Alphabet (2013) Movie Script

The power of the imagination.
Any form of human culture is the result of this unique gift.
This gift brought forth a wide variety of cultural expressions ...
of business activity and innovation, the 6000 languages spoken on Earth.
We are also the kind that Hamlet has produced, and the works of Mozart ...
the industrial revolution, hip hop, jazz, quantum mechanics ...
the theory of relativity, jet ...
and all those other things that are the essence of human culture.
But I think we systematically destroy this talent in our children ...
and in ourselves.
I choose my words carefully. I'm not 'intentionally'.
I do not think we do it on purpose, but systematically.
We do it routinely, without thinking. And that's the worst.
Because we take for granted certain ideas about education and children:
What education is and what the social and economic usefulness is.
We proceed from certain assumptions, which appear to be untrue.
An airman stands for hope.
It's a metaphor for our education.
We compare our children with kites ...
which are held by parents and school in the air.
We hope they always fly higher ...
but in reality we do everything to keep the reins.
And education by the parents works exactly.
I'm Yang Dongping, a professor of pedagogy at the University of Beijing.
I stand at the head of the working group 'Education in the 21st Century. "
I recommend the government ...
about legislation regarding education.
China was in the past ...
not in favor of competitive thinking.
The motto was equality. Everyone ate from the same pot.
Since the reform and open door policy, the market economy has been introduced ...
and competition in education has expanded.
Since then, any education, from high to low ...
sucked into a spiral cut-throat competition.
I do not know what I'm after.
The parents of these children have made great sacrifices for this city.
They have the high rise and the new town built with their own hands.
The children in these migrant schools ...
are different than urban children.
Here the children can still be real child.
In the city, especially at elite schools ...
there is great competition ...
and a huge exam pressure.
Both the government and the parents aspire to it ...
that the children achieve great things ...
and win important prizes.
But we now know ...
that this enormous pressure to perform ...
does not correspond to the nature of a child.
Everyone is now convinced of ...
but we strive for upward mobility and access to top universities.
So keep everyone stuck ...
this unhealthy system.
Now we are again stuck in traffic. Then think you do, a ring road is being built ...
Just a few years later ...
we are back to square one.
I work for the OECD ...
the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
We think hard about how politics ...
can improve the living conditions of people.
Education occupies a key position.
I will introduce you to our guest.
Here on the right for you ...
zit Mr Andreas Schleicher.
Mr Andreas Schleicher is one of our great experts ...
and the driving force behind PISA.
In his native Germany, he is known as Mr. PISA.
We went together to the US.
We've been in LA and New York.
We also visited Yale and Harvard.
That is beautiful. That was great.
That is beautiful. Here you get so good chances.
Normally it strikes twelve years. Why do you do it in nine or ten years?
We want to see if we can handle this educational system.
So you make the same examinations, but in less time.
At a younger age.
Do you also have a life outside of school?
Of course. There are all sorts of activities.
Here you can see all extracurricular activities.
You finished school two years earlier, but you are ten years older.
Would it be worth it?
The future is worth more here than the present.
Each family will give his last penny to get the child to the best school.
We see that it is possible for all children to have very good performance.
Preselection international math olympiad Sichuan
In China exams become an important economic factor.
Extra classes and refresher courses for primary and secondary education ...
are very common.
Since 2009, all 14 of these specialized companies listed on the stock exchange in the US.
Are made huge profits.
There are schools where children receive early as four years of homework.
The economic stakes are very high.
There is a new phenomenon: the "mathematics olympiad.
It is a disaster for all young people.
Look, these two form a straight line. Not true?
This is 16, and 4. The umpteenth part of 64 that?
The baselines are there.
Now we must define the goal. How do we do that?
We connect the lines, and then we get A.
Is that right?
We can connect B1 with A. But can it also with C1?
If you do, the drawing has no lines.
I've signed it.
Then there are no lines. -Not.
Kun je C1 met D verbinden?
That's right. And with BO?
Now we can calculate the new point.
Can you calculate the surface division? -1 At 5. No, wait.
2 at 4.
Let's see ... three to two.
And the plane of triangle BOE?
En driehoek COE?
And added that? 8a.
Can you figure out what one Ais? -Yes.
The plane of 1E min ...? -4A.
Now they just need still count. -Yes.
Can we also divide by a whole?
A feature of exam-driven education ...
is that there is not asked to differing opinions.
Its sole purpose is to generate standard responses.
And the standard response kills the creativity of the Chinese people.
Children who have grown up thus lacks independence ...
the ability to adapt to social changes ...
or the ability to ask critical questions.
I still am in a sense optimistic that countries such as China is concerned.
I hope they will see where the road leads to go ...
and that they are also prepared ...
with respect to the future and the present to make other considerations than us.
