Alraune (1930) Movie Script

After the novel of the same name by Hanns Heinz Ewers
in this world.
in this world.
all because of a little girl,
all because of a sweet woman.
I know why such an old fellow like me... a perpetual student.
I know why I have debts...
Same here!
I know why my head hurts when I look at the calendar:
all because of a little girl,
all because of a sweet woman.
All because of a little girl,
all because of a sweet woman,
sweet woman,
sweet woman!
Go on, go on!
No, folks, Frank now has to go to his uncle, Privy Councillor ten Brinken
and congratulate him to his birthday!
- What? It's ten Brinken's birthday? - Indeed!
Folks! It's ten Brinken's birthday! That needs to be celebrated!
Folks, let's go and sing a song for him!
Yes, let's go!
All because of a little girl,
all because of a sweet woman!
All because of a little girl,
all because of a sweet woman,
sweet woman,
sweet woman!
Everything went fine.
The prince has paid the promised money.
One million.
A lot of money for a daughter.
Well, is the prince satisfied with the offspring?
He is very proud.
I deposited the money at the regional state bank
and put it under your control.
I thank you for the trust, princess, that you put into my mercantile talents.
I'll do my best to increase your wealth.
Dear Privy Councillor, you are and have been a friend.
May I now...
For your favour...
- Thank you. - I have to thank you!
My scientific experiments require enormous financial means.
But dear Privy Councillor!
Otherwise the two of us would probably have never got together.
- Doctor Petersen. - Yes, please!
Does Dr. Petersen know?
Privy Councillor, may I express my most cordial congratulations.
Very, very friendly. Many thanks.
Dear Dr. Petersen, I'm glad to see you!
My attorney, Herr Manasse, is in the next room,
he will certainly be very happy about the child.
I'll join you soon.
Well, dear colleague?
The money for the child that we provided the princess with.
What does the prince say?
He thinks he's the father.
Very proud.
Out of gratitude, he gave the princess a little million
which she has put under my control.
- Under your control? - Yes.
Have you prepared the new experiments in the laboratory?
Petersen, we have money!
Petersen, now we can proceed!
Until we reach our aim!
And then...
Yes... then you'll be the world famous Privy Councillor ten Brinken.
- And I? - Why you?
- I finally demand that... - What do you demand!?
Will you have a glass of punch with us next door, dear colleague?
Thanks, I'll go to the laboratory.
Very well, dear colleague.
When it's happening, call me, I'll come down then.
So there's a lot of happiness about the little daughter
in the house of Prince Wolkonski?
Ah yes, attorney, so much depended on it for me.
Ah, the birthday child in person!
Well, Privy Councillor, how are your creatures?
Manasse means my artificial rats.
Artificial rats?
Yes, Princess.
Our dear privy councillor has discovered a method
to artificially produce those lovely animals en masse.
So if you're interested...
What's going on there?
Privy Councillor, Herr Frank Braun and your students.
Well, that's very nice!
They were all I needed!
Jakob! Punch!
Silentium! Silentium!
Professor ten Brinken! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
Well, good evening, gentlemen!
I almost said good night!
Do come in, have a glass of punch!
Dear uncle, bound together most cordially by tender family ties
we stand facing each other.
Already in the time of early boyhood...
Yes, yes, forget it, forget it!
Please devote your affections to my punch!
Professor ten Brinken! Cheers to him!
This thing here dropped down and smashed one of your old, valuable vases.
That's an 'alraune'.
It's also called a mandrake.
A magic root: according to superstition it yields its owner luck and wealth.
But it will bring unhappiness and death if he separates from it.
- May I have a look? - Certainly.
That's very interesting.
Very strange is the legend of this root's origin.
The moment a hanged man breathes his last breath,
earth receives his last virtue.
And the mating of man and earth
has created these roots.
It was this inconspicuous root
which was the starting point of my experiments on artificial insemination.
Experiments which, as you know, gentlemen,
were successful for the most part.
Ah yes, the rats.
Professor, everything's prepared.
Very good, Dr. Petersen, I'm coming!
Please excuse me, gentlemen, I must go to the laboratory.
An experiment which can't be postponed.
