Alterscape (2018) Movie Script

Goodbye with their families
before leaving for a
strange and distance shore.
At this very moment,
they serve together
with Arabs, Europeans,
Asians and Africans
in defense of principle and
the dream of a new world order.
And that's why they sweat
and toil in the sand
and the heat and the sun.
And if they can come together
under such adversity,
if old adversaries
like the Soviet Union
and the United States
can work in common cause
then surely we,
who are so fortunate to
be in this great chamber,
democrats, republicans,
liberals, conservatives,
can come together to fulfill
our responsibilities here.
There is something
noble and majestic
about the pride,
about the patriotism
that we feel tonight.
So to everyone here,
everyone watching at home,
think about the men and
women of Desert Storm.
Let us honor them
with our gratitude.
Thank you, goodnight,
and God bless the United
States of America.
I don't,
yeah, it's hard to say.
It's just, you know.
Today was Ray's birthday.
I don't know about that,
I can't, not today.
There's probably no more time.
I don't need to do this anymore.
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
I'm crystal and exact.
I have no preconceptions.
Illusions fed, lo and behold.
My mind is free forever.
I burn with fire and
ice and then I melt.
My thoughts in dire reflection.
But more than anything I know,
the moment's final terror.
The doctor'll be right in.
Could be fun.
Yes, Sam.
What's happening?
Everything's fine,
you're safe now.
Where am I?
What's that smell?
You don't remember anything?
Why are you here?
You're not my doctor anymore.
I'm your friend
and you need help.
I don't need anything.
That evening when I called.
It was my brother's birthday.
Good, you remember.
I know how much your
brother meant to you.
You were close.
But I wish we were.
Why did you leave my care?
I could have helped you.
We were making
such good progress.
You call this progress?
We call it life, Sam.
A precious gift which you
threw out of a window.
I feel like I haven't
seen you in years.
It hasn't been that long.
You haven't changed a bit.
We'll get through this.
You get a second chance.
They asked me to take
you back under my care.
I said yes.
How are you feeling?
How do you think?
This place is suffocating.
I have some good news.
I spoke with Irving
and we made a deal.
As long as we continue
our treatment together,
you can go back to work.
Took a little bit
of convincing, but,
you are their best engineer.
I told him you need
a couple more weeks.
Star Force with
no relay protection
on grounds whiskey.
They gonna light
themselves up every time.
MAN: Well maybe they like it.
The fireworks stuff.
Oh yeah.
And I'm sure the
investors just love
dishing out a quarter
mill every year.
So what?
More work for us,
that's the way I see it.
Who cares how many
times they black out?
As long as they call
us for replacements.
Whatever, man.
They can blow themselves
to shit for all I care.
Take over.
Hey, screw it.
They don't even have a
quarter of the market.
Mr. Irving wants to see you.
SAM: Who?
Speaking of blow, look.
Hey, Miller.
Nice of you to join
us from time to time.
Hey, what's up with you, man?
Switch up the juice
today or what?
Let the man trip in peace.
Poor bastard might be
crying, look at him.
Hey, chill!
I said calm the fuck down!
What the fuck, crackhead,
you ready to hit me or what?
What the fuck?
Everybody just
chill and relax.
All right, just stop.
Let him go.
Gills, let him go.
Damn lunatic.
The hell's going on here?
Jesus, Sam, you okay?
Come on, you okay, huh?
Come on, get up, get up.
Get up, come on, come on.
Get down to my office.
The hell's wrong with you guys?
Hey, he came at us.
He's losing it, boss.
What are you doing?
You'll get pneumonia that way!
I got your message.
And I spoke with Irving.
I'm sorry.
Come on.
Let's get you inside.
Talk to me, Sam.
There's nothing to say.
Okay, well then we'll
forget about it, okay?
Frankly, I'm glad
this happened, I am.
This'll give you a
chance to reboot.
A fresh start.
There's no more time, John.
No more second
chances, no restart.
That's not what I meant.
The symptoms won't go away
until we find the cause.
What cause, there's no cause.
It's just me!
There is always a cause, Sam.
We just need a
different approach.
And I have found
exactly what we need.
What are you talking about?
A new treatment called
affective plating.