We have definitely achieved a lot.
We have a long tradition on which to build. But...
in this world where we face new challenges every day ...
that is not sufficient.
Chinese students get compared to other students the least sleep ...
studying the longest, have the biggest examination pressure and are the least happy.
In essence, they are jealous of their parents ...
which can sleep late on weekends and evenings can watch TV.
Their being deprived of the right to relaxation.
Since given the first class they hate learning.
There is also much to be desired.
There's a tremendous pressure to perform in school.
High demands are placed on the students.
That is certainly not what you want for your children ...
and what you yourself would not accept.
But against these demands ...
is on the other side all the support ...
you can wish.
This is the high jump.
Thus he took fifth place in the third grade.
This is the fourth in the high jump.
In the third, he finished second and fourth, he did even better.
In the fifth, he was third in the 400 meters.
'Uitmuntend student.'
Second place in high jump.
'Uitmuntend student.'
First prize Mathematical Olympiad youth department, this year.
This is the fourth year.
No, in the fifth year he finished second. That was last year.
First place in the National Mathematics Olympiad ...
in fifth grade.
And this one...
Hang him to.
Let me see.
Beautiful, huh?
Which is from 2012. The first prize.
Win there are only a few.
The next time you're there again.
Nowadays you often hear the following statement:
"Children can not lose at the starting line."
That shows that very small children ...
take part in the competition. The consequences are clear:
Our children win at the starting line, but ended up losing them.
Our students are not educated ...
to curious creative people ...
but to test machines.
Every year there are suicides around the entrance exams of universities.
And there are quite a lot.
The situation has historically never been as bad as now.
China reaches all parts of the highest scores in the PISA test ...
and serves as great example.
The OECD in the 90s education as an economic factor put on the agenda.
To foster competition the PISA test was developed.
I'm Gerald Hther. I once studied biology ...
and have become a brain scientist.
The scientific name is a neurobiologist.
I have done twenty years experimental brain research.
In recent years, my interest is especially ...
how to put scientific findings into practice.
Around this church was during the Thirty Years War the village.
The Catholic and Protestant forces have done here so many raids ...
that the whole village has been wiped out.
Actually sees our history like this.
War, misery, expulsion, and always fear again.
We now know that parents pass fears on to their children.
They are afraid that their children do not end up well ...
and that fear is passed.
That's called transgenerational transmission.
The fear is internalized into the essence.
They must come from somewhere and that could be only in our history.
Also our school system is formed by such suffering histories.
To conduct the wars of the last century ...
were needed youths who functioned well.
The school had to tame and train people.
A cadet training. Otherwise it was nothing made.
And not just the military ...
had well-functioning and-trained people are needed.
That was true for the whole economy.
In the so-called Age of Machines ...
people had to actually function as machines.
To that end, schools were set up ...
and so it was taught.
The people who delivered the school had to function properly.
If people were needed all day a lever servants ...
than they did.
And as in the Auschwitz gas chambers had to be filled ...
then it was done.
I believe that we finally have to recognize ...
it is not good to people in such a way off ...
they always do what they are told.
McKinsey is a leader in the field of management consultancy.
We help big companies to answer strategic questions ...
to further develop their businesses ...
and thus maximize their economic opportunities adequately.
We want to ensure that young top talents get the chance ...
to leave in the form of a competition to see what they have to offer ...
and what is important.
They need to learn to get out of their comfort zone.
I like it when everyone is willing to work hard and a lot ...
because they want to achieve something for the company.
That is at Porsche very present.
That is in the best interest of the company itself.
Dictates the market.
And if you look into the future ...
what does your ideal senior executive, male or female, look like?
Competitive. The rest does not matter.
Regardless of how?
A major study has been done on divergent thinking.
Divergent thinking is not the same as creativity ...
but it is an essential condition for creativity.
It is the ability to see many answers to a question ...
many ways to interpret a question ...
and not to think only linear or convergent.
They have 1500 people have a test.
If you scored above a certain level ...
you was labeled as a genius divergent thinker.
What percentage of the 1,500 people who took part in the test ...
achieved the level of genius divergent thinker?
Age: 3-5 years
98 percent ingenious thinking level
It was a longitudinal study, five years later it was repeated.
The children were 8 to 10 years.
Age: 8-10 years
32 percent ingenious thinking level
Five years later they were examined again. They were 13 to 15 years.
Age: 13-15 years
10 percent ingenious thinking level
200 000 adults aged 25 years and older were tested once ...
as a control group.
Age: 25+
2 percent ingenious thinking level
This is interesting. We can conclude two things:
We all have this ability, but usually disappears.
A lot is happening in the lives of children as they grow up.
But one of the most important things is that they go to school.
