Alone Yet Not Alone (2013) Movie Script

Based on real experiences
of an American family.
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America was a refuge
for all those who
they sought prosperity and
freedom of belief.
I struggled for the primacy between
England and France,
the English colonies had one
decisive advantage:
Their population was one
million inhabitants.
Twenty times more
from the lands of the French.
To settle in Canada,
you ought to be a Frenchman,
as well as Catholic ...
The British colonies
welcoming everyone who ...
I was leaving the door and
the war in Europe.
That's why dad
brought our family to Philadelphia.
But Regina and I, you did
terrorized to death.
That's all, yeah!
We thank God,
we're finally here, eh?
And he sent us this fair
rain for our first harvest! Yes, now that we are finally
here, what do we do?
Speak English, Mom. We have done
practice for two years. - Yeah, dad.
Yes, my beloved husband.
- Are you listening!
- And you too!
And then we will buy our own land.
What country!
Do not believe!
1755 Penns Creek, Pevsville.
Is it enough? - Yeah.
You are an angel, Barbara ...
Thanks ah! It's cold!
Barbara, she was going fast for milk
is ready to burst!
Mom, mama!
- Come over!
- Here!
- All good!
- Luther, come on!
Oh no!
General Brawcock's camp.
General Braxtock ...
The leaders of the six divisions have asked
from your extraordinary audience.
Colonel Washington, vv
do you see that I do not have time for wild ones?
Lord, the leaders bring
I'm out of 400 warriors.
They will be unbeaten as well
we are approaching Fort Duquesne.
You suggest the troops
of His Majesty
need help from educators
are we fighting to win this battle? They are inherent in hiding
and to work.
We can use them
to cover our sides.
Your troops can not
attacking an enemy who is not seeing.
Washington, you tired of me!
Then check it out. Just a moment
and send in.
General Braxtock
I would like to show you the big one
Delaware Chief, Selingquaw.
Commander, my people are alive and my lord
on this earth, from the beginning of the year.
Now we are willing to share
this land with the English.
We will go with you to escape
the French here.
The only thing we ask for is
as soon as the French flee,
Give us the land for us to be able to
to govern, to feed our children.
Never! Only the British
I will inherit this earth.
General! We are still here
ready to grow
to the French.
We defend your goals with the
our lives! The king's troops ...
You do not need it for you
win this battle .. No savage will not inherit
never this land ..
Is it clear?
And ... now, go!
General! I beg you,
we have to call it back
and make some small concessions!
Collect your warriors.
We will go with the French.
Two months later.
In the village of Moschkingo.
The big whisper ...
gave us a great victory over
of Yakvidev at Ford Duquesne.
I had gone, the evil
whisper stole the rain.
Now the corn is maramed and
the people are oppressing us.
Our fathers lived in the river
Delaware sticks to the big air.
Until the white man drove us
300 miles west of Ohio.
We have to attack
in their villages and you
we regain the places
the leader of our fathers.
The pox of our white man
has taken many of our people.
Let's go to the war of the war,
there is not enough,
to feed the women
and our children in the winter.
The villages of the Americans are
far to the east. 300 miles is nothing!
We are not children.
We have made many steps!
We can change
weapons and food with the French.
We will come back with many
steady and rich prey.
We will replace them
and we will help our women
in business.
Our brothers in the West remain
on the side of the British.
And if we fight for ourselves?
They're naked!
Some of them are
already ourselves.
Head Jacobs is the only warrior
with each other and with us.
You must have led our warriors to
villages of white man ...
and take the earth back
the leader of our fathers.
Bring back food for them
our children and our captives
to replace you
our thrones.
Fallow 1755
Do you believe it, Mom? I'm leaving 200 bucks!
And just twenty acres of corn!
Oh, you were right, ba.
America is rich and honest.
Much better than
the land of the Duke in Germany. - Barbara, Reigiva!
- Friv!
- Jhon!
- Christian!
What did you beat?
Fritz is a great shooter!
It hits the hail.
It does not matter how many turkeys
is on the way. How are you;
Come on, come on, I'll show you!
Now that the corn is collected ...
we should return to Germany
where there are no wild people.
Mom ... you forget that
you were slaves of the Duke.
We did not have enough to eat, time
with time. Never in our country!
Yes, we are blessed here!
Two hundred corn husks
from our land!
It takes ten years for you
take so much to Germany.
