Always Be with You (2017) Movie Script

Every now and then,
people come across problems
with no solutions.
Some might even encounter mishaps.
What are they to do?
If you handle your problem the wrong way,
not only can't you get out of it,
you might also get someone else in trouble.
This is a small-cell carcinoma.
A type of lung cancer.
You should've come earlier.
How was I supposed to know?
Is it curable, doc?
It's a little late.
How much time have I got left?
It doesn't make sense...
This is really too short notice.
Why me?
Don't forget to pick up
your dentures at Dr. Chan's...
3 o'clock next Saturday afternoon.
Tell me if you don't feel comfy with them.
I'll take you back to the clinic.
Yeah, Okay.
Time to leave work?
No, lots of patients tonight.
It'll still be a while.
Okay, no hurry,
I'll be waiting outside the hospital.
Alright, love you.
Get out of the street quickly.
C'mon, get out of the street!
What's happening, aunt?
Faster! C'mon, faster!
How fast do you want?
I don't want a speeding ticket.
Do you want to stay alive then?
Come back quick!
Hurry! Come back.
Look what you've done, old lady!
You should do this somewhere else!
There's no room here.
Stay here, aunt.
This is Sergeant No. 62438.
A serious traffic accident
has occurred here.
At the junction of Sycamore
and Maple Streets.
Those two cars are wrecked
after the collision.
Oh, boy! Look at this.
They must be dead by now. Look!
How did it happen?
Siu Hung!
Siu Hung, why? She longed to be your bride.
Why did she do this?
You guys were gonna get married soon.
Don't be too sad, Mom.
We're here to say goodbye
to sis today. Don't cry.
I got her a pair of gold
bangles for a dowry.
Now the bangles will be buried with her.
Siu Hung!
It's not time for the cremation yet.
You can get some rest for now.
I'll let you know when we're ready.
Don't get irritated!
Let me borrow them.
I'll send you a more expensive pair...
when things get better.
Siu Hung!
Playing hide and seek with me, eh?
Hi, Fung!
When will I get my money back?
I told you, a few more days.
A few more days...?
Over your dead body?
I've just got some stuff
from the funeral parlour.
I need to sell them first.
How could you do this?
You stole from the dead again?
I don't want it,
it's bad luck.
If I don't see my money soon, you're dead.
Do you get it?
Do you get it?
It's Thai!
Got it or not?
Got it!
Let's go!
Don't you forget!
Don't want the dead's money?
Like your hands are always clean.
"Uploading the photo."
"Handmade masterpiece,
solid gold bangles in a pair."
"For sale $38,000.
Leave phone number if interested."
"Any discount? Please call 61386767."
"Die like a dog."
Gold bangles for sale?
Did you call before?
Solid gold
$38,000, cash!
Okay! I'll get back to you.
Bottoms up!
Bottoms up?
Marry me.
Marry me, will you?
Why didn't you wait?
It was only a week until we got married.
Excuse us...
You go to Room 1, a doctor is there.
You go to room 2.
Patrick! What happened?
What happened to him?
He's bleeding a lot.
Don't scare me, Patrick!
I miss you very much.
"For sale Owner moving away Vacant
possession on completion Discount price."
Let's run a resort business by the seaside.
You'll be the lady-boss, and me, the boss.
We'll watch the sunset together
in our free time.
I'm on my way.
What do you look like?
I'm wearing a red-and-white
striped polo shirt.
I only take cash.
I can't answer your call right now,
please leave a message after the "beep"
I've been waiting for almost an hour.
Are you coming or not, man?
What's the problem, man?
Are you fooling me?
Don't even answer your phone!
Let me know if you change your mind.
Don't come too close!
Stay back! Stay out of our way, please!
Watch out!
Don't stand too close!
Did you hear me? It's dangerous.
Help us to do our job, Okay?
Be careful.
# 31153 calling.
A suspect on the loose has been
found in Tai Nan Street.
Back to local news.
A piece of concrete fell
in Sham Shut Po this afternoon...
The 39-year old man who was killed...
has been identified by police
a suspect in several
robberies 5 months ago.
