All the Real Girls (2003) Movie Script

What are you looking at?
I look at this bucket,
and I say...
I love you well.
I love you well
because I can tell you.
What is there?
Why do you never kissed me?
I am afraid.
I'm scared because...
If Tip wonder if I thee
kissed, I should say yes.
It makes you scared?
Tip is my best friend.
I would not waste it.
I want to be with someone
who is afraid to be with me.
I would not like it either
when I kissed other girls.
Just embrace me there.
I do not want
like other girls.
Ok. There.
Right here.
Right here. That's right?
I clean.
You do not you take the lead
with this thing.
You do not let you hurt.
It is called the''butterfly effect''.
A bird flutters in Africa...
it dropped an apple
and it creates a chain reaction:
a guy looks at a table that has been done
that apple, the coup...
he forgets to pick up his mother,
a red light grid will take a V-P...
All this because of a bird
which flutters in Zambuga...
- 6 million miles away.
- Samboca? This is not a drink?
- Zambuga.
- Maybe...
Are you aware Randall to Dover?
He had a car accident.
- He has exploded.
- Really?
That gave him the moumoute in place.
He broke his neck.
He will end up in a wheelchair.
- I knew not disabled.
- It will make him a vacation.
It is a con.
He knows not to drive.
- Hi.
- Hi, Bust-Ass.
MATEZA me that.
Look there.
I would do well
some evenings pizza with her.
- You want to do?
- Stop.
This is our Mary-Margaret.
Do turn the wheel.
In the other direction.
Removes it.
I put the sludge.
Magne up
you go eat.
I love your eyes''green''?
Tell him tips...
Well, then...
I am not Spanish.
I was at school, that's all.
I'm not supposed
know all the dictionary.
You do not have a cousin Spanish?
I know that albndiga
it means''soup dumplings.''
- Dios, it means...
- Mujer, is''woman''.
- I think so.
- M-J-U-E-R.
- Seorita, is''woman''.
- Right.
Novia, is''girlfriend.''
Tip, I saw that your sister is back.
It's cool.
And then?
It is different from
the last time I saw her.
She grew.
You mean what?
Not talking about his sister.
It was just to...
getting news.
- This is my buddy and his family...
- Stop.
- I am concerned...
- You want?
I want something bold.
- You okay?
- Okay. I listen.
It has a pubic hair
near the ashtray.
- It dgueu to eat it.
- I'm sorry.
- Take that.
- We will deal with them.
I send it on the jacket Tip.
What is the thing most fat?
The more fat?
- Go for the bacon.
- Guys, you want what?
Black coffee, that's all.
Two eggs cooked too
and bacon.
- Agreed.
- I want a hamburger...
and... white cheese.
- How you have known it was good?
- I knew not.
- How you have known it was good?
- I knew not.
It is roulette with the fund.
There is nothing.
I do not know how...
you will find there.
Uncle Leland, you only save
of naphthalene in the tank.
You always have the answer.
Do not bullshit
with my body.
Look who is.
It is closed.
It will, Leland?
Class, the ball.
- We'll go bother someone.
- That bother?
- A boy.
- How are you, Josh?
It rolls, guys?
We'll take a look.
Hi, Noel.
You did what?
I vidais a bucket.
I vidais dirty water.
I want him to have the air as new.
Tip, I occupies.
I want to drive.
I want no problems.
Well, sir.
If you want,
you can revert to 16 hours.
- How are you, Justin?
- Yes.
It is brilliant, your shirt.
- Thank you.
- Very tropical.
I gotta go.
My father waiting there.
Not working too.
- Agreed. Have fun.
- A later.
- They expect not?
- Do what you told.
- It will be ready to 16 h?
- Sure.
Judge, you make yet
your cart?
What was that?
I told him
you were my best friend.
- Good.
- It feels strange.
Why not you take it?
- Hi, Mom.
- Got my cutter?
Your tools were
with your toys clown.
That's what you wanted?
T'auras need this?
This damn piano
always plays the same note.
And if you were
a real hobby?
Kind of exotic cuisine,
cutting, coloring?
You're just jealous that I
full of interesting stuff...
when you're a...
Wholesale patapouf.
Shoot, honey.
Sweet Jesus.
With the help, Uncle Leland.
