All She Wishes (2015) Movie Script

what are you doing?
I don't know.
You should take more
like this.
Like this one?
No, that's boring.
No, it's not.
It's pretty, you know,
and, oh, so emotional,
but this crowd one here...
No, no.
See, this one
is about being
stuck in one place.
You know, it's a commentary
on high school--
how we're shackled
by our roots,
unable to actually get close
to another person.
It's like being stuck
in a prison.
You're alive, but alone.
Oh, really, you should take
more like this one.
I like it.
It's-- it's interesting.
The picture, yes.
The people, no.
Not interesting,
not here, not at all.
You want to get out of here
as badly as I do.
This place stinks.
This stuff stinks.
You know, there are
easier ways to take photos.
Oh yeah?
I heard about it
on a compu-tear.
I don't know
if I'm saying that right.
Computer, com-pu-tar.
Anyways, I heard about it
on the news
and apparently
they make machines
where you can actually
Photoshop pictures.
Yeah, it's not as good.
Hey, Soph.
And bam, simple.
I'm an artist.
This is art.
You know, some things are
more satisfying with hard work.
Well, Miss Hard Work,
you're late for
your shift at the diner.
Oh, Pop Rocks.
Pop Rocks is not
an adequate swear word.
Look at you
Starin' at the wall
Looks like
You've been sleepin'
You missed your final
Wake-up call
Do you hear me speakin'
You think
you know me well
But I suggest you take
A closer look
Got one foot
Outside the door
And I'm not coming back
All my bags
Are in the car
I'm taking everything
I have
I hit the gas so fast
Our history is going
To be a blur
You're going to need
An instant replay
Watch me as I speed by
Movin' round and round
And round inside your mind
Playin' over and over
A thousand times
I need a skateboard.
Roller skates,
Rollerblades maybe.
It's gonna
Drive you crazy
Sophie, you need
roller skates, dear.
I know.
I just said that.
In an instant replay,
Stop, rewind,
Let's take it from the top
I remember everything
But it seems
Like you forgot
Every memory
Late again?
Yes, now shush.
Shush, Tommy.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Where's Grandma?
Oh, yeah.
Of course.
( SIGHS ) Hello, Emily,
Kate Lynn and Caitlyn.
You work here?
Just started here...
four years ago.
So do they
make you wear that?
Then why don't you
take the money
that you make here
and go shopping?
Saving up to get out
of this town.
I mean, it's better
to get through it now
and have fun
later in life, right?
I mean, can you imagine
peaking in high school
and being stuck here
for the last 70 years
of your life?
You used to like it here.
Yeah, well,
we used to be friends.
before you started acting
like you were better than me
just because you wear black.
You know,
I really wanted to buy
some super chunky wedges
from the '90s,
but the clerk said
that three snotty chicks
bought them all up.
Okay, see ya.
The dance is coming up.
Who are you going with?
The dance?
Yeah, the girl-ask-guy
valentine dance.
Uh, I'm going.
with Aaron.
Aaron? Really?
That's so weird because
I'm going with Aaron.
I asked him this morning.
So mean.
Uh, no, no.
Not that Aaron.
Hah, no, eew.
Um, I'm going with my Aaron.
Your Aaron?
It's a different dude.
You guys don't know him.
He's not from here.
Sounds made up.
No, he's a dude.
I know him.
Ronnie Englebert.
He's super handsome.
I know, right?
Sounds unbelievable.
Totally unbelievable.
We're saying
we don't believe you.
Yeah, I got that.
Can you shoot them?
I cannot shoot them.
Can you tase them?
Excuse me?
Oh, come on.
It's non-lethal.
You know, when you say that,
I want to tase you even more.
Thank you.
I'm ignoring you.
I need a ride home.
( SIGHS ) Okay, but only
because you're 200 years old
and I'm pretty sure
a zombie.
You flirt,
people are going to talk.
Please stop.
Let's go.
See ya.
Sophie, your grandma
will be here for closing.
I hate this place.
SOPHIE: "Oh, Aaron asked me
this morning."
Weird because he told me
that you were stupid
at lunch yesterday.
Oh, I should have said that.
Ooh, and then
thrown coffee at her.
No, no. Tea.
Tea would have been better.
Ooh, my grandma's tea.
It smells like
old lawn clippings.
Grandma, hi.
Hi, Sophie.
What are we doing?
Looking for burglars.
We find any?
Happy birthday.
Happy, happy,
happy birthday.
Oh, thank you.
Did you see
that I said it three times?
I noticed.
That means
I really meant it.
I wanted to jump out
singing "Happy Birthday,"
but the ninja here
wanted to scare you.
Navy Seal style.
I'm training her
to be tough.
Dad, my birthday's
not until tomorrow.
I know, pumpkin.
You have to work?
You've worked for
the last three weekends.
I'm sorry.
It just came up.
That's okay.
Are you sure?
I could call them.
No, it's okay.
See that?
Tough as nails.
That's my doing,
cry baby.
Um. I wanted her
to get the pink one.
I love it.
But it was all covered
with ribbons and bows...
She's not five.
She'll always
be five to me.
You know what.
You didn't make a wish.
Yeah, I did.
No, you didn't.
I can tell, fibber.
I'm not five, Grandma.
You have to make a wish.
They never come true.
Make better wishes.
Present time.
Is it a plane ticket
to New York?
A train ticket?
A bus ticket to New York?
Money for a bus ticket
for New York?
What? No.
I didn't box up money
for a bus ticket.
No. You know,
you be all responsible
and save every penny
you have.
I will get you the gifts
that you would never get
for yourself, okay?
Oh, frames.
Yeah. I want you to frame
those pictures that you take.
You need to.
You have to.
There, it's settled.
You will.
I love it when we have
these little talks.
Okay. Okay.
Oh, but not this one.
No, this stays like this
with Mr. Johnny Handsome there.
Oh, my gosh,
Grandma, stop.
Although he is
really cute.
Oh, a book on screenwriting?
Yeah. I thought it would
help you finish your play.
Yeah. I can't get
that third act down.
Needs explosions.
Grandma, it's a play.
Small explosions.
Ooh, and a music book.
Since when does she
play guitar?
I'm working on it.
Okay, okay.
My turn.
Oh, Paddy, what time do you
have to be at the airport?
Sophie, drive your dad
to the airport.
No, no, no.
I love it!
I will get you a car.
Star is a beauty, and, honey,
this might not be your dream,
but she'll get you
where you need to go.
Thank you so much.
No, please.
No, please, no. Please!
He's just scared
of this car.
I'm not scared.
Because it's magic.
It's haunted.
Honey, this car--
this car will help you
find the love of your life.
That's it. Tomorrow I'm
taking you to the old age home.
is this what you want?
Yeah, yeah, it is.
All right.
I saw that.
She really thinks
it's magic?
I know, crazy, right?
No, it's great, but what is
Grandma going to drive?
You can't worry
all the time, kiddo.
Grandma wants a scooter.
She's looking for
one where she can put
a gun rack on the back.
