All Styles (2018) Movie Script

Brandon. You're not here
to play games. Reset time! Sir. Horse stance. Sir. Sir. Sir. -Class dismissed.
Sir. Good job. All right now, baby.
Let's roll. Show us what you got
Show us what you got. Whoo! What a way to start
this thing off. Go, go. Oh, I see y'all. Hey. Lunge toss.
Y'all gots to top that, baby. All right, guys, come on. What you got? Hey, okay. -Hey, hey, hey, okay.
Okay. Go. I see you. Hey, hey. I see you. I see you.
Okay, okay. Come on. Move up in the same spot. Now would you look
at the tag team. No, y'all can't
let this come out. Oh, baby. No, no, no. Let's go. I see you, girl. Oh! Ah. Oh... Yah-yah. Yah-yah with the fly-by. Taking something
crazy, baby. Mm, oh, hey, hey. -Yeah
Oh! Oh, no, she didn't. Let's go.
Get her. Look at this. This is amazing. Now we got ourselves
a competition tonight, y'all. What else y'all got? Hold on, man.
I got this. Seriously? Take it. Don't worry,
it's all gravy, baby. Every time. -Turn that off. What are y'all doing in here? Y'all on private property. Y'all trespassing! Y'all got to roll out. Don't be looking at me.
Get out of here. Just go!
See you, college boy. Bye, Brandon! I can't believe you. You got all these people in here
with shoes on. What if somebody got hurt? That would be
my responsibility. No one would have got hurt. We were just dancing. Oh, just dancing. Well, excuse the hell
out of me. You need to get serious, son. Ain't no time for fun
and games in college. You said you wanted
to be a researcher. What do you gonna do,
research dance moves? Oh, something funny? No. You better focus, boy. I want you to clean up this mess
your friends left you. No TV, no car, no computer, no phone, no nothing. Are you serious? How am I
supposed to get anything done? Oh, now you concerned
about getting stuff done. You should have ran that through
in your mind in the first place. I'm disappointed
in you. I'm going to make you proud. You need some help with that? -No, I'm good. Yeah. So I guess I'm there? Yeah, yeah. But, I mean,
if you wanted to switch sides, I can easily move. No, it's okay. Okay. Uh... yeah, some boxes came by
this morning. I just put them
over there. Yeah, sorry, you never answered
any of my emails, so I just--
I chose a side. It's cool. So you're from Vegas? Yup. Prostitution's free. I mean, it's legal
over there. Yeah. I was going to try to make a
prostitution joke or something, -but... No, no. I... Just forget it, yeah. -Come in. Hey. I'm Rosalie. Hi. Yeah.
I'm Nate. You're our RA.
Yeah. I researched you
on Instagram. I just want to let you know
that I too am a fan of little succulents. -Yeah. You must be Brandon. Hi. I'm also your biochemistry TA. And that class
is a beast, but I'm around if you need
any extra help. Hey. How can I get
in that class? You couldn't handle it. Oh, I also want to let you know
about the first night party. It's downstairs at 11:00. Oh, who's all going? Well, first-years. Are they all
as gorgeous as you? Uh... see you later. Yeah. Count on it. I felt a connection. You coming? Nope. You'll get dibs
on all the first-years. Yeah, you sure you want
to wear What? Never mind. No, no, it's just pretty cool. It's pretty cool. I kind of like
this a little bit better. And it's all right,
it's all right. But you should come
see it sometime. Hey. You should go. It's lame. Don't ask. Many reactions proceed
to a lower energy state and are thus favored
thermodynamically. Your text gives three examples
of this. One: a hydrolysis
of starch to glucose. And two others. Name them. Come on. Anyone. -Hi, Professor Schmidt. I'm Maddie Beeber. So excited to be here. So I just wanted to remind you that today is the first day
of class, so no one has done
any reading yet. If you wish to whimper
about the requirements, you could go down the hall
to Biology 101 with the rest of the woefully
unprepared students. Leave. You heard me. Yes? The splitting of phosphate
groups from other phosphates is one example, sir. Correct. And the rearranging of glucose
to fructose is another. Also true. This is not a class
for students unwilling to take the initiative
in understanding these concepts without me
holding your hand. I just want to emphasize that reactions
are reversible. They can be coupled so that
energy from one drives another. Also true. Uh, this class is over
when I say it's over. Class dismissed. Hey, come check us out. Hey. Zumba classes,
Tuesday, 2:00 p.m. Ooh, baby
Sweet baby I want to rip that thing
All night long Baby, oh All night long Oh, baby Oh All night long You need that booty whipped
Baby All night long You need that booty whipped
Baby Oh, all night long Five, six,
follow my lead. This is another Big R remix -Okay, okay. Why don't you guys
take a break. All right, come here.
Here's some inspiration. [hip-hop music playing
over computer] -Oh!
