All the Right Moves (1983) Movie Script

Bye, Pop.
Morning, Stefen.
We going to beat
Walnut Heights?
You know it.
All right. Get in.
The Stinger!
What's happening?
You take good care
of Charlotte?
You know it.
She's my freak
of the week.
Shadow, damn you.
You know how people die
and donate their eyeballs?
l'm donating my dick
to Charlotte.
Here comes my
nervous breakdown.
See you later.
Why's what's
her name crying?
Her and her boyfriend
are breaking up.
Bet l know why.
Most guys aren't as
understanding as l am.
l know that, Stef.
What'd you do,
swim to school?
Yeah, my chauffeur
was late.
Hi !
You got my English?
Oh, yeah. Your English.
l got your English
right here.
You want your English?
You want his English? No?
l'm not sure
about 20 and 21 .
How do you guys know
all that stuff about punts
and kicks and hand-offs
and not know how to
conjugate a verb?
What's a verb, dear?
What's a hand-on, dear?
l don't know.
You know what a hand-on is.
l taught you Saturday night.
See you at lunch.
Yeah, you're buyin', right?
Tracy, come on.
Tracy, come on !
Come on.
All right,
brain pump.
Hey, brothers.
Give me a break, man !
She keeps
looking back here.
Do it.
No way. No.
Come on.
Come on.
Vuch. Vuch. Vinnie!
Ohh !
You got something
to share with us,
Mr. Salvucci?
Can l leave the room?
Yeah, l think
you'd better.
Don't tell me
that hurt.
Yes, it hurt, asswipe.
lt's my talent.
You ruined my chances
for a scholarship!
Vin, have you heard
from any recruiters yet?
Stef, who's
kidding who?
The only reason
l'm playing is because
Plasewitz is hurt.
Hey, You still got a shot.
Right, for welfare.
Are you in here?
l got the lunch.
You are my lunch.
Scared the shit out
of you, huh, Litski?
Next time, you go.
l almost got busted.
You want me
to get busted?
No one's gonna put you
on report the week of
the Walnut Heights game.
Yeah, Walnut Heights, huh?
There's gonna be recruiters
there from every college
l want to go to.
All to see
Stefen Djordjevic.
Only it's no joke.
Walnut Heights has
the best halfback
in the state.
l knock him on his ass,
l'll have my pick
of colleges.
Pick one near home, huh?
Yeah, l'd like to.
This is my shot.
This is my way out,
Friday night.
l got to go
to the best school
with the best
engineering program.
Djordjevic's have been
humping steel out of
this town for years.
Grandpa, Pop, Greg.
lt's about time one of us
had something to say
about the stuff
after it's been made.
And it's going to be me.
You're making fun of me.
You're laughing.
No. Uh-uh.
Yes, you are.
Those fries
are terrible.
ls someone in here?
ls it you, Salvucci?
lf it is,
you're in bad trouble.
An invitation to the
University of Southern Cal !
No. No bullshit.
A full fucking ride, man !
We're getting
out of here, buddy!
Oh, shit!
Excuse me, ladies.
Brian Riley is going
to S.C. , motherfuckers!
All l gotta do is maintain
my fantastic 2.0 average.
The bonehead is
going to Hollywood.
Take us with you.
We make you
look good.
No more shoveling snow!
No, but you will be
shoveling earthquakes.
l'll be playing
in the Rose Bowl.
You'll watch me on TV.
You going to Hollywood?
You're going to have to
learn to dress.
And dance.
You got to be cool, man.
One, two.
Come on, now.
Come on, now.
Check it out, Bri.
Fox, show me
how to do that.
Move your hands
like you're a puppet.
This shit comes in handy.
You got it, baby!
Mouse, wake up
and check this out.
Not bad for
a white boy, eh?
You look horrible.
No wonder you keep
getting beat on defense.
Who's wearing
the letter, pal?
Riles, you ain't never
gonna be one of them
male exotic dancers.
lt's a good thing.
Just tease a little bit.
Don't give it too much.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, Charlotte.
Five minutes.
