Aloha Heart (2023) Movie Script

Manu! You calling it already?
It's not even 8:00.
Ah, can't be late for my first
day at my new role.
What's up?
Yeah, well
don't let that promotion
go to your head, Mister.
Pfft. My family, no chance.
Hey. It's Mister Manager
to you now.
I am not calling you that.
- Come on, give it a try.
- It's got a nice ring.
Just... don't mess it up,
Mister Manager.
- See you.
- You too.
Aloha Kakou.
It is our great honor
to welcome you
to our new family-run resort.
One that we have blessed
to take over.
Mahalo nui.
It is our mission to keep
the small,
boutique resort alive and well
on our island.
And it is our honor to
celebrate that with you.
So... without further ado,
e komo mai!
Noa. Why won't you let me help?
You're too small, Manu.
You gotta wait until you're
big and strong like me.
Who says?
Mom and Dad.
See? You need me.
- No, Tutu needs you.
- She's looking for you.
Tutu, Noa said you wanted
to see me.
Manu, come child.
Did you know that the spirits
of our ancestors
are in every leaf and flower?
That is why when we take care
of the land
we honor our ancestors.
In return, they gift us
with mana,
which is a special kind
of wisdom and strength.
I can already see that in you.
Then why won't they let me
do anything?
Maybe what they're doing
is not for you.
But I wanna help.
Don't worry, ku'u keke.
One day you're gonna be expected
to do a lot of things
around here.
My prediction
the sample's gonna test cleanest
it has in 10 years.
Then we've done our job
and then some.
Why do I feel like I'm sending
my kid off to college?
So proud, but... a little misty.
Just not used to leaving
before the final results.
'Cause you're an eco geek
who has a hard time unplugging.
- What are you talking about?
- I'm barely on social media.
From work.
Oh. Well, that may be true
but that's freelance.
Gotta take the gig
when it comes.
Doesn't look like our work
is gonna dry up any time soon,
Did you just make a water pun?
Unintentionally. But yes.
But seriously, you know
I'd never normally
cut a job short if it weren't
for my best friend's wedding.
I know.
Are you sure?
Considering you've said yes to
every project I've offered you
in the last... what, five years?
Give or take.
- Without a proper break?
- Yes, I'm sure.
Okay, good.
Now go.
This is my first time being
a Maid of Honor.
You really think
it's gonna be relaxing?
In Hawaii? Yes!
Everything is relaxing.
Provided you get there on time.
Okay, well you'll email me
the results
and keep me posted
on our next gig?
- What do you think?
- Of course.
I'm going.
- You know what?
- I actually have plenty of time.
Way more than I thought
I'd have.
So... maybe I could help pack
up, follow you back to the lab?
How's that?
What, why?
'Cause it's the opposite
of island time.
Well, I'm not there yet.
You clearly need a head start.
So... go!
Wish me luck.
Have fun!
Good morning. Aloha.
Welcome to the Hale
Hoaloha resort.
I am Manu, one of your two
resort managers.
If you need anything during
your stay,
- please don't hesitate to ask.
- Okay.
Hey Shrimp.
You know, I've been taller
than you for years.
You might wanna come up
with a new nickname.
Kinda attached to this one
by now, bro.
Okay, well just don't use it
where the guests can hear. Okay?
Gotta keep it professional, bro.
How is your first day going,
Mister Manager?
Oh, no complaints.
Uh, just lots of ideas
to run by you.
And as much as I'd love to stay
and hear all of them,
I got bigger fish to fry.
Hey, at least you didn't
say shrimp.
Hey! Hey! Hey guys, hey!
You didn't have to wait,
but thank you.
We weren't gonna leave
without you.
Who knew there would be
so much traffic at lunch?
who actually take lunch breaks
every now and then.
Well, I am here now
and ready to help
with any and everything
you need.
Luckily for you
we're actually good.
Seriously? I thought
you said so much to do.
There was.
But Michael jumped in
like a champ,
only mildly cursing my
color-coded checklist.
And Tessa and Cait
helped out a lot too.
So... we're actually
in good shape.
That's great!
Well, I'm so glad but I'm sorry
I couldn't help more.
No, no. Stop saying sorry.
You can't help
your work schedule.
I'm just glad that you took
the rest of the week off.
Oh, you know I wouldn't miss it.
You missed mine.
I'm kidding.
I know you were out at sea
doing something selfless
and important.
Oil cleanup in the Gulf.
See? Important.
You better not miss my wedding.
Wait. You and Levi are engaged?
Nope. I'm just giving you
fair warning.
Okay, phew. I didn't think
I was that outta touch.
Oh, it's finally here.
You're getting married!
On the beach!
In Hawaii!
So we all better be ready.
'Cause it's time to get
this party started!
Oh my gosh.
I cannot believe
you're getting married here.
Stunning. Right?
