All Yours (2016) Movie Script

And that's how it went.
Everything done
by the book.
I see.
Well, you're my last witness
which means that we are reaching
the end of this trial.
And this is when I usually
present my summation
with a smart turn-of-phrase
or a memorable quote,
but all I can say is...
I have no case.
The defense has been air tight,
but let's review the facts.
Not it!
It's not fair!
If you want to be it, you have
to catch me first.
The treehouse, it's mine!
You'll never catch me!
No girls allowed!
You never go up here anyway.
That's because it's too high.
It's dangerous.
You children!
You stop this nonsense
or I'm calling your mother!
It's Quinn's fault,
Nanny Doris.
He's a maniac.
East Line Cooling testified
that they were blameless
when their system failed
last summer,
turning my client's $2 million
wine collection
into vinegar.
And, as the vice president
you personally inspected the
wiring the day of the incident.
the wiring properly installed,
the system running perfectly,
and East Line without fault.
An audible yes or no.
One last question.
What colour are my shoes?
I'm claiming the treehouse.
A victory for girls everywhere.
Emma, the treehouse is mine.
Sorry, possession is nine
tenths of the law.
Emma, are you ok?!
Of course.
Why wouldn't I be?
You... you...
you children are impossible!
Again, sir.
My shoes?
The colour.
You didn't check the wiring
as you claimed, you couldn't,
because you're colourblind.
I... I...
I rest my case,
your honour.
And for the record
my shoes are red.
How's everybody doing today?
Hello! And goodbye!
Wha- wh- wait!
What'll I tell their mother?
Not my problem!
What have I told you kids
about karma?
The jury has returned their
verdict ruling that...
Is there a problem, counsellor?
No, your honour.
What is going on
in this house?
Well, let's look
on the bright side.
The children are getting
so creative.
I live by the law.
How do I have such
rule-breaking kids?
I suppose they take after
their grandma, don't they?
You said it, not me.
Kids, kitchen. Now.
So what do you have
to say for yourselves?
We were just having fun.
Pretending your sister is
seriously injured is fun?
I object, mom.
You're leading the witness.
Emma, legalese is best
left in the hands-
In the hands of
the professionals.
I know.
This is, um... our fifth nanny
in six months.
What was wrong
with nanny Doris?
Wasn't a good fit. Too nervous.
Nanny Amy?
Too serious.
Nanny Margaret?
Driving with her, you took
your life in your hands.
And we know how important
road safety is to you, mom.
Tell me that that...
that isn't a trophy wall?
You mean our art project?
Upstairs, now!
Go on, pajamas.
Early dinner, early to bed.
Why are they doing this?
Well, they got you home early,
didn't they?
They're too smart
for their own good.
Well, now that they get
from you.
I'm just saying,
ok look at this wall.
Alright, school, rock climbing,
soccer, violin...
that's just a Monday!
I am trying to raise
well-rounded children
that will make good decisions
when they are of age.
And I fully support that.
Are you volunteering
your services?
Ok, you know I would
love nothing more,
but honestly if I'm not at
the store, nothing gets done.
I know, I know,
it's not your job.
We're gonna find a nanny,
I promise.
But please.
Please, tomorrow you have
to go to the nanny agency
and try to line someone up
for us, ok?
Ok, I will try.
There has to be somebody
who does not know the legend
of Emma and Quinn.
Grandma, they've got Galaxo.
Can we play, please?
Oh, honey, we're just
about to eat lunch.
But playing Galaxo
will make us hungry.
Ok, there you go.
Share nicely and stay
on that machine
so I can see you, ok?
Hi, Cass.
Mom, please tell me
the search is going well.
Oh, alright now don't panic
but I've already talked to
three agencies
and so far no takers.
You have to find someone.
This couldn't be happening
at a busier time!
I know, I'm doing my best.
Mom, I'm desperate.
Don't worry, honey.
I'll get creative if I have to,
Ok, bye.
What a surprise to see you!
Oh, it's been so long.
It has been too long.
You look great.
Ageless and timeless.
Oh, you always were
such a good liar.
Nothing but the truth.
Oh, you.
May I?
Oh, please, sit down.
Although I must warn you
I'm watching my grandchildren
but I promise they will be
on their best behaviour.
Yeah, who am I kidding?
I don't have that kind of power.
It's alright, I'm expecting
my son, Matthew.
I don't have that kind of power
with him, either,
and he's an adult.
So they tell me.
So Matthew Walker's
back in town?
Hard to believe, I know.
After nine months
of sailing around the Gulf
of who knows where.
Boy, that guy's been living
the dream, hasn't he?
Uh huh.
He made his internet fortune
so I guess he can do
what he wants.
Still, I'd like to see him
settle down.
How are you guys
getting along?
Same as ever.
He's been back two weeks
and we're already at odds
with each other.
Yeah, this time
it's about this marina.
Honestly, I don't know
what to do.
I just wish he could commit
to something.
I mean, I'm not getting any
younger and neither is he.
It'd be nice to know that my
business would be in good hands,
you know, someday.
You did it, Cass.
This is the big time.
I'm giving you lead chair
on the Haskey case.
Oh, thats... fantastic.
The next few weeks
will be intense,
but it's your shot.
