Aloha, Bobby and Rose (1975) Movie Script

From the big
band years of the '40s,
Artie Shaw and Begin the Beguine.
Oh honey you should've
seen Hollywood in the '40s.
Things were more romantic then.
Everybody needs a big moment.
But you gotta be on the
lookout for 'em honey,
because they don't come along every day.
I think mine happened way back,
before I met your father.
I was working at Sears, Roebuck Company.
And I just quit my job and
took off,, yeah!
Oh god.
He was real good-lookin',
oh he was good-lookin'.
Half-French and half-Latin.
He had big hands.
It was one of those hot summer nights
and we took a long ride out to the beach,
and drank some beer.
And we came back over Mulholland Drive.
At that time you could see the valley,
and the whole rest of the world.
We just parked and stared at it.
Lotta orange trees, I remember now.
Oh yeah, the good ones don't
come along every day,
but when they do...
Hey Moxey, can you break it?
Nah man, I'm flat.
You got your key to the car?
Hey, that's a good game man.
Want to play another one?
Listen, rack it up again will ya?
We'll double it this time.
No, I got people waiting.
- Oh yeah, well.
- You got the bread?
You know what?
I think I must've dropped
my wallet or something.
No really, really, I'm being honest.
don't tell me you came all the way downtown
with no bread man.
Well I'll give you 20 now tonight,
and you get to keep the pink slip for my car.
And tomorrow night I'll come
back with the other 80,
and we'll play some more.
That's how they play uptown man, markers.
Hey hey hey it's not a
marker, that's my car man.
Man I got a car, I want the bread.
The bread!
That's weak baby, weak.
Just stay there, sit down baby.
That's the interest.
You got 24 hours to give me the bread.
Tomorrow night, 12 o'clock huh?
OK my friend?
Jesus, that burrito
really smacked you a good one.
Yeah well they can shoot pool too, man.
Let's get outta here.
Now coming to the starting line
we have Bobby Eckert and Long John Henderson.
Are you splitting?
Hey look you watch out for those guys huh?
Ah man, hey it's
all right I'll pay 'em.
- OK man.
- All right.
I'll see you at Bennie's huh?
Yeah man.
This is Russ
O'Hungry KKDJ, the big 102.7.
Brand new day, and we are gonna make it.
- What's going on with you?
- Oh not much.
I'm on my way to work I just
came by to ask you a favor.
Well good I'm glad you dropped by.
Yeah, see I need to
borrow some money and uh...
- Hey Charlie?
- How about it, yeah?
You got that number,
there's something wrong with that man.
- Wait a minute.
- Here's your coffee.
I got the damn thing here somewhere.
Here there it is, you want a little?
No thanks, I mean I do,
but I gotta go to work.
I need to borrow some
money and I thought well,
Charlie you know...
Ah it's all right, tell,
what's old Charlie for?
75 bucks?
Yeah, but I'll tell you what
I'm a little bit light today.
Now you come back Saturday I'll take a draw
and I'll get it for you.
Why don't you buy you a new t-shirt with it.
Come on Charlie, you know
this is my favorite shirt.
Charlie, that number is disconnected.
- What?
- It's disconnected!
Let him have a damn call,
try it again Sam will ya?
When are you gonna give all of this up
and go start writing some poetry?
Will you go?
When are you gonna get you a new t-shirt,
you look like a ragged-ass bill!
Let me tell you something boy.
You ain't running around with
trash or anything are you?
- No.
- Now are you sure?
- No no yeah.
- Boy I love you.
You know that, you're an
Eckert, you remember that now,
- you hear me?
- Yeah.
Get some meat on them bones.
- All right?
- OK Charlie.
Hey why don't you say hello
to Hazel and Judie for me
- will you?
- I'll do it.
They're at the cabin, I'm going
up there this afternoon.
- OK.
- Take it easy hot rod.
All right.
Hey Bobby, yeah I got the letter.
- What?
- The letter!
Go, go, go!
Go go Moxey, go go go go!
Why don't you try to get here on time?
You've been three hours late
for the last three days.
We got all this work piled up here.
I'm here.
I promised that lady we'd have
this car out of here today.
Right right right right.
- See what's wrong with it.
- OK.
You want half of this?
- No it gives me heartburn.
- OK.
Uh, let me see your knife.
One and oh to Ernie.
Hey where's Bobby?
Hey hey hey Bobby, hey
Bobby, I got accepted man!
