Along for the Ride (2022) Movie Script

[electronic arcade sound playing]
[girl] Come on.
[melodic indie pop music playing]
[girl 2] There's this tradition
at my school.
Every year,
on the Saturday after graduation,
the seniors of Kiffney-Brown Prep
break into the school's bell tower,
-party at the top
and take turns
ringing the bell for an hour.
-[bell ringing]
-[all cheering]
It's a rite of passage that
everyone looks forward to all year.
[cheering continues]
To mark the end of the hour,
they TP the tower.
[all] Two, one!
[cheering fades]
[indistinct chattering]
It's actually kind of beautiful.
It's not supposed to be beautiful.
It's supposed to be a prank.
Right. But, like,
it happens every year, so
So it's essentially
school-sanctioned, right?
Like, if they wanted to stop it,
they could,
which is fine, for a tradition.
But I mean, like,
as a transgressive act, it's faulty.
-If it's faulty, what are you doing here?
I mean, I I wanna do it,
I I was just pointing out
Anyway, there's no rule that says
that all seniors have to participate, so
Come on.
I wanna get a good spot at the top.
[melodic indie pop music continues]
[girl 2] If this were
an isolated incident, it'd be fine.
[boy] Let's go!
[all cheering]
[girl 2] But the truth is,
I do this all the time.
Which is why,
instead of celebrating at the top
of the bell tower with my classmates,
I'm at home
with my mom and her colleagues,
a bunch of old people.
[woman] Nothing is gonna change
when we don't recognize
a woman merits our attention
unless she's married to
or having sex with a more famous man.
And that is why
I'm never getting married again.
[group laughing]
-What are your plans for the summer?
-I'm spending it with my father in Colby.
She thinks that they're gonna bond.
-[tongue clicks]
It's a judgment on your father, not you.
[chuckles] I'm saving money for college.
I'm gonna work in my stepmom's store.
And what was the name of that place?
Oh, um [tongue clicks]
Cupcake Glitter Breast Implants.
[group laughing]
[woman 2] Good for you, Auden.
A summer at the beach sounds like
the perfect reward for all your hard work.
I offered for her
to be my research assistant,
but she chose this.
[Auden] I know my mom doesn't understand
why I wanna go to Colby,
but it's like I only know
how to be one kind of person here.
I've never done anything
you can't read about on my transcript.
[restaurant guests laughing]
But maybe if I go to Colby,
I can be someone else.
Someone different.
Or it will be exactly the same,
and I can't change.
I don't know,
but I'm willing to bet
the summer on it to find out.
["To the East" by Electrelane playing]
[woman 3 squeals] Auden, hi!
I'm just calling again
to say how capital E excited
your dad and I are to see you this summer.
Let me know the second
you thinkyou're gonna arrive.
Call me from the Colby sign--
No, call me before the Colby sign.
Call me every ten minutes
because I cannot wait!
Wait, you know, it's Heidi, right?
It's me.
It's Heidi, your stepmom. [chuckles]XOXO.
Walking around
In this flag-waving town
I saw you
Waiting for a train
And you disappeared
Your face pressed up to the window
You went so far away
And I wanna come there too
I want to be with you
[music stops abruptly]
-[seagulls squawking]
-[ocean waves crashing]
-If you make a sound, I will murder you.
-[baby crying]
[Auden] Oh, I'm sorry, I
Oh my God, no, Auden. I'm so sorry.
I thought you were your father,
and I and I just got her to sleep,
and [sighs]
I totally forgot what day it was.
-It's okay.
-I had everything planned.
Banners, balloons. I even bookmarked ideas
for a "Welcome to Colby"-themed brunch.
I swear to God, all last week,
I kept thinking to myself,
"This is your stepdaughter.
This is Thisbe's sister."
"You missed her graduation,
so you better get your ass in the kitchen
and make this welcome special."
Is my dad here?
-Oh, he's in his office.
-[Thisbe crying]
He's always in his office.
-[man] Yeah?
Oh! Hey!
-There she is. Come on in, come in.
And before you say anything, I know.
It's a disaster area.
But I bet you remember that
from when I was working on Narwhal.
Gotta say, Dad, in my memory
of that time of our lives,
the status of your office cleanliness
is not exactly what comes to mind.
[laughs] Yeah, 'cause
your parents were breaking up.
Something about that.
Hey, are ya hungry?
I know a great place for onion rings.
Really? Yeah. I'd I'd love to. [chuckles]
Great, great. Head out to the boardwalk.
You can't miss it.
It's called, uh, Last Chance. Here you go.
-You're not coming?
-I wish I could, but I'm really swamped.
But if you wouldn't mind
bringing me back a burger,
that'd be, uh, that'd be great.
They have those caramelized onions,
so good.
Yeah, of course.
-Thanks, Aud.
-I'm so glad you're here. Aw.
-Yeah, me too.
[Thisbe crying]
[melodic indie pop music playing]
[gasps] Oh my God!
Auden [chuckles]
you snuck up on me there.
I'm gonna go for a walk.
Do you need anything?
-You should go to the Tip.
-The Tip?
Yeah. It's where all the cool,
young people hang out.
Super fun.
-Can't miss it.
-[Auden] Right.
-Don't be nervous.
-I'm not.
Oh, when you get there, ask for Maggie.
She's my favorite. She's great.
Cool. Uh, thanks.
You're young. Have fun.
["In Your Head" by Nilfer Yanya playing]
[indistinct chattering]
I've hit bottom rock
Swear, I'm telling the truth
But down here, I'm dark and confused
-[boy 1] What's up?
-[boy 2] Okay. All right.
[music continues indistinctly]
So you're a summer transplant.
-Yeah, I guess you can call me that.
-That's chill.
We've been broken up for two weeks,
and he's doing this in front of me.
-[girl 1] Just don't look.
-[girl 2] Maybe they're cousins.
[girl 3] They're not cousins!
[boy] Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm.
Um, wait, I'm sorry.
Is everything okay?
[Auden] Yeah. Yes. Um, it's just
Have you ever done something
to be a different version of yourself,
but once you're in the middle of it,
you think like, "Wow, this is so not me"?
-You're gay?
-Oh, no. I mean, I don't think so.
It's all a spectrum, right?
-But I was more talking about--
It's okay, all right?
Look, I'm not offended.
You're figuring this out,
and that's chill.
But if you're not feelin' it with me,
you're probably not feelin' it with dudes
because all the honeys love the Jake.
Oh, that's so cool. Um, I gotta go.
But thank you. I'm sorry.
Thank you. So--
Oh, um, do you by any chance know
where I could find someone named Maggie?
-Are you being serious? Is that a joke?
-What? No.
-Never mind. Sorry.
[girl 3] Oh! Here she comes.
Looks like they're done. [chuckles]
But, like, I'm fine.
-[girl 1] You're okay?
-[girl 3] I'm fine.
They had a great time, and I am fine.
I'm doing good. I'm not.
-[girl 2] Who is that?
-[girl 1] Never seen her.
-[girl 3] I don't know her.
-[girl 1] You're fine?
[girl 3] I'm fine. I'm great.
[melodic indie pop music playing]
[tire screeches]
[music fades]
-[father] I told you to get a nanny.
-[Heidi] I'm not asking for the world.
I'm asking for 20 minutes
so I can brush my teeth and shower.
-Yeah, but it wasn't 20 minutes.
-Oh my gosh--
[Heidi] Auden? Is that you?
[Heidi] Aw.
-Good morning, sleepyhead.
-[Auden] Morning.
You just wake up?
-Yeah, it's kind of unusual for me.
-[Heidi] Oh.
-Yeah, I better get back to it.
-[Heidi] Mm-hmm.
-Morning, kiddo.
[Heidi chuckles]
-[Heidi] Mm-hmm.
I didn't mean
to make you feel guilty about sleeping in.
