All the Reasons to Forget (2018) Movie Script

Insomnia, irritability...
difficulty concentrating, laziness...
lack of interest...
Any other symptoms?
But, to be honest,
besides insomnia,
I've always had all the other symptoms.
I mean...
Maybe more lack of interest
than usual,
but that doesn't mean
I don't have any interests.
I'm interested in a lot of things
interest me.
- I'm sorry?
- Have you had sex lately?
- Any pain?
- Physical?
- Also.
- No.
Any other type of pain?
What do you mean?
We've been here for 30 minutes.
So far you only told me
that you slept badly when drunk,
that your cousin talks a lot,
and some other symptoms.
Besides an uncomfortable silence
for 25 minutes.
What else, Antnio?
I can approach this in several ways,
but first I need to understand
who Antnio is.
Who is Antnio?
What does Antnio feel?
Those questions are hard, doctor.
I know, I know.
But I'll try to be as simple as I can.
What's up, Antnio?
Why is Antnio here today?
- All the Reasons to Forget -
Todas as Razes para Esquecer
What's up, Antnio?
You're not gonna say anything?
I don't... I don't know what to say.
After everything I said,
you have nothing to say.
But... It's exactly that.
You have said everything.
I did. What about you?
- "Me" what?
- Exactly. You!
What can I add to this, Sofia?
I don't know, Antnio. Anything.
At the end of the day,
we lived together for two years.
We did?
Oh, so now you don't even know
how long we lived together.
No, it's not that.
You said it in past tense.
We "lived" together for two years
and not "we've been living."
I think it was on purpose.
Was it?
Do you really think that?
I do. At least about the time.
Are you sure?
No, I'm not.
But I think we need it.
I need it.
You're still not going
to say anything?
- Hi, Carla.
- I miss you.
- Yeah... I...
- You disappeared.
What about the text I sent
you asking you to...
I know, I know.
Calm down. Let me tell you...
Was there a certain time?
No. It's just that you called
ten minutes ago.
I ended a relationship 15 minutes ago
and had nowhere to go.
I know, I'm sorry.
Hey, Felipe, how's it going?
That's Dr. Elisa,
this is my cousin Antnio.
Nice to meet you, Antnio.
Am I interrupting anything?
Do you want me...
- to go get a pizza?
- Do you see that, Carla?
Couldn't you have asked him
to wait a bit?
How could I know he would be so fast?
Nobody in So Paulo is.
Sorry! There was no traffic
and it's a short trip...
Carla, Felipe, you shouldn't be
embarrassed to explain this to Antnio.
Everyone goes through a crisis.
We are in the middle
of our marriage counseling session.
Oh, that's nice.
I thought it was something more serious.
Like Felipe had cancer
or you had lost a baby.
So, the session is at home?
Antnio, my technique is to make the
couple understand each other at home.
Home is their fortress.
It's a place of happiness and sadness.
The couple must deal with that.
You should set up an appointment
with Dr. Elisa.
Ending a relationship is always tough.
Not only ending it, Carla.
And if you eventually need
an antidepressant...
We can talk.
Whenever Antnio wants.
And if needed I can prescribe
some medication.
What are you talking about, people?
I'm okay, I'm great.
Antidepressant, really?
It's a little messy, but you can sleep
on this couch. It's big.
I can't believe that you guys broke up
after such a long time.
Actually you guys met
at the opening of my store.
When you arrived from Rio.
I think so. Actually there was...
- What noise is this, Carla?
- Nothing.
- Sorry.
- Ok.
We love bikes.
I can tell. It's always good to have
something in common.
Are you saying this
because you and Sofia
had nothing in common?
No, it's just small talk. We probably had
a ton of things in common.
I just never stopped
to think about it. Do you want help?
And you still broke up?
No. We broke up because...
It's over. Every relationship
has a beginning, middle and end.
I think so.
What's my name?
Georgete. No.
Valquria. You look like a Valesca.
- Typical from Rio.
- Sofia.
Are you one of those guys
from Rio saying:
"Party on Friday."
"Lighter, lighter."
I don't say...
Carla: Would you like to go biking
and talk more after work?
Don't you wanna eat some lunch?
No, no... I'm not hungry. Thanks.
Party too hard?
Pardon me?
Did you party too hard yesterday?
Because your face looks
like totally garbage, man.
No, it's just that...
Yeah, I partied.
I can tell.
I just need you to not be late
on delivering the options
for the new Soul Essential.
Soul Essential?
Soul Essential. The juice brand.
Organic, gluten free.
Oh, yes. I remember.
Great, man.
Carla: Did you see my msg?
Why didn't the tick mark turn blue?
To Gabriel:
Beer later?