Are you talking about me?
I have been working out
a little more than usual.
So... all for you though.
I'll go check us in.
- Oh, I love you, Michael.
- You're the best.
I know. I know.
I know we've been doing a lot
of band-aid fixes
over the last few years, so...
I came up with a list
of upgrades, improvements,
all priced out...
- Whoa, whoa, Manu.
- Slow down, it's day one.
As manager.
But I've been... I've been
shadowing Noa forever.
Manu, we love your enthusiasm
but now is not the time
to talk improvements.
We just want you to focus
on getting up to speed.
I can multi-task.
Ah, but the guests come first.
Okay, yeah.
Can you imagine how much water
it takes to keep all this so green?
No. And neither should you.
It's not like we're
in the high desert.
Not a good point.
I know. But... no more work
or work talk this week.
Yeah, yeah.
You're between jobs.
Hmm, not a relaxing thought.
For, like, a hot minute.
So just try and turn off
your beautiful brain
and enjoy doing... nothing.
- Right. Totally gonna try that.
- Good.
Oh! Just after this one
quick email.
Just really fast. Sorry.
Welcome to the Hale
Hoaloha resort.
Would you care for a lei?
Hi. Uh... thank you for this.
It's very pretty.
Would you like some
coconut water?
Oh no, I'm good.
Oh, but speaking of water,
I am curious.
What are you doing in terms
of recycling?
The... I'm sorry, what?
For the...
for the coconut water?
Oh, no. No.
I just, I couldn't help but
notice how lush
the gardens and grounds are
and I was curious about
to note what you're doing in
terms of water conservation.
I'm sure it takes a ton
to keep it up.
Well, we are currently
researching improvements
that respect the fragile
ecosystems of Hawaii.
You ask a lot of questions
about water.
Oh, sorry.
- Um, you know what? I...
- I need to get checked in.
Oh, I can help you with that.
You handle check in too.
I'm Manu, one of
the resort managers.
We run a relatively
small operation
so you'll be seeing a lot of
the same people.
First and last name please.
Sarah Gordon.
Will anyone else be joining you?
- Well, that's a bit personal.
- Don't you think?
Just asking so I know
how many keys you need.
Right. Um... just the one
will be fine.
I have you in room 183.
You'll find there's a nice view
of the gardens.
You still have real keys?
We... do.
Oh, no.
I just thought that most hotels
switched that out years ago.
Oh, well
some people appreciate
the more vintage,
personal touch of a real key.
But there's a suggestion box
over there across the lobby.
Feel free to visit it as often
as you like during your stay.
I will. Thanks.
I don't understand.
How am I just seeing this?
It was last summer, Manu.
This wasn't something
to concern you with.
But it is concerning.
- I agree.
- We've been doing what we can.
But it's clearly not enough.
For now it has to be.
Look, they'll be coming back
in three months.
And it's not just
the rating, okay?
We have a responsibility
greater than ourselves.
We know that.
But you have to remember
that we're not a mega resort.
We can't over-extend
or there'll be no doors to open
for them when they do come back.
So you just want me
to ignore it?
No, Manu.
We want you to focus on making
this a warm and authentic stay
for our guests.
Keeping guest satisfaction up
and the aloha spirit
alive on our island.
That's what we want.
That's the job.
So... let's get ready
for the day.
Sarah! Sarah! Not good!
Uh, this is so not good.
What, the coffee?
We lost our venue.
For the wedding?
No. Our rehearsal dinner.
Okay, technically
we didn't lose it,
since I just discovered I never
hit send on the contract email.
What did Michael say?
- Nothing.
- I haven't told him yet.
'Cause. Well, then
we'll both worry,
and he'll worry about
me worrying
'cause he knows I want
this week to be perfect.
It has to be perfect.
Okay, it's gonna be fine.
It's once in a lifetime.
It's gonna be fine. Okay?
Like, we will figure this out.
There's no time to figure
this out.
Uncle Lou is going to be here
any minute,
all the way from New York,
and we promised him we'd golf
and I don't even golf.
So there's that.
Okay, okay. Stop. Deep breaths.
Don't worry. Okay?
I've got this, I could do it.
What, the rehearsal dinner?
Why do you sound so surprised?
Okay, look... we both know
that I am not the most
experienced Maid of Honor,
but I'm pretty sure
it's my job to help.
Yes. I don't want either
of you to stress.
So just give me a budget
and a headcount
and forget about it. Okay?
Yeah. I've got this.
It's gonna be fun.
You're lying.
- Out of love.
- Just leave it to me.
Oh, God. You're the best!
Thank you!
Quick question.
Is it water related?
- I wish.
- Fixing that would be way easier.
I'm... I'm looking for Alana.
I left her a message but...
That's me.
You're Alana?
Uh... this week.
Just handling events
for my cousin
while she's at a trade show.
