Allegiance of Powers (2016) Movie Script

Deep voice:
Computer, where am I?
Computer: You have arrived
six days into the future.
Deep voice:
And what am I looking at?
Destruction of a battle.
Deep voice: Show me.
Maze: There is so much to see
when you have no sight.
It's not like closing your eyes
and feeling around your house.
It's a whole new world.
Same as vengeance.
When something like vengeance
takes over your soul.
You become things you
never thought you'd become.
Never believed you'd become.
But you...
See, you're in a situation
all too unfamiliar.
You see, it's not just one...
...but two.
Fade: Know where these scars
came from?
It wasn't from
the well-known red rain.
It was from...
People like you.
People who stood
in the way of progress.
Progress... my progress.
This is my reminder.
Death was theirs.
Although, generosity
is not in our nature,
I'll give you this.
I won't kill you
to get to her.
...we will fulfill
our job description
and remove you from this city.
He will kill you.
Do you realize how much
blood is on these hands?
What's a few more stains?
Deep voice:
Computer, who is this?
Look how busy they all are,
one moment to the next.
Their lives become more dull
as they wither into nothing.
But now I inject a little chaos
and look what happens.
Their lives now mean something.
They have a purpose.
A reason for their existence.
Little do I care about these
diatribes of human existence.
Where is my sister?
In time.
Your entire task isn't finished.
There are still more hiding
out there undercover,
remaining hidden from the eye.
Find them and take care
of the problem.
So, where did they come from?
This one?
Fade: Yes, what was his power?
He had this... shadow
he could... conjure.
Deep voice: Freeze.
What innocent
is he talking about?
Someone's a bit sore, eh?
Is that all you've got?
Who sent you?
Now, you know
i can't tell you that.
Who sent you?!!!
One of yours?
What the hell?
I found
this huge chunk of metal.
Look at this thing.
This could be dangerous.
Yeah, I know.
There we go.
It fits!
That is awesome!
- Yes!
Alright, let's go
find some more.
You guys just made
a huge mistake.
- Recycling is never a mistake.
- Do you have anything else?
For the orphans.
Wanna see bad?
Deep voice: Who was that man?
According to the police report,
they put the female's body...
Right, Sherry's body,
right there in the bloody area.
And, uh, the assailant must have
been standing over there.
Boy must have
seen the assailant
and chased him out the door.
What do you want now?
Come on, Sherry.
Cain'll never know.
Sherry: Look, I don't know
what kind of tricks
you're trying to pull here.
But it's not gonna work.
Why can't you
just understand that?
Markus: I know what you
are trying to do, Sherry,
and it's not nice.
Look, Markus.
Nothing will ever happen.
I want you to leave now.
You're nothing but a lap dog.
You're my
ex-husband's footstool.
You try everything you can
to try and get out
from his shadows,
but you never will.
You're pathetic.
Deep voice:
Computer, go back to the battle.
Damn. What I miss?
Deep voice: Now, who is this?
I have a lead
on the two heroes
from the crime scene.
Apparently, they have been
posting videos online
to recruit others.
I don't give a damn.
It's not worth fighting him.
You think I fear death?
There are far worse things
than death.
Tell him to bring it on.
Look at you,
all fueled with rage.
Do you find something amusing
about your own death?
You're quite mistaken
about that.
Look at you.
So much power
hides in those veins.
You are a cascading vortex
of pure hatred, and now...
...a puppet for my amusement.
How's it finally feel
being the weaker of the two?
Feast your eyes one last time.
Allow my image to be burned
into your mind's eye.
Burn your eyes out.
He wants you to self-destruct.
Play his little game,
wait for the perfect moment...
...and then get your vengeance.
I'll go.
You... dispose of this kid.
Deep voice:
The boy from earlier,
how did he get there?
That was a good job.
we got a few recyclables.
Yes, and we took out a bad guy.
Oh. Was he bad?
Let us get him some coal
and put it in his stocking.
