Alludu Adhurs (2021) Movie Script

My name is Sai Srinivas.
I am studying 9th class.
I like films like Batman,
Iron Man, He-man,
but in recent times my mind
got diverted to love songs.
Hey, what are those songs..?
It's time for school
get ready.
Bloody arranged marriage father...
no love feelings.
My friends.
My Sister.
Get lost.
You are not that smart.
Take it.
No problem... Take it.
Seenu, are you searching for Vasu.
Vasu's Father has taken her
to their village
Is it?
Has she told anything to me.
Yes she did.
She said to return her maths
book to Girija.
Was she sad while going??
It was her father who took her..
Why will she be sad? She went happily
She use to tell you
bye while going home.
But now she left the village
and she didn't say you anything.
Full stop to your Sweet sharings
and bye bye's
What did that short girl say..?
Tell him, for that Seenu's face...
not only my sister no girl will fall for him.
Let's take a pledge.
If you want to love... love trees.
Love soil.
Love even, dogs, cats or neighbour uncle.
Then what about Aunties?
Aunties are also Ladies
So even they are enemies to us.
Today onwards, all ladies are our enemies.
If he is like this in his childhood
I feel pitty for the girls around him in
his later days
Come on fast.
He will kill us if we get caught.
-Move fast...
Grandma, run... he will kill us.
Oh no! He is here..
-Run... run...
Lord Tirupathi Venkateswara...
Lord Tirupathi Venkateswara...?
Annavaram Satyanarayana Swamy...
Satyanarayana Swamy...?
Goddess Bezawada Kanaka Durgamma...
Kanaka Durgamma...?
After all our prayers, Finally he became
our one and only son.
Yeah, that's me.
No problem...
i will kill him all alone.
-First tell him the content.
Please leave my son for our sake.
After i kill him.
Order another son in Swiggy.
Wait son.
My son's life is not some sweet to
order it in Swiggy.
We are asking you to leave him.
No.... no.
Did he cheated someone you know by
giving her a baby??
He broke the Promise.
He promised me that
'All ladies are my enemies'
But he texted some girl with the
same promised hand.
Seenu will surely punish those
who broke promise.
That's why, I will cut off his hand.
Dude, It's not my fault.
Music Director Devi Sri Prasad Trapped
me in to this.
Devi Sri Prasad..?
How is that??
Song from 'Gabbarsingh'
Due to her magical charisma and
the crazy depth in the song
My mind gone blank...
I found her number and texted her.
What is this buddy?
You arranged a batch to kill me??
I'm not that wealthy to do so.
even they have come to kill me
The girl i texted is said to be some
bigshot's daughter.
When i was running away from them,
You came with your introduction
And moreover bike Landing...
When someone else executes our plan.
It gives a different kind of happiness
Why to kill him alone??
Kill the entire family.
Take this as my part of help.
Both your catch and batch are cool.
Convey my greetings to Reddy Sir.
I'm leaving then..
Guys, Run...
Come fast.
Hey, kill him.
Seenu is my friend.
and in action sequences he has a
different kind of trend.
There won't be any hashtags.
Just now you gave us the knife
and supported us.
Why come again and threaten us?
I threatened him because, i wanted to give
a message to the soceity along with him.
Do you think I will kill my own friend?
By the way, I am the one who
supposed to hit him.
Who are you in the middle?
Why brother,
your character is so confusing.
If i start feeling someone close to
my heart, I will die for them.
I'll give my life.
This is my characterisation.
Do you know what is our
If someone tries to stop us,
We will kill him.
I have an offensive tongue...
Hand has more force...
Mind is very sharp.
Punch will be very strong.
If you want to know more..
you can ask him.
I will save you
but i won't share punches with you.
I hurt.
See my sad face..
Run... run.
We will go to our village
Let's not be here.
SI Sir.... Our place is Palakollu.
We will go there.
Just stop.
why are you running away for some guy.
Why are you afraid of him.
You should be afraid of him.
Because, Its Nizamabad Jaipal Reddy.
Just say a word Boss.
I will kill him in front of you.
Just order me to do..
What's this nuisance Devayya...
Which era, are you in?
Nowadays, young generation is all same.
Just like them.
Will you kill them,
just because they are in love...?
We should also change along
with the time.
Listen to my words and
Allow them to get married.
I can't do that boss...
Listen to me Devayya.
I can't do that Boss.
Listen to me Devayya.
No Boss...
- Don't you listen to me??
I'm about to kill her father who
raised her for 20 years
But your daughter is not taking any step
in order to save you.
What girl?
Your father is not accepting for
your marriage..
If i kill him..
You guys won't have any hurdle.
Can I kill him?
I will kill him...
Just say Yes..
Or else, I will Kill him.
You became agitated
when it comes to his life.
Is he more important
than your father.
I don't like a love story which
dosn't respect Father
There is no purity in your love.
You should marry the person
of your fathers choice.
Else, I will kill him.
No Boss.
I will marry whomever my father selects.
When kids don't eat food,
We use to show moon
When they became young and denies to marry,
We should show them the death of her lover.
I know how much it will hurt, When our beloved
kids leaves us Kicking back at our heart.
His people are in search of you
to take you to him.
He even ordered me to search you guys.
Without knowing his power,
I just beat his guys.
S.I. Sir, you know Jaipal Reddy
very well, right?
Just call him once.
If he gives a changes
all my people will leave the city ASAP.
These people here are dying out of fear.
They are saying if you give them a chance,
They will leave the city.
Ask him to apologize me in person.
Sir, It's...
-I heard whatever you said.
Do what I say...
He's asking you to apologize him in person.
If I go there to apologize him,
Only my body will come back.
I won't go.
What's wrong in whatever he asked??
You have Apologize to him inorder to
satisify his ego.
It's fixed.
Hey, who are you?
My leg preceded because
my hands are in fear.
I'm here from Hyderabad to say sorry.
A guy has come from Hyderabad sir.
He is Pandu
He is my friend.
He is the one who sent message.
I came with him because he was so afraid to
ask sorry to you..
But he is the one who texted.
You tell sorry...
We will go.
To be honest in
whatever happened,
Devi Sri Prasad should be
more guilty than me.
Why did those three guys aren't
here to apologize??
You were saying about some Devi-Sri-Prasad.
Not only common sense,
He dosn't have music sense too..
Stop gossiping here and say sorry please.
Devi Sri Prasad are not three persons,
the name belongs to only one person.
The one and only Rock Star DSP.
'Follow... Follow..
Follow... Follow... you'
while I was waiting at sports academy
for my friend.
Song from 'Gabbarsingh'
When i saw your daughter, Due to her magical
charisma and the crazy depth in the song
I was unable to control my feelings,
so i texted her.
Sorry sir.
Sorry sir...
-Sorry sir.
Sorry sir... Sorry sir...Sorry sir.
Close the doors.
Sir, you said you'll leave us if
we say sorry.
It's dangerous if you try to have
everything you see
You have gone crazy by my daughter's
look and texted her.
In the presence of my daughter...
The hand's that texted her should be
Coming Daddy.
Wow... What an Architecture!!
Not only him... Anybody will fall for her.
You have no feelings for her, right?
Is this the Situation to ask such questions?
She is my sister, own Sister.
-Stop it.
Sir, actually...
I'm not the one who texted.
He is Pandu.
Thats me.
he's the one who texted.
I'm the one who is managing it.
But he's the main culprit.
Is this a Drama??
Give me a minute...
I will give you the clarity of my character.
Why do we need your character??
Since, entire content is on my character.
Because of some unavoidable circumstances,
I started hating girls.
I use to feel girls and aunties
are my enemies.
and love is just non sense.
but, with your daughter's introduction,
my entire character got turned upside down.
Now I completely believe in love at
first sight sir.
Sir, still i have 40 seconds left.
Even I know Self
Trumpet is wrong.
Since he is not in a position
explain about me..
it's inevitable.
since, I don't like working for someone..
I have my own start up.
Now my turnover is 10 crores a year.
If i can take good care the business
Just think how will i care my wife...
If you keep all your background
stuffs aside
if you just think of this as a
responsible father
then you will understand that
I'm the right person to marry Kaumudi.
Don't miss this Master Piece, Sir.
So, if you tell me when, I will take to my
parents regarding our marriage Arrangements
One minute is over sir...
I'll go Sir.
Don't look at me like a stranger.
We are going to be relatives.
hey, will Sandhya convention hall be
spacious enough for engagement?
First, Let's go.
Show him what is my power in Nizamabad..
I'm here infront of you,
Even after knowing your power in Nizamabad
Think of my courage Boss..
I thought of going back camly.
You yourself changed the story
by calling your daughter.
Truly love is magic.
Darling, I got fully connected to you.
You will be there till my heart stops.
In few days, when you
feel the same love towards me,
You need not be afraid
to open up with your dad.
Because, I'm telling you this just
in front of your father...
I... LOVE... YOU.
