Alois Nebel (2011) Movie Script

Jesenk 9:20.
Lipov Lzn station 9:24.
Lipov Lzn 9:30.
Bl Potok 9:38.
Ramzov 9:50.
Ostrun 9:54.
Brann 10:05.
Nov Losiny 10:12.
Jindichov na Morav 10:18.
Potnk 10:24.
Hanuovice 10:44.
Bohdkov 10:52.
Komtka 10:56.
Ruda nad Moravou 11:01.
Bartoov 11:05.
Bohutn 11:09.
Bludov Lzn 11:13.
Bludov 11:20.
umperk 11:27.
Do not cross!
Don't move!
Get him!
People would come here
mostly from up north.
Enarmed with hoes, saws, axes
and a lot of strength
which was needed here.
They'd never come here alone
because this place swallows loners.
The Mute was alone.
He came back to take a revenge.
Train 46583 left Bl Potok
at 9:42. Nebel. Over and out.
...followed by the forecast
for today, 24th of September 1989.
Sunny over most of Czechoslovakia,
with temperatures from 15 to 18C.
Where have you been all night?
Hello, Alois.
Looks like rain.
I don't know.
- What's up? -You were supposed to
start your shift two hours ago.
Who gives a fuck?
I had to see my father.
Wachek here.
There might be some delay.
I've got the American cigs.
From Poland, but very cheap.
Fucking trains!
Take it or leave it!
Who gives a fuck.
Bring that box over here!
- The pork will be in the next
delivery. -And the vodka?
It's all on its way.
Leave the booze here.
The tins go in the back.
- Shut it, Vasil!
- Dad!
Have you seen
fireworks last night?
No, why?
Some freak crossed the border.
What's that got to do with me?
Jesenk 9:20.
Lipov Lzn station 9:24.
Lipov Lzn 9:30.
Bl Potok 9:38.
Ramzov 9:50.
It's pissing down out there.
- Who's that guy?
- Who?
- The one hanging around outside.
- I didn't see anyone.
I've got to make a call.
It's business.
What are you doing here?
Have you got a ticket?
Hi guys.
- Your I.D. card!
- Do you hear me?
- Get up!
- Do you want a hand?
Ow! That was a fuck up, you asshole!
Stop it!
- Let's move!
- That must be him!
I've got a good nose for criminals!
What's wrong with
people these days?
They really laid into him.
Or I laid into him, more like.
I'd have liked to see that.
I knocked him down with one punch.
Shut it, Vasil!
Who's the guy?
They don't know.
He keeps his mouth shut.
You don't know
how to ask nicely, do you?
We always knew how to ask nicely.
Get in the trains!
Move it!
Fast! There's still
some space up front.
Don't be a fool. Stay here with me.
You don't have to leave.
- No. I can't.
- Yes, you can.
- You just have to say the word.
- I don't want to. -Dorothe!
- What are you doing here, Alois?
- Where are you going?
Don't be afraid.
Everything will be fine.
What did I tell you, son?
- Goodbye, Dorothe.
- Goodbye, Mr Nebel. Bye, Alois.
Jesenk 9:20.
Lipov Lzn station 9:24.
Lipov Lzn 9:30.
Bl Potok 9:38.
Ramzov 9:50.
Ostrun 9:54.
Brann 10:05.
Lauterbach. Heinrichstahl.
Hohenstadt. Olmtz.
Nieder Lindewiese. Prerau.
Hohenstein. Olmtz.
Oderberg. Goldenstein...
What are you doing here?
You can't stay here.
It's too late.
Dorothe, what happened to you?
Nothing. Nothing...
Everything will be fine.
Let's go.
Don't worry, Alois.
It's going to be fine.
Mr Nebel, we want to help you.
But if you don't want to be helped,
there's nothing we can do.
A sort of fog
comes over me sometimes.
Great. A fog...
- Want another?
- No, I'm driving.
- Has that guy spoken yet?
- Not a word.
...gathered around the Berlin Wall
after the SED Party announced
that East-German citizens will be
allowed to travel to West Germany.
Before midnight all border crossings
in Berlin were opened...
- What about our Alois?
How's it looking? -Not good.
- So, you'll keep him for a while?
- Don't worry.
Wake up!
Come on, Mr Fog!
You'll be late again.
Good morning. Sit down.
So Mr Nebel...
Sit down. How are you feeling?
Are you still spending
as much time on the toilet?
That probably means
you're getting better.