A multistep program that deals
with the neurochemistry
of emotions.
A cognitive harmonization
if you will,
completely non-invasive.
These guys are
ahead of their time.
I'm glad you're
finding this so exciting.
It's not for me, I'll pass.
Besides, it's not like
I can afford it anyway!
No, Sam, this one's on me.
I am doing studies
for the patent holders
and they have agreed
to cover your sessions.
You won't have to spend a dime.
Why are you doing this for me?
Let's just say that
it's not just for you.
It's for me too.
I can't let myself fail you.
Not again.
You didn't fail me, John.
I failed myself.
And the question is, Sam,
what are you gonna do about it?
May I help you with something?
SAM: I'm here
to see Dr. Nash.
Your name?
That elevator, sub level D.
Sam Miller, right?
That's right.
We've been expecting you.
Please, help yourself.
I'm Dr. Nash, Roland Nash.
Nice place.
What kind of doctor are you?
Affective Science.
Never heard of it.
The study of emotions.
Well, the underlying
neuroscience of emotions,
to be exact.
Sounds involved.
It is.
You came to the right place
at the right time, Mr. Miller.
What's with all the water?
We used ionized water
for storage and access.
There's no way to disseminate
so much data without it.
Data, what kind of data?
We'll get to that
in a bit, Mr. Miller.
Please have a seat.
So, when do we start?
We already have.
How do you mean?
Water, Mr. Miller.
Aside from it's obvious
refreshing qualities,
it has one other
function, imprinting.
(CHUCKLING) It's pure
water, nothing more.
Its molecular structure changes
as it enters your body.
The water copies and
stores everything
that you're going through at
the highest degree of accuracy.
The world's most
advanced memory chip.
We're able to access and
read that imprint with this.
SAM: What's that?
This is our magic
wand, Mr. Miller.
A controlled affective
plating unit,
or simply CAP.
The visor emits harmless
photons that interact
directly with your
visual cortex.
Your nervous system reacts by
creating an emotional response
that we can immediately
capture and analyze.
The point is to have
a complete topography
of your perceptive range.
It'll give us an eagle eye view
of your emotional spectrum.
May I?
To treat something,
we first must have
a clear picture of what
we're dealing with, right?
Whatever you say, Doc.
Here you are, Mr. Miller.
Please try to keep still
and your eyes open.
Here we go.
What in the world
happened to you?
You don't remember, do you?
You have to regroup.
Bend yourself.
Mr. Miller.
Mr. Miller, can you hear me?
How do you feel?
I'm not sure.
Any discomfort or
other sensations?
I think it was a feeling
of weightlessness or flying.
I felt light, very light.
There's a tingling
sensation in my hands.
That's normal.
Anything else?
I saw something.
Yes, your brain was
emulating the visual input.
No, no, no, it
was more than that.
It was like a memory or deja vu.
Something very familiar.
A lifetime in a split second?
Or something like that.
I did pick up
something interesting.
High synaptic elasticity.
SAM: Huh?
In other words,
your nervous system
is extremely reactive.
Hypersensitive, actually.
A small amount of
stimuli leads to
a massive neuro response.
I've never seen
anything like it.
Dr. Loro.
Dr. Nash.
Mr. Miller.
Julian Loro, this
is my facility.
I've been monitoring your
session and I have to agree
with Dr. Nash.
Your neurological
profile is quite rare,
quite rare indeed.
Too bad I can't sell it, huh?
No, you can't sell it
but you can shape it.
Tell me about it.
I've been shaping it for years.
Let me see those.
You don't need
these, Mr. Miller.
Your emotions are the key.
They're a biproduct of
your neurochemical codex,
a codex that can be
resequenced, controlled.
By what?
Dr. Nash.
Your mind's a
magnificent construct.
Its potential is actually beyond
its own ability to comprehend.
It's magnificent.
Round two?
You'll enjoy this.
Trust me.
We cannot change
your mind, Mr. Miller
but we can change your mood.
For example.
Take your pick.
Is this some kind of a joke?
Well, let me do that for you.
How about elation?
The feeling you get when
you embrace and kiss
someone you care about.
Tranquility, that feeling of
warm sunshine on your face.
And grace, a state
of pure grace,
would you like to feel that?