We don't have a stocking
to give it in.
He does not have a stocking?
- That's not a problem.
We can get one.
- Alright! Yes.
Okay, um... that way!
Let's go! Woohoo!
They just left by jumping
up the side of the building.
Is it better to live a monster
or die a hero?
In this question
there's only two choices.
But are there only two?
I like to believe
there's a third in between.
To exist.
Not good, not bad.
Not martyr, not sinner.
To just live.
Be normal.
I choose normality.
I choose to step from the polar
ends and meet in the middle.
But I can't choose that.
So, I choose death.
Can't have that either,
thanks to this curse.
I Grant you mercy,
by removing you
from a world worth leaving.
Enjoy it.
Deep voice: Return to the fight.
...feeling around your house.
It's a whole new world.
Same as vengeance.
When something like vengeance...
Deep voice: Who might this be?
I won't kill you, to get to her.
Deep voice:
What is so special about her?
Is he in there?
Is this the place?
Yes, that's the ir room.
Instant rehabilitation.
We need to talk.
Is this some kind
of casual encounter?
Don't flatter yourself.
I'm here to get back
what you've stolen.
Where's the hard drive, Max?
Odd, you know my name,
...but I don't seem
to know yours.
I, uh... I saw a hero today.
A little boy, no more
than five years old.
He uh, stood up for another boy
at the bus stop.
It was...
It was... one step closer.
The air is different here.
I don't know if it's peace
or Serenity of death.
You're out of the darkness now.
It's only in their eyes.
People don't
love each other anymore...
They just fight.
I love you, Alan.
I love you.
Can I help you?
I came to pay my respects.
Jerry: Oh, I'm sorry.
Did you know him well?
Not long.
Actually I didn't help him
at all.
I was somebody else.
It was another life.
Jerry: I see.
I'm Jerry, his brother.
- Christy.
Your brother... he had a gift.
Do you?
I'm sorry,
i don't mean to be nosey.
I know it's personal.
It's fine.
Yeah... I do.
Do you think you can help me?
You didn't come for Alan...
Did you?
- I need help.
- What's wrong?
I was an accessory
to stealing a hard drive
containing detailed information
about people's lives
in the city.
- What do you need me for?
- That's just it.
The person who knows
got incarcerated.
I'm not gonna be
breaking someone
out of prison.
No, it's not like that.
We break in, yes,
we get the information...
...then we leave.
Where is he?
Nor will you.
Now where's the hard drive?
Wearing your
big boy pants today.
What puts you in control?
My purpose puts me in control.
And all the people in this city
that you spit on,
I'm here to protect them.
Well, hero of this city,
come take a ride with me.
Is this all you can do?
Is this all you got?
Come on, make it hurt!
Deep voice:
Tell me about this man.
Jason x: It wasn't long
after the meteor hit
that I had my first
encounter with death.
The red rain phenomena
came a mutation,
started to infect people.
Most were immune to it,
but those
with increased exposure
were given a curse.
With that curse came the main
catalyst to the wars.
Some called it
the future of mankind.
The rest called it
an abomination.
They lost their lives.
The infected started to
drastically decline in numbers
until one day, all the rest
just went into hiding.
Years went by a series of reform
and rebuild.
Everything became
structured again.
Except now, we have a hotline
to call
in case someone uses powers.
I know you're there.
I didn't mean to alarm you.
What are you doing?
Skye: I-- we need your help.
- Aw, come on!
- No, seriously.
Okay, yeah, we did try
to attack you back there,
but that's because we thought
you were one of them.
Jason x: Okay, who are you
and who's them?
I'm Skye and I'm with
a rebel group called entropy.
It's a group that--
yeah, yeah.
I watch the news.
It's not who we are.
We're trying
to make a difference.
By killing innocent people?
That's how
you're making a difference?
And what were you
trying to do earlier?
Echoing voice:
I can Grant you a gift,
and I can't take it away.
It's simple.
