleased for you.
You must miss him,
With Brian, I always know
I'm in excellent hands.
It's good seeing you again.
Thank you, Roger.
let me get Laura.
I know
she'd love to see you.
I'll be right back.
Howard, my old
"legendary" boss.
Wait, the one
who fired you?
Yes, the one who fired me.
Thanks for reminding me.
I appreciate that.
I am so glad
you could join us. Hi!
You make
the best muffins I ever ate.
That's very nice of you to say.
Excuse me.
Brian, why don't we go
grease the wheels
on this Peterson deal?
I'll be right back, okay?
Excuse me.
All right, babe.
Have fun.
Thank you.
So Roger tells me
that you and Brian
have a little inn?
We do, in bucks county.
an awfully long commute.
You two should get
an apartment in the city.
Duty calls.
Excuse me, Jenny.
That looks...
That looks really good.
Can I try that?
Of course.
I can actually taste
the tarragon.
Sorry, I used to be a caterer.
How'd you graduate to guest?
It's a long story.
Honestly, I'd rather be
in your shoes tonight.
It's not exactly
my crowd.
My feet are killing me.
Good luck.
I mean, look,
we've made our mistakes
in the past,
but that's behind us.
Nobody's perfect.
You don't want to work
with a team that's perfect.
Come here.
Come here...
You know...
Brian and I were
at the same party,
and we were
a million miles apart.
It's me and Daryl
all over again.
Except Brian makes you laugh.
He used to,
but he's never around anymore.
I think I have to...
I think I have to start thinking
about what happens
if we don't make it.
No, it won't come to that.
No, I've got to fend for myself.
That's why this meeting
is so important.
How do I look?
Do I look professional?
You look like
you mean business.
Okay, I've got my samples.
We are all set.
I even made a cupcake
with the logo in the frosting.
I tried one.
They're delicious.
You certainly are persistent.
That's a lot of calls
and emails.
I hope I didn't overdo it.
I'm afraid all I can give you
is 10 minutes.
That's five more
than I'll need.
show me what you got.
All right,
this is a almond
and cappuccino croissant.
You're not selling these
anywhere else?
No, I created that recipe
just for you.
They'd only be sold here.
That's nice
how you did the label.
Thank you.
It's white chocolate frosting.
I'm impressed.
Most of my suppliers
are big operations,
with cost and delivery
that I can depend on.
Those big operations,
they had to start
somewhere, right?
I mean, kind of like you.
I'm just asking
for an opportunity
to prove myself.
I won't disappoint you.
I'll start you in
three locations,
and we'll see how it goes.
So we have a deal?
You had me at the cupcakes.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
So they found
my matching lamp...
And maybe even a table
from the same estate.
That's great!
Well, your room is all ready.
What a view.
Yeah, it's beautiful.
Just going to... catch
the dolphins' game.
Where's Brian?
He's enjoying the view
in Manhattan.
You must miss him.
I was hoping it didn't show.
You should tell him.
Hey, it's me.
Listen, Peterson
had to go back to Dallas,
so everything is in limbo.
Including us.
Brian, we have to decide
what we're doing.
I know, and we will.
But I think
we need to do it now.
I miss you.
That's all I needed to say.
That's all I needed to hear.
Hey, hey.
I have got to go home
for a few days, Harry.
And then what?
I don't know.
I, I really don't know.
My cappuccino cupcakes
seem like they're a hit.
That's great.
And the inn
is filling up, and...
It's all good.
You know, I just...
I picture things in my head,
and they're...
They're kind of coming true.
I never pictured
you being absent, though.
Honey, I know.
I mean, it's not something
I pictured either.
We've just got to work
through it right now.
Hold on.
It's Roger.
I've got to take this, okay?
-You sure?
-Yeah, of course.
Yeah, no,
I'm in bucks county.
No, listen,
Harry can handle
the meeting.
Everything's going
to be fine.
Yeah, I just had to come
home for a few days.
Great, I'll get
back to you.