Transmission school, I'm in!
Six weeks I'll be making 6.50 an hour!
Oh great man.
I'm busting outta ol'
Benny's greaseball man,
shit Bobby I'm free, I'm out!
Hey aren't you happy?
Hey listen, tell me something,
what time in the morning do you
have to get up over there?
Six o'clock, I mean who cares.
- Six o'clock?
- Yeah man, 6.50 an hour.
Listen I'd rather get
my three and a quarter
and drag my ass in here at noon.
Yeah well I don't wanna be stuck here.
You wanna be stuck there?
Right, hey, come on let's
go do something tonight.
Hey look man, you know those
guys, they were here today.
OK OK, don't forget.
Come on, let's make some money
here for a frigging change.
Hey, uh...
Stick around, I want a sandwich.
Hey Bennie!
Hey I'll see you later,
I'm gonna deliver the Volkswagen now.
Deliver it later, I need you here!
Hold it!
Bennie, I'll be back in an hour.
Listen, don't turn off the radio, huh?
Look at me, Bobby!
What are you doing?
Oh nothing, I'll probably
stay home and watch TV.
Hey what happened to
that guy you were going with?
What the one with the beard?
You know where the girl is
that owns that Volkswagen right there?
Car's right over there.
Uh, you ready to take me back now?
Hey listen, I brought your
car all the way over here.
That's the way the deal
works, I fix your car,
and if it's late I bring it over.
And then you take me back.
That's how we work.
Got to keep it even.
This is gonna be the deal.
See that spot right there?
Right on my ass?
Your boss had some little runt
drive me back in a tow truck.
Ketchup all over the front seat.
So this is how we're gonna work it.
You just walk across the
street to the bus stop,
and give the man 40 cents.
Then we'll be even.
Hey, how long do I have to wait?
Can I get some service?
- Want a cigarette?
- No thanks.
Do you mind opening the vent?
Oh, oh oh oh, yeah sure.
Listen, why don't you take off your pants,
and I can hang them out the window,
and the rain can wash off the spot on your...
Just joking.
Look, what do you want,
you want to get married
and have some kids and go live
in the country or something?
You want to walk?
No, I...
I'll be right out.
And I promised him
he could ride the Matterhorn.
Oh, it's busy.
Honey, don't do that with your jacket,
you're gonna ruin it.
And don't worry about it, he
and I are gonna figure it out.
Mommy, someone's at the door.
Hi, uh, can I use your phone?
Uh, yeah, sure.
- Thanks.
- It's right here.
Um, this is my mother.
This is Eric.
And, uh, this is the guy from the car place.
Bobby, Bobby Eckert.
It's nice to meet you.
It's nice to meet you.
You work at the car place?
Part time.
Part time.
Yeah well, I guess we better hurry.
We're going to the movies tonight
and then out to Disneyland this weekend.
Oh, great.
Oh, is his stuff ready, Mom?
Yeah yeah, just about, it's in the bedroom.
Be right out.
So you're going to Disneyland?
If I decide to come out
tomorrow night, I'll call.
Yeah, but don't worry about us.
You two have fun.
Ma, I'm not going out with
him, I'm just driving him back.
Oh yeah, honey?
Then how come you're
wearing this blouse, huh?
Hey, come on, get off it.
I see your guns and stuff,
I realized you're cowboy.
You better believe it,
look at those guns and those holsters.
Come here, cowboy, let's
put your jacket on.
Now listen Eric, I want you
to behave out there, OK?
You listening?
You do what Grandma says, OK?
Did you hear what I said?
You do what Grandma says, OK?
Give Mom a kiss.
Bye bye.
Come on, baby.
Have a good time, cowboy.
- So nice meeting you, Bobby.
- Same here.
- Have a nice evening.
- Thank you.
Listen, I'm sorry, I didn't know.
About your kid, and you being married.
I'm not.
Oh yeah?
Anyway, he's a really neat kid.
I guess I'll be...
You probably got something
to do tonight, right?
I'm going ice skating.
That's what I thought.
You ever do it?
Ice skate?
Listen, I did it all my life.
Come on, let's go.
You sure you want to do this?
Yeah, yeah, I got to fix this shoe.
Go ahead, I'll catch up to you.
I think they're closing.
You like those green ones?
You want to buy them for me?
- Yeah, you want them?
- Sure.
Listen, uh...
You know what, I think I dropped
my wallet or something.