Oh. Right.
Well... Alana...
- Manu.
- Got it.
Any chance you could help me
plan a rehearsal dinner
super quickly?
For when?
This Friday? For this wedding?
- Yeah, unfortunately.
- A little planning mishap.
Not on your end, not your fault,
just trying to help a bride out.
So if you could point me
in the right direction
or a direction that would
be super helpful.
That's what I'm here for.
Really? You have time?
No. But I'll make it.
Can't have the first wedding
under my watch
not go 100 percent.
Even if it's not
my mistake to fix.
Where do we start?
What did I tell you? You can't
take a bad photo here.
You know, Michael needs to get
a good shot of this
because you look super official.
Smoke and mirrors
are my new best friends.
Do you wanna come with us?
Oh, you know what?
Normally I would love to.
Or at least drive the cart.
But, uh...
You sure you're okay doing this?
I wouldn't have offered
if I wasn't.
So go! Tee off.
- Thank you.
- Have fun!
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh... I already found
one place that's available.
My friend's mom owns it
so I pulled some strings.
It's a... it's a bit fancy.
Sounds promising.
Uh, that's our bride.
She's a little stressed.
I can tell.
Well, I work in hospitality.
It's my job to understand
You know, see what's
really going on.
So I can help.
I think what would really help
is seeing that one place.
Is that our ride?
No. Uh, the one place is
not on the property, so
we'll take the tour jeep.
Oh, that uses a lot of gas.
Never mind.
I'll... reserve my questions
for later.
- Alright.
- Okay.
The restaurant's a little formal
but it's got great ocean views.
Sounds nice.
Yeah, it's just
a starting point.
How long have you been
in hospitality?
Since I was seven.
That doesn't sound legal.
My parents took over this place
when I was seven.
And you've been there
ever since?
Just working my way up
slowly but surely.
Wow, I can't even imagine that.
Which part?
Growing up on a resort,
working with your family
or clawing your way up
from seven?
I didn't mean that at all,
but all good questions.
That's okay. It's fine.
Uh... I know I'm fortunate.
It's a good gig.
We're almost there.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Manu, this is super helpful.
Thank you for arranging this.
Oh, my pleasure.
I love that it's all
linen tablecloths.
You know, it feels
very wedding-y.
I'm not sure about the orange
but I do like the white
and the bird of paradise.
Yeah. I mean, I feel like I know
exactly what this would be.
Let's book it!
What? It's the first place
you've seen.
Oh, is there a second one?
Not yet but there will be.
Oh, well we don't exactly have
a lot of time
and I need to figure out
the flowers and the music.
And since I've clearly never
planned anything like
this before,
I think it's best we lock
it down. STAT.
So, you think it's what
the bride wants?
Oh, I mean... sure. Right?
What's not to like?
It's elegant.
It's pricey, but not too pricey.
It's kinda perfect. Right?
Though it is in the city.
You wanna make it special?
Well, of course.
Okay, then it's easy.
Yeah. You know, just make sure
everything feels personal.
You know, all
the little touches,
the thought you put into them.
That's what makes
something special.
Thank you for placing
that boulder on my chest.
Hey, you asked for my help.
Technically... Alana's.
You know what?
I'm gonna do a quick check in
with Lydia,
and if she likes it,
I'm booking it.
Don't stress,
it's gonna be great.
Look, I'm trying to, but
have you ever thought of
switching this out
or do you have a whole fleet?
Of what?
Tour jeeps.
If you do, you might want
to consider electric.
It costs a lot to bring
cars to the island.
Right. Flight cost should've
clued me into that. Sorry.
Oh, but better yet, you could
replace them with walking tours.
Zero emissions.
Is this like a twitch?
'Cause there seems to be
no filter.
Hazard of the job.
Hmm. What job?
I mean, that's why I studied
everything but I landed in...
- Oh, let me guess.
- Water efficiency?
Ah. You are good
at reading people.
Thank you.
Now may I interest you in
our zero emissions option
for the trip back?
You do have an option.
Oh, that makes my heart
so much happier.
What is it?
Are you suggesting I walk home?
Just presenting you
with an eco-friendly option.
Thank you.
I know you didn't need
to take me there
so I appreciate it.
Ah. At least now
you have an option.
Yeah. I'll get back to you soon.
And, just so you know
when I said I couldn't imagine
your life,
it's just because we moved
around a lot
when I was growing up and now I
travel a ton for work.
I just couldn't imagine having
a place like this
to always call home.
Got it.
And hey, uh...
with all this stuff,
just remember it's the little
things that matter.
Ooh! Nice.
See that?
Sorry to ruin your day
but there's a problem.
It's the salination system.
Here's to a stunning resort,
our gorgeous friends
and island time.
We are so grateful you are here.
To island time!
To island time!
What do you mean on the fritz?