It's just that
I have zero sense of time right now.
-[Heidi laughs]
-It's okay.
So, you ready for your big day?
-Your first day at the store, silly.
[chuckles] And don't worry.
You don't need a schedule
as long as everything gets done,
which I know it will,
with you being Little Miss Honor Society.
Don't think I don't brag about you
to everybody.
-[chuckles] Wow.
[Heidi] I'm so excited
for you to meet the crew.
Do you like flamingos?
-Aren't they the best bird?
-They're cool.
And voil. Welcome to my nirvana.
-It's great.
-Would you mind?
-Oh, yeah, of course.
-Oh, thank you.
Okay. Where are my ladies?
-[girls squealing]
-Oh my God!
-[Heidi laughs]
-[girls gasp]
[girls in unison] Aw.
[girl 2] She's so beautiful.
[girl 1] OMG, her eyelashes.
[girl 3] Are you dying
over how cute she is?
Oh, I missed you girls.
Well, don't worry about a thing here
because we've got everything covered.
The Booty Berry perfume came in,
and people are freaking out about it.
And the lock-and-key necklaces
have been restocked three times.
[gasps] Did I tell you, or did I tell you?
-Did I tell you?
-I told you. I told you.
-[girl 3] You told us.
[Heidi gasps] Oh! And this.
Why are you hiding in the corner?
-This is who I've been telling you about.
My genius stepdaughter, Auden.
Auden, this is Esther, Leah, and Maggie.
Oh, we've met.
-We have?
-At the Tip. You know my ex, Jake.
-Oh, yeah.
-Oh, good.
Now I know you girls will take Auden
under your wing and show her all the spots
and make her feel
super comfortable here in Colby, right?
-[Heidi] Good. [sighs]
All right, I better get
the little one home before she has to eat.
Can I just tell you, my nipples [groans]
[girls laughing]
But I love
that you four are a new little crew.
So much fun.
-You good?
-Good. Okay.
-[Auden] Mm-hmm.
Love you guys. [kissing] Bye.
-[Esther] Let me get the door.
-Okay, let's go!
Let's go into the world. We got this.
Okay! Here we go! Here we go!
[door closes]
-Why don't I show you the office?
-Yeah. Mm-hmm.
All the accounting stuff is in here.
Cool. Thanks.
Look, don't worry about Maggie.
She'll get over it.
It's just Jake is like her kryptonite.
They were together
for two years in high school.
They broke up right before graduation.
It wasn't her idea.
-She was with that guy for two years?
What's the matter with her?
-What's the matter with me?
-Oh, Maggie, I I didn't--
-Here, last night's receipts.
-I'm sorry.
-[lips smack] I should--
-Yeah. Do you need more pens?
-No, I'm good. Thank you.
-No. That's a lot of pens. Good luck.
[keyboard clacking]
Shake dat ting, miss, Cana, Cana
Shake dat ting, miss, Annabella
Shake dat ting, yow, Donna Donna
Jodi and Rebecca
Woman, get busy
Just shake dat booty nonstop
When da beat drops
Just keep swingin' it
Get jiggy, get crunked up
Percolate anyting you want fi call it
Oscillate your hip
And don't take pity
Me wah fi see you get live
'Pon di riddim when me ride
And me lyrics a provide electricity
Gyal, nobody cah tell you nuttin'
Ca you don't know your destiny
Yo, sexy ladies want par wid us
Inna di car wid us
Dem nah war wid us
Inna di club dem wah flex wid us
To get next to us
Dem cah vex
[music ends abruptly]
What was that?
Dance break. Happens every night at six.
You can join in next time if you want.
We rotate who DJs.
[Maggie] Mm
What? She might be more into new wave.
I'm good.
-[customer] Thanks, girls.
-[Maggie] Bye, Sarah.
[girls] Thank you
for shopping at Clementine's.
Where to? And don't say the Tip.
[Leah] Tally Ho?
[in unison] No, no, no to Tally Ho.
You guys are the worst.
We're just gonna go to Gas Gro,
and it's depressing.
I'm gonna text Cala.
Who's Cala?
Just this blonde girl
Esther is in love with.
-[Maggie chuckles]
-How about you? What are you doing?
-Oh, I--
-I'm gonna see what the guys are up to.
She's actually nice. I promise.
It's okay. I was just leaving.
[indistinct chattering]
[boy 1] like, not even kidding.
[boy 2] No, shut up, dude. Shut up, dude.
-[boy 1] I'm telling you, man.
-[Maggie] Tally Ho!
[door entry bell rings]
[ocean waves crashing]
["Hawt Heart" by Born at Midnight playing]
With a hot heart
And a sunburn
In a go-kart
Make the world turn
However sentimental
Heavy metal music is fun
Italo disco or electro, baby
Fox on the run
With a hot heart
Bad seed, posh and pristine
On the tip of your tongue
Oh, girl, you'll always be young
Pretty daisy caught in the weeds
Sunshine blowin' up the scene
[boy] We got the noodle!
Ninth one's free.
With a hot heart
[tire screeches]
[music stops abruptly]
Oh, sorry. [chuckles]
I didn't mean to scare you.
Colette, huh?
Not always.
You're Auden, right?
-How'd you know that?
-Will you let me make it up to you?
["Dreamin'" by Best People playing]
[music continues indistinctly
in background]
Are you making it up to me
by taking me with you to do your laundry?
Um, no.
But, uh, while we're here, I thought
I might as well put some shirts in.
[machine beeps]
[machine whirring]
After you.
[ethereal music playing]
Hey. I had a feeling
you'd turn up tonight.
I was all out of clean shirts.
-[man] Put on music. I'll make coffee.
-Thanks, man. [clears throat]
That's Clyde. He's kind of a legend.
["The Jangling Man"
by The Cleaners From Venus playing]
They're breaking glass
And burning buildings
-In the early greenhouse sun
-[boy clears throat]
The powers that be will blame extremists
And I may well be one
Yes, I may well be one
And Wat Tyler's ghost is smiling
What is this?
-Vertical checkers?
-[boy laughs]
You've never heard of Connect Four?
Should I have?
Is it, like, a laundromat requirement?
You just try to get, uh, four in a row.
I think I can handle that.
I'm sure you can,
Miss Scholarship toDefriese.
[Auden] What? Okay, wait, wait, wait. How
-How do you know all this stuff about me?
-Heidi is very proud of you.
Right. How-- Does she know everyone?
It's Colby. Everyone knows everyone here.
-Here you go. Two cups, hot and fresh.
-Thank you.
-I'll be back.
Oh wow.
Better than Gas Gro?
Lay off. I'm new here.
All right. I got raspberry peach
or strawberry rhubarb. What'll it be?
We get to have pie too?
What's a secret pie shop without the pie?
Uh, slice of each, right?
[Clyde] Yeah, well played.
Okay, so this is weird.
You know all this stuff about me,
and I don't know anything about you.
There you go. One of each.
-You made this?
-Well, I didn't buy it.
[all chuckle]
-You guys good?
-[chuckles] Yeah, all good.
-All right. Enjoy.
-Thanks, dude.
Told you I'd make it up to you.
[chuckles softly]
You just won again. [chuckles]
What are you,
some kind of Connect Four hustler?
Beginner's luck.
-[checkers clattering]
But it is fun. I gotta remember to do
stuff like this more often.
What? Annihilate the competition
in board games?
Not specifically,
but yeah, like like kid stuff.
Kid stuff? [chuckles] What does that mean?
I don't know.
Like like stuff you read about in books.
Food fights, trespassing
Classic indoor kid, huh?
More like my mom wasn't
really interested in any of that.
Can I let you in on a secret?
Nobody's having
food fights with their mom.
[both chuckle]
I know, I mean [chuckles]
I mean, she wasn't interested
in any of that for me.
She made it sound silly or something.
