All the Wrong Friends (2016) Movie Script

- Tell me it's gonna be okay.
Tell me everything is gonna be
- It's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
(ominous music)
(gun fires)
(loud upbeat music)
- Let's go over our game plan.
We gotta make sure he doesn't
sneak off
to the bathroom or anywhere else
until we're sure he has
absolutely no drugs, okay,
- We've been through this, man.
I don't understand why
it always has to be me
taking care of Adam.
- [Drew] I mean, you see him all
the time.
- He can take care of himself.
- Yeah, obviously not.
My mom said he got kicked outta
- [Simon] Isn't she well
- Yeah, well,
at least now we have our
Oh, no way! (laughs)
It's been a long time, buddy.
- Who's fault is that?
Man, you shoulda stayed here and
to Tri-C with me and Simon.
- [Drew] Yeah?
- Yeah, you're missing out.
- Well, you can tell me all
about it
on our way to Terrastock.
- And I'm so pumped.
Great music, beautiful women.
- Absolutely.
But we shoulda hit the road
Nani said it's gonna
be like 10-hour drive.
- Nani's coming?
- I told you that.
- Thought you were joking.
- Hey, Adam.
(Drew laughs)
- Come on, man.
Give me your bag.
- Yeah, we're not
stopping for Indian food.
You know, she's not gonna
be too happy about this.
- Happy about what?
- I sort of invited Logan and
- What?
- Well, they've never been to
and they didn't have plans,
so I figured what the hell.
- Adam, come on, man.
Uninvite them.
- Little too late now.
(music blares)
- [Logan] Uh, Terrastock,
- Hi, Logan.
- What's up, y'all?
Who's ready to get their
freak on with the arts?
What are we driving here?
- [Drew] Well, I didn't
know you were coming.
- [Logan] You coulda emailed me.
Who's this?
- Oh, Nani, this is Logan.
Logan, Nani.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Listen, you wouldn't
happen to have a Pomeranian
named Ali Baba, would you?
I was just checking.
I think I ran it over on the way
I'm just kidding.
I'll be right back.
Erika, get outta your coma.
- So apparently, Logan and
Erika are coming with us.
- Yeah, I can see that.
There goes your plan.
- Got the drugs!
- He's joking, okay?
- [Logan] No, I'm not.
- No, listen, okay, this is
just a little speed bump, okay?
We'll make sure Logan and
Erika get their own room--
- [Logan] Terrastock!
- We can still talk to Adam
alone, okay?
- You know the only reason
I came on this trip--
- Terrastock!
- Was so--
- Yeah, I know, I know, I know,
I know.
You're here to help me, okay,
- [Logan] Terrastock!
- Quiet!
Everything's gonna be fine, all
(Erika clears her throat)
- [Logan] Terrastock!
- [Drew] Quiet.
- [Logan] Terrastock.
- We're gonna have fun, okay?
- [Logan] Hey, Nani!
- [Erika] I call window.
- Come on.
Do ya trust me?
- Could you give me my purse?
It's just right there.
- [Logan] All in back, yo.
Let's go.
- We're not all gonna (sighs).
This is so illegal.
(engine starts)
Bartenders closing,
cities left to fight
Prostitution posing,
phones are yet to fight
Name my souls illuminate
road of (murmurs)
Windshield fractures,
rain flow past where I'm
Cigarette look inside
Complex situation
Greasy cries, eternity's eyes

To a (murmurs) hesitation
It's filthy girl where you
wanna be
I said right between the word
of Christ falls an anomaly
It's filthy where you wanna be

I said right between
the word of Christ
Falls an anomaly
(muffled mellow music)
(car jolts)
- Ow.
- [Nani] Where are we?
We weren't supposed to
get off the interstate
until Simon's shift.
- It's fine.
Go straight past this bridge.
- Hello?
Give me the map.
- Hey, is this some kind of
- I'm gonna go see a friend of
I have some stuff to pick up.
- [Adam] Here?
- [Logan] Right here on the
left, Adam.
- [Adam] Wow, your friend
really likes his privacy.
- Right?
And there's a lake right out
(mellow music)
Stay here.
- [Erika] Such a dick.
- [Drew] Simon.
What's he picking up again?
- [Simon] How should I know?
- [Logan] Hey, Mondo!
- Where are we?
- Looks like the middle of
- Who's this friend he's
picking stuff up from?
- Mondo.
- Mongo?
- Mondo!
- Mondo.
It's short for Armando, but he's
- You're fine.
- Hey, Simon.
Check out these trucks.
- I know.
Crazy, right?
That Jeep was working two months
- Oh, yeah?
You been here before?
- Few times.
- Well?
- He's not here.
- Great.
Let's get back out on the road.
- I need my stuff.
- [Drew] Logan, we can get
your stuff on the way back.
- No, we need to get it
right now for this trip.
Let's just wait here a little
- Logan--
- Drew--
- If we wait any more,
gonna start without us.
- Well, great, then we'll
just stay here tonight.
Adam, go get the bags.
- (huffs) Wait, I thought you
your friend wasn't even here.
- Point taken.
Um, everybody raise your hand
if you're happy Nani's here.
Mondo happens to be a friend of
and friends let other
friends borrow their houses.
- Logan, this is pretty weird,
Listen, we're gonna leave right
and we'll make it to
the hotel by what, one?
Two in the morning, right?
- Drew, shut up.
We're staying here for the
We can leave first thing in the
and we'll have all day
tomorrow at the festival.
Okay, Nani?
- Let's go.
You better have booze.
- Lots of booze!
