All the Best: Fun Begins (2009) Movie Script

Come and live your life.
Quench your thirst.
This moment wont come
again. Dont miss it.
Youve to make your dreams come true.
Dont fear as your friends
are with you.
All the best.
All the best.
All the best.
All the best.
There are joy and sorrow too.
Friends, this is the real life.
There are joy and sorrow too.
Friends, this is the real life.
If you confront difficulties
youll get success.
Dont fear as your friends
are with you.
All the best.
All the best.
All the best.
All the best.
How are you, Mary?
-As you see me. I
Stay like this. -Who
is it, Mary?
Mr. Chutala.
Hello, sister-in-law.I
-Hello. How are you?
Take offering. -Ok.
Wow! Im pleased.
I always say to Mr. Dharam that
Kapur family is the best.
Where is Veer? -Veer, Mr. Chautala is here.
Take pocket money from Mr. Dharam. -Thank you. I
It's one lakh.
Is brother in Africa or I travelling? -Hes in Africa.
He was in hospital before.
What happened to brother
Acutally his empIoye .Iiedto him about...I
..his sisters marriage
to take loan.
Actually he wanted to perform
nose job operation.
Mr. Dharam found out and broke his nose.
And then took him to hospitaI.
Ive to go. Bye. -Bye.
Mayl go? -If you dont go how
wiII you come next month.
Thats true. Bye.
Sir. Sir, Insure your nose.
Why? -Did you hear if your lied is caught..
..your brother will break your nose?
Mary, without lie I cant even
pay your salary. Got it?
Thats right. But why lie for2 years.
Get married.
Meet madams father and
get married. Simple.
What should I say to dad? Meet
struggler Veer Kapur.
He takes pocket money
from his brother..
..Iying about our marriage.
And now he wants to marry me.
Dont worry. Once my band is
set, everything will be fit.
I just need some luck.
Oh God! This wont stop.
Oh God!Janvi.
Janvi. Janvi. HeIp.
What happened, Rachel? -This
treadmill wont stop.
Dont panic. Its so easy.
No. -Come on, guys.
Oh! -Are you ok.
This isnt treadmill I but suicide machine
All the buttons arent working.
i know. Ididnt fix I it on purpose. -Why?
Look, you run for 3 kilometers
daily. -Yes.
But today youve done
4.7 kilometers.
Yes, but..
The guideline of our gym is more you run the more you lose.
Shut up, Pinto.
Come on. Dont lose time, lose weight. Back to the machine.
Ill just come.
What are you thinkin sir? Join Chopra gym.
I give 2 months guarantee of
my best fitness trainer.
But.. -There is one tagline of our gym.
Life is a cycle. Get, set, go.
Help! Help!
Very good, Peter. Do it again.
Madam, Im going by what youre
saying, not by what I see.
Its ok. You sign.
Madam, handle of pulley broke.
Take one year fee from him. -Ok.
Buy a seconnd hand handIe.
Second hand handle. How many second hand things should I buy?
Even in market Im calle
second hand.
Even second hand girls approach
me with proposals.
Janvi, help. -Look, second hand.. Pinto, help them.
Prem, where are you?
Prem, where.. -At your feet, love.
Prem, your ancestors out-dated
gym is running me nuts.
Now what? -Madam, even the pulley of handle broke now.
Shut up, Pinto. Go
away. -Strange.I
It seems I married this
old gym, not you.
Not a single machine operates properly.
Is my work to fooI
aII my clients?
Janvi, fooling has become
part of our lives.
Look at Chautala.-Hi.-Hi.
From January to December hes fooled every month.
You got the notch. It was the onlything Ieftto fit.
Wow! The car is ready.
Looking awesome, Prem.
Nice.-One minute.
You bought this cylinder with your pocket money.
I knew it. Why do you aIways spend money.. -Janvi.
Prem too has rights on
his pocket money.
Right, Prem? -Yes.
It was my idea to say to his brother that they were married.
Prem, you always.. -Hi, guys.
Hi. -Hi, whats up?
Hi, guys. -Cool. -Veer.
You got it. Got the ampIifier.
Of Roland. Thanks to your
pocket money, man.
Lets jump. Come on.
Veer, mark my words.
When Dharam will know of this
lie, itll be very bad.
Not at all.
Everything will be fine
as Ive got this.
Veer, wear this. This is
Iucky stone for you.
Are you ok?
Bring a stone for him
too. -Whatever.
1. 2. 3.
Nice tune.-But it's of no use.
Weve no lyrics for it.
-Romantic lyrics.
Its very easy for me. -Car mechanic will write songs.
Time for reality check, guys.
Prem didnt woo meIike
this. Hes very sly.
The more I see you, I feel.. heart beats only for you.
I see you everywhere.
Ill always be with you.
The more I see you, I feel.. heart beats only for you.
Whats my fault if my heart fell for you?
For you Ive forsaken
the world.
Youre my love, my world.
These moment are special
as we are together.
The more I see you, I feel.. heart beats only for you.
Move. Please. -Hey, guys.
Entry form for Goa fun fair has been submitted. -Wow.
All credit goes to him
-Awesome, dude.
Yes. -He has good connections.
Give me coffee.-Ok.
My time got wasted
because of you.
Veer, Chris of Aura group was also there. Weve to be careful.
Weve to be careful. -Forget
it. Well see.
Look. Think of the devil
and devil is here.
Insolent. You ruined my shirt.
Id to attend meeting. Ar you blind? -Sorry, sir.
Uncle, shes apologizing.
So will this get cleaned?
It wont get cleaned if you call her blind.
Shut up! Apologize after
kicking a dog! Wow!
You mean.. which breed, sir?
What do you mean? Im a dog?
I was giving an example.
Its a proverb.
Didnt your father taught you
how to talk to elders.
Your mother mustve taught you how to wash clothes. S1
Let it be. Hes old generation.
Ok. So this is your generation.
These bunchs of fools.
-Take it easy.
Hes laughing like a monkey
from british era.
And its hard to say if hes a boyoragirI.
Hes made in China. Hell be ruined within 2 days.
I dont know if hes holding guitar or guitar is holding him.
And you? Youre roaming with
a beard like a goat.
You showed perform before tribals.
And now we are going
to perform for. as you look like tribal.
You mean I'm tribal?-Yes.
Hi, guys. Whom are you ragging?
Daddy. -Mummy!
Veer, what have you done?
Hes my father.
Dad, Im so sorry.
I mean, Im really very sorry. -Shut up. I
I didnt know your choice was so low. -Youre insulting me.
So what?
Dont just insult me.
Abuse me too..
..hit me, but forgive me.
God!I can't stand him.
But dad, I love him. -Come on.
Prem, everything got ruined.
You want to solve your problem.
Go to Vidyas house
and clean it.
Clean his father
-No, his shirt.
Pal, I dontthinkthatl shirt could be cleanedJ
Sorry, I.. -Its ok. You didnt know he was Vidyas dad.
No. Idrank your glas
by mistake. Sorry.
It's Ok.
Prem, jf I dont get married to Vidya.. lie will be caught.
Brother will break my nose and take me to hospital.
You know what, I deserve
this, Prem.
Even though a step-brother, he raised him as his real brother.
He supported me at every step.
Whatdidlgivein return?
To double my pocket money
I lied to him.
I feel like a failure.
You know what, Im a faiIure.
I'm the worst failure.
Exhausted and beaten up.
I understand.
But Im worse than you.
Im a worthless chap.
When I was born, people said I was so naughty and cute.. my dad named me Prem(love) with love.
But he forgot that surname is Chopra.
Prem Chopra.
He died and left this for me.
Chopras 1956. Ancestral gym.
Janvi got stuck with it.
Shes busy every day without
saying a word.
