All-Round Appraiser Q: The Eyes of Mona Lisa (2014) Movie Script

I'd like you to appraise this, please.
A Pamphlet?
Your website said you'd appraise anything.
Yes, I will appraise anything.
This company wants to sponsor
a food-tasting at my restaurant.
They offered to pay well,
so I agreed right away...
...but I'm worried.
About what?
Everything will be free, and it's very lavish.
It might be pyramid sales.
I don't want my restaurant
mixed up in funny business.
L can't really go to the police.
Then I saw your website.
It says 'all-round'.
Does anything strike you as odd?
Yes. There is one strange thing
in this pamphlet.
This picture of the food inspection.
Right here.
That green pen at the back.
The Zebra 'Arbez Piirto'
only comes in red, blue, and yellow.
But the cap's green.
That means...
...the photograph has been altered.
These bananas were originally yellow.
The Plant Protection Act forbids
the importation of bananas that ripe.
They couldn't get fresh ones,
so they had to doctor the photo.
So this picture's been faked.
There's something going on.
That's my appraisal.
Would you appraise the tasting itself?
This is crap!
Dis deeper!
Go into the background of the background!
I dug as far...
You barely scrape the surface!
I want what's really going on!
Take over this arson story
from Ogasawara.
It's beyond him.
I'll do it.
- OK.
-It's not OK!
I give up.
Do the gourmet page.
Screw that up...
...and it's the poetry page.
I don't understand poetry!
You don't understand anything!
Just write me a decent article.
Excuse me.
No photography is allowed.
Is that right?
No pictures?
I'm sorry.
What's up with that?
The first dish we have for you...
...became common in Turkish homes
about a century ago.
We hope you'll enjoy it.
So it's pyramid sales?
I don't think so.
But something's not right.
There's something funny going on.
Why didn't they slice the tomatoes
before they fried the bananas?
To make the bananas smell fresher?
They won't after they're deep-fried.
Oh, right.
They said this dish became popular
a century ago in Turkey...
Tomatoes are very common
in Turkish cooking now...
...but they only started growing them there...
...about 40 years ago.
Why cut them at this point in the process?
What if the timing's important?
Just maybe...
I thought so.
What is it?
When the ear hears sounds
from different sources... can distinguish them.
But with high sounds over top of low ones...
...since the ear uses a non-linear algorithm... hear the high sounds,
but not the low ones.
One sound is being used here
to mask another one.
Auditory masking.
Is that odd?
They play easy-listening music in elevators... hide elevator noise.
Machine noise makes people nervous,
so that calms them down.
High frequencies over low ones.
Low-volume background music hides motor noise.
Sound control.
Even 50 decibels at the right frequency...
...can hide a 90 dB sound pressure.
That mixer could hide an electric screwdriver.
It could?
That banging could hide
an acetylene torch cutting steel.
The fryer could mask a power hacksaw.
Or breaking glass.
Just maybe...
What's upstairs?
A gallery. It's closed...
Call the police!
Call the police!
Too late!
Hold it!
I'm all right. It's nothing.
I'm fine.
Gee, thanks!
You're really OK?
Don't worry about it.
Thank you.
You're with the press?
How did you know?
The camera.
I forgot to take pictures!
Would you mind if I took your picture?
No, thank you.
Please! Let me interview you.
Who are you?
About that 'masking'...
Excuse me!
Ms Riko Rinda?
Mr Asahina from the gallery wants to thank you.
You found the thieves? Thank you very much.
Not at all.
When you gave this to the police,
you said it was...
...the most valuable thing here.
Everything was all scattered on the floor.
But that's very valuable,
so I thought I should mention it.
How did you know that?
The Japanese government
had it made for Alexandra...
...wife of Tsar Nicholas ll.
Losing that would be a disaster.
I'm very grateful.
Thank you. I'm very happy I saw it.
Excuse me.
Thank you for your help.
Not at all.
...thank you very much.
...who is that woman?
An appraiser. The 'All-round Appraiser Q'.
'All-round Appraiser...
It's fake.
It says 1870!
It's pewter, poured into a silicone mold.
I'm sorry.
I've been had.
I knew I never should have trusted...
...that old bastard!
But I'm glad I brought it to you.