Yeah, I would.
Dr. Nash.
ROLAND: Yes, sir.
What's with him?
Oh, Dr. Loro?
He's all right, just,
a bit into his work.
I'll say.
This is going to feel
a little different.
The interval is much
shorter this time.
I'll be counting 10 seconds.
10, nine, eight, seven
How do you feel, Sam?
It's something, isn't it?
I think I'd like
to go now, Dr. Nash.
Of course, Mr. Miller.
I'm sure we'll see
each other soon.
Do you live it up
Makes me feel emotion
You hold my
hands for so long
As ever lay
To get into the motion
You used to say
Only one
It's a beautiful
day, isn't it, brother?
It's always a beautiful
day for you, Ray.
You're just like mom.
It can't be any other way.
There's nothing that
can bring us down.
Remember that.
Watch your six out there.
You, I'll see you
when I get back.
SAM: Remember what
she used to tell us?
I feel, therefore I am.
Stay true, brother.
You get several neural
pathways like this.
The hell do you
think you were doing?
What does it look like?
What's the status on
the application strands?
I'm going as fast as I can.
We're down to the last quadrant.
There is no last quadrant!
The range is boundless.
We don't have time for these
inter-trade permutations.
I thought I made that
clear the last time.
Yes, but sir.
Patient Miller.
He's different.
There were delta
waves during the draw.
I believe we found a...
I don't care what you believe.
I just want you to
do as you're told.
Yes sir.
They're sending a review
team down here next week.
And these goons
don't give a shit
about anything
except applications.
They don't negotiate,
they just don't negotiate.
With all due
respect, Dr. Loro.
We don't even have the map yet.
I don't give a shit
if you use chipmunks.
You get me that application.
Have I made myself clear?
Yes sir.
Have I?
Yes, you have.
Oh so high
Looking around my
surroundings I think of all
How it all began
Safe we're never made
Fucking junkie.
Look at this piece of shit.
I can't believe this.
Are you really gonna let
this garbage in here?
Get him out of here!
Sam, listen, you need to bend.
Come on.
Get in.
What's going on?
What are we doing here?
Saving your life, Sam.
Good morning, Mr. Miller.
JOHN: Yes.
You passed out on the
way here last night.
You've been asleep ever since.
Can you tell us where you've
been the last four days?
We've been trying
to find you all week.
I called.
I stopped by your
apartment several times,
you didn't answer.
Do you remember what
you did all this time?
Mr. Miller, it's
important that you under...
Who was that other
guy that was here?
I've seen him before.
He's been following
me, hasn't he?
I don't know what you mean.
This spooky guy
with the shades.
The guy who drove us last night.
I drove us here, Sam.
Nobody else was in the car.
Why did you bring me here?
JOHN: The treatment, Sam.
It must have continuity.
Large gaps between the sessions
will lead to regression,
paranoia, hallucinations.
It's only the beginning.
This could get a lot worse.
You need to regain
control, Sam, bend yourself.
You have to trust us.
So what's on the menu today?
Well we do have
a special today.
It's the new you.
Lifetime in a split second?
You got it.
Did I not make
myself clear, Nash?
He's been under
only a few seconds.
We're not gonna find
anything at these levels.
We have to set a new threshold.
Sir, he's already
scraping the bottom.
Who says that's the bottom?
His endocrine system
is almost out of phase.
Are you sure this is a
prudent move, Julian?
Prudence has nothing
to do with this, John.
Wait, Dr. Loro.
You need to see this.
Look, that first cap
registered a strong delta.
Now this is odd because
deltas appear only
when unconscious or
during deep sleep.
Sam was neither.
Then, I saw this.
What the hell is that?
The cap couldn't
identify it either.
370 Megahertz in amplitude.
We're talking a radio
reach of at least 30 feet.
I ran it by our external
and got a match.
A primer class pheromone.
He's emitting
behavioral hormones.
Airborne hormones.
(CHUCKLING) And you guys
were gonna tell me this when?
I tried telling you.
This is exactly what
we've been looking for.
ID the source, now.
We need to pull him out,
his blood pressure's spiking.
Not yet.
He'll go into cardiac arrest!
look look, whatever.
You're killing him,
can't you see that?
Will you shut up?
