All the Money in the World (2017) Movie Script

Come here.
We can cook for you. Pasta.
We'd look after you.
You should give me a discount,
on account of my age.
What's your name?
The street is no place
for a boy like you.
Don't make your poor mama worry.
Go home.
I can take care of myself.
Get off!
Hey, get the fuck off me!
Hey! Hey!
Mr. Getty.
Mr. Getty.
Sorry, I should have knocked
before coming in.
To the point, Nancy. The market's open.
He's been kidnapped. Paul.
Little Paul, your grandson, in Rome.
They need to speak with you right now.
The Italian police, the boy's
mother, they're on the phone.
Well, I'm not available.
Excuse me, Mr. Getty?
The door, Nancy.
To be a Getty is an extraordinary thing.
I know that because
my grandpa told me so.
What do you want?
You see, my grandpa wasn 't just
the richest man in the world.
He was the richest man
in the history of the world.
My grandpa
was the one who brought the oil
out of the Saudi desert.
Everybody knew it was there.
They just thought it couldnt be done.
But Grandpa found a way.
He made a deal with the Bedouin tribes.
But there was so much oil,
there was no ship
big enough to carry it all.
So, my grandfather invented one.
He called it the supertanker.
It's been reported that you are
the first man in history
with a fortune in excess
of a billion dollars.
l have no idea.
But if you can count your money,
you're not a billionaire.
I'm telling you this
so you can understand
the things youre about to see.
And maybe you can forgive us.
Its like we 're from another planet
where the force of gravity is so strong
it bends the light.
We look like you.
But we 're not like you.
But we were, once.
Okay. Okay.
Make yourself comfortable.
Okay, now you can take the bag off.
The bag.
We'll make friends.
I'll tell you things about me,
and you tell me things about you.
I don't want to know anything about you.
Smart boy.
We talk about you, then.
we have your son.
Thank you.
Is he all right?
No, signora,
we are rapitori, kidnappers,
and have him captive.
Is this some kind of joke?
No, no. Is no joke, signora.
He 3 okay. He '3 not harmed.
We will send proof in the coming days.
Who are you?
I am Cinquanta.
Paul is safe.
But it will require
$17 million to release him.
Go to the police if you like.
It makes no difference.
I don't have any money.
Get it from your father-in-law.
He has all the money in the world.
One, two, three.
-Dad! Mom!
Mom, Dad!
-Wake up!
-No. Stop.
-No, no, no, no, no.
-Come on, Mom!
-Too early.
-Let's go!
We want pancakes.
Back to bed, you little monsters.
Get out of bed!
-Aileen, you want juice?
Okay. I have work to do this morning.
You'll have to amuse yourselves quietly.
And then we're going Christmas shopping.
-Mark, stop playing with it.
-Love you.
-If it's too hot, just blow on it.
Here you go.
Morning, Dad!
Hair of the dog might help.
"Hair of the dog"?
What's that, Dad?
Hey, Mom, where to next?
Dad's Christmas present.
Scarf, hat, hair tonic.
Must be 80 stories at least.
How many stories is it, Mom?
I don't know, darling.
It's an awful lot of stories.
Whose is it?
Your grandfather's.
-Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
-We're still gonna beat you.
-But he's your dad.
I've hardly ever met the guy.
How is that possible?
-As a kid, at least.
-My father had
no interest in me whatsoever.
No visits at Christmas,
no birthday phone calls.
Why don't you write him a letter?
Tell him you've been looking for a job.
I don't want to be an oilman. What?
Well, I don't want you
to be one, either, but...
You were never gonna be poor,
Gail, I know that.
We're not poor. We're broke.
There's a difference.
Dear Dad.
Dear Father.
For years, I struggled to understand
why you kept your distance.
Now I realize that you were giving me
the chance to prove myself
away from the shadow
of your immense achievements.
Is this how rich people talk?
Yes, like in Henry James.
Fine, do it your way.
But be sincere.
You don't want that.
Hey, turn off the television.
It's time for dinner.
Come on.
Come on!
-Hi, darling.
-Go back through there.
Your mom and I will carry it through
when it's ready, all right?
-Go take a seat.
-Go sit down.
-lt's almost ready.
-Go take your seats.
God, your hands are cold.
I'm serious. The kids are...
That'll be Ms. Canzanelli again,
telling us she's calling the police.
Who sends telegrams anymore?
My God. Somebody died.
No, baby. We've been sent for.
Let's go, let's go. Come on.
Dad, is that just for us?
Look at that.
Mom, wake up.
Mom, look at that.
Dad, wake up. It's the Colosseum!
Mom, it's the Colosseum.
-Please wake up.
-All right, all right.
Thank you, sir.
-Come, darling. It's okay.
-Aileen, this is amazing.
Mama loves you. It's okay.
It's a lot bigger than our house.
-Mr. Getty.
-Oh, darling.
Mr. Getty, your visitors are here.
Could you take the young ones?
Darling. Don't touch that.
Don't touch that.
Please, please. It's very old.
lt's possibly priceless. Put it down.
"Priceless"? l deplore that word.
"Dirty and old" l have no problem with.
In fact, I have an affection for them,
as they are the words most
frequently used to describe me.
Along with "rich," of course.
But "priceless," that's
something else altogether, yeah.
People say "priceless"
when what they really mean
is that something is invaluable.
That Minotaur that
you're holding, for instance.
Some experts have told me
that this dates
from 460 BC.
I'm sure those fuckers at the Met
-would kill to get...
-Mom, he just said...