They do what here?
Grab it.
You have still not repaired
these pianos, Elvira.
Not worry.
I'll save
dculotte spanked.
Hi, brother.
Hello, you.
- How are you?
- Very good.
It will not?
If it goes.
- You work here?
- We struggled a bit.
- Are you okay?
- Hello.
Name of God!
I hurt
a tooth this morning.
I worked
on the carburetor Joe.
- I fell...
- What happened?
I know...
Tell your daughter to stop biting
my dog!
He made red marks
its fangs.
Feng-shui is off!
Dogs are full of bacteria,
I want to be like my brother.
Well... neither.
Tip spends her days drinking.
It's not like my father who has studied
and worked to get where he is.
What did you think?
I think they are afraid
I finish as Tip...
I am always at home in
4 years, I worked at the factory.
I worked one summer, I put
blankets in plastic.
You work and they rock
of dust in the air...
and there is a broadcaster who
triggers every hour...
that fiber does not fly,
t'aspergent and water.
At least you have that experience.
I did not even enter.
I never had a real job.
I never had a true salary.
I want to go to college
if it is to...
spend four years
to write bad poetry...
and listen to people playing djumbe.
I think there is as
bad poetry...
the factory,
except that it talks about...
Percocet and pies
the pecan nut.
I have a secret.
But you must come here.
Hi, hello, hello, hello...
Hi, hi, hi...
Bo, if Clivery starts racing
This weekend I need...
you as co-pilot.
pte as the man shot?
As in the race for Dries...
with this guy who stuck his ass.
Clivery emerged from his car and
climbed a tree to the beat.
The guy in the tree yelled:
''Get out! Stop climb!''
My God.
If we put
of naphthalene in my body?
Why are you so quiet?
said that you saw with my sister.
He has seen.
Oh yeah?
And then?
I do not like this idea too.
I hope he has nothing else
tell me...
I do not like it too, you know?
Both say that the truth
rose today,
she knew what she wanted...
We knew other fowl,
but on a personal favorite play.
You love now?
What can you do it?
It's not as if it were your sister.
''You make that age
never die.''
My God!
You do not know everything about me.
I can tell you the same thing.
I wrote a song
Let's go.
Three, four...
Double one!
You won... or lost.
I did not know
you played music.
Tip spoke little of it.
- He does not really speak.
- Watch the retractor.
I'll be careful.
Thank you.
Are you stupid or you're blind, Noel?
Neither one nor the other.
You know not really.
What are you talking about? It was typed
all girls in the city.
- It is not true.
- It's true. Ask him.
- As you asked him?
- Got sleep with her?
And then he throws.
- I hate you.
- I throw it.
That's right.
Because you are different.
Tip, you can ask it,
The difference...
is that you come here
and you know how it is!
I think I hate you.
I hate you.
If it is so horrible,
why is your best friend?
Pose that thing!
Get out!
- Find someone else.
- But you have a face funny.
- Pardon?
- Listen...
No, Mom!
Bubbles a stomach ache.
I need you.
- I do not know.
- Do you take two hours.
Not touch me like that, in clown.
Bravo, Mom.
But with you is...
I like being with you because...
Because you look and you listen.
You know...
You interests you.
When we were young, I was too
beast for me accountable.
Got Pete?
And you are.
You will always be happy.
Not talking.
- I said something stupid?
- No, sometimes...
I like...
I had no
Ten seconds to live.
One, two, three...
- Sun.
- Four.
- Gypsum.
- Five.
- Here, I know.
- Six.
- Pick cherries.
- Sept.
- Ten.
- Eight.
I love the mountains.
I will t'arranger it a bit.
That's good.
It is arranged.
What is there?
Tonight, I had a nightmare,
you were in a river.
And you still, you had very cold
I watched you cry.
It's not serious.
You stay with me?
Of course.
I remain, I will be your friend...
I will always be your daddy.
I can go play?
Like this:''Fort as a bird,
quick as lightning.''
You know what I mean?
How are you?
Want a pretzel?
Strong as an eagle,
Quick as tea.
It's like
lndiens language.
It is deep.
- We will launch a group.
- You get what?
The guitar i hawa enemies.
Worry've already heard?
- Yes.
- I am deeply inside.
This is my dream...