That's true.
Barbara, I want to show you ...
how to use this.
If you ever need to defend yourself
your self, okay?
Keep it here, so simple.
Put your hands there.
Throw it down.
Try to pull yourself here.
So ... and then,
then he pulled the quiver.
Exactly, now you can try it ... Keep this back here. Show me...
Right, calm. Keep the innocence.
That's good.
Shot. Well done.
Father ...
Fritz heard the mill
that other people
I went to the French
Army against the British.
I was releasing General Armstrong's army.
I will never go
back to Germany.
It's better to die
here as a free man ...
despite my mother and my sisters,
be as slaves of the Duke.
Barbara, go
bring the Bible.
"Do not be afraid because, Lord
Your God is with you. "
"It will never betray you and
he will never abandon you. "
This is very good.
Each one of you, will deal with it
trials in his life.
But always remember, how tough
and be the test,
or how darkness in the wilderness, God ever
will not leave you or leave you ..
Dad, you think that
Will guys make us bad?
Regina, remember why your mother
and I came to this country?
Yes, dad. In America, he is not a slave
some man,
and is free to worship God.
That's right, my God.
Risk and penury, and sacrifices.
It will go hand in hand.
It is the price we pay
for our freedom.
Even if the Indians strike?
Yes, my Barbara genre.
Even if we take our lives ...
we will continue to be free.
And what would be more wonderful,
from our beautiful valley ...
to go straight to the paradise?
John, tomorrow he got it
corn in the mill with mom.
Dad, can Fritz come with us?
Sure, if his father allows it.
It will be a great help.
This is the most beautiful one
which I have ever seen.
It's from the dad ..
Our charms.
He paid the income for one year.
"" I'm only, though, not
I'm just ... "
"God is the light that is
brings me home. "
"With all love and affection
he leads me through the wilderness. "
"And wherever I go ..." "I'm only, though
I am not alone. "
Regina, you're gonna fuck your dad
and Christian for me?
Kids, I can rely on you
to protect Mommy okay?
We will do it daddy not worried.
Mmmm .. delicious!
Mommy, Mom.
All right, John, you go.
Fool yourself, John.
- Good mom.
- Mom I love you.
Mmmm! My loves!
It smells even better
than mom's food.
Daddy is not as good as Mom.
But, I've been making an effort.
Mmm, you're right.
Mom is the best.
Barbara, one day you will be the one
best husband for a great crowd.
And me, Dad? - Of course...
Calm down, sit down.
Brothers, brothers, please.
What, what, led you to us?
You must be thrilled by the journey.
I'll get ... I'll take the water.
Run in the cave and hide.
Do not go out until I call you.
Go on.
We have fresh water from the source.
You wait, we are friends of
Shawnee and Delaware. Yes, we have no quarrel
with the French or the Persians.
No! We had a great one
victory at Fort Duquesne.
All whites must quit
the lands of our breeds.
No no!
We fire all over!
Turn off the candle.
Not too dark.
Well, then ... cover it.
It is the evil spirits
we must leave!
Go ahead, I see the light!
Are they coming?
By now!
Stop it!
- Queen!
- Father!
Come on, get me daddy!
Father! Christian! Father!
Stop it! By now!
By now! Please STOP!
Queen, run!
Father! Come on, get me, Father!
Marie? What happened?
I saw them kill you
Mom and Dad.
I burned everything. Do not talk!
How could you kill my baby?
My baby!!
Want baby?
Take the baby of the naked woman!
- Get it!
- I want my mom!
I want my mom!
We have to go on, go ahead, go!
Continue moving!
Get up! Move on!
Go on!
- Get up, get up!
- Well, go ahead!
He's going. We have not eaten for three days.
Go to sleep now.
The wolves eat the piss.
Residence of the governor, Philadelphia.
Your report, Captain Armstrong.
Sir, Survivors say
for murderous murders.
The Indians take the scalps and
captivating women and children ...
and the huts are burning!
This is absurd! Sir!
The French pay for the Persians
for each scalp ... (scalp)
It does not matter if you are a bitch,
women or children.
Scalp ?!
Sir, what are you going to do?
For the protection of settlements
in the region of the consortium?
I'm too busy for
to frighten the settlers.
Obviously, however, you can
turn on a guard.
Inform me immediately,
if you have discovered ...
with whom we can hurt
the head of Delaware.