I'll get them for you tomorrow.
I'll get the money, I'll give
the pink slip for my car,
and give it to somebody.
Speaking of pinks.
You know something?
The difference between those
things out there and hot rods
is that with those things it
don't matter how fast you go,
it's just how it looks.
Let's get out of here.
Hey uh, Rose.
You know the difference between a light bulb
and a pregnant woman?
Well, you can unscrew a light bulb.
I don't believe you said that.
What's happening?
You and me baby, that's what's happening.
This is it, baby, the big one!
The burner, 102.7, the sound of Los Angeles.
Your Brother Harv on a
soulful Saturday night,
and Junior Walker, with some dynamite Motown.
Sending this one out to all the machos
in the barrio of East LA.
The righteous brothers
and sisters in Compton.
The tomodachis in J Town.
The surfing brothers and
sisters in Newport Beach.
And everybody cruising on Sunset strip
in Hollywood, USA.
Home of the stars, baby!
Hey, is that you?
No, it's my mother.
Looks just like you.
I guess, I don't know.
That's your pa, uh father?
That's my dog!
Oh, I thought it was
some guy with a mustache
on his hands and knees.
Where is your father?
Oh, he uh...
He never came back from Korea.
Oh yeah, that's...
I'm sorry.
Oh, it's all right, I mean,
I didn't really know him.
Do you have parents still living?
Technically, you know, they're breathing.
The Beach Boys?
Now these guys were into hot rods.
They just drove 'em around of course,
they didn't fix 'em, but...
They didn't have to.
Hey Rose, listen.
Some of us guys who fix hot
rods do it because we like it,
not just 'cause we have to.
- Mr. Bullshit, huh?
- Jesus...
Hey, you know what time it is?
Um, I don't know, a little after 11?
Hey, my friend, how you been?
Where's your partner?
He's on his way, man.
Have your paper ready, eh?
When is he getting here, man?
He's gonna be here man,
it's not even 12 yet.
What is this?
Well, tell me?
Well, you see, I'm
dressed as a pizza, right?
I was on this show, it was
called Let's Make a Deal.
Well I won a trip to Hawaii.
But the guy said, look you
can have the trip to Hawaii,
or you can take what's behind the curtain.
And he said, what's behind the curtain
is something that you can drive in Hawaii.
So I took what was behind the curtain.
It was a tricycle, a stupid tricycle.
- What a drag.
- I gave it to my kid.
Well, I think that's very nice of you.
Hey, you want to get in the back seat?
What happened?
Look, I'm...
I'm bored with a hotdog and a
beer and let's get in bed.
I mean...
I've been there.
Listen, Rose.
I mean, uh...
I ain't nothing.
I'm working in a gas station, and...
You gotta bullshit if you
work in a gas station.
Mr. Bullshitter, huh?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hey what was that,
that thing that you couldn't
tell me about before?
Oh, oh nothing.
I just got into trouble
with this pool hall deal.
Now I gotta...
Listen, I gotta go over
there, is that all right?
Oh, we need some beer anyway, OK?
OK, we can stop and get some beer.
And we'll go over there,
and then we'll get in the back seat.
Oh, no, well we'll work it out.
Listen, you know we gotta
take that old pineapple split
and just get out of here.
OK, where are we gonna go?
Where else do they have pineapples, Hawaii.
Brother Harv on Saturday night,
and the flame of love grows bright,
brighter, brightest.
And you can let your imagination run wild,
'cause that's why god gave it to you, baby.
Yeah well, listen.
We ought to really do it,
plan on it, go to Hawaii.
Just plan on it.
OK, all right.
Only let's don't plan on it.
Every time I plan something it just...
Never works out.
And if I'd planned it, I
wouldn't have picked you up.
Take me to Hawaii.
Take me to Hawaii.
Uh, let's go.
How you feeling?
Uh, now do you want to go, get married,
and have some kids, and live in the country?
I got a kid.
How 'bout the country?
What are we drinking?
Uh, no more beer.
What do you want?
Some wine.
Go get some, I'm gonna get some cigarettes.
Do you guys have Omegas?
No, sorry, we don't.
Well, let me have a,
give me some Marlboros,
give me a pack of Marlboros.
Hey Rose.
Give me some Ro-zay.
All right man, don't move,
hold it right there.
That's a gun sticking in your back.
That's right, put your hands up.
How much money you got in that cash register?
