All Summer Long (2019) Movie Script

There's this feeling
We're all so much more
Than we seem
They can box us up in walls
But that don't
Change anything
There's a sun on the rise
Painting all the sky blue
Where the morning
Meets the night
And every color
breaks through
We're learnin' how to fly
through the fall
Learnin' how to fight
Through it all
We can see the world
Gettin' smaller
As we rise up
Learnin' how to give
what we take
Learnin' how to bend
but not break
To give it all
and not play it safe
You were out longer than usual.
Well, it was
an unusually beautiful day.
I got to go.
I'm already late.
-See ya.
-See ya.
Back to the stars
We are the dreamers
We are
The dreamers
We're the fire
That lights up the dark
Millions of faces
Every place
One beating heart
Sorry, Dad.
I didn't hear you come in.
You seemed a million miles away
just now.
Oh, not quite that far.
I was just thinking about
sailing over to Whidbey Island
this weekend.
Well, I don't have enough time
to sail to Fiji or Bora Bora.
-It's my own fault, I guess.
I shouldn't have
taken you sailing
before you could walk.
Oh, well, then, who would've
been your first mate?
[both chuckling]
By the way,
did you get a chance
to go over the Cahill case?
I glanced at it, but...
I don't know, Dad.
It's a--
It's a really big case.
You just won your last client
a $12-million settlement,
so everybody wants you.
But I'm exhausted.
I was on that case
for two and a half years.
I'd like to take a break.
Take a couple of weeks.
[scoffs] A couple of weeks?
I mean, that's barely
long enough
to sail
to San Diego and back.
Well, maybe after
you win the Cahill case,
you can take more time off.
Can I get that in writing?
-Not a chance.
[background music plays]
Where's my penne?
Is it al dente?
Order up!
This is gluten-free.
Why is bouillabaisse listed
as tonight's special?
Because bouillabaisse
is tonight's special.
It's Friday.
The menu
is always sole almandine.
And that's exactly
why I did it.
I mean, come on, we haven't
changed the menu in, like, what?
Five years
I've been here?
Yeah, and I don't
intend to start now.
Why? If you go out there,
every one of our customers
is loving that bouillabaisse.
-My customers.
-Oh, okay.
Yeah, they come here knowing
they can rely on good food
and a menu
that they are familiar with.
You know what? That's not
what fine dining is all about.
What's wrong
with trying something new?
-Well, you're free to do that.
Just not here.
Order up!
Order up.
Let's go.
Hot bouillabaisse.
Go, go, go.
[sighs tensely]
Um, glass of red wine.
Something that pairs nicely
with frustration.
Sounds like
you're having a bad night.
Hey, Bennett!
I didn't see you sitting there,
buddy. How are you?
Maybe that's because you're
only seeing red at the moment.
Ah, no, not quite red,
but I'm sure this will help.
Good to see you.
Where you been?
I haven't seen you in a while.
I just got back from
cruising the Greek Islands.
must be nice.
It was,
and so's this bouillabaisse.
Actually, it's excellent.
Well, enjoy it while you can,
'cause it's not gonna be
on the menu...
ever again.
That's too bad.
Couldn't agree more.
I try something new
here all the time,
and what happens to me
is I get shot down.
And you know something else?
I almost quit tonight.
Would you?
Would I what?
Because I know some people
who are looking for a chef.
[phone rings]
Tia, your Uncle Roland's
on line three.
Oh, great.
Put him on.
[line beeps]
Hi, Uncle Roland.
Hope I'm not disturbing you.
I know how busy you can be.
Never too busy for you.
How's Aunt Julie?
We're both great.
Have you finished
the renovations
to the boat yet?
No, not yet.
Julie and I are hoping
to be up
and running by the beginning
of the summer.
Oh, wow!
That's right around the corner.
Yes, well,
that is why
I'm calling you.
We have a legal issue
regarding a dock lease,
and Julie and I were hoping
maybe you could
take a look
at the paperwork?
Of course.
I would be happy to,
but why are you asking me
and not Dad?
Because he still thinks
turning an old yacht
into a floating restaurant
is a bad idea.
Well, I don't happen
to agree with him.
Have you hired
the rest of the crew yet?
well, everyone but the chef,
but we have a lead on someone
we're meeting with tonight.
How about I email you
the lease this afternoon?
You know, I have a better idea.
I've been wanting
to take
some time off,
and I'm dying to see the boat,
so what about if I fly
down there
for the weekend?
This cassoulet is exquisite.
I agree.
Thank you.
The job is yours,
if you want it.
Just like that?
Well, hardly "just like that."
After sampling all these dishes,
each one better than the next?
You more than convinced us.
I do suppose
I got a little carried away,
but the kitchen here
is exceptional,
and the owner
was extremely generous
to let me use it,
so thank you.
After 30 years
of managing this place for him,
he and I are very good friends,
so it wasn't a problem.
In fact, he's been
very supportive
of our new restaurant.
I'm leaving with his blessing.
You know what else
is exceptional?
This coq au vin.
-It is an old family recipe.
My mother's French.
Ah, well, it should definitely
be on the menu.
Oh, but, you would be
the executive chef,
so it would be your decision.
So you're telling me
I have the freedom
to create my own menu?
Well, of course.
It would be your kitchen.
You have no idea how long
I've waited to hear that.
Thank you.
So... we have a chef?
[Roland] We got
a great slip right in front,
just behind the breakwater.
I'm so excited
and proud of you guys.
This is such a huge deal.
She's magnificent.
We think so, too.
Do you mind
if I take a look?
-No, please. Go, explore.
-Of course.
I think she likes it.
I think so, too.
So... what do you think?
She's spectacular.
-We figure,
with the seating
on the upper deck,
we can accommodate
at least 30 diners
on every cruise.
It's getting really exciting...
and a little bit scary,
now that it's all
coming together.
Yeah, well, it's
a big change in your lives...
but a good one.
Not to mention
a big risk at our ages.
Ah, what's the fun in life
if you don't take a risk
now and again?
That's right,
and to be honest,
I-I really envy you guys.
See if you feel that way
after we open.
We should go.
We got to see the attorney.
Right. Okay.
I'll see you back at the house.
-Okay, good luck.
If you're interested,
there's a farmer's market,
and there's a great little
taco shack right there.
-Oh, that sounds good.
Oh! Oh, uh...
I think Julie has the keys.
-I'll catch up.
Do you need help?
Um, okay...
You know, I think
if you just put a little more
tension on it,
it would--
Hey, watch out for the kite!
Are you okay?
[chuckles] I'm fine,
just a turtle kite...
-Jake Jarett.
Wow, I guess you haven't
forgotten my name, huh?
You're pretty hard to forget.
Thank you.
It wasn't a compliment.
Tia, come on, 12 years
is a long time to hold a grudge.
No, it's not a grudge.
I just...
You're a face from my past
I didn't expect to see again.