Hello, hello, hello...?
Damn you, moron.
Don't think you can scare me, moron!
I'm keeping the money, moron!
Nothing has gone right since I got you.
"Shun Hing Pawn Shop."
"Closed for the day."
"Wing Hang Pawn Shop."
Your sister is dead.
There's no point in staying sad.
Don't forget you're pregnant.
Yeah, I know.
Let's cross now
999? I ran over someone with my truck.
Are you saying that
you just heard the brakes...
Hey! I'm asking you questions.
How did that truck crash into you?
Do you remember how that
truck crashed into you?
It just came right at me.
Be more serious, please!
I'm taking down your statement
I know you are!
But you are treating me like a thief.
You should ask that driver instead.
Are these bangles yours, mister?
Are they yours or not?
That means "No".
They might belong to that couple.
The couple hit by the same truck.
How are they?
You're lucky!
That young man died.
You need to stay here for at least a month.
Just get ready for that.
Is my baby Okay?
Sorry! We tried our best,
but we couldn't save him.
How are you feeling?
How long have I slept?
3 weeks
I'll go get the doctor.
How did I end up here?
The patient in bed 27 has woken up, doctor.
Do you know where you are?
What's your name?
Open Up!
I'll throw you out of the
window once I get in.
Open the door!
Open the door!
I came to pick up the flowers.
Just a moment!
The flowers are much
more nicely wrapped this time.
How much?
"First choice for your vacation
Golden Pond Resort."
"Flat rate, $600 per room per night."
Done! Miss Tse.
Call us for any problems.
Okay, thank you.
Are any rooms available?
Yes, yes!
Go in and register.
We've just started our business.
Stay for 3 nights and get the 3rd
night free, breakfast included.
This way.
Is this one Okay?
The room key.
Have you talked to your wife?
Didn't I say
I wouldn't divorce her?
It's Okay then, let's break up.
Break up?
What do you want me to do?
Either you divorce your
wife, or we break up!
But before we do,
can we stop quarreling for now?
Can you spend one more night with me?
For the sake of a pleasant memory.
Mrs. Cheung,
I'm your husband's mistress.
We just finished fucking each other.
He's asleep now,
and I will be too.
we aren't gonna wake up.
I've made breakfast,
it's free.
Do you want it?
Found this by the bed.
Mrs. Cheung, I'm your husband's mistress.
We have just finished fucking each other.
He's asleep now, and I will be too.
But we aren't gonna wake up.
Although I can't be Peter's
wife in this life,
I'll be the woman...
who dies with him after all.
We searched all over,
and there's nothing suspicious.
They committed suicide,
it has nothing to do with you.
Of course it hasn't!
Would anyone on earth
think I murdered them?
Why must they damage my business?
They should've killed
themselves somewhere else, not here!
I still have to run this place
I put in all my savings,
as well as my fiancee's life insurance,
plus a bank loan to purchase this place.
I didn't owe them anything.
How could they do that to me?
What are you doing here?
Trying to scare them off?
Go put a paper bag on your head.
Like you're Miss Hong Kong.
Do you think I want to look like this?
Miss Tse,
some weird rumours started...
Since the previous owner's death.
Why did you buy a place someone died in?
Say something!
This place is no doubt haunted.
Tremendously haunted.
Let's go get our aunt to give her a hand.
Someone died in here before.
I don't know.
It's very spooky!
I didn't know about it.
Miss Tse, say something.
Don't ask me.
Get out!
Are you hiding something?
I don't know what to say.
Miss Tse.
Miss Tse...
Whether you believe it or not,
I'd like to recommend you an exorcist.
She's my aunt.
You may seek help from her.
Tell her I sent you, she won't charge you.
"Lady Dragon 91962377."
"Evil flats."
"Nip-and-tuck disaster Dumped by husband."
"Middle-aged woman commits
two kinds of suicide at home."
What would you do
if you still lived?
"Flat rate, $500 per room per night"
I'd hang on
500 bucks, so cheap?
Keep your voice down.
This place is Okay.
We want a room.
Yes! A room.
Are you on holiday here?
What are you planning to do?
