All This and Rabbit Stew (1941) Movie Script

I's gonna get me a rabbit
Gonna catch me a rabbit
Well, shut my mouth!
Rabbit tracks!
All right, Mr. Rabbit
I's got you covered
Put up them hands or else,
I'll brick-squeeze ya.
Now, now, you march
You can go on red.
Oh no, you don't!
What's up, Doc?
I just done saw me a rabbit
and he were opposite...
Where's my gun?
Where my gun?
Where is it?
There you are, Doc.
Where is it?
Which way'd he go?
Which way'd he go?
There he goes!
There! Go get him!
Now I got you,
you little old fuzzy-tailed bunny
I sure done got you this time
We're all alone
here, rascal
What's cookin', Doc?
Too bad!
Too bad!
Oh, well
Say your prayers,
Now, now, now,
wait a minute, Doc.
Relax, now, now, hold that
a minute
What you got there, man?
It couldn't be a pair of them...
Your four bets, Doc
You swing it,
let 'em go.
Step dice,
natural again, Doc.
Come on and be fair, dice.
Be fair.
Max scott, pan.
Here we go again.
69's my point.
Oh no nine, dice,
no nine.
It's a red one!
A new pair of shoes!
There it is!
All right doc,
just the wipes
Dice, don't fail me now.
Sorry, Doc.
I gonna catch me a rabbit.
Well, call me Adam.