Okay, just to be clear,
you've never been trespassing
or had a food fight, but, like,
you do know how to ride a bike, right?
Yes, everyone knows how to ride a bike.
Just checking.
So, thanks for showing me
the secret pie shop,
random Colby bike guy
who appears in the mist.
You never told me your name.
-I didn't?
I'm Eli.
Nice to meet you, Eli.
You too.
Would you maybe wanna hang out again?
-Why, you need a kid-stuff guru?
No. Never mind.
Wait, wait. Sor--
[chuckles] I'm sorry. I'm kidding.
I mean, I'm kidding, but I'm serious.
Just thinking about what you said,
and I think you should do it.
Do what?
Think of a bunch of stuff
you haven't done,
and just start doing 'em.
It could be, uh, like a quest.
[both laugh]
-A quest?
-Yeah, yeah.
That sounds ridiculous.
-What? What is ridiculous about it?
I don't know.
I tried to be a different person once
this summer, and it was comically bad.
Yeah? Did it happen at the Tip?
Why do you ask?
In my experience,
most comically bad scenarios
take place at the Tip.
I mean, with a name like that
-How could they not?
[both laugh]
Uh, I'm just up here.
Will you think about it? The quest?
You seem awfully invested
in my life for a stranger, Eli.
I already told you.
Nobody's a stranger in Colby.
See you later, Vertical Checkers.
[melodic organ music playing]
[music fades]
[Auden] It's after two. Go to bed.
[whispers] I can't. If I put her down,
she'll just start screaming.
[whispers] Give her to me.
[Heidi whispers] Are you sure?
[whispers] Yeah.
I never go to bed this early. I want to.
[Thisbe coos]
-[whispers] Okay.
-[Auden whispers] Yeah.
[whispers] Oh, do you wanna see Auden?
-You wanna see, Thisbe?
-[Auden whispers] Hi, Thisbe.
[Thisbe cooing]
-[Auden whispers] Hey. Hi.
[Thisbe cooing]
[both shushing]
[whispers] Who were you out with so late?
[whispers] No one.
[whispers] Okay. No one.
[whispers] I'm glad you're making friends.
[whispers] Thanks.
[whispers] Can I tell you a secret?
[Thisbe cooing]
[whispers] It's not so bad here.
-[Thisbe cooing]
-[Auden shushing]
[seagulls squawking]
[cash register clattering]
Yo, Leah.
[Leah] Hmm. Ooh!
[Esther] Thank you
for shopping at Clementine's.
Did you get snacks?
Eli's covering front of shop
so Adam could do snack run at Gas Gro.
[Esther] Really? I thought
Eli never left the workshop.
Do you think if I tell Adam
Maggie wants chips, he'll go back?
I'm in a savory mood.
[Maggie] Stop. He was just being nice.
Dude, are you okay?
Uh Oh, yeah. I I was just receipts.
And, uh, did did you say "Eli"?
Yes. Why?
So you, like, know him?
I think the real question is,
how do you know him?
I don't. I I mean, I've I've met him.
[Leah] Define "met."
I should get back to work.
[cash register drawer closes]
[Leah] Damn! Jake and Eli?
Talk about a low-key playa.
Nothing's going on with her and Eli.
How do you know?
Think about it. When was the last time
he had something going on with anyone?
Before Abe.
[Maggie] Exactly.
[ocean waves crashing]
[tire screeches]
You busy?
["It Started With a Kiss"
by The Giant Crab playing]
[Auden] Mini-golf?
Is this your way
of trying to spoon-feed me the quest?
Yes, Vertical Checkers.
That is a fun conspiracy.
-Hi. Two, please.
-[Auden laughs]
-[Eli] Ever been go-karting?
-[Auden] No.
-[Eli] Skydiving? No.
-[Auden] No.
-[Eli] Bowling?
-[Auden] Yes.
-I have.
Yeah, how sick.
-[Eli] Did you go to prom?
-[Auden] No.
[Eli] Why not?
I guess I'm just not one of those people
who thought high school is supposed to be
this, like, big party.
I was more interested in working hard
so the rest of my life could be great.
Okay, but come on. I mean, even the kids
who hate high school still go to prom,
unless, uh, you're too cool for it,
which is the vibe I'm getting from you.
It's not that.
[chuckles] It's, I guess,
um, I got stood up.
Oh God. I'm sorry. That's terrible.
No. Oh my God. Please don't feel bad.
I was supposed to go with this guy, Jason.
He was just like a lab partner.
It was a friends' thing.
And Well, he got invited
to a conference at Duke, so
It was, like, so not a big deal.
I couldn't care less about prom.
[Eli] Huh.
Really? Are you sure?
Okay, fine. Uh, maybe the one thing
that sucked a little was the dress.
-The dress?
I was downtown one day,
going to used bookstores,
and I wandered into this store,
and there was this dress on a mannequin
that was just, like, so cool.
Um [chuckles]
You know, if I regret anything,
it's not being able to wear the dress.
But prom itself? Yeah, pass.
Did you bring it to Colby with you?
Where would I wear
something like that here?
[chuckles] Anywhere.
Yeah, wear it to, uh,skip rocks.
Wear it to drink Cokes.
I mean, it doesn't matter
where you wear it
if it's about the dress, right?
I guess.
[Eli] Hmm.
You know, it's a shame
you didn't bring that dress
because it would have been
perfect for the quest.
Eli, we're not doing the quest.
[chuckles] Oh, Auden. Of course we are.
What about you? We've been talking
about me this whole time.
[Eli] Yeah, well, that's because
you're a lot more interesting than I am.
Stop deflecting. Your turn.
[Eli sighs]
I don't know. Sometimes I feel
like all I've ever done is goof off.
I even made a career out of it.
-I mean, for a minute.
-How'd you do that?
Just, uh, bike stuff. Whatever.
You know, now it's like,
what does it all add up to?
Just, uh, some grainy clips on YouTube?
Bunch of stupid stories?
I think that everyone deserves
a do-over if they want it.
You know? Wish I could have a do-over.
A do-over for what?
[Eli clears throat]
You, uh
You didn't win,
but it's a very respectable performance,
I will say.
Can I keep it?
Just in case anyone ever asks
if I've played mini-golf,
it'd be good to have proof.
'Course. Yeah, gotta have proof.
[melodic organ music playing]
I hate when it rains.
-Can't be a beach day every day.
-Why not?
I'll go get the ponchos.
-[thunder rumbling]
-[knocking at door]
-Sorry, the ponchos are back here.
-Oh. I can get them.
Oh my God. These are awful.
[Maggie] When you say stuff like that,
you act like you're speaking for everyone,
when really,
you're only speaking for yourself.
Oh, I
You're right. Sorry.
[Leah] Auden, you have a visitor.
[box thuds]
Mom. Hi.
Auden. Hello. [chuckles]
[mother sighs]
Can we help you find something?
I'm gonna wait for you outside.
I know what you're gonna say,
but come on, you'll get soaked.
[boys indistinctly chattering]
Have you sampled the local cuisine?
-Where would you like to have lunch?
Um, there's a place on the boardwalk
with good onion rings.
How charming.
[soft piano music playing]
how's it going? Bonding with your father?
I mean, he's kind of busy.
He's just working really hard.
The thing about your father is, uh,
he enjoys the performance of working
arguably more than he does
the actual work.
And Heidi?
Heidi's nice.
Of course she's nice.
Women like her are always nice.
They have to be.
It's part of the job description. [laughs]
Poor thing. She must be exhausted,
caring for the infant all by herself.
Dad helps.
Auden, who do you think you're talking to?
[mother chuckles]
Oh! That's quite the raincoat.
-Okay. Just say it, Mom.
Say what?
Whatever it is you wanna say.
You'll have to forgive me
if I find it alarming
how easily you've adapted to the world
of your father's new wife.
That's insane. I'm I'm exactly the same
as I've always been.