-They're good. Oh... So hot. So I saw your video. You're just now seeing it? I sent that to you
so long ago. That's not the point. You and Dante
look really close, for a girl with a boyfriend, Oh, so now you're my boyfriend? Because you don't
act like it. What's that supposed to mean? Not everything's
the Brandon Show. You think we were going to stop
being a crew because you decided
to leave? I got to go. Of course you do. Did you hear about that girl who got kicked out
of Biochem? You are the most
depressing roommate in the history
of roommates. You barely talk
to anyone, and you keep watching
that dance video over and over again. Listen, I know your girlfriend
dumped you, and it sucks, but I've been dumped
like a million times. How do you know
about that? Listen, I'm going to drive
to the mall. -No. Come on. I know you're tired
of cafeteria food. Get up. Hey, you here alone? That's a lot of bags. I can...
I can carry them. -Some of them.
I'm good. Turns out that she had
a "boyfriend." You know, so... So, we got to spread the word. What are you
talking about? Your dance crew. -Come on. You need a new dance crew,
so let's get you one. It's not that easy. Yes, it is. Look, I can help. Why would you
want to help? Well... -Women.
-Women. Look, Nate,
you can't trust people. I learned that
with my old crew, Levelz. Plus, I got
schoolwork to do. Well, it should work
if you just take it out of your sleeping
and moping time. It's a joke. Look, there's just
no talent here. There's plenty
of talent here. Okay, thank you guys
for coming to the auditions. Um, we will not be doing
choreography. Instead, you're going
to own your moves, keep your head high,
and battle. Take it away. Number one, go. Hey. Hey, let's go. All right. Number two. You got this. Come on. Take it. A little more.
All right. All right. All right. Hey! Okay. Enough, enough, enough. All right, enough,
enough, enough. Okay. I appreciate everyone
for coming. We will get back to you. Great. Great, right? Oh, man. We've got to keep
looking. -Yeah. This is a bad idea.
-Okay, well, next time just try teaching
choreography. Okay, okay, I know, I have
no idea what I'm talking about. Look, the purpose
of a dance crew is to find people
who do their own thing. They got to have
their own style. Well, if that's the case, then we're going to just
have to find these people. I mean, they're not going
to come to us. We're looking for research
assistants over at Pennington. It's for a new clinical trial
we're starting up. It's work study,
so you'll get paid. Not much... but you'll have the undying
respect of all your peers. Oh, come by
Friday at 10:00. We'll get you acclimated. Thank you so much. And I was just wondering,
about our tests, if you would... Oh, yes,
Miss Dhawan. Yes. You both made A's. See? We're good. Don't be over here
worried about nothing. Sir. -Sir.
-Sir. Fight! Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait. Continue without any contact,
okay? -Sir.
-Sir. -No contact.
-Sir. Hello? Hey, Dad. I got asked to be
research assistant. What? That's good news,
Brandon! Yeah. Professor Schmidt
was pretty impressed by me. Wow. Brandon, I'm proud of you. That's great news.
When does this happen? Brandon, are you...
are you still there? -Hey, Dad, let me...
-I can't even hear you. Let me call you back. When did this happen...? Hello? Brandon? Okay, the art department
loves this guy. Pretty good, right? -Okay. -Ooh!
-Yeah. -He's...
-Yeah. -We can work with that.
-Yeah. Okay. Sweet little moment Oh, Lord Sweet That's pretty good. Okay, dude, listen, you got to listen. I need you to meet me
at the Bon Temps. It's the zydeco club.
It's what you asked me... just meet me there, okay? Okay, sweet, bye. Not bad, right? Hey Ha-ha Well Whoo Oh, rock it I said Skeeter Oh, what, what Skeeter What, what You want to talk to me - Oh, yeah
- Something you want to say Do you wanna know
What I want to say? Take your time You got to make it rhyme Yeah, I said
Talk to me, Skeeter You got to take your time Oh, talk Is there something
That was designed Hey. What? So all you imitators go ahead
And pick up on this Pick it up Ow What? Okay. Yo, you are seriously dope.
You want to join my dance crew? Okay. Sure. Hey! Hey. Hey, hey, hey. I'm not sure
about this. Trust me. Whoa. She is never going
to join this crew. I got this. Found her. I'm sorry,
can I help you? Uh... oh. I remember you
from class. -Yeah.
-You guys... you sort of stood around. It was creepy. That's a good one. Yeah, yeah. I wanted to talk to you
about something. Well, it's...'s just that... you are so beautiful. Okay, okay, you know,
what do you want? Okay, look, my friend
Brandon and I, we're starting
this dance crew, and we want you
to be in it. Are you a dancer? No. No, I'm more like... I'm more like the manager. -Hmm.
-Yeah. Yeah. And how old are you? Age is just a number. Do you know how old I am? I don't know, 25? That's sweet. No, yeah,
I'm in my 30s. Okay. Yeah. And I just... I can't do it. Why not? It's-- this is just--
okay, this is strange, okay? -And, you know...