Yes Sir..
- Eat!
- Move on.
- Eat!
- Get up, get up!
Come on!
Get up and eat!
You have to eat.
Eat, go!
Come and eat! You eat!
Come on, eat! Eat ... How do you expect us to eat?
I'm Galasko.
Son of the great leader Selingquaw.
Brother of Hannawoa.
Many moons in
village of white man.
Too far for
white kids to run.
Now you will be a child,
you will make good warriors, generals.
Your name from now
it will be Susquehanna.
We will never again come back
Mom and Dad?
Never; - I do not know!
You have to be general and
remember everything that dad said:
God ... It will not be us
leave or leave us!
I miss mom, so much.
Promise me you'll have everything
this song in your heart ...
Whatever will happen.
I promise.
- Never let me down!
- I promise.
You can sing me
to mum?
"" I am only, and yet not
I am totally alone ... "
"God is the light that is
brings me home. "
"With all love and affection
he leads me through the wilderness. "
"And wherever I go ..."
"I am only and yet I'm not entirely alone. "
No! No! Regieva! No! No!
No! No! You are welcome! No!
You're down. Little sister is alive
now to other warriors.
Barbara Help! Barbara!
No! I promised her!
I promised Regina
that I will never leave it.
- All right! Continue!
- Come on!
- Barbara! Barbara!
- Queen!
You tried to escape.
Now you have to have!
I want to be with my sister.
Where is Regina?
Please. I just want
to see my sister!
You did not have to escape.
Now you will do for good!
Sir! Do not let me
And do not leave me!
Dear God ... God, help me!
He wanted to leave! It will burn!
Why did you escape?
Why did not you remember?
I just tried to find Regina.
I promised her.
If your brother is caught
and I took it away ...
would not you go to liberate it?
Susquehanna promised
to find her sister.
And it was general, to try.
That's why you do not have to worry about it.
Now give a new promise: Never escape.
But I promised Regina ...
If Susquehanna tries to leave
Again, she will definitely die!
You have always been sorry for
the pale faces.
Captain Armstrong ...
Why after 73 years of peace
our people are being attacked now?
Governor, Delaware was deceived
for their land.
Now I want her back.
This is absurd!
As the chieftain Jacobs and
the private allies
asked us about them
food and weapons ...
to survive the winter ...
That's why the Quakers
I forgot the expulsion
the biggest allies
of Brittany.
Now we are slaughtering only on the curves.
These peace lovers!
Sir, I've had nailed over 1000 stories
on the walls of the Duquesne fortress ...
and another 200 are held there.
Tens of thousands of fleets
to Philadelphia.
And what do you think I should do?
Sir, you are the governor ...
and it was withdrawn from you
King George to provide
protection for citizens
of this colony.
Your negligence and omission on this serious issue ...
Pevslavvava has the fool
and contempt for all
the colonies, the world of the universe.
Mr Fragvilv ..
These people are not citizens.
These are issues of King George.
Let your peace offer me
troops for military assistance ...
Maybe I could do something.
I can assure you, sir, that
the good people of Pilsylvania ...
in fact, they are citizens.
You should bring the Colonel back
Dunbar, in the border area.
They have to get their survivors
1500 soldiers
from his army
General Braxtock ...
to defend settlements!
Log in Armstrong, you know that
Colonel Dunbar was vicious,
after General Barrot
turned back to Philadelphia,
and stores for the winter - and
this in the middle of July!
Yes Sir. We all know
this cowardly act is ignorant
previous history in Britain.
Fort Duquesne.
Take this! Thanks, so much!
- Good bunch.
- Yeah, yeah.
50, 50 and ... set!
What is happening? You're out!
He swam on his back.
Has fever, when?
From yesterday evening.
My name is Owen Gibson.
His name is David Breckenridge.
David, you don 't think that
should you eat something?
We must take his fever,
otherwise I will let it go
food for wolves.
The governor has given an order!
Return to your homes immediately, otherwise
you will be arrested and accused!
We have to save our children ...
Sheriff, you and your guys
free yourself from your posts.
Take their weapons, the guards.
And now, please show us
the road to the congregation.
Dear ... gentlemen, buddy!
You should pass this
military requirement urgently,
or your citizens will quit
this place in pieces!
Your unwarranted delay ...
confirms that we are
in the Pilsylvania ...
We have no military to protect us.
