Alp (2016) Movie Script

- The hell?
Did you, did you see that?
- Chris you're hallucinating.
We're here.
- Come on let's go.
- I'm coming,
I'm coming.
- Come on.
- Told you I'd go.
We're here.
- Locked.
- Dreams.
The subconscious of
our everyday thoughts,
and even our worst fears.
It's the unknown that scares us.
What we take from these
images is what shapes us.
Who we are,
what we really think,
without us even knowing.
The human psyche is astonishing.
The grandest ideas come
to life from dreams.
bad things come from dreams.
our worst fears fully realized.
Getting through a traumatic
event such as yourself,
suppressing is not good.
It's important to
identify the problem
then confront.
what do you see,
what do you feel?
Tell me about your dreams.
- I woke up
in a dream last night.
In my childhood backyard,
I was with my fiance Trisha.
There was this huge
tree from my childhood.
I explained how,
this one time my
little brother Brandon
climbed all the way to the top.
I had to go up there
and get him down.
I was terrified.
It felt like I,
like I climbed forever
to finally get him.
Then later in the dream we
were at a convenience store.
That's when I see it again.
A hooded shadow figure.
I see it in my dreams and
sometimes even when I'm awake.
In the middle of the night,
I can't move.
As hard as I fight,
it feels like there's,
it feels like there's
something watching me.
So I lay there.
- Why can't you move?
- I don't know,
it's like something
is holding me down,
something is holding,
pressing down on my chest.
It's like a weighted
down feeling.
- In the world there's
positive and negative energies.
What we put out,
what kind of energy we put out
is what we're going
to experience.
If you put out bad energy
or negative energy,
that's what you're
going to experience.
You're gonna bring
in the negativity.
Now if you put out
positive energy,
that will help you fight
through the bad energy,
the negative energy.
You gotta learn
how to be able to
pull out that positive energy
and build from that.
- How?
- Well this trip to your old
house is a great first step.
You know it's been
a long, long road
on this phase of your recovery.
Are you ready?
- I think I'm ready.
I think I'm ready.
- Excellent Chris.
You know I'm very proud of you.
Remember it's just a house.
The real confrontation
is within you,
within you.
You're in control.
- I know,
I wanna take control of my past
and not let it control me.
I'm in control.
I'm in control.
That's it.
- Are you excited?
- Yeah,
I'm ready.
I think I'm ready.
- You think you're ready?
- Yeah.
- Oh baby now,
you know we're gonna be alright.
- Yeah.
- And you know I
have your back right.
- I know.
- And we're gonna be okay.
- I know.
- Cut it out,
we gotta finish packing.
- I know, I know.
Is there anything
else we need inside?
- Ah yeah I think there's
two more boxes upstairs.
- Okay,
okay I'll get em.
- Can you bring me some water?
- Yeah I got yah.
- So baby are you excited
about seeing your brother Dave?
- Yeah actually I am.
You know it'll give us
an opportunity to talk,
you know.
Our relationship
hasn't been the best,
but it gives us a chance
to talk at an adult level.
Last time I saw him he
was 12, 13 years old.
He's a grown man now.
I'm looking forward to that so.
- That's cool.
- Yeah, so.
I mean he's living at
the house right now.
He's actually about to sell it.
- What?
He's been staying at that house?
- I mean yeah,
he's just,
you know maintaining it,
he maintains the house.
- Yeah but you don't
think that's kinda creepy?
- I mean not really.
He has to maintain the house.
I mean he's gonna sell
it now so you know.
- Yeah but.
- Yeah I mean that's,
the timing is actually
good because you know,
give us a chance to be there
before he does sell the house
so actually works so we
can do this right now.
- I guess.
- Yeah.
- What's up bro?
- Youngster, what's up man.
- Good to see you man,
what's been going on.
- Yeah good to see you.
- Aw man man,
getting the house ready man.
- Yeah,
yeah I see that.
- Getting ready for selling.
Probably gonna end up
moving to Chicago man.
- Okay.
