Almost Friends (2016) Movie Script

You can make this happen.
You're Charlie Brenner.
I think that's the problem.
You are Charlie Brenner.
And who is she?
Just another girl working at another
coffee shop making shit coffee.
Shit coffee.
Shit coffee. Shit coffee!
Can I help you?
Small coffee, please.
Cream or sugar?
Oh, that'd...
That'd be great. Both.
Dollar fifty.
Here. That's all right.
Hey! Forgot your keys.
- Thanks.
- No problem.
Don't I have to prove
they're mine?
What happens if I'm just saying
they're mine, but they're really not?
I mean, they are my keys.
I'm not a thief or anything.
I don't take other
people's keys, but I-i...
I'm just saying that you
never know these days.
Have a good day.
What... what's your name?
- Amber.
- Amber.
I'm Charlie.
Yeah, I don't mean to catch you
off guard or anything,
but I just wanted to tell you that
I see you in here all the time
when I come in
to get my coffees,
which are really good,
and I just...
Yeah, I think you're really...
You're really... something.
Something good.
No, obviously, i...
No, it's... I mean, you could
have said something worse.
That's what I was thinking.
I wanted it to be...
Yeah. Uh...
Have a good day.
Wait. These aren't
really my keys.
It's... thanks.
- Doctor.
- Doctor.
Smells good.
Mmm. Almost ready.
Isn't that that card game?
You don't need the cards.
- Mom?
- Yes?
Have you ever wished
anyone was dead?
No, honey, of course not.
- Why would you ask me that?
Oh, Charlie! Charlie!
I mean, really? Charlie!
- I love you, mom!
- Steven!
Honey, why would you even
ask me something like that?
'Cause I heard dad
say it the other day.
He overheard me
on a business call.
The kid's 10.
He knows I was joking.
Yeah, next he'll run through the
house with six hand grenades.
Well, he does, he does. God
forbid the boy follow his heart.
Nice, Ross. Really. Classy.
Oh, wow. Brilliant. Brilliant.
- Oh! It hit the table! No! No!
- Oh. Hot potato, am I right?
- No!
Charlie, are you depressed?
You're crazy, mom.
I'm fine.
Have you thought anymore about
finishing up that application?
That restaurant over on Vernon?
I know, I know. Mind my own business.
I'm annoying.
Your father called today.
- What did he want?
- Who knows?
I hung up before
he could launch into a speech.
- Is he all right?
- I doubt it.
That's Heather.
- Oh, okay. I got it.
- You sure?
- Yeah. Have fun.
- Yeah.
- Thanks for making dinner.
- Yeah.
Oh, please, please, please!
Oh! Oh! No, no, no!
- Oh, so nice, you guys.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Are you going to brook's
tomorrow night?
- Everyone's gonna be there.
- Oh, great.
Maybe I can explain to everyone
individually that I still live at home
when they're about to
run their own companies.
Oh, come on, Charlie.
They're still the same idiots
they always have been
and always will be, just fatter.
- What is on your face?
- No touching.
Okay, okay, sorry. Freak.
I was just getting a crumb off.
Come on, you should go tomorrow.
Ben's gonna be there.
Oh, is Ben my lover?
You say that as if he isn't.
Think I could bring somebody?
Yeah, you can bring me. Duh.
Who else would you bring?
Hey. Did Brad call?
My phone died.
Uh, maybe. I haven't been
picking up the phone.
- Why not?
- 'Cause I'm testing myself
to see how long I can go
without modern appliances.
Like a caveman.
You're watching TV.
I am.
- Are you drunk?
- Yup!
Move please.
Thank you.
Yoo-hoo! I'm home!
How was your meet today?
After Brad finished the 100
meter I thought we were screwed
but then Adam Smith won the 200,
and Adam Bedilia came in second
at 110, so we were fine.
Adam Bedilia?
Yeah, he's short.
Kind of skinny, I guess.
Hmm. I thought that
was Adam small.
No, Adam small is small
but Adam Bedilia is short.
I spilled a whole pot of tea at work today.
It was everywhere.
Are you okay? You didn't
burn yourself, right?
No, I'm fine. It was just
really embarrassing.
Oh, there's Adam green too,
come to think of it
but he's a freshman so it's
like a whole other story.
I'm pretty sure his dad's a booster
and bought him a spot on the team.
- Right.
- He's so slow.
- Hey, sorry we're late.
- Hey!
- Hey, how are you? Good?
- Good. How are you?
Good. What's up, my man?
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi!
- Hi. How are you?
How was your day?
Good! I got my
orientation stuff today.
It's our last few
weeks together.
- Really makes me sad.
- I know.
But we'll still see
each other during breaks.
Yeah, I know. But do you
think we'll still be us?
- What do you mean?
- I don't know.
I've just been
thinking a lot lately
about how much
we're gonna change
and I just hope that my future
self still likes your future self.
Okay, well, don't think
about that stuff.
We still have some time.
Yeah, and then
the next thing you know
you're a grandmother
and you're dead.
I don't know. I was kind of hoping
there was something in between.
Well, there's always
track and field.
- Mm.
Just come out and ask her, man.
She just serves coffee.
