Always and Forever Christmas (2019) Movie Script

[cell phone ringing]
Good morning.
All of our clients are
saying the same thing,
that you're a genius.
Thank you.
Lucy, I'm trying to tell you
you've had an incredible year,
and when you get
back from your trip,
we're going to have a serious
discussion about your
next steps at Rewire.
That's amazing.
But until then, it's the end of
the year, enjoy your vacation.
Vacation, I'm
leaving tomorrow,
two weeks back in my
hometown in Vermont.
Oh, I thought you mentioned
something about Hawaii.
Yeah, I'm sending my parents
to Maui as a thank you.
They really deserve it.
They've been putting off their
retirement for the past year
running the family business,
and we finally found a buyer
for their store.
Technically, it's,
it's my store.
You own a store?
What's it called?
[ Oh Christmas Tree ]
Okay, I still need to
re-price the snow globes
for the store
closing sale.
Now, did you say
they were 25% off,
or was that for
the outdoor decor?
We already have toys at 40%
off, but are still those toys...
You're right, there's too
much to digest right now.
Let's talk about
this tomorrow.
Randall, you don't
have to worry.
We're sorry that we're leaving
at the busiest time of the year,
but Lucy will be here
to oversee everything.
Now, give me
that broom.
It's only two weeks.
We'll see you again
on Christmas Eve.
I won't let
you down.
Have a good trip.
[ O Christmas Tree ]
I'm gonna miss
this place.
Me too, but your dad left it
to Lucy, and she wants to sell.
I'm sure he knew
what he was doing.
He and Lucy had a very
special connection.
And whatever happens, I know
he'll be looking out for us.
[cell phone ringing]
Hey Mom.
Hello, sweetheart.
Hey, Lucy Goosey.
We just wanted to check
in before leaving.
Are you sure you're gonna be
able to handle everything?
You guys, I have huge clients
and work 70 hours a week,
I think I can handle
a Christmas store.
Besides, I'm meeting the
buyer while I'm in town
to sign the paperwork.
I think it will be
nice to work in the store
during Christmas again.
But sweetheart, you haven't
done that since you were
nine years old.
And grandpa thought I
was good at it even then.
Are you sure you guys
don't want me to house sit
while you're gone?
The house
will be fine.
Okay, okay.
You guys have a great trip, and
I will see you on Christmas Eve.
Love you, sweetheart.
See you in two weeks.
Love you, too.
Hey Goosy, you want to help your
grandpa close up the register?
Sorry, we're closed.
Oh, um, I'm
not a customer.
Yeah, hi there.
And you are?I'm Lucy.
Oh, yeah, yeah, your, your
parents said you were
flying in today.
Well, it's, it's
nice to meet you.
I know it'll be good
to have an extra hand.
Things get pretty crazy
here around Christmas.
Well, we definitely have
our work cut out for us.
Buyer is coming in two days to
do a walk through and sign the
paperwork, so I need everything
to run as smoothly as possible.
Oh, there we are.
Much better.
I'm just gonna finish
closing up, if that's okay?
Of course.
Good night, Randall.
I'll be upstairs in
grandpa's apartment.
[ O Christmas Tree ]
Miss you grandpa.
Where did
you come from?
Merry Christmas.[gasp]
Oh, thank you, dear, must
have blown right off.
Oh my, I
frightened you.
No, it's just...
who are you?
Oh, of course, where
are my manners.
I'm Carol, and it's so
nice to meet you, Lucy.
Here, have a cookie.
Well, go ahead,
they're freshly baked.
Mm, these are
really good!
Wait, back up, what
exactly are you doing here?
Well, I'm here to help
out with the store.
Oh, you're one of the
seasonal employees.
How did you
get in here?
I thought I was the
only one with the keys.
Well, I wanted to make sure
that you were welcomed properly.
Can't have a traditional
Christmas homecoming
without cookies and
cocoa, now can we?
Don't bother with that,
it hasn't worked in years.
Let's see
about that.
Mom and dad must
have fixed it.
You know, I've been
wanting to visit this store
for quite a while now.
I have some friends back home
who talk about it all the time.
Where are you from?
Oh, a little town up north,
middle of nowhere really.
My husband is so busy this time
of year that it's the perfect
opportunity for
me to get away.
I love experiencing different
Christmas traditions
and helping people.
That's wonderful.
What does your
husband do?
Mostly imports
and exports.
Well, I'm glad you
came and visited,
but you do know that
we're closing, right?
Yes, dear, I know everything,
and I know that it'll probably
be hard to think
about selling it,
but I'm certain that
everything's gonna be okay.
I'm a firm believer in
the magic of Christmas.
Now you have some
cocoa and get to bed,
we've got a busy
day tomorrow.
The store is bound to be full
of people trying to find that
perfect thing that they
can't find anywhere else.
Thanks, I'll see
you in the morning.
[Cuckoo clock chiming]
No service,
not even WiFi?
How is that
even possible?
Morning Randall.
Morning Lucy.
That's odd.
Carol here,
reporting for duty.
Oh, dear, I
frightened you again.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, that's just Carol.
Apparently your parents
hired her before they left.
So, you weren't
a dream?
Oh no, dear, I'm quite real,
in the flesh and ready to work.
Okay, well, we have
a lot of work to do.
Hopefully, we'll be able
to sell all of this stuff
before Christmas.
I want to drive high
foot traffic in here,
so that means a big, big
push on social media.
What's the
WiFi situation?
I don't see
a network.Oh, there's
no WiFi here.
Excuse me?
Yeah, we don't even
have a computer.
How do you keep
track of inventory?
You're serious?Mm-hmm.
What about the
credit cards?
[ Deck the Halls ]
Yeah, your grandpa
was old-school.
Oh, I think
that's so quaint.
Being in this store is
like stepping back in time.
You know, my husband's
exactly the same.
People keep trying to get him
to put his lists on a computer,
but he insists on
using pen and paper.
How did grandpa run the
store like this for so long?
I don't even have a
cell phone signal.
How am I supposed to
make a phone call?
[ Deck the Halls ]
Yeah, that's
not gonna work.
I'm gonna go
find some signal.
Well, I hope she finds
what she's looking for.
It's up to you and me to
spread some Christmas cheer.
Good choice.Thank you.
[ Twelve Days of Christmas ]
That's from the
Farmer's Market.
It's blackberry.
[ Twelve Days of Christmas ]
Okay, great.
That's quite the setup
you've got there.
Yes, I am nothing if
not all encompassing.
Would I be able to
get the WiFi code?
Yeah, WiFi is for
paying customers.
Apparently I'm
getting coffee.
Coffee's free.
Well, I appreciate your policy,
but I'm sure you can cut me
a break, right, or can I talk
to a manager or something?
You can talk
to the owner.
That would be lovely.
Hi, I'm Scott.