(mellow music)
No you remember, okay,
(laughs) remember that time
you got so stoned, and Simon
and creeped out by your window
and pretended to be Chupacabra--
- [Adam] It's not fucking funny,
You know I'm standing
- I will suck you dry.
- And he hides in the
closet for like two hours,
and he's like Chupacabras were
- [Logan And Adam] Why
is he speaking English?
- Chupacabras, man.
- (clears throat) Attention,
ladies and gentlemen.
I have some excellent news.
- [Adam] Here he is.
(inhales dramatically and pops
Well, Drew, come on, you're up
- Man, we did some crazy
shit back then, huh?
- Yeah, no shit, man.
- Drew, quit stalling.
You're up first to bat, come on.
- He doesn't want to.
- I wasn't asking you.
But you are welcome to join us
as wlell.
- I'm fine with beer.
- Mondo, Mondo, Mondo.
- Ew.
Oh my God.
- Bite me, princess.
- Oh, no don't leave.
- Logan.
- Come back.
- [Drew] Simon, weren't you
gonna ask Logan something?
- [Logan] Ask me what?
- Are you sure Mondo's okay with
- Yes.
I already told you guys,
I'm good for the money.
He knows that.
Let's have some fun.
It's on me.
- [Drew] Adam.
- I mean, for fuck's sake,
are you gonna take it or not?
- Yeah, yeah.
I mean, normally, I only snort
with 20s,
but I guess (murmurs).
- [Logan] Oh, you're so fancy.
(muffled music)
- [Adam] Eh, do another?
Mondo, man.
- Come on, man, is this a PSA?
- [Drew] Fuck you.
- (exhales) Mondo.
- Feel like a better person?
- Well?
Don't you have anything to say
to me?
Oh, wow, okay, now I get it.
Now I realize why you didn't
want me
to tag along on your
trip in the first place.
You just thought this was gonna
some big fun drug binge
weekend, didn't you?
- (laughs) What?
Nani, no, that's not what this
- And that trip down memory lane
with you, Adam, and Simon?
Wow, that was enlightening
about how you guys
were stoned all the time.
- Yeah, but you had to have been
Chupacabra was like the
- Oh my God, stop!
Be honest with me, is this what
you want?
Because five minutes with them,
and I feel like you don't
even know that I exist.
- Nani, you need to calm down,
all right?
Remember who you're talking to.
I'm here to help Adam.
- Oh, ah, yeah, Adam, I forgot.
How's that working out for you,
- Mondo!
- Mondo!
- He'll be here, no, seriously.
- I was lucky.
I had you in my life to help me
all the rough things, but Adam,
he doesn't have anyone like
that, okay?
Except for maybe me.
(soft music)
- You shouldn't'a let Logan come
He's just making everything
- Yeah, well, Logan is a dick,
And once we get to Terrastock,
I'm sure Erika and him
will vanish into thin air
like vampire bats.
And we'll be back with Simon
helping out Adam, okay?
Just forget about those two.
- Okay.
- Hey.
You think Mondo would mind if
uh, borrow his bed for a couple
- Wow, really, a couple minutes?
That's all you got?
- Mondo really is my hero.
I could spend the rest
of my life out here.
Adam, get me another beer.
- What kind?
- Surprise me.
- Well, I mean, we got more lite
but there's that German stuff in
that ale, it's, it's really
- Adam, just get me a
fucking beer. (sighs)
I love him.
- What if this guy doesn't come
- Mondo?
The guy's a fucking hermit.
He never walks farther than
it takes to get to the beach.
He'll be here.
- I'm not going to Terrastock
and hanging out with some
punk rock teeny boppers
unless I'm on something.
- How much are you getting?
- Enough.
- Enough for what?
- Enough for two months' rent.
- You're selling it?
- Fuck yeah, I'm selling it,
Selling DMT at Terrastock
is like selling candy
at an orphanage.
Everybody wants it.
- Try selling DMT at an
- Yeah.
What is this?
(ominous music)
What the fuck?
What is it?
- [Nani] No!
- [Drew] Fuck!
It's okay.
- What are you guys doing in
- In there.
(ominous music)
- What the fuck?
It's Mondo.
- [Adam] What?
- It's Mondo.
It's Mondo.
- [Adam] Oh, Fuck, Man.
- Somebody killed Mondo.
Somebody killed Mondo.
Mondo is dead in the bathroom.
- Yeah, Logan, we fuckin'
heard you, all right?
- Well, how did this happen?
- Like we fuckin' know.
- Ya found him!
- Yeah, we found him.
Like that.
- Okay, okay, okay, okay,
let's just everybody think about
just take a second, collect
Everybody shut the fuck up
and let's just think about
it (chuckles sarcastically),
ya know?
- I'll go call the police.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- Well, excuse me.
Let them go!
- Okay, yes,
we are going to call the police,
but first let's get this
place cleaned up, okay?
- What the fuck are you
talking about, Logan?
- [Logan] Erika, Simon, you go
you get all the luggage and put
it back
in my car, go.
Adam, go get some trash bags.
Go get some fucking trash bags!
- Logan, I don't know what
fucking game
you're trying to play here,
but we need to call the cops
right now
before we destroy this crime
- We're not the fucking
Hardy boys, okay, Drew?
And I'm not gonna go to jail
because you feel like
playing fucking detective!
- Logan.
God damn it, come on, Nani.
Do you have any idea what
this is going to look like?
- I know exactly what
this is gonna look like,
which is why we have to clean
- No, we have to call the cops
right now.