I had a bad feeling about it.
Send me the bill like always.
I Will.
Thank you.
'Bye, now.
Ma? I help you?
I'm not here for an appraisal.
I'd like to interview you.
'No, thank you,' I said.
Was your editor mad?
How did you know?
If you want to interview me, that means...
...a five-year reporter
didn't get any pictures yesterday...
...and his editor's furious.
Why five years?
I'd rather not say.
I don't want to give offence.
I'd like to know. Tell me.
Are you sure?
That's an Omega Speedmaster.
A limited edition of 2,009 units made in 2009.
It sold for about 400,000.
Your computer bag costs 980 on-line.
Your parents bought you the watch
when you got a job.
What does the 'Q' stand for?
No interviews. I will not answer that.
That much you could tell me!
I don't want to.
Surely you can say where your trade name comes...
The man from yesterday!
I've come to ask you to appraise something.
Are you busy?
No, not at all.
Sit down.
Thank you.
Anything you like.
What do you need appraised?
Well, what I'd like you to appraise is...
...the Mona Lisa.
The Mona Lisa?
It's coming to Japan in November
for the first time in 40 years.
As I'm sure you know... is the greatest masterpiece
of the world's art heritage.
In order that people everywhere
may come under its spell...'s being taken on a world tour.
It will be shown in New York,
Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Dubai...
...and Tokyo.
What's your connection with this, Mr Asahina?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm an Asia Representative and
Examiner for the Louvre Museum.
The French staff isn't familiar
with all the different countries.
They need local people for
security and other matters.
They find people
with appropriate qualifications...
...and make them
acting curators.
And where do I come in?
Next week at the Louvre...
...they'll be testing appraisers
from around the world.
They'll be selecting curators
for the Mona Lisa.
I'd like you to take part.
Send an idiot like you to France?
Out of the question!
There's a story here! Please!
'All-round Appraiser Q'?
Is this a joke?
She's incredible!
Hey, wail!
You know her?
She's my type.
Here I am.
Why are you following me?
I'm on a story.
Hey, wail!
Over there.
Ms Rinda?
Ladies and gentlemen, good evening.
l am Odilon Boyer...
...Curator of the Louvre.
I thank you for coming all this way.
You will be tested to see...
...if you can find the real Mona Lisa.
They're using the real Mona Lisa.
Incredible, huh?
We have several Mona Lisas here.
But only one is the true Mona Lisa.
Your test consists in finding it.
'We will find one of several Lisas
is a moaner.'
That can't be right.
This is weird.
We will conduct you to the test area.
Are you all right?
I'm excited about assessing the real Mona Lisa.
Yeah. So am I.
I'm sorry, but you can't go in.
I can't go in?
Your answer, Miss?
The ones in that room...
...are all...
All imitations.
Panel, poster.
Corridor pillar, panel.
Real Mona Lisa.
Congratulations, Miss.
We were told you are a genius.
Thank you very much!
How did you know that was the real one?
I just fell that one was different somehow.
- Cheers.
That's nice.
I'm sorry about the watch.
From the tan lines,
you'd worn it since you got it.
It's important to you.
But you're not wearing it now.
Did you pay your own way here?
I'll write a good story and get it out of hock.
Let's eat.
Hello, Riko Rinda.
I'm Misa Ryusenji. How do you do.
I asked at the hotel.
We're the only two Japanese who qualified.
How do you do.
'Tokyo University of the Arts
Lecturer and Researcher.'
'National Museum of Ethnology,
Research Associate.'
'All-round Appraiser Q'?
That's really something.
I was almost fooled this time.
You've taken the test before?
I qualified as an Acting Curator
for the Raphael Exhibition.
This is Richard Bret.
He'll be instructing us in Japan.
I'm told you are a genius.
I have great hopes.
The Mona Lisa adventure begins.
Do you speak French?
The lectures are in French.
We'll have 20 days of instruction
before the final test.
It's important material.
We're the only ones allowed in.
No interpreters.
I'm not an interpreter.
I'm Ogasawara, a journalist.
I'm covering this story.
There's no press in the lectures.
Where did you study art, Ms Rinda?
And that's how you could tell
the real Mona Lisa?
You certainly are 'all-round'.
The lectures will be here.