I'm the owner.
I'll have an egg,
poached, please.
One egg, big order.
By the way, the
password is password.
Thank you.
So you're staying over
at Hal's place, right?
I saw you go in yesterday
with some luggage.
I put two and
two together.
So, Hal was?
My grandpa.
He was a
heck of a guy.
Everyone in
town loved him.
And hey, with your parents
still running the store,
it's like he's
still here.
Actually, he
left it to me.
So, we'll be
Well, I'm
selling it.
Oh, to who?
To a company
called Athletia.
They are huge in
the Athletia market.
I have no idea
what that means.
Basically, fancy
workout clothes.
Oh, and people buy
this sort of thing?
Oh, yeah, back home
in LA it's huge.
Finally making its
way to Vermont.
Exactly what
we needed.
Anyway, it's
nice to meet you.
Are you gonna be in
town for a while?
Till Christmas.
After that, you'll
have your booth back
and I'll be
long gone.
It'll be like
we never met.
What a shame
that would be.
[ Twelve Days of Christmas ]
Oh, you have got
to be kidding me.
Hey Lucy.
Hey Randall.
Sorry, I've been
gone for four hours.
Yeah, that's okay, we had
everything under control.
Thank you so much
for coming in.
Here you go.
Oh, and don't
forget your cookie.
Thank you.
Isn't she something?
Well, the good news is I
found WiFi across the street
at the diner.
Forever Christmas officially
has a social media presence.
Aren't we closing
in two weeks?
Randall, this is my area
of expertise, trust me.
Putting in a few hours
now will payoff with
attracting customers.
Okay, well I'm just gonna
go restock the snow globes.
Why don't we
ask the owner?
Lucy, can you
give us a hand?
Sure, how
can I help?
I'd love some help
finding a gift.
My son just got married
and I want to give my
new daughter-in-law the
perfect Christmas present,
and the man who used to
own this store was always
so good at that.
Oh, that was
my grandpa.
Yes, but she's taken things
over now, isn't that lovely?
I'll tell you what, why don't
you grab a cookie and stay here,
we'll be right back.
I'm sure Lucy and I can
find something perfect.
Oh, thank you.
We can?
Oh, look at
all this.
The store really
does have everything.
Anything catching
your eye, Lucy?
No, this really
isn't my expertise.
Oh, but it's so much fun to find
the perfect Christmas treasure.
Oh, I'm not here
to have fun.
Besides, my grandpa was the one
that had the gift to help
people find what
they needed.
It's almost like
he could just...
See what they really
need deep down.
Yeah, exactly.
Well maybe that
runs in the family.
I don't think so.
Something wrong?
Oh, no, I'm fine.
So, any ideas?
Um, no, I
guess not.
Wait, what about this?
Oh, well, I'm certain
that this is the one.
It's perfect.
My family collects nutcrackers
from all over the world,
and this will be my
daughter-in-law's first
Christmas away from
home in Ireland.Oh.
How in the world
did you know?
Well, I never would have
found it if Lucy hadn't
led me straight
to it.
You have no idea
how much this means.
Oh, I'm gonna
miss this store.
I can barely imagine
Main Street without it,
but what a great
way to say goodbye.
Thanks, again!
Merry Christmas.
Carol, did you?
Did I what?
No, think I'm
just jet-lagged.
Oh, why don't you go
upstairs and rest.
Randall and I can
handle things down here.
Actually, I'm gonna
go for a walk.
Even better.
Yes, go see the town
and get some fresh air.
Great idea.
Here, let me
help you, dear.
You sure you
don't mind?
Oh, of course
not, you go.
Lucy, first day
on the job and
already spreading
Christmas magic.
I love this store.
[cell phone ringing]
Hi Lucy, it's Greg
Peters from Athletia.
Oh, hi Greg.
I just found out I'm
stuck in Chicago.
Apparently, winter storm Megan
came out of nowhere, and, well,
I'm not flying anywhere.
Oh, okay, so we're
not meeting tomorrow?
Unfortunately, no.
And I hate to say it,
but tomorrow was the
only window I had.
Honestly, I might not
be able to get there
till closer to Christmas.
I'm really sorry.
No, no, it's, it's
not your fault.
It's not you can
change the weather.
I was just hoping that we
would be able to wrap this up
as soon as possible.
Lucy, I promise
you, don't worry,
this deal is going
through, okay.
Thanks for understanding.
I know this isn't ideal,
but I'll see you soon.
And hey, look at this way,
at least now you can focus
on enjoying your Christmas
back home, right.
Right, I think I will.
Have a good night, Greg.
Thank you for
coming out, everyone!
As Mayor of Stowe, it is my
honor to kick off one of
our town's most beloved
annual traditions,
here at the Old Town Square.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I present to you the
Twelve Days of Christmas!
[applause & cheering]
I would also like
to say thank you to
Forever Christmas for donating
all of the ornaments
we're going to be hanging
over the next 12 days.
Now, Scott, if you
would do the honors.
Thank you, Mayor.
On the first day of Christmas
my true love gave to me
a partridge in a pear tree.
[applause & cheering]
Now, let's gather around
and ring in the occasion
with some hot cider!
A diner owner and
tree decorator.
Impressive, right.
I'm glad you
made it out.
Yeah, I figured I'd check out
some of the local festivities.
And what
did you think?
Mm, caught
my interest.
Well wait till day 10 when
you get to see yours truly
as a lord a leaping in a
very tasteful costume.
Do you want to
grab some cider?
I'd love to, but I should
probably get back to the store.
Oh, well, I'll
walk you back.
I forgot something
at the diner, anyway.
Oh, okay.Yeah?
Thanks for walking
me back tonight.
I actually had
a good time.
Wow, what a
Oh, actually if you lift up on
the handle and turn the key.
Your grandpa showed
me this trick.
Huh, look at that.
Well, um, I should.
Yeah, me too.
Good night.
Good night, Lucy.
But it doesn't
really fly, right?
Well sure it does.
How, it doesn't
have wings?
It doesn't
need wings.
Santa's sleigh is pulled
by magic reindeer.
What, you don't
believe in magic?
No, do you?
And do you want
to know a secret?
This store is
full of magic.
It is?
The store talks to me, and
if I listen really close,
I always find what
I'm looking for,
and wouldn't you
call that magic?
Him ]
Morning Randall.Morning.
Morning Lucy.
What do you think?
Look at this,
it's great.
How long did
this take?
Oh, it was nothing.
My husband I do crafts
together all the time.
You must miss him being
away at the holidays.
Oh, I do miss the
silly old dear,
but he's so busy at Christmas,
and it's my chance to get away
and try to do some good.
Speaking of which, I was talking
to a few of the customers,
and they told me that Forever
Christmas often plays a big part
in the town's
holiday activities.
Carol, I see what you're
trying to do here,
but we have our hands
full trying to sell off
our inventory.