I really thought it was weird, man.
No one drinks beer on Monday.
Are you okay?
Taking any antidepressants?
Do I look like I need antidepressants?
No, man, I'm just saying it.
Everyone takes it.
They say it helps.
Where are you living now?
I'm at my cousin's house.
But it's temporary, so I don't know.
Damn, my mom has
a little studio downtown. It's awesome.
I mean, not awesome. She remodeled
a little bit, it was tough to rent.
- So, if you want...
- Nice. I will look around
and let you know.
Look, take it easy on the beer, okay?
Okay... But why are you saying that?
Do I look like I'll be drunk,
crying out there, throwing up...
- Iook at me, man.
- No, I know, man.
I can't do that either.
I left my job, I'm focused.
- I'm writing a book.
- Really?
We are becoming more mature.
I'm ending a relationship, you are
quitting your job to write a book...
- Adults, right, bro?
- Damn...
- And what's your book about?
- My childhood.
- Were you abused?
- No.
Were you bullied?
- No.
- Did you lose your parents?
- No, dude. You know my parents.
- Oh, that's true.
- Hey.
- What's up?
- How are you?
- Can we get two beers?
Which one?
Oh, man...
I don't care.
You have to pick one,
we have more than 20.
- That one from last time was good.
- Which one?
This one.
So, we'll take two
with this weird name. Thanks.
- Cool.
- You don't get it, man.
This book will be killer.
I'm writing a book
about my childhood,
from my point of view,
but in a fantastic way.
I see...
Is this enough?
Writing a book about your childhood
like, I don't know,
if I was writing a book
about the end of my relationship.
I mean, you can write
a book about that.
Yes, I can.
But it's boring.
Who would wanna see the ending
of a relationship of a normal guy?
- It's boring.
- It depends how you tell it.
I have nothing to tell.
You end a relationship,
think about the ex a bit.
Normal, everyone does it,
then have sex with another.
Normal, everyone does it.
Voile, my friend, c'est la vie.
Thank you very much.
Is everything okay?
Why? Doesn't it look like?
Fe heard some weird noises
last night.
Oh, yeah, it's because I...
I drank a little and felt sick.
Wow, are you feeling better?
- Would you like some tea?
- No, it's okay, I'm fine.
Next time, if you want,
we can drink here at home.
- I have some bottles of wine.
- Good idea, love. Nice.
Dr. Elisa says that it's important
to socialize
with others at home.
By the way, Antnio, you can stay here
for as long as you want, right, Fe?
- Yes, of course.
- Really, guys?
Great. I was about to ask you
if I could stay a little longer.
Can I have some rice, please?
- It's not rice, it's quinoa.
- Oh, never mind.
Quinoa is shit, right?
I made it,
are you gonna talk like that?
I'm sorry, but it's the truth.
Do you also think that, Antnio?
Look... Sofia always
made quinoa,
because she said it was healthy,
but I never liked it that much.
Did you hear that, honey?
It's the sum of these little things
that implode a relationship.
Well, but I didn't say that our
relationship ended because of quinoa.
I understand, Antnio.
I just used your example
to open a discussion
about her behavior in our relationship.
I hate quinoa.
I think quinoa is awful.
And she keeps making it.
Babe, I don't see any problem
if you don't like quinoa.
I respect your opinion. Now if you can't
see that you can cook your own rice,
maybe we need to understand
the exact stage where we are at
in our relationship.
Look at Antnio's example.
- And again I'm the example?
- Yes.
Because you arrived here
very conscious
that your relationship had ended.
Maybe we need to understand
this as well.
In which stage we're at.
You are right.
Do you really think it's cool
to talk about that?
No, but it's important.
That's why we are doing
marriage counseling.
What about you and your ex?
When you had problems,
what did you do?
- Me?
- Yes, Antnio. How was it with Sofia?
Antnio, I told you 60 times,
I don't want you to do that.
I don't think he's feeling well.
Antnio, you remember
the bathroom is that way, right?
Relax, honey,
maybe he's thinking about
our relationship
and will talk about it.
It would be great,
but it doesn't look like it.
Wow, you're really trying
to disagree with me today.
- Antnio?
- Me?
- You're! By making quinoa for dinner.
- Are you gonna talk about quinoa again?
Antnio, are you going to say
anything about our relationship?
If you want, I can ask her
to remove the couch, the bed...
That old ass furniture.
No, you don't need to.
I'm not gonna stay long.
By the way...
Thank you for renting it to me
without the crazy paperwork.
Relax, man.
I didn't invite you to room with me
because I moved back in
with my mom.
And if you did,
I think I would refuse...
I need to spend some time alone.
Want a beer?
Oh, no, I gotta go.
