All Through the House (2015) Movie Script

[Dog barking in distance]
Just throw it.
But what if I miss
and hit the window?
Who gives a shit?
Just throw it,
you little bastard!
[All screaming]
[Knocking on door]
[Knocking continues]
Those little bastards.
[Dog barking in distance]
You little shit.
At least you're asleep.
[Door creaking]
Mm, mm, mm.
- [Sighs]
- Ah.
Looks like I got you
all ready for me.
No, no, no, no.
You don't get to see these
until I get to see him.
And you know I don't like to
see him if he isn't happy.
You know that.
He'll get happy,
just give him a second.
Why don't you
take him into the bedroom,
go make him happy,
then I'll join you in a minute.
I'm ready when you are.
I'm ready.
Come on,
I really need to get ready.
[Sternly] I really
need you to get ready.
Now, now, get up please.
So let's do this.
I'm gonna moonwalk
on that pussy.
- [Grunts]
- [Gasps]
Yup, all the bad sex.
[Music playing]
Ho, ho, ho, here comes Santa
ho, ho, ho,
look out for Santa
up on the housetop,
click, click, click
down through the chimney
comes old Saint Nick
up on the housetop,
everybody applause
here comes
little Santa Claus
down through the chimney
with lots of toys
special presents
for girls and boys
[flute solo playing]
First comes the presents,
the little dick
he wants big balls
that he can kick
also a hammer
and a fireman ax
a slingshot
and a whip that cracks
ho, ho, ho, here comes Santa
ho, ho, ho,
look out for Santa
up on the housetop,
click, click, click
down through the chimney
comes old Saint Nick
all the kids
love his big red sack
filled with goodies,
that's a fact
Santa comes in
without a peep
standing over you
while watching you sleep
[flute solo playing]
all through the house,
here comes Santa
all through the house
look out for Santa
all through the house
here comes Santa
all through the house
all through the house
here comes Santa
all through the house
here comes Santa...
[police radio chatter]
Yes, well, um...
[Dog barking in distance]
[Music playing]
Glory to the newborn king
peace on earth,
and mercy mild
god and sinners reconciled
joyful all ye nations rise
join the triumph...
- what do you think you're doing?
- Grandma.
I thought that we both decided
that you were gonna stop leaving
presents for your mother.
You know, when you
were a little kid
it was cute,
but now, it's kind of creepy.
I've missed you so much.
I'm sorry I have to rush off.
I'm Christmas shopping
with Gia and Sarah tonight.
Don't worry about me, honey.
I've got a huge
bridge tournament tonight,
and I'm gonna
kick some hairy ass.
This is from
Mrs. Garrett.
There's actually a police officer
outside her house right now.
She wants to know
if I will help decorate
her home for Christmas.
Who does shit like that?
- She's offering to pay.
- Fuck her.
Watch the mouth.
It's Christmas.
And you don't even feel
a little sorry for her?
I mean, especially after
what happened to her daughter?
It's none
of our effin' business.
You're right.
We are gonna have
stress-free holiday.
[Crickets chirping]
[Woman straining]
- Whoa, oh, oh, oh...
- I got it.
- Uh. Oh...
- I got it.
I thought Santa and me
were goners for a second.
Oh, here, let's just
lay him down here.
Rachel Kimmel.
I am so glad you dropped by.
I simply couldn't have decorated
this house by myself.
Oh, the letter.
Um, actually, i...
Do you remember Jaime
when you were a little girl?
I remember
she couldn't come outside.
I think she had some
kind of skin disease.
Bowen's disease.
You know,
my life was not the same
when Jaime was taken from me.
A pity.
She could've been like you.
I try not to let
my mind wonder like that.
You know, I didn't know
your mother very well.
But what I do remember,
she was beautiful.
You think I look like my mother?
Would you like to come in
and get something to drink?
Um, I actually
have to go shopping,
but, uh,
it should only take
a couple of hours.
Would you like me to come back?
You'd really come back?
Thank you.
I'll see you later.
[Dog barking in distance]
[Woman] Sugarballs,
Sugarballs, get back here.
[Growling continues]
- [Punching]
- [Whimpering]
[Man's voice] You're just
a worthless little girl.
Get over here!
[Straining, struggling]
- [Voice #1] I've got a present for you.