Veer, you know why I want to make car?
Tell me.
To fill Janvis life with happiness.
Its empty..
Life isnt so empty, Prem.
No, I was talking about
empty bottle.
Come to eat food. -What
did you cook?
Come quickly.
Guys, great news.
You want money. Youve to race?
What do we have to
steal and run?
No, man. There is illegal car race every Saturday in Kolwa.
Participate in it. YouII
get5O if you bet5.
For 50 we've to bet 5.
Where will we get it? -There
isamanyou can bet5.
But Ive already taken loan from him. Hell give you.
Tobu, forgive me. I couldnt repay your money on time.
Tobu says he wont forgive.
Youll be punished.
-What punishment?
Tobu says you didnt
listen to him.. your ears will be punished.
Ear?cut his ears.
No, if you cut my ear
Ill become blind.
If you cut my ears, how
will I wear glasses?
Sorry. Cut his ears.
No, forgive me. Brother
with guitar.
Help me. -Prem, do something.
-Come, Prem.
Hes our member. The second one.. player, has a solid bungalow.
Tobu. Tobu, Ill play. Doitagain. I
Youve stolen my heart.
Dont go away from me.
I got it.
You've stolen..
Tobu says stop singing.
Tobu says.. what?
Tobu says if you take 5 lakh I when and how will you return it.
Tobu, well make 50 of 5 after winning the race with his car.
Tobu says, go to hell. You
wont get finance as..
.Tobu wont bet money I on such junkcar.
Tobu. -What are you doing?
Mind your Ianguage!
Come, Ill show you.
Look, special automatic
triple horse..
..power nitrogen engine car.
Tobu says where are the
rest of the cars.
Tobu this car has all
the qualities.
Come, Ill show you.
People make formula car, Ive made formula in car.
Look, nitro accelerator
zoom button.
When its pressed car will run faster than your gun.
Tobu, this car is an example in speed.
Itll mint money once
its in race.
Goli, your boss is dancing in excitement after hearing it.
From head to toe..
Leg. His legs. Move it.
His Iegs!
Tobu says loan passed.
Will your nitro pump work? Weve bet all the money.
Car will blast once this
button is pressed.
Really? -Yes, just watch.
Ok. -Ill organize my own
race after this race
Ill design all the cars of different concepts.
Good idea.
Itoo think of starting a music company.
Coffee series, like T-series. -Not bad.
Tobu, our car is in
first position.
Ive beat 5 Iakh from your side.
Today well win jack pot. Sorry.
Its runing smoothIy.
These donkeys turned out
to be horses of derby.
Chris has moved ahead, Prem.
Press the button.
Ok, pal.;0]
Other cars are moving ahead.
Press the button. -Ill.
5 Kilometers are left.
Press the button.
Not now.
4 Kilometers are left.
Prem.Press the button.
3 Kilometers are left.
Prem.Press the button.
1 kilometer is left, Prem.
All the best!
Prem, really your car has blasted.
Chris has done it.
Tobu says, pack your Iuggage.
But were not going anywhere.
Youve to go. Youve to
evict the bungalow.
Why? Well return 5 Iakhs.
Not 5 but 10 lakh.
10 Iakh. Why?
Because of your words Tobu
bet 5 Iakhs on your race.
And he lost.
But you bet the money.
Why will we pay?
Tobu says, youve to return. Or well make pieces of you.
No. No.
Well return moneyj .in installments..l
Yes, its recession these days
Well return you 5 lakhs
in installment.
First installment, next year.
Yes. Tobu says, first installment next week.
Put ice.
Its been one week, but we
didnt arrange 5 Iakhs.
Veer, tell brother Dharam to pay 5 lakh in advance.
Which lie should I say now2
That Ive adopted 5 kids.
Listen, sell your kidney] Youll get 2.5 lakh.
Funny. -Dont mock him.
Ill give you a better idea.
Goa carnival is starting
Well make group and beg.
Foreingers will give
alms in dollars.
-Funny. -What are you doing
Dont worry. We got 5 Iakhs.
Wow! -What are you saying, Prem?
But for that youve
..bungalow and stay in my house.
Prem, please be serious.
Im not joking.
Youll get 5 lakh deposit to give this house on rent. -Rent?
No, no.;0]
If brother find it out..
Did your brother learnt about I your fake marriage for 2 years?1
But what about Chautala who comes every year.
Well deal later with him. Dont worry. Just relax.
But who is he?
What is he? -Correct your question. Ask who is he?
Who is he? -Raghunandas Govardhandas Vakawale.
I asked your name, not address.
Will youve something.
Black coffee.
Is it in any other color? -Blue.
Chosers cant be beggars. Get it.
Bytheway, how many peopIe
live in this society?
Sir, this is a bungaIow.
You get 24 hours water supply.
-How do you know?
Coffee, sir. -Coffe..
Sir, I know this fellow.
He lies in drain after drinking
liquor in our colony.
What are you doing here? -Hell
stay here now, Mary.
What? Youll work here?
Youll get me fired.
Sir, he cant do any work.
Hell a scum. Ill hit him. -Mary.
He wants to rent our bungaIow.
He has won Zee Super lottery.
Slumdog miIIionaire.
So should it fixed?
I consider
-Shut up!
Raghu, 5 Iakhs.
Take 2.5 Iakh now and remaining
when I come in the house.
My question was rig ht.
What is he?
How much time will it take?
Take it. -Come quickly.
Pack quickly. SD will be here with tempo.
Great! Your one idea has
changed his life.
Right. Prems latest idea changed Veers house.
Its my fault?
Take this. Slit your throat.
Are you mad? -Saw?
It my work to give idea. Its
You point fingers at me.
Because you always interfere.
Vidya, Ive lots of work here.
I won't be able to leave.
You attend the meeting with the sponsors of our show.
Hello.-Is Janvi there?
It's Pinto.
Yes, Pinto. What happened?
Madam, boat fell on a cIient.
What? Im coming.
What happened? -Your dads
boat fell on some client.
You pack. Ill be back.
Vidya, drop me. -Sure.
What are you doing?
As per Vastu, you get good news
if phone is at north-west.
What? -For Gods sake, keep your knowledge to yourself.
Sorry. -Shes aIways..
Veer, Im doing it for you.
And you.. Come, Janvi. -Vidya.
I dont want to talk to you.
-Vidya, I was kidding.
Vidya, I was kidding. -Shut up!
Darling. -Get lost.
I dont want to talk to you.
Hello. -Hello.
Guess who?- Guess who?
'Guess who doesn't live here.
Dharam (religion).
Im Hindu by reIigion.
Is this 2667712?
Kapurs house. -No, this is his phone number.
What the..
Can I talk to Veer please ? -Veer or please..
This is Dharam Kapur
Veers brother.
Hello.Whos is it? -Veer.
Brother, what a pleasant surprise? -Can you hear me.
Of course. The line
is very clear.
Long distance call.. -Its
not long distance.
Im 5 kilometers away.
Im speaking from Goa airport.
I was going to Lusoto
from Singapore.
Because of technical reason
Id to land in Goa.
Its 2 hours halt. So lm coming to meet you..
..and specially Vidya.
Come. -Hello, Prem.
What should I say?
-Can you hear me?
Tell him youll be stuck in traffic.
You'll be struck in traffic.
There is one way. Come
to airport with Vidya.
Ok.-It's disconnected
She left in anger. What will I do? Have you gone mad.
Phone her. Apologize to her and take her. Here..
Yes. -Simple. -Yes.
Hi, sweetheart. DarIing.
Are you still angry?
Sir. Sir, a lose character boy is calling me darling on phone.
What? -Yes!
You scum.
This is Vidyas phone.
I was talking.