Look, sweetheart. I realize
that you're doing soul-searching,
and that's fine. It's normal, even.
Just don't let this little break
from reality come at a cost.
Your classmates from Defriese
are not spending the summer hawking thongs
and doing keg stands.
I'm not doing keg stands, Mom.
We'll see.
-[seagulls squawking]
-[ocean waves crashing]
[Maggie] Hey.
Maggie, hi.
Your mom's kind of intense, huh?
Yeah, you could say that.
She's a legend as a professor,
but it must be hard to be her daughter.
You know who my mom is?
Of course. I almost went to the U
just so I could take her classes.
But I couldn't turn down Defriese.
You're going to Defriese?
I'm going to Defriese.
[chuckles] I know. Heidi told me.
I'm starting to understand why,
when you saw me,
you thought, "Wow, I hate her."
Actually, when I first saw you, I thought,
"I'm so depressed that cool, hot girl's
hooking up with my boyfriend."
-I didn't form an opinion until later.
[both laughing]
Fair. That is fair.
But what wasn't fair was being
so hard on you about the Jake stuff.
I mean, you didn't even know me.
Yeah, but I still feel bad.
It's okay. He's a tool.
I'm not gonna say anything.
[Maggie laughs] It's okay.
I've come to accept it.
But at least he's, you know, a hot one.
[both laughing]
I'll give you that. He's he's a hot tool.
[both laughing]
Okay, come on.
I promised Heidi I would show you around,
and I've been delinquent
with my responsibilities.
Esther and Leah are sitting up there
if you wanna head over.
-Where are you going?
-I'll be up in a bit.
-[Auden] Hey.
She roped you into this too?
No worse than
when you roped us into going to Ossify
to watch that guy recite
his shopping list over a drumbeat.
Why did Maggie wanna come here?
Why do you think?
Is she into one of those guys?
[Esther] You'll see.
Wait, what?
What's happening?
This this is a joke.
You guys are playing a joke on me.
This is this is Maggie.
-This is Maggie.
-I know. We've seen this before.
Do all people who do BMX
have two little assistants like that?
-Absolutely not.
-No, just Maggie.
["Not About You" by Haiku Hands playing]
I feel like I'm on one
Banging on to someone
-I never get to go to Tally Ho.
-What are you talking about?
But I just have to sit here all the time.
I'm gonna
I'm gonna
It's not fair.
But this is so much cooler.
I'm gonna tear up the lexicon
With a hexagon and my sexy thong on
-Have you been to Tally Ho?
-No, no.
Okay, then you don't know
what you're talking about.
I am my sister's keeper
-I think it was better last week.
-She was up really late last night.
It's not about
Maggie, I love you.
It's not about you
I love her.
[Maggie] What'd you think?
Maggie, are you kidding me? Who are you?
Mm, a few months ago, I thought,
"Why should guys have all the fun?"
-And now we have to come here every week.
Oh, yo, yo, yo. Conch House party tonight.
Bring supplies.
-[all exclaim]
-We're there.
-[Leah] Okay, everyone give me ten.
-[Esther groans]
[Maggie] This is for me and Auden.
Get snacks too.
[Leah] Okay, but Auden's coming in too
'cause she looks the oldest.
[door entry bell rings]
[background music faintly playing]
So, what's your snack profile?
Maggie likes sour gummy bears.
Cute, but with an edge, like she is.
Esther wants jerky
'cause she's a contrarian.
I'm a traditionalist
and usually get a Snickers.
-What aboutyou?
-I'll have a coffee, I guess.
A coffee? No.
You need something with snack bang.
Like, what if we end up at the Tip later,
and you're starving?
It's not like you can get food at the Tip.
How about this?
Old school, but I like it.
["Teen Creeps" by No Age playing]
Ugh, no. No more No Age.
Put on something fun.
Let's let Auden DJ.
I bet she has good taste.
[music stops abruptly]
["I'm a Lady" by Santigold playing]
Now won't you run
And tell your boyfriend
Tell him don't hold his breath for me
I got some money I was savin'
Got some hearts that I'll be breakin'
Know someday
They'll make a martyr out of me
I know someday
They'll make a martyr out of me
She's so fine
And I like sometimes to wave it high
Up where everyone can see
I'm a lady
Got my mind made up
Got my mind made up
I know I spend magic, reel it out
Try to hold a light to me
I'm a lady
Got my mind made up
Got my mind made up
And I like sometimes to wave it high
Up where everyone can see
I'm a lady
Got my mind made up
Got my mind made up
I know I spend magic, reel it out
Try to hold a light to me
I'm a lady
[Leah] The Conch House doesn't know
what's about to hit it.
-[Maggie] These four girls pulling up.
-[all laugh]
Anything like the last time
Wallace, he jumped off the second story
into thatkiddie pool, remember?
-[Maggie] Yes.
-[Esther] You tried to steal a dog.
[Leah] Okay, I know.
That was a wild night.
Are Jason and Carlos gonna be here?
Are you embarrassed?
["Noisy" by Noga Erez playing]
How do you know these people?
Well, we don't know all of them.
Some we grew up with.
Some are alums
who come home for the summer.
Some Eastern Europeans who come work
at the restaurants during our busy season.
Why Eastern Europeans?
I don't know.
It's just always been like that.
Speaking of which
Yeah, I'm from Colby.
Where'd you say you're from? Uh, Latvia?
-How long was that drive?
I don't understand why he feels the need
to declare himself
unofficial ambassador of Colby
to every new girl in town.
Oh, no offense.
-No. It's okay.
-[Leah] Come on.
We don't need to watch. Let's just go.
[Maggie] Come on.
-Let's go this way and get away from him.
Hey, Maggie, up here. Hey, hey.
Dude. Dude, calm down.
We saw her an hour ago.
So what? I'm just saying hi.
[acoustic guitar playing]
She keeps it simple
And I am thankful
For her kind of lovin'
'Cause it's simple
No longer do we wonder
[Auden] She's really good.
She is, but it loses its appeal
when they do the same song at every party.
[both laugh]
So, in January we're gettin' married
So, Eli
Oh, I was waiting for this one.
I'm just curious
because we're kind of friends.
Never mind.
Unless you think he might come tonight?
[Maggie] You wish.
He never comes to stuff like this.
Not anymore, at least.
Not since Abe.
Abe. Right.
-Has he told you about Abe?
Okay. So Abe was Eli's best friend.
Eli and Abe both did street BMX.
Probably because that's what Clyde was
most into, and they both idolize him.
But anyway, they were amazing.
Both sponsored, won crazy competitions,
in a league of their own.
Everyone thought that
after they graduated,
they would move to,
like, Barcelona or Berlin.
One of those European cities
with great streets for riding.
Is that what Abe did?
Abe died.
He and Eli had gone to New York
for the weekend for this big invitational.
On their way home,
only, like, 20 miles outside of Colby,
a drunk driver hit them.
Eli was driving.
After the funeral, he totally shut down.
Now he's like a ghost.
Gave up his sponsorship, stopped riding.
Works in the back of a shop doing repairs
and never hangs anymore.
Which is why it was so surprising to us
when he started hanging out with you.
[woman in movie]
Westley, what about the R.O.U.S.s?
Rodents of Unusual Size?
I don't think they exist.
-[Westley grunts]
-[animal snarling]
[tense music in movie playing]
[Westley screaming]
[chuckles] All right.
Check these guys out.
I love this part.
-[woman in movie] Westley!
-You hate it?
No, giant rats are cool.
[Auden chuckles]
Okay, hold on.
[radio shuts off]
So what was your favorite movie
in the fourth grade? The Piano?
-I don't know.
I liked Bye Bye Birdie.
Did you? Bye Bye Birdie the musical?
It's for kids.
[laughs] Yeah.
-Yeah, kids born in 1960.
What about you busting out
the Jane Campion reference?