...their greasy paws on it.
Go, go.
Would you care to guess
how much I paid for it?
I couldn't possibly.
I picked it up at the black market
in Heraklion.
Some old cripple
wanted to ask $19 for it.
It took me one hour to bring
him down to his bottom line.
Yes, today, at auction,
| hazard it could bring $1.2 million.
You see?
Everything has a price.
The great struggle in life
is coming to grips
with what that price is.
I want you to have it.
We couldn't.
You like it, Paul?
That's okay. I don't need it.
No, I insist.
It's far too extravagant
for a little boy.
Well, for some little boys, it might be.
Not for a Getty.
"Thank you."
Thank you.
Thanks are for strangers.
You're family. My family.
Come on.
Come here, come here.
Let me look at you.
My son.
My grandson. My daughter.
Well, daughter-in-law, I'm afraid.
No, you're not some district
judge's daughter anymore.
You're one of us now.
I had to focus on my mission,
you understand?
On my business. And...
I couldn't be weighed down
mentally with a family.
You understand that, don't you, Paul?
Pardon the laundry.
ljust see no point in paying $10
for room service to come up
and launder my undershorts
when I could do the same thing
forjust a few lira.
And it's tax deductible.
Almost everything is
if you know how to play it.
What the hell are we doing
standing in a hotel room?
We should be celebrating.
That's what families do.
"Dear Mr. Getty,
"I'm writing to you because
we're in desperate straits.
"My husband suffers
from a tumor that has caused
"his groin area to swell
to uncontrollable dimensions.
"The doctors say,
without immediate surgery,
"normal movement
will soon become impossible.
"God bless you.
You are a great American.
"Elvira Broadus, Mound City, Arkansas."
Dear Mrs. Broadus,
if I were to respond
to every request for money I receive,
I would soon be
as destitute as yourself.
"Dear Mr. Getty..."
Surely you can find someone
else to answer your mail.
-I like it, Dad.
-He likes it, son.
The boy wants to be useful.
| find that admirable.
It's a family business.
Everyone has a role to play.
Which reminds me,
I'm firing Howard Larkin.
And I'm making you executive
vice president of Getty Oil
in charge of European operations.
All I know about oil
is regular or premium.
You wanted a job. I'm giving it to you.
Sink or swim.
Yours, J.P. Getty.
You're a Getty, Paul.
A Getty is special.
A Getty is nobody's fool.
I want to show you something.
What is it?
lt's home.
This is where I slept
with my wife, Sabina.
This is where I ate roast
wild boar with my generals.
And this is where I made love
to my concubines.
You used to live here?
Yes, in the second century,
when l was the Emperor Hadrian.
I knew it the very first moment
I visited this place.
I remember every stone
as clearly as if I'd
just come from the store
with a packet of smokes.
l have never felt at home
anywhere on Earth
till I came here.
Well, maybe they'd let you stay.
Overnight, like. Get a tent.
Sleeping bag.
I've tried.
I've tried, believe me.
I made them an offer,
a very generous offer.
Them. The Romans.
But then they hear the name Getty,
and they all get dollar signs
in their eyes, you know.
Yeah, they said it wasn't for sale.
That old tactic.
That's what I'm talking about, Paul.
The blood of emperors runs through you
as it does through me.
You're a Getty, Paul.
You have a destiny.
My grandfather wanted our family
to become a dynasty.
But Dad could never control
his drinking.
And the rst time
he tried drugs at a party,
he was lost.
Mrs. Getty, they're ready for you now.
Of course, we expect Ms. Getty
will be seeking a generous
financial settlement,
as is typical
in high-profile divorce cases.
And there's the custody of the children.
The father is a drug addict
who cannot tie his own shoes.
You would leave the boy alone in Morocco
with a rich degenerate?
The court will take a close interest
in her fitness as a mother.
Ms. Harris suffers
from a common afiction
among the intelligent women,
which is fall in love with imbrog/ioni.
Aside from this,
she's an excellent mother.
You know this as well as I do.
You are simply stalling,
using the children as a bargaining chip.
We have all the time in the world.
A deal.
I'm sorry, did you say something?
The offer I'm about to make
expires at the end
-of business today.
-Gail, please.
-What is your offer, Ms. Harris?
You pay nothing.
No alimony, no settlement,
no community property, nothing.
I don't want any money for myself,
just child support for the kids.
I don't get it.
And I want my son on a plane
back from Morocco to me,
tonight, and full custody.
-Whats your game?
-I don't want your money.
Everybody wants my money.
You want your money, I want Paul.
We can both have what we want.
I sense I'm being taken.
l... I just don't know how.
Can't help yourself.
You didn't get where you are
without a healthy regard
for the value of a dollar.
You know a bargain when you see one.
You know how to seize the initiative
when your opponent is at his weakest.
What Im offering you
is the greatest bargain you'll ever get.
But free never lasts.
6:00. Come.
I wanted to stay.
Let's just go home, okay?
l was happy with Dad and Talitha.
Why'd you have to ruin it?
Mr. Getty.
They're here.
I'm sorry, Ms. Getty, Mr. Getty
is unavailable at the moment.
Tell him it's regarding his
grandson's kidnapping in Rome.
I'll wait.
Gail, look at this.
Mr. Getty, we 've received reports
that a note has arrived written
in your grandson 's handwriting
demanding $17 million US.
$17 million ?
That's an awful lot of money
for such a young boy.
Mr. Getty, what steps will you be taking
to secure your grandson '3 safety?
I'm afraid we didn't get that, sir.