Look, l've been up
all night with this thing.
l want you to take
a look at this.
lf we play these guys
straight up, they're
gonna blow us out, huh?
But if we neutralize
their running game
and force them to pass,
that way we can take away
the edge they got on us.
We'll put our linemen
a yard and a half off
the ball, four-point stance.
62 stack.
Submarine every play.
A goal-line defense
the entire game.
Yeah, they're
never gonna expect it.
When Alexander
comes up to the line,
all he's gonna find
is a pile of people.
What if he tries
to break around end?
We got our linebackers
and corner there to
contain him.
lf they try to pass,
we're too quick for them.
Nobody's ever tried it.
But if it works,
we're geniuses.
lf it doesn't,
what have we got to lose?
Our lives.
Right. Let's
make it work, Jess.
Attack the legs of
the man in front of you.
Maintain your area.
You got it?
Get your ass up!
Ho! Head down !
Ready! 24, blue!
Hut! 23!
22, hut!
Hut! Hut! Hut!
Get in there!
Dig in deep!
All right, gentlemen !
All right. That was good !
What's coach
got us doing?
Don't ask me.
Just do it.
See who's over there
watching us?
Not us. Nickerson.
Riley, Alexander,
come over here!
Get over here!
Riley, this is Alexander.
This is gonna be your man.
You're gonna follow him
the entire game.
And it's your key,
that's your key!
lf he goes to take a crap,
l want you to show him
the way!
Can you handle this?
Yes, Coach ! Yes, Coach !
Can you handle that?
Yes, Coach !
l can't hear you !
All right. l trust you.
Yes, Coach !
Safeties! l want you
playing up here with
the linebackers.
Okay, l want you
reading these ends.
Yes, Coach.
lf they block down,
l want you shooting
back there.
l want you to
stick somebody!
Djordjevic, get your ass
in here. Come on.
What's your key
in this formation?
l cover the tailback,
unless they're
playing slots.
All right. They can't run
against a 62 stack.
We're gonna
force them to pass.
All right!
Who are we?
What are we?
What are we?
Who we gonna beat?
Keep them here all night
until they get it right.
You keep running it
till they get it right.
Will do, Coach.
How are we going
to beat them?
Woof. Woof, woof, woof.
Woof. Woof.
22, blue!
Hut! Hut!
Hi, baby.
lt was great.
Those guys from Cal Poly
stayed the whole time.
And we're going to go
grab a few beers.
Maybe eight or nine.
"Eight or nine."
Oh, that's great!
Yeah, it is.
l got a good shot at
defensive backfield coach.
lt's down to me and
a guy from Alequippa,
you know who.
Yeah. He's good,
but you're better.
We'll get out of here.
You've got a boy
you can be proud of,
Mr. "George-ev-itch."
We'd like him to
come to our school.
l'm sorry.
To play football?
And to get
an education.
Would you tell us
about that, please.
We'll do everything
to see that he gets
his diploma.
lf he's having trouble
with his studies,
we have tutoring
to help him
get his degree.
Our people graduate,
Mr. Djordjevic.
Stef, we'd like you
to come and visit
the campus,
take a look at
the living conditions,
the academic setting,
meet the coaches,
some of the players.
We got two alumni
in the pros now,
one of them's
Do you want to
play pro ball?
How about it, Pop?
No, there's not much call
for a 5'1 0" white cornerback
in the NFL.
l know l could do the job
in college, though.
Yes, you can.
You hit like a truck.
What are you
looking for, Stef?
To trade football
for an education,
still be able to walk.
l'm going to be
an engineer.
l checked your grades.
A "B" average
is not going to get you
an academic scholarship.
You need football.
l know that.
We offer a B.S.
in engineering.
Well, Mr. Smith,
l like your school.
lt's got a pretty good
football team,
but honestly there's
other schools l'd
rather look at first.
Maybe you do belong
at another school.
Because my son
is good at football,
he has opportunities
that otherwise
would not be his.
Thank you for
offering them to him.
l know what
you're looking for.
But if things fall through,
you've got a place with me.
Okay. Thank you.
l hope you know
what you're doing.
