Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (2009) Movie Script

We are back!
Let's go!
Girl, you really got me now
You got me so I
don't know what I'm doin'
Girl, you really got me now
You got me so I can't sleep at night
Girl, you really got me now
You got me so I don't
know where I'm goin'
Oh yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I can't sleep at night
You really got me (Oh!)
You really got me (Whoa-oh)
Gimme the Black Beauty.
Alvin, take it easy up there.
You've got to share the spotlight.
You got it, Dave.
- Dave.
- I'm serious, Alvin. This is a charity benefit.
- It's not all about you.
- Sorry, Dave. I can't hear you...
over the thousands of fans
screaming my name.
I've got this.
I need a help, boys.
Alvin, will you please get down from there.
I can't hear you.
- Alvin, I'm not kidding.
- What?
Dave, look out!
Oh, Dave.
This should help with the pain.
I wannna talk to my boys.
I just gave you a sedative
that will take effect in about one minute, so...
But, let them in, quickly.
- Dave!
- You are alive! - Hey guys!
- It was an accident. I swear.
- Are you OK?
- I'm really sorry, Dave.
- I'll be fine.
I'm just gonna be stucked here for a while.
And until I get out, I made arrangements for
my aunt Jackie to come and stay with you.
Who is Aunt Jackie?
The one who sent us those mail package of
yummy popcorn for Christmas.
- Popcorn Jackie.
- You don't have much time Mr Seville.
Listen, I want you guys to go home
and live a normal childhood.
I even made arrangement
for you to go to school.
- School?
- Yes, school.
Simon, I'm putting you in charge.
- You are?
- I'm counting on you.
Dave, wait a minute.
Why is he in charge?
- He's counting on me.
- Dave, please, don't die.
He just sleeping.
He had a sedative.
Ah, a sedative.
Excuse me, I'm here to escort
the Chipmunks home.
We are not leaving Dave.
I'm putting my paw down on this one.
You come here.
I got it! I'll fix it! No, made it worse.
Please, please go.
More stress you put on persistent
the longer will take him to recover.
You are too slow, nanny.
You'll never hit me! I'm not going anywhere without Daaa.
...aaaydream believer, and a homecoming queen...
I hope for your sake
he stays asleep for the entire flight.
Maybe you should give him another shot.
Just to be sure.
Any ideas on how we gonna find aunt Jackie?
Follow me.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Excuse me, got you.
- Look, aunt Jackie! Aunt Jackie!
- Popcorn Jackie.
- Oh, come on dears.
- Yeah, we got you.
- Popcorn!
- Who's sending to Theodore's?
Oh, there is a plenty for everyone.
Give a hug first.
Come over here, you old teddy bear.
I'm not really much of a hugger.
Oh, boys, I want you to meet someone.
This is my grandson Toby. Toby?
Hi, I'm Theodore.
- Toby?!
- What, what happened?
- The boys!
- Oh, hey! Hey, how are you? I'm Toby. Nice to meet you.
Toby is living with me 'til he figures out
what he want to do with his life.
So far that means going beeoo-beeoo-beeoo
with his thumbs the all day.
For the record goin' beeoo-beeoo-beeoo with my thumbs
right now is keeping me in first place, and that's important.
- Toby get the bags.
- What bags?
- The lighters. Get the luggages.
- Oh, the lug, right. Let me get those...
- Toby!
- Get the brake! Get the brake!
I'm fine. Don't worry!
I'm so sorry, aunt Jackie. I'm so sorry.
Is she goin' to be ok?
Don't worry about me,
I will be home with no time.
I wouldn't be so sure.
It was an accident, I swear.
Been there, done that.
Several times.
I guess he will be taking care of us now?
I'll take frankly foster
of five hundred please-outs.
Ain't no problem. I can totally do this.
I mean, I took care of my cat...
until it ran away.
Well, 'ran away' is kind of strong wordin',
I think he just wanted his space.
I still see him around neighbourhood.
You know, he like hisses and claws at me. But I think
that's his way of saying we're still tight, you know.
You guys are nothing to worry about, seriously. 'Cause,
I'm not gonna be like Dave, you know, Dave is gone.
Not gone, not gone gone.
He is not dead. He's very much alive.
He completely coming back. I'm just
gonna be in his room, keepin' his bed warm.
I'll be doin'my thing, you'll be doin' your thing.
I mean, you don't need to know that I'm there.
We supposed to know that you there,
that's the whole idea.
Yeah, ok absolutely. You know that I'm there, I'm just... I'm not
gonna be like: I know everything, and you do this, and you do that.
I mean that.
All right, let's do this.
Oh, boy!
Theodore, we gonna be just fine.
The important thing is... we're all still alive.
Well, maybe my "Get Well" card will
help Dave to come faster.
It needs just a touch more glitter.
That should do it.
Who's hungry?
- Uh, uh me, me!
- Let's eat.
Nada. Find anything?
It's a food ghost town in here. Alvin?
Hello, the cheese balls are in the heat house.
Bingo. Dinner, she is aserved.
Hey, what are you doing in here?
A cheese ball?
Thumb boy, give me a second, real quick.
Alvin, I really need to focus, right now because
I'm one knockout away from my heavy weight title.
Can we play as well?
You know, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but else you don't
want see anyone get hurt and there gonna be fistsufferean flyin'.