[have 14 grandchildren.
If I start paying ransoms,
I'll have 14 kidnapped grandchildren.
Yeah, you're a famously
ruthless negotiator, Mr. Getty.
Yes, but there's very little in life
worth paying full price for,
don't you think?
How much would you pay
for your grandson,
if not $17 million?
Ms. Getty, are you still there?
-Ms. Getty...
-Yes, I'm still here.
Would you like me
to give Mr. Getty a message?
Tell him I'm coming.
Mr. Getty.
A message from Mrs. Getty.
Get me Fletcher Chace.
The younger generation
has become weak and lazy.
Our children care about nothing
but Lamborghinis and discotheques.
Well, perhaps, then, you would do well
to accept our competitor's offer.
-How so, Mr. Chace?
-Maybe Standard Oil
will find ways to siphon
all that money away
with their accounting tricks
and bring your wayward children
closer to God.
Kidding aside, Your Highness,
my employer has made you rich.
Not as rich as him.
If you renew your
land-use agreement with Getty,
he'll make you twice as rich.
Can Standard Oil say that?
Can Standard Oil say that?
We don't need the Americans anymore.
Our cartel, OPEC,
will control inventory now.
OPEC will set the oil price.
Let me just be very clear, okay?
Nothing would make Mr. Getty happier
than to see the price of oil higher.
In fact, he'd be happy to help.
The old man's on the phone for you!
Gentlemen, excuse me
for a moment, please.
I'm afraid Mr. Getty is unavailable.
You wouldn't have me
thrown out, would you?
I would never turn you away
from my home, ma'am,
or little Paul, but this is not my home.
-To the right, ma'am.
-Thank you.
This is new.
How much would you say
this painting's worth?
A great deal, I'm sure.
It's awfully small for a Vermeer.
Vermeers are small.
You don't say.
I've learned to appreciate
the finer things from Mr. Getty.
Not in that league.
If I took it off the wall, do
you think anyone would notice?
An alarm would go off.
Dogs would get to you
before you made it to the fence.
A face as pretty as that, I wouldn't.
You seem very knowledgeable.
About paintings, no.
About other things, some.
Mr. Chace.
He's a tough old goat
to get an audience with.
Apparently not.
And pull.
Great shot.
I think I'm getting better at this.
-Morning, Fletch.
-Morning, Mr. Chace.
Help yourself.
-You call.
-Get Mr. Chace a gun.
-Yes, sir.
Morning, sir.
I need to phone my attorney to find out
if there's been any contact
from the men who took Paul.
Of course, ma'am.
Mr. Getty had it installed
specially for his guests' convenience,
in case they wanted
to make telephone calls.
I understand, but Rome is long distance.
I am able to provide change.
Remind me again, Chace,
your family situation.
Well, I was married three times.
First one left me for my brother,
second was a fashion model,
and then the third, I just finalized.
I always say,
"You never really know anyone
"until you've been through a divorce."
| wish you would've told
me that three marriages ago.
You know, they say money can't buy love,
it turns out you just have
to wait till the end
-for the check to come, right?
No, l was never home much.
Yeah, same here.
There was something
my father always used to say,
"A man who has children
gives hostages to fortune."
Well, your father was a wise man.
Yeah. He told me
I would never be worth a damn.
So, I made him look like a pauper.
You certainly did that, sir.
I love my grandson, Chace.
I'm sure you do.
Well, I love all my grandchildren,
of course,
but Paul,
Paul is special.
I don't know what I would do
if anything happened to that boy.
Now, I want you to go to Rome.
I want you to bring him back
as quickly and as inexpensively
as possible.
I'm gonna need some kind
of resources to work with
-if you want him back alive.
-Well, of course.
| just didn't want you
giving my money away, see?
Now, you nd the boy, Chace.
And find out who took him.
And one more thing.
The boy's mother.
A hostage negotiation
is no business for a woman.
So, you take care of her,
but keep her out of the details.
-Yeah, I know how to handle her.
Giovanni, can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Giovanni, have I lost you?
I apologize for not
introducing myself earlier.
My name is Fletcher Chace.
I'm gonna help you nd your son.
I'm sure you're very good
at what you do, Mr. Chace.
My former father-in-law
only buys the best.
But I don't need an ex-secret agent
to solve the mystery
of what happened to my son,
because there is no mystery.
I need one thing only,
and that is $17 million.
Paying the ransom doesn't guarantee
you get your son back.
Not paying the ransom
nearly guarantees I don't.
Well, I'd say your son's
chances are better than that.
Why don't you explain the odds to me.
Is it a coin toss?
Heads he lives, tails he dies.
I can see how that's
a chance worth taking when
there's real money at stake.
All right, let me rephrase that, please.
$1 billion earns $17 million a month
sitting in a bank vault.
He could buy a Matisse every
day and never spend it all.
I don't think this is
about money for Mr. Getty.
I'm sorry, I didn't realize this was
your first day on the job.
Look, I've had to bargain
with a lot of people.
Sheikhs, sultans.
The one thing I've learned is
that money is neverjust money.
All right?
It always stands for something.
Usually it stands for the one
thing they've never had.
And until you know what that thing is,
you're just beating your head
against the bricks.
Look, I don't blame you, all right?
You came here for $17 million...
-...and instead you got me.
I'm the one who has the old man's ear,
and I'm offering to help you.
I'm not leaving here
until I speak to him.
-I'm afraid Mr. Getty
has already departed the estate.
He's away on business, and it's
uncertain when he will return.