You nail this,
we're talking partner.
Oh... what a mess.
You seem a little frazzled.
No, no.
I'm fine.
A lot is on the line here,
It's not just the case.
Adam Haskey is a big payer
in this town.
He could be a huge client
for us.
Everything is under control.
Thank you.
Children, you never stop
worrying about them, do you?
You certainly don't.
You know, Cass has
the opposite problem.
She never takes a moment
to stop and smell the roses.
She's always scheduled,
always something new
on her plate.
So she never found anyone
since Elliott passed away?
She has no time for romance.
She barely even has time for
her kids and you know what,
those kids really need her.
And right now they don't
even have a nanny.
Hey, Woody.
Maybe you can talk
to your dad.
Oh, I will.
Don't you worry.
A lot of good people are gonna
lose work if that goes through.
I'll chain myself to a bulldozer
if I have to.
Take care, bud.
You too.
Yep, I guess one needs
to grow up
and the other one needs
to live a little, huh?
Oh, there he is.
Emma, it's not fair.
You just went.
Well, I got the high score
and that's how it works.
Woah, woah, woah.
Easy now, I'm sure
we can settle this.
Find some peace with honour.
How can I help?
Do you have a quarter?
I'm short.
You certainly are.
You don't just ask strangers
for money.
It's alright.
I'm pretty sure I can spare
a quarter.
Ah, but... what's your
highest score?
On Galaxo.
Pff. Amateurs.
You know what?
I can crack a million
with one eye shut.
Step aside, watch and learn.
Look at him.
He's a natural with those kids.
It takes one to know one,
I guess.
I think you just gave me
the best idea.
You can't move forward
with your condos.
It will ruin the marina.
I'm not sure why you care.
You're never around long
enough to enjoy it.
Oh, great.
Here we go.
Maybe there could be a reason
to stick around.
You could be Cass's nanny.
Me? As Cass's nanny?
You gotta be joking.
Actually, I'm not.
She never even liked me.
Yes, she did.
But she really does need
the help.
She's desperate.
I'm sorry Cass is in
a rough spot, but me?
I really don't think
I'm the right guy.
I don't even know these kids.
Well, actually you do.
They already like you.
And you'd just be helping out
a friend.
You help Cass
and show me that you can commit
to something here in town
and I'll reconsider the marina
development project.
Are you serious?
Do I ever joke
about business?
You do not.
You do this for Cass
and I'll make sure
that whatever your friends
hold dear about this marina
will be under your control.
It's up to you, son.
Mom, it's ok.
We can just have cereal.
I don't mind floor pancakes.
Oh, that must be our nanny
My prayers have
been answered.
Mom, get down here.
Nanny candidate's
at the door.
You two behave.
Hey, Cass.
Matthew Walker.
It's been a while.
You look... great.
Oh, thank you.
Um, so do you.
Come in.
Wow, nice place.
Yeah, it's not too shabby.
Gosh, I haven't seen you
for ages.
Hey, guys.
I'm sorry, you've caught me
in the middle of a mad morning.
Um, to what do I owe
the pleasure?
Your mother didn't tell you?
My mother?
Oh, hey!
Oh, how great to see you two
in the same room again.
So, did Matthew tell you
about his app?
It's been going so well
this guy's been sailing
all over the world.
Oh, how wonderful for you.
You know- I think
He's really remarkable.
Stanford Law grad,
fluent in three languages,
and the kids are crazy
about him.
Are you kidding?!
Please behave!
What's going on here?
Your mom said you need
someone to watch the kids
and help out a little.
You're the nanny candidate.
Oh, mom.
In the kitchen, now.
Be right back.
Just- don't go away.
What in heaven's name?!
Well, honey, I am sorry.
I looked everywhere.
Trust me, there is literally no
one else who will do this job.
You don't have a lot of options,
Mom, this is ridiculous!
Is this your dad?
He died.
Didn't know him,
but we hear stories.
Nice catch.
Sweetie, you've got no choice.
And Matthew's game!
You know him!
You know his family.
And besides,
it's way better than having
a stranger in the house.
Just sayin'.
I'm not having a man take care
of my children.
Especially one who could drop
everything on a whim
and just shove off to sea!
The answer is no,
absolutely not.
I am so sorry.
This whole thing has been
a big misunderstanding.
No problem.
I'll just shove off then.
Oh, I- I didn't-
mean that the way it sounded.
It was good to see you again,
There. You happy now?
No. Are you?
Well, it's a classic backstab
from my "buddy"
from high school-
Who created his new company
using old code
that you wrote together,
12 years ago.
Ah, our superstar.
I'm just the wallpaper
around here.
No one plays high-stakes poker
better than Cass.
Good. Great.
I will warn you, though.
Benji's slippery.
Everything that we
invented together
he later claimed as his idea.
He's a world class... liar.
I specialize in exposing
the truth.
When Cass is done with this guy
he will fold like a deck chair
on the Titanic.
Benji deserves it.
I will warn you too that
I am intense, alright?
I have to win this.
Nay, I will win this.
You have our entire focus,
Feel free to call Cass 24/7.
Oh yeah?
24... 7.
That's right.
Let's walk him through
our plan in detail.
