Alpha and Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom (2017) Movie Script

[theme music playing]
[blows fanfare]
Ladies and gentle critters,
subjects of
the forest kingdom,
we are the Dukes
of the Western Forest.
My brother, Duke Runt,
is here to make
an important announcement.
Take it away!
Thank you, Duke Stinky.
Princess Claudette
will soon arrive.
Please bow respectfully
when she does.
Claudette, just pretend
the caribou are bowing.
my kind subjects.
Hark! Where
is my Prince Fleet?
[Fleet] I am here,
my fair princess.
Fleet, the prince
of nobility,
of awesomeness,
of fleetness!
We're ready to receive
the visiting bear royalty.
Lady Agnes, please make
the introductions.
[clears throat]
[sings grating fanfare]
[fanfare singing continues]
Lady Agnes, stop!
[fanfare ends]
Introduce the Bear King.
Sorry, I was just
getting into it.
[clears throat]
Ladies and gentle critters,
I give you Brent,
the Bear King!
[taps stone]
-Holy pine cone!
[Brent yawns]
Hey, sorry,
I was napping.
[scoffs] Brent!
We can't play
Animal Kingdom
if you don't play
the role correctly.
True royalty inspires
and leads!
[Stinky] Fearless,
active, courageous!
And awake!
-[Brent snoring]
-Game over.
So much for practicing
for the Queen Bear's arrival.
Speaking of the Queen,
where is she?
Hopefully she gets
here soon,
so we can see her
and get back home.
Yeah, 'cause if Mom and Dad
find out we came all the way
to the Eastern Forest,
we'll get
a royal punishment!
Speaking of royal, look!
The royal messengers.
[birds chirping]
Oh, no! My bird phobia!
Donna, if those
two gents don't hurry up
and ask us out--
Seriously, Marge,
what are they
waiting for?
Don't they know glamour
when they see it?
Ohhhh, look, hold on.
Royal birdie alert.
[birds chirping]
Marge, did you hear that?
Yes! The Bear Queen
and Princess Canue
are coming!
We need to clean up!
All I ask for is five
solid hours of sleep.
and leave the morning
calls to the roosters,
would ya?
Alright, I'm coming.
Don't get your feathers
in a twist,
you bunch of squeaky--
Oh, royal birds.
The Bear Queen
and Princess Canue
are coming?
I gotta get
this place fixed up.
Oy, okay, you Nutters!
Spiff this forest up.
Royalty's on the way!
Canue, where is your crown?
Magpie brought it
ahead of time for me.
Are you not excited for
your first state visit
to the Eastern Forest?
So excited, Mother.
I sure wish Father
could have come.
You know the rules, Canue.
One royal must always
guard the kingdom.
Your Majesty, we've
almost reached our
I'll secure the area.
-Claw will
stay here with you.
-Thank you, Strom.
It is a shame this
region has fallen into
the paws of Rogue Wolves.
But it is safe
now, right?
Yes, Your Majesty.
I visited just
two weeks ago.
There was no
sign of them.
Well, they do tend
to move on.
[overlapping chatter]
Greetings, everyone,
I'm Magpie,
Head of Protocol.
When you see Queen Bear
and Princess Canue,
bow until they pass.
So, which one is Vernon?
It is I.
Did you get
the royal tune?
Ah, si. We are ready.
[bagpipe music playing]
How's the pitch?
You like? Eh?
Your Highness,
the Eastern Forest
has been prepared
for your entrance.
Thank you, Magpie.
I'm just waiting for Strom
to confirm the safety
of the area.
[Strom] All's well,
Your Majesty.
Canue, I'll go out first
and introduce you.
Now, get your crown on.
[overlapping chatter]
Ladies and gentle critters,
I am proud to present
the sovereign matriarch
of the Sovereign Bear Kingdom
and her territories,
Her Royal Majesty
Queen Bear.
[cheers and applause]
Queen Bear,
you're so beautiful.
Oh, thank you.
And that crown kills it!
Hello. Nice to meet you.