I never thought
I'd see you either,
but is this how you always react
when you run into
your ex-boyfriends?
Just the ones
who broke my heart.
You hold the record
for that, so...
I got over it, though, so.
Guess I do deserve that.
And more, but...
Like I said, I'm over it.
I know.
I-I heard that the first time,
Nice to see you, though.
Eventful, at any rate.
Watch out for kites.
[Julie] How did it go
with the attorney?
Well... because the boat
was an inheritance,
he agreed to grandfather-in
the original dock lease,
so the terms
will remain the same.
That's great news!
Oh, thank you so much, Tia.
You're welcome.
I'm just happy I could
do something to help,
even if it was something small.
Well, are you ready
to help some more?
Of course!
What do you need?
Your honest opinion.
I want you to taste them
and tell me which ones
we should put on the menu.
Why not all of them?
These look amazing.
Uncle Roland,
what do you think?
Oh, I love everything
Julie bakes,
and to prove it, I've gained
five pounds the last few weeks.
-That's not true.
-[phone buzzing]
Oh, excuse me.
Uh, ahem. Hello?
What are these again?
They are madeleines.
I use the cardamom spice
to sort of
balance out the citrus--
That's okay.
Julie, these are incredible.
That was Jeremy.
Oh, he's our captain.
Was our captain.
-Yeah, he just quit.
He got a better offer
from a big cruise line.
Well, that certainly
leaves us in a bind.
Oh, hey. You're up early.
Yeah, I couldn't sleep.
had a lot on my mind.
I'm a good listener...
So remember yesterday
when I said
I envied you and Roland?
Well, it's more than that.
I really admire
what you guys are doing.
Gambling our life savings?
Okay, maybe not that part,
but you're doing something
you're both excited about.
I want in on that.
Do you mean
you want to be an investor?
In a way.
Would you consider letting me
be captain of the Yellowfin?
I've spent the last
two and a half years
on a really tough case,
and I need to take time off,
so what I'm proposing
is that I be your captain
for the summer.
I mean, you both know
how much I love the sea,
and I've had
my captain's license
since I've been 24,
so I'm fully capable
of sailing anything
from a small dinghy
to a hundred-foot trawler yacht.
We know that, but--
And you said it yourself,
Uncle Roland,
what fun is life
if you never take any risks?
[astonished laugh]
Well, it turns out
I've never taken any risks!
Honey, we understand--
I don't even have any pets!
Or a boyfriend,
for that matter,
and I would take a leave
of absence from the firm, and...
And that's my pitch.
[Tia panting]
Okay, so what do you think?
You had me
at "captain's license."
You had me before you even
started your speech,
but it was lovely.
Okay, so then I'm hired?
Well, we obviously think
it's a great idea, but...
I need to tell my dad.
You do know the Cahill case
can put you on line for partner?
I know,
and this may sound crazy,
but ever since I saw that boat,
all I can think about
is being on the water
all summer long.
I just think you could
be making a big mistake
and that all of this is...
very impulsive.
Didn't you impulsively
give up a naval career
to go into the private sector?
Seems to have worked out
pretty well for you.
You make a good case.
I learned from the best.
You know,
I'm just not convinced
that this venture of Roland
and Julie's even has a chance.
They could lose everything.
Or they could gain everything.
The point is that they're
willing to give it a try.
then I guess you'll go away
and have your summer fun,
and you'll see
if it was worth it.
Do you want my Mariners tickets?
The way
they're playing this season?
I'll miss you.
Well, I certainly
hope you will.
Mom, do you think Dad
will come down for the opening?
Oh, I'm gonna start
working on him now...
[both laughing]
But we'll definitely
be there later this summer
for John Hardwick's
retirement party.
Oh, wow! The Admiral's
finally retiring?
Have to go see him
once I get settled.
Oh, he would love that.
He'll be very proud of you.
Thank you.
It's not the Navy,
but at least I'll be sailing
the Pacific Ocean.
Oh, and that's our skiff.
Oh, great.
[gasps] "Des Mers..."
I like it.
Well, our cook
is a French chef,
and Des Mers means
"of the seas" in French,
so it made sense.
Welcome aboard, Captain.
Allow me
to introduce your crew.
Captain Larkin,
this is Marcus Stapleton,
First Mate.
-Hi. Pleasure to meet you.
And Lucas Shaw,
Chief Engineer.
Look forward
to working with both of you.
Back at you, Captain.
Would you like
to see the bridge?
She'll be up shortly,
but first...
We have a surprise for you.
-Right this way.
We hope you like it.
Are you kidding?
This is gorgeous!
You wanted to live onboard,
and we wanted you to be
as comfortable as possible.
Well, now I may never
want to leave.
[all laughing]
Well, great!
All right, we'd better
get back up on deck.
Just come on up
whenever you're ready.
All settled in?
I was thinking
I might go down
to the marina and the park
and explore,
maybe get a coffee.
-Sounds good.
Thank you.
-Hey. Oh.
This is, um...
strange coincidence?
Two times in one week.
It's not really a coincidence,
it's, uh, bad luck.
But it also could be...
Well, whatever it is,
What are you doing?
I'm going this way.
So am I.
To the marina?
To a boat?
It wouldn't happen to be
the Pacific Yellowfin,
would it?
Yes, it would, Tia.
I'm the chef.
But you're not French.
I'm half-French!
Tia, w-what does that have
to do with anything?
Julie said they hired
a French chef.
Oh, Julie.
As in-- Hold on a second.
"Julie" as in Julie and Roland?
Yes! They're my aunt and uncle.
Oh, good.
I'm the new captain
of the Yellowfin.
How is that even possible?
I thought you were a lawyer!
I am! I'm taking a leave
of absence for the summer.
[deep breath, sighs]
This is awkward.
To say the least.
Yeah, so tell me
what we're gonna do about it
because I don't think you or I
are willing to walk away.
Obviously not.
If we have to work together,
then I don't think
that we should
tell Julie and Roland
that we know each other
or that we have a past.
How come?
Because they have enough
to worry about as it is.
I don't want them
having to think about
whether there's gonna be
friction between us.
Oh, okay.
Even though
there obviously still is.
I'll work on it.
Okay. I will, too.
So then we agree.
We will keep things
strictly professional
at all times.
Great... great.
Okay, well, this shouldn't
be too hard. I mean...
I mean,
you'll be in the galley,
and I'll be on the bridge
most of the time.
The galley.
That's the kitchen, right?
It's gonna be a long summer.
Okay, that's done.
These are coming Friday.
That's done.
Oh, hey.
Looks like you two
have already met.
We have.
Yeah, it's actually like
we're old friends, right?
Well, I wouldn't exactly have
phrased it like that, but...
Right. Of course not.
Uh, Jake, the table linens
were just delivered.
Can you take a look at them
when you get a chance?
Sure. How about now?
-Great, yeah.
They're in the galley.
After you.
You have no idea how lucky
we are to have snagged Jake.
