Altered Perceptions (2023) Movie Script

My name is Alex, Alex
Feretti, although I
don't use that name anymore
because it indicates
some family lineage,
which, well, no one really
talks about these days anyway.
You could say I'm one
of the lucky ones,
but I'm not sure I'd agree.
I'm just a number now; no name,
no connections, no matter.
Not long ago, we
were all so hopeful.
Man, that seems like
a million years ago.
Looking back, it was
probably only two years ago.
I'm not sure.
No one keeps track
of that shit anymore.
It's just not important.
The irony is that we lost it
all in a matter of months.
And there was no nuclear
devastation, no global warming.
It was a war without a
war, without a single shot
being fired.
I beg of you.
Turn off that red light.
Get out of my TV.
Why are you here?
I swear to god I'll show
them what you look like.
Leave me alone.
I didn't say anything.
I won't tell anyone about it.
I'll be quiet, I promise.
We begin this evening
with remarkable news
coming in the Korean
Summit, which has been
ongoing for the past four days.
That's right.
Less than 30 minutes
ago, we received
the incredible news of the
supreme leader of North Korea,
Kim Jong Un, has signed an
agreement with 34 other nations
to end his tactical
missile testing
and nuclear
proliferation, including
the making and use of
fissionable materials
and weapons technologies.
This is a stunning development
from the Korean peninsula
and significantly
impacts world peace.
Late last night, not only
did the Supreme leader agree
to immediately cease his pursuit
of nuclear weapon capabilities,
he also indicated that he will
be sponsoring free elections
in North Korea early next year,
and he will open his borders so
that residents of the north
and south can travel freely.
The summit, which included five
Republican members of Congress
led by Texas
Senator Ted DeMarcos
has been in the making
for more than a year.
Although the leaders
of 33 other countries
participated in the summit...
Shh, don't speak his name.
They could be listening.
...our own Democratic president...
I'm watching.
I didn't say anything.
Get out of my TV
and show yourself.
Senator DeMarcos, who has had
some controversy in the past,
has been instrumental in
this peace initiative.
And today, there
is talk that he may
be a candidate for
the Nobel Peace
Prize based on his
accomplishments in Korea.
And others.
Kim Jong Un invited
the summit leaders...
I see you.
Senator DeMarcos, who has had
some controversy in the past,
has been instrumental in
this peace initiative.
And today, there is talk
that he may be a candidate...
...for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Senator DeMarcos, who has had
some controversy in the past,
has been instrumental in
this peace initiative.
Get out of my head.
And today, there is talk
that he may be a candidate...
...for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Senator DeMarcos, who has had
some controversy in the past...
There is no one here.
Just me.
And today, there
is talk that he may
be a candidate for
the Nobel Peace Prize.
The Nobel Peace Prize.
The Nobel Peace Prize.
The Nobel Peace Prize.
The Nobel Peace Prize.
Stop it.
Representatives of the
34 countries who signed...
Please stop bothering.
I swear to god I'll show
them what you look like.
One official said that
this is the year of peace.
Republicans decided
to pursue this...
Senator DeMarcos
stated, after seeing
the destruction of nuclear...
Leave me alone.
So it's unclear at the
point whether the treaty
would be binding unless
approved and ratified
by the full Congress.
We are also told that
the Korean leader,
in an unprecedented
show of goodwill,
dismantled the border
crossing into his country
and removed all military posts...
I won't tell anyone about it.
Get out of my head.
Get out.
I'm warning you.
Please, stop bothering me.
That the representatives
of each of the 34 countries
who signed the peace accord
are being given peace lilies
to bring to their
respective countries
in a symbolic gesture
of lasting peace.
It's unclear how or
when the president
will review the peace accord.
The US delegation has
indicated that they
intend to present the initiative
to Congress immediately
upon their return
to the US, perhaps
bypassing the president.
Senator DeMarcos, who has had
some controversy in the past,
has been instrumental in
this peace initiative.
And today, there is talk
that he may be a candidate...
I won't say anything, I promise.
You keep them out of it.
Seriously, I mean it.
Keep them out of this.
Everyone, I suppose it's
time for the obligatory toast
from the host.
Thank you, thank you.
First of all, I just want
to sincerely thank you
all for coming out
tonight to help celebrate
the 10-year anniversary
of my father, Joseph,
and his husband, Peter.
Also, not to turn this thing
into a political cause.
I just want to thank my boss.
Senator Ted DeMarcos is here.
He took time out of his
very busy campaign schedule
to attend tonight.
Don't forget.
Early voting starts in
weeks, so get out there
and reelect me, OK?
That's my boss.
All right.
Always campaigning.
But getting back to my toast.
My dad and Peter have
been together officially
for 18 years and married
for 10, and they continue
to be very much in love.
They inspire me
every day, and I feel
so fortunate to get to be
so close to both of them.
Peter, you know,
when you and my dad
first got together,
how hard it was
for me to wrap my head around?
But I've come to love
you, and I really
appreciate the joy and
happiness that you've
brought into my dad's life.
Thank you for everything you do
and for bringing my dad and me
closer together.
Growing up, my dad
was known as one
of the hardest working
neurologists in Texas
and well-known and respected
across the country.
But because of that, he
didn't have a lot of time
for me or my sister and mom.
I had to come to terms
with that at an early age,
and at times, I felt
like I'd lost him.
But when you met Peter,
dad, things changed.
You still worked
like a madman, but we
became closer because of Peter.
I don't know how the hell
you do all that you do,
but I respect you, and I
love you with all my heart.
To two people who are
very much in love;
my dad, one of the best
neurologists in the world...
...and Peter, who I also consider
my dad, a distinguished author
and a man who completes him.
Come on, who wants
to see a real kiss?
Come on.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Come here.
Enjoy your meal.
Thank you, everybody.
Hey, Alex, get in here.
It's got to be
like 10 years ago.
Get in here.
Come on.
Get over here.
You do the honors.
All right.
Grab it.
There you go.
1, 2, 3.
Thank you, everyone.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you too.
I guess congratulations
are in order.
Thank you, senator.
I was hoping you and I
might have a little chat
this evening.
It's one of the reasons
I agreed to come
when Alex told about the party.
Alex is a fine young man.
Well, he's been an
exceptional lad.
I'll get right to the point.
There's been a lot of chatter
about these sickos who
were killing themselves and
others in record numbers.
Now, I'm hearing some of
you neurology fellows are
looking to find some answers.
Well, Senator, can we
not call them sickos, OK?
Yeah, there's been a
neurological, biological link
in that.
I'm not really at liberty
to talk about that,
and I don't think my anniversary
party is really the venue.
You're right.
To be honest, I'm
not here really
to celebrate your anniversary.
You know how I feel about
homosexual marriages.
I'm here because I like Alex.
He's doing a bang-up job
on my re-election campaign.
Well, I was hoping
you and I might
have a chance to speak, well,
despite our differences.
Senator, we're both very
aware of your critical views
on gay marriage...
I want to let you know I've
reached out to the governor
for funding to head up a task
force to investigate why we're
seeing this increase
in murders and suicides
in our great state.
Word has it it's
happening mostly
in the homosexual or in
the Black communities
and is linked to the
COVID vaccine, which
you know I vigorously
opposed from the onset.