- Yeah yeah.
- Nothing wrong with that.
- So you got your
lady in the back.
- Yeah that's my wife Trish.
I'll introduce you in a minute.
What's up with you man,
how you been?
- Aw man you know,
just the norm man.
Just making things happen.
- Okay.
- Like I said I've been
focused on this project
with the house.
- Yeah yeah.
Looks good man,
looks real good.
- Ya'll come on in
enjoy yourself now,
I'm gonna walk around back,
got a few people back there.
- Okay cool.
- We'll have a little fun.
- I'll probably
go inside myself,
walk around a little bit.
- Okay.
- Alright.
- Yeah yeah.
Okay make yourself at home man.
- Like mix it up man,
know what I'm saying.
Hey that's the reason why
I'm not playing no more
in the major leagues right now,
you know what I'm saying.
That's the reason why.
You know I had this dream
and it felt like I was there.
I couldn't wake up,
I was screaming.
Scream to the top of my
lungs and the crazy thing is,
my family was right
in the other room.
That shit just fucked
me up and I just,
I kept seeing these different
shadows going from here,
going from there
and then you know in my mind,
I know I'm sleeping but
I feel like I'm there,
you know what I'm saying.
I seen a bunch of shadows but
I didn't know what it was.
It was really tripping me out.
You know what I'm saying?
- Yeah he has dreams
like that all the time.
Kicking me and
poking me in my sleep
and I'm like really?
And he wakes me up going
why didn't you help me,
why didn't you save me?
And I'm like,
what was wrong with you?
- Like you're stuck?
- Yeah,
whole body is seized up,
I can't do anything.
- Bro I'm gonna tell you,
I started to beat
this bitch ass.
- Wait wait wait.
- Hold on, hold on,
I got ya.
- Wait wait wait.
I'm good.
- That's crazy.
- That was crazy.
- I told you my brother
can throw a party man.
- You did drink a whole
bottle of vodka but yeah.
- We ain't talking about that,
that's in the past,
it's gone now.
- It is.
But everything's gonna be okay.
Just gonna take it
one day at a time.
- You're right,
one day at a time.
- One day,
one step at a time.
- One step at a time.
- And you know having
you here with me,
makes it easier.
Really does.
- Aww,
where else would I be?
- I don't know.
- Hey hey hey.
Save it for later.
- Yeah.
Save that for the bedroom huh.
- Yeah.
Speaking of bedrooms,
is that really where
we're supposed to sleep?
- Yeah that's it.
It's the honeymoon suite.
- Honey that's a mattress
and a box spring.
- I mean,
you know he's moving out.
- You got a lot to learn.
- He's moving out.
My brother's moving out so,
he doesn't have much in there.
Plus doesn't have my
decorating skills.
- Your wannabe
decorating skills.
You don't have any.
- You're right I don't.
- So um, well,
why don't you get the bags
and maybe I'll go get us set up
and maybe we can play around.
- Okay sounds good.
- Okay.
Love you.
- Can't believe I'm here.
Oh what the fuck.
It's gotta be a dream.
A dream
it's gotta be a dream.
It's gotta be a dream.
This can't be real.
It's gotta be a dream.
I don't know.
Where the fuck am I?
Where am I?
This is a dream,
it's all a dream.
It's a dream,
it's gotta be a dream.
This can't,
this can't be real.
- Come here mother fucker.
You knew who you
were fucking with.
I can't move.
I can't move.
What the fuck is that?
What is that?
- Hey babe.
How are you?
How do you feel.
- I'm good.
- Are you sure?
- I'm alright.
- What do you want?
- Water's fine.
- Cause that's all we got.
How do you think it's gonna
go between you and Dave?
- I think it's
going good you know.
I gotta get a lot of
questions answered.
Definitely need to do it,
so I'm looking forward to it.
- Yay.
Because I really need to
go to the grocery store.
Because if we're gonna
stay here for three days,
I'm not gonna keep
eating eggs and chips.
That's just not me.
- Right there.