Yeah. Not only has he trained
at the Cordon Bleu,
but he's got all the makings
of a five-star chef.
Seems like a real stand-up guy.
Well, I just, uh,
hope he can stand up
on a moving boat
while cooking.
[Tia chuckles awkwardly]
Tia helped me pick it out
and she's got great taste.
Yeah. You know,
speaking of Tia,
how long has she been
a boat captain?
Oh, this is her first time.
But don't worry.
She's more than qualified.
No, I don't doubt her,
not at all.
I was just curious
how she went from
being a lawyer
to-- to this.
How did you know
she was a lawyer?
Oh, she just mentioned it to me
when we were both
walking onto the boat.
Can I help?
Sure, yeah. Can you hand me
the threadlocker?
It's not a tool.
It's the little red tube
right there.
Oh. [chuckles]
I guess that wasn't much help.
No, it's the gesture
that counts,
so thank you very much.
You work
on the Pacific Yellowfin?
I do. Yeah.
I'm sorry. I'm Tia.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Bennett.
And it looks like
we're neighbors.
That's my boat
at the end of the dock.
-The Seahawk?
I mean, she's a beautiful boat.
Are you the captain?
I am part of her crew,
but nothing that illustrious.
I'm just her owner.
Oh. [laughs]
Don't be embarrassed.
I've been mistaken
for a deckhand before,
so at least captain's
a promotion.
What about you?
You the First Mate?
Well, I don't mean
to embarrass you,
but I am actually
the captain.
Oh, I'm not embarrassed.
I'm impressed.
Maybe I'll see you around.
More than likely.
Thought you already left.
Uh, yeah. No, I was...
I was about to, I just thought
I'd look around.
You know, still getting
the lay of the land.
Well, we're on the ocean,
but I get your drift.
Ah, I guess that's
your attempt at nautical humor.
Have you ever cooked
on open water before?
'Cause it can be
a bit of a challenge.
But that's your job, right?
Keep everything smooth sailing?
Well, I can't
control the weather.
[both laughing]
Look, just learn
to roll with the tide
and you'll do just fine.
Well, I appreciate
the tip, Captain.
You're welcome.
I will see you tomorrow.
Okay. Have a nice evening.
This souffle is fantastic.
It's amazing.
I mean, I haven't
had something this good
since I worked in the kitchen
at the Breckinridge Cove Resort.
The Breckinridge?
Wow, that's high praise.
Wait. Tia, didn't you work there
one or two summers?
Um, yeah, yeah.
My last two years of college.
[computer chimes]
Oh! Guess what?
That is our first cruise
sold out!
-That's amazing.
Uh! Across the table.
There we go.
And our next two cruises
are almost at capacity.
I have to keep pinching myself
to make sure I'm not dreaming
and this is really happening.
Oh, it's happening, all right,
and we have
the bills to prove it.
Thank you.
Don't suppose
one of those is for me?
No, I actually have
a crew to feed.
Speaking of your crew,
I met your captain
the other day.
-Did you?
-What's her story?
What do you mean?
I mean, is she single?
Bennett, I have no idea.
You don't?
No! Why would I? Come on.
We're working professionals.
It's not like
we sit around all day
and discuss our personal lives.
Thank you.
You know what?
I can find out
if she's single for myself.
Okay, fine.
You do that, but keep me
out of it, all right?
I mean, come on.
She's my captain,
which technically means
she's my boss,
so it could get complicated.
Got it.
Appreciate it.
[Tia] Hey.
Hey. I have your coffee.
-Ah, thank you.
-You're welcome.
Was that, um, Bennett Jamiesen
you were just talking to?
-Yeah, it was, actually.
He was the guy
that recommended me
to Julie and Roland.
Oh. I didn't know
you two were friends.
Well, I mean, he came
into my last restaurant
and we got to know each other
from time to time.
Seems like a good guy.
Yeah. No, he is...
for someone who comes from
a Nob Hill family.
But if you ask me,
I don't really think
he's your type.
I don't have a "type."
Because you used to.
Maybe when I was 22.
People change!
I know I have.
I have to say,
this is a pleasant surprise.
-The tacos?
Yes, the tacos.
No, I meant you inviting me out.
Just being neighborly,
but if you like these tacos,
there's this
little fishing village
in Mexico named Chacala,
where they're even better.
I suppose the Seahawk has
taken you all over the world?
Almost every place
where there's water.
I assume you've done
quite a bit of sailing yourself.
Mm. Not to all
the faraway places
I dream about,
but, for right now,
I'm happy cruising
the San Francisco Bay.
I mean,
there's just nothing like
that feeling
of wind in your hair
and wondering what's on
the other side of the horizon.
Or the anticipation
of adventure--
at least
the possibility of one.
This just came for you.
So who's it from?
We had dinner last night.
-You did?
It's not like it was a date!
We just went to the taco shack.
Are you sure
it wasn't a date?
No! It was-- it was
two neighbors grabbing a bite.
Bennett's awfully charming.
[Tia laughs]
Jake thinks
he's not my type.
Jake is giving you
dating advice?
Mm. Just can't help himself.
Is there something going on
between you and Jake?
Then why do I get the feeling
that you two knew each other
before there even was
a Pacific Yellowfin?
I thought we were
doing a good job hiding it.
Okay, you might've
been trying to,
but I could see that there was
something more going on.
Look, we just...
we knew each other
a long time ago.
That's all.
Jake's the guy you fell for
when you worked
at the Breckinridge, isn't he?
Yeah, and the same guy
who broke my heart.
I mean...
In all fairness,
it wasn't entirely his fault.
What happened?
[Tia sighs]
I was the sailing instructor
and he worked in the kitchen
for two summers,
two wonderful summers.
We even managed
to see each other
during the school year,
and we made this pact
that, after college,
we would both follow our dream,
no matter what.
So Jake was going
to the Cordon Bleu in Paris,
and I was gonna go with him.
I was gonna get a crew job
on one of those riverboats
on the Seine...
then I got accepted
to law school in New York,
so I decided
that I was gonna be realistic
and stay.
And that didn't
sit well with Jake?
He felt like I was
letting both of us down
by not following my dream,
but I thought we could still
make it work long distance.
Jake didn't agree,
so he broke it off and...
I got hurt,
more than I'd ever
been hurt before.
But it's all in the past now,
and that is where
we've agreed to leave it,
so you don't have to worry.
I promise.
I'm glad,
because, since our opening
is in less than three weeks,
Roland and I thought we should
check out the competition,
so I booked a table
for the four of us
on Wednesday night
on another dinner cruise,
the Franciscan.
Okay, well, great.
It's not a problem, okay?
That's good,
Jake already said yes.
[awkward chuckle]
See you Monday, Captain.
Have a good weekend, guys.
How much are these?
You, uh, you want
a melon that's ripe?
That was my intention.
Okay, well, you certainly
don't want this one.
Let's see here.
Ah... [sniffs]
That's better.