I'm sure you'll want to be getting
back to Rome on the next flight out.
I'm headed there myself.
I can offer you a ride to the airport.
Out of the way, fellas! Out of the way!
-Go ahead.
-My son Paul
must be very frightened right now.
I know I'm frightened for him.
So, to the people who took him,
I don't care why you did this,
but I ask, as a mother, that you
think of your own children or
of the child that you once were
and set my boy free. Thank you.
Your son has disappeared.
A mother should cry for her son.
All right, enough. Let the lady
through. Let's go! Move!
Ms. Getty, I am Magistrate Corvo.
I'm the lead investigator.
-Would you please follow us?
-Come with me. Come.
Ms. Getty, come on, tell us more.
You said you have the money.
You okay?
They want me to cry?
Is that it?
All these letters are addressed to me.
You've been opening my mail?
No, this may be your mail, Ms. Getty,
but it is our evidence.
You see, all these letters,
they come from people
who claim to have kidnapped your son.
They come from all over the world, too.
Germany, California...
Faster than we can investigate.
Well, $17 million
sure brings out a crowd.
-You're telling me you have nothing?
I'm telling you we have too much.
Too many kidnappers, too many reporters.
You want some free advice?
Put it in the papers.
When the kidnappers find out
that every lowlife in Rome
is trying to scoop up their ransom,
they'll have to come out
into the open to claim it.
It's the communists.
It's the Red Brigades,
the Brigate Rosse.
-To kidnap
the child of the richest
capitalist in the world,
it's a dream come true for them.
Well, I may be able
to initiate some back channels
-with the Red Brigades.
-Back channels?
Mr. Chace, these are terrorists.
You're not gonna find them
listed in a telephone book.
I still have some contacts
in those areas.
I advise you to leave this to us.
For your own safety.
And you, Ms. Getty,
they will take you, too,
if they get a chance.
Which is why I put you
under police protection.
You will find my officers in your home.
I don't need anyone's protection.
I'm not a real Getty. I never was.
I'm an ordinary person.
No. You're not a person anymore.
You're a symbol.
I will see you at your apartment.
-Carabinieri are in the kitchen.
Is there anywhere else you can put that
so we can have a place to cook?
Your child is kidnapped.
How can you think about eating?
Hi there.
-I can't sleep.
-Darling. Come.
All these strange men in your house.
Can I sleep in your bed?
Of course you can.
Have you found anything,
secret agent man?
Did Paul do any drugs?
He's a teenage boy.
He has teenage boy problems.
Makes teenage boy mistakes.
I'm just trying to find it
before that guy out there does.
He'd gotten into trouble
at school, am I right?
A boy needs a father,
and his was strung out
in Marrakech with Mick Jagger.
It was all I could do to
get him to come home at night.
I better keep this.
You carry a gun, Mr. Chace?
You said you used to be a spy.
Well, it's not howl put it
on my tax returns, but, yeah.
Spies carry guns.
I never bothered.
Ruins the line of your suit.
And guns are for people
who don't have money.
All that spooky paperback stuff,
chasing around, blowing
poison darts at the KGB
in the Arab Quarter, it's not
what I did for a living.
What do you do?
I made deals. I bought people.
Keep it.
Forgive me, Ms. Getty.
Just one last question
regarding your testimony earlier.
Why did you think
the kidnapping was a joke?
It's a figure of speech.
The whole situation
was unbelievable. It still is.
Well, tragic, yes, but not unbelievable.
It's not tragic yet.
Maybe you ought to work
on keeping it that way.
Okay, write another letter
to your mother
and tell her, if she doesn't pay,
we'll mail her your finger.
Why doesn't your family love you?
I think they love me.
I hope so.
What's wrong with you?
Are you a bad boy?
-You a bad boy?
You're a bad boy.
Don't lie.
What did you do?
I set fire to my school once
and got kicked out.
boys play with fire.
I did.
You want to try it?
If my son was kidnapped,
I would pay any money to get him back.
I would borrow it. Steal.
Okay, I steal anyway,
but I would steal more.
Could I have another light?
I don't understand you.
For us, family is everything.
We are obb/igati.
l was born into my family,
and that decides my whole life.
My whole life.
I'm obbligato, too.
As much as you.
What are you doing? Write!
Convince her to pay us our money,
or Madonna mia, I...
I'll kill you myself.
You saw.
Fuck, you've seen me.
If I tell Piccolino,
he'll have your eyes pulled out
so you can never identify us.
Even blind, yourfamily
will pay for you.
You don't have to tell him.
Look at me. I want to see your eyes.
Look at me, look at me.
I don't tell on you
and you don't tell on me.
Look at the...
Fucking communists.
You don't look like communists.
that you have the boy
and he's in good health,
and then we negotiate the terms.
But rst the proof.
First the money, then the boy.
I don't think you have the kid.
Why are we negotiating with him?
We should try him and put him to death.
For what?
For crimes against the proletariat.
Now I know you don't have the kid.
We had an agreement.
With Paul.
Excuse me?
Paul used to talk
about having himself kidnapped.
With friends, out on the street.
A game. No one gets hurt.
A way to make a little money
from his grandfather.
$2 million, perhaps.
That's what we do.
Did Paul know who you were?
Well, we made friends with him,
and we told him we could help.
Then he disappeared.
We believe he found someone else.
And now you want what?
Finder's fee? Consolation prize?
Here I thought you all were
supposed to be above money.
No one is above money.
Problem is that it's in the wrong hands.
We intend to get what's our due.