- Shitty coffee at that.
- Terrible coffee.
- It's awful. The worst.
- Yech. She doesn't even deserve
to talk to me after serving
coffee that horrendous.
She deserves to die for it.
Oh, hi.
Last time I was in here
you were mopping too.
Actually, I was sweeping.
That's right. Yeah, sweeping.
Yeah, you were sweeping,
come to think of it.
Hey, listen, I didn't mean to weird you
out or anything a couple of days ago.
It's fine.
You from... where are you...
where are you from?
- From here.
- Oh, yeah? Me too.
Oh, nice.
You in school, or...
Uh, well, I'm going to
college in the fall.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah, I'm going to NYU.
That's a good one.
I've heard of that.
Uh, New York university.
Listen, I was just...
Okay, have a nice day!
So? She's coming
to the party, right?
Eh, whatever.
You know, she served me this latte
last week... it just was gross.
- Can we just get out of here?
- Yeah.
For here or to go?
To go.
What was that all about?
Just some guy.
You don't hide from
just some guy, so...
I have a boyfriend, so...
So it's not cheating just
to talk to the poor bastard.
Was I being mean?
I'm sorry, I'm just...
I don't know. I'm not really
good with stuff like that.
Stuff like what? Being nice?
Thank you, sir.
I hope you enjoy your beverage,
and have a wonderful day.
Yeah. Whatever.
You see? Nice.
- Okay. Listen. Stop.
- Baby.
- -Hey, can you get that?
How's it going, Jack?
It's going.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Be gentle. I'm queasy again.
Hey, do you mind if we go to
that new Italian place tonight?
I gotta get my carbs in
for tomorrow.
Well, I thought we were going to
Amanda's sister's thing tonight.
No, I can't.
I have to run tomorrow.
I don't know. I was
excited about tonight.
Come on. Don't be selfish.
Hey, we're going to some party
if you wanna come with us.
He doesn't wanna go.
Says who?
Okay, the address is on my desk,
but it's not your type of thing.
I'll be the judge of that.
See ya.
- Tell me what to do.
Ooh, somebody's smoking.
Here, just keep going straight.
Can you hold it? Thanks!
What's wrong with you?
What? Nothing.
No, something's
definitely wrong.
I told you you shouldn't
have had that second burger.
- You're literally sweating. -Are you
gonna come watch me run tomorrow?
- Or are you at the coffee shop?
- I'll come.
What happened with that girl
from the coffee shop?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
The one you were
practically stalking.
Ben said he waited for like an hour for
you to finally say something to her
and you totally pussed out.
I really, really, really don't
wanna talk about this right now.
What's wrong with you?
Nothing. I'm just...
Just trying to concentrate
on giving myself an aneurysm.
You're so weird.
- You okay?
- I'm fine, yeah.
- Excuse me. You are sexy.
- Thank you.
- What's your name?
- Thank you.
Oh, you're sexy.
No, you are sexy.
- Hey, what's up, Todd?
- Oh, same ol', same ol'.
Just another chapter in the book
I like to refer to as the endless
pursuit of sweet, sweet ass.
You live a menial
existence, my friend.
You have no idea.
No idea, buddy.
I'll be right back.
Ladies, the Todd is here,
have no fear.
I know we do duets, right?
- Hi!
- Hey!
Together at last.
- How you doing?
- How are you, Ben?
- Jazzin'. What's up?
- Well...
- Is that who I think it is?
- Yeah. Don't ask.
That guy's one of the fastest
runners on the college circuit.
What do you mean who?
That's Brad Parker.
Are you blind? Look who's coming
out right there behind him.
Oh, man. You need a drink.
What was your name again?
- Uh, Charlie.
- Charlie.
I'm Amber.
I know. I know.
Well, I just wanted to say hello
after what happened back there.
Oh, you didn't have to.
You should've told me that
two minutes ago.
You would've saved me
the walk across the roof.
So is that your boyfriend?
Isn't he some big fast runner
or something?
A big track star?
Yeah, but don't tell him that. He won't
be able to fit his head through the door.
How about you?
You with that girl?
Heather? No, just friends.
Our mothers met in Lamaze class.
It was one of those
eternal damnation type deals.
Yep. Shoot.
Check this place out.
Yeah, Charlie, this is
my cousin, Jeff.
Hey, nice to meet you.
Holy shit. It's the popcorn man.
He works at the
movie theater on Doffin.
He gives me a hard time when I go
in to play the candy crane machine.
We have a policy at the theater about
people who refuse to buy tickets.
- Wait, the revival theater?
- Uh-huh.
- You work there?
- Yeah.
You should get a job there.
Don't tell me. He's the manager.
No, I'm only assistant manager
so not really. I can't...
I can't, uh...
Yeah, you should... okay, come in this
week and I'll see what I can do.
- Deal.
- Deal.
- That's a deal.
- It is. A deal.
- Deal.
- Deal.
Excuse me!
- No, no, no.
- Shh!
- Okay.
- You are sexy.
You are drunk.
I'm not.
Hey, Todd, come here.
- So, uh...
- Hey, Todd!
You didn't finish telling me
about that thing earlier.
- What thing?
- The surgical procedure
that was really important.