That one's ready to eat.
Thank you.
No problem.
You know, I'm glad
I ran into you,
not just because of the melon.
I wanted to let you know
that the cat is out of the bag.
What do you mean?
Julie figured out
that we know each other
from before,
so we don't
have to pretend anymore.
Oh. Oh...
To tell you the truth,
I'm relieved.
It's, uh, been pretty hard
pretending you're a stranger.
We used to know each other
pretty well.
Yeah, but that was
a long time ago.
You, um, planning on watching
a movie tonight?
How did you know that?
Because you would always
eat kettle corn
when we watched a movie.
Okay, fair enough.
Do you still cry
at the end of Casablanca?
Oh, come on!
I wasn't crying.
Chopping onions.
[Tia laughs]
No. I didn't buy it then.
I don't buy it now.
Okay. Well, then, I'm gonna
settle this once and for all.
Ah... There we go.
Follow me.
Excuse me. I was wondering
if I could borrow your knife
to chop this onion.
He's a chef.
All right.
Thank you very much.
You ready?
All right.
I don't see any tears.
Oh... no...
No, I'm really...
[exhaling dramatically]
It's happening!
See it?
No? You neither?
I'm not feeling anything.
That's great.
That's fantastic.
Okay, fine, you win, all right?
Now give this nice man
back his knife.
Yes. Thank you.
Thank you.
What are you gonna do
with all that onion?
Oh, just wait and see.
Hold on.
It's a late reaction.
[huffs theatrically]
See? Look.
No, not a thing.
Not happening.
Good chat.
All right! Let's go.
So what is all of this?
This is going to be
the herb garden for Des Mers.
Now, when I was at
the farmer's market today.
I picked up a bunch
of these herbs,
and I was planning on
planting them tomorrow,
but I figured,
hey, I'll start today.
Want to help?
Sure, yeah.
What do we do?
Well, first off,
remember that onion
I chopped up so expertly
and didn't cry?
Uh, I'm going to mix it in
with garlic, cayenne pepper,
and some water,
and make
an eco-friendly insecticide...
But first, we need
to plant something
before we use the insecticide,
so you choose.
Oh, okay.
How about these little yellow
and purple flowers?
Those'll look beautiful
on the tables.
I couldn't agree more.
They will look beautiful,
but unfortunately,
these are edible flowers
I put in some of my recipes,
so why don't you start with
that white one there,
the beautiful
white flower there,
and I'll do these.
Sounds good.
All right.
How are you doing over there?
I think
I am almost done.
Want to check it out?
All right.
Not bad, not bad...
a little crowded.
Here, let me show you something.
Pull this one up.
Give it a little bit
more room here.
Dig a deeper hole,
get some more space.
What are you...
Now I'll let you do it.
-Okay. Okay.
-Put it back in there.
Oh, yeah, I see.
-Much better.
Then you've got to get
all the soil away.
Why don't you put that
back in there?
There you go.
This is fun.
Was that your, uh, first time
planting anything?
-Yes. Yes, it was.
-I can tell that
by what's over here.
Because this is, like...
[cell phone rings]
Hi, Tia. It's Julie.
I just wanted to let you know
that Roland had
a little accident.
He's fine,
but his leg is in a cast.
Oh, no!
Oh, that's awful.
Thanks. Is Jake there?
We want to speak to both of you.
Yeah, he's right here.
I'm right here, Julie!
Hey, Roland?
Hope you're not
in too much pain, buddy.
Besides my leg,
my ego is bruised.
It's my fault, though.
I was carrying boxes,
not looking where I was going,
and... well,
I guess you know the rest.
He's got to stay off his leg
and keep it elevated
for at least a week,
so we're hoping
that you two don't mind
taking care of everything
for a while.
No, of course not.
We got this.
Yeah. No, we'll take care
of everything, Julie.
Just make sure he's okay.
It's gonna be a challenge
keeping him down.
She's got that right!
Uncle Roland,
you'd better do what Julie
and the doctors
tell you.
I will.
I can't fight with all of you.
[laughs] Oh!
And don't forget
the dinner cruise is tonight.
We'll just cancel that.
[Julie and Roland]
No, no, no, no, no!
We have to scope out
the competition!
And we don't know
when we could make it again.
You two don't mind
going without us, do you?
No, no, we're going.
Yeah, we're totally going.
We're good!
Great. Thank you so much.
All right, we'll talk to you
in a bit.
Am I late?
Hey! Um, well, apparently,
we both are.
Dinner cruise
left an hour ago.
I guess Julie told us
the wrong time.
[laughs] No!
Well, you, uh...
you look nice.
Oh, well, thank you.
So do you.
Oh, thank you very much.
Well, listen,
since we missed the boat,
no pun intended,
it's not like
we have to miss dinner.
I know this great place
down there, if you're game.
Yeah. I'm starving.
Yeah. No, me too.
You know, I think
we're the only couple here
who isn't a couple.
Mm, maybe...
but, you know,
we're a couple of friends.
At least I hope so.
To friends.
To old friends.
Uh-uh, we're not that old.
No, no!
I don't mean old.
I mean we go way back.
-I know.
-Is that better?
Mm... it's nice.
This place reminds me
of that outdoor cafe
we used to go to
in Breckinridge.
Oh, yes!
The one where
we never ordered any food.
Well, we couldn't afford it!
But we always had
a glass of wine, remember?
One glass of wine
between the two of us.
They had to have known we were
only there for the view.
I'm surprised
they never threw us out.
I have a confession to make.
I knew a guy
that worked in the kitchen,
and I...
made a deal with him.
-Are you serious?
What was the deal?
I had to give him my recipe
for my inside-out
grilled cheese sandwich.
[gasping deeply]
That was the best sandwich
of all time.
Really? You remember it?
Oh, my gosh!
I remember the first time
you made it for me.
That's right!
That was the night
you had the really bad sunburn,
I have never had another
grilled cheese that good.
You know, over the years,
I will be honest,
I always thought about
whether or not
you finished law school.
You did? Why?
I just was hoping
you'd have chucked it
and found your place
on the water,
where you always wanted to be.
I never had the courage.
-Until now.
Although I'm only here
for the summer, so...
Right, well.
Did you ever wonder
whatever happened to me?
I didn't have to.
I knew you'd become a chef.
You were the hardest-working
person I'd ever met.
I did sometimes wonder
if you'd ever gotten married.
Oh, no. No. No... [laughs]
Not me. You?
Once, almost...
I didn't, in the end.
[waiter] Here you are.
Hey, uh, great. Thanks.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Now... the real test...
for old times--
Do you remember... this?
Bon appetit.
Mm, this smells good.
Ahoy! Permission
to come aboard, Captain.
Oh my goodness.
What are you doing here?
I was just talking
to your mother,
and I decided I couldn't
wait any longer
for an invitation
to see your new commission.
Well, I was gonna invite you
after we officially opened,
but since you're here,
let me give you
the V.I.P. tour.