-Just hear me out. The crew is people
who do all kinds of dance, and it's just for fun. Brandon is an amazing dancer. His old crew Levelz
is huge. You can see a bunch
of their old stuff online. I mean, it's legit,
I swear. Look, it... come to one rehearsal. One. And if you don't
like it... don't come back. Yo, Professor Schmidt
told us to come here for... Oh, yeah. You're the new
minions. Grab that box of raspberries
and get started. Wash them thoroughly,
and when you're done I'll show you
what to do next. Okay. I cannot believe I signed up
to work at Jamba Juice. It's just the first day. Hey, um... can I sneak out? I don't care. Oh, they're for
a dance class. Hmm. Four, five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. -Thank you guys so much
for class. And let's give a round of
applause to our guest, Brandon. Whoo! And Nate, of course. Nate. Yo, you are amazing. Thanks. I'm starting this
new dance crew. You got to be in it. A dance crew? I mean, I only really
do bhangra. But you don't know that. Well, I guess not. Please, please, please.
You have been practicing those formation steps at home
for months now. I have so much
studying to do. Okay, at least come
to the first rehearsal. Okay. -Oh! This is going to be great. You really... yeah,
I wish I could. I wish I could. You know, the guy who could
juggle the hats was amazing. I mean, that's a skill
you could use. Hello. Hello. Earth to Brandon. Come in. Just reminding you boys
that we leave in five minutes to head over to my friend's
pep rally. You'll be sorely disappointed
if you miss it. I think I'll pass.
I have a lot of work to do. Yeah, I think I'll pass too. I might just stay in, find a glass of wine. Read some Salinger. Listen, I can see you're not
having much fun. And the adjustment
to college life is hard for a lot of out-of-state
students. So come on, relax. Please. Okay, okay. Fine. I'm really flattered that
you want me to go this badly. I'll clear my schedule. Yes. You and everyone else
on the floor. Welcome, welcome, fans. Our very own Sweethearts
are here to start the weekend
off right. And then we're introducing
your 2017 men's basketball team. You see our fierce sister,
Dee Dee. Whoo! Go, Dee Dee! This is lame.
I'm getting the car. The band and our Sweethearts just scalped the competition
in the ATL Classic. Bring us some love
today, fans. That's right, even more. Come on, keep it coming. Nate. Hey, car's four minutes away.
We got to go. I can't get another
bad review. Look at her. She is...perfect. Ladies, let's show the fans
how much we love them. We've got to have her join. Yeah. What's up? Are you ready to meet
this year's team? -I'm going to go talk to her.
-All right. Just... 6'6" sophomore from Miami, Florida... Taj Key. Excuse me. I don't mean
to interrupt. Well, I do,
but not stop you. Well, you're stopped now. My name is Brandon.
I appreciate your talent. I'm looking to assemble
the best dancers in Baton Rouge for a new crew,
and I'd love for you to join. Not to brag or anything, but I have won
some national battles. You could check out
me and my crew Levelz online. Lark, I know he did not
just tell you you can Google him. Can't be. Lark. Huh. Well, at least come
to an audition, or a rehearsal, so you can see
that I'm real. From sunny Santa Monica,
California, Milly Gilbert... Oh, okay. Check out the Southern
Sweethearts. Y'all looking good, ladies. If you say so, man. Okay, kids, leg up on the bar. And stretch
towards the bar. And back to center. Excuse me, this is
a beginners' class. Well, then I'm in luck,
because I'm a beginner. I thought you were some
big-time dancer. And you don't even know
the fundamentals of ballet. I mean, I am
a street dancer, but even though
it's a little different, you're never too old
to learn. Well, we're pretty far along
in the session, and they already know
all the positions, and more. I guess we're just going to
have to see how much you know, and determine
if you can continue. You guys want
to see his moves? Yeah! Okay. All right, now,
go easy on me. I'm a little rusty. Not bad. Not bad. Any critiques
on his technique? Yes, Margot? He didn't do them
in order. You are absolutely right. Why don't we show him
the positions in order. Ready? Five, six, seven, eight. And first... second... fourth... and fifth. Good job. -Good job. Any other suggestions? He's not in proper attire.
Look at those pants. -And his socks don't match. Okay, okay, we're not critiquing
his fashion. We're critiquing
his technique. His arabesque
was terrible. Funny guy. Okay, leg up on arabesque. And straighten that knee. Arm out. And stretch. Stretch. How's that? Not terrible. Not terrible
is good enough. You can relax now. All right, guys,
that was a really good class, and I will see you all
next weekend. -Bye, guys.
Bye. So, those were some pretty, uh,
interesting ballet moves. Are we going to see you
again next weekend? I don't think so.
I don't have tights. And I'm pretty sure Jacob
will be a little upset if I show up without him. Oh, yes. Very true. He definitely keeps us
looking our best. Mm, I see. I'd like to see you again,
though. For a dance. Of course. Right. Yeah. They don't have
dancing like that at pep rallies
back where I'm from. Vegas. But you do ballet too. That's, like,
totally different modes. Yeah, well, I mean,
ballet doesn't really require a serious dance face,
like the Sweethearts. Yes. Dance face. After all, you got to be
in beast mode. -Totally in the zone. Well, look,
I'm starting this crew, and I'd love for you
to be in it. But I don't dance
like you. Hey, that's perfect. I'm trying to do something new
with this dance crew. Something that's never
been done before. Ah. Everything has been
done before. At least come
to the first rehearsal. I actually think
I still have the flier. Is the address the same? Yes. Huh. So you were actually
listening to me. It's funny, because I really
couldn't tell. Ah, ahem. Dance face. But Dee Dee
also Googled you. Made us watch
all of your videos. Mm, okay. See? I'm not a creep.