If you can't handle
this, get out!
He won't be much
use if he's dead.
There's your new threshold.
He's cold.
almost killed him!
You watch your mouth.
We found it.
Mr. Miller?
Look at me.
Are you okay?
How do you feel?
I don't know.
Are we finished with
the session, doctor?
Yes, sure, but
first we need to,
Mr. Miller?
Let him go.
Keep an eye on him.
We're on the move.
Get me five.
Are you sure about this?
I didn't like the
look on his face.
just follow him.
Make sure he doesn't
do anything stupid.
Now go on.
Dr. Loro.
Yes, yes sir.
The lock code is,
it's system wide, yes.
No, the source code
is inaccessible.
Yes sir, I'm afraid the
backup is useless for that,
the program's indexing protocol.
I understand.
Yes sir.
Piece of, (GRUNTING)
Are you always so serious?
What's your name?
Hey, come here.
I want your love
I want your love
I want your love
I want your love
I want your love
I want your love
I want your love
(MOANING) Do you hear that?
No, I don't.
No, stop, don't.
Sam, wow.
I hardly recognized you.
You look different.
You look good.
Good to see you.
Sit down, sit down.
How's it going?
Did you find a job yet or,
SAM: No.
Well, how can I help you?
There have been some changes
in my life, Mr. Irving.
Big changes.
There won't be
any more problems.
No more slipups, no
I'm sorry, I, I
don't think I get
what you're driving at.
Yes, you do.
You can put me on
probationary terms if you wish
but I need to be reinstated.
You could do that, can't you?
Look, that's not how
things are done around here
and you know that.
Besides, you and I both know
what the other guys would think
when they hear about this.
It's just not gonna happen.
It has to.
The board listens to you.
I've worked here
for eight years,
more than most of the other
people in your department.
I am truly sorry for
what happened to you.
It's simply not going to work.
The damage has
already been done.
Your reputation is
really regrettable.
Look, um,
I can write you a letter
of recommendation.
Anything that you
need for help, but,
Now you have
something to regret.
What the hell
is he doing here?
ZACK: What the fuck?
I don't know.
I guess he just slowly
sleepwalked and made it in here.
Irving should have canned
his ass a long time ago.
God, guy's always
given me the creeps.
Didn't his brother go
wacko in Iran or something,
butchered four of his
own then slit his throat?
CRUZ: In Iraq.
Yeah, whatever.
Guess it runs in the family.
Bunch of damn crazies.
Oh, shut up, Gills.
He's just a doper.
Hey, hey, what
you doing here, man?
You miss your meditation spot?
Can we help you with something?
What, you forget your
pencil or something?
CRUZ: Maybe he's deaf now.
ZACK: Jesus, you really
are wired, aren't you?
Was Miller in here?
Did he say anything?
What did he say?
What's gotten into you, honey?
Talk to me.
Go away.
What did I do?
Did something happen at work?
Is it work?
Walter, talk to me.
Leave me alone!
I don't matter no more.
There's something in there.
I know it, I know it.
I can hear it.
It's getting close.
You Cruz?
Yeah, yeah.
I need it!
Where's the money, sucker?
Where's the shit,
where's the shit?
You need to come with me, Sam.
The treatment must be completed.
We can still help you.
You're not well.
You don't know
what you're doing.
Stop, please stop.
Let me out, let me out!
Hold on, baby.
You just have to calm down.
It hears everything!
What in god's
name is happening?
Please let me in.
Let me help you.
Let me out!
MAN: Synaptic
activities can become
extremely unstable.
Open the door.
(mumbling) crazy, crazy.
Let me in!
WOMAN: 911,
what's the emergency?
I need help.
My husband, he's very sick.
I don't know, he just.
I'm afraid he's
gonna hurt himself.
Work, work.
Come on, fuck, work.
Come on, come on.
Ah, ah, work!
WIFE: Hold on,
whatever's going on,
just please, please let me in.
Just hang on baby,
they're coming.
They're coming right now.
Oh my god baby,
what's happening?
Please, let me in.
Let me help you.
Open the door, baby.
I'm sorry.
A lot of strange things have
been happening around here.
Local PD are standing
on their heads
trying to figure it out.
All the same though,
very impressive.
