Alpha: The Right to Kill (2018) Movie Script

Same as before.
- The good ones.
- Of course !
- Perfect !
- Thanks !
- Come here !
- Why, Sir ?
I didn't do anything !
- Running away ?
- Sir !
I'll get these.
Half kilo.
- Here, sir.
- What's with him ?
Caught in the act...
Selling crack.
- Quite a lot. These from you ?
- No, sir !
I'm just earning a living.
- These aren't yours ?
- They were planted.
What ?
- He says you're lying. Planted ?
- Fuck you !
You're getting Boss into trouble.
What now ? There's a witness.
Your name ?
BJ, sir.
- Last name ?
- Santos.
- How old are you ?
- Nineteen.
Wait a minute.
Come with me.
Right hand.
Elijah. Get your cut
from Chief's secretary.
Where's Chief ?
On his way.
- The others ?
- Inside.
Let's go.
Okay. Be seated, please.
- Is everybody here ?
- Yes, sir.
- Administrative ? Intelligence ?
- Yes, sir !
- Operatives ? Logistics ?
- Yes, sir !
- DEU is here ?
- Yes, sir !
- Investigation ?
- Yes, sir !
- And SWAT ?
- Yes, sir.
All right. Let's begin.
All the information
we got from our intel...
- Here they are.
- All right.
He's the leading pusher
in the area. Name is Abel.
He deals bundles in that area.
He spreads them within the vicinity.
He's the main player here.
- Do we have his dossier ?
- Yes, sir.
He's Norman Bautista, aka Abel.
Wanted for murder and illegal
possession of firearms in Tacloban.
Here, sir.
- Have we got the warrant ?
- Yes, sir. Through E-mail.
If you look at this place...
Those are his henchmen.
Those are the users... Look !
The whole neighborhood.
profits from Abel's setup.
They sell foils.
No longer a livelihood,
but a cottage industry.
Correct, sir.
It's irritating to see this
being done openly.
Is everyone in the area involved ?
Let me make this clear
before proceeding to the main point.
Sir, along this alley,
apartments are cramped together
and turned into drug dens.
At the center
is our target's apartment.
Okay, SWAT I want to hear from you.
What's our assault strategy ?
Sir, if you look at the area, there's
an estuary which leads to the target.
It will be our point of entry to avoid
CCTVs and lookouts.
We'll go in first,
the intel will follow.
Before we sneak in, we verify
if the target is in the area.
Moises, if he's there, call me.
If not, text me
so we can abort the mission.
- Yes, sir !
- Okay.
- Whose alpha is this ?
- Mine, sir.
- What's his name ?
- Elijah, sir.
The newly hired janitor.
Okay. Nobody will fall without my
express permission. Is that clear ?
- Yes, sir !
- Good !
Good luck ! Dismissed !
Good work !
Moises, here's the marked money.
- Where's Elijah ?
- Downstairs.
This is the big-time operation.
Do your best, okay ?
Here's the marked money.
- Don't fuck up.
- Yes, sir.
Your team leader
shall take care of you, okay ?
We do this for the country
and for the next generations.
- Is that clear ?
- Yes, sir !
Hey, bro.
Take a shot.
- Where're you going ?
- To Sir Abel.
- How are things ?
- All good.
I'll go up.
- For Sir Abel.
- Come in.
- Boss, we have a guest.
- Sir !
This fucker... You again ?
- I'll get another bundle.
- A bundle ?
Here, sir.
I'll pay the balance bit by bit.
Twenty grand ?
Hey, Santo Nino !
Stop that now !
Count this, damnit !
All good ?
Here. Hundred grand.
Okay, sir. Thanks, sir.
- Going ahead ?
- Yeah.
2-7-9, 2-7-9...
Hands off your gun !
Fuck enemies !
Fucking shit !
Help me out, asshole !
Let's go !
Boss, Abel's at the rooftops.
He is ?
Clear !
Pull out !
Stop !
Get down !
If you can't afford,
the government will provide you one.
Move it !
We haven't done anything wrong, sir !
Everyone, come down.
Get down ! Move it !
Stand back ! Move back !
My husband ! Let go of me !
What have they done ?
Fucking shit !
Elijah, where have you been ?
At the police station,
going home.
- Alone ?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Thank you, sir.
Go ahead.
Thank you, sir.
I'm off here.
- My fare.
- Thank you, sir !
That fucker !
- What's up ?
- Nothing, sir.
Place the bag here.
Open it.
- You didn't mess with it ?
- No, sir. Everything's in there.
- All intact ?
- Yes.
Don't fuck with me or you'll get it.
Put the money inside my bag.