It just doesn't make
sense to sign up for
activities, too.
Doesn't make sense to spread
the magic of Christmas?
It makes sense to me.
You sound
like my grandpa.
Well then your grandpa
was a very wise man.
Sure, but he was also
a little eccentric.
I mean he did run a year
round Christmas store.
Because of him I believed in
all that Christmas magic stuff
way longer than
I should have.
Good morning.
Morning Randall.
Here's your mail.
Great, thanks.
So, crazy weather
we're having, huh?
Actually, it's really
nice out there.
Is it?
Well that, that is,
that is very nice.
I think a customer needs me, so
I'm gonna actually head back.
Okay, okay.
[bulbs clattering]
I'll see you
[door closes]
Ah, young love.
Well, I'm gonna
go get coffee.
Are you off
to the diner?
Well, say hi to
Scott for me.
He makes a mean
cup of cocoa.
And he's awfully cute,
too, don't you think?
Oh, we are definitely not having
this conversation right now.
[ Joy to the World ]
How's it going
across the street?
Pretty good.
At the moment, I'm working on
bringing Forever Christmas
into the 21st Century.
What's that?
It's a web site I'm
building for the store.
Isn't it a little late in the
game to be creating a web site?
Why does everybody
keep saying that?
This is my job.
I know what
I'm doing.
Oh, I guess us small town folk
have a hard time grasping
what a big city gal
like you gets up to.
Okay, that is
not what I meant.
Besides, you can't hold
that card, I'm from here.
You are?
I was raised here
until I was nine,
went to Little Creek
Elementary School up into
the fourth grade,
then we moved.You went to
Little Creek?
Mm-hmm.No kidding.
I wonder if we played
kickball together.
Ah, you would remember,
I was the kickball queen.
You ever thought
about moving back?
No, not really.
Don't get me wrong,
this place is charming,
but my whole
life's in LA.Yeah, I get it.
It must feel kind of
quaint for you now.
But that's what I like
about this place.
People like your
grandpa and his store,
they made this
town feel special.
You don't get that
just any other place.
Anyway, I should
get back to it.
[ Joy to the World ]
I know you're gonna be
busy wrapping things up and
everything, but if you wanted
to see how the town's changed
over the years, maybe I
could show you around.
Maybe I'll take
you up on that.
Hi Lucy.
Hard at work I see.
Honestly, I feel useless
without my laptop.
It's been a long time
since I worked retail.
Yes, I'm sure a lot has changed
since you worked here as a kid
with your grandpa.
Hm, not too much.
Wait, how did
you know that?
Randall must
have mentioned it.
Excuse me, can one
of you help me?
Carol here would be
happy to assist you.
I don't know, I think the
family magic for finding gifts
is in your blood.
The only thing in my blood
is a surplus of caffeine.
Yes, I would be
happy to help.
I need a Christmas
gift for my mom.
Okay, what are
you thinking?
I don't know, but I
want something special.
All right, well that's
not too much information,
but let's give it a shot.
What about a teddy
bear phone case?
Nothing says I care like
safeguarding your
loved one's belongings.
No, not so much.
Okay, point taken.
Carol, why don't
you take over?
Nonsense, you're
doing great.
Okay, not great, but you're
getting close, I can feel it.
Just think, try to tap
into that family gift.
Okay, come along.
How about this?
She does love books.
Think this is
the right gift?
I'll take it.
Excellent, come along,
dear, I'll ring you up.
I knew you
had it in you.
Maybe I do.
Oh, hey Randall.
Have you ever felt anything
strange in the store when you're
helping a customer find a gift,
something that's pointing you
in the right
Are you okay?
Yeah, no, yeah,
I'm fine.
Just forget I
said anything.
Thanks for your help.
Oh, of course,
Merry Christmas,
and if there's anything else you
need, we will be right here.
Actually, there
is one thing.
I was thinking what would make
this gift really special is
if you chose it for this
month's story nook.
Oh, and what is
a story nook?
It's a book reading.
The store does one every month,
and December is the best one.
There's treats, cocoa,
and pillows on the floor
and everything.That sounds lovely.
And do you want someone to
read the book that you got
for your mom?
No, I want you
to read it.
Oh, isn't that a wonderful
idea, don't you think?
Yeah, your parents kept it
going after they started
running this place.
Everyone in
town loves it.
And exactly when does
something like this take place?
It's supposed to
be later today.
Oh, really?
But in a last word to the
wise of these days,
let it be said that
all who give gifts,
these two were the wisest.
Of all who give
and receive gifts,
such as they are the wisest,
everywhere they are the wisest,
they are the magi.
Thanks everyone
for coming,
and thank you to my friend,
Mae, for helping choose
such a very
special book.
Excuse me, you're
Lucy, right?
I'm Mae's
mom, Angela.
It's nice to
meet you.
Thank you for
putting this on.
Mae comes to the story
nook every month,
and I was so happy when she
told me you were doing it today.
I'm just glad that we
could spread Christmas joy.
Oh, that reminds me, this
is from your daughter,
The Gift of the Magi.
Well, I used to have a
book just like this one.
My mom read it to me every
Christmas when I was a girl.
I never thought I'd find
anything else like it,
but here it was.
And now I get to read it to Mae
and some day she can read it
to her kids, too.
Oh, thank you
so much!
You know, I don't know if
you realize just how special
this place is.
I think I'm
starting to.
Merry Christmas,
Merry Christmas,
Merry Christmas,
Wow, look at
this place.
It's so busy.
I know.
Who knew that this would
bring in so much business.
Maybe your grandpa was onto
to something all those years.
I couldn't agree more.
Hi, I'm Carol and
you're Scott, right?Yes.
Yes, Lucy's
mentioned you.You have?
No, I haven't.
What a turnout.
I don't think it could
have gone better.
Doesn't it feel good to
spread Christmas cheer?
Actually, it does.
Now, you do know there
are other events
Forever Christmas
usually takes part in.
You know, Carol, for a first
time seasonal employee,
you sure do know a
lot about this store.
Well, I just listen to
things that people say,
and since I knew you
would enjoy this one,
I did sort of kind of sign us up
to participate in more events.
Excuse me?
I know the store is closing
and you want to focus on that,
but Scott, Scott, isn't
all this wonderful?
I mean look
at it all.
I'll admit I'm
having fun.
Why don't you ride that
feeling a little bit more.
You said it felt good
to spread Christmas joy.
All right, what do
you have in mind?
I took the liberty of
volunteering us to help
with the Snow Ball.
The Snow Ball?The Snow Ball.
That still happens?
Yeah, it's only the most
important event of the year.
It's pretty much
mandatory to go.
I never miss it.
That's good to hear because
I signed you up to help us.
You did what?
Yeah, we'll deal with
the specifics later.