We can play monopoly.
We play monopoly with Dave all the time.
That sounds funny.
We should do that sometime right.
Now, I got to back and floatin' like
a butterfly and stinging like the bee.
Who needs Toby, Theodore, you got us.
Yeah, who needs Toby? Boys, right this way.
I'm gonna puke.
Do you know what Dave would
say if he were here right now?
But I think it means to come more from the belly.
Get together.
Be cool.
- Helllooooo?
- Boys, it's me.
Well, I guess since you've answered the phone,
you haven't burned down the house yet.
- Have a little faith, Dave.
- Yes.
- What was that?
- Don't stress him out.
- Oh, that was... Aunt Jackie.
- Yeah, she's making us a tasty five-course meal.
Really? Can I talk to her?
She's practising her pole dancing.
Pole dancing? But, what happened with making dinner.
Guys, what's going on?
- Gotta go, Dave.
- Alvin, I'm not kidding!
- Get better!
- Alviiiiiiiiinnn!!!
Yep, nobody does that better than him.
Toby, Toby wake up.
- Sorry.
- No, that's okay. What is it?
- I had a nightmare.
- Oh, the nightmares. I hate the nightmares.
What was it?
I dreamt that we didn't have a family anymore.
Theodore, that couldn't happen.
No, you guys are tight.
Nothing could ever separate you.
Less like an eagle swooped
down from the sky like caw-caaaw!
Which couldn't happen ever. Why would
you think that ever happened, you know...
The Eagles are in Philadelphia.
Sweet dreams.
- Toby, make it stop.
- What are you doing?
There is something wrong with the clock.
It won't shut up.
I can't sleep.
That's the point.
It's an alarm clock.
It helps you wake up early in the morning.
Why anyone wanna wake up early?
For the school, you got to be there by eight.
- In the morning?
- Look, I don't like any others early anything more than you do.
But we are in this together, Alvin. Soon you get
to school, soon I get to compound and get back to sleep.
- You mean you don't stayin' with us in school?
- No, no, no.
I've done my time making very much.
- But school is fun, right?
- Fun? Well, I guess Maybe, it's... fun-ish..
Hey, it's my cat!
Hey kiddy it's me, remember?
I treated you good.
There, here we go.
Enjoy your first day in school.
See you around three-ish.
We got it. This got to be a walk in the park.
I'm frightening.
Hi, I'm Theodore.
Hi, I'm Theodore.
- Eagle.
- Go eagle!
That wasn't very fun-ish.
You must be our new students.
I'm Dr Rubin, the principal.
And we are the Chipmunks.
Yeah, that will explain the fur and booshy tales.
- Follow me, gentlemen.
- Gentlemen?
Oh, us. Right.
There was a minute left and
we were down by two...
And I mind couch: I don't care if my
leg is broken, put me in, I can win this...
I never get tired of that story.
So I hobbled out barely able to stand...
Did I mention my leg was broken?
- Mrs. Ortega?
- Yes?
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
- Well guys, welcome to home room.
- Good to be here, I hope.
So this is a classroom?
I love the smell of zit cream in the morning.
Hello ladies.
Hi, I'm Theodore. Hi, I'm Theodore.
Yes, he's Theodore in case you missed it.
And I am Simon.
My name Seville, Alvin Seville.
Enchante... mademoiselle.
Somebody's have to knock these guys down to size.
That should be pretty easy, really.
They are only eight inches tall.
I had 15 cars. I mean that's like
five more cars than anybody really needs.
I had seven maids.
Courtside seats to the Lakers.
Even my maids had courstside seats to the Lakers.
Now, look at me.
Look at me.
I lost everything.
Except for my dignity,
they can't take that away from me.
And it's all because of them.
Oh, hey ...crackers.
Now run around, hoping and praying
that I could find other animals that can...
sing or dance.
Wait a second, you don't sing, do you?
Hey, hey that's my muffin.
Give me my muffin! You dirty rat.
I will get you Chimpmunks.
Girls, we have to get out of here.
I can't see.
- My nose.
- That's my tail! - Sorry.
- Move your ass.
- Ok. Stop pushing me.
- We made it. - Jets Records!
- Phew!
Oh, my gosh. It's him! Ian Hawke!
Mr Hawke?
That voice! I can't get it out of my head!
Hello, Mr Hawke?
That not in my head, that's really happening.
- What do you want?
- We want to introduce ourselves.
That's right.
I'm Brittany. And this is my sister Eleanor.
Hello, sir. Such a pleasure to meet you!
And I'm their sister Jeanette. Although
I feel more like an Olivia or sometimes...
Anyway, we are the Chipmunk girls.
We will be just so honored
to have you to represent us.
You made Alvin and the Chipmunk stars.
We wanna be stars too, yeah!
And hangin' out with the Chipmunks.
Ok, now listen before we get all girly and giggly
about this, just tell me one thing...
You can sing, right?
Hang on, not here.
Why not we take this meeting upstairs
in my penthouse office?
This is so exciting.
Oh, my gosh, can you believe it?
My first penthouse office!
Oh, my... the Hollywood sign!
I thought you might like the view!
Ladies, tell me little
something about yourselves.
We grew up in a small town,
population 300 and...
Really? That's fascinating. Great!
All right, impress me!
One, two, three.