Yes, sir.
Get my other bag.
Open it.
- Here. Turn that into money.
- Yes, sir.
Okay, get off.
- Where's Chief ?
- Upstairs, sir.
- What's with him ?
- He stoned a car at Boni.
- I didn't...
- You're a pest !
What do you want ?
Want me to lock you up ?
Sir, forgive me, please !
I'll return what I stole...
- Please, sir, my kids...
- Shut the fuck up !
Isn't it your second time here ?
- Name ?
- Joseph, sir.
- Last name ?
- Cruz.
- Middle name ?
- Lim.
- How old are you ?
- Twenty.
- From ?
- San Miguel.
Stand up.
You guys, stand up !
Come here.
Buddy, bring them inside.
Sit down, Sergeant.
- You guys did this operation ?
- Yes, sir.
What happened ?
At four in the afternoon, I got the
call from my confidential informant.
I called my team leader,
SP04 Rodel Cruz,
we coordinated with the SWAT team.
We staged a buy-bust operation.
I was with the poseur-buyer.
- You were the poseur-buyer ?
- No, his lookout.
I learned from my Alpha
that Abel was there
and his drug activities were positive.
I immediately left
and sent signals to our team leader
to stage the operation.
I'll just fix this a little, Sergeant.
Get it back tomorrow,
so we can inquest the suspects.
- Okay, sir.
- This is good.
Hello ?
The target's dead.
- You saw him ?
- Yeah, at the apartments.
Okay, thank you.
Media people, you can field your
questions now.
Sir, who was the target
at the San Miguel operation ?
The target was Abel Bautista
suspected big-time pusher.
He's got an outstanding
warrant of arrest in Tacloban.
How many were
killed during the operation ?
Ten, based on initial reports.
Including the main target.
Sir, were human rights violations
committed at the operation ?
None at all.
The enemies were heavily armed,
but I can assure you
the police protect
the rights of citizens
in the war against prohibited drugs.
Are you planning
to stage a follow-up operation ?
I've given instructions already.
There will be, but we can't
discuss it yet at the moment.
There were twenty accused
and were picked up in Mandaluyong,
is this true ?
Ten died during the incident.
We made no other arrests.
So, you're saying that
the twenty were armed ?
Excuse me.
Be truthful with the facts.
Only ten were killed,
including the main target.
No other suspects were apprehended.
I don't know where you got twenty.
Let's be careful.
Let's be factual with our figures.
Sir, how about the international
community condemning the killings?
That's a very delicate subject.
Me and my colleagues here,
we're trying to do our best job.
To be professional,
and to do it by the book,
to protect human rights.
I want to assure you that.
You can write that,
you can quote me.
Anything more ?
- Nothing more, sir.
- Thank you very much.
Thanks you very much.
- Sir, let's take a break.
- Yes, brother.
Thank you !
We're good, bro.
Finally, we can go home.
We got everything right ?
- I'll go now.
- Okay, sir.
Have you eaten already ?
Have you eaten ?
How was the operation ?
- It was fine.
- You look tired.
- I cooked your favorite.
- I'm good.
Let's take a rest.
How're the kids ?
- Are they asleep ?
- Yes.
I'll take off my shoes.
Don't make too much noise.
- They've been asleep for long ?
- Yeah, they're exhausted.
They'll get mad at you again.
You didn't attend their
Christmas program.
You know my work, honey.
You'll wake them up.
Let's go.
- You go ahead.
- You said you're tired.
- I'll follow.
- Don't be noisy, okay ?
She's been crying nonstop.
She'll end up with gas pains.
- Her milk is used up.
- Stop crying.
Poor baby.
Our fan's broken.
Let me have her.
Let's get some fresh air.
Drink your milk.
Drink your milk, baby.
- Someone's at the door.
- Anybody home ?
- Who is it ?
- Dante.
Come in !
Bro !
What's up ? How have you been ?
Look what I've got !
- Wow, birds ! Look, baby !
- Birds !
Bro, how are things doing ?
Have the two packs been delivered ?
I split them into four.
- Two packs, right ?
- Yeah.
I just split them into four.
Secure it well.
Pack it nice.
The buyer will be pleased.
I'll tighten it.
Okay, there're four of them.
Okay. Good !
In that direction.
The birds are gone !
I'll get the payment.
Don't take too long.
Bye !
- Sir.
- Where are your pigeons ?
We've released them.
We use them for racing contests.
Okay. Let me check you.
- How about you ?
- I'm with him.
Check him.
- Are we good ?
- Let's go.
L16, where are you now ?
Bring us near the chapel.
