Always a Winner (2023) Movie Script

(soft, gentle music)
(putter clinks)
(audience applauds)
- Can you believe that girl?
She had a four-shot lead
and took all that time
to line up a two-foot putt.
- At least we don't have to
worry about her next year.
- She is only a junior,
but you girls played really well today.
I'm proud of you.
Let's go.
(bright, soft music)
(door knocks)
- Coach Kelly.
I wanna show you something.
- How are you, Mrs. Ricketts?
- I'm good, how about you?
- I'm doing good, thanks.
You ready to start a new school year?
- I am.
You know, this year begins
my 10th year anniversary
as a guidance counselor here.
- Wow, well, congratulations.
- Thank you.
So, let's talk golf.
- Oh, okay.
- Orange Hills Academy
added the golf program,
what was it, three years ago?
- That's right.
- And Coach Donnelly was the
coach for the first two years,
and then when she had her baby,
you joined our staff and coach last year.
- Right again.
- And both of you have done
a wonderful job building this program.
- Thank you.
- So, does the name
Emily Hilton ring a bell?
- Emily Hilton, yeah, from Bart Christian?
Yeah, she won the State Golf
Championship last spring.
- Your old stomping grounds.
- Well, if going to school there
nine years ago is old, then yeah.
(Coach Kelly giggles)
- What place did your team
finish in that tournament?
- We came in 8th.
- And you have two of your top three girls
coming back this year, Madison and Hannah.
- Right.
- But you don't have that one great golfer
who can compete with the best of them,
like Emily Hilton, do you?
- I do not.
- Well, now you do.
- Madison?
You're not gonna believe who I just saw.
- Who?
- You don't believe it.
- Who?
- Guess.
- How can I guess?
- She plays golf?
- Uh, I don't know.
- Guess big.
- Hannah, will you just tell me?
- I just saw Emily Hilton.
- What?
- Emily Hilton goes to
Orange Hills Academy.
- You're kidding.
- No.
- You mean the girl who thinks
she's the greatest golfer
since God created girl golfers
is going to our school?
- That's right.
- So, have either of
you talked to her yet?
- I haven't.
- I can't remember what she looks like.
- Well, we did lose Olivia last year,
and we don't have anyone
to replace her yet.
- I thought we had a couple of other girls
who were going to play.
- Yeah, we do, but they're just beginners.
They're not at Olivia's playing level.
- Well, I guess you got your work
cut out for you then, Coach.
- You girls, you should
be thrilled that a player
of Emily's caliber's gonna be on our team.
- Yes, thrilled.
- She does give us a
chance at the team title.
- Wait.
I think Olivia's little sister
is a freshman this year,
and she's gonna play.
She's like good as Olivia is.
- Oh good, then we don't
need what's her name.
- Olivia's little sister is in 8th grade.
See if you can become friends with Emily.
I don't have her in any of my classes,
but I'll try to talk to
her when I see her around.
- You got it, Coach.
I'll tell her the girls boxing team
needs a new sparring partner.
- Become friends with Emily.
This is a Christian school.
Make it your mission.
(soft, bright music)
- [Hannah] Hi, Emily.
- Do I know you?
- Not yet, but you will.
- Why is that?
- Because we're on the golf team.
Like, the top two players.
- I'm Hannah.
- And I'm Madison.
- Coach Kelly is our coach.
- Coach Kelly, as in Suzanne
Kelly, formerly Suzanne King?
- Yeah, do you know her?
- Yeah, I broke all of her golfing records
at Park Christian when she was there.
Not that it was hard.
- Well, she's a great coach.
- Like I said, I broke all of her records.
But we need her.
Somebody has to drive us to the matches.
- Well, we just thought
we'd introduce ourselves.
Coach Kelly is a PE teacher
and coaches soccer in the fall,
then we start golf in March.
- You'll like Coach Kelly.
- And you'll learn a lot from her.
- I doubt it.
I'm a better golfer than she was.
- Hey Emily, let me ask you something.
Are you a Christian?
(soft, tense music)
- I'm going to a Christian
school, aren't I?
- I didn't ask if you were at school,
I asked if you were a Christian.
- Well, this is gonna be a fun team.
- Yeah.
We can't wait.
All right, well, it looks
like you've filled out
everything you're supposed to, so submit.
- Submit.
That is the first of many
possible scholarships
I can apply to at Zion Christian College.
- And that one took forever.
- Yes, it did.
- Well, we'll apply to
the others in the days
and weeks ahead and pray the
Lord allows you to get one.
- Yep.
- And you're sure about
your golf scholarship?
- Yes, Coach Kia is
giving me what she can,
based on my current playing ability.
- Okay, and we're figuring
with you working part-time,
looks like you need about $5,000 more.
- Per year, for four years.
20 grand.
Well, that's easy, I'll just get
a second part-time job,
and that'll cover it.
- Oh no, young lady.
You'll have a full schedule,
plus a part-time job, plus golf?
No, you need one of these scholarships.
- But what if I don't get one?
- And that's why we're going
to apply to community college.
- But mom, I want to go to Zion.
- I know, but you know where
your father stands on school loans.
- Lots of kids take loans.
- Madison, we've had
this discussion before.
- Can't you get Dad to change his mind?
- No, your father doesn't
want you borrowing money,
which translates, no school loans.
You go where you can afford to go.
- But I want to go to Zion.
- Fine.
If you can get the money that
you need, congratulations.
But if not, you need
a backup plan, agreed?
- And so, I need to come up
with about $5,000 more a year.
- Well, maybe you could
get another scholarship.
- Maybe, but it's not a guarantee.
I need to come up with
an alternative plan.
Got any ideas?
Well, you could become a scratch
golfer and get a full ride.
- Improve 10 shots in
golf is coming season?
I wish.
- Hey, the Lord knows
that you wanna go to Zion,
and He also knows where
he wants you to go.
So, you just trust Him
to direct you, okay?
All right, I've got practice,
but I'll see you tomorrow.
- Thanks, see you, Coach.