- [Voice #2]It's playtime.
[Woman's voice] Stop
telling me what to do.
I'm not some punching bag
that you can take your aggression
out on whenever you want.
You're all alike.
And don't think
I'd forgotten what you...
[Voices whispering]
What you did to me.
I was just a child.
And you...
Passed me around
to all those...
[Voices whispering]
Like I wasn't even...
Don't you worry, darling.
This boring town
is awful without you.
I can't believe
I actually miss it.
Well then,
let's not waste any time.
Oh, oh...
Photo op!
[Shoppers chattering]
- Hi.
- [Squeals]
Have I got a surprise for you.
You're scaring me.
Come on, let's go.
You'll love it.
I promise you.
Keep your eyes closed.
Now open.
Don't blame Sarah, okay?
I put her up to this
because you wouldn't
take my phone calls.
Merry Christmas.
[Footsteps approaching,
screaming, giggling]
Close your eyes
and open your mouth.
I got a big package
ready for delivery.
[Both laughing]
Are you feeling adventurous?
I thought having sex
while your parents were gone
was adventurous.
[Bells jingling]
What's that?
What are you doing?
Oh, you aren't scared, are you?
What if there's an emergency?
Then we create a safe word.
And then if things
get too wild for you
just say the safe word
and I'll stop.
All right, what about...
- "Jingle balls"?
- [Laughing]
You are so helplessly cute.
I'll be right back
with a big surprise.
Hurry up.
Fucking bitch.
Ah, fuck.
What the fuck, man.
[Music box playing]
What the...?
Why don't I wear the costume?
You know, you're always
on top, right?
[Floorboard creaking]
What's behind your back?
Is it gonna make me scream?
[Labored breathing]
Jingle balls.
Jingle balls!
Jingle balls!
Jingle balls!
Jingle balls!
Jingle balls!
- [Snips]
- [Screaming]
[Girls laughing]
Yeah, check 'em out.
What the hell happened?
You just left me.
Just stop blaming your mom
for everything
that's wrong in your life.
I'm not gonna leave you
like she did.
I wish I wasn't so scared.
[Mrs. Garrett] Come to
the table, darling.
Dinner is ready.
You are such a lovely,
lovely girl.
And your mother loves you
so very, very much.
She loves you
because you are perfect.
You really should eat, dear.
What did you say to me?
Just once I would like
to have a nice dinner
without you
picking a fight with me.
You always find some way
to ruin my appetite.
Maybe next time
you can make the dinner
and I'll berate
your cooking skills.
Would you like that?
And you haven't even
said anything
about how I look tonight.
You're all alike.
You are going to pay for that.
I thought
I was doing you a favor.
Oh, you wanna do me a favor.
I got a job for you tonight.
A job?
You mean like work?
I don't work.
[Both laughing]
[Engine starts]
[Knocking on door]
Hi, Mrs. Garrett.
Gia Wilson,
and Sarah Hayes.
I remember you both.
Are you going somewhere?
You ran off so fast,
I forgot to tell you.
I have a date tonight.
It's not a big deal.
I should only be gone
a couple hours.
- [Laughs] -That's
pretty fast for a woman
who hasn't left a house
in over 15 years.
I didn't say
it was a romantic date.
Heavens, no.
I gave up dating
those monsters years ago.
No, I am celibate and content
on remaining so.
[Nervous laughter]
I mostly need some extra boxes
brought down from the attic.
And I have more lights
I would like up outside,
and I haven't done
any decorating
in the bathrooms.
There's plenty of food
in the fridge.
And I would be insulted
if you did not have
a glass of my holiday eggnog
before you left.
No one makes it quite like me.
Oh, and before I leave,
I need to show you
the door to the attic
where I keep
the extra decorations.
Here are the stairs
to the attic.
Is that Jaime's room?
May I?
Didn't I give this to Jamie
for Christmas one year?
She loved this doll.
Um, I always wanted to know
why you never let Jaime
play with us outside.
She always looked so sad
watching us from her window.
Jaime was very fragile.
[Mrs. Garrett] I just
wanted to protect her.
She needed protecting.
They don't want to play
with you, baby.
They are selfish
and spoiled rotten.
They don't have
a good mama like you.
Now, come away
from the window, baby.
Stop torturing yourself.
Those children,
they won't understand you.
