Altered Perception (2017) Movie Script

[music playing]
Not that you know of?
Oh, great.
That's very good.
Steve, you know that
I have trust issues.
And this bitch is trying
to fuck my husband.
So forgive me for being upset
and wanting to talk about it.
You don't talk about it though.
You obsess about it.
I am fucking sure.
He held me down, and
he fucking raped me.
It is my past.
I can't change it.
Why are you so jealous?
I am not jealous.
You just reminded me
that I was arrested.
Fuck outta my house!
Both of you need to stop.
Both of you just stop it!
But Reese knows that you
and Mike are best friends.
Did you fuck her?
Oh, my God.
I fucking knew you'd
go there again.
Then why did you bring it up?
Because I clearly need
my fucking head examined.
Yeah, you do.
I am not losing another job
because of your paranoia.
That's enough!
Shut up!
Fuck you!
Get out of here!
I don't believe you!
Stop it!
Get the fuck out my house!
Knock that shit off!
I can't defend myself.
Get off, get off!
[music playing]
OK, I know you've been sworn.
I have read your statements.
Isn't it true that during the
course of this study, the three
subject couples exhibited
increased levels of hostility?
Yes, we did notice
an increased pattern
of increased aggression.
But if I must...
And yet you thought that
was prudent and necessary
to continue?
We considered the risk
within an acceptable range.
An acceptable range?
Someone was murdered.
Where does your
unacceptable rage begin?
Excuse me, but I
think it bears noting
that all three of these couples
were dealing with some very
serious stability issues.
Violence is a common
occurrence in these types
of relationships.
Our duty is simply to
observe and document, not
make judgments as to
whether the side effects
outweigh the possible benefits.
How do you determine if a drug
is doing more harm than good?
At this point, I would like
to defer to Dr. Baxter.
Sure, let's hear
from the good doctor.
Clearly, people suffering
from mental illness
have a higher incidence
of aggressive behavior
than the general public.
They may try to harm others,
themselves, including
hospital healthcare
workers trying
to provide care for them.
Now our studies have
commonly reported
that a small
subgroup of patients
were responsible for the
majority of these incidents.
Doctor, what subgroups?
Primarily people in volatile
domestic relationships.
So when you look at results
for this kind of study,
you would take that
into consideration?
Even though there are
incidents of aggression,
when you adjust for
the overall numbers,
we actually see improvement.
Would you be able
to discern something
like this during the trial?
In fact, it would
take several studies
involving hundreds of patients
before we could even make
that kind of determination.
I have a question.
What were the possible
benefits of this drug?
We were contracted by Darba
to do pharmacological testing
on a chiral compound designed
to aid in conflict resolution
by altering the
sensory experience.
Give a person keen
personal insights
by allowing them to look
past preconceived ideas
and prejudices.
Isn't that the same as LSD?
Ours was not synthesized
through a fungus.
Instead, it was synthesized
through stem cells
of the empathetic
bonobo chimpanzee.
Based on early tests of the more
violent African chimpanzees,
we believed that
this new compound
could have had far-reaching
outcomes for everyone,
from individuals with
post-traumatic stress
disorders to helping solve
geopolitical conflicts
around the world.
So in layman's terms,
you all thought
you had a drug on your hands
that would end hostility
around the globe?
We'd sorted through
thousands of applicants
and found these three couples
that matched our criteria.
Their relationships were
being torn apart by conflict.
And you tested it
by giving drugs
to people that made
them more hostile.
Let's go for it.
The easiest way to say it is
there are issues about her past
that affect our relationship.
Basically what she used
to do for a living.
Lorie's great.
She's smart.
She's funny.
She makes me laugh.
She's got a great heart.
And usually, we get along great.
But sooner or
later, it comes up.
And we end up fighting about it.
I get so pissed sometimes.
Because everything is going
along so great, and then
Andrew just finds a way
to throw it in my face.
Lorie thinks that I'm jealous
about the men in her past.
Trust me, I'm not
jealous in the least.
I think that she's the
one with the issue.
And she's just
not addressing it.
I just want to know
that I'm not crazy.
And I want Andrew to start
to deal with his hangups.
And if there's something
that I need to deal with,
I'm fine with that.
I just want to know what
it is and figure it out,
so that we can just get
past this and move on.
I guess what I want
out of this is clarity.
There's something going
on in our relationship
that I'm just not seeing.
So why didn't you take the deal?
Well, technically, since
he spent the night in jail,
it's a priorable offense.
What does that mean?
Well, when you're arrested, if
you spend the night in jail,
the court will consider
that time served.
In other words, a jail sentence
if you're ever convicted,
which means if you're
arrested and convicted again,
then it will be a
mandatory jail sentence.
You mean like my
solicitation charge?
Yeah, sure, as an example.
You spent two nights in jail?
So if you're arrested
and convicted again,
you will do jail time.
OK, well, that's not
going to happen again.
So why did you have
to bring it up?
I was just answering
your question.
Why did you have to use
my case as an example?
I didn't, you did.
Andrew, are you kidding me?
You just did.
Lorie, I know what I said.
So do I.
Trust me, OK, I listen
to people's testimonies
for a living.
I think I would know.
And I'm just a whore,
so I'm an idiot?
I didn't call you
an idiot or a whore.
You just reminded me that I
was arrested for solicitation.
So that makes me a whore.
And apparently, I can't
have a simple conversation
without forgetting what I say,
so that makes me an idiot.
First of all, the two things
are mutually exclusive.