Huh, I'm gonna take it all, you know.
What are you shaking for man,
I'm gonna shoot you if
you don't stop shaking.
You'd better stand still man,
I'm gonna blow your brains out.
Hold it right there, I mean it.
Hey man, listen, take it
easy, I'm just playing around,
I don't have a gun, ask him.
Tommy, call the police,
call the police, Tommy.
What are you doing, man.
Listen, I'm just playing.
Hey, it's only a joke.
You stay out of this.
That's the guy that hit us last week.
You're crazy, man.
I may be crazy, but
you're going to go to jail.
250 bucks, that's what you took.
All that jewelry, the ring I gave my wife,
and all that other stuff.
And now you're going to pay for it, see?
'Cause I'm gonna see to
it that you go to jail.
Call the police, Tommy!
Tommy, call the police!
What are you doing, man!
Told you I was just playing!
Come on, come on, let's get out of here.
God! No!
- Oh, my god.
- Don't look at him.
He's dead.
Listen, we can't stay here.
Come on, come on.
I thought he was gonna kill you.
It's his fault.
- No...
- Get in the car.
Hurry up, come on.
Oh my god!
Turn around.
You've gotta go back and explain.
Explain what?
Are you nuts?
It was some kind of an accident or something?
Yes, it was!
Well we were only playing.
Yeah yeah yeah, we were playing.
You just try and tell somebody that.
Listen, you worry about me
telling 'em, just turn around.
Forget it.
Turn it around!
I'm gonna trade you one Little Eva
for two grand funkers!
Get down it's party time!
Put it in motion with the Loco-Motion!
- Come on.
- I can't.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's right over there.
Come on.
Here's my car.
Got your shirt all messy.
It's not even my shirt, it's Bennie's.
"Dear Bobby,
"I waited till about an hour
after the station closed
"before I split.
"I figured you got busy,
"got hung up with that chick.
"Guess things worked out, huh?
"I'll write you as soon as I get a place.
"Sorry I missed you,
"Moxey Sheins,
"Doctor of Transmission."
Welcome to Jack in the
Box, can I take your order?
Uh, give me a cup
of ice and a small Coke.
Need a little help getting home?
Oh no, we can make it
all right by ourselves.
Hey that guy has blood on his face.
That guy, he has blood on his face.
How you doing?
Oh, hi.
Having trouble?
Oh well, not really, just a
couple of foul plugs, I think.
You know, I don't know how
you guys ride those things.
I mean, my old lady and I
took my little brother's Honda out tonight,
and I laid it right in the gravel.
Look at this, man.
Seems like we bounced around on that road
for about an hour.
Yeah, those
things are dangerous,
'specially when it's wet.
My partner and I don't
ride 'em when it's wet.
'Scuse me, officer.
Well I tell you, now this here thing
may not be as much fun as what you got,
but I like to have something
between me and the ground,
you understand what I mean?
That's right.
you guys take it easy on those things.
This ain't my night.
Plugs got hot and the food got cold.
That's the trouble with these big ones.
Big ones foul up easier.
Built this up from a 302, didn't you.
I try to build it.
Won't start?
Ah, well, no, I've been having trouble
with my alternator lately.
We'll give you a push.
Come on Mike, let's get them out of here.
OK, gun 'er!
You're starting to bleed again.
- It's all right!
- Not it's not.
Listen, I want to tell you something.
Everything that happened, I'm sorry about.
But I don't know what to do about it.
I mean, I understand, but...
I got a kid.
And I just, I mean I can't walk out on him.
His old man did it four
years ago, and I just,
I can't do it.
Gonna give up on me already, huh?
I'm not giving up on you.
But I'm not giving up on him, either.
I mean, you understand?
Oh, thank you.
I ain't going back.
I'll put you on a bus or something
if that's what you want.
I'm gonna go down to San Diego,
my old man lives down there,
I'll get some money and
something, go across the border.
There ain't no 12 people nowhere
that are gonna understand
or believe what really happened.
I'm not going back.
I am, Bobby.
Attention please, express
service to Los Angeles,
Hollywood, Santa Monica, is now boarding.
I, uh...
We'll make it all right, see.
I just, I can't...
See, you gotta start all over again.
I'm gonna do something.
You better go.
Listen, get a seat by the window,
and you can watch the ocean, see, and um...
Maybe you can see Hawaii.
Yeah, maybe.
Come on, go on, go on.
