All of You (2017) Movie Script

Why is it my fault? You parked the car,
it's your responsibility.
Yes, and I told you to remember the spot.
We've wasted so much fucking time
looking for the car.
It's only been 15 minutes.
Even if we find your car, we can't get
home immediately. The traffic is terrible.
-Could you try not to make it worse?
-Don't yell at me!
I'm not yelling at you!
That's not yelling?
Something that high isn't yelling?
We've been together five years,
-and to this day--
-Six years!
Six years, then!
There, you're yelling again!
Do you want to hear how I yell?
You want to?
-Why, isn't that yelling yet?
-Not yet!
Wow! What a loud speaking voice you have!
Are you going to stop me?
There, you admit that you're shouting.
At least I'm mature enough to admit it.
You're 35 years old
and you're like a child.
Hey Gino, you only asked me
to find the parking space.
Only the space is missing.
You react like your dick is missing.
When we went to Hong Kong,
didn't you lose my passport?
Did I yell at you for losing my passport?
It was your fault,
and you had the nerve to be angry!
It's hell having you for a boyfriend!
Everything is always my fault!
Do you think you're easy to love?
Fine, let's end this.
You're going through hell?
I'm sick of you.
I can't stand you anymore.
What did you say?
Nothing! You told me not to yell, right?
You said you wanted out?
It's Gino.
Gino is getting married.
Just because the internet is faster there
you get the news earlier?
-What should I do?
-Are we being stupid?
Moving on takes three months.
It's been two years.
So what should I do?
Go on a date. Flirt with someone.
Here? I don't want to.
It's your chance.
Get over your
undersexed-aunt-in-Taipei act.
I'm working here.
I'm not in Taipei right now,
I'm in Jiufen.
Undersexed is undersexed wherever you are.
Please use the app Borj
downloaded on your phone,
it's got cobwebs by now.
It's fun, I promise.
What app is it this time?
A dating app, to inject
some excitement in your life.
You really are a busybody.
Well that's what friends are for,
so go for it.
Fine. I'm fine now, okay?
Bye! Keep me posted.
What are these?
Yikes, oldies.
What is that?
Will we understand each other?
Hmm. Get out of the closet.
Eek. Looks like he'd beat me.
This one will do.
So fast?
Hey, you!
Trina: How's it going?
Is he hot in person?
Gabby: Nothing yet. Looks Indian.
I'm leaving.
Trina: Don't be like that. Patience!
You've waited two years,
what's another hour?
Gabby: I'm a woman,
I'm not supposed to be kept waiting.
Good riddance.
Hi. Gabby?
You asked for the bill.
You were about to leave, right?
No, I was just moving tables...
for a better view.
Sure. Sit.
Sorry I'm late, my phone died
so I couldn't text you.
So that's what happened.
It's okay, no problem.
I thought you were standing me up.
No way. I don't do that.
It's okay, I'm sorry.
This? It's okay. Pretty.
Wanna change places?
Nice curves from this angle.
Are you a sculptor? Painter?
Thank you!
Can you speak Chinese?
No. You?
Okay. There might be a better view.
And it's getting dark,
let's go somewhere else.
Okay, you choose.
No, you choose.
Are you sure?
I meant maybe you knew a better place,
some nicer teahouse.
You live here?
A tea house whose aura
is more coffee shop.
Technically a fusion of Taiwan and Manila.
That's different.
What are you doing here?
I'm on vacation, de-stressing.
I own a bar. Neverland.
Yup. In Makati.
I don't go out anymore?
Is that one of those
tugs-tugs-tugs places?
Tugs-tugs? You mean a disco?
Because I'm turning into a spinster aunt.
Coffee is all I can handle.
I don't hang out with the kids.
You know, Auntie, youth has no age.
Says the owner of Neverland.
Oh, I thought Peter Pan.
Yes, why?
I had nothing to do, I was bored.
That's it?
I couldn't pick someone from here,
we couldn't speak to each other.
What a boring answer.
Your turn. Why me?
Let's hear it.
My mother picked the name.
She's obsessed with boy's names.
My sister is named Danielle.