Oh, I've got to
help some customers.
Why don't we talk
over dinner?
Oh wait, um, like,
the three of us?
Well, of course,
why not?
I'll make a reservation
and let you know where.
You look nice.
Thanks, so do you.
Are we at the
right restaurant?
This is not exactly
what I was picturing
for a brainstorming
Yeah, Carol
picked it.
Um, I have definitely been here
on a first few dates before.
Oh, is this
a date?
Oh, no, no, I, I just,
I meant because of the,
the vibe and
You're messing
with me.
Good evening,
I'm Wade.
I'll be looking
after you tonight.
I'll give you a
minute with the menus.
Oh, we're actually
waiting on someone else.
Oh, Carol, right,
yeah, she just called.
Looks like she
can't make it.
It kind of seems like
we've been set up.
So, what do you
want to do?
Well, we could have dinner
together like two normal people.
Can you
manage that?
Yeah, I can
try my best.
Are you ready
to order?
Oh, I'm, I'm sorry, we actually
haven't even looked at the menu.
Um, but, in the meantime, could
you bring us two glasses
of sparkling cider?
Thank you.
So, Lucy, tell me something
about yourself, standard talk.
Do you have siblings?
No, only child, you?
Yes, one brother, Matt.
And where is Matt?
Did he settle down
in Stowe as well?
No, no, no, he, he left
town as soon as he could.
He's been all
over the place.
He's been in London
for the last few years,
and he's probably gonna go
to Japan or something
like that next,
knowing him.
Wow, he's quite
the globetrotter.
You see him much?
We talk on the phone, yeah,
but it's hard for him to come
out here with work and
traveling and everything.
He doesn't come home,
not even for Christmas?
Not really, no.
Christmas was a family thing,
and ever since my father died.
Oh, Scott, I'm sorry.
No, no, it's, it's fine,
it was a long time ago.
But I guess there's just nothing
left anchoring him here, um,
but I do miss
celebrating with him.
Have you tried asking him
to come home for Christmas?
Maybe you should.
Um, thank you.
I have an idea.
Okay.Let's talk about
something fun,
but first I would like
to propose a toast.
Welcome back home,
Lucy Simmons.
And though your
stay may be brief,
may it be a reminder of all
of the magic and charm
that a small town at
Christmas can have.
Cheers to that.
Really, your entire life, the
furthest you've been is Arizona?Yeah.
When I was 10, the big family
trip to the Grand Canyon.
My brother pretty much ruined
the whole vacation when he threw
my favorite toy
right off the cliff.
That was a, a
long ride home.
Your next vacation you
should come to California.
I don't know.
With the, the beautiful weather
and the food and the culture,
is there really
anything there for me?
There's a big world
out there, Scott.
You never know what
you might miss
if you don't go
out and see it.
That's true.
But there's something to be
said about a town like this and,
and remembering
where you're from.
I mean you can feel
the magic, can't you?
Yeah, when I
was a kid.
What happened?
I grew up, I moved away,
I got a job that I loved,
and an exciting city.
Well, I guess your
parents are still here,
so you can always
visit for Christmas.
Yeah, well, mom and dad
want to move back
to California
and retire.
So, once we don't have
to run the store anymore.
You won't really
need to come back.
No, I won't.
Being back is great and I
could feel something, but.
Have you ever considered
not selling the store?
It's not
that simple.
I know everybody
loves the store,
but how can I take care of
it when I'm all the way
across the country?
I'm sorry, you know
what, you're right,
it's not really
my business.
I guess I'm just bummed that
I didn't meet you sooner.
You know what?
We should really take advantage
of all of Stowe's Christmas
traditions while
you're still here.
Come on, I want to
show you something.
Come on.
Come on.All right.
So, they just stand
here all night?
Pretty much.
Scott, so good
to see you.
You know, we could use another
wise man in a couple of days
when Terry visits
his in-laws.
Hey, Scott, you'd
make a great wise man.
I will get back to
you on that.
But in the meantime, if you're
looking for a replacement Mary,
I think Lucy would
love to volunteer.
Oh, Lucy, Hal's
granddaughter, right?
It's a treat that you're
running the store
for its last
I think I speak for
everyone here when I say
we're going
to miss it.
I just don't know where I'm
gonna buy my wreaths next year.
Sorry to let
you down, Mary.
[bell ringing]
Oh, evening service
is letting out.
Okay, well, I guess we
better get back to it.
It was wonderful
to meet you.
You too.
Okay, everybody,
back into character.
[ Silent Night ]
Oh, jingle bells,
jingle bells,
jungle all the way.
Oh what fun it is...
Good morning.Good morning yourself.
You're usually not
this bushy tailed
until your third
cup of coffee.
Can't a girl be filled with
Christmas spirit without
getting the
third degree?
Look, if youon't want
to admit it, that's fine,
but I can't help but notice you
being so chipper after spending
an evening with
yours truly.
Oh-ho-ho, is that
what you think?
That's very
flattering for you,
but that has nothing
to do with it.
I'm serious.
Okay, whatever
you say.
However, I will admit that
maybe you were right about
being back in Stowe.
It's kind of rubbing off on
me, all of this wintry charm,
the story nook, getting
ready for the ball, it's...
I want to do more.
[door bell jingling]
Well, I think you'll
get your chance.
New project, I
need your help.
Come on, Scott, you too.
It's all hands on deck.
An ornament raffle, this
is such a cute idea.
I remember my grandpa
talking about this.
People come to the store, buy an
ornament to bring to the Ball.
Well, Forever Christmas is the
perfect place to display them.
[door bell jingling]
Hey, Rose.
Hi everyone.
Hey Randall.
Hey.What you
got there?
Oh, what, this,
oh, it's nothing.
I mean it is, it is
something, it's something.
What was the
These are for the
ornament raffle.
I love the
ornament raffle.
I'll take
one, please.
Great, well,
here you go.Thanks.
Great, well, I've got some
stuff to do, so I'm gonna go,
I'm gonna go do
that stuff.
I'm gonna go, I'm
gonna go do that stuff.
I'll see you at
the Snow Ball.
Thanks for this.
Good luck, dear.
Okay, Randall,
she's gone.
Is it super obvious
that I like Rose?
Yeah, you could
say that.
How can we help
you, dear?
I don't know
what's wrong.
Every time I see her
I just get so nervous.
Honestly, all I want for
Christmas this year is just to
go out with her,
just one date.
Um, I can't explain it,
but...I think this is for you.
For me?
Yeah, I just
have a feeling.
Well, go ahead, take it, you
never know you might win
and wouldn't that
be wonderful?
Yeah, I guess it
couldn't hurt.
Thanks Lucy.
So, should we finish
putting this on the tree?
That was very
nice of you.
Thanks, I took your advice,
went with my instinct.
Well, like grandfather
like granddaughter.