They go to school and learn a decade that there is only one answer is possible.
It is not that teachers want. It just happens.
Because our education system that works.
If so, we have to think very differently.
Then you can not believe anything can ...
and seek ways to make education even better ...
to score better on the PISA test.
You'll have to instruct people, but invite to learn.
That is what I mean by self-management.
People can not develop.
That does not work. That brains can only himself, and only if they want to.
You can not force people to do so. You can only invite them.
Dat is de kunst.
Well, I'm going to read the first chapter.
What's that chapter? -'It Game and rail.
It is an introduction.
"I have been working for over sixty years with children.
Although not in an educational environment.
As a teacher, I had long since been retired. "
That is funny-
Funny. -It's true.
"Then I had to recover from a tough career.
I'm not going to stop my activities.
I still work continuously, like when I was young. "
If you look at the drawings of little children ...
you see how rich they are fantasy.
Once they go to school, hold on.
Then it's over and there will be something else.
Then comes what they have learned.
They are no more spontaneous ...
but carry out assignments to please the adults.
They meet their expectations.
A child can do what it wants ...
and wants nothing more than what it can.
In this way, gedt a child in a natural way.
This is only possible if you have a child which grants freedom.
That certainly does not apply to a student who must follow a curriculum.
The worst thing you can teach kids ...
is that they believe they can not do it themselves and have to execute commands.
My name is Arno Voice.
I was born in 1924 in Kassel.
I am a servant in the painting game.
That is a job created by me that previously did not exist.
Like the painter Oord. There it started.
From there, my role has evolved.
My serving role.
At this place a special game is played ...
where people of all ages come here.
The smallest participants two years.
The oldest are above 70.
Important is the variety. I think that's very important ...
because it thought the competition has no chance.
Everyone is taken seriously here, and that everyone knows.
Even in het water en dan in de verf.
Dat is genoeg.
The result is that people change here.
They must tolerate a lot in their lives.
They are compared, judged, condemned ...
They never got the chance to discover that they can do something good.
That's enough, Rose.
Sorry I'm late. -That does not matter.
Playing is not something that you need to create or produce.
Playing is enjoy and be active.
As you play, you're doing something with your whole being ...
and that is something which is not possible in school.
Children should take life seriously ...
but rather the game must be taken seriously.
In the game all the skills are utilized and developed.
Thus you come to yourself. That's all you need.
That should really be the basis in the life of each child:
Dance, music and painting. The rest comes naturally.
Once dip: one drop of water one drop of paint.
The so-called secondary subjects should be the main subjects of all children.
Would satisfy the people who can handle everything.
Of course that does not fit into the curriculum.
But what the school now knows the real needs of a child?
The curriculum is based on the adult world ...
and children must conform to them.
I see what is lost when children through education.
The few children who come to the Painter Oord and find themselves ...
and overcome all outside influences, his genius.
They are just as ingenious as all the people who just may go about their business.
Everyone should know ...
which is the education of people and makes something ...
to which they are out of the world.
-Water, geel en wit.
Grab the white only. Do you have anything? -White.
Probably they do not want strong people ...
with a strong will.
One wants submissive people who acquiesce in a system.
Can I continue with my fingers? Yeah, you know.
It is also the goal of the school system for people to get so far ...
they are a little dissatisfied, but not too much, because that causes resistance.
They must be so disgruntled that they flee to consume.
Since the school has a stake in.
The school destroys the best forces and values that can develop a child.
Instead of going to create the child itself ...
takes what it has learned.
And that is very small compared with that to which it is actually capable of.
Please. And now white for Lucas.
I'll be.
It does not smell strongly, because it is low.
It smells good. -It Smells a little.
Until next time, Amo. -Until Sunday.
Where is Leona? I want her to say hello. -I'll Call her.
Is not she there? Hold on.
Parents and teachers later have a certain image of what is important.
What needs to learn three years.
In each case three languages, because that claim the neuroscientists.
In the native center fit namely three languages.
Maybe five, with a little effort.
But what is the most important experiences the child ...
it must meet many requirements? What lingers is:
If I need to learn in groups one and two English ...
even though that playfully ...
although I do not need English ...
then my first experience with teaching ...
I have to learn things at school that I do not need at all.
Therefore, we must think about ourselves and what we do with our children.
How we wonderful self learning in the child's brain ...
so manipulate and steer in a certain direction ...
essentially gifted people do not dare to use their talents.
Here in the archives I keep the painting game drawings ...
in 1946 in the home for war orphans arose.
Every year, new folders at the Painter Oord in Paris.
In total, 500,000 documents are stored here.
It not only works, but they are especially important for my research.
I sometimes come across people who have painted as a child with me.
Sometimes that's already thirty or forty, or even fifty years ago.
