All the Wrong Ingredients (2023) Movie Script

[announcer] And the winner is...
[drum roll]
...Benjamin Fitzgerald!
[cheering, applause]
Thank you so much.
Thank you, thank you.
I mean... Chef of the Year?
[chuckles] Me?
Wow, guys,
that is such an honor.
Truly, truly, thank you so much.
You know, um, earlier,
when I was receiving
the Lifetime Achievement Award,
I was just thinking back to
where it all started, you know?
And I think that was
the Von Stroheim Test
Kitchen Competition.
Oh! Some of you remembered.
Wow, thank you so much. Uh...
If I hadn't landed the audition
and crushed the competition,
pretty sure my wife
would've left me. [laughs]
Uh, and, um, I probably
would've proved to my dad
that I really was a failure.
I would've been completely alone
and my dreams destroyed.
Oh, man,
I have to win this thing.
[uptempo music]
Oh! Uh, it's okay. What was it?
-Citrus ganache.
-What was it for?
I had to infuse lemon,
grapefruit, and orange
overnight just to make that.
That's it. That's it, I'm out.
No, no, you're not.
Give me a second.
Okay. So...
Okay. Okay.
It's a variation of Earl Grey.
Let it steep for three minutes,
and then it'll be
almost the same thing.
I don't wanna win
because you forfeit.

[Oskar] You are here because
of my overflowing kindness
-and generosity.
-[chefs] Yes, Chef!
You do not deserve
to pick through the dumpster.
[chefs] Yes, Chef!
You want to be
the very best in the world.
-[chefs] Yes, Chef!
-[Oskar] Mmm.
You will attempt
to reinvent the menu.
My menu.
You will carefully concoct
creations for consideration.
You will dig deeper and deeper
to unearth your signature.
In the end,
I will hire only one.
The rest of you will
return to oblivion,
where you belong.
Look inside yourself.
Find your own identity.
No one else can find it for you.
[water running]
-[cutlery clatters]
[Hugo] What do you
think you're doing?
-I'm so sorry.
-Another chef who thinks
he can do what I do.
No, no, no, no.
You thought the food was
the only elite thing
happening here, huh?
Nope, nope, nope, nope.
My method is methodical.
-I'm so sorry, I--
For example, I take
something like this dirty fork.
You know what I do with
this dirty fork, right?
I wash the fork. Now, phase two.
Okay, follow me on this one.
I take something like
this dirty spoon.
You know what I do
with the spoon?
I wash the spoon.
Now, phase three, okay?
Phase three.
You with me here? Here we go.
I take all the bowls,
all the dishes and spoons
and the platters and the knives,
-And then I...
-You wash them.
...go bowling.
-That was fast.
Boss does have some experience
being kind of judgmental.
Phase three. What an idiot.
[camera shutter clicks]
[reporter] What's your name,
reject number 12?
But he didn't try my dessert.
Didn't have to. Plagiarism.
My cookbook?
[reporter] Yeah,
it's a contest about
originality and authenticity.
So, uh, can I just get
a name for your epitaph?
I need to print up
all the flunkies and losers
so the world knows
how to blacklist you forever.
Fine! I'll make one up.
You are now Rex Perdidor.
That means "king loser."
[dishwasher] Hey,
congratulations, I'm sure.
So, you and me at the old alley
knocking the pins down?
I get it, you know.
I'm a dishwasher. You're a chef.
[ceramic shattering]
Is that Gruyere?
Premier Cru or Alpage?
Probably Alpage.
You're the copycat.
I referenced a cookbook.
I didn't use a recipe.
I combined ideas.
Not that you would know that.
Let's get two things straight.
One, this is
a kill or be killed game.
I set the rules, and
I don't owe anybody anything.
I am not looking
for a personal best.
I'm looking for a person who
redefines the best. And two--
That was already,
like, four things.
There are no third chances.
Wh-- Wait, wait, wait.
Am I in?
No more cookbooks.
It must be you.
Hope you have
a good imagination.
[pensive music]

Okay. Um... ganache tart.
Blood orange glaze on top.
Mesquite flour.
blood orange slice on top.
With cocoa,
-and... raspberries.
-[dark music]
[gasps] Hey,
where'd you come from?
-I've been here.
-Yeah, well,
can you go over there?
Have you ever
considered the idiom,
"Have your cake and eat it too"?
Now, cooking is the highest
art form. [chuckles]
It engages all the senses,
every single one.
in order for what's been made
to be fully appreciated,
first it needs to be destroyed.
Sir, you need to leave.
Come on.
We're the same, you and I.
No, instead of pondering
what to make,
why don't you try asking
who you're making it for?