Hey, isn't that your little
friend, um, Melanie?
Uh, Emily.
She's having a party?
You should have told me,
Yeah, no, it's fine.
You don't want to go
to the party?
I thought you two
were friends.
Oh, yeah, she, uh--
she invited me.
Um, she came by the diner
earlier and said hi.
Oh, okay.
All right.
Well, thanks for wanting to
hang out with your dorky dad.
Nah, I just tell everyone
you're my parole officer
and you're just stopping me
from robbing another bank.
That's smart, yeah.
I should carry a clipboard
around or something
and glare at you
suspiciously like this.
But I hate the idea
of you missing a party.
You know, the dances
and the games.
You missed so much already.
Dad, I'm going
to a dance this weekend.
Oh, really?
You going with Aaron?
Um, no. Why would
Aaron be taking me?
He's, um, Aaron.
( LAUGHS ) Dad,
Aaron's not my boyfriend.
Oh, he's not--
oh, yeah.
Well, yeah.
No, no. Yeah.
I'm-- I'm okay.
You don't have to
worry about me.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, Dad.
I am.
All right.
All right, sweetheart.
I love you.
I'll see you
on Sunday, okay?
Oh, here you go, Dad.
Oh, thanks, honey.
Oh, you know what?
I don't like the idea
of you driving alone, so...
You have her home by 11
or you're dead.
I'm serious. You know,
your grandmother has a gun.
Yeah. Bye, Dad.
Bye. I love you.
Bye, Dad.
I love you, too.
Drive safely.
Stop. ( GIGGLES )
I know.
All the other girls fall for
that stuff, but not me, buddy.
No. I know all about
boys like you--
piercing stares
and the next thing you know,
we're having milkshakes
together with two straws.
It's not going to happen.
Yeah, I love that book.
The movie was stupid, though.
It was all about the love story
and blah, blah, blah.
The scary ending
was cool though.
I know, right?
But some stupid people
like love stories, but not me.
Oh, not you either?
That guy...I don't even
want to talk about it.
You know what stinks?
Forget the dance.
He's supposed to be
my best friend,
and he doesn't even tell me
he's going with Emily?
I know, right?
That stinks.
I mean, it's not like I'm
in love with him or anything.
At least I don't think.
You know, I don't even know
if I know what that feels like,
but that's why
I have this car, I guess.
My magical car
that's going to help me find
the love of my life.
Oh, Pop Rocks.
I better get you home.
You know how people talk.
Stupid dance.
I mean, I wasn't
going to go anyway.
It's not like
I'm going to go all Cinderella
and get all party princess
for some lame dance.
I was just curious,
you know.
I never had to go
when Mom was sick.
You're a good listener.
I wish I could take you
to the dance.
Oh, no.
Oh, my gosh,
what's going on?
Uh, oh, my gosh.
I killed Star.
Grandma's going to kill me.
Okay. That was weird.
I thought we were going to be
abducted by aliens or something
and that I was going
to be the girl on the side
of the road, yelling.
DRAKE: Help me!
Help me!
What the hell?
I don't know where I am.
Who's in there?
DRAKE: Help me!
Oh, my God! It is haunted.
Uh, help.
Okay, okay.
Sorry, one second.
Did you just spray me
with hairspray?
Uh, no?
What was that?
What was that?
Oh, my gosh!
Oh, my gosh!
Is this you?
You forgot your hairspray.
What is going on?
Oh, man.
Oh, come on!
How are you doing this?
Yeah, I'm doing this.
Woman, five-foot-seven,
has perfect teeth.
Oh, I got you, I got you.
I know exactly
what you look like
and the cops are
going to lock you up.
For what?
For kidnapping me.
Yeah, you keep popping up
in my trunk.
You keep making me!
Hypnosis, something?
I don't know.
I'm freaking out.
I don't even...
Okay, you know what?
Hi, my name is Sophie.
Woman, five-foot-seven,
has an old lady's name.
Is this you?
Man, they used that one?
Wait, how do you have that?
Are you stalking me?
You're the paparazzi,
aren't you?
I know it! That's it.
I'm calling the cops.
Yeah, here you go.
His name is Tommy.
He's a friend of the family.
You're all in cahoots,
aren't you?
I knew it.
I knew I shouldn't have
eaten that sushi at lunch.
And everyone was like,
"Hey, well, it's your own fault
for eating sushi from a truck,"
and I'm like, "No."
Why are you kidnapping me?
I'm not kidnapping you!
This is ridiculous.
Are you still in there?
Yes, I am.
Are you always
this crabby?
Do you always take
your victims to a diner
before you kill them?
Did Kevin put you up to this--
Kevin and his whole posse?
Kevin who?
No one.
And I'll be the one asking
the questions, thank you.
Why do you get to ask
all the questions?
Because I'm the victim!
Fine, stop yelling.
First question--
are you robbing this place?
No-- why is that
your first question?
Moving on.
Where are we?
Grace's Place,
my grandma's diner.
What is that,
in Glendale or something?
Aw, don't tell me
it's in Long Beach.
I hate that drive
back to LA.
LA, like LA-LA?
Like it's going to be
an hour and a half easily,
even at this time of night.
Okay, okay.
I don't want you yelling.
I'm not yelling.
You will.
Are we in Orange County?
Oh, that's, like,
a two-hour drive.
This is the worst.
This is the worst day
of my life.
Marion, South Carolina.
Okay, calm down.
All right.
I'm going to make waffles.
Look, look,
it could be worse.
How could this be worse?
What have you done to me?
What-- what did I do?
Yeah, you made me poof here.
No, I didn't. You did.
I-- yeah, do you know what?
Yeah, you're right.
I wanted to leave
my comfy trailer to end up
in a stinky old trunk
that smells like feet.
You were in a trailer?
I-- I was at work.
You work in a trailer?
No, I'm an actor.
Oh, yeah,
I remember you.
I think all that hairspray
is getting to your brain.
How much of that
did you use?
I was going to
a friend's after work.
It doesn't ma--
Okay, there's something
seriously crazy going on
right now,
and you're asking me
about hairspray?
How does that
make sense to you?
None of this
makes sense to me.
Uh, where are my waffles?
My name is Sophie,
by the way.
That's a weird name
for a witch.
I'm not a witch.
Then why are you
dressed like one?
Like what?
A witch.
I'm not a witch.
If I was,
I would have probably
already poofed you back
to wherever you came from.
Wait, can you do that?
Because I have to be in LA
on Monday for an audition.
Yeah, I'll take you
to the airport.
I don't have my wallet.
So? Just have
one of your friends
book a ticket online
or something.
I'm sure your girlfriend
has money.
No girlfriend?
Maybe if you weren't
yelling all the time.
It is kind of a turnoff.
I don't have my wallet.
My ID is in my wallet.
I can't get on the plane
without my ID.
Does that help?
Kind of.
My name is Drake,
by the way.
I know.
I saw your last movie.
It wasn't very good.
Thank you.
Oh, ow!
That was weird.