That's absolutely.
Alex had wanted me to include
you in this task force,
but for obvious reasons,
I'm not able to do that.
I would, however, like
to pick your brain
before deciding on next steps.
Perhaps we could
schedule some time
to get together and
compare notes so we
can get to the bottom of it.
You know what I mean.
You're both homosexuals
and men who's
got some mixed Black blood
just like the president.
So it would not be appropriate,
given the information
my office has, that this
may be predominantly
a homosexual, Black
vaccine thing.
Senator, I think it's
time for you to leave.
Don't worry.
I'm on my way out.
I just wanted to
give you the courtesy
of letting you know
I've reached out
to some of your colleagues to
be a part of this task force.
Just look at the statistics
that are rolling in.
Black on Black and Black on
white crime is at an all-time
Getting worse.
And now we're seeing this
increase in homosexual crimes
and suicides.
The numbers are looking
more and more grim each day.
Senator, I don't
know where you're
getting that information from.
I'm already on the
presidential task force.
Despite our
differences in opinion,
I did solve the Korean
peninsula problem,
so solving this should be a
piece of cake for my team.
I just hope you don't
feel too left out
when we figure this thing out.
Don't forget to vote.
You really should have a drink.
Why do you fucking
stand that guy?
God damn it.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Come on.
I love you.
Get the fuck away from my car.
What the fuck, man?
How the hell did
you get in here?
And why are you naked?
What do you want?
You want money?
Is that...
I just need to talk with you
for a couple of minutes, Alex.
It's a matter of life and death.
Do I know you?
No, my name is Gary Becker.
I need just five minutes.
It's about the senator
and what's going on.
So make an appointment
at my office, OK?
I don't have time
for this right now.
It's late.
Please, it can't wait.
OK, what's this about?
And why are you naked in
the middle of a parking lot?
I need you to set up a
meeting between you, me,
and Senator DeMarcos.
OK, yeah, I figured it
was something like that.
Get out.
You can make an
appointment at my office
just like everyone else does.
Get out.
Let me explain.
I have information that
Senator DeMarcos is
about to introduce some
dangerous legislation tomorrow,
and I need you to help
me to dissuade him.
OK, and just how did
you happen to come
across this confidential
And how the fuck are
you using my voice?
That's not important.
I can't get in to see
your senator without you.
I know you will find
this hard to believe,
but this legislation
he's about to propose
will ultimately be catastrophic
and lead to the almost
total devastation of life.
Wow, what a load of bullshit.
I've heard enough, OK?
Now get out of my car and
put some fucking clothes on.
Listen to me.
I've been sent here
in desperation,
and I need you to hear me out.
You can't trust DeMarcos.
He's lying to everyone.
What the fuck is
happening to me?
I think Alex did an
amazing job tonight
despite that dipshit
DeMarcos, don't you think?
Seem a little preoccupied.
Is everything OK?
Sorry, honey.
My mind's on 1,000
things right now.
Oh, whoopsie.
I'm naked.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Come on, you know that tickles.
Stop it.
Oh, man, you're killing me.
Excuse me, sir.
Do you know the
way to Elm Street?
No, I'm sorry.
I'm lost myself.
I'm just trying to find my.
Hey, hey, you're lost and you're
trying to find your way home?
I can help you
find your way home.
I'm OK.
I'm sorry I couldn't
help you find Elm Street.
Do you believe Jesus Christ
is our Lord and Savior?
I'm going to say good night.
Wait, wait.
The blood of Christ compels me.
The blood of Christ compel...
Christ compels me.
The blood of Christ compels me.
The blood of Christ compels me.
The Lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie
down in green pastures.
He restoreth my soul.
Our father, who art
in heaven, hallowed
be thy name, thy
Kingdom come, thy
will be done on Earth
as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who
trespass against us.
Though I walk through the...
Thy Kingdom come,
thy will be done,
as it is on Earth
as it is in heaven.
We begin today
with breaking news.
The virus seems to be making
people uncontrollably violent.
Due to the violent nature
of the ones infected,
the virus is spreading rapidly.
Government officials
are reporting that there
is no known cure for the virus.
When asked, a White
House spokesman
declined to comment
on whether or not
this was a terrorist attack.
Hi, this is Daniel McPherson
from XTRA News telling you
that I'm about to
say goodbye to you.
This is my final broadcast.
But before I leave you
after all these many years,
I want to thank you and
let you know we're going
to leave you with a big bang.
Get your friends and your family
in front of the television
set because we're going to
blow the competition away
with what you're about to see.
So again, thank you so much
for years of loyal watching.
This is Daniel
McPherson saying goodbye
and have a pleasant,
pleasant rest of your life.
Digital mapping
of the human brain
conclusively shows us
that the brain consists
of hundreds of
billions of neurons
that form a network of
exceptional complexity.
Unfortunately, we
have to admit we still
know little about
these connections
and interconnections.
And we've all heard
the horrible news
that suicides and
homicides and mass murders
continue to spread due to
some unidentified dysfunction.
My guest this evening
compares the complexity
of the human brain to
the universe at large.
In fact, he says that
there are probably
as many stars in our
galaxy as there are neurons
in our brains, billions.
Did you count those
yourself, Joe?
My guest says that the
incredibly complex network
of matter in the
universe can be compared
to the complex network formed
between our brain cells,
which are also wired to
hundreds of thousands
of other neurons,
which is packed
into that 3-pound organ
inside our skulls,
making it the most incredibly
complex object in the universe.
And it's been sitting on top of
our shoulders this entire time.
My guest has evidence to
support a neurological link
to these behaviors.
He's an integral part of
the presidential commission
that has been chosen
to study this issue.
Here to hopefully
help us understand
these brain complexities and
our behaviors a little better
is the chief scientific officer,
distinguished neurologist,
and director of the Texas
Neuromind Institute, Dr. Joseph
Thank you, David.
For the past 3,000
years or so, we've
been trying to better understand
the mind-body connection,
and so far, we've been
pretty limited in our ability
to answer many of the questions
and problems that plague us.
We have clinical science,
neurology, advanced imaging,
and other technologies.
And how do we better understand
the mind-body connection
and health and sickness
and schizophrenia,
bipolar mania, delusional
disorders and complexities,
and pathologies of the brain?
How do we explain human
behavior with respect
to brain functioning as we're
currently experiencing it?
As David just alluded to,
and as we're all aware,
there's a great concern
about the increased
problematic behaviors,
including significant increases
in mass killings and suicides
and neuropsychological issues
that we can't fully
wrap our heads around.
Our current research
does indicate
that this is a neurological
etiology that looks
like some form of dementia.
But it's much, much
more than that.
And as we know from our studies
of certain mental illnesses
such as Alzheimer's,
Parkinson's, Lewy body diseas,
and brain trauma,
that these all involve
various complicated
structural wiring problems.
And so in order to
help people ultimately,
we need to better understand
the wiring and the miswiring
of the brain through the study
of individual nerve cells
and the physics of the brain.
My colleagues and I are
attempting to better understand
how our functioning arises out
of the physics of the brain
by actually looking
at the stuff that
exudes mind and reality,
those 100 billion nerve cells,
how they interact.
And that includes
better understanding
of our conscious and
subconscious minds.