When people ask me,
I say I was named after the angel.
What's your real name?
Gabriel Eusebio.
Without the L-E.
-Dinner, "Cocol".
Just coffee.
Wow, you really sound like an aunt.
But I love watching movies.
So do I!
-What genre?
My sister and I love
Shake, Rattle and Roll.
The episode with the nanny.
I've seen that.
And the other one, in the bathroom. Un--
-Undine, that's it.
Yes, that's fierce.
Hey, you know it. In fairness to you.
Yup. When I was a kid,
my mom used to scare me with those
monsters if I refused to go to sleep.
Same here. Those movies
kept me awake at night.
We both have bad parents.
You okay? You're suddenly quiet.
Nothing, just thinking.
Rules. Don't you have rules to live by?
You men.
You like to break the rules.
You feel you're always the exception.
You can get out of any situation
while we women have to listen to you
and accept your decision.
I won't argue with that because I know
you're speaking from experience, right?
I mean it about men in general.
Rules are important to me.
You have so many questions.
I want to go home and rest.
I'll bring you home.
So. This is me.
I did.
My address is in Mandarin
and my phone is dead.
I have one, but it's upstairs.
Good thing you have an extra charger.
That's for my power bank.
Is that enough?
Thanks, I had a good time.
Me too.
Good night! Why so formal?
Isn't it that way for a first date?
Okay. Take care.
Okay, take care.
You're in your t-shirt?
Wait, wait, not here.
Can we go there? This is dirty.
Wait, the door.
So it's not dirty.
Can I ask you something?
Does your phone battery always run out?
Do you always borrow a charger
when you go on a date?
I think...
you're lucky your phone battery
died today.
I'm lucky because your armpits are
Stop it.
You got lucky, not me.
My phone battery's not really dead.
Hey girl, are you back?
Yes! Just arrived!
You didn't get back to us. Bitch!
So how are you?
That's it.
-Slut! Something happened?
We have to set a date!
Tell us everything! Details!
I feel so dirty. I'm a slut.
Yes, Gab, I just have something
I really need to finish.
Whoa! Who's lame now?
It's like this. You don't know the steps.
Hey, you're wet!
That's that!
In fairness to you, that was great!
I thought I was the most chicken
at the movie,
turns out someone
is an even bigger chicken.
You're so loud, it's embarrassing.
Well? Where are we going?
Where do you want to go?
Hey, wake up.
I cooked for you!
Ouch! Gab, you're being a pain.
But it's Sunday!
Okay, I'll go down. Bye!
There! Cool, no?
Let's drink.
Wait, have to check if they cleaned it.
-What do you mean, haven't cleaned?
-What? Wait, wait.
Wow, you even made a swan.
That wasn't my idea, but the rose petals
and the wine.
Heart-shaped rose petals!
-I love you? So soon?
-It's perfect!
You've become a modern Filipina!
-I love the branding.
-I don't agree with Trins.
This is not the Gabby I know.
Where is the Gabby who wants security?
Gabby whose ultimate goal
is to get married?
Gabby whose a conservative Filipina?
Where have you hidden her?
But you're the ones who told me
to meet someone in Taiwan.
Yes, we said to meet someone in Taiwan.
Not to meet someone
then fucking then "I love you."
-You're the drama queen of the year!
-Don't you just love the new Gabby?
Wait, I have to ask.
What does that Gab have? Why so fast?
I know what it is!
Excuse me, I have to share the news.
See, dear, it's like this.
The hand is not big enough.
You're disgusting!
Oh we're so embarrassed.
Where are the days of the young,
wild and free Borj?
I just want to explore, right?
What's wrong with that?
And he's there, I don't want to waste
the chance. I'm giving it a try.
Just being cautious.
I wouldn't want you to make an investment
that doesn't produce returns.
Sweetie, what you're doing now,
keep doing it.
I'm rooting for you.
-Thank you.
Trins, what is with you?
What do you really want, dear?
Oh, really? Truly?
Yes, really, so thank you
for your wonderful advice.
You're really going to listen to this?
She'll tell me.
Oh, whatever.
Good morning!
Have you been awake long?