Hey, buddy, you in there?
Oh, man.
Seemed so real.
You're out there,
aren't you?
Not a dream, then?
I thought I could try to see
how you poofed here.
Got it.
I don't normally
lay in there, you know.
( SIGHS ) So did you bring me
a donut, at least?
Uh, the guys
are all out, so...
So where'd you go?
I was actually
doing your dishes.
Oh, thank you.
It only felt right.
Because I made you waffles?
No. Because I borrowed
your cell phone to call
my agent.
I had to make up
this crazy story
about how I got here.
But the good news is
she's sending my wallet.
Um, it's Friday.
So? They do
Saturday deliveries.
Not here, they don't.
Happy birthday, Sophie!
Wait, it's your birthday?
Thanks, Georgina.
Aw, you should have told me.
Why? Who cares?
You want me
to make some cupcakes
for you to
take in to school?
Yes, cupcakes are awesome.
How old are you?
No, thank you, Georgina.
That's sweet of you to offer.
Well, you better
get going to school
before your grandma
boxes your ears.
Who's that?
Uh, Drake.
He's pretty.
Thank you.
Like a woman.
I'll see you later, baby.
She seems nice.
Yeah. You'll be fine.
Mm-hmm. Just stay here.
I'll come back
after fifth period.
Do you really think
that's going to work?
Oh, right.
Okay. Well, just try to focus
on staying here, all right?
Don't poof, don't poof,
don't poof, just don't poof.
Just don't poof.
I'm an actor.
Once I poof, I can
just be in the moment.
Don't poof,
don't poof...
Pop Rocks!
Well, that worked well.
So, why aren't you
celebrating your birthday?
It's just not important.
Oh, I know why--
because you don't know
how to have fun.
No, I just don't like
How do you not like birthdays?
Birthdays are awesome.
The spotlight's on you,
everyone pays attention to you.
No. You're just an actor
who needs constant attention.
That's true.
Want me to sing
"Happy Birthday"?
Please don't.
Happy birthday to you...
Oh, my gosh, Drake.
Drake, stop.
Ooh, ooh
That's pretty good, right?
What is wrong with you?
Nothing. What?
You're all smiley.
It's weird.
Shut up.
It's creeping me out.
Well, I've never been
to high school before.
What? No, actually,
that explains a lot.
Well, I've been working
since I was eight,
so I just had
a tutor on set.
I've seen it on TV
and I've played a kid on TV,
but I've never actually been
in a school without cameras.
Well, this is school.
Nobody likes it.
Okay, good to know.
What else?
Well, this is high school.
It's a broken home
built on stress
and hormones
and desperation.
So you think you're
learning to be a grown-up,
but in actuality you're thrown
into this madhouse
with new equipment
and no training manual
and you're just running around
scared and confused,
trying to deal with
these new insecurities.
Nah, it's not that bad.
It is all bad, okay?
So you're trying to get
your first date,
your first love,
dealing with
your first heartbreak,
not to mention waiting
for your friends
to backstab you,
and then you start
backstabbing people.
And all this is just one
scandalous Facebook post away
from being
a complete disaster.
I think I'm just
going to like read
and try to get educated.
No, this is high school.
It's all about
the illusion of education.
There's no learning
because you're too busy
trying to pad
your application for college
to get into
your safety school,
if you're lucky.
Maybe we should, like,
go back to the diner.
It's too late.
They'll smell your fear.
You know, you should
really write movies.
You're like super-dramatic.
All right, get in.
Are you nuts?
I'm not spending
the whole day in the trunk.
Well, you poof every time
you get away from the car.
No, I poof every time
I'm away from you.
And we've got to find
another word than poof.
It's weird.
( SIGHS ) Well, you--
you can't follow me
around all day.
Well, looks like I have to.
You can't go to school with me.
People are going to freak out.
I got it.
Oh, no. No, no, no.
I need those.
What do you think?
Just a normal kid?
Wait. Are these fake?
These are fake glasses,
aren't they?
I knew it!
You're such a faker.
And you're dramatic, too.
No, you want to see
Wait, where--
Where are you going?
Happy birthday.
Hey, buddy, pal.
Do you want to go
to the Valentine's Dance?
Uh, the dance?
Yeah, yeah, the dance
tomorrow night.
I felt really bad
because I didn't think
anyone had asked you,
because you hadn't told me.
You hadn't told
your best friend.
Um, I, uh...
Uh, you don't want to go
with me, your best friend?
Someone already asked him.
You left this
at my place last night.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa.
There's iced coffee
around here?
This isn't--
this isn't mine.
Oh, my mistake.
It was so much fun last night.
I'm really surprised I didn't
see you at my party, Sophie.
Yeah, I'm sure.
I invited you yesterday,
didn't I?
I can't remember.
Okay, let's just calm down
and talk about
what's really important--
iced coffee.
Is it around here?
Like, can I walk to it?
Who is this?
SOPHIE: This guy?
I-- I am...
This is my boyfriend.
I'm her B-friend. Boop!
What's his name?
Uh, my name is...
His name is Englebert.
Hi. Englebert.
Nice to meet you.
Is that foreign?
So I'm going with Englebert,
and you're going with that--
I mean, Emily.
Hey, now.
She asked me.
Yeah, no chance that she's
using you to get at me.
You're going to make this
all about you?
You know, not everything
is about you, Sophie.
Yeah, no, never is.
Happy birthday to me.
Hey, you okay?
Nope. Yes.
I mean, guys are jerks.
I just knew I was
better than him anyway.
He's stuck in this small town
with these small people.
I don't know.
Doesn't seem to be too bad.
You've no idea.
So I'm your boyfriend now,
Like, your jerky
boyfriend or...
Well, I'm stuck
with you anyways.
You might as well be useful.
Cool, cool.
Why are you fighting with Emily?
She got all weird with me.
After she got weird with me.
Can you two be
more specific?
Why did she stop
talking to me?
That's a good point, Sophie.
She knew I was having
a hard time...
with my mom.
She stopped talking to me.
I didn't know what to say.
I brought her flowers,
( LOUDER ) Yeah, with a note
that said she was sorry
and that she wanted
to take me out
for shopping
and skinny lattes.
When I'm depressed,
I shop, okay?
I was just trying to help.
( WHISPERS ) We're just
trying to work some stuff out.
This is PE.
It's awful.
I don't have a costume.
You call it that,
you're going to be dead
before they blow
the first whistle.
No, this is gym class.
The Roman arena
of high school.
No education here.
No learning.
Just bloodshed
where the weak
are fed to lions
and the strong...
No, you idiot!
No, you idiot!
Don't touch that.
You shouldn't be touching that
if you don't know
how to make a basket.
I got this.
Okay, no.
What? I've never thrown
a basketball before.
My stuntman always did it.
His name was Rex.
He was cool.
So is it one hand or two?
What are the rules?
We have got to get you
out of here.
Me? I'm up.
All right!
Okay, I'll run.
If I run to the car,
he'll poof to the car.
I'll run him to safety.
No, you killed him!