To do what?
Yeah! Find a room somewhere else.
No! Sorry,
I asked too much.
Go in and register.
Well, only 500 bucks! Okay then.
We offer free breakfast.
How many nights do you plan to stay?
How about three?
Three nights?
I can't stay for 3 nights
50% off for the 3rd night
50% off, the 3rd night.
Okay, 3 nights.
Thank you.
Can I hang on for 3 nights?
Yes! 3 nights
ID card.
What's wrong? What happened?
A spirit! This place is haunted.
A spirit? It can't be!
Yes! There is.
Go! Let's go!
Don't go!
Leave after breakfast tomorrow.
It's so late now.
Not for me!
No! Sorry
I beg you
I'll give you the money back.
Don't tell anyone.
A spirit, eh?
Show yourself.
Let me see you.
Why don't you show yourself?
Are you Patrick?
Are you back, Patrick?
Come out and see me if you're back, Patrick
If you're back,
come out and see me, please?
I miss you very much.
Why won't you let me see you...
if you're back?
"Haunted resort, business slow.
Lady-boss suffers and is depressed."
"Flat rate, $400 per room per night."
"Pay 2 nights get the 3rd night free."
We want a room.
Come in.
We offer free breakfast.
Pay for 2 nights,
and you get the 3rd night free.
Show me your ID card, please!
For registration.
Either one will do.
Oh, yes!
Well, some newspapers say
there's a very haunted resort.
Looks like this is it.
Don't believe in that shit!
We do!
Of course we do, that's why we're here.
Yes! We came to venture into the unknown.
We expect to see tables and chairs
flying all over the place. It must be fun.
What venture?
I don't see anything wrong here.
Do you?
I say you two are wrong.
Get out...
There's no service for you here, get out!
Let us help you to drive the spirit out
I only want to drive you out! Out!
Get out!
She's possessed.
Why did you stir things up?
Why did you babble
about my place for no reason?
Any evidence? Have you seen any yourself?
Have you seen a spirit in my place?
Why didn't you tell me someone died
in my place before I bought it?
You should've told me...
even if I didn't ask you.
Do you know I'm in deep trouble now?
Excuse me...
Are you here for an adventure, too?
Are you Patrick Leung's fiancee?
"Drunk driving accident.
Caused a groom-to-be's death."
It was you...
You killed Patrick.
Why did you kill him?
See what you...
have done to us.
Why did you kill him?
I only learned about
your situation from the newspapers
I'm sorry.
I have some savings,
a cab license, and a flat.
They don't mean anything to me any more
I'm thinking of selling them all,
then give you the money
I don't want your money.
Well then...
How about selling me your place?
I won't!
Let me help you out a little bit,
one way or another.
I don't need your help.
The place was my fiancee's dream.
I promised to make it come true for him,
and decided to spend the
rest of my life in it.
I won't sell it to you.
How about
renting me a room long-term?
I'd like a room where I can see the sea
$20,000 a month, breakfast included.
What are you doing? What's
taking you so long?
Almost ready!
Ready yet?
Happy Birthday!
C'mon over.
No! It's not right.
Eat the cake.
My birthday is next month.
We can celebrate now.
C'mon over, make a wish.
A month early?
C'mon, make a wish, blow out the candles.
No! It isn't my birthday yet.
How about we celebrate...
every day from now on
until your birthday.
Not a bad idea.
Here are 50 birthday cards I made for you.
So many?
You can read one a year
"2017 to Sze"
"2018 to Sze."
Only on the day of your birthday,
not any earlier, Okay?
I feel odd about this.
Are you seeing another woman?
It's a he.
Are you terminally ill?
How can you be so unromantic?
I saw in a movie,
the male lead makes a birthday card...
He makes it himself, and
gives it to his love.
God knows how enchanted she is,
whereas you think
I must have another woman, or cancer.
So, you don't want it? I'll throw
them into the trash if you don't!
Who says I don't? They are mine.
So reluctant!
One thing is missing.
A red packet! Is $100 Okay?
Happy Birthday!
Thank you.
This way.
Is this one Okay?
Very good!