All the people I say this
take me for a geek.
Quick as a jacket.
I sit on the floor,
I write plenty of notes on the ground.
And I erase it.
I start to write others
I make a wish.
It's great.
I love music.
It makes me happy.
- I play the trombone.
- No December?
- Since when?
- It's been 4 years.
Me, it's longer.
Type 10 years.
Since you...
12 years?
I have something in the teeth?
Big as a bear.
Fort like lightning.
As a bird.
It is not easy.
The pretzels are hydrates
carbon swell in your stomach.
- Finis it.
- Agreed.
The pancakes also swell
in your stomach.
- It's not true?
- Si
I did not know that.
When you take the pancakes
they are not you on the stomach?
- I take no pancakes.
- You take what?
- Eggs.
- True?
And waffles, bread lost,
stuff like that?
The places where I go
are not so smart.
They are ongoing and sing
You go out together?
We spend a lot of time together.
We need to blunder
when you go out with the guys here...
It's just that...
This is different
when your family.
I knew not.
What he sees in you,
this is what he hates his home.
You think he will forgive you
and drop?
He will mature,
tell you okay?
''I saw what you have done to other girls.
You can leave with my sister.''
- You want what, that I stop everything?
- And him?
I want him to calm down.
Y no chance.
Maybe if you did not image
Salop's ex-boyfriend...
But this is the case.
I dreamed that...
you did grow a garden
on a trampoline...
and I was delighted to have invented
Peanut butter.
I saw them all today.
What are you doing with it?
What are you doing with it?
- You say what?
- I say what?
He'll kiss as he screwed me...
and as he kissed all the others.
- You fucking my sister?
- Are you who you?
Who do you think?
It has not hampered.
I was just another.
I continued to see him.
I thought I loved her
and he loved me.
I thought that one day
he eventually love me.
I do not know to whom you spoke.
You're a goddamn liar!
That is the truth.
Let him answer.
I do not know what you speak!
What you have, against me?
Who you talked?
Got what, against me?
Many, I have a lot.
He is jealous.
He wants to enter his own sister.
Come here. Come on.
Get up.
It's your fault, son of a bitch!
It's finished, we are no longer friends!
You're even in my top 10!
Later Tip.
It was that the girl to the river?
It is one of those girls...
You're out with her?
You have slept with her?
Is a brothel on your bed!
That date of a moment ago.
I was drunk.
I can tell you something?
I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
- Be not sorry.
- What have I done?
I just wanted to tell you...
this is the first time
I make love.
But I trust you.
Do you trust me?
You make me feel really trust?
I made a lot of mistakes not very pretty.
With girls?
Really not pretty.
And all...
Anything that could make
things easier for you...
I would tell you...
because I want to you.
A lot.
And when...
when we fall
about people that I have known...
I want you to know...
what they hate me.
I think that...
for me...
if what you did before...
did you
what you are now, so...
disgusting stuff
that you did...
I'll have to do with
for the moment...
you and me.
You're the boy that I must keep
and I know that...
I am the girl that you need.
if you choose not to tell me
I don 't ask no questions.
My first time
I 13 years...
it was in a basement with a girl
older than I did not know.
And when we finished...
I was nervous...
I was trying to be cool.
I took out a joke that was no...
and it never did again.
I want to be sure
in a million years...
I can always look at you
in the face and tell you a lot of stuff.
I will go.
How can I believe
this girl that you need?
When you see the,
you know.
And if you were not
good enough for her?
You're not attentive...
neither cultivated nor honest or strong.
And you do not believe in anything.
You're like all men
of my life.
I am strong, me.
And you're funny.
But you know, my baby...
I have suffered, and I do not want to
it happens to others.
I was in his place.
I've seen this kind of scrutiny.
I am happy, that's all.
Look at me when you say that.
I'm happy.
I do not believe you.
Are you in love right now?
You mean what?
When you're more in love,
you should come home.
I have a water mattress.
- It means what it?
- Nothing.
You show me your friends?
I have the muscle. Look.
Mate me that.
Noel, wait.
Who is your number 2?
Who is your replacement?
- What?
- Who would be your second choice?
Your first choice is not
available. Who's number 2?
I would not choose to number 2.
You do not have to do it for real but
if you had to choose, it would be who?