- I heard you, and I said not
- [Drew] Logan, this is
not your decision to make.
- And yet somehow, I made it!
(phone crunches)
- What the hell, Logan?
- What are you doing?
- I'll tell ya what I'm doing.
I'm dealing with your asshole
that just broke the phone!
- Would you grow the fuck up?
What exactly were you going
to tell the cops, anyway?
Yeah, we just broke into a
got high as a kite, and then
to find a dead body!
Good luck in prison.
I'll pay you a conjugal visit.
Now, if you wanna keep us out of
you will help us clean up.
- Andrew.
You are not seriously
going along with this?
I'm gonna go get dressed.
- Women.
Am I right?
(ominous music)
- [Nani] Are you stealing from a
dead guy?
- What, you think the world's
of trust fund babies?
Yeah, you never had to
worry about that, did you?
People like you don't have
to worry about scrounging
through people's pockets for
You know, I never had that
Oh, this is great.
The two of you can clean up this
You know, if one of you's gonna
be naked,
I much prefer it to be her.
- You're not even gonna say
- [Drew] Listen, let's just
finish up
as quick as we can and get outta
- Ah, doesn't it even bother you
that he was threatening me?
- Geez, Nani, what was
I supposed to say, huh?
We got a lot bigger
problems to worry about
other than the fact that
Logan is an asshole.
Things'll go a lot smoother
if we just work together.
- Look, let's just leave.
- That's what we're trying to
- No, I mean now.
But you can do this without me.
- Don't strain yourself
too much helping out.
- I think I can get the
stuff out of Mondo's safe.
- It's probably locked.
- Yes, thus fulfilling
its purpose as a safe.
I stole Mondo's keys.
One of 'em is bound to work.
- And we can just take the
- It's not like Mondo's gonna
miss it.
Might as well go to a good
Like me.
- Okay.
So what's our plan?
- Our plan is, as soon
as they come downstairs,
you keep them here.
I'll go upstairs, grab the
stuff, put it in our bags.
- Hey, upstairs is all clean.
- [Logan] Okay, are Aladdin
and Princess Jasmine
done yet?
- I think so.
- [Logan] Why don't you guys
head into the next room...
What the fuck is that?
- Should we, should we hide?
- I'm pretty sure they saw us.
- Stay here, clean the rest
of this shit up right now.
Hi, can I help you guys?
- [Man] We were hiking in the
and my sister hurt her leg.
- Whoa, that does not look good.
- I tripped.
- She fell, and, and hurt
her leg on some rocks.
Look, we've been walking around
for hours,
and this is the first house
we've found.
Of course, um, Erika,
don't just stand there.
Why don't you grab some
towels or something, huh?
- [Woman] Thank you very much.
- No problem.
It wouldn't be very American
of us to turn you guys away.
I mean, what does the Bible say?
Give unto others.
- So, can we come in, or?
- Oh!
Yes, right.
The kitchen is right there if
you guys
just wanna have a seat.
We'll take a look at that leg,
- Thank you.
- No problem.
So, what'd you say your names
- I'm Brian.
- Alison.
- Logan.
I'm sorry.
Ah, this does not look good.
Wonder what happened to Erika.
- Is there someplace I
can go to wash my leg off?
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
Um, the bathroom is straight
through here.
Let me check with Erika and see
if she's found any bandages for
You should be able to
find everything you need
straight through there.
- It's a nice place you got
- (laughs) I wish.
It's a friend of mine's.
We're actually watching it right
Let me know if I can get you
(ominous music)
- [Erika] What the hell are you
- I am trying to play this
You saw that leg.
It's gonna look a little
if we kick her out on her ass.
- It's gonna look a lot more
when they find a dead body
- Exactly!
- We are so fucked!
- Sh!
If we can heal her and
get them out of here,
everything is going to be fine,
- They've already seen us.
How's it gonna look when they
hear about a murder in here?
- Would you try and keep a
positive mind?
Now, did you find anything we
can use
to bandage up her leg with?
- No, I came in here to find
out what you wanted to do.
- Un-fucking-believable.
(ominous music)
- [Nani] What are you doing now?
- Nothing, Nani, just stay
- Drew.
- What the hell's going on?
Here, come on.
Logan, Logan!
What the hell is happening?
- Will you stop with the
- You let two random people
- What?
- What?
- I have it under control.
- Who are these people?
- They're hikers.
- So they claim.
- One of them is injured,
and needs our help.
- [Adam] We're fucked.
- [Erika] You already said that.
- Don't you realize, once we
help them,
then we can get rid of them.
- Whoa, get rid of them?
- Not like that.
Get them to their car or
You know, we really do not need
to find you tweaking out.
Why don't you go upstairs?
- You serious?
- Yes, there's a dead body in
the house.
We don't want them poking around
and (words covered)--
- Come on,
Adam, just go upstairs, all
- Sh!
- All right.
- This is stupid, Logan.
- Hey, good news.
Looks like we found some stuff
to bandage up your leg.
- Oh.
- Everybody this is Alison and
- Hello!
- [Drew] Hello!
- Hi, you guys.
- Hi.
- Welcome.
Why don't you have a seat on the
- Her leg looks pretty bad.
- I can imagine.
Why don't you put your leg right
- All right, ready?
- Here you go.
- Easy, easy, easy.
- (gasps) Good night!
- Yeah.
- You guys were hiking?
- Yeah, actually.
- (soft exclamation) Did
you run into a critter
or something?
- Uh, she fell and, uh,
hit her legs on some rocks.
- (hisses) That's jacked.