You killed him, Cooper.
It's all your fault.
Killed who?
BOYS: You're getting there,
you're getting there.
It's the first time.
Thanks, man.
Thank you.
Never mind.
All right.
Jump. It's like...
Yeah, jump, too.
DRAKE: So we're standing
up there and he's holding it
and I'm like...
See you later, Englebert.
Catch you later.
See you, brosky.
I'm like, "There is
no way an egg can survive
that kind of fall."
He's like, "Yeah, it can."
So he drops it.
Guess what happens.
The egg doesn't break.
Exactly. It was awesome!
Yeah. You have
a TV, right? Books?
You live in a society where
the concept of science exists.
It's not like you're Tarzan
and you were poofed
out of a tree house
in a jungle.
Okay, first of all,
don't say poof.
And do you think
I'm stupid?
That's the thing.
I don't think you are.
It's just weird that
you find all this exciting.
Okay, one second.
Let me ask you a question.
Where is the coolest place
in the universe?
"Star Wars" cantina.
Wait, really?
You disagree?
No, no, no.
That's an awesome answer.
Okay, so imagine you always
wanted to go to the cantina
and then suddenly,
bam, you're there.
And everything there
is amazing, like,
even the cups.
You see cups on Earth
every single day,
but a cup in the cantina,
that's still awesome.
You know what I mean?
I guess.
No, you know what I mean.
You just have this whole,
like, hipster vibe going on.
It's like, "I don't care."
That's very original,
by the way.
I'm just being honest.
You know,
every assistant in LA
is just being honest before
they freak out at someone.
It's easier than getting
people's hopes up.
How is that easier?
Well, I mean...
No, you see,
I'm just being positive.
Is that a bad thing?
You know, trees grow
better with water
when they're burned
to the ground.
You should remember that.
Oh, I totally will.
See, you're laughing at me.
But any 10-year-old
on a skateboard,
any 90-year-old man,
any lonely person
on the Internet--
they can be negative.
That's easy.
That literally
takes no skill.
But being positive,
that's hard.
It takes a lot
of intellectualness.
I need an iced latte.
Hm. You know, I-- I do more
than just criticize people.
I do things.
I create.
Really? Like what?
Show me.
Never mind.
No, no. I want to know.
What is it?
Forget it.
Is it something you make
in your big black cauldron--
because witches have that,
you know?
They make spells.
Yeah, I get it.
We have to go.
Oh, okay.
Wait, where are you going?
Where is she going?
Oh, man.
Oh, hardy, har, har.
Why don't you find
the positives in there?
Oh, I will.
I found it. Let me out.
I'll tell you it.
DRAKE: What?
Hey, hey!
Are you coming?
Hold on. I'm reading.
Seriously, come on.
Shh! Shh!
Come on! Come on!
Drake, seriously, come on.
Have you read
scene five yet?
I have to read 20 pages
before Monday. Oh.
You're not even in that class.
Stop pretending like you are.
Come on.
Focusing on this experience
is keeping me from stressing out
about all the auditions
I might miss
if I don't make it
back to LA in time.
That's annoying.
DRAKE: Annoying?
I'm an actor.
I-- I've a storm of unbridled
emotions under my skin
just waiting to be unleashed
under the camera.
Do you want me to freak out?
Do you want the crying,
the tears,
the emotion,
the drama?
That can be annoying.
What auditions?
Oh, for this reality show.
No, no, no.
It's actually really cool.
They get all of
these famous people
and we go through
these obstacle courses
in the deep, dark jungle,
and there's, like,
lions and tigers
and snakes and malaria
and a hippo--
a hippo and money.
Plus exposure.
Super cool.
Yeah, it is.
Way to stretch
those acting skills.
What about the other one?
Other what?
Well, you said auditions.
What other audition
are you missing?
Oh, it's, like,
this cop thing.
Wait, what?
What, what?
Just a cop thing?
Nothing is just
anything with you.
You're the guy who gets excited
about cupcakes and basketball.
It's, like, an indie film.
Go on.
This rookie cop
who has no family of his own
ends up saving the lives
of this mother and daughter,
and during that he ends up
feeling this connection to them
and he feels
responsible for them.
He gets really attached.
Do that.
Do that one.
Indie films are--
they're tricky.
There's no money involved,
and plus, no one
actually goes to see them,
and the character
is, like, super tough.
It's really challenging.
I mean, the script is great.
It's really dark and honest,
but, no, the critics
will rip it apart.
It's not what my fans want.
And there's no money.
Plus, it conflicts
with the reality show anyway.
Good. Do it.
It'll show
another side of you.
What other side?
Anything other than
this annoying one.
You know,
it's not easy for me
to open up to you like this,
to let my shields down,
so when I start to trust you,
you just lash out at me.
I just feel like
I can't trust anyone.
Oh, my gosh!
I'm so sorry.
I just...
Acting, boom.
See, I'm pretty good at this.
Do it.
Yeah, maybe.
And Sophie and Drake.
Hey, Gran.
Oh, happy birthday!
Oh, no,
she doesn't want that.
I know.
It's weird, right?
Gran, we need to talk.
Oh, okay.
It's kind of important.
Uh, Georgina, could you
take care of these?
Hey, beautiful.
Who are you?
Oh, uh, I am Sophie's
boyfriend Englebert.
Oh. You are very handsome.
Like a woman.
I'm getting to know Englebert.
Where were we?
Oh, Sophie's birthday.
We should make cupcakes.
Yes! I love you.
She has always been like this.
I know. She's trying
to make me not like her.
Is it working?
No, it's adorable.
Gran, I need to
talk to you about Star.
where are your manners?
I am getting to know
your friend.
Now, what's your real name?
Gran, Drake.
Drake, Gran.
Now can we please
talk about Star?
Dad said Star's haunted
and you said that Star's magic.
What do you guys mean?
Well, your father
is a weirdo.
SOPHIE: Yeah, but you said
Star was magic.
Did something happen?
Yeah, she kidnapped me.
Like, a lot.
Like, a lot, a lot.
Not me-- Star.
Every time we get away
from each other, he poofs.
Uh, teleports.
DRAKE: Thank you.
Back into the trunk
of the car.
You seem surprisingly okay
about this.
Okay, fine.
I'll show you.
Oh, honey,
you don't need to.
Yeah, we don't need to.
Yeah, we need to show her.
But it hurts.
SOPHIE: Okay, fine.
I don't want you
scaring people.
Where's she going?
Um, it's actually
where I'm going.
See you in a sec.
Okay. Star's magic.
Yeah, I got that.
Well, I didn't know
if he knew.
And I didn't want to
have to take him out
since we were telling secrets
if he didn't know.
Take me out?
You would do that?
Seriously, Sophie,
what is wrong with your family?
Gran, what do we do?
I can't deal
with this anymore.
It's driving me crazy.
It's been super fun
for me, though.
So what do we do?
I don't know.
That's it?
You don't know?
Well, why did you say
that you thought Star was magic?
Oh, that's a good story.