- So how's college
going for you?
- It's going alright,
just checking my bases.
- Okay.
- Trying to figure out what
I wanna major in but um,
you know day to day.
- What you think
you're leaning towards?
- Ah,
I wanna say biochemistry man.
- Oh yeah?
Alright then.
- Yeah.
- Credit where credit is due.
- Yeah they don't
give no credit.
- Hey,
my cowboys doing a thing though.
Finally got a team around him.
- How many years?
- We don't count
the years alright.
You just gotta be
positive about it.
That's all we can do.
This is probably,
where it all started for me.
- Yeah them days.
- The league.
- Don't count it though.
- Say man but,
the reason I brought
you out here,
I kinda wanted to talk to you.
I know we always
hadn't had the ah,
best relationship in the past.
There's been a lot
going on and um,
you're gonna think I'm crazy man
if I try to break all this down,
you're gonna think
I'm crazy man.
I see a lot of things related
back to that night with him.
- Him?
- My brother.
- Brandon?
- Brandon.
Brother Brandon.
You know.
You never have any
visions or anything?
I know you were young.
Nothing ever from that night.
That incident?
- Nah.
- I don't know bro.
I don't know,
I don't like to talk about it.
I don't like to think about it.
It's never gonna leave me,
I know that.
But um.
- So ah,
what happened that night?
- You know,
we had a babysitter.
And there was a fire.
I had sent Brandon
to get a baseball.
When I went to look for him,
I got to the bathroom
and all I saw was,
was pure evil.
Firefighters said you
and me were the only ones
to make it out alive.
Then of course you know,
mom's suicide after that.
I want you to know if anything,
if anything happens,
I'm here for you alright.
- Yeah.
- I want you to understand
you can talk to
me about anything.
- Hm,
big brother.
- So did you get
everything taken care of
that you needed to
with Dave today?
- Yeah I did actually.
We had a good talk,
good conversation I mean.
I felt like,
I mean I got
something out of it.
I felt like he did too.
We haven't always had the
opportunity to talk as adults.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
- I'm glad you got a
chance to talk to him
and got things squared away.
Got what you needed.
- It was really good.
- How did it go at the store,
did you get
everything you needed?
- I sure did,
we've got groceries,
I got food,
no more eggs and chips
and sausage.
- You know I
like eggs and chips.
You talking down on them.
- I'm not gonna
be eating them everyday.
- Not for three days.
- Not for three days straight,
are you out of your mind.
Speaking of,
you need to go
get in the shower.
- Ah what?
What are you trying to say.
- You need to go
get in the shower.
- I was gonna get in
the shower anyway.
- Mm yeah,
I might join you later but.
- Oh really.
- You need to go
get in the shower.
- Have you get in there first.
- You need to go get
in the shower first.
- I'm headed that way.
- So get on up.
Get on up.
- Knock knock.
Ooh you got that water
all nice and hot.
- Uh huh.
- Hey you.
- Hey.
- What the hell was that?
- Baby I,
I know, I know.
- You know?
Look we've already seen
what we need to see,
let's just go.
- Okay, alright.
- Tomorrow.
- Tomorrow.
- Go to sleep.
- Just the fact that you
can't wake up you know,
you can't move and
as I did my research,
it led me into you know,
sleep paralysis.
honestly like,
whenever I wake up at night
and it's crazy cause every
time I wake up at night,
I wake up at three
in the morning.
Supposedly I don't know,
supposedly I heard that,
crazy shit happens at
three in the morning
and every time I wake
up I see a shadow
like on the corner,
a black shadow.
And I know a lot of people
have different views
of this shadow that they see
but me I see a black shadow
like in a big long cap you know
and um,
kinda like the you
know the death.
- Hello.
- Atterson.
Listen, it's Chris okay.
I need to talk to you.
- Chris what time is it?
- Listen I know it's late okay.
Look these, these,
these dreams I've been having,
look look I know what it is.
It's an alp demon.
You've heard of it?
- German folklore I believe.