I tell you, I would prefer to die
rather than agreeing on a war.
Gentlemen, Kirs!
And yet I'll do it ...
this afternoon!
You gave me an idea.
Let us also advocate
spend the money.
55,000 sterling ...
"For the king to use them."
So we have fulfilled our duty
to our king and our citizens ...
without having done anything with it
war or the increase of troops.
Friends! Citizens!
Here I hold a draft law on
55,000 for your defense.
It will be my honor
if you would co-operate with me,
to ensure that
governor will immediately sign it.
Fort Duquesne.
We can not come back
in the land of our fathers yet.
We have to keep it
Tomahawk up high
and the latter
Get out of here!
Let's go!
Kittanning Village.
Two months later.
We have another one
destructive defeat.
Be ready to attack at
Kittanning village
as a punishment of slaughter in Fort Granville.
A very dangerous mission.
I'm going from 200 miles to jail.
You will have it all
the dowry of the president.
Your orders, Captain Armstrong.
Thank you sir.
My brother Edward has
killed in Fort Granville.
I consider your sacred promise to you
I am leading this attack.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Thank you sir.
May God speed it up
your successful return.
That, sir, is the only thing we want.
Quiet, boys.
You do your job.
Come here! Save us. We are here!
No no!
There, witches!
Loss, Lieutenant?
Eighteen vices, than we know.
- Injured?
- Twenty, sir.
Obviously there was
and heavier wounded.
At least eight.
Are you holding?
Twenty-four, so far.
I fucked you!
Go to the woods with the finest woods.
Keep an eye out. Pray
that we will find more prisoners.
Yes Sir!
Who is the next one?
Lydia; - Lydia!
What's going on? All the crap.
Head Jacobs is dead.
What is happening now?
Squaw went to escape
Americans. It must be burnt tomorrow morning.
Come over. Come on!
Lydia ... Lydia, no.
Do not cry for me, why
I'm not afraid of the flames.
My Lord has revealed that
I will be with him on the hail today.
I forgive you.
I forgive you.
Lord ... I love you, Jesus.
I come to you, my God.
I served you Lord!
The poor woman! What did you do?
It's enough, Galle!
Try to escape.
You have to burn!
He has suffered enough!
You have to burn!
You're not going to see more!
No! We are friends.
Do not take revenge!
The big whisper has it
see his bad deeds.
Our price has been restored.
Forgive me!
One month later. Village of Moschkingo.
Hannawoa, my dear, you are safe.
Where is Galasko?
Have you been imprisoned? - Yeah.
Come on. Come here with us.
It's good that you are my safe ya!
But this is a territory!
Oh, that's the best
part, Ms. Levittner. You see, we have acquired this region
from the Penn family and the Indigo!
There were no problems with the Persians
in Pilshivia for 73 years.
You do not need to worry at all.
You see, mom ...
Help the elderly woman.
Now you will work!
This is my Wigwam.
Be a friend with Susquehanna.
Marie - Barbara!
Do not talk to friends!
Be careful. Hide the path!
You never leave a mark
that the enemy can find.
When Maistangegel breaks through her
earth and strives for the hail,
beans and pumpkins
planted on the sea side.
You are awkward!
Push it up ...!
Good for soup!
Eat, or you will die!
Go to the village.
Bring the guys and horses.
Hylea ..
Hylea, because Hannawoa
do you so angry?
Hannawoa is a great warrior.
But Chief Selingquaw prefers
Galasha from the older brother.
Chief Selingquaw has chosen
Galasko as the next leader.
Marie. What do you want; What's happening?
What does it look like to you?
freezing and trying?
Why are you suffering?
I do not have my Galasco
brings food and blankets.
I have not eaten anything
all winter ...
except bark,
worms and landmarks.
Oh Maria. I'm so sorry.
I did not know it ..
I'll bring you food at
home whenever I can.
I thought you had forgotten me.
No never!
I will never forget you.
From now on, aven
you want to meet me ...
Let's get it.
And so when you're safe.
We will meet in the waterfall.
I'll get some food.
Many years later.
Barbara ... Owen, David and
I, we decided to leave.
You should come with us.
Marie. You are unable to escape!
Do not you remember Lydia?
Burning in the fire would be better
but still a year with the old woman.
Warriors can run
all day, without interruption.
Read the tracks at full speed.
Hannawoa will burn us all!