What will we do now? She left the phone.
Idea. Brother hasnt seen Vidya.
Take Mary as Vidya.
Prem, shes a maid.
So what? Didnt you
heard the song..
shower flowers for my mer-maid.
Funny, Prem. Very funny.
Brother Dharam has come to
Goa and youre kidding.
Sir Dharam is in Goa.
It's means he will come here.
What will he do if he doesnt see madam Vidya at home.
What are you doing?
What will we say if he asks?
What will you say he if asks
why Gopi lives here?
How dare you race? What will you do..
..if he asks.
Its not easy. His lie of
marriage will be exposed. -Mary.
His brother will wont spare
us. Listen to me
All the best, sir.
Prem, think of something
or were finished.
Idea.-Tell me.
Ill change get up I and become Vidya
But Ive told brother that Iv
married a beautiful girl.
So you change get up and become Vidya.
Be serious.
Prem, think of something.
Its here-Idea!
No, airport. Right.
One more idea!
WeII say Vidya is kidnapped I and they want I million ransom.
If your brother pays, Tobus
problem will be solved.
Kidnap? Ransom? Hell
leave flight.
And well be in more problem.
Youre giving third class ideas.
Cant you think of something better?
I can't see but see.-Look
All the best!
Veer- Brother.
How are you? -Im fine.
How are you?
Brother, hes my.. -Driver.
No, my friend.
You befriended a driver.
Im so proud of you,
Veer. Anyway..
..teII me where is Vidya.
Brother, Vidya cant..
Youll say shes missing. Shes been kidnapped.
Hey, make some other story.
I know Vidya is home and angry with me.
Yes, thats true. Right, Veer?
Yes, shes angry. She has all
the reasons to be angry.
I 've not met her.
And I missed your wedding
for business.
We misssed too..
Your presence.
Anyway, lets cut it.
And go for coffee. Weve to
catch up. -Yes, lets go
Another aircraft is arranged from Singapore to Losoto.
Flight has to come from Mumbai
so itll take 4 hours.
Were sorry.
4 hours deIay.
4 hours deIay.
4 hours deIay.
Thats great news.
Let's drink coffee -No!
Well go home and drink coffee
with Vidya. Hows that?
Get the car. IN get my luggage.
Come on, boys. 4 hours
delay. What a..
He went to take luggage.
For your funeral.
Will the car come by itself?
Ill get it, brother.
Prem, come. -Excuse me.
If brother goes home, Ill
end up in hospital.
Getthe car. Ill think
of something.
What willisay to him? -Go.
Mother. Mother, ballons.
Shes so cute. Thats the
reason I miss India
I feel like kissing her.
Its time.. What are you looking at?
Its Rolex. OriginaI.
24 carats gold diamond studded.
Its worth 2.5 lakhs.
Watches don't excite me.
Now thats what Ical a hot super model.
What a piece!
I think it's new in market.
I never saw it before.
Bumpers are small, but headligthts are good.
I wish I could ride her.
Whats your name?
Prem. Prem Chopra.
Fantastic. It suits you.
Tell me, which fool answered
the phone at home?
I don't know.
Veer- Yes!
Which fool answered the phone at home?1
This is royal gift for the king of Yusoto.
Keep the luggage in.
We are finished.
Dont worry.
Your wife will be arranged before you reach home.
How leave it me?
Go. All the best!
Chopra isnt coming.
He has some work.
Hello. -Hello, Mary.
Who is it? - Prem.
Sir Prem and sir Veer
went outside.
I'm Prem.
Sir, you were at airport.
Cant I call from airport?
Sorry, sir. -Listen, wear sari.1 Youve to become Vidya.
Veers wife. Brother Dharam
will be home soon.
Sir - Yes.
All the Best.
Hello, sir. Sir, I didnt hear.
Door will open automatically.
Sorry, brother.
Sir Veer, what happened..
Shes your maid. -Yes, brother.
You cant be wrong.
-Youre right.
I can recognize Vidya.
Vidya. -No..
Vidya. -Brother, actauIIy..
Relax, Ill arrange your wife
before you reach home.
Actually I.. -Actually youre angry with me.
You should be.
Because I gave priorities to business rather than family.
Im sorry for that.
Why are you apologizing
It doesnt look nice.
Actually, Vidya.. -Its ok.
Chautala was right.
Kapoor family is the best.
Actually Ive become
a family man.
Veer, well done. -Thank
you, brother.
Your pocket money will
be 2 Iakh now.
Just double. - Double.
Double- Double.
What happened?
Youve a big heart. You didnt
give it a second thought.
I gave it a thought.
Anything for a friend.
Shower flowers on my mer-maid.
Not bad. Impressed without sari.
Tell me, do you like the
bungalow? And how about Vidya?
Bungalow is mine.
And why should I talk to you about Vidya?
Vidya, get black tea.
Vidya, get black tea.
Im talking to Vidya.
Im talking to Vidya too.
Vidya. -Vidya.
Veer, is he cross-eyed?
He cant see or hear properly.
Shes my Vidya.
Yes, P rem. Shes my Vidya.
Shes our Vidya.
Hey! -Leave me!
Leave me. -Whats with him -Brother, its panic attack. 1
What panic attack is it?
I think he's mad.
Mr. Dharam, its a disease.
He moves like wiper of car
when he gets attack.
Brother, Ill handle him. He has calmed down.
You.. -Sir, pIease.
I got him.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Everything is wrong. I made Mary your wife.
Exactly, your wife became my wife.
Im talking about Mary not mywife.
Yes, it happened as you wanted.
I told Mary on phone.. become your wife.
Prem, let this charade go on.
Brother, thought Janvi was Vidya and doubled my pocket money.
Our problems will be solved.
I don't care.
I saw how lustlull your brother
was at the airport.
Fool! Hell do something
evil in..
..return of double pocket money.
Its my wife. Janvi..
How could you? You made
me hyper wiper.
What could I do? He thought
So you shouldve told
him the truth.
I was about to, but he doubIed
Veers pocket money.
And hes Veer. Your friend And hes Veers brother. I
Look, dont get involved! Dharam isnt a good man.
Ok. When you spend Veers pocket
money on your experiments..
..u call Veer your brother
and friend.
Thats fine, but.. -Look.
Veer has always helped us. Now its our turn.
Its only for 4 hours.
Now take this tea. - No.
And behave nicely with him. Ok.
Remember. Were doing
this for Veer.
Go now. - Now.
Sir, sorry I couldnt hear you on the phone. What did you say?
Iwas saying to slit yourj throat with the knife.1
Prem, go.
Why me?
Veer, tell me.. -Yes.
Why does Chopru live with you?
Brother, he has problem
of panic attack.
Doctor, told him to change
his surrounding.
So he shifted her for few days.
Listen, its dangerous to keep a lunatic at home.
Brother! - Brother!.
Black Tea.
Veer, who is she?
She.. shes a girl.
I know that.But who is she?
What do you mean?
I mean, Im Dharam, youre
Veer and hes mad.
Who is she?
I.. tell him shes girlfriend.
Why is your girlfriends
snap in this house?
Cant you control your girl friend?
I did.
But you messed everything.
Its surprising that even you
can have a girl friend.
Why? Why not?
Its possible.
Anyone can be mistaken.
Look, youre insuIting
my girl friend.
She was insulted when she
became your girl friend.
Brother, leave it. Leave it.
Yes, leave it.
His girlfriends snap can
be in this house..
..but not Vidyas.
It'll be somewhere around.
Ive. Look, brother.
Veer, why is Vidyas photo in his wallet?
Prem, how is Vidyas photo
in your wallet?
Veer, how is Vidyas photo in my wallet?
Dharam, this is Veers waIIet.
He send Prem to buy bread.