No time like the present.
We caught a break
from the judge
and he moved up our date.
We head to court in four weeks.
That's um... so soon.
Do we have a problem
with that?
No, no, no.
Not at all.
Cass, don't worry, I'm there
for you every step of the way.
So that's 250?
I just met Adam Haskey.
Who knew tech billionaires
could be so cute?
Not my type.
What is your type?
Times New Roman.
Is there something else?
Yes, you told me to remind
you when it's 4:00.
Time to pick the kids up
from school.
It's 4:00 already?
Woah, woah, woah.
You- you have to go now?
Just give me two minutes.
Mom, I need you to go and
pick up the kids right now,
I cannot make it to school.
Just breathe, honey.
I'll get someone to cover me.
Of course I'll pick up the kids.
But we can't keep doing this.
And we do have a solution,
Matthew, is the answer.
Matthew, are you... home?
Cass, hey.
Uh, I wasn't expecting you.
I wanted to talk to you
about yesterday.
You know, my mother really
caught me off-guard.
She likes to throw
those curve balls.
And um... I know that you heard
some things
that probably didn't come out
quite right.
Is that right?
Um... I- I didn't mean
to offend you.
What are you doing?
Oh, I just had to document
that moment.
I mean, in high school we would
have killed for evidence
of adult you admitting
you were wrong.
That is so grown up of you.
I'm just kidding.
Is this a joke to you?
Because it's not to me.
I have two children,
I have a career,
I have responsibilities
and I am barely keeping
my head above water.
So what you're saying is...
you need my help.
Just for a short time.
Until I find a proper nanny.
Fair enough.
Why do you want this job?
Your mom said you needed
a hand
and I'd just like to help
you out.
Ok, it was either your kids
or my father lecture me
every day.
They never stop, do they?
No, they don't.
I'll um... see you first thing
tomorrow morning.
First thing.
Why am I not surprised?
Great car.
She is a classic, right?
She sure is.
And no child of mine will be
riding in that death trap.
Your new hot rod.
Seven seats, extra room
for groceries and air bags.
What else does a man need?
You mean manny?
Uh, no. I don't.
Come in.
The weekly agenda,
broken down by day.
Love it, learn it,
stick to it.
It's like you're running
the UN General Assembly.
Thank you.
And also, does Tuesday
always come before Monday
in this house?
Ooh, heads are going to roll.
Oh, no. I'll get that.
Yellow are activities,
lime are meals and
white is downtime.
I don't see too many whites.
Ooh, the telephone.
Uh, this is synced
to an online calendar
so you're gonna get alerts.
It plays a chime, buzzer,
and taps if you're late.
Any questions?
Uh, just one.
Does it come in black?
Ok, sergeant.
What's next?
Follow me.
And these are your
Make yourself at home.
Oh, I love it.
But um, where's Snow White
gonna stay?
I'll let you get settled.
Nice try, guys!
But you missed.
Well played.
Well played!
Hey there.
Hey. You all moved in?
Uh, yep. I travel light.
What's that?
That's Emma practicing
her violin.
She's relentless.
Wonder where she gets that.
Excuse me?
Hmm? Nothing.
I'll just uh...
Oh, you know,
while you're here,
would you mind getting the kids'
lunches started for tomorrow?
It's best to do it
the night before.
Lunches, check.
Not that simple.
Let me show you.
We keep a clean, organic,
farm-to-table house.
Proteins are free-range
and grass-fed.
Only natural sugars.
Mostly fruits.
Nutrition's a given.
But it can't come at the expense
of their basic relationship
to food.
You mean eating?
I'll get you started.
No, it's ok.
I've kept myself alive on a boat
for months at a time.
I think I can handle
a bag lunch.
Ok. I guess we'll see.
Guess we will.
Good morning.
The coffee's brewing,
breakfast is on and lunches
are in the pantry.
Everyone is going to be
a happy camper.
What lunches?
Where did they go?
Because they were waiting
right here on the shelf.
Anybody care to explain?
Here's $10. Buy lunch.
They won round one.
Don't you two do that again.
Ok, I gotta go.
I love you guys.
Are you gonna be alright?
Go. Defend the good guys.
Please do not let them
be late to school.
Je t'aime plus que le monde.
Je t'aime brasse.
My little cherubs.
We need to go over a few
ground rules.
I am not your normal nanny
and your usual tricks aren't
gonna work on me.
What tricks?
We weren't-
Just remember:
if you annoy me,
I'm gonna leave and
then you'll be stuck
with someone
boring again, ok?
So if you want this arrangement
to continue,
get with the program.
Are we clear?
We're clear.
Where's your school again?
I just programmed it
into the GPS.
I'm liking this truce already,
So, you guys think we should
sing, or listen to the radio?
Take the next right.
Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream...
How old do you
think we are?
This is so lame.
It's painful.
You have arrived
at your destination.
Oh, and uh... I'll be watching
you both walk inside
so no funny business.
I don't need school, I'm going
to be a famous violinist
and study in Paris
when I grow up.
Oh, that's cool.
But we live in the here
and now so get out.
I was gonna say you're nice,
but forget it!
I can stay late if you wanna
get a jump on the Haskey files,
maybe we could order in.