We took hundreds of us
miles from Ohio. We do not know anyway
where is the food.
We have to go back.
They'll be looking for us.
There is no time for fun!
You will work now!
The great inclination has you
makes it beautiful and beautiful.
It's great here.
It is a gift of the great spirits.
But what is the big inclination?
Before many winter ...
the cowgirl had two sons:
The big whisper and evil spirits.
The great inclination created the buzz,
the valleys, the horses, and the great winds.
His brother, the bad
has also worked:
He created the war ... the hatred ...
and all kinds of
hazardous plastics.
When the big whisper saw what
the evil spirits had done ...
There was a great fight.
The evil prophet has been hunted and
was exiled from the hail.
He continues to grab the forest ...
and it causes very bad, the
risk, and divorce.
Who created the tailgate?
And who is the father of their sons?
I do not know.
God created me the hail and the earth and all the living things.
He sent the son of Jesus for you
forgive our sins ...
so that we can know it.
I do not know this in Jesus.
God of the Almighty is powerful.
The white guards have good weapons.
The White God made Susquehanna
more cute than a deer.
You have the courage of a paternal.
Therefore, he is a good God.
But Galasko is a stranger
and Suquehanna is now in vivo.
You must believe in the god of the people.
But Galasko son of the great leader ...
a child of the great inclination
wants to do Suquehanna,
He would be very happy.
And grow many
powerful warriors!
The Americans have
conquer Fort Duquesne.
All the warriors of the village must
to compete with the French,
and take that back
that I took from us.
I'll just leave it.
That's you. You will keep the village.
Father, I have to come with you!
My wife, I'm doing the best my warrior back,
to protect the elderly
and young children
and to keep the prisoners,
so that you do not escape.
Old people, women ...
children, and dogs!
You can not screw me up
in front of everyone!
No, my son, I'm not screwin 'you, I'm watching you
great honor in the face of our people.
Our greatest lives live!
Our future lies with us.
I believe in both of you ..
If your brother and I kill you,
who else would take our position?
You have great courage! Everyone knows it!
Show them your wisdom now.
All right.
So it was decided.
You will honor us.
Galasko wants to shout,
the Susquehanna ...
You're not Susquehanna.
Your name is Barbara.
You should be worshiped
the gods of the devil!
No one can change that
which I believe in my heart.
Maria, I have a choice?
Kill your family.
Your father's scallop hangs
I walk from the entrance of Galaskos Wigwam. How can you do that?
In three days, when I will
we return from the fortress,
we will have a wedding ceremony.
He has paid the salary
one year for that!
God will never leave you
or it will abandon you.
Oh! Father, do not I know what to do?
Please help me.
I will come with you. What happened?
Your mother's brooch?
Where did you find it; From Galasko.
You were right. I could not
never let her wake up.
We meet well when we go on a weekend
is at its highest point.
In two days.
I'll be there.
Got it!
I know it's coming! Look around!
I thought you were dead.
Hannawoa is coming to catch me!
Push it into the waterfall.
Are we lost?
We make circles. No.
We go right. How do you know?
Do you see the moss in the vampire?
They are more developed on the north side.
So, from here it is inferior.
That must keep it.
I have only a shot
pencil for three shots.
Do not wait!
We have to keep going. Hannawoa can you
heard the shot.
Others ... go as much as possible
faster we can.
Did you understand the fortress too?
The French had already
return to the Cavada.
I was the only ones who fought.
Why are you here?
Susquehanna and three
others have escaped.
I have a small advantage.
I'm coming to them.
The Susquehanna? - Yeah.
- I'm going.
- I am coming with you.
I do not need any help from kids!
I'm going to get back that it's mine.
Hannawoa will be angry.
You are always angry!
I have to leave.
I will help you.
Susquehanna has to burn!
You came to save her again!
We're in Fort.
We have to hurry!
You want to steal my honor again,
so that your father can make you a leader.
Red coats! (English soldiers)
I can not believe it.
- We are here.
- We did it.
Right here!
Help us! Save us!
We have escaped it
Delaware, you guys!
We are very stubborn and beaten. Call in English.
Maybe it's just a scout.
I'm shooting the big one on the right.
Shoot the naked woman.
And if we have escaped as we say?
No one escapes from the Persians.
Do not shoot robbers!
Do not shoot.
Here again! Please help us!
These savages have killed them
my brother and his family.
I said, do not shoot!