It's the salination system.
We've got to replace the salt
cell for the entire pool.
And you can't just repair it?
Afraid not.
So how long will it take?
With supply chain issues,
it's going to be at least
a week or two.
Two weeks?
How soon do we have to do this?
It shouldn't wait.
I just wanna make sure
there's not a better solution.
It's your call.
But the longer we put this off,
we risk a bigger repair bill
and a longer pool closure.
Just give me a few days
to figure it out.
Hey, do me a favor.
Don't tell my parents
about this.
I wanna take care of this
on my own.
Okay, Manu.
I mean, it looks great.
So you love it?
I love anything you love.
I mean, it's wedding-y.
That is why I'm here.
What are we looking at?
Rehearsal dinner spot.
What do you think?
I'm happy with anything
she's happy with.
And I default to you.
So, we'll see you
in the morning?
Yeah. Bright and early.
Oh, but I hope not.
You're on vacation.
Give yourself a minute.
Working on it.
I'm sure it'll be perfect.
Quick question.
Uh, yes?
Is it possible to see
just one more place?
For comparison.
Only if you can swing it.
- Oh, right. Uh, good.
- Yeah, no problem.
Are you... are you okay?
For sure.
I'm just dealing with
a minor emergency.
Worn out saltwater chlorinator
for the main pool.
Oh. Well.
We're gonna have to close it
for a bit.
Ooh, that's not minor.
Especially with a full
wedding party.
Hence my stress.
Any alternatives?
You know, I'm an ecologist,
not pool maintenance. Right?
- True.
- But, uh, you seem full of ideas.
I am.
But, wait. Let me, uh...
let me get this straight.
Hit me.
You wanna hear my opinions?
I do. Yes.
You don't want me to just shove
'em in a box somewhere?
Nope. Never.
Okay then.
What about reverse osmosis?
Reverse what?
Reverse osmosis.
I've heard about these trailers,
they use ultraviolet rays
and these giant membranes
to clean pool water back
to drinkable quality.
So, if we could find one...
Well even if we could find one,
uh, which is a big if,
I'm sure it would still cost
a fortune.
Okay, well you asked
for my ideas
and big problems need big ideas.
The painters just finished
the east wing suites.
Come and do our walkthrough
with us before lunch.
Uh, I'm just helping this guest
find her way to the spa.
Uh... then I'll meet you
over there.
Oh, well pardon us
for interrupting.
Enjoy your stay.
Oh, I'm planning a spa day,
am I?
How fun of me. Hmm.
Sorry about that.
It's just, uh... it's a little
complicated with my parents.
What, working together?
They've seen a lot of smaller
resorts like ours
go out of business
over the years.
So, I get why they're
cautious, but
things are starting to break,
need repair,
and they can't just keep
ignoring the problem.
Why don't you just
tell them that?
If I'm gonna have any shot at
them considering something
other than the obvious,
I'm gonna need hard numbers.
How about this?
You find me one more option
for the rehearsal dinner
and I will get you some numbers.
Make a case they can't resist.
Sounds like a deal to me.
How are the interviews going
for the new head chef?
I got it narrowed down
to three candidates.
Uh, we'll schedule interviews
and tastings for you and Mom
over the next few weeks.
Hey. Sorry, I'm late.
Sit. Sit.
Did you get my email?
Uh, I haven't had a chance
to check email
in the last hour or so.
There were requests
from the wedding party.
And I saw you helping them
make leis for tomorrow.
Tutu would be proud.
Yeah, well she spent a lot
of time teaching me, so...
I'm trying.
After that, I'll need you
to look after the gardens.
What's going on?
Liko spotted some invasives.
We'll have to pull them out
before they spread any seeds
or pollen.
I'm on it.
Okay, bro.
But, uh, can you get on figuring
out what you want to order?
Because, uh, we're all
starving here.
Anything but shrimp.
Okay shrimp.
Manu sent me a text.
He found another place so
we're gonna look at it first
and then decide.
Is Manu the manager?
Is Manu that manager?
Uh, yes. Why?
Ooh, no reason.
He just seems really... you
know, helpful and attentive.
Yeah, well I'm pretty sure
that's his job.
And I offered to help him out
too, so there's that.
You did?
With what?
Nothing, just a little advice.
Work advice?
- Uh... I'm sorry.
- It's just... habit?
Don't worry, I'm not mad.
You're not?
No. 'Cause look at you.
On your first vacay
in like, forever.
In a flowery dress with a
plumeria behind your right ear.
Because that's where he told me
to wear it.
Hmm. 'Cause you're single
versus taken.
Are you serious?
And I have been on vacation.
How many? Since grad school.
Well, maybe I am saving them up
for a rainy day.
Or retirement. Mm-hmm.
I know you love your work.
But you might love vacations too
if you let yourself just relax.
Have you met me?