When we have better
understanding of that,
then we can better predict
human behavior and what drives
us to do the things that we do.
Although our research
has a long way to go,
we do have significant data.
Some of our research
is preliminary
and some cases
are controversial.
Simply put, we have a long
way to go to understand
brain functioning.
How do you, sir, explain love?
Is there a difference
between love between a man
and a woman, a man and a man,
say, a woman and a woman?
How does the brain
distinguish love
we have for our spouses and the
love we have for our parents
or children, siblings?
And how does the brain
influence the body
in health and sickness?
How do we explain neglect
syndromes, temporal lobe
dysfunction, or the current
dimension-like behaviors
we're now witnessing?
And why do we hate?
Why do we cry?
Why does that dream we
had seem so realistic?
Why is a joke funny to some
people but not all people?
Why do we enjoy some
art and music but not
all art and music?
What is consciousness
or free will?
What is reality?
What's real life?
Are our brain's chemical
perceptions of it?
Your eyes see and your
brain chemistry reacts,
and this becomes your reality.
Is everyone's reality the same?
Is my reality the
same as your reality?
Our current
investigations indicate
that some of the
patients we're seeing
are experiencing
altered perceptions,
but we can't explain
why this is happening.
What's causing them to
suddenly forget family members
and to seemingly live
in an altered reality?
What's causing the atrophy
and accelerated aging
that we're seeing
in these brains?
And how do we treat
this seemingly defective
visual processing integration?
OK, everything looks good.
I think we're good to go.
Unbelievable amount of atrophy.
It's much more advanced
than I anticipated,
but at least we've
stopped the bleeding.
Do you want me to give
the bad news to his wife?
That's OK.
I'm starting to get used to
delivering bad news these days.
But thanks for offering.
Would you like to do the
honors and close him up?
Oh, what happened, Michael?
Are you OK?
No, I dropped the suture needle.
No harm done.
Maybe you could
close them up, pal.
I'm not up to it this morning.
Where the hell am I?
You're in the
hospital, Mr. Cooper,
but you're going to be fine.
You've had surgery.
What the hell happened to me?
He finally woke up, doc.
I'm going to go notify his wife.
All right, Mr. Cooper,
how are you feeling?
Hi, doc.
Oh, I have such a headache.
That is extremely normal
for the circumstances.
Do you know what today is?
Hi, I'm here to see Dr. Feretti.
My name is Theresa Morgan.
OK, I'll let him know.
You can just go ahead and
have a seat over there.
Hello, I'm Dr. Joseph Feretti.
Oh, hello.
What can I do for
you, Mrs. Morgan?
It's just my husband.
I think he's going crazy.
Mr. Cooper, I'm Dr. Han.
Glad to see you're awake.
Your wife is waiting to...
Cut the crap, doc.
Tell me what's going on.
Why did you operate on me?
I did not give you
permission to cut me open.
Allow me to explain.
Your wife gave us permission
to perform emergency surgery.
After you fell,
you hit your head,
and you had a brain bleed.
The surgery went well,
but we found that...
She had no goddamn
right to do that.
Well, like I said,
it was an emergency.
We managed to stop
the bleeding, but we
did find a significant amount
of atrophy or shrinkage
of your brain that
is worrying us.
I got to get out of here, man.
I am fine.
Get this intravenous
stuff off me.
No, no, you're not
fine, Mr. Cooper.
Mr. Cooper, it
would be dangerous
for you to get up right now.
Look, I don't care what
any of you are saying.
I'm getting the
fuck out of here.
Oh, my god.
Why don't you get him
Mr. Cooper's wife please.
Thank you.
Oh, I didn't know I
was hurt this bad.
I didn't know I
was hurt this bad.
Oh, my head.
Oh, man.
I didn't know I was this hurt.
Oh, god.
Why don't you get Mr.
Cooper's wife, please?
I will.
So where's your husband?
He refused to come.
I'm so worried about him.
Well, he's going to have to
agree to come in and see me
if I'm going to evaluate him.
I know.
I'm just afraid that
he would be a danger.
How so?
He's been looking
at me so funny.
It's like he's not
the same man anymore.
It's like he's a
completely different man.
He's changed so much
in the last two weeks.
Changed how?
He's not thinking right.
He tells me that
I'm not his wife,
and he doesn't
recognize her children.
He's still going to have to come
in and see me in order for me
to evaluate him.
And to be honest, there's a
lot of these disturbing types
of behaviors
happening these days,
and I'd really like to
do an MRI on his brain.
I know.
I told him it was an important
appointment 100 times,
and he said that he would come.
And then this morning he said,
hell no, and he spoke to me...
He was so cruel.
What made him change his mind?
I don't know.
He said it was
something important that
had to be done right away.
Oh, doctor, last week he tried
to go to work at this place
that he worked at
five years ago.
And he got into a
fight with them,
and they called the police,
and they almost arrested him.
He doesn't work there anymore?
No, doctor.
They fired him five years
ago, but last week he
was convinced that
he still worked there
without any reason.
Hey, baby, are you
looking for a good time?
What do you like it to be?
How old are you?
Old enough.
I'm 22.
What's your name?
As in, Brown Sugar.
Well, I just want you
to know I do everything.
And what does that exactly mean?
Exactly what I just said.
What's your fantasy, huh?
I want you to be my sex doll.
Let's go.
How much?
50 bucks gets you a
blow job, and 100 I'll
take you around the world.
I'll tell you what, I'll pull up
in the motel around the corner.
Follow me there.
Then come up to my room once
you see what room I got.
The door will be open.
I need you to do something
for me, Brown Sugar.
I can do anything, as
long as you pay me.
Oh, shit.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Oh, fuck.
The body of a man
was found in a motel
with a severed head of
a prostitute tucked away
between her legs.
The prostitute,
known as Brown Sugar,
did not know the suspect.
The body was discovered
when neighbors reported
loud television
playing pornography
throughout the night from
the suspect's motel room.
Homicide detectives are
also reporting the suspect
may have had sex
with the victim's
severed head on many
occasions during the night
before killing himself.
Multiple traces of
semen were found
in and around the
victim's severed head.
Several prostitutes
from the area
alleged the suspect had
a sex addiction problem
as he always played porn and
played with a blow-up doll
before reportedly
having sex with them.
As part of his
routine, the man would
have sex workers wear a wig to
resemble the blow-up doll he
frequently carried around during
his sessions with these women.
The man's distraught
wife, an older lady
by the name of
Theresa Morgan, says
she had no idea of her
husband's proclivities.
The man may have been suffering
from the virus at the time
the crime was committed.
Police are investigating.
We are back to the studio
for more breaking news.
As we mentioned
earlier, we are going
to go live now to
Tallahassee, Florida
where the governor is expected
to deliver some major news.
I want to thank everyone
for coming today.
We won't be fielding
any questions.
But we do have some important
news to provide to you all.
As you're all
aware, we are indeed
living in troubling times.
Murders and suicides and other
criminal activity are rampant.
The news is grim.
But we've come to some
comprehensive conclusions
based on the data of our
fact-finding commission.
Now most of the
suicides and murders
that we have knowledge
of have been perpetrated
by people who have
been given the COVID-19
vaccine and the booster.
If you recall, I warned
people repeatedly
about the effects
of the vaccine,
and I begged people
not to get the vaccine.