I'm legit. So, when are the
first rehearsals? Um...
7:00 p.m. on Tuesday. Nice. -Sounds good. For sure. All right, thank you guys
all for coming. Just follow after me. Five, six, seven, and... Five, six, seven, and... Hey, hey. I think it'll help if you
break down the combination into smaller sections. Maybe start
with an eight count. Okay, um... I'm going to take it slow
for you guys. Follow along. Five, six, seven,
and step. And step. And step. And step. And bring it back. One, two.
And pop-pop. Okay, okay. Now let's try some battling. Now, at any moment, an opponent
from the opposite team can come up
and challenge you, so you have to be ready. So then why don't you
just step in? Or are you scared? -Hmm. - Get it, girl
- Get it, get it, get it - Get it, girl
- Get it Get it, girl Hey, I hate to be
the Danny Downer here, but... How are you doing? Yeah, our studio time's
almost up, so we got to get out of the way
for the Zumba class, so... Okay, okay. All right, guys,
thank you for coming again. I'll text you guys
next week. Oh, yeah, you know, I have to
check my kids' evening schedule. But we'll be in touch, okay? I'm not sure if I'll make
next rehearsal, but I'll take the hip-hop
aerobics in the gym, yeah? Yeah, it's not
an aerobics class. It's supposed
to be a dance crew. I'll see you in the lab, okay? -Mm-hmm.
-Bye. That was a...
that was a good first rehearsal. You call that a good
first rehearsal? It wasn't that bad. It could have been
so much worse. Like, you want my advice? But I feel like you're
gonna give it to me anyway. You need to try to find a way
to incorporate all the styles into one routine. Show them how
to use their skills. -I thought I did that.
-You need to try harder. They think
it's a dance class. You need to motivate them
to think like a team. Yes.
Practice makes perfect. Are you trying to sound
like my dad right now? Not really. Something my dad
says to all of his students. Oh. Okay, sensei. Put your dance face on
and you will be fine. Text me and let me know if
rehearsals are on for next week. Will do. It wasn't... -Bye, guys.
-Bye. It wasn't that bad. It was that bad. It wasn't that bad. Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Scott. Is there someplace
you'd rather be? Mm-mm. Mm-mm. No, Mr. Schmidt. Good. I want to talk to you
after class. Now, back to our regularly
scheduled program of who gets meetings
with the TAs prior to testing, and who is left out
on a limb by themselves to freeze in the cold? Mr. Scott, you're starting
to make me think I made a grave mistake
in letting a freshman do such important
research. Hm! Important research? All we do
is make smoothies. I'm literally taking time
away from class and life to make snacks. I'm sorry if you think eventually finding
the cure for diabetes is a waste
of your time. You have the honor of working
on a groundbreaking study. Consumption of
red raspberries and the maintenance
of normal blood glucose levels. It's a catchy title, right?
But it's really important. But I can always find
another student willing to, uh... make smoothies,
as you said. I didn't understand
how important it was. Please don't give
my position away. A promising student,
but you need to work on your time management. I will. You won't regret
giving me this opportunity. Ugh! Stupid. These are the best
chicken fingers in the world. Mm-hmm. I love Cane's. Not only because
of their food, but because they are
the official sponsors of Levelz Dance
battle tour. We're going to be traveling
to four cities, challenging the best crews
across the U.S. We're going to San Francisco,
New York, our hometown, Vegas, and Baton Rouge,
we're coming for you. If you manage
to beat us... If you manage
to beat us... win $50,000 cash. But that's not going
to happen, though. Never. You see?
They're challenging me. I mean, why else would they come
to Baton Rouge? Hey, I mean,
Baton Rouge is a great city. It's got a mixture
of urban and suburban. Good food. Just... okay, fine. We got to win this. Yeah. But right now
we don't have a crew. One love, baby. Okay, guys, so our last
rehearsal was... -Whack.
-Pathetic. Poo. And whose fault was that? $50,000 is a lot of money. Yeah, with $50,000 I'm pretty
sure I can forgive pretty much anyone. Well, then it's settled. Let's get to it. Routine 55. Five, six, seven, and... Yes. I'm not coming back. The grand prize
is $50,000. Do I look like
I need the money? Come on, this is the most fun
you've had in years. That's an overstatement. Admit it, you like us. I like to dance. And you like us. You know,
you're amusing. Just try again. Come on, you bring
class to the group. -You mean I'm old.