Admiral! Sir.
As you were.
I'm gonna miss all this.
[both chuckling]
Hey, Tia, I was just wondering
if you had a minute.
I wanted to go over--
Oh. Um, sorry,
I didn't know you were busy.
Oh, that's okay.
meet Admiral John Hardwick.
Also known as
this young lady's godfather.
It is an honor
to meet you, sir.
Thank you for the tour.
You don't see many boats
like the Yellowfin anymore,
and it's good to see
that she's being put
to good use.
-When's your first voyage?
-Day after tomorrow.
Well, I'm sure
you will do her proud.
Thank you.
[Admiral chuckles]
It's good to see you.
You too.
It's a pleasure.
Well, it's nice to get
the Navy's stamp of approval.
It sure is.
So what's up?
Oh, um,
since Julie's not here,
I was just wondering
if you could fill in for her
and taste some of my dishes.
Um, can it wait, though?
Because I was just about
to meet Bennett for lunch.
Yeah-- I mean, yeah.
I mean, I di-- I didn't know
you guys had gotten so friendly.
Is that a problem?
No. No, it's just
an observation.
Well, with your permission,
I'm gonna be on my way.
Permission granted.
Have a good lunch.
That's a good chat.
This is what
you call a light lunch?
I wasn't sure what you liked,
so I got a little
of everything...
but, don't worry,
whatever we don't eat
will be donated
to the foundation I work with.
That foundation? The one
that's sponsoring the concert?
Yes. I'm one of those
And I'm also
on the board
of the foundation.
So that's what you do
when you're not sailing?
And I love it almost as much.
The work we do always
brings me back down to earth.
I don't know.
You seem
pretty grounded to me,
for someone who owns
the biggest yacht in the marina.
This looks great.
Thank you.
No problem.
This smells amazing.
Ah, I hope
you're still hungry,
because I have got
steamed mussels
marinating in white wine,
tarragon, lemon,
and butter and shallots.
We also have, of course,
some grilled French bread
because, you know, you've got
to have grilled French bread
when you have mussels.
We also have chicken paillard
with lemon and black pepper,
grilled potato
with goat cheese Napoleon
and basil vinaigrette.
You know what?
I think I could make room.
Okay, well, in that case,
I'd like you to meet me
back here
in 10 minutes.
You're on.
All right.
See you in 10.
Don't be late!
Jake, your food
is unbelievable.
Yeah, I know,
and I appreciate that,
but which one of these dishes
is the most unbelievable?
They're all delicious.
I don't hear a preference.
Whichever one you pick
will be fine.
Tia, I'm not looking for fine.
I need fantastic.
I think what you need
is a break.
You think?
Find any interesting
shells yet?
No, but I found 26 cents
in change,
and I found this little piece
of driftwood...
kinda looks like a giraffe.
No, that doesn't
look like a giraffe.
What are you talking about?
Of course it does.
Look at the ears,
and there's a long neck,
and there's this--
No, it's like a hummingbird.
That's the beak.
Okay, hummingbird, okay?
We'll call it a hummingbird...
and where are the treasures
that you found?
Come on!
How do I find junk
and you find beauty?
I know.
Well, maybe I'm just
better at this.
No, I just think
it's because you're lucky.
Oh, okay, mm-hmm. I'm just
gonna put this right here
so you can admire it, okay?
Okay. Oh, really?
Well, I'll put
my hummingbird next to it.
[pebble splashes]
Yeah, you were close.
That's not a wishing well,
but nice attempt
at trying to hit the buoy.
I wasn't trying
to hit the buoy.
But if I wanted to, I could.
From here?
-Come on!
What, you think
you could hit it?
Let me think about that.
Yes. Probably.
-Oh, you're on.
Okay. [grunts]
You go first.
Age before beauty.
That's close.
All right, ready?
All right.
All right,
this is the one.
That was off
by about eight feet.
Just kidding.
All right, ready?
Yes! Got it!
You were just lucky.
That was a gust of wind.
-Gust of wind?
Lookit! There's nothing.
It's skill.
-[cell phone ringing]
-Hold on.
-Wait. It's my mom. Hold on.
-Oh, okay.
How nice and convenient.
[laughing] Hi, Mom.
What's so funny?
Nothing, nothing.
We're just goofing around.
Well, I was just calling
to give you a progress report.
I'm just leaving Dad's office,
and we're not gonna get
down there for the opening.
He wouldn't budge, huh?
Well, he will eventually,
and we'll be down
in San Francisco
in a couple of weeks
for John's retirement party,
so we'll see you then.
And, hopefully,
on one of our cruises?
Well, I hope so, too.
How's Roland doing?
Hobbling around on crutches,
but nothing could
keep him from opening night.
Well, I guess
he's as stubborn as his brother.
Well, good luck,
Thanks, Mom. Love you.
Look at what I found.
You just found that right now?
-Yeah. Isn't it beautiful?
-It's an abalone shell.
Oh, my gosh...
It's stunning.
Isn't that gorgeous?
Look at that.
Well done.
Well, thank you.
Well, you know.
In my spare time,
I win buoy championships
and pick up abalone shells.
I think, um,
this is your trophy--
-Is that it?
-...For hitting the buoy.
[Tia laughs]
I won.
-Is it over there?
-That's what I'm saying.
-Thank you.
-Oh, hey, thanks, man.
-What is it?
-Oh, hey.
Maybe we should go to this.
Concert's on Monday night,
it's our night off,
this would be fun.
Um, I am going already.
With Bennett.
Oh, okay.
maybe-maybe we could
all go together.
No, it's fine.
I mean, look, I don't want
to be a third wheel.
It's okay.
You guys have fun.
Please raise your glass.
Julie and I would like
to welcome all of you
as part of this new journey
in our lives.
And thank you for helping
to make it happen.
Especially Tia and Jake,
who really stepped up when I...
...Literally stumbled.
To Des Mers!
[others] To Des Mers!
[overlapping] Cheers.
All right, everyone,
all hands on deck.
The maiden voyage of Des Mers
on the Pacific Yellowfin
sails at 1800 hours.
Good luck, everybody.
[Roland] Well, if there's
anything you need,
you just let us know.
Thank you for coming out
on our maiden voyage
and for bringing your friends.
Thanks for having us.
I'm looking forward to dinner.
Thank you.
Oh. 325 for 10 minutes.
How are those mushrooms, Ryan?
Get on those.
I'm gonna make my rounds.
Stay the course.
Stay the course.
So it's not their first date.
-It's their first anniversary.
How is everything?
Good. I'm so glad.
Are you enjoying yourselves?
How's everything?
-It's really good.
Having fun?
Evening, Captain.
Oh, hello.
Hi. I just thought
I'd bring you
a little something to eat
before it got all crazy
down there in the galley.
Thank you.
That's very thoughtful.
Well, for old times' sake.
Inside-out grilled cheese!
Ohh, that looks even better
than I remember.