Three little birds,
sat on my window
And they told me
I don't need to worry.
Girl, put your records on,
tell me your favorite song
You go ahead, let your hair down
Sapphire and faded jeans,
I hope you get your dreams,
Just go ahead, let your hair down.
Girls, girls, girls.
Guess who just became the number one
Chipmunks' band in whole dang world?
Ian Hawke.
So, when can we meet the Chipmunks?
That's an excellent question
and the excellent answer is...
I don't really represent
Alvin and the Chipmunks anymore.
- Oh, no. Wha-what happened?
- Oh, classic tale.
Sweet and innocent when I met them,
they had nothing ...and then I work my butt of
to make them rock stars and...
They changed.
Turned out to be like bad cheese.
- No.
- That's terrible.
I know. I mean, I treated
Alvin like my own son, you know.
And he just goes and spits on me.
Literally. He filled his chipmunk's
cheeks with saliva and just had at it.
- Don't even get me started about Simon.
- But not Theodore, right?
It's the cuddly ones you have to watch for.
But why we are talkin' about them for, c'mon?
They are over, fired, nobledeute (noble death)...
Chipmunks' stupid sayin'.
Girl Chipmunks' stupid sayin'...
Fasten your seat belts!
So I eyed Jay Z's eyes right, and I said:
Jay, where is Beyonce?
And he says: She's holding a plate
full of cheese balls, turn around...
And guess what..
- She was.
- PS, Dave left me in charge.
We stay up to ten every night.
Look what I can do.
You're Theadorable.
- I am so sorry.
- That's cool. No harm done.
Not yet.
Girls, please, private conference.
Thank you.
Listen up, rock stars.
If you talk to those girls again
you're dead.
If you look at those girls again
you're dead.
If you even think about those girls...
- Are you thinking about them?
- Well, I am now.
- That's it.
- You are dead!
Get them, c'mon! Crack you, you dirty rats!
- That way. Over there!
- I'm runin'.
Hey Dumbo, catch me if you can.
- You are dead!
- Not!
It's stretching time!
Oh, boy.
- Eagle! Eagle!
- Get him.
- Move! Move!
- This way.
- Gotcha.
- Wait, wait, come up...
- It's swirley time.
- C'mon, c'mon guys, this is not so...
Please, please!
- That's a good look for you!
- Thank you.
- I can't swim. Help.
- Grab on Simon!
You okay?
Well, uh, considering that you just saved me
from drowning in a toilet...
I'm, uh, pretty good.
I'll be right back.
Alvin, Alvin!
We're not gonna solve anything with violence!
- It's the fatty ratty.
- Cut it out!
- This rat has serious junk in the trunk.
- Yeah, little fatty.
Simon, does this make my butt look smaller?
Theodore, your butt looks fine.
Those guys are just some jerks.
You threatened to climb inside of him
and build a nest.
That was out of line and not even sure
that is physically impossible.
- I should suspend all three of you.
- Please do.
Instead I have the better idea.
Due to budget cutbacks, we are in jeopardy
of loosing our beloved music program.
- That's awful.
- I know.
But, there is one small ray of hope.
Every year the District
sponsors a music competition...
And the winner school receives 25,000 dolars.
If we win, we can save our program.
And you want us to perform?
I begin to think that you are a fan?
Why don't you sleep on it.
- Wait.
- Great.
Promise me that you won't say anything.
The principal has a certain image to uphold.
If Mr Fencle ever finds out about this ta...
I just can't believe this, that you are actually
sitting in my office. I have all of your CDs.
I even went to see you last year in Denver.
That's where I got this.
It was my birthday.
And I was like... Oh, the Chipmunks!
So, what you say?
Will you represent our school?
Honestly suspension sounds pretty good to me.
Come on Alvin?
One for all, and three for one.
Well put, Theodore. Very well put.
Count us in.
Go Eagles!
Eagles? Where?
Ah, the penthouse limo.
Trs exclusivo.
Hey, isn't that that Chihuahua?
Ya know, from the movie?
Uh, yeah, yeah. I mean, of course it is.
Yeah, a lot of big names live here.
- Oh. Como esta?
- I must have his autograph!
Whoa, whoa, Brittany. You
wanna be a star, act like a star.
- You don't get autographs, you give 'em.
- Oh, right.
Hey, look over there, there's
a couple of the Jonas Brothers.
- Where? I don't see them.
- Here we are.
Ok, let's scootin' to my apartment...
What? Did I... Oh, darn it! Darn it to heck!
- What? What's wrong?
- Girls, I apologise but...
I seem to left my keys back in my office.
What if one of you shroud through that mail
slot and open it up for me from the inside?
I'll do it.
I'm stuck.
All right, I got you, I got you!
Not so hard.
I wanna lay off the nuts.
All right, how about you, glasses?
You are in better shape. Wanna go?
- Well I'm not that good in things like this.
- I got it!
Gee, Willakers!
Great. Bingo! This is the best treehouse ever!
A red piano.
- Is this a dream?
- Stand by and catch me.
- It's much better than a tree!
- I just adore a penthouse view!
Nice one, Hawke.
- You like it?
- Sure, Ian.
- I live here.
- It's so beautiful.
The last time we visited Meerkat Manor...
Arrival group called the Commanders...
was making large indoors
in to the Whiskers' teritory.