Okay, go.
Okay, so there I am,
20 years old,
in this terrible snowstorm
with the windshield wipers
valiantly fighting
against this torrent of snow.
I could see how
you two are related.
Shut up!
And then,
in this white curtain,
I saw a hitchhiker
standing alone,
destined for a lonely,
frozen death...
Gran, you picked up
a hitchhiker?
Eh, it was the '60s.
It's what we did.
Plus, I thought
it was a woman.
Was it?
No, it was an ancient man
with a thick accent.
His name was Samir.
And I asked him
if he was okay,
and he said he needed
to get to Chicago.
He was on a quest.
For what?
His brother was going to
take him to get a hot dog.
Okay, so you're on
your way to Chicago.
Then what happened?
So I picked him up
and he told me
how he came to America
on a steamship
and how he liked walking,
but he was amazed by my car.
He loved the vibe
and the life of it,
and he was so interesting
and mystical
that I didn't even realize
we were running out of gas.
And then suddenly,
poof, we stopped.
Stranded in the snow.
So I looked to him
and he looked to me
and he said, "I got this."
And he went around
to the trunk
and he opened it
and took out a gas can.
A gas can?
There was no gas can
in that trunk.
No way!
He filled it up,
and we drove to Chicago.
And then?
I guess he went
and had a hot dog.
I don't know.
That's it?
Magic gas
and an exotic magic man?
Well, a wizard,
Oh, wizard's good.
What about warlock?
It sounds cooler.
Okay, an exotic warlock
filled up your gas tank
with magic gas...
And got us to Chicago.
And you got to Chicago.
That's amazing.
No, that's not amazing,
that's weird,
and it doesn't even
explain anything.
Well, if we could explain it,
it wouldn't be magic.
That's a good point, Sophie.
See, Star knew
what I needed,
what I needed most,
what my heart wished for.
You made a wish,
didn't you?
What did you wish for?
You wished for something.
Wait, did you wish for me?
No. Yes, I mean, no.
Why me?
Don't get excited.
I had your picture.
Oh, you're the boy
in the picture frame.
That was a very good picture.
The others were better,
but thank you.
So you wished for him. Ta-da!
No, I mean, yes,
but not exactly.
Star knows exactly
what you want.
Oh, that's it.
I wished for you to go
to the dance with me.
There's a dance?
a Valentine's Day dance.
Wait, is it Valentine's Day?
How do you not know that?
It's kind of weird
that your birthday's
on Valentine's Day.
Oh, yeah.
It's been a joy
my entire life.
Full of love and wonderment.
You know what, Grandma?
I'm going to break down
that wall of negativity.
You wished for a dance.
Hmm, doesn't sound like you.
Yeah, so I guess you'll
have to take me to the dance.
Is it, like,
a square dance?
No, it's a girl-ask-g--
What? No.
Where do you think we live?
Well, okay, honey.
Maybe it was just a dance,
but I don't know.
Star really knows.
The dance,
that was my wish.
Because it's not just
what you say, you know?
It's what's in your heart.
Yeah, I wished for him
to go to the dance with me
so I can make Emily
and Aaron look stupid.
Wow, I'm touched.
Do you want to
go home or not?
Yes. Let's do it.
Okay. Then we go
to the dance.
Honey, wait. I-- I...
Honey, wait.
No, we have to get him
clothes for the dance.
I know, but listen.
I don't think
you understand.
No, I got it.
You needed gas for Star,
and Star gave you gas.
I needed a date,
and Star gave me
Mr. Mature over here.
She said Star gave her gas.
Let's go.
All right, let's roll.
Oh, sweetie.
Star gave me
so much more than that.
All right, all right.
Find something?
Yep, I look awesome.
Okay, show me.
DRAKE: One sec. Just putting
on the final touch.
You need to spray your hair?
DRAKE: That's very funny.
No. I'm putting on boots
and they're really hard.
Boots? Wait.
Why do you need boots?
DRAKE: Uh, 'cause it's part
of the outfit.
Hurry up, Englebert.
DRAKE: I shall not answer
to Englebert.
Do you know what?
Are you ready?
Ugh, are you serious?
Uh, yep.
Got you!
You thought I was being...
Is it the hat?
Is the hat too much?
Yeah, yeah.
It was the hat.
And the boots?
All of it.
You look like Huck Finn.
Is that how
you think we dress?
Well, I don't know.
You dress like a witch...
ever fashionable celebrity
who wears too much black.
This is how I like to dress.
Since when?
Since...since I don't know.
Since always.
Anyway, we're not
talking about me.
Pick some normal clothes.
Okay, fine.
But just so you know, these are
normal to a lot of people.
And I will change because
you clearly have an issue
with this whole situation,
but let's be honest--
I can rock this, right?
Yeah, sure, fine.
So I can wear it?
No! Pick something else.
You look like
you're going to a hoedown.
We aren't?
Got it!
SOPHIE: Thank you.
DRAKE: No problem.
Since you don't have
your wallet and you're
doing me a favor,
let's just say
this is a gift.
Wait, you said
that this is
a girl-ask-guy
Valentine's Day dance?
Yeah. So?
Well, you haven't
asked me yet.
Oh, right.
Okay, ready?
Brrrr, bla-bla-bla.
Okay, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, and action.
Will you go
to the dance with me?
All right, cut.
That was terrible.
At least try to be sincere,
like a little genuine.
I know you have it
in you. Ready?
Please, will you go
to the dance with me?
Nailed it.
Great, I think
they're following us.
What's up?
Hey, Englebert!
Are you sure I don't
know you from somewhere?
You look so familiar.
The guy from the movies?
The handsome one?
The one in that one with
the girl who's, like, a pain,
but then she realizes
he's awesome.
Which one?
They're all like that.
Oh, what about the one
where the guy goes to Europe
and falls in love
with the Italian princess,
and what he doesn't know
is that she's actually
switched places
with the poor,
yet beautiful, homeless girl,
and they all learn how to love
and how to laugh about life...
Yeah, totally.
That one. That guy.
Yes! That's not me.
Oh. You look just like him.
Yeah, I think it's
my Dutch-Irish-French-
Canadian blood.
That is so exotic.
Oh, hi.
Well, this was nice.
Let's go.
Well, that's all right.
You can leave.
We'll take Englebert home.
Right. I'm Englebert.
Then it's settled.
See you, Sophie.
No, let's, like,
all hang out together.
GIRLS: Um...
Do you guys have
a soda fountain
in these parts?
A what?
He thinks we live
in 1920s Alabama.
Okay, honestly, the whole
animosity thing--
gotta be honest, though--
it doesn't work anymore.
Audience thinks
it's so clich.
So let's all go out
and grab some sundaes.
Okay, yeah, let's.
Wait, really?
Let me just grab my car.
Ice cream party!
Oh, uh...
Uh, wait.
Do you guys like magic tricks?
I guess.
Okay, so close your eyes.
Just close your eyes.
And on the count of three.
One, two, three.
Um, just tell us when.
Should we open them?
