Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure (2013) Movie Script

Whoa! Dad and Mom were able
to log board this? Wow!
I don't know if that's even
appropriate for an Alpha.
I think it would be killer,
Stinky, and I'm an Alpha.
And remember... Dad is a
proud omega, as am I.
Well, as the future leader
of the pack...
I wouldn't allow alphas
to be doing things like this.
- Mm-hmm.
- How about things like this?
Pick a tree. Any tree.
Runt, do you need
to take a whiz?
- What?
- Claudette, inappropriate.
This is male-to-male stuff, all right?
Runt, do you need to take a whiz?
What is wrong with you two? I may
be the runt, but give me a break.
I was born only, like, a few
minutes later than you wolves.
But you're still so cute.
Runt, it is unsightly for a wolf
to be climbing a tree.
I think he's saying,
"Talk to the butt. "
Don't forget what Mom and Dad always say.
Our uniqueness makes us strong.
Hey, what up?
That is unique,
all right.
Okay, parents' first dinner.
Let's get this place in order.
Oh, Humphrey, can you move
the log board to the wall?
This is where we fell in love.
I know. Against the wall.
- Completely against the wall.
- I don't know.
I think the angle
makes it a little less...
Oh, and I almost forgot. Can
you retrieve the buried bones?
As in "dig them up"?
Where I buried them.
We're serving bones.
Our first dinner.
Are you criticizing
my dinner choice?
No, no, no. Not at all.
Bones have lots of... roughage.
Humphrey, dear, just dig.
Sheesh, what am I?
The family pet?
Hey, Humphrey. Nice digs.
Don't get me started.
Looks like you already have.
How's life with an Alpha?
- Efficient.
- That is what we thought.
The guys.
We thought, "Wouldn't
it be cool to take our"
omega brother to the
wild Berry patch?"
Yeah. I'm not really
a fan of berries.
Fermented berries.
I love berries.
Oh, hi, Salty. Humphrey,
did you find all the...
Hey, Kate, got an idea here. How about
a few berries to go with the dry...
I-I-I mean, uh, the delicious
and nutritious marrow.
Right, Salty?
Come on, what do you say?
Humphrey, you're begging.
Sorry. Instinct.
Um, well, okay. It would make
for a nice before-dinner snack.
In so many ways.
And it is the holidays
after all.
- Joy to the cave.
- Okay, Humphrey.
Oh, if you see some holly,
bring that back too.
'Tis the season.
And if you see the pups,
send them home.
Okay. Love you, babe.
Wow, this rocks!
You can see Banff! And...
Hey, check it out. I see three
wolves down in the valley.
Are they of our pack?
Mm, not that I recognize.
Well, maybe I should
go welcome them.
What? Remember Grandpa Winston said
there were rogue wolves in the area.
Let me handle this. Hey!
Who are you guys?
Well, that was real.
Wait a minute.
I do believe there is a large
inhabitant entering our presence.
Like what? A moose?
No. It is...
A grizzly!
I see it right there.
No worries. We got this.
Let me do my thing.
Come on, big guy.
Show me what you've got.
- Go, Sis!
- Okay, right this way, wolf-eater.
Claudette, other
wolves, and not of our pack.
As future leader
of this pack, I say charge!
And pick on your
own size next time.
I don't believe I had the
pleasure of a formal introduction.
My name is Stinky, and
that's my sister Claudette.
And somewhere around here
is my little brother, Runt.
Aren't you
Winston's grandpups?
See? They saw him in me.
So... what? You guys
just here to hang out?
Yeah, yeah. We're-We're
just passing through.
- What pack are you from?
- We're from Banff. Just lost our way.
Yeah. Uh,
we'd better get over the train
tracks before nightfall.
Yeah! Oh, that was fun.
Berries are awesome.
Oh, back to the grind.
Uh, I think I'll just
drop these off and go now.
Hi, Kate! Oh, look at you!
All glammed up for
Mom and Dad, huh?
That was an awfully long trip
to the Berry patch.