But the president and
his fellow Democrats
insisted that everyone should be
vaccinated, which I vigorously
opposed, as did Senator
DeMarcos and hundreds
of my fellow Republicans.
And now...
We're seeing the devastation
that the injections are having
on the public, especially
in the homosexual and Black
Why those communities?
Our team has identified
similar brain structures
in both homosexuals
and Blacks, structures
that are different from
those of normal Americans.
These people are particularly
susceptible to the effects
of the vaccines because of
these structural irregularities
and anomalies.
The vaccines are causing
significant atrophying
of the frontal and
temporal lobes.
So for lack of a
better term, we are
designating the term Atrophieds
to identify these people.
Now, as you all know, the
states of Florida and Texas
have been particularly
hit by these Atrophieds.
So we set out to form
multiple committees
for our comprehensive study
to inform us so that we can
make specific recommendations.
I'm going to turn it over to
Senator Ted DeMarcos of Texas
who will give you the
specifics of what we'll
be doing in the next phase.
Thank you, governor.
To ensure the continued
safety of our citizens,
our select committee of
various medical researchers
and specialists have
made recommendations
which we will coordinate
throughout the states of Texas
and Florida.
Other states will
likely follow our lead
in the coming days and weeks.
We have opened up over
200 medical facilities
where we intend to
treat those Atrophieds.
The location of those facilities
will be provided later today.
To those of you who are at high
risk, homosexuals and Blacks,
who have had either the
COVID-19 vaccine or boosters,
we are asking that
you voluntarily
come to these treatment
facilities, OK?
Thank you all very
much for coming.
It's time to take action, Alex.
Things have reached
a critical stage now.
You don't think I'm buying
this "I'm from the future"
crap, do you?
It doesn't really
matter what you believe.
It's what you do
that really matters.
OK, why don't you
just cut to the chase
and tell me what
your real agenda is?
Listen to me.
If we can't stop
these happenings,
more than half the planet will
be dead in less than two years.
That's nearly five
billion people.
I can help change that outcome,
but we have to act now.
Believe what you want, but
these neurological events
will destroy the world.
And what Senator
DeMarcos is doing
is just the start of an
unnecessary annihilation
of innocent people.
What the fuck do you
expect me to do about it?
Look, the senator's
got his own agenda.
I don't always agree with
it, but this is my job.
We chose you for
two reasons, Alex.
One of them being
that you can help us
by working from the inside
in the senator's office
to stop this madness.
The other is that, based
on our contact tracing,
your dad may be a key
to resolving this.
No, I can't do anything.
Find someone else to deal
with this crazy shit.
Your dad may be a key
to resolving this,
but we need to keep him safe.
He's in danger.
What kind of danger?
There are a lot of bad
actors involved here.
Can you persuade him to
leave Texas for a while?
Tell your dad to go
to Boston and meet
with Dr. Paul Horn at Boston.
Based on our
analysis, he can help.
I can't talk to
my dad about this.
He won't listen to me, OK?
He never does.
And besides... what the fuck?
Find a way, Alex.
Hey, it's 3:00 in the morning.
What's wrong?
I'll be there, all right.
One macchiato, one
double espresso.
Lord knows I need it.
Listen, man.
I love you, kid, but the
1 o'clock in the morning
practical jokes to
pitch my next novel,
you got to cut
that shit out, man.
No, Peter, I'm not joking.
Seriously, I'm not
fucking around.
Look, just please believe me.
Look, I didn't sleep
at all last night.
Just start from beginning, OK?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's OK.
Just listen.
What's going on?
I think dad might be in danger.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Joseph's in danger?
Somebody contacted
me and said that...
I don't know.
An anonymous person, OK?
Hold on a second.
You're fucking scaring me.
What are you fucking
talking about?
I'm scared.
Somebody who knows things
that they shouldn't know.
I don't know how they
would know these things.
Alex, you're scaring me.
What is going on?
I don't... It's all...
It's so crazy.
I don't... I don't
know what's going on.
I just know that dad
might be in trouble,
and we need to get
him out of town, OK?
Like out of Texas.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I am... please, try to
explain this to me.
I think my boss might
be behind this somehow.
I don't trust him.
Who the fuck does?
Yeah, I know.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
No, no.
I know he's an asshole, but
I really don't trust him.
I think something bad
is about to happen,
and dad is somehow
connected to it all.
He's in the middle.
It's because of his
work and the virus.
I'm worried they're
going to come after him.
It doesn't make any sense.
Look, I feel like
I'm losing my mind.
Just trust me, OK?
I trust you.
Of course, I trust you.
This man.
He goes by Gary.
Who the fuck is Gary?
I have no idea.
He claims he's from the future,
which, I know, sounds insane.
But listen, Peter.
He knows things.
He knows things he should not
know about me, personal shit,
and about you and dad.
And he said that DeMarcos is...
DeMarcos is going to do
something really bad,
and somehow dad's involved.
He's in the middle of
it because of his work,
because of the virus.
Hey, come on, come on, come on.
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
Don't worry about it, OK?
Just keep it
together, all right?
I love you.
We'll get through this.
I don't understand
it, but I just...
Just in case, can you
please take dad on a trip
and just get out of Texas
for a week, maybe two?
Whatever you want.
Just tell us what to do, and
I'll make sure it happens, OK?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Just let's see what happens, OK?
Just in case.
Do you believe me?
I mean, if anyone's going to
fucking believe you, it's me.
I hope I'm wrong.
Maybe it's nothing.
But just in case.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Look at me.
I love you, OK?
I love you too.
Oh, John, thank god you're OK.
I have been waiting and praying.
Oh, I was so worried
after the operation
when they said that they
found the bleeding in the back
of your head, and I just...
Who the hell are you?
What do you mean, who am I?
Just what I asked.
Who the hell are you?
Mr. Cooper, this is
your wife, isn't it?
Doc, I don't know what
kind of cruel joke
you're trying to play,
but I would never
marry an old lady like this.
John, what are you saying?
Of course, I'm your wife.
Why doesn't he recognize me?
What's happened to him?
Doc, I don't know
what's going on here,
but I would never
marry this old hag.
So you need to shut the fuck up
and get the fuck out of here.
John, what are you saying?
We've been married
over 30 years.
That's kind of impossible
because I'm 33 years old,
lady, which means you would
have walked me down the aisle,
if I could walk, at three.
Get the fuck out of here
and shut the fuck up.
Mr. Cooper, your chart
says you're 67 years old.
What are you guys,
stand-up comedy?
You got the wrong chart
and the wrong patient,
and probably the wrong
operation on the wrong brain.
Boy, I'm seeing a lot
of money in my future
from my future lawsuit.
Thank you very much.
Oh, man.
And on that note, you know what?
I'm done here.
No, Mr. Cooper, please.
Mr. Cooper.
Don't push me.
You just stand back.
Mr. Cooper, no.
Oh, my god.
Well, I told her to
shut the fuck up.
She should have listened to me.
Hey, Reyes, we got to move.
All right, give me a minute.
What's going on there?
So strange.
Two 787 collided
mid-air in Paris.
How about two hours ago?
A lot of casualties,
they're saying.
They say how it happened?
No, no, no, no.
That's the strange thing.