Beast is my name.
The Nutters of
the Eastern Forest
proudly present... nuts!
Thank you, Beast.
Thank you, Nutters.
Did you hear that, boys?
She said my name-- Beast!
Ach! Gets me
right in the ticker.
Hello, young wolves.
Hello, Your Highness.
We don't live in
the Eastern Forest.
We're from
the Western Forest.
Our grandfather's
the leader out there.
You must be
the grandpups
of Winston and Eve,
and your parents
are Kate and Humphrey.
I met them once.
Lovely wolves.
Give them my best.
Well, we can't,
Your Majesty,
because we
snuck over here.
If they found out we went
to the Eastern Forest,
we'd be in
a lot of trouble.
Naughty, naughty.
Hello, there.
[sings grating fanfare]
I've been practicing
all week for this moment.
All right, thank you.
That was a very
committed performance.
And it's so nice
to meet you, young bear.
Ohh! Uhh!
What an honor,
Your Highness.
Ladies and gentle critters,
I present Princess Canue.
[up-tempo music playing]
[pleased reactions]
[music continuing]
We're here at the welcoming
ceremony of Queen Bear
and Princess Canue.
Don't they look great,
Donna, the Queen's
looking very stately
in a traditional
regal crown,
and, oh, the Princess's
head piece,
Pippa couldn't top it.
[awestruck reactions]
A bit over the top,
is it not?
The young ones love it.
Wow! She's hot!
She's beautiful, huh?
-[bear grunts]
My name is Brent.
Do you tweet?
No, but I chirp.
Sorry, Mother,
couldn't resist.
Denizens of
the Eastern Forest,
meet my modern daughter,
Princess Canue.
[cheers and applause]
[menacing growling]
Rogue wolves!
[panicked cries]
If those rogues think
they're gonna touch
those crowns,
they'll feel the wrath
of our antlers!
Magpie, get Canue
out of here now. Now!
Come this way,
Princess Canue!
No, Mother. You said a Queen
never fears, and always leads.
As your mother
and your Queen,
I order you to go-- now!
[panicked cries]
Okay, Nutters.
Ready... aim... fire!
[wolves yelp]
You young critters,
please leave now.
Go to your homes.
We want to help you,
Queen Bear.
We know this forest.
We can take you
to a safe spot.
Then please help Canue.
But go now!
Rogue wolves,
as Sovereign Queen
of the Bear Kingdom,
I command you to halt!
This is our forest.
You're not my queen.
The forest belongs
to all of its inhabitants.
Shouldn't you be
at Bear Lake?
Get me the Princess!
[wolves snarling]
Princess Canue!
Princess Canue!
Princess Canue!
Princess Canue!
The Queen sent us to help you.
Let's find a place to hide.
Alert the kingdom
we have been attacked.
[screaming roar]
Sire! Sire!
You can't go
to the Eastern Forest.
Remember, one leader
must always stay
to guard the capital.
Then you stay here, Louis.
I'm not royalty, Sir.
I'm just your chief advisor.
My Queen and my daughter.
I shouldn't have
let them go.
Strom told me
it was safe.
What is your
counsel, Louis?
They want to lure you
into the Eastern Forest,
capture you
and take over
the kingdom.
I shall send
troops instead.
What do the Rogue Wolves
want of us bears?
We can't help them create
an alpha wolf race.
[Louis] Oh, indeed
you can, sire.
He who controls the water
controls the valley.
Send a message to our allies,
the Western Wolves.
Ask for Winston.
[wolves snarling]
[gripping music playing]
This way.
[grunts, yelps]
Very smart, Stinky.
An obstacle course
will slow them down.
We've got to break
these wolves up.
Excuse me, I've got
to make some road kill!
What is she doing?
Being underestimated.
Oh, look, a porcupine!
We're so afraid!
[singing fanfare]
[grunt, yelp]
One down, one to go.
And the one is gaining
on us very quickly!
[snarl, yelp]
[Canue] Is there a way
we can use his speed
against him?
My mother
taught me that.