Don't do that.
You know I don't
know legal terms.
Why are you doing that?
What, mutually exclusive?
It's not a legal term.
Well, I don't know
what it means.
You don't know what
mutually exclusive means?
Lorie, just think
about it for a seconds.
Mutually exclusive.
Don't be condescending, Andrew.
How am I being
condescending right now?
Fuck you.
That's how.
So what was your initial
professional assessment
after watching that footage.
The couple indicated to us
that this type of hostility
was common.
At this point, we didn't
see any cause for alarm.
But it escalated, didn't it?
It did.
How much?
What about Emily and Beth?
Did they ever indicate
that there was ever
any violence between them?
No, there was
never any violence.
Beth and I have been together
for about two years now.
And until recently, things
have been wonderful.
Emily is the love of my life.
Before this thing happened,
well, she was the one
that I was going to marry.
We were at a party at
Emily's boss's house.
I noticed Beth was being
a little bit friendlier,
some might say
flirty, with Justin.
And to be honest, it did
bother me a little bit.
Beth says she's not
attracted to men.
But I'm not so sure.
I find men attractive,
just not sexually.
I had a boyfriend before.
Because I thought it was
what I was supposed to do.
I think she secretly
thinks I'm craving cock.
Excuse my expression.
You're going to have
to give me time, OK?
I need to work things
out with Beth first.
I love you too.
But she's going to be my wife.
Look, I got to go.
I'll talk to you later, OK?
OK, bye.
Who was that?
Well, either you
love someone at work,
which we should probably talk
about, or you just lied to me.
I didn't want to start
a fight with you.
He called me.
What was I supposed to do?
I don't know.
Maybe tell him to fuck off.
See, this is why I
didn't want to tell you.
Just tell him to
stop calling here.
I did.
Well, obviously, your brother
doesn't understand the words no
and stop.
What do you want from me, Beth?
Just the minimum under the
circumstances would be nice.
I'm trying.
It hurts that she
doesn't fully believe me.
I mean, I know it's her brother.
I know him.
I just can't picture him doing
something like that ever.
I just want Emily to believe me.
Without out, I don't see
how there can be an us.
What about the
last two subjects?
What was their history, in
terms of violent behavior?
Our last two
subjects... the first
is Steve, works in
the TV film industry,
and his wife,
Christina, unemployed.
There was no history of
any physical episodes.
But we did feel that there was
evidence of a very emotionally
volatile relationship.
I've been really
emotional these days.
Steve and I are having
a lot of problems.
I really feel like he
wants to divorce me.
Kristina has become
so insecure about me
wanting to leave that she's
making me want to leave.
I know in my heart that Steve
would never cheated on me.
But whenever he's away...
I don't know.
I just I can't help it.
At this point, I'm willing
to do whatever it takes.
I mean, we've tried
couple's therapy,
hypnosis, self-help books.
This might be our
last opportunity.
And I really hope it helps.
If this doesn't work, I
don't know what I'll do.
I can't imagine
living without him.
Where the fuck have you been?
Kristina, I told you last
week I'll be working late.
I even called and asked you.
And you said it
wouldn't be a problem.
Well, you could have at least
fucking picked up your phone.
I was working, editing.
Yeah, editing.
He's fucking editing.
I'll call Mark, and
he can tell you.
Stop it.
Don't do that.
Why not?
Because then I'm
just the crazy wife
that doesn't trust her husband.
No, I'll call him and I'll put
it on speaker, and you can...
He's not stupid.
He'll know what you're doing.
Just stop.
Baby, I'm under so
much pressure right now
to meet this deadline.
You have no idea.
I know, OK.
I'm sorry.
I do remember you telling
me about being in editing
this week.
You do?
I'm sorry.
You have a brain like a sieve.
Should I cancel tomorrow night?
What's tomorrow night?
You forgot about tomorrow night?
What's tomorrow night?
Mike and Reese.
It's been planned for weeks.
No, I remember.
I remember.
Come on, I just...
I'm going to go grab a shower.
Hey, Reese.
Hey, yeah, I just want
to make sure we're still
on for tomorrow night.
OK, sorry, where did we say
that we were meeting again?
Right, The Cantina.
OK, well, I'll just see
you tomorrow night then.
All right, I'll see you then.
Did you disclose
to the couples what
this drug was supposed to do?
We did a full
work-up on everyone.
And we disclosed all
the relevant information
that we deemed necessary.
That you deemed necessary.
So you didn't get a
fully-informed consent
from the participants
of your study,
and they went in blind
to the side effects
they were possibly exposed to.
Meaning, if they had any known
psychological issues that
would be negatively
affected by this drug,
they wouldn't necessarily
disclose that to you.
So that you could then
intervene and prohibit
what was happening
right under your nose.
No, sir.
None of the participants had
any known psychological issues!
No, you mean diagnosed.
Yeah, what about undiagnosed?
Thank you.
Some of these medical
questions are way too personal.
Oh, you mean, like sexually
transmitted diseases?
Like someone's really
going to write down,
yeah, I had the clap once.
It's actually for
liability purposes.
That way if you don't
disclose something now,
if there are
complications later,
then the company won't
be held liable for it.
Just because they
asked us the question.
What exactly is this drug
supposed to do again?
It's supposed to give you
insight into thinking to see
where you have misconceptions.
They should just
legalize shrooms.
It's funny that you say that.
The government's
actually been testing
different types
of hallucinogenics
and other psychotropic
substances for years.
You can just say drugs, honey.