They're saying one of the
pilots went off-course and then
intentionally targeted
the other plane.
Wow, that's fucked up.
Anyways, we have our
own mess to clean up.
What's going on?
A patient went all
psycho at Boston General.
He pushed his wife out
a fifth story window.
Now, that is fucked up.
Hey, but I guess it's better
than working that other one
on the east side, the one
that Madison and Hogan got.
What happened?
You don't know?
Vet torched his own
animal hospital.
Three people dead, and over
100 animals burnt to a crisp.
He threw gasoline over
all of their cages.
They didn't
even get a chance to escape.
Why would a vet do something
like that to his own animals?
The guy who did it
said that he heard
a voice that was telling him
he needed to free the animals.
I guess that meant he was
going to barbecue them.
Anyway, any motivations on
our hospital psycho patient?
Funny you should ask.
The nurse said the wife
walks into the room.
The husband told the
doctor, that is not my wife,
pushes her out the window.
End of story.
The old me.
Hold on, you two.
Change of plans.
What's going on.
We're just on our
way to the hospital.
That's going to have to wait.
We got a mess on our hands.
An elderly man walks into
a fast food restaurant
with a machete and slices and
dices everyone in the joint.
We got at least 10
dead, maybe more.
Old man got away, but
there's a blood trail.
We need you two on this.
That is a fantastic way
to end the fucking week.
I agree.
I agree.
Come on.
OK, folks, good morning.
Let's get this meeting started.
This is Dr. Linda
Stewart at CDCE, Austin.
Good morning,
Kendra, Dr. Stewart.
It's Joseph Feretti
here in Austin, Texas.
Go ahead.
Good morning, Dr. Feretti.
I understand you have some
updated information for us.
That's correct.
So my team and I have been
hard at work gathering
all the additional data,
and I assume you've all
had a chance to review it.
All right.
As you've no doubt seen,
these are some extremely grim
I've been working closely
with a group of neurologists
and neuropsychologists
and trying
to get to the bottom
of this thing,
but we're still more or
less in the dark over here.
This does, however, appear
to be a neurological issue.
The latest data and
research we have,
it's making it pretty
clear this is a widespread
and rapidly spreading
condition, and we don't
know how it's being spread.
Well, but if I understand you
from our last conversation,
you said that this
was akin to dementia.
So how can a dementia condition
be so easily contracted
and transmissible?
That's a really good question.
Most of the recent
MRIs are looking
very similar to most of the
other MRIs of the deceased
that we've already looked at.
There are sections of the
frontal and temporal lobes
bilaterally that show
back anteriorism.
There's also notable
subretinal spaces
that we just can't explain.
Then tell us what
you do know, doctor.
These behaviors are
akin to something
we might find in patients with
dementia and Korsakoff disease,
and it's more to it than that.
There's also been
unfounded rumors
that this is a disease
targeting the LGBTQ community
and African-Americans.
Let me be absolutely
crystal clear
that this is not the case.
Our studies show that those
who have contracted this
have been senior citizens
over the age of 65.
And I'm trying to avoid
pure speculation here,
but there's an interesting
factor that might be important.
Go on, Joe.
All the data reporting
I've seen thus far
indicates that
this has something
to do with the way the brain's
altering people's perceptions.
Whatever is causing
this is changing the way
the brain perceives the world.
Now, I've looked over
hundreds of interviews
with families of patients
who become gravely
ill with this thing,
and they're all
saying the same kinds of things,
that their brains are telling
them the world's a hostile
and dangerous place
that they got to rid the
dangers through either
having to kill themselves
or they're killing others.
It's some kind of fight or
flight response initiated
in the frontal temporal
region of the brain,
and it's like the
reptilian mind takes over
and their impulses
can't be controlled.
So how is this
transmittable, Joe?
Look, I'm just giving
you a basic hypothesis
based on the current trends.
We're all working day and night
on the presidential task force
and just hoping some
additional bright minds are
going to come along and
help us decipher this.
Until then, we're meeting
tomorrow at the White House.
All right, thank you so much.
Thank you.
Paul, may I speak to you?
I can't right now.
I'm slammed this morning.
I need to tell you something
before it's too late.
There's something wrong.
Can we talk about
this later, Michael?
Maybe grab some time
over lunch or something?
I'm trying to get
this off my chest.
I can't sleep or eat.
I'm sick, Paul.
I have the disease.
I looked at myself in
the mirror this morning,
and there's this monster
staring back at me.
I noticed it last week.
OK, well, let's get
some scans done and see.
I'm sorry, Paul.
I have his cell phone an
office phone monitored,
so we know exactly
who he's talking to
and what he's saying.
Jesus Christ, we need
him off the grid now.
It's becoming a real headache.
We're working on
it, but it's going
to take a couple more days.
Gentlemen, we've got new
orders effective today.
What are they?
Operation, let's
say, New Beginning.
This one won't be easy, though.
They never are.
We're going to have to use
our special social media
followings for this.
It's going to go down like the
January 6 Insurrection in DC.
Just a lot more firepower.
That's all we are, J.
Every man and woman in both
chambers over the age of 60
are to be eliminated.
No exceptions.
Holy shit.
This is going to make January
6 look like a beauty pageant.
So what's our start date?
One week from today.
I'll have to get the campaigns
up and loaded this evening.
Yep, it'll be chaos
from here on out.
The key to success is surprise
and total elimination, OK?
We'll need to prepare a list
of targets over the age of 60.
If anyone gets in the way,
eliminate them as well.
That's coming from the top?
From number one.
Let's get the show on the road.
NewsRight says it's still
too early to call, senator.
News sources calling it
dead-even with 90% in.
Somebody get Sean Harrington
to call this thing in my favor.
Tell him if he
doesn't do it now,
he can forget about interviewing
me from here on out.
Local reporting says Winters
has a slight edge, senator.
They're saying something
about a shooting in Amarillo.
A gunman killed 13 people
standing in line to vote.
The gunman told the police
he wanted to stop the voting.
I hope these sons of bitches
are all fucking Democrats.
They're saying an
elderly Black male
went to the polling station
around 6:00 with an AK-47
and began shooting
at people randomly.
He was shouting
at voters in line
that you had already
won the election
and they needed to go home.
When they didn't
leave, he opened fire.
Well, that's the best
fucking news you can give me.
A bunch of dead
fucking Democrats.
Alex, turn that shit off.
I don't need to hear about
some fucking nutjob shooting
a bunch of Democrats.
Tonight is a night
of celebration,
not an invitation for
gun control debate
by the liberal ass fuckers.
Now get on the phones and get
me some fucking good news.
See if we can find some more
gunmen shooting the fucking
Maybe he did us a huge favor.
99% of the vote is in,
and DeMarcos is out.
Son of a bitch actually lost.
Texas is actually
going to go blue, huh?
I guess there was a lot
more people than we thought
who wanted him out, huh?
Do you know what I think?
I think you should come
home early so we can
celebrate with our clothes off.
Oh, I like that.
But we're still going to live
through two more months of him
in office, and he ain't
going to go quietly.
We should probably give Alex
a call, see how he's doing.
Well, he's going to
be out of a job soon.
Yeah, for the best.
My fellow Texans and good
Americans, this morning,
many of you woke to
hear the disturbing news
by the liberal news media that
I had lost the US Senate race.