[Ben] I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry--
I poisoned a baby raccoon.
-I don't know.
It could've been
a really small raccoon, but...
I murdered it.
Kill 'em all.
I hate this job.
I should be playing Steinways.
[Irene] So?
I'm in.
[laughs] Ah!
Can I be there when you win?
-Trophy husband.
-Of course.
Did you bring leftovers?
[French accent]
Ah, oui, madame.
Tonight we feature
ze plut gran entre
et un plat
d'accompagnement dlicieux.
Simply to die for.
[normally] So what do you think
of the black garlic
-and truffle oil?
-So yummy.
-Do we have any hot sauce?
Uh, no. No, I forgot.
Ooh. Yep.
-Food baby.
-Gastronomy baby.
You know we're gonna
have to name him.
What about...
Barnaby Percival Algernon?
You're right.
What if it's a girl?
Millicent Chrysanthemum
Wait, wait, wait. Wait.
Are you?
[Irene chuckles]
Jeez, okay.
Hey, no, come on.
We just got married.
-We just eloped.
-Yeah, but I mean, don't--
I know. It was my idea. I know.
I don't miss the planning,
dancing would've been
pretty fun.
Ah, you know
I'm a terrible dancer.
Well, you have to
be bad at something.
Don't jinx me. Look, you know,
this will be over soon.
Then you're back to school,
and then, you know--
Twins! Ha!
I'm joking!
You should see your face...
-Okay, okay, that's it.
-No-- [exclaims]
-That's it.
I don't wanna hear
any more of that.
-Careful! The baby.
-Silence, sugar mama.
[Irene laughing] Put me down!
Practice session. No press.
-Come on.
-Practice... session.
Okay, ganache tart.
Not what.
[thunder rumbling]
[eerie music]
-Hey, Chef.
-Not now, please.
-Okay, listen.
-No, you listen.
-I'm not gonna cheat.
-Cheat? Wait, come on.
This is the only
practice session we get.
then we better not waste it.
Come on, think.
What does he want?
I mean, it's not the flavors,
it's the textures.
-No, but he wants those too.
-Yeah, but he's seen it all.
Therefore, and thusly...
Come on, Chef.
We're almost there.
-He wants to be surprised.
But how do you surprise someone
who knows everything?
Well, what makes a surprise?
What makes a surprise?
[phone ringing]
-Oh, come on!
What could possibly be
so important right now?
My dad.
[monitors beeping]
[indistinct PA announcement]
[Ben exhales]
Hey, Pops.
I know you probably
can't hear me, but...
the nurse said
it was a good idea
to just kinda say things, talk.
I got in the recruiting thing.
If I make it there,
I'll be, like...
Can't really explain it. Um...
Do you remember when--
I was really small.
It was you, me, and Mom.
We went to that-- that--
Mom's favorite place
for the first time,
and, um, you made me wear a tie.
[stirring music]
[flame whooshes]
I wanna be great.
[grunts] S-- son?
-Ah, son?
-Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[groaning, sniffling]
[breathing heavily] Can you--
-can you come close?
-Yeah, yeah.
Can you shut up
and get me something to eat?
The food here makes me
wish I was dead.
Dad, I was so worried.
Oh. [chuckles]
Oh, I'm fine.
Really, I'm fine-- [coughs]
-I-- I'm just so hungry.
-Okay, all right, Dad.
Listen, all right, listen.
All right, cool.
I got a couple entremets
in the car.
I've been working on
this savory compote
with a little rosemary,
a little black truffle oil.
Mixes together like
nothing you ever tasted--
Shut up!
Do you know...
what-- what I really like?
Nope. Dad... I'm a chef, okay?
I'm not going to make you that.
Please! [groaning]
-Dad, I'm not gonna make you--
[light buzzing]
[buttons beeping]
Hey there, Chef.
What are you doing here?
Are you stalking me?
-No. Why are you here?
-How's your father?
-He's fine, I guess.
-So back to the kitchen?
-You just said he was fine.
Well, he says he's fine,
but he's clearly not.
Well, which is it? Because
we really got to practice
if we're gonna
make the next round.
What do you mean, "we"?
I don't even know your name.
It's Jones. And... thank you.
You know, at first I thought
it was rude of you not to ask,
but, hey, I forgive you.
I'm Mort.
Listen, I think it's really rad
what you're doing for your dad.
I'm sorry...
do you know, um, my dad?
[chuckling] Uh, yeah!
Um-- um--
do you have any double A's?
-I don't.
Sorry about that.
So you're doing something
for your dad?
Great, so back to
the kitchen after all?
No. Go away.
[monitors beeping]
[Stanley] Let's go home.
Dad, you can't just leave.
The doctor has to discharge you.
What, you're with them?
I thought you were on my side.
I am.
Do you know what would happen
if someone saw me serving this?
[Stanley] What's this?
-What-- what did you do?
-It's a tattoo.
Oh, Jesus wouldn't want you
to have a tattoo!
I thought--
-[Stanley] What?
-It's a part of me.
That foolishness
is only skin deep.
It's just a tattoo.
What it means is
supposed to be eternal.
But this?
Just the rest of your life.
Who told you to be
a pastry chef?
Everyone at the academy.
Oh, yeah?
And they know you
better than anyone?
Well, they know talent
when they see it.
It's a matter of culture.
Ambition isn't wrong,
but you're letting the world
turn it into a monster.
In your heart. Give it up.
Let it die
and become like a child.
The monster, the child.
You have those urges inside you.
They're both you.
But you don't even know
who you are.
I know who I am.
[Stanley] Son, this is all--
[Ben] Nurse, there's
a patient trying to escape.
-Get the cattle prod.
-[Stanley] Wait--
[frantic music]
Hey, hey, um,
have you seen my notebook?
[Lucy] The red one
you showed me?
-Uh, no, sorry.
I'll keep an eye out.
What's your go-to?
Something you know by heart.
Um... yeah, that could work.
-[Jones] Chef!
-Another ripped-off recipe?
Look, it just has to get me
through the day, okay?
So this is where we're at,
lying and cheating.
Leave me alone.
If I go now,
I am never coming back.
Have I not been helpful?
-It's not cheating.
-I know.
-You know who I am?
-I know.
Say it.
You're me.
The man in the mirror.
I thought we weren't supposed
to have imaginary friends.
Who cares about friends?
You know who your audience is,
and you know what he wants.
And how can we give that to him?
We have to break expectations.
But can we know
what he'll expect?
No, but... we can surprise him
if we make him
expect the wrong thing.