- Think you guys can
make it back to your car?
- Oh, we've been hiking for
It would take hours to get back.
She probably wouldn't make it.
- Well, you can't stay here.
- [Drew] Logan?
- I mean, think about it, these
are gonna hold up for now, but
you guys
really need to see a doctor.
Maybe we can drive you to your
or the nearest hospital.
- [Erika] I'll bring the car
- Great.
- Simon, why don't you come with
- Sure.
- Thank you very much.
- No problem.
- I mean, I would suggest
we call an ambulance,
but we don't really
have a phone right now.
- (laughs) Yeah, our
friend's kinda stupid.
- Bit of a scatterbrain.
He forgets to pay the
phone bills sometimes.
- Yeah, we could totally use a
- Well, why don't we get
you guys to the car port?
- All right.
- It's gonna be straight
out the back door.
- Here we go, kiddo.
Got it?
- I'm right behind here
- Thanks.
- Of course.
What's up?
Thought you guys were
bringing the car around.
- Yeah, the car won't start.
- What do you mean, the car
won't start?
(ominous music)
Let me see.
- [Erika] Be my guest.
(Erika murmurs)
- Do me a favor?
Pop the hood.
- Hey, hey, Logan, what
are you doing to my truck?
- [Logan] Your truck won't
- [Drew] What?
- [Logan] I said your
Classic here will not start.
- Erika, can I get in here,
Sorry about that, guys.
- You think you can fix it?
- I used to watch those
NASCAR pit teams on TV.
It's beautiful.
It's like a redneck (murmurs).
- Yeah, well, I watch a lotta
but that doesn't mean I'm Troy
- [Drew] It was working before.
- You know anything about cars?
- I know that asking a
bunch of stupid questions
is not gonna get the car
fixed, all right, bud?
- Hey, guys?
- [Simon] Did it make a sound?
- I actually, uh, used
to work at the dealership
if you don't mind me taking a
- Oh, great, man, no problem.
You probably know what I'm doing
a lot more than you do.
You, yeah.
- I got it.
- Hey, what are you thinking
a lemon on a road trip?
- Listen, it was working fine
before we got here, okay?
Before we came to visit
your stupid friend.
- Oh, yeah, it was probably
Mondo's ghost.
Is that what you were thinking?
- [Brian] You know, guys,
I really don't know.
I mean, it could be anything.
I just can't see.
It's so frickin' dark out here.
- Oh, we should get a
- Okay, listen, listen,
one of us can go walk
to the nearest house and ask for
- You wanna get murdered?
- (chuckles) That's not funny,
- Hey, why don't we let
Alison and her brother
stay here tonight, and then
we'll worry
about the car in the morning?
- No, I have not checked that
with Mondo--
- Yeah, and--
- We need to make--
- And if he can't fix the car,
then we'll just walk down
the road and get some help.
- Look, your leg is badly
and I don't feel comfortable
leaving you here tonight
without seeing a doctor, okay?
- Well, if you can get her to
a doctor, then go right ahead.
- I don't think we have a
- Sleep well.
Hope that feels better.
- Thank you.
- Man, are you really gonna
let them spend the night?
- What was that?
- You were the one who let
'em in in the first place.
- You're a fuckin' idiot.
- [Simon] Hey, man--
- Do not get me started on you
- Okay, I still don't understand
why we just didn't take
them to the hospital.
- My truck wouldn't start.
- The truck wouldn't start!
Now does anyone else find
that a little suspicious?
That two hikers come
bounding out of the woods,
we are nice enough to give them
some help,
and miraculously, the car won't
- Yeah, I'm sure that after
they cut open her leg,
they stopped to disable our car
so we couldn't take them to the
That makes perfect sense.
- If I was a serial killer,
I'd think it was a great idea.
- We are so fucked.
- We didn't have another option.
- We had plenty of options
until somebody broke the phone.
- It's not like calling the
cops was gonna do anything.
- Yeah, but we could've
called the ambulance.
- Yeah.
- They woulda gotten them
out here forever ago.
- Okay.
This is what we're going to do.
We will stay up, and we will
make sure
they don't do anything.
- (scoffs) So wait, we're
gonna stay up all night
and just watch them?
- We're gonna do it in shifts,
you idiot.
Me and Erika will take
the first watch, okay?
- I'm not tired.
I'll stay up, too.
- Yeah, I will, too.
- I think you should get some
sleep, Adam.
- Yeah, Adam, come on, get some
Here, you can do second shift
with me.
- Yeah, I'm gonna sleep real
knowing these three are keeping
No way, I am staying awake.
- I'm not staying up if she's
staying up.
- Well, she's not staying up.
- I'm not staying up if
Simon's not staying up.
- Simon--
- Wait, why doesn't Drew stay
- Well, Drew can't stay up
if I'm not staying up--
- Adam, I can't
stay up.
He's staying up.
- [Erika] I'm not staying up.
- Oh my fucking God.
Me, Erika, and Simon will stay
Drew, you put a muzzle on her,
or I swear to God I will
find some duct tape.
- Calm down.
- Calm down?
Am I the only one who remembers
there's still a dead body up
and two complete
strangers across the hall.
- Nani, stop.
Okay, we're all really
tired and stressed out,
and there are two people
who we don't even know
staying here, okay?
- Take two of those.
- Hey--
- [Drew] They're just
sleeping pills, Adam.
- What you think, I'm gonna
give her my Scooby snacks?
- [Nani] No, thank you.
- It's gonna be a long night.
- Whatever.
Take 'em if you want.
But we need to get some rest
either way.