Already? I thought we were gonna
drink like that night.
Better not?
Dude, you know how it is.
I'm always for drinking, but...
Better not.
- Are you gonna go write your book?
- No, even better.
Gonna meet a chick from Tinder.
Do you... use that?
I do.
And you sounds
like I'm using crack.
I'm sorry.
It just sounds weird.
Some guy who was a journalist,
who wants to release a book
- is a Tinder user.
- Yeah, modern times, Antonito.
Does it work?
You just gotta want it.
You talked so much about sex
at the bar,
and technology could help you.
I was drunk.
And it's one thing to be single...
Another to look like a dog
trying to hump a leg.
Which is okay... totally okay.
But I prefer things to happen
naturally. Just that.
Mi casa, su casa.
- This one no!
- What?
LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK ACCOUN How to be invisible on Tinder?
A: There's no way.
Why would you wanna use Tinder
if you won't show your face, dummy?
What's up, Antnio?
Why is Antnio here today?
I think that if Antnio
had nothing to say
he wouldn't have come
here today.
Look, doctor.
Antnio is here today, because...
Because he caught himself at 4 a.m.
On a Wednesday using Tinder,
which in his opinion
doesn't seem very normal.
Did it work?
- What?
- Did you nail someone?
It wouldn't be that bad
to have casual sex on a Wednesday.
Yeah... No...
No, no.
Anything else bring Antnio here?
In fact...
I remember that you
and my cousin
mentioned prescribing me
an antidepressant.
It's obvious that I don't need it,
but maybe it could be
something to end...
This insomnia.
How long have you had insomnia?
Two weeks, give or take.
And have you been also
feeling agitated, restless?
Yes. Yes, a lot.
How do you know?
Yes. I think some anxiety medication
would help you.
Can I mix it with alcohol?
You won't die,
but I don't recommend it.
It's your turn.
A gnocchi al pest... Marina...
Bolognese, please.
The interaction, synergy...
Did you smoke pot?
No... I...
I'm serious. We already talked about it.
Only smoke after work.
Anyone else smoke with Antnio?
Oscar, I...
I didn't smoke pot, I'm just...
Antnio, we'll talk about this later.
Now, focus here. Here!
Come on.
Let's go, guys. What are the concepts
that we need to reiterate?
Interaction, synergy...
It's looking good, man.
Thanks, Oscar.
By the way,
I hadn't smoked weed...
It's okay, I understand.
You can take a hit sometime
during work hours,
but don't tell anyone that I let you,
otherwise this will become messy.
Okay, but I really had not...
It's okay, man. It's cool.
I missed you!
How are you? Are you good?
Damn it!
- Come inside. It's the weird neighbor.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
Everything okay?
- With me?
- Yeah.
Yeah, everything great. Great.
If it is too loud, let me know.
I can turn it down.
Oh, no, don't worry. I was...
I was...
- I was here and...
- And you're still there, right?
If you wanna join,
you just change your outfit.
There is no theme.
It isn't a pajama party.
I'm just kidding. You look great.
If you wanna come, come.
Oh, no, I'm just...
I am...
I'm sleepy,
I think I'm just going to...
Nice to meet you.
- Have a nice... party.
- Okay, nice meeting you.
Wow, Antnio.
I don't know why you took so long
to answer if you wanted to ride a bike.
I was worried, especially after
how you left here. So suddenly.
It's just that the apartment
of Gabriel's mother was perfect.
And that made me a little
confused with...
the moving.
Confused, right? But now...
Now everything is okay.
Damn it, this is not the key.
I don't know why he locks the bike.
Are you sure it's okay
if I use his bike?
As long as he doesn't know,
it's okay.
- Where is this damn key?
- You didn't ask him?
He also didn't ask if it was okay
we didn't ride together.
- And does he need to?
- Obviously.
Certain protocols in a relationship
once developed can't be rejected.
"Certain protocols in a relationship..."
Are you talking about your relationship
or about safety norms
in So Paulo's commercial buildings?
It's impossible.
It's none of those keys.
We could go walking,
instead of riding the bike.
When I was 8, I loved to run...
I think.
I thought you were gonna run
at some point.
Me too.
- Haven't you exercised lately?
- No.
Exercising in So Paulo
demands a lot of will.
- Why? Do I look a little chunky?
- No, no.
It's because when we run
the body releases endorphins.
And when we release endorphins,
the body focused only
on what you are doing.
If I didn't exercise daily,
and stayed at home
thinking about my relationship with Fe,
it would be horrible.
I get it. I think that's it.
I'm gonna exercise more.
Who knows I might stop thinking
about sex, my single life...
I forget that you and Sofia
weren't like that.
I was thinking that,
if I ever break up with Fe,
- I hope it's as mature as you guys.