This person would be.
If you were forced?
- Why would I?
- All the others have disappeared.
And if I wanted to be alone?
Any''only''it not.
Who would be the number 2?
This is ridiculous, as a question.
You would rather sleep with me
or a priest?
that pass through your life...
only pass.
And then they all disappear, and...
And there is nobody
to replace the girl...
She speaks with you,
you need it...
she laughs when you say things
Laughing, she understands you...
Then she whispers in your ear...
You know, when she died...
I do not even shaking...
because I saw myself in his eyes
before they close.
I was naked, I watched...
and I was ready.
But feelings
you felt for Elise...
It worth it?
I think that...
and that I felt
If something happens to you...
or your mother...
or Feng Shui or...
Love another woman?
I do not want to ever
I feel as close.
- You're always with Eric?
- Yes.
You always him die
buttons in the back?
I prefer listening to
and I bore him his buttons...
Stopping to talk about that?
It is really disgusting.
He happens to be jealous?
That it happens.
When you talk to another?
But, I mean...
He understands.
Often, it stays there
and it monitors.
But it's not me
he is wary...
- Is the other guy.
- Agreed.
They are unpredictable.
We can not trust them.
That's true.
I learned it at my expense.
You can not trust them.
You have already been taken slat?
I was at a boarding school for girls
from the age of 12 years, so...
I have not much experience.
Got something in the hair.
I like me when you mouse.
If we spent the night together?
An evening pajamas?
I came home to sleep?
It can be a tent
and hide under the cushions.
I think it's a good idea.
That sent the Mexican food here.
Two pieces.
What do you want?
I know.
You wanted us to drunk?
Not really.
You want to get drunk?
Not really, no.
You wanted to take
a helping cushion?
That's good,
- Go!
- No.
I always have my pillow.
I am aware.
I want to show you something.
I would often fish...
with my father.
One summer, I had 12 years...
and we went to Lake Sturtsum
I am doing well
and I knew back fish.
My father cut,
it was cooked...
and then we ate.
But one day...
I was driving...
I was driving the boat.
I was not supposed to,
because I was too young.
But my father left me keep
the wheel because he had drunk too much.
And there were children
in the water...
Tip does not even know it.
I had to let the boat drift...
I went back into a boy.
It was thought that he was killed,
it does not back and...
everybody was screaming.
My father...
I was pushed to the rear of the boat
and told me not to watch.
I took a hook at the rear,
and I started to scratch me...
the side.
When I returned
at home...
any slashed...
I told my mom and that Tip
it was an accident. It was not true.
You're the first person
to whom I want to talk about it.
The one who I wanted
to speak more than 5 minutes...
of my life.
It makes me happy
you do me confidence.
It always makes you ill?
It hurts because...
I know what I thought
when I've done...
It was like a relief.
I was happy
to feel pain.
You're so nice.
Sometimes I am afraid of myself.
But I fear not with you.
You're there.
Get undressed,
just in the water.
Everything okay?
I thought I put a boxer.
But it will.
A second.
It is cold!
You're a baby.
You see this?
It's hard skin that.
I do not know if you know
Celtic traditions...
but it is the symbol of boxing.
Are you okay?
I demolished the balls.
T'arrtes bombs, baby.
Only dishes...
and over
Only what?
Only dishes.
It hurts.
I have no evil.
Kiss me in the neck.
You want me t'embrasse
in the neck?
- LCI.
- Agreed.
Wait a minute...
You are safe here?
Where it already?
Right here.
I do not like love.
Est-ce que je te happy?
You're the most beautiful.
You want to stay here with me?
Sometimes I do not know...
I wish I could read
in your mind.
I want it or not
as it was with other girls.
Tell me...
You are the typed?
It is top secret?
I'm not supposed to know?
You keep it for dessert?
If it was so long
I went out with her...
I at least hit its nenes.
ll need that I have to tell you.
It has a beautiful pair.
It happen to think that...
your friends are
not good enough for you?
Or that you're not good enough
for your friends?
I spoke to Beth last night.
The girls believe that I avoided.
This is the case?
I think it has lost sight of.
So we decided to go to the hut
by Vicki this weekend.
Just you and girls?
You want to come?
There, there are tree trunks...
pine cones and sand.
The nature get out through the eyes.