Come on.
- So... -Hey, can we head out please?
It's getting kind of late.
Hey, Brad, this is Charlie.
- Hey, what's going on, Charlie?
- Hi.
You're that guy.
What guy?
- Oh, gross. Who barfed?
- That dude!
This guy did it, right?
Everybody, it was him.
You wanna clean that up, man.
- Come on. Sorry!
- Clean that up!
Party foul, man.
- Can we go now? Can we go?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Here you go.
- I got ya.
- Yeah.
Put him in the back.
- Thank you.
- Uh-huh.
- I appreciate it.
- We're gonna go in the car now.
- Watch the head.
- Watch his...
- Thanks for your help.
- Yeah, no worries.
Make sure he gets some water.
- Don't throw up.
- Oh god.
Oh, how are your shoes?
Well, ironically enough, I asked
for the vomit-covered model
when I bought them,
but they were all sold out.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
Come on, honey.
I've really gotta go.
- I'll see you. Okay.
- I'll see you.
- You look so happy!
- Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
- Ah, it could've been worse.
- Not really.
You assholes.
I thought you left me.
Almost! Almost got away clean.
Hey, Charlie, who was that
cute girl you were talking to?
- Hmm?
- Hmm?
What? What did I say?
One cheeseburger.
- How's your mother?
- Fine.
And you? Still cooking?
Mmm. Here and there.
My little boy.
The four-star chef.
Are you depressed, Charles?
You don't seem like yourself.
What are you talking about? You
haven't even seen me in two years.
Two years isn't so long.
You're still working
in this shit hole.
You know what you need?
You need a career.
- You need a career.
- I have a career.
Private detective.
- You're a private detective?
- Private detective.
I really think
it's my true calling.
I haven't gotten
hired yet or anything
but the whole thing
just feels right.
I've been a fast learner.
So how long you in town for?
Huh? A couple days.
A week or two at the most.
You know, I'm staying at the
Bryson's motel off highway 65
and I was just wondering...
Maybe I could stay with you.
Think your mother would mind?
I'm a little short
on cash right now.
There's no way.
Charlie, I'm your dad.
Talk to her.
There's no way.
Just talk to her.
There's no way!
He said it was only
gonna be a few days.
That's what he said thirty years
ago and I ended up married to him!
He could stay in my room.
Charlie, no.
Mom. Please.
- Ah, look at that. You still got it.
- Yeah.
Let me see that.
Bring it on over here.
Last time Orlando
won the series.
Remember when
I got that for you?
I'm gonna go sleep
on the couch downstairs.
No, stay with me up here!
Too crowded.
If three's company,
how can two be a crowd?
Your mother mad?
Just try and stay out of her way.
She'll get over it.
Wouldn't be the first time.
It smells like donkey here.
You didn't have to come.
Is that that girl again?
Oh, my god, you're sick. You're sick!
I'm gonna call the police!
Yeah, well, good.
At least in jail
I won't have to hear your voice ringing
in my head every three seconds.
Why don't you just go
and say hello?
I would feel creepy.
You are!
I'm not! I'm...
Jesus, what's your problem?
Just messing with you.
You should go and talk to her.
You're like the greatest
guy ever, Charles.
She has a boyfriend
who is a track star.
Oh, whatever.
That is fast.
- You all right?
- Mmm.
Yeah, it's my stomach again.
Maybe you're pregnant.
I'm not pregnant!
How do you know?
Because I'm careful.
God, can you imagine?
Brad would kill himself.
There's a sign you're in
a healthy relationship.
Hey. What's up?
I just wanted to stop by
and say hello.
I was in the neighborhood, so...
Okay. Yeah, I'm really
busy right now.
It's getting
really hectic, so...
- Right.
- Yeah.
See you later.
Take care.
Now that wasn't
too awkward or anything.
I want a shower
just witnessing that.
Hey, I get off
at 6:00 tomorrow.
I'm gonna meet
a friend downtown,
but maybe you wanna walk me there?
If you're in the neighborhood?
You're the man.
Oh, yeah.
People like you.
Girls like you.
Girls like you.
And they would if you
knew more of them,
but you live with your parents.
You're a loser.
No. Come on!
Come on, Charles!
You're a good, humble guy.
Admitting you're humble while
staring at yourself in the mirror
is probably the least
humble thing you can do
but you just gotta relax. Relax!
You live a completely
normal life.
You just gotta have
a little bit of pride.
Have some pride.
Have some pride.
Have some...
Have some...
Have some pride!
Oh, hey, hon. Sorry.
Forgot my towel on the bed.
I walk almost everywhere.
Helps me think.
What do you think about?
I guess I think about all I could
get done if I stopped thinking.
- Oh.
- What?
No, that's original.
I mean, even if it is annoyingly
self-defeating. No offense.
But, no, I just thought you
were gonna pull out some crap
about how all you think about
are cute animals or world peace.
Or something like that.
Oh, you mean you
didn't catch that?
That little pretentious bit
was supposed to be a metaphor
for how much
I like cute animals.
- And world peace.
- And world peace.
In fact, I want world
peace for all animals.
And I'm doing this Noah's ark project
next month if you wanna help.