-No! No, I mean, it's not like
you're 40. You just have this
refined quality, and it just
steps us up a notch, and you're beautiful. Please. We need her. You don't need me. Look, you're really good. Plus your steps
are great for battles. Brandon, we finally got
some data. Okay, I got to fit this in
where I can. I have to prioritize
my studies. You sound like my dad. No, I sound like mine. Same. So then why are you not Listen, Reika,
I love science. But it doesn't have to be
the only thing I do in my life. But doesn't it...? Five, six, seven, and... All right. Ha! Hey... All right, all right.
Nice. That was-- -yeah, that was great.
-It's coming together. Coming together?
We're fire. Oh, yeah, we are....
we're fire. We are getting there. But we still need
to practice battling. I mean, I beat Xavier
the other day. Hey, say that again. Look, guys, we know
each other's moves. We know each other's strengths and we know each other's
weaknesses. So we go to battle some people
we don't know. I know some folks. Uh-oh. I do. Our challengers
have arrived. Whoo!
The Super Fantastic Dynamic Princess
Superhero President Team. You can't be serious. Oh, I'm as serious
as a heart attack. Okay. Hey, Margot, ain't you supposed
to be some prima ballerina? The name is Go-Go. Drop that beat. Oh. She's talking to you.
You heard the lady. Hey, I'm not the sound guy,
okay? Then why are you here? All right, teach these kids
a lesson in manners. We got this. - Drop that bass
- That bass - Drop, drop that bass
- That bass - Drop that bass
- That bass Drop, drop, drop that bass - Bass, bass
- Drop that bass - Bass
- Drop, drop that bass Bass, bass Come on, I could do that
when I was a kid. Whoo! Okay! Oh! Let's go. Oh, get it. Hey, serve 'em up. Oh! Oh! -Hey, hey, hey!
-Hey, hey, hey! Yeah, Mommy,
Show them haters. You're cheering
for the wrong team. I'm cheering
for my mom. There's a difference. Oh! No! Whoo! Come on, now.
Show 'em them feet. Oh! You got this.
Come on. Oh! Hey! Hey! Hey! Calm down, okay?
Keep it together. Wait, wait, wait. Y'all, we're losing
to kids right now. Just pull up. Hey! Oh! Okay. Drop that bass Drop, drop, drop that bass You got this, yeah. Go ahead. Okay! Show me what you got,
little man. Yeah, Jacob.
Okay. Oh! Is that all you got?
I thought you used to be famous. Oh. And I'm still the best. All Styles. Honey, remember,
whether or not you win, you still get pizza, okay? I'm coming with y'all
to get pizza. In my book,
you guys totally won. I think so too. But it's all right
if we didn't. Come on. Grow up. What? What? They're just kids. Ridiculous. You wanted to see me? Nice work on the analysis
on that last batch of data. Thanks. I'm curious to see
the final findings, though. Studying people
with type 2 diabetes was a pretty good idea. What are your plans
for the summer? Um, I had not really
thought that far ahead. Children. Hmm? There's a summer program
at Princeton, gives undergraduates
hands-on experience with cancer research. I read your
admissions essay. I thought that might
be something you'd be interested in. Yeah. What do I have to do? It's an extensive
application process. It includes an in-person
interview here on campus, and an oral presentation. Sounds like an amazing
opportunity. I know. It is.
So get your act together and we'll go over your
presentation in a couple weeks. Yeah! Yes. Thank you,
Mr. Schmidt. Without the assistance
of medication, patients reacted to raspberries
with insulin levels decreasing at a rapid rate. You need to be
more specific. Yeah, rapid rate
isn't clear enough. Why aren't you discussing Professor Schmidt's research
for your presentation? I just want to do
something different. So you like
to make your life hard. Basically. Well, I can help with
your presentation if you want. No, I'm good. Has Nate been
to all those places? Yeah, I guess so. Wow, that's amazing. I mean, I've only been
to India. I've been to Kansas. Hey, if you could go anywhere in
the world, where would you go? Iceland,
specifically Kpavogur. You've clearly given this
a lot of thought. Well, you got to map out
your dreams. Well, you know,
you could go to Iceland if you joined
All Styles again. Why I mean, we're going to win
this competition for $50,000. $50,000? Flights to Kpavogur right now
are around $2,175. Okay, so you're in. So that was a really
good rehearsal. You did better. -Come on, let's go. I'll see you later. What are you doing? Rehearsing. Rehearsing for...? The battle. I don't dance like you. I can't just get up there
and battle. Hmm, so you're nervous? Maybe. You know what?
I'm going to play a song. You just have fun,
and I'll sit and watch. Don't be nervous. Didn't even really
Want to go But if you get me out
You get a show There's so many bodies
On the floor Calm down. You got it. Are you down, d-d-down
D Stop watching me.
You're making me nervous. Down, d-d-down, d-d-down
D-d-down, down, down -Yo, for real, come on.
-Just listen up. Everywhere I look
Are peoples' hands Thrown up in the air
To help them dance What are you doing? Come on, baby
Catch me if you can -Oh, my God. I know you don't have
Any other plans -Stop.
- Are you down D-d-down, d-d-down, d-d-down,
Down, down? Whoo! You need to quit. -Fine.