- What a great thing to think about.
Have you talked to her?
- With who? Sofia?
- Yes.
I thought you guys had become friends.
It's just that she didn't come after me
and I didn't either...
I have no problem
with becoming friends,
she just needs to come after me,
but she didn't...
We didn't come after each other.
I thought you guys
had ended it well...
Yes, we did. But...
Sometimes, a person says something
and thinks another.
Do you think she's not over you?
No, no.
Well, it's not yet my book.
But it's another one I've edited.
So, I can feel happy, right?
I's so good to meet new people!
May we have many nights like that!
By your side, there is no sadness
or solitude!
And yes, Bel was touching my ass.
Fuck it.
What's up, Antnio?
Is this how you are going
to release endorphins?
- What do you mean?
- So slowly.
We gotta keep a steady pace
otherwise we will get tired quickly.
But this is agonizing.
I feel stuck. Be right back.
Antnio, where are you going?
- I told you...
- I understand, Carla. I understand.
You feel better?
Little by little.
Have you been seeing Dr. Elisa?
Thank you.
Dr. Elisa, the psychiatrist.
Oh, that remarkable lady
I met at your place.
In fact, I saw her just once.
But it was work related. Nothing much.
I could have done it on my own.
But why do you want to know?
Because she always finishes
our sessions asking about sex.
I was wondering if it was
the same with you.
She seemed very interested
in my sexual life.
Do you think she's a pervert?
Of course she is. Everyone that
studies Freud is a bit of a pervert.
I'm enjoying our attempts to exercise.
Yeah, it's been fun.
What the hell, Antnio?
Are you crazy?
I'm your cousin.
And I'm married.
- I tripped hard, huh?
- Totally.
It's obvious that it would happen, man.
You don't go out.
You only meet your cousin.
Don't you have clean glasses?
I don't think it's that obvious.
It was a moment of confusion.
Not that obvious?
A recently single guy takes his cousin
whose marriage is in a crisis on a run.
The conclusion is simple.
Bad romantic incestuous comedy.
You gotta go out more.
I don't feel like it. I feel good.
Also, a relationship with a cousin
is not incest.
I don't wanna be with Carla.
Not at all...
There isn't another glass,
I'll wash one.
- Relax, man, I'll drink from the bottle.
- Okay.
Don't touch your mouth on it.
Just kidding.
What about the book?
Man, it's a little stuck at the moment,
- but this book will led me somewhere.
- What do you mean?
If you mention that you are a writer
in the apps I use,
- it rains women.
- Apps? Plural?
Dude, it's crazy.
Yesterday I downloaded an app
to have threesomes.
Only a gay couple contacted me.
But still, it's crazy, I'll show you
so you stop judging me.
It's okay, man.
Where's that little chair
from my mom that was here?
It's in the bedroom, I'm using it
as a clothes hanger. Sit down.
Dude... You are not gonna bring
any furniture, a frame...
I don't think so.
I told you, Gabriel.
I don't know how long I'm gonna stay,
What do you think, Antnio?
Did you like it?
I'm very happy, I think that I found,
I don't know, a style...
What if I write a novel?
What's up, Antnio?
Did you like it?
What's up, Antnio?
What do you think about that?
What's up, Antnio?
What do you think, Antnio?
What do you think?
I think...
That I don't need to think anything.
Do you know why?
Because this right here...
All of this that you're seeing
is my memory.
I'm the one who runs this show.
This is my memory. My memory.
By the way...
What are you doing here? Hell!
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Is it too loud?
- No, no. It's not that.
- And what's your name again?
- Antnio.
- Antnio. Welcome, Antnio.
- Thank you.
You are Andr, right?
- Yes. But you can call me Deco.
- Deco? Okay.
Before you ask,
this was an accident
that happened while dancing
at the last party.
- Fun stuff, huh?
- Oh, yeah. You will see.
What's up, Antnio?
Wanna drink something?
- Just water is fine.
- Water? Why?
Are you taking antidepressants?
Deco, where's the ice?
How are you?
Are you talking about antidepressants?
I love this talk. What do you take?
I... I...
I've taken sertraline,
fluoxetine, paroxetine,
but the one
that works best is Celexa
which is Citalopram.
How about you?
- You also take Celexa?
- Yes. You do too? Wow.
And after you started taking it,
have you been hornier?
Totally. Not 100 percent,
but much better.
Mine was 300 percent.
I had sex with everyone.
- Let's go grab some water in the kitchen?
- Let's go. Nice to meet you.
- Alex!
- What? Come on...
This talk about medication
is endless.
Excuse us, Flvia,
are you hanging out in the fridge?
- Just water?
- Just water, thanks.