He took the wallet. -Yes.
Give it me. What?
Youve no money even to buy bread. Disgusting.
Mr. Dharam, my time will also come.
Do you see this. This
is Rolex. Original.
You cant get such time.
Buttell me, how did
Vidyas photo..
Dharam, geyser is on. Take bath.
Take bath, brother.
Yes go. on.
I'll take bath.
Veer. - Veer.
How did you like the room?
Room? This is a bungalow.
Listen, hurry up. My
wife is pregnant.
Ive to take to to hospital
any moment.
Congrats, Dhondu. ChiId
is a father of woman.
Ok. Should I get the
luggage? -Wait.
Let me put this first.
RGV. Raghunandandas Govardhandas
What are you doing?
This is my house. I can do anything. Who are you?
Please heIp!
He'll kill me.
Please. How long will! you keep beating me
Oh no! Dont hit me. -What
happened, brother?
An idiot was putting his nameplate here.
Where did he go, brother? -Up.
You killed him.
No, hes up there.
You know him. - No.
Its formal hi, hello. Hi. -Hi.
Hello. -What are you
doing, upstairs?
This man hit me. - You!
Mr. Dharam, youre rich so youll exploit poor.
This isn't fair.
No. Hey, you. -What?
Get down fool. - Don't hit me.
Ill explain it to you. Come with me.
Please come.
Who is he?
Brother, Raghu is actually
mad. -What?
Yes, Raghu. Brother]
Dharam is mad.
So we put extra sugar
in tea. -Why?
To digest bitter truth.
But how did it happen?
Once Raghu owned 6 bungalow
in this area.
He got addicted to betting
in cricket match.
Tell me.Listen.
You know the match of Yuvraj.
-Yes, 6 sixes on 6 baIls.
Brother had bet that he cant hit six. -ReaIIy?
Then. Then What?
Every ball was out of boundary.
And Raghu lost all hisi bungalows in gambling.
And then over eneded there.
..n his madness started.
Now he thinks every bungalow
is his lost bungalow.
He chants bungalow all day.
I dont know what he says.
It means this mad man is here, there, everywhere.
Brother, its dangerous.
Its dangerous.
But doctor say that if he stays
near this bungalow he might get cured.
Not all all. He should be sent to asylum.
Thats why were shifting
brother to Losoto.
Flight is in 4 hours.
But I came with the luggage in tempo.1
So shift. Rental with
mental. Come.
Come. -No, hell break my denaI.
Well come after 4 hours.
Come. -Well catch up Iater.
Dhondu, God has made such
a big man crazy.
Lets go.;0]
Where is the packing?
Where? - Don't shout.
Don't shoo me.- Where is the..
Talk softIy.
You got tempo. -Who are they?
Theyre my friends.
Why did they come in tempo?
To get your luggage to airport.
One tempo for 2 bags.
So you needed 2 tempos.
Actually all these things will also go with your luggage.
Veer wont let you go empty handed.
Whose idea was it of gifts?
Of Prem. - I knew it.
Veer. - Yes?
If you want to give me something..
..give me Vidya.
Ill take Vidya along.
Will you come with me, Vidya?
Do you own her! How dare
you touch her! -What?
Brother, side please.
Go from middle.Go from middle.
Uninvited guest.
Go from middle.Get Lost.
get out. get out.
What is this?. Go. Go.
You too go. -Prem. Prem.
Prem, lets go. Prem move.
What happened to him.
Another panic attack.
Ill see him.
You wait here.
Not even in a mall... many people dont come
as in your bungalow.
We will take him out
for shopping.
Well take his luggage also and leave him to airport directly.
But who will convinc
him to go out?
Ill talk to him.-Wait. Not you.
I'll do this.
I hope Veer isnt irritating you?
If yes then this is my personal
number, call me.
There is no need of that.
Veer is a good husband.-You
look forward.
Why? Im not driving.
Then why are you looking back?
-Im keeping an eye.
On what? -Cars coming
from behind.
someone shouldn't knock us.
There is rear view mirror.
But Im free then wha
need of mirror?
Sit properly. Dont
take tension.
Why? Who will take care of him?
Mr. Dharam, actually Prem
is so attached to you..
..that hes taking care of you.
Thats why hes Iooking
at you. -Oh my God!
Dindayal protects me so much.
Who is Dindayal? Your
security man?
No. My doberman.
Prem, look forward.
Coffee. -Thank you.
Prem, not coffee.. Doctor Verma has warned you. I
Dr. verma is our common doctor.
Hello. Yes Renuka aunty.
Yes.One minute.
Call for you.
Hello. Yes, aunty. How are you?
Dont you feel odd.
Odd. Why, brother?
Vidyas phone on Prems
cell. Isnt it odd?
Brother, were getting calls
on phone. I mean..
..itwill be odd when we get fax on phone.
Why didnt call for Vidya came on your phone?
I think network.
-Network is full.
Full network.
This is Veers phone.
Theyre identical sets.
It was by mistake.
This is mine.
In Losoto military coup is announced.
There is curfew imposed.
And king Bumbata is under house arrest.
Authorities.. -King Bumbata.
Losotos king. My friend.
Its ok, brother, Im sure everything will be fine.
Control yourself, Mr. Dharam.
Vidya, my friend.. -Leave her.
I mean leave this. Lets
go to airport.
Youre right.
because of curfew in lostso..
..all flights to Losot are cancelled for now.
Now the.. -How could it happen?
How did this happen?
How will I go there? -How
will he go there?
Its a big problem. -Yes.
Janvi. I mean Vidya.
Brother wont go. Brother.
Brother, you wont go. -No, I wont.
Prem!Brother will be here.
Brother wont go. Brother wont go.
Brother wont go
I didnt knew that he loves me a lot.
Dont worry about the expenses
of chartered plane
What! Even Charter Plane
cant land there?
No. Youve to do something.
Youre the captain of ship. Cant you go to Losoto.
Sandhu transport.
Sir, by road can we go to Losoto.
Leave this.I found the route.
That's fantastic.
Ive talked with agent.
Ferrywill take him at 6 from Kolba beach..
Zanzibar island.
Helicopter from Zanzibar
will take him to..
Losoto.-Wait a minute.
Tangayanaka bridge.
From there, train wiII
take him to,..
Losoto. -Wait, guys.
Goragora crator. -From there..
..heII go to..
Now say Losoto. -Losoto.
And how many days it will take.
Yes, it will take 6 days. -What?
If we leave today.
If hell leave tommorow
then 7 days.
Why are you looking
Oh, youre thinking that
it will be expensive.
But whats a big deal for him?
He's rich.
An astrologer told me..
..I'll kill someday..
..someone one day.
And unfortunately the victim is from Goa.
And his names initials
are P andIi
Who? Yes, Priyanka Chopra.
Oh. Excuse me please.
We dont have any idea when Dharam will go.
You go to my house and bring some clothes for me and Prem.
Ok, Janvi. Ok?
Sorry, madam Vidya.
Dont be siIIy.
Hey Red chili. -What?
Go and call your bosses.
I beg your pardon.
What pardon?
Tell them that his father
is in garden.
Look, if you give respecti
you take respect.
Ok. You give me respect..
..I'll take it.
Oh! God he touched me.
Someone help me. -Whats
going on? -Sir.
Sir, this man touched me from here to here.
Who are you ?
Me? Goli (tabIet).
Were you a capsule when
you were born?
Hey, you dont know me.
People die when I breathe.
Then chose a good mouth fresher.
Youre mocking me.
Dhondu, move the tempo.
Forgive me.
You fool.-Brother.
Goli.Brother Goli.
You know him.
Only formally. Hi. Hello.
2 minutes. We were going
to come. Take out.
Take 2.5 lakhs.