Yeah, but look at all the holly I
brought back with me. Deck the cave.
Did you see the pups?
Uh, no, I didn't.
Paw prints.
Right by the trunk.
I think Runt was jumped. He
probably rushed down to help and...
Another wolf was here.
Yoo-hoo! We're here!
Great. Hi, Mom!
Look at that view outside.
We should gather up the alphas and
hunt those rogue wolves down.
Let's give 'em
the old lockjaw.
As usual, they're
talking about war.
Hello, Kate.
Hello, Humphrey.
Welcome to
our little home.
Hey, Dad, put a paw up.
The rogue leader wanted
to be King and couldn't.
Now he has formed
an all-Alpha pack.
- I'll show 'em all-Alpha.
- Uh, berries, anyone?
Is Garth coming? I need him
to see life in a cave.
He and Lilly have been
living in the tall grass.
They're just free spirits.
You know the younger generation...
organic this, natural that.
Gosh, these are good.
Hey, easy with those,
Oh, hi, everyone.
Sorry we're late. Lilly and
I took a little detour.
Hi, Sis.
Garth, it's time
you found a cave.
I told you
I'd give up mine.
Lilly and I like living in the grass.
The very tall grass.
Hi there.
Where's Runt?
Where are they?
You can find him,
Right there.
They're going to Banff.
We have to go now.
Listen, it'll be nightfall soon. Let's
prepare a contingent and go at daybreak.
We can't wait.
We know this valley.
This is the rogues. They
will have a lot of wolves.
This is what they want... lure us
to the other side and then attack.
I'll go organize
- Nice.
- This small wolf is Winston's grandpup?
The great Alpha of the Western
pack is producing runts.
You got a problem with that?
See what happens when you let your
Alpha daughter marry an omega?
And you are?
- King.
- Original.
And let me guess...
you're Princess.
Yes. Well, King,
don't blame me...
if you were rejected
by my grandpa.
Father, let me handle him.
This is all
you brought me?
What about the other two?
Hey, it got complicated.
We had to fight off bears,
and this guy was in a tree.
Are you sure this is
a shortcut to Banff?
Positive. The omegas
used to log board here.
All we gotta do
is get over the stream.
I thought you said
this was a stream.
Okay. Wrong season.
How are we gonna
get across this? Hmm.
No, Kate. No vines.
- But we did it last time.
- I was young, impulsive.
And now I'm old and impulsive.
Kate, wiggle around.
I'm trying.
Whoa! Whoa!
I don't know
if I can hold you.
- Well, you held me last time.
- Yeah, well, that was a few years ago.
Are you implying
that I've gained weight?
Are we really
doing this right now?
Please, Kate, come on.
- Good job, omega.
- It's all in the tail.
You know,
what's left of it.
We need to move on.
Kate, we have to wait this out.
Come on. Over here.
My, what large teeth you have.
- You look cold.
- No, I'm just, well...
Okay. I'm freezing.
And probably hungry.
I, uh... I'm a picky eater.
Just warning you.
But I can be flexible.
Mm, yummy!
Why aren't you eating the rest?
Don't you know
how scarce meat is?
I was leaving the other half
for you. You know, like sharing.
I guess it's an omega thing.
When we have a kill, those who
eat are those who fight for it.
And I'm sure the pups do really
well under that scenario.
The Alpha pups do.
Sleep there.
It'll be warmer.
Kate and Humphrey. They're
always doing things their way.
Don't they realize how
dangerous the rogues can be?
I know what the rogues
are planning.
What is it,
my smart omega?
They want us to send most of our alphas to
find Runt and get trapped by the winter.
Then they'll have another pack...
hiding in the fields...
attack and destroy our home.
The omegas, the betas.
Well, let 'em try it.
We'll have to go
with a smaller contingent.
Leave some alphas here...
just in case.
Everyone's ready
to go at daybreak.
We can only bring
half of them.
I'll explain later.
I'm coming too.
No. No, Lilly.
This is an Alpha affair.
No. This is a family affair.