Our primary target Abel Bautista
has been positively identified.
Also killed,
Paolo Mataverde and Israel Lazaro.
Good afternoon, sir.
We'll report about the operation.
Okay, sit down.
How did you identify the suspect ?
Through his ID card, sir, from his
wallet recovered from the crime scene.
Aside from the dead,
how many arrests did you make ?
We apprehended ten, sir.
The first respondents
caught them in the act.
- During the raid ?
- Yes, sir.
- Where's the evidence ?
- Here, sir.
Twenty sachets of meth
at the crime scene.
Proven positive by the crime lab.
The one with the initials AWB
was recovered from Abel's gangplank.
Others were from the suspects.
Where's the bag ?
What bag, sir ?
Can't you see ?
It's clear as day.
Sir, we saw no bag
at the crime scene,
We only recovered a .45 caliber pistol
and bullet shells.
Sir, someone must
have gotten there first.
Where were you during the gunfight ?
Sir, I secured my alpha.
Then I lead the first
respondents to the target.
This means only two things:
We're either thieves
or a bunch of idiots.
I don't know how
you will recover that bag.
If I discover who's behind it,
I'll personally blow his head up.
Fix this.
- Sir, I have to go.
- Go ahead.
Okay, go.
You ?
- I just live nearby.
- Put it down.
We need to inspect it.
Just a routine check.
Are we okay ?
Sorry for the bother.
It's difficult here.
Pretty strict.
Yours is ugly.
- Can it fly fast ?
- Want them to race ?
There's my rooftop.
We turn left,
and we'll be there.
I've got more pigeons up there.
Bro !
- Have they arrived ?
- Yeah, upstairs.
- You can go up now.
- What's up, bro ?
We're good, we go upstairs now.
Hopefully they're all in.
Set it down.
- Dante, the two are already here.
- Yeah ?
- The others aren't in yet.
- Let's take the ice.
The others haven't arrived yet.
Help me remove it.
I saw a pair of scissors here.
Cut it.
Oh, sorry.
Take this.
What about the two others ?
One, two three... thirteen, fourteen.
- That's 32,500 bucks in all.
- What about the others ?
Let's go !
Take charge here.
Wait for the others, okay ?
Where the hell did they go ?
Chops, where's Dante ?
Inside. Dante !
- Here's your order.
- Thanks, I'll be back.
Dante. I'll go ahead.
Don't forget to pay up.
Yeah, if the pigeons arrive.
Okay, thanks. Chops.
- Hey bro !
- I've got your order.
- Which house ?
- That one over there.
- Who owns this pigeon ?
- The old dude.
Here are the money, sir.
From the regulars.
Here's from the scraps.
Only this ?
Sir, my runner screwed up.
- Who's your runner ?
- A pigeon breeder, sir.
- Don't fuck with me.
- No, sir.
Watch out.
- I'll take you back to the slammer.
- Okay, sir.
Thank you.
Your cut for the scraps.
For the regulars.
Thank you, sir !
- May I buy ?
- Anything ?
Three pieces diapers and three
packs of powdered milk.
Here's the milk,
and the diapers.
- How much in all ?
- Ten each, so sixty bucks.
- Your change, forty bucks.
- Thank you.
Good morning.
Good morning, Sir.
Good morning.
Hundred pieces of five-hundred.
I received one hundred-thousand, sir.
- What took you so long ?
- Is she asleep ?
I gave her water with some salt in it.
Why salt ?
Here's the milk.
- Prepare her bottle.
- She's asleep already.
Just hand me the diapers.
By the way, honey.
- Hon ?
- Yeah ?
I'm taking Neknek for a walk.
We'll go see Chekwa.
- Didn't he just get some ?
- He pays well.
- Get her over here.
- Wait a sec.
So we can leave already.
We'll go roaming around.
What are you doing ?
Hurry, we're leaving.
Be still !
- I haven't fixed up yet.
- What for ? Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Wait, the stove.
Oh, it's turned off.
Let's go.
Going out with Daddy...
Don't show yourself to Bebang.
We owe her money.
Sir, inspection.
It'll be quick.
Kindly raise your shirt.
Your pockets.
Done, Boss ?
Let's get moving.
Let me have her.
- Who died ?
- I don't know.
Did you start already ?
- Yeah, we'll start electing officers,
- I stopped by the bank.
For the contribution later.
Who do you want to nominate
as press officer ?
I nominate Mrs. Angela Espino.
Angela Espino is nominated.
Who else ?
Mrs. Espino is objecting.
She's pregnant.
Not her then.
Get her husband instead.
Nominate her husband.
The officers are complete.