-Go sit down. Down, down, down Are you Down, down, down Are you down, are you down
Are you down Down, down, down D-d-down, down You know we could put them
All to shame Now isn't the time
To play it safe Isn't this the reason
Why you came? So, baby
Don't you let it go to waste Are you down, d-d-down D-d-down, d-d-down
Down, down? Down, d-d-down, d-d-down
D Every single thing
Is feeling right Started as a quiet
Friday night I don't really think
That we should fight this What if we don't stop
Until it's light? Are you down, d-d-down D-d-down, d-d-down
Down, down? Are you down, d-d-down D-d-down, d-d-down
Down, down? Are you Down, down, d-down, down Down, down, d-d-down Are you down, are you down
Are you d-d-down Are you down, are down Are you d-d-down
Are you Down, down, down, d-d-down Are you, are you
Are you d Are you, are you
D Are you Down, down, d-down, down Down, down, d-d-down
Down, d-down, down Are you down, are you down
Are you d-d-down Are you down, are you down
Are you d-d-d-d-down Are you Down, down, down
D-d-d-down Are you down, are you down
Are you d-d-down Are you down, are you down
Are you d-d-d-d-down Are you Down Dad, don't turn
the alarm on. We're still working. I can never remember
the code. Oh, so you're not good
with everything, huh? -Hardly.
Lark. You almost wrapped up?
Mom's expecting us. Hi, Mr. Yohannes. I am Brandon,
and this is Lark. I am Lark's friend.
I'm Brandon. Lark's friend. Mr. Yonas is my father. Call me Dr. Yohannes. I'm sorry, Dr. Yohannes. Gotcha. Nice to meet you, Brandon.
Call me Yonas. Nice to finally meet
the young man who's taking up so much
of my daughter's time. Dad! I'm just joking. Mr. Brandon, I'm looking forward
to learning more about you... at dinner. Larky, let's head out. Guess you're coming over
for dinner. I'm trying to help you. You know, we had picked
this costume out for her, and she's like, "No, I want
to go in my birthday suit." She was so cute. We turned around,
and she had gone outside, butt-naked. -Oh, my gosh. Can I take your plate
after that story? -Thank you, Mama.
-You're welcome. Thank you. You're welcome.
I'll get the tea. I haven't had a home-cooked
meal like that in ages. Lark says
you're quite the dancer. Yeah. Thanks, but not like Lark. She's amazing. Look at you,
throwing out compliments. I mean it's not too often
you grown up with a family of dancers. Family of doctors.
I'm the black sheep for not majoring
in medicine. Now, Larky, I keep telling you,
you can do both. Look at me.
Look at your father. -Here we go again.
-Oh. Mom loves to tell
the story about how she was dancing at
Ailey and she pulled a tendon. That injury made her decide
she wanted to become a surgeon, and blah, blah, blah. Now, Brandon, I tell the story
with much more flair. And it lasts for hours. -Ooh. Stop teasing. So are you
a dance major also? No, biochemistry. Oh, a man after my own heart. A scientist with rhythm. -Lark, he's a keeper.
-Dad! Now, biochemists
that can dance, you don't find that often. You really don't. -But my mom was a dancer too. I didn't know your mom
was a dancer. Mm-hmm. She performed all around
the world when I was little. She was perfectly healthy. And then, boom, cancer. I'm so sorry. It was crazy. It made me want to become
a researcher, though. So I could work
to find a cure. It sounds to me like
you're doing a great job keeping your mother's
legacy alive. Thank you. I'd like to keep dancing
in the future. But right now,
science is the goal. Dancing makes me
a better surgeon, if you could believe that. It provides moments
of pure freedom in which your body takes over and moves to its own
natural beat. When I'm dancing, I don't have
a care in the world. Me neither. You must be
so sick of this. You have no idea. Well, I added some extra
honey to this batch. Thank you. Hey, what time is
your presentation? 5:00 p.m.
What time is yours? It's right before. That's cutting it
really close. We'll still make it. I mean, the competition's
at 7:00. We're barely going to have
any time to stretch or anything. We'll put our clothes in a bag
and change in the bathroom. What if there's traffic? We can do it. Okay. I can make you feel
Where this funk came from I can make you feel I can make you feel
Where this funk came from I can make you feel Baby, baby, baby, baby Oh, let me take you back Show you how they used
To do it, do it Yeah, and I rock
With the best So for me there's nothing
To it, to it Ah, my judges
Have been roger Without them I'd never do it
Do it, do it I said do it
And I don't stop No, no Fingadelic makes
The beats hot Ooh, I got to make them West Coast
Do the bub like Ooh, pop it, baby Fingadelic on
The Doc Marts I can make you feel
Where this funk came from I can make you feel Baby, baby, baby, baby I can make you feel
Where this funk came from I can make you feel Baby, baby, baby, baby Ooh, baby, baby Mm, baby, baby Ooh, baby, baby
Baby, baby, baby, baby So let me get down
Let me get down Baby, let me get down With my bad, bad, bad
Bad sound Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah Let me get down Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah And show you I can make you feel
Where this funk came from I can make you feel Baby, baby, baby, baby I can make you feel
Where this funk came from I can make you feel Baby, baby, baby, baby All Styles! All Styles! All Styles! All Styles!