I like the lake in winter.
I like the sound of water.
It makes me want to pee.
I think that...
I will go...
I know
I miss you...
and do the same here.
I want to dance.
But I am not
are you looking at me.
I can do that for
at least one hour.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
There was somebody.
Where you're going with my car?
Forgot your thing.
You had to be here...
my God... There are 4 hours.
I thee not say it was
Levante's birthday?
T'avais said something, yes...
- Those who can not walk.
- I waited an hour.
And I took my bike.
When I arrived,
the party was over and he slept.
That's all you say?
I'm really sorry.
I am sorry to have forgotten.
I do not know when you said to me as.
But you had to tell me.
I had stuff to do,
but I'll understand.
I missed this celebration.
You were where?
I was outside.
To do what?
I Walk with me...
- This girl?
- Yes. This girl.
Mom, I'm more a kid.
I go out with who I want.
I must do what,
no longer feel anything?
You are ego i ste,
I am in Ptis.
I live here because I love you
and I want that you are not alone.
Sorry if you're jealous or sad,
or if you want to protect me.
I am very happy, I see you.
What bitch...
Hell, I am not address bitch.
That's right!
Give me the bottle!
Trempons our balls in the whiskey
and do girls drink!
Watch the 26.
He sticks to us!
Your mother will be pissed!
You failed me for the race.
We did not really fuel...
You take care of her?
Of course.
It has not been a lot of guys.
I know.
It's hard for me because
I know you. You are like me.
You're my accomplice.
With it,
I feel appropriate.
It has been ramon
a package, right?
Tapait are available, and it is funny
on the way back.
I like when they are
wet well, you know?
And when I had two girls
on the bed of my father?
I had a language
in each ear.
Look at us, man.
It is old.
Not me.
I never grew up.
I sleep with the light,
I read in piss, I suck my thumb.
With all the girls that I
Actually, I never Decouchant.
I'm afraid of having nightmares.
Everyone thinks that Justin
Mongolia is, but I work better.
Last summer I had a collection
I wanted very much.
One evening I returned from work,
and Justin...
he was released.
I know this is a kid
but I said...
cruel things.
T'avais a collection
You want me to tell you something?
I'll be dad.
You gonna be what?
Rachel has reported yesterday.
Since then, I m'enfile
magnums of beer.
It is out in Braille
to decide whether to keep it.
The truth is that...
I would not lose.
Last night I decided
to leave everything out.
I cried...
for the first time
since I was a baby.
You believe that?
I cried because I was happy.
I am a Tapeta, is not it?
Yeah, you're a Bat.
I woke up this morning
and I returned to cry.
Can you love?
I think.
Very good.
Come here.
Good dog.
My brother never made
sports with me.
It's not really a sport,
and Tip is not really an athlete.
He said I am a victim.
- A victim?
- Yeah.
What do you think?
My sister you miss?
You miss it, to you?
Me too.
It is cool.
You show me playing the...?
A play what?
You show me playing the piano?
T'apprendre to play the piano?
Of course.
- It will cost you 50 tickets.
- Huh?
Tope is my buddy.
A i e, my hand.
Are you okay?
What are you doing?
Where are you?
I am at the villa of Vicky, we
the party. I'm on the dock.
You are having a party?
It's just people stuffed.
I have a surprise for you.
A surprise?
It is pretty radical.
I do not know if you will love.
It is a surprise.
T'auras that
give me back...
I was with Justin.
He wants...
I learn to play the piano.
but I do not know...
I do not know what to do too.
I know...
I know not play very well,
It was pretty dragged.
Well you have fun?
Do me a guy who cowardly, it is
heavy. I look forward to that bar.
I miss you.
I miss you too.
This guy is a friend of Vicky?
Yeah, it's a friend.
It rains here.
It rains really, actually.
It must be a downpour.
It was perfect.
What do you have?
Your hair is great.
Got really different air.
- You think?
- Yeah.
It's great.
Where are they gone?
Your eyes have the greatest air,
it's really good.
It's so short!
- It is not so short.
- It's short.
It's like this...
- But you it is going very well.
- Thank you.
I'm glad you were here.
You me a little lacking.
I have a little hangover.
I understand.
It was a big weekend.