That's Lisa.
Pop, can l go?
Stefen. . .
Pop, don't worry.
l'm going to get
a good scholarship.
They're not
beating down the door.
Wait till they see me
in the Walnut Heights game.
Stef, stop.
Stef. . .
Stef, stop.
Stef. . .
l want to go home.
Don't be mad.
Just look at me.
l'm looking at you.
l'm not mad.
Listen, l'm sorry.
l guess l shouldn't have. . .
l shouldn't have
let it go that far.
See you tomorrow?
We got history
and lunch, right?
Right, Stef.
Look, l'm scared,
and you're going away.
l just don't
understand it.
lt's not like
l don't love you.
We've been going out
a long time.
Brian sees me up here.
Nothing's going on.
l didn't mean that.
l didn't mean that.
lt's not for Brian !
l want it to be special,
and not in a car.
l understand.
Let's go home.
what are you doing?
You're spinning all over!
Where the hell's
your feet?
You really piss me off.
What's wrong
with you, son?
That wasn't even a block.
l can't hear you.
What was it?
Nothing, sir.
That was like
a third base slide.
You block about as good
as a jelly doughnut.
That was nothing !
Are you listening?
Yes, sir!
Jesus, you're
pissing me off!
You want to play
against Walnut Heights?
Yes, sir!
Then, you got to get vicious.
You're a dog, right?
Yes, sir!
l want you pissing on
every fire hydrant
in Walnut Heights tonight!
Do you hear me?
Get down on your knees!
Yes, sir!
Now growl !
You bite! You dig !
Get back
in that huddle.
You want to go
to college?
Yes, sir.
Then play the way
you've been taught!
Dig in there!
Dig in there!
Formation right!
Ready, go!
No, no, no,
What the hell
are you doing here?
l've told you
a thousand times,
go for the ball,
not the man.
This is a footballl, see?
That's a man.
Those are men
running over there.
You do that in a game,
we got a penalty.
l had the coverage.
l didn't hear you.
l had the coverage, sir.
l made the play.
You do it my way
or it's the highway!
All right, hustle it in !
Hustle up.
A good practice,
All right!
Today you're not ladies,
you're gentlemen.
We got any quitters here?
No, sir!
l didn't hear you.
No, sir!
You know what's
gonna happen. You quit
on this football field,
you're gonna quit school,
you're gonna quit your job,
you get married,
you're gonna
quit your lady.
You know what you're
gonna end up being?
You'll be quitters
and losers!
None of you are
quitters and losers!
There any quitters here?
Didn't hear you !
No, sir!
Can't hear you !
No, sir! No, sir!
All right,
everybody five laps.
Five laps!
You do 1 0.
Why are you so hard
on Djordjevic?
He's good.
He's got talent.
He's using me, Jess.
They're going to
give you the job.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, Christ,
l hope so.
When l say "Ampipe,"
you say "Bulldogs!"
Let's go! Go!
All right, team,
get it together.
Go, Bulldogs!
This rally. . .
This game is not just
for the students.
lt's for the whole town !
lt's for the mothers,
for the fathers,
and the steelworkers!
And now, here's the man
who's gonna bring us
a victory,
and who's going to make
Ampipe what it used to be,
Coach Nickerson !
Walnut Heights
is undefeated.
Walnut Heights is ranked
third in the state.
They have a swim team,
a tennis team.
They got a golf team
for boys and girls!
But they don't have
a football team
like we've got!
And they don't have
a student body like
we have!
l've got to talk
to you, man.
Tracy's pregnant.
Tracy's pregnant.
l took her to the
doctor in Pittsburgh.
We will beat Walnut Heights.
'cause we're Ampipe.
This Ampipe football team
can't lose!
They're going to win !
Well, how does she feel
about an abortion?
You know Tracy.
Not real good.
You dumb bastard.
What are you going to do?
You gonna have the kid?
Austin Williams,
"the Shadow."
What am l supposed
to do, Stef?
Captain, quarterback,
team leader,
Clarence Oliver,
Talk to your recruiter
at S.C.
l heard about
stuff like this.