Thanks, Roger. Bye.
Okay, sorry.
Where were we?
Brian, I feel like we're...
I feel like we're right
where we started
when we inherited the house.
Your heart
is on wall street,
and Brian,
my heart's here.
Honey, can't we just say
my heart's commuting?
I mean, I just...
but you're changing, Brian.
Honey, I'm...
Okay, you know what?
Maybe, yeah.
I admit that the pull
of who I used to be is strong.
I admit that,
but it's not just
for the money.
You know,
it's for the energy of the city,
and the fact that I get a chance
to do what I love to do
and be good
at what I want to do.
No, I understand that.
Do you?
Of course,
I understand that,
and I want you
to be honest with me.
I am.
We have to be honest
with each other,
no matter what.
Then know this.
I honestly love you...
And the rest of this, I'll...
Try to figure it out, okay?
I don't want to pressure you.
I know.
You know, I want
to spend my life with you,
I can't wait forever.
I know...
And you won't.
-okay. come here.
So, Susan,
you decided to stay.
I'm reviewing Emily's Inn.
What do you think?
Meh, it's on par
with the other newbies...
Except for the food,
which is excellent.
Hey! Denise.
This is
my general store.
Stop in and
say hello.
Maybe we could have lunch.
If you have time.
Yeah. yep.
Yeah, I... I do.
Well, I've got to run.
Who's your friend?
I met him at the inn.
Why did he call you "Denise?"
Sometimes, I just...
I check in under
a false name,
just in case anyone
knows who I am.
Well, he's very good-looking.
And very tall.
Maybe he'll end up
in your blog.
I just promised Jenny
I'd finish painting
the hallway.
Are you going to be around
long enough to watch it dry?
Better keep her happy,
or you'll turn into me.
You pining for your ex?
I miss my dog,
and my big-screen TV...
But most of all,
I miss the way
she saw right through me.
Sometimes, you don't know
how good you got it
'til you lose it.
"A mechanic's guide to love."
Words to live by, guys.
He happens to be right.
Hey, Denise.
I just...
I just came here
to get some push pins.
Okay, that's fine.
Jenny's probably got
them at the house.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
That's okay.
I'm going to get my own.
Push pins, right?
There you are!
You're spoiling us, Jenny.
It's just 'cause
I want you to come back.
You know, I don't know
about you guys,
but I don't think
Jenny should limit herself
just to breakfast.
I think this should be
a b&b&d...
Bed and breakfast and dinner.
What do you think?
Well, I mean,
that may not be practical,
both of you are gone so much.
Well, I mean, yeah, I mean,
I'm doing a little work
in the city.
It's only temporary.
Right, honey?
I hope.
Well, I don't know how
you can beat bucks county.
I know, right?
I love it here.
I mean, I love it.
Don't you love it?
I do, I love it.
I love it.
It's the most beautiful place
in the world...
I've got to take this call.
One second.
hey, man.
Yeah, listen, I'm going
to have to call you back, okay?
Okay, thanks.
Well, the antiquing
around here, I mean,
it's incredible.
Call him,
if you want to call him.
It's fine.
No, he can wait.
It's not a big deal.
What's going on?
Why is he calling so much?
Honey, we're doing
another deal together,
so, I mean, I owe him
a little bit of my time.
You're doing another deal?
That means
you're going to be gone
even more?
Why haven't you told me that?
Because it slipped
my... I'm sorry.
-Slipped your mind?
-I'm telling you now.
Look, you want me to apologize
for trying to bring
more money in here?
No, I'm not asking
you to apologize,
but I shouldn't have
to apologize
for being upset
that you're never here.
Never here?
I commute every single night!
Brian, we never see each other!
I miss you.
We never see each other
because you're out
working on your...
I'm so sorry.
You did not come here
to hear about our problems.
Please enjoy
your breakfast.
Excuse me.
Do you remember
when we couldn't agree
on a color for the house?
I don't know
what the compromise is
in this situation.