You should try it.
I'm getting good at it.
-Thank you.
Permission to enter
the bridge, Captain.
Permission granted.
Hey, Jake.
Wasn't expecting
to find the chef up here.
Well, yeah, I mean,
normally, you wouldn't,
but Tia and I here,
we go way back,
so I just wanted to share
an old memory with her.
Grilled cheese sandwich?
Yeah. You had to be there.
Uh... there's enough
for both of you.
-Looks good.
-Yep. Thank you.
I came up here to ask
if there's any chance
I could get a dance later?
I think
that could be arranged.
[metallic grinding]
[rumbling and clunking]
Oh... oh.
Okay, that did not sound good.
You should head back
to the main cabin.
No cause for alarm, everyone.
I'm told this boat
is unsinkable.
Lucas, I'm losing engine power.
Can I get a report?
Yeah, but you're not
gonna like it.
One of the cylinder heads
cracked, so there's...
no way we're getting
that engine started tonight.
I don't understand
how this happened.
Neither do I.
We did a thorough check
before we left the dock.
I'm gonna have to call
an emergency tugboat.
What do we tell the passengers?
Just tell them not to worry,
and we will have them back
onshore as soon as possible.
Well, we can at least
keep serving drinks,
but, Jake, can dinner be saved?
No. I mean, we were
in the middle of cooking,
but, you know, I'm pretty sure
I can whip up some cold items.
This restaurant may be
the first one in history
to open and close
on the same night.
Hey... sorry I'm late.
Hey, that's okay.
Julie and Roland
aren't here yet.
Did you see the review
in The Chronicle?
What are you talking about?
I didn't know
there was a critic on board.
How bad is it?
Well, they mentioned everything
that went wrong.
Oh, that's good.
Did they happen
to mention the food?
Only to say
they couldn't critique it,
because it was never served.
On the bright side,
they thought the boat
was lovely.
Oh, great.
Got that going for us.
I think I could use something
a little stronger than coffee.
How about you?
You don't need
to hide that from us.
We've already seen it.
Yeah, so we had a long talk
with Lucas,
and he admitted
that the engine failure
was his fault.
Yeah. It wasn't deliberate,
but according to the mechanic
fixing it now,
Lucas used head bolts
that are not compatible
with a 1943 engine.
Seems he wasn't
entirely honest with us
regarding his experience
working on vintage boats.
He was just in over his head,
and he didn't know
how to tell us.
-That's on me.
I take full responsibility
for hiring him.
And, Tia, if you wanted
to go back to Seattle now,
we wouldn't blame you.
Yeah, we don't want you
to feel obligated to us.
I want this to work out
as much as you do.
I'm staying.
It seems our next order
of business
is finding a new engineer.
A new Chief Engineer.
Lucas feels terrible
about what happened,
and we believe in giving people
a second chance,
so we'd like to keep him on
as First Assistant Engineer if--
If you're onboard with that.
I think we can work with that.
In the meantime,
it's gonna take about 10 days
to get all the replacement
parts in
and get all the repairs done.
Well, I think
our biggest challenge
is how do we convince people
to give us another try.
We lost most of our bookings.
We're just going
to have to think of some way
to drum up some business.
Any ideas?
[Tia] Advertising at
the Summer Concert is a start,
I guess.
[text alert chiming]
Oh, it's from Julie.
They're saving us a spot.
[Roland] Okay...
How are you feeling, honey?
Oh, much better...
much better.
Isn't that Jake over there?
Oh, yeah... Jake!
Come and join us!
We've got plenty of room.
-Hey, come on.
[singer] All right, hit it!
On the other side
of the street I knew
Stood a girl
that looked like you
I guess that's deja vu...
How are you doing?
May I?
...New York or Santa Fe
Or wherever
to get away from me
Oh, but that one night
Was more than just right...
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
...'Cause I was all through
Oh, I was overwhelmed...
Jake, would you dance with me?
I would love to.
...Oh, I swear to you
I'll be there for you
This is not a drive-by
Just a shy guy
looking for a two-ply
Hefty bag to hold my love
When you move me
everything is groovy
They don't like it
sue me
Mm, the way you do me
Oh I swear to you
I'll be there for you
This is not a drive-by
Just a shy guy
looking for a two-ply
Hefty bag to hold my love
You know, when I didn't
see you on the boat,
I figured
this is where you'd be.
Yeah, I needed to think.
I checked the website
this morning.
We still don't have
any reservations.
Yeah, I know that.
That's why I'm here.
I guess I just thought with
all that extra advertising,
especially the banner,
that we would have had at least
a few reservations by now.
I'm fresh out of ideas.
Short of calling in
the Marines, I...
I don't know what else to do.
Not the Marines.
The Navy.
Let's go.
Thank you for seeing us.
-It's good to see you again.
And you!
You... yes, as well.
Hope I didn't make it
sound too urgent.
Well, when you called
and said you were
literally on your way,
I figured it had to be
something important.
Have a seat.
All right.
Now then...
what's this all about?
Your retirement party...
Now, I know you're planning
on holding it here at the base,
but we wanted to suggest
a different location.
What do you think about
holding it at Des Mers?
-Aboard your new commission?
That's an interesting
I think the boat could be
a perfect place for your party.
As you know,
it's a beautiful yacht--
And I can make any menu
you want.
He really could.
I mean, he's a fantastic chef.
And Tia's an expert sailor,
so not even a drop of wine
would spill.
I have no doubt.
And if you want,
we could handle
everything for you.
Yeah, like every little detail,
from the music...
really, anything you need.
What do you think?
Yes! Congratulations!
Oh, ho!
You did it!
We did it!
Well, yeah, I mean,
we make a good team, you know,
I've got to admit.
Professionally speaking,
of course.
Right. Right, of course.
I mean,
that's all that hug was...
Right, yeah,
but, you know, we make a...
good team.
Too soon?
Okay. All right.
Okay, so what are we
looking for?
Last time we were here,
I saw something
I thought would be perfect
for John's party.
They were lanterns
made out of rice paper.
Yeah, wish lanterns.
Yeah, I think
that's what they're called.
Yeah, I know where those are.
They're right here.
-Yeah, follow me.
These what
you're talking about?
You know, I read somewhere
that you have to write your wish
on the inside of the lantern,
release it up into the sky,
and maybe
your wish'll come true.
I believe
wishes can come true.
So do I.
[both chuckling]
Hi. We'll take them all.
Do you think
we got enough of these?
Yeah, we've got
more than enough.
Tia, don't worry,
it's gonna be a great party.
Can I get a couple coffees,
both with cream, please?
There you go.
Do you know what the best part
is gonna be?
I don't know,
probably my cooking.
Ha, ha. Besides that.
I just realized
that my dad is going to have
to come on the boat.
There's no way he would
miss John's retirement party.
Your dad doesn't approve of
you working on the Yellowfin?
