All That Matters Is Past (2012) Movie Script

Something happened in the forest
last summer.
A crime.
l'll help you.
-Don't die.
-Stay with me.
Don't die.
-Don't die.
-Just stay with me.
Don't die.
He was so small and lovely. . .
Don't die!
ALL THAT MATTERS lS PASl don't know what to do with her.
ls she a murderer?
Or is she a victim?
They lived in this cabin.
This is where l met them
the first time.
But their story -
- began long before.
She says she was the kind of girl
who lived in her own world.
ln her own house.
She educated herself by reading
magazines she had found at the dump.
So in that sense
she felt ready to take on life.
Who might she have become if
she hadn't met those two brothers?
William and Ruud.
Two boys,
recently arrived from Sweden.
She says it was love at first sight.
With that love,
the two brothers lost each other.
Do not go gentle
into that good night
Grave men, near death,
who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaZe like meteors
and be gay
Rage, rage
against the dying of the light
And you, my father,
there on the sad height
Curse, bless me now
with your fierce tears, l pray
Do not go gentle
into that good night
Rage, rage
against the dying of the light
What is this poem about? Yes?
l know he wrote it
when his father died .
lt's about rebelling,
fighting against death.
"Don't go gentle
into that good night."
-To fight. Refuse to give in.
Could it be about rebelling
in general?
Sure. Why do you say that?
l don't know.
lt is a strong appeal to fight.
But he describes
the night as "good," -
- even though he encourages us
to "not go gently" into it.
Let's listen to it again.
Hi. Do you have a moment?
He says it can't wait.
-And it isn't Espen?
There you are.
l should have called.
But it was all kind of. . .
On impulse, so. . .
l just got off a 1 7-hour flight.
How about you?
Are you doing all right?
-l'm going to the cabin. . .
-l have a new family.
-l'm a stepmother to two girls.
-Come with me.
-Why have you come here now?
l witnessed the tsunami.
And l have forgiven myself.
lt's too late.
lt's good to see you .
-Do you think l look bad?
-You look worn out.
l saw you on Facebook.
But wanted to see you face to face.
l have a dentist appointment.
l met William today.
He's back.
He looked pretty tired .
Where did you meet him?
-He showed up at school .
-What did he want?
Are you leaving us?
lt's nice to hear your footsteps.
l almost didn't see you.
l bought a car.
-Still lots of salt?
-And crazy amounts of ketchup?
Welcome back.
Can l touch you?
And tomorrow,
l'll go into the forest -
- and we'll pretend to be children
pretending to be children.
And l'll be your mirror.
Because no one loves you like l do.
And no one kisses you like l do.
Returning to life.
Hello, can you hear me?
She speaks of a boy -
- who looked at the others
without being allowed to take part.
And that even back then
they feared him.
What is our connection to evil?
The two dead men and near-dead woman
have not yet been identified.
The kayaker
who happened upon them -
- says he didn't see the woman,
or he would never have left her.
So you knew both of the deceased?
Would you like something to drink?
-l killed a goat.
-Whose is it?
l was up at the farm.
Did he give it to you?
l'll pay him the next time l see him.
-How is he now?
-He sounds OK on the phone.
But l haven't met him.
Poor little thing.
-OK. Are you ready?
l just wanted to say -
- that l took one of your goats
this morning.
So l . . .wanted to pay for it.
l didn't recognize you .
-You aren't that pretty anymore.
-l know.
We just wanted to let you know
we're here, and pay you.
He received two blows with a heavy
object. And a bird has nibbled here.
l've seen him before,
but didn't recognize him.
lt took him a while to die.
He became paralyzed first.
We found soil in his mouth.
Most likely placed there by someone.
But the cause of death
was the initial brain trauma.
This one lost a lot of blood.
The knife cut his femoral artery.
-They don't look much like brothers.
-But they are brothers.
She says he noticed her
when she was 1 4.
And that what happened afterward
was her own fault.
She says that when you are 1 4,
you long for what causes pain.
l want to show you something.
Get in.
lt doesn't matter that it's raining.
The mother bird keeps the eggs dry.
Can l have one?
lf l get a kiss.
Take your pants off.
l can fix this place up for you.
Say it in Norwegian.
-You can only learn one language.
-So what?
We can run away, if you want.
Just me and you .
l love you.
-Why are you speaking Swedish?
-l don't know.
Give me a kiss.
Take your pants off.
And that.
There's a dead one in there.
Ragnhild, come take a look at this.
lt must be here somewhere.
What is this?
We found something.