-Welcome to the other side.
-Of sanity?
This is totally normal.
All right,
you ready to do this my way?
-Your way, my way.
-Tomato, potato. Exactly.
-I'm ready.
-Lesson number one:
food is storytelling,
and cooking is conflict.
-I said I'm ready.
'Cause that's our mark.
We need that key.
[tense music]

So, uh,
what happens if we get caught?
-You mean here, or...
-Like, the real world.
[chuckles] Yeah.
Total humiliation, and we lose
everything we're working for.
-Yeah. Yeah.

It's not here!
Here's a question:
whatcha looking for?
[Ben] I mean...
we're looking for
my notebook, right?
[Jones] You don't
need your notebook.
Your notebook is in your head.
We're inside my notebook.
We're inside my head.
The power of imagination, baby!
So, we're looking for...
[ethereal music playing]
-Nope. Nope, focus.
You gotta make
the abstract concrete.
-Come on.
-Okay. Um...
My birthday.
[sighs] Or...
Or-- or a ratio
for croissant dough.
-Come on, Chef.
-The key.
-There we go.
Oh. Whoa.
[Jones] Let's take that out.
-[Ben chuckles]
-All right, now we're talking.
Go ahead, load 'em up.
That's right.
[knocking at door]
Go, go, go, go.
Go, go, go!
-[Jones] Come on, come on.
-[Ben] Get in, get in.
-Was that a surprise?
Uh, gold inside a safe,
not exactly.
-But gold inside an entremet?
-Oh, would that work?
I mean, gold on the outside,
surprise inside...
We need more than decorations.
[both exclaiming]