I'll stay here.
With them.
Let's all get some rest.
You see, he is weak.
If he were pure Alpha,
he wouldn't be cold.
- What are you doing?
- Making sure our bait stays alive.
This is against pack law. This
is what we fight against.
If you would've brought more bait,
she wouldn't have to do this.
We leave at daybreak.
How do we find
which way Mom and Dad went?
Go through the field.
I'll smell them out.
- I can't believe my eyes.
Marcel! Paddy!
Guys, are we glad to see you.
And I you.
You see, Paddy?
That wasn't so bad.
It was a... appropriate.
How did you find us?
Let's just say someone's bad
shot flew up and over the cliff.
Never mind the wrong club.
Well, this is really serious. The
rogue wolves have captured Runt.
- What?
- This is terrible.
I have seen these
rogue wolves. Mean things.
They never share their kill
with the birds.
- We think they're in Banff.
- Well, count us in.
Why, of course. Yes, yes.
Wow, what a way to spend the
holidays... away from my family.
Mom! Dad!
Aren't those
your other pups?
Stinky, Claudette,
what are you two doing here?
We came to help
find Runt.
- By yourselves?
- Um, yeah. Kind of.
How the heck
did you find us?
I sniffed you out.
Great. All we needed.
I think it's so charming when the little
ones' personalities match their parents'.
Yes. They are what
you would call "drama wolves".
You two are grounded.
You hear me? Grounded!
How does one ground someone
in the outdoors?
Well, we lost Runt, so we're
gonna find him, like it or not.
That is what we'll do.
You're not going to
talk us out of this.
You two, stay right there.
Hey, guys, listen. Would you go
talk some sense into the pups?
How did our parents get across?
Remember how they said they
flew across on a vine?
We were like, "Yeah, right".
Now, pups, do not
get any grand ideas.
This is for Runt.
Uh, now what?
Um, uh...
Oh, dear, oh, dear.
What do we do?
- Okay, let's help them.
- Help them swing it. Yes!
Oh, no. I can't hold on.
My tail will never
be the same.
Push. Push.
- Oh, my gosh. What do we...
- Jump. Jump!
Oh, oh!
Are you all okay?
They so take after you.
Me? Humphrey,
that is all you.
All right, you two.
I cannot believe those pups
snuck out last night.
They're sly little guys.
Take after their parents.
Even the birds smell death.
Yeah? I think
they're smelling you.
Back away.
Let me at that
smart-aleck omega.
Nice. Did I 'cause this?
Walk it off.
You're just like my Mom.
- Why did you do that?
- He was going to attack our...
If they don't send a rescue brigade by
sundown, the runt is of no use to us.
Do you understand me?
Yes, Father.
He's alive. But he is
surrounded by a pack...
even larger
than your own.
How fast can we get there?
How time flies.
Always does.
Are you gonna eat me?
Eat you?
I'm sure you would taste very badly.
You smell any bears?
Yeah. Kind of.
What do you mean, kind of?
Your snout is never wrong.
This one is different.
Only a small whiff of a bear.
Hi, guys.
A very small whiff.
How cute.
Uh, for a future predator.
No. No-no-no, no, no.
Keep going, kids.
They're all really cute and
cuddly when they're that age.
Come on, pups. Your
father and I had ourselves...
a bad experience after
he played with a cub.
It wasn't pretty.
And neither was her breath.
can I come with you?
Talk to the paw. Go home.
What is this, a parade?
So you're just gonna leave
that cub alone, in the forest?
- Who are you?
- Do you know what will happen...
To that cute
and adorable little cub?
What are you, his agent? You get 10
percent of his cuddliness? Come on.
You know
the rules of the forest.
I know the rules
of survival.
The... Why am I having
this discussion with you?
Sorry. It was a reflex.
Karma, my friend.
Okay. Time to move on.
And fast.
But... But I'm lost.
for gigantic bear tracks.
You'll be reunited with your
grizzly mama in no time.
I haven't seen her in days.
I've looked everywhere.