My mom would be so proud of you.
Yeah, well, when you don't sleep,
you watch a lot of movies.
-And eat a lot of pie
-drink a lot of coffee
Two nocturnes.
Guess that's why we're pals.
[both chuckle]
But seriously, why don't you sleep?
I'm just a night owl, I guess, you know?
What about you? Same question.
Same answer.
Nocturne, night owl.
Nah. You have a story. I can tell.
If I had to pull it down,
I guess it's
that when my parents were still married,
they used to wait for me to fall asleep
before they would start fighting.
And I thought if I didn't fall asleep,
they can't fight.
I mean, I was wrong, obviously.
I'm sorry. That's
No, please don't be.
I'm not like one of those kids
who's defined by her parents' divorce.
If anything, my life was probably better
because they got divorced.
Whose parents are still married anyway?
Mine are.
[Eli chuckles]
But I mean, I'm sure
you had other stuff to deal with.
[pensive music playing]
Hi, what's up, everybody?
Um, my name's Eli Stock.
That doesn't matter.
You don't need to know who I am.
You know who this is right here.
Your boy Abe.
-You know him as Abeonimable.
[Eli laughs]
-[Abe] Yes, sir.
[Eli] Did you do the360 bar today?
[Abe] Yeah, did a 360 bar,
aka Truck Driver.
-[Eli] First try too. Nice, homie.
-[Abe] First try.
-Almost flipped the pedal, but I saved it.
-[Eli] You always fall first try.
[Abe] Always.
Yeah, man, what's up with that?
-Get out of here, bro.
-[Eli laughing]
-What? I don't even fall half the time.
-Hey, be sure to check my boy out, okay?
All right? He's, like, my best friend.
-[Abe] Yeah.
-[Eli] His hair is disgusting.
He's never washed it a single time.
He's my homeboy. He's so cute.
[Eli, Abe laugh]
Big Abe, stop playing, man. Stop playing.
-[both laugh]
-[computer lid slams shut]
-[Thisbe crying]
-[Heidi shushing]
Hey, everything okay?
Do you need anything?
I'm trying to get her to take a bottle
so your dad can help with feedings.
Hey, babe, I think she'll take this
more easily from you.
When I'm here, she just
she just wants the boob. [chuckles]
Oh, honey, I wish I could,
but I was gonna take Auden to lunch.
Yeah. Aren't you the one
that said we should spend time together?
-Yeah, but I mean--
-So, what do you say?
-Shrimp basket?
[Thisbe crying]
[Auden] Um
Great. [chuckles]
All right.
[Auden] Do you think it's okay
we left just like that?
Heidi seemed a little, like, strung out.
No, she's fine. I think that's
just what new motherhood looks like.
Was it like that for you and Mom?
No, your your mother
and Heidi are completely different.
As far as I can tell,
all women go nuts with a newborn.
But men don't?
I think that's why she's frustrated
about the book.
It's like I told her
when she said she wanted to get pregnant.
I only have these three months
before classes start to get itfinished.
We just gotta put our head down
and get through it.
Yeah. How is it coming along?
[Robert] It's grueling.
Very painful,
difficult, but beautiful too.
As you know from Narwhal,
a lot of my work deals with
undiscovered trauma
that we carry from our parents.
Auden, you're so lucky you don't have
that to deal with, at least not from me.
Hey, um, you know,
I'd love it if you read the draft.
You want me to do that?
Yeah, it'd be great to have
a young person's perspective.
You know how youth-obsessed
our culture is these days.
You just brought that with you to lunch?
-I mean, a brilliant young person
-[Auden] Right.
Of course. I carry it with me everywhere.
You think you can read it?
Yeah. I mean, of course. I'd love to, Dad.
[Robert] Excellent.
If you can get me notes by Friday,
that would be really great.
-My dad's book.
-Looks long.
Three years ago, I would have been
so excited to have him trust me with it,
but I just realized I have
absolutely no desire to read this.
My dad's always trying
to get me to go fishing with him.
My dad would probably use me as bait.
Don't forget to dance at 6:00, okay?
["Lucky Strike" by Troye Sivan playing]
'Cause you're safe like springtime
Short days, long nights, boy
Tell me all the ways to love you
'Cause you taste like Lucky Strikes
You drag
Come on.
Tell me all the ways to love you
I'm just gonna watch.
Oh, she wants to watch. Progress.
Tell me all the ways to love you
[girls all laughing]
[ocean waves crashing]
[Auden] Hi.
[Eli] Hi. This is a surprise.
I wanna do it for real.
I wanna do the quest.
["Astral Projection"
by Yumi Zouma playing]
-[Auden giggles]
-[Eli] Come on.
-[Auden] Oh my God.
-[Eli] Come on!
-[Eli] You good?
-[both laugh]
["Astral Projection" continues playing]
[both giggling]
[Eli] Okay, ready?
-Okay, right there. Go, go, go.
Let them cut the ties
That swept in defeat
[Auden] Wow.
One day I'll be calm
And I'll learn to concede
Catching my horizons
A ringing bell
To mark my repeating visions
You were none the wiser
A hint of panic
Can do wonders for distance
we crossed trespassing off the list.
You ever been night swimming?
Maybe trespassing is enough for one night.
[chuckles] Okay.
[song ends]
[Eli clears throat]
Um, thanks. That was fun.
Next time, we should, uh,
teach you how to ride a bike.
I already told you,
I know how to ride a bike.
Mm-hmm. You sure?
My dad taught me
as all children's fathers teach them.
I'm not even trying
to make it a whole thing.
I'm just saying that if
for whatever reason you don't know,
you know, family stuff or whatever,
you should really learn.
It's like the It's the best.
Thank you.
But no, that's not on my quest list.
But maybe it's on yours?
[Eli breathes deeply]
Seriously, what would be
on your quest list?
Um [sighs]
I used to wanna move to Barcelona.
Uh, but that's never gonna happen.
Why not?
I only wanted to go because
a bunch of pro BMXers live out there.
Pro BMXers like you?
Isn't that what you told me before?
That you made a career out of bike stuff?
Yeah. Yeah, but, you know, I'm retired.
-You're retired?
At 20?
[both laugh]
I mean, look, the pro scene,
and the traveling for competitions,
and putting it all out there
just doesn't interest me anymore.
You know? I kind of grew out of it.
I fix bikes now.
I don't need to ride 'em.
But you do ride them.
[breathes deeply]
Uh, this is your house.
[chuckles] Yes, it is.
[both laugh]
-Okay, thank you.
-Okay, good night.
-[both laugh]
["Move It" by Jaded playing]
Betta run, just move it, lose it
Got a plan, just buse it, buse it
Gyal a gwan and dun up da dance floor
Drinks gone, just run up da tab more
Till a beat stop
Pace till ya feet sore
Got ya man lock
[Auden laughs] Stop.
-[Auden squeals]
-[both laugh]
Stop! No, no, no, no! Oh my God!
[Auden laughing]
[Auden squeals]
-This way.
-Okay, okay.
[Auden laughing]
Oh no. Oh my God!
Hey. Hey, what are you kids doing? Hey!
-[Eli] Oh my God.
-Go, go, go, go, go! Let's go.
[both laughing]
-[Eli] Here he comes.
-[Auden laughing]
[Auden squeals]
[both grunt]
[music ends]
Auden, hey, hey, hey. Are you okay?
-Auden, are you okay? Auden, hey.
That was so good.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Sorry.
I'm sorry.
Is everything okay?
[sniffles] I'm sorry. That was stupid.
Eli, is is there something
you wanna talk about?
No, no. Come on. Let's go. Let's go.
[Eli clears throat]
Oh, good, you're here.
We need to have an intervention.
You sneak out of here
every night to go hang out with Eli,
and you never tell us anything about it.
That's not true.
[Leah] The bare minimum,
that's what we get from you.