Want breakfast?
You're so corny so early in the day.
I'll think about it.
One year?
Come on.
One year is too long,
make it one week, please.
What are you, an actress?
Fine, fine.
Wait, what did you say?
Sorry, traffic. You know how it is.
Terrible traffic again!
I take it back, they're not really
my friends.
And the one Ramon trapped, Nica.
She's the new Wendy, right?
Have a little shame.
Gab is Peter Pan.
What do you mean?
You don't look old at all.
While it's early, the exit is over there.
You can still get out.
Think carefully.
If I were a woman, I would run very fast.
There's still time.
Don't worry, I'll think it over carefully.
What thinking? Hey, love!
Oh, loooove.
Guys, guys, I think
we have to baptize Gabby.
After all, it's love, right?
Why don't you sleep here tonight?
Sssssh. Be quiet, they'll hear us.
-No way.
-Let's go.
Sssh! They'll hear.
Don't make a noise.
If they hear, they'll wake up.
Up to the room.
Don't make a noise.
But in a moment you'll be making noise.
-You done?
My turn.
Hello, what's going on.
What are you looking for?
I'm with Gabby. She's in the bathroom.
Have you been here long?
She just went in.
I came with her.
Good morning! Hi, Auntie.
-Chikay! Who is that?
-Hi Auntie, I'm Gab.
I know what you're thinking,
but you are wrong.
He was already here when I showed up.
And then?
Chikay, have you double-checked.
Wow, Chikay! You rule!
Actually she told me everything about you.
You must be Bing!
Ma'am, you're like sisters.
Yes, Sir.
Ma, Danny, Chikay,
this is my boyfriend, Gab.
Gab, my family.
Come and have breakfast.
Come on.
Yes, ma'am. Thank you!
Hey, breakfast.
I'll take a shower.
-I'll just get breakfast ready.
-Set it.
So what work do you do, Gab?
I'm part-owner of a bar.
And I have some investments, food stall.
Aha, a businessman. Like Gabby's dad.
Oh, really?
Mom used to have a little sideline
selling bath and body products.
Dad pushed her to take
the business seriously.
There, it grew.
Now she has a stall.
It was a partnership,
although we never married.
His annulment from his wife took so long,
and then he suddenly died.
-We never got to the wedding.
My congratulations! You landed a hot one.
I like him better than Gino.
I prefer Gino.
Come on, give him a chance.
And could you stop it with Gino?
That was ages ago,
you two have to move on.
You fell so easily.
I don't know.
My motto is, love don't cost a thing.
Leave me alone, I'm a grown-up.
I deserve this.
And I have a strong feeling
that he's the one.
Are you in a hurry?
What's wrong with that?
There's no fast or slow
if you know you're right.
If you feel he's the one, he's it.
You and your magic-magic.
That's okay, sis.
What is that?
What is that?
Wow, you made an effort.
Now you have your own space.
You like it?
Do that later.
What's with you?
What has gotten into you, Gab?
Let us do it, please.
We have time for that later.
Oops, wait a minute.
I'll be right there.
I have to go, the meeting
with the new supplier was moved up.
Okay, go.
Wanna have a quickie?
Sure you're okay?
I'm sure.
It's our first day.
Exactly my point! The reason for the delay
is all the requirements from Finance
that we keep sending to them.
What's going on?
Are they eating our requirements
so they can't find them?
Where's my kiss?
You look tired.
-Don't you like it?
-Of course I like it.
My house, our house, looks beautiful.
Are you hungry?
I've eaten.
I cooked.
But I'm still hungry.
I'm still hungry.
What did you cook?
Come on!
What do you think? How was it?
I spent the whole day
cleaning your apartment.
Love, it's our apartment.
I was shocked when I came in,
the place is so clean.
Love, have you seen my lighter?
-Oops, wait.
-It's not in the room.
Having a beautiful day?
I have a surprise.
Is it our anniversary?
Slowly, right, right.
What's this.
Okay, straight ahead.
Wow, you made this?
-All of it?
-Borj helped me.
Have a seat.
Take a seat first.
You're up so early,
I haven't finished fixing it up.