Hey Pandu? Anything else to say?
We are still alive that is the
only thing pending.
Don't get tensed,
Go through the stairs..
I said, whatever I had to say
Now i'm going..
Hey, Did you come in Lift??
Save me.
Guys stop.
No one outside this house should know that
he proposed my daughter in front of me.
That will cost my prestige.
Even you guys eat... it's so delicious.
Don't you have shame..??
What you were suppose to do?? and
What you actually did??
Can't you stand by your words.
We have to stand by legs,
What is that standing by words??
By the way... Where is our Pandu?
With the shock you have given,
Entire family is on world tour.
That means family is safe.
He saved himself by jumping (Escape)
Now what about you??
Even i will jump.
from the top.
Everyone, please give me some space
I need to Jump.
Who are you boy??
Jumping down straight away from top
of commissioner?s office.
Tell me your problem,
I will solve.
Jaipal Reddy, A big shot in Nizambad..
He decided to kill me..
Did i develop my gym body to
die in his hands??
That's why, I decided to die on my own.
I promise to your life.
You come down by stairs.
Not you sir...
Can you get me this assurance
from Jaypal reddy??
I'll make it.
My legs are shivering by seeing his eyes
Sir, I'm really afraid..
Please sir.
If you give me permission
I will jump from the top Sir.
Please Sir...
Don't stare at him like that..
He's a kid, He's getting panic.
Is he a kid??
Tell me, What's the matter??
See, I don't beleive in judgements
passed by the court
I only believe in settlements
ouside the court.
What is the actual problem
between you both?
Stop blabbering...
You guys think is this as a
police station or a market?
Don't you know that the Child is
afraid of you?
Why did you go there??
I am here for you.
Tell me, what exactly happened?
Sir.. That is..
First, Jaipal reddy Sir liked me by
looking at me in a gym.
Later he called me and invited me
to his house.
It won't be good if i ignore an elder
person's invitation.
By just seeing me there...
- Seeing you there??
He called her daughter, Kaumudi...
I heard a voice saying "Coming Daddy".
Why did he call his daughter?
Please let me continue Sir...
He asked me "How does my daughter look?"
I said "She looks Stunning"
I said she is classic, Sir.
Then he asked me to marry her, Sir.
He trapped our Boss...
Then, I said... Sorry sir,
I have no feelings for your daughter...
Then their treatment changed sir..
And he threatened me with knife
Don't lie..
This guy came to my house and
Infront of me...
Are you trying to say that i proposed
your daughter??
Did you propose her??
Do you think its possible to get in to JP
Sir's house and propose her daughter.
If his rivals get to know this rumour
Then they will start making fun of him.
Why should i believe in your words??
Sir, when there is evidence,
you have to get convinced.
Evidence No. 1
Save me.
Save me.
Please save me.
This is why the boy is so scared.
Evidence No. 2
Sir, Get Jaipal sir's Phone once..
Reddy Sir, give your phone once.
Give it.
Ask Kaumudi Madam whether she is interested
in this marriage or not?
Do you want to marry Mr.Srinivas?
Seenu is not up to my standard.
Thank you Madam... Thank you.
Did you see Sir??
Even though we both are not interested
He's treating me like a kid and forcing
me for the marriage.
Even if you like the Boy so much...
You can't force him for the marriage
Hey boy,
Tell me whatever you want.
As a father, There is nothing wrong in
wishing for a decent Son-in-law
Since he's a bigshot, When i said no..
His ego got disturbed...
So he tried to kill me.
even after that to respect his emotion..
I will try for ten days.
you will try??
What will you try??
I mean,
I will try to love his daughter.
In this 10 days,
If we like each other mutually
If his desire is strong enough then
i will be his Son-in-law.
Everything is going in reverse...
If we don't get mutual feelings
in this 10 days, I repeat sir..
If we don't get a feel mutually,
No one should force us to marry.
Jaipal Reddy has to sign
a agreement stating that
he won't cause any harm to me if this
marriage dosn't happen.
Then I will leave.
Why should i sign a agreement with you??
Crazy idiot..
I willl kill you even if you try to come
in to my daughter's deam
There no use in killing..
You don't want this marriage...
and the boy is also saying the same.
What is problem in this??
I'm unable to understand..
You are not ok with this marriage, Right??
Yaa... I'm not ok...
Get the agreement ready.
Okay Sir.
Srinivas s/o Uma Maheswara Rao..
Kaumudi D/o Jaipal Reddy...
If they don't love each other
mutually in 10 days
I will not force them for the marriage..
And i won't cause any harm to Mr.Srinivas
Hence I (Jaypal Reddy) Promise to do so.
Sir, Media people are here..
OMG.. it will be a big mess
if they come in.
Please do sign here.
This young man playing
some trick, Sir.
Don't sign boss.
I will make the video viral.
Then, I'm going to jump.
Thank you Sir,
I should be careful for next 10 days.
After that i will live peacefully.
Thank you.
Blessings Sir...
I will leave Sir..
Let's go.
Boss, Don't send your daughter
to Hyderabad for ten days.
Lets hide her here..
What to hide??
She has swimming competition
She has been practicing for
the past six months.
Why are you so silent boss?
Boss is hallucinating again..
Ten days, Agreement, Hiding My daughter
This is not important..
He broke in to my house and
warned me with a knife
He proposed my daughter in front of me...
I Love You...
He made me sign the agreement
infront of everyone.
If he should die infront of me...
My daughter should fall in love with him.
He Says its Revenge, then he Says
"my daughter should fall in love with him"
It's hard to understand boss..
My daughter's Love is his death.
Even God can't save him.
The problem with the project is..
There is a lake in between the land.
If we can build our apartment
without destroying the lake
We will get this project.
What is the problem in
removing that lake..
Government should give permission..
Even if government gives permission..
I won't accept.
Environment is more important
than development.
Then where will you construct
the building...
Above this we can build two
floors like a circle.
The lake area will get covered.
Celebrities will queue up
for the Lake-View.
You cleared this problem.
Then what about Kaumudi..?
Bro, basically girls are of three types.
One... Half-Saree batch.
We can see them in villages...
Like our Kaumudi...
All we have to do is
Pick them in your bike..
Then take her to a matniee show..
Followed by a good chaat..
And then at the end of the day
if we propose her.. our job is done
Move aside... move.
Hey, come on...
Dude, she is not Paani-Poori batch...
Seems to be like whiskey batch.
I'm sure she's here with
some plan to kill us..
If they are with a plan,
Lets execute ours...
Say three...
Oh God!
Run away.
Don't give up...
You came to Nizamabad, and
you kept knife on my father's throat
then proposed me,
you shown your total guts in my house
But why are you hiding behind
the doors here??
I haven't seen this angle in you before.
Did you think that i'm daddy's
little princess kind of girl??
Just Pick them in your bike..
Then take her to a matniee
show.. Followed by a good chaat..
Do you think i will fall for you??
Even if i think, Will you come with
our batch to kill us?
She didn't call us...
We came by ourself since
its a fight with a guy..
How much ever you try..
I'm not going to fall for you...
You are just saying that.. But if we try
hard any girl should fall for a guy..
In that case.. I will fall for this idiot
And this idiot too..
Even this idiot..
But surely not for you...
but i like your confidence about conveincing
me to love you in 10 days
keep your full focus on me..
You said that you will try hard..
Try your luck..
All the best buddy...
She said that you guys are idiots.
She also said that she will fall for us
Everybody has their own trails.
Why did you bring to the mall, Sir??
Are we going to watch a movie?
Yes to watch movie.. not in the hall..
But here in the mall.
Here comes our heroine...
Now see my direction...
Film song
Hello Sir...
Seenu, what are you doing?
Listening Chaganti Koteswara Rao Sir's
and eating curd rice.
This why Jaypal Reddy likes him so much...
I have got some work with you..
Please come to AMB Mall..
Let's have a chat over a coffee..
You cuties... Why you are here?
What a co-incidence
Are you here to have a coffee??
Are you here to wash our cups??
So do you want to joint US?
Pandu has started...
-Seenu has continued...
And the result is going to be in our favor.
Greetings Sir...
What you are guys doing here...?
Sir, Even we are trying to
help him like you for their marriage.
To help them with the marriage..
Bride groom should be there..
Yes Sir.
These is no use in you guys being here.
Get lost...
Street Beggars.
Listen to me girl...
Your father is hoping so much
about your marriage
But you are here drinking coffee
without any tension..
I don't care about what you do..
But you have to make him fall for you...
Oh no!
Wht did she slapped me like that.
She is afraid about losing the boy
Hello, uncle... I'm in the mall
Where are you?
I reserved Table No.3 for
us in coffee shop.
You go sit there
I will be there in 10 min..
Oh! Okay.
If this guy becomes Jaypal Reddy's
Son-in-law, we can use him some day.
Come... Come... Come...
What is this, Darling??
Black Coffee..?
No need to be on diet to
maintain your body.