My dad doesn't approve
of the whole idea
of the Yellowfin,
but I think, deep down,
what he's really afraid of
is that I won't want to come
back to work at the firm.
Why would he think that?
Because it almost happened
once before.
But that was the right choice
for you, right?
Maybe back then.
Are you, uh, planning on
staying after the summer?
As crazy as it sounds...
I'm considering it.
Great! Thank you.
Have a good one.
Our work here is done.
Well, we're all set.
The engine looks as good as new.
Well, we are so grateful
to have you onboard.
Ah, well,
far as I'm concerned,
there's nothing better than
working on these old vessels.
You know, the Yellowfin's
wooden hull,
along with
her draft and beam,
are gonna make her
performance smooth as glass,
and from the way
Admiral Hardwick's
been singing your praises,
sounds like you're just
the captain for her.
Thank you.
He certainly speaks highly
of you as well.
Well, I guess he has to.
We go way back.
You know, I served under him
for, ah, must be 20 years,
before I became a civilian.
So lunch is on.
You guys ready?
I am!
You know, when I heard there was
French cooking onboard,
pretty much sealed the deal.
Hey, Jake, how's it going?
-Hey, man.
-How are you?
I'm great, actually.
We just booked a party
for tomorrow night.
Tia must be relieved.
Yeah, well, you know,
we all are.
Right. I just meant because
I know how worried she's been,
and I came by to see
if she wanted to get away
for a few hours.
Oh, yeah?
Do you happen to know
if she likes fishing?
I know a great spot
for striped bass.
Actually, that's funny
because she used
to love fishing, yeah,
but she always threw back
whatever she caught.
Yeah, I don't remember
ever cooking
anything we caught together.
You know how frustrating that is
for a chef?
No, but I find her
all the more charming for it.
Sounds like
you're getting, uh...
pretty serious about Tia.
Certainly wouldn't be hard to.
Yeah, no, I know.
I mean, she's a...
she's a special person.
Is Tia around?
She's on the bridge.
What brings you here?
Came by to see
if you wanted
to go fishing
when you get some free time.
I love fishing,
but you should know--
That you throw everything back?
I do!
How did you know that?
I just had an interesting
conversation with Jake.
I know you two go way back,
but you weren't just friends,
were you?
Uh... no, no, we weren't.
But it's over now, so...
I'm not so sure it is...
At least, not for Jake.
I like Jake,
and he's a friend.
Yeah, I-I like him, too.
More than just as a friend?
I don't know...
but maybe.
I think that's something
you both need to figure out.
Where are you going in the skiff
this time of night?
I mean, come on.
I know you don't have
a car or anything,
but I can give you a lift.
Where I'm going,
you can't drive.
Really? Where's that?
There's gonna be
a meteor shower tonight,
and the best viewing
is far from the city lights.
Could you use some company?
I ju-- I've never seen
a meteor shower before.
Sure. Hop aboard.
All right.
-Did you see that?
Whoa, that was so cool.
How did I miss this
all these years, right?
It's pretty spectacular, right?
It is...
and you know what else
is amazing
is I feel like
I'm so far away from everything,
being out here, you know?
I mean, that's what
I love about sailing, too.
It's not just about
skipping across the waves,
or the wind in your face,
or that freedom that you feel,
it's-- it's about
the emotional connection
we have to nature.
Okay, so I have to ask you...
how far out at sea are we?
Don't worry,
we're not that far offshore.
I'd never worry
being on a boat
as long as you're at the helm.
That's a lot of confidence
to have in someone.
I told you that
a long time ago,
and you probably
just don't remember.
No, I remember.
You always had more faith in me
than I had in myself.
It wasn't hard...
then or now.
I always admired
your confidence, you know,
how you were able to just
go after what you wanted
without compromising.
Well, that's not exactly true.
Why? What do you mean?
I lost you in the process.
Look, Tia,
it's been a long time coming,
but I do owe you an apology...
for how I ended things.
I appreciate that...
but just so you know,
I'm not sorry about the path
that I took.
I mean, the truth is,
back then,
I wouldn't have been ready
to do what I'm doing now.
So you have absolutely
no regrets from the past?
[laughs] None.
I-- Yeah,
I probably have a few.
I'm not as evolved as you are.
Oh... thank you.
You're welcome.
But I do know
that I will not regret...
...doing this.
I hope I didn't
step on anybody's toes.
You mean Bennett?
Mm. Yeah.
He made his intentions
pretty clear to me.
To me, too,
and that's why
we parted as friends.
[Jake] Oh, that one was bright!
Like, it lit up the whole sky.
Do you realize we've been
out here for hours?
Okay, what time is it?
It's after 1:00.
We have a big day tomorrow.
Well, now, today.
Well, watching the stars
was worth losing a little sleep.
Well, you're gonna lose
a little more sleep,
because we seem to have
drifted out with the tide.
You know how to get us back,
don't you?
What happened
to all that faith in me?
Well, that was before
you drifted us out to sea!
[laughing] Relax.
We're just
a couple miles offshore.
It's not like you're going
to end up on Gilligan's Island.
[phone texts chiming]
Sounds like
someone's trying to reach you.
It's my dad.
Is everything okay?
I've been offered
a partnership in my law firm.
Tia, that's...
that's fantastic.
I'm just stunned.
You know, there was some talk
of it after I won my last case.
I just didn't expect it
to happen this soon.
I guess congratulations
are in order, right?
-Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
-Listen, I had a blast.
It was so much fun
and it's late.
Probably need some sleep,
so, uh...
-I will see you tomorrow.
Okay. Yeah.
-Yeah. Bye.
Anything to report, gentlemen?
in tip-top shape, Captain,
and Lucas here
is doing just fine.
Glad to hear it.
Thank you, Captain.
I think I can go
without these tonight, honey.
Good, that'll be
easier for you.
How's it going, Captain?
Well, I just finished
the pre-departure checklist,
and considering
that we only had a few days
to pull all of this together,
I'd say
we're in excellent shape.
All thanks to you and Jake.
And that's just what
the crew does.
We all pull together
for each other.
Hi, Dad. It's me.
I'm calling
because I wanted to talk to you
before the party tonight.
[whistles jovially]
[Tia] Dad, this is
an incredible opportunity,
and you're right,
it's every associate's dream.
I-I am thrilled
to be offered
a partnership,
um, so please thank everyone
at the firm for me...
[floorboard creaks]
...But I'm gonna say no.
And I know
that you'll be disappointed
that I'm not following
in your footsteps...
but I think I found
where I truly belong.
What's going on with
that grilled cheese sandwich?
Do you want it?
-It's yours.
Jake, this is...
I know.
I know, it's amazing.
Thank you.
I'm working.
Hey, Jake. Can I talk to you?
I just called my dad...
You know, can this wait?
I'm just really busy.
-Oh, yeah, of course. Sure.
Aw... I didn't know
you were so sentimental.
That's sweet.
With what?
From our treasure hunt
at the shore.
Yeah, I'm actually
not that sentimental.