Now you have a spot that's all yours.
No, this is for you.
This is your smoking space.
From now on, love,
you can't smoke in the house.
I can't smoke in the house?
Why not?
Love, do you have to ask?
Cigarette smoke is a health risk.
I don't smoke, and it's not like my lungs
have to adjust.
And here, I don't think
the plants will mind.
I'm sure they don't mind.
Would you like a coffee?
Do you think you can quit smoking for me?
Happy birthday!
What's this?
-I know.
-What? Guess.
Is it a dog?
A car? A car?
You're so corny.
-Come on.
-Open it.
Go on, open up.
Really? Yay!
Why'd you close the box?
You have to wear them.
Wear them to work?
I don't want to get them dirty
so I'll leave them here for now.
They're so new.
-You don't like them?
-No, I love them, I swear.
I'm just thinking about my friends.
They'll be so jealous.
Okay, I'll wear them.
To Gab Eusebio!
Hey, Wendy's here.
Wends, how are you?
Happy Birthday!
Oh sorry, Wends, this is Gabby.
Gabby, Wendy.
Let's just shake hands,
I came straight from the gym.
He's used to my stink anyway.
It's okay, we're all used to it.
Wait! Happy Birthday!
What's this?
I've been looking for this for ages!
Wow, you remembered!
I bought that a long time ago.
I just kept it until it was your birthday.
They're nice.
Change is good. Let's change the music
and jam, let's play some music.
Charlie boy, could you keep this there?
Are you okay?
Does she like yellow? You like yellow?
Wendy, Wendy.
I just realized you don't wear yellow.
Well now I do.
You know, I love these shoes.
and can I ask for one more gift?
Sing for me.
Could you play "Dying Inside", please?
Key of D, okay?
No, love, don't go in there yet.
It's wild.
You smoked a cigarette, didn't you.
Huh? Uh...
You smoked.
Didn't we talk about this?
That's why we have
a smoking space outside.
So if you want to smoke,
you just step outside.
It's just a few steps.
Why do you keep smoking in the bathroom?
Love, I can't take a shit unless I smoke.
Do you want to change even that about me?
Wow, what?
Change you? Where did that come from?
Where are you going?
To smoke.
In the smoking area. Is that okay?
Okay! Good!
I thought only you gave
the orders in my house.
What did you say?
Your house?
Our house.
No, you said your house.
You heard it the first time,
do I have to repeat it?
What happened to "Your space is my space?"
Was that a joke?
The only thing that's stressing me out
is that I can't in the bathroom.
Why are you angry?
Love, wait, please,
can you come back here?
Talk to me, please?
Are you ordering me?
Love, I'm not ordering you.
I'm asking you, could you please
come back here so we can talk properly?
I never said you couldn't smoke.
I never ordered you to stop.
-I made a request.
Love, that's what you think.
and I can't breathe.
-Gab! This is just about cigarettes.
-But that's exactly it.
When you talk, it's as if
I'm forbidding you to eat!
Love, I'm sorry.
I've been smoking since I was 22.
I know I'm asking for a lot.
Even my mom doesn't interfere
with my smoking.
Look, just give me the bathroom.
The rest of the house is yours. Please.
This is just about smoking.
What about the bigger issues
in our future?
What about marriage?
Yes, marriage.
You know, this is our first fight.
I don't like it.
Can we compromise?
Give me the bathroom.
In the rest of the house, I won't smoke.
Hey, let's not fight, please?
Do you want me to shit outside?
It's disgusting, right?
Please understand me.
Let's not fight.
Let's make up.
Okay? Sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
Why are you smoking here?
Sorry, sorry, please forgive me.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
What's that?
It's breakfast in bed, but since
you're up early we'll eat it here.
My specialty. Crispy bacon.
You mean burnt bacon. It's burnt!
No, it isn't.
Okay, it's a little charred.
Smells like cigarettes.
Just checking. Sorry, sorry.
It's pretty. I'll try it on, okay?
-I'll just finish up here.
-Yes, go on.
It suits you?
Yes, beautiful. Thank you!
Our sales last weekend dropped.