- Dear Coach Kia, I
hope you are doing well.
I want to bring something
to your attention
about Madison Pierce.
Her first choice for college is Zion,
and she definitely wants
to continue playing golf.
Her father does not want
her to take a school loan,
so we are trying to find her
as much scholarship money as we can.
I'm aware of the scholarship
amount you have offered her,
but would it be possible to
offer her any additional money?
Please let me know.
Thank you for your consideration.
God bless, Suzanne Kelly.
(soft music)
- [Teen] Do you guys know what today is?
- Uh, it's Saturday?
- Yeah, but it's a special day.
Do you know, Hannah?
- Today's a special day, for who?
- For me.
- Today's a special day for Bree?
- Not her birthday.
- That's not until October.
- It's not her in her anniversary.
- That's not until she gets married.
- But you're getting closer.
- We're getting closer.
- You're getting married?
- No.
- Okay, then we give up, what?
- Zach and I have been dating
exactly six months today.
- Oh, I thought this
was something important.
- Madison.
- Wow, six months already.
That's great. Bree.
- And I'm in love.
- Bree, you have been in
love at least a dozen times.
- I have not.
- Yes, you have.
I can think of three boys off
the top of my head, right now.
Carson, Jordan, and Cooper.
- Carson was in the 4th grade,
Jordan the 5th, and Cooper the 7th.
- But you were in love with all of them.
- Those don't count, this is real love.
I'm a 16-year-old woman
now, soon to be 17.
And I'm truly in love.
- So, Miss Truly-in-Love,
does this affect your
plans when you graduate?
- Nope.
We both plan to go to Bethany University,
and I plan to study
abroad our junior years,
because that's something I've always
wanted to do since middle school.
- And Mr. Six-Months is
good with all of that?
- Yep, wherever I go, he wants to go too.
Now, if that isn't true
love, I don't know what is.
- Sounds like true love to me.
(teens giggle)
- Hello, Suzanne.
- Hey, Rachel, how's it going?
- Well, other than trying
to teach English to seniors
who already had enough English
their first three years,
it's going okay.
How 'bout you?
- I'm doing good, thanks.
- Hey, so I was talking to Madison
a little bit before class today,
and I found out that
she wants to go to Zion.
That's where I went.
And then, she also told
me about her obstacle.
It's not cheap.
- I know.
- She needs help coming up
with some extra finances?
- Yes, yeah, she does.
Do you have any ideas?
- No.
- She's applying for some scholarships.
- Well, that's good.
- Did you like it there?
- I loved it, I know she will too.
- Yeah, she really wants to
go there, so we're praying.
- I really like Madison.
- Oh, I love that girl.
She's a born leader.
- Well Steven, I just got an an email back
from the golf coach at Zion,
and she doesn't have any
more money out offer Madison.
- Which means?
- Madison won't be able
to go unless she gets
one of the scholarships she applied for.
- Do you think she can get one?
- I don't know, I'd say it's a long shot.
Just feel really bad for her.
She wants to go, 'cause
she wants to be a coach
and it's the best program,
and it's a really good fit for her.
- Well, maybe she'll get a scholarship.
- I hope so.
I really do.
(soft, bright music)
Hey, everybody.
- [Students] Hey, Coach.
- Hey, so I think we all know each other,
but just for the record,
Madison and Hannah are
our returning seniors.
Ella and Hailey are our incoming freshman,
and our transfer student is a senior,
Last year's state champion
from Park Christian,
my old high school, Emily Hilton.
Welcome to our team.
- Thank you, and I plan
on defending that title.
- Several interesting changes
occurred in the off-season,
so I'd like to go over those with you
before we go to the course today.
First, Nortier would've been
the early-team favorite,
- But now that you have me,
that changes everything.
- Not so fast.
Nortier's number one
player from last year,
Jenna Willis, she transferred
to Franklin Simmons.
- Transferred?
- [Coach Kelly] Yes.
- Well, that knocks Nortier
out of the top three.
- We can beat Franklin
Simmons, even with Jenna.
- And I would've agreed with you,
but do you know who Chloe McCutchen is?
- Yeah, I played her last summer
at the State Teen Amateur.
- How'd you do against her?
- I lost by two shots, but she goes
to public school, so what about her?
- She also transferred
to Franklin Simmons.
Chloe's father and Jenna's mother,
they're brother and sister,
and their family bought a country club,
so now both girls are at the same school.
- What was that about
defending your title?
(soft, bright, tense music)
- Well, Franklin Simmons
was pretty good last year,
but now with adding those two girls,
they're gonna be the top
team by far, not even close.
Okay, onto other things.
We will meet here in the
cafeteria every day after school,
and then we'll ride to
wherever we're going that day.
- Wherever we're going?
Don't we go to a golf course?
- Yes, some of the time.
- We practice at a farm, too.
- A farm?
- You'll see.
- Okay, there's a new coaching rule
that's starting this year.
So, it used to be that
a coach could only speak
to the players between holes.
But now, a coach can talk to a golfer
at the tee after she's hit her tee shot,
and at the green before
she takes her first putt.
Now, a coach still can't talk to a player
while she's on the fairway
or taking approaching shots.
- Yes.
- That's a pretty significant change.
Okay, another rule is that,
for the state tournament,
one teammate who is done playing
can walk with another teammate
who is still playing
for the last two holes.
So, in our case, if Emily
is in the final twosome
and Madison or Hannah are
done playing, one of you
could walk with her and
talk to her between shots.
- Why did they do that?
- You know, I'm not
quite sure cause I'm not
on the rules committee, but
we now have that option.
There's also a new scoring rule this year.
So, each girl will keep her own scorecard,
plus the opponent she is paired up with.
A girl will write down her score
and the girl she is playing against.
She must mark it correctly
and sign it at the end of the match.
If the scores don't line up,
whoever made the mistake is disqualified.
Does everybody understand that?
- [Madison] Yes.
- A man lost the Masters once
because he signed a card
with the wrong score.
He would've tied and forced a playoff.