Toby, I thought I was messy,
but this is really disgusting.
I feel like livin' in a dumpster.
Simon, it's Meerkat Manor on it. Watch with me.
You're right. I thik I'll relax,
feelin' my nerves little bit...
What is this?
You got to be joking? A taco.
In a blanket? Toby!
Ladies and gentlemen, goin' for his turkey
is the Tobster.
Come on baby.
No problem.
Watch and learn, my friends.
Oops, broken TV, I think this is the time
to play my second favorite game.
Hide the broken TV from Dave.
You wanna play?
- No!!!
- Go easy on him, Taco Boy.
This day has been bad enough already.
Oh, I think I see what's going on.
- You guys are having some problems at school.
- No, not really...
Unless you consider, having your head
dumped in public toilet, a problem...
Squirrelees are the worst.
At least, that's what I heard.
Because, there is no way that I
possibly know that, on a personal level.
Toby, what was school like for you?
- Toby? Tobyyy!!!
- What?
What was school like for me? In a word?
But, you know that 'cause I was like...
Extremely popular.
- Is that why you are still live with your grandmother?
- And refer to yourself as Tobster?
And go peeoo-peeoo-peeoo all day?
Bed time.
Alvin! Alvin wake up and turn off the alarm.
Alvin, I'm not kidding. I'm
not kidding, buddy, turn it off!
Guys, guys...
Boys, this isn't funny.
Hello? I need help.
A man got us.
He wants to take us to eternal place.
- School.
- Howgh! - Have a heart.
Have a heart. Dave wants you to school,
so you are goin'.
Don't worry about taking us three, Toby.
We gonna be all right.
- If it hurts?
- Guys, come on.
Trust me, the second day is
never as bad as the first.
Glasses! Glasses!
You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would y...
Right in the pancreas.
C'mon, Alvin! Remember the five D's!
Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge!
You're next, furball.
You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?
I'm the only one here,
so you must be talkin' to me.
- Did you see that?
- Hallelujah!
Unbelievable, he caught it.
You're out, man.
And the tackle made, she got's in.
- He got hands.
- I think that's paws actually.
We can definitely use him on the team.
Hey, furball, how would you like a spot
in the football team?
- Football? Moi?
- I got to say you're good.
I'm gonna let you hangin' out with us at lunch.
That is, if you wanna be on the team?
- Interesting proposition.
- Alvin?
- Maybe I'll get back to you on that.
- This is a one-time offer.
Don't take too long and think it over.
Great, but I will dish my brothers!
Just to become the first chipmunk ever to
play an actual pose on a football team.
No chance.
The stadium is unanimous.
It stots and goes, it's out, it's out...
and he catches it!
The crowd goes crazy.
I think that super cool jock table
is paging you.
Why would I go over there?
Look, if I really need
to worry about being popular.
Hello, talking Chipmunk.
World-famous rock star...
Dive with his own flesh doll.
Guys, I'm on pajamas.
Not to toot my own horn bike.
Come on, it's delectable.
- Just go, Alvin.
- Really? You really mean it?
- Yeah.
- Thanks. I'll be right back.
- What's up, geeks?
- What's up, man?
Bring it.
I got it, I got it I...
- I think he's cute.
- Me too.
Call me.
I'm tellin' you, Chipmunks are old news.
I got the next big thing.
Singing female Chipmunks.
God, what part of singing female chipmunks
some of this people do not understand...
Girls, we are goin' to school.
He's up, and he scores.
Hey, right up, ass? Wow,
don't hate on a high five?
Yeah, high five.
Look Alvin, I know you've guys been busy with
your sporting gathers and what not...
- But I can really use your help at home.
- Oh, no can do.
Ryan is gonna teach me how
to get pretty girls to do my homework.
Alvin, you promised Theodore we hang out.
We are watching Meerkat Manor tonight.
No pretty girls.
- Dude, I can't swing it today.
- That's what you say every day, Alvin.
Not to remind you it's
your day to do the laundry.
Better listen to your daddy, Alvin.
You don't wanna get grounded?
- Are you going to pick that up?
- Are you going to make me?
Au contraire, mon frre! I'm just
going to elegantly show you how it's done.
Off the glass.
And you call yourself a jar.
My brother, he's a real jokester.
Always do.
I'll see you guys around.
- That's my play.
- That's my play.
Why are you tryin' to embarrass
me in front of my friends?
Are you kidding me?
They are the ones which should be embarrassed by.
- Good luck with the show, guys.
- First row seats. Can't wait!
So, which song are we gonna sing?
No pressure, but the whole school
is counting on us.
Oh, relax! It's like Ryan said:
Who's gonna beat singing chipmunks?
Finally. Oh, Simon is dreamy.
- I think Theodore was looking at me!
- Yeah, I know.
But guys remember what Ian said?
We can't trust them.
- What happened?
- I never thought I'd say this but...
- Pink is my new favourite colour.
- Her glasses were quite fetching.
She's like a beautiful green gumdrop.
If you guys want to do this
you got to pay attention.
- Maybe, this is a good time for us to take a break.
- Good call, take five.
She's right. We need to focus.
This is for my screen saver.
- Hey buzz!
- Hey guys? Are you guys ready to go?
'Cause I've got a lot of important staff
to do at home.
- You must be their guardian?