From 70,000 we're down to 30,000, and
it's been like this for almost six months.
I know, Migs, but why
is this our first option?
We're not earning anything,
all our money is going out.
And that bar opened next door.
I'm not saying it isn't a serious matter,
but we can talk about this.
-Fix this.
-Then let's close down.
Come on, it's been eight years, we've
had a good run. We've made a profit.
Exactly. Eight years of our lives,
we can't just end it like this.
Wait, bro, Ramon here is buying a house.
And I need to save money.
Me, too!
You can continue doing that
while doing this.
We're not as rich as you are.
That's it?
That's all?
Fuck you.
Thanks for coming, dear.
Good thing you found the time to visit.
Here, before I forget the carnations
for your house.
I picked those myself.
One will do.
I don't need that. This is fine.
Okay. It's fine, because you order flowers
like a franchise.
Anyway, how are you?
How's life living together?
It's okay. The same.
It's not as if I don't give you updates.
We chat online, don't we?
Nothing beats chatting live.
Yes, tell us the full details.
I apologize in advance, but this is
the remark of one friend to another, okay?
You've gained weight.
Are you pregnant?
I love it! Carlo will have a playmate!
Hey, I'm not pregnant!
We're being careful.
Am I that fat?
I'm serious, what if you're knocked up?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Let me have the baby.
So cute! Come to your godmother.
Oh, he went with her.
Sis, I'm going to tell you something,
but it's a secret, okay?
You're pregnant?
No, but my period is one month late.
Let's pass by a drugstore
and get a pregnancy test.
-So you'll know now.
-What if it's positive?
Then fabulous!
Hasn't that always been your dream?
To be a mommy.
But I don't think Gab is ready for this.
I don't know if he would marry me.
Girl, if it's there, it's there.
You just have to commit to being parents.
Too bad. Gabby, I wanted to be a daddy.
We could try right now, who knows?
Love, what's wrong?
Weren't you tensed?
I don't know, but...
shouldn't we marry
before we have children?
This relationship is going fast enough
as it is.
Are we going to rush this, too?
Gab, I'm not ready.
We're not ready.
Love, I'll take care of you and the baby.
You don't understand.
What do you want?
How can you want children
when you can't even marry me?
I said I'd take care of you.
-But you don't want to marry me.
-It's not that I don't want to.
Now I'm confused.
Is this more important to you?
-Didn't you say you wanted kids?
How can I be sure you'll marry me
after we have kids?
You have to trust me.
You're so muddled.
You want to have children,
but you don't want to marry me.
Why is that?
Is that wrong?
Is it wrong to want to get married
before having children?
And then?
I don't want that...
if you marry me after we've had kids,
what happens?
They'll be the ring bearer
and at our wedding? The flower girl?
I don't want that.
You have to marry me first.
Love, what's happening to us?
I don't know.
I'm going to have a bath.
Thank you!
You've been smoking more lately.
What are you doing today?
Maybe the gym.
Come to the gym with me?
I'm lazy.
One ube cake, please, round.
I'll take the chocolate cake.
Love, why don't we try
something like this?
Cupcakes, desserts, then expand
into a coffee shop?
That'd work, right?
We could.
I could take baking classes,
and then we could manage the business.
I could ask Danny and Chikay to help.
That's more of your thing.
-Think about it.
-Yes, I will.
It could be Plan B.
So you have a fallback...
after Neverland.
Love, I'm going out for a smoke.
Ma'am, your cake.
Here's the payment for the chocolate cake.
Love, could we turn back?
I got the wrong cake.
The wrong cake?
You didn't check it when you got it?
You saw me pointing to the right cake.
I didn't know they would
get the orders mixed up.
You know that, love,
but you should've checked, right?
Look, it's a cake, it can still be eaten.
my mom wants a chocolate cake,
not ube cake.
I go home so seldom,
I want to get this right.
Gab, maybe we could turn that.
It'll take 30 to 45 minutes.
I seldom ask for favors, don't I, love?
Seldom? Are you sure?
I don't often make mistakes.
It's not like I'm making a huge demand.
Love, we're going back.
Okay, let's not fight anymore.