All these people say they were the best hours of their youth.
What wealth.
Sometimes they say that it was crucial for their development.
A flock of birds.
Here again.
Weather birds, against a different background.
Here is a road ...
and here he continues.
He continues.
March 1976.
A child repeats everything ...
because it can not be otherwise. It does again and again what it likes.
Another underwater scene.
The enthusiasm of a child to experience that ever again.
We saw that each child who came to the painter Oord ...
in the period from roughly 1950 to 1980.
Trees ...
And then everything changed.
This is a drawing from the current time.
From 2007.
It looks like a painting.
This should represent abstract art.
Or something.
This is no game.
Here speaks no mirth or pleasure.
Or that here.
A composition according to learned formulas ...
Applying the child ...
instead of play.
Then you wondering why a child does.
What is it here?
Here, the intention was to paint mountains ...
but the child does not play.
It is burdened by the weight of what it has learned.
It is clear that it is different now than in the past.
And there's a reason for that. The children are taxed
They stand for the blank sheet and wonder ...
or paint what they expect the adults and teachers.
And then the child does not play anymore. It stands for the blank sheet ...
and no longer a child.
It's a theorist. A chilly adult.
It is very sad to see that.
I'm in the third grade of a secondary school in Hamburg and I have a problem.
Everyone knows that school is not real life.
But my life consists only of school. So there is something wrong somewhere.
I come home at four o'clock and I'm not going to sleep before eleven o'clock.
That is not because I kk TV, I relax or have fun.
My head is full. Too full.
What do the people who make our school years?
What have parents that we care later for retirement ...
but now have no life anymore?
What I write here, affects everyone.
Pupils, parents, siblings, teachers.
I want to file a complaint. But how do you do that?
Who should I be if nobody feels responsible?
I'm Thomas Sattelberger. I am HR Director at Deutsche Telekom.
I've been doing this for forty years.
I'm probably the HR Director with the longest track record in Germany.
I worked for twenty years at Daimler Benz ...
ten years at Lufthansa, four years at Continental AG.
Deutsche Telekom working 250,000 people.
We have a turnover of nearly 60 billion ...
and we are the third telecommunication company in the world.
The Ministry of Education still comes from the old Prussia.
It did not work...
in order to adapt the teaching to conceptually a world ...
in which teaching in the sense of correct, adjust and conform ...
is not decisive.
We have in this country so much untapped talent.
But if we make that talent in a straitjacket ...
the talents are not developed ...
because they are often partly otherwise directed, non-conformist ...
or do not comply with social norms.
Of read- in onderwijsrichtlijnen ...
are often established by a ruling elite ...
her pedagogical knowledge ...
has garnered from teaching methods.
We come into work do not really move ...
because I am seen as a ticking tdbom.
Because I like a ticking tdbom given word.
Hierarchical harmless because my boss says:
That woman has passed thirty. They will soon be fixed pregnant
Why should I help her forward now?
I can now invest in her, but soon she becomes pregnant.
And then she is a long time away.
In Switzerland you have thirteen weeks maternity leave.
And then you come back or not.
There is no break in your career.
She is now six years. Totally.
Try once again to integrate her in to make the team and career.
That is impossible.
If you get your first child on your 35th ...
and the second with 37, which is pretty late ...
then you are on your 40th really no CEO.
The problem is that the current educational system ...
is designed for a different time.
It is molded to the economic demands of industrialism.
When we needed a lot of people who worked with their hands ...
a smaller group who did clerical work ...
and an even smaller group that ruled the country for us.
Those were the lawyers, judges and doctors who studied at the University ...
and were academically.
That is deeply embedded in the education system.
There are two kinds of people: academics and non-academics.
Smart and stupid people.
The result is that many brilliant people do not know they are brilliant ...
as they are laid along that particular yardstick.
Our company has two pillars: economic and intellectual.
This model has caused a lot of chaos for many people.
It is good for an individual. Some have benefited greatly from it.
But most people do not. There are major problems arise.
My name is Patrick.
I have been living since my early childhood in a deprived area of Dortmund.
My whole life actually.
There is high unemployment here.
More than twenty percent.
I wanted to do a course, but that was not allowed.
I had to register with three employment agencies.
I said I wanted to do a training course and wanted to get beyond temporary worker.
But I had to apply. That's what I did.
I started working as a temp, but that was not for me.
I only graduate, but I had good grades.
I'm trying to get feet on the ground in the working life.
Also because I want some financial leeway, but I can not.
I do my very best but still go wrong.
Well, it's hard to get out of that spiral.
Many young people of my age follow work-related training.
They're in the same boat. The unemployment count not bring them.
Officially, there are fewer than three million unemployed, but that's not true.