- God, that I am. Yes I am.
Hi. How are you, Dr Rubin? I know that
because I went to school here a few years ago.
I don't know if you remember me,
Toby Seville probably not...
Toby? No way? Hi! Hey, no braces.
- I think it's great.
- I did...
I did get the braces off, 'cause they were just...
I know a guy who actually works on drum heads.
I'll be in the car, guys.
Somebody is in love.
We are going to replace everything.
Chipmunks' honor.
The old false modestly suck up routine.
- I thought I smelled a rat.
- May I help you Mr Hawke?
I was wondering if I could help you,
I just heard about your musical competition...
and I just get down here as quickly as I could
to volunteer my girls.
That's very thoughtful of you,
but I've already made up my mind.
Perhaps this will change your mind.
They are with Ian?
One, two, one, two...
You change your mind,
Like a girl changes clothes
I should know,
That you're no good for me
'Cause you're hot then you're cold
You're yes then you're no
You're in and you're out
You're up and you're down
You're wrong when it's right
It's black and it's white
We fight, we break up
We kiss, we make up
'Cause you're hot then you're cold
You're yes then you're no
You're in and you're out
You're up and you're down
'Cause you're hot then you're cold
You're yes then you're no
You're in and you're out
You, you don't really wanna stay, no
You, but you don't really wanna go, oh
Good people of West Eastman, you have
just witnessed the debut...
Of the Chipettes!
Thank you!
- Well?
- They were splendid. But as I said before...
I have made my decision.
I see.
You've made your decision.
I don't need to speak out of school doctor,
but in the true spirit of democracy...
which our great wonderful country was
founded upon...
I say, let the people vote.
Let them choose.
One person, one vote, I say, let us vote!
Let us vote.
Let us vote.
Please don't be a flasher granby...
let them sing.
Let us vote.
You make a persuasive case, Mr Hawke.
All right, here is what I'm going to do.
This friday, each group will perform
one song in front of the student body.
Whoever gets the most applause, well,
will represent the school.
Thank you. We made it.
Oh, it is on, like Donkey Kong!
The Meerkats huddle together, at
the end of a dramatic day...
to reaffirm their family bond.
The whiskers are going to have
to rely on each other more than ever.
Guys, I'm so happy that Mrs Ortega
can rehearsal with us every day after school.
- Wow! Every day?
- Stop right there, ok!
We are the team, we need you.
Would you relax? We are not going to lose.
We'll talk about this in the morning.
Not much to talk about.
I will see you at the rehearsal.
- Stop huggin'.
- I am not huggin'.
You might as well be really obstacles in the
face countryside because you are in fact huggin'.
- I'm not.
- I saw, and saw...
I think I will sleep in my own bed tonight.
You know for me, I'm so glad I'm not a meerkat.
- Oh, really? And why is that?
- I would never hug with you!
Toby, can I sleep with you?
- What?
- Be kind to me.
My brothers are fighting.
What? Geeeee... ok.
Man, Dutch Oven!
Not the Dutch Oven!
Anything but the Dutch Oven! I can't breath!
It's to late! It burns! It burns!
Now, let's see. What else am I in the mood for?
How about a side order of
friendly advice, courtesy of me?
No, thanks.
Grapes, please.
Heh, heh. Excuse me. Ahem. So, uh, well,
I, I, I just wanted to warn you... about Ian.
You should be grateful to him. He did everything
for you, Alvin, and you broke his heart.
Hmm, really. How do I put this gently!
He's the devil,
he doesn't have a heart,
and one of the things he did for us
was put us in a cage!
- Oh, Alvin, he would never do that.
- Yeah, guess, you were there, I forgot...
- You, you'd better watch out.
- I don't need any advice from you.
- But...
- But, nothing, Alvin! Ian's taking us straight to the tooooooopppp!
Right, straight to the top. I got it.
Yeah, funny. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Hah, hah we are, so, going
to destroy those Chipmunks!
- I don't want to destroy them.
- Me neither. I just want to hang out with them.
All right, look. If you feel that way...
- Maybe we should just withdraw from the contest.
- What?!
I'll put you all in Fedex package and mail you
back to whatever tree you came from.
Sounds good? Ok then.
Take room from the top. Let's go!
Wow, wow stop.
Short one in a green dress...
- What's your name again?
- Eleanor.
Yeah, look. I'm losin' you there, you know.
Have you always been that short?
- I guess.
- You've got to work on that.
Ok, all right. Let me try somethin' here.
Brittany, here. Come up here.
No, you two stay back.
A little further.
Oh, yeah! Now that I like!
It's not just because Brittany is more
than mega-ultra superstar than you guys.
Good, good. Ok, you know what, let's get a
little more separation. Brittany, stay there.
Get a little more separation from you guys.
Give her some room! Give her some room, guys.
All right. Watch me now.
One, two, three... Watch me.
Watch me now.
- Hello?
- Toby?
What are you doing in the house?
Where is Aunt Jacky?
Dave, hey Dave, what's happenin'?
Aunt Jacky is in the hospital.
I am a little worried.
Who's watcin' the boys?
I am.
- So, Dave, how is Paris?
- Wait, are the boys behaving?
Absolutely. They've been just pitchy.
- Toby, what's going on?
- Nothing. Don't even worry about it.