There was this guy, Patrick...
ll strolling there...
with the butt in the air.
T'tais discussing
and you saw that big ass.
There was a retirement home,
and he dropped his pants...
and he rocked a firecracker
to the elderly.
It was funny.
T'aurais beloved if t'tais come.
I t'emmne somewhere.
I have a place for us...
I have a surprise for you.
- True?
- Yes.
Come on.
- Wait.
- It's not far promised.
- Listen...
- Go!
We can speak two minutes?
Sit down.
It was crazy, this weekend.
Fou''''what kind?
I met a guy at the lake.
It was the friend of a friend.
And then?
Baby, what is it you?
It was screwed.
I had no intention...
I do not know how it happened.
I had not...
I want to do it wrong.
It hurts you?
- He raped you?
- No!
What you do it wrong.
I want you not to hurt.
What are you talking about?
I'll talk about...
I do not know what I mean.
I try to be honest with you.
Do not say anything.
Shut up.
I know
what I do.
I am supposed to do what, me?
How can I respond to that?
You tell me...
You're now telling me
that you have slept with a guy?
I do not know! I do not know!
What do you mean, you know?
You just tell me!
I know!
I want to...
I had not...
Tell me just
what I do...
Tell me what I gave you,
I know what I feel.
That's what I try to do it!
I try to know where I am...
I feel bad!
Who is this guy?
You have slept with a guy?
I know him?
Tell me that I know.
Tell me.
- He lives where?
- I love you!
I love you.
- What?
- I love you.
You what?
Why do you say that?
Are you sick?
I gave you what?
I love you, that's all...
Why you say this now?
Because I want
you love me for...
Do not arrange your bullshit
by saying''I love you''!
Why do you say that?
What you?
- What I gave you?
- You heard me?
I said,''I love you''
to explain...
How to explain
that thou hast not done anything wrong?
You do me nothing.
I love you.
That's what I feel.
I look at you,
I speak listening...
and all the words
voted by an unknown.
Come back when handed t'auras
your fucking hair.
Come back to that time.
The worst thing is that I know
not even this man.
It's just a guy she meets
Lake, they discuss, and...
And then he jumps.
- You see?
- She is young.
You understand.
I slept with 26 girls
in my life.
And suddenly,
this girl arrives...
This happens virgin
and takes me to my own game
It is blank?
You've never done?
Good God...
If someone smiles at me,
I pte a BOULARD.
The worst is when,
in the middle of the night...
you say something that will not...
it is offense, and you must
even when returning home.
They are malines.
They have understood.
Girls do you act
as a puppet.
Did their puppet,
you're vulnerable.
You lower your guard...
she finds your weakness...
Pan! You control it.
It's creative thinking,
like when you go out with Kelly.
If you want to type morons
all your life is your problem.
But you'll have a kid.
You can not even
to pay the dentist.
Thank you.
Mary-Margaret, I see you.
What do you get?
I get nothing.
I was there.
I picked up.
Got dropped an earring.
Put it.
I will recover.
You want me to the back?
They are very beautiful.
My stepmother had a baby.
- Really?
- He called Bradley...
Do not clamp.
My congratulations...
Bon anniversary.
When babies are born,
is a time for girls.
Are the girls there.
T'essaies of the door,
but they are not you home.
I do not know.
I wanted to say
that when we went out together...
I wanted to say...
If I gave you trouble...
If I gave you trouble...
- I'm sorry.
- Shut up.
- Sorry to have you hurt.
- Shut up.
I am truly sorry
and I try to tell you frankly.
You are not sorry. You know why?
You're not smart enough for that.
Guys like you,
you never stop...
and you do not.
You will always be there.
It makes you what, know that?
Your Feet, Sattler?
Cool, your clothes.
It's your mother who has paid.
Want to know a secret
I never told anyone?
I was taking out the dog
I had before Dwayne...
this dog named Mister T...
because when he was a puppy,
he was cutting the Iroquois.
And you know, ducks
flying V? Since the letter V?
When they steal...
I took out my dog...
and there, I looked in the air
and I saw a big V...
All these ducks
returning home.
- Can I have a beer?
- And just at that time...
I saw them crash
on a house, while the V.
And after being crushed
they went on ball.
Hell, you have already seen such a thing?
You have already given the nature
make a mistake?