Would you like
all your greatest desires... come true?
Take a life.
It will all be given to you.
What are you looking for?
Do you see something you like?
Anyway, that's not us.
That's someone else
doing those attacks.
We're a non-violent group.
We're trying to un-brainwash
people and bring them
out of the darkness.
So, who did you think I was?
Well, one of the shadows.
They're everywhere
but you can never see them.
Well, you made a mistake.
I can't help you.
Skye: Yes, you can.
We are only five strong!
No, what you need to do is stop
playing Batman and go home!
People die.
This is not a comic book.
There are no happy endings.
You live,
there's a lot of misery,
and then you die.
Once you understand that,
you'll know it's not worth it.
We don't all
have to be miserable.
If you can save one person
from a miserable life,
isn't that worth ours?
Spoken like a true hero.
And what else
might I have done?
I only hid my actions
under the law of the city.
Deep voice:
When does this girl come in?
I won't kill you to get to her.
Dear dad,
I know you always
wanted a certain degree
of success from me.
And you've gotten it,
until you read this note.
I can't live anymore
in your shadow.
I know you started out nothing
and built so much.
I'm not you.
I can't be hidden from the world
any longer.
I need to see this world
for myself.
I need to experience failure,
heartbreak, and love.
All these emotions that you
have steered me clear of.
I know you love me.
I love you too.
But I just need this time
to figure out who I am.
And who I want to be
in this world.
I love you, dad.
Egotan: Egotan!
Cybersting: And cybersting's...
Egotan: Mini book!
Cybersting: Of justices.
Egotan: Justice...
Cybersting: No.
Egotan: Justice!
Cybersting: Lauren found herself
caught up with the wrong people
and in the wrong place.
Egotan: I am so caught up.
Cybersting: Lauren had nothing
to call out for,
neither hope nor prayer.
She was lost.
Egotan: Oh, I am so lost!
Cybersting: Sticky and twitch
are the two that are...
Have Lauren captive.
This is sticky.
Egotan: I'm sticky, I'm bad.
Cybersting: This is twitch.
Because of
their unclean hotel room
they had a visit
they will never forget.
Egotan: Oh, it's so unclean.
Egotan and cybersting
were out collecting garbage
for recycling purposes.
Egotan: I'm collecting.
Cybersting: The hostility grew
as they refused to recycle.
That ended up
being a big mistake.
Egotan: Horn of justice.
Cybersting came in, happy to see
that he needs to teach
the importance of recycling.
Egotan: Lesson one.
Cybersting: With both crooks
taken down,
the two decide to start
their recycling endeavor.
Egotan: There's so much trash.
Cybersting: In the bathroom,
cybersting finds a weak,
beaten-down girl
and he decides to help.
Egotan: Oh, she's so beat.
Cybersting is not happy.
Egotan: Look at his angry face!
So not happy.
Deep voice:
What is it about these two?
Egotan: Our ride will be
around here somewhere.
Oh, over here.
It is far too dangerous for you,
beaver, so you stay back.
There is a massive puddle.
Egotan: And you are right.
Benever beaver:
These are my streets.
I walk as a shadow.
Surveying the land
for any evil that might stir.
I am the uncle chef
fist of justice.
The unbridled bond
between circumstance and reason.
I am here, I am now.
I am benever beaver.
Deep voice: Benever beaver.
Is this a joke?
Continue with the fight.
And this one?
Cain: There-there are people
in this world... can't trust.
People who stand beside you
for years...
...and then turn their backs.
Et tu, brute?
Don't worry
about looking for anyone.
That's not your job.
It was mine that was taken,
and I shall handle this.
You... you just
watch things for me...
...while I'm gone.
And make sure they go smoothly.
I have a few heads to collect.
Fade: Looks like it's
the senator's daughter.
Senator: You got three minutes,
starting one minute ago.
Make it quick.
Fade: Your daughter
was murdered yesterday.
Just oh?
What do you want me to say?
That I feel bad?