- Now why don't you
guys go get some sleep?
We'll wake you up in a few
Go on.
(strums guitar)
- Does Drew have a problem with
- How should I know?
- You're his friend.
Drew hates me.
Do not roll your eyes at me.
You think that's what I need
right now?
Hey, where're you going?
- I'm gonna go take a piss.
May I take a piss, Logan?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- What?
- Come here.
- No.
- Why not?
- Stop it, Logan.
I'm not fucking around with you,
stop it.
I said get off!
Get the fuck off me.
- What the fuck
is your problem?
- [Erika] I'm not
fucking around right now!
(angry exclamation)
(soft eerie music)
- Erika.
(keys rattle)
They're less annoying
when they're asleep, huh?
- I'm so sick of this bullshit.
- It's been a rough night.
- Not just tonight.
I can do better than him, can't
- Erika.
(dramatic music)
- Nice, Mondo.
(mosquito buzzes)
(dramatic music)
(metal clangs)
(dramatic music)
(muffled voices)
- Adam.
- What?
- You don't hear that?
- Hear what?
- [Erika] Help me!
- It's Erika.
(eerie music)
- [Erika] Help!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
- What happened?
- We don't know.
Somebody attacked him, man.
- Well, what do we do?
What are we supposed to do, man?
- Help me!
What are you doing?
He's dying.
- What do you mean, someone
attacked him?
What the fuck happened to him,
- I don't know, man!
- [Adam] Logan.
- [Erika] Oh my God, he's--
- I just found him here.
I don't think he did
this to himself, do you?
- [Erika] (sobs) Oh my
God, he's fucking dying.
- He's not moving.
Oh, he is fucking dead, man.
Oh, we are so fucked.
- Adam, look at me.
- [Adam] What are we supposed to
- Look at me, Adam, look at me!
Is there a phone in that house?
- [Adam] What?
- [Drew] Is there another
phone in that house?
You've been here before, just
- [Adam] Yeah.
- [Drew] Yeah?
- [Adam] Uh--
- [Drew] No?
- [Adam] No!
(Erika sobs)
- [Drew] Think.
- No, no!
Just, just the one that Logan
- He's right, man.
(Erika sobs)
(eerie music)
- Where are the hikers?
(Erika sobs)
- Adam!
- [Simon] Let him go, man!
- What?
- Weren't you just in there?
- Yeah, but--
- Did you see them inside?
- No, but they could've
- If those people are
for this, they're long gone.
(eerie music)
(Erika sobs)
- Okay...
We can't leave him like this,
Come on.
Get his legs.
Come on, Simon!
(eerie music)
- [Simon] Don't, fuck me.
- Ah, it's getting all over me.
Jesus Christ, his head's on me,
(Simon grunts)
Oh fuck, Simon.
- Oh, God.
- Jesus!
Well, shouldn't we cover him up?
- What?
- You know, cover his face.
- Use your shirt.
- What the fuck are you talking
- You're the one who wants
to cover him up, man.
(Drew mutters)
- Oh, God.
(muffled shout)
- What the hell was that?
- [Erika] It's the hikers.
Adam's with 'em.
- [Simon] They're still here?
- Oh my God, Adam has a gun.
- [Drew] Adam should not have a
- [Simon] Okay, what--
- I found these sick fucks
through Mondo's closet.
- Listen, Adam, where's Nani?
- Turn the fuck around.
Look, that is my friend.
Look what you did to him!
- I don't know what you're
fucking talking about!
- Adam, where did you get that
- The voodoo man.
- [Brian] Oh, that sounds good.
- What?
- Will someone please get
this crazy motherfucker
away from us?
- Everybody shut up!
- Okay, Adam, relax.
We're gonna let the police
handle this.
We're gonna call the police.
- What police, Drew?
There are no fucking cops!
- Okay, listen, we're
gonna get some, okay?
- We don't have a phone!
- Listen, 'member the,
the convenience store?
There's a convenience store
two miles up the road.
I'm gonna walk there right now,
- It's closed by now, man.
- Okay, listen, Adam.
I'm gonna stay here.
I'm gonna stay here all
fuckin' night, all right?
They're not gonna go anywhere,
all right?
- [Alison] Please don't let him
kill us.
- You killed Logan!
- [Drew] We don't know that!
- And they fucking killed Mondo,
and they're just waiting
around to kill us, too, Drew.
Drew, look!
That is Logan!
That is our friend!
- God damnit, Adam!
- Fuckin' touch me, man.
Fuckin' touch me.
- I'm your friend.
I don't want you to do something
that you're gonna regret for the
of your life, okay?
Just put down the gun.
(eerie music)
- We need to get outta here,
- I know.
We're gonna get outta here.
Put down the gun.
(soft music)
- Was that Logan?
(Drew pants)
Is he dead?
What happened?
- We don't know.
- Is that why Adam was pointing
a gun
at those people, because he
doesn't know?
- We think it was the hikers.
- Adam was pointing a gun at
them, Drew.
- Yeah, I know, he lost his
head, but it has to be them.
We're gonna figure it out, okay?
- Oh my God, you keep saying
Everything is just gonna get
- No, no, no, it's not
gonna get worse, okay?
I'm not gonna let anything
happen to you.
- Let's just go, okay?
Let's just, let's just get
up and start walking, okay?
And someone'll find us.
- It's gonna be okay.
- No, you are not listening to
We don't have to be here, Drew.
Let's just leave, okay?
Or, or, or let's just stay
here until morning, okay?
I just don't wanna go back.
(soft dramatic music)
- I can't leave Adam behind.