It should only take 40 days
and 40 nights or so.
Right. After 40,
your ark's built, no?
Or 80, yeah, but who's counting?
- I'm not counting.
You been here before?
Yeah. Yeah, a few times.
When I was a kid it was my dream
to have my own restaurant.
Not anymore?
Uh, I don't know.
Can you cook?
Uh... that's what they tell me.
I wish I could cook.
I can't even make cereal.
- Or coffee.
- Asshole.
Wait. So how come you work at a movie
theater instead of a restaurant?
Sensitive subject?
No, not really. I just...
I don't have all
the answers yet.
Where do you live?
I live off Charles street.
- Oh, yeah.
- With my cousin. Yeah.
Well, my family's in Florida. They moved
last year because of my dad's work,
but I decided to stay here
so I could finish high school,
and I could also stay with Brad.
How long have you been together?
Almost four years. Yeah.
Now that I think of it, I don't think
I've been single since grade school.
It doesn't surprise me.
You know what's
strange about you?
On one hand,
you're painfully shy
and on the other hand, you say these things
that I don't think I could ever say.
- Things like what?
- Like what you just said.
I mean, it's not a bad thing.
You're just different.
You know what I mean.
Different. No, I can live
with that. Different.
I'm gonna say... maybe.
Maybe. Yeah.
- Well.
This is it. Thanks for the walk.
Oh, no, no. Anytime.
Would it be out of line
to ask for your number?
How about you give me yours?
Here you go.
Okay. Cool. I had fun today.
Yeah, me too.
We should do it again.
Yeah, um...
Okay, I don't know how to say this
without sounding like an ass, but...
Oh, no. You have a boyfriend who you love,
and we are only gonna be friends. I get it.
There's no expectations.
- Sweet. Okay.
- Really.
I'll call you.
Who was that?
Oh, just a regular. We were both
walking in the same direction.
He's kind of cute.
- You think?
- Yeah, kind of.
Oh, this is a bold
choice right there.
Do you have any truffle salt?
I'm going out for a bit.
What are you staring at?
I'm sorry. Looking at you
makes me feel young again.
- How long are you staying for?
- Just a little while.
I made arrangements to be out during
the day, so I won't get in your way.
- Good. Bye, honey.
- Bye.
Won't even look at me.
Just give her a break.
One, please.
Application, that is.
Nine-fifteen, ten-fifteen.
This guy can't seem to hold a
job for more than two months.
Just give him a chance.
I'll vouch for him.
You owe him a favor?
No, just one of those things.
Cryptic. You'll train him?
All right you little prick.
Our journey ends here.
Today, your ass is mine.
- Hey!
- Shit! What?
You want the job or not?
All right.
So, popcorn. Easy, huh?
But if they want butter, you give two
squirts in the middle, three on top.
Any more, and we have to
charge 20 cents extra.
Did you know that emus
are the only animals
that willingly have sex
with humans when seduced?
Think about that.
- Are you thinking about it?
- No, not really.
Think red, think red, think red.
Hey, this is Brad. Sorry I can't
get to the phone right now.
Hey. Hey, Brad, it's me. Amber.
Give me a call.
Hi, this is Leslie. I can't
get to the phone right now,
so leave a message
and I'll get back to you.
Hey, Leslie, it's Amber.
Call me.
Amber, hey.
How are you?
I'm okay. Okay.
What are you doing tonight?
Tonight I'm...
Just making some dinner and...
You are? What are you eating?
So how do you two
know each other?
- Oh...
- From my work.
I work at a coffee shop.
Oh, no kidding! Me too.
When I was a kid
I worked at a coffee shop.
Here we go.
We were known as the best
cup of Joe in Brooklyn.
"You want good Joe?
It's the place you gotta go."
You grew up in Georgia.
I know where I grew up.
I'm just trying to spice up
the story a bit. Jesus Christ.
- This is really good.
- Oh, thanks.
Kid's a genius in the kitchen.
Like you would know.
Amber, let me show you
what Charlie won
in a big state-wide cooking
competition a couple of years ago.
It was city-wide. I didn't win.
I just came in second.
Oh, wow!
- How about it, huh?
- -Yeah.
It's got his name on it
and a medal.
That's nice.
And one of the judges, Trevor...
- I forget his last name.
- Trevor Vanier.
Well, he writes for this major
cooking magazine in New York.
He came up to Charlie afterwards
and told him that he thought
he was one of the most talented
amateur chefs he'd ever seen.
- He gave me a medal.
- -Yeah.
- How about it?
- Yeah.
And then what?
Well, he gave Charles
his number.
And said he was all ears
if he ever wanted to talk.
But I never called. We know.
Thank you, mom. I'm an asshole.
- Steven Jacobs!
- Put that down.
You don't tell my son
what to do.
Probably learned
the behavior from you.
- What did you say?
- What? No, nothing.
- Guys.
- Steven, put it down!
Well, don't be so hard
on the kid. He's just a kid.
You make the rules
in your own house!
Steven, come on.
Give it to me.
Hey. Not the lady.
Just take me.
- Oh, that's nice. Both of you.
That's very nice. That was
academy award-winning material.
Amber, I'm sorry, sweetie.