I can't tonight.
The kids have a new nanny
and I have to make sure
the house hasn't burned
to the ground.
Ok, well there's a lot to do.
What about- do you have
a home office?
We could do it there.
You're right.
Two birds with one stone.
See, now this is my idea of fun.
Or torture.
What, you don't like climbing?
You guys are really late.
Red team, hustle on the
line for a warm-up climb.
Blue team, you're on
the little boulder.
Let's go!
Be cool.
Don't embarrass us.
Hey, so uh... you know I
free climbed Denali once.
If you need any help...
Sir, if you could please wait
in the viewing section
with the other parents...
Oh, no, I'm not their parent.
I'm their male...
supervision expert...
Just over... there?
Yeah, good job Emma!
Monkey it up!
You are a natural!
Hey kid, go for gold!
That's right!
Spiderman got nothing on you!
You know?
Emma McKay,
ladies and gentlemen.
Come on, Quinn.
You can do it.
I'm trying.
Let's go down.
There you go.
Take a minute?
Hey, bud.
What's the problem?
Doesn't look like nothing.
You know, even pros have
off days.
I'm not having an off day.
It's just...
I'm not good.
That's why you're
taking lessons.
Forget it.
I just want to go home.
Quinn, buddy.
Come on.
Great job, rookie.
Woah, that was fast.
All in a day's work.
I don't think my mom's gonna
consider this an improvement.
It's blocking the view.
She likes everything
in it's proper place.
Oh, I know.
I've seen the board.
Wanna give it a go?
No thanks.
"Home made climbing wall"
is not on the schedule.
I have to go practice.
Hey, I heard you playing
the other night.
You are quite the musician.
Do you play in a band
or an orchestra?
I prefer being a soloist.
Oh yeah? Why is that?
Because other people
make mistakes.
You really are a chip
off the old mom.
Look, you guys need to be open
to new possibilities.
Have a little fun!
Torturing you is fun.
What are you doing?!
Good luck.
Nice knowing you.
What is this eyesore?
I just built a little climbing
run for Quinn.
And you're welcome.
You built a ten-foot...
fourteen-foot wall
in the middle of my lawn.
This is a harmonized
Get that thing down immediately.
Look, your son needs help.
What are you talking about?
He hates climbing,
and it's obvious
that he's afraid of it.
This "eyesore" is gonna help
build his confidence.
Can you just make sure
it can come down as easily
as it's gone up?
Will do.
Come on in.
Sorry, I um...
I thought this was uh...
Oh, no, no.
You're here for Cass?
I'm Matthew.
Our manny.
I prefer "professional
helper man".
Hey, Henry, I have everything
set up here in the office.
How's dinner coming along?
I just started,
so... great.
Come on.
Who wants to play a game?
Eye Spy?
Or Once Upon a Time?
We're not six years old.
Those are baby games.
Once Upon a Time is a contest
of lyrical prowess.
I mean, how do you think Jay-Z
got his start?
No. No.
Listen, I have swapped verse
with wise men
from Singapore to San Francisco.
Once upon a time there
was a manny
who dropped pizza crumbs
into every nook and cranny.
He knew he would
be fine though,
because he had a broom,
and two kids to help him or
they'd get sent to their room.
You better move fast though,
because mom's coming soon.
I'll allow it.
Now, the first one who messes up
the rhyme is out, ok?
Once up-
Did a bomb go off in here?
What happened to my
Asian chicken tostadas?
Uh, yeah.
They didn't happen.
But there's plenty of pizza
if you're staying, Henry.
No, um, thank you, Matthew.
Look, why don't
we just finish up the review
at the office
in the morning?
That's a good idea.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Pizza? Seriously?
That is not on my
approved list of foods.
The crust is gluten free
if you wanna try.
Hey mom, we're playing
Once Upon a Time.
Join us.
I don't think I know that one.
You do rhymes
until someone messes up.
I'll show you.
Once upon a time there
was a dog,
who never just walked
when he could jog.
Now it's your turn.
He was a cute dog,
but he needed a trim.
A sensible schedule
was hard for him.
Well, the dog was just trying
to please his master,
who always said "do it cleaner,
and faster!"
Oh, lord. This client
never stops.
Sounds like someone I know.
Send already.
Hey, was it always like this?
You know,
before their dad uh...
You can say "died".
And his name was Elliott.
No, it wasn't always like this.
I actually had someone
I could lean on.
Was it hard on the kids?
You know, they were so young
they really don't remember,
but as Emma gets older
she uh...
she asks more and more.
All they really need is you.
I'm trying to fill the void.
I want them to have everything.
And what about you?
What do you get to have?
I don't follow.
Can I get you a glass of wine?
I am exhausted.
I have to go to bed.
I understand.
But you help yourself.
Oh, do you know the schedule
for tomorrow?
Uh, no.
But I'll stick to it.
Good job.
So let me get this straight.
You play in a padded cell
for an hour?
It's not a cell,
it's a practice room.
Tomato, tomato.
But check this out.
Talent show.
You might make some friends.
Friends are human beings
who you share a common bond with
Ha ha.
There's no way I'm entering
a talent show.
Because you might make
a mistake on stage?
It's good to put yourself
out there.