Did Paul ever talk to you
about having himself kidnapped?
You've got to remember
who the Gettys are.
Every time someone stays
in the bathroom for too long,
someone makes a joke
about being held for ransom.
Paul might have cracked a joke
once or twice among friends...
There's that word again.
What word?
A "joke."
You said you thought
it was a joke when it rst happened.
Now you sound like that policeman.
Whose side are you on, Mr. Chace?
I'm on my own side. Always.
And if this is a joke,
I'd like to make sure that I'm in on it.
Where's the old man?
Come here!
Hey, good girl. Hey, hey.
I can't say I'm surprised.
Are you all right, Mr. Getty?
When I wrote my book, How to Be Rich,
the publishers wanted
to change the title.
They wanted to call it
"How to Get Rich."
Well, Itold them,
"Getting rich is easy."
I mean, any fool can get rich.
And any number of fools do.
I've noticed that.
But being rich,
that's something else.
When a man becomes wealthy,
he has to deal
with the problems of freedom.
All the choices he could possibly want.
An abyss opens up.
Well, I've watched that abyss.
I've watched it ruin men, marriages.
But most of all,
it ruins the children.
I thought I could trust my own blood.
He's a kid.
Kids do stupid things.
He's probably lying
on a beach somewhere,
and when he gets bored
or runs out of money,
he'll come home and he'll
have learned his lesson.
You know, if he hadn't,
I could always teach him one,
if need be,
at your discretion, of course.
I wanted to give him everything,
everything I've learned, all of
my knowledge, all that I've built.
And he just wanted to
pick my pocket like his father,
like all the parasites
that have swarmed around me all my life.
That's why I like things.
You see?
Things, objects, artifacts,
paintings, and...
They are exactly what they appear to be.
They never change.
They never disappoint.
There's a purity to beautiful things
that I've never been able
to find in another human being.
Neither have I.
Look, Mr. Getty,
you were right not to pay the ransom.
You were right to follow your gut.
You performed well.
It will be reflected
in your year-end bonus.
Well, thank you, sir.
Go back to Rome.
Wait for Paul to return.
Hurry up.
Okay, I'm all done.
What the fuck are you looking at?
You saw my face.
I didn't see anything.
You saw my face! Don't lie!
Look, man,
I won't tell anybody, I swear.
You can trust me.
-He saw my face.
-Look, I won't tell anybody, okay?
Look, you guys can still get your money.
Please, please, please.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no,
I won't tell anybody! Please!
This is Chace.
Mr. Chace, it's Corvo.
I've just sent a car
to pick up you and Ms. Getty.
For what?
To come and identify the body.
-The body?
-lt's Paul.
It's Paul Getty's body.
I am sorry.
Yes, it's the kid.
Look, mistakes were made, obviously.
Somehow, I...
I'm on my way to identify my son's body.
I don't feel like talking.
-I've got nothing to say to you!
Gail, my investigation and the police's
led us to the conclusion that
-there was no physical danger.
-You bastards!
You did nothing! All of you!
You couldn't find Paul,
so you came up with a story
to cover your tracks.
You made Paul into the criminal.
You gave up.
Whatever the old man is,
you're worse. You're lazy!
Lazy? No. No.
Stupid? Maybe.
Lazy? I...
No one did enough. No one.
None of us cared enough.
I must warn you
the corpse has been
and disposed of in seawater
to make identication more difficult.
Show me.
It's very sticky.
Would you like to help me, please?
It's not him. It's not Paul.
Course it's not him. It's a grown man.
How could you not see that?
That guy was headed for a midlife crisis
when they shot him.
A sailor saw that body
get thrown out of the same VW van
that was in the vicinity
when they took the boy.
Step outside, please.
Thank you.
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
The body belongs
to Ettore "ll Tamia" Pazzano.
Age 33.
Purse-snatching, vandalism,
public indecency.
Known associates,
Alberto Laganadi.
Dino Bova.
And Dante Agnana.
Alias, Cinquanta.
All from Fiumara, Calabria.
-How fast can we get to Fiumara?
-Six hours.
You got way too many men out here.
All right, we're not
invading another country.
Just tell them to lay low.
We wait all night if we have to.
One of your guys gets trigger-happy,
that boy could get caught
in the crossfire.
Don't look at me like that. It happens.
What the fuck is he looking at?
Francesca! Francesca!
They haven't found anyone.
We got a live one.
They sold him.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
-Sir, do you have a newspaper?
Thank you.
Petrol rationing soon, guv.
It's a good day.
I'm glad to hear that, Mr. Getty.
It'll make this much easier.
We need to pay the ransom.
I thought you said this was a hoax.
Your grandson was kidnapped
by members of the Calabrese 'Ndrangheta.
Two of the original kidnappers
are dead, and one is missing.
That sounds like progress to me.
I'm afraid not, all right?
They got nervous waiting for the ransom.
They sold the boy to an investor.
An investor?
Who invests in kidnapped children?
You'd be surprised.
There's nothing people can't nd a way
to turn into money.
You told me that Paul and his mother
had cooked this up to soak me.
And l was wrong, all right?
Paul may have talked
about being kidnapped with his friends.
He put it out there.
He's not behind this.
How do I know that you're not wrong now?
These people are not
the old-world Malavita anymore.
Their only code is profit and loss.
They will do things to Paul
that cannot be undone
for any amount of money.
-We have to pay.
-This simply isn't possible.
My financial position has changed.
Really? I mean, 30 seconds ago,
you said it was a good day.