I was planning on
throwing those out.
I mean, I thought
we had fun that day.
We did. We had a great time,
but we broke our agreement.
What agreement?
To keep our relationship
strictly professional.
Well, I'm pretty sure
we broke that last night,
when we kissed, too.
Yeah, yeah.
It was a very big mistake.
Has something happened?
I mean, I don't understand
where all this is coming from.
Tia, it's very simple.
I'm here for the long run, okay?
I've got to put all my focus
on Des Mers.
You can go out and do
whatever it is you've gotta do,
and that's fine,
but I really think
from here on out,
we keep our distance
and we stay
out of each other's way
and keep our relationship
professional like we agreed.
[quiet chatter]
Welcome aboard.
Hi. Enjoy.
Welcome aboard, Admiral.
At ease.
Well, everything looks
just as good
as you and Jake said it would...
maybe even better.
Well, we wanted to do
you and the Navy proud.
And you have.
When do we get underway?
1900 hours,
assuming everyone's onboard.
[sternly] Time and tide
wait for no man.
Aye-aye, sir.
[both chuckling]
Thank you.
Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.
We wanted to tell you
how excited we are
about tonight.
Aren't we, Daniel?
Of course.
Well, I'm glad to hear it.
I've missed seeing you guys.
Oh, we've missed you,
too, honey.
And I'm, uh, glad to see
you're up and about.
How are you feeling?
Oh, uh, almost good as new.
Yeah. I'm sure most of that
has to do with Julie.
Ah, well, it wasn't easy
keeping him
from doing
more than he should.
You Larkin men
are pretty stubborn.
I couldn't agree more.
Well, I guess we should
go join the party.
We'll catch up
with you all later.
Welcome aboard.
Thank you.
Thank you.
That's for you.
Okay, I'll be right back.
[background jazz playing]
[Julie] There's a little wine
needed there,
and I think it's time
to start clearing.
Thank you.
So... what's the verdict?
Exactly as I expected.
Everyone is raving
about the food.
Even the escargot?
I wasn't exactly sure
that was the right choice
for this crowd.
Especially the escargot.
Several people even asked me
to send their compliments
to the chef.
Well done, Jake.
Ah, well, it takes a team.
You know, it's been
quite a while
since we've danced
in the moonlight.
It is a beautiful night.
And a beautiful boat, too,
don't you think?
You're not very subtle.
Well, you have to admit
they've done
something pretty special here.
The party?
You know I'm talking
about the boat.
I'll admit it's nicer
than I thought it would be,
but not nice enough
to give up
a successful legal career.
Are you disappointed
because Tia isn't following
in your footsteps
or because she's following
her own heart instead?
Think about it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Your daughter
is quite the skipper...
and saleswoman.
What do you mean?
Well, she and Jake convinced me
to move the party over here,
and I'm certainly glad she did.
I'm just not convinced
about her decision to give up
practicing law for this.
[astonished chuckle]
You gave up a naval career
to go out on your own.
Isn't it fair
that she should be able
to do the same thing?
[chuckles] She used
the exact argument on me.
So why didn't it work?
Probably because
I'm been thinking like a lawyer
instead of a father.
Ever since she was little,
she's only ever wanted
to be on the water.
Okay, everyone.
Make your wish.
Let's ready the lights!
Is it all right if your old man
joins you topside?
[Tia laughs]
You're not still mad at me?
Maybe a little...
but you know I can never
stay mad at you for long.
'cause you know
I hate when we fight.
[laughs] Well, we're lawyers.
That's what we do.
And you're not even
the only one
who was mad at me today.
Ah. Sounds like a rough day.
Everything all right?
An old flame just burned out
faster than
one of those lanterns...
but I'll be fine.
I have no doubt.
I came up here
to say something to you
that I should have said earlier.
I am very proud of you.
After spending the evening
on this boat,
I can see now that it just
wasn't some sort of whim.
What you've all
accomplished here, it's...
it's really something.
Well, I can't tell you
how happy it makes me
to hear you say that,
honestly, Dad,
as much as I love my work
on this boat,
it didn't feel complete
without your blessing.
Well, now you have it.
[Tia chuckles]
And now I should go
apologize to Roland.
I guess older brothers
can be wrong once in a while.
It was a wonderful evening,
thanks to all of you.
And John couldn't be
more pleased.
We know. He made
a dinner reservation
for next weekend.
We actually have
a number of bookings,
and a wedding for next spring.
Well, looks like Des Mers
is on track
to be a huge success.
Oh, and Jake,
your food was delicious.
I'm so glad you loved it.
Thank you.
And your desserts
were to die for!
Oh, thank you.
So we see you all
tomorrow at brunch.
Oh, Jake,
I hope you'll join us.
I'm sorry,
but I'm not gonna make it.
If you all will excuse me,
I just wanna check on my staff,
make sure they've finished up
everything for the evening.
Good night. Thanks.
And I should really go
check on the bridge.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Thanks for coming out.
-Roland, congrats.
-Oh, thank you.
-Good for you.
-I'm so glad you liked it.
I did.
[chuckles lightly]
Even just one looks
beautiful, huh?
I thought you finished
for the night.
Yeah, no, I did,
I, uh...
but then I just realized
I had something unfinished.
[exhales deeply]
Couldn't it wait
until morning?
No, it couldn't.
It's too important.
And if I didn't do it tonight,
then I would regret it,
and you know
how much I don't like regrets.
Well, if you wanted
to talk to Julie and Roland,
they've already left.
I don't want to talk to them.
I want to talk to you.
You made yourself clear today.
I-I'm perfectly fine
with keeping our relationship
strictly professional.
-And maybe I'm not so fine
with it, Tia.
You know...
it took me seeing
and looking at that seashell
and that old bottle... bring me perspective
on a few things...
and, truthfully,
when you said that
that day was so much fun--
and it was,
but it was more than that
to me...
because that was the day
that I realized
that I'm still
madly in love with you.
So I guess
you didn't throw them away?
[laughs] No, I didn't.
I lied.
I am sentimental.
[both laughing]
I know being a partner
in your law firm's...
it's a huge deal,
and I don't want to get
in the way of it at all, okay?
But I also don't want to make
the same mistake
I made 12 years ago.
I don't care if we have
a long-distance relationship,
Tia, I don't.
I just want you to know
I'm gonna do everything I can
to make it work.
You'd do that for me?
I'd do that for us.
Maybe I can
come up and visit you
on my days off,
or I'll get Julie and Roland
bring the boat up to Seattle
once in a while.
What do you think?
That's an amazing gesture,
but I don't want
a long-distance relationship.
Well, you... you were
okay with it once before.
Well, yeah, but now
it wouldn't make any sense.
Why not?
Because I won't be in Seattle.
I didn't take the job.
I don't understand.
How could I take that job
when everything
I have ever wanted
is right here?
[Jake] What'd you wish for?
It doesn't matter,
because it just came true.