My nephew will fill in for me.
- Goodbye. - Goodbye, Professor!
We'll escort the princess!
Gentlemen, I'll invite you all to my house!
Long live the princess!
Are you coming?
No, I'll go to my uncle, to the laboratory.
- Well, goodbye then. - Goodbye.
What do you want here?
The poor animals.
Why poor animals?
The rats were created by me through artificial insemination of the mother.
And who has an advantage of a dozen rats more or less?
But if it were human beings...
Human beings?
Human beings...
Yes! Human beings!
If you could manage that, with your intelligence, with your knowledge
to artificially create a human being,
a living mandrake,
that would be a deed!
Or do you want somebody else beat you to it?
No, nobody else.
But which people could be won over to it?
Take a robber and murderer sentenced to death, and...
And the woman...
I'll show her to you.
Out! Out! Get that rascal out!
Good evening, gentlemen! Yes, you're in the right place!
You're completely right here!
Please enter this venue, the most atmospheric venue in this town!
Gentlemen, I've reserved a table for you.
That wasn't easy considering the number of people.
Waiter! Waiter!
Gentlemen, the table over there.
Please come over, gentlemen!
Please take a seat, sit down, gentlemen!
I'm fully equipped.
Don't worry, here you'll find everything.
What may I offer you, gentlemen?
Just a little something. A bottle of sparkling wine.
Sparkling wine? French one?
- Mumm. - Mumm, yes, very well.
Our specialty. One moment, gentlemen, the waiter...
What's the matter?
What is it, you old brass pipers?
A break? Every time I look you have a break.
Not with me! I'm not paying for breaks!
Rattle away, will you?
Very nice, eh?
Ah, Doctor! Finally.
Have two gentlemen come here, an older and a younger one?
Yes, they're over there in the box.
Ah, I see.
Good evening!
You're not very punctual.
But I'm sure that we'll find here what we're looking for.
I'm very happy, Doctor, that you're visiting my establishment again!
- I can't tell you... - So you're a regular here?
Yes, here's where I study.
Let Alma sing!
Of course, Doctor, she's over there, at once!
In my time they studied at the university.
Besides, this seems to be the only place where you are called a doctor.
But my dear, I ask you, please.
Alma, you're to sing!
Quick, over onto the egg box, and the let your vocal chord flutter, girl!
Well, I say!
Alma, go for it!
# If men betray me
# it's a pleasure to me,
# I'll just find me another,
# there are so many.
# If men leave me
# I can never hate them
# I'm not used to anything else,
# it leaves me cold.
# I even say thank you
# that it lasted so long
# and for that reason
# I actually feel honoured.
# If men betray me
# it's a pleasure to me,
# I'll just find me another,
# there are so many.
# You can have me,
# you can have me, whoever you are!
# I'm only interested in whether you're in the money.
# And if for once I love someone
# I'm his as if it were the first time.
# If I want to keep him,
# he ditches me.
# Who cares!
# If men betray me
# it's a pleasure to me,
# I'll just find me another,
# there are so many!
# If men leave me
# I can never hate them
# I'm not used to anything else,
# it leaves me cold.
# I even say thank you
# that it lasted so long
# and for that reason
# I actually feel honoured.
# If men betray me
# it's a pleasure to me,
# I'll just find me another,
# there are so many!
Sir? Thank you!
Alma, you did that wonderfully!
What's the matter?
Don't be like that!
If you allow me.
One hundred mark?
Are you serious?
Waiter, a glass of cognac! Make it snappy!
Come here.
What are you staring at, kid?
Cheers! Let it flow down.
Allow me!
Come along.
Come, come!
Next time you're coming, don't be so modest, understand?
Hello! Allow me, gentlemen!
Please give me some of it, too!
I like sparkling wine so much!
Well, here. But slowly!
And now write down your name, sign here.
- My name? - Your name, like this.
All right.
Thank you.
Well, now I've done everything you wanted.
Come, my child.
Come. Come, let's go.
Slowly, slowly.
Slowly, that's it.
# I'll find me another, there are so many!
Slowly, slowly.
Pangs of conscience?
I don't want to have anything to do with is affair anymore.