You know, I know that you're
not suppose to be stress down.
So I'm gonna go right now, but it's all good here.
Come home soon. Bye.
Nurse, get me out of here!
I don't mean to interrupt your game but I
saw you stand up to Ryan when he littered...
- That's to guts.
- Really?
That's the kind of guy we are looking for.
Jeremy Smith, Student body president.
- How do you do, I am...
- International recording star...
- And litter monitor Simon Seville.
- Litter monitor?
Litter monitor,
it's a new position that we've created,
to help raise awareness to the presssing problem
in our society.
I agree 99% plus 1.
You did the math.
Simon, I know this is a lot to ask...
We are lookin' for a take-charge guy who
take charge of this very rewarding position.
What do you say?
Excuse me, everybody.
Quick announcement.
I'm Simon, I am the Litter monitor.
Put your trash in a garbage can. He's out.
Hello, ladies. You are probably unaware
that you've thrown a racker on the ground, so...
We gonna just call this morning warning.
Carry on.
- Right up, dudes?
- What up, pal!
Hey, everybody! Check it out.
The newest member of the football team.
- Soon enough for his first away game.
- Guys, don't mess with me.
I talked to couch.
You are in.
- That's great. Awesome.
- So, check it out, hey man...
We are watchin' the new litter monitor.
I even wasn't aware that school even had
a litter monitor.
It don't but don't tell him that.
- Are you goin' to pick it up?
- No.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that,
I guess I'm going to have to, anyway a tuition.
No, I got a suition from littery.
Oh, you wanna play that game, do you?
Guess what, I can play that game all day long.
It's a joke, dude.
Litter is no joking matter.
You're the joke.
We are messing with you.
There is no such a thing as Litter monitor.
Big liar, huh!
You knew about this, Alvin?
Spelling "brother" mean anything to you?
Yes, of course.
Well, yes he has some new brothers
now he is on football team.
You still hadn't pick up that litter.
Want me to get rid of litter?
- Let's start with you.
- Hey, let go, let go. Noooo!!
Touch down.
I'll catch with you guys in a second.
Ok, I'm a total jerk, I admit.
So are we cool now?
Ok, I'm going to put this behind us...
- For Theodore's sake.
- I know.
That's why I'm giving you my...
The Alvin currency that I will be on
that stage Friday night.
Wait, wait, wait!
Why woudn't you be there?
Because I had a...
- What?
- I...
- You have a what?
- A socker ball game. Now I said it.
A football game.
- Simon, Alvin is everything alrigt?
- Theodore. Hello!
Yes, we are fine.
Just a little dumpster wrestling.
- It's crazy in here.
- Right.
Don't worry Theo, everything is gonna be fine.
- Alvin, do not miss that Sing all.
- Don't worry, Simon.
I'll be there. I can prove.
Hey guys, thanks so much for helping out today.
"Toys for Tots" is a really cool organization.
So, everybody is gettin' cool points today.
- What's goin' with Theodore?
- I have no idea.
- Hey Eleanor, why don't you see if Theodore needs some help?
- Ok.
- They don't look very comfortable.
- My shoes?
- They are not.
- But Ian says that I need to work on being higher.
Well... I think you look
great just the way you are.
You do?
Hi, you've reached Dave Seville,
please leave a message.
Hi, Toby.
This is Julie Ortega, we talked yesterday...
a sort of it.
Anyway, the reason I'm calling,
is that I am worried about Theodore,
he's been acting a little down lately.
I hope you are going to the "Sing All" Friday.
You know in his down,
Theodore needs all the support he can get.
So, I'll see you there.
I hope we get a chance to talk. Bye.
Ok, folks. Time to
get behind your Warriors...
They are listening Eagles down by five,
with only thirty seconds left on the game.
- Time is running out for the...
- ...He really needs to make a move here or...
This game is over.
- I know, put me in.
Hey, put me in.
- Time out, Time out.
- Time out Eagles.
Number 15 got nine seconds
to make it to the game.
All right boys, it's time for the big A.
I'm going to crush them and burn them to pain.
The Alvinator is in the house.
Are you sure about this?
Four to ten say that we need to go
for the secret weapon.
Chip is right.
He left decision on me.
Time to make history, boys.
I'm taking you down, Jennifer.
You are the one going down, rat face.
I'm going to crack you like an acorn
and eat you for dinner.
With some fava beans and a nice chianti.
Is this something about my father?
One, two...
I'm comin'!
That's what I'm talkin' about.
Don't hate the pain, hate the game.
I love the hunt, man.
Final score: Eagles 15. The Warriors 14.
What you think about that, sucker?
- That's what I'm talking about.
- You're really muscle chipmunk.
Give me a A, give me an O,
give me a W, give me an E, give me a M...
How that spell... awesome.
I am the king of the world.
Party with Alvin.
Everybody to the beach house.
Let's do it.
Look guys,
I just want you to know that I'm here for you.
There is plenty of time. I'm gonna go find Alvin.
Everything is gonna work out.
- Thank you, Toby.
- Ladies and gentlemen, Dr Rubin.
Thank you, students. Thank you.
Welcome to our exiciting
"Sing All" Competition...
Between the Chipmunks
and the Chipettes.
Remember students, there
are no winners or losers.
Remind me to tell the Chipmunks that one,
when we blow up off the stage.