You were very wise
to trust yourself.
Yeah, feels good.
It's nice to see you getting
into the holiday spirit, dear.
[ Joy to the World ]
Hey Carol, come on in.
Getting ready for
the big night I see.
Yeah, but I don't know.
I'm not really
feeling this dress.
When I was packing
for this trip,
I didn't anticipate going
to a formal Christmas Ball.
Well life is just full
of surprises, isn't it?
Although some of them
are quite wonderful.
Wait a minute, I've
got just the thing.
Carol, please tell
me you didn't.
Now don't start with the fuss,
it's just a little something
I had packed away
because you never know.
Oh, Carol, this
is beautiful.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Well, come on,
let's try it on.
Wow, you look...
Thanks, you clean
up well yourself.
Um, technically I know
we're here as volunteers,
but traditionally you're
supposed to bring a date,
so I brought
you this.
I think I'm supposed
to help you put it on.
Thank you,
it's beautiful.
Can I get you
some punch?
[ Hark! The Herald
Angels Sing ]
Hi Lucy, good to
see you again.
Terry, right, one
of the wise men?
I'm gonna miss
your store.
Christmas in July was always
my favorite event of the year.
Christmas in July?
My grandpa never
told me about that.
I'm sure there's a lot he did
to help the town we never
knew about, just the
kind of guy he was.
Just wanted to let you know
while I had the chance.
You two enjoy
Thanks Terry.
I thought I lost you
for a second there,
but now I see you've
found my favorite spot,
the chocolate
Oh yeah?
Here you go.
Yeah, you better
drink that fast,
I just bumped into Mayor Wilson,
he's about to introduce us.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's
the moment that you've all
been waiting for,
the ornament raffle!
Please help me welcome
to the stage,
your hosts for this evening,
Lucy Simmons and Scott Jensen!
I guess we should
get up there.
Good evening
I'm Hal's
granddaughter, Lucy,
for those of you
who don't know me.
My grandpa Hal ran Forever
Christmas for almost 50 years,
and I had the pleasure of
helping him when I was
a little girl.
Although my grandpa
left me the store,
my parents have been kind
enough to keep his legacy going,
and now I'm lucky to do the same
for the store's final Christmas!
So, let's get this
party started!
I'll take the mike.
Hey everybody,
are we excited?
Yeah, welcome
back this year.
Let's do the first draw,
and the winner is number 18.
I won!
Hi, fantastic.
On the tree, yes,
let's see what you got.
It looks like a free spa day
at Escape Spa on Second Street.
All right, everyone, we are
down to the final number.
Get those
ornaments ready.
Thank you.
And the winner
is number 32.
I won!
Everyone, it is Forever
Christmas's own Randall.
I, I think there's
been a mistake.
I got 32 as well.
That can't be right.
Well, everyone, it looks
like we have two winners.
Let's just hope that prize is
something they can both enjoy.
[crowd laughing]
We are in luck, it is dinner
for two at Pasquale's.
It is a Christmas
Would you like to?
That brings an
end to the raffle.
Merry Christmas everyone.
Now, let's dance.
Crowd: Yeah.
[ Jingle Bells ]
What's wrong?
I, I just could have sworn we
didn't have any repeat numbers.
Happens to the
best of us.
I wouldn't
worry about it.
Unless you rigged it for
another Christmas wish.
So, are you ready to check
out my sweet dance moves?
Oh, there is nothing
I'd like to see more.
[ Jingle Bells ]
O holy night the stars
are brightly shining
It is the night of
our dear Savior's birth
O fall on your knees
O hear the angels' voices
O night O night divine
So, the Snow Ball, was it
everything you imagined
as a girl?
It was pretty special.
Was that
always there?
A thrill of hope the
weary world rejoices
I had a nice night, but I
should probably get to bed.
Yeah, of course,
me too.
A new glorious morning
Good night Scott.
Good night Lucy.
O night, O night divine
Hey, Carol, what are
you doing here?
Oh, I was working on this
display and I guess
I lost track of time.
How was the Ball?
Oh, it was
Getting dressed up,
dancing in the snow.
Hmm, I bet Scott looked
very handsome in his suit.
Yeah, he
really did.
Although I may have gotten
a little too carried away,
we almost...
Wait, did you have anything to
do with the mistletoe outside?
Mistletoe, oh, I don't know
the first thing about it.
But it wouldn't have been the
end of the world, would it?
No, it wouldn't have
been the worse thing,
but it would have been pretty
inconvenient given the time.
I mean I leave in
less than a week,
and the last thing I need
to do is fall in love.
I didn't mean.
It's just that I live
so far away from here,
I just can't be
getting involved.
Besides, I don't even know
if he thinks of me like that.
Well, I think he thinks
of you like that.
In fact, I think he's
fairly smitten with you,
and I can't think
of a better time
to fall in love
than Christmas.
Oh, speaking of the time,
oh, my goodness,
it's late, I've
got to go.
All right, do we a favor,
dear, and turn out the lights,
lock up, and get to bed,
we've got a busy day tomorrow.
Okay, thanks,
You should have
kissed her.
[door bell jingling]
Merry Christmas,
So you couldn't have
told me you were coming
like a normal person?
I was already in Montreal for
work when I got your message,
and I figured, hey, why not just
drive down and surprise him.
Well, I'm glad
you did.
It's been a while since I've
been able to celebrate Christmas
with my little
Mm, oh, you know, this is
almost as good as when dad
used to make them.
Almost, if that's
the way you feel.
No, no, no, no, all right, all
right, Iake it back, okay.
That's what
I thought.
Hey, I'm glad
you could come.
Sorry, I tried to get
here as fast as I could.
Carol said you needed
my help with something.
Yeah, I, I know it's
last minute, um,
but before we get started, I
wanted to talk to you about,
um, last night
before we left.
Hey, there you
are, hi.
Dude, this place
is amazing.
You have to try the
glazed turkey leg.
Hello Matt.
Hi, I'm Matt, I'm the
younger, less grumpy brother.
There we go.
Hi Matt, Lucy.
Nice to finally
meet you.
It's great that you're able
to get here for Christmas.
Yeah, no, I was close by for
work when Scott called me
and asked me to come down,
and I thought why not.
Oh, Scott
invited you?
How sweet.
So, what did
I miss?Not much.
Scott was about to tell me
something about last night.
Oh, it's
nothing, yeah.
Oh, okay, well, what
could I help you with?
This is really
important, follow me.
You too, come
on, Matt.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no.
Come on, I need a partner, and
you already said you would help.
You said that this
was important.
It is important.
I have a title
to defend,
and Matt is the worst at
this game, no offense.
Okay, wow, no, he's, he's
right, I am the worst.
This is the oldest town
tradition, and besides,
you've already got
it in your blood.
Your grandpa and I have the
longest running record,
eight Christmas's
in a row, eight.