I'm ready to accept you as you are..
So be happy.
Who is writing dialogues for you??
Own writing.
Are you here with any plan?
You are just lying..
definitely you will be here with a plan.
No planning.
You said anyone will fall if
ou try hard, right??
Where is your hard work??
Where is your hard work..?
Where is your hard work..?
Where is your hard work..?
Where is your hard work..?
Oh...! so, is this your set-up??
Nice opening, Start with the action scenes
without any delay.
Now, He will ask them "Who are you??"
Who are you?
Didn't i say you?? All this is a set-up..
You are Superb.
Really, I have no idea about
who they are..
You are really superb..
One second.
Why are you here...?
-Just to support you
Why are you guys fighting without me..
You guys came for me, Right??
You Insane...
Hey, come on.
Miss. Reddy, Why don't you react
when he is about to attack you with an axe
Why so much build-up for this dummy axe..
Now tell me... Is this a dummy axe?
Oh! then the table is dummy?
Do you think i will fall for
you if you touch me..
Stop the fight tricks and use your brain.
Let's go.
Who are these guys??
Who else?
It would be her father's people..
If it's her father's set up.. Why did they
attack her instead of me..
Yes you are right!
If Kaumudi thinks that its your setup
to stage an action scene like this
She will hate you for this..
that's Jaypal Reddy's Plan.
Actually, what is his planning?
His Plan is more confusing
than my character.
Leave all these..
If you have to light love in her heart,
You have to find the right switch..
How to find the switch??
Did seenu see me??
How are you?
Vasu, Why were you pretending like
you didn't see me?
Nothing like that Seenu.
By the way,
you were suppose to be in U.S, Right??
I'm Going by next month.
I'm here for the VISA procedure..
Where are you staying then??
Nearby Hotel.
What? Staying in Hotel?
When I have a house in Hyderabad,
You are staying in hotel??
Hotel is comfortable for me Seenu..
I'm going to beat you like hell..
There is nobody else to call
Can we come-in...
Your son brought your daughter-in-law.
Do you want me to take Harathi??
You keep quiet.
My Mother... Mahalakshmi
Hello Aunty.
She's Just like me..
Since She looks like an Angel. Every one in
college used to call her Indraja.
He is my father, He's a famous builder.
Hello, Uncle.
She is Rathalu
Our house maid.
She is here since my childhood
She is also my family member.
Oh god.. She's even greeting a maid..
Wow! great culture.
I totally like her.
You still didn't tell us about the girl?
She's your friend right??
More than that...
She is Vasundhara.
B.Tech, CBIT, Hyderabad
She has some work in U.S. Consulate.
Why to live alone in hotel?
I forced her to come home..
My son does some good things like this
once in a blue moon.
Why are you taking it there?
To drop her luggage in your room..
Why are you keeping her luggage in my room.
Keep that in Guest room..
Guest room??
I am here since my childhood.
Don't you think i have some responsibility.
If i have to keep it in guest room..
Keep it yourself.
Mom, She i doing too much
All because of you..
Hey.. Hey...
Why are you fighting with her.??
You can stay here as
many days as you want..
I'm Sure, She is your daughter-in-law
Fix it..
Is it?
Got it.
Hey, cutie...
Why did you give wrong signal
to seenu's friend??
Just to bring them on track..
On track??
Hi... cutie.
Me? Cutie??
Kaumudi, I have to tell you
one important thing.
Seenu has brought a girl to his house.
Is it?
Who is she cutie??
He is planning to use her to
switch love in you..
You be careful, Bye.
It's your responsibility to be
careful with him.
Who are you looking for??
Is seenu here??
Yes, he's the one..
If you are addressing him as son,
Then you should be his father.
Dear, who is this Girl?
You are calling him "dear",
I think you are Seenu's Mother.
Why did you come home??
Haven't you come to my house..
What are those switch and bulbs..
I said you to keep complete focus on me,
But you are focusing some one else..
you are planning to bring love
in me by making jealous
Why is she here?
I am not a lighter
I am very brighter.
Where is the switch?
Do you think i just drunk breezer??
No.. no... I had Beer..
She had some Ridge Gourd itseems...
Who is this Girl?
Mom.. She is...
You kept knife on my fathers neck
and you proposed in front of him...
When you have a
marvellous girl in our house
Why did you
propose this Ridge Gourd..
Who is she??
Looking gorgeous..
I am maid in this house..
House maid?
Then,? Why are you involvingi
n family stuffs??
I'll kill and bury you right here.
Madam, you be careful.
Your thought of making me feel jealous
using some other girl is not a good idea.
Think fresh.
Tell him to up-date.
-We will tell.
Cute Aunty...
Sweet uncle...
Give me your blessings.
What if the girl in our house comes to
know about this ridge gourd..
What if she knows?
What happened uncle??
Why do you look so tensed??
A rowdy girl created a big mess...
Not a Rowdy girl... Rowdy baby.
Rowdy Baby..?
I need to speak to you..
Please come out..
Who is that girl, Seenu?
Oh.. You are feeling shy??
By seeing what happened today,
I think you guys went too far,
Yes yes..
Yaa she came this far from her
village to hyderabad
After that no progress..
Smart girl..
She is calling.
Since the weather is cool,
Are you seeking your Switch's company.
What is this??
How did she come to know??
If you try to make me love you..
I will show you how my torture
is gonna be..
Try to make me love you??
Try to make me love you??
What is she saying...?
Asking me to make her love me...
Anybody will love you...
Then, give a try.
Seems like our girl slapped Seenu..
What are you saying?
You mean my daughter won't love him back??
What do you say?
No way Brother..
She's your daughter...
You idiot..
He ruined her father's pride,
She should love him back..
But he is smart.
He will get her in line.
He kept knife on my neck..
Surely he will make it.
Smart fellow.
Why are you washing your hands now??
We should wash our hands after eating
- But we still didn't eat anything..
That's because...
Washing before eating..
He managed very well.
Please have your lunch boss..
Boss.. Doctor has come..
Dr. Amaram, Psychiatrist.
Why do we need a Psychiatrist?
How long you are gonna cover this??
Open up Boss..
All of you go out
Go out...
Yes tell me...
What's your problem?
That's feeling as if problem is there,
Even thought it not...
feeling happened even though not happened.
Recently my elder daughter appeared
as if lighting lamps...
when I saw, nothing is there
Wether lamp is there?
Even it's not there.
Then, No doubt, problem is there.
Just days earlier, He's washing hand
as if he completed eating
while washing , there's nothing in hand
Hand Is There?
-Yes, Hand Is There.
Yes, HAND is there.
Then problem is there.
Since when is this problem ?
-Ever since the eldest daughter left ...
Then that shock may have damaged the
There is no treatment for this doctor?
Yes, It's there.
There are so many treatment
like Ayurvedam, Homeopathy,
Allopathy, Sethapthi,
Delhipathi, Carodpathi...
oil pulling, yogasana to surgery
to remove cerebellum, more than all these.
more than all these there is
One very simple self treatment...
What is that?
When you get ANGER, offensive,
pain like negative feelings...
You have to sit relax and sing songs.
Then, cerebellum gets cool and
blood circulation increases.
I have no such music sense.
Common sense is enough for this.
Start singing a song when you get angry.
But, language should be simple in the song
Music should be worthy.
Preferably Ilayaraja Melodies.
He's saying Melodies
You compress the frustration
With music immediately brain gets cooled.
Ok, See you.
If this treatment did'nt work?
-To you?
Bujjamma said to have laughed at Seenu.
You said she doesn't like
Just for LAUGH, She didn't fell
If we want to kill him...
Bujjamma must fall for him.
That's it.
Now tell me.
She should fall for him.
If we want to kill him...
Bujjamma must fall for him.
Yes! That's it.
She will fell once for all.
You are a good-hearted one...
If Seenu falls in Love...
There is no excitement if
wake-up early morning.
Mummy... Daddy...
Actually, what is happening in the house?
What happened?
Why did you screaming?
First, you should be blamed.
Constructing few Buildings
Showing Build-Ups huge
Then, that tucked shirt...
You can take care of the person,
who came to stay one month.
What happened now?
Who is responsible for her Tears?
Who is responsible?
Nothing Seenu
Just cutting onions.
Then, what are you doing?
I am cutting Vegetables.
If I just BEAYou are cutting Vegetables and
made her to cut ONIONS.
You can CUT those ONIONS.
Why you are making hot of
RUPTURE for a small matter?
Is it small matter?
If knife CUTS.
If Mixie shocks...
If CYLINDER blast?
Why you have gone to dangerous
place like Kitchen?
Is KITCHEN dangerous place?
Next time, KNIFE will be seen in her hand,
that will be POKED in your body.
I am BIG BOSS in this house.
I will eliminate you immediately,
if your behavior is not good with Vasu.
After that, if NANI comes or NAGARJUNA
TELLS If NTR comes to HOME
Will all those HEROES will really
come to our house?