- Sleep paralysis okay,
the hallucinations,
you know not being able to move,
seeing something in the room.
- Yes Chris you're
trying to stretch a
myth to fit a truth.
- Listen doc,
I'm just trying to
get myself together.
I'm, I'm,
I wanna move past this,
I wanna put this behind me.
I'm sorry doc,
I know it's late.
I'll call you in the morning,
I'll talk to you
in the morning doc.
- What do you want from me?
What do you want from me?
Oh my god,
what do you want from me?
What do you you want from me?
what do you want from me?
Trish, Trisha.
Oh my god.
- Chris what the,
what the hell?
Where are you?
what's wrong?
Baby what's wrong?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Talk to me.
Chris breathe.
You know what, that's it,
we're out of here.
Chris what the fuck?
I mean,
you wanted to come here.
We came, we saw,
we're done.
I don't wanna talk
about this anymore.
- You think I asked for this?
You think I wanted
all this shit?
You think I wanted all
this to happen to us,
to me.
- You better lower your
voice and stop yelling at me.
You crazy?
what happened Chris?
you think somebody's
following you?
You think you're seeing things,
- It's like I said before,
except this time she
was in the house.
- Who was in the house?
- I could fucking see her.
- Who?
Oh boy.
- So I'm just making
all this shit up.
I'm making all of it up.
You don't believe me.
I want all this,
this is all coming out
of my fucking head huh?
- You know what,
sometimes people do things
cause they're looking
for attention.
This might be one of them.
- Attention?
- Yeah attention.
You know,
people use things
and try to get attention
in different ways
because they're crying out,
they need help.
And baby you've been
crying out long enough,
I think it's just time
to just let it go.
Just let it go.
- Wow,
that's outstanding.
- Your ass is crazy.
I'm driving.
Can't wait...
I've had enough of you you know.
I'm trying to drive,
I'm trying to help you,
but your ass is crazy,
you're gonna drive me to drink.
I just ooh,
I can't wait to get rid of you.
I can't wait to get...
Can you hurry up,
it's hot.
- Listen baby.
- What,
- Look I know,
I know you're upset right.
- Damn right I'm upset.
- But you have to hear me.
- What Chris?
- Listen something,
something is wrong.
Something is really wrong.
- You're damn right
something's wrong.
Don't you think I know
something's wrong.
- Look look.
Everything that's
been happening to me,
everything that's been going on,
I been doing my research.
I'm not the only one
that it's happening to.
- Really?
- Okay.
Look just read that.
- What?
- Okay, everything,
all the characteristics,
everything it makes sense.
- A demon?
Really a demon?
- Really listen,
it sounds crazy
but I'm telling you
it makes sense,
- Chris,
you're not even religious.
- What's going on.
- A demon really.
- It makes sense what
was going on with me.
I understand how it sounds,
but if you read the
research I've done,
it makes sense okay.
- Yeah well,
it doesn't make sense to me.
It really doesn't
make sense to me.
You need...
- just what are you saying?
- Look Chris.
If you love me,
which I think you do,
then you need to get help.
Call Atterson.
- Trish you believe
me though don't you?
Where you going?
Trish where are you going?
- I keep meeting these guys.
It's amazing.
Hey mom it's me.
Yeah we cut the vacation short.
Oh my god mom you wouldn't
understand what just happened.
Chris is crazy.
I mean one minute he thinks
he's seeing demons mom,
I can't deal,
I can't deal with
this anymore mom,
he's just not the same person.
He is not the same person,
I mean he's dealing with
some sleep paralysis stuff
and thinks he's seeing
demons all the time,
under the pillows
and round the corners
and he's busting in
on me in the show.
mom I just,
I need some space.
I got a hotel for a while
and I need time to just breathe,
relax, get myself back together,
I'm gonna give him time
to get himself together
and I guess we'll just
have to go from there.
I know.
I will.
I love you too.
I'll call you later okay.
I just can't deal with this.
- Chris
- hey babe.
- Sit down man,
have some tea.