They have
married dorms.
They can work things
out for you.
l'm having a kid !
We're getting
out of here, Brian.
l'm proud to introduce
defensive captain
and linebacker. . .
Right, Bri? Bri !
Brian Riley!
Uh, this is
the biggest game
of our lives.
We've worked
real hard for it.
We no longer want to win.
We have to win.
And we're gonna. . .
We're gonna. . .
We're gonna win.
Not just for us,
but for you, too.
Thanks a lot.
Geez! Look at the place.
This is what a real
locker room looks like.
Tank, you take
my tape roll?
Fuck it.
Did you take it?
Cut it out, man !
Save it for
the field, Vucci.
Let's go, fellows.
That's everybody.
Let me have it over here.
Right here. Let's have it.
Settle down.
Gentlemen. . .
All right,
here's the situation.
We haven't beaten
Walnut Heights in the
five years l've been coach.
There are 1 0,000 people
out there who don't think
you'll do it tonight.
But there's 37 people
in this room who know
we can.
Am l right?
Am l right?
Yes, sir! Yes, sir!
That's you
and that's me.
So, why are we so sure?
What do we know
that they don't know?
l don't think they know
about the human beings
inside these uniforms.
They don't know about
the pain you're willing
to endure, do they, Tank?
No, sir. They don't.
They don't know how hard
you're gonna hit,
do they, Djordjevic?
No, sir. They don't.
They don't know what you're
going to do to Alexander,
do they, Riley?
No, sir!
And they sure
as hell don't know
about the magic in
Rifleman's arm, do they?
No, sir.
ln the next 48 minutes,
they'll find out who you are
and what you're made of.
You're gonna
make me proud.
You guys will go on
to achieve successes.
l hope and pray you do,
but there will seldom be
a moment like tonight
when you hold it
all in your hands.
When you can achieve
something together they can
never take away from you.
Your friends, family,
parents, your school,
this town. . .
A win will give them
something to be proud of,
something they
can believe in.
You know
what they call us.
You know why they only
gave us 500 tickets
to this game.
We're the dagos,
the Polacks,
the niggers!
All right!
That's what you are.
That's what l am.
That's what we are together,
and that's how we'll win
this game.
We're gonna win it
How we gonna do it?
How we gonna do it?
Together! Together!
We're going to
win together!
Come on down.
Now taking the field,
the Ampipe Bulldogs.
And here come
your Knights!
Ampipe kicks off
and the game
is under way!
Come on. Get tough !
62 stack monster. Ready!
This is it!
Full house!
Full house!
Coming after
your ass, Riley!
Do it, man !
Make me happy!
Way to go, Larue.
Come here!
What the hell
is going on?
Why can't we block
those turkeys?
They're cutting
my knees out.
l don't want to hear
that bullshit. Block 'em
anyway, you understand?
Let's do it.
That's the end of
the first quarter.
No score.
Ready! Set!
Hut! Hut!
He's in the cIear.
And the Knights
take the Iead!
Ampipe's ball.
2:48 Ieft in the haIf.
Ampipe touchdown
by number 1 9,
Austin WiIIiams.
All right!
Walnut Heights leads 1 0-7
with 3 minutes, 47 seconds
left in the game.
Yeah ! Yeah !
Stefen !
ln your face,
Walnut Heights!
Ampipe touchdown
by number 33,
Stefen Djordjevic.
Ampipe leads 1 4-1 0
with 3 minutes, 1 2 seconds
left in the game.
AIexander for 17.
First down
on the Ampipe 42.
Hold that line!
Great catch by Alexander
down to the 29!
Out of bounds
on the ten.
First and goal
for the Knights.
My man !
Ready. Set.
Hut-hut. Hut!
Ampipe pass interference.
The Knights have the ball
on the Ampipe 5-yard line.
Son of a bitch !
You got a boy playing
for Walnut Heights?
You hit him too soon.
That's your penalty, son.
Back to the huddle.
Same play
we ran in practice!
l know. l know.
Blind bastard !
Good hit.