The many people who follow a course or have a small job, do not count.
There are more than seven to eight million unemployed.
Here 03. Here are four young people, probably Russians ...
going toward Old Market.
Just ask if everything is okay.
How is it going there'?
Nothing wrong. It was probably a false alarm.
Five days a week I start at 22:00.
I work from ten to seven.
Like the people who have a permanent job.
The only difference is that I get a lot less money.
It comes down to about eight euros per day.
That's not very much.
The state forces you to go on the criminal path.
Will I have to steal to get food and drinks?
I have to do the wrong things. It makes no sense to stay on the right path.
This appeal will not really die.
On the contrary, there will be more work.
Dear judges deemed public.
Seven months ago, the annual competition "CEO of the Future '.
2000 participants have registered from which the 80 best were chosen.
From which 80 best we have chosen the 20 best participants ...
today as finalists participate in the competition "CEO of the Future '.
Here a billion market.
A market that the economic future will change dramatically.
We want both areas to conquer the Asian market.
We are undervalued. There is a risk of a hostile takeover.
The good news is that your shares are worth more.
They can be sold above market value. How do we achieve these goals?
With a strategic partner.
That is the hardest part.
We have heavily on marketing and distribution.
I already have an advertising slogan:
In a collision between two cars: No problem power car inside.
Much has been said before that undervaluation is our big problem.
It is likely therefore a danger that there will be a hostile takeover.
That is why we have put a preliminary communication on paper.
This strategy should lead to the company value increases ...
because it is very low at this time.
Thank you for your attention.
Our current economy is partly organized military base.
It's about struggle, survival, defeats and victories.
This military approach to the market economy ...
also instilled in the minds of mostly young men.
I believe this is a distinctly male problem.
The world is a rational approach based on simple market terms ...
of defeat and victory with their own careers linked.
I present now our strategy of how customers want to attract upwards.
If we go further ...
we walk through the department household items and gastronomy ...
the do-it-yourself and car department where a stylish car ...
as little experience event serves, but also as intelligent exhibition
with numerous products.
Then we come to the electronics department.
Here I want to point out the customer guidance system on the ground.
Through this system, the customer is not aware led straight aisles.
On both sides are disposed at hand height listings.
The customers are usually tired after work.
They look not up, but down, or to the center.
Additionally seen wearing glasses over glasses go out of focus.
Hence, the offers are at hand height.
We hope the client relaxes ...
and abandons the plan to buy only one product ...
and he does more purchases through the offers on the upper floor.
I hope I have put forward convincing solutions ...
upwards in order to lure the customer.
I know companies that are so exhausted ...
they have almost no creativity more ...
to hold briefly and say: Where are we going?
Why do not we go that way? What alternatives are there?
Exhaustion ...
for me is a clear sign ...
that the world is only regulated economic ...
with ever-shorter term goals.
I think a lot of managers ...
feel ...
hamsters as they are in a treadmill.
With the system that today is put into practice ...
they can not identify.
And then they get depressed.
It may sound exaggerated ...
but the school takes me off the most important thing I have:
My childhood.
When I come home after school, I want to see the sun.
It may sound crazy, but I dream that I can do for three hours what I want.
Because I have no hobbies.
Not because I have no interest, but because I have no time.
For my friends, is the same.
Is not it irresponsible to let a generation growing up ...
which has no hobbies? However, a hobby we all have:
Should I explain to my children later how Facebook works ...
when they ask how it was before?
That will probably not be necessary because they themselves will be computer geniuses ...
still less have a life than we do.
I get 510 euros. Of this I have 310 ...
No, not even 510 euros. That's when my transport.
Of which 510 Euros I pay rent at 330, 50 and 45 on energy for transport.
So I like 80 euros. 50 euro per week, I needed to eat.
That will not.
For me, one month ... -I would like to help, but can not.
Well, thanks anyway. A nice weekend.
I'm not going to vote.
All parties promise mountains of gold before the election ...
and then it is: Sorry, we have to raise tax rates.
Why should I vote? Life still nothing.
I do not live the way I live now. I need every penny four times.
I want to go shopping without having to pay attention to prices and be able to choose brands.
And a pair of pants from 70 euros that I like ...
I want to just buy it.
Write down license plate? -which Is more common here.
He let his dog out.
I want an apartment or buy a home and make something of my life.
I want my children will soon be able to offer what I have not had.
And especially my wife. I would later have a family.
I wanted to be a pastry chef.
At night work and take things day with my family.
Trips to the zoo or the zoo.
That's what I wanted to be a baker.
The view is not bad here.
When it's done, it gets even better.
There's someone at the window.
Those are the sheriffs. -They Make sure we control.
I think there is a crisis parallel to the climate crisis:
A global crisis in human resources.