One moment.
I thought you could help us with the execution of the experiment.
We're going to have some difficulties with that splendid girl.
After all, we'll have to bottle her up for about nine months,
and it can't be done using violence.
You've got very little to do.
Perhaps you could keep the lovely girl company
during the critical months?
I'm willing to spend a little sum on it.
- You want to turn me into a pimp? - You're crazy!
You... fool!
Privy Councillor ten Brinken sends his best thanks for your kindness, Doctor.
Don't mention it, dear colleague. We're always happy to serve science.
Here come the visitors.
Move on!
The Creation of my Alraune
Hello, Privy Councillor!
I asked you to come here in order to help with an experiment.
With rats?
With human beings.
The princess will assist us.
If you please.
17 years have passed since ten Brinken conducted his bold experiment.
The fruit of the daring venture was a girl child
that ten Brinken raised in his home and passed off as his niece.
Nothing can be found.
What do you mean, no?
Listen, I'll go to her and quit service!
You can find a job any day where you don't risk your neck with every drive.
Shall I?
Yes, woman, go. If you can do it.
And how I can do it!
You shall see!
Have you finished your essay, Woelfchen?
I can't work now.
I always think of you.
Why do you always think of me?
Because I love you, Alraune.
But I don't love you.
Well, Frau Raspe?
What is it? Where are you going?
We want to quit, Jakob.
Then you'd better go up to the young miss.
What is the matter?
The matter?
Don't pretend you don't know what's the matter in this house.
Who is in command since the miss returned from the boarding house?
You can't endure what she's doing with the men here!
Fools, nothing else!
But not with us, Jakob!
Just as you wish, Frau Raspe.
It is true.
Just go up, the miss is upstairs in her room.
Yes, yes.
We'll leave in good time, before it's too late!
Come in!
Madame, we ask for our dismissal.
Why does your husband want to leave, Frau Raspe?
There is no other way, madame.
My husband...
We have two little children...
And perhaps he'll give up driving completely.
It's all right. You may go.
Yes, madame. And many thanks!
Madame has accepted the resignation!
I'm so happy!
Listen, Kurt, madame wants to drive out!
You mustn't drive her anymore!
Listen to your wife!
Tell her the car is broken.
You mustn't drive her anymore, do you hear me?
Why not?
Well, Kurt, are you ready?
No, madame.
The engine.
What is it with the engine?
Well, I just thought...
The car is in perfect condition.
ATTENTION! Drive slowly - Road Works
Faster, Kurt!
Yes, Privy Councillor ten Brinken speaking!
My niece?
For Heaven's sake!
She's the murderess!
It's all her fault!
Has anything happened to you?
Tell me...
that you love me.
Alraune, I do love you.
You think that we can be in Germany in six weeks?
It won't be possible earlier, Herr Braun.
Last time we needed seven weeks to reach Hamburg.
Ah, I'm looking forward, forward, forward to Germany.
17 years.
17 years.
Then a lot of things will have changed for you.
Just as I myself have changed.
1913 and...
Well, Petersen?
I'd like to talk to you, ten Brinken.
So you drop the 'Privy Councillor' now?
If you please.
I was offered a position.
Well then, leave.
Give me money.
What for? For what do you want to have money?
For 20 years you've treated me like a dog.
Now I ask for what I deserve.
You did some defraudation, Privy Councillor.
You foisted a child on Prince Wolkonski.
You've got enormous sums.
Now I demand my share.
But you knew everything!
You took part in it!
So what do you want?
Farewell, dear colleague.
My dear guests!
Allow me to announce the engagement of my daughter Olga with Herr von Walter!
- My sincere congratulations! - Thank you!
My dear children!
May I express my congratulations, too?
Very pleased.
This is the most beautiful day of my life!
Where is Alraune?
Alraune? She's getting changed.
Oh, I'm so excited!
- Everything will work out fine, yes? - Oh, sure.
Herr von Walter? One moment, please.
Yes, please.
Alraune, you promised me the first dance.
You shouldn't dance with that man.
But, Woelfchen...
Alraune, I...
My flowers are crushed.
Get me some water lilies from the pond.
Then I'll only dance with you.