That's where we're going.
Out in Karuizawa.
We stay there?
Have a good trip back to Japan.
We'll see you in Japan, Ms Rinda. Good luck.
I don't like her.
"First day of lectures"
We will first train your instincts.
We will use a da Vinci drawing... be shown with the Mona Lisa.
There it is.
This is how we prepare at the Louvre.
Only one of these drawings is genuine.
What's he saying?
We're supposed to work together
and find the real one.
First, you choose two of them
that you think are fake.
All right.
Rely more on your intuition.
Choose based on your instincts.
The top one, second from the left...
...and the fourth row, top.
...choose an imitation from those two.
Now from your two I choose one
that I think is fake.
Then we repeat.
One of us chooses two drawings,
and the other eliminates one.
The fakes are removed,
until we arrive at the real one.
Now I choose two that I think are imitations.
Use your intuition.
Pick one you think is fake.
There are two left.
Misa, choose the real one.
Let's see which is the real one.
Show us the back.
That's a fake?
And the other...
That's genuine.
Instant judgment is important... spotting a counterfeit.
It's almost a physical sensation.
With repeated practice... will become more accurate.
Let's try it once again.
Hey, you!
What are you doing?
No pictures here, please.
I'm sorry.
That's all for today.
Give me a break, will you?
I can't interpret for you
and concentrate at the same time.
I'm sorry.
A curator who can't speak French is a joke.
I'm not interpreting any more.
You're on your own.
'French Grammar"
ls Ms Rinda from around here?
She's from Hateruma Island.
In Okinawa?
Believe it or not,
her marks in school were awful.
They were?
Between you and me, she seems
to have been kind of stupid.
I can't believe that!
That's what she said.
Before she came to Tokyo...
Why don't you just go to Tokyo
and try to get a job?
Look at these marks!
I wonder what the problem is...
The teaching, maybe?
As your teacher...
...l've worked hard with you for three years.
You've taken more of my time
than any student I've ever had!
You like painting, don't you?
I love that one painter...Kilimangelo?
Yes! Leonardo Michelangelo!
You're mixed up!
And Suzanne.
'Cezanne? 'Suzanne?
Just one thing...
If you go to Tokyo,
keep out of the 'water trade'.
You mean don't sell water?
SO no convenience stores...
No! Sell all the bottled water you want.
The 'water trade' means...
An aquarium? Don't worry. I hate orcas, anyway.
She thought the sex trade
meant working in an aquarium.
She learned about appraising from working here?
The owner realized she had talent.
Do you know 'mnemonics'?
The owner taught her to use them.
You use feelings to help you remember things.
You associate images and remember
how you feel about them.
It's like you take a strong emotion
and use that to help you remember.
'A strong emotion'...
A certain smell might make you cry...
A smell makes you cry?
There. That's all for today.
Excuse me?
About what you were saying...
'Since nature has no contour lines...
'...he uses a blurring technique...
'...achieved through color gradations.'
ls that right'?
Not at all.
Feel free to ask questions.
'With her prodigious memory,
at the age of 20...
...she went into business for herself"
as 'All-round Appraiser Q'."
"Honing her logical skills,
she took on the errors of...'
Keep going.
'Letters found hidden in Mona Lisa's eye'?
'Da Vinci initials "L" and "V"
confirmed in pupil...
'...of Mona Lisa's right eye.'
'L' and 'V'?
What is it?
'L' and 'V' in her eye?
Yes, so they say.
The details are here... this article.
It's in French.
Can you read it?
Experts examining the letters...
...experienced a loss of function...
...of the occipital lobe.
It's an important part of the brain...
...that processes vision and color.
The experts who saw those letters...
...suffered loss of cognition...
...and psychological problems.
Or so it says.
ls that possible?
What we can say for sure is that...
...Leonardo knew a lot about anatomy.
Could he have implanted a mechanism... affect the brain? It's possible.
It's a fascinating question.
What are you doing?
M. Bret gave me permission.
He said if I look long enough,
I might hit on something.
Such dedication!
I've never seen anyone
learn French as fast as you did.
You really couldn't speak it?
No, I couldn't.
...let's try to find the real one.
Row one, top...
...and five, top.
This one's fake.
Row one...