[timer dings]
So, uh,
when you take turmeric, right?
I get it.
Oh, no.
I can't take this. Apologize.
-Beg for mercy--
[laughs] Yes! Yes!
Oh, yes! He liked it!
He liked it! He liked it!
He liked it.
What should we do now?
[intense music]
-He needs to say "Wow."
-[Jones] Bad news?
We can't ever use
that kind of surprise again.
[Ben] Right. It can't
just be a simple deception.
We need a new trick.
[Jones] Sweet.
[Ben] Um...
I guess we need these?
[Jones] Yeah, I'd say so.
Oh, you gotta be kidding me! Oh!
-Okay, what now?
-What do you mean, what now?
It's your imagination. I'm not--
-This is your adventure!
[Jones groaning]
-[Ben] It's this leg? This leg?
[Ben] Come on, stand up,
stand up, stand up.
Stand up! Stand up!
Okay, okay, okay.
[Jones groans] Okay, now,
away from the bullets,
away from the bullets!
[overlapping shouts]

-[Jones groaning]
-[Ben] What should we do?
What would you say
if I got shot?
[Jones] "Suck it up, cupcake."
[Ben] You think we should
make cupcakes?
Yeah, drill sergeant head chef,
the birthday food.
-Totally makes sense.
-[Ben screams]
-[Jones] Yeah, it tickles
real hard, doesn't it?
[both panting]
[Ben] What now, smart guy?
[Jones] Uh... the case.
Case, case, case.
-[Ben] They all look the same.
-There's only one right one.
[Ben] Okay... this one.
[Jones] Not that one!
Not that one!
I'm gonna choose,
I'm gonna choose.
-They all look the same.
-[Ben] That's what I said!
Okay, it's fine, it's fine.
Uh... you know
what we're making?
-I think so.
-You first.
[both screaming]

They only look the same.
Do you think I'm stupid?
You called him stupid?
Why would you say that?
Say something else.
Th-- three tastes,
but which order?
-A game.
-A child's game?
Oh, my gosh,
this is not working.
-This is over. It's over.
-I could tell you which one--
[Oskar] And ruin the experience?
Don't ruin it! Can't you tell?
The man loves games.
Shut up, just shut up.
Oh, no.
That was the one with the bang.
Quick, quick.
Tell him how it ends. Tell him--
Do you intend to continue
serving up gimmicks?
Is this your signature?
Uh, say something smart.
Say something a genius
would say. Come on.
-I don't know.
-Why do you hate me so much?
[Oskar] Listen very carefully.
Tell the truth.
That was all you needed to do.
Yes, Chef.
Try on the next round.
Next round. The next round!
We made it, we made it!
Yes, Chef.
[chef chuckles]
[intense music]
Hey. Where did this come from?
Uh-oh, detective. We got
a crime scene on our hands.
No, this is my idea,
and I didn't make it.
-Did you make something worse?
-Then what's the problem?
-[Lucy] Hey.
Hey. Um, I just wanted to, uh...
You were so kind to me earlier.
I'm sorry
you lost your notebook.
That's all.
I'm really sorry.
-Are you two, uh--
-No, I'm married.
Oh, yeah. To the job.
You're working real hard, Chef.
You are, don't worry. Um...
you know, if you ever
wanna relax and, uh, chill,
I-- I go bowling.
You can join me and--
[clicks tongue]
A standing invitation,
though, whenever you want.
Ruth. Hey.
I think you and me should
go bowling with this dude.
I'm-- I'm sorry,
how do we know each other?
This guy's right.
You work too hard.
Ruth out.
[car approaches]
[Ben sighs] I'm so sorry--
It's fine, it's fine.
It's just a season.
Then you'll take over,
and I become a fat,
mooching concert pianist.
[Ben] You really think
I'm mooching?
You know the worst part
about it is?
I'm actually good
at pest control.
Could be a whole career.
Never thought of myself
as an insect butcher,
but I'm a pretty good one.
[Ben] No, you are a musician.
[chuckles] Says you.
Bugs would tell
a different story
if they weren't so dead.
You didn't answer the question.
-Do you think I'm mooching?
It's fine. I signed up for this.
I wanna see you get that trophy.
-And what if I lose?
-Where's dinner?
I forgot.
So you spend all day
cooking for other people
and you won't feed me.
-[car door slams]
-I'll feed you.