Because I don't think
anybody understands.
Well, I was speaking about
specific drugs, honey.
They've been trying
to utilize some
of the therapeutic
benefits instead
of the mind-altering aspects.
In other words, taking
all the fun out of it.
You know, I actually heard
that they're supposed
to inject you in the eye.
No, that's not true.
No, I heard that.
Yeah, she knows.
I doubt that very serious.
OK, but it's what I heard.
The compound's called
diethylphenyl tryptavine,
also known as DPT.
You'll be the first
clinical patients to try it.
And as I mentioned
before, it's critical
that you post your
video diaries daily.
It will let us know any changes
you might be experiencing.
Here you go, doctor.
Thank you.
So just put your
hand forward, please.
Wait, you're not actually
going to stick that in my eye?
No, we're going
around the eyeball
into the lacrimal gland.
What does that mean?
Oh, that means that
she's going to stick that
straight to your brain, man.
Is he serious?
Yes, but you really
don't have to worry.
You're not going
to feel anything.
Well, unless, you
know, she misses.
Well, then, the worst
headache ever, man.
Look, don't worry.
I'm just kidding.
She never misses.
Trust me.
Baby, don't be a wuss.
Come on.
You do realize
you're next, right?
How long before it takes effect?
It depends.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm here.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Larger doses will take
effect more quickly.
But we're giving each of the
subjects in the study varying
That won't be revealed
until afterward.
Put your head forward, please.
Is that going in my eye?
All the way forward.
Will this help with her memory?
How do you mean?
Well, sometimes she forgets
things I've told her.
It's like she doesn't remember.
You know what I mean?
Well, if she's subconsciously
blocking things out,
then yes, this should help.
That's great, right, babe?
Yeah, it's great.
So are we done here?
Thank you so much.
Andrew and I just had a fight
about the same old shit.
And I just want to know that
whoever watches this video,
tell him that he's the one
who brings the shit up.
Ugh, long day.
Oh, sorry.
What are you watching?
Breaking Bad.
You want to join me?
You know what?
I want to start
from the beginning.
Everyone's been telling
me how good this show is.
So intense.
Why don't I find something
we can both watch.
I think the Dodgers' game's on.
I was thinking about porn, but...
Fuck the Dodgers.
You have porn on this thing?
I do.
What do you got?
I have a really hot threesome.
Ooh, two girls and a guy?
Fuck that.
Two guys and a girl.
No, I don't think so.
What else you got?
So you're not going to bring
home one of your hot friends
for us?
Uh, no.
I don't think that's
going to happen.
Don't get your hopes up.
You suck.
OK, I have a pretty
steamy lesbian scene.
I can't watch a lesbian scene.
Every time I watch
a lesbian scene,
I feel like I'm
intruding on them.
What else?
I don't think they mind.
What about school girls?
I have that.
I do.
You do?
Let's see.
You know I like them young.
You do?
I mean, you're young.
I am, right?
It's why we're watching
porn though, right?
OK, go.
I'm gonna lay down on
the ground on my back.
You know what?
Let's just get past this part.
Oh, you know it?
I just want to get past that
talking and all that stuff.
[tape fast-forwarding]
Now it's starting.
Oh, girl.
Come on.
You like that?
You like that?
[passionate moaning]
Ooh, yeah.
[music playing]
You know, with my
last girlfriend,
I had to watch porn in the
bathroom on the laptop.
She said that it
exploited women.
I hate people like that.
Like those chicks
don't have a choice.
I know, right?
She's actually the
one insulting women.
Because if we're getting
paid well for what we do,
how is that exploitation?
Well, maybe some
of them are forced
into it due to circumstances.
Nobody put a gun to my head.
I think what she means is
that some of these women
are put in situations
that they normally
wouldn't want to be in.
Would you show up
for work tomorrow
if they weren't paying you?
Probably not.
But I don't fuck
people for a living.
But you're a lawyer, right?
Very funny.
Don't worry.
I'm giving you a
discount tonight.
I was joking.
OK, but it's not funny.
You like that I'm into porn.
But it bothers you that
I used to fuck for money?
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Maybe if you had a little
respect for yourself,
it would bother you too.
You are such a
fucking hypocrite.
You can jerk off to people
that fuck for money,
but you look down on me?
I don't look down on you.
I just prefer not to be reminded
how many men have been inside
of you, especially after we
just finished making love.
How many women
have you been with?
I don't throw it in your face!
And I'm talking about fucking
random assholes for money.
I'm sorry if I can't stand
thinking about the woman I
love doing that!
I am sorry, OK?
I'm sorry!
With Andrew and
Lorie, the drug seem
to be having a
protracted effect.
Well, at the same
time, Emily and Beth
both had a similar
type of conflict.
But it seemed to be more
about the single incident that
took place, rather than
with her brother, Justin.
The drug seemed to be having
a more accelerated response.
I think I feel the
effects of the DPT.
I find myself being able to see
things a little more clearly.
It could be in my
imagination though.
I hope it's working though,
and I hope it's working firmly.
Seem to have less
patience with people.
I wonder if that's
a side effect.
Must be, because I'm starting
to notice the same thing.
Wish there was a way
we could test it to see
if it had taken effect yet.
Like that scene in True
Lies when Arnold is injected
with the sodium pentothal.
And his wife starts
asking all these questions
she's always wanted to know.
Yeah, but it's not
true serum, Beth.
If it was, I'd ask what
you thought of the lasagna
I made last week.
Loved your lasagna,
babe, honestly.