Rest of the money. -Well
pay in half an hour.
Whats going on? Who is he?
Am I inquiry office to answer all the time. You answer him.
Brother, he came for donation
for sponsorship.
Sponsorship. -For a cricket tournament.
Its GPL just like IPL.
GPL. -Goa premier league.
Yes. -He looks like a goon.
Dont judge a book by its cover.
Why do you know onIy such kind of peopIe?
Sir, insure your nose.
Go. -Go. -Insure your nose.
Tobu will be banging
glass there.
How will we pay 2.5 lakhs
within half an hour.
Tobu says..
..where is tie?
Tie on jeans and T-shirt?
-It wont look nice.
Where is maid?-Maid.
There is a big problem
of maid these days.
You want for small chores
or for whole day.
God! Oh mercy!
Tobu says, 2.5.
You mean 2.5. -Tobu give us some time.
Ive 2.5 Iakhs. Why didnt you tell me?
I mean Ive no money
but something..
..which is like expect
the unexpected.
Its rolex. OriginaI. Worth 2.5 Iakh.
You stole my brothers watch.
You want watch on
your brothers..
..wrist or heads on our shoulders.
Heads.- Good.
It's Rolex.
Original. 24 carat gold, diamond
studded. Water proof.
300.- 2.5 Lakh.
Tobu says, remaining 5 Iakh..
..after 2 days.
If we dont pay him 5 Iakhs
we are finished.
Think. -Ill come up
with something.
Trust God. -Why are
you so relaxed?
Mary. -Sir.
Did you see my watch? -Watch?
Round - Yes.
Diamond-studded? -Yes.
-I didnt see it.
Vidya, did you see my watch?
No, Mr. Dharam. -Veer.
I dont know. -Strange.
How could it just disappear?
Whats the time? -How can
I say without watch?
Thats right. But whats the time.
Ive watch if you want
to check time.
Its not expensive but shows correct time
Janvi, you know what?
We got sponsors for our show.
Veer, listen.
You know what?
We got sponsors for our show.
Our dream will come true.
Oh my God.
Brother.-Oh God!
Whats going on, Veer?
When did you come, 1II brother Dharam?
Didnt you recognize her? Prems snap.
Hes my Janvi.
If shes your girl friend, why did she kiss Prem?
What drama is going on?
It's about a drama.-drama?
Actually their musical group
is playing a culture.
On 26th January. She
was rehearsing it.
She starts anytime. Let me
say action first, silly.
But I dont think she was acting.
But acting has to be original.
I mean shes so talented.
-Thank God.
I thought something eIse.
Thank God. You didnt think
of something else.
Tell me, whats the name of the play?
Yours is mine and mine..
Yours is mine.
Lets rehearse-Ok.
Such a cheap name.
On 26th January you should
play a patriotic theme.
Love. Sacrifice. Country. -Yes.
It has all these things.
You can see love.
His dad drinks country liquor.
And Im making sacrifice.
Im the producer.
He has no money to buy bread,
but has become producer.
Veer, kiss was in the script.
And you kissed her.
No love, no emotions.
There should be a build up.
Brother, I didnt get it.
No? Ill explain.
Move.-Let it be.
Move. -Its okay
-Wait a minute.
Brother has experience
-Come here.
We got sponsor of our show.. -What?
Our dream will come true.
Oh my God. -What?
Anyway, let it be. Dear..
Dream shouldnt be just woven.
Dream should make us sleepless.
Thats rig ht.
Yes. What is it? -Your
phone is ringing.
Where? -In your pocket.
Brother crossed the
Now you understood.. it feels when someone else uses your credit card?
Tell me whats going on.
Dharam came suddenly
and thought I was..
..Vidya and doubled the pocket money.
In short, Im Vidya now..
..and you Janvi. -Yes.
And before new problem
arise, go.
Please go. -Dont worry.
It's 2.
And Venus is vertical. Ther
wont be any problem.
Vidya, please. Go. HelloI
How are you, my Veer?
Brother Prem. Sister-in-law Janvi. Whats going on?
Where is Mr. Dharam?
Brother left for Losoto.
How could he?
Without any prior notice.
Mad has gone. Dhondu shift.
My prayer has been answered.
Owner is in the bungalow.
Do you get it? -ShouId
I get the Iuggage?
Theyre.. -Prems friends.
Oh! How do you do?
Well. -Ragunanddas Govardhandas
Vag havle.
Im owner of the bungaIow.
Hes psychiatrist.
He doesnot seem to be.
Should I get the luggage?
Dhondu. -Just chill. -Flight
didnt resume.
But how could it be? Mr. Dharam..
Bye, Veer. -Bye.
When did you come? -Mr. Dharam..
..u are home, but they said..
..u left to Losoto.
What is this mad man doing here?
Vidya, come here.
Sir, shes sister-in-law Janvi.
Mary, you too come here.
Sir, shes sister-in-law Janv.
Shes sister-in-law Vidya.
Are you mad?
Shes Vidya. -Yes.
A mad man thinks everyone
else is mad.
All amd man look alike.
Sir, dont confuse me.
Are you a riddle.. confuse you more.
No. WeII done, doctor.
Good treatment.
You! Hes not a doctor, idiot.
This sofa isn't sofa and ..
..door isn't door.
This pant isnt pant.
Hes not Ajay Devgan. -Quiet.
He's not a doctor.
I'm new man.-Get out.
Veer, get him out. Janvi, come here.
Sir, shes not Janvi.
Should I get the luggage.
-Just chill, Dhondu.
Sir, are you going mad?
What are you harping, ChautaIa?
Thats why youre called, doctor.. treat lunatic. Right, Prem?
Veer, Veer!
Veer, hes talking to you. Come on.
Get him out.
Come on. -Veer, tell me..
..y is Mr. Dharamcalling
Vidya as Janvi?
Mr. Chautala, you meet us
on 5th of every month.
Yet youre saying this. -5th.
I come on first of every month.
Chautala, what has happened to you?
Youve even forgotten the dates?
He has lost his mind.
And shes my Janvi.
Thats right, Prem.
And shes myVidya.
Shes Mary. -Quiet.
Ill whack you now.
Fool.- Sir
He's not mad.You are mad.
I'm mad Chautala.-Yes.
I broke 4 teeth of my staff.
Ithink its yourturn now.
No. -Should I get the luggage?
Dhondu, just chill. -Ok.
Wait. You shouldnttalk to doctor like this, brother.
Am I a doctor?
Youre a doctor? -Youre
asking or telling me..
Hes telling you.
He has come for your treatment.
For your own good.
Just for your safety, boy.
Should I get the luggage?
Should I get the luggage?
Why does he hit me?
Sir, shes Vidya.
I swear.
Thats what Im saying.
Shes Vidya. -No.
I mean..- You are exhausted.
Me? -I mean youre tired.
You need rest.
Got it.Rest.- Rest.
Look, tell me when the flight
resume. Ok? -Ok.
Go now.-Ok
Hi, Vidya. -Hi. Vidya.
Hi. -Hi, Betty.
Hi. -Brother, shes Betty.
Keyboard player of our band.
Hello, sir. -Hello. -Veer, we are getting late for the show.
Show. -Its first performance
of our band.
Yes, lets go. -Brother Dharam,
why dont you join us?
Come. -Why not? Id love to.
Shall we?
This rock is for you. All the best. In right pocket.
Sovi, keep this rock
in your case.
What for? -You guys
will really rock.
Check the amps on stage.
I dont want any goof ups. -Sure. -Where is Betty?
Whats up, buddy?
Fantastic, sir.
This is a beautiful design.
Beautiful tatto for a beautiful woman.
Look at this deeds.
Hes putting tattoo as if..