I agreed to go back.
Then you say never mind.
I wouldn't want to put you
through that trouble.
-Hi, Chikay.
No chocolate cake?
No, they ran out
and I didn't want to be late.
Okay, I'll bring this in.
My daughter, Hi!
Happy Birthday!
-Thank you!
-Hey, it's delicious!
I like it already.
I'm okay, still got work to do.
If I weren't starting a family,
I would keep this going.
There's nothing I can do.
What are your plans, bro?
Rest? Be a bum?
So we'll go ahead.
You'll handle this?
Charlie boy, give me some ice.
Where are we going?
You want to eat first?
We could. Where do you want to go?
You choose.
Love, could you do the choosing?
No, you do it.
I have no cravings
so I can't think of anything.
What would you like?
Filipino? Chinese? Korean?
Forget about it. Let's not go out. Let's
just go home, okay? End of discussion.
Looks like you want to say something.
It's funny. You're the one sitting
there looking bummed.
Why? Shouldn't I be the one who's bummed?
What is this?
Don't you want to go
into business with Gabby?
Don't you want to have a family?
Don't you want to get married?
I'm insensitive?
Why am I the topic?
You're the one with all the issues.
Your pride. Your fucking ego.
Me? My ego? Wow, look who's talking!
-Yes, who else!
-My ego is not the issue.
Didn't I tell you to quit...
Wow, you're so great. Typical Gabby.
You want to talk about this?
Fine, let's talk about it.
Go on, tell me. What do you want me to do?
Tell me, what do you want?
You know what I want.
You started this.
Wait, wait, let's talk.
You want to do this? Let's do this.
What do you want?
Shall I tell you?
Point by point?
Fine, I'll go through each one.
Two, would it kill you to lessen your ego
-a little.
-I have an ego problem? Look at yourself.
And three, think about
what we're going to do.
-What's going to happen to us?
-What does that mean?
First off, you started this fight.
I didn't make you a punching bag.
Yes, I admit, I'm in a bad temper,
I need to know what I want?
From day one, I only wanted you.
That was clear.
The way you impose on me, fuck.
You can't smoke there,
you can't smoke here.
You even tell me how I'm supposed to shit!
And now you have to bring all that up?
I thought you were on my side.
Gab, I'm on your side.
-Then what are you doing?
-From day one I've been on your side.
Please, for the love of God, tell me what
you want me to do with my fucking life.
I know what you want.
Don't you want a ring?
Here, I'm kneeling before you.
Fuck, I'm kneeling before you.
This is what you want, isn't it?
I'm giving it to you.
Why aren't you glad?
Isn't this what you want?
You're hard to love, Gab.
Then don't love me.
I won't give you a hard time anymore.
I know it, Ma.
I'll make our itinerary, girls!
-Pad Thai to start.
-I want to taste that.
-Hey, how are you?
-These are my friends, Borj and Trina.
Carlo! Hi, Carlo.
-How are you, Gabby?
-Okay. And you?
Just grabbing a meal.
How are you?
We're planning a trip.
I don't know what they're planning.
Fool, this is for you.
You're being an idiot.
How are you two?
We're getting a quick dinner
so we don't get stuck in traffic.
Gab set a meeting in this faraway place.
But we got so hungry.
Really? That's good.
So he listens after all.
Who's in the group?
Wow! So he and Migs are okay?
Of course. They just had a spat.
You know, big egos.
What are you saying, babe.
They've been friends forever
so they'll work it out.
Okay. Good to see you.
Bye! Take care!
So back to our planning.
Oh yeah, sometimes,
I'm researching food businesses
that can be franchised out.
Yes. For now, I'm in charge
of the Asian region.
Have you been in that job for a long time?
One year is too long,
make it one week, please.
What is that?
I don't know.
-Let's split it.
-I'll take it.
You're staying?
Please say something.
Hello, Gabby, where are you?
I'm at Big Sky.
Could I borrow a phone charger?
How are you?
I'm okay.
Well, not really.
I've realized so many things
since we parted.
You know what else I figured out?
I realized that...
Gabby, I promise that I will
never make it hard for you to love me.