- Wait, a pro in the
masters golf tournament?
- Yep.
- What an idiot.
- I wouldn't have wanted to win like that.
I would've said fix the card
and let's have the playoff.
- Me, too.
- I wouldn't have.
- You'd want to win a tournament
'cause somebody wrote
down the wrong score?
- Sure.
- Even if you knew you
didn't really win it?
- Rules are rules, and stupid is stupid.
- Coach Kelly, would you
want to win that way?
- I would wanna do what Jesus said.
"Do unto to others as you'd
have them do one unto you."
(soft, gentle music)
- He says he wants nothing
to do with me anymore.
- Just like that?
- No.
This has been going on for over a week.
- I'm so sorry, Bree.
- Who is your boyfriend?
- Zach, he's a senior
at the public school.
- And how long have you been together?
- A little over a year.
- Breakups are so tough.
I'm really sorry, Bree.
- We had it all planned out,
and all my dreams
shattered, just like that.
- Why doesn't he wanna
be with you anymore?
(soft, suspenseful music)
Bree, do you know why he doesn't
wanna be with you anymore?
- Yes.
- Can you tell us?
- 'Cause I'm pregnant.
- And that's why he
doesn't wanna be with you?
- He says he can't handle it,
and sorry, but he can't deal with it.
- Bree, are you sure you're pregnant?
- Yes, I'm sure.
- Okay, do your parents know?
- No, my father will kill
me when he finds out.
He'll be so disappointed,
and so will my mother.
- Do his parents know?
- No.
- How old are you, Bree?
- 17.
Please don't tell anybody.
I don't know what to do.
- Of course, of course
we won't tell anyone.
But Bree, I know it might be really hard,
but you need to talk to your parents.
And I'm here if you need anything, okay?
- Thanks.
- I don't see a golf course.
Why are we here?
- This is Mr. Casey's farm.
His daughter, Jennifer,
played for Coach Donnelly
on her first golf team four years ago,
and he said If we ever need a place
to hit some balls, we
can come here, so we do.
- Yeah, but why?
Couldn't we hit balls at a
golf course or a driving range?
- We come here for a change of scenery,
and there's also a putting green
and a tee area on the property.
But today, we're gonna be practicing
hitting balls out of the rough.
- Golf courses don't have rough like this.
- You're right, most don't.
But if you can hit it out of this,
it'll be a lot easier when
you get to the course.
All right, girls, grab your
seven irons and loosen up a bit.
Okay, girls.
So before we get started today,
I wanna go over something
that is very important in
golf, and life, as well.
Madison and Hannah know
what I'm about to say.
In golf you have to,
- Keep your head.
- Keep your head.
- That's right, keep your head.
Golf can be a very
frustrating game sometimes,
especially when you hit a bad
shot, or miss an easy putt.
It can really throw you, and
you can't let that happen.
So, the key is to keep your head
and quickly put that bad shot behind you.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- The same is true in life.
God did not promise any
of us a trial-free life.
The key there, also, is to keep your head
and trust in the Lord.
Now, I know it's easy for
me to say trust in the Lord,
but life really does come
down to trusting in Him.
Are you with me?
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Okay, now, hitting
balls out of the rough.
There are three main things to remember.
Keep your eye on the
ball, keep your head down,
and when you swing, don't
try to pick up the ball
out of the rough with
your club, but rather,
swing through it and let the
club head do the work for you.
Okay, Emily, you're up first.
I want you to aim for that tree.
You see it?
- Yeah.
- Okay, take a shot at it.
(grass rustles)
(golf club thuds)
- This is stupid.
- Try again.
- Coach, I can't hit the ball out of this.
- Play it where it lies.
- But it's a lousy lie, I can't hit this.
- Please try.
(Emily sighs)
(golf club thuds)
- Coach, this isn't golf.
- Madison, you wanna show the defending
state champion how it's done?
(grass rustles)
(soft, gentle music)
(grass rustles)
- Nice shot, Madison.
- Thanks.
- Emily, try again.
- Emily, keep your eye
on the ball, head down,
swing through, and let the
club do the work for you.
Aim for the tree.
(grass rustles)
- Aim for the tree, you mean like that?
- Yeah, like that.
Great shot.
(water splashes)
(door creaks)
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How was practice?
- It was good.
- You got another letter from Zion.
- This is the last one to hear from.
(paper tears)
Well, that's it.
I did not get any of the scholarships
I applied for, and there aren't anymore.
- And you're sure you
heard from all of them?
- Yep, it took months, but
we heard back from them all.
Strike 10, and I'm out.
- I'm sorry, honey
- Mom, Dad's gotta let me
take out a student loan.
It's the only way I can go.
- Madison, please.
- Mom, this is my career
we're talking about, my life.
(Mom sighs)
- You can go to the community college
for two years, and then transfer in.
It'll be cheaper that way,
and that's something we can afford,
and then you don't have
to borrow any money.
- But the community college
doesn't have a golf team,
and I probably won't get a scholarship
to Zion coming in my junior year.
- I'm sorry, but unless you
can come up with the money,
look, don't lose heart, okay?
Keep praying about it.
- I have prayed about it every day,
and what good has it done?
- Maybe it's not the Lord's
will free to go there.
Has that crossed your mind?
- No, it hasn't.
I believe Zion is where
I'm supposed to go.
It's also where I wanna go.
I wanna be a coach, they
have the best program.
So, I'll continue to pray
and not give up hope.
- That's his spirit.
- Yeah, that's the spirit.
Like I really believe what I just said.
(soft, sad music)
- May I speak to a nurse please?
Yes, ma'am.
I would like to know about,
I would like to get some information.
- Why won't he let you take out a loan?
- Because he doesn't want me
to be in debt coming out of college.
- But a school loan is like
buying a house or a car.
Lots of people get loans and
then just pay them off in time.
- That's not the way my dad thinks.
You know my car I drive?
- Oh, is that what that is?
(Madison chuckles)
- Funny.
I worked all last year to buy that.