Good idea.
I've learned a lot of things
from my mother too,
like a spinout.
It's simple.
You plant your
front paws in the dirt
and shift
your weight backward,
right before that!
Got it!
But first,
we need a dust-up.
Make 'em eat dirt--
When I say "now,"
everyone spin to the left!
[hard landing, yelp]
Oh, yeah, another one
bites the dust.
[birds chirping]
Oh. Royal messengers
of the Bear King?
-Mm-hmm? Mm-hmm? I see.
come out here, please.
What is it, Eve?
I'm doing my business.
Winston, royal birdies
from the King Bear are here.
They need to talk to you.
Hello. I'm Winston.
The Queen Bear was
attacked by Rogue Wolves,
and Princess Canue
is missing,
but was last seen
with our grandpups?
Tell the Bear King
that help's on the way.
[howling echoes]
Now, that's refreshing.
Cool mountain water
sure hits the spot.
[resounding howl]
That's my father.
Let's go, Humphrey.
Wow, Kate, I haven't
heard a howl like that
since I was late
getting you home
after our first date!
The pups were supposed
to be out scouting,
and they went all the way
to the Eastern Forest?
Wait a minute.
There they are with...
Princess Canue?
You guys better go home.
We're in a
heap of trouble.
Oh, please, come in.
Make yourself comfortable.
What a day you've had.
Oh, where are
my manners?
Eve, what are you doing?
It's called a curtsy!
A very low curtsy.
Thank you, Eve.
Princess Canue,
we're sorry to hear
about your mother.
Are you hungry?
He only chewed one side.
The other side's clean.
Oh, where are my manners?
This is royalty.
Fillets are in order.
Caribou or moose?
I'll go make a quick kill.
I'm fine, thank you.
So, our pups saved you?
[chuckles] I hope
they didn't go to
the Eastern Forest,
where the
Rogue Wolves are.
They'd be very
grounded if they did.
Uh, we did, Dad.
You are so grounded.
Well, actually,
the pups saved my life.
They were kind, brave
and selfless.
You have
wonderful children.
So, are we
still grounded?
Sorry to barge in, but we
came to borrow a cup
of caribou broth.
Ah, for once
the gossip is true.
Princess Canue is here.
Well, don't just
stand there, bird. Bow.
It's tragic that
the Queen was attacked.
Nice to meet you both.
Oh, this is Magpie,
Head of Protocol.
[romantic music playing]
I saw her first.
I'm sure Magpie would
like to meet something
more than
a peasant-class goose.
I am Paddy,
of royal lineage.
Many flocks ago,
my ancestors swam
in St. James Park...
just outside Buckingham.
Yeah, sure, Paddy--
with pigeons, no less.
I'm Marcel,
of French origin.
Yeah, he's French
if you count Montreal.
Thank you all
for helping us.
I'm most worried
about my mother,
the Queen.
We'll send support.
Kate and Humphrey will
go to the Eastern Forest.
We will always
be there for our friends.
My thanks to all of you.
[Beast] Oh, it was
nothing, Your Majesty.
The Nutters may be small,
but we're tough.
And we're not gonna let
a bunch of
Rogue Wolves
take down the Queen,
right Donna?
Right, Marge.
And let's give it up
for the other caribou.
[soft whimper]
[dramatic music playing]
Strom and Claw were
a part of this ambush.
I must return
to the King.
There are traitors
working against us.
Okay, my Queen,
let's hatch a plan
to get you back.
How could she
have vanished?
She must be getting help
from the locals.
She's in there!
[wolves howling]
[dramatic music playing]
[Beast] Okay, Nutters,
bite hard!
-[Nutters chomping]
-[wolves yelping in pain]
For the Queen!
Well done, my knights
with furry tails!
[dramatic music playing]
Well done, Lady Donna!
[low growl]
[wolves snarling]
[combat grunts]
She is definitely
the Queen.
Flank them!
[wolves snarling]
Our options are growing
more limited, Your Majesty.
Queen Bear,
we're here to help.