I think this crisis parallels that in nature.
And the cost to resolve the crisis be catastrophic.
I'll give a few examples.
In California last year ...
some three billion dollars spent on university education.
And there's nine billion spent on the prison system.
I can not imagine that more criminals are born in spe ...
and studenten.
When people live in poor conditions, they slip.
I was regional champion ...
and champion of Westphalia and West Germany.
I was actually pretty good.
When I boxed, I could let my problems. I tried anyway.
When I saw the punching bag ...
I pounded like crazy and I hoped that the problems disappeared.
But they returned as soon as I left the gym, or perhaps the next day.
That's how it is.
I have to constantly watch out that I do not sliding down and I keep fighting.
I say to myself, Patrick, make your way out of this situation.
And I'm always afraid of what's coming tomorrow.
What I eat and drink tomorrow? How can I create my own place?
How should I feel home somewhere? That can not now. That is not in there.
Patrick is a training and looking for a job as a security guard at army or police.
His boxing career he had to give up because of injuries.
It is no longer possible to make the world by means of small reforms ...
to change.
The structures are so hardened ...
you only by drastic action can achieve something.
If you do not want a revolution from below, you must intervene hard from above.
There must come revolutions.
Structural changes.
We need people ...
which the old education ...
break off and create room for something new.
I do not hate school.
I am critical because it could be much better.
The task is simple: prepare students for real life.
But they must approach the task from a different angle.
No small change, but try something completely new ...
because we do not have much to lose.
Yakamoz Kara Kurt is a student at a Hamburg grammar school.
Her complaint letter was published in August 2011 in Die Zeit.
The motto 'faster, further, higher "...
economically has reached its limits.
And also in the education system, there will be limits.
It is an illusion to believe that people who graduate with beautiful figures ...
also have been developed.
At McKinsey see what's important.
It is very important to study at the right university ...
in order to create the right conditions for your future career.
Sometimes I also find it very confronting.
Because people can naturally escape.
They can say: I will not be chained.
But how many young people do the same?
And how many go there like lemmings ...
to schools only preach capitalism ...
and exclusively argue that you should make the most of your career.
Why are so many young people who do not point ...
to connect to immerse themselves in that prison?
Of course you're like 25 or 26 years ...
quite able to form their own opinion.
You can say: Is this what I really want?
This is what matters in life?
On the other hand, you may wonder ...
some teachers and parents gave them about what is life?
The focus on economics is one of the biggest problems ...
of the current era.
Thomas Sattelberger on his 63rd retired ...
and abides now bending with education and social projects.
This used to be West Germany and just across East Germany.
In between there was a division.
This was the so-called dead band.
Nobody would have thought that it would ever disappear ...
but it happened anyway.
We think competition is so important that we always used to prepare our youth.
As a toddler. But actually it should be the other way around.
Actually, we need our children for as long as possible the opportunity ...
to stay out of the competition.
Children come from a very different world. For a child plays no role league.
A child is just at the beginning of his life ...
very closely linked with another human being.
Before birth, the bond between mother and child really close.
In the nine months in which the brains are formed ...
These networks are so deeply embedded that they never disappear.
Therefore the desire for connectedness essentially never disappears.
It is a true work of art that our society children get so far ...
that they do not strive for connectedness ...
but that they are set up against each other.
The curtain goes up.
Yale keep someone engaged in infant research.
In her research she discovered something very special.
Like this?
It still needs a little more gradually.
The second time you go into here.
Want to play with a cube?
By six months of age, all babies choose the helper.
This also ties in with the first experiences of each baby.
Without the help of others he or she did not become six months.
The second part of the research is exciting.
The babies are six months old. They are now one year.
Want to play with a cube?
Want the yellow?
Choose twenty percent of the babies for the plunger.
Want to play with a cube?
Research shows that this behavior is not innate.
This behavior is also not genetically determined.
The children have learned from others.
It's not their brains. It is not heredity.
It is up to us. We lead by example.
There is a great breakthrough in the development of life:
The transition from single- to multi-celled.
You may wonder whether there has competition in the game.
Consequently single-celled organisms have become increasingly ...
but how did the transition to multicellular work?
The answer is simple: a few cells There stayed together.
And so arose larger organisms. Because they helped each other.
And so it also works in the brains. In the brain ...
it is not that small brains against the great work.
Or the right side to the left side. If you want to achieve something ...
must work together the different parts.
Do the brains for how.
You can grow continuously in a sense ...
and becoming anchor new experiences in your brains ...
without that the brain increases.
This type of growth we do not know in the economy.
It's not about growth ...
but the relationships between the individuals are getting better.
That is a new dimension, and know our brains already.
We have to take it alone.