What do you want?
What do I want?
Did you think you could
actually just wander around
randomly killing people, hmm?
The only reason why
there isn't a SWAT team
standing on your chest
right now is because of me.
You are my property now, Sam.
I don't want you to
have any illusion
as to who's in control here.
Are you sure about
that, Dr. Loro?
Ah, you know the good Dr.
Nash took quite a liking to you.
He seemed to think you
were some kind of prodigy,
that you had the key to
hidden emotional scapes.
Well I don't
believe any of that.
I believe in technology.
You see reality is nothing more
than a reflection of our minds.
Me, all I did was
build a better mirror.
Everything you are,
everything you feel
is because of me.
Is that right?
Oh that's right.
You know, you're not
gonna last long out here.
One phone call from me and,
come on.
Come back with me.
Without me, you're
as good as dead.
It's the only way.
There's another way.
You can get the
hell out of my sight
while you still have a chance.
Your brother was so
much more compliant.
What did you say?
What you think your
choice for this program
was totally random?
Huh, you're that gullible?
Your brother Ray
was one of my first
battlefield applications,
one of my favorite.
I mean this guy could
endure just about anything.
I own you.
Same way as I own that halfwit
compliant brother of yours.
Go ahead, struggle, go on.
The more you struggle, the
tighter it's gonna get.
You know, our little
episode down there
by the water's edge.
Huh, you crossed a very,
very distinct line.
A line that there's
no coming back from.
Oh yeah, go ahead, try.
Come on.
Your little mind games
aren't gonna work in here.
My lab, my rules.
You know,
you have no idea
what's at stake here.
You just happen to
be the last piece
in a puzzle.
A very complex puzzle.
And I'm about to plug you in.
Well, well, well,
look who's back.
I would have thought you'd be
a vegetable by now, Dr. Nash.
What an unpleasant surprise.
You realize how
many years of work
you would have cost me if it
wasn't for freak boy here, huh?
What are you doing to him?
What am I doing to him?
I'm doing what should
have been done but wasn't.
This isn't your post
graduate dissertation
on potions for
unhappy housewives.
We're making weapons here.
You're delusional.
You have no idea what
you're dealing with.
This is a non-scalable
strand, an aberration.
And you sir, your services
are no longer necessary.
The armament division
will never approve something
you can't even understand!
They already have!
What do you think
freak boy was doing
while he was wandering
around out there?
He's got himself one
hell of a body count.
You're killing him.
I am not doing anything
he wouldn't eventually
do to himself.
I can't let you do this.
Well you just,
Can you hear me?
Sam, breathe.
You need to breathe.
Stay with me.
Did I mess up, doc?
You saved my life.
Not me.
It was Ray.
It was you, Sam.
You all along.
Everything else
is just memories.
Whoah, we need to get
you to a hospital.
But no, I don't want.
Don't want?
What do you mean you don't want?
I'm so sorry I
got you into this.
I truly am.
I've done such
horrible things.
I remember everything.
I feel everything.
All of them, emotions.
I feel them all.
I'm always, blinding,
there's no more pain.
I'm free.
I feel,
Therefore I am.
Sam, Sam, bend!
You need to bend!
You need to bend!
expected, he turned out
to be more responsive
than all the others.
We're bringing him out soon.
Can't believe how
long he's been under.
I've never seen
anything like it.
Way below the E quadrant.
something all right.
What was he mumbling
when you came in?
His brother.
The poor guy never made it.
But this one's sure
to set a new record.
Whatever he set,
this man just got
a second chance at life.
Stars are my favorite show
Just go outside and let fly
Stars are my favorite show
Just go outside and let fly
The universe is getting on
You might as read
your tech tron
The universe is getting on
You might as read
your techno tron
Stars are my favorite show
Just go outside and let fly
Stars are my favorite show
Just go outside and let fly
Stars are my favorite show
Just go outside and let fly
Stars are my favorite show
Just go outside
and let it fly
And vanished
Remember you and
me in the moment
Dancing on a beach of oray
Photographs of
wine in the morning
Chasing words
and sadness away
Look at me and
don't be a stranger
People tree but not an array
Let me find a
way to the razor
And vanish once
again in a way
And vanish
And vanish