They will make fun of you.
They will laugh at you
because you are different.
Do you hear me?
Did you hear me?
What are you looking at?
You see, baby?
They don't want
to play with you.
They ain't nothin' but a bunch
of naughty little children.
I always tried to have
a very positive attitude
around Jaime.
I believe positive reinforcement
is very important
for a child's mental health.
Thank you for opening
up to me about Jaime.
It's nice to finally
understand why you and Jaime
were so isolated from everyone.
I hope you don't
mind my asking...
But what happened to Jaime?
There are so many awful rumors.
How did she go missing?
[Inhales deeply]
That is a conversation
for another day, sweetie.
I don't think either of us
needs to be dredging up
our painful pasts.
Now, don't you girls
do anything too dangerous.
Safety first.
I just can't believe this.
I remember seeing the three
of you playing in the street.
And now look at you.
Thank you for your help.
What... come here.
Come look at this.
Why would she screw
the windows shut?
Well, I'm sure
it's just for added security.
I mean, she lives alone.
That's debatable.
I have to admit
these mannequins
are kinda creeping me out.
I say we blow this joint.
Oh, come on,
I cannot bail on her now.
It's not just the mannequins,
they're strange,
Rachel. Come here.
I wanna show you something else.
All of these presents
are addressed to Jaime.
Can you believe it?
No one in their right mind
would do something like this.
I don't know.
Maybe it makes her feel better.
Or maybe she's just
cuckoo for cocoa puffs.
- [Laughing] -Is it wrong for
her to hold onto the hope
that Jaime might
come back some day?
Come back?
I thought she was killed.
Well, there have been
all kinds of crazy rumors.
Who knows what really happened.
I know what happened.
I was in kindergarten
and Jonathan Curtis
who used to live down
this very street,
said she was snatched
right out of her bed
in the middle of the night.
And that's not all.
He said he knows
where she was taken.
That she was taken by some
hideously deformed
creature named Krampus.
What the hell is that?
Don't listen to her.
Krampus is just an urban legend.
That's what you think.
Krampus is basically
like Santa Claus,
but just the exact opposite.
He kidnaps and tortures
little children
who misbehave
during Christmas season.
As if Santa
wasn't creepy enough.
Hey, I was only five fucking years
old when he told me that story.
He scared the shit out of me.
I had nightmares
for days ever since.
Jonathan and Curtis
destroyed my childhood.
Strange how you lost your
virginity to him in high school.
I know, right?
[Shower running]
Thanks for leaving
the window open, sweetie.
It's not cold or anything.
Are you gonna be feeling
frisky when you get out?
Because once I start reading...
Fine by me.
Oh, no, god!
No, no!
No, please!
[Music playing on radio]
... of the dear
savior's birth...
babe, you're totally
missing out on this shower.
It's really warm.
And I'm really wet.
...he appeared
and the soul felt its worth
Did you hear me?
A thrill of hope
the weary world rejoices
for yonder breaks
a new and glorious morn...
are you feeling
frisky tonight, babe?
Fall on your knees...
Hello, babe.
What the fuck?
[Whimpers, shouts]
[Rachel] Haven't you ever had
a strange collection before?
Collections are just a waste
of time and money.
Only boring people
who have nothing better to do
- collect things.
- Really?
What about your collection
of beanie babies and stds?
If I'm gonna survive this night,
I'm gonna need
something better to sip on
than old lady
watered-down eggnog.
You could run down
to the shop 'n' stop.
You have about ten minutes
until 12 o'clock.
I have to try this dress on.
It's beautiful.
I don't think
that's a good idea.
I think it's a great idea.
This is going on Facebook.
I thought you were in a hurry.
It'll take one second, I swear.
Make it fast.
I'm gonna go get
the other boxes from the attic.
- Gia.
- Ah!
Look at this.
So what?
Mrs. Garrett was a nurse.
Big deal.
How do I look?
Uh, could you
forget that for one second?
I'm serious.
Look at it.
Read the name of the person
standing next
to Mrs. Garrett.
Laura Kimmel.
My mother.
Are you fucking with me?
Mrs. Garrett
lied to me.
She told me that she
hardly knew my mother.
Why do you think
she would say that?
I don't know.
What would she be hiding?
[Cell phone ringing]
- [Abby] Hello?