I'm Pablo Pineda Ferrer ...
and I'm 37 years old.
I am the youngest of four brothers.
I studied pedagogy ...
and my teaching qualifications achieved.
I also study psychology ...
which I must pass four exams to finish the study.
For me there are two concepts:
Anxiety and love.
If we have hitherto lived under the fear concept ...
then it's time to get that solved ...
and lead us to turn the love.
Deep love for the true nature of a person.
Where you are no longer afraid of the differences ...
anyone want to know true.
A love which your people accept as they are ...
and not as you would like them to be.
That is the concept of love.
My name is Andr.
I was born in Paris and grew up.
German is not my mother tongue.
What characterizes my youth, is the fact that I did not go to school.
I also had lessons from my parents.
I tell the story of a happy childhood without school ...
because I want to show that things can be different.
I've always been interested in things that I have encountered in my life ...
and I could devote myself to it always undisturbed.
On my third hit I open a book and I said to my parents ...
I saw egg cups and eggs.
They were astonished when they saw that I pointed to the letters C and D.
They said the letters were, and I wanted to know how they sounded.
In no time I knew all the letters ...
and I was able to decipher all the words.
I was four, five, six and seven and I still could not read fluently.
My parents were not busy.
No one thought: Now he should still sometimes read.
I never had exams because I had never examinations.
I never prepared for an exam. I never applied.
I've never had to prove myself.
Is it better that way? -He Does not move now.
He is now firmly -Prima.
Do you see the cloud pattern now? -Not yet.
Go are more prosperous. You can not indiscriminately work.
You have to see what you're doing.
Teach me was something you did with it.
I shrugged my track train apart.
I wanted to know how does an electromagnet.
And mom's encyclopedia were things I wanted to read.
Therefore my reading progressed.
The first time I heard that I had Down ...
I was six or seven.
A professor, Don Miguel Garcia Velero ...
said in the room of the headmaster:
You do know that you have Down?
Without thinking about it, I said yes.
Although I had no idea.
He started talking about genetics.
Over genen en chromosoomparen.
I did not understand it.
I knew I did not understand, so I asked:
Don Miguel, I'm stupid? He said no.
When I asked Don Miguel, I can stay here at school?
He said Yes-
I had a third question: Can I stay with my friends?
But of course, he said.
Those were my three questions.
And so I discovered that I had Down syndrome.
From that moment on...
everything went very fast. It was very exciting.
That was my starting point.
You have to have confidence that it succeeds.
And in the fifties, no one had to trisomy 21 patients ...
certainly no high school teacher, trust that those people could do exams.
Nobody believed it.
Everyone was stuck in the mindset:
A genetic defect, abnormal brain unfit for school.
But then a few people that stimulated them.
Brilliant teachers from private schools which have entered into a relationship.
They invited in a different way and encouraged.
They believed in it would work, and now we see that it is so.
I've been very lucky ...
because I had teachers who challenged me to think independently ...
and myself things left to discover.
But there were also teachers who wanted to bring me to heel ...
or manipulate.
Each child has different characteristics with which it is born.
And that is why every child in being gifted. Period.
The only people who are not good wise ...
the people who really should be sent to school again ...
are the people who believe ...
that one talent is worth more than another.
Our conception of talent ...
is nothing more than a review ...
we based our application idiotic ideas.
Gerald Huether, hoogleraar neurobiology ...
translates results from brain research to educational practice.
The construction of such guitar takes 200 to 300 hours.
Such instruments are commissioned.
They correspond exactly to the expectations and wishes of the client.
We obviously work with air-dried wood.
It has 40 to 50 years are dry before it is used.
Our wood is split with respect for the natural structure of the fibers ...
and their sound quality. After all, we create a sound body.
When I was 18, I gave my father a method of teaching German.
Using the same method I learned other languages.
You do not need to learn anything from outside.
You read a page and listening to a cassette tape.
Instead of reading a lesson of ten minutes a day ...
I read there 10, 20 or 30 per day.
I spent about six hours a day in German.
This is difficult to bend.
On the spot?
That wood of the same tribe?
And he jay difficult. That was me so.
When I first came to the guitar builder ...
he asked, not a diploma.
He looked only at one thing, and that was my enthusiasm.
We will glue it to him? -As A second layer.
That we will not do that.
It was also enriching for him to teach someone the job he loves.
That confidence, this lack of fear ...
is because I've never compared.
I never had to compare my knowledge with others.
I've never put under pressure.
I never had to learn things that did not interest me ...
or that I could not use it ...
with the excuse that I now had to learn it because it will no longer could.
I've just experienced the opposite. There is always time to learn something new.
I remember ...
that the box where I had the least it was psychology.
It was always just about problems, problems ...
It was like a movie on Friday the 13th.