Hm hey,
pour something to drink.
- You need to wake up.
- Grab some chicken man.
Sit down.
Hey come on.
Rough night last night man?
- Come on Chris get it together,
get it together Chris.
- Hey baby you okay now?
Wash your face,
doing good.
Let's see.
Nice and wet.
Baby you okay here.
You've washed your face.
- Baby listen.
We left yesterday.
- Why are you whispering?
- We left the house.
We left yesterday.
And now we're back.
Here again.
- You're still whispering.
- Listen.
I remember everything.
We left the house,
we were at our house
and now we're back here again.
- Baby,
then we just went to the party.
I mean,
other than that
nothing happened.
I really think you need
to go back and lay down,
get some rest and when
breakfast is ready
and the food ready,
I'll come and get you,
I'll come and wake you up okay.
- Okay.
- Okay let's go.
Follow me,
I'll take you, I'll
put you in bed,
and I'll tuck you in.
There you go.
Night night.
- Where the fuck am I?
What the fuck is going on?
It's only a dream,
she can't hurt me.
It's only a dream.
She can't hurt me.
Oh shit.
Fuck this shit.
What the fuck do
you want from me?
Trish, Trish.
Wake up.
What's wrong.
Trish wake up.
- Well that,
that didn't end well at all.
It's Chris.
He's lost it.
I really need to talk
to someone about it.
- It's okay Trisha,
I understand.
I've seen this kind of thing...
- no doc,
I don't think you do.
At first I thought it was
part of his coping mechanism,
his way to deal,
but now he's just crazy.
I mean he's always
talking about demons,
He's paranoid and to be honest,
I can't take it anymore.
I've tried and I've
tried but I can't.
And I think I'm
gonna leave Chris.
I don't know what to
do for him anymore.
I don't.
Can you help him?
- I thought things
were getting better,
I thought things were improving.
And now,
he's calling me at
all hours of the night
and I'm getting indications
that he's manifesting
this delusion
that he's been carrying around.
I was thinking going
back to his old house,
going to Dave's house
would eliminate this
and help him to deal with it,
get over it.
- He's not the same
person anymore.
He's not.
He's in a dark place
and I don't know how to bring
him out of this dark place.
And if I don't,
something serious
is gonna happen.
- Now Chris,
when I snap my fingers you're
gonna enter a sleep state
and what happens during
that sleep dream state
we will see.
I'm gonna count down and
then snap my fingers.
- Chris.
What you doing out here?
What are you doing babe?
- I don't know uh.
- This is not a dream,
you been staring outside,
staring at this wall for hours.
You know what I'm tired...
- listen.
- No.
- Listen to me,
I'm telling you.
- What?
- I'm telling you
this is all a dream.
- It's not a dream Chris.
You are tripping.
What is that?
- It's ah,
a basement.
- A basement?
- Yeah it's a basement.
- A fucking basement,
really Chris?
Oh my god.
You know what, we're leaving.
I'm packed,
we're going now.
- Chris, Chris.
- Chris.
Wake up.
Wake up.
- What's wrong?
- Well,
there's this case
I've been working on.
Been having some setbacks.
Hell might even say
I've been knocked off
the fucking ladder.
- Oh my god.
I've never heard
you swear before.
- Yeah you know.
So close.
So close.
Seems like it's turning
into something else.
- Uh oh.
- Really is that serious.
That patient I was
telling you about,
- Hmm.
- That trip he made
seems to be triggering
some kind of raw emotion.
He's talking about
sleep paralysis,
seeing shadows.
- Do you think he's losing it?
- I don't know.
I think I'm gonna have
to have him committed.
- Hm.
- Really didn't want to,
but the guy's getting married.
- Hello.
Mr Henderson.
This is detective Brad Stevens.
I'm calling on behalf
of Laura Davis.
Trisha Davis' mother.
We would like to speak to
you downtown at the station.
I don't know if you're aware,
but miss Trisha Davis
has gone missing.
Her mother said when
she last spoke to her,
you guys were having
a bit of trouble.