...To our school, a chance to win 25000 dollars
to save our music department.
So, without further due,
I give you... the Chipettes.
This is it girls, can you believe it.
Brittany, your time to shine baby.
- Go up there and knock them dead.
- Yes sir, I can do it.
- You two I just wanna let you know, not to get in Brittany's way.
- Ah, ok.
All the single ladies.
All the single ladies
All the single ladies.
All the single ladies
All the single ladies
All the single ladies.
All the single ladies.
Now put your hands up
Up in the club, we just broke up
I'm doing my own little thing
You decided to dip
but now you wanna trip
Cuz another brother noticed me
Cuz if you liked it then
you should have put a ring on it
If you liked it then
you should put a ring on it
Don't be mad once
you see that he want it
If you liked it then
you shoulda put a ring on it
You like what you see,
call Ian Hawke...
Don't worry, Simon, Alvin will walk
through that door any minute now. Alvin!
I'm back.
- Thank you so much. Thank you.
- Well done, ladies.
And now, let teared for the group that
will rock you like a hurricane.
At least that is what many of you
students have told me.
Here they are... the Chipmunks.
Hey, you know they say there is no "I" in
the word "team", and they are right.
But, you know where is "IN"?
Such to be you.
Sadly, he's correct.
- Did you find him?
- Guys, sorry, I searched the whole perimeter.
And I don't know why, but
the team is not back yet.
What should we do?
I would...
I would ask someone... who's not me.
I know what we should do.
Hi, everyone.
Our brother, Alvin couldn't be here today.
Thing is, we never performed without Alvin ..
...and we are not starting now.
You can't have two little pigs,
you can't have only two musketeers so...
You know you can't have only two chipmunks.
Thank you.
I'll take you home.
You hear that, girls?
That... is the sound of success.
I relize how devastated you...
Chipmunks' funs must be...
So I guess that means that the Chipettes...
Come on girls, let's take a victory lap.
Hey, come on guys, let's go.
Britt, we have to.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Life is good.
Especially when you're not a loser.
Hey guys? I'm here.
Oh, great.
They are gone, Alvin.
- They never gonna forgive me.
- You know... Alvin...
Ian was right.
You don't care about anyone except yourself.
And oh, by the way,
I never wanna to win this way.
Simon, are you awake?
Theodore, I don't blame you for being mad.
I ran away from home?
Don't look for me in the Zoo,
because I'm not there.
Oh, no Theodore...
Meerkat family?
Is anyone home?
My name is Theodore, I like to be in your family.
Maybe they are hiding.
Don't be afraid.
You are not a meerkat!
Toby, you take the lions,
the tigers and the bears...
Simon and I will take the butterfly room.
Nice Eagle.
Don't move Theodore.
No problem there.
Hang in there, hang little guy.
We'll get you out from there.
Ok, we need a plan.
And we need carefuly executed plan.
Or you can just ride in there like a maniac.
Theo, watch out.
Hi, I'm Theodore...
Hey birdy, look up in here, are you hungry?
Catch this "A"?
That's for appetizer.
Let's all just relax, and
we talk this out, ok!
Look, I guess why you want Theodore, I do,
but I'm sorry, I can't let that happen.
He's my brother.
Not let him know that, because
I've been a such a big jerk lately.
If anyone deserves to be eaten, it's me.
Not really.
I got you, Alvin.
Watch to the eagle.
Their only mortal enemy is a piggy elephant.
Luckily I speak a little habitat.
I think it's working.
Guys, that was huge.
He's right.Now we are one for all
and three for one?
Come on, Simon, hug it out.
You know I'm sorry, Sy.
Sy, don't make me up to kiss you because
I'll do it.
I don't care.
Here come the lips!
The makeout train leaving the station.
I think after all, I'll take that hug.
Justine, call Ian Hawke.
Morris, get me that Ian Hawke
on the phone.
There you are.
My sweet little money makers.
Do you remember when I told you
that I would make you all big stars?
Well, guess who's opening up for Britney Spears
at Staples Center tonight?
Am I dreamin'? Oh, my gosh!
Oh, wait, we can't.
We'll miss the school concert!
That's correct.
You will miss the school contest.
You are so smart, I can't never get
anything being passed by you.
It was never about that stupid school contest,
it was always about making Brittany a star.
That's what you wanted, right?
- Well... yes.
- Tonight is your big chance.
It's all about you, Brittany.
But what about Jeanette and Eleanor?
They can sing backups,
I got them some staff too.
- We are her sisters.
- We either sing together or not at all!
Ok, fine.
All I ever needed is the B-girl.
Ian, I won't do it without them.
Ok, fine, fine. Let's move on to Plan B.
Ok, who likes barbecue?
Because I know this awesome little barbecue restaurant
in the valley, that makes the best roasted chipmunks.
Real tasty.
Unless of course, you wanna sing?
Welcome to West Eastman, and thank you
for supporting music in our schools.
Now remember, the group you pick tonight,
will win 25000 dollars for their school.
Now there's got a lot of acts, and we have to
trow heat off by nine-thirdy so...
...without no further due, representing Orange
girl put your hands together for... Lou Rosarro.
We meet again.
You wanna a piece of it?
Ian Hawke?
I'll take that.
I didn't realise that you are runnin' a low life.
- Alvin, - Brittany?