Let me tell you, nothing could
be further from the truth.
I've been meeting with Governor
Brown and Texas State Attorney
General Bob Moss to discuss
recent evidence of voter fraud
and inaccuracies in
vote counting that have
been brought to our attention.
As of noon today, Governor
Brown and Attorney General Moss
are declaring a
state of emergency
for the state of Texas so that
we may review those findings
and arrest those responsible for
these most heinous of crimes,
these treasonous crimes
that have violated
the will of the people of this
great state in a free election
I'm also directing, with
the support of the attorney
general, that my
opponent Leslie Winters
be arrested as part
of this conspiracy
to defraud the voters.
Also, as of noon
today, the governor,
through executive order, myself
and the attorney general,
are directing the National Guard
to seize all voting machines
within all precincts
throughout Texas
to be delivered to the attorney
general's office warehouse
for processing.
Now, I'm going to
turn the mic over now
to the attorney
general so that he
may discuss other remedies that
we are enacting immediately.
Attorney General Moss.
Thank you, senator.
We are asking the
Texas legislature
to meet today in an
emergency session
to deal with the
following issues.
First, we have
substantial evidence
that many Black and homosexual
voters who have been designated
with neurologically unwell
and not of sound mind,
those we refer to
as Atrophieds, have
voted two to three different
times at different polling
locations as directed by
Democrat insurgency groups.
Once these Atrophieds
are found, they
will be arrested and relocated
to the various camps.
Martial law will be
enacted in all counties
in the state of
Texas, and a curfew
will be implemented from
sundown to sunrise effective
this evening.
We are asking that
all Texas residents
who are homosexual or Black and
who have received the COVID-19
vaccination and/or booster
to voluntarily report
to the treatment
centers which will
be provided at the end
of this press conference.
Those who do not
voluntarily comply
will be forcefully detained and
taken to the treatment centers
for processing.
It was never a question of,
would this dementia pandemic
reach our state?
It was only a matter of
when it got out of hand.
And well, folks, we are there,
and we must stop the spread.
This neurological epidemic
doesn't spread on its own.
Homosexuals and Blacks who have
been vaccinated with the COVID
vaccine, they spread it,
not regular Americans.
It is critical that we stop the
cross-contamination immediately
because it has
affected our ability
to engage in the process
of fair voting rights
of unaffected normal Americans.
Let me start by
saying there has been
an inordinate amount
of false reporting,
rumors, and innuendo
regarding the recent increases
in dementia-related
behaviors here in our country
and across the world.
Let me be perfectly
clear about this.
Despite what you may be
hearing on some news channels
by uninformed commentators,
there is no evidence,
and I repeat, no
evidence that this
is a disease of the LGBTQ or
African-American communities.
That is false reporting
and fake news.
I'm aware that there are some
elected officials and some
who've recently
lost their seats who
are spreading this false
and misleading information.
This must stop immediately
as it is extremely dangerous,
and it is causing additional
carnage, additional loss
of life.
As many of you know,
I have appointed
an independent commission
led by Dr. Joseph
Feretti, a nationally
recognized neurologist,
to lead our team of researchers
into the cause of this disease
and to make recommendations
on how to proceed.
There are some who are
advocating for locking up
individuals who are
suspected of having
some of the symptoms
of this dementia.
In Texas and Florida
and some other states
where Republican
governors are in charge,
there is a movement to
detain and euthanize
those individuals.
This is unconstitutional.
It is uncalled for,
unnecessary, and unlawful,
and I have asked the
United States Supreme
Court to convene immediately
under executive order
to issue immediate
ruling that will
stop this unlawful
detainment of Americans.
I'm going to turn this
over to Dr. Joseph Feretti
who will give you updated
information on this disease
and how we proceed.
Mr. President, so you're
saying that there's no need
to be concerned about the
gays and Blacks who supported
your election
spreading this virus,
and we should just all go
back to the way we were
living as if nothing happened?
son of a bitch.
That is not at all what
I said, and you know it.
This disease is impacting
all of us every day.
And as Dr. Feretti
will tell you,
this disease is
targeting older Americans
of all races, all ethnicities
and sexual orientations.
It doesn't exclude any group.
Mr. President, so you're saying
the majority of those affected
are older Americans?
That is exactly what I'm saying.
And we have the
data to prove it.
Those aged 60 and older
are at highest risk.
And by the way, this has nothing
to do with COVID-19 vaccines
or boosters.
That's just nonsense
being spread
by rumor mongers and morons.
Mr. President, you're over 60.
In fact, you're 70 years old
and you've had the vaccine.
Not everyone over the age of 60
is going to get this disease.
You're overgeneralizing.
Stick to the facts.
I will let Dr. Feretti
continue from here.
Thank you, Mr. President.
Dr. Feretti, is it...
Is it true what the president
said about those over 60
getting the virus?
Our research does indicate
the average age to be 75,
and the youngest we've seen
has been a 63-year-old female.
Why is it targeting those
in this age group, gays,
and African-Americans?
Allow me to be perfectly clear.
This disease is not necessarily
targeting any specific age
group, ethnicity,
sexual orientation.
This is a worldwide
movement, and...
Dr. Feretti.
Dr. Feretti, do you believe
the president should step down
given that he meets three
of the four criteria
outlined here today with
respect to their nature?
What in God's name are
you people talking about?
The president is clearly
over 60 years of age.
He has had both the COVID
vaccine and the booster.
And he's reported that
he is one quarter Black.
So I ask you again.
Should he step down
as president given
that he has these qualities?
As I've said, not everyone is...
Well, could it be
advisable for the president
to step down given that
he has these markers?
As I have repeatedly
stated, this disease
does not target any
specific groups.
Dr. Feretti.
Dr. Feretti...
What's happening is that
the disease is rapidly
aging the brains of
those who contracted it.
And at this point, we're
working on determining
how it's being spread.
And I assure you
this is not simply
an LGBTQ or
African-American issue.
But based on our reporting,
it's happening only
to those who received
the COVID vaccine.
There's no denying that.
We have evidence to
support these findings.
Listen, that's completely
false information,
and there's absolutely no
scientifically founded link
to the vaccine.
Isn't it true that
Senator DeMarcos
has evidence that the
vaccine is the cause,
and that you yourself
being homosexual
have effectively escaped
confinement and detention
in one of the facilities
that the state of Texas
has opened for treatment?
Nothing could be further
from the truth, all right?
I'm here working with a group
of medical professionals trying
to figure out how we can
contain this outbreak.
And get your goddamn
facts straight.
So you're saying
you're not gay and you
haven't been vaccinated?
That's all we have for today.
Dr. Feretti is a
very busy man, and he
must get back to his troop.
We will give you updates
as soon as we can.
Thank you.
In a hastily scheduled news
conference, both the president
and his chief scientist,
Dr. Joseph Feretti,
whose team is closely
studying the Atrophieds,
clearly indicated that
this form of dementia
is not only spreading
quickly around the world,
but scientists are
now discovering
that this disease
is rapidly aging
the brains of homosexuals,
Blacks, and those
over the age of 60.
There are now multiple
agencies and officials
calling for the immediate
resignation of the president
and vice president, both
of whom are well over 60
and have been vaccinated.