Good hit!
lt was a good hit, Bri !
Damn right it was.
Huddle up.
Huddle up.
Okay, we're holding them.
Now, keep up
goal-line D.
Third and goal
for the Knights
on the three!
Hut! Hut!
Hold them !
Come on !
Yeah !
Yeah ! Yeah !
All right!
Fight! Fight!
Fourth and goal
for the Knights
on the one-yard line!
This is it!
Ready! Set!
Full house!
Full house!
You fucking bastards!
Hut-hut. Hut!
Alexander is stopped
short of the goal line!
Ampipe takes over
on their own one-yard line.
With 1 2 seconds Ieft
in the game.
We did it, Riley?
Did we do it?
You did it!
Rifleman ! "l" strong right.
Coach !
42 condition !
All right.
It's a fumbIe!
SaIvucci fumbIes
in the end zone,
and the Knights recover!
It's a touchdown!
No time Ieft.
The Knights win!
The Knights win!
Ah, come on, Salvucci.
Let's hear a good cry,
all right?
All l'm hearing
is this little whimper.
Let's hear a cry!
l want to hear
a good one, Salvucci.
You choked !
lt cost us the game.
You quit!
You quit on me,
and you quit
on this team !
He didn't quit.
What did you say?
Salvucci, he didn't quit.
None of us quit.
l don't know. We beat those
guys' asses up and down
that field tonight!
We got nothing to be
ashamed of, right?
lsn't that right?
Maybe the scoreboard
doesn't say it,
but we won that game.
We held them.
lt was just a fluke.
That's all.
lt's just a fluke.
A fluke?
That pass-interference
penalty was no fluke.
lf you had done it
the way l taught you,
they never would've
been down there
in the first place,
and they never would've
scored, and we would've
won that game!
You're just as
responsible as he is.
Oh, yeah?
lf you would've had Rifleman
hold the ball, then we would
have won the game.
We didn't quit.
You quit!
Get your stuff
and get the hell
out of here right now.
You heard me.
You get out of here.
You're through.
You're off the team.
Okay, l'll see you.
l've got to get on the bus.
Yeah, that's him,
right there.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Where are you going?
On the bus.
No, this is the wrong bus.
This is for players.
You ride with
the cheerleaders.
Stef. Stef.
Lisa, don't talk to me now.
Look, l just want
to be left alone,
all right?
You were good.
Just leave me alone!
Why the hell
didn't Nickerson
just take the safety,
and then punt it
out of there?
Because he's an asshole.
We'll never beat
those rich pricks.
Not while he's coach,
we won't.
Well, maybe,
that won't be
for too long.
No, goddamn it.
lt's true.
He's being
kicked off the team
for disciplinary reasons.
What the hell
does that mean?
Means his big mouth
finally got him
in real trouble.
But what did he say?
He had to know this would
ruin every chance he's got.
Hell, yes.
Word gets around
he's got a bad attitude,
he'll be lucky to get
any offers at all.
l can't believe
he meant it.
Hey, Djordjevic,
your kid cost us
the game.
Ow! Stop that!
Listen, you can
stay here if you want,
but l'm going to go home
and wait for your brother.
Because whatever he said,
he's just gonna have to
Sure, Pop. Sure.
Goddamn !
Hey! Hey!
Hey, Stefie!
Come on in !
l should've had Rifleman
fall on the ball.
Please, Vern,
you're driving
yourself crazy.
Daddy, there's a man
playing on the lawn.
He waked me up.
Honey, you get in bed
with Mommy, okay?
Hey, Bosko.
What are you doing?
What do you think
we're doing?
Doesn't this seem
a little bit too crazy?
What? You gonna do
something about it?
Hey, Stef!
How you doing, bro?
You going to talk
to the coach?
Yeah. Wish me luck.
Want me to go with you?
You sure?
Hey, good luck, bro.
All right.
All right.
How you doing, man?
Pretty good.
Coach Nickerson.
l would just like
to tell you
l'm sorry about
what l said
after the game.
l didn't mean
anything by it.
One, two, three. . .