All Styles! All Styles! This is the Charles
East Coast Hall. -Oh.
-Yeah. It's like a research center. Yeah, something
like that. Dad, what are you doing?
Come on. Your old man
didn't go to college. I'm just taking it
all in. I understand,
but don't want to be late. Don't want to be late. You guys want
something else? No, I'm good. Oh, amazing, sir. I don't know about all that.
You didn't even taste it. Brandon's got to keep
his strength up. Yeah, for the presentation. Yeah, that and he's got... He's what? What's going on? It's just... it's just that... I can't...
I can't imagine some of the... mental energy
it must require for the gymnastics that... mental gymnastics that Brandon
has to go through. I myself have only taken
a few humanities classes, and even then I can barely... I'm in a dance crew, Dad. It's called All Styles, and Nate is our... Manager. We're competing
after my presentation. I thought you were done
with all this. What's the difference? The difference is
you lied to me. I didn't lie to you.
I just didn't tell you. Brandon, don't give me
your lip. You know, we'll just
talk about this later. There's really nothing
to talk about, Dad. You can't stop me
from doing this. Oh, I can't? -You're just like your-- The time she spent away from us
dancing, we will never get back. You mean the time she spent
chasing her dreams. I'm, uh... I'm... yeah, I'm going to go
get the check. Boy... Oh, yeah Oh, yeah, whoo Uh-huh, uh-huh Mm You can't stop
What you can't see You can't hit
What you can't reach Suckas can't hurt me That's why I stand up
On the same feet - Sand-deep
- Sliding around
Standing on the concrete Can't stop me
Might as well just watch me Losing is unlike me Never I'm not trying This is my moment
This is my movie Making this magic
Y'all cannot move me Turn up the volume
Till there's no louder Turn down the lights
Till I'm off-balance Showing my talents
Playing through my talents Time to spring forward
I can't move backwards, no I keep my head held high Float above all those
Frowning faces Moving until I shine Feeling on top
But I keep chasing Oh Feeling on top
But I keep chasing Oh Won't stop Can't stop till I get it Two steps, one shot
Never finish I've been on this
For a minute So I deserve the life
I'm living I don't know
If you're living Hope it comes clearly
Glad I'm on my behind All you haters
Can D-I-E Greatest call me D-I-V Don't even need a C-I-D To know we usually
Break the status Of the long night Needing no sleep Need a penthouse
But ain't a grand thing No one has to be the boss Ain't a damn thing cheap You're definitely
Moving faster Till I'm where
I need to be And you know I won't stop Can't stop till I get it Two steps, one shot
Never finish I've been on this
For a minute Got one life
Trying to live it Yeah, oh I keep my head held high Float above all those
Frowning faces Moving until I shine Feeling on top
But I keep chasing Oh Feeling on top
But I keep chasing Oh I keep my head held high Float above all those
Frowning faces Moving until I shine Feeling on top
But I keep chasing Oh Feeling on top
But I keep chasing Oh Through the study of these
very complex reactions, we find that these chemicals
processes, ranging from unassisted
to prescription, must be in balance
to maintain proper health. Thank you. Next up, we have
Brandon Scott. Thank you guys so much
for this opportunity. I'm going to be presenting
on some groundbreaking research of the effects of the usage
of Herceptin on HER2. Welcome to Baton Rouge,
Louisiana, the last stop on the Levelz
and Raising Cane's dance battle tour. Over the last month,
Levelz have challenged crews in cities across
the country, including New York,
San Francisco and Las Vegas. So far, no one
can stop them. In both tissues,
the glucose enters by facilitated diffusion. A key difference is that
only the liver tissue is available to
synthesize glucose. The final stop on the tour brings us to Baton Rouge. Let's see if any local talent
can beat Levelz for $50,000. Oh, where are those guys? Thank you guys so much
for this opportunity Here we go again Hot damn, here we go again Hot damn,
Here we go again Here we go. Give it up
for Hot Steppers. Up next, we got Status. Yup. Oh, hey. Get it, get it,
get it, get it. Let's go, come on.
Let's go, come on. Hey, hey, hey, yeah. Hey. What's up? A lot of things. I see. -Yeah. You found a group of people
to finally let you shine. -It's not like that.
-Sure it's not. You know what, Sabby?
I'm happy for you. No one deserves success
more than you. Are you trying
to psych me out? No, I'm serious. I hope one day
we can be friends again. Oh, good.
You're finally dressed. Huddle up, guys. I don't know, you guys, the
other crews look really good. Guys, don't be nervous.
We got this. Dunk's right. We've come a long way. And I'm so proud
of you guys. This is our big moment. And I know
you can do this. Just remember, the things
that make us special are the things
that set us apart. -Right. All Styles on three. One, two, three. All Styles! Whoo! What have we got here? Is this the brand-new barely
lewd face crew All Styles? Hot sauce, y'all,
They burning it up. Hey, hey, hey. Didn't see that one coming. Don't beat yourself, y'all.