Come on.
I'm really sorry about what happened
in there. That was so embarrassing.
What is it?
I can't believe I'm telling
you this. I hardly know you.
Took a pregnancy test.
It was negative, but...
The whole idea of it made my
whole life flash before my eyes.
You ever get nervous
about the future?
I have a great set-up.
I'm fifty-five years old.
I work at a shitty movie
theater, and I live at home.
Well, I don't understand why.
You're so talented. I feel like you could
have a job at any restaurant you wanted.
I'm glad I met you, Charlie.
My friend is having a party
Tuesday if you wanna go.
He just took the bar,
so it's a little celebration.
Tuesday night. I'm hanging out with
my friend Leslie and Brad that night.
- Well, you can bring them.
- Yeah?
Yeah, even bring Jack
too if you want.
I think I accidentally told him
about it anyway.
Right! I totally forgot
you got him that job.
It's no... no big deal.
Well, thank you.
Okay, so Tuesday.
It's a date.
Right. Tuesday it is.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Do you need anything?
- No, I'm good.
But come on in.
Sit down. Let's talk about it.
What's with your
mother's husband?
I don't wanna get into this with you.
Russ is a good guy.
There's no reason
to get uptight about it.
You know...
How's your girlfriend?
- Amber. She's just a friend.
- Amber.
There's no need to keep things
from your old man.
I saw the way
she was looking at you.
- No, you didn't.
- Actually, yeah, I did.
And it gets to my point.
Maybe you have to be
more aggressive with her.
Sometimes, no matter
how hard it is,
you just gotta
step to the plate.
That sounds like a bad t-shirt.
Hey, hey, hey.
I spoke with a gentleman
from New Orleans today.
Looks like I booked
my first assignment.
- Really? -He's gonna put
me up and everything.
Your old man is staying
at the Riverview Plaza.
- Well, that's great.
Thinks his wife is cheating
on him with his boss.
Lot of screwed up
people out there.
Like you?
Life is complicated, Charles.
Things aren't always as black
and white as they seem.
And you of all people
should know that,
especially after what
you been through.
I love you.
Love you too.
- Thank you.
- Cheers, guys.
Red wine doesn't even count.
It's sophisticated.
It is sophisticated.
All the cool people...
She's coming. Like this. It looks better.
She's coming in.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You've met Brad
and this is Leslie.
- Hey.
- Nice to meet you, Leslie.
I need a drink.
Hi, buddy, good to see ya.
You guys want something?
Just water's good. Thank you.
- How you doing? It's Brad.
- Heather.
- Hi, I'm Leslie.
- Heather.
Good to see you.
You with the thing?
- The party? Yeah.
- Yeah.
I'm a friend of Charlie's.
You know Charlie?
I know Charlie.
I work at the movie
theater with him.
I'm really into pop culture
and stuff, so it's cool. Yeah.
It's a pretty cool gig.
You know, it's all right.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
You want a drink?
Oh, don't worry
about it. I got it.
Oh, cool. Whiskey on the rocks.
No, I'm actually gonna
get myself one.
Whiskey on the rocks.
I just can't believe
that you're finally done.
Don't jinx it. It's not like
I passed yet.
But if I do, you should consider
coming to New York with me.
It's not that easy to just
pick up and leave.
Why? Are you the mayor?
What do you have going on here
that's so important?
You can't let fear of failure
run your life, man.
That's got to say something good
about taking risks.
It's funny. She's the only girl
I ever felt charming around.
- You're not charming.
- That's the thing. I know.
Sorry. I don't know
what I was thinking.
This is kind of fun
for an old people party.
Hey, I think that guy Charlie's
pretty nice, by the way.
Yeah, he's nice but he's got
some serious problems.
I mean, he means well
but he's just lost.
Since when are
you so judgmental?
I'm not. It's just...
Okay, he wants to own
a restaurant or something,
but he's so screwed up that
he won't even talk about it.
And that's the thing.
He's a really good cook,
but he won't take it seriously.
It's sad.
I don't know. I don't think I could ever
be with someone like that, you know?
Well, lucky for you
it's not an option.
Where you going?
I'm picking up
my son from school
- you want company?
- No.
What do you say you
let me take you out
to breakfast tomorrow to
thank you for letting me stay.
I didn't let you stay.
If it were up to me,
you wouldn't even be allowed
in the state.
Sam, I feel regret
every day for what I did.
I've missed you for a long time.
And I know you don't
believe me, but it's true.
- We had some good times.
- Yeah, and then you cleared out
my bank account and left me
alone with our son.
And I always meant
to pay you back. Always.
But things don't always pan out
the way you want them to.
- Why did you come back here?
- I have a job waiting for me
in New Orleans.
I wanted to see you guys.
And I had nowhere else to stay.
Yeah, that sounds more like it.
Well, I got myself into
a bit of a pickle.
I owe some people some money.
Are you ever gonna grow up?
I don't know. I'm trying.
I want a fresh start.
You broke my heart so badly, I didn't
think I was gonna be able to live.
Did you know that?
Yeah, I did.
I get a letter or something every
couple of years for two decades,
and then suddenly one day you show up like
you're a guest in some old friend's house?