And since Friday
is our last game,
it's at home
and l'm a senior,
l'd really like
to play in it.
lt means a lot, and. . .
l feel bad
about what happened.
l was hoping that
maybe you'd take me
back on the team.
l'm sorry.
So what?
Real forgiving,
aren't you?
You were at the house,
and l saw you.
Get the hell
out of here.
l can explain
about that.
They picked me up. . .
l just dumped some garbage.
On your lawn.
l tried stopping them !
No. Uh-uh.
You dumped garbage
on me, my wife,
and little girl.
l'm sorry.
Leave me alone.
What about the game?
This is the last game.
You played
your last game.
You are really
fucked, man !
No, son. You are.
How about it, Lis?
l was at band practice
watching you.
You're real good.
Yeah, l saw you
there, Stef.
Maybe l'll join the band
to spend more time with you.
How's that sound?
Sounds like Nickerson
didn't take you back.
Screw Nickerson.
l don't need him.
l'll get
my scholarship.
You'll get your
football scholarship.
l'll get nothing.
What are you
talking about?
l'm talking
about asshole jocks
who can't even
spell their names
get scholarships,
and l can't.
Asshole jocks?
The kind who screams
at his girlfriend
he says he loves
in front of
a busload of people.
l don't need to be
treated like that.
Lis, l want to
apologize about that.
There was a lot going on
you just don't understand.
l don't understand?
You don't understand.
l want to go to college
and study music.
We can't afford it.
Nobody in Ampipe
gets a music scholarship,
just football scholarships.
So l'll be
a grocery clerk.
l'm stuck here, Stef.
l haven't even got a chance.
l'm 1 7 years old.
lt's not fucking fair.
And you,
you're so selfish.
You don't even see it.
God, l. . .
l've been such
an asshole, huh?
l can spell
my own name, though.
No, Lis, l mean. . .
l don't know what. . .
l'm really sorry.
What can l do to
make it up to you?
Just be my friend.
l can do that.
l need you, Lis.
l need you, too,
sometimes, you know?
You got to be
there for me.
Okay. l will.
l promise.
l promise.
l'm sorry.
l'm sorry.
l promise
l won't pressure you
about what happened
last week,
sex and all that stuff.
lt's stupid,
and l'm sorry.
Yeah, you will.
How do you know that?
You're so gorgeous,
l just can't help it.
That's why.
l love you
so much, Lisa.
l'm sorry.
l just. . .
l just mess up.
l get to
carry this, huh?
Come on.
l don't need to graduate.
l need a job.
My uncle's been laid off.
My brother's out of work.
We're hurting.
You quit school now,
you're going to be
out on the street.
How's that gonna help
your family? You're
too good a kid for that.
Let me make
a couple of calls. . .
Hey, Nick,
how's it going?
Hey, Sherm,
how are you?
Vinnie Salvucci,
Sherm Williams,
Boston College.
Howya doin'?
l've heard
good things about you.
That time of year?
Playing Pitt.
Listen, l understand. . .
you're no quitter.
Don't quit on me.
Right, Coach.
Hey, nice to meet you.
You had great defense
against Walnut Heights.
l want to see film
on Riley, Djordjevic,
and Oliver.
Yeah, Riley and Oliver,
they're good players.
Djordjevic l got
to take a pass on.
Why? That kid's
real tough.
He's got
an attitude problem.
l had to cut him
from the team.
That must've been
a tough decision for you.
Yeah, it was tough.
How about it, Greg?
How about what, Stef?
l don't know.
How you doing?
You want to use
the car tonight?
Just drop me off
at the Carpatho.
You're not going
to the game?
Nah, l'm going
to get drunk.
l got laid off today.
Me and 700 others.
What will you do?
l'm going to get
shit-faced, that's what.
l mean after that.
l don't know.
l'm real sorry.
What are you
doing here?
Aren't you supposed
to be at the game?
l hate football.
l just like
watching number 33
run around in those
tight black pants.
lt's pretty cold out here.
Do you want to go upstairs?
l'll beat you.
What were you
doing up here?
Just drawing.
Then show me.