It is definitely
not truth serum.
Wish there was such a
thing as a truth serum.
You'd know I was
telling the truth.
We're really going to
fucking do this right now?
It'd be one thing if
I did something wrong.
I told you, Beth.
I believe you.
If I didn't believe
you, I wouldn't still
be with you after you cheated
on me with my brother.
I cheated on you?
I'm saying, if I
thought you were lying,
that would mean that you would
have had to have cheated on me
with my brother,
which you didn't.
So I'm still with you.
What about your brother?
What about him?
Whatever version,
mine or his, he still
had sex with your fiance.
In my version, he's a rapist.
In his version,
he's just a scumbag.
Either way, I'd think
you'd stop talking to him.
I'm not happy with Justin, Beth.
It's really complicated.
He knows what he did was wrong.
He knows that I'm pissed at him.
You know, I believe that you
believe what you say happened.
God damn it!
See, here we go again.
What you just said,
that's not believing me.
I saw you, Beth.
You were all over
him at the party.
I wasn't all over him!
But I just stuck close to him,
because I know how jealous your
get when other guys talk to me.
So I thought you'd feel
more comfortable about it
because he's your
brother, for God's sakes.
OK, whatever.
What the fuck does that mean?
Why did you go home with him?
Because he said he
forgot his wallet,
and he needed to get gas.
Then why didn't you
wait in the car?
It was 2:00 in the
morning, Emily,
and I didn't know
he was a rapist.
God damn it!
Beth, you cannot throw the
word rape around unless you are
absolutely sure.
I am fucking sure.
He held me down and
he fucking raped me.
Are you really that sure?
That's what I fucking thought.
So both women began to
suspect that the DPT was
causing them to be impatient.
Yet you still weren't concerned.
Why not?
Because we knew that one of
the girls was given a placebo.
Well, what about
the third couple?
You mean Kristina and Steve?
That couple has always had
problems with communication.
Sometimes even I
think I'm crazy.
I swear to God, it is
so obvious sometimes
that Steve is cheating on me.
I'm ready to fucking
shoot myself.
I can't take this anymore.
I love Kristina, but enough
with these fucking accusations.
That bartender was pouring
those drinks really strong,
wasn't he?
You're drunk.
You're tipsy.
I like you like this.
I'm feeling it.
Oh, my God.
Was it just me or...
No, you know what?
Never mind.
Steve, that?
It's silly.
It's really silly.
I don't want to upset you.
It's been fun.
Come on, Steve.
Just tell me.
I talk to him, and I feel like
maybe I'm just a bit paranoid.
Then I promise myself
that I won't do it again.
I don't know.
Sooner or later, it just...
I can't help it.
Was it just me, or was Reese
flirting with me tonight?
Oh, my God.
I didn't want to say anything.
So you noticed it too.
I thought I was going crazy.
No, this time, you're right.
I felt really uncomfortable.
I know.
God, I think Mike
noticed it too.
He did.
Do you think she cheats on him?
I don't know.
I can actually say
something to him.
I don't know.
Maybe she just likes
to flirts a little.
I don't think it's a big deal.
I know, but I don't want him
to go through another divorce
with the kids.
Do you really think she'd
actually cheat on him?
I didn't.
But something happened a
couple of months ago and maybe
she could.
I don't know.
Wait, what happened?
What are you talking about?
I promised I wouldn't say.
Really, Steve?
What happened?
Reece called me
when I was at work.
She was at the Marriott.
She was doing
something for work...
A multi-level period crap.
Yeah, her battery died.
And she said, can I use
your AAA, because hers
had b not been renewed.
I went down because
I had to be there.
And that was it, no big deal.
Why didn't she just call Mike?
Because Mike had told her to
renew it and she'd forgot.
And you know he gets anal
about shit like that.
That was it.
I had forgot about it till now.
Well, so nothing
happened though, right?
I mean, she asked
if I wanted a drink
and I said, no,
because I was busy.
And that was it.
Honestly, it wasn't a big deal.
And that's why I
didn't tell you.
What is it?
Well, I mean, I just
don't get why she thinks
it's OK to flirt with you.
So now it's my fault.
I see a lot of girls
flirt with you.
But Reese knows that you
and Mike are best friend.
What was your point?
I didn't get what your point is.
Well, did you fuck her?
Oh, my God.
I fucking knew you'd
go there again.
Well, then why did
you bring it up?
Because I clearly need
my fucking head examined.
Yeah, you do!
Oh, my God.
Steve, what the fuck!
Don't walk out on me!
Fuck you!
At this point, we could clearly
see a pattern of violence.
This is when we
consulted with Darba,
and they told us to continue.
Is that correct?
Drugs have side effects.
And the bottom line here
is that there was nothing
involved in this
trial that would not
be found in something similar
to hormone replacement therapy.
But didn't you guys kill a guy
once when you were testing LSD?
That was the CIA.
And that was 45 years ago.
Well, who were the ones who
tried to control the weather,
to use floods and
hurricanes in warfare.
That's actually classified.
I can't comment on that.
OK, can we please focus?
I had the craziest
dream last night.
We had a giant Lego set.
And Emily was building
all these amazing things.
She built a diesel
truck with a trailer.
It was so detailed,
the dream, I mean.
I could see all
these little pieces.
Sweetie, if you wanted to go
to Legoland, all you had to do
was ask.
What are you doing?
You don't like bananas.
Yeah, I do.
It's just that I didn't
when I was a little girl,
because my oldest sister
said she hated them.