You have already seen an animal
make a mistake?
Come on, it's going to fix anything.
Got what, like candles?
- Candles normal.
- True?
What you put as gasoline?
From 87.
Wait... You've
of naphthalene, right?
- It was to go faster.
- Got a key socket?
- Perhaps in the trunk.
- They are where?
Where are you going?
Come take a tour.
Because I want to talk to you.
So your car?
Leland was repaired.
I mean, your body''...''
You think what?
I tell myself that I must be
really low to be sitting here.
I would like to discuss that.
I think you can discuss
with Bust-Ass.
We're just friends
and you know it very well.
You are friends?
It's great.
In fact, I did not know.
I thought it was my friend.
But it is
if you're related.
It discusses, that's all.
It's funny. We went bowling
with Blake and others.
I do not know.
So much the better if you live well.
At least I try.
This is where you me
not really know.
It is true, I worry I said a lot.
But you can keep it for you.
I thought I was finally
on the right track...
I was taking the right decisions.
Bust-Ass said...
I do not care that
Bust-Ass that has been said.
It is not even his name.
He called Tracy.
I do not care
that this asshole said.
- I can not even tell you.
- Listen...
every girl that I hit,
I regret every day.
What does that mean?
You mean...
you think we should
never meet again?
This is the saddest
I've ever heard.
I mean... In the future,
do not come crying because...
I will respond more to your phone
at night because you have messed up.
You come one last time?
Because I'm sorry.
I want to be sure you understand
exactly what I think.
I want you to know
what I feel for you.
You can touch me.
Are you okay?
I do not know what to tell you.
So, say nothing.
So do not smoke in my room.
If you stay here to cry,
it does matters worse.
I have something to tell you.
Grandis, find a balance
between privacy and accountability.
I must dress in clown
and change the bedpan?
I do not know why
I listen to this shit...
I'm here with a broken heart,
I will eventually m'ouvrir veins.
Ah, bravo.
Not bad, that one.
You know what, right?
You know what, right?
Clown clothes.
So much for win
suffered. These are the clothes that door.
That's my face,
You want me look?
You want to look that?
Hell, I was beautiful.
Look at me.
I have enough of my problems.
It's not that I do not love you.
It's not that.
You have a future
with opportunities...
opportunities that I have not had.
And I'm not the kind
mother who will accept...
to see his son
move home.
That will lead you to what?
I want it to be
as if it had never existed.
That is not true.
I can assure you.
it is a pleasure to see you.
You missed me.
You missed me too.
I think not!
He is my front door.
I have things to tell you,
if it t'embte not.
You have all the towels?
It was macaroni.
Would you say?
It's finished.
No, sorry.
Take care, buddy.
Be strong.
What happened?
I wrestled with my body.
You hurt?
I'm not the guy
the smartest in the world.
I surely wanted to become
someone good.
You know what?
My problem
is not what you did.
It's between me and...
When I did what I did...
I felt...
This is where I am
realized that I loved you.
You can not understand, but
It is at this moment that I understood.
It is a matter of emotions.
We are not prepared for that.
That's true.
I miss your face.
You know what?
You have no right to hate me.
I stop you from doing so.
Nobody said
we should be perfect.
I do not suffer
thinking of you.
My heart is yours.
Close your eyes.
Do as if you saw the ocean.
Do as if you were facing the ocean.
You're a millionaire.
Do you like running under the ocean.
You jump over the mountains.
You jump over the mountains.
Everybody loves you.
I was the richest man
the world.
Now I'm here
watching the field...
happier than ever...
with almost nothing.
I think I will
let me grow a beard.
You know,
when you hit me...
it hurts me.
I'm always wrong.
But it made me well.
You have already taken a baby in your arms?
There will always be as old?
I want to do this alone.
I mean...
I brought thee so far.
I did not need
swimming lessons, me.
And the very fact that you do not,
I'm desperate.
Are you afraid of?
ll no sharks here.
lmagine a dog seas
arrives and you track.
You'll be ashamed,
dog land.
Frankly, if you take no
your chance now...
thou shalt not ever.
Come on, is that of water.
It is water.
Listen, buddy.
This river goes in both directions.
and there.
You know what I mean?
This is a real puzzle, finally.
You're happy now?