We have no deets.
A girl can't live without deets.
I'm sorry, Leah. I don't know
what you want me to tell you.
We're friends.
Are you sure about that?
-[sighs] I don't know. He's confusing.
-Okay, see?
This is why you need us
to observe the two of you together
and tell you what's going on.
-[Leah] HDP, tomorrow, for the Fourth.
-He'll know what it means.
Yeah, Eli used to love hot dog parties.
Wallace's parents go out of town
every year on the Fourth,
and we take over their house.
We didn't come up with the name,
which I'll grant you is terrible.
The name doesn't matter.
What matters is you showing up with Eli
so that, as your friends,
we can assess the situation.
Can I admit something to you guys?
I've never really had
friends like this before.
See, you say that, but I don't get it.
I mean, there were people at our school
way more awkward than you,
and even they had friends.
-[Auden chuckles]
-I mean, look at Esther.
She says that because she lives in fear
of the day I realize I'm too cool for her.
Oh, yeah, because wearing
fishnet stockings as arm warmers
is so cool.
-I did that one time, and I stand by it.
-[Maggie] Guys.
Auden. Focus.
You were saying?
I don't know.
If I'm being honest,
maybe without realizing it,
I think I push people away.
I think sometimes I come off
as a little intense.
[girls laughing]
We're not laughing at you.
It's just that it makes so much sense.
Like how you were standoffish at first.
We thought you hated us.
[Esther laughs]
-What's up?
You're good.
It's not gonna hit you. Come here.
[Auden chuckles]
So I have a request for the quest.
A request for the quest?
[laughs] Amazing. Lay it on me.
[Eli clears throat]
[Eli clears throat]
Sorry. Uh, I just It's nothing personal.
Um, I just don't like parties.
[Auden] Anymore you mean?
You don't like them anymore?
Uh, you know about Abe.
-You were offering me pity friendship.
-What? No, no, Eli.
What happened to Abe,
it it wasn't your fault.
It wasn't my fault?
-It wasn't, and I--
-Hold on. Hold on. Are are you serious?
Auden, do you why know I liked you?
You didn't say stupid shit like that.
-What does what does that even mean?
-I didn't say stupid stuff.
Look, I'm sorry. Uh
You should go to the party and have fun,
but I, uh, I can't, so I'm sorry.
Wait. Eli--
[phone beeps]
[voice mail] Hi, Auden, it's your mother.
Just calling to check in
and see how you're blossoming--
[phone beeps]
[voice mail] Auden, it's Mom.
I guess I'm to understand
that you're very busy
going tanning
and getting highlights, but--
[phone beeps]
[voice mail] Auden, your mother.
I don't know what I did
that was so horrible
that you feel the need to ignore me,
but I suppose
this break was coming eventually.
It always does.
C'est la vie, c'est la vie.
[phone beeps]
[Heidi humming, fingers snapping]
Okay. [squeals] So exciting.
[Heidi exhales]
Is it too much to make an American flag
out of berries on top of the cheesecake?
-Oh my God!
I just love the Fourth of July
so freaking much!
It's probably my favorite holiday
because summer's my favorite season.
Oh, are you coming with,
or do you have plans?
-I I don't--
-I will not be offended if you have plans.
I didn't wanna hang out
with my parents when I was 18. Obviously.
-Well, there is a party.
-[Heidi gasps] Oh my God.
Do you wanna borrow something festive?
Hi, Heidi, it's me,
your stepdaughter, Auden.
[tongue clicks] Well, I may have laid
something out on your bed already.
Oh God.
Don't be scared. I know you.
Oh no.
[tongue clicks] Auden,
you're a firework, baby.
Hey, guys. Cala's been texting me
exclusively in haikus.
What do you think this means?
"Meat? I'm a vegan."
"Don't your friends shave their armpits?"
"My AC works fine."
I don't think it's that hard to decipher.
She's not coming.
-Do you not shave your armpits?
-[laughs] Yo, Auden, over here.
-[Leah] Uh-oh, no Eli.
-Don't make it a thing.
-Come on, everyone's outside.
-[Maggie chuckles]
-[Leah] I'm so glad you came.
Oh, dude, what about the Spin Doctors?
-Dude, that's already a band.
Really? No way.
Yeah, dude. "Two Princes."
It's a classic. What?
[speaking Latvian]
-[speaking Latvian incorrectly]
[in English] Okay, how about this?
[speaking Spanish]
[in English] Pedal Posse.
[Wallace] That is terrible.
Maggie, hey. Come, sit here.
-[Leah] What's up?
-Hey. I need to lay down.
-Please. Make yourself comfortable.
Okay, guys. Bike shop name ideas. Go.
I hate when people say "go"
when they want you to answer a question.
What's wrong with The Bike Shop?
Oh, that was only
supposed to be temporary.
It used to be Clyde's Rides
before a hurricane
blew the sign down last fall.
-Yo, Dub H, do you believe in aliens?
Uh, me?
Yeah. Dub H, like your name.
-You know who W.H. Auden is?
-[chuckles] Don't mind her.
She thinks she's the only person
who's ever read a book before.
It's chill, but you still need
to answer the question.
Um, I think aliens probably do exist,
but not in the way
we usually think of them.
Yeah, I knew it.
You know what?
We need to chillon the bike shop name.
-It'll come to us. I can feel it.
-[sighs] Okay.
[Maggie laughs]
She keeps it simple, and I am
[both laughing]
-It's every party.
-I didn't think that was gonna be--
-[Maggie] I told you.
-[Adam] It happens every time.
[Maggie] What?
[chattering stops]
[Eli clears throat]
This, uh, seems pretty tame
for a hot dog party.
Hey. No, friend,
we're just all so happy to see you.
We didn't expect
that you were gonna, like, come today.
[splutters] We're glad that you came.
-I mean, we-- And so the--
-Sorry, I thought--
What he means is you're late.
You know what the penalty for lateness is
at a hot dog party?
Tell me.
[food squelching]
[group giggling, gasping]
Yo, your girl is loco.
[clears throat]
Actually, the rule
is that the new kid
[tongue clicks]
is supposed to bring the beans.
[group giggling, gasping]
Food fight!
["School's for Fools"
by The Girls playing]
[all clamoring]
[laughing, exclaiming]
I walked up later than I wanted
[both chuckle]
[both laugh]
Thanks for, uh, saving me.
-Saving you?
That's presumptuous.
I was just doing it for the quest.
Right. Yeah, okay.
[both laugh]
Sorry, uh [clears throat]
Sorry about the beans.
[both laugh]
-No, you're not.
-[laughs] I'm not.
[both laugh]
[Wallace] Night swim!
[group] Whoo!
[both laugh]
["Despicable Dogs" by Small Black playing]
[group exclaiming, whooping]
[group exclaiming, laughing]
Wider than the worst ones
Wider than the ones I know
Smoke machine begins to blow
Indifferent to the written wall
Lost in the woods on another hunt
If they rattle, then they rattle on
Do it without me
Do it when I'm gone
Right as I want you
Oh my God! Yes, Auden! Yes!
Do it without me
Do it when I'm gone
Right as I want you
Right as you run
[fireworks exploding]
[music fades]
[seagulls squawking]
[melodic organ music playing]
[music fades]
[Auden] Dad?
What's with the suitcase?
Uh, Heidi and I need a little time away
from one another right now.
You left?
It's temporary.
You left?
Calm down. Just just have a seat.
Let me get you a coffee. God.
What happened?
What happened is, I don't I don't know.
She's crazy. At least with your mom,
when she was upset, I could tell.
With Heidi, one minute you're thinking
everything's hunky-dory, and the next,
you're sitting at a coffee shop waiting
for a room to be ready at a beach motel.
Come on, Dad. Even I could tell
that everything wasn't hunky-dory.
You're a woman.
Uh, women are more intuitive.