Oh my God.
Fruity drinks for everyone.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- To you.
- To us.
You trying to impress Mom and
Dad by being the last one out?
I'm just finishing up.
You good?
Yeah. Why?
Just checking.
You're good at what you do,
Just stay focused on the job
that they're asking you to do.
- Don't worry. I'm...
- I'm turning in soon.
These are tea leaves.
They are native to Hawaii
and are a symbol of
respect, peace, friendship
and love.
- Sarah!
- Hey!
Come on over!
That's okay. I'm too late.
- No, you're not.
- You can join if you want to.
Oh. Yeah. Sounds good.
There's a spot right there.
Wonderful, thank you. Hi.
These are so fun!
Yay, can't wait.
Uh, don't worry,
I'll cut yours up.
Just start with a couple
of those.
How we doing?
So... Fancy is your pick.
You sure?
Okay, then I'll ask Hilani
for a contract.
Ah... Wow, these smell so good.
Not, like, super flowery
where I just wanna sneeze
for 10 minutes straight.
Well that's probably good
considering Hawaiian priests
use those in weddings
to bind together
the hands of the bride
and groom.
Okay. So that was deeper
than I was expecting.
From who, me?
From a lei making class.
My grandma used
to run this, so...
I know a lot of fun facts.
Like, you never throw
a lei away.
You don't?
No. It would be like throwing
away the affection of the person
who gave it to you.
Well then that needs to be
better advertised
because I'm pretty sure the ones
from prom didn't make it.
But at least I still have
the one from here.
What am I supposed to do
with it, frame it?
Uh... drape it.
I don't know, a tree
or a special place.
Or you could just throw it
into the ocean.
The whole thing?
I don't know.
Well you could, but, uh
most people just crush
the petals
and let them fly into the wind.
That sounds very dreamy.
Like I'm riding a horse
on the beach at sunset.
Or reckless like tossing
dollar bills in the air.
It's just giving back to
the land that created it.
A symbol of friendship.
And it could also be a symbol
of affection.
I think we're done. Mahalo.
Hey. I put calls into two
places with the technology
but I'm still waiting
to hear back.
Yup, that's island time for you.
But a promising start.
And I should have your contract
later today, so...
And then I just need
to figure out the flowers
and then tablecloths.
Oh, and that thing called
my Maid of Honor speech,
which I've never done before.
Okay, well then start
by calling it a toast.
Speech sounds way too formal
and stressful.
That's the wise voice
of experience.
Well, I've been in hospitality
since before I could spell it.
I'm happy to help
with the details
or, you know, listen in
while you rehearse.
Although it might be a while.
I have to pull up this nasty
patch of invasive plants
that are threatening
the gardens.
Oh. That could take a minute.
Yeah. Maybe I should grab
an extra set of gloves.
Sounds fun.
More fun than sitting poolside
pretending to relax.
You are a rare specimen.
Instead of being
fully present here
I keep thinking about all
the things that need to be done.
Hmm. At work?
In the world.
That is a mountain
to think about.
Especially when there's
so much to be done.
Just know you're doing
a ton already.
You can't do everything.
Not alone.
You shouldn't have to.
Should I get you those gloves?
Let's go.
So, simple white tablecloths
and birds of paradise.
If that's what you want.
That's what there's time for.
What about your toast?
- Okay, back off.
- I might need to pace myself.
You know, this would be
a great place
for a low-water impact garden.
You could install a drip
irrigation unit
and then eventually use it
to run the gray water
from the kitchens.
So none of the water that
gets used goes to waste.
It's perfect
for watering plants.
So, it's kinda like
water recycling.
And it saves money which is
what's gonna impress my parents.
Yeah, most people think eco-
friendly upgrades is costly
but normally they pay for
themselves or more over time.
I think we've done enough. You?
Thank you for helping me.
Pulling up weeds
isn't exactly your standard
vacation activity.
Well, I like working.
It feels good to do something
with your hands
and actually see the results.
Oh. Thank you.
Yeah, but you're in Hawaii.
You gotta catch
the aloha spirit.
I have.
Okay, not fully,
but I can definitely feel it
creeping in.
You know what else I wanna
introduce you to?
Best food on the island,
my treat.
Let me guess. Your restaurant?
Your bar?
Strike two.
Give me a hint.
It's a drive but a pretty one.
- Ah... sure. Yeah.
- I mean, why not?
I guess I just need
a moment to clean up.
Oh, no.
Actually I was thinking
tomorrow, if that works?
I've kept you way too long
and there are some things I need
to take care of here.
Yeah. Right.
Of course. And I'm kinda tired,
so... tomorrow's great.
Perfect. Uh, I'll pick you up
tomorrow 8:00AM, out front.
- See you then.
- Cool.
I mean... maybe?
Oh, wow. Okay.
So, this is the best shrimp
on the island?