Ok, listen.
When I was a kid-
What is it gonna take to get to
the end of this conversation?
A simple "yes".
How about a definite "maybe"?
Ok, fine. I'll do it.
Alright, let's go.
Well Benji, I see that your
manners haven't improved
over the last ten years,
along with your views
on intellectual property.
Mr. Shepherd, did you use
my client's old code
for your new start-up?
Programming is an art.
You borrow from the masters.
Like how Adam's
last two products,
they borrow from me.
That's rich. That's really rich.
Gentlemen, let's just stay
on point.
Great ideas are all around us,
just floating in the air.
You own the air, Adam?
Just the air that you breathed
when we worked together, buddy.
You want half of everything?
I have nothing to hide.
If you have nothing to hide
then why have you and your team
not responded to our request
for discovery?
You want documents?
You got 'em.
Oh, hey guys.
Mom's building a fort.
Oh, Henry.
Ah, ah, ah.
Guys, don't touch.
And hello, did you have
a great day?
It was ok.
Love you both.
Outside and play.
So, what is all this?
Uh, the plaintiff's trying
to bury us in paperwork.
Photos, bank statements...
you name it, it's in here.
The only thing missing
are his baby teeth.
Well, I could help.
I know a thing or two
about the law.
You know, sometimes a little
knowledge can be dangerous.
I finished Stanford Law.
I was smart enough not
to become a lawyer.
Well, aren't you the most
decorated manny on the block?
Please don't touch that.
I hope you're ok with
taking orders all day.
Actually, um... you know,
Cass and I make a great team.
Don't we, Cass?
Can we focus?
We have ten days before trial
and we have to sift through
all of this with a fine-toothed
I'm all yours.
Don't the uh...
the kids need
a little snack or something?
Can I get you anything?
Coffee? Tea?
In a sippy cup?
I want to stop.
Come on, one more time.
I'm right here, I will not
let you fall.
You know what?
I'm gonna give you something
that's kept me safe
over the years.
I've had this on a dozen summits
and across an ocean and back.
Does it really work?
Well, I'm still here.
But you uh, you
better tuck it in.
Otherwise you'll look like
a geek.
Hi guys!
Hey, grandma.
Look at this!
Why don't we take five?
Awesome wall.
Give me a hug!
I love ya.
You too.
Do you want this back?
No, buddy.
You keep it.
So, how's it going here?
I'm doing my best.
Cass is pretty intense,
but she's under
a lot of pressure.
Yeah, but so are you.
There's a marina at stake.
Well, where is my
high-maintenance Scorpio?
She's inside with um...
Henry from the office.
Seems like a nice guy.
Oh, I... I don't know
about that.
Oh no.
Didn't anyone tell you?
Tell me what?
It's Sunday.
Try telling my client that.
Come on, it's nice out.
It's a perfect day
for a family outing.
Yeah, grab some sunshine for me
and tell the trees I say hello.
Uh, I said "family outing".
It's right there
on the big board.
Are you using the board
against me?
Well, the law applies
equally to all.
And I planned a little adventure
for us, alright?
It's time for everyone to come
to my house for a change.
Dude, you live on a boat.
It'll be fun.
Unless you're too afraid to step
outside your comfort zone.
I'm just sayin'.
Are you excited, bud?
I'm kinda scared.
You don't have to worry,
you're going to love sailing.
All aboard!
Here we go.
Ok, careful.
Atta boy.
Young lady.
Watch your step.
Thank you.
Oh, yeah.
The proper shoes.
So, let me show you
around my living room.
Those are my curtains.
That one we call the main sail.
It's the one that helps us catch
the wind and go fast.
It's attached to the boat
by the boom,
and up front we have the jib.
But the main sail is the most
important thing on this lady.
The boat is a lady?
All boats are ladies,
and like ladies they require
gentle handling and respect.
Ooh, you're good.
Thought you'd like that.
Where do you eat on this thing?
Or go to the bathroom?
Or sleep?
Down there, in the cabin.
Can we go see?
Sure. As long as your mom
thinks it's cool.
Yeah, yeah. Go ahead.
Don't break anything.
I think we got a couple of
sailors on our hands.
Probably not.
You seem pretty comfortable
on the water though.
Pirate in a previous life,
I always thought your father
and you were the pirates.
Uh, yeah, he racked up a lot
of treasure.
Is he the uh...
the reason that you chose
to leave?
He cast a pretty big shadow.
I needed to find my own way.
Did you?
I'm still looking.
Uh oh, smells like rain.
Maybe we shouldn't
sail today.
Oh, no, no.
I'm fine.
Thanks, Mr. Weathervane.
Hey, uh, can I-
Just take care of the kids so
I can write this brief, please?
You're never gonna get better
if you don't get some rest.
I know, thank you,
but I don't have time.
Oh no!
Good morning.
You let me sleep!
My brief is due this morning.
Here's some freshly squeezed
vitamin C,
and some reading material.
Wh... what's this?
I remembered a few things
from law school.
I wanna come down.
Good job.
Ok, so next time we'll
just go a little higher.
I- you know what?
I'm... sorry I stuck my nose
in your business...
No, it's good!
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I just don't really understand
why you didn't become
a lawyer because...
you've really got
a knack for this.