I don't know.
I don't want to ruin it.
Let's wait.
You did that on purpose!
I know.
I was there.
They could have
seen me teleport.
So? Great.
Try explaining that
to everyone at school.
Lucky for you
I took an improv class
so I could cover for us.
Super lucky.
Will you let me out?
No. You need a time-out.
No, you need a time-out.
Fine, I'll take mine up here.
So we're not
grabbing sundaes?
I'd rather wear pastel
pink ribbons in my hair.
That might look nice.
So why are you so mad?
I'm allowed to be mad.
Well, you shouldn't
keep it inside.
That's bad karma, man.
Bad vibes.
Do you ever stop?
I'm on Churchill Drive
with a temperamental
teenage girl.
You want backup?
Stand by on that backup.
Don't say anything.
Sophie, you're supposed
to stay in the car.
Hi, Tommy.
You want me to get back in?
Nah, the moment's ruined.
You steal your grandma's car?
No, she gave it to me.
For my birthday.
I mean, awesome.
Happy birthday!
She doesn't like that.
I know.
your car is talking.
I know.
Sophie, I take
a lot of cop classes
and I watch a lot of "CSI,"
so I know
how this world works
and I can tell you your car
should not be talking.
Unless they're magic.
Pop the trunk.
What's up?
Sophie, there's a body
in your trunk.
You, out.
I pulled you over
because your left taillight
was flickering.
I guess now we know why.
Sophie, why is your boyfriend
in the trunk?
He's not my boyfriend.
I don't know.
He keeps jumping in there.
Sophie, if you lie to me,
I'm legally allowed to tase you.
Wait, is that true?
No. No one lets me
tase them.
How cool would it be
if you opened up the trunk
and I was just, like, dead?
You know, and Sophie,
whom you've known since...
Since I was little.
Yes, since she was little,
is actually a serial killer,
like a high school one?
Shall we do this again?
Aw, what's in the trunk?
What's in the trunk?
Oh, we've got a body.
We've got a body.
Got a 10-7, 10-23.
All the tens!
Send me backup!
Sophie O'Dea
has the upper hand
and she's on foot.
Where's my backup?
Are you two done?
Yup, okay.
That was awesome!
Just so you know,
there's a little lever here
that pops the trunk
from the inside.
Just in case
you get kidnapped again.
Oh, sick.
Good to know.
Okay, admit it-- that would be
a good movie, right?
Like, I'd see that movie.
I would see that movie.
I wouldn't.
She's a little um...
It's the age.
Sophie, when you
get to be my age...
You're one year older.
When you get to be my age,
you see things differently.
I know you.
You're that movie guy.
Oh, so we're
telling people now?
Sophie, he's a cop.
What brings you out here?
Just a change of pace.
Drake, by the way.
New horizons.
Sophie's showing me around.
Oh, good choice. She knows
all the coolest places.
I mean, you find her
in really odd locations
and it seems really basic,
but through her eyes
it looks awesome.
She takes
really great photos.
I knew it!
I mean, I didn't know it,
but I knew it!
This-- when I do this,
it means shush.
I thought you were
being a ninja.
She'd be a cool ninja.
She'd be
an amazing ninja.
But she takes great photos.
What? I don't know
what this means.
I like your pictures.
Your dad likes your pictures.
Drake's gonna love
your pictures.
I'm gonna love the pictures.
You better because
I'm getting tired
of teasing that cat.
It's a bad cat!
It keeps stealing cars.
Aw, see?
She does smile.
It just takes a little effort,
but it's worth it.
All right, you two, go.
Get out of here.
Thank you.
Bye, Tommy.
He's not actually
a cop, is he?
Like, that's not his job?
Yeah, it is.
Like, really.
Yes, yes!
No way.
I want to see your photos.
Get used to disappointment
because you're never
going to see them.
Well, that is
a pretty good reason.
So why'd you ditch Emily?
She was messing with me.
She wanted to grab
ice cream.
No, she didn't.
Trust me.
Are you kidding me?
Everyone likes ice cream.
That's not what I meant.
I know what you meant,
and I really think she
wanted to hang out with you.
Yeah, you don't know her.
I know people,
and I bet if you go to--
what is it,
Benny's right now--
she'd be there.
I'll bet you $23,000,000
she's not there.
I'll bet you
something better.
If she's there,
I get to see your photos.
And if she's not?
I will shut up
for one whole hour.
Oh, done!
See? I told you.
It's a trap.
DRAKE: Okay, there is something
seriously wrong with you.
She's just looking at him
being like, "I thought
Sophie and Englebert were going
to meet us here for sundaes."
I can read lips, by the way.
No, you can't.
Yes, I can.
It's on my rsum.
No, it's not.
Well, it will be
when I get home.
See, she's saying now,
"Oh, I really hope
that they like
banana splits
because I love
banana splits.
I think we should
get one hot fudge sundae
and one banana split sundae.
Golly, I am nervous."
"You just want to meet
that guy she's with.
It's not like you care
about Sophie at all.
At all!"
"Or I just feel really bad
about asking you to the dance.
I want to make amends
to my former best friend."
"That's the stupidest
thing I've ever heard.
Almost as believable
as that movie with that
terrible actor Drake."
Wait, that hurts a lot.
"And I just want Sophie
to be happy, you know,
because I feel like
she thinks I'm a villain
because she's
such a drama queen,
but I'm just
a normal teenage girl
trying to make their way
through this dark world
of Internet chat rooms
and fat-free food,
you know? Oh!"
Oh, no!
Uh, oh, perfect.
Gotta go.
No! What happened?
She wanted to see you.
I panicked.
What's so funny?
Now you have to show me
your photos. Ha ha.
Oh, yeah.
So funny.
Well, you're the one
in the trunk.
Okay, okay.
I'll show you,
but first...
I have to beat you there.
Wait, wait, wait!
Yeah, I didn't--
I didn't think that through.
Oh, no! Stop.
Wait, you write, too?
No. No, no, no, no.
That's awesome.
Okay. Okay.
This is just
something I do, all right?
It's not like
I'm professional or anything.
Yeah, you don't
have to pre-empt it.
I just don't want you to think
this is the best I can do.
Well, I appreciate you
lowering my expectations,
but I promise you
I'll expect nothing more
than badly lit selfies
not even good enough
to post on the interwebs.
O-Okay, if you promise.
Ha. I lied!
That's my bed.
Wait, stop.
Stop! Stop it!
Okay, these...
These-- these
are really good.
I have more at school.
These are amazing.
Yeah, I mean, they're okay.
Well, you put them up
for a reason, didn't you?
I had to cover up
all these stickers
I put up in fifth grade.
I would never
show these to anyone.
You know, I put myself
out there all the time.
Just part of being an artist.
These are really good.
You should take that risk.
Okay, so how does it end?
Like, the story--
how does the story end?
They're just pictures.
I'm in front of the camera
all the time.
I look at storyboards
every day.
That's a tree.
It's an establishing shot.
So we start off on a forest.
It's very dark, mysterious.