With my dad, you save the
money first, then you buy,
not the other way around.
- Well, you should ask
him how are you supposed
to get anywhere in life like that.
- He's paying for part of my college
based on what he can afford.
I'll work a part-time job, and then I have
what I'm getting for
golf, but it's not enough.
It's just not enough.
- I'm sorry.
(soft, tender music)
- I need a miracle.
- Hey, ladies.
Hey, so before we get started today,
I wanted to ask you guys a quick question.
What is something that
you are thankful for?
- What we're thankful for?
- Yeah, just something
that you're thankful for.
- My life, I'm thankful
that God gave me life.
- Hannah.
- What Madison said.
- Haley.
- My family.
- Ella.
- My parents.
- Emily.
- Golf, and my dog.
- I want you girls to take note
that there are no wrong
answers to that question.
Being thankful is probably
the greatest thing that we can do.
Jesus died on the cross for our sins,
and I'm so grateful for that.
And I have a wonderful
husband, and a job that I love,
sports that I love to coach,
and a team that I'm so thankful for.
(car doors thud)
- So, tell me about Chloe McCutchen.
- [Emily] What about her?
- Do you know her?
- No.
I mean, I've talked to her.
She hits the ball a mile,
so her second shot is
usually a short iron.
She's just a fair putter, though.
That's the weakest part of her game.
But that's my strongest.
I just have to get more
distance to my drives.
- What happened in State Teen Amateur?
How'd she beat you?
- She birdied two of the par fives,
'cause she can hit it so far.
I just made par, so
that was the difference.
She's not gonna beat me again.
- You sure about that?
- Yeah, I'm not gonna lose to her.
- Is winning important to you?
- That's a stupid question.
- Why is it stupid?
- Winning's the reason why I play.
It's no fun coming in second.
I played a win, or I don't play at all.
- Hey Coach Kelly, do
you think it's important
to God if we win or lose?
- Why do you ask?
- Emily and I were just talking about it.
- I think God cares
about everything we do.
- Does God care who wins?
- I don't think it really matters to God
if you win or lose a sporting event,
but how you win or lose is
what I think matters to Him.
- [Hannah] What do you mean?
- Well, when you win, win with humility.
Don't boast, don't rub it in.
Be happy, but be humble.
And when you lose, lose with grace.
Don't be a sore loser, don't get angry.
Yeah, that's what I think matters to God,
how we win and lose.
Win with humility and lose with grace.
Sound like a plan?
- Yeah.
- Yes.
- Okay, let's practice some drives.
- Do you need me to explain to you
what the word humility means?
- Jealous?
(golf clubs thud)
- I wanna remind you girls of something.
If you find yourself hitting
the majority of your drives
in the rough, you could switch
to hitting your three wood off the tee.
Now, you're not gonna hit the ball as far,
but you have a better chance
of keeping it in the fairway.
- [Madison] Yeah, Emily.
- I can keep my drives in the fairway.
- Sure, like one out
of every three or four.
- I'm just working on
my distance, that's all.
I can keep it in the fairway
if I just pull back a little.
- It's just something to keep in mind
when you're in a match.
I'm not saying that you have to do it.
but if some of you wanna
try, you can practice
with your three wood now
off the tee, just to see.
- I'll try it, even
though I've been hitting
most of my drives pretty straight.
- Doesn't hurt to practice
to have the option.
- You know, Coach Kelly was
wrong about winning and losing.
- What?
- I said, Coach Kelly was
wrong about winning and losing.
- Wrong?
- Yeah.
God does care who wins and who loses.
- I don't think that was her point.
- What was her point?
- Let's ask her.
- No, no, please don't do that.
- Hey Coach, Emily isn't
sure about what you meant
when you said it doesn't matter
to God who wins or loses.
Can you explain it a little more?
(soft, gentle music)
- Okay, two teams are playing a game,
and both teams wanna win.
Let's say it's really
close and we're at the end.
So, you've got fans
from both teams praying.
You've got one side praying
that their team will win,
and the other side praying
that their team will win.
So, if you're God, whose
prayer do you answer?
- I don't know, I never
thought of it like that.
- Whichever team has the
more passionate fans.
- Well, every team has passionate fans,
plus there's believers on both sides.
So, whose prayer is God going to answer?
- I don't know.
- That's why I say it
doesn't really matter
to God who wins or loses.
No, don't get me wrong.
I don't think it's wrong
to win or to do your best.
But to me, how you win or lose
is what truly matters to the Lord.
(pages rustle)
- What's this?
- Look at it.
- Did you call someone?
- Yeah.
- Bree, you can't do this.
- I don't have a choice.
- Yes you do.
- Hannah, if my dad finds out,
he's gonna kill me and disown me.
- He has to understand.
- No, he won't.
You don't know him like I do.
He's always nice to
you when you come over,
but my dad is as straight
and narrow as it comes.
It's his way, and only his way.
- You can't get an abortion.
- I have to.
I don't have a choice.
(soft, tense music)
(soft, gentle music)
- Dear Lord, I'm coming to
You again about going to Zion.
Unless You change my dad's
mind about getting a loan,
I don't see how I can go.
If you don't change his
mind, I'm asking You
to come up with extra money I need.
I want to go there Lord,
and I believe this is Your will for me.
Help me to trust You to provide.
In Jesus' name, amen.
- Hey.
- Suzanne.
I have a particular student
I need to ask you about.
I believe she's on your golf team.
- Let me guess, is it Madison?
- Nope.
- Hmm, Hannah?
- Not her, either.
- Can't be Ella or Hailey,
'cause they're not seniors.
- Strike three.
- That's baseball, and I coach golf, so.
(both laugh)
- So I'm talking about Ms. Hilton.
Do you know the proverb that says,
"Let another man praise the
and not your own mouth?"
- Yeah.
- Well, I don't think our young lady
has discovered that verse yet.
I mean, what is it with that girl?
She's an A student, but she's
just so stuck on herself.
How do you deal with her?
- I try to be very patient.