I, I couldn't get a window seat.
Yeah, well I got one.
How you doing, bud?
He's hot.
What's he doing?
I don't know,
it looked he was showing
me a beer or something.
You little shit!
Hey, bud!
- What?
- Get outta there!
God damn it.
Look who's here.
What the hell is this?
What the hell is what?
Why do you have to drive in here
and wreck my damn car?
Get out of the way, man.
What the hell is this?
Why don't you settle down pal.
I didn't run into your god damn car.
Wait wait, where's
your driver's license?
I don't have a
driver's license on me.
What is this?
Hey, man.
Get your ass off my car!
Well what the hell are
you gonna do about this?
Hey what is this.
Don't throw that hammer at me, Paddy!
What are you, some kind
of carpenter or something?
What's your beef, jerky,
why don't you settle down?
You're gonna find out what it is.
Come over here, I want to show you something.
This is my uncle Frank, and uh...
He says it's time for y'all to go.
Go on you assholes, get in the truck,
come on, get out of here.
Go on, you too.
Fix this up for you here.
That's real good.
You're real big with a gun!
You creep.
Fascist pig!
Screw you, asshole!
Jesus Christ.
Took care of
theme sons of bitches.
No shit.
Happens all the
time around here, though.
Listen, I want to buy you a drink.
Let's go in there and get,
well we can't get on here anyway.
Why don't you follow me
on down the road here,
just a little bit.
There's a little place right down here...
You want this check?
Good god a'mighty.
Do you know if I could get a pair of those
for my old lady if was to find out...
I'm just kidding ya.
- Huh?
- Cops.
Oh, give me that.
Give me this.
Did you forget to order something?
Go on, get back in the car,
somebody called the cops.
- I'll see you man.
- Follow me down there.
Follow me down there, it's just
a little ways down the road.
All right.
Someone called the cops.
Come on!
Buford Meisel.
- Bobby Eckert.
- How are you, Bob?
And this is Rose.
Hello Rose, this is my old lady, Donna Sue.
Hi, real nice to meet you.
We're from Texas, just
driving all over the place,
having a hell of a vacation.
I can tell that.
Listen, come on I
want to buy y'all a drink.
Well, I'd like to, but we got to get going.
Oh no, come on, you can come with us
and just have one drink, can't you?
Come on with us.
She's got to make a phone call.
I got a phone, right in the back seat, man.
Call anywhere on the world with it.
Come on, you can ride with,
I bet you never rode in one of these,
look at this damn thing.
Bobby, I don't want to go with them.
Maybe some other time.
I have a much better idea,
why don't we all go out
and have a really nice dinner?
Oh by god damn, how about that?
That'd be better wouldn't it?
Honey, you haven't eaten anything have you?
Good, well that's good,
because I like everybody
to be real hungry when I'm
gonna buy, now come on.
Get in, just leave that right there.
Honey, you get in the back
seat there with Rose,
and let Bobby sit up here with me.
I'm not gonna
get in the back seat.
Oh damn it, just...
Honey, they
want to be together.
Oh, horse shit.
We was out here trying to buy this,
this here little existing franchise
out here in National City?
This old cowboy runs that joint man,
he must really think he's
sitting on a gold mine.
I went out there, and went
in and talked to him.
He said, yeah it's for sale.
He said, give me a million dollars.
I said, shit, I said, where's
the bathroom around here?
He said, don't have one
in that thing out there,
he points out here at this rig.
God, he was dumb sumbitch, man.
Really dumb, oh god.
Hey man, where are we going, anyway?
Oh, I thought we'd run here to sin city
and see if we could get ourselves
a couple of crabs somewhere.
Now, let me alone!
How you doing, bud?
Hey man, how come you never turned pro?
What do you mean, how
come I never turned pro?
What the hell you think I
was doing for two years?
You did, huh, no shit?
No shit, why should I shit you?
Well who'd you play for?
Went on to Kansas City,
I didn't go with them,
because you know I had a
little trouble with the coach.
One day I said, second week
of practice, second season,
I went out there and I'd been a little drunk
the night before, and he said,
"Take five laps, Meisel."
I said, "What for?"
He said, "Take 15!"
I said, "Why don't just stick your head
"right up a horse's ass."
And that was it.
Want to ride on a donkey?
I know a good donkey you can ride on.
What have you guys been
talking about up here?
Oh, you know, nothing much.
What do you mean, nothing much?