You want to see?
Step into my office.
Did you do all these?
This is what l've been
playing football for.
What's that one?
That's my undersea dome.
lt's one of
the first things
l ever did.
lt's good.
Where's your dad?
He's at work.
And Greg?
Are we alone?
Yeah. l could
call someone.
Take your coat off
and stay a while.
That would be nice,
wouldn't it?
Got that right
over your bed.
Remember that night?
l've got a funny outfit
to show you.
lt's cute.
l love you.
l love you, too, Lis.
You hear from
any of the schools?
Soon, it will be
letter of intent day.
The last school l saw
was Walnut Heights.
How about it, Vin?
Fuck school, man.
Fuck Christmas.
Hi, Miss Malevik.
How are you?
Do l get a kiss?
Where are you going
on your honeymoon?
To see the Penguins
play the Flyers.
Aren't we lucky?
Can l come?
l'm surprised
you're not.
No, you don't go.
On the honeymoon,
they go theirself.
l guess that
settles that.
Bye, Miss Malevik.
How you doing?
All right.
How are you doing?
Big day.
l heard Nickerson got
that coaching job.
Apparently, the guy
in Alequippa got
a better offer.
A toast. . .
To the bride,
the groom,
and the baby.
May it be a boy.
Na zdravie.
What do you
think of this?
l know.
Tracy always wanted
a big wedding with
a long gown.
Every girl does,
l guess.
Like we wanted to play
for the Steelers.
l'll give you a hand
with this stuff.
The question is,
should we be spending U.S.
tax dollars in Guatemala. . .
Excuse me,
Miss Dudukovich.
Yes, sir.
Yes, l do.
Oh, shit.
Police officer.
You're under arrest.
All right, come on !
Stop it!
Where are you taking him?
To jail.
Help me.
What for?
Armed robbery.
Help me, Coach.
Hey, help me, Coach !
Come on.
What are you, chicken?
Hold it.
Wait here, okay?
No way, Stef.
Come on.
Henry, can l have
another lron?
How about it,
Mr. Bosko?
Hey, Stef,
Lisa Litski.
What can l do for you?
Mr. Bosko,
l have a problem.
Coach Nickerson must be
blackballing me
because of the stuff
at his house that night.
Tell him what
really happened.
What really happened?
No college will
touch me now.
Bosko, the whole town knows.
Knows what?
That l was there?
Hey, fellas, was l
at Nickerson's house?
Did l trash it?
Were any of you there?
You got to help me.
l don't got
to do anything.
l won't spend
my life here.
Now you can't get work
in that goddamn mill !
"That goddamn mill. . ."
ls that your problem?
Fellas, Stef's got a problem
with the goddamn mill.
You mean that mill
where your father works?
Where your brother works?
Where my brother
was laid off!
Where my father worked
and his father before him,
and everybody who made
this town what it is?
What it was!
You too good for us
or something?
No, sir. l want
to go to college.
ls that what's
the matter, Stef?
You getting tired
of Polack pussy?
You son of a bitch !
Enough ! Enough !
That's enough !
Hey, Djordjevic.
We'll see you around, okay?
Mrs. Nickerson,
l'm Lisa Litski.
Can l talk to you?
Believe me.
l know Stef.
He'd never deliberately
try to hurt anyone.
He's a kid, and he wants
to go to college
and be something,
and your husband's
stopping him.
lf someone
happens to bow out,
or a spot opens up,
l would appreciate it
if you could keep me
in mind.
Yes, sir.
Okay. Thank you
for your time.
Would you go with him?
l'm a junior.
l have a year left.
What about
after you graduate?
lf he leaves here,
you'll probably lose him.
l'll let him go.
l love him.
l loved someone
in high school.
We planned to marry,
but the army took him.
And l went to
North Carolina State
and met Vern.
What do you want
to do, Lisa?
l want to study music.
Then do it.
What happened to that
boy from high school?
l guess he's back
in Parkersburg.
l haven't thought about him
in a hundred years.
God, l loved him.
No more than
l love Stef.