(Rachel chuckles)
- Well then, you must be the
most patient person on earth.
(soft, suspenseful music)
(door knocks)
- Coach, can I talk with you for a minute?
- Yeah, sure, come on in.
Take a seat.
Hannah, are you okay?
(Hannah sighs)
- Coach, Bree says she's
gonna get an abortion.
(Coach Kelly sighs)
- No, no, Hannah, she can't do that.
- I told her that, but she hasn't
told her parents yet, and she's afraid.
- She really has to tell them.
- I told her that, too,
but she's really scared.
She already scheduled an appointment.
Coach Kelly, what can I
do, what can I say to her?
- Well, you could tell her one thing.
Around each hole, I've
placed five ball markers.
Each one is four feet away.
To me, this is the most
pressure shot in golf.
More tournaments are probably won and lost
from this distance than any other shot.
You're gonna hit a total of
20 balls, five at each hole.
Keep track of how many you make.
Got it?
- [Students] Got it.
(soft, bright music)
(putter clinks)
(ball clanks)
(putter clinks)
(ball clanks)
- Wait.
Who thinks she's gonna make it?
- I do.
- Girls?
I think she might miss it.
- I'm not gonna miss it.
- I say you might.
- I just made 19 in a row.
- That's great, but this
one, I'm not so sure.
- You wanna bet coach?
- No, I don't wanna bet.
- No, come on, bet me.
- Sorry, pressure's on.
(Emily sighs)
(putter clinks)
(ball clanks)
- 20.
- Nice putt.
- What was that?
- I said, "Nice putt."
- Why'd you think I wouldn't make it?
- Just wanted to put a
little pressure on you.
Golf is a game of playing
under pressure, girls.
It can be very nerving at times.
When the pressure's on,
you have to really focus
and keep your head.
Good job, Emily.
Okay, that's it for today.
Grab your clubs and load up.
- Hey coach, I don't miss four-foot putts.
- [Steven] Hey.
- Hey.
- You okay?
- I know.
Yeah, I'm sorry Steven, I am just,
I can't stop about Emily.
That girl, she's tough.
- What is it, she doesn't
listen, doesn't do what you say?
- No, she doesn't need me,
she doesn't need a coach.
She is her own authority, she
does everything her own way.
- Do you know why she's like that?
- No.
- So, what's on your mind?
- I care about her soul.
I pray for her every day.
- Does she have Christ in her life?
(soft, gentle music)
Try not to lose your patience, okay?
You keep praying for her.
- I will, I will.
(Steven sighs)
- You know, the scripture says,
"Before honor is humility."
We all go down before we go up.
- Yeah.
- The Lord knows how to bring
a person to their knees.
(door creaks)
(cellphone rings)
- [Mom] Hey, babe.
(soft, bright music)
(soft, suspenseful music)
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Is anyone else here?
- No, it's just me.
You okay?
- You can't get an abortion.
- Yes, I can.
- No, you can't.
- I have to.
- No, you don't.
- Baby's not very far along.
- The baby was a baby at conception.
You can't kill your baby.
- Hannah, this is not your problem.
- Do unto, unto others as
you want them to do unto you.
- What?
Just what I said.
Do unto unto others as you
want them to do unto you.
Did you want your mother to abort you?
- No, of course not.
- And your baby doesn't
wanna be aborted, either.
- I can't, my father will kick me out
of the house if he finds out.
I'm only 17, I have nowhere to go.
- But it's wrong.
- I know, but I have to.
- No, you don't.
- I can't have a baby.
- Bree.
- Hannah,
I have to do this.
(Hannah sighs)
- Look, my mother had two
abortions before she got married.
Then, she tried to have a baby
for 17 years and couldn't.
Finally, when she was 41, she had me.
She named me Hannah
because Hannah in the Bible
couldn't have a baby until she had Samuel.
- Well, what's that gonna do with me?
My mother regretted
having those abortions,
and she told me that not a day goes by
without her thinking about her babies.
Please, Bree, don't do this.
You'll regret it, and
it'll affect you for life.
- Lots of people have abortions.
- But it doesn't make it right.
It's never right.
Do unto others as you
want them to do unto you.
That's what's right.
If you think it's okay to murder,
then let someone murder you.
If you think it's okay to abort,
then let someone abort you.
That perspective changes everything.
- My father is gonna kill me.
- All right, so what we're
gonna do today are two things.
First, I wanna work with our irons
on what I call in-between shots.
Sometimes it's hard to know whether to use
your nine iron or your eight,
or your eight or your seven,
so today, we're gonna try and
get a better understanding
of which club we're gonna use.
And then second, we're
gonna practice hitting
uphill and downhill lies with short irons.
So, when we get there,
grab your seven, eight,
and nine irons, and we'll
start working on this.
(golf clubs thud)
Emily, is that your eight iron?
- Yeah.
- And you're getting everything
you can out of that club?
- Right.
- You're barely making it onto the green.
- I'm getting it there.
- I know, but you're hitting
that eight iron as hard as you can.
You could probably get a better
result with an easy seven.
- I like to swing hard and get all of it.
- I understand, but an easy seven
will give you a little
more room for error.
You'd have to hit your shots
almost perfect every time
with the way you're doing it
right now to get that distance.
Look, I know we're on a hill,
but you and I are about the same height.
We are only gonna hit the ball so far.
(Coach Kelly chuckles)
When I was playing in high
school, I was not a long hitter,
but I was short and straight.
And when you can hit the
ball straight, you can score.
- Coach, I'm not like the other players.
I know which club to use.
- Just try an easy seven and see.
- Okay.
- Hey Madison, is that an eight iron?
- [Madison] Uh-huh.
- [Coach Kelly] Why don't
you try an easy seven
and see if it works better
for you at that distance?
- Okay.
- Everybody listen up for a second.
From my experience, if you have a choice
between a long eight or a short seven,
I always prefer the short
seven, and here's why.
When you swing the club really hard,
you have a better chance of
losing control of the club,
and the ball can go places
we don't want it to go.