When are you gonna get your hair cut?
You having a good time, I know you're not.
She don't like to talk?
She don't like to talk at all.
Hey this is something, ain't it?
Look at this place man, look at these people.
Hey you all are from Hollywood,
you must know the Beach Boys, don't you?
They had this damn song
that drove me out of my god
damn mind, I swear to god.
You remember that song called, Help Me Ronda?
Well that's just so damn funny,
I used to know this little girl down there.
Little fat girl down in Waco named Ronda.
And I swear to god
they must have written that song about her.
I mean how the hell many
girls are there in the world
named Ronda, anyway?
You never
told me about any Ronda.
Oh well honey,
that was a long time
before I met you.
Why doesn't somebody buy something?
Well I'm getting ready.
Oh my god, that's beautiful.
Honey, you want to borrow some of my makeup
or something?
Oh what's wrong?
What's wrong, honey?
I know what's wrong with you.
You and Bobby are having
some kind of little argument
or something, aren't you?
You shouldn't worry about
those kind of things.
Look, me and Buford,
we go through these things all the time.
But you know something?
When I look at you and Bobby,
you two are in love.
You are, you can just tell.
And you're gonna work it out.
It's gonna be fine.
Let me show you how to do this,
now you gotta get some of that on there,
put a little salt on it,
lick it offjust like a dog.
Then just throw it down, just like a shot.
He had the worst greasy spoon
on the south side of Chicago,
did you ever eat there?
Did you eat there when
we were down in Chicago?
Hey uh, sir?
We're just talking among ourselves,
we don't really need any
outside noise, thank you.
Did you hear that guy?
A lot of outside noise.
Go on, let's see you do it.
Knock that down, go on.
That's a boy.
Come out here with jackasses like that?
Hey, shit for brains.
Shit for brains?
You, shit for brains, and the
rest of all you boy scouts.
I don't what you come here to do.
Why the hell did you have to
climb up on the god damn bar?
Why did you?
Why did I, didn't you
see what was up there?
Well, that's why I climbed up there.
Hey Bobby.
Come on over here.
The action's over here, man.
The action's over here, man.
This is old shit for brain's car, here.
Look here, man.
This is gonna wake him up.
He's gonna get in there, it's
gonna wake him right up.
He's gonna sit in that...
Come on, get away, let's...
I can't believe it.
Here, man.
You deserve a drink.
Wait till he comes out here.
Oh god damn, man.
Hey man, listen.
Go ahead...
I want to tell you something
that's really important.
All right, tell me, go
ahead and talk to me.
Little Rose and me,
we have trouble.
What do you mean, what's the matter?
We need...
What do you mean, you want some money?
No man, I don't want no money.
You got some money?
I can give you some money...
We need some help, man.
Oh shit man, hey hey hey.
We're all full of shit, ain't we?
We're all full of shit, ain't we?
We're all full of shit, ain't we?
We all need some god damn help, don't we?
You don't believe you're
full of shit, do you?
You don't believe that, do you?
Oh, oh...
Don't say that, man, just
don't even talk about it.
Wait wait wait a minute.
Wait, come here.
Come here, I want to tell you something.
I mean, all that stuff I
was telling you about,
the football stuff, the Dallas thing.
I mean that wasn't, that
stuff with the coach,
it wasn't the second season,
it was the first season.
As a matter of fact it was the...
First day of the first season.
You know what I mean?
Hey, come on, man.
I mean there was a lot of good
football players there man.
Know what I mean?
It just wasn't...
You know what I'm saying to you?
I know what it's like, man.
I want to get, I mean if we ever do get,
if we get into some kind of
deal or something that's good,
I don't want to have any cobwebs around,
you know what I mean?
Can I level with you like that?
Right down the line.
Ah shit man, that god damn hat.
I got to let that damn hat get dirty.
You want this friggin' hat?
You don't want this hat, do you?
I don't want the son of a bitch either,
I'm gonna throw it away.
Let's get out of here, baby.
Let's go on.
Let's move on down the road.
All right.
God damn bicyclist.
Hell, I think I we're gonna just go ahead
and drive right on through,
go right back home tonight.
So why don't you, you can have this room.
Go on in there and do anything you want.
And um...
I want you to call me.
I've got a card in here somewhere.
I want you to call me there.
Honey, I think we're gonna just go on ahead
and drive right back straight
through, go on home.
I think that's a real good
idea, I think we should.