Will Come...
Even Chiranjeevi SIR also will
come for you.
We can't ask him anything.
You are not telling at all.
How should we treat you?
Whether we have treat her
come and go GUEST...
Like Daughter-In-Law.
When an Architect meeting was held
in Mumbai six months ago ...
Seenu's project was appreciated
by everyone
Seenu's project got selected
Only then I got to know that
Seenu is in love with me.
Don't you remember??
I'm in love with other person
The first feeling when I saw you
Those memories...
Spoken words
Sweet talks and everything is trash right ?
The feeling that you got on me,
I got on another person
That's why it's magic
But for me, its tragic
The feel I felt
after seeing you in Bus, Cricket Ball
It's my mistake
Pity, he got hurt
Might be, he will not talk to me.
Yes, following,
but my love will not be
different Whether
you love or not loving.
There is no failure to my Love.
Tomorrow, I am going to Dubai with
my fiancee for business work.
From there to US.
Marriage also will be there only
You should come compulsorily.
Whenever you need call me.
Because you are my first and best Love.
Will you beat just for touching
even though a Lover.
she is not my lover
Our lover means besides us.
No problem
If it's first love
Will be far away.
If any problem to her...
pain will be here
He has not changed even though
not Loved in Return.
His Love on me has not changed.
I know only love
He knows what is True love
Now, I got clarity.
That drunk girl is the Daughter-in-law
of our family.
Is it?
Not possible...
Sir, there are national
qualifiers in two days.
There is no coach till now.
How do you expect us to perform?
we appointed a New coach for all of you.
Actually, if he accepted
to coaching you...
It's confirmed that you
guys get the gold medal.
Where is he?
Sir has come.
How is it?
He knew only to beat and doesn't
know swimming
What are you talking?
All are the same category in Swimming.
He seems to have got more payment.
Are you playing drama?
How can you be coach?
I am the coach.
I gave training to Sindhu, Saina
even to Pullela Gopichand.
They are in badminton?
To become top in badminton,
You should be fit in swimming
You don't even know this ?
Whatever is the game coach is same.
Anybody will tell how to play game.
It's important to tell how to win.
Then show us a demo in swimming
No... No... No...
If I have to climb, it should
be height of Everest...
To jump, it should be
Minimum like Pacific.
To say in poetically...
To enter in to your pool,
It should be as width as my heart.
It should be as depth as my love.
Is it there in your pool..?
I mean... Your pool.
In this Pool.
That's what coach means.
He trained fish to swim in sea.
Is it hard him teach to girls..?
Just two minutes...
Be underwater by stopping respiration.
Then, I will accept as coach.
Not Two Minutes...
Will be in water for five minutes.
Will you love me?
If you are there
for five minutes
You won't come up...
directly you will go up.
Keep aside all that...
Do you love me?
Think of it.
That's enough.
I will jump.
Managed nicely with Words.
How to do this water...?
Actually, I don't know swimming.
Goddess Poleramma...
Is it your first time in underwater?
You get into underwater and
came out immediately.
Just played comedy
Now you see...
I won't come out for Five Minutes
For your Love.
Lets see..
Already completed 30 seconds.
One minute.
Two minutes.
I think he'll die, let's go.
Without completing two minutes
Why you brought me up?
If it is Ten more seconds...
Your Corpse would have floated.
Got afraid?
While doing meditation in underwater...
Why you disturbed me?
I will jump again for your love.
I will jump...
Are you Mad?
You will die.
Oh, Kaumudi...
Your love will not allow me to die.
This smile is enough... I'll make a word is
"My Son in law is great" with your Dad.
Jaipal Reddy's daughter fall
me into love, Sir.
Then, she achieved.
Wait... wait...
If we say the matter to Jaipal Reddy
He will jump with joy.
You should do what I say?
-Okay, Sir.
Boss... Dcp Sir phone.
Reddy Sir,
You have one Good News.
Like you, you daughter also so stubborn.
At last, she trapped Seenu in love.
Come here.
come... come... come.
What a location?
Like you and your smile...
It's so beautiful.
When someone said love is magic
I have not believed it.
For the first time after seeing you...
I understood the magic in love.
From that moment onwards
I felt all the life is yours.
Just in flow, I said I will fall you
in love in Fifteen days...
I will wait for you
and for your love
no matter how many
months or years, Kaumudi.
Now I am totally believing love is magic
When I saw you first time,
I thought that you are just arrogant.
When I begin to travel with you
I used to like your qualities.
Your leapfrog.
Your stubbornness...
Your commitment.
My smartness... My cuteness
Have you like my entire qualities.
Then, why delay?
Please say those magical three words.
There is lot of romance to do after
saying those three magical words.
Number of hugs
Number of kisses...
I am not loving you.
You are teasing me?
No... Seenu.
In your point of view Love is magic.
As far as I understood,
love is tragic.
it's just pain.
I don't love you.
Just leave it.
Just leave it...?
Why did you saved me that day jumping
into the pool emotionally..?
Why did you felt and hit me
saying 'You will die'?
What we will say of it?
That's Humanity.
Oh! Humanity.
I am liking you only.
There is lot of difference between
Liking and Love.
Liking is different... Love is different.
It seem NEW.
Tell me... If anything new.
Argument is waste of time now...
I don't love you.
I just told I don't love you.
Kaumudi... Don't try to hide Love
in your eyes with tears.
Those tears can be stopped from here
But they are coming here.
You can't stop.
Your heart beat told me, When you hugged...
How much you are loving me.
Your heartbeat is not in
your control, Kaumudi.
When someone trying to kill me with knife.
Why did you come?
I don't know definition about love
more than this, Kaumudi.
You're not understanding that...
Or not accepting, even
though, you understood.
Can't you understand... when said once?
I didn't love you.
I didn't love you... I didn't love you.
Bloody hell.
Why need to wait after giving
so much of clarity?
Come... come.. come on...
Who ever tries, they can't distance
you from me.
My mind has gone, due
to does not tally the love
you show in your eyes
and the lie you speak.
First you answer me and then go.
Shut up.
Stop bickering.
What answer we should give?
I'll give my daughter to the destitute.
Will give to poor fellow.
But, how I will give my daughter
to Transience like you..?
Can't you understand..?
Death is striding behind you?
Do you know the name of death behind you?
If you go opposite to that Gaja...
knife will poke into your heart.
If you run away frightened
knife will poke into your spinal cord.
You'll be dead that's confirm
He is Seenu.
All our people are in hospital with wounds
for the beating of Seenu.
Lawyer Sir said,
he will bring you out on bail tomorrow.
Hello Sir...
My God!
Who are you Sir?
Having seen me, trembling by
catching the bars...
We have no contact on WhatsApp
Never quarrelled on TWITTER...
Have not seen face to face on facebook
Why so much revenge on me?
When ever I wish to kill someone,
you are coming on the way and saved.
That's why I told to kill you.
Your death is confirm.
Just for information BRO...
Whom, you want to kill
to whom, I came on the way.
When I have sent people to kill Kaumudi
you have beaten them.
It's your first mistake.
That mean, you are responsible
to that mall fight
Thanks for the clarity
Then, BRO...
Even before enquiry about you...
That Jaipal Reddy came to me...
To have hand on my daughter...
you have cross our gang you
should by pass my eye-lids.
you may cross our gang...
may by pass by sight.
but, my son-in-law...
The man, LOVED by my daughter.
The man who has beaten your people in mall.
Do you know what his person is...?
He is a great hunter
like he can use the
rat as bait to hunt
the Tiger in the forest.
Even you touch my daughter,
He will kill and bury you.
He is your death
Do you know the name of that death
My Son in law, Seenu.
You will put fitting us by using
same dialogue with both.
Then, I should change the Screenplay.
Bro, as the girl is in danger...
I saved her.
Will you kill me just for that..?
Actually, why you want to kill, Kaumudi?
Twenty years back, Jaipal
Reddy took away my sister
forcibly and married while
my sister's marriage is going on
Stop, Boss.
He became responsible for
my father's death while he obstructed.
when I'm Unable to digest father's death
my sister killed herself with knife.
While I was trying to kill Jaipal Reddy
with that anger...
What happened?
They died and gone up
Will you kill him and go to jail..?
With that revenge on him only
I raised to this level.
Real estate king... GAJA.
Done lot of settlements, land GRABBING
Got signatures of Benami of Jaipal Reddy .
Trapped his elder daughter... Vasundhara.
Hey, stop it.
While Jaipal Reddy performing
marriage of Vasundhara Reddy.
Sister is not in upstairs.
Not there...?
Searched entire house
She is nowhere to be found.
Boss phone call from your elder Daughter.
-Vasu's LOVER...
I made your daughter to escape
from marriage hall.
With love
Gaja, what you are talking?
I have done this to teach
your father to show him
how I suffered having
seen my sister dead body.
I don't believe Gaja.
You are loving me.
Even I say myself
You are not believing means...