Treat yourself. Uh-huh.. That was good, y'all. You're killing it, Mom. Thank you, honey. Oh! Oh, you guys,
come meet my husband. Mwah. -Hey. Brad. Good to meet you.
-Hey, nice to meet you. Hi, Brad. Hey, how are you?
Great stuff. Hi, yeah, I'm Nate. Oh, yeah, I've heard a lot
about you, young man. Oh, have you?
All good things, I hope. I got my eye on you. I've got my eye on... me. Okay, you two.
-Good luck. Mwah. Love you. Oh, don't mind him.
He's just such a jokester. Yeah, I know,
I know. He seemed
really intelligent. I mean, his getup
is just proof of that. I mean, he has great taste
in corduroy. It's really nice. And the guy smells like
peppermint cinnamon. -Yeah, okay. Yo, first off,
I want to say that each and every one of y'all
did an amazing job today. We want to thank
our sponsor for today's competition,
Raising Cane's. Give it up for Raising Cane's
y'all! And the team chosen
to battle Levelz for $50,000 is... All Styles! This is it, y'all.
And so it begins. We gonna start this battle off
with Levelz. Hey. Okay. Was he just surfing? That's a first for me. No way, no way. Not the worm.
Come on, man. Levelz, I see you
doing your thing. Okay. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Okay. -Whoo! All right. Come on, guys. All right, challenge All Styles. Let me see what y'all got. Okay. Shot fired. Okay. I'm loving it. Whoo! Don't stop. Don't stop.
Don't stop. Come on. Oh. Oh! I like the footwork. Yes! I'm loving it.
I'm loving it. Let's go, Levelz. Let me see
what y'all got. Okay, we got the head down. Oh. Smooches. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Whoo! It's getting lit in here,
y'all! Oh, come on, come on. Yeah. Okay. Y'all got all kind of tricks
up y'all sleeves. Oh! Work it. Work it. All right. Ah. Did he just skate
on a hat? Hey, hey, hey,
it's getting hot in here. Whoo-hoo! All right, All Styles. Hold up. Let me see. I'm loving it. Ah. Oh, no, he didn't! Oh. Oh! Way to come back
on that one! Uh-huh. Hey, she just
kicked through. All Styles, y'all,
putting it to work. Hey, hey, let's go! Hey. Oh! You rock to the east
You rock to the west Let's go, Levelz. Let's see what y'all got. Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, come on Hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, let's go Loving the footwork. Man, that's old-school.
Whatever. Let's go, baby girl. Oh, she wants you to come in. Oh! Work, work, work. Shorty just shut you down. Calm down. Whatever. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Pop it. Work it. Let me hear y'all.
Whoo! Let's go. You rock to the east
You rock to the west Shorty is killing it right now. You rock to the east
You rock to the west Man! Get some, y'all. This has got to be
one of the best. Oh! Big man showed his muscles
up on that one. All right, y'all. The judges have spoken. And the winners are... undefeated on their
national tour! Make some noise, y'all! It's okay. Oh... It's okay. All Styles! All Styles!
All Styles! All Styles! All Styles! All Styles! Don't they know
that they lost? We still get pizza. -Hey, way to go.
-Congratulations. Thank you. All Styles! All Styles!
All Styles! All Styles! All Styles! All Styles!
All Styles! All Styles! All Styles!
All Styles! All Styles! All Styles! All Styles!
All Styles! I can't believe
we just did that. I'm sorry. Dad, you know
this is my passion. I know, son.
Just let me finish. I'm sad that your mother
is not here to witness all you accomplished. I'm proud of you. And I love you. Thank you. Thank you, Dad. -Thank you.
-Speaking of lovely. Now, you did this one move
where you was like, bam, bam bam! I was like, oh! -Show me the move again.
-It's like, bam, bam, bam! -You know, you did--
-Yeah, we're working on it. Yeah, well, it's hot, though.
It's hot. It hits me
Like a tidal wave The walls begin to cave in I thought that I could
Run away But it's always with me And I start to feel it, oh Give into the energy Get up off the pavement There's no more escaping
From human nature Oh I wanted to remedy These animal behaviors But there's no more escaping
From human nature Oh It started off quietly I'm hearing it aloud now And it's always right
In front of me But I missed it somehow And I want to feel it Oh Give into the energy Get up off the pavement There's no more escaping
From human nature Oh I wanted to remedy These animal behaviors But there's no more escaping
From human nature Oh We jump, we fall We want it all While screaming
In my garden now We need to know
What will become We dance, we're strong We fear unknown We want to grow
Don't want to wakeup alone We can't admit
When we're wrong Then we won't live
Without love Won't live without love Give into the energy Get up off the pavement There's no more escaping
From human nature Oh I wanted to remedy These animal behaviors But there's no more escaping
From human nature Oh Human nature Oh Human nature Oh