Uh, where's the meat?
You're vegetarian.
I kill animals. I might
as well start eating 'em.
[chuckles] Okay.
I'll go sacrifice a pigeon.
[knocking at door]
-[man] Hey, neighbor.
-Hey-- hey.
I don't think I've
actually seen you before.
What? That's weird.
I've seen you lots.
-Okay. Yeah, thanks.
-Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
What's this?
I just made extra,
and I thought maybe you
or whoever else is in here
might want some.
If I take it, will you leave?
-Great, thanks.
-Give it to somebody you love.
Yeah, will do.
The key to my heart! Yes!
-I can't watch.
Mmm. Don't watch!
Dance with me and the baby.
Uh, I don't dance.
Enjoy your food.
-Come on.
-I'm glad you like it.
[Irene] Mmm. Mm-hmm.
I was working.
You have to cook
when you're in bed?
You're not allowed to sleep?
I love cooking.
[tense music]

That's it! We're the best!
Yeah! Butter!
-That's it! You look fantastic!
-I love cooking!
[journalist] Rex Perdidor.
Word on the street is
you might be the man to beat.
-Oh, yes.
Ben Fitzgerald, right?
-[journalist] Great quote.
Readers will love it. So,
what will you do if you win?
I'll win,
and, um--
and, um, I...
I'll win.
Open your own patisserie.
Start a cooking show.
Write a book.
These are just suggestions,
but complete sentences
are helpful.
-Okay, you know what?
Let's just shoot the photo,
shall we?
Uh, you'll hold this.
Relax. Just a replica. -And...
-[camera shutter clicks]
-Look, that was so pretty.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
-That was cool.
-That was so cool.
Do you think we should
start a cooking show?
Maybe we should do
the book first. [chuckles]
[journalist] So...
Word on the street is you are
definitely the man to beat.
[journalist laughing]
[phone ringing]
Hello. Guess who's getting out
-of the hospital?
-[Ben] Legally?
[Stanley] I feel as healthy
as Jesse Owens.
Jesse Owens is dead.
Oh, you know what I mean.
Listen, son.
What happened last time...
you were very upset,
and I-- I...
I tell you what.
Why don't you come over?
Hey, and we'll--
we'll do something together,
-I have money.
-You don't have any money.
-[Stanley] Let's go to dinner.
-I'm still a chef.
[Stanley] Whatever you want,
you name it.
You don't need to do anything.
Why not? [coughs]
Because you're my dad.
It was a fight. So what?
I can't un-father you,
even if I want to.
You're such a stubborn boy!
Yeah, likewise!
I have work to do.
[solemn music]
[intriguing music]
[glass shatters]

-[guard grunts]
-[body thuds]

All right, clear, come on.
All clear.
What the heck is this?
Did you touch something?
-This is your imagination.
-This is not my imagination.
-This tastes like salt.
-Fix it!
-Yep. [exhales]
Uh, yep.
[Jones] Easy. Gentle.
Just-- Oh, okay.
This is not gonna work.
This is not gonna work.
-Cut something.
-Which one?
Just... hurry!
-[Ben] Okay.
-[Jones] Yeah.
This one.
[beeping accelerates]
-Okay. Nope.
-Okay. Yeah, just drop it.
-Up, up. Up now.
-Just give it to me. Okay.
Okay. Out, out, go, go, go!
-[explosion booming]
-I feel like that
-should've been bigger.
-I don't think my imagination
has the budget
for anything bigger.
-Time's up.
-How about this one?
-Looks good.

[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
[man] Mr. Fitzgerald?
[plaintive music]

Come on, Dad. It's not funny.
You win.
You win.
I'll take you home, Dad.
I'll take you home.
I'll take you home.
Something made eternal.