Best food on the island.
I pay him to say that.
What, they still give you
a lunch break, huh?
I give myself the breaks now.
Who's your friend?
- I'm Sarah...
- and I can talk for myself.
- I like you.
- Heenalu, this guy's best friend.
I pay him to say that.
Okay. Come on, let's go see
what you want.
Well this is your spot,
I trust you.
Okay then, uh, then go grab
that table
and put your feet in the sand.
I can do that.
It was nice to meet you.
Sarah seems nice.
She is. She's also starving,
so... seriously.
- Ready?
- Ready.
Dig in.
So good.
Does your friend always
hook you up like this?
He just likes to show off
to new customers.
And you'll be happy to know
his shrimp are grown locally.
So, doesn't get much fresher
than this.
Do you have a thought
in your head?
This place is kinda ridiculous.
Told you.
Not just here... Hawaii.
I feel super at home,
like I've been coming here
my whole life
even though I've never been.
Although that shouldn't
surprise me
since I grew up near the water.
I thought you said you moved
a lot.
I did.
But my dad loved sailing
so I always had the water
to anchor me.
Is that why you do what you do?
What, travel all the time
for work?
No, uh... just the type
of work you do.
It may be. Maybe, I'm not sure.
I just know that no matter
how awkward or shy
of always being the new kid,
I, uh... lose myself in hikes,
swimming, gardening.
Somewhere I always felt
I belonged.
In nature.
So, work for you is comforting.
Therapeutic even.
I know, kinda strange.
- No. Not at all.
- I mean, not to me.
So, what brings you comfort?
- Ooh, so...
- we're turning this on me now.
I thought we were talking
about you.
Can't all be one sided.
Well, that's true.
You have dominated a lot
of the conversation.
Okay, okay. Alright, my turn.
Um... though I might have
to show you
or else it might not make sense.
Do you have time to do that?
It might be stretching it a bit
but I think it'll be worth it.
Do I have time?
I'm on vacation, aren't I?
Alright, I'm just gonna...
Oh, you did not!
That's bold.
- So this...
- this is where I'd come as a kid.
Whenever I felt awkward
or out of place
or admittedly left out
as an over-eager kid
wanting to please his parents.
Tide pools.
- Turtle Cove.
- At least that's what we call it.
Just far enough away from
the resort where I felt like
I could adventure, explore,
not think of any of that.
Don't get me wrong,
I always wanted to be something,
I was so eager.
But no, they'd always try
to protect me from that.
You know, feeling like
I had to work
just because they owned
the resort.
It's almost to a fault but
I always wanted to work.
I felt it was my kuleana,
my responsibility and privilege,
to take care of the property.
The resort?
And the island.
I get that.
I feel like you do.
More than anyone
I've ever met before.
Well, I feel like you get me
more than anyone has in a very
long time, so... there's that.
So, uh... this
this is where I'd spend
most of my free time.
You know, swimming, diving,
tide pooling.
Is that a word?
Let's go with yes.
It's weird, I don't know
the last time
I went out on the water
for anything other than work.
What? Really?
Then let's go!
- Out there.
- Really?
Yeah. If you're lucky you might
even spot a sea turtle.
Well, now that you put it
that way.
You're game?
I think you knew I was
before you asked.
Come on.
Well... come on.
Hey Noa.
Have you seen your brother?
He's not answering his phone.
- Not since this morning.
- Did you try his office?
When you see him, can you
tell him to come find us?
Did you see those kids
over there?
I bet I know exactly
what they were playing.
Same game we used
to play all the time.
It looked like they were
just standing still.
They were because the first
person to flinch
when something slimy
touches them... loses.
Oh... wow.
That's the game
you used to play?
How'd you rank?
Of course.
And I always used to say
it's because nothing scared me
but that wasn't true.
Let me guess. Jellyfish?
My parents finding out
I was sneaking around
and grounding me.
Uh huh. Terrifying.
- Should we, um...
- should we head back?
Yeah, probably.
Oh wait!
We call the sea turtle hon...
They're a blessing
and mean good luck.
Tutu, my grandma, used to say
they're an aumakua.
Like an ancestral spirit sent to
offer you guidance and wisdom.
Some say the honu
are a living canoe
that transports lovers
to each other.
Maybe both are true.
This place is so magical.
I think I just figured it out.
What you wanna say
for your toast?
The rehearsal dinner.
Oh, I thought that was
already decided.
Without giving it enough
thought, but
the restaurant is beautiful,
it really is.
But, you know, it doesn't
really feel like Lydia.
What they're going for.
But the day we just
had... it does.
It's all about connection.
Yeah. Alright,
well that's pretty easy.
You sure?
Although music would be
a huge bonus if possible.
Otherwise I'll just sing.
I kinda like the sound
of Plan B.
I'm kidding!