Better to be short and straight
versus long and wide, agree?
- [Students] Yes.
(soft, bright music)
(club softly thuds)
- Hey Coach, you're right.
That was easier to do and I got closer.
(club softly thuds)
(computer keyboard clicks)
(telephone rings)
- Financial records.
Madison Pierce, yes.
- Before class this morning,
I asked Emily how the golf team was doing.
- And?
- I don't know.
- What do you mean you don't know?
- Well, she proceeded to
tell me how she was doing.
In the last three matches,
she was 2-over and won easily,
and then she was 3-over and won by a lot.
and then she was 6-over,
but it was raining,
and that was a huge factor, but
she still won pretty easily.
- And what is it that you don't know?
- I just don't know how the team did.
I just know how she did.
- Well, our team won all three matches.
- So you do have a good team this year.
- Yeah, we really do.
We can finish top three at State,
if they all play their game.
We have the regional coming up next.
- See, I didn't know that, either.
I just know that she can
win the state title again,
but there is another
player who is pretty good
that luckily beat her once.
(Coach Kelly chuckles)
- Yeah, Chloe McCutchen,
She plays for Franklin Simmons,
and she's a really great golfer.
She can drive the ball further than Emily,
but Emily can chip and putt better.
So, the state title should
be between those two.
It will be interesting.
- Mrs. Ricketts, you wanted to see me?
- Yes, Madison, please
come in for a minute.
Did you make a final
decision on the college yet?
- Yes, I'm going to the community college.
- But I thought you wanted to go to Zion.
- I do, my family and I can't afford it.
- Well, I got a call from
Zion's admissions office
and they were asking about you.
- Why?
- They were wonder why they
haven't heard from you.
- What do you mean?
- They sent you a letter,
didn't you get it?
- No, I haven't gotten anything.
- You didn't get a letter from them?
- No.
- Huh?
Take a look at this.
(soft music)
- Wait, I was $5,000 short.
- You see that scholarship
money they gave you?
- They made it $5,000 more?
- Yes, they did.
- You mean I can go to Zion?
- You can go to Zion.
- Wait, I can go to Zion?
- Yes.
- How?
I mean, what happened?
- They gave you more money,
they want you to come.
- I can't believe this.
Thank you, Mrs. Ricketts,
thank you so much.
My parents will be thrilled.
I gotta go tell Coach Kelly.
- Wait a minute, young lady.
You need to call the college first
and let them know that you accept.
Today's the deadline, the
number's on the sheet.
They're waiting for your call.
- Okay, I'll tell my parents first,
and then call the school.
I can't believe this, thank you very much.
- Congratulations, Madison.
- I still can't believe they
gave me more scholarship money.
- I am so happy for you.
- Coach, you know how
much I prayed to go there.
I didn't see a way, but
God came through for me.
- Yes, He did.
- Well I just had to tell
you, I gotta get to class.
Never get up on God, Coach.
That's the lesson here.
Don't ever get up on
God, He can do anything.
- [Coach Kelly] Yes, Madison, He can.
- The first orientation is next weekend.
I am so excited, I'll
be the first one there.
- Hey.
- [Hannah] Hey, I just got to Madison's.
- I'm really nervous.
- [Hannah] I know,
we're both here for you.
- They're in the living room watching TV.
I'm gonna tell 'em.
- [Hannah] I'll text Coach
Kelly and we'll start praying.
And Bree, we're gonna
pray as hard as we can.
- Thanks.
(soft, gentle music)
When all your dreams are shattered
Hope has faded far from sight
There's a light from Heaven's window
That will guide you through the night
It's the prayers of God's own people
Interceding for you needs
So, fight the fight of
faith and just receive
Somebody's praying for you
Somebody's praying you do
When you've reached the end,
know that you've got a friend
Somebody's praying for you
For all the lonely people
The weary and the weak
For the soul who's disappointed
Bound by sickness and defeat
Know Jesus feels your burden
And if praying faithfully
You are not forgotten, just believe
Know that somebody's praying for you
Praying for you
Somebody's praying you do
When you've reached the end,
know that you've got a friend
Somebody's praying for you
There's a great amount of witnesses
Who stand before God's throne
Praying night and day,
interceding for His own
Yes, Heaven's not delayin',
somebody's prayin'
Somebody's praying for you
Praying for you
Somebody's praying you do
When you've reached the end,
know that you've got a friend
Somebody's praying for you
Somebody's praying for you
Somebody's praying
(cellphone buzzes)
- How'd you do?
- [Coach Kelly] The
girls won the Regionals.
They played really well, so now,
we're going to the State tournament.
- Hey, good to hear, I'm happy for you.
- [Coach Kelly] Thanks, we're
just getting in the van now,
so I should be home in about an hour.
- Okay.
Did Emily win the individual title?
- [Coach Kelly] Oh yeah, easily,
and Madison tied her personal-best score,
and Hannah was just one off from hers.
- Well, good for them.
You're doing great, Coach.
- [Coach Kelly] Thanks, babe.
- So, when's the state
tournament, in two weeks?
- [Coach Kelly] Yep, two weeks.
I am getting nervous.
(Steven chuckles)
- Okay, ladies, you're all set.
- Yeah.
- Mmhmm.
- Do you need anything else?
- No, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Have a great day, have a good week.
- [Madison] Hi.
- Hello.
- Can you pull my information please?
Madison Pierce.
- Madison, yes, I remember
speaking with you last week.
(computer keyboard clicks)
All right, how can I help?
- I just talked with my golf coach,
and I thanked her the
additional scholarship money,
but she said there wasn't
any additional money
allotted to me, so it got me concerned.
I was $5,000 short from coming here,
and I can't afford it without that money.
- Everything checks out here.
Looks like you were all set for fall.
I'm looking right at it.
- But I don't understand,
she said I didn't get any extra money.
- But you did, $5,000
per year for four years.
- What does it say?
It wasn't golf.
- The money was moved over
from a scholarship fund
provided by a private donor.