Nah, law's too black
and white for me.
I'm more of a win-win
kinda guy.
I gotta run.
I love you guys!
Not you, you.
Anyway, um... bye.
Love you.
So, school it is.
Let's go.
Au revoir, mon chre nounou.
A tout a l'heure.
You know French?
Mais, oui.
And don't call me "nanny".
She's obsessed with Paris.
Hey, gang.
How'd it go?
It was school.
So I've checked
the schedule.
Next up: ballroom dancing!
It's so boring.
We don't wanna go.
You don't wanna go to-
why are we going?
Because it's on
the schedule.
You know what?
I've had just about enough
of that schedule.
Let's throw the cards
in the air for a change.
Where are we going?
You got me!
Ooh, you turned on each other!
I'm out!
You're mine!
What on earth are
you doing?!
You're supposed to be
at ballroom dancing!
You're supposed to be
at work.
I'm still wearing my bow-tie.
Does that count?
Don't you get sassy with me!
Sometimes you just gotta tear up
the schedule!
You are so busted.
I think you made her brain snap.
I'll show you "oops".
Uh oh.
Girls against the boys!
Protect the little one!
What are you-
Watch out!
It's a war zone!
Mom, duck!
I'm uh... I'm fine.
That was nuts!
I have not done something
like that in ages.
And my kids have good aim.
That was your manny
that got me.
Oh, you were a casualty
of war.
It was friendly fire.
I don't think that was
so friendly.
Henry, it was just
a game.
You know what?
It's... it's fine.
Don't- don't worry about.
I- I can do the work
myself tonight
while you hang out
and play.
No, no.
I'm good to go.
Are you sure?
Hey, uh, are you coming
back out?
No, we have a deadline.
Want me to get you a shirt?
Thank you.
Cass has it handled.
Hey there.
What have you done?
Don't kill me.
Manslaughter is
a long sentence.
No, this would be
first degree murder.
I just removed some specifics
we don't really need anymore.
Do you have any idea
how long it took me
to put this thing together?
Think how much more time
you'll have now.
What is your problem?
I've been doing this
a couple of weeks
and I think it could be good.
Let's try and fly
without a net.
And do what?
Just not go to things?
We'll go to things.
But just in between those
things will be some wiggle room.
Come on, give it a chance.
I'll try.
As an experiment.
But I reserve the right
to reinstate our
previous understanding
at any given moment.
Yes, counsellor.
So you got me an
electric violin?
What do you think?
Try it.
That was oddly cool.
But it's a way
different beat.
It's much faster.
I'm one step ahead of you.
Do you remember how I told you
I lived amongst the Maori
for nine months?
Please, not this again.
Anyway, I learned
a thing or two.
Alright, I'm gonna be
the beat.
You just do whatever
you want.
Oh, I've gotta tell you.
Your brief was so good
the judge merged the
counter-suit into the case.
Which is double the work,
but it's great news!
That's great.
So I was wondering
if you might consider
helping me out again?
But wouldn't you prefer
Henry help you out?
He's a colleague.
I think that he wants
to be more.
Is that your manny intuition?
I don't have time for dating.
Well, I think there's room
in the schedule for it now.
How do you get them to play
video games
without arguing?
I told them if their combined
score tops two million
I'll play them
with my left hand.
What they don't
know is that I'm ambidextrous,
so it's kind of a win-win.
Yeah, I don't know if I agree
with that win-win philosophy.
I don't like to lose.
Well, me neither,
but one person's gain
doesn't have to be another
person's loss.
Yeah, I'm a lawyer.
What's in that box?
Uh, just some old stuff.
Some letters, a napkin
with some scribbles on it,
some old photos...
Let me see the photos.
Check this out.
Good find.
I could work with this.
You're welcome.
What do you see when
you look at this picture?
Two billionaires fighting over
a million and bragging rights?
I don't know.
Yep, that's what I see, too.
But what if it's really
two competitive friends
who won't back down?
A little hunch.
So what do you think
if the alligator
is eating this giant flower?
Hey guys.
Check it out.
It's a fortress for elves
and stormtroopers.
You're such a nerd.
Can I play?
Come on.
Of course you can.
What's that look?
It's just nice to see you
hanging out.
And I know what this is.
Down time.
Oh no.
I forgot about that.
Yep, on my way.
It was great while it lasted.
Henry needs me at the office.
It was fun.
Love you.
Love you.
Bye, mom.
I'll miss you guys.
Whatcha doin'?
Oh, sweet.
She looks happy.
Paris was mom's favourite place
when she was younger.
She always used to go there
with my dad.
Have you been to Paris?
I have, yeah.
It's beautiful.
My mom says every
cobblestone street
has a tale to tell.
And love is everywhere.
Whatever that means.
You really want to go there,
More than anything.
If I were to go there
with my mom,
it would be the greatest.
I have an idea.
You can't go to Paris
right now,
but what if Paris
came to you?
This is extraordinary!
Uh, Emma wanted
to go to Paris.
We got inventive.
Do you like it?
It's beautiful.
Oh, and uh, Quinn wanted
to show you something.
Alright, here we go, buddy.
Here we go.
Are you looking?