She was kinda erratic.
Before anyone jumps
to conclusions,
let's go ahead and meet
so we can sort this out.
I'll be waiting for your call.
- Voicemail of course.
Come on, come on.
This is doctor Atterson.
I'm calling because Chris
is completely spiraling
out of control.
He keeps talking about this alp,
this demon thing.
Trish is afraid for her life.
We're gonna have to get
together and talk about Chris,
this is just getting
out of control.
Please call me as soon
as you get this message.
You've got my number.
- What's up?
Hey it's Dave,
where's, where...
- you are so fucking goofy.
- What do you mean I mean,
you know,
I'm trying to make it you know,
I got this, I mean plus,
we're gonna be on TV.
We're gonna be on TV.
Just so...
- what are you talking
about gonna be on TV?
- Trust me, just listen.
Hey soon okay.
My brother.
- Explain.
- My brother,
he got like these dreams and,
you know, the
house and stuff so.
- About our house,
this house?
- I mean.
- No,
you're not talking
about this house.
- It's nothing though,
just trust me.
- Nothing?
- It's nothing.
- Okay.
- Look baby, we gonna be rich.
- Okay Dave.
- Why don't you just
listen to me sometimes?
- Okay Dave.
- Trust me okay so,
you know what I'm saying.
After all I goes through,
but yeah he be having these
fucked up dreams though like.
He can't move and stuff.
And into the house.
Whatever you know,
that's something else.
- Okay.
- I'm Dave
from the block baby.
You know, watch me.
- Well?
- Well,
what do you mean well?
- I thought we were
gonna take off.
- Babe look I told you,
I'm Dave from the block.
I got this,
trust me.
Trust me, trust me.
I got it.
Yo ghost ghost,
out out,
come out, come out
wherever you are.
- I'm here.
- You are bullshit.
- Louder.
- Out out ghost ghost,
come out wherever you are.
Stupid mumbo jumbo
piece of shit.
Come on out,
come on out you piece of shit.
Come on.
He's playing cold Turkey.
- Better stop.
- I guess you're right.
Wish you'd listen to
me sometimes baby.
Dave from the block.
Baby you so sexy.
Oh yeah.
- What the fuck is that?
Go go, get your camera.
- I don't know what it was babe.
I told you.
- Go.
- Trust me.
Come on.
- Fuck,
you go first.
- Here you go.
- Dave,
- Ah you're funny.
That's not funny.
- I found it.
- That is not funny.
I found it out right here.
- Did you see anything?
- Yeah the alp right here.
- Stop,
you suck.
- Oh shit.
Oh shit.
Aw shit what the fuck.
Oh god shit.
Oh shit oh god.
What the fuck.
What the fuck was that?
You ain't seen that?
You didn't see that?
Who's out there?
You didn't see that?
Who's there?
Who's there?
Don't fucking turn.
Get out of the fucking truck.
Get down.
Get out of the fucking truck.
Oh shit.
- Chris,
what is going on?
- Doctor Atterson listen,
Got it all figured out okay.
- Chris you gotta calm down,
I, I.
- Everything,
everything that's
been happening,
the visions, everything,
everything I've been seeing,
it always leads
back to the house.
Our childhood home okay,
our old house,
our childhood home.
- Calm down.
- Always.
- I really think we need
to stop and think about.
- I know where Trisha is.
It always,
it all ends with the house.
It always goes back
to the fucking,
to the childhood home.
That's where it goes
fucking back to.
- Calm down.
I'm gonna call the authorities.
- Listen,
you fucking listen
to me right now.
You're not calling
and you're gonna fucking
listen to me right now okay.
I'm gonna go back to the house
because I've thought about it,
I figured it all out already.
I know Trish is at
the fucking house.
Get in the fucking car.
- Okay, okay.
- I said we're going.
- Fine, fine.
- Right now.
- I'll go with you.
But you gotta promise
to put the gun away.
I'm telling ya,
if we don't find Trisha there,
then we gotta call the cops.