...and four, top.
Six, top...
...and two, top.
Three top, and five bottom.
That one.
So which one's genuine?
That one, I think.
So do I.
We were right!
For the first time!
We did it!
What's wrong?
I don't know...
My head hurts.
Are you all right?
Yes...I'm fine.
This is lavender tea.
It'll relax you.
Thank you.
Maybe it's just because I'm in a strange place.
You're probably tired.
You've been up nights studying.
I don't have the education you have.
I have to catch up.
This is good.
My father was an art dealer.
I naturally always wanted
to be in the art world myself.
But my father was fooled into selling
a picture found to be counterfeit.
Buyers lost faith in him
and his business fell apart.
It was hard after that.
I had to give up on becoming a dealer.
...why do you think a work of art
can last for centuries?
If people find something in a work
it will transcend time.
Because it's genuine,
there's something to find in it.
You and I are seeing
that radiance of the real thing.
Isn't it wonderful?
I've devoted everything to art.
I won't let anyone do anything... trample on it.
The essential element in confirming...
...if the Mona Lisa is genuine... not the smile, but the eyes.
Look at the position of the eyes.
Today we will continue with a work... Leonardo's 'Third Disciple'...
...Bernardino Luini.
'Baby Jesus Holding a Lamb'.
Correct. Very good.
Experts examining the letters...
...experienced a loss of function...
...of the occipital lobe.
'Last Day'
From among these twelve...
...find the real Mona Lisa.
With this your training ends.
Use what you have learned... find the true original.
This is your final test.
Riko, will you begin?
Third from the left...
...and sixth from the right.
Discard the left one.
Let's see.
Turn it.
The first round goes to you.
Now Misa.
Now you face your final choice.
Two left.
The one on the right.
Riko? What do you think?
Me, too. The one on the right.
Let's see.
Turn it.
That's the one! Very good!
You've learned very quickly.
Thank you!
I have nothing more to teach you.
Thank you!
We did it!
Are you OK?
Are you OK?!
- Are you OK?
Call a doctor.
You haven't been yourself since you got back.
What are you doing?!
This picture...
It looks like Tsunenobu Kano.
That's a copy.
But the vase!
The Mashiko-yaki!
That's not a Tatsuzo Shimaoka, is it?
You handled a national treasure
just to look at a copy!
What's wrong with you?!
'Out of Business"
We're sorry, but your call
cannot be connected at this time.
I can't reach her by phone.
Do you know where she is?
No, I don't.
...the last time I saw her,
she was acting strange.
A 5-sen coin?
It's in good condition.
3,000, maybe?
It's large, and nickel.
Minted in...
That's aluminum bronze.
Are you all right?
She can't appraise any more.
She just wasn't herself. I was shocked.
What happened?
She was muttering...
...that she'd seen letters
in the Mona Lisa's eyes... she couldn't work.
The Mona Lisa's eyes?
Did you know about the eyes?
The eyes?
Ms Rinda says that's why she can't work.
You mean the letters?
That's just a crazy story.
Ms Ryusenji...
Sorry. I have to get back.
I'm told she's been disqualified as a curator.
Now I'm confused, too.
Tell me what you find out.
A loss of brain function from
seeing the Mona Lisa's eyes?
I'm 100 per cent sure no hypnotism
or mental illness could cause that.
Then why?
That I can't say.
But if she's that talented and she's lost
her ability, there must be some reason.
Such as?
I have no idea.
I can't analyze her without knowing
what she's done.
What day is today?
It's deadline day!
There's been a problem...
No excuses!
Write me an article, or get out!
Now what?
Now what?
Now what?!
Wait a minute...
I can't analyze her without knowing
what she's done.
What was she doing?
One original...
Choose two...
Discard one, put one back.
I sea m.
Mr Ogasawara?
I know where Riko is!
She sent back some old coins!
Where is she?!
Here I am.
Ms Rinda! Wail!
Look at this.
Don't let me down!
I've never been so into a story as I am now.
Meeting you...
...has made it so much fun.
I'm grateful to you
for making me feel like that.
And so...
...just give me a minute.
If it doesn't make sense to you...'ll never see me again.
Choose two of them.
This, and this.
I'll discard one...
...and put one back.