Your key.
You won't kill yourself, will you?
Of course not.
Why don't you get an exorcism
if you feel scared?
Open Up!
Don't you just shut me out like this!
Open up! Open up!
Open the door!
I clearly explained the risks and
responsibilities to you before the surgery.
You signed the consent form!
No surgery is ever 100% satisfactory.
How about...
I feel sorry for the way you are, too
a follow-up surgery with 20% discount?
You're nuts!
Excuse me!
What did the person-in-charge
say to you, Miss Chan?
I have nothing to say.
Did you ask for compensation?
Compensation? For what?
How much can compensation
help with a face like this?
No photos, no photos!
It's gone!
It's gone!
Was my place really haunted?
Was it my fiancee?
Did my fiancee come back for me?
No! It's a she.
She will never come back.
It's good to see the spirit driven out.
You didn't lie, did you?
I charge you nothing for this.
What have you got to lose?
She's right!
There will be good
business here from now on.
You don't have much luck.
Stay positive!
Stick up a few more.
Yes, boss!
"Debtor wanted" A few more.
There you are, Keung!
Don't you see them?
I do.
Don't you see them?
You can't do this to me, Keung.
You can't bring your problems...
to work.
We'll talk about it later...
What do you mean "I can't"?
Where's my money?
You will get your money back, Fung
no work for you here any more.
You will.
No work for me? Am I not working now, man?
To hell with you.
Well, Fung?
I'll give you the money
in a couple of days.
Your salary here
isn't enough to pay off your debts.
None of your business!
I want my money back.
You will, for sure.
You can't fire me, you'll
have to pay me double.
This is $100,000, sign here.
Here's your ID.
Don't forget to pay me back on time
I won't be long.
C'mon over, easy money, easy money.
Hands off the table.
Here we go!
3, 3, 5 and 11, high.
Here we go!
Only gambling can bring me luck.
This, for the bastard;
This, for that moron...
I'll have nothing left then
I'm in luck today. More luck!
Start again.
Make up your mind...
Hands off the table!
Adding up luck...
Counting on you, dude.
1,1 and 4, 6, low.
Don't forget the money you owe me.
If this place was haunted,
why didn't Patrick come back to see me?
Any rooms available?
come in and register.
He won't find me here.
No money-back guarantee, not from me!
You have another week
you'll be dead meat
if I see you next with nothing.
So what? Being dead meat
is better than a money-back guarantee.
Dead meat is better.
No way!
Hey! Have you seen Mr. Chow?
Which Mr. Chow?
The man who checked in yesterday.
Mr. Chow!
This is Miss Tse, Mr. Chow!
Are you alright, Mr. Chow?
Mr. Chow, open the door.
Not again!
Mr. Chow.
Mr. Chow.
Mr. Chow.
Looks like he's gone.
That's the way people are now.
Did he pay his fee?
The fee isn't important,
he nearly scared me
I'm home!
Where have you been? What kept you?
Shopping again?
No! I got it with my
credit card's reward cash.
What is it?
We don't have any records.
What's a record player for?
When there's a record player,
there will be records.
Same as when there are credit cards,
there are shopping frenzies.
How nice to see you.
Well, I was passing.
Have dinner with us then.
He's the cook.
I'll go back to my cooking.
When will you tell Sze?
Why are you crying?
I forgot to cook the rice.
That's trivial.
When will you tell Sze?
Give me some time, I will tell her.
How much longer
do you want to keep it from her?
I know I shouldn't do it,
I don't want to do it either.
Don't drag it out any longer then.
She'll find out herself sooner or later.
I understand, aunt.
Make yourself comfortable.
I forgot to get the rice.
"Account Withdrawal Form."
Want a room?
This way in, please!
I'll help you register.
This way.
Still up?
I've made sweet red-bean soup,
would you like some?
Thank you.
Okay, sleep well!
"Die, die, die, die, die..."
Open the door...
Open the door...
Open the door! Open up!
What's wrong?
I'll get the key.
Why must you commit suicide in my place?
No suicide! No suicide here!
This place will be on
the front pages again.
Why can't you people do me a favour?