A terrible profession.
Because I learned aloud, asked my mother:
Pablo, what are you doing?
Her hair went stand up on end.
When I graduated ...
I tore broke all records with great pleasure.
What a party
What memories ...
The university is tiring.
If you are here just walking around, you will become very tired.
You have to have a drink in the cafeteria.
I worked with Amo.
And we had a child.
When a child comes into the world ...
it is because the time is right for him or her.
But after that its environment make it possible ...
it is born.
Once on the world needs to be born
First, it is the mother ...
which forms the connection with the future. That is certainly true.
The whole environment is cooperating. But you can learn nothing.
You must give his life to the room alone.
Z'n vitale energie.
That's all.
In this story, I do not deserve admiration ...
but what happened to me.
Admirable is the decision taken by my parents.
They had a belief which they have remained faithful.
A child who does not go to school and grow up with greater freedom ...
will have no rules, so they think.
Often people think that I must have nothing of discipline.
"How do you, as a free child about discipline?"
As if that were opposites.
I can imagine nothing in total freedom without structure.
My structure consisted of personal rules.
For example, that I get up every day at six o'clock to practice.
That pattern was very important for my freedom.
It is difficult to swim against the tide ...
you oppose the system.
You oppose the system but still wants more.
One is a little afraid of me because I say what I think.
I am encouraged to come forward. I am now in front.
And that does not want society. The company wants us to stand back.
And so I fought to get ahead. I just keep going.
I just keep going.
You must do everything to prevent that society says ...
you must connect back.
It's very simple.
The schools as they are, were not an option.
What's schooling ...
in comparison with the life ...
a child booty?
All you are a child due, is happiness.
We must begin to treat children with ...
with the respect that they deserve.
It should be banned in order to deal with children as happens now.
Where their lives are classified and have to learn everything.
There she is nothing to learn. We just have to let them 'be'.
Hey, baby.
He does a nap.
We must guide them without education goals.
We can not rob them of their childhood, for therein lies the whole world.
I am also a child of the Painter Oord.
I'm more or less born in the Painter Oord.
The Painter Refuge my father, Amos Stern.
We are in 1933, when Hitler came to power, fled Germany.
We had to leave everything and lived in France ...
initially as stateless citizens. This lasted for many years.
I my whole childhood was stateless.
After the war, I was offered a job ...
in a home for war orphans.
I had the kids engaged between meals and lessons.
I've just drawn.
I found a few pencil stubs and waste paper ...
and thus they played then.
I was quite excited by what has emerged so.
It is the painter Oord arise.
I can imagine that there will ever be a society ...
which operates in the same way as the painting game.
Without competition or stress, and without hierarchy.
That is what needs to change fundamentally ...
to make people happy again and balanced.
Michle Voice quit teaching because of the rigid school system.
Amo Stern is recognized by UNESCO as an educator and scientist.
He 'must' for more than 65 years in his Schilder Oord.
Here we are.
My great passion, football.
This is a great match.
Malaga against Villarreal in the Rosaleda Stadium in Malaga.
And we stand for, 2-1.
It's really a passion, football.
It's all about appreciation for what I can learn from others and others mine.
That relationship is enriching for both parties.
Exactly there the culture of fear and starts the culture of love.
We won.
Pablo Pineda is the first European with Down with a university education.
In the film Yo, tambin
he played the leading role.
No one comes to the idea that a child will come to fruition.
The child is born with the most perfect tool:
The best invention to learning that has ever done, namely play ...
and a great enthusiasm.
All great things in science, art, craft ...
employment and society caused by playing.
These are the ideal conditions and they know? Long.
That is my experience. And we create for my son.
It is available to everyone. Always.
Het is gratis.
Andr Voice is a musician, luthier, and author.
He lectures at colleges and universities learn without school.
People do their best if they do what they like. If they are in their element.
The evidence is convincing.
When people start using their talents ...
as they discover what they can, they become a different person.
And that to me is the starting point for a new educational system.
To this end, a shift is required from the industrial metaphor ...
what I call an organic metaphor.
Death Valley is de warmste streek
in de VS.
It grows almost nothing because it is not raining there.
In the winter of 2004 happened something remarkable.
It rained. There was 175 mm of rain.
And in the spring of 2005 was very Death Valley ...
covered with spring flowers.
That proved that Death Valley was not dead.
It was asleep.
Below the surface seeds waiting for the right conditions.
In humans, it works exactly.
If we create the right conditions ...
and evaluate each child on their own value ...
creates growth.
Benjamin Franklin once said there are three kinds of people:
People who are immobile ...
those which are movably ...
and people that move.
I encourage you to get moving and to take action.
Sir Ken Robinson as education expert by Queen Elizabeth II knighted.
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