Please. I'm gonna be late.
You're never gonna
forgive me, are you, Sam?
I don't remember you even
asking for forgiveness.
I'm asking you now.
No, no! Come on!
I had you!
I... I had him.
- Had who? -The white whale
to my captain Ahab.
I had him and now he's gone.
- Are you drunk?
- No!
So what's the deal with your friend
Heather, man? She's pretty hot.
You mind if I try to move on in?
Move on in?
You trying to get a date or
infiltrate a foreign brigade?
Shit, man, I'm just asking.
You need to relax.
What's with you?
You depressed?
I'm fine, okay?
Thank you. Thank you.
- It's Amber, isn't it?
It is, huh?
Wanna know how I figured it out?
'Cause you're the first person in a long
time who's gone out of their way for me.
Being that I'm not
exactly prince charming,
I'm gonna go ahead
and guess it's not about me,
so my money's on Amber.
You trying to impress
her or some shit.
But the bitch of it is,
she's got a boyfriend
who's in better shape, is better
looking, has a great future.
You don't know what
you're talking about.
All right, man, that's cool.
You think he's better looking?
Oh, yeah, I mean
look at the guy.
He's got a square jaw, his dick
probably has a six-pack. I'd do him.
Okay! All right.
Enough. Jesus.
You asked.
You missed a spot. Just there.
How's it going?
It's been a little while.
I've missed you.
Yeah, I've just been busy.
Things are hectic around here.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
I just heard you talking
in the bathroom at the bar.
I heard what you said about me.
- It's not what it seemed like.
- Yes, it is.
But that's fine.
It's how you feel.
I can handle it.
I'm so sorry. I don't
blame you for being mad.
I'm not mad. I'm embarrassed.
And mad, obviously. I'm mad.
I think you're really great.
That's why I said those things.
Don't be like that.
What I was trying to say
is that I don't get you.
I mean, you have so much
going for you. It's frustrating.
You're smart and you're nice.
And you're cute. You're funny.
I'm not funny.
Well, maybe not on purpose.
Oh, hey guys.
Towel. On the bed.
That was a mistake.
No, I know. I'm really sorry.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Okay. I'll talk to you soon.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I don't normally do this
type of thing, you know?
No, i...
I don't usually either.
I'm sorry I said that stuff.
Did you ever go to
cooking school or anything?
Oh, I went to college,
but I never finished.
Why not?
Why won't you talk to me?
I was home for the summer
after my junior year.
And Ben and I were on our
way back from some party.
Don't remember what we
were talking about.
This car...
The headlights of this car
just came out of nowhere.
What happened?
Were you drinking?
No. The girl who was
driving the other car was.
Julie Redding.
She just ran the red light,
and I tried to get out of the way
but I just couldn't react in time.
Was she okay?
It's amazing.
People say these things
happen so fast and they do.
One second you're living
your life and the next...
Nothing's the same. I don't even
remember myself before that.
Not really.
Think about myself back then, it's
like thinking about somebody else.
I tried to go back to school,
but I was all screwed up,
so I came home. And I was only
supposed to be here for a minute,
but one day became a week, week
became a month, a month became...
Yeah, it was the devil's deal.
I could have eternal comfort, but I had
to trade in all my drive. And I took it.
- It's not true.
- It is true. It is.
But it's okay.
You were right about me.
I'm scared.
I'm scared.
You don't think I see what's
happening all around me?
Don't think I see the world
moving forward every day?
I'm terrified. I'm terrified
that I'm so content
and terrified that I'm so not.
Does that make any sense?
You know, I never told Brad
that I took that pregnancy test.
That's all right. I mean, it would
be one thing if it were positive.
Okay, but the point is I should
be able to tell him everything.
Especially something like that.
And I can't.
That's okay.
You told me.
I really like you.
I should go.
Where you been?
Out with Brad.
Well, that's funny. 'Cause he's been
calling here all night looking for you.
You leading a double
life, Pinocchio?
Aw, come on.
It's cool. People consider me
shady too, believe it or not.
So I've still been thinking
about your friend Heather.
Oh, yeah?
Can I get her number?
Well, I should probably
ask her before I give it out.
Don't be such a bitch.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.
Oh, how's...
How's Amber?
That's funny. She asked the
same thing about you last night.
Oh, that is funny.
What did you tell her?
Said you were all right.
Crawling up my list little by
little every day, popcorn man.
Great news!
What's that number?
You drink a lot, huh?
You get sick all the time?
You're being rude.
No, I find it makes
me feel better.
All right, let's cut to the
chase. What's your story?
- My story?
- Yeah, your dude situation.
Okay, uh, well I'd say
pretty standard.
I've been in a whole bunch of dead end
relationships, et cetera, et cetera.
I'm a romantic.
But I think co-dependency
is pathetic.
So I just keep my distance unless
the guy's totally worth it.
How about you?
I don't really date.
I was engaged a little while back but I got
left two weeks before the wedding, so...
Oh, wow. Really?
She said that some day I'd
understand and then she hung up.
Did you ever understand?
Nope. No.
Wow. I can't believe you were
so close to getting married.
Yeah. Well, close only counts
in hand grenades, right?