- [Rachel] Grandma?
I need to ask you something,
and please be honest with me.
Well, of course, honey.
Did you know that my mother
and Mrs. Garrett
worked together?
Were they friends?
Why are you asking me that?
Just tell me.
[Abby] Let's have this
conversation later.
Where are you?
- Please...
- [Phone beeps]
[Music playing]
- Rah!
- Ah!
Come here.
When you said Mrs. Garrett was
lonely, you weren't kidding.
Oh, what's her deal?
Well, she's certainly
not a people person.
[Sighs] Maybe they
make her feel safe.
Is that her?
Oh, god, it is.
Cover him back up.
This is getting
more twisted by the second.
Look at that.
What the fuck's in there?
Forget about that.
The question is,
what's in there?
We need to find that key.
Come on, fucker.
- [Door clanging]
- [Gasps]
- [Cat yowls]
- Fuck!
Goddamn cat.
What the fuck are you doing?
- [Grunts]
- [Screams]
Let me go, you cocksucker!
Oh, god, no!
No, no, please don't!
Please don't!
Ah, no, no, please don't!
Oh, shit!
[Telephone ringing]
[Answering machine]
Hi, you've reached Abby.
Please leave your name and
number and a brief message
and I'll get back to you
just as soon as I can.
[Machine beeps]
Grandma, are you there?
Please pick up.
I'm sorry I hung up on you.
I really need to talk to you.
I am at
Mrs. Garrett's house,
And something really
strange is going on.
[Cat meows]
[Screeching, crunching]
I'm gonna go check on her.
- Let me change.
- No.
- Wait here.
- No.
Look, Sarah's
gonna be back any second,
and she will freak out
if we're both gone.
Okay, but I just need
a picture of me in this dress.
So hurry back.
[Cricket chirping]
Come all ye faithful
joyful and triumphant
oh, come ye
oh, come ye
to Bethlehem
All right, bitches.
I'm coming for you.
[Dog barking in distance]
[Cat yowls]
[Muffled scream]
Leave me...
No, no, please.
Ahh! Oh, my god!
Oh, my god!
- [Stabbing]
- [Sobbing]
[Telephone ringing]
Hey, Rachel,
I'm glad you answered.
Cody, I don't have time
to talk right now.
I'm kind of in the
middle of something.
- I see.
- It's nothing like that.
Are you okay?
Nothing is okay.
I can't trust anyone.
You can trust me.
I found these letters...
Romantic letters that
were written to my mother
a long time ago.
Apparently, my mom
was having an affair
with a married man.
So, you think
she ran off with him.
I didn't get that
from the letters.
Who was you mom
having an affair with?
My mom was having an affair
with Mrs. Garrett's
[Dog barking]
[Clock ticking]
Thanks for all the cheap
chilled wine, Sarah.
I'll drink it by myself.
- [Screams]
- [Grunts]
- [Straining]
- [Screams]
[Door opens]
[Door closes]
Why are the lights out?
Come on, you guys.
[Cell phone ringing]
[Cell phone ringing]
I don't know
what's going on here.
I can't find
Gia and Sarah anywhere.
Hold on.
Slow down.
Okay, I need
to tell you something.
I just found
Gia's cell phone upstairs.
She never goes
anywhere without it.
And not only that,
but the key is here.
I'm sure it's the key
that we were looking for.
Listen to me.
I looked up Mitchell
Garrett on the Internet.
You know,
Mr. Garrett?
The man your mother was boning?
What... what did you
find out?
There isn't a lot of
information except that...
He didn't
just leave Mrs. Garrett.
It says in the early '90s,
he was sent
to ironwoods state prison.
That's not very far from us.
Is he still there?
There's not much about him,
but from the looks of it,
he's been there
for about 15 years.
15 years?
[Rachel] That's about the
time that Jamie went missing.
There was a police car
outside Mrs. Garrett's house
earlier this evening.
Rachel, you gotta
get out of that house.
[Cody's voice breaking up]
You're breaking up.
Do you hear me?
Rachel, are you there?
[Door creaking]
I'm not going to hurt you.
[Breakers clicking]
Who, who turned on the lights?
Jaime has finally come home
for the holidays.
That's impossible.
Who's upstairs?
I told you.
Are you okay, dear?
You look sick.
You don't even know
what happened to Jaime.