I'll get them, Alraune.
But don't fall into the water, Woelfchen!
But Herr von Walter, I don't understand you!
You don't understand me?
If you dance with her again, it's all over between us!
Ah, excuse me, gentlemen. Allow me?
I have to make you a compliment, madame.
Charming, your dance, charming.
May I ask for the next one?
Excuse me.
You delighted me. Really.
- Herr von Walter! - Yes, please?
Your behaviour is a scandal!
You should be ashamed!
If I had known what kind of person you are,
this engagement would never have happened!
But dear Princess! I don't know what you mean.
Herr von Walter asked for the dance, and I complied.
You'll leave the house at once!
Ah, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you're amusing yourselves?
What's the matter?
Uncle, I've just been kicked out.
Privy Councillor, you may think of it this way.
Let's drive home.
Doctor! Woelfchen has just been pulled out of the pond at the Princess' ball!
The boy? Dead?!
For Heaven's sake!
Well, what shall we do with this unfinished evening?
May I ask madame to keep company with me a little?
With pleasure.
You were wonderful this evening.
Well, that was a nice evening, eh?
I enjoyed myself thoroughly.
- You did? - Yes.
Good night!
So you really think there'll be trouble?
My dear Privy Councillor, what do you imagine?
Your experiments devour an enormous sum of money.
Your niece Alraune lives like a princess.
Where does all the money come from?
It must necessarily attract attention.
You really think someone would dare to do something against me?!
I fear the worst.
The public prosecutors have a strong interest in you.
What is it?
Privy Counsellor, Herr Frank Braun.
That's what I needed!
Herr Frank Braun!
I'm not available for this gentleman, neither today nor at any other time!
I don't need to tell you what the law thinks of foisting a child on someone,
defraudation, blackmail, and so on.
I'd very warmly recommend a trip abroad.
The privy councillor tells you that he is no longer available for you.
Neither today nor at any other time.
Is that so?
Neither today nor at any other time?
How are you, Jakob?
One gets old?
Yes, indeed, Herr Frank.
A lot has changed here.
- Who was that? - That was Herr Frank Braun.
The nephew of the privy councillor.
Herr Frank Braun?
- You know me? - I've just seen you in the house.
I am Alraune ten Brinken.
- I didn't know my uncle has a daughter. - I'm his niece.
My parents are dead.
What's your name?
What frightens you?
Nothing, nothing.
I'm just a little surprised.
But I don't want to detain you any longer, Miss Alraune.
Herr Frank Braun!
Why do you want to leave so quickly?
After all, I ran after you.
I really must have frightened you a lot.
No, no, not at all.
Did you know my parents?
Your... parents?
No. No.
You must have been away for a long time?
Yes, for a long time.
In Africa.
In Africa? Did you...
But we're relatives, and thus we must address each other informally.
I'm glad you came back, Frank.
I'm glad, too...
When will we meet again?
This evening.
I'll wait for you [formal address]...
... for you [informal address]
... in the park.
Your silence is...
Wouldn't you rather make a full confession?
I have nothing to tell you.
Doctor, you're only making your situation worse.
I have nothing to tell you.
Nurse, where is Woelfchen?
Woelfchen? He's already been carried away.
Tomorrow he'll be buried.
Don't you know that Woelfchen drowned on the feast yesterday evening?
Where is Doctor Petersen?
In his room.
What do you want?
What do you want here?
You sent my son into the water, into death.
And your fine uncle ten Brinken has ruined my life!
He blackmailed me into his crimes!
If people knew where the millions of the famous privy councillor came from!
He needed money! Money, money, yes, money!
For his experiments! For you!
Do you even know who you are?
You are a...
Privy Councillor?
Manasse speaking.
You must flee at once.
It's beyond remedy.
Petersen has already been arrested.
Yes. Ten minutes ago.
They know everything.
And the arrest warrant against you has also been issued.
An arrest warrant?
That's impossible.
Yes, yes, against you.
You must flee at once.
Yes, thanks.
My niece?
Madame is not at home, Privy Councillor.
Pack the suitcases! We're going on a trip.
Let the car drive up.
Madame has taken the car, Privy Councillor.