Now it's my turn.
This, and this.
Ms Rinda...
I'll put this back.
This, and this.
We discard this.
I'll discard this.
I figured it out.
You can choose this over and over,
but I can always put it back.
This, and this.
I'll discard this.
I'll put this back.
When I choose, I always pick Xs.
As long as it's an even number,
I always choose last.
Sol lead us to the answer.
That 'training' didn't need appraising.
It was just a trick.
That's what confused
your powers of discernment.
A psychiatrist told me
that repetition has an effect...
...on brain circuitry.
You were led to the wrong answer.
If you repeat the wrong thing,
it starts to seem right.
And the right one starts to seem wrong.
So what messed me up...
...wasn't the letters in the eye.
But that article...
I saw a newspaper article.
I'll bet it was fake.
It's true that researchers have found
an 'L' and a 'V' in the eye.
But there's nothing about them
affecting anyone's brain.
So those twelve Mona Lisas I saw...
Were all fakes.
It all started when you got
those materials in Paris.
That M. Bret who gave them to you
is an imposter.
And Misa?
She's with him.
You've gotten into something big.
If we don't hurry...
...there'll be trouble!
Starting one week from today...
...the painting will be shown in Japan
for the first time in 40 years.
Heavy security will be in place
at the Tokyo Museum of Art...
...for this exhibition.
Good luck, Misa.
Museum Security...
For plumbing?
Five men, beginning at 1900 hours.
I'll read their names.
Museum Security...
Good evening.
Loading out?
Would you mind?
Ah, posters.
Thank you.
Thank you.
The real Mona Lisa, at last!
Well done.
We'll destroy that fake...
...and expose the Louvre's lie.
I'm deeply grateful.
It's because of you we have won.
We'll celebrate later.
Ms Rinda...
Give back the Mona Lisa.
The Mona Lisa may have been stolen.
Why can I never get in?!
That's the same guy!
Taxi! Taxi!
So where is it?
What's so funny?
We were both worried about
your ability to appraise.
You were a threat... our plan.
By degrading your abilities...
...we could have you disqualified.
You and the entire world have been taken in... the Louvre.
We didn't steal the Mona Lisa.
We returned it.
Returned it?
There it is.
The Mona Lisa that is now
in the museum vault... the real one.
103 years ago, the Mona Lisa was stolen.
It was said to have been
safely returned to the Louvre.
But that was a lie.
Now we've set that right.
I'm sure you know...
...about the theft of the Mona Lisa
in 1911.
A former Louvre employee...
...named Vincenzo Peruggia
was commissioned to steal it.
He concealed it in his apartment and waited.
His client was a man who posed as a Marquis.
This man never appeared to take the Mona Lisa.
He had a different motive.
He wanted the Mona Lisa to have been stolen.
As long as it was missing...
...he could go on
selling counterfeit versions.
Finally Peruggia lost patience,
tried to sell it, and was caught.
The painting was returned to the Louvre.
Or so they said.
The one he tried to sell was a fake.
The real Mona Lisa remained
where he had hidden it...
...and went to his children.
That is the truth.
And who can prove that?
A descendant of the man who stole it.
You mean...
...the fake Richard Bret?
He's related to Peruggia?
You saw the back of the Mona Lisa...
...on the pillar?
'H29,' it said.
The real one has something else entirely.
Just a minute.
Let's check again.
Open it.
What them?!
The back of the real Mona Lisa says '1503'.
It bears the salamander crest
of the Valois dynasty...
...and the motto of Francois I.
That is the truth,
published in an Italian newspaper...
...on August 7th, 1910.
Couldn't the Marquis have planted
that story to sell more fakes?
I'm afraid not.
The article came
more than a year before the theft.
The original was still in the Louvre...
...and no one dreamed it would be stolen.
There was no point in writing a fake article.
The Marquis could have been
planning the theft...
...and bribed a journalist to write one.
Why would he need to do that?
When that article appeared, the Louvre
had never said what was on the back.
The Marquis wouldn't have known
what was there until it was stolen.
He'd need to spread false information
about what was on the back.
The Louvre would have noticed.
Why didn't they say anything?
They wanted to keep it a secret
to guard against forgeries.
Forgers who saw the fake article
would put '1503' on the back.