Are you finding
the work therapy helpful?
- Yes.
- Is he cooperating?
He tries.
- Is he sleeping?
- On and off.
Then give him another rohypnol.
The Jesenk train.
Hello, Mr Nebel.
Captain Kwiatkowski.
Secret police.
The director wants to see you.
Come back! Freeze!
- He doesn't speak.
- He must have said something.
You were seen
talking to each other.
He doesn't speak.
He's mute.
What do you mean, mute?
We'll loosen his tongue!
And yours too!
He won't say anything.
Mr Nebel, try to remember.
OK. Send in the next one.
You may go.
Hi, guys.
I heard he escaped.
Got him yet?
We found this in his stuff.
Do you recognize anyone?
Let's get started.
I have to release Nebel.
Fine. I've already moved him out.
No one ever escaped us.
They found a photograph.
And if they tried, they got
what they deserved. Our way.
It was an old photo.
You and Nebel's dad were in it.
Did you say anything?
No. Why?
Stolichnaya too.
And tins, pork.
Of course.
How many do you want?
Take them or leave them.
You look fit as a fiddle, Alois.
Don't look at me like that.
They had to give the job
to someone with experience.
The decision was made over my head.
They don't let us have a say.
You know that.
Don't worry,
I kept all your things for you.
I don't know
what I'm supposed to do.
Nobody does these days.
It's a new era, you know.
You should go and ask
at the Prague headquarters.
Bl Potok?
But this is a matter for the
regional office in Olomouc.
- They sent me here.
- Yeah? Which idiot sent you here?
I was ill, but I'm better now.
So I wanted to ask...
And what do you think that has
to do with us here? Mr...
Nebel. Alois Nebel.
This is the Prague Main Station!
Can you help me?
Mr Nebel, there's nothing
I can do about this.
We have more important problems,
in case you hadn't noticed.
You have to come some other time.
Maybe after Christmas.
Prague Evening Post!
Borders open for travel!
Prague Evening Post!
Vclav Havel runs for president!
Prague Evening Post!
A man killed his mother with an axe!
What are you doing here?
That's my seat.
- I'm sorry. I didn't know that.
- Hold on.
I'm a railway man too.
Well, I used to be.
To the railway.
Kvta dear!
Is our little ladybug here?
- Did you learn that in prison?
- No, in the kindergarten.
- But you never learnt to pay!
- My friend here is treating me today
Friend, you say?
- Is that enough?
- Yes.
Kvta is like a mother to us.
But you've got to look after
yourself and be clean-shaven.
Then she'll give you
everything you need.
Clear off, you whore!
- Keep your hair on, you cow.
- Buzz off!
I won't have anyone turning
this place into a brothel.
- Those eyes of yours, I'd fall into
them straight away. -Get lost.
- So you're a railway man?
- Yes.
In that case, you don't have
to pay next time.
- You're not from round here?
- No.
- Where are you from?
- Bl Potok.
- Have you had breakfast?
- Not yet. -Hold on.
Have one.
Thank you.
Your collar.
It's still tucked in.
Look, she gave you a bun.
A poppy-seed bun! She likes you!
Hey, baby!
- What'll you have?
- Vermouth.
Maruna, vermouth!
To cheer us up.
- Is this seat free?
- Of course.
- So you haven't left yet?
- Not yet.
Where exactly are you from?
- The Jesenky Mountains.
- I used to go to the spa there.
It's beautiful there.
And what are you doing here?
There's something
I have to sort out.
- Spectacles.
- Sorry?
It's named after the front windows.
They look like glasses.
In our mountains there are
more Bardots. After the actress.
Because the front of the engine
has these big...
You know, my husband never
told me about any of this.
They all have names.
Are you staying over Christmas?
My little darlings!
Put the peas in the basket
and the rice in the sack.
You're so good!
How'd you know I like carnations?
I didn't.
Snowdrops are my favourite.
In the spring.
- I haven't had Christmas carp
in years. -Neither have I.
- I usually do schnitzel.
- Sure.
I find Christmas very moving.
I always preferred
to work over Christmas.
Since my husband died,
I also prefer to stay here.
And you? You're also alone?
I have...
...a cat.
Santa left something for you here.
A Pinocchio train.
Shake it.
Shake more.
Shall we dance?
Are you reading timetables?
It relaxes me.
But it's the same thing
over and over, isn't it?
That's the point.
Well, the trains don't
follow any timetables anyway.