You ever speak to her?
Uh, no, sir, I do not.
That makes sense.
Well, I don't believe
in real closure anyway.
It's like having a last meal
before an execution.
What, you know that 'cause
you were executed?
Chris? Thank you.
No. I'm sorry.
I was being nice.
Okay, Jack, are we ever gonna
get to a point in the night
where you take down that "I'm obviously an
insecure asshole" wall? Or should I go?
'Cause I know that
guys like you do this,
but you're making me wonder why
you called me in the first place.
Okay, um, I'm gonna go.
I'm sorry.
"Hola" means "hello," dickhead.
Something on your mind?
Yeah, I'm just overwhelmed.
Do you wanna talk about it?
Is it Brad?
- Hi,
- hi.
How's it going?
It's good.
Can we talk?
So what's wrong?
Okay, here's the thing...
I'm going to school in a few weeks
and I have a lot to figure out.
- I know.
- Do you?
What is happening right now?
I never should've gotten myself into
this position in the first place.
I don't think we
should talk anymore.
I'm sorry. I have to go.
That day, those keys
I said weren't mine...
I was just so nervous.
I've been having to break in
to my house for the last month.
Hey, fellas.
Steve-O. I have a question
for you. Don't lie to me.
- You like playing video games?
- Yeah!
- Is that arcade on government
still open? -Uh-huh.
All right, I want you two guys
to go on down there
and get some games in on me.
That job in New Orleans came through, and
I ran into a little bit of cash, so.
Okay, take it easy there, pal.
I just had this washed.
All right, go celebrate for me.
About time I made someone's
day around here, huh?
Yes! Come on!
What's wrong?
I'm just dealing with
some stuff right now.
Like what kind of stuff?
You know. Anxiety?
Rejection. Inferiority. Paralysis.
Character issues. Moral issues.
Life stuff.
I've never been
the bad guy before, you know?
But I love you.
I love you too, buddy.
- Ow! Jesus, Steven!
Come here, honey.
What happened?
I was out running errands,
and I came home to this.
Where's dad?
The neighbors said they saw him
our front with a moving truck.
Do you have any idea
where he can be reached?
I'm sorry, mom.
It's not your fault, honey.
"Dear Chucky.
"I'll return it all.
You have my word.
"Just make sure your mother
doesn't get too mad.
I know deep down
she understands. I love you."
Are you serious right now?
- What's your problem?
- Nothing.
All right.
Brad! You okay?
Charlie? What are
you doing here?
Oh, my god.
It's a bad fracture.
Shouldn't be career ending,
but his season's over.
What the hell happened?
Uh, it was an accident.
We were racing...
- you were racing? -We were,
you know... he was...
I was being an asshole.
How have you been?
- Other than this, obviously.
- Other than this?
You've been on my mind.
I don't... do you think
this is a good time?
- No. No.
- Yeah.
No, but I feel like it's the only
time I'm gonna get to see you again.
When are you leaving for school?
My dad's coming to
get me next week.
Okay, well, I have to
get back to Brad.
Yeah. No, of course.
Tell him I'm so sorry.
I will.
No, no, no, no!
Got it!
Got it.
Does it feel weird?
I had crutches when I was nine.
What's your deal
with that guy Charlie?
Do you like him?
Yeah, I like him.
He's my friend.
But do you like him?
- Yeah, sure.
- Do you like him, Amber?
What, do you think
I'm some kind of idiot?
How could you do this to me?
So you don't love me anymore?
I don't know. Things are
confusing right now.
Look, this type of shit
just doesn't happen.
Okay? You can't just fall out
of love with someone.
That doesn't happen.
You love him?
No, but...
I don't know, I...
I feel like I'm losing my mind.
Have you slept with him?
No! How could you
ask me such things?
- What do you want me to say?
- I want you to tell me...
What do you want me to say?
Tell me what you want me to
say, and I'll fucking say it!
I want you to tell me you don't
give a shit about that guy,
who, by the way, put me
in goddamn crutches!
I just need to take a breath.
I feel like I haven't taken
a real breath in a long time.
You've gotta be
kidding me right now.
I'm sorry. I don't know.
I know you don't know.
You've said it 15 times already.
Okay, I just...
I just want things to be
okay between us.
Okay? That's all I want.
They're not okay!
What? You think this
is okay right now?
You think I'm okay?
Let me guess.
You don't know.
Hmm? You don't know.
Yeah, you let me know
when you do, okay?
How's it going?
At least I've got a good book.
I'm gonna get our stuff back.
It's all right.
We're insured...
No, it's not all right.
You know where your dad is?
What are you doing here?
Come on in.
- How'd you know I was here?
- You told me.
Oh, right.
How's that job going,
by the way?
Oh, I didn't get it. They went with
another guy with more experience.
What can you do, right?
So how come you're
still staying here?
I sold your mother's
television to get the room.
So looking to staying
at the Riverview Plaza!
I just figured
I owed it to myself.
- At least I'm honest.
- Come on, you're not honest.
I got something for you.
Put it on. Put this on.
You're gonna love it.
- Dad. Dad.
- It feels great. Now come on.
Please. Just try it on
for the old man.
Look at you. Come here.