Yes, sir.
l realize, um,
it's a little late.
l was meaning
to call you sooner.
Mr. Smith, you said
l could count on you.
l understand. Okay.
Thanks, anyway.
Drink some of this.
Are you ashamed
of me, Papa?
What are you
talking about?
That's crazy.
You're my son, l love you.
Why would l be ashamed
of you?
l must have done
something wrong
for this to
happen to me.
You've done nothing
wrong, Stefen.
You're a good boy.
l love you.
We love you.
Your mother was
always proud of you.
l know you're hurt.
lt's okay.
l understand.
l love you and
l'm proud of you.
Papa, l'm sorry.
l'm never prouder
of you than right now.
How about a touch
for luck?
Can l have
your attention,
l'd like
to propose a toast
to Vinnie Salvucci.
To the Vuch.
To the Vuch !
What's it going to be,
a boy or a girl?
A boy.
l'm going to West Virginia!
l'm going to West Virginia!
Good for him.
He always wanted
to go there.
Shadow, here's
to West Virginia.
Here's to it.
And S.C. , right, Bri?
Stef, man,
l'm going to
have a kid.
That's more important
than any damn college.
l got what l want.
l really did.
l got what l want.
How you doing, Trace?
You're the 1 8th person
that's touched
my stomach tonight.
A job? What job?
lt's with this
demolition company
for the next
three weekends.
Doing what?
You know that
old blast furnace?
l'm tearing that
piece of shit apart.
My father worked there
1 4, 1 5 years.
On the fifth day,
thank you, God,
he created cheerleaders.
Ah, amen.
And commanded
they wear short skirts
and do cartwheels.
And that was very good !
l mean,
that was pretty good.
On the sixth day,
he created
the football player.
fans paid money
to watch them hurt.
And that was good.
And on the seventh day,
they all played football.
62 stack monster!
Ready, break!
He's at the counter.
l know.
Mrs. Nickerson,
excuse me.
l just want to tell you,
l know it's a little late.
l have to say this
for my own sake.
l was there the night
your house got messed up.
l'm sorry it happened.
Hey, Djordjevic!
l'd like to talk to you.
l'd like to talk!
We got nothing
to talk about.
Where are you going?
Where am l going?
No place, man.
Shadow, he's going
to West Virginia.
He found out tonight.
Tank's going to Furman.
And you're going
to Cal Poly.
And Mouse. . .
Mouse is going to college.
He's gonna play ball.
l'm just going to
hang out here.
l dunno. You know. . .
Hey, Nickerson,
you lied about me.
You blackballed me.
Remember that?
That was all
just bullshit.
You're full of shit.
You sit there,
scholarship here,
none there.
He goes. He stays.
Who in the hell
gave you that power?
You're just
a high school
football coach.
l mean. . .
l don't know.
What. . . What. . .
l don't know.
You know, Nickerson?
You are not God ! Huh?
You are just
a typing teacher.
Mr. Djordjevic.
Hello, Lisa.
Hi, Greg.
Hey, Lisa.
lt's so good
to see you.
You've been
working hard.
What have you
been up to, huh?
Lisa, what's
he doing here?
He's been
looking for you.
l brought him here.
Why don't you
just talk to him?
Just talk to him, huh?
Hi, Greg.
How you feeling?
l've come
to apologize.
l'm sorry
about what l did,
you know, uh,
and l was wrong.
l'm sorry.
And, uh. . .
l'd like you to play
football for me at Cal Poly
on this full scholarship.
You want to run
that by me again?
l want you to play
football for me, son.
You're doing this
to make yourself
feel better.
Yeah, l am.
You're damn right.
l feel a lot better
right now.
Full scholarship, huh?
At one of the finest
engineering schools
around, so sign.
Come on, Stef,
just sign it.
l love you.
Just sign it!
What about you,
Lis, huh?
Sign it.
Pop? Yeah?
Hey, Kurowski !
Tell Bosko l'll be
seeing him around.
Thanks. . .
No, thank you, Stef.
Next time,
go for the ball,
will you?
Okay? Huh?
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Oh, babe.
All right!