If one of your characters said that,
you would say that was lazy--
Yeah, so I knew she was tense.
And tired? Sure. But this?
Auden, this is something else entirely.
She's, like, certifiable.
-I don't know how to handle it.
-Whoa. So so what?
So you're gonna quit?
You're gonna quit on your family, again?
Because it's hard?
Is that what you think I did, Auden?
That I that I quit on you?
I don't know what I think.
The truth is, and I'm telling you
because I respect you
and I think you'll understand
sometimes I wonder whether
I was really meant to be a husband
or a father.
You know what, Dad?
I take it back.
I don't think you quit on me.
I think you didn't even try.
Come on.
Come on? Okay.
[Auden] Heidi.
Oh, hi, Auden.
it's nothing, really.
Yesterday was the Fourth, you know.
It's a holiday. [laughs]
[sobs] And holidays are for families.
When you're married, and you have a baby
you do that stuff, you know?
You go to the barbecue.
[Heidi sniffles, sighs]
But then he says, "You're always talking
about how tired you are
and now you wanna go to a party?"
And I said something like,
"I have given you
the whole summer off from being a father."
"All I'm asking for
is one fucking picnic."
And I just
It's just too much, you know?
It's all just a little too much.
I'll be right back.
[phone ringing]
-[mother] Hello?
-Hi, Mom.
It's me.
I need your help.
[Eli] Hey.
There you are.
[Auden] Hi.
What are you doing here?
You disappeared.
So I thought I'd come find you.
-Oh, yeah.
-[both chuckle]
I'm sorry.
I, uh
I went to get us coffees and then I
Uh I don't know.
Whose bike is that?
-You mean this bike here?
It's yours.
It's yours. I just fixed it up for you.
It's in great condition.
It's a beach cruiser,
so it's, like, super simple to learn on.
Well, we've been over this.
I don't need to learn how to ride a bike.
-I know how to ride a bike.
That's even better.
Then we can just go for a ride.
I'm not in the mood to do that right now.
How about this?
[tongue clicks]
If you know how to ride, show me.
It'll be fun. I promise.
Well, this doesn't feel fun.
This feels like a like a weird test.
Auden, you don't have to be embarrassed.
Oh, I'm not embarrassed.
I'm frustrated that you keep harassing me
about this stupid bike.
[Eli] Hey, what's up with you?
Did you ever think that
it might make me feel like, I don't know,
like a damaged loser?
That I can't do this thing that
most kids' dads taught them
when they were five?
Auden, I thought that was the whole point.
To humiliate me?
No, obviously-- No, to do the quest.
Eli, come on, the quest isn't real.
The quest It's a joke. It's
Just like this summer,
you've been pushing me
to be this whole new version of myself.
-But you're too scared to be who you are.
-Okay, and who am I, Auden?
Who exactly do you think I am?
You tell me.
Are are you gonna be someone
who ambles around Colby,
working in the back of a bike shop?
[Eli] Ambles around, okay.
Or are you going to ride
professionally again, or move to Europe,
or go to Barcelona?
-That's what you were saying.
-I thinkI'm understanding you perfectly.
I get it.
What what do you get? I don't understand.
Uh, let's see. Colby sucks.
-And Auden West is too good for Colby.
-That's not fair.
And now you're freaking out
because last night,
you you spent the whole night
with somewashed-up loser
who isn't even worthy of you. I got you.
You know, every time we try
and talk about you,
you turn it back on me.
-Why do you think that is?
-I think you're the one with the problem.
-I'm the one with the problem?
Do you really think Abe
would have wanted you to quit?
I'm not talking about that with you.
Yep, fine. Deflect.
You know, I have enough
of my own stuff to deal with right now.
I can't also be the thing you use
to avoid thinking about yourself.
I'm not Abe, Eli. I can't be your do-over.
You're right.
You can't.
["Learn To Let Go" by IDER playing]
[Heidi] But it's just so hard for me
'cause I don't have a lot of help,
and it's totally stupid.
-You've been saying that.
-Oh, honey, you're not stupid.
You're very intelligent.
I just would like to ask you,
what makes you think that his needs
are more important than yours?
It's a it's a powerful thing
that you've done,
to stand up to him
and and to say, "I I deserve better."
-[Heidi] Yeah.
-[mother] You know, and that's motherhood.
-That means so much to me.
Really, you have no idea.
[sniffles, chuckles]
Show it off, show it off, show it off
I pick up a drink
And I spin in my yellow dress
Give it up, give it up, give it up
Give it up, give it up, give it up
So you got it together
But I'd rather be in my own mess
Fallin off, fallin off, fallin off
Slow it up, slow it up, slow it up
So you head off the table
Looking like you know it best
Slow it up, slow it up, slow it up
Feel in love
Feel in love, feel in love
I pull out the rug
And you jump like there's nothing left
Fill me up, fill me up, fill me up
Learn to let go
Learn to let go
Learn to let go
Learn to let go
[music fades]
[Auden] Is Heidi okay?
I think so. Your father came home,
and they're talking.
Um, well, that's good.
I don't know what you said to him, Auden,
but whatever it was, he heard you.
-He told you that?
You guys talked about it? About me?
Look, Auden, I, uh
I need to talk to you.
I know you went through
a lot with the divorce.
And perhaps
I relied on you too much.
I expected too much of you.
But I liked that you expected a lot of me.
I expected a lot of myself.
[mother] I don't mean that, sweetheart.
I mean
that I expected you to always be mine.
That I wouldn't have to share you,
and that's not fair.
When you came down here,
I felt like you didn't need me anymore.
And to be blunt,
I was jealous.
I'll always need you, Mom.
I just need other people too.
Of course you do.
[Auden] I guess
I just wish
that some things had been easier.
Me too. [laughs]
Oh God. [laughs]
[Auden] Aw, Mom.
[emotional music playing]
[door opening]
-[footsteps approaching]
-[tongue clicks] Oh, hi.
-[Auden] Hi.
You did yoga?
[gasps] Seventy-five blissful minutes.
Wow. Where's Thisbe?
[Heidi's tongue clicks]
Your dad took her for a walk on the beach.
Said it was a great way
for him to clear his head.
Hey. I never got the chance to thank you
for asking your mom to come out here.
Oh, I thought you might be mad at me.
No. [chuckles] No, honey. Not at all.
Actually, it was because of her
that your dad and I had the most honest
conversation that we've had in months.
It's funny, isn't it?
You look at your life, and you think,
one decision,
and it all would have been different.
You mean, this stuff with my dad?
Actually, I was thinking about
if I never moved back from New York.
You lived in New York?
[laughs] Yeah, I did.
After business school.
I was gonna open up a boutique
there on the Lower East Side,
but I decided I would wait
until something came on the market
that I truly loved.
And it did.
So you chose Colby over New York,
and you don't, like, regret it at all?
[Heidi] Hmm.
[lips smack]
Life is long, Auden.
It'd be boring if we had to stay
the same versions of ourselves
the whole time. Don't you think?
-[both chuckle]
["Whirring" by The Joy Formidable playing]
[Maggie] Are you sure I'm the one you want
to teach you how to do this?
I'm sure. This is about me.
-[Auden] Yeah, you got me?
-[Maggie] Yeah, I got you.
Almost there. You got it.
This much delight
-[Maggie] You got it.
-[Auden] No.
Really, really good job.
-[Auden] No, it wasn't.
-Yes, it was. You got so far.
-Okay. Okay, you got it.
Almost there. Okay, go.
-Whoo! Oh!
-[Auden] No.
-So, ready? There we go.
-You got it. There you go.
-[Auden] No, no.
[Auden giggling]
And go!
Okay. Again.
-[Maggie] Okay.
You got it. You got it!
You got it!
I'm doing it.
Oh, I see it.
-I'm really doing it. Do you see me?
-[Maggie] I see it.