Send backup and an ambulance.
My God!
-So this is where you were hiding?
-And there comes the mother.
-Want me to open the curtains?
-Yes, please.
We found the child again, hidden
at a farm. Does that make any sense?
Did he kill it?
He? Who do you mean?
Southern Norway
has been through a warm spell. ..
Now it's good, this placement.
So when you have commercial breaks,
you can watch it all here.
That's good.
lt looks like ultrasound .
My wife is pregnant.
lt looks like this.
Refugees escaped from
the reception center every week.
As police,
there isn't much we can do.
Tell me if they make any trouble.
l will find jobs for them all .
He must have taken the baby
from outside the reception center.
How does it go again?
What a lovely little foot.
So pretty.
Let's put on your little socks.
There. So you don't get cold .
Look how pretty you are now.
So pretty.
Come here.
What do you want?
So. . . We'll let you know.
Thank you.
He gave her the baby.
And then told me where to find it.
-What did they say?
l didn't report it.
She became pregnant with William.
Ruud! l have to borrow your car!
You have to let me borrow your car!
Ruud, Janne is in labor.
Lend me your car!
She needs to get to the hospital!
They drove around for a few days.
The two of them
and the newborn boy.
He checked into various motels.
She was ill,
and was feeling unwell.
On the fourth day,
she managed to escape from him.
Are you all right?
Later they lost that child.
He could have killed her.
-You realize we can't keep her?
-You do realize that?
-l do.
You're telling me you saw him
and some Chinese woman.
l read that in China they leave
the baby girls in the forest.
-lsn't that so?
-We aren't in China now.
Look at him.
So the child was placed in the river
near the cabin?
Yes, she was.
And you didn't bring her here
because you don't have a baby seat?
That's right.
-And we know who did it.
William's disturbed brother
can do such things.
l saw him down by the riverbank.
l'd like to reconstruct that
before we question you any further.
Do that. For God's sake.
You are aware
that you're not allowed to leave town?
Forget about that policewoman.
She's an idiot.
Do you want to go back to the city?
l lay down on the beach,
waited for the tsunami to return.
But it never came.
l was out shopping.
l saw the wave on my way back.
l stopped my car. Got out.
All l heard was the sound .
When l made it back to where l lived,
everything was gone.
A little girl used to live there.
She wasn't that small.
Ten, maybe.
She used to stand
in front of the mirror.
Making faces, putting on makeup.
She was the first one we found .
Her body was all tangled up
in the branches of a tree.
Her head hung down
like a little. . .nut.
Later we found her parents.
They were also dead.
Just as well, probably.
The strange thing over there,
was how often l thought of Ruud.
Through all that chaos.
And the silence that followed.
The rage in that wave.
lf it was rage.
Made me think of him.
Ruud. My big brother.
-ls that why you came back?
l came back to be with you.
Can't we just disappear?
Look in the bag.
He isn't gone.
He's in the birds in the sky,
and in the leaves on the trees.
He is in everything you see
here on earth.
Put it on.
Don't cry.
lt wasn't my fault.
Hey. . .
Hey, you. . .
What are you thinking about?
When you reported your child missing,
you came with a man.
ls he the one who locked you up?
He is my friend .
What happened
after we returned the child to you?
Where is he?
Why did he not come back?
Police came with her.
Thank you.
Now they want us to go back.
Can l come for hiding too?
l'll come back and pick up the rest.
l have an extra car.
Right. You three, go down there.
You two, just sit down here, OK?
Put this on.
You want girlfriend?
l want to live in this room.
lt's not so dark.
You can't go in there now.
The nurse said
you tried to commit suicide.
What do you feel guilty about?
They killed each other, didn't they?
One with a stone,
the other with a knife.
Yes. Something like that.
Thought you might want this.
l brought you some food .
Thank you.
They say it will stay warm
a few more weeks, but then it's over.
We'll be long gone by then.
Have you harvested your grain?
l don't do that anymore.
lt doesn't pay.
And what about that child?
-The one you sent down the river.
-She lives with me now.
With her mother.
So she's your girlfriend?
The baby's mother?
You're freezing.
-Let go of me!
-Come, come.
l'll bring more food tomorrow.
And l can bring the baby too,
if you want.
lt's warm now.
-No, l can't.
Calm down.
Help me.
-So that's how l look inside.
-Like any adult woman.
lt doesn't feel representative.
Can l complain?
l don't know
what to think about her.
About what she has experienced.
ls she a murderer?
Or a victim?
Once she was nothing
but a little girl.