I mean, I'm not all that bright,
but I can multiply as well as you.
With oil up as much
as it was this morning,
you have amassed another fortune.
Well, what if the embargo is lifted
and oil were to crash?
I'd be exposed.
I have never been
more vulnerable financially
-than I am right now.
-Mr. Getty,
with all due respect,
nobody has ever been richer
than you are at this moment.
I have no money to spare.
What would it take?
I mean, what would it take
for you to feel secure?
Where is my son?
I'm with him.
He's still in good health. Don't worry.
It's because of you I worry.
lwant to talk to him.
I'm afraid this I cannot do.
I'm not in charge anymore.
This is Fletcher Chace.
Mr. Getty's authorized me
to negotiate on his behalf.
We'll cover all your expenses
up to $200,000.
Anything under this figure
is not considered extortion
under Italian law, so you
can walk away free and clear.
Come on.
These people are not stupid,
Signor Chace.
The boy is worth nothing to anybody.
Okay? We're just trying
to settle this without causing
any more embarrassment to the family.
He's a juvenile delinquent, his
grandfather has disowned him.
It's a tough break.
You took the wrong kid,
but you're getting off easy now.
You arrogant bastard.
Your uncle Piccolino died in
custody last night, by the way.
You better take this deal
before the same happens to you.
Cinquanta, don't hang up. This is Gail.
Shit. Shit.
-You're done. You're fired!
-I don't work for you, Gail.
-Get out!
-Look, if you'll let me explain...
-Get out, get out, get out!
Gail, I lied. All right?
I said I was authorized
to pay them $200,000.
You know how much I'm really
authorized to pay? Nothing.
All right, if they accept,
I won't be able to deliver,
but I had to buy some time.
You wanted to know what I used to do.
This is what I used to do,
what I still do for Getty.
You make deals.
You buy people.
That's right. Whether it's
an oil well in the desert
or a human life, it's all the same.
We have to show
we are willing to walk away.
I can't walk away. You can walk away,
because you have nothing else
in your life.
Because there's no one
in your life but yourself.
Fair enough.
$17 million and zero dollars,
that's how far apart we are.
Those numbers have got to move.
$7 million.
Mr. Getty, Mr. Lam.
Good morning, Mr. Getty.
Nothing good about it.
Let's get down to business, shall we?
Are you serious about making payment?
I wouldn't be here if I weren't.
Because there can't be any more games.
You know our price,
and it's not subject
to negotiation any longer.
Payment must be made in cash today.
I want the proof first.
After you.
There you are.
Beautiful child.
Because of the painting's
disputed provenance,
it can never be publicly displayed.
I'm a bit disappointed.
It's not in the condition I expected.
I'm not sure it's worth
the 1.5 million you're asking.
True masterpieces
rarely go on sale, Mr. Getty.
If you're not willing to pay,
you will never own one.
Pay the man.
Hey, Paolo.
Paolo. Look.
I brought you something to warm you.
Something special for being a good boy.
Can I just have some crackers instead?
E che crackers?
What you want that for?
I brought you this good bistecca.
Come on.
You bring me steak now.
-No questions.
You need to be strong.
Hey, forte. Come on.
-Okay, okay.
I'll eat it. Just leave me alone,
and I'll eat it, okay?
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey. Hey.
Hey. Hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Follow me. Follow me.
Signora, telephone.
Mom, is that you?
Its okay. I'm safe now.
I'm at the police station.
I'm all right.
But I need you to come and get me.
What police station are you at?
They came so close.
| just want to go home, Mom.
Please come get me.
I'm coming to get you.
What police station are you at?
Hold on. Let me ask.
Excuse me...
Now, you go first.
No, you moved it.
All right, go ahead. Your move.
Watch the kids. I'll be back in a while.
What? What am I supposed to feed them?
You'll figure it out.
Mrs. Getty.
My situation is urgent.
Please, if you could give me
-any idea as to the...
-Let me help you. Follow me.
This piece came from my
former father-in-law's
personal collection.
By his own estimate, it would bring
1.2 million at auction,
and that was years ago.
Ms. Getty, this is un gingi/lo,
a trinket of the type sold to tourists.
J. Paul Getty is the foremost
collector in the world.
Do you really believe that
you know better than he does?
No, signora, I do not.
But I do know what my eyes see.
Thank you for your time.
Mrs. Getty, you might start
at the Capitoline Museum.
Ask for this person.
Paul? Paul.
Come on.
-Fast as you can swallow.
Come on, drink.
We take turns. Look.
It tastes like piss.
Okay, drink, drink, drink.
You drink enough,
you can't feel a thing, okay?
Who the fuck is that?
He's... He's a good doctor.
-He's a good doctor.
You don't even feel it. This, I promise.
What are you talking about?
What do you mean, I'm not gonna feel it?
What's he gonna do?
These men are going
to take a part of you.
The ear.
Let them have it, and live.
No, they're not gonna take
my fucking ear.
No, no, tell them don't do it.
Paolo, he's a good doctor.
No. No.
-Don't do it. No.
-It's okay, it's okay.
No, get the fuck off me. No.
-Come on.
-Hey! Hey! Get the fuck off me!
Get off of me!
-Get off of me!
-Hey, look at me!
-Get off! Off me!
-Paolo, look at me!
-No matter what happens, look at me!
-Get off!
Look at me!
Okay. New breath.
Look at me! Paolo, okay, okay.
Good boy. Strong boy. Bravo.
It's okay. Paolo.
My eyes. Look at my eyes.
It's okay, it's okay. Soon, it's over.