Well, look harder.
I can't.
If the mean wolves see me,
I'm a goner.
what are you doing?
Yeah, Dad. Stinky and I had our
fill with a bear yesterday.
I do believe the cub
poses a danger to us all.
What if this were Runt?
Let's get moving.
Awesome. I've never spent
the holidays with wolves before.
Uh, what took so long
to get through the forest?
Mm, we had to deal
with something.
Did you know that there's
a bear cub following your pups?
We... adopted him.
Uh, yeah, just for now.
He lost his mother.
- Are you wolves crazy?
- Yep.
Drama wolves.
You pups stay here
with Paddy.
And we mean it.
Totally unfair.
We couldn't go the extra mile.
An injustice.
This is so wrong.
Wait, wait, wait. Marcel and
I agree with your parents.
There are so many rogue wolves
down in the valley, it would be...
extremely dangerous.
Now prepare yourselves.
For what?
Oh, my gosh.
Even with our entire pack here,
they'd outnumber us.
Kate, look.
What is it?
- I smell...
- It's just us.
And us.
I knew it. I knew your
smell would give us away.
What are you doing
with a bear cub?
We kind of
adopted him.
Adopted him?
Oh, trust me,
logic is not our friend here.
- He was lost.
- Okay. Where are Kate and Humphrey?
Under Marcel.
That's Marcel?
In all his overstuffed down.
Okay, Lilly.
Stay and watch over them.
I will. Hurry back,
my macho Alpha.
Mm, miss ya.
Humphrey, you distract them, and I'll
sneak around the back and grab Runt.
Distract them. How am I gonna distract
an entire pack of big, bad alphas?
- Dad?
- Kate, Humphrey.
We're here to help. Our other
alphas are right behind us.
Some of those wolves
used to run with my pack.
Right. They'll recognize us.
But they don't know me...
as an Alpha.
They haven't come for Runt?
No. There's no sign
of any of them.
Hmm. This is not like
Winston and Tony.
Wait. Over there.
Who is that?
That is one big wolf.
It's huge. It must be
a special class of Alpha.
We must go greet him.
Recruit him.
Hey, Garth,
they're approaching.
Stake your territory. It'll keep
them from coming too close.
You want me to pee? No, you fool.
I want you to howl.
Did you hear that weak howl?
Do it bigger,
like a real Alpha.
That is my howl.
They're coming closer.
They won't stop until you have a big howl.
It's a power thing.
Ow. Ow.
That's odd.
A giant Alpha that can't howl.
Oh, gosh. They're running now. And it
doesn't look like the welcome wagon.
Okay, Humphrey.
When I say "Now," yawn.
- Yawn?
- Yes. Yawn big. Now!
- That was Humphrey?
- Oh, I didn't know he had it in him.
We respect your territory.
Come into ours.
Uh, mm-hmm. Okay, Garth,
move forward, slowly.
It's like
he's floating.
I come to the edges
of thy territory.
What pack are you from? I've never
seen an Alpha as big as you.
Well, that is because where
I come from, we eat bears.
Where did you come from?
I... was... chasing...
the biggest grizzly
in Alaska.
And next thing I know,
I'm in Canada.
Nice people.
Uh, oh, and um, the bear...
Well, I was, uh...
I was just about to
dine on it. Yes.
You caught it?
We never speak of this again.
Let's not even
talk about it now.
Why, who is that beauty
of an Alpha?
Ah, my daughter. A supreme
Alpha, like all of us.
May I have a closer look?
Come inside our territory.
Oh, uh... Oh, well, I see that she
already has a pup, so never mind.
Never-Never mind.
Oh, no. That's not hers.
I would prefer, uh, if she...
if she meet me halfway.
Princess, quickly.
Yes, beautiful Princess.
Oh, my. If only we had
alphas as beautiful as you.
What is your name,
mighty Alpha?
Um, uh, Lockjaw.
That's unusual.
Runt. Runt.
This way.
Yes, yes, well,
once I ate a Mountain lion.