We pan down to the girl
who's alone
and she's looking for
something or someone.
And she's on an adventure
and she meets these beasts
who are very scary,
by the way...
but she sees the beauty
in them, so she tames them.
We pan down
and we're on the sea,
and it's very scary,
very relentless,
very mysterious.
This is cool.
This is really fun.
We should-- we should
finish it, though.
We should
finish off the story.
We should do pictures
SOPHIE: Yeah, well,
this is not the sea.
This is a lake.
It doesn't matter what
you're taking a picture of.
It just matters what
you're showing the audience.
Agree to disagree.
I agree that you
are disagreeable.
How long have you
been working on that?
I think since this morning.
You're lucky, though.
Good art is always
inspired by something real.
It's been so long
since I've been
in the real world.
That's why
this has been so cool.
I feel very inspired.
I have all these ideas.
Yeah, you could
use all those ideas
on your new reality show.
We'll see.
Oh, I found more pictures.
Who's she?
That's my mom.
She died a couple years ago.
It's-- it's okay.
I'm good.
I'm really sorry
that happened to you.
Um. Okay.
So are we going to figure out
what I'm wearing to this dance?
Oh, um,
I'm not letting this go,
because if we're
going to be roommates,
there's going to be
some changes around here.
I hope you know that,
because I'm accustomed
to a certain lifestyle
that includes
a lot of attention
and lots of opportunities
for make-believe.
We're not going
to be roommates.
We are until you get
your act together.
My dad's going to love this.
Is he a witch, too?
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, no, what's a male witch?
It's a warlock. Is that--
Stop it!
Is his name Mitchell?
Stop talking!
Mitchell the Witchell?
Stop talking!
I shouldn't be wearing this.
Hey, you dress me,
I dress you.
That was the deal.
You wanted to wear
a straw hat.
We can totally pop
by the funeral parlor
if that's what you want.
I mean, do I look okay?
Yes. Yes, you do.
Cool. You do, too.
Stop it.
I miss that straw hat,
Of course you do.
Here, pass them.
Have you ever
been to a dance?
No. Have you?
What would we do
in one of your movies?
We'd dazzle them.
Okay. Let's do it.
Come on.
There's a part of me
That wants to let go
Run away from everything
That I know
Getting ready...
After you.
Thank you.
Oh, my gosh!
This looks awesome.
It looks amazing.
Gonna make a night
That we'll remember
Party like we're gonna
Live forever
Favorite song is blastin'
Through the stereo
Car is here, let's go
I'm livin' the life
Excuse me.
Can I get a shot
of you two?
Yeah, sure.
Three, two, one.
Thank you.
Cool. I want a copy of that.
You mean, to remember
your time with the hillbillies?
Yeah, I am not
forgetting this.
Oh, there they are.
DRAKE: Okay, be nice.
Because, honestly,
anger does not look
good on you.
Yeah, it does.
You made a wish
while talking to pictures.
Oh, yeah.
Good point.
Come on, let's go.
You can do it.
Come on,
I'm right behind you.
Sophie, you look great.
Hey, guys.
Emily, you look awesome.
Doesn't she, Sophie?
Um, yeah.
You totally do.
I love your hair.
It's okay to get
A little reckless
Make mistakes...
About the ice cream?
Oh, um, I'm so sorry
we ditched you yesterday.
Maybe we could
do something soon?
I'd like that.
Sophie and Emily
totally match.
Oh, yeah, you do!
That's awesome.
We used to dress alike
all the time when we were young.
You did?
Yeah, they were friends.
Yeah, when we were younger.
And inseparable.
Well, I feel good about this.
I really do.
You're going to be
best friends again.
Okay, baby steps.
Baby steps.
But I can see it now.
and eat chocolate
chip ice cream and--
Okay, come on.
And talk about boys
and puppies
and gossip about Britney
and take selfies.
It's going to be
off the hook!
Okay, come on.
I'm sorry. I told you
I wouldn't do that.
Oh, hey, what's up, man?
How's it going?
Come on.
Well, that went well.
Yeah. How do you feel?
Do you feel any different?
I feel sweaty.
But not like
you're gonna teleport?
Let's see.
Crap. I don't know
how this works.
I mean, I brought you
to the dance.
Yeah, I don't know
what it could be.
Maybe we need to kiss?
I don't know, maybe
that's what I thought of
when I made the wish.
Oh, okay. I see.
You want to kiss me,
don't you?
Oh, my God!
I knew it!
I've never done this
before, okay?
So don't laugh.
It's okay.
I just need to get home.
I'm in love with you
Um, no poof.
No. No poof.
That was really awesome.
Um, um, now what?
Uh, now-- now we dance.
Are you a good dancer?
Uh, yes.
I'm the best dancer.
Okay, because I don't--
I don't know how to dance.
It's okay.
Just follow my lead.
Take my hand,
you'll be fine.
Okay? Ready?
No matter where we go
All around the world,
All around the world,
The world
Get the party started,
Party started
All around the world,
All around the world,
The world
Dance like
There's no tomorrow
All around the world,
All around the world,
The world
Get the party started,
Party started
Celebrate, celebrate
Celebrate, celebrate
'Brate 'brate 'brate
Get on your feet
It's time to play
Different time zone
Different city
Let's make some noise
All around the globe
All around the world,
All around the world,
The world
Get the party started,
Party started
All around the world,
All around the world,
The world
All around the world,
All around the world,
The world
Get the party started,
Party started
Celebrate, celebrate
Celebrate, celebrate
'Brate 'brate 'brate
Celebrate, celebrate
Celebrate, celebrate
'Brate 'brate 'brate
You said you were
a good dancer.
Yeah, I thought I was.
My agents told me that.
A director told me that.
My co-stars told me that.
Those liars!
This isn't funny.
Wait, what is your problem?
We were having
so much fun back there.
This is all your fault.
What is?
You said that artists need
to put themselves out there,
that they need to take risks.
Yeah, and you just did that.
That was not easy.
Everyone was laughing at me.
You know, for someone
who hates this town,
you seem to really care
about what people think.
I don't care.
I just...
You just what?
Just leave me alone!
No. You just what?
I just want to go home, Drake.
No, no.
Sophie, stop, please.
I-- I have a life.
I have a job.
I have a career.
You're not the only one
in this right now.
Know what happens
when I don't show up
for work one day?
I get fired
and I lose my contract.
The problem is I--
I have no control over
this situation.
So, please, Sophie,
I need you.
It was your wish, remember?
I suppose it was.
What did you wish for?
Are you kidding me?
I'm an actor.
My whole job
is to figure people out,
and I had you figured out
within five minutes.
What is that
supposed to mean?
What did you wish for?
I told you.
No, you told me
what you said.
What did you actually want?
I wanted someone
to take me to the dance.
No, those are just words.
What did you actually want?
I wanted you to be
my date to the dance.
Me? You don't even know me.
You could have asked
for Superman, too,
but you didn't,
so what did you want?
I-- I...
DRAKE: What did you want?