That it shouldn't
have happened to her?
That she was a good person?
I warned her that if
she hung around with criminals,
she'd either die
or end up a criminal herself.
Our lack of caring
about your daughter dying
is a bit of a red flag for me.
Maybe you pulled the trigger,
you heartless son of a bitch.
Excuse me. I might be
a heartless son of a bitch,
but I'm not
the murdering kind.
I get someone else
to do it for me.
Do you know of anyone
she may have hung out with
that might be considered
criminals in your vocabulary?
Yeah, those little pricks
that hang out
down at the water hole.
Water hole?
Yeah, where those people go
to drown themselves.
Don't you read the newspapers?
Deep voice:
Computer, get to the point.
So, what'd he say?
Nothing of importance.
He said he was busy.
Busy? Damnit!
What the hell is all this?
A map!
Bitch blew my arm off!
We must unlock her.
What the hell
are we doing here?
Deep voice:
Must tap into a hard drive.
So, a regular hard drive?
I know who would know.
I think it would depend
on if they were encrypted
or the files were just hidden,
maybe minutes.
What if it's in someone's brain?
You mean like hacking the mind?
Didn't take long
for you to return.
What, five years?
Uh, again it would depend
on how it was put in there.
What might entertain you
this day?
What says I didn't come to chat?
Well, we don't know how,
but is it possible?
Zeek: I'm building myself
a robotic arm, so, yes.
Yes, it's possible.
Or get all lathered up
in conversation...
...with an old friend.
Right there, that's why...
...we've never been friends.
So, how is the old
watering hole, lately?
Not very many suicides here.
Not a one.
Who's here with you?
A traitor and a little girl.
You decide who's who.
We've come
to find the hard drive.
The girl...
...and the traitor.
We were led to believe
you knew where to find
the hard drive.
You were led... right.
But I can only tell
one person at a time
where this hard drive is.
Then two of us... will leave.
That won't be working either.
You see, as of right now...
...there are more
than just the four of us here.
They came before you.
What the hell just happened?
So, ress told me
some of the details,
but please tell me
about this hard drive.
And who do you wish to kill...
With it?
Who are you?
What am-what am I doing here?
- We brought you tea.
- Damsels always drink tea.
So, what information
does this device hold?
It started to retrieve
information about the world.
Like what?
Any and all information
in the future.
So, this knows
passwords, people, locations.
So, where is it?
Here, I made this for you.
When I was making fliers
so we could apprehend
our last criminal.
Egotan: Don't worry!
See, our last fliers
got evil toxin caught
and off the streets.
- Whoa, are you not impressed?
- Mmh.
So, you don't catch crooks?
Don't litter.
Don't pull the tags
off the mattresses!
The list is endless.
Cybersting: Endless.
She's... an implant.
A tracking... device.
Lauren: Do you have sugar?
Egotan: Alright.
I think we have come
to the conclusion
that there is no sugar
in this room!
Lauren: Seriously, don't!
Stop pulling this.
Ah ha!
Crime smells a foot.
We must find a perch for crime.
Cybersting: Crime smells.
Egotan: Yes, it--
oh wait! Cookies!
Where could they be?
Oh, I found a bench!
Egotan: Ah ha, you are right!
It is absolutely perfect!
They ditched me again.
I'm a super hero, too.
I got powers.
I need my own horn of justice.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
Egotan: Oh, we point.
Cybersting: Of course!
What about over there?
is going to be setting off
a pretty steady set
of electromagnetic frequencies.
Egotan: These are good
benever beaver cookies.
Here, take some.
Cybersting: Thank you.
See through these you should
be able to spot it
from a mile away.
Might be blinding actually.
If you're looking for a needle
in a haystack,
those right there
are your magnet.
Whoa, there are a lot of people
out there looking for her.
Jason x: I'm going alone.
It's too dangerous
to go alone.
Hey, you two, seriously,
why do I have to wear this?
Egotan: Hmm.