And I wanted to be like her.
Beth, did you hear
what you just said?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I'm eating a banana.
I'd totally forgotten.
The DPT works.
Ever since I've
known you, you've
avoided bananas like the plague.
I actually like it.
They say it kicks in
at different times
for different people.
Hey, let's try
something else for me.
Like what?
Ask me what you've
been wanting to know.
Beth, I wasn't going
to ask anything.
You know, ask me if I like guys.
Beth, I wasn't going to.
I don't.
I never have.
When I was with my boyfriend,
the only way I could be sexual
was to pretend I
was with a woman.
My go-tos were Melanie Swinson
from third period History
or Posh Spice.
It must have been
really hard not knowing.
I know, but I had to
pretend to be straight.
Because I knew what it
would do to my parents.
You told me you didn't know.
I convinced myself I didn't.
Because it's too hard to
accept I was living a lie.
What about you?
Did you know?
Oh, yeah.
I knew.
But I thought you
could be fixed.
You know, like if I went
to therapy or something.
So I avoided boys and dating
and hoped that it would change.
But I didn't want to
be alone my whole life.
When did you know it
wasn't going to change?
Senior year when I met Teresa.
Did she know?
I convinced myself that she did.
We were best friends.
And I started believing
we were secretly a couple.
So I'd drop little hints.
And I thought we were
on the same page.
What happened?
We had a screaming match in
front of the entire school.
We called her slut.
She called me and dyke.
People teased.
And she stopped talking
to me altogether.
And I didn't think I
would ever get over it.
I even thought about suicide.
But I couldn't do that my mom.
Must have been awful.
It was.
But then I said fuck it
and decided to come out.
I love you.
I'd never do
anything to hurt you.
Important to me that
you believe that.
I do.
I love you too.
I'm starting to have...
I'm starting to have some
concerns about this drug
that you gave us.
Lorie and I have had our
fair share of fights.
Some of them really heated,
but this last one was...
Hey, we should probably
think about dinner.
What's wrong with you?
You want the cream cheese?
What the fuck, Lorie?
Real mature.
What the fuck, Lorie?
Stop it!
I said knock that shit off!
[lorie gasping for air]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Get off of me!
I'm sorry.
Fuck you.
[lorie sobbing]
It was at this point that we had
considered stopping the study.
But then we continued
to evaluate the footage.
We felt that Andrew
and Lorie were actually
making breakthroughs.
So you consider
assault a breakthrough?
In a way, yes.
And with the other couples,
we saw many reasons
as to why we should continue.
OK, at this point, I
think the parameters
you allowed this trial to exist
within went well beyond reason.
If you would just
watch the footage,
you'll see that we acted
well within the boundaries we
were given.
If this DPT thing
doesn't work, I
don't know if I can stay in
this marriage any longer.
We are just in this
horrible cycle.
And I don't know how to stop it.
I'm baked.
How as your day?
I took one of those pills.
That's good.
Yeah, how are you doing?
I'm fine.
I just got off the phone
with Jim from the CEO.
He called you this late?
Oh, no.
I called him back.
It turns out they saw the
dailies and they're terrible.
Well, they want to fire
the bloody director.
Halfway through the shoot?
Yeah, they might pull the
plug on the whole thing.
It's just a mess.
I think they're losing
confidence in me.
It's my fault, isn't it?
What are you talking about?
It's because you
weren't on set that day.
I mean, it didn't help,
but it's not your fault.
Yeah, it's because I
had that panic attack.
Look, I wanted to
be there for you.
I wanted to leave.
I'm ruining your career.
You're not.
The studio made me
a crazy offer today.
I didn't say yes.
But they said, if I
wanted to, I could
stay in one of those
bungalows off of [inaudible]..
You know the ones
they use for talent?
They said they'd bump my salary
if I stayed in one to oversee
the rest of the shoot.
Then you should do it.
I don't know.
I mean, it's right
across the street.
It'd be worth it for
you to just not have
to drive in traffic
for two hours a day.
Seriously, you should do it.
I'll be fine.
It's only for three weeks.
You sure?
I'm sure.
Maybe you can swing by at
lunch for some sexy time.
I'd like that.
I'd love that.
Thank you.
I love you.
I love you.
I spoke to my
brother Justin today.
And this has been
pretty hard on him.
But he did this to himself.
You know, even after Beth
and I worked things out,
I don't know if I'm ever going
to be able to forgive him.
Emily, I need you to believe me.
Come on, you know I
would never do that.
You really think I'm
that kind of person?
I don't.
But that does not
change the fact
that you had sex
with my girlfriend.
It's like a slap in
the face every time I
know she's been talking to
him or texted him or whatever.
And then today...
Hey, how was work?
It was work, nothing special.
I don't know if it's
the medicine or what,
but I've been in a really pissy
mood all day more that usual,
even for work.
Honey, kind of like you're
going to explode at any moment?
Did you notice
anything else with it?
Not really.
I'm just curious
if maybe you had
some more insight
on that night or...
With Justin?
You know...
If I changed my mind?
If suddenly I realized
I made a mistake?
No, I'm perfectly
clear on what happened.
OK, because he came
over here today.
Justin did today?
While you were at work.
Are you kidding me?
Emily, why?
Because he wanted to apologize.
For what, raping me, or
something else he did?
That's a really serious
allegation, Beth.
Not only everyone's
taking it seriously, Em.
Look, I'm being honest here, OK?
I'm really trying to understand
exactly what happened.