Yeah, thanks man.
Rose, you be a good girl, right?
Sure has been real nice
meeting both of you.
And honey, everything's gonna be OK.
- Bye.
- Bye.
You two
take care of each other.
Bye bye.
What's the matter?
Hey, uh...
Well, you know...
Seems I haven't seen you for
a couple years or something.
Hey, I love you, you know that.
Me too.
I miss my little boy.
KKDJ, this is Russ
O'Hungry, listen Brother Harv
has launched the original rocket
man special with Elton John
and I'm here with the second
stage, to blast us all off,
I want you to get down, Los Angeles!
I just need a room for one night.
Sure, I sure have one, right here.
It's 8.48 in advance.
There you go,
fine, thank you very much.
KKDJ, Russ O'Hungry on your radio.
Beautiful Sunday afternoon
in Southern California
ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna
have a high of 90 degrees,
and Hermosa's pumping bananas.
I understand there may be some rain tomorrow,
but don't worry about, get down.
Listen, I like you man, don't put me on.
I mean, don't drag me all
the way out to Forth Worth
unless this is really gonna be...
Listen Bob, it's our
scene, I'm on, I know it.
And Donna Sue's daddy's gonna
put up all the money for it.
That's right.
Maybe I was half bullshitting you back there,
'cause I really didn't know
whether I was gonna make it
work out or not, I mean,
it's the truth man, but
this time, I swear to god.
I feel it man, I'm on.
If you, now let me see,
if you get out of there
by noon tomorrow, you're
about, what, 18 hours away?
That's gonna get you in
here on Tuesday morning,
we're gonna have breakfast
on Tuesday morning.
All right?
All right, partner.
OK, bye.
Mr. Eckert, come to the cashier, Mr.
Eckert, please.
Do you think this is what I thought
happiness was gonna be?
You think...?
Man, I never dreamed it would
happen like this, but...
I'm gonna miss you, honey.
Hey, what are you doing?
I'm not gonna cry.
Hey listen, you shoulda seen him,
he went on that thing, that ride,
that Matterhorn two times, twice.
Oh, Mama.
OK, we'll wait here, all right?
What's he given you?
Given you bubblegum?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
When we gonna round?
When is Bobby gonna take us around?
Listen, love, if I go into the restroom,
will you be OK out here?
- Yeah.
- Hm?
All right.
Sit still.
OK, I need some coffee, too.
Would you like cream or sugar?
No, no thanks.
Come here.
Think I can talk to you for a minute?
- Yeah.
- OK.
Let's say let's put you on hood
and have a little talk, eh?
You hungry?
Um, just some coffee.
John-L 187, this is the car,
look's like it's been primered.
The kid says we're in the area.
I left my sweatshirt in the motel.
I'm gonna eat it myself.
Oh my god!
- Turn around, come on.
- Bobby.
You gotta get off, you gotta
call your mom, she'll...
Listen to me, you're gonna get off the bus,
you're gonna call up your mom.
Your mom is gonna go over and pick up Eric.
I'm going back to the motel,
and then you're gonna come over there,
and you're gonna meet me.
You understand?
Come on now, just...
There's a market over there, go over there.
Oh, come on...
Come on.
Listen, Charlie, just leave
it outside in front of the...
Yeah, Studio City Motel.
I'll be looking for you.
Listen, it's just a little trouble,
but everything's gonna be all right.
Uh, the police, please.
I don't know, um...
Some place in Van Nuys.
Yes, I'll wait.
My name is Rose Miller,
and I'm calling about an
accident that happened
a couple of days ago.
At a liquor store.
A kid was killed.
We didn't mean...
I'm at a pay phone.
We're staying at the
Studio City Motel.
Yeah thanks a lot, listen,
I really appreciate it.
Oh, Bobby.
Watch it, he's got a gun.
This is Russ
O'Hungry, the big 102.7, KKDJ.
The rain has stopped.
It's gonna be a brand new day.
We're gonna make it.
Thank you, Elton.
Thank you Bennie, it was nice man.
What a great weekend.
Hey, guess who we got for you next weekend?
That's right, Bob Dylan,
get down Bob, uptown,
downtown, Motown, all around.
I see all you street punks
out there on the boulevard,
cruising around.
This is the king of Van Nuys, Russ O'Hungry.
You sell monkeys with the boys
on the top I see out there,
to the foreign fair, I'll be there with Bob!