They are new. I'll tell that
to Colonel Mercer.
We had seen this before.
The Whites leave the children
to speak as captives.
Are you sure you are not
are they captives?
No, sir, but you do
does not escape from the Persians.
It has to be a trap.
Sergeant Mller, prepare a boat.
Eat a team with
the Captain Thomas.
Do not go dry, if you are not
sure there is no obstacle.
Yes Sir.
Who you are; What do you want;
We've escaped from Delaware!
We are very stubborn
and I'm beaten.
I can not run anymore.
We have come so far. Please save us!
Please save us!
We'll save you in the morning, when
we are sure there is no obstacle.
No! Please rescue us now!
Please! Turn back!
- Go back!
- No!
"Come back, please."
Save us!
Speak English! You do not understand!
"Please, take us to the fortress"!
Sergeant, these were German?
Yes, perfect German.
Save us, save us, take us
in the fortress, say.
Please, take us to the fortress!
- Please!
- Let's go!
Look! They come back!
Welcome to the house, ladies.
- Hannawoa.
- Whose!
This is Galasko.
Who is he?
The Hannawoa. Son of the great captain.
His brother ... Galasko.
He followed us for 200 miles.
Open the gate!
Caution! Be careful. The guys
they come back with the prisoners!
Caution! Be careful!
I have a prisoner here.
We gotta throw it here, Lieutenant.
Take it from here.
Come on! Colonel Mercer, sir!
Captain Thomas.
Let me introduce you
four very large prisoners.
Welcome to Fort Pitt.
Please sir...
We ran three weeks,
day and night.
We're limping!
Of course. Captain Thomas, let them go
give as much as you want.
We will talk about it
enemy of the enemy tomorrow.
Let our doctor wake his leg.
Yes Sir.
Follow me.
There is pudding!
Maybe you've eaten too much ...
and too fast!
Sergeant, wrath for several blankets.
I've frozen enough,
for a long time.
Sergeant, I do not see them
Our "prisoners" are living us.
I'm afraid the prisoners
we have been exhausted.
I left them in a deep sleep.
Let them sleep
until you let down!
Look, Sergeant:
Call the ecologist
for a little surprise.
These ladies do not have one
hot pudding for many years!
Yes, Captain.
Fine! Yes! It has plenty of potatoes!
Tell me if it's hot.
It's just right! Thanks. Barbara, your hair is
much brighter. Look this.
I think the color is flushed.
It's less than an hour
for afternoon dinner.
The co-master has invited you
at the meeting of the officers.
You should not be late for the dinner!
He will be a ready captain!
And thank the daughter
Colonel Mercers for the clothes.
Yes ma'am.
His Majesty would be
for any information,
you could give it
for these ... wild ..
What man is he
Head, Chief Selingquaw?
That's a great deal
good warrior.
He is wise for the people
of his people.
Warriors! So, how many of them
the warriors are good fighters?
All of them! Understood.
As I had suspected it.
Ladies and gentlemen...
I am delighted to present you
Miss LeRoy,
and Miss Barbara Leininger.
I dare say it would be difficult
for me to let you know ...
if I had not been told! Get in!
The new of our friends,
you have reached Philadelphia.
I must have these "prisoners"
I'll do it, sir.
It is my great honor.
A month later, Philadelphia.
You saw Johnny Wilson
from Shamokin?
Can you help me?
- Barbara!
- Mommy!
Barbara! Oh! My favorite Barbara !!
Oh, my beloved and precious girl!
You are a lion!
Barbara ...
- Jhon!
- Barbara!
Barbara Thank God, you're safe.
I prayed to you
bring it back to us.
Welcome home.
Can not you come with us?
I have to refer to the vv
Colonel Armstrong tomorrow morning.
We have joined the army.
We owe them our lives!
We will never forget you.
Promise to write to us.
We promise you.
If someone teaches us how
write in English.
I promise I'll be back ...
Wait for me.
Nice trip.
Oh, John, Mom, it's so beautiful!
God has given us rich gifts. We had four good harvests in the series.
Mom, look.
My brooch!
Oh, dad would be so happy!
He had worked so hard on this!
I could just have you
say you brought her back!
Marie has met
with Will Stephens?
He waits for Owen.
But he has not heard anything from
thisv in addition to this letter.
That's what happened three years ago!
You are faithful ..
I admire her.
He does not know if Owen
he is still a livelihood.