..putting vermiIIion
to get married.
Guys, get ready. Youre next.
Yes. -Veer, SD isnt here.
What? Where is he? Has
someone called.
I tried. His cell phone is off.
Call him again.
What happened, guys?
-Brother, our drummer SD hasnt showed up.
Im here, guys.
SD, what the.. What happened?
How did it happen?
Chris of Auro band.
They were on car and I on bike.
They cut me purposeIy..
..and I lost my balance.
My hand is completely gone.
Without SD there is
no performance.
I'll anounce it.
Guys, Im afraid we..
We have bad news.
Our drummer has..
I want to touch the sky..
..n search for stars.
I want to shine like sun.
I want to adorn the earth.
I want to touch the sky..
..n search for stars.
I want to shine like sun.
I want to adorn the earth.
Ill do whatever you say.
Ill heed my heart if you say.
Ill follow my heart
if you say.
Let me steal the light
of fire-flies.
Ill spread light where there is darkness.
I'll steal color of flowers.
Ill give them the colorlwant.
Let me steal the light
of fire-flies.
Ill spread light where there is darkness.
I'll steal color of flowers.
Ill give them the colorlwant.
I'll walk on air.
Ill fly cars in air.
Ill change days of month.
Ill change months of years.
Ill do whatever you say.
Ill heed my heart if you say.
Ill follow my heart
if you say.
And the winner is Rock..
Chris, your band got whacked.
Betty, I warn you.
Just cut the crap.
Ill slap you.
Youll raise hand on girl.
Talk to me.
Your hand is broken.
Chris. -Want to get your leg broken?
Dont cross your Iimit.
Tell me my Iimit.
Tell me. -Hey.
Im Prem. Prem Chopra.
What are you doing? Threatening
or giving your bio-data.
Janvi, take him home.
Go. - Chriss.
Guys, chill.
Were creative people
Stop fighting.
Control yourself. Come on.
Change your name to coward.
What are you staring?
Go home. -Come.
Play with toys.
Prem, what happened?
The way your car blew up..
..u too got scared..
-Come, Prem.
And you know who is the biggest coward?
This - Veer's NRI brother.
Non-reacting Indian.
Do youve a family?
Why? -Who will take
you to hospital?
What? Making jokes, uncIe?
I just got started joking.
Im doing fighting for 30 years.
Hit him.
Oh no!- Dad is outside.
Bye, Janvi. -Ok, bye.
Wait, idiots. Dont youve manners or etiquettes.
Janvi, Ill drop you home. Veer, get out.
Dad, thank God youre safe.
Inspector Walia phoned
and told..
..there was fig hting
at your place.
Yes, but he was there.
He thrashed them.
Theyll be in hospital
for a month.
And the
credit goes Dharam.
Veer's elder brother.
The famous Mr. Dharam Kapur.
Thank you, sir.
You brought my daughter
safely home.
Im pleased to see you.
No, I was giving an example.
An example. A proverb.
You know, dad, he dances very well.
He plays drum very weII. Mind-blowing. Superb.
Anyway, Ill go and change.
Bye. -Bye.;0]
Ok, sir. Thank you very much. -Wait.
ldont know if I should say this.
But your daughter is
going to marry..
..a boy who isnt worthy of becoming your son-in-law.
Youre saying this.
Whats going on?
Youre getting criticized
because of him.
But my daughter says..
..hes decent, upright..
..and down to earth.
Youre right. Down to earth.
Hes very IowIy.
Your daughte
My daughters Prem (love)
isnt right.
But what to do? - love is blind.
Actually, because of you..
..connection to Kapurs famiIy..
..I thought..
I dont blame you. Listen.
If you put horses shoe on donkey..
..don key wont become horse.
If I couldve my way..
..Id drive him out of my house.
Hes not my own.
Step-brother. -What? -No.
Straight-forward .
Ive seen straight-forward
man like you.
We dont see such kind hearted man.
By the way, are you married. -Bachelor.
Oh! Muscular.
Popular. Spectacular.
And bachelor. -And I can also dance.
Why are they hugging?
Marriage is fixed. Congrats.
What are you saying?
Vidya will surely be
daughter-in-law of Kapur family.
What are you saying?
But wife of elder brother.
What are you saying?
Good night, Veer. -Good
night, brother.
Good night, Vidya. -Good
night, brother.
Leave me. -Good night.
Hey! Why are you going there?
Im scared to sleep alone.
Sleep with me. Come. -No.
I'm not so scared.
Good night. -Good night.
Good night. -Good night.
Come. When will this problem be solved?
God, when will my brother
go to Losoto.
Veer, Iwas thinking
of something.
We've lied now.
But when youll marry Vidya..
..Mr. Dharam wiII find the truth.
Why are you scaring me, Janvi.
We'll think about it later.
Good night.
What are you doing? -Exercise
early morning.. good for healt -
-Its late night.
Theres time to morning.
Late night.
What's the time?
You dont have a watch.
Good night.
Coming. -No.
Vidya. -Prem, dad is admitted
in hospital. -What?
Its you. -Prem, there is a problem. -What?
Vidya phoned. Her dad
is in hospital.
He got heart attack.
It had to happen. -What?
Your brother mustve said
something worse.
Forget that. What should I do now?.
Go to hospital.
Veer, where are you going?
So late in the night.
Vi. Janvis father
is in hospital.
Really? -Yes.
So he should go. Why
are you going?
Brother, if I go and Janvis
father sees me..
..his heart attack will become heart fail.
Youve said something right
for the first time in life.
Veer, you go. All the
best. Ok? -Ok.
Ill phone you.
Come.- Come.- No.
Meena, Im not a rogue.
What? Youre in hospital.
Have patience, Meena.
Let me deliver the goods before
you deliver the baby.
Have patience. Im coming.
Im coming, dear.
Coming. -Dhondu. -What?
Tell your half-better? -What?
Just chill, Meena.
Yes. -Shut up, fool.
Dad, you cant leave us.
-What are you doing?
No. -Dad, talk to me.
He has no problem.
He got breathing problem
because of gas.
Oh! Thank God.
Dad, youre saved. -Help me.
Im dead. Ill di beca use of you.
Because of me. - This.
Move your leg from oxygen pipe.
Vidya, hell kill me like a fox. -Dad.
Dont say fox. -l was giving an example.
Its example. Its proverb.
Dad. - Doctor.
Hes heart attack i
getting severe.
We need to move him
into ICU. -What?
Get the stretcher. - Dad.
What happened? -Get out of here.
God, you scared me.
What are you doing here?
-Icametomeetyou. I
Vidyas dad got heart probIem.
Hes in Holy Care hospital. -Vidya.
Vidya. -God, its Mr. Dharam.
Open the door. -No, Prem.
You dont worry. Ill handle him. -Open the door, Vidya.
Coming. Coming. -Vidya.
What happened? Wh
are you shouting?
That.. Lizard. - Lizard?
There is a lizard in room.
Im scared of it.
No problem. Sleep in my room.
Ill sleep here. -No.
-l wont hear a word.
Please go. -Mr. Dharam.
Go. -Go. - Mr. Dharam.
Look who are going in?
And you rented the house yet..
..youre with a tern po driver outside.
Do youve any value?
Don't talk about value.
Don't shout.
Dont shout at this poor man.
If youve guts go and see whats happening inside.
Ok. Im going to take risk.
But wait here. -Why?
Otherwise snake will kiss.
Janvi. -Veer, how is
Vidyas father.
He got worse after seeing me.
What? -What are you
doing outside?
Where is prem?
I thought he was with you.
-Hes not with me.
If not with you, where is Prem?
Youre Prem Chopra.
Veer! - Veer!
Veer! -Br, what happened?
This Prem Chopra..