- Aren't you guys still interest?
I'm not gonna be able to perform tonight.
What about the music department?
The whole school is counting on you.
I know, I know.
I had to listen to you about Ian.
Don't tell me...
Yes, he locked us in a cage.
This is this the biggest you have? I have a license to call
and asked for the biggest thing, that's not the biggest what you got.
I will go and take the news to Dr Rubin.
- Brittany?
- Alvin, don't move.
You got it.
Brittany, I'm comin' to get you.
Simon, how do you know to hit a lock?
Roger that.
I need to get to those girls.
I know how.
The third number is notoriously
the hardest to crack...
I'm assuming that provide
number that we can't assume...
The first two numbers are one.
I got to go with one.
It opened.
- All right, girls...
- Ian is coming.
Put the phone back, hurry!
Get ready to be fabulous.
We are ready.
Yeah, you're better be. Because tonight's
performance it's gonna put me back on the top.
And now please welcome... Cherisse.
Driver man, take me to the Arena.
The VIP entrance.
Tout de suite.
A little moonroofs actions.
Moonroofs are go, moonroofs, roofs, roofs...
If you don't mind...
If I do...
You know why I don't mind if I do?
Because tonight we've got to toast...
To a very special someone, named me.
They said I couldn't do it,
they said I never bounce back.
Guess what?
Time to kiss my ass.
A toast! To the ladies who gonna
make the world forget about the Chipmu...
No, no, no, no!
What are doin'? Alvin.
Hi Ian! Good to see you. You look alright!
No, no! I signed a contract.
- Jump, Jeanette. -Wait!
- I'm not really good...
I bet it you don't perform.
- Gas, Alvin.
- You got it!
Hey, Ian! In the words of McDonald, you're fired!
- Hey guys, any sayin' about Alvin yet?
- No Alvin and no Chipettes.
Just Dr Rubin and the entire
school are counting on us.
Well, you know... you know don't worry
everything will work out... ish.
- Faster Alvin!
- Don't worry...
I'm gonna get a real help
from my friend, stay there.
Roger that Alvin.
Just like I'm back on the racetrack.
Where you going?
What are you doing?
Wait 'til I tell everybody back home that
I've saved Alvin Seville.
I think I owe you an apology about Ian.
Stick with me Britt.
I'll never stay alive.
Oh yeah, I'll never got to do that.
I got to say, he's definitely persistant.
- We got to lose him.
- Hang on.
I got a plan, jump on a count of three!
- Oh, that's it.
- I didn't like heights.
- Keep your tight Jeanette.
- Bring my girls right to me.
- We need a remote.
- Guys, I know what have to do.
Hats off on Ian.
The remote.
I can't reach it.
I'm doing it.
Hold my ankles.
I got it.
I got it?
- Well done, Jen.
- Top work, Jeanette.
Hey Ian, you were wrong.
I don't need these.
- Bye bye.
- Adios, Ian.
And now, for our final act of the night...
And, listen we have last second change to the line
up, but we don't think you gonna be to disapointed.
Representing West Eastman it's... the Chipmunks.
We may have to go up there, Theodore.
If there are no Chipmunks
we gonna have to move on.
I don't wanna be good again.
I'm sorry, but we have to move on.
I'm not a Chipmunk, as you can see.
Where is the music you loser?
Where is the music? Music?!
Ok, I got to song.
Well, that... was huge.
Thank you.
The Chipmunks are in the building.
- It is the Chipettes!
- Alvin.
Hello, West Eastman.
I'm puttin' her down.
Hang on.
- Alvin.
- Give me the high-five, brothers.
Ladies and gentlemen, representing West Eastman
it is my great pleasure...
This is such an honor.
- For you or for us?
- For us.
We get it! Come up, guys.
And now I give you the
Chipettes and the Chipmunks.
We are family
Everyone can see we're together
As we walk on by
And we fly just like birds of a feather
I won't tell no lie
Just let me state for the record
We're giving love in a family dose
We are family
I got all my sisters with me
We are family
Get up everybody and sing
Thank you.
Hey everybody, it's clear that we have a
winner of the 25000 dollars...
And it's West Eastman High.
Guys, we did it.
It's all yours, Dr Rubin.
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Staples Center
is proud to welcome the Chipettes.
Hi everyone, I'm Jeanette
and I am Eleanor.
And I'm Brittany.
And we are the Chipettes.
One, two, three.
- Dave, you are dancing.
- You are even good, Dave. Yeah!
- Welcome home.
- So, did you miss us?
Of course I missed you.
You are my boys.
Ok Dave, just did how much you miss us.
There are now six of us.
Alvin, what did you say?
The Chipettes need a place to cresche, right?
So I said that you said, they can stay with us
for as long as they needed to.
Ok, this works for Dave.
Everybody shake what your mama gave ya!
Look at you.
All ready for bed.
Looks like the Chipettes
had a good influence.
Thanks, Dave.
Ok guys now lights out.
Good night everybody.
- Alvin?
- I'm not tired.
Sorry, but you've got school tomorrow.
Not tired.
Alvin, come on. It's time for bed.
Not tired.
Still not tired. More light.
Tired. Just kidding.
Much more light.
Alvin, that's it!
Don't make me come over there...
Oh boy, I finally got relly, really tired.
Good night, Dave.