- Help yourself, Antnio.
- Sure.
There's a clean glass here.
If you wanna eat,
there's asparagus quiche
and a bruschetta.
- I made it myself.
- Thank you.
Make yourself at home.
- Cool, thank you.
- I won't be your server.
What's up?
Did you get it, Rafa?
- Antnio?
- Eliza?
- Wow.
- Hey!
So much energy!
I was talking about you
just yesterday.
- Really?
- Really. I saw Sofia.
Oh, nice.
She looks great.
Very relaxed.
Have you guys been talking?
As much as possible.
Is that vodka?
It's water.
Wanna grab a beer?
Sofia talked to you
about the breakup?
No, not a lot.
Just that you guys had broken up.
Sofia is reserved,
unlike me who talks a lot.
Even when we were together,
she never said anything?
I think so, I don't remember.
Like what?
Wanna smoke some?
I brought it.
She thought you wanted to break up
with her, but couldn't do it.
Oh... That's why she broke up with me?
Because she thought I couldn't.
- I think so.
- And why couldn't I?
She thought you were emotionally
She thought what?
Hey, can I take a hit?
Yes, you can.
- You never wanted to break up with her?
- Yes, yes. A lot of times.
Living together is tough.
Breaking up is hard to do.
Everyone has thought
at some point:
"If my partner dies,
everything will be easier."
I never thought that.
But every time Sofia complained about
you guys' relationship, I defended you.
- Really?
- We never talked much,
- but I can tell you're a nice guy.
- Of course. Remember when...
What the hell, Antnio?
Are you crazy?
I'm Sofia's friend.
Have you gone nuts?
I'm sorry.
I've been doing this a lot,
kissing the wrong people.
I don't know what's going on.
- Okay, excuse me.
- The joint?
What's up, friend? Are you by yourself?
Drinking beer?
Deco, have you made anyone
break up with you,
because you had been showing
you weren't into it anymore?
I'm sorry, what are you talking about?
I think that happened with me, man.
Come on, come on. One more.
Is it strong?
Good morning.
This is what you get
for mixing meds and alcohol.
I told you.
I'm gonna smoke a cigarette
on the top of the building.
Wanna come?
Feel the sun, some fresh air.
- What's this?
- Some seltzer.
Just a glass is enough?
Come on.
Damn it.
I love this view. Do you like it?
I don't know, man. I can't look,
because I'm afraid I will feel sick.
Okay, so go on...
You were saying that your ex
broke up with you
because you made her break up
with you, right?
Yes, I think so.
I don't know. Obviously she didn't
do this in a reasonable manner,
so I would have to make her
understand, but for that,
in a hypothetical future situation
that we meet again, but I don't know
if I wanna make that happen now.
I don't know...
If that is what happened
in our relationship...
What do you mean "you don't know"?
Every time I remember our relationship
I just remember the good parts.
Once Sofia comes to mind, it looks like
I'm living
in a butter spread commercial...
There's not one moment when she's
a bitch, curses at me, cheats on me...
On the contrary, it's just sex,
joy, smiles...
Oh, there was a moment
she was complaining, but I cut it.
- Cut it...
- Goddamn it!
Why when we break up
we can only remember the good parts?
I don't know.
But this is the first time
I hear you say something sensible.
Do you think I should go after her?
- Hey.
- How are you?
Long time no see.
It hasn't been that long.
Not really, but it's been a while.
Yes, a while.
What's up?
I say what's up?
No, you're the one
who set up this meeting.
Yes, but...
Is it going to be one of those
eternal conversations,
when I ask "What's up, Antnio?"
And you stay quiet for 20 minutes
and then say some nonsense?
I began doing therapy.
I'm happy for you.
But it doesn't have
those stupid things
like laying down, telling your dreams,
hearing some strong phrases,
till being sent home
to think about it.
I'm doing cognitive therapy
and it's really cool,
it approaches different areas...
Mine are those stupid ones,
where you lay down, waiting for her
to cut me off and say something strong.
We call it Lacanianism.
I know, I know.
I just wanted this talk to be informal.
What's up?
Seriously, Antnio...
I'm kidding, I'm kidding, Sofia.
I didn't think it was a joke.
Okay, let's see...
What did you think about me
asking you to meet me here?
I don't know. Cool?
Just cool?
Was there any reason that made you
make the difficult decision to break up?
Are you reading some
teenage girl magazine?
Wait, are those serious questions?
- Your smile wasn't serious?
- How can a smile be serious?
I don't know.
I thought we were discussing
important things in a cute way.
What are you talking about?
Sofia, I'm here making essential
- for you to understand yourself...
- Understand myself?
Of course. But if it's difficult for you
let me know, we can stop right here...