My eyes. My eyes.
Look at me. It's okay.
Almost over.
That's him.
No, no. The evidence.
He's alive.
We would like to publish it,
Ms. Getty.
The photograph of the ear.
It's news,
and we are a newspaper.
It's my son's ear.
It's his.
It's ours.
And that's why we want
to offer some compensation.
I don't want to sell you
pictures of my son's ear.
Ms. Getty, your son is
being held for ransom.
You claim not to have any money.
Yes, I remember it was your paper
that reported I was
two months behind in my rent.
-It was news.
-How much money are you offering?
$50,000 American.
We'll leave you alone now.
Enjoy your coffee.
Pay me in newspapers.
I don't want any money.
I want 1,000 copies of your paper.
And where would you like
these thousand copies sent, Ms. Getty?
What is it?
Open it up. Let me see.
Paul is weak.
He 3 lost so much blood.
They wanted to take the foot,
and I convinced them to take the ear.
But the foot is coming next.
I hear them talking.
I beg you, get the money.
Tell us where you are.
We'll make a deal with you in
exchange for your cooperation.
We'll get you out of Italy.
No, no, no. You don't understand.
I can never talk to the police.
It's onore.
It is forbidden.
Even if this was my own child.
There must be something that you can do.
And what about you, signora?
I've risked my throat for your son.
And you, what have you given for him?
And don't tell me
you don't have the money.
What have you done?
Ms. Getty,
this is Oswald Hinge in London.
I'm sure you don 't remember me.
Mr. Hinge.
I haven't forgotten a thing.
I'm calling on behalf of Mr. Getty.
Not your former husband.
The old one with the money.
That's the one.
What can I do for you?
Mr. Getty has decided
to pay Paul's ransom.
Thank you, Mr. Hinge.
You thank him. I am but a messenger.
Well, I would if he'd let me.
Well, you'll get your chance.
We'll need you to come
to London for some discussions.
What is there to discuss?
Thank you very much.
He's going to pay.
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
Are you finished with that, madam?
This is the captain.
We 're on our nal approach
into London Heathrow.
Scheduled to land
in around 10 to 15 minutes.
May I take that, sir?
Slightly cooler today,
16 degrees Celsius.
-Are you nished with that?
-On behalf of all the crew,
we wish you a very pleasant
onward journey.
Gentlemen. Ms. Abigail Getty.
Mr. Chace.
Well, you'll be happy to learn
that there are some new developments,
which will enable us to finally
help our Little Paul.
So glad to hear it.
My tax attorneys have discovered that
while ransom payments are not
deductible under the tax code.
I could write off the interest
if I loan the ransom money to my son.
You've discovered you can
take my son's kidnapping
as a tax deduction.
I'm happy it works out
financially for you.
I think we can all agree
the most important thing
is getting Paul home safely.
-And soon.
-Yes, soon.
Soon as possible, please.
Well, the loan documents are ready,
and the funds are ready
to be transferred.
Paul will be so grateful to his grandpa
when he gets home.
He loves you.
More than you know.
And I love him.
There's just the matter
of the side letter.
If I may, the...
In exchange for Mr. Getty
making the loan,
you agree to sign over full
custody of all your children,
including Paul, to your exhusband.
"Sign over"?
Yes, all parental rights
reside with Mr. Getty.
Just here.
Are you part of this?
They can't do this, can they?
My legal team is the best there is.
If it wouldn't stand up in court,
they wouldn't have written it.
Now, you just take it easy.
Sleep on it and have your
attorney read it over.
I don't have time to sleep on it.
My child is being held prisoner.
Well, there is that.
I let you have the money back then.
I didn't ask for anything but my kids.
You just can't bear to leave
anything on the table, can you?
Thank you.
We have a problem.
Getty has agreed
to loan his son the ransom,
up to the amount that is tax deductible.
So, I investigate.
Under US tax code,
only the first million is deductible.
That's all they wired to us.
What is the ransom down to?
Four. Down from 17.
We don't have four. We have one.
Meno male, it's almost over.
What is Paul's condition?
He 3 not so good,
but we can keep him alive a few days.
Long enough to make the exchange.
We may not have all of it.
All of what?
We only have one million.
The number is four.
One is the new number.
is one quarter of the ransom.
For this, they'll send
one quarter of your son.
Tell me, which quarter do you want?
Did you hold the kid down
so they could cut off his ear?
You greedy animals.
You're the worst criminals of all.
Listen to me.
I don 't have any money
to make from this anymore.
But I don't want Paul to die.
You have to go back
and get Getty to pay.
You have to get me some time here.
I'm fighting an empire.
You think you're the only one?
I need to speak to him.
Mr. Getty is unable
to receive guests at this hour, ma 'am.
We can't stay here.
They'll call the police.
Let them.
Look, we have the million.
For a million, they'll kill him.
They won't believe me when I say
I don't have the rest of the money.
Nobody believes me.
There was never any guarantees, Gail.
The money would give us a chance,
maybe a window of opportunity
to grab him.
-Maybe not even that.
-The money, the money,
the money, the money, the money.
I can't bear to hear about the money.
Everybody thinks I have the money.
The newspapers, kidnappers,
they all think I'm rich.
You know what they call that?
We announce I have
the ransom money, all four million.
We make the exchange.
You get your window.
And what happens when they find
out the money's not all there?
By that time, we either have Paul or...
Now you're thinking like Getty.
Excuse me, please.
Excuse us, please. Excuse me.
-All right, stand by.