That too? Excellent. I never
thought of eating a lion.
Talk about gamy.
That's right.
Keep 'em laughing, Humphrey.
We could use a wolf with
that strength and appetite.
Come closer, Lockjaw.
Join us.
I must... guard my kill.
And look.
The vultures are already here.
If they don't kill him,
I will.
Okay, Runt,
come this way.
Yes, my alphas. If you join me
in eating this grizzly bear...
you too will become
a super Alpha.
- I can't wait.
- Okay now.
Uh, you, King, you're gonna be first.
And then let's...
How about the wolf next to you with...
Yeah, yes.
You. You, with the brown nose.
Come forth
for your grizzly meat.
the omega is gone!
Over there!
What? It's a trick!
Alphas, get them!
Get them all!
Runt! Take the pups
to the north side.
The human roads? It'll be okay.
You've done it before.
Come on, pups. Quickly.
Well, what about me?
I'll bring you to the middle of the forest.
You'll be safer there.
Lilly, go with them.
I'm staying here.
I may not be strong,
but I'm smart.
Paddy, we have to
do something to help.
Uh, let... Let me think. Hmm.
The best we can do
is slow them down.
They have three times as many, so
we'll fight four times as hard.
Wait, wait. Stop!
What do you have?
I smell a grizzly.
A very large grizzly.
Great. The more, the merrier.
You were saying?
Mom! Mom! Stop!
They made sure
that I was safe.
Uh, hi there. I'm Humphrey.
This is Kate,
and those are our pups.
And now they're in trouble.
We can only mess them up, Winston.
We won't be able to stop this.
They can't handle our numbers.
They are weak. Purity will win.
Princess, lead the rest of the pack
to Winston's home and claim it.
No, Father. Not this time.
They are not going to get
my grandpups or our home.
What the...
Mom, they're our friends.
I'll be darned.
And she is too.
But everyone else,
they're fair game.
I'll take
good care of him.
I think the playing field
just got a bit more even.
This is going to be fun.
Ready to battle.
If it isn't
the infamous Garth.
The strongest Alpha
in the Western pack.
I hear he is married
to an omega.
A weak omega.
Bombs away!
Well, it was that
or a windshield.
Stop. Stop!
I order you to stop!
Oh, look. They're running away.
Those cowards.
It's getting too cold,
Mom, Dad, might we make it
home in time for Christmas?
Let's talk.
I'm not even sure
where we are anymore.
It's so cold.
We're lost, aren't we?
Runt? What gives?
- Is my son climbing a...
- Here we go again.
Runt, you get
down here right now.
Hey, look.
I see it. I see it!
I don't care what you see.
- I see the human roads.
How far, Runt?
Way down the Mountain.
I'd say 10 miles or so.
If only there was
a fast way to get there.
Oh, no. No, no, no.
No, no-no-no-no-no-no-no!
All right, lean left.
Now right.
This is awesome!
Whoa! I still don't think this is
appropriate for an Alpha, but...
- It sure does rock.
- Rock!
- It does.
- No, rock!
Hold on.
Is everyone okay?
Is everyone okay?
Guys? Guys?
So where we headed now,
Oh, my gosh. It can't be.
Kate, bite my paw.
Please bite it.
Bite it.
- Ow! Kate!
- You said, "Bite it".
I wanted to see if I was still
asleep, in a bad dream.
This is where your mother and
I survived a mad hunter.
Wasn't it, like,
some big, bad dude?
Well, more or less.
Is that him?
He looks like a wimp.
Don't let those Chestnut eyes
fool you. He is a killer.
Wait. There it is.
The blinking lights.
Awesome. That is what I saw
from the top of the Mountain.
Oh, gosh. Everyone
behind the Dumpster.
What's he doing?
I-I don't know.
He left the door open?
Let's go see the tree.
It's really pretty.
No. It's a trap.
He wants us
to go in there.
- Did he...
- From gunshots to free food. Go figure.
Humphrey, here we are...
trying to get home again.
I think we already are.