I'm climbing the Eiffel Tower.
Oh, be careful, baby.
I'm almost there.
We've been practicing.
Atta boy.
Woo hoo!
Alright, you ready?
Alright, come on down.
Look at you go!
I am so proud of you.
Thank you.
May I have this dance?
What's the matter?
I just need a minute.
She'll be right back.
Hey, you ok?
Paris is getting cold out there.
I'm fine.
I just got a little overwhelmed.
All the music and Paris
I'm sorry.
I didn't think this through.
The kids were so excited and
I wanted to make you happy.
I am.
I just have a really funny way
of showing it.
Come here, my angels.
Thank you.
Everything ok?
I just heard a rumour you
reached out to opposing council
offering an olive branch
asking to settle?
No, not exactly.
I was uh... exploring
something that-
You can't be serious.
We landed this case
because we promised
to take no prisoners.
Vincent, I-
Adam is going to fire us if we
don't give him what he wants.
We go to trial in three days.
He hired a tiger.
I need to know, is she going
to deliver?
She will.
She better.
Forget what I said, Howard.
Bring a stretcher to court
because you're not getting
out of there alive!
Matthew called.
Something about a barbecue
of some kind.
Should I call to cancel?
No, no, I'll make it.
Ok, go and get Henry.
I need all the depositions.
Hold my calls, we're going
to Defcon three.
Got it.
What a treat.
A home cooked meal
cooked on land.
Thank you for inviting us,
Oh, my pleasure.
Now, where are
my sous chefs at?
Let's assembly line the heck
out of this thing, alright?
Shouldn't we wait for mom?
She'll be home soon.
Let's eat!
Oh, those smell so good.
Ok, pass off.
Oh, you guys make
a great team.
It looks like our plan worked.
The kids are crazy about him.
Matthew might win
this bet after all.
I wouldn't count on it
just yet.
I know my son.
He might sail off
before it's over.
What bet?
Oh, I didn't say "bet",
I said "get".
Get Charles a burger, ok?
Your wish is my command.
There you go.
Hey, Quinn.
You ok?
Yeah, I just wish mom
was here.
Alright, let's eat.
What time is it?
Uh, I don't know... 9:00?
The barbecue.
9:00? The kids are in bed.
Oh, isn't anything going
to go right today?
It's late, ok?
Um, you're tired.
Why don't I drive you home?
We'll go over the rest
of the case in the car.
Oh, thank you
for dropping me off.
Cass, don't think
twice about it.
Come on, you know
I'm always here for you.
Which reminds me,
the marina gala
is coming up.
Do you wanna go?
Oh, we have to.
Vincent says it's mandatory,
and Haskey bought a table.
Actually, I meant with me.
Yeah, we could do that.
Hi sweetie.
I'm so sorry I missed
the barbecue.
You know, I really wanted
to be there.
It's ok.
Matthew was there.
Is Matthew gonna leave
if he wins his bet?
What are you talking about?
Oh, she returns.
Slammed at work,
were we?
Yes, I was.
Henry and I had a
ton of work to do.
Yeah. Henry.
Yeah. Henry.
This is a very important case
to us.
To me.
I could make partner.
I don't need to explain myself.
What is this that I'm hearing
about a bet?
It's nothing, ok?
Oh, it's something if it
involves me and my family.
It's not how it sounds.
My dad was gonna build condos
at the marina,
and I had to stop him,
and the only way I could do it
was by taking the job.
To prove what?
That you could take care
of my kids?
That's not how it went,
So my children were pawns
in your power struggle
with your father?
You know how I feel about
Emma and Quinn.
Don't even bring them-
You know what?
You are still the same
immature, irresponsible guy
that I knew in high school.
And you are still the
head strong, self-righteous
individual who just-
You don't get to lecture me!
You're not letting me explain!
Explain what?
How you waltzed in here and
pulled one over on my family?
At the start, the-
everything has changed, ok?
Oh, it's changed alright.
You're fired.
Cass, will you just-
Just pack your stuff
and leave!
She looks pretty, huh?
Hey, what's going
on with you?
I don't want to go to
the stupid talent show.
Why not?
You've been practicing
so hard.
You're so good.
Without Matthew
I'll screw up.
I wish he was gonna come.
He's not.
Matthew's gone.
Gone, but not forgotten.
Mr. Sheperd, do you agree
that the code in question
is the same code that you
developed with my client?
I've written a million lines
of code over the years.
I borrow from myself
all the time.
Just answer the question.
No, I don't agree.
Uh, exhibit A please?
A cocktail napkin?
Yes, a cocktail napkin.
It's also a signed contract
which we received in discovery
from you.
It says "All new inventions
will be owned by the company."
Does that signature
look familiar?
It should. It's yours.
Yeah, it's mine.
That proves that you were
under contract.
No it doesn't.
It's not dated.
For all I know,
that was signed years
after I started working
with Adam.
That would mean
that everything
I created before that
was mine.
I thought that you
said she was a tiger.
Just give her a minute.
Uh, please could
you present exhibit B?
Is this a photo of you
and the Plaintiff
celebrating your first day,
in your first office?
Can we go in a little
closer please?
Ah, the contract in question.
Apparently it is dated.