- Difficult for me, Antnio?
- Good afternoon!
How are you?
Would you like something?
I would like for this man to learn
how to have a serious conversation
and not to stare
until they lose it.
Or to make nonsense questions
so that I can "understand myself."
Do you wanna know something?
I spent two years trying
to deal with you.
And I only learned
to deal with my plants, because...
You don't even know
how to deal with yourself.
Can I have the check, please?
You haven't ordered anything.
Okay, then.
A coffee and the check, please.
Antnio. It is now.
What do you see in here?
What is that?
You can say anything
because nothing is clear yet. Say it.
Happy couple
doing the peace and love sign.
But this is pretty obvious.
Say something.
So we can jump start this thing.
Can I...
Can I go to the restroom?
V for "Voe".
Fly above.
What are you doing here?
In the afternoon.
Are you okay?
This is cool, huh?
The giraffe is cute, right?
Do you wanna take it?
I can give you a discount.
No. Not now. Actually...
We haven't talked after this day.
Yes, you didn't want to.
I sent you a lot of texts.
I know, I know.
I just got a little... busy. I couldn't.
Oh... Fe and I are doing... better.
Now we exercise, eat and watch TV
at different times.
So, despite living together,
we see each other less.
This makes our relationship
more healthy... I think.
Do you think it's just that? Or did
our kiss make your relationship better?
What a dumbass.
Did you come here to ask that?
Did you really think
that asking questions
from a teenage girl magazine
would help?
Why does everyone think I'm asking
questions from a teenage girl magazine?
I thought they were normal questions.
Wow. I hope that if I break up
with Fe,
he doesn't come after me
asking those stupid questions.
Oh, look at this cute pear.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Well, do you know what you want?
I... I thought I knew, but...
I don't know...
- No, I don't know.
- But you broke up with her...
No. She did,
but I made her do it.
Isn't it the same thing?
Yes... But I don't know,
I was thinking...
What if in reality I made her do it,
but she was the one who made me
wanna make her break up with me?
Look, Antnio...
If I was in that situation,
I'd surely spend hours
thinking about it.
But from an outside perspective,
it doesn't make any sense.
Of course not. I don't understand jack
about what you're talking about.
But, look...
If you don't really know what you want,
maybe it's time to let go.
At least for a while.
Yeah, right?
I'm not missing anything.
I don't need anything.
I'm fine. I'm great.
Oh, friend. We were supposed
to have dinner tonight, right?
- Yes, why? Do you want me to...
- No, no...
Let's do something.
There's soup on the stove.
Yucca root with leeks.
Can you warm it up for us?
No, I don't want it.
Okay. Kisses.
I promise I'll write you. Okay?
- Wow...
- Don't make that face.
Did I... interrupt something?
No, you were a godsend.
So I could get rid of him.
It's just a guy I met on iPoof.
I didn't want him to stay for dinner.
- It's too much for a first time, right?
- IPoof?
It's a hook-up app for bears.
What's that face?
If only there was an app where I could
find women to have sex with at any time,
my life would be so much easier.
I would have sex, sex, sex...
And wouldn't waste any more time
thinking about other things.
Oh, God...
You are so naive to think
that having sex with other people
will make you stop thinking
about other things.
I don't think that's naive.
Do you know why?
Because just sex itself,
besides being good
for your self-esteem,
it keeps you busy.
If you are worried,
you think "I got laid with tonight,
so it's all good."
I understand your late bloomer,
recently single reasoning,
- but what if the sex isn't good?
- It doesn't matter.
What matters is self-esteem.
If it's for self-esteem,
to feel like a badass, I understand.
But if the sex isn't good,
you won't stop
thinking about
what really bothered you.
Do you understand?
It could be even worse.
Do you think so?
This soup is really good.
Jujuba: Hi, I love your pics!
Antnio: Thanks, I also liked yours.
Jujuba: Hang on,
I'm going to poo.
A: Hi, how are you?
Ana: How can it be good,
when a lot of people are dying
of hunger?
A: Hi;)
Priscila: I liked you by accident: (
Hey, Lzaro, it's me. Thank you.
- What are you doing here now?
- I think I came to see you.
I know that. But why?
I'm gonna try
to say everything at once,
so you don't get
in that endless cycle
asking "What's up, Antnio?"
- You can't...
- No, no.
I'm here at 6 a.m. On a Wednesday.
Do I need to say anything else?
What do you want?
Have you ever stopped to think
how much shit is around us?
Facebook, Tinder, antidepressants,
pornography, alcohol, damn it...
So much shit! It looks
like it's impossible to stop
to think about what we want.
If you feel a heartache,
no problem.
Take a Xanax
and it's over... or not.