The Louvre would know at once
this was a forgery.
So they kept quiet.
But once the painting had been stolen...
...everyone believed that phoney article.
The Marquis took in the whole world
with his scheme.
You two as well.
No! You don't understand!
Ms Ryusenji, I'm appalled you would do this.
The Mona Lisa...
...where is it?
Mr Ogasawara? Where are you?
I'm chasing after the Mona Lisa!
The Mona Lisa?
What's happened?
Mr Ogasawara?
Mr Ogasawara?!
What's wrong?
Where are you?!
So it's you...
We're going to burn the fake...
...and set history right.
That's the real one!
They're going to burn the Mona Lisa!
They're crazy!
Misa! Where is the Mona Lisa?
We are not mistaken!
Can you trace that call?
There's not enough time.
We're ready. What about him'?
I have an idea. Bring him.
I left him 20 minutes ago.
The call was 47 seconds.
I'm chasing after the Mona Lisa!
That sound...
That music...
It's masking.
It's to mask the sound of a high-speed motor.
Like in a high-speed elevator.
A high-rise, at least 40 storeys,
within 20 minutes of here!
How do you know?
Trust her.
Hey, look...
This is the world's greatest painting!
We have no choice.
The call lasted 47 seconds.
That's time to go up 40 floors.
He'd gone after the thieves 20 minutes before.
How far can you drive in that time?
20 minutes?
Can we check them all?
That'll take time.
The button...
That man helped you...
...and you fell in love.
The Teiko Hotel!
The Teiko Hotel isn't that high.
We'll find it from there.
Let's go.
What's going on?
One button...
...on her Savile Row jacket
is slightly different.
They're all buffalo horn, but one of them...
...has been replaced.
Only a very prestigious hotel
would be able to do that.
The only hotel in Japan
whose laundry could do it... the Teiko.
So they were here last night.
Check the guest-room garbage.
They keep it for 24 hours as a special service.
Do as she says, please!
Where's your garbage?
Find their room number!
This is the end.
We need a clue here. Hurry!
Sit here and witness history.
These receipts say 'Kachidoki'.
Is there a high-rise around here by that name?
Where's that map?!
The map!
Call it in!
Oh, no!
Let's go!
Through there!
H's open!
Mr Ogasawara!
Mr Ogasawara!
The Mona Lisa...
It can't be!
The Mona Lisa!
Ms Rinda... you remember the 12 Mona Lisas
from that last test appraisal?
...was put there so I'd know which was which.
This is a fake from that test.
It's got...
...the letters we put in the eye to fool you.
That isn't the one I took from the museum.
That means...
...he's got the real one.
What do you mean?
He used your hatred of forgeries... deceive you.
He burned this picture... getaway with the real one.
...where's the Mona Lisa?
Where is it?!
Excuse me.
I'm OK.
'Port of Yokohama'...
Everything gels X-rayed there.
They can't hide a picture.
Yes, they can.
The way the Louvre did.
They'll pay a huge ransom.
We're ready.
Time to go.
It's over.
This last four years...
...may have all been a fake...
...but for me it was real.
I still believe that.
You probably don't understand.
I can't appraise someone's heart...
...but I'm certain your love of art... genuine.
Here they are!
We'll find the real one.
Get those posters out.
Wail! I can't have you damaging it.
Leave it to us. We're in a hurry.
Let us find it.
It won't take long.
The two of us will pick it out.
Just open the crates, very carefully.
I don't deserve to do that.
We'll return the real Mona Lisa.
Isn't that...
...what you wanted?
I think it's that one, too.
Take it out. Carefully.
That's it!
...let's work together again.
Didn't Mr Asahina invite you
to be a curator again?
No, thanks.
I prefer having my own office.
You got your Omega out of hock.
Thanks to you.
Good photographs, and a good article.
The first time my editor's said that.
Oh, I almost forgot...
I'm still wondering...
...what 'Q' stands for.
I've thought about it. I think maybe... means...
Not telling.
What's so funny?
I'm just glad to see you back to your old self.
...very attractive.
She has such kind eyes.
After all this, what's she thinking
as she looks out at us?
That's interesting.
It is?
Just for the record... that the real one?
I don't know.
Well, is it?