Come on, do it for
him, and also me.
And for me.
All right, if my family's
honor's at stake,
what choice do I have?
Yeah, let's
go sign up!Okay.
Welcome everyone to the
great Christmas Pudding Toss.
[applause & cheering]
Each team gets 15
seconds to toss as many
Christmas puddings to
their partner as they can.
The team with the most in
their baskets at the end
is the winner.
Three, two, one, go!
Five seconds left!
Looks like we
have a winner!
Thanks Scott, I had
such a great time.
Me too.
Well, it's nice
meeting you, Matt.
Welcome home.
Maybe I'll see
you around.
I don't doubt
that you will.
Wow, she's really
Isn't she?
So, what happened
last night?
What do you mean?
Lucy said you wanted
to ask her something,
and then you were all too
eager not to say anything
in front of me, so
what did you do?
Oh, you asked her
out, didn't you,
and you totally
got shutdown.
No, nothing happened,
all right.
I don't even know why we're
having this conversation.
Cause it's obvious.What is?
That you like her.No, it's not.
Wait, is it?
Oh yeah, and you need to
do something about that.
Like what though?
It's already too late.
She's selling her store
and moving back
to LA after Christmas.
That's great, then you
have nothing to lose.
It's almost Christmas, so she
goes back to her life and your
life goes back to normal, or you
win her over and then who knows.It's not that easy.
Yes, it is.
Just ask her out.
Do something romantic, otherwise
you're always gonna wonder
if she feels the
same way, right?
Here you go.
I'm so glad we got a chance
to stop in one last time
before you close.
We've been coming here for 40
years, had ourselves a good run.
Well, I am glad you
came in one last time.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.Merry Christmas.
Hey.How do I look?
So, so handsome.
Are you excited for
your date with Rose?Very.
You know, I still don't
know how you did it, Lucy.
Did what?Gave us both the
winning numbers.
Yeah, I don't know
how I did it either.
I've been trying to work
up the courage to ask
her out for years now.
So, however you
did it, thank you.
Well, I guess I should
head over there.
Wish me luck.
Good luck.Good luck.
Lucy, you okay?
Oh, yeah, just thinking about
all the people who told me
they're sad the
store is closing.
I think it's sweet.
A lot of people are
gonna miss this place.
Yeah, I know.
When I first got here, I
was ready to sell, move on,
rip it off quick
like a band aid,
but now spending time
here during Christmas,
I just feel like I shouldn't
have ever come back.
Well, I for one am very
glad that you came back.
It gave you a chance
to see the place again,
and you'll have those
memories forever.
You look tired.
Why don't you go sit down and
I'll make us some cocoa.
Oh, Carol, it's fine.
Why don't you go home,
I'll close up the store.
Nonsense, nonsense,
I'm not going anywhere.
Go on, on with you.
Something on your
mind, dear?
I remember the last
time I was here.
My parents told me we
were moving to California,
and I was inconsolable.
Grandpa wanted
to cheer me up.
He said he was going
to give me a present,
something to remind me of him
and the store, of the magic.
It was like he pulled it out of
thin air, this beautiful toy,
in that moment
I believed.
I slept with that horse for
years, but life goes on,
and eventually the
horse was just gone.
I guess we have to
grow up at some point.
Oh, my dear, the magic of
Christmas is something
we never outgrow.
Lucy, you here?
Lucy, Greg Peters.
I'm sorry for the wait, but how
about we sign some paperwork?
The space up here
is perfect.
Got big plans, juice
bar in the kitchen,
and the living room will
make a lovely yoga studio,
and that leaves the entire first
floor for more merchandise.
Man, your grandpa was really
crazy about Christmas, huh?
Yeah, he was, that's
why this is hard for me.
The holidays weren't really a
big deal at my house growing up.
Oh, I'm sorry
to hear that.
Oh, no, no, no,
it's fine.
Just we were never really
all that sentimental.
I can remember the exact
moment I stopped caring
about Christmas.
I was seven, opening
presents Christmas morning,
and I had asked my parents
for only one thing that year,
the only thing in the whole
world that I really wanted.
What did you
ask for?
Doesn't matter,
I didn't get it.
So from that point on, Christmas
just didn't hold the same...
...magic, right.
Well, maybe Santa just didn't
have time to get to
my house that year.
I thought you could
use some refreshments.
Oh, how nice,
You know, Lucy was just telling
me how hard it is to let
the store go,
weren't you, dear?
Yeah, I was so sure
before, but I...
People always have second
thoughts when it comes time
to sign, but once they
do, it's huge relief.
And once we're
done here,
you can go back to your
life in LA, right?
Oh, oh, shoooot,
I am sorry.
Oh my, it spilled all
over the paperwork.
I guess you'll have
to come back tomorrow.
No, not to worry, I will
clean this right up.
Here we go.
What did you
trip on?
Huh, that's odd.
[wind blowing]
Oh, oh!
Oh, close call.
It's almost like someone doesn't
want this deal to go through.
Can we just
No, no, no, it's all
good, we can sign.
Here you go.
One more.
Well, I guess
I'm doing this.
I will just tuck these
safely away before
anything else happens.
All right then, you should
have the money wired before
the end of the week.
This is
Merry Christmas.
Did I do the right
thing, Carol?
Only you can
know that.
I mean it's not up to
me, or your grandfather,
or anybody else.
I know you did what
you thought was right,
and I know that
it was hard,
and usually the right
thing isn't easy.
Here, they're
freshly baked.
Scott, what are
you doing?
Why are you throwing
snowballs at my window
in the middle of
the night?
First of all, it's 11 o'clock,
so that's a stretch.
Second of all, I
have a good reason.
I have something
to show you.
Yes, and I think
you're gonna like it.
Okay, I could use a
little bit of cheering up.
Good, let's go.
What is going
on here?
Deck the halls with
boughs of holly
'Tis the season
to be jolly
Don we now our
gay apparel
Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la
Troll the ancient
Yule-tide carol
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
So, I thought a
picnic would be nice,
but then I realized that it
was nighttime in Vermont
in the winter, so I
had to improvise.
Scott, this
is beautiful.
Who is this
all for?
Well, see, I know that we
just met not that long ago,
and that there was always a time
limit on how long that you were
gonna stay out here for, but
do you really have to go?
You keep talking about how
great it is to be back here,
and how much you love the store
and how you're gonna miss it,
so do you really
have to sell it?
Yeah, my whole life
is in Los Angeles.
There's, there's one
here, too, though.
You have the store,
the whole community.
Even if you were to
go back to California,
you still don't
have to sell it.
Of course, I do, my
parents, they want...
They can still retire, you just
have to hire someone to handle
things while you're away,
everything can work itself out.
I sold the store.
I just finished
signing the paperwork.
This wasn't easy
for me, Scott.
I understand.