The House and the
Senate are reportedly
in session this
afternoon to debate
the future of this presidency
with both Republican Senate
Minority Leader and his caucus
calling for the president
to immediately resign.
The House is taking up
the measure as we speak.
There are also calls
from outside the Beltway
for all members of
Congress over the age of 60
who have received the COVID-19
vaccine or booster to resign
immediately as they are
deemed to be high-risk.
We are being told that the
representatives of each
of the 34 countries who
signed the peace accord
are being given
peace lilies to bring
to their respective countries
as a symbolic gesture
of lasting peace.
Critical food and
gasoline shortages
are reported throughout
the United States, Asia,
and Europe.
Schools are shutting down,
and rioting and looting
continues unabated.
They're reporting that Russians
and Chinese are euthanizing
people at an alarming rate.
10 million estimated so far and
the bodies are being burned.
A haze over China
has implications
for the health of other citizens
because of the massive piles
of burning.
Breaking news.
We're being told
tonight from sources
close to Senator
DeMarcos that he
is forming a coalition
government installed
in Austin, Texas.
In Los Angeles, an
80-year-old physician
turned himself in to
the police stating
that he had euthanized more than
80 residents of a nursing home.
Before he could be
arrested, the doctor
turned the gun on himself
and killed himself.
In Oregon, officials
have announced
that they have opened more than
a dozen euthanasia rooms where
those afflicted by
the atrophy disease
can voluntarily submit
to legalized euthanasia.
Hundreds of people showed up
today and are standing in line
to be euthanized.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Are you fucking kidding me?
He was right here under our
noses the whole fucking time.
Holy shit.
How did we not see this?
I think I've found
something, and it's big.
I bet you're going to tell
me you'll send me a dick pic.
You just want to
have some phone sex.
Yeah, I mean, that sounds
great, but maybe later.
But listen to me.
I think I found something huge.
It's is 3:00 AM.
This better be good.
Don't you think it's
strange that it's
only 34 countries
where this began,
I mean, initially, I mean?
Not really.
No, but what are you getting at?
Well, listen, I did some
research, all right?
And the 34 countries
where this began
are the same 34 countries
that participated
in the Korean Peace Agreement.
Oh, my god.
Look, I know there's
a connection,
and I'm fairly certain
it's North Korea.
Jesus Christ.
Son of a fucking bitch.
Who else knows about this?
I mean, no one.
Just us, babe.
But look, I'm just
trying to figure out
how this thing might spread.
Yeah, it sounds like one of
your more conspiracy-type novels
you've written in
the past, honey.
I think the link is
the water lilies.
I mean, I can't think of any
other plausible explanation.
Do you think it's possible
that the water lilies
that people brought
back from Korea
had some kind of
mutation or protein
that spread the
initial infection?
Yeah, you might be
on to something.
Yeah, biological warfare
right under our goddamn noses.
Look, I really think
there's a connection, OK?
Just maybe you and your
team could look into it, OK?
Just please do this for me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'll get started on them.
I definitely can't
sleep right now.
You got my motor
running now, honey,
more ways than you can imagine.
Just get back to me, OK?
Yeah, I will, honey.
All right.
Good night.
I love you.
I love you.
Amanda, have you seen this?
Of course.
I'm the one that put
them on your desk.
This data can't be right.
It seems incredible, right?
That's what's tracking
from our sources.
That's why I want
you to see ASAP.
Who else has seen this?
Only my team, and they're just
as shocked as you seem to be.
I went over all the data, and it
seems to be reliable trending.
OK, so suicides are up 900%
in the US in the last month
and homicides are up
2,100% in the last month?
Listen, I knew it was bad,
but how is this possible?
I don't know, Warren.
But that's what the
data is showing us,
and that's what we've been
seeing all over the news
Has the whole country
gone fucking nuts?
I wish it was as simple as that.
Looks as if this trend
is happening in Europe
and parts of Asia too.
We're working on getting
the data from South America
as well, but it's
slow coming in.
All right, listen.
Nobody sees this
without my say so.
You got it?
And let's get Kendra Jones
over at the CDCE on this
because this is way
above my pay grade.
And as you can see, we've
been able to determine
that it's likely
a protein that's
causing the rapid deterioration
of the brain cells,
particularly in the
frontal and temporal lobes.
What's unusual is
the deterioration
we're seeing to the thalamus
and to the mammillary bodies
of the hypothalamus in
addition to generalized
cerebral atrophy, neuronal
loss, and damage to the neurons.
But as I said, we have a hazmat
team taking a look at the water
lilies that were brought
back from North Korea,
and maybe the answer
is in there somewhere.
My husband seems
to think there's
some kind of
connection, and I think
it wouldn't be too
far fetched if this
were some kind of biowarfare.
Now, excuse me, please.
Dad, Peter is missing.
I don't know.
He's gone.
He was taken.
The neighbors said a black
van came by the house
earlier this morning, and
they forced him into it.
No, dad, you can't come back.
It's not safe.
They'll be looking for you too.
Dad, no, stay in Washington
and just let me handle this.
I have a better chance
of finding him since I
work for Senator DeMarcos, OK?
I can find him.
Just trust me.
You've got to listen to me.
I come from the future.
You're the only
one who can help.
This agenda is dangerous.
They have his laptop.
He found something,
and they wanted it.
Not now, Alex.
I need to speak with you.
I said not now.
I'm afraid I have to insist.
Where is he?
Where is who?
You know who.
Quit playing fucking
games with me.
Alex, what are you doing?
Shut the fuck up, Victor.
Let's just calm down.
Now, you have exactly 10
seconds to get out of this room
before I walk over and
take that gun from you.
I'm going to have you arrested.
If you try to take my gun,
I will shoot your balls off.
Now, where is Peter?
What have you done with him?
Just tell me where he is.
The next shot will
be to your balls, OK?
And then your gut.
And then your heart.
And I'll still have two
bullets left for you, Victor.
Now, where is he?
OK, just calm down, Alex.
Let's make a deal.
No, I don't want anything to
do with your fucking deals.
Just tell me where he is.
Senator, is everything OK?
Everything's fine, Alice.
To think that I really
believed in your agenda.
How stupid was I to fall
for your lies and bullshit?
Now, where is he?
For the last time, where is he?
He's fine, Alice.
Just get the fuck
away from the door.
OK, OK, just take it easy.
I'm going to tell you.
Peter is safe.
I can assure you.
And he'll continue
to stay safe as long
as you do exactly
what I tell you to do.
No, you don't give
the orders anymore.
I'm telling you what the
fuck to do, so do it.
It's not an order.
It's not an order.
Let's just think of
it as a negotiation.
It's really very simple.
You tell your dad to
set up a news conference
and tell everyone he supports
our findings that this disease
is related to the vaccines
and homosexuals and Blacks.
You're a piece of shit.
No fucking way.
This is my negotiation.
Now make the call
to release him.
Have it your way, Alex.
You really don't know what
you're up against here, Alex.
In a few days, I'm going to be
the president of the New South
Yes, this is Senator DeMarcos.
Find Peter Cardenas and
bring him to the front gate.
That's right.
I have a man I'm
sending over to get him.
His name is Alex Feretti.
That's right.
When Mr. Feretti gets
there, put a bullet
in Peter Cardenas's brain.
Get off me!