Oh, I'm sorry.
This is a little
rough on me too.
Now I was the one
who was violated
and having to beg my
girlfriend to believe me.
I should report
him to the police
right now before he does
it to somebody else.
Then fucking call!
Why don't you just call?
Here, I'll call then for you.
Beth, what are you doing?
Reporting a rape,
just like you said.
Give me the fucking phone.
It's not funny.
You're going to destroy
his fucking life!
What about my life, our life?
You either believe his story,
or you have some sick allegiance
towards him.
Either way, you don't
think much of me.
I'm leaving.
That's not...
[door closes]
What are you doing?
Why didn't you tell me?
Tell you what?
About Reese calling you at work.
We've been over this, Kristina.
Have you been lying up,
obsessing about this?
Is that why you want to
stay at the bungalow?
So you can just fuck her without
having to rush home to me?
Where are you going?
Kristina, it's 3:00
in the morning.
I've got to be up
in three hours.
I don't want to get...
Just talk to me.
What can I possibly say?
Why didn't you tell me
the day it happened?
It didn't occur to me.
You know what?
Call AAA, and ask them
what I did after I left.
Stop it.
I knew.
I knew I shouldn't
have told you.
Now we're here, and
you are acting crazy.
Have I ever cheated on you?
Not that I know of.
Not that you know of?
Oh, great.
That's what I get for
being a loyal husband.
Steve, you know that
I have trust issues.
And this bitch is trying
to fuck my husband.
So forgive me for being upset
and wanting to talk about it!
You don't talk about it though.
You obsess about it.
I'm physically and
mentally exhausted.
I've got to be on set.
They've already hinted
about replacing me.
I'm not losing another job
because of your paranoia.
Fucking bitch!
Don't fucking call me crazy!
I'm not crazy.
Let me go!
You going to calm down?
No, don't tell me to calm down!
Then I'm not letting go!
[steven yells in pain]
[kristina shrieks]
I wasn't going to do it.
Fuck you!
Justin, I need you to tell
me what happened exactly
as it happened.
I have.
OK, I told you she kissed me.
And I hesitated,
but she kept at it.
Eventually, I gave in.
Is it possible at
all that she said no,
and you didn't
take her seriously?
The fuck are you doing here?
I'm talking to my sister.
Do you have a problem with that?
I told you to stay the
fuck away from both of us.
Some people aren't as
easily manipulated by you.
Stop it, Justin.
Oh, fuck off, Emily!
You fuck off!
We both betrayed, Em.
But you...
Get the fuck out of my house!
Both of you need to stop!
I am just trying to
understand what is possibly...
Emily, listen to me.
It's him or me right
here, right now.
I'll leave if that's
what you want.
You'll never have
to see me again.
I'll send someone
to get my stuff.
But I'm begging you, I don't
want you alone with him.
He is dangerous.
Just go!
You go!
Both of you!
You first, or I'll call the
police right fucking now.
I'm losing you.
It's not fair.
Just go.
[door closes]
For every step we take
forward, if feels like we
take two steps backwards.
Hey, will you talk to me?
Now you want to talk.
Thought you needed to sleep.
That ship has already sailed.
I don't want to cost
you another project.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said that.
Don't you have to go to work?
I called.
I'm going to go in late.
It's fine.
You don't have to do that.
Hey, I love you.
I feel so bad about last night.
I feel horrendous.
I was lying on the couch,
and I was thinking.
I've realized some things.
Like what?
You know when you asked me
about why I didn't tell you,
and I said it
didn't occur to me?
That was not the truth.
Honestly, because I was worried
it would make you jealous.
I'm constantly hiding
things, because I'm always
worried about what
you're going to think.
I think I should be
more honest and that
would help us get past this.
I'm sorry you're married
to a crazy, paranoid bitch.
I don't think you're crazy.
We've got issues.
We can work on them.
I'll help you.
My mind just goes there.
I know that I should trust you.
Well, you should.
Can't help it.
This happen with your
previous boyfriends?
I see the way that
girls look at you.
I'm only human.
Yeah, you're handsome
and you're successful.
Carry on.
Oh, shut up.
At first, I took
it as a compliment.
Saw girls staring at you, and
I was like, yeah, you wish.
What changed?
Do you remember when
I told you that I
thought your assistant
Brandi was flirting with you?
Well, after that, you started
acting different towards her.
You were nicer.
It was like you were
encouraging her.
And you want to know why?
After that, I went and
told human resources
to reassign her.
They asked why.
And I said what you said.
I didn't want it to be awkward.
Well, apparently, she found out.
And she said you
wanted her fired,
because you didn't want
your husband having
a pretty assistant.
That bitch.
I never said that.
Yeah, I know.
But the thing turned
it into a big deal.
And she threatened to sue.
And that's why I had...
I was told to play nice.
That's why you didn't want
me coming to work as much.
Honestly, yeah.
That little cunt.
It was at this point that we
had suspected that the drug had
stopped working on Kristina.
She didn't seem to be
making any progress.
But Andrew seemed to be
having a breakthrough.
He was being more open with her.
He was being honest.
Why didn't you find
out more information?
Didn't you see
the warning signs?
Darba had already set guidelines
in regards to its animals
trials to not disrupt
the physiological
or the psychological
development of the compound.
Effects of this type sometimes
took months, sometimes days
with the animals.
These aren't animals, are they?
They're people!
I have bruises on my arm and
a knot on the back of my head.
And I swear to God,
I've never, ever
been this pissed at Andrew.