-Thank you. Excuse me.
Thank you.
Good morning, everybody.
Mrs. Abigail Getty.
Following a long
and difficult negotiation
with my son's kidnappers,
l have decided to meet their demands
and pay the ransom in full.
I cannot begin to describe the impact
this event has had on our family.
For anyone to be abducted is bad enough.
-Bu | limore.
-Let alone a child who should be safe
with his family
is another matter entirely.
-Get me Chace.
...Abigail Getty,
mother of the kidnapped
John Paul Getty Ill.
It was at 3:00 am. on the morning...
Morning, Chace.
Will you help me with this?
I'm building a house in California.
An exact replica of
my imperial villa in Rome,
down to the very last detail.
But with ush toilets.
Yes. The mountain may not
have come to Muhammad,
but it sure as hell came to me.
Mr. Getty.
The West Texas Intermediate, sir.
What's it feel like,
reading that slip of paper?
Well, for a moment,
money loses all meaning
and becomes as plentiful as air.
Like ight.
And then it passes.
What's all this I see on TV
with Gail paying the ransom in full?
We both know she doesn't have it.
The lady's made other arrangements.
But she doesn't have the money.
So, what's going on?
Come on. Where did she get it?
Is she fucking somebody?
You know, I think I'm finally beginning
to understand what makes you tick.
No, no, you couldn't begin to.
So, spill it.
What's going on? What's her game?
Don't forget, Chace, l have a contract.
And I'll enforce it.
-No, I don't think so.
-Why not?
Can you hear me?
I want to make sure
that I am very clear.
Because whatever personal security
you presently enjoy
comes from me.
All right? Those Alsatians
limping around the pool?
My people trained them.
Your security system?
My people installed it.
The bodyguards? That's right,
you rapacious old fuck,
you are protected from
every threat imaginable,
unless that threat happens to be me.
I suppose this is your way
of submitting your resignation.
"Men of risk"?
Isn't that what you called us?
"I risk my money. You risk your life."
You're so full of shit.
You and me? We never risked
a thing in our lives.
We never took the chances
ordinary people take.
That's why we are what we are now.
You're just cheap, Paul.
You could have
all the money in the world,
and you are still a no-good
miserable son of a bitch,
and don't you forget it.
Goodbye, Mr. Getty.
Those children are my blood, Chace!
They're mine.
She took them.
The money came through.
It was the full ransom.
$3.3 million.
At today's exchange rate,
1.6 billion lira.
They wired this along with the money.
Getty caved.
What did you say to him?
I couldn't even tell you.
I'll make the exchange on my own.
La Signora Getty only.
She'd be in a car
with millions of dollars, okay?
The whole world knows
What she looks like.
She could be robbed on the highway.
That's your problem.
Then we both go.
Because of the fuel crisis
and rationing measures,
no cars will be allowed
on the roads on Sunday.
This way, all the roads will be empty,
and so, they can see
if Gail is followed.
Drive a Fiat 125
with two suitcases tied to the roof.
Exit the autostrada
tollgate at 9:00 am.
and drive south at exactly
80 kilometers an hour.
Do not stop for food, toilet, nothing.
Remember, they're watching.
A small stone
will strike your windshield.
This will be their sign to stop.
Obey these rules, or they will
take his other ear.
His eye.
A hand.
That's it.
Come on.
Okay, come on.
You look good.
You can't go home to your mother
looking like a sciattone.
Stay there and don't move,
or we kill you.
Hey, Paolo.
Don't wait. Run.
And get out of Italy.
You, too.
Three kilometers
down the road is a work site.
Paul waits there for you.
They made the drop.
He ran.
Who's there?
-I can't get involved.
-No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
Hey, Paul!
Stop. Enough.
What are you looking at?
Get him out of Italy. Now!
-What are you waiting for? Go!
-Come on.
Come here.
You're all right.
You're all right.
It's okay, it's okay.
Mr. Hinge, Ms. Getty is here.
Ms. Getty.
No, thank you.
Ms. Getty, we offer you
our sincerest condolences.
Well, you're very thoughtful.
Please, sit.
Mr. Getty's death has created
a bit of a crisis here.
You see, the estate was structured
Did he ever give any money to charity?
No. No.
The trust enabled Mr. Getty to
build his fortune without paying taxes.
There was just one catch.
Under the rules of the trust,
he couldn't actually spend the money.
What's the point of making all that
money if you can't spend it?
Well, he couldn't spend it,
but he could invest it.
So, he invested it in things.
Art. Antiques.
Soon, he had a...
A staggering amount of things.
And a staggering amount of money.
Now someone has to decide
what to do with it all.
What do you want with me?
How do I put this?
The king is dead.
The throne is vacant.
Your children are his heirs.
Until they come of age,
someone has to make the decisions.
Which means, of course,
someone has to take his place.
They're still finding masterpieces
stashed under staircases.
Most of it's going
to his villa in Malibu.
Nowhere else could fit it all.
-Yes, ma'am.
Come say hello to Mr. Chace.
Or goodbye. I'm not sure which.
He's gonna be trouble with the ladies.
I already am.
I do hope you'll stay on with us.
I know you had other ambitions, but...
Guys like me don't get rich.
We get sidetracked too easily.
Not really.
I think of you as family.
Kind of you to say so, ma'am.
Was a couple things around the grounds
that I was meaning to see to.
Yes, of course. Don't let me keep you.
-Let's go see the dogs.
Ms. Getty?
Is there anything we can help you with?
No, thank you. I'm fine.
l have everything I need.