- He was pointing a gun at you,
- I know.
He's just scared.
He's just scared, Nani.
- Tell me everything is gonna be
(gun fires)
(Alison screams)
(Alison yells)
- What the fuck?
(ominous music)
(Alison sobs)
What the fuck, Adam?
What happened?
Everything was fine.
What the fuck, Simon?
I left you in charge!
- What do you want from me, man?
He had a gun.
He wanted to tie 'em
up, so we did the girl,
and then this guy started
so he fuckin' shot him.
- [Drew] Why, why, why
did you tie them up?
- Ask Adam.
- Okay, why were you doing
that Adam had to say?
- Because Adam was high as
shit with a gun in his hand.
- Look who's talking.
- Fuck you.
- Can I just point out
that there is a girl
tied up in our shed right now,
and this guy is gonna bleed to
unless we do something right
- So let him die.
He killed Logan.
- I didn't kill him.
- Bullshit!
You killed my boyfriend,
now we're gonna let you die,
you sick son of a bitch.
- Erika, stop.
- [Brian] Fuck you!
- You don't care?
Guess you don't care
about your sister either.
- [Brian] She didn't do anything
to you.
Just let her go.
- Why, so she can go to the cops
and pin this whole thing on us?
- Enough, okay?
We need a plan.
Let's go through our options.
- Options?
Yeah, how the phone is broken,
how the car won't start, how
there's a dead body upstairs.
(chuckles sarcastically)
- Hey, thanks, Simon,
a lotta good options.
Do you have anything to
Do you want this on your
- He's gonna die!
There's nothing I can do about
- He's right.
Look at him.
- I can fix it.
The car.
- So you couldn't do anything
about it
when you were fine, but
now that you've been shot,
you can fix the car?
- Obviously I can't move on my
but with some help, I
can give another look.
- Isn't that just convenient?
- Okay, listen, a bad plan's
better than no plan at all.
- [Brian] Uh, check the, uh,
spark plugs.
- Okay.
Uh, where are those?
- They should be the sixth,
no, it's on the top of the
engine block.
- Which one's the engine block?
- It's the giant metal block
that looks like a middle finger.
Make sure there's no dirty
It needs to be cleaned.
- Okay, how do I do that?
- I guess we shoulda paid
attention in auto shop, huh?
(eerie music)
- Brought you some water.
- Where's Brian?
- He's in the house.
- I wanna see him.
- I can't.
I can't.
- Why?
We killed Mondo!
(dramatic music)
The guy who was here, the guy
you found in the bathroom?
Brian killed him, but he didn't
mean to.
- Why are you telling me this?
- Because you need to know.
- 'Cause I don't wanna know.
I wanna get home.
- Stop!
I'm telling you this because
we didn't kill your friend.
- You're lying.
- Why would I lie about this
- Because you're tied up,
because you wanna get outta
- I know, but,
but just hear me out before you
whether to believe me or not.
You owe me that for what
your friend did to Brian.
- He is not my...
I'm listening.
- Me and Brian, we broke
in here to rob Mondo.
We bought drugs from him before,
been here to pick it up, and
he kept it all in a safe in his
We thought we'd just get it
outta there,
take it back, and have plenty of
to bust it open, but...
We were still trying to get
it loose from the closet
when Mondo came back and saw us.
He pulled a knife, and Brian
just fought.
It was self-defense, you know?
But before we could even
think about what to do,
we heard your car pull
up, so we got outta there.
- Well, then, why didn't
you just wait until we left?
Why did you come in?
- Well, that was the plan.
We didn't know you guys were
gonna decide
to fuckin' move in.
Look, you saw what Mondo
did to my leg, right?
We thought that...
You could get us to a hospital,
or at least call an
ambulance, or something?
- You wanted us to take you to a
Well, why did you disable the
- We didn't touch your car.
Did you hear anything I just
I needed a doctor.
I still do.
Do you think that if we knew
what was wrong with your car
that we wouldn't tell you
when Brian's been shot?
- What happened to Logan?
- I don't know, and that's the
- But you weren't in your
room when they found him.
- We though that you were all
so we went back to finish
the job with the safe.
We didn't know you were gonna
start killing each other.
(ominous music)
Look, you wanna believe me or
not, fine,
but we didn't kill that guy
right there,
which means one o' your friends
Least I know where I stand.
- Shit!
I can't fix it, man.
(soft eerie music)
- Drew, I need to talk to you.
- (gasps) Can it wait?
- It's important.
- (grunts) Okay.
You wanna give this thing a
shot, Simon?
- Okay, I talked to Alison.
- Okay.
- And she told me that she
and Brian killed Mondo.
- [Drew] No surprise there.
- She also told me they didn't
kill Logan.
- Well, who did, then?
- I don't know.
- Nani, listen, you gotta
she's going to say whatever she
thinks you wanna hear, okay?
- Okay, well, I'm gonna
talk to Brian at least,
so I can see if their stories
match up.
- Okay, I'll keep working on the
(murmurs wordlessly)
(ominous music)
- Simon!
Is he dead?
- Brian's dead.
(soft dramatic music)
Adam needed you, and you weren't
And this happened.
- Me?
What about you?
- What about me?
- What do you want me to say,
(door slams)
- Where are you going?
- Upstairs.
- [Drew] Where's Adam?
- Drew, I.
- [Drews] Adam?
Oh, shit!
- Ah, shit.
- How many did you take?
- (chuckles) One or two.
- Bullshit.
How many, Adam?
- Four or five.
- Four and five, nine, Adam?