What, are you still
not talking to me?
You still being an asshole?
Either way I answer
that, I'll be admitting
that I was an asshole.
OK, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I was being an asshole.
Why do you do that?
I'm sorry.
Not that, those word games.
[stuttering] Any
way I answer it.
I feel stupid.
By no means am I trying
to make you feel stupid.
I argue the law for
a living, Lorie.
I can't just turn it off.
Try harder, it's really
fucking irritating.
You know what's really
fucking irritating?
The fact that you're
so proud that you slept
with hundreds of men for money.
You think I'm proud of that?
I am not proud of that.
Well, you're certainly
not ashamed of it.
It is my past.
I can't change it.
Why are you so jealous?
I am not jealous, goddamn!
What do you keep saying that?
Then what?
What is it?
Then what?
Then what?
Because I don't know what
it was like for you, Lorie.
I can only imagine the worst.
I know these guys.
Motherfuckers can be cruel.
I don't know what
they did to you.
I don't know what
they said to you.
Called you a whore.
And that fucking word is so
ingrained in our language
that it's implying that
you're less of a person.
Do you think I'm less
of a person, Andrew?
I didn't say that.
It's just a word.
And as far as
being called names,
you think I would
let somebody get away
with threatening me or
calling me names or putting
their grimy little hands on me?
Oh, yeah, I had
my nights where I
had to put some
people in their place.
This comes in handy when it's
time to realign the mood.
Get him in his most
vulnerable position,
then stick it in his mouth.
Do you want to put the
gun away, please, Lorie.
It was just sex, Andrew.
And most of the time, it
was pretty uneventful.
I just need you to stop
being so jealous about it.
You're jealous.
Think about it.
Why would I be jealous?
I have some of the best
clothes money can buy.
I know for sure that
the medicine's working.
And I know what I need to do.
This turned out to be the
last of all the interviews.
I know.
I know, I need you to come
back over right now, OK?
This isn't going
to be easy for me.
OK, yeah, all right.
All right, bye.
Hey, how was your day?
Who was that?
That was just my mom.
Oh, sorry I'm late.
I was editing.
How's it going?
It's a bloody nightmare.
So the edit was unwatchable,
and basically, we're
having to redo the whole thing.
And the studio is now pissed.
I'm sorry, honey.
How was your day?
I think you need
a little foot rub.
It was actually really good.
I think the medicine's
starting to take effect.
Because I was having all
sorts of revelations.
About what?
About how silly I've been
for not trusting you.
I just started thinking
about all that stuff,
like you coming home late, and
that whole thing about Reese.
And remember that
time I thought you
were flirting with my sister?
Yes, I do.
And the extra I thought
you were flirting
with and your assistant.
And I just realized how
illogical it all is.
Because the reason
that it hurt me so much
is just because I
love you so much.
I think it's great you're
finally seeing some clarity.
I do wish that your friends
and people you work with
didn't think I was so paranoid.
Don't worry about that.
I don't care what they think.
I care what they think.
But, I talked to Brandi.
Don't worry.
When you didn't come home,
I just called the office,
and she picked up.
And I thought it would
be a good opportunity
to just clear the air,
get some clarity with her.
But you promised.
Relax, I didn't say
anything mean to here.
What did you say?
She sounded surprised,
especially when I brought up
that whole HR thing.
She said she had no idea
what I was talking about.
Well, she's obviously lying.
She doesn't want to get fired.
This is a mess.
Come on, she'll be fine.
Then I called the
Marriott, and they
said that there wasn't a Mary
Kay convention on that day.
So Reese lied?
I know.
And then I called AAA.
And then, they
confirmed your story.
Yeah, I know.
I was there.
Then I got a really,
really crazy idea.
I called the Marriott again.
And I told them that we
had stayed there on the day
that it all happened and that
I had forgotten my earrings,
and I didn't remember
what room we stayed in.
So I asked them to
check the computers.
And then, they said that there
was a room booked for two
under your name in room 218.
And all the pieces, they
just fell into place.
That's bullshit.
Reese probably booked the room,
so Mike wouldn't find out.
I wasn't involved.
You know, I actually
thought about that.
I thought about
calling her, bluffing,
and then, I figured she'd
just catch my bluff.
So I got a better idea...
call her.
So she can be part of our drama
Put her on speaker!
And tell her that I know.
And if you're not fucking her,
she'll be really surprised.
Bring her in...
And if you are, she'll
ask how I found out.
Call her!
So what, you had clients a
couple of times a week, right?
It's no different than having
a husband or a boyfriend.
So I guess because it
was with different men,
it just seems worse.
And I know that if you think
about it, it just seems silly.
Why does it bother you?
To be honest, it's
because I am afraid.
I'm worried that it made
you feel bad about yourself.
When I hear that word,
whore, it just bothers me,
even when you use it.
I mean no offense with the word.
But honestly, it can be used
for people in your profession
or any profession.
People use words and phrases to
try to make people feel stupid.
When you do that to
me, that's how I feel...
It's just... it's ironic.
Andrew, I know
what ironic means.
I know.
It's just funny to me that
that makes you feel stupid.
Because I only do it when I
know that you're ahead of me
in the argument.
Wait, so you're
admitting that I'm right?
Are you trying to
get make-up sex?
I don't know.
Is it working?
Not yet.
Did I mention that you
are sexier than most
of the girls I've
ever been with?
All of the girls that
I've ever been with.
You're getting warmer.
You know what it is?
It's because I'm insecure.