And yet he hopes ...
As we do for Regina.
Mom, look what I found!
Oh! It's great!
Thank you sweety.
You have noticed the latter
long ago anything interested in Fritz?
He looks at me as a sister.
It's more than that.
I've seen you look at you.
It reminds me a little of your father.
The father...
The hut for you and
Is Rebecca ready?
Fritz nails the last crack.
You are so good!
Mom ... I can ask you something
on Fritz .. and Barbara? Yes...
I thought you would never ask.
Why, do you have your blessings?
Oh! No doubt!
Mom says if she does not get into the gravel
will not be caught!
I would like to be your wife.
Many years later, the
of Christmas.
That looks very good ...
I die of persuasion.
It's so beautiful here!
Yes, it's really great.
It has a bad storm out there.
Thank God
for another time,
because he is so rich in us.
Two new healthy babies,
And better food than
what you can eat.
Everything is perfect.
Only Regina could have been here ...
to participate in it.
Yes, let's pray.
A moment in your fire, please.
You are welcome. Come inside.
Pastor Mhlenberg!
Oh, it's so cold! Oh, it's cold!
Barbara, hot tea!
- Yes mom.
- Thanks.
Put down. Thanks. Thanks.
What brings you out
this holy evening?
I have great news!
Colonel Armstrong
and the Basilians
Americans were victorious Invisible in Ohio.
And the villagers had to return
all their prisoners.
Two hundred already have
arrive at Fort Carlisle.
Oh, we have to go straight away! Yes.
Let's keep the hearts
and our hands.
I was hoping you'd come.
Is David here with you?
Killed ...
in the Battle of Bushy Run.
It was in my hands.
But some of them have not gotten his head.
Do you know what Marie is doing?
Can you not have it?
Very likely.
I think he is still waiting for
the man who saved her life.
- Whose!
- I promised you to come back.
There are so many!
How can we know it?
We have approached
every girl with blue eyes.
I'm afraid she might not be here.
No! It's here. I feel her presence.
Just what, what is it?
I do not know what to do!
I have an idea. Come with me!
The next, please.
To your service, lady.
Colonel Armstrong ...
I know my daughter Regieva is here ...
but I can not find it.
Reggie? Reggie?
How long did it take when I got it?
Invented, you should
it's nineteen now.
Does it have any particular characteristics?
No, my little princess was perfect.
Perhaps some pseudo-
with whom did you illuminate?
Just Regina. So we lit it.
Songbird. (Ottoman bird)
My little Songbird!
- That's it, mama!
- Yes!
The next one.
"I am only, and yet not
I am totally alone ... "
"God is the light that is
brings me home. "
"With all love and affection
he leads me through the wilderness. "
"And wherever I go ..."
"" I am only and yet
I'm not entirely alone. "
Oh, Regina!
Oh, Regina ...
Oh my God.
Come with me!
Instagram: Itenodnail
Mom and Regina were there
and lived together until their death.
Regina was never tempted.
I had been placed side by side,
in the vault of the church of Christ Luthern, in Stouchsburg, Pennsylvania.
A school wrote:
"Regina, the Germans are holding".
Bamba was flogged
and he did three children.
Her daughter
called "Regina".
Until her death in 1805, she had one
farm in Berks County, Pennsylvania.
He was buried in the cemetery
Allegheny in Cumru, Pennsylvania.
The Delaware breed:
After "Royal Americans"
Where he was defeated at Delaware in Ohio,
the breed moved westward to Ivtiava.
In 1818, he had to give up all
the land of Mississippi.
The Texas race, in the aftermath
dispersed in the Cavada.
Henry Muhlenberg was here
very valued pastor
of the Lutheran Church,
in Pvilsvilla.
He came to North America
as a missionary.
Today he is the founder of the church
of Lutheran in America.
"" I am only, and yet not
I am totally and only ... "
"God is the light that is
brings me home. "
"With all love and affection he leads me through the wilderness. "
"And wherever I go ..."
"" I'm only one, though
I'm not entirely alone. "
"Fear will not bend me."
"His shelter is very fair."
"Through the power
I remember ... "
"Just his grace,
which it shows. "
"" His unshielded shield
shows all his love. "
"I've lost my way and I am
desperate for a road ... "
"I feel his touch and
his reassuring completeness. "
"" I am only, and yet not
I am totally alone ... "