How many?
Three beers.
Four beers.
- Fuck my ass, Adam, come on.
- No thanks, Drew.
Gonna take four or five more for
- What?
- (sighs) Can I talk to you?
- Why the fuck are you
- [Nani] Sh.
Can we go outside?
- Why?
- I feel like they can hear us
in here.
Just come outside with me.
It's important.
There's something wrong with
- What are you talking about?
- He's acting funny.
- As opposed to what?
- I think Simon killed Logan.
(soft dramatic music)
- What makes you think that?
- Well, I talked to Alison, and
she said
that they killed Mondo,
but they had nothing
to do with Logan.
- Wait, the tied-up junkie said
that she didn't kill my
I'm shocked, Nani.
- Yeah, she did.
And I believe her.
Simon let Brian die.
- What do you mean?
- When we were walking back,
he was standing over him,
and oh my God, that look he gave
I am never gonna be able to
get it out of my head, okay?
There's just something
not right about him.
And who else could've killed,
Logan, huh?
It wasn't me or Drew, it wasn't
and I don't think that
Adam could've done it
without completely wigging out.
- We are so fucked.
- Hey, if I die, I die drunk.
- He died as he lived.
- He was a man of simple tastes.
He liked "Boys to Men," Super
and "Home improvement."
Oh, you smell like blueberries.
- Why are you telling me this?
- Because Drew won't listen to
me anymore,
and Adam is Adam.
(ominous music)
- [Erika] What do we do?
- [Nani] Okay, we need to
convince Drew and Adam,
and then we need to get ahold of
the cops,
and if we can't do that, then
we need to confront Simon.
- [Drew] Come on, one.
- [Adam] One, two, three.
- Yeah, go, number,
three, four--
- You ever just like
wanna ride on a moose?
- Actually pretty often, yeah, I
- [Erika] Hey, cokehead,
what's going on here?
- Lasagna.
- [Drew] Ananda.
- [Nani] Nani.
- [Adam] Amacondas!--
- [Nani] Nani.
- Okay,
okay, I can do it.
I can do it.
- What the hell happened to him?
- It's fine, just relax, okay?
- Oh, seriously?
- [Drew] Adam isn't exactly
feeling his best right now.
- [Adam] Dude, I didn't feel any
of that.
You know, they're very
territorial animals.
- [Simon] So what's our
plan to get outta here?
- Simon! (chuckles)
- Well, it's way too
dark to go outside now,
and besides, the road's way too
- Those are problems, not
solutions, Drew.
- Well, I'm sorry, man.
You wanna come down here,
maybe fix that phone in the
Yeah that, (chuckles derisively)
that would help out a lot.
Come on, give it a shot, Simon.
- Why don't we take the boat?
Yeah? (laughs)
- Are we going fishing?
- Hey, wait.
Is there a radio?
- Uh--
- No, on the boat.
Is there a radio on the boat?
(ominous music)
- Simon, Simon!
Do you even know how to work a
boat radio?
- [Simon] Do you?
- Drew.
- Simon, wait!
What's wrong?
Where the fuck is Alison?
(Alison cries out)
(Erika cries out)
- Where's Brian?
Where's my Brother?
(dramatic music)
- What's on your mind?
- It was Simon.
Simon killed Logan.
- What?
- Where is he?
What'd you do to him?
- He's fine.
Just calm down--
- Shut up and tell me where he
- Drew took him to the hospital.
- You're lying.
- No, no, I'm telling the truth.
He's gonna be fine.
- When we came back, and Brian
was dead,
that look in Simon's eyes,
I could just--
- Wait, that look?
Nani, I've known Simon
my entire life, okay?
And he is not capable of
anything like that, trust me.
- They fixed the car, and they
took him.
He's gonna be fine.
I swear.
- I didn't hear a car.
- They took him.
- Just tell her the truth
- Shut up.
Stop it.
- She doesn't deserve
to be lied to like this.
- [Alison] What's she talking
- Nothing, nothing, just--
- Brian's dead, Alison.
- [Simon] Shut up.
- What?
- He died hours ago
failing to fix the car.
He didn't even make it to the
- That's not true.
Tell me he's not dead.
- Stone cold.
So you can just quit with
the little bullshit act.
- Shut up.
Just shut the fuck up!
- Ask Simon.
He was there.
- What?
- What do you think's taking 'em
so long?
- I don't know.
- Stop.
- Yeah.
He watched Brian die.
He let him die.
- Please.
- Oh what, now do you feel bad?
It's a little late for that.
You didn't feel bad when Brian
was begging for his life!
You knew he was dying,
and you let him die.
You just stood there.
He just stood there.
And watched as your brother bled
to death,
gasping for air.
- I'm gonna go check on 'em.
Take care o' Adam.
(dramatic music)
- Do you wanna know
what his dying wish was?
No matter what happened to him,
he just wanted to make sure
that his sister would be okay.
- You were there.
Weren't you?
Is it true?
Did he ask about me?
And, and now he's dead?
- Yes.
It's her fault.
She told me to do it.
- If you're gonna go down that
why don't you just tell
her the whole thing?
- [Alison] What do you mean?
- You know exactly what I'm
talking about.
How you were the one who killed
and got them blamed for
it in the first place!
If he hadn't gotten your
fucking brother tied up,
he wouldn't be dead now.
(cries out)
- [Drew] Stop!
(Erika grunts)
(metal clatters)
- Are you guys all right?
Simon, are you okay?
- I've been better.
- Erika?
Oh shit, you're bleeding like
Are you okay?