We ask the officers
to stand in the middle
to be recognized.
Treasurer and our press officer.
Press officer coming !
Here's our set of officers for
second grade, section Faith.
Give them a round of applause.
- Bro, where's Boss Chekwa ?
- Inside.
We'll go in, okay ?
Boss ?
I'll talk to you later, okay ?
Come in.
Boss !
My wife's with me.
Where's the stuff ?
- Boss, can we use this ?
- Go ahead.
Sorry for the delay, Boss.
We had a raid last night.
You said that the last time.
- I'm really sorry...
- My ciggies !
The stuff is here.
- You fix that, okay ?
- How much is it ?
Twenty, Boss.
So when are you delivering
the second batch ?
I can come back tomorrow.
- Kilo, huh !
- Yes, Boss.
It's good quality, Boss.
Like from last time.
You know what to do.
Twenty ?
That's exact.
I won't count them.
Let's go.
- Your kid's cute. How old is she ?
- Turning one year old.
- For you !
- A token from Boss. Say thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thanks, Boss.
- Let's go.
- Thank you, Boss. Right.
I'll be back...
Maybe tomorrow.
Thank you, Madam.
- Let's eat here.
- Let's buy bananas.
Yeah, after lunch.
So you don't have to cook.
Anything ?
We'll have this
also two cups of rice.
Do you want more rice ?
Just one order.
This looks delicious !
Let's order that later
for breakfast tomorrow.
You mean these
thirty-five men were armed ?
According to initial reports, yes.
You know, rolling on
the floor to shoot enemies
happens only in the movies.
Delicious !
How about the international Community ?
They are condemn the killings.
You can't stop the police momentum
against the war on drugs.
They have to do what they have to do,
even if it means casualties.
In war, there're always casualties.
We can't do magic, sorry to say.
The pigeon was found at your place.
I've no involvement,
I don't know what you're saying.
I only own the pigeon.
Defend yourself in court.
Sir, can we fix this ?
Okay, why don't we trade-off ?
Tell us your supplier,
and we'll go after him.
I know nothing about trade-offs, sir.
It's impossible you have
a small operation.
Can we talk it over ?
I hate police who are involved
in these kinds of activities.
Making money through illegal drugs.
Just a sec.
Hello, sir.
I'm at home.
Okay, sir.
Honey... I need to go.
Hey, kid !
Get me that hanger.
Thanks !
Where are we going, sir ?
To my friend.
You need to lie low.
Okay, sir.
I'll leave everything to you.
Don't worry.
Hand me my clutch bag.
- Nothing here, sir.
- It's all documents.
Where is...
Elijah !
Honey !
Elijah !
The peace of the Lord,
be with you.
And also with you.
Let us offer each other
the sign of peace.
Peace be with you.
How are you related to the victim ?
He's my husband.
How old is he ?
Twenty-five, sir.
When was the last
time you were together ?
Last night, at home.
Before that did you see him
with someone else ?
None, sir.
Just me and my daughter.
Sir !
Good !
- Okay, sir, I'll go ahead.
- Good work ! awarded to Senior
Superintendent Rene Pamuspusan
Executive officer,
Directorate for Operations.
We found it there.
We're arresting you in the name of the
law for possession of illegal drugs.
You have the right to remain silent.
You have the right to an attorney.
How about you and your daughter ?
- I don't know.
- Come with me to the province.
You'll be miserable here.
- How much ?
- One-hundred per kilo.
Choose the sweet ones.
Don't mix in the rotten ones.
Go ahead, sir.
What did you do at school ?
We wrote, read and recited.
Recited ? About what ?
- About being a Policeman.
- About me ?
About daddy ?
Let me hear it then.
My father's a policeman
His courage is unequaled
Always ready to serve
To citizens who are oppressed
It is Father I can lean on
Protector of our motherland
True to his duties
Arrest the lawbreakers
Sirens are heard
For the coming danger
In my chest is a cry
So to God I pray
So when I grow up
I'll do my best
Join the police
And achieve peace.
What did your teacher told you ?
- Did you do great ?
- Yes, Dad.
- You did very good ?
- Yes.
Port... Arms !
Today, we are going to honor
PNP personnel
with significant accomplishments
and to present the award,
the chief of the Philippine
National Police,
Police Director General,
Oscar Albayalde
to be assisted by the
PNP command group and DPRM.
For his exceptional performance of
major responsibility as acting director
directorate for operations from July
1, 2016 to January 5, 2017
and in full capacity from January
6, 2017 to April 18, 2018
PNP Distinguished Service Medal
is awarded
to Police Director Camilo
Pancratius Gascolan.
Forward march !