I didn't ask
for this.
I don't know what my
grandpa was thinking
when he left me
the store.
He was probably thinking you
loved it as much as he did.
Yeah, when I was
a little girl,
but I can't rearrange my
entire life because of it.
I should go.
Wait, Lucy!
This was, um, really
lovely, but, um, I'm sorry.
[door bell jingling]
So, she just
walked out?
Yup.Oh, I'm so
sorry, man.
Yeah, me too.
But, hey, at least you took
that chance and you told Lucy
how you feel about
her, right?
You didn't tell her.
How could she
not know?
Okay, no offense
or anything,
but you're not the best at
telling people how you feel.
Okay, well, anyway,
it's too late,
and I wouldn't exactly
know what to say.
Tell her not
to leave.
You fight for her.
Be honest
with her.
That's what
you'd do.
Yeah, well, maybe it's time
you start taking advice
from your
little brother.
All right, it's
Christmas Eve,
and I want to get
out of here.
Hurry up.
[ Oh Christmas Tree ]
Thank you.
[ Oh Christmas Tree ]
Well, should we
call it a day?
Yeah, I don't think we're gonna
have any more customers.
Why don't
you go home?
I just wanted to
say thank you.
You made the last
Christmas here wonderful,
and though we only worked
together a short while,
just know that it was an
honor serving under you.
Thanks Randall.
I wish I could have
gotten to know you better.
Yeah, I'm a pretty
complex guy.
Merry Christmas, Lucy.
Merry Christmas.
Bye Carol.
Merry Christmas,
Lucy, how are you?
I'm okay.
I figure I'm only here
for a couple of more days,
so I can either
spend them suffering,
wondering if I made
the right decision,
or I could spend them
spreading Christmas magic
like my grandpa
would have done.
Now that's
the spirit.
Hey Lucy.
Hey Matt.
Oh, wow, are you
still open?
I think we can squeeze
one more customer in.Thank you.
I could really use some help
finding a Christmas gift.
It's for Scott.
This is the first Christmas
we've spent together in a long
time, and I really want to
find him something special.
Heard you might be able
to help me out with that.
Okay, well, come on, let's go
find you something special.
Okay, fair warning, this
is not gonna be easy.
Scott is a very hard
man to shop for.
I think we can
find him something.
This is unbelievable.
I think he might
really like this.
No way.
Lucy, this
is perfect.
I can't believe he
told you that story.
What story?
The Grand Canyon and me
throwing his favorite toy
into it when we
were kids.
This is the toy?
Yeah, no, he used to look
through one of these
all the time.
He never would let anybody
else look through it.
It's probably why I threw it
in there in the first place.
This is perfect.
How much do
I owe you?
Oh, please, no,
it's on the house.
Oh, no, I couldn't.
As Forever Christmas's
final customer.
You know, Scott was right
about you, you are magical.
Merry Christmas, Matt.
Merry Christmas, Lucy.
What are you doing
there, dear?
Oh, ah, my horse.
Grandpa, has this
been here all along?
There has to be
something that we can do.
I've made a huge mistake.
Lucy, I'm sorry, there are
a lot of moving pieces,
I can't back out.
Look, selling a family
business is hard,
especially in a
charming town like this.
In fact, I decided to stay
an extra day just to
take in the sights.
Found a great B&B just outside
of town till I fly out tonight.
You don't understand.
Twelve drummers drumming
[ drumming ]
Sorry, I missed that.
These twelve drummers
drumming are really loud.
When I signed the papers, I
didn't realize what I was doing.
The store is special.
I'm sure it feels that way, but
I mean once you're back in
your old life and you get
that nice big check.
I don't care
about the money.
Oh, don't make me
the bad guy.
Look, I'm sorry you're
having second thoughts,
but the time to change
your mind is past.
Just give it time, and soon
enough you'll come to see
that this the best
thing for everyone.
Whoa, whoa, wait,
hold on, one-
Now you take care, okay,
and Merry Christmas.
Lucy, you okay?
Carol, it's real.
What is?
The magic that my grandpa always
spoke about, it's actually real.
This is the gift that
he gave me when I moved,
the one that I lost.
Oh, so beautiful.
How did it get here?
I don't know how
this all works,
but I do know that this store
gives people what they need.
I didn't want to believe it
because I thought it was crazy.
But there's magic
in the store.
Yes, I know, dear.
You do?
I told you that
when we first met.
I've always been a firm believer
in the magic of Christmas,
and now so are you.
Yes, I am.
But now it's
too late.
[door bell jingling]
Hey Scott.
What's going on?
Just a little
You expecting the health
inspector or something?
I'm stressed, and when
I'm stressed I clean,
and since the diner is closed,
I figured now is a good time.
This have anything
to do with Lucy?
What about Lucy?
Yeah, I saw her
this morning.
I can see why everyone's
gonna miss her and the store.
She, she really
has a gift.
What's that?
Merry Christmas.
And he's not even gonna
wait until Christmas.
Yeah, I just thought you might
get a kick out of it, yeah.
I'm sorry it took me this
long to invite you back home.
I'm sorry, too, for not offering
to come back here sooner.
I miss having my
brother in my life.
Me too.
Let me show you
You were too young
to remember this,
but that year on
my birthday,
dad got me a couple of
custom picture wheels.
These were all pictures he
took of us at Christmas.
And this is what you were
playing with all that time?
Oh, man, and I, I
just threw it away.
Wow, I can't believe you kept
this after all those years.
Of course I did.
I love having you as my brother,
even when you annoy me.
I'm sorry I let
us drift apart.
I'm sorry, too.
What do you say from now on
we spend Christmas together
like those two kids.
Yeah, I'd like that.
On one condition, you
need to talk to Lucy.
I don't think Lucy
wants to talk to me.
Oh, Scott,
she's leaving,
and I get the impression
she's not too happy about it.
So if you're not gonna
tell her how you feel,
don't you at least
want to say goodbye.
How could I let
this happen?
My Grandpa tried to tell me,
and I just stopped believing.
I feel like I'm
letting everybody down.
Lucy, you found
the magic again,
isn't that what your
grandpa wanted?
Sure, now it's going away
and it's all my fault.
Oh, honey, it will never
go away, not really.
You will always have
it in your heart,
and the people in town
will keep it alive in
their memories forever.
A place like this
has a lot of impact,
and you may think the
memories will fade over time,
but they won't, they
will always be with us,
just like your grandpa
will always be with you.
You really
think so?
I do, and I have celebrated a
lot of Christmas's in my life,
and I know the real
deal when I see it.
I know things are
tough right now,
but I promise whatever
happens, it'll be okay.
Just remember.
It's a shame Greg doesn't
care about Christmas,
because if he did, he'd see
how special this place is
and let me keep it.
Well, why don't
you show him?