-[door opens]
What did you do? [chuckles]
What are you doing here?
-I'm always here, Chef.
-[muffled grunting]
What's happening?
-I tried to keep the-- Okay.
[all panting]
[Ben] Hey.
Can you guys get out, please?
Maybe we should call the doctor.
The doctor can do something.
Hey, you guys can't just
waltz in here, you understand?
-You have to leave right now.
-Stop telling me what to do!
[Ben] Look, I get that
you know him from somewhere,
but I don't want strangers
around right now.
-We're not strangers.
-I don't know you!
What's going on?
We're like him.
Tried to keep 'em away.
[distant glass shattering]
So I'm-- I'm going crazy
right now. That's fantastic.
You're not going crazy.
I'm literally seeing
multiple personalities
walking around
and talking to me.
Easy, Chef. We're not
multiple personalities.
Yeah. Disassociated identity
disorders are a serious thing.
That's not what's going on here.
Then what are you?
We're you.
But different parts of you.
But one you.
But one you.
[Ruth] If your identity
is like a radio,
we're all different frequencies.
Not that you're tuned in.
Prove it.
We feel guilty about eloping.
And we wish we could've
afforded a real wedding.
We're afraid bowling shoes
will give us athletes' foot.
The last thing that we did
to Dad before he died
was yell at him.
What do you want?
What he gets.
They feel like
you've neglected them.
Only because of all the neglect.
Um, this is a lot to take in.
I'm sure there's
plenty of paperwork
that we have to get done, so
I'm just gonna go get a nurse,
and, uh, then we'll
discuss this another time.
Oh, I'm going crazy.
I'm going crazy.
-I'm going crazy.
-You're not crazy.
Oh, my...
[all grunting]
Buckle up, bucko.
Can't run, can't hide, buddy.
Just stay here.

[Irene] What do you
wanna do now?
Can you just give me
a moment with myself?
[Irene] Yeah.
Bring it in.
Okay, how do you know my dad?
Uh, I'm Harvey. That's his son.
Okay, I get it.
-I've recognized you guys--
-[Jones] Um...
May I remind you that we have
some important business
to attend to
back at the kitchen?
Right, yes, we'll do that too,
but something's happening
here, okay?
You know, maybe I'm not crazy,
but I'm not really balanced.
So, from now on,
everyone's involved.
Sound good?
This is a terrible idea.

Hey, buddy.
Ben, are you sure this is
what you wanna do right now?
I thought this was
what you wanted to do.
Aren't you the part of me
that wants to relax?
-I don't know.
-How do you not know?
Easy, buddy. I don't get
to come out very often.
I'm still figuring out.
Well, well, well.
Guess you just didn't
wanna bowl with me.
No, tell him you want to bowl.
-We are bowling.
-We wanna bowl with him.
-We already started the game.
-You can join us.
You don't wanna
interrupt your date.
Oh, it's not a date.
My dad just died.
-Hi, I'm Irene, Ben's wife.
So that's your name.
-I'm Hugo.
-Are you in the competition?
-No, no, no, no.
I'm a bubble dancer.
[Ben chuckles]
I'm first up.
-[Stavros] Hugo!
-[Hugo] Stavros!
-Ah, there he is.
-Don't start without me!
-Sorry I'm late.
-No worries,
-I didn't start without you.
-Come on.
-We got friends today.
Oh, your competition today.
You don't tell me nothing.
-Hello, my name is Stavros--
-Stavros Onassis.
-Wow. [chuckles]
Ben's a chef. So...
-Oh. So... Uh...
It's still my turn.
-Why do you bring a chef here?
-Ben's dad died.
[applause] Good job.
Is this something we talk about?
I don't know.
But Ben is a pastry chef
just like you were.
And he's running the gauntlet
in the kitchen
just like you were.
[Stavros] You know, I think I...
I have an exhibition piece
coming up in Finale.
-You, uh-- you have your, uh...
Your signature piece. Take it.
Say yes, say yes.
Uh, no, actually.
We can recover from that.
Um, tell him
that we're on the verge
of something great.
-Here we go. You got this.
-No, it's actually, uh,
honestly pretty scary.
Yeah, all of that deep look
inside of yourself stuff
can be rough.
Yeah, well, the only thing I see
when I look deep inside myself
is an empty spot
where there should be nachos.
[laughs] Hugo,
you still ordering the Nacho
Suprema down at Colesta, huh?
Yeah, well, I guess
I'm a hypocrite that way.
Ah, you know,
there is nothing more human
than being a hypocrite.
We change.
We contradict ourselves
all of the time.
My wife, she's been married
to six men.
All of them are me.
You know, you're looking
for the most stable,
durable thing you can find.
The eternal living in you.
[Hugo] I know there is nothing
eternal living in me.
[Stavros] Eh.
Knowing something does not help
to define your sense of self,
but it must,
must spark your imagination.
Mr. Onassis, would you happen
to have advice for me?
I just gave you advice.
Right, right,
but you won this thing before.
That's what you wanna do?
You wanna win?
[scoffs, clicks tongue]
Every time.
And still-- Ooh, you got one
this time. That's new.
This guy loves to play.
You didn't tell me
you made friends.
I didn't know I had.
I don't know I wanted to,
but it makes sense, right?
I'm like the friend part of us.
How are you feeling?
Like I just ate Thanksgiving.
I think she's talking to me.
Not great.
My dad died.
I'm sure you heard.
And to commemorate,
we went bowling.
Can you call in tomorrow?
Absolutely not.
Tomorrow is the quarterfinals.
I don't know.
You don't know?
Your wife, who takes care
of you and pays all the bills,
is relying on your success.
You promised her a future.
Dad didn't think we could do it.
It's okay if you can't do it.
No, that's a fantastic point.
Let's play that scenario
for a second.
If we don't do it,
we will be banned
from every restaurant
we're working at.
She will never go back
to school.
And... we're gonna
end up just like Dad,
because I will
actually kill myself.
I can do it.
Okay, together.
Everyone ready?
Let's do it.
Relax, relax...
[sighs] Okay, you know what?
We just got to get in the zone
and we'll be fine.
This is-- This is totally fine.
It's just fine.
-Come on.
-Slow down, hey!
-[Ben] All right, down...
Easy, that's good. It's great.
[all groaning]
Come on, man!
-Come on!
-It's fine.
[Ben] Gently.
Everything okay? Need any help?
Oh, no, everything's fine.