That is a safety harness.
Cybersting: It is to make sure
you are never stolen
for evil again.
Want a cookie?
Cybersting needs a cape.
Down the road.
Cybersting, you need a cape.
I need no cape.
Egotan: Yes, you do.
That's what we are missing.
Deep voice:
So, the tank found her.
He must know he could use her
to find who killed his family.
I have pants.
I see those pants.
Cybersting: You have pants.
Egotan: I have pants!
No way!
The trembling in my pants!
- Pants! Pants!
- Pants!
- Pants! Pants!
- Pants! Pants!
- Pants! Pants!
- Pants! Pants!
- Pants? Pants!
- Pants!
- I've got pants.
- I've got pants.
I'm a peacock!
Oh, where did everybody go?
The safest you'll ever be
is right by my side.
Cybersting: You left her tea.
Whoa. Freaky.
There's a little girl
out there...
...running for her life...
...and we want
to chase her down
for our own selfishness.
Metus killed my sister...
...but his power...
Deep voice: Interesting.
Max, the only one
not in the fight
threw her out the window...
...and then saved by these two.
Maze: His powers are not derived
from him.
It's from us.
We have to take
that control away.
Zeek: No, you cannot just keep
piling people into my house.
Cybersting: It will be fine
egotan: Go quickly over here.
Hide over there.
Zeek: Nope no, no hiding.
Egotan: Like this.
I've had enough of this world.
I deserve this.
Deep voice:
They bring the girl away
where they are attacked
once again.
Deep voice:
And maze grows a weakness...
...a heart...
...taking their lives.
So where's the rodent?
Oh, why?
I don't know.
It just feels right.
Why are there
so many lights?
It just adds to the mood.
Kill him.
Christy, you never said
anything about killing anyone.
What do you think would happen
...if someone other than us
got their hands
on what's inside of her?
I understand,
but it's ending lives,
not saving them.
Says who?
Continue. This is fun.
What do you see happening?
After all this?
I don't know.
Don't do it.
I-i cant.
Yes, you can.
What an odd twist.
Oh... lets see...
You have a gun
and I have...
So, lets see.
You want another body.
Is that it?
I'm not afraid.
Do it.
She always likes
making a presence.
It's been a while.
You're quite late on your dues.
When can i
start seeing some payment?
Well I... brought you one
right here.
Jerry: Sometimes...
...i have this dream...
...where I'm in the dark...
I keep telling myself...
...that this is only a dream...
What if it's not?
Since then...
...I've always
been afraid of the dark.
Lauren: Stop it!
Where are we going?
Shut up and follow me.
You think you're the only one?
I missed lunch...
...and nap time...
...and second lunch.
Lauren: Every time I go with you
i see people being impaled.
I think I have it
a little bit worse.
Lets go.
Deep voice: Four dead,
two cowards ran off,
the idiots must be dead,
and a few...
Watch out for the rubble.
I just got it the way I like it.
This place is a disaster.
It's disgusting.
Cain: Is it...
...that drives you?
They tried to kill you...
...but you continue to walk...
Max: Crawl...
...and hide...
I'm sorry.
I'm not good at poetry.
Cain: What is this?
I'm here to help you.
Right here.
Not so fast.
Well Roy,
it's that damn beaver again.
Oh, not him again.
We keep telling you
not to come around these parts.
You're able to be shot.
Benever beaver: Yeah, uh,
this is our secret hide out.
I'm going into that cave.
Your going to get
a super secret bullet
up your ass.
I'm sorry, guys.
I'm sorry for whatever benever
might have done.
We just really
need somewhere to stay.
These people are after us.
I just need somewhere to stay
for the night.
I'm sorry.
There's nothing down there.
So might you two walk away.
Put some haste in your feet
before Roy and I bet who can
take the most bullets
to the head
before they hit the ground.
Benever beaver:
I'm not going nowhere.
Lauren: No, no!
Look at what you did.
I don't think they liked you.