I don't think you do, either.
Jenny, look...
We can figure this out.
We have so many memories here.
What are you talking about?
It's no one's fault...
We're just drifting apart.
What are you doing, Jenny?
This just makes me sad
right now.
I think you should
hold onto it...
Until you know
what you really want.
Hey, I am heading to Lucas's
for a drink.
You want to come with?
No, man.
I'm just going to stay
and work...
But you have fun.
Anything I can do?
No, man, I'm good.
You are good.
The best.
Hey, you ready
to dazzle them?
Yeah, sure.
That's the spirit.
How are you liking
your stay?
You need any help?
I'm almost finished.
Thank you, though.
How are you doing?
I'm okay.
Relationships aren't easy.
No, they are not.
You and Wade seem so happy.
We've had
our ups and downs,
but this place,
it's good for us.
I'm glad to hear that.
Can I help?
Thank you.
All right.
is served.
There you are.
I'd like
to extend my stay again.
That is so great!
For how long?
Well, that'll depend on Alice.
It's really been good for me
to be here.
You know, I...
I didn't really think
that I would have
much to smile about today, so...
I just want to say thank you.
You guys have been great.
I just have one question.
Does that mean we get
another chocolate souffle?
You bet.
We all know
this acquisition's going
to benefit everybody involved.
Right? the buyer, the seller,
the stockholder...
You guys don't need
my opinion.
Just look in the
proposal there, Harry.
Open it up.
Take a look at the numbers.
I mean, that's why we're here.
Let's be honest with each other.
Because we're all
going to make money.
Sure, Brian.
Everyone'll make money.
I think what Brian means to say
is that we have a very
good deal on the table.
Is that
what you mean to say, Brian?
Roger, the deal is fine.
I'm just not the guy to do it.
Not anymore.
You all right, Brian?
No, I'm not, Roger.
I miss my goats.
I miss my girl.
Not necessarily in that order.
I understand.
I'm sorry, Roger.
I'm a family man, Brian.
I respect your choice.
Good luck with the deal.
Thank you.
Good luck with the girl.
Hey, I speak goat, too!
Are you sure
this is what you want?
I've never been more sure
of anything in my life.
What I feel for you...
Is priceless.
Welcome home.
Tommy asked me
to be his date tonight
and I have nothing to wear.
You're welcome
to borrow something of mine.
I really like him.
There's a lot of him to like.
Come on.
Come look.
Did you...
Did you invite Rusty?
He invited himself.
I'm a man of few words,
Let me simply say...
I'm going to go
put the champagne on ice.
I just...
I didn't have anything to wear,
so Jenny told me
that she could lend me
and so I put it on,
and I thought
that maybe I'd...!
I really like it here.
Now, this is a grand opening.
Hey, brother!
Thanks for having us.
Thanks for coming.
We appreciate it.
My date just revealed
her identity.
Turns out her real name
is Susan Barry,
and she checked in
to review the inn.
She writes that travel blog,
"the out-of-towner."
I love your blog!
Thank you.
I didn't have time
to get you a present,
but I did write you
a five-star review.
"The house is deceptively
ordinary at first.
It takes a while to discover
what a gem it really is.
Emily's Country Inn
is a magical place,
and everyone lucky enough
to stay there
seems to find themselves
falling in love."
You know,
That's very true,
Jenny and I were an unlikely bet
when we first arrived,
weren't we?
Look at us now.
This is where I proposed to you
last time,
and this is where
I want to propose to you again.
I want to make you laugh
the rest of your life.
Will you marry me?
I love you.
To Brian and Jenny.
And Emily,
who brought these two together.
Tonight would have
made her very happy.
You know, Alice?
You're right.
To Emily!
To Emily.
Cheers, everybody.
You look nice.
It's Emily's Country Inn
and we're both single.
I felt compelled to flirt.
Anything is possible.
I just wanted a moment alone
with you.
Talk about a happy ending.
This is just the beginning.
Come here.