It happens quite often.
- Oh, okay.
What a relief.
So, you're sure about the money?
- Absolutely.
- May I ask who it was?
- Oh, I'm sorry, it was a private donor,
so we don't give out that information.
- I see.
- But we'll see you in the fall?
- Okay, thank you.
Thank you very much.
- Sarah.
Would you have a look at this?
(soft, bright music)
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's your dad doing?
- I think he's finally
getting over the shock.
Things are getting better.
- That's good.
I'm glad you're having your baby.
- Thanks.
I've already picked up my names.
I wrote them down for you.
Thank you for being there for me.
See you later.
(soft, uplifting music)
(eraser scrapes)
(door knocks)
- Coach Kelly?
- Hey, Madison.
- Thank you.
Thank you so very much
for what you did for me.
- You're gonna be the best coach.
- On Friday morning, we
will meet here at 7:30 a.m.,
and we will drive to
Silver Creek Country Club.
That's where the state
tournament is again.
Good news for us, it's
only 45 minutes away,
so we don't have to drive up
the night before like some
of the other teams do.
- I love that course,
but I hate the 11th hole.
- You mean the Par-4
that should be a Par-6.
- Yes, that one, I've never
made it to the green in two.
- I'm lucky to make it in four.
- It is a long, uphill hole,
which is what makes it so hard.
Okay, so to refresh your memory,
it is a two day tournament,
36 holes, and we can only
play our top three girls.
So, on the first day,
everybody plays in a threesome,
so you'll be matched up
against two other players,
and then whoever makes the
cut, both with individual
and team scores, will play the second day.
Now, on the second day,
you'll play in pairs.
So, the top two individual scores
from the first day will
be matched together
in a twosome, and so on down the line.
Now, only the top eight teams
from the first day move
on to the second day.
And if you remember, we
barely made it last year.
Now, in my calculations for team rankings,
we're looking at fourth,
only a shot or two
behind Faith Christian in third.
Franklin Simmons should
easily win the team title,
and Nortier has been a
real surprise this year
with their star freshmen, so
they should come in second.
The only way we'd catch up to them
is if they just don't play well.
But, top three teams get medals,
so we have something to shoot for.
- The battle is for third, then.
- The battle is for third.
- For our whole team, that is,
not for the individual title.
- Right.
- Chloe might have beaten me last summer,
but she's not gonna beat me again.
(soft, bright music)
- All right, I got your tee times.
So Hannah, you're at 9:10,
Madison, 9:50, and Emily, 10:20.
- Okay, thanks.
- So, what's the number one
thing we're gonna do today?
- Keep your head.
- Keep your head.
- That's right, keep your head.
I had a substitute cover my classes today,
so I need to go inside
and check on a few things.
But you girls leave your clubs in the van,
and we'll meet here
tomorrow again at 7:30 AM.
Get some good rest.
- We will.
- We're in fourth, two shots
behind Faith Christian.
Remember, the top three teams get medals.
Emily and Chloe are in the final twosome.
Chloe leads by four.
You girls did great today.
We've got some catching up to do tomorrow,
so bring your A game.
See you then.
- See you, Coach.
- Bye.
Yeah, Emily,
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Bring your A game.
- You couldn't beat Chloe if
she gave you a 10-stroke lead.
- If you didn't try to
hit the ball so hard,
you wouldn't be four shots behind her.
- She got lucky today.
- You know, you amaze me.
Coach Kelly has tried to
help you a lot this year,
and you reject everything she says.
- She can't teach me anything,
I'm a better golfer than she is.
- You may be a better golfer,
but you're not a smarter one.
Remember the lesson Coach Kelly gave us
about the easy seven
instead of the hard eight?
You're always thinking the hard eight.
Why don't you try it her way just once?
You're four shots behind,
your way isn't working too well.
- And how many shots are you behind?
- Hey, I played my best round ever.
I'm only five behind you.
I heard you put one in the
water on the sixth hole.
I bet I know why, and I wasn't even there.
You probably tried to hit your eight iron,
Instead of an easy seven.
When you play that hole tomorrow,
are you gonna use your eight iron again?
- I had a bad shot, I got under it.
- That's because you're
trying to hit it so hard.
You do the same thing with your drives
and end up in the rough most of the time.
You're 5'2, 100 pounds, not 5'9, 140.
You're only going to hit it so far.
So, what did Coach Kelly say?
When you're having trouble
keeping it in the fairway,
use your three wood off the tee.
You could probably beat Chloe,
even though she can hit the ball farther.
You said she's not a great putter,
and that's the best part of your game.
Why don't you try to
make that work for you?
- You've never won a
tournament in your life,
so what do you know about
playing at my level?
- I don't.
One other thing.
Is the word "thank you"
in your vocabulary?
I told you the very first time we met
that you'd learn a lot from Coach Kelly.
And I wasn't just talking
about golf, I meant about life.
There isn't a coach in the world
who wouldn't have blasted you by now,
but she's never done that.
She's patient, she's kind,
and she's tried to point
you toward the Lord.
Think about it, Emily.
- [Announcer] Up next on the tee
is our final twosome of the day.
First is our leader, from Franklin Simmons
Christian School, Miss Chloe McCutchen.
(audience applauds)
(golf club swishes)
(golf club thuds)
(audience applauds)
Next on the tee, in second place
from Orange Hills Academy,
Miss Emily Hilton.
(audience applauds)
(golf club thuds)
(audience applauds)
- In the rough.
- I'll check on you later.
I'm gonna go see how the
other girls are doing.
Keep your head.
(soft, bright, uplifting music)
(golf club thuds)
(putter clinks)
(grass rustles)
(golf clubs rattle)
(golf club thuds)
Was that for par?
- Yes.
- Good job.
- [Madison] Thanks, how we doing?
- Oh, we're doing great.
Emily birdied four
holes on the front nine.
Chloe had a double bogey on the 8th,
so Emily's two shots ahead right now.
- Are you kidding?
She gained six shots in the front nine?