We have
your daughter, Canue.
-She's safe.
-Thank goodness!
We outnumber you!
You think we came
Meet the Western pack.
Rogues, back
to the forest!
Oh! That was easy.
Thank you, Kate and Humphrey,
and many thanks to your pups.
They are amazing.
I need to get
to the king.
There are traitors
among the bears.
We'll take you.
The army's ready, sire.
The Rogue Wolves
want our lake.
Its water feeds the valley,
and they want control of it
to extort
the wolf packs
This cannot
and will not happen.
[distant howling]
Sire! Strom and Claw!
Your Majesty.
Strom, what happened?
I was wrong.
The area wasn't safe.
It's overrun
with rogues.
I'm afraid they
captured the Queen.
There are 40 rogues,
maybe more.
Then we'll need
the entire army.
[Louis] My Lord,
some should remain
to protect the kingdom.
Louis, if we don't send
adequate reinforcements,
they'll overrun
our entire army.
Claw and I will
protect the King.
Like you protected
the Queen and Canue?
Stop this, now!
Send everyone!
[all roaring]
Traitors! You're
both traitors!
What are you
talking about, Louis?
You fought rogue wolves
while protecting the Queen?
Mm, interesting
not a single injury.
Combat with 40 wolves
would have caused
some injury,
if not fatality.
Very good, Louis.
What a smart advisor.
[impact grunt]
Poor King. Poor Louis.
King Strom--
I like the roar of that!
Where are my subjects?
Uh, we just sent them
to the Eastern Forest.
Uh, hello!
Oh, right. Well, the Rogues
should be here soon
for their first state visit.
I have to go.
I have a feeling
Mother survived,
but I also have a feeling
my father's in trouble.
It's very dangerous there,
Princess Canue.
A queen always leads,
inspires, and is fearless.
Spoken like your mother.
[all snoring]
You guys wake up.
Canue's gone.
Princess Canue!
Princess Canue!
Oh, hello.
We noticed
you were gone.
I have to go back
to the kingdom.
Strom and Claw
are traitors.
I can feel it.
They told us the area was
safe, then we got attacked.
Then let us escort you.
Yeah, 'cause we know
every shortcut in the valley.
We can lead you there
in half the time.
Clearly. Let's go.
The King sent the bear army
into the Eastern Forest
to find me.
I am confident that Beast,
Marge and Donna will
steer them right.
The bear army's
very loyal.
But now Strom
has the Rogues
on his side.
The Rogue Wolves
and the traitors
will never
cooperate well.
We must divide
and conquer.
Yes, the Rogue Wolves
will soon be arriving.
Wow, strong women.
Well, when
the Rogue Wolves arrive,
why don't I go and divide
and then you two can conquer.
Got an idea?
Ever heard
of a Trojan wolf?
[geese honking]
Hey, you four!
Where's the royal music?
Ah, si.
[bagpipe music playing]
Oh, look, the Rogue
Wolves are arriving.
I am Sir Evin,
of the royal family.
-I'm Donna.
-And I'm Marge.
And I'm Beast.
Eh, we trust that
you're loyal.
My boys checked
you all out.
We couldn't help
but overhear that you're
looking for the Queen.
Yes. Have you seen her?
We will not rest
until we find her.
Princess Canue,
the coast is clear.
Princess Canue.
Sir Evin, we are
in grave danger.
We must return
to reclaim our kingdom.
With pleasure,
Your Highness.
And if I may say,
Princess Canue,
I know your parents well,
and they would be
most proud of
your leadership
in these dire times.
King Rogue,
observe your new kingdom
that we now share.
Thank you, Strom.
Well done.
Let's see. You four,
entertain our guests
with a celebratory song
to commemorate
the new kingdom.
[bagpipe music playing]
[bagpipe music playing]
Can't they play something
more cheerful?
[all whimpering]
I feel so depressed!
Come on, pick up the pace.
Let's get a beat in there.
A-one and a-two!
[bagpipe music
at faster pace]
-[phonograph record scratches]
My name's Jester,
the court jester for hire!