Let's do this.
Everything. All of me.
All the time.
Everything. All of me.
All the time.
Everything. All of me.
All the time.
Everything. All of me.
All the time.
[all] Everything. All of me.
All the time.
This is fine.
It's fine? This is not fine!
This is my hand!
-Hold still!
-Stop, stop!
No, no, everybody stop
telling me what to do!
I did not come here
to sell out on our dreams
by pandering to these weaklings!
And now is enough.
I am going to be great!


I am rarely shocked.
But for you, this is so boring.
What happened?
[gasps] What did you do?
[Jones] Well...
-Did you even taste this?
-[Jones] I was in the zone.
No, you weren't in the zone!
You can't be in the zone alone!
Look! Look at me! Hey!
Whatever you are,
I don't want this!
Okay? You get it? Leave!
Go! Right now! Right now!
I'm telling you to leave!
I quit.
[Philip] Wait, wait, wait!
Hey, don't do this! Hey!
Hey, man.
We got a wife, man.
We do.
Come on, man.
Don't do this. I love her.
-You're the husband part of me.
I wasn't gonna do anything.
What if you were in charge?
I'm serious.
I got an idea.
Come on.

Hey, someone's here!
This is yours.
I know.
Have it.
I helped you.
You're going to win.
It's not fair.
I made the sacrifices.
I did everything right.
This? This is all I had.
She tells me she poured salt
into one of your custards.
I never tasted that.
I didn't serve it. I remade it.
All of her ideas were
your ideas.
-It doesn't matter.
-It does.
You have a spot in the final.
If you want it.
-I don't think I can.
-Don't think you can what?
What's all this?
You stealing my clothes now?
I can see that you're busy.
For what it's worth,
you have a gift.
She was probably right.
She who?
-Who's this cheese bag?
-That's Oskar von Stroheim.
[Irene] Oh, um...
I meant exquisite cheese bag.
It's a compliment.
I don't get it.
You're going back to school.
You got Chinese takeout?
Yeah, you love Chinese takeout.
Yeah, but it's not
the good stuff.
Where's my trophy husband?
I bought you your hot sauce.
Why was von Strudel
at her house?
And why are you
in my dumb uniform?
That doesn't matter.
This is my uniform.
I'm gonna go to work.
You go back to school.
It's your turn, okay?
This is a really great surprise.
This is a stupid surprise.
-Are you saying you've lost?
Okay, get back out there
and make tiramisu.
This is not over.
-I'm going to that finale.
-I don't wanna go back there.
[Irene] What happened?
I was a monster, and I just
can't be that guy anymore.
-You're not a monster.
-No, I was.
I promise you, I was.
[Irene] Why?
I was unbalanced, you know?
I was cooking in the kitchen.
I was cooking when
I should've been with you,
and I was cooking
when I should've been
-saying goodbye to my dad.
-[Jones retches]
But I'm getting it back.
Little by little, balance.
I don't like that word.
Makes me think of scales.
So you want me to be unbalanced?
You wanna cook equal amounts
of every ingredient?
Says the one who puts
hot sauce on everything.
-Because I love hot sauce.
-So you need balance.
No, I don't!
Ben, this is your balance.
-[playing keytar off-key]
But this...
That's your potatoes.
Your eggs.
And your biscuits.
And this?
[playing keytar softly]
That's hot sauce.
It's called harmony,
and you don't got it.
[clears throat]
That's a mixed metaphor.
-That is.
-You're mixing metaphors.
And I'm right.
Ben, life isn't about algebra.
It's music. You play
all the notes all the time.
You're gonna go crazy.
-But I'm doing this for you.
-No, you're not!
You're doing this to impress me
so I would love you.
Because you feel guilty
and inadequate.
When are you going to realize
that you don't have to win me?
You already have me.
I love you.
You need to figure yourself out.
If you're doing something,
I can climb back inside.
Just don't feed him.
Are we gonna feed me?
There's no one else here.
What's the plan?
The plan is...