He did say he's still in town,
but even if I wanted to,
how would I get
him to the store?
Oh, you leave that
to me, dear.
It's Christmas Eve.
Don't you need to
go back home?
Oh, don't you
worry about me.
That old husband of mine
has more than enough help
at the office tonight.
Besides, I have
my own work to do.
Hi, how are ya?Good, and you?
Good thanks.
So about how long till
we get to the airport?
It's about 45 minutes
to Burlington.
Huh, that's weird, it looks
like it's gonna be a bit longer.
What's wrong?
Just got an update,
the highway is closed.
All the roads
are iced over.
Looks like we got
to cut through town.
All right.
Thank you.
What's wrong?
I don't know,
engine just died.
[engine sputtering]
We're not going
Greg, what a nice surprise
to see you still here.
Ah, car trouble.
Yes, actually.
How did you...There's no point in you
standing out here in the cold.
Come on in the store and
I'll make you a cocoa.
Lucy, look who I
found just outside.
Hi.Well, I'll let you
two catch up.
I'll just go and
make us some cocoa.
I just keep dropping
in on you, don't I?
I hope you don't mind, I had
some trouble on the way
to the airport.
Oh, no, no,
it's fine.
Have a look around, although
there's not really much left.Yeah.
From the looks of things, you
had a pretty good final season.
Yeah, I'm just happy I
was able to help people
find what
they needed.
Speaking of which, is there
anything on your Christmas list
I could help you find.
Oh, no, thank you.
No, I told you I haven't
had a Christmas list
since I was seven.
Well, maybe it's not
too late to find that
perfect present
you want.
Come on.
What's going on?
Greg, I know what it's like to
forget the magic of Christmas,
but recently I
was reminded,
and maybe I can help
remind you, too.
I think I have the perfect
present, something that you've
been wanting since you
were seven years old.
How would you
know that?
It's the magic
of the shop.
I, I don't
I, this is exactly the kind
of dog I always wanted.
How is this
How did you?The store
talks to me.
If I listen really closely
and follow my instinct,
I will always find
what I'm looking for.
Wouldn't you call
that magic?
Oh, what an adorable
little pup.
Come have some
cocoa you two.
There's a tow
truck outside.
I'm afraid your car
is gonna be a while.
Scott: Okay, she's
coming, get ready.
Silent night
I'm not sure if that's
my tow truck.
Holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Scott, what is
all of this?
I didn't want you going home
without a proper goodbye,
one that you and the
store both deserve.
You did all of this?
Hey, all I did was
ask for help.
I guess the word kind of
caught on like wildfire.
All these people came out
tonight to show you just
how much the store has
touched their lives.
[ Silent Night ]
This is incredible!
I don't know what to
say, except I'm sorry.
I forgot how much this
store meant to me.
If I could have just
remembered how special,
important and
magical the store is,
I would have never
let it go.
If I can ask for forgiveness and
thank you for letting this store
be a part of your lives.
Lucy, we're the ones
who want to thank you.
Because of you, I was
able to get my mom
the perfect
Christmas gift.
Thank you for helping us welcome
a new addiction to our family.
And for helping me
take a chance on love.
Me too.
And thank you for helping
me find my way back home.
And for getting me
my brother back.
I'm gonna miss
all of you.
Huh, this is the best Christmas
I could have asked for.
I'm so sad to
say goodbye.
Lucy, um, there's
no need for that.
I'm still not sure
what's happening here,
but I do know this
town needs your store.
Are you saying?
Yeah, the
deal is off.
You should probably
let them know.
The deal is off!
Forever Christmas
is staying open!
[applause & cheering]
Merry Christmas, Lucy.
So, what made you change
your mind about the store?
It's hard to
Sorry, excuse me.
Lucy, what's
going on?
Mom, dad, hi.
Welcome back.
What are all these
people doing here?
You won't believe it,
I'm keeping the store.
You are?
But I don't
I know, it's been a
crazy couple of weeks.
Honestly, I don't know how I
could have gotten through it
without Randall
and Carol.
Wait, where
is Carol?
Who's Carol?
Carol, the seasonal employee
you hired to help run the store.
We didn't
hire anyone.
But Randall said,
I'll be right back.
Carol: Lucy, I'm so proud of you
for finding your magic again.
I don't think you'll
need my help anymore,
but know that I'll
always be here in spirit.
Thank you for making my
Christmas truly magical.
Love Carol.
Honey, we're so happy you
decided to keep the store open.
Your grandpa would
be so proud.
[door closes]
Oh, I'm, I'm sorry.
I, I could come
back later.
Don't be silly,
Scott, come on in.
We were just leaving.
We'll see you at the house
tomorrow morning, right?
Of course.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Lucy.
Merry Christmas.
I still don't understand what
made you change your mind about
the store, but whatever
it was, I'm glad you did.
You wouldn't believe
me if I told you.
So, what does
this mean?
I don't know, I'm still trying
to figure that part out.
Whatever you decide, there's
something I want to tell you.
I'm crazy about
you, Lucy.
From the first moment
I saw you it was, like,
I could see what was missing
in my life sitting right across
from me, and I know you have
another life waiting for you,
but I now realize that all I
want is to be part of that life,
too, whatever
that means.
You do?
I love you, Lucy.
I love you, too.
[train chugging]
Oh, that was...
Thank you for coming
in and Merry Christmas.
All right, I better
get back at it.
Neither rain nor
snow and all that.
See you tonight?
See you tonight.
Hey, welcome
back you two!
Good to be back.
Okay, let
me see it.
Oh, I can't wait to
hear about everything.
But first,
duty calls.
Talk later?Yeah.
So, how was
the flight?
It was fine.
Did you know it's
75 in LA right now?
Scott's still
All I'm saying is that there
is such a thing as seasons,
although I do enjoy not
having to shovel snow.
And how's everything
with the new restaurant?
It's busy.
I have never made so much
avocado toast in my life.
That reminds me, I need to go
back and check on the diner.
Matt's been texting
me for about an hour.
He said he's here, waiting
for his grilled cheese.
Well, you better not
keep him waiting.
I'll grab the bags.Okay.
See you later.
See ya.
Well, I better
get back to work.
Can't be slacking off
with the owner in town.
Well, that's right.
I'll be in the back
if you need anything.
Good to see you.
Yeah, it's really
good to see you, Lucy.
Merry Christmas grandpa.
Don't you worry, I will always
keep your Christmas magic alive.
Merry Christmas, Carol!
Joy to the world,
the Lord is come
Let earth receive her King
Let every heart
prepare Him room
And Heaven and nature sing
And Heaven and
nature sing
And Heaven, Heaven
and nature sing
Joy to the world,
the Lord is come
Let earth
receive her King
Let every heart
prepare Him room
And Heaven and nature sing
And Heaven and nature sing
And Heaven, and Heaven,
and nature sing