I can understand how much
love you are having on me.
My purpose is that.
You said I am your soul...
So, if I distant you should
give up your life, right?
Go and commit suicide.
The love on me took Vasu to death.
Jaipal Reddy has sent
me to Jail filling CASE,
showing reason that I am
responsible for Vasu's DEATH.
Vasundhara Reddy...
Daughter of Jaipal Reddy.
Sister of Kaumudi reddy.
What a co-incidence?
That means, it's the reason she
was keep on rejecting my love
The person, he felt of killing
Vasundhara was my ex-lover.
Thinking of killing Kaumudi is
my current lover.
Why this fellow is after my lovers?
So, you will kill my lover for
your revenge?
Let's see...
-Let's see.
Let's see...
I expected.
While having this much of
Background in Nizamabad.
What mater in Hyderabad...
Even that's having back-ground
Like only farms in villages...
Villas will be there in city
I just imagine.
He is Peechu Pala Kondaiah.
Fiber business...
Billion dollar business in AMERICA
His wife and his Son BANDAR PICHAY.
My father's name is Pichaya
He is from Bandar town...
If mix in corporate style
You stop.
Who asked you?
You got the habit of talking with out
asking and raising unnecessary things.
You are saying Indian match
Seems to be Italian Marble.
Said American match
Seems to have come from Africa.
Brought up in city
So no habit of saree.
No need Uncle.
I can imagine... How she will be in saree.
Our Boy has the habit of
getting euphoria there...
Assuming that when there is nothing...
he assumes it's there something.
This disease seems to be him also.
Let's get married within a week...
My Bujjamma should go AMERICA safely.
Till then, you should be here.
If Seenu comes, it may be problem, Boss.
I kept Seenu tied up with GAJA.
Before they settle themselves
Marriage will be over.
Seenu has come?
No ....
Gaja has come.
That means Gaja has killed Seenu.
Boss, Seenu has come.
Will they both kill us together?
They are very tall like our
New York buildings... who are they?
Now, the fight will start.
lace... lace untied.
You guys carry on.
Now, in front of you
I will kill your daughter.
I will see
Who will stop.
What is you nonsense..?
In which era you are.
Not to kill...
Marry her.
-Myself? Marriage?
But why you challenged me yesterday
like Hero?
That's why I've thought an entire night
like an audience.
Father with a KNIFE...
Sister, killed herself with knife...
In that content
The person I know,
If he is like you
How it will be..?
I felt like... like... like...
I felt how it will if at happens
to my friends.
That's why
Go and get married.
When elder daughter died
Cry for a week...
If second DIES,
Cry for another 10 days...
Happily marry second marriage and
have three children.
He give birth...
You will be killing.
Is it the life?
So that's why, our guy should marry her
and give children..?
Not possible.
To marry... not to have children.
Torture her after marriage.
Take those videos and send to her father.
Do mega episodes on Saturday and Sunday.
Set new trends in revenge
You are seeing this as 10 minutes
short film.
I am seeing this as 10 years daily serial.
She should die... you have to kill her.
You wait Uncle.
Do you love her...?
-Yes, I loved bro.
But, there is more intensity
in your revenge than my love.
That's why I sacrificed my love.
For whom?
For our sister.
Our sister?
Damn! What are those male hug?
What's happening?
Who is he?
Lover of Bujjamma.
Sister's lover.
Being an elder sister lover...
Why is he marrying her sister?
To take revenge on behalf of his sister.
Who is his sister?
Jaipal reddy's lover.
Who is he?
Uncle, you have the love story?
I have so much of confusion
-What's this?
I could not understand...
What can I tell you?
Go and sit there.
Sorry guys... Just confused.
Please you guys...Carry on.
The violence of Gaja.
Shoot begin shortly.
He is my best friend.
Bye bro... bye.
When some fellow is taking away the girl
Then why should we be here?
Will you shut up?
Have you seen your face?
Dumb face.
You see mother's face...
Shit face
And the result is this face.
At least in next generation
If I marry a glamorous girl like her...
Next generation will be very colorful.
Just imagine.
If he will do anything that girl?
No problem
He looks fair...
Are you having shyness?
uncle.. me?
By having my girl,
What you are asking him to marry.
She has not loved me.
You denied to marry her to me.
Now, I am third party.
You know...?
You should bring my kid from there
tell me what you want?
How much, you will give?
I will give you this villa
I'll write fields in the village.
No... no.
I'll give you half-of-my property.
No... no.
I will give my daughter for marriage.
But, you told me to give to me.
Expected, I just imagine.
This is... this is what clarity I want.
Gaja Seenu is coming.
Bro, Seenu has come.
Uncle... friend has come
arrange the Party.
Hi, Uncle.
As uncle said, if I killed Kaumudi...
It's the end.
I would have lost all this FUN.
See, how much happy I am...
thinking of torturing her after marriage.
You escalated revenge in me.
you brought big change to Me
Love you Seenu.
Have you seen?
Sister smiles in the photo.
Photo laughing..!?
Your madness got peak.
Yes, She is laughing...
Bro, I don't know
What you will do..?
You should conduct my marriage with your
I have no time Bro.
My marriage is also fixed.
Who is that lucky girl?
The girl you know, BRO.
Is it? Who?
My Mind...
What is this after giving idea to take her?
Then, her father rejected to give to me
That's why Bro...
I asked you to marry.
Now, he gave me offer to give daughter.
Since I love her first
As per Seniority quota...
She is mine... Is it not bro.
That's why... I will marry her.
Are you playing jokes?
If say casually, this is problem
They think.. Its comedy.
No one believing unless said
in base voice...
Kaumudi is mine.
BRO.. we have one philosophy.
We should not beat first punch...
If hit...
There should not any necessity
for second one
Stop... Seenu.
Hold it.
Hold it.
Hold it.
It's as easy as ringing temple bell to take
the girl after beating your entire gang.
But, I will not take.
Why because, my friendship is genuine .
If you feel genuinely in the same way
You yourself will hand-over Kaumudi to me.
Do you know, how much I am
feeling your friendship..?
Why because, you are the great lover
than any other in the society.
The one who loves Sister like you...
He can love anyone.
Still you feel as Villain
with just four people around you
But there is a hero in you.
You are like Shahrukh Khan in the
Baazigar film.
Within one week, you should understand
friend in me and should hand over Kaumudi.
If I don't connect to you
you marry Kaumudi.
You should be happy, Brother.
Be happy.
You are like Shahrukh Khan in
the Baazigar film.
The sincerity in his eyes confidence
in words...
And his capability...
He is not a... Ordinary Man
You foolish.
What's mean is keeping the
girl in my hands...?
Yes, since how much he believed me
to keep the girl in my hand.
Its meaning you can't do anything her.
The confidence that you don't do anything.
That's it.
That's it.
Whether we have to keep that
confidence or not?
Do you remember, what he said?
He said, I have a hero in me.
You guys ever said like that?
He will say hundred things to corner you.
Do you believe everything.
I have seen some shadow.
Might be Seenu.
My god!
If you doubt him... it's insults me.
He is my Inner Soul.
He is saying Inner Soul.
Unless I hand-over with my hand...
he will not take Kaumudi.
Come, we will go.
You gave one week time, And told that
you won't take unless he given.
Don't you stand on word.
Tells 100 things in emotion.
Will anyone stands on word? stands on legs
Come...We will go.
Where is my Cell?
Come Out.
I thought of committing suicide
because Gaja cheated on me.
Unexpectedly some people saved me there.
But, Dad and Gaja felt that I am dead.
When I thought of going far away from
everybody to the US...
Seenu brought me to his house.
After meeting Gaja in jail...
I spoke to your Sister.
Are you still loving GAJA...?
He cheated on you, Vasu
I thought Love is Magic.
I learned from you that
even though the girl you loved rejected...
you continue to Love.
The anger of Gaja on my father
distanced the love on me.
That's why...
I wait for his love.
How many days you will wait.
-I wait Life long.
My heart knows how much GAJA loves me.
I understand his
humanity the very first time
I saw him When he saved
an accident-prone kid.
Sorry Seenu.
I lost respect on love because of
what happened to my sister.
That's why even though I loved you,
I lied that I have no love on you.
But Sister, How do you know Seenu?
Hey, Do you remember... in childhood
Adithya school, Cricket ball, Sweets
Oh My god!
- Wait wait
While leaving school, in childhood ...
What did you say?
For that Seenu's face
not only My sister...
No girl will fall.
Since I have to fall,
I might have said that.
First, we should change
conscious of Gaja...
He should bend his head
and in my ex-lover...
-No... no...
And should make him tie the
marital-thread to your sister's neck.
Later persuade your father
and we will also...
get married.
Sister, can you please turn?
I can't wait anymore.
Brother... Kaumudi is not seen.
Not visible.
Have you seen?
You brought her.
She fled.
If you killed her that day...
Then our revenge would be fulfilled.