All right?
There you are.
This is what it's all about.
You're a class act.
I'm gonna write your mother a check
as soon as I get back on my feet.
Double what I owe.
Besides, that lawyer husband of hers,
he can buy her anything she wants.
It's not just about her.
What about me?
- Come on, have some compassion.
- Oh, fuck you, dad!
Fuck you!
I really got myself into
a jam this time, Charles.
I was gonna get hurt if I
didn't pay these guys back.
So you hurt everyone else.
And when does it stop?
You know, you've got problems too.
Yours are even worse than mine.
Now what the hell
are you talking about?
I know about your girlfriend.
I know she got an abortion.
I can only imagine what
you're going through.
- What are you talking about? -You
don't have to hide things from me.
I mean, I know you don't
want me in your business,
but I had to do
some training for the job
which, for the record,
I should've gotten
and I just followed her around. I mean,
she seemed as good a subject as any.
And I also did a little work on Benny.
Tell him congratulations on the bar exam.
He didn't get his scores yet.
No, yeah, he did. He did
really well. I'm proud of him.
I couldn't help myself.
Look, there's no harm no foul.
I put the envelope, sealed it,
done, sent it off to him.
He didn't get it yet?
No, that's for you to keep.
- Where's the furniture?
- That's for you to keep.
Where's our furniture?
It's at a storage place.
- I'm taking it back with me.
- No. No.
- Yes.
- No.
No, Charlie, please.
Just until I'm back on my feet.
I am giving you this chance,
dad. Do the right thing.
Just until I'm back on my feet.
Charles. Go on. Go on.
- Bye.
- Go on.
You understand?
You know, I'm starting to think
I might be depressed.
- You're all right.
- Get off me, asshole!
Watch the... focus.
I really think you should come with
me to New York if I pass the bar.
You could use a break
from all this shit.
Maybe I will.
- Really.
- Mm-hmm.
Ah, damn. Now I really
hope I passed.
Trust me on this one, okay?
You passed.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Roses? Can you get
any more stereotypical?
Well, you just answered that.
I've been chasing this little
bastard for a long time.
I finally caught up to him,
but the thing is,
I kind of wish I hadn't.
Once I captured his beautiful ass, I realized
there was no one there to share him with.
Wow. You really are insane.
I'm not good
with this kind of shit.
But, Heather, I like you.
I think you're cool, you know?
And kind of pretty and...
That is to say,
I think you're pretty.
Exceedingly so.
I'm sorry about
being a dick before.
And I know that I have issues.
I also know that just knowing
doesn't make it okay.
But I think that's a first step.
Give me that.
- Hello?
- Trevor?
- Yep.
- It's Charlie Brenner.
I'm from this...
Well, I was in this...
Charlie. Charlie.
Charlie Brenner!
Yeah, I remember exactly who you are.
How are you, son?
Good. I'm good.
Actually, I'm moving.
I'm moving to New York.
It goes right in there.
Hey. Can I talk to you?
Listen, I appreciate
everything you've done for me,
but I'm moving to New York
with a friend of mine.
I'm ready to start
a new chapter.
- You're not mad?
- No.
You didn't seem to have the right
passion for this job anymore anyway.
I'm bored. Can we close
this bitch up already?
Take care of the ladies' shitter, Mr.
Assistant manager.
Get to it.
And that right there?
That's passion.
Charlie! Hey.
Oh, hey.
I'm just picking up
Jack from work.
Yeah, I was just with him.
What are you guys doing?
Amber's having her goodbye
party tonight at cow fiend.
Do you wanna come?
No, I've got a lot
of packing to do,
but you guys have fun.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- All right.
- All right.
- I'll call you later.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I'm not pregnant.
- Amber!
- Hi!
- Hi. We made it.
- Hey.
Thank you.
- How are you?
- Good.
- How are you?
- I'm good.
Oh, I got a job.
In New York.
- Wow.
- I'm gonna be an assistant chef
in a new restaurant downtown.
That's amazing.
It's pretty...
Out of nowhere, but good.
It's a step in the right direction,
or in any direction at least.
How's Brad's leg?
I hope it's okay.
I mean, I don't know.
We've taken some time off.
I have a lot to figure out.
- Look, I want you to know...
- I-i... I do know.
I'm going through a lot.
Maybe more than you know.
I don't wanna get into it,
but... it's been tough.
Maybe I'll see you around.
In New York or something?
Yeah. I'd like that.
Give me your phone.
So this is my new number,
and one of the digits
might be off, I think.
So I'll just take that
as a very clear hint.
I'll see you.
I'll see you.
Well, I guess that's it, huh?
Better late than, never, huh?
I'm gonna miss you more
than you'll ever know, son.
- Oh, I love you, Charlie.
- Love you too.
You're gonna be great.
We'll see.
I already do.
Thanks, dad.
- Bye!
- Bye! Love you!
- You too!
- Bye!
Bye! Make good pasta!
Oh, that's so nice, Steven.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm just taking a breath.
What are you thinking
about over there?
Oh... lots of things.
Mostly about cute animals
and world peace.
You're a strange guy, Charlie.
You know that?
Not so strange.
Maybe just a little different.