And the plot thickens.
Benever beaver: This guy again.
Please don't hurt him.
He's already drawn his sword
and cast the first blow.
I'm sorry. What?
I wasn't listening.
Just to warn you,
my blood will stain.
Oh, we found some recyclables
down by the mill.
Egotan: Fee fi fo fum!
You came lead her
to tea again?
Do you even know
why anyone is after her?
Egotan: Well you see,
she needed our help
and that is all
that is important.
Ah, yes.
Egotan: Cowabunga!
I'm not good.
Egotan: My turn!
You missed me.
Egotan: Egotan!
Lauren: Come on you big oaf,
get up.
I'm fine.
Lauren: Do it your damn self.
I'm fine.
Come on.
- Wait here.
- No, I'm coming with you.
Eat my cookies.
This means nothing.
Through the cave,
that's the way out the back.
Deep voice: The rodent flees,
and now, enter Max.
The plan was simple.
Take a hard drive...
...that was endowed with...
...special powers...
...of absorbing...
...all the information...
...of the Internet... this hard drive... a child...
...deep, deep into the mind...
There, no one...
...will be able to find it.
The idea was sound...
..For a time...
...until long passed...
...that child...
...becomes lost...
...lost to me...
...but it's found...
...was found... hard drive...
All I had to do...
...was retrieve it.
Deep voice: The city,
how did it get destroyed?
A dying wish granted
to the already deceased.
Her sacrifice
is just the catalyst.
And you justify death
with her death?
I justify life with her death.
I justify the well being
of everyone in this city...
...with her sacrifice
you are a tyrant
with a whistle
around every person's neck
ready to cry wolf
at the slightest beat.
How goes the witch hunt?
There is only one witch
i wish to burn.
I am the cause
of your current rule.
I will take
your animosity and...
...offer you a way
out of this... and mouse game
you're playing.
Would you like
to hold the knowledge...
...of all of the city
in the palm of your hand?
What would it cost, witch?
Very little.
There is a hard drive... a young girl.
Retrieve her,
and I'll Grant you access
to all of the information.
Where is she?
Deep voice:
Explains why he
made his two minions
follow up on the hanged girl.
I did as you asked...
...but Cain hasn't done
what you said he would.
Now he's on this little
rampage of vengeance.
This did not go
as you said it would.
Crypt: Fear not what happened.
But fear what will be.
Markus: Tell me where she is...
...and I'll get it for you.
In a cave northwest of here,
on the outskirts of town.
And I thought she was
taking care of the two of you.
Depends on who
you're referring to.
I was sent...
By me...
Witch! What--
what is going on here?
We had a deal.
I fulfilled my deal.
You did not.
This cave...
...and these two...
...protect the last remnants
of the red rain...
...for me.
Then what the hell
did you need me for?
To distract...
...unleash chaos in the city...
...and a victim.
It has been far too difficult
to get one more body down here.
Markus: You think...
Deep voice: So the witch
manipulated all sides.
When did she destroy the city?
Your course has run its end.
You're through.
Your reign will end... tonight!
Deep voice:
And how are the two favoring?
So, I think we should end this.
It's time to get serious.
Yes, there are many
that need help in the city.
Egotan: Oh, you are right!
Egotan: Can you see me?
Cybersting: Don't litter.
Deep voice: The power
of the device in her head..
...brings out the witch.
Don't harm him.
Your reign shall end.
You will not get the power
you desire.
Crypt: We'll see about this.
Egotan: Where did everything go?
Cybersting: Huh?
Egotan: Egotan.
Cybersting: Cybersting!
Egotan: Oh, okay, lets see.
Oh, alright. Lets--
i guess we'll just turn,
right here.
And, right, okay.
That looks perfect.
Deep voice: So, these two
are my adversaries.
Egotan: Ah! Oh! Ow!
I hit my hand.
- Egotan!
- Cybersting!
Deep voice: When did they die?
Computer: You killed them...
Four days ago.