All my sacrifice has gone of 20 years
for you and for your revenge.
You wait Uncle.
Have you searched everywhere?
Yes, Brother... even in bathroom.
Why you have seen in the bathroom?
If she is inside?
How can I know
If I don't see.
That Seenu left that girl believing in me.
What I have to tell him..?
Tell sorry.
Sir... I doubt whether Seenu himself
taken away that girl...
What are you talking?
-Oh no...
If you doubt that Seenu...
It's you are doubting my judgement.
How many times I should say?
I have doubt only on that Jaipal Reddy.
Go and search in his house.
Let's go.
Seenu should not know that
the girl is missing.
If he knows... then I lose my credibility.
Oh! Okay?
Okay, brother.
Come on guys.
That's what the Matter is.
You are Amitabh Bachchan in Sholay movie
and he is Dharmendra...
For your stupid friendship
will he leave Kaumudi?
Not stupid...
Best friend
When he understand the depth of
my friendship He will leave Kaumudi.
Still, he could not understand that...
What I have to do till then?
Imagine that your daughter
is in your house.
That, you need not tell.
Already our Sir is having that disease.
Hey, Kaumudi.
Where is Kaumudi?
What? You can't see?
She is so lovely in saree.
Lovely... Lovely...
Where is she?
He grab the weakness of Boss.
He will certainly become Son-In-Law.
We will have future if we follow him.
You look so sexy in a saree.
Today you look more beautiful.
What's that getting zigzag?
While tickling don't do that much?
He is just imagining.
Just wait...
I will look after you.
You stop.
What are you doing?
When someone gives us a kiss
Giving them back again ...
It's a culture Uncle.
Ask him to stop.
Leave Boss, it's just Imagination.
Not Imagination... it's my daughter.
Stop it.
Wow! What a mega moment.
But, why started song suddenly?
Yes, feel like enjoyed.
As doctor asked to sing.
When problem is there...
Doctor ask to use medicines.
What is this song treatment?
Nasty disease...
Won't go unless sings.
It's not Contagious disease, right?
No.. no.
Oh God!
Since my love has thickness
Kaumudi is visible to me.
Your love is not like mine
So hasn't visible for you.
To have thickness,
Is it coffee or tea.
You, see there Kaumudi is there.
You started Drama to prove
your Love as Thick.
Am I playing drama?
Kaumudi is there.
Hey can you see her?
Hey you guys can see her?
Couldn't see her
To see her do you guys have affection
on her or you gave birth to her?
Are you fine?
I'm scared of Gaja, Daddy.
Even i have the same tension
Anyhow you came to my imagination
but don't go to Seenu's imagination
He is Nasty fellow.
Alright Daddy.
Uncle, get imagination then ok,
why she is visible to me?
When she is visible to her
father, who gave birth...
Won't she appear to a person
whom she's going to be marry?
It's true.
Okay, Just come aside.
Pitchay... They are trying to
make you as mad.
She is visible to me.
What do you said?
She is visible
Is she visible?
You Pervert.
Is she visible now?
She is feeling Shy.
You should feel ashamed.
When I'm in 5th class...
then neighbour Aunty came for sugar...
What you done?
What I done?
Sent her by giving sugar.
When sugar is in the kitchen...
What work do you are have
in bedroom..?
Both of you in same blanket...
Why should you give
sugar in bedroom dear?
Can you see now?
No... she doesn't visible.
Except your mother I
couldn't see no one
Because of that only father is felt
inferior by son.
The relation between father and ...
What for us.
She won't visible to you...
It seems like Bujjamma
came as real.
It's only imagination...
So, she will come again.
Will she come again?
Weather is good right?
We both go for a long drive.
See you uncle
This is Son-in-law Imagination.
What about me?
You too imagine, bro.
I'm master in imagination... you know?
Just imagine.
That fellow Kidnapped you and
saying it's a Revenge.
This fellow dropped you and
says it's a friendship.
If ask him. He say us to Imagine.
I wonder what's this nonsense.
-Tell me.
Kaumudi is not here.
Is it?
Can we search
in Seenu's house?
If you have doubt on Seenu...
-Then it's a shame for you.
I know Brother.
Why I want to go...
Not to doubt that Kaumudi
is in Seenu's house.
It's only for confirmation.
Then... OK.
That's it.. If you say the matter
in a different way.
He will get convinced.
Fickle fellow
-Let's go.
Hello Seenu...
I'm Karri (Black).
-Karri... Tell me.
Nothing, just passing your residence
Can we meet?
I'm in outside.
Ok, I will come, when you are
at your home.
So sweet... So handsome...
Get in...
Who are you?
I'm the director.
Bloody, servant.
Where is she?
Who are you guys?
Who gave you the permission?
We don't need permission...
we will adjust.
Thank you.
Who is this beauty?
What happened to you?
She is our maid.
Will any Human will call
this beauty as Maid.
While I was searching for
this generation SRIDEVI...
Is she locked In this house
wiping with wet Cloth.
People who should
become Stars are becoming
maids. and maids
are becoming Stars.
As a creator...
I like you.
Come on...
You said that you went outside.
You said, you will come when I'm here
By the by... What is all this Setup?
Producing web series with tittle
where is the GIRL? For NETFLIX
Is it?
Where is the GIRL?
That's what...
We are making a web series named
Where is The Girl?
That is what I'm asking
Brother, he is asking is regarding
Where is Kaumudi
Kaumudi? She is already in the house.
I feel, that you guys
came with a plan
Nothing like that... Because of
shooting, came with MAKE-UP.
All of you lease be in the same
position Just one Minute...
Why? Seenu ringing me?
Brother... are you in the house?
Yes, where will be...
I'm in the house only.
Then, Kaumudi...?
-Kaumudi is also with ME
Do you want to speak?
Not necessary...
I have that much of belief on you.
No Problem
Love You Brother.
Have you seen?
How I Covered well.
Once you covering means you
must cover like a Taliban ladies
Hasn't covered totally?
You covered only some parts...
Like item song girl in Bollywood movies.
Then, what about Brother?
He is like Sunny Leone...
He doesn't know how to cover mistakes.
That means, we are far better than him.
Thanks Seenu.
Its time for rehearsal...
Can we go?
Mummy and Daddy cooperated
well for shooting.
But, servant maid disturbed a lot.
I will divert your concentration to
others on Kaumudi.
I miss you VASU.
But what can we do?
More than your love
My sister's revenge is important.
Anwar... Subbu...
Where are you?
Inverter is not getting ON.
Inverter is under repair, brother.
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa...
Son-in-law has fear of
Ghosts and Dark.
That's why, he will remember
songs of God When power goes.
Who is that?
Myself GAJA.
Can't you recognise my voice..?
VA... VASU...?
Yes, myself GAJA.
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa...
Are you scared brother?
Brother, that voice...
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa...
Why are you making
'Bhajan' at this time?
Is the entire batch going to Sabarimala?
It's enough, if we don't go to Grave yard.
What's all seems to be in the Tension?
Where is Kaumudi?
Seenu... Seenu...
- Kaumudi...?
Seenu... that is ...
That's Seenu...
Where Kaumudi is...
Why have you beaten Seenu?
Already mind blocked because of Ghost.
What will we do now when he
keep on asking about Kaumudi
All of you together...
All of you together...
Why you have beaten me?
You were already DEAD...
Why you came again?
Soul will go if we died.
Where Will the Love Go?
That love which brought me here.
For all BIRTHS,
I posses full right on GAJA.
Any doubts?
What else doubt will be there
Solo ownership on brother is yours.
Then, won't you say
that it's wrong?
When your brother brings
another girl to the house.
You Won't you say It's wrong or not?
You Won't you say It's wrong or not?
If another girl came to this house,
all of you will get death.
Already, my brother is near to death.
Came to the house
after so long time...
no hospitality?
Would you like to drink coffee or tea ..?
Do you think, I'm guest to
have coffee or tea.
Ghost rider.
Should I arrange to bring a chilled blood
bottle from Chiranjeevi Sir's Blood bank?
How dare you to play comedy with Ghost?
While everyone is smashed by me
Where are you moving silently?
If injustice is happening to
this sister in law.
We told him not to bring another girl
while you were here.
But, brother hasn't listen to me.
That's why we have sent her back.
Oh! Have you sent her?
Why my head is so Rigid
Had anyone Beaten Me?
Seenu has come.
Why we want to beat you seenu?
What's our benefit?
Who tied it to me?
Don't worry... Kaumudi is safe.
Is Kaumudi is safe?
Had I asked you?
Why are you telling me.
I have doubt.
I had some doubt...
We have no doubt Seenu
We are in clarity.
Oh, my Girl!
How dare you cheat on me,
She is in the upstairs and said
that she went out from here..?
Look Gaja how these guys making
fun of me.
Why you are looking like that
when I'm weeping?
Take me and console.
Brother, Console Her...
I know GAJA... That how much
you love me.