I wanted someone
to like me, okay?
I wanted someone
to want to go with me,
to want to have fun with me,
and to want to
take me to the dance.
Sophie, a lot of people
like you.
I like you.
Your family likes you.
That cupcake girl likes you.
I'm pretty sure
even that Emily chick likes you.
But it's really hard to see
if anyone actually likes you
if you don't like yourself,
isn't it?
Hey, honey.
You okay?
What? You're here?
Yeah. Well, I didn't want
my baby alone on her
birthday weekend.
But Grandma said
you were at the dance.
Was it fun?
Not really.
Oh, that's too bad.
Those things always
look like so much fun.
I always missed mine.
I was too busy working.
That makes more sense--
make money, get out of
small towns and haunted cars.
It might hear you.
It's back at the school.
Stupid haunted car.
Oh, so you heard the story.
The tennis story.
The snow storm.
The-- I was
a tennis instructor.
It was back before
all the waffles.
Shut up.
I'm telling a story.
Come on.
So, one summer
I was a tennis instructor,
and your mom
worked here at the diner.
I worked during the day
and she worked at night.
And, boy, your mom,
she was so beautiful.
The highlight of my day was
seeing her in the parking lot
as she was getting to work
and I was leaving.
And then one day I worked up
my courage to talk to her.
I'd practiced over
and over and over again.
And I walked right up to her,
and you know what I said?
I chickened out.
No way!
I realized that we'd never
get to see each other--
not the way that we worked--
and it was better
not to get my hopes up,
not set myself up
for failure.
Easier just to see her
in the parking lot.
So, I was walking away
and I heard this gasp
and I turned,
and I saw your mother
standing there at her car,
her crazy, haunted car,
and she's at the back
of her car and she's
looking in the trunk.
And I run over there--
I'm not exactly sure why
because it wasn't
a scared gasp--
more excited.
So I get there
and in her car,
in the trunk
of her car was--
Was a brand-new tennis racket
and tennis outfit.
You ruined it.
No, no.
It was more dramatic
this way.
Was it?
SOPHIE: Yeah, it was.
I got goose bumps.
Hey, Grandma.
All right, so we were looking
at this tennis stuff.
It was really nice.
Your mom said
she didn't put it there.
She didn't have the money.
Her crazy mom claimed
that she didn't put it there.
Star put it there.
I'm not saying that.
I am.
With this tennis stuff,
I was able to see your mom
during the day
because I gave her
free tennis lessons,
and then I came over here
at night.
And after that, we were
never really apart.
Star gives you what you need
to find the love of your life.
So, wait. Was Samir
the love of your life?
Oh, the old wrinkly guy?
No, no, no, no, no.
Well, but I thought
the thing with the gas can...
Oh, the gas can.
Yes, the gas can
got us to Chicago,
and I'd never
been there before.
After I dropped off Samir,
I realized something--
I love life.
I love adventure.
That became
the love of my life.
Drake said
I don't like myself.
Well, that's crazy.
What's not to like?
Who's Drake?
I mean, maybe he's right.
Well, you love me,
you love your mom,
and you're part
of each of us.
( SIGHS ) I never--
I never thought of it that way.
Well, maybe
you just needed someone
to show you
how great you are.
Or something.
The car.
The car, yeah.
The car takes you places.
Now who's Drake?
Uh, I have to go.
Okay, baby.
Well, have a good time.
All right.
Who's Drake?
You'd like him.
I don't think so.
DRAKE: Oh, what?
I thought you had poofed.
I mean,
teleported back to LA.
No, still here.
Wait, why would I poof?
Well, because I found
the love of my life.
Okay, see, uh, Star gave
my grandmother a gas can
and she found
that she loves adventure,
and then Star gave my mom
a tennis racket
and she found
that she loves my dad,
and then Star gave me you,
and I found that I love myself.
I-- I love myself, Drake.
I found that I don't need
to push people away.
I don't need to care
what other people think.
I don't need to be worried
that they're going to leave me.
If I love myself,
others will, too.
Well, it's about time!
I mean, I'm funny.
And smart.
And fashionable.
Okay, well,
I have my own style.
Whoa, yeah!
That was so funny!
Bro, that was hilarious.
Nice dance moves, Sophie.
That robot thing-- yeah.
So totally awesome.
Hey, listen, I'm really sorry
for the way things went down.
Yeah, I've been
a bit of a jerk.
Of course!
Come here.
Oh, yeah.
You good?
Uh, we should hang out
sometime soon.
Yeah, yeah,
that'd be great.
Yeah, we should definitely
go out for that ice cream
and talk things over?
OMG! You are so funny.
And I love that dress.
Thanks. You guys want
to come to the diner?
Yeah. Your grandma
makes the best waffles.
Waffle party!
I guess-- I guess
this is it.
Uh, I guess so.
You seem really happy.
The world is full
of possibilities.
You know, the cop was right.
It's not easy
to make you smile,
but if you do,
it's totally worth it.
Um, ta-da!
How'd you do that?
I-- I don't know.
I can't tell you.
I am a magician.
I keep my secrets.
EMILY: Come on, tell us.
SOPHIE: I can't.
I'm sorry, guys. I can't.
Hey, sweetie.
Breakfast is ready.
Okay, I'll be right down.
You look happy.
I am.
And Star did that?
Yeah, no, I don't--
I don't know.
You know, I'm thinking
about taking the day off.
Do you mind
if I borrow Star?
Yeah, Dad.
Here, guys.
Hey, donut party!
Here you go.
These look great.
Smells so good.
I made them this morning.
They're so good.
Oh, this looks good.
Hey, Tommy,
what can I get for you?
I am going to have a coffee,
extra black,
and my partner here...
I'll have the waffles and
a cup of black coffee, ma'am.
Sure, Officer...
Officer Mahoney.
Nice to meet you.
It's great to meet you,
too, Officer.
We had her fooled, though.
We had her fooled.
See, I'm a really
good actor.
Oh, uh, did you get
that reality show?
No, I didn't,
but I'm doing the cop drama
and the director
wants my performance
to be very authentic.
That's great.
Yeah, so I'm going
to learn the ropes,
going on some ride-alongs.
Makes sense.
And I told them that this
is the town to do it in.
Oh, yeah, a big city
like this full of crime
and fast car chases--
only option, really.
I knew you'd get it.
Oh, I'll get your coffee.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Now, speaking of black,
where's all of yours?
Oh, um, I don't know.
I'm trying something new.
This happens
all the time.
It's the uniform.
I'm going
to get a newspaper.
Yeah, thanks, buddy.
Oh, almost forgot.
Happy birthday.
It's not my birthday.
Happy late birthday.
I never got you
a birthday present,
but you helped me get home
in time for my auditions
and you showed me
a part of this world
that I've never seen before.
You showed me how to be
a real artist.
So, open it.
It's to make movies,
to tell some of your stories,
because you've got
some really great ones.
Wow, thank you so much.
You know, we were rudely
interrupted last time.
I'm in love with you
Are you in love
With me, too?