Use Tinder, for your lower head...
or not.
You get drunk and you wake up
with a horrible headache,
which is worse than the heartache,
but despite all these possibilities...
I couldn't stop thinking of you.
What's up, Sofia?
- I don't know what to tell you.
- Why?
Look, this won't make you
less important to me...
- But...
- But you have someone new.
- No stairs?
- It's on the other side.
Can you describe exactly
what you're feeling?
Have you felt this way before?
No... Never this strong.
And why have you never told me?
I thought it was normal.
Every person feels a little
heartache sometime.
And do you have energy
to do something?
Currently, no.
Not even sex?
No, but...
I don't know if this...
What this has to do with anything?
It's because when you
are sexually detached,
which seems to be your case,
the level of anguish is more serious.
So, doctor, since my level of anguish
can be more serious,
don't you have any combination
of these meds like
fluoxetine, sertraline,
any other fucking "line"
that can help me not feel this?
Yes. There are some antidepressants
that can help you feel better.
- Oh, great.
- But there are side effects.
No problem.
Write me a prescription.
And what are you feeling?
No. Nothing.
Do you think we should
reduce the dosage, then?
What for? I never felt this good.
Since I moved,
this has been the first month
where I felt completely...
At peace.
At home.
- Even at the office.
- Anyone have an idea? Anyone?
I was finally able to focus.
Are you gonna stay much longer?
Being able to work
without worrying about anything.
That's great, Antnio.
And how's your social life?
Whenever I can, I meet Gabriel.
I forgot everything.
I don't remember shit.
Dude, should we get the check?
What do you mean, bro?
We got here five minutes ago.
You haven't even ordered a beer.
I keep going to parties
at Deco's house.
Are you okay?
What happened, Antnio?
You've been here
for more than 20 minutes?
I've been helping my cousin
when she needs to vent.
I even started reading the Finance
page in the newspaper
to see if we could talk more,
but still...
What do you think?
Well, maybe I haven't helped my cousin
as much as I could, but she talks a lot.
Yeah, she talks a lot.
Can you say that?
Yeah, it looks like
the dosage of the meds
is not causing any side effect.
Do you have anything else
to tell me?
Don't you miss anything?
No. No.
It looks like my life is back on track,
Did you find this place easily?
Yes. I don't live too far from here.
Do you live close by?
I do. I live... here in downtown.
What do you do?
- I'm a lawyer.
- Oh, cool.
How about you?
I'm a writer.
Oh, another one.
Because... Last week I went out
with a guy who called himself a writer.
I think his name was Gabriel.
I swear. Worst date ever.
And then I found out he quit his job
and moved back in with his mom.
I'm not...
A writer per se...
Writing is a hobby.
I am a designer.
Oh... Better.
Do you use Tinder a lot?
No. You're my... third.
Oh, cool...
It means you have some kind of...
Experience in this kind of...
- Situation.
- Yeah, some kind.
Is that a problem?
No, absolutely not.
- It's my first time.
- You're lying.
I'm serious.
I was gonna ask you
to be nice with me
because technically
I'm still a virgin.
What a dummy.
It's weird to meet someone new,
because these weird questions
always come up.
Dumb stuff like:
"What's up, what do you do?"
"How about you?"
What could be our
next dumb question?
We could ask something like:
"What country do you know?"
Or something about your family.
No, no. We could be much worse.
For example...
"Larissa, what were the moments
that changed your life?"
That was horrible.
But I can think of something worse.
No, no, better not.
You're funny.
Do you have a condom?
Condom... Condom, condom...
I have it. In my purse.
You can't get it up?
I just need some time, okay?
I told you, Antnio.
There could be side effects.
Loss of sensitivity
and sexual desire is one of them.
And now... what do I do?
It depends.
You have two options.
You either stay this way,
or you face what's bothering you.
You've reached the voice mail of...
Leave your message after the tone.
Hey, Sofia...
I was too nice with you
during all this time,
but here it is...
Go fuck yourself.
Go fuck yourself hard.
You were a scumbag.
You broke up with me and disappeared
to say "I helped you break up with me."
But you disappeared, which means
you are the scumbag. You disappeared.
It's time you hear some truths
and I'm gonna say it.
You are a scumbag.
Leave your message after the tone.
I went overboard on the last message,
so if you could please
listen to this first...
You know what? Fuck it. You are
a scumbag anyway, you need to hear it.
Oh, shit.
- Hi.
- Antnio.
It's 2 in the morning.
- Did something happen?
- No. No. I just...
I just called to ask you to delete
the messages I left
in your voice mail, please.
What messages?
What are you talking about?
Is everything okay?
Do you need help?
Help? From you?
The last thing I need in this world
is your help, Sofia.