Get off me!
Get the fuck off, fucker!
Are you OK?
Get off me.
Cuff him.
Get off of me.
I'll still shoot him.
You'd better hurry.
You don't have much time.
Well, I wish you
guys up in Austin
would figure it the fuck
out and make up your minds.
They just went to get him.
What the fuck am I supposed to
do with them in the meantime?
I don't get paid
enough to babysit
a bunch of Atrophoids... fuck,
whatever the fuck they are.
And I don't want to
get close to them
because I don't even
want to get fucking sick.
I don't give a fuck!
This better be legit, man,
or I will put a fucking
hole in both of your heads.
It's all over social media
that the whole government
is about to collapse.
This means nothing to me.
I don't give a shit if you
or everyone else here dies.
I am headed out tomorrow
morning to the new beginning,
so you better be here tonight.
Fuck off!
We need to get to
dad in Washington.
I was thinking we'd go to your
house, pick up a few things,
and then we can
head out from there.
Maybe it's better if we
just get a motel room
and sit tight for a few days.
I got a burner phone.
I'm sure mine is being tracked.
Things have really come to
a head in the last few days.
I don't know if he'll answer,
but try giving dad a call.
Alex, I don't
remember the number.
Alex, I don't
remember the number.
Alex, look at me.
Look at me.
I love you.
I love you.
As the government
is in complete chaos
and the whereabouts of both the
president and vice president
is unclear, officials from
the New South government
report that 16 states have
agreed to effectively secede
from the United States
while 34 states reportedly
have joined forces to form a
new government in the north.
The CDCE is reporting
there has been
some cases of the virus found
in a few adults in their seconds
and 40s.
There was a case of a
man who would pick up
prostitutes to play out
his blow-up doll fantasies.
It was confirmed through autopsy
reports he did have the virus.
There's another case of
a mentally ill patient
who painted with his own blood.
He believed he saw a man
or human-like organism
from outer space heading to
Earth in the form of a fallen
star or comet.
He claimed there were many
more in the sky falling
onto Earth living amongst us.
Others infected claimed having
had similar experiences.
They claim they saw
and felt the presence
of their recently departed
loved ones ascending to the sky.
A few people of faith
who contracted the virus
believe they could actually
see their loved ones as they
made their way to heaven.
Could these be extraterrestrials
invading or living amongst us?
Experts believe these
may be isolated cases.
Alex, is everything OK?
Yeah, we're both safe.
Just trying to figure out
how to get to Washington.
But it's going to take a while.
National Guard shut down a
lot of the roads out here.
How's Peter doing?
I don't know.
He just seems a little
lost and demoralized.
He's been through a lot, dad.
I'm sure he'll be
better when he sees you.
I can't wait to see you guys.
Alex, Washington's not safe.
We've got to revise our plans.
I just saw they're
forming a new government.
Yeah, supposedly
up in Ohio, yeah.
Just tell us where
and we'll get there.
Listen, we got to
be very careful.
I think our phones
are being monitored,
and I'm certain
I'm being followed.
Remember where we vacationed
when you were in middle school?
Of course.
It's the only real
vacation time we ever
spent together because
you were always working
and didn't have time.
I'm sorry, dad.
That was uncalled for.
I'm just feeling a little
unhinged these days
with everything
that's happening.
And it's OK, buddy.
I get it.
I understand.
I know I wasn't the best father
when you were growing up.
I know that, and I'm sorry.
But I thank you and I appreciate
you for finding and taking
care of Peter for me.
I don't know what
I'd do if I lost him.
I'll make it up to you somehow.
I swear to god I will.
All right.
I'll call you whenever I can
to let you know where we are.
I'll let you speak with Peter.
Thanks, buddy.
I love you, dad.
I love you, buddy.
Hey, honey.
I miss you.
Just get over here.
OK, I'm going to
see you tomorrow.
We're going to figure
out a place to meet, OK?
And I'm going to
see you tomorrow.
We're figuring out
where to meet, OK?
And just take care of
Alex, and I love you, OK?
I love you.
All right, all right, sweetie.
Let's get you dressed, OK?
Son of a fucking bitch.
What are we going to do about
the militia groups calling
for their own
independent states?
That's not going to happen.
The Proud Forest,
The Freedom Legion,
and The Committee
of the New States
are all demanding meetings.
There will be more to
come as we settle in.
Oh, we don't need
to worry about them.
We do need to show
who's in charge.
Set up some meetings here in
Austin, one group at a time.
Have the National Guard
form a ring around the city.
When they get here to Austin,
and we bring them here
and execute them for treason.
I don't think the governor
is going to go for that.
The governor does
what I tell him.
Let me take care
of the governor.
Make the announcement
on social media
that the president of
the New South government
intends to set up a coalition
to decide how our states are
going to be divided.
That should get
their attention, then
we'll take them out one by one.
Some of them were blaming
you for all of this.
I mean, they're believing
the whole North Korea
biological warfare conspiracy.
They can believe what
they want to believe.
As I said, I'll
take care of them.
They're out for
blood, Mr. President.
So am I, Mr. Vice President?
So am I.
Thank you all for coming to
this undisclosed location.
I guess you've already
heard that we've
been defunded and told to cease
our research and treatment.
Yes, but on whose orders?
Who has that kind of authority?
It's complicated.
The New South government
has sent the National Guard
to close us down.
We're assuming
that it's DeMarcos,
but we don't know for sure.
We got to speak
with the president.
It's already done.
He wants us to
continue our work,
but it's unclear what
kind of government
is left at this point.
Where is the president?
In an undisclosed location
with other world leaders.
It's only five of us
that can make contact
with him until further notice.
Has anybody here
informed them that we
suspect North Korea's
initiated biological warfare?
Yes, I've briefed him.
And the vice president?
He's still in Washington.
But he has no real
power anymore.
Congress is in session as
we speak so that they can
determine what the government...
Oh, fuck.
Is this really happening?
Oh, my god.
Did anyone have any idea
this was going to happen?
There was some social
media chatter about it,
but nobody was
taking it seriously,
at least not the FBI or Homeland
Security as far as I know.
It says they're executing
members of Congress.
Capitol Police are
getting killed too.
We should leave and
find someplace safer.
No, at this point, docs, I
don't know where safer would be?
Here's what I say, we
sit tight and assess
the situation from here.
This is an emergency
This is an emergency
Evacuate the
building immediately.
Well, I guess I was wrong.
We need to get out of here now.
Where the fuck
are you taking me?
We're going to see, dad, Peter.
We talked about that.
My dad's dead.
Are you taking me
to the cemetery?
No, Peter, we're
going to see my dad.
Why are you fucking
touching my hand?
You fucking touch me again,
I'll fucking kill you.
It took us three days
to get out of Texas.
Peter's dementia got
worse as we traveled.
It was clear he wasn't
going to get better.
His birthday was three days ago.
He didn't remember.
As a final gift, I did what
I promised him I would do.
I don't know if I'll
ever see my father again.
We've lost all communication.
Perhaps it's for the best.
I don't think I could face it.
I don't pay attention
to the news anymore.
I don't care who's in
charge of the government.
I don't care if North Korea
was responsible for this mess
or if they have achieved
world domination.
I've lost all the people
I most cared about.
Along the way, I lost myself.