- Alright.
- Let's go okay.
- Course I'm going
fucking crazy.
I haven't slept in fucking days.
Now the motherfucker
not sleeping
I feel like a fucking lifetime.
- Chris.
- Deal with this fucking shit.
Look doc, I need
to do this okay.
I know you think
I'm crazy alright,
but I'm not.
I'm not fucking crazy.
- Chris.
Look at yourself.
You haven't slept in days,
you're having a breakdown.
Look I'm here to help you.
- Listen,
I can sleep alright,
I just don't want to alright.
Alright this alp,
this alp thing gets a
kick out of this shit.
I swear it does alright.
you don't even believe me.
You tried to call the
fucking cops on me.
- Chris okay,
we're doing what you want.
We're going to Dave's house.
We get there,
what then?
- I don't know I just,
I just know that
she's there alright.
You don't fucking believe me.
It doesn't matter
what I say to you doc
because you don't
and I don't know if
you ever fucking have.
This alp,
it's trying to tell me,
it's trying to tell
me something I just,
I don't know what it's
trying to tell me okay.
I just know,
we need to go to Dave's.
I just know Trish
is there alright.
Just believe me doc,
you gotta believe me on this.
- I believe you Chris,
we're doing it.
- For all I know
Dave's gone too.
- Gone too?
- I don't know I,
I haven't been able
to get a hold of him.
- I haven't either.
- Listen okay,
I'm gonna pay for
this gas alright,
you just pump it,
I'll be right back okay.
We're going to the house.
- Alright.
- Come on let's go.
- Help!
Dave get up.
- Where am I?
- Get up,
please help me,
help me.
Dave can you help me.
- I can't feel my legs.
- Help me.
- Turn the wheel,
turn the wheel Chris.
Stop the truck,
you're gonna kill us.
What are you doing?
- Can't feel my.
- Please, please.
You gotta get up,
time to get up.
Get up.
- Can't feel my legs,
can't even move.
- You gotta get up Dave please.
You gotta move.
- I can't.
- I can't please.
Please move.
You gotta move.
- The hell?
Did you,
did you see that?
- Chris you're hallucinating.
We're here.
- Come on let's go.
- I'm coming,
I'm coming.
- Let's go.
- I told you I'd go.
We're here.
- The fuck.
- Dave, Dave.
Wake up.
- When it started
I would get this strange
feeling in the night,
as though something
was watching me.
Then I would wake,
but I could not move.
It would laugh at me.
Those nights were an eternity.
Who are you?
shadows everywhere.
I must take care
of the children.
Please god,
- I'll be back for you Dave,
I promise.
Help me.
- It was you the whole time.
- Chris you gotta calm down,
get it together.
- This whole fucking
time it's been you.
- I've been trying to
help you all this...
- help.
Help me.
- Your wife, Martha Atterson.
- Chris my wife
Martha Atterson
- was my babysitter
when I was a kid.
- Had a disease.
- She's a sick woman.
I couldn't tell you.
- I trusted you.
- Please Chris,
- Trish oh shit.
- Baby we just
went to the party,
other than that
nothing happened.
- This is all a dream.
- It's not a dream Chris.
You are tripping.
Chis wake up.
- Chris, relax.
I'm here to help you.
- Chris.
- Oh my god, oh my god,
what are you doing?
What are you,
- don't shoot.
- Doing with that gun?
- You fucking tried to kill me.
- What are you doing?
- Please please no.
- Your wife,
Martha Atterson,
she was my
babysitter when I was.
- She was a sick woman.
I couldn't tell you.
- You should've fucking
told me.
I trusted you.
- Put the gun down.
- Put the gun down.
- No reason to.
- What did you do,
you shot him.
- Last night,
authorities reported to
a grizzly murder scene
in the lions park suburb.
Therapist Jim Atterson died
after suffering a single
gunshot wound to the chest.
Three other people on the
scene survived unharmed.
Police have
apprehended a suspect,
but we'll no more until
formal charges are filed.