Jaime was five years old
when my husband found out
the truth about her.
He was so disgusted
what he found out what Jaime was
that he tried to kill her.
But I called the police
just in time.
You see, Jaime was born...
[Inhales, exhales]
A boy.
I was expecting
a lovely little girl.
So, you can imagine my surprise
when I gave birth
to a beautiful...
Manipulating, perverted...
Womanizing man!
When I came home
from the hospital,
I brought Jaime down here.
Fixed the little problem.
It was easy
as removing a nasty wart.
When my husband was arrested,
I was able to convince everyone
that he was responsible
for the mutilation.
But poor Jamie
was still taken from me
and put in a mental hospital.
And that's where she's been
her whole life...
Until now.
She's come home.
And she wants me to fix her.
Oh, my god.
[Inhales, exhales]
You had some of my special
holiday eggnog.
I told you no one makes it
quite like me.
Oh, mommy...
I missed you so much.
I right here, baby.
[Inhales, exhales]
No, no, no, no, no!
- Ooh!
- You're not my mom!
Leave me alone!
Oh, my god!
- Mm.
- Wha... wha...
What did you do to my mother?
Where is my mother?
You poor, poor dear.
Your mother was a filthy whore.
She tried to take my husband...
And so I buried the bitch
out back in my garden.
[Labored breathing]
[Cries out]
[Muffled screams]
[Muffled screams]
Come on. I'm gonna
get you out of here.
Don't worry. I knocked
that fucker out cold.
[Muffled scream]
Cody, hurry.
Cody, hurry.
He's coming.
Cody, hurry!
Look out! Look out!
Look out!
- Ugh!
- [Grunting]
No, no, no.
- [Bones snap]
- Ah! Ahh! Ah!
Cody, come on.
We gotta get out of here.
- Now.
- I can't run.
I can't run.
It's my leg.
Look, let me help you.
[Labored breathing]
Cody, I'm gonna
hide you in here.
You do not make a sound.
- [Groaning]
- Shh! Shh!
Don't worry.
I won't leave you this time.
I promise.
[Door closes]
[Muffled screams]
- [ Muffled screaming]
- Yah!
Now, you've gone
and pissed me off.
This is for my mother!
- Don't!
- Take that bitch
to the timeout room!
No! No!
No, no, not the...
Take her up there.
No, get off me!
No! No!
No, no, no!
No, no, please!
No! Please, please! No!
Don't, don't!
- Rachel!
- Oh, my god, Cody!
What are you gonna do to him?
Let him go!
Jaime, may I see
what you've brought me?
What the fuck
are you gonna do to me?
Oh, my. You've been
busy, haven't you?
I see you have a variety
of shapes and sizes.
It's always good
to have options.
Oh, have, uh...
Have you decided which one
you would like to use?
[Maniacal chuckle]
What are you people
gonna do with me?
Let him go!
Jaime, will you go get
my surgical bag?
It's still in my closet.
Don't worry.
I know Jamie's crazy as a hoot.
And I know
there is no possible way
I could fix Jamie's problem.
Or is there?
I'm going to do what my husband
tried to do years ago.
I'm going to put Jamie...
Out of her misery.
How are you
gonna get away with this?
My crazy child
escapes from a
mental institution
and comes home to kill me...
Only I kill her first.
I'll be a hero.
And you and I will live
happily ever after.
You were supposed to be mine.
That bastard husband of mine
got your mother pregnant
at the same time
he knocked me up.
And wouldn't you know it...
He gave that bitch a baby girl.
That's right.
You and Jaime...
Are family.
Come here.
Come here.
Now, Jaime...
I need to talk to you in private
in the living room.
Come on. Come on, now. Let's go.
Oh, oh, my.
I almost forgot.
- Ahhh!
- [Screaming]
I'm sorry, baby.
You no longer
belong in this world.
I only did what I did
to protect you.
I thought I could save you...
Make you better.
Oh, Jaime.
Why didn't you come back to me
like the little girl I knew?
I finally see you.
And you ain't nothin'
but a dickless man.
And there ain't nothin'
worse than that.
- Ugh!
- [Moaning]
I love you baby.
I love you, baby, so much.
Stop it!
[Voices whispering]
[Woman's voice]
Just before you die.
Let's go bury this
bitch out back.