When I'm kissing,
Why you are Denying ?
Accept it Brother...
Bye, Gaja.
Your DRESS is no nice.
Your SMILE is so CUTE.
You always SAY about my SMILE.
His Madness has increased so much.
PITCHAI... With whom you are talking?
Are you not having common
sense When Son and
daughter-in-law are
personally talking each other.
What daughter-in-law?
I can't see her.
Where is she?
Why are you sitting in her lap?
Sorry baby.
My father in little nasty fellow...
He behaves cheaply.
Hope, you have not hurt deeply get up.
This... have little more.
Daddy enough.
Have little more
Enough Daddy-got full.
Ok take rest.
-OK bye.
Stop right there..
-What happened uncle?
If bujjamma is an imagination, how
did the pudding reduced from the bowl?
Actually, there was no pudding in it.
It was your imagination...
Your imaginary daughter came
and ate your imaginary pudding uncle.
All this is an illusion..
The pub is very nice.
You enjoyed a lot.
lets play game.. In pin safety
pin.. In pin out...
Oh God! made for each other.
If pudding was my imagination,
how did I taste it?
Hai uncle how are you?
What is the breakfast?
Just now you went this way?
When did I went? Just now I came.
Silly fellow.
Hey you, stop there,
I have one more doubt.
Boring idly.
If pudding is my imagination,
how come I can taste it?
If you can taste a non-existent pudding,
may be you are also an imagination.
Just think.
I'm going crazy now..
How am I an imagination?
Oh doctor..
- Is Boss is alright?
Not at all.. No matter how
many songs we sing,
our vocal chords have worn out but
he isn't getting any better..
If he isn't responding to
this treatment then surely
he would become out of
control like the other patient.
Who is that patient?
I'll send the photo.. See that..
Send it fast.
Kiss me here..
it's just awesome...
Is he 10 years ahead of Boss?
Where are you taking
my daughter?
Hey stop man... hey stop...
What are you doing inside?
Open the door.
Hey, open...
You also came into my imagination?
How are you dear?
After death, I'm quite peaceful, daddy.
Look at that Seenu, instead of staying
with his own imagination...
he's disturbing my imaginaton
by locking the door
You please wait daddy..
I'll look into it.
Don't you worry.. We have two full
bottles brought from the US.
Who is this girl in pink saree?
Boss's elder daughter...
Never seen them before..
Do they live in states?
She live in cemetery.
She died six months ago..
Rest in Peace.
Hey, it's you? Come on.. Come on..
If you stay here, he will drag
you in as well.. Come on baby.
You Crazy..
-Open the Door...
where did you all went?
(Singing song)
Sing Boss.. You'll get cured.
Do you want me sing? When my
both daughters are inside with him.
What happened uncle...
You are looking for someone?
Don't you have any shame..
Being in love with the younger one,
you are romancing my elder daughter?
What... Romancing...
You mean romance with vasu?
That means you are imagining that
I'm being romantic with Vasu as well?
Orelse do you think that Vasu will
dance with me. When she is no more
Anyhow, how are getting such
naughty thoughts in this age uncle?
If you imagine me and komudhi
romancing.. It makes sense..
But me and vasu... how can you uncle..
How can you.. how can you..?
When Seenu is in love with me,
how can you imagine him with vasu..?
I'm hurt.. I'm very hurt.
Dear dear dear... Bujji dear...
please dear...
It's not like that dear.
I came to meet you but
you imagining bad about me.
I'm deeply hurt daddy.. I'm deeply hurt.
Today my dream came
true because of you uncle...
Which i dreamed from
9th grade
Now, I'm very happy you know..
Do you know Casu earlier?
She is my ex lover.
Then Bujjamma...?
She is my current lover.
That means, I have gave birth to
my daughters to supply lovers to you?
I don't know uncle..
You should know it.
Never seen the boss being so dull.
[Telugu Song playing in Background]
See that frustration, If there is no
relaxation this is what will happen?
That's why while she was leaving in
share auto from Suryapet centre,
I diverted
the auto and brought her here..
Whom you brought?
Charming Chamanthi.
Bla... blast it...
Vasundhara gave re-entry beacuse
another woman entered here.
Then why did you bring this chamanthi?
That's why I brought her to the
guest house instead of home.
Don't laugh like that uncle...
I'm scared.
You can happily enjoy with this
chamanthi that he brought.
Because I have brought a
solution for Vasundhara.
Solution? What Solution?
A very prominent exorcist from Orissa.
Demons and Ghosts are scared of him.
If he sees vasundara one,
Her chapter is closed
What is the name of the spirit?
It's Vasundhara
when she was alive,
Not known whether changed
after her death.
Just answer to my questions...
If I find you overacting...
I'll go...
He seems like a rotten Aghora,
who is this tall fellow?
-Hey you.. Respect...
Otherwise I'll go...
Guruji, please control your anger and
please send that ghost out of the house.
you start making Rangoli'.
Who? Me?
-Yes you..
You are the one who trapped
the girl and killed her.
The spirit has targeted you,
that's why you have to do it.
Chanda... Can't you listen..?
What is this?
The tree is shaking guruji.
That is not a tree.
it is chanda.. Call her over here...
What happened?
(Singing a song)
(singing the same song)
diots, not to me, sing it to her.
Come.. Enter the ash...
You said it is female..
But a male arrived?
The female is inside that male.
Is it then male or female?
Don't be confused,
the spirit is within him.
You mean transgender?
Some gender...
Chase it away soon.
I'll drag out the female
inside this male,
put it in the lemon, seal it in the bottle
and bury it in the cemetery.
Then, as you wished the spirit will
be gone for good..
Gaja save me.
How come spirit is reacting
to my enchantments?
Did you arrange this?
I don't have enough money to buy
a cigarette, how will I arrange this?
He is not an ordinary performer
-Stage performer.
Luck has favoured us..
Hike our payment.
Hey Brahma Ji, come here.
Look about him.
It is a real spirit, listen to me...
Bring a better exorcist.
What is this uncle? Who is he?
Who are you?
I'll go...
What do you do?
I catch squirrels and flies for living..
-He is a squirrel catcher...
Hey Brahmaji... Everybody kicked me.
Sister-in-law, Tell me what you want
in order to stop this war?
I want chamanthi...
What will Vasundhara do with Chamanthi?
Let her do what she wants..
If we want to get rid of her, we have to
bring Charming Chamanthi.
Ghost can do anything.
Ghost can do anything.
After sister-in-law's torture,
having coconut water seems so relaxing.
Srinu and Komudhi went inside on a bike.
Seenu is caught red handed...
We caught that Seenu.
What are you searching for?
Few moments ago,
you went inside along with Koumudhi..
It means, Kaumudi is not in your house?
I trusted you and your friendship and
thought Kaumudi will be safe in your house,
What happened to my Kaumudi?
Hey, Kaumudi..
Hello Seenu...
My father has brought
me home from Gaja's
residence two days ago
and he has locked me up..
Please... Take me away.
Daddy please... Daddy please...
Jaipal reddy has taken away
Kaumudi two days ago itself.
What were you guys doing?
-What were you guys doing?
Yes, what were you guys
doing at that time?
Don't you worry Seenu...
I'll get her back.
I'll uphold your belief.
Come on.
All the best brother!
Earlier this morning,
Vasu brought Diabetes tablets...
and Bujjamma brought water.
For just an imagination he is
excited alot means?
What will be his state when
he know the truth?
Go, find and bring Kaumudi
Hey... hey...
where is my Kaumudi..?
What is this boss?
Everyone one is holding
your collar...
Hiding your daughter in your home,
you are playing games with us?
Search for her...
Move aside. Come on guys.
Bujjamma is inside?
Have they gone crazy?
You have gone crazy.
What are you doing here, Sister in law?
Out of father's love,
she does morning shift here...
and out of love on boss she does
night shift over there.
Sister- in- law is doing double shifts.
Will you have some biryani?
No need, anyways I'll have to get
beating from you in the night.
We will meet in the night Sister-in-law...
Good night.
Hey you...
You are searching in the wrong place,
come along with me to the upper floor.
Here you go.
Bujjamma, after kidnaping you,
he is here searching for you.
This waste fellow is
supposedly Seenu's friend.
Without knowing, to whom I'm talking with,
this guy must be going bonkers.
Look how he is standing like
a Buddha statue near the tank bund.
But has got no brains.
I don't understand how your
sister loved this idiot.
Bring her here..
You took my daughter first, now you are
taking away my imagination as well?
Let him take her uncle.
Kaumudi is anyways with me.
I'll share her with you.
Look, this apple has also
been eaten by her...
This guy seems double the crazy
than our Boss..
This is not the right place.
Tell this Boss the difference between
imagination and reality.
Bujjamma.. Bujjamma...
They are taking away our
Bujjamma, Boss sir.
It's just an imagination.
She'll come back.
How will she come if
she's been taken away..
Bujjamma is visible to you?