Just passing through to hit
all of the kingdoms.
So that is
a Trojan wolf.
No one works a crowd
like Humphrey.
Just passing through?
Yes! Like
the traveling circus.
And look! Two bears
and 40 bored wolves!
That's for sure!
Okay. I need something
with pace,
and a nice melody
that won't hurt.
Oh! Are diplomatic
relations in trouble?
Look, I've got this,
and I'll even
throw in
some dancing.
I've got clown dancing,
a bit of mime,
and even M.J.!
It is pretty good.
Okay, okay,
you're hired, um...
Let me work
with the geese.
Thank you
for helping me.
Oh, it was
our pleasure.
I must ask you
to hide here
while we retake
our kingdom.
Is there somewhere
you can hide?
Yeah, I know
somewhere safe.
[exertion grunts]
-[energetic music playing]
- Power
Who's got it?
Who doesn't?
Power, p-p-p-power
Don't look now,
but notice how
the King Rogue
is sitting above you?
Shouldn't you be
sitting above him?
Okay, all I see is
Dad dancing around
in a funky costume.
And... he's rapping?
[energetic music continues]
You don't really trust
Strom, do you?
Word from
the various kingdoms
is that he calls you
a "hired gun"!
[energetic music continues]
[Stinky] Oh, I see
what Dad's doing!
He's pitting the pitiful
against each other!
Go, Dad!
My Queen!
Canue's fine. She's waiting
with the bear army
back at the forest edge.
Your husband
lies in wait.
Wonderful. Tell Canue
to prepare the army
to charge
on my command.
Let the King know we are
taking the kingdom back.
My pack stands ready
to support the attack.
Humphrey almost has
the rogues and traitors
where we want them.
Power-- who's got it?
Who doesn't?
Power, power, power--
Who's got it?
Who? Is it you?
No, who doesn't got it?
Oh, lack of power,
That's you
Who's got it?
Who doesn't?
Power, power,
Strom, wouldn't you
be more comfortable
down there?
No, I want to look out
for my soldiers.
Where are
these soldiers?
Are you sure they're
loyal to you, Strom?
Like my soldiers?
They have to be loyal
to their King.
[wolves snarling]
In the name of the Sovereign
Bear Kingdom, charge!
Rogues attack!
[wolves howling]
[rousing music playing]
[wolf yelps]
-[bears growl]
-[wolves yelp]
[wolves yelp]
[pained chatter]
[angry growls]
For the Queen!
-[wolves yelp]
You see, Strom,
you never
understood ruling.
A king inspires
and leads,
and now the Rogues face
inevitable defeat once again.
So much for your reign.
You wanted our water!
[Rogues whimpering]
[low growls]
You see, rogues?
This is what cooperation
really looks like.
You rogues
will never learn.
[rogues whimpering]
[low grunt]
[happy chatter]
[upbeat music playing]
On behalf of
the Bear Kingdom,
I would like the following
friends of the court
to step forward:
Marge, Donna, Beast.
[bagpipe music playing]
As King of Bear Mountain,
I dub you Sir Beast
of the Nutters.
And you two caribou,
I dub you Lady Marge
and Lady Donna
of the Eastern Forest.
Here we are, Kate,
proud parents once again.
But I think we're about
to be even more proud.
Stinky, Claudette,
and Runt,
please step forward
with your parents
and grandparents.
I hereby dub ye
Duke Stinky, Duke Runt,
and Duchess Claudette,
the highest honor
I can bestow,
for their exceptional
courage and kindness.
Let's celebrate!
[energetic music playing]
[comical cry]
My name is Brent.
Well, look who
wants to dance.
Let me check
my social calendar.
Let's hoof it, guys!
Lady Magpie,
want to flutter?
Come on, let us
shake, rattle and roll!
[Stinky] Hey, guys,
just imagine,
we went from playing
Animal Kingdom...
to being nobility.
[Runt] Let's
rock this palace!
[energetic music playing]
[theme music playing]