This proves that
Mr. Benjamin Sheperd
was under contract
from the very first day
that company was created.
No further questions,
your honour.
I told you she'd nail him,
We'll take a short recess.
Look, I- it's too bad
that you're gonna have
to lose millions over this.
All I wanted was for you
to just say that I was right
and you were wrong for once,
you know?
Well, congratulations.
You're going to get
what you want.
You were right.
Ms. McKay.
Your summation?
You know,
during this case
we have presented
rock solid evidence,
stubborn facts,
stubborn people.
These two people were friends
that have worked together,
dreamed together,
and have huge
success together.
They have built
something much, much bigger
than a company.
They have shared history.
A true friendship.
Now, I like to win
but sometimes the real victory
is when everybody wins.
I have no idea
what she's trying to-
I think I do.
I uh...
Your honour, may we approach?
Hi, Cass, um... I just wanna
say thank you.
Benji and I, we uh...
we couldn't have gotten
to this point without you,
so thank you.
I'm happy for you.
See you later.
That was a pretty dangerous
move back there.
But you pulled it off.
Looks like we'll be
Adam's go-to firm.
That took a lot of guts,
Sometimes you have
to trust me.
We can talk about that tonight
at the marina gala.
There's a new client
I want you to meet.
Could be bigger than Adam.
I'll be there.
Honey, I am so sorry about how
things ended up with Matthew.
I honestly thought I was doing
a good thing
putting you two together.
I know, mom.
You had good intentions.
Yeah, but you know what?
I shouldn't have meddled.
I shouldn't have done
a lot of things.
Listen to me.
You are a really good mom,
You're pretty wonderful
You didn't return my calls.
I was beginning to think
you'd pulled up anchor again.
It crossed my mind.
You coming to
the gala tonight?
So you can rub it in my face
that I lost the bet?
To be honest, I was hoping
you wouldn't lose.
Yeah, well...
so was I.
But this was never about
you or me.
A lot of people's lives are
gonna be turned upside down
when you tear this place down.
Just come to the gala.
Why would I do that, dad?
I saw Cass's name
on the guest list.
Just tell her that your old
man's a dope and forced
you to make a bet that should
never have been wagered.
It doesn't matter.
She's seeing someone.
A guy from work.
You sure about that?
Only one way to find out.
Sweetie, stage fright
is perfectly normal.
As a matter of fact, it could be
a good thing.
Just use it to electrify
your performance.
I feel sick.
Oh, use that, too.
Woah, mom.
You look like a movie star.
Aw, thank you, baby.
Mom, which one?
You're asking me?
Uh, pink.
Definitely the pink.
Listen up troops.
I've gotta go to this work thing
and then I'm gonna meet you
at school before
the talent show.
Don't be late.
Or we could be really late.
So late that we could miss
the whole thing.
Would you stop worrying?
You're gonna be amazing.
Are you really that scared?
I'll be there.
Not if you get caught up
in your work thing.
It wouldn't be the first time.
I see.
Then I am not going
to this party.
There's nothing more
important than the two of you.
Where is she?
She's supposed to be here.
Maybe she's stuck in traffic.
She better be.
I understand.
Mom, it's ok.
You can answer it.
What the heck, Cass?
Adam's been asking
about you,
and you're not here
to meet the new client.
Something extremely
important came up.
What could possibly compare
to the-
Please give my apologies
to Adam and the team.
You're risking your partnership
Nothing is more important
than my family.
I'll see you tomorrow.
So, what do you think?
It's up to you.
Do you want to give the show
a shot?
Or not?
We can still make it
if we hurry.
Let's do this.
Yes, it's showtime!
Let's go!
Alright, kids.
Can I have your
attention please?
As you all know,
I've had plans for the marina
for a long time.
Big plans.
Tonight I want to announce
that those plans have changed.
Charles Walker Industries
will not be breaking ground
for a new condo project.
Instead, I'm authorizing the
complete marina restoration.
And thanks to the persistent
and compassionate efforts
of our own Matthew Walker,
I've come to see
that the marina,
this dirty old marina,
has value.
That is, if Matthew
will agree to work with
his old man on this.
You got it, pops.
Sorry pops,
Emma McKay?
You're up in five, kid.
She's next.
Up next we have Emma McKay
on violin.
Emma McKay.
Please come out.
Excuse me, sorry.
Coming through.
Can I borrow those
for a second, thanks?
Oh, hi.
Matthew, you made it.
What on earth?
Wouldn't miss it
for the world, kiddo!
Does he ever clean up nice.
Emma McKay, everyone!
And her special
bongo buddy!
Oh my god.
I know!
I knew she could do it.
Thank you so much.
No, thank you.
That was a blast!
And you did a great job,
You were fantastic!
Didn't that feel good?
Oh, and hey, could
you take these bongos
back to that kid out there?
And you are something else.
Back atcha.
And Cass, I'm sorry.
I should have told you about
that bet and that was wrong.
Hey, but I swear that the time
with you and the kids,
compared to that it was...
it was nothing.
I understand.
What you did
helped so many people.
If it's any consolation,
those weeks with you
and the kids were the...
best I've had in years.
Are you uh... trying to get
your manny job back?
Definitely... not.