Thank you for coming with me.
Yeah, I'm glad we went.
That was... really special.
Oh! Looks like they sent me
some numbers.
So, um... why don't I go
over them first?
Yeah. Uh, regroup in an hour?
Yeah. Uh, just send me
a text when you're free.
- Cool.
- Great.
I, just...
- Oh, sorry.
- No.
- See ya.
- Yeah.
Hey brother.
Did you get caught up
in the rain?
No, no. I made it back.
You coming back for seconds?
You good?
What if nice was
an understatement?
So, we're talking about
the girl.
About Sarah.
You said she was nice but
what if she's more than that?
What do I do?
You really don't know
what to do?
- I can't just ask her out.
- She lives in California.
I'm not saying it's easy
but I've seen you go after
what you want
since we were in grade school.
- Yeah, but that's work.
- This is bigger.
More complicated.
Which is exactly why
you don't stop going
for what you want now.
When it matters most.
Since when do you get
all sentimental?
It was right after
I found my Sarah.
If you really feel something,
find a way Mister Manu.
Just follow your heart, brother.
Talk later.
- Hi guys.
- Can I borrow Lydia for a second?
As long as you join us after.
I will, definitely. Soon.
What's up?
I have some things to tell you
and some things to not tell you.
First, I figured out
what we're gonna do
for the rehearsal dinner
It's different than what
we initially talked about
and what you guys initially
planned before the mishap
but I think you're
gonna love it.
I'm sure. What is it?
A surprise.
Okay fine, fine.
We'll be surprised.
And secondly, I'm gonna be
running around getting ready
for that today and then I have
some plans later.
So you might not see me
much today,
but the next two days
are all you.
And are these other plans
romantic in nature?
Then I support you.
Go forth and make
delightful choices.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- Want a drink?
- Yes.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- How many weeks is it?
- It's a two-month job.
The water allocation commitment
is huge.
In the central valley?
Room and board is all handled
of course, per usual.
But it'll be pretty intense!
Sounds good. Important.
Can I get back to you?
- Oh... sure.
- When you're back is fine.
Thank you.
And thank you for thinking
of me.
Hey Sarah.
That better not be work.
We only have two days left
of vacation!
- Oh, I don't wanna go.
- Me neither.
Me neither.
What? I don't.
And it's not work, by the way,
it's my toast.
But you know what?
I am not gonna overthink it.
- No?
- No.
I'm just going to speak from
the heart,
and swim.
Someone's feeling
island time now.
Took long enough.
Hey. How's it going?
Welcome to the Hale
Hoaloha resort.
Check in is right this way.
Hey. How's it going, guys?
I'm coming back for
a reservation. Okay?
Mom. Dad. Everything okay?
We need to talk.
So you knew what was
going on with the pool.
I knew there were issues
that needed to be addressed.
The saltwater chlorinator
basically imploded.
We have to get everyone out
and close down the main pool.
What? Right now?
I didn't realize...
Kainoa told us that
he warned you
that we needed to change
the salt cell.
He did but I thought
there was more time.
I was trying to find
a work around
so we wouldn't have to close...
and one that would be better.
For who?
The land.
He alii ka aina,
he kauwa ke kanaka.
The land is a chief,
we are its servant.
I'm sorry.
I was just trying to help.
Well your help is going
to cost us twice as much.
Maybe you weren't ready
to move up to manager.
I'm sorry.
Let's shut it down.
Oh, they are going to
be so surprised.
This was such a good idea.
- Good job.
- I know.
So good. Oh no.
Um... hi. Excuse me.
I'm so sorry, we've had to
temporarily close the pool.
But we encourage you to utilize
the private beach
or, uh... the kids pool.
Um... why don't we just
go to the beach?
We'll just tell everyone
to meet up there.
I guess.
We're working as hard as we can
and hope to have it open
before you leave.
Thank you.
Thank you.
This is pretty spectacular.
And will be my one
and only rehearsal dinner.
But I'm glad you love it.
And you.
- What can I do to help?
- There must be something.
Put your feet in the sand
and relax. How's that?
As long as you do too.
We'll hold you to that.
O-kay. We're gonna go grab
a beverage
where the beverages are.
Oh, hey.
- I'm sorry about the pool.
- Yeah, me too.
I'm sorry you had to look
into all that.
But, uh, ideas for another time.
Yeah, for sure.
You'll get it there.
Will I?
- Um... hey bro.
- They need you over at catering.
When you can.
About dinner, uh... I really
wanna go, take you out. But...
- Don't worry, I get it.
- You've got a lot going on.
It's complicated.
Yeah. Like I said, I get it.
I wish I did.
I should get back.
I know I said it's the little
things that matter.
But you did a pretty big thing
for your friend.
I hope you can just enjoy.
I will.
- Okay!
- Who's getting married today?
What time is it?