Hey, can I get
some help over here?
Ooh, can I get the other guy?
-I'm out of shape.
-Hey, that's fine.
So, what do you think
we should do?
-Something romantic? Right.
-Good. Yeah, I like romantic.
-I like romantic. Okay.
-Uh... Uh...
-Yeah, right, sugar.
I'm a pastry chef.
Every dessert, they all have--
Get me what's-his-face.
-Mort? Mort.
-Give me Mort.
-Hey, man.
-Hey, man.
Okay, so, what do you got
for me?
Okay, um...
Yeah, so I've done
a lot of thinking,
and I've realized
that grief never truly ends.
You just gotta embrace it,
go with it,
because that's just life.
[exhales] I miss you, too, man.
Yeah, yeah.
What good is coming
out of grief?
Okay, yeah, um...
I don't know if you're
gonna like this.
-Is it sugar?
Yeah, okay, then what is it?
I think we should
set Jones free.
[Jones grunting]
No, Vito.
-No, it isn't happening.
She's here.
-She came.
She's beautiful.
[indistinct chatter]
[man] Exhibition piece
coming up in a key or a light.

[both scream]
-You're dead.
-No, I'm not.
-How are you not dead?
-Um, because I'm you.
Yes. I'm the father part of you.
-[Mort screams]
-Wait. Wait.
-[Stanley] What?
-Does that mean that Irene...
-[Mort] Is she pregnant?
No, no, no. It just means
that you're more comfortable
with the idea of my existence.
Don't worry. I may change into
something less creepy later.
This is really bad timing.
Not to blame for that.
-[Jones roars]

[thunder rumbles]
-[Ben] Hey!

Why don't you pick on
someone your own self?
That sounded cooler in my head.
[both grunting]
So why do you want to
be great at this?
Not now, please.
It's a real question, Ben.
Can we discuss this
another time?
You always think you have
more time until you don't.
[Ben panting]
-I need people like me.
You need the esteem
of someone you esteem
before you can have
any self-esteem.
That's not true.
I have self-esteem.
-[Stanley] No, Ben.
You bonded your worth
to what you could achieve.
You didn't look deep inside
and find this.
Hey, buddy.
Didn't realize we were
hiring tiny chefs.
Tell you what. Do you think
that needs more of this...
or this?
You're a natural.
All right. Get out of here
before you steal my job.
[Stanley] The way you were
taught to create your identity,
it's an illusion.
Look deep inside, Ben.
But don't look for yourself.
Look for something eternal.
How does it feel?
I'm so tired all the time.
I-- I have to do it all.
I-- I have to succeed.
Or else what?
Or else what?
Can you stop this?
I think I can.
Should we cook something?
Yes, Chef.

[Stavros] You're looking
for the most stable,
durable thing you can find.
[Stanley] Something eternal.
May I have one of those?
Thank you.
Signature's ready whenever.
[Oskar] Right.
Did you crush the competition?
Not exactly.
That's great.
Not many people figure
that one out.
If you live well,
your cooking will improve.
But cooking good food
does not make your life better.
Ben Fitzgerald,
can I get a quote?
No. Hey.
-Bowl later?
Hey. What you doing?
Okay, it's a little question
for you.
Which of these would go
the best with this cream here?
This one?
Or this one?