It's an insecurity thing.
It's because I'm just
trying to win the argument,
instead of trying to
come up with a resolution
for the conflict that we're in.
God, I can be such
an ass sometimes.
We all do it.
Nobody wants to be wrong.
I know.
But for me, it's different.
It's about being smarter.
Actually, it's about seeming
smarter, I should say.
Who gives a shit?
I do.
That's the thing.
I give a shit.
It matters to me, because
I need to feel smarter.
The equation
doesn't balance out.
You are so beautiful
and so smart.
So I have to seem so smart.
I have to seem like a great
lawyer, or this doesn't work.
You throw me off my game.
You were right.
About what?
The other night.
I honestly thought that you
were the one who brought up
the arrest, but it was me.
No, no, you're wrong about it.
It was me.
No, I remember now.
I'm just, I'm so sure.
I'm so worried that you're
so uncomfortable with my past
that I automatically think
that you're upset about it.
So when you started talking
about prior arrests,
I thought you were
talking about me.
I was.
I said, you're.
I said, you're.
What are you talking
about, Andrew?
I said, next time
you're arrested.
Suddenly, I was thinking
about your case.
I do think about it.
It's because I'm
in love with you.
And I just want to make
sure that you are OK.
I'm OK, OK?
Then I am too.
Can we just put
this behind us now.
Sound good to me.
You know what would help?
School girls?
You still have them?
Hell, yes.
Come on.
Sweetheart, are you OK?
It's working.
The medicine's working.
I'm so sorry.
It's OK.
I know.
It's OK.
I'm here now.
I'm not going anywhere.
Emily, what is it?
Just wait.
What am I waiting for?
We need to talk.
This is really big.
[knock on door]
You sure you want to do this?
Are you?
No, let me do it.
What's going on?
She's acting all crazy.
Shut the fuck up!
Emily, what are you doing?
Emily, put the gun down.
You want to tell
her or should I?
Emily, this is not the
way to handle this.
Put the gun down.
I was lying in my bed,
in and out of sleep,
and I just kept thinking
about his words.
I would never hurt you.
And it occurred to me that
he did it to me before.
You did it to me before.
And you know exactly
what I'm talking about.
You mean earlier?
No, I mean when were teenagers.
Admit it and you can leave.
I said, admit it.
I went into your bed.
We were just kids.
You molested me and told
me that if our parents ever
found out, that they would
hate me for being a slut!
Emily, he admitted it.
Put the gun down.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's fucking empty,
you psycho bitch!
Justin, just get the
fuck out of here!
Admit what you did to Beth.
I fucked your girlfriend.
So what?
Even though she said no.
Big fucking deal.
She enjoyed it.
Fuck you.
Good luck proving, bitch.
That goes for both of you.
I'm sorry.
[door closes]
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Will you forgive me?
I'm so sorry.
So Beth filed a complaint.
The other women came
forward, and Justin
faces multiple felony charges.
So the DPT helped Emily
with the repressed memory.
No, she was the one that
was given a placebo.
Well, what about
Kristina and Steve?
There was definitely a
breakthrough with Christina.
Call her.
Call her!
You going to make
the call or not?
What have you done?
What the fuck have you done?
Must be the wine, maybe the
muscle relaxers I put in it.
You drugged me?
Yeah, they say you're not
supposed to mix with alcohol.
Kristina, no.
Whatever you're thinking
about doing, no.
Oh, please?
Are you begging me?
I think you don't know
what it's like to love.
I do.
I think you don't know what
it's like to feel a thing.
Maybe you can feel this.
[steve screams]
One day, I'm closer to me,
Step away and see
what you want is me.
You, baby, what
you touched softly.
I can hear you whisper,
and the darkness covers me.
I don't know if I
could let you in,
but promise you'll
come back to me.
Falling down into
what I've found,
it's so easy to finally let go.
But right now, I can feel you
[inaudible] Are you scared
to hold back anymore?
Fall a little, float up to the
ceiling, grinding for my heels.
Lean in towards me, reaching
for me, hover above my lips.
Your eyes light up,
and your coming in.
Are you going for the kill?
I'm not sure what
I'm just [inaudible]
but please don't
walk away from me.
Falling down into
what I've found,
it's so easy to finally let go.
But right now, I can feel you
[inaudible] Are you scared
to hold back anymore?
Let it go.
Let it go.
Let it, let it go.
Let it go.
Let it, let it go.
Let it go.
Let it go.
Let it go.
Let it go.
Let it, let it go.
Let it go.
Let it, let it.
But don't let me go.
Falling down into
what I've found.
It's so easy to finally let go.
But right now, I can
feel you [inaudible]..
Are you scared to
hold back anymore?
Falling down into
what I've found,
it's so easy to finally let go.
But right now, I can
feel you [inaudible]..
Are you scared to
hold back anymore?
Falling down, falling,
[music - "nirvana"]
Save me from this
abandoned mind.
Rescue me from my own insides.
Wrap me up and hold me tight.
Stay with me till morning light.
Walk me to the ocean side,
as my skin and wave collide.
Lose my soul, like
I lost my mind.
Collapse into a paradise.
Take me out of this place, so
I can sink into my own desires.
Wish on every star that I could
wake up on the other side.
Leave me to my own device.
Let me fall down, let me try.
Let me go.
Don't ask me why.
Just take me to the ocean side.
I wanna reach Nirvana.
I wanna reach the sky.
I wanna reach Nirvana.
I wanna want to die.
I want to die.
I want to die.