Bujjamma is visible to you?
Actually, the thing is...
Because of that Seenu, I
lied to you that Bujjamma
is an imagination, when
she was actually here.
Hi uncle...
What happened to you?
Is everything okay?
You misused my weakness and
played games with me.
Daddy, leave him.
You are my imagination,
you don't know anything.
I'm not an imagination.
I'm reality.
Alive, standing in front of you,
your own Vasundhara.
The reason behind me being alive today...
That is Seenu.
I was a brief acquaintance to him
when he was fourteen years old.
for that acquaintance,
he risked his love and life...
even though I rejected Seenu's love,
to make my love a triumph...
he has done so much, Daddy.
Seenu's love is unconditional,
without any calculations.
He just knows to shower his love without
expecting anything in return to that love.
By loving the enemy, you lost one daughter.
to avenge the enemy you got ready
to sacrifice another daughter.
You, who think eloping a girl from
her house is love...
would never understand
Seenu's love, Daddy.
I really don't understand.
The girl who rejected your love...
the man whose son is trying
to kill you, for them...
why did you do so much?
Fear stays with us for a second.
Anger stays for an hour.
Pain stays with us for a few days.
But.. Love stays with us
for a lifetime uncle.
Love is not an exam, to fail in it,
it is a responsibility uncle.
The responsibility of making
our loved ones happy.
It's a lifelong responsibility, uncle.
How tough life will be,
If we lose our loved ones
and we have to survive
with only their memories,
in order to make you understand that,
I did all this uncle.
Everyone agreed my decision due
to the fear on me.
Still I have found no one to
oppose my mistakes
Now i realized my mistakes.
But, I don't understand
how to correct this.
To accept one's mistake is as good
as rectifying it, Uncle.
Now, tell me what I should do...
I'll do whatever you say.
Get Vasu married to Gaja...
The only way to
correct your mistakes
I'll wash his legs and handover
my daughter to him.
But will he accept her?
It's my responsibility to convince Gaja.
Oh shit
There is no safety for imaginations
in this bloody house.
Someone came and
took away Uncle's imagination.
What is my state if some one else
comes and takes away my imagination.
I can't tolerate this.
I'm going with my family...
Along with my Imagination.
Oh, God! His madness increased.
You ... go and stand behind.
Let's go.
we sat down.
You drive.
After 10 years our Boss Sir
may also become like this.
The doctor told me the same thing.
Srinu ... come to me urgently.
Hold her.
Hold her, Brother.
I'm giving Kaumudi to you...
Take her away Brother.
You are getting hurry brother
Still, there is one day time.
Already, I made it late brother.
When Kaumudi called and said
that she is in Jaipal Reddy's custody...
If i was there then I might have
picked her from there.
But, you haven't done like that.
You told me.
That is...
You believe me so much.
This is what the belief I'm having on you.
But, as a friend, you should
do one favor to me.
Give me an order, Brother.
Because of Seenu's Magic
Gaja forgot our revenge.
You re-charge that revenge by
doing something.
What happened, BRO?
Vasundhara came as ghost and torturing me.
You mean Kaumudi's sister?
First of all, stop watching
those horror films, Bro.
You will get Set-Right
What I'm saying is true... Bro.
Ghost is coming in to you
and playing with me.
I'm unable to understand how
to get-rid-of that ghost.
Do you want to get rid-off me?
Till our marriage takes place...
I won't have peace of soul and
you won't have peace of mind.
How come human will have
marriage with Ghost?
If at all you get married...
It's with me only.
Will you go if I marry you?
I will go.
But, marriage should take
place traditionally.
Relatives should come
Meals should take place.
Music should sound and all are should take
place systematically and traditionally.
This is how we should get married, Gaja.
Only then my soul will rest in peace.
What happened, Bro?
Why are you getting tensed?
Va.... Va... Va... Vasu Came.
Be quite, BRO.
How Ghosts comes...
I don't Believe.
I will make you believe.
Do you believe at least now?
It's not you, who took Kaumudi
with you.
Vasu entered into you and
Kidnapped, Kaumudi.
Do you understand like that?
That means, Vasu really entered is to me.
Urgently, I have get tied with
sacred thread, I'm jumping from here.
Whatever you do... Vasu don't leave you.
For that, there is only one solution.
What's it?
My marriage should take place with Vasu.
How could you marry a ghost bro?
How it will be good? Even if the bride
comes late to her marriage.
Late means not coming late...
they already died.
What's this madness of having
marriage with Ghost?
What's not having madness...
Certainly mad.
If Sister-In-Law asks for First night...
What's the position?
That's what my tension also.
If you do family with Ghost
Ghost-Children will be born, Brother.
All of you keep the Blue-Tooth mode on.
Follow, what I say?
Everything is ready.
All are fully alert, Seenu.
Have you kept eye on everyone.
Not one... Kept four eyes.
Tell me, Seenu.
Marriage should take place without
the scope of any doubting.
Gaja and his gang should not know at
any cost that Vasundhara is not Ghost.
That Brahmaji heard
everything on Blue-Tooth.
May I go.
For this, your performance
is not enough.
He stubbornly tries to stop
the marriage anyway.
You should follow him.
If required counter him
Don't Fear.
Pandu is here.
I'm feeling scared, Seenu.
I feel it is wrong to cheat
him into marriage.
We aren't doing any mistake...
We are correcting the
mistake that already happened.
Let the marriage take place...
I will take care of the rest of the things.
What is he doing?
If the video he has taken comes out
our man's fate and plan will smash.
Sir.. Sir... My mother is critically ill,
if you could give your phone once...
I would like to talk to her once.
You are from that Seenu's group, right?
Sir, I don't know about any Seenu.
Please Sir...
Baddi... Baddi.. Baddi...
You mean nobody.
No dude.
Then what, buddy?
Look over there dude
What to look for?
Baddi... Baddi.. Baddi...
What Baddi Baddi Baddi..?
Kabaddi.. Kabaddi.. Kabaddi... [Altogether]
No matter how much you search,
you won't find the phone.
We found you... right?
(Chanting mantras)
Call the bride...
Who knows where she is and
how she will come..
Bro, you call her once.
Va..Va.. Vasundhara....
Bro, call her once again bro.
This is something fishy.
Remember her in your heart,
call out her with love bro..
With love...
It's a ghost.. Run away...
Oh my God, it's a ghost!
Close all the doors...
to get married in front of all the
relatives, was my lover's last wish.
If anybody steps out,
I'll chop off his head.
Sit down.
everybody settle where you are.
Sir, enough of your enchantments,
give that Mangalsutra' first.
Sir.. tie it...
Tie it.. Tie it.. Tie it..
Bro, not there, here bro.
Are you sure, Shall I tie?
Sure bro.
Tie.. Tie..
You.. You are a ghost..
You and your child games..
Till now, you saw Gaja being scared,
now you will see how Gaja scares.
Do you think that I'm a fool?
I don't know how to planning like you.
I know only killing.
did the performance match?
You are wondering,
how did I know about your dramas?
I'm scared, Srinu.
Let this marriage happen..
Rest everything I'll take care of.
In the name of friendship,
I forgot my twenty
years of vengeance
and gave Kaumudi to you.
I'll show your daughters' death in live.
I'm the one who did wrong to you.
if you want, kill me,
please leave my children.
When a knife is hanging
around your children's neck,
suddenly there
is fear in your eyes.
In my eyes?
I'm the king of Nizamabad.
And you roamed around Hyderabad
swelling your chest as if you owned it.
But he came and played with us
and tricked us.
Lion..He is a lion.
He is not just my son-in-law,
he is my protective wall.
He is a steel barbed wire between you
and my daughters. You can't cross an inch.
The day I fixed him as my
from that day onwards I stopped worrying
about my daughters...
My son-in-law is stellar!
Now I can relax..
You can do what you want.
I'm relaxed.
He wants to kill your ex-lover.
He wants to kill your lover.
Deal with him.
If you deal with me, I will kick you out.
If you deal with my ex-lover,
I'll kill and bury you.
That's it.
I have done so much drama to
set your love...
and you are killing your love.
If something happens to him,
what about you...?
and If something happens to you
then what about me..?
And what about the promise that
I made about your marriage.
If Srinu is doing so much for
the girl who rejected him...
can't you leave your vengeance for the
girl that loves you with all her heart?
He lost his sister for the sake of love.
Now, you are losing Vasundhara
for the sake of vengeance.
To avoid all this,
I came into picture and did all this.
I thought my lover would at least
succeed in her love.
As a friend, I wanted to correct your life.
that's why I cheated you,
to do good to you.
Not just doing good,
you made me human again.
You saved me and killed the
revenge inside me.
I misunderstood you..
But, you are a true friend.
You are my inner soul.
He has set everybody's lives
on the correct path.
He made everybody feel that every household
should have a son-in-law like him.
Now what do you say about my son-in-law?
Stellar Son-in-law.
Stellar Son-in-law.