All right, then.
Hasn't my niece come back yet?
- No, Privy Councillor. - God, what's all this!
We have to leave.
You perhaps.
I have to go on a trip urgently!
And you will come with me!
Petersen has been arrested.
I heard his testimony.
If you have to flee,
then without me.
My... happiness.
Alraune, come with me.
You shall get everything you want.
Don't leave me!
I can't live without you!
I'll go to Frank Braun!
Privy Councillor ten Brinken?
There! Up there!
Privy Councillor ten Brinken?
Please give me a few minutes.
I'd like to settle my affairs.
Through Alraune perished:
Alma, whore + Raspe, chauffeur +
Wolfgang Petersen + Dr. Petersen +
Privy Councillor ten Brinken +
Frank Braun
Is it Manasse?
Ten Brinken speaking.
I'm not going on a trip.
You'll find my testament on my desk.
Alraune is my heiress.
Her guardian is Frank Braun.
I'm Privy Councillor ten Brinken's attorney.
Privy Councillor ten Brinken has shot himself.
I know.
My Testament
Father Jakob, this house is a real singing society!
My dear child, it hasn't always been like this.
Only six months ago there was little singing here.
"Little rose, little rose so red,
little rose on the heath..."
So you're administrating the estate of Privy Councillor ten Brinken.
I gave him control of my capital.
Can I get it back with your help?
I don't know of anything.
- You don't know of anything? - No.
Excuse me, one moment.
There's nothing in the estate documents.
Do you have evidence?
What do you mean, evidence?
But how can you, without evidence...
But I gave him the money!
And I need the money now!
I have debts! My money!
Unfortunately I can't help you.
Who is the heir?
The heir? Miss Alraune.
- Miss Alraune... - Yes.
Thank you very much.
- Some more milk? - Yes, please.
And now tell me more.
- Of my farm? - Yes.
It's in a wonderful place.
At a large lake, and mountains.
Do you have a longing for it?
I built up a new life there.
You want to go home.
You want to take me with you?
Do you think I'd leave without you?
When are we going?
You will be very happy there, Alraune.
You will forget, forget everything.
I will now go to attorney Manasse.
He will settle everything here,
and tomorrow, tomorrow we'll travel!
Princess Wolkonski would like to talk to Madame.
Tell the lady...
Show the lady into the study.
What can I do for you, Princess?
I've come to settle a monetary matter with the heiress of ten Brinken.
I have nothing to do with it.
Please call on Herr Braun, my guardian.
Sounds very good.
I want justice.
Your ingenious uncle has squandered my money on his experiments.
And now I demand it back.
I don't know anything about that.
So? You don't know anything about it?
You probably don't know who you are, either?
You are a...
I was present at it.
Your dear Frank had the funny idea
to create, instead of rats, a human being for once.
Just ask him!
Ask Manasse if you're interested in the details!
You are only the result of an experiment by ten Brinken!
You daughter of a whore
and a hanged man.
You're going to hear from me.
- Miss ten Brinken. - Show her in.
- I have a request to make. - Yes, please.
The princess has enlightened me about my origin.
Here, take the notes of your...
Of Privy Councillor ten Brinken about his experiments.
Then you'll know everything.
Thank you.
Through Alraune perished...
No, no...not he...
Alraune, where have you been all this time?
I was already afraid that the princess might have eaten you.
That was almost the case.
May I be allowed to invite Madame to a glass of delicious wine?
To our trip!
Everything's prepared!
Tomorrow... tomorrow we'll travel!
Tomorrow we'll go to Rome.
There I'll show you the old temples, the old palaces.
Ah, Rome. Rome is a wonderful city.
And from Rome, from Rome we'll go to Naples.
Naples, Naples is the most gorgeous town in the world, Alraune.
From Naples onto the ship, three weeks on the ship,
on deck, at night,
a thousand stars, the two of us,
all alone and all happy, Alraune.
Aren't you happy, Alraune?
I am, Frank.
Well, perhaps you can't really imagine it all yet.
You know so little of the world.
But I...
I've become a new man out there.
You haven't kissed me yet this evening.
Not you...
No, not you.
The End.