I'm doing very well, thanks.
I'm great, and before I forget...
Go fuck yourself!
Are you okay?
I think it's better you keep
your distance from the rail.
Breathe a little.
I know that sometimes we might
think that life is too hard,
but that's not a reason to jump.
Especially because we're
on the first floor.
I will be screwed.
One person with crutches
is enough.
Thank you, doctor, for coming.
I know you only see couples at home,
because of that whole thing of
"the couple's fortress" and all...
I have no energy to do anything
these days, I don't know...
I'm sorry, but...
Is this Antnio's home?
Yes. No, it's a rental.
How does Antnio imagine himself
having sex in this filth?
I don't know if sex is
the question here.
What is it then?
I think...
That the question now is...
When does that moment...
when we have a...
A bang, a click...
A ta-da, whatever.
A damn warning telling us
that life has changed.
Or when that...
That thing bothering us goes away?
Does that moment exists?
If it exists...
How long does it take to come?
I don't know if this question
is that important.
I'm sure sex is more important.
I'm absolutely certain...
That sex is more important.
Sex is always more important.
Did I say something?
Today it marks eight years
that I haven't been able to have
sex because of the meds.
I don't even remember anymore.
How do we do this?
How do we get together with someone?
How does that feel?
I'm sorry, Antnio. I'm sorry.
I need to go back to therapy.
there's nothing here.
Look at this lettuce.
I'm gonna grab something
at home.
More salt?
No, it's good.
Do you need help?
Is Carla here?
She's not in today.
This is addictive, Gabriel.
I couldn't stop looking at my phone.
Is it good here?
- I think so.
- I couldn't write anything.
I was thinking of looking
for a "Tinder Anonymous."
Like the A.A.
But after a lot of struggle,
with the help of my precious mom,
who stopped paying my phone bill,
I deleted everything.
And have you been writing?
I gave up. I ran out of money
and had to go back to work.
Oh, that's bad, man.
Is everything okay?
Of course, man. Always.
It just... It is very hard to write
a book, especially about the past.
When you began writing,
did you think that the past could be
a bunch of disconnected images
that maybe could have some logic?
Where the hell
did you get this shit from?
Some self-help book?
I think so.
Are you serious?
This tastes like shit.
But I did it just like you told me.
Step by step.
I'm sorry.
Definitely this is not your thing.
What about that garlic sauce
I told you to buy?
- I bought it today.
- Did you buy it?
It's here, look.
- It's a new package.
- You want some?
No, thanks.
- Do you want, Deco?
- I do, thanks.
I don't play with this anymore.
I think it's mine.
It's in the living room.
- Antnio said you throw lots of parties.
- Always. I love it.
Damn, that's awesome.
That's everything, right?
I think so.
If you forgot something,
I'll let you know.
I know this question
will sound weird, but...
Have you ever stopped to think
about the meaning of certain things?
You still ask nonsense questions...
Yeah, but at least this doesn't sound
like it's from a teenage girl magazine.
No, this one sounds
like it's from a pothead.
It's just that...
It's hard...
to talk about ourselves.
It seems that...
the feeling goes against the meaning.
But... it doesn't really mean anything.
Does anything?
No. No, it doesn't.
It's just because...
Why do we only bother when we lose?
Why does it hurt when
we remember?
I don't know.
Have you tried to find out
the answer to your question?
I think so. And I think that there's
no answer. No explanation.
- Nothing...
- Tell me.
You're looking at me weird.
You're not gonna tell me what is it?
Do I need to?
Carla: Where r u?
I don't know if this is right,
but I had to do something.
Wow, your apartment looks neat.
You bought the cute giraffe.
Where did you buy it?
In your store.
At the store? When?
Once, I went to look for you...
Do you see? I couldn't even work
I don't wanna sound
like a 12-year-old child.
I'm feeling something so weird.
We were together for so long.
It's stuffy in here.
I was with Fe for so long
that I don't even know how to be alone.
Jealousy, possessiveness, fear...
I'm sorry, I know I sound crazy,
but I know it's going to pass.
No, it's not.
It's not going to pass.
Oh, that's great, Antnio.
Thanks for the encouragement.
I'm serious.
You are gonna think
of all reasons to forget
but in the end
it doesn't really matter.
Oh, really? What matters, then?
I was gonna say that what matters
is knowing everything is trash and that
everything that happens inside of us
has no solution, so fuck it, but...
that's not it.
Especially because if you told me that
I was gonna cuss at you and leave.
It's easy to say that.
I think that...
What matter is knowing
that it will hurt...
to respect it...
and in the end, somehow,
in a weird, inexplicable way...
it will be good too.
Recovered by (c) dCd / August 2018