- I'll manage.
- Did you guys try the boat
radio yet?
- [Erika] We came in here--
- No.
She attacked us before
we could do anything.
- Okay, I'm gonna give it a try.
Just hang in there.
I'm gonna get some help, okay?
- This is all your fault.
- What are you talking about?
- You killed Brian.
- That was an accident.
- You were high on cocaine
waving a gun around.
What did you think was gonna
- Well, you know what, I
wouldn'ta had the gun out
if he hadn'ta killed Logan in
the first place, all right?
- Well, we wouldn't have even
been here
in the first place if you
and your stupid friends
didn't need to stop for drugs!
- You know, we got along just
before you were around, Nani.
- Just fine?
- Yeah, just fuckin' fine.
- Like you're doing fine?
You're a loser, Adam.
Wake up.
- [Adam] Nani.
- What?
- I just wanna go home.
(breathes shudderingly)
- Me, too.
(ominous music)
- Smart move.
What if he gets the radio going?
What if he gets in touch with
the cops?
(radio beeps and buzzes)
- Hey, Simon!
(radio beeps and buzzes)
Hey, Simon!
I think I got it working, man.
You hear that?
I think I got it!
Do you copy?
(dramatic music)
- [Drew] Nani.
- Oh my God.
Drew, Erika, what happened?
Are you guys okay?
- You were right about Simon.
He tried to kill me.
Lucky Erika was there.
- [Adam] Holy fuck.
- Shit!
- You killed Simon?
- I had to.
- What happened to him?
- He had a gun.
- Did you call the police?
I mean, did the radio
work on the, on the boat?
- No, it's broken.
- But why would, why
would Simon wanna hurt us?
- Leave me alone.
- [Nani] What now?
- We wait till morning?
- What?
It's almost sunlight.
We can start walking.
- Fuck this, I need a cigarette.
(soft dramatic music)
- Stay here.
- [Erika] Such a dick.
- What was that?
- We didn't have another option.
- You're a fuckin' idiot.
- [Logan] Oh fuck, it's Mondo.
- I'm not staying up if
Simon's not staying up.
- You were right about Simon.
He tried to kill me.
Lucky Erika was there.
- You killed Simon?
- I had to.
- The truck wouldn't start.
Now does anyone else find
that a little suspicious?
- We didn't touch your car.
- I'll bring the car around.
- [Logan] Great.
- [Erika] Simon, why
don't you come with me?
- You killed Simon?
- I had to.
- There's something wrong with
He's acting funny.
- We didn't kill that guy right
which means one o' your friends
- You killed Simon?
- Lucky Erika was there.
- I had to.
I had to.
I had to.
- Nani?
(water runs)
- Come on.
You okay?
Lay down for a little bit.
- Upstairs.
- Okay.
Come on.
Easy, Nani.
- No, not in there.
- Right, sorry.
Just sit down.
- No.
- [Drew] Listen, everything's
gonna be,
it's all over.
- No, it isn't.
(ominous music)
- Yes, it is, okay?
The police are gonna be here.
We're gonna tell them--
- Drew, Drew!
It's not over.
- What?
What are you talking about?
(ominous music)
- Where are Drew and Nani?
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Where's Nani?
- She wasn't feeling well.
I came in here just to think a
little bit.
Listen, Adam's a little shaken
Maybe we should go check on him,
- We should probably
get our story straight
before we go to the cops.
I just wanna make sure that
we're all saying the same thing.
- [Drew] I think we should
tell them the truth.
- They don't need to
know that I killed Simon.
We could just say that
the hikers did that.
- No,
- No, please,
- [Drew] Erika.
- I really don't wanna go to
- No, Erika, I think its' best
if we tell them the whole truth,
Simon was going to kill me,
so you killed him to protect me,
- Fuck you!
I see what you're doing.
You don't wanna think that your
could do anything wrong, so
you're trying
to blame this whole thing on me!
- Erika, relax!
- No, screw you, Drew!
Maybe you don't know your
as well as you thought you did.
- Erika, we need help, okay?
Just come with me downstairs,
all right?
Come on.
Just come with me.
(exclaims in disgust)
(slap lands)
Erika, come on!
(gun fires)
- Oh, shit!
(dramatic music)
(gun fires)
(breathes heavily)
- Hey.
Where're you going, Nani?
You think if you go far enough,
you can get back to your
perfect little world?
- It was you.
The whole time, it was you.
- No, Simon killed Logan.
- Because you told him to.
- That asshole deserved to die!
- And Drew?
- I didn't have a choice.
- And me?
- It's nothing personal.
I'm just cleaning up.
(cries out)
- Erika!
- Oh, we both know that you're
not gonna.
(gun fires)
(Adam sputters)
(soft dramatic music)
(bright music)
Morning bird
Sings its song
Sleepy eyes awake
And now it's 5:00 a.m.
No one's there
She performed her great escape

Is she gone for good
Is she gone for good
Is she gone, gone, gone
Cigarette ashes in her drink
Replaces what was here
Seeing this just makes me
Oh so scared
And is she gone for good
Is she gone for good
Is she gone, gone
And I don't wanna sleep
For when I sleep, I dream
And when I dream, I dream
Oh, I dream of you
I wake up
Put jeans on
Look right past the screen
No smoke is blown
From her mouth
She quickly throws it in the
She said, I'm sorry, dear
I didn't mean to wake you
Didn't mean to make you scared

You know, I'm sorry, dear
I didn't mean to wake you
Didn't mean to make you scared

Is she gone for good
Is she gone for good
Is she gone