..hugged me thinking IwasVidya.-What?
No. -Youre blinded by his friendship.
Actaully he wants Vidya.
Brother. -Bloody rapist.
Mr. Dharam, hes not a rapist.
He.. he has disease of sleep walking.
Yes, brother. His panic attack..
I mean, this is its
side effects.
Look, hes walking in sleep.
I'll check.
..when this knife will go in his stomach..
..and come out of his back
-No, Mr. Dharam.J
Ill see if hes sleep walking..
..or something else. -Brother.
I knew it.
Brother, listen to me.
Brother, this is side effect
of panic attack.
All mad man in this house.
Dont go inside. Gentlemen
Start the tempo.
Start. -What happened?
Why did you stop? Drive, Dhondu.
Youre saying to drive. But
nobody is behind us.
Youve made me mad. -Nobody.
Yes. Dont laugh.
Dondu -What? - just chill.
Stop this chiII.
Now stop your drama.
Ill see them. Even that mad man.
That.- Dondu -What?
I go to teach Vasudha as you.
And what I say as you, she
thinks Im saying it.
I say it.;0]
But that's me.
And youre me. I mean Im you.
What are you harping?
Come to the point.
If my child is born without a father..
I.kill you.
.. II
Moving to and fro from
road to gate.. diesel is getting over.
Who is the new character
It's beacuase of that mad man..
Dont shout, Dhondu, just chiII.
If that mad man comes out!
..your childs birth..
..your death will be sure.
Ill get that mad.. -Shut up.
Don't shout.
Yes? - What?
Are you scared?
They got scared when
I shouted, Raghu.
Why are you scared, Dhondu.
Youre standing as
if behind me..
Youre standing as if behind me, hes.
Youre standing as if behind me, hes.
Let me see.
Dhondu, get the tern po.
Raghu, my brother. My friend.
Come. Let's drink tea.
Brother, you know.. -Veer.
Driving away mad man cant
cure his madness.
We shout explain to
him. -Correct.
Brother, hes totally mad.
What? - Mad.
Look who is taIking?
I'll be back.
Don't leave me alone.
Raghu, how many spoons?
There is only one spoon. Give 2 spoonsful sugar.
Have you read Geeta? -Never.
Never. -Ill tell you.
What have you got? -Tempo.
Right. It has my luggage.
-Its mine.
Im talking about knowledge.
Ok, repeat.
Look, Raghu.. Geeta it's written.
..what was yours yesterday
is mine today..
..and what is mine today willi be of someone else tomorrowJ
Got it.
Its not so, silly.
Don't look there. - Listen to me.
What was yours yesterday
is mine today.
And it'll be mine. you understand, kid.
Its simple. Prem.
What is it? -Take it easy.
Take it easy. Ill expIain.
Look, even daughter belongs
to someone else.
She has to go one day.
Thats why I say..
..what was yours is mine now..
..and what is mine will b of someone else. Got it?l
What was yours is mine now..
..and it'll be mine.
Mad. - Fool.
Are you crazy?
Move, mad. Are you crazy?
What was yours is mine now..
..and it'll be mine.
No. - No.
Dhondu, save him.
Stop. Wait. Should I get..
..the Iuggage.
Don't hit that kid.Talk to me.
Hes hitting us. -Get out.
For the first time death isnt
moving towards us..
..but were moving towards death.
Why are you driving so sIowIy?
Weve no money. What will we say to Tobu?
I'm here. Don't be tense.
Im tense as youre
here. -Relax.
Tobu, please forgive us.
We tried a lot, but we couIdnt
arrange the money.
Please Veer.
Let me talk. - Tobu come.
Weve no money, but..
..weve something to make
you our debtors.
Expect the unexpected.
This is royal gift for
king of Losoto.
You stole kings gift.
What will brother say? -Veer.
You want to see this gift
in kings treasure..
on our Iders
Diamonds, gems.
Pearl harbour. Black Diamond.
Treasure. Everything.
Brother Prem says so you
dont need to ask.
Everything is in it. Open it.
Its lemon pickle.
Its not pickIe.
Does anyone give pickle
asgiftto king?
It mustve hidden diamonds
to evade customs.
Hes right. This belongs
to my brother.
This isnt lemon pickle.
I said so.
It has carrot and raddish too.
Tabu says pickle is nice.
It wouldve been better if youd brought bread too.
Not bread. Well chop you.
Tobu says..
..if you dont give money
within 2 days..
..well seize your bungalow
worth millions.
And for fooling us with pickle..
..weII punish you now.
Tobu is very wicked.
He took our clothes too.
Its because of your foolishness. -What?
Mine? - Yes.
He bought cheap shirts
and trousers.
Wefooled him of million
of rupees.
What are you doing here?
Sorry. -Run away.
Its not about money, but your judgement.
Because of your creative ideas..
..there are more problems
in my life.
Was your dad photographer. -Why?
You always think so negative.
Don't be tense. - I'm here.
Ive many creative ideas.
I don't care.
Why are you barking?
Dharam is there.
..who isnt going to Losoto.
Tobu has exposed our shorts.
And now youre barking.
Dog, youre barking from
inside the car..
..III come in and whack you.
Run, Veer.
You run. - You have teased him.
Can you believe it, Mrs. Lobo?
These days a person known
as Rapist Ranga.. raping beautiful girl becoming half naked.
Beautiful girls. -Yes.
Then we must take care.
-Yes. -Show me.
Ranga. -Half naked.
Run. -HeIp.
Save Us.
Help me. -Someone help us.
Rapist. -Help us.
Hello, sir. -Please.
Mary, youre a girI.
Like a family member.
-Thank you, sir.
Thats why I say..
..from today youll sleep
in my bedroom..
..and Ill be in your .bedroom. -We..
Hes saying..
Id to say it.
Because Prem(Iove) is between us.
What? - Love between us.
Sir, Im a servant.
Prem. - Prem.
..doesnt differentiate between rich and poor.
He can befall on anyone.
So now youll be in my bedroom.
Is that clear? - Yes.
Hello, Veer.
Now Mary will give you your pocket money.
What? Our Mary.
Now shes not our Mary.
She's madam from maid.
Your brother will be with Mary tonight.
Ive no time to Iisten
to your rubbish!
Im going to change.
He's shocked.
He doesnt know hes not
wearing anything.
What will he change?
Prem, saw the result of your third class idea.
Youre roaming in city half naked.
And you started stealing too.
First Mr. Dharam's watch.
Then kings royal gift.
Not royal, it had pickle.
You dont have to yell at me.
You said that we should
do this for Veer.
Janvi- It's same.
Prem, stop.
What happened?
What happened?
Prem fled with Vidya.
Get the car.
He took the car.
What are you doing?
What is this?
Prem, tell him.
He broke it.
Drive properIy.
Drive sIowIy.
Dhondu, stop.
Dhondu, stop.
Dhondu, chair.
Shut up. -I didntsayaword.
Raghu, chill.
Im ruined. My Meena
is in this hospital.
What happened to Janvi?
-I dont know.
He famed while talking. -Prem.
Prem, this time youve
gone too far.
Actually, brother..
.Vidya got seriousIy
ill suddenly.
So prem.
Vidya was ill so..
..he should have told us.
How dare you touch her!
Congrats, shes pregnant.
Why is it so peaceful here?
Why am I dumb-struck?
What has happened..
..even the season is new.
The earth and sky is
filled with joy.
Why is it so peaceful here?
Why am I dumb-struck?
What has happened..
..even the season is new.
The earth and sky is
filled with joy.
The ambience is new.
happened, how Wh1d I tell you?
The ambience is new.
happened, how Wh1d I tell you?
I never thought.. will come with tears.
What are these moments.
..where we are afar even
though together?