- Yeah, can you believe that?
She's putting unbelievably well.
So, we are in third, three
shots ahead of Faith Christian.
(soft, gentle music)
Is she there in two?
- Yeah, she had two great
shots, and I just got a bogey.
(putter clinks)
(soft, tense music)
And now we're tied.
- You're playing great.
Keep your head.
- You know this really
should be a par five.
I can't get there in two.
It's too far.
It's probably not even regulation.
It's par five, I tell ya.
A par five.
- Hey, Coach Kelly and
Hannah are at the 18th green.
We're in the clubhouse, two
shots ahead of Faith Christian.
You do no worse than par,
bogey, and we get third.
- Well, Chloe and I are tied,
so I'd rather not bogie,
if you know what I mean.
- I understand, but I just wanted
to give you our team's situation.
(golf club thuds)
(Emily sighs)
Have you been hitting your
three wood off the tee?
- Yeah, since the 2nd hole.
Haven't been in the rough since.
(soft, bright music)
(golf club swishes)
(golf club thuds)
What a drive.
- What ya thinking?
- She hit a mile.
Gotta use my driver.
- You sure you wanna do that?
- Gotta get the distance.
- I'd rather be shorter in the fairway
than longer in the rough.
- We're tied.
She's got a nine iron shot to the green.
I gotta get it down there.
(bright, tense music)
(golf club thuds)
(soft, bright music)
What a lousy lie.
She's in the fairway looking great.
Should have used my three wood.
- What would you hear from here, seven?
- Yeah.
- You know what this looks like to me?
- What?
- Casey's farm.
Keep drying the ball, head
down, and swing through it.
You can do it.
(soft, bright music)
(grass rustles)
Emily, aim for the tree.
(soft, bright music)
(golf club thuds)
(audience cheers and applauds)
- What a shot.
- Yes.
- Great shot, Emily.
(soft, tense music)
(golf club swishes)
(audience applauds)
She hit a good shot,
but she's about 20 feet
away, maybe longer.
- I got this.
She misses, I make, I win.
(audience applauds)
- That was a great shot, Emily.
- Yeah, it was.
- Thanks.
(soft, suspenseful music)
(putter clinks)
(audience cheers and applauds)
Can you believe she made that?
How lucky can you get?
- Emily, I've been watching, and two girls
have missed putts from where you're at.
It reads straight, but
breaks slightly left,
so aim to the right side of the cup.
- Coach, I know how to
make a four-foot putt.
20 in a row, remember?
(soft, tense music)
- What's wrong?
- That putts gonna break slightly left,
but it doesn't read like it.
- It' not gonna break.
(soft, melancholic music)
- Emily, you have to putt out.
- I lost, it doesn't matter.
- Yes, it does, our team score.
If you don't putt out, we're disqualified.
I don't care.
- Emily, think about your teammates.
- I said I don't care.
- Yes, you do care.
You're just hurting.
When you think about
yourself all the time,
that's the inevitable result.
But when you think about others,
you'll be surprised at how
much it will ease the pain.
You need to mark your
score and Chloe's sign it.
(pencil scribbles)
- We got third.
- You played great, Madison.
So did you, Hannah.
So did Emily.
- I feel bad for her.
- Save it, Coach.
I don't need a sermon from
you, so don't say a word.
- Emily--
- I said don't say a word.
There is anything you can say
that'll make me feel better.
- Chloe marked your score
wrong on the 11th hole,
she wrote down a four instead of a three,
so she's been disqualified.
Now, you're the champion.
They're waiting for you in
the back of the clubhouse.
(soft, ominous music)
The lot is cast into the lap,
but the whole disposing
thereof is of the Lord.
- What?
- It's a proverb in the King James Bible.
The lot is cast into the lap,
but the whole disposing
thereof is of the Lord.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Man tosses the coin, but the
Lord controls the decision.
- So?
- Emily hits her putt,
but the Lord decides if it's gonna go in.
- Great, so I missed my
putt because God hates me?
- No.
No, He loves you.
- He has a funny way of showing it.
- Maybe this is his way of
trying to reach you, Emily.
- It's not the way to do it.
(soft, gentle music)
- Emily, Jesus died on
the cross for your sins.
He was buried, and rose
again for your salvation,
You're gonna have to decide
what's more important to you.
Your salvation for all of
eternity, or making a putt.
Believe on the Lord Jesus
Christ, and you'll be saved.
And then, do what Jesus said.
Follow me.
- Receiving the first place medal
and defending her title as state champion,
last year playing for
Park Christian School,
but this year playing
for Orange Hills Academy,
Miss Emily Hilton.
(audience softly claps)
- I,
I can't accept this award.
I didn't win the tournament.
Chloe McCutchen did.
The title belongs to her.
I'd like to ask the committee
to please waive the wrong scorecard rule.
She made a mistake,
everybody makes mistakes.
I was probably talking to her
and distracted her, so it's my fault.
Chloe deserves this award, not me.
Chloe is the real state champion.
Congratulations, Chloe.
(soft, uplifting music)
We got third.
Great job, you guys.
- Thanks.
- You too.
- I'm sorry for the way I spoke to you.
That was a great thing
you did there, Emily
Do unto tell others as you would
have them do unto you, right?
- Right.
(soft, gentle music)
- Coach.
I believe.
And I wanna follow Jesus.
Thank you for being my coach.
(soft, uplifting music)
- [Announcer] And the
winner of this year's
Girls Individual State Golf Title,
from Franklin Simmons Christian School,
Miss Chloe McCutchen.
(audience applauds)
- [Coach Kelly] There are
many lessons to learn in life,
and sports can be a
great tool to teach us.
And sometimes, the worst
thing that can happen to you
might end up being the best,
like missing a four-foot putt
on the last hole in this state tournament.
For Emily, this was the
day of her salvation.
It was also a day when the words
of Jesus became a reality to her.
Do unto others as you would
have them do unto you.
And anytime you do that,
every time you do that,
you are always a winner.
(putter clinks)
(soft, bright music)