Well, you told me to wake
you up at 8:00.
So... morning!
You're oddly chipper.
Well, it's my job
as your Maid of Honor.
I'm getting married today.
What do you wanna do first?
What? You can't relax,
you're the bride.
The wedding is not until 3:00
so I think we need
to grab our towels
and head to the beach.
Unless you wanna go find
a certain someone instead.
Oh... that. Yeah, no.
He doesn't... he doesn't need
my help anymore.
You could just hang out.
You know, whatever I thought,
it's not anything.
Which is fine, you know,
it's good.
It's probably better.
Is it?
You've got such a big heart.
I just wanna make sure
that you get back
all that you deserve too.
Right now you know
what I deserve?
A well-behaved bride
who is willing to get up
and ready for the day
because it is all happening!
I know I said you should
try a different approach
with your family but maybe
that's the problem.
You look at all of this
through their eyes,
trying to tell them
what they wanna hear.
But have you tried speaking
from your heart?
P.S. Thanks for sharing
your beautiful home.
To the best bride.
And bridesmaids.
We love you.
- Fabulous.
- Come on, let's go fix your hair.
Come on.
It's time.
I can't believe the next time
I kiss Michael
he'll be my husband.
I'm so happy for you.
I'm so glad you're here.
Me too.
Manu. What's this?
Ideas. Numbers.
Things that will improve
our resort.
That need to be improved.
I even consulted an ecologist,
a guest who offered to help.
What's this about, son?
Our family.
Since as long as I can remember,
our family has honored
our homeland, our ancestors.
But we've lost sight of that.
Of just... talking to each other
about what really matters.
I've wanted to do
this job since... forever.
You both know that.
But to do my job, I have to be
honest about what I see.
And you have to trust me
or this won't work.
It's all in there.
- Okay, it's time.
- Wish me luck.
Hi. Hello.
I'm Sarah, the Maid of Honor
in case you didn't know.
Oh... come up here.
Wow. I have...
I'm sure you can't tell but
I've never given a speech
or even a toast before.
I... I wrote about a million
different versions
of what I wanted to say, but
being here, seeing you
guys so happy, so in love,
best friends who take care
of each other
and protect each
other from stress.
It made me realize that's
what we're all trying to do.
Nurture all sides of ourselves,
protect what we love and show
gratitude when we find it.
And then hopefully we can pass
that love on.
You guys have opened my heart
with your love.
May it surround you forever.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
To the bride and groom!
Let's dance!
- Manu.
- Mom and Dad wanna see you.
They say they got a project
for you.
Let me guess, one you
don't wanna do?
No. It actually sounds
pretty cool.
But you're the better man
for the job.
It was so beautiful
last night and here.
I'm not happy about
this departure.
Somehow I think we'll be back.
Maybe for your wedding.
- But I couldn't copy Lydia.
- Could I?
Why not?
I'd love an excuse
to come back here.
Well then, maybe.
Noa said you wanted to see me?
- Yes, come sit.
- We have a project for you.
The cost and hassle
of replacing keys,
it's really getting out of hand.
And we looked at
all of your numbers.
We'd like to make the switch.
To smart locks with codes?
I know it's an investment
but I found a guy on the island
who can manufacture the handles
from 100 percent recycled...
- Not just room keys, Manu.
- Your overall plan.
We don't want another
low eco-rating, do we?
We do trust you, Manu.
And we trust that you're gonna
ask for help when you need it.
And as cautious as we've been,
we'd like to keep moving forward
in the right direction.
Make sure your guest
has everything they need
before they check out.
We're proud of you, son.
Did you already check out?
Sadly, yes.
I wanted to bring you this.
I thought leis were
an arrival thing.
Or a thank you.
For what?
Your note and your advice.
It made a difference.
They listened.
Your parents?
I'm sure it'll take a bit but
they're open to our changes.
Starting with getting rid
of our old school keys.
Oh, that's a real shame.
I just wish I knew an ecologist
who could, you know,
help flesh out the whole plan.
If only.
If only you'd stay.
- To help?
- Sure.
But, uh... even better,
do a little sightseeing.
Maybe take a hike
to a waterfall.
Make it a date.
A date?
I'd love nothing more.
Your timing is a little off.
I was afraid you'd say that.
But mine has been for years.
Which is why I was just thinking
about extending my vacation.
To stay here?
Well, not here of course.
It would be a bit extravagant
and complicated.
Are you serious?
You could stay longer,
on the island?
I will need you to make
some phone calls though
'cause I need somewhere to stay.
I think I can make that happen.
Maybe some place
with a balcony or a view?
Yeah? Any other requests
or opinions?
You know what I was thinking...
We really could have had
low-impact eco garden.
Gardening is what you're
thinking about right now?
I'm thinking about where
to take you on a lunch date.
I'm sure you have
an idea or two.
For you