Why do the world seem lonely?
Everything it upside down.
What's the matter?
Life is cross with me.
The ambience is new.
happened, how Wh1d I tell you?
The ambience is new.
happened, how Wh1d I tell you?
Thank God for..
..not sending friends with price tag.
Or I wouldnt have been able
to afford you, friend.
Youre very priceless.
Now youre talking sense.
Im sorry.
For what?-You know
Ive decided to tell brother the truth.
What are you saying, Veer?
Im right, Janvi.
I mean, is it worth it? My friend, my sister-in-law..
..cant enjoy important
joy of life.
I dont care for such money.
You did so much for us.
This time.. -But this lie is proving costly now.
And what youre doing is..
..cant be repaid by me.
Favor. Repay. Such words
shouldnt come between friendsi
Thats right, Prem.
We think of others benefit
in friendship.
Not taken advantage of. -Veer.
Its all over. Im going.
Mr. Dharam, you found out. -Yes.
Chautala, told me everything. -Yes.
Veer was going to tell you what Chautala told you.
Yes, brother. Forgive me.
I'd erred!- Err?
My flight to Losoto is resumed.. whats your fault?
Its his fault, brother.
He knew your flight is resumed.
But he wanted you to stay
for few more days.
How sweet, Veer!
Chautala, book a ticket
after 2 days.. -No.
Its important for him to Ieave.
Control your emotion,
not your brother.
Have a safe journey.
Come, sir. Its time]
forthe flight.
Thats ok. But I cant
go without gift.
Mary. -Sir. -Did you
Gift of King Bambata? -Yes.
That treasure box type? -Yes.
Rectangular shape?
-l didnt see it.
Mr. Dharam, that day
a thief came..
..and might have stolen
your gift
Yes, it must be very expensive.
Lets go to police to lodge a complain.
Well get the thief caught. -No.
Its important for me]
to go to Losoto.
Correct. -Take another gift.
Here. This will solve
your problems.
Who are they?
Didnt you recognize them?
They collect donations.
Hey, what is it?
Corect the question?
Ask who theyre?
Hes Tobu. Remember, GPL.
Hes head boy of GPL. Hes dumb.
Tobu says when wiII
you pay5lakh.
5 Lakh.
Hey, are you demanding donation
or extortion money.
All the best.
Go away. Ill pay letter. Go.
Go. We will come.
Tobu says..
..Tobu creates war..
Tobu says..
..echo of this sIap..
Tobu says..
Tobu can speak.
Tobu can speak. GoIi.
Hello. 1. 2. 3. 4.
1. 2. 3. 4.
Tobu can speak.
Sage! Youre a sage.
Your slap has magic.
You can make someone deaf
or give voice to someone.
Sage, youre great.
You're God! -Powerfull
Youre everything.
Sage. -How much wiII
you say in a day?
I was dumb. Let me talk today.
One slap cured me.
I can speak.
My sage has worked magic.
Tobu can speak.
I waived your loan of 5 lakh.
Which loan?
Acutally.. -Let me talk, sage.
Sage, I can talk. Let me taIk.
They came to me to
bet on car race.
They took 5 Iakhs from me.
But they lost.
It was good. We got to meet.
You returned my voice..
..what can I give in return?
What can I give you, sage?
But I want to give you something.
Sage, take this Rolex from me.
Original 24 carat gold..
..studed with diamond.
Sage, dont ask me about
other watches.
It has all the quaIities.
Sage, they gave me this gift.
I returned it to you.
First installment of loan.
Veer, Rolex. How cheap!
Cheap! Its cheap.
Wait -Wait.
Sage, take this. Another
return gift.
Second installment.
Barn bata gift.
Veer, who gave you the idea to race? -
And loan? - Prem
Who stole the watch?
And kings gift? -Prem.
Who is the root cause of all the problems? -Prem.
Prem!- Where?
Save me.
Save me from bullets.
Who is throwing stones?
Come in front.
Who is throwing stones?
Tobu says, who is shooting?
Who threw stones?
Its not stone, but buIIets.
Thats what I said. Who
is throwing stones?
Why are you mopping now, Prem?
Mary, why is doctor Iicking
the ground? -Go away.
New dysentry in house.
Anyhow, send your fruit
anywhere you want
I Don't care.
Brother Prem, now I know why youre hiding here.
Actually it has crossed
all limit.
ldont want to be in this bungalow now.
Return my money to me.
Brother Dharam.
I dont want to live here I because of that mad man.
Brother Dharam.
Why are you talking as
Why are you talking as
Why are you talking as
Who gave the idea .of rent? -Prem.
Who took deposit of bungalow? -Prem.
Who said I was mad? -Prem
Who, will I kill? -just chill.
Move. Let me hit too. Here.
Daddy. -Yes.
I accept I told you the
truth that night..
..but to kill your son-in-law..
..u would have killed all of us.
How can I shoot?
Im leaving on medicines.
How can this dead man
kill someone else?
Are you ghost?
Im giving an exampIe.
I came as my daughter wont
answer my phone.
I was getting worried.
I thought Veer eloped
with Vidya..
..and got married.
Hey! What are you saying?
Veer and Vidya ar already married.
No.It can't be.
No, dad. -You cant
do this, Vidya.
Fool, shes Vidya.
Im his dad. ShesI my daughter Vidya
Mr. Dharam, Im Vidya.
Veers girl friend. -What
Youre a girl friend of a married man.
No, Veer isnt married.
Then who is married?
Mr. and Mrs. Prem Chopra.
Saw? Shes Vidya.
And she's Janvi!
And you were sending
me on leave.
Got It!
Doctor, just chill.
You fool!
Veer, why did you do it?
Brother, to increase my pocket money.
And please dont ask who gave
the idea of fake marriage
Whose was it? -Youre
Prem Chopra.
Come here, Prem.
Who is he? -Hes your brothe - Youre asking me.
Sage creates miracIe.
Sister-in-law, youre here.
Your image is there.
Sage. -Whats going on?
Shes like Mrs. Chopra.
Yes, thats why he used
to be with my wife.
Just chill both are different.
Shut up.
What happened? -Bambata
is Losotos king.
She's his sister.
I cant understand her language. -Ok.
What happened? Meaning.
His brother are firing bullets from outside.
On brother? Why? -But why?
What happened? Meaning.
Theyre firing on sage.. before brother has..
Meaning. -In Tamil it means.. Telugu its..
Tell me means
in Hindi. -It pregnant.
This is a small story.
-Tell us,sage.
I went to Losoto 3 months ago.
It was dark night. Behind
dark valley..
..I found Kututo.
Her magic worked on me.
Lightening never strike..
..the way it did that day.
Then what happened?
After that see.
Great, brother.
Your lie has surpassed
all my lies.
Prem Chopra name suits me.
When a kid would cry in Losotos village..
..mother would say, go to sleep, child.I
Or your real father will come. Dharam Kapur.
Now I know why black is
your favorite color.
Black suitcase.Black tea.
My sir is very lowly!
I agree. Come to my
room to sleep.
You fool!He's muscular.
Popular. Spectular.
Womanizer. Vidya, Veer
is right for you.
Veer, come. -Yes. -Take
Vidya along.
Thank you, dad.
You were sending pickles for
the pregnant lady, sage.
As you sow so you reap.
This man should be..
Nail. -Chill. Repeat.
It means, oh my God.
No. Meaning of what he said.
They want to kill you with me.
Why? -Why?
You downloaded Losoto's life.
Why should we be hanged? -Look..
..they dont spare witness.
Forget it. Just chiII.
There is only one way
to escape. -What?
Ive to marry her.
Then do it.All the Best
It means.. -Wait. Ill tell you.
Sage, please.
It means..
All the best.