Oh, Auden, watch out.
[phone vibrating]
-[Maggie] You're not gonna believe this.
["The Angel of 8th Ave."
by Gang of Youths playing]
[announcer] Next up, one of our favorites
is here to make a comeback.
We haven't seen this rider
in over 18 months.
[exhales] Come on, come on, come on.
[announcer] Eli Stock!
-[crowd cheering]
-[announcer] Let's go!
So we got straight to the heart
And I was a coward
And worse to my shame
I fell hard upon the weightless weeks
And wasted every day
Till you emerged in the park
Like some patron of Washington Square
For the first time in a long time
Inside, everything stood clear
I wanna see this one out
And I wanna join the impossible swing
And fall hard beside you
Screaming at the bowels of everything
There's heaven in you now
There is heaven in you now
[crowd cheering]
[music fades]
[melodic indie pop music playing]
-[music fades]
-[indistinct chattering]
[Adam] Can we talk about
that double tailwhip?
[Wallace] That was insane.
-You saw the smile.
-I saw the smile.
-You saw the smile.
-She saw the smile.
-Go talk to him.
-He didn't invite me here, so
He didn't invite anyone!
[Leah] Who was invited?
There was no invite.
I guess.
-[Maggie] Why aren't you over there?
-[Leah] What are you doing? Talk to him.
[Maggie] Just go talk to him.
Okay, but what if he thinks
it's weird that I'm here?
Oh yeah. 'Cause guys hate when girls
they like show up to watch them win.
[Maggie laughs]
-[Maggie] Go!
-[Leah] Can you go already?
-Okay, okay, okay, okay.
-So go.
-Go get your butt over there now! Go!
-Go on!.
-[Leah] Go!
-I'm going.
[Wallace] Bro, are you serious?
[indistinct chattering]
[Eli] Yeah.
-[Eli] Hey.
-[Adam] Hey.
-[Wallace] Hi.
You were, um, so good.
[chuckles] Thanks. Thank you.
Um, do you wanna talk over here, maybe?
[Eli] Okay. [clears throat]
[Auden] Yeah.
-[Auden] So, Eli.
-[Eli] So, Auden.
Sorry. [laughs]
You you go first.
[tongue clicks]
I'm really sorry about what I said
the other day. I didn't mean it.
You did, but It's okay.
You know, I needed to hear it.
I miss the hell out of Abe.
I thought that
if I stopped thinking about it and
if I gave up doing all the things he loved
that it would just go away,
but it only made it worse
'cause, you know
all the things he loved
were the things I loved too.
He was just the best, man.
I loved that kid so much.
[sobs, exhales]
I wish you two could have met.
He would have loved you.
So do I.
And I'm I'm sorry too.
You know, if I pressured you
into doing anything you didn't wanna do--
Oh, no, no, no. I
I wanted to do everything I did.
Okay, good.
[Auden] That morning, me freaking out,
it wasn't about you,
or us, or the night before.
It was just some stuff with my parents.
Turns out I'm not as over
all of it as I thought.
It's okay.
I get it.
Okay, well, enjoy tonight.
-You earned it.
[soft melodic music playing]
[breathes deeply]
[Heidi] You know, it's the craziest thing.
Both my girls slept through the night.
[Robert] Auden, do you know anything
about that boy on our lawn in a tuxedo?
Hey yourself.
You know, we, uh, came up
with a new name for the bike shop.
"Abe's Bikes."
What do you think?
I love it.
Okay, good,
'cause you gave me the idea, so
Nice tux.
-Oh, this old thing?
Where you goin' all dressed up?
I don't know. I was thinking
maybe I'd skip rocks, drink Cokes.
[Auden chuckles]
Why, is that something
you'd be interested in?
I mean, I'd love to,
but I don't have anything to wear.
It's a real shame you didn't bring
that dress to Colby with you.
[melodic indie pop music playing]
Give me ten minutes.
[Eli clears throat] Wow.
-[Eli chuckles] Wow.
-[Eli] So this is it, huh?
Aw, you guys look so great.
-Wow, you really look pretty.
-[Auden] Thanks.
-[Robert] Auden does too.
-Thanks, Dad.
Now you guys don't stay out too late.
Dad, who do you think you're talking to?
[both laugh]
-Hmm, I don't get it.
-Okay, come on.
-Bye, guys.
-[Auden chuckles]
All right. Come on. I'm parked over here.
Actually, I got a better idea.
["Cannons" by Youth Lagoon playing]
Rolling up the windows of my '96
-[Eli] You look good on it.
-[Auden] Thank you very much.
-I've been working on it.
I have more dreams than you have posters
Of your favorite teams
[Eli] Oh wow. Going quite fast.
[Auden] Look at this.
[both chuckle]
-[Auden] Hey!
-[Eli] You gonna pop a wheelie?
-[Auden] Absolutely not. Are you?
[Eli] I don't know if I can. Maybe.
[Eli whistling]
-[both laugh]
-[Eli] What else you got planned for us?
-[Auden] Me? This is your rodeo.
-Do I look like a cowboy to you?
-A little.
["Cannons" continues playing]
-[wind gusting]
-[ocean waves crashing]
[Auden] Okay. Ready?
[both laugh]
-That was horrible.
-Well, we should really be at a lake.
[music ends]
So are you sure
you don't miss the prom part?
Well, okay.
Today aside,
maybe I was a little hard on prom.
Maybe there's something nice
about getting dressed up
and dancing with your friends
to mark the end of something.
[Maggie] I'm so glad to hear you say that.
-[girls laugh]
Wait, what's going on?
When Eli told us about his plan,
I said, "Are you kidding?"
"If my friend has never been to prom,
she's gonna get a real one."
The theme is Beach Bash.
We thought it was best
to work with what we had.
Is this for real?
Do you hate it?
I so don't hate it.
[Maggie] Hello?
[Auden] Thank you.
All right, just 'cause
you're the catalyst of this thing
doesn't mean you don't have to help.
Get to work.
["Lust For Life" by Girls playing]
Oh, I wish I had a boyfriend
I wish I had a loving man in my life
I wish I had a father
Maybe then I would've turned out right
But now I'm just crazy
I'm totally mad
Yeah, I'm just crazy
I'm f'd in the head
And maybe if I really tried
With all of my heart
Then I could make a brand new start
In love with you
Oh, I wish I had a suntan
I wish I had a pizza
And a bottle of wine
I wish I had a beach house
Then we could
Make a big fire every night
Instead I'm just crazy
I'm totally mad
Yeah, I'm just crazy
I'm f'd in the head
And maybe if I really tried
With all of my heart
Then I could make a brand new start
In love with you
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, Kayda
[Eli] Dear Vertical Checkers,
I miss you already.
You'd love it here. It's so beautiful.
The streets are perfect for riding,
and they sleep during the day.
[Eli chuckles]
Don't let the quest end
just because you have homework now.
-Bueno suerte, mi amor. Love, Eli.
-[music ends]
[Maggie] Okay,
you have read it five times.
Can we please go to lunch now?
Yeah, let's do it.
[both chuckle]
On the bowery singing "Country Roads"
I was outta town when Dymphnas closed
Got prettier in Denver
Phasing out of this old fairy tale
Apple cider, vinegar, and kale
I'm fit and full as ever
If you want
I can take it off
And show you what my mama gave me
Only getting hotter as I sweat
I have never really been upset
Just hollow and amazing
All I want is to be like my dad
All I want's to give you what I have
I'm generous and vacant
If you want
I can take it off
And show you what my mama gave me
It's so hot
In this restaurant
I might just get fully naked
If you want
I can take it off
Show you what my mama gave me
The tidal creek
The murderous bird
Her bleeding beak
The cleaning thing
The tidal creek
It's so hot
In this restaurant
I might just get fully naked
[music fades]
[melodic indie pop music playing]
[music fades]