...and I will ask Vclav Havel
to take the presidential oath...
Alois, you old dog.
I knew you'd come!
- I'm waiting for Kvta.
- You wanna piss me off or what?
Rum for everyone, and a beer for me.
Hi Alois!
- To freedom!
- So, to freedom!
- Aah, Bertie!
- For me?
I've got to go, guys.
Let's play a round
of Russian roulette!
Poker faces!
I've been looking for you
and you were here all along.
Me too.
Thank you very much, Mr Nebel.
I trusted you.
You can keep your flowers.
You're all the same.
Madam Kvta.
Jesus, Kvta!
What the fuck's wrong with you?
Four, three, two, one!
Happy New Year!
C'mon, kiss me...
Come here!
Fuck the railway man...
- Where are you going? -Don't be
afraid. Everything will be fine.
What did I tell you, son?
- Goodbye, Dorothe.
- Goodbye, Mr Nebel. Bye, Alois.
Dorothe, you don't have to leave!
Stay here with me!
Leave her alone, Wachek!
C'mon, we have to go.
- I'm not finished with you.
- She's coming with me.
- You Nazi pig!
- Goodbye, Wachek.
Stop, you bastard!
- What have you done?
- Close the doors. Go!
It's all your fault!
You'll get what you deserve!
If you weren't getting paid,
I'd never see you down here.
So, I take
three hundred for rent
and a hundred for food.
How's it going up there?
- There are a couple of trees that
need cutting down. -I'll see to it.
It's a deal then.
Give us another round,
Alois has joined us for a drink!
Someone broke into another house.
Old Jurk told me.
Everyone's just doing what
they want these days?
Alois, let's go.
...this increase of crime
was caused by the general amnesty
granted by
president Vclav Havel in January.
This Havel must be
a real asshole. What is he up to?
You got us into a real mess with
those Prague students, Alois!
I'd just take a big stick
and shove them all in the river.
- I'd better be going.
- Shut up. Give us another round!
Good night.
We have to leave.
Away from here.
Don't worry.
We'll be back one day.
Some perfumed letter
arrived for you from Prague.
Who were you charming there?
Who gives a fuck.
That's all.
A hundred thousand.
Son! Where are you going
to put this stuff?
Calm down, dad.
People will always drive,
eat, and drink.
- We won't be able to sell all this.
- We'll sell everything.
I'd like to see that.
Have a drink.
To friendship!
- Tasty?
- Yes.
The Russian bastards
are finally clearing off.
That's Dorothe, she took care of me
after my mum died.
She had to leave after the war,
like all the Germans.
I'll do it.
We've brought you that food.
I'll give you a hand.
- Small but tidy!
- Your father would be proud of you.
If I were a woman,
I'd marry you in a second.
Arriving tomorrow 9:23 stop.
Kvta stop.
Who's Kvta?
Kvta's Kvta.
Well, shit on me!
How about a little drink?
And keep your eyes open.
- Where have you been so long?
- Give me a break! In this weather?
- Fanda, look out!
- Shit!
That was close.
We're fucking stuck!
Tell Wachek to get moving!
You must be Kvta.
How do you know?
I'm Wachek. Dispatcher.
- Is Mr Nebel here?
- Alois? No, he isn't.
But perhaps
I could help you instead.
I don't think so.
Would you care for a quick grog?
It'd come in handy in this weather.
- How do I get to his house?
- I could give you a lift.
If you go on your own, you'd walk
over the hill. But in these shoes...
Just a moment.
Wachek. OK, Dad.
Give me a second.
Calm down, dad.
I'll be there right away.
I said, I'm on my way!
Was she here?
- Then where is she?
- I don't know.
I offered to give her a lift.
- Which way did she go?
- Over the hill, I guess.
You idiot!
- You have a train stuck up there.
- She wouldn't listen.
Wait, I'll give you a lift!
I must go to see my dad!
Oh God! This is too much.
I can't believe this!
Madam Kvta!
Bloody hell, where have you been?
It won't be long
before everything's under water.
What the hell do you want?
Booze? Money?
So come on, you bastard!
When you've made it this far.
I knew you'd come one day, son.
How's Dorothe?
When this winter is over
white snow will melt away
and reveal a renewed landscape
When this winter is over
ice will break apart
and make rivers overflow its banks
Now the wind
is searching for a crevice
fire-water will be appreciated
Now the wind
is searching for a crevice
water is thicker than blood.