What have I done wrong?
What are you doing?
Cut her up,
it's easier to get rid of her that way.
You can't do that.
We aren't killing her.
You can't do that!
We're handling a body disposal.
You can't afford.
This isn't right!
Another suicide here.
Are you gonna report to the police,
and let the whole world know about this?
but this isn't right.
Stay away.
There's nothing for you to do here.
I'll take care of this mess,
you have nothing to do with it.
She's not dead yet!
She's not dead yet!
Are you Okay?
Why did you hang yourself here?
You wanted to die...
Killing yourself here
could get her into deep trouble.
Have you thought of that?
I only...
I only wanted to die.
I thought of nothing else.
I heard that
this place was the best for suicide.
The best?
You're lucky that you
managed to stay alive.
Go home!
Your family is waiting for you. Go! Go!
A HKDSE candidate...
suspected of being depressed,
suffering pressure at school,
jumped from the roof of
a private block of flats
in Tsuen Wan this afternoon,
and fell straight to the ground.
She was pronounced dead
after being rushed to a hospital.
Police are treating the
case as suicide for now.
The 19-year-old deceased was reportedly
a student at a famous school.
Her mother said
she left home early in the morning...
and never returned.
When one must die, nobody can stop it.
Just a second, there's
some trash behind you.
Police! Call the police!
Have you ever seen this man?
And you?
What happened?
Someone found a human arm on the seashore.
The fingerprints belong to this man.
What has it got to do with us?
I didn't say that.
Some passers-by saw him here.
That's why we came to take a look.
Are you sure you've never seen him?
Miss Tse?
She already said "No!"
I'm asking her the question.
She's asking you if you've ever seen him.
May I see the check-in record?
I go get it.
Ring me
if you recall anything.
Thank you.
Are you letting me off my diet?
Don't you always say I'm fat?
Fatter, better to hug.
I bought you another one, take your time.
When will you clear the stuff
in the cupboard...
Okay, Okay, I'll throw them away.
No, I meant to say
when will you fix the cupboard?
It's running out of space,
I plan to buy another one.
What size of cupboard would you like?
Why are you so nice to me?
You have ice cream on your lip,
only kids eat that way.
Let me help you.
You have tissues with you!
I took it from the table before I left.
Do you like BBQ goose leg?
I'll go and get one, wait for it at home.
So nice to me!
What do you want?
I knew you saw me.
"Don't ever forget
to burn these offerings for me,"
"or suffer the consequences."
Why? We're in very bad shape.
Save it! I tore it off.
No matter what,
he never showed up here,
you know nothing about him.
I thought
he left without a trace that day.
Was it you?
I told you
I wouldn't let anyone badmouth this place.
I don't want people to come and bother you.
I didn't kill him.
He was already dead when
I went to his room.
Don't worry!
You won't be in trouble.
"Yu Yan."
Yu Yan!
I was the cause of your fiancee's death.
Had it not been for my drunk driving,
you two might be living happily ever after.
I don't dare to ask for your forgiveness.
There's not much help I
can offer you anyway.
All I want is...
to do my best to make up for your loss...
before I go.
I came to turn myself in
I handled an unlawful corpse disposal.
As for mutilating the body,
I'll take full responsibility.
You're not to worry about it.
I have a terminal illness.
God has sentenced me to death.
Any penalty on earth
won't change his mind about me.
Take good care of yourself
Although that man made a full confession,
I still think the lady-boss of that place
played a part.
No way.
That woman has enough trouble already.
I guess so!
He's the rag-and-bone man
I came for the comic books.
Oh, yes! Come with me.
Don't wait for me, I'll see you at home.
This way.
So many comic books.
Are you sure you don't want
to keep them anymore?
I can read anything on line now.
This trash is all yours.
May I correct you?
I collect old stuff, not trash
I'm a professional, what I collect...
isn't junk,
much of it is forgotten treasure.
Excuse me, this is my card.
Pay me a visit when you're free.
Some treasure might be waiting for you.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you.
"Not for sale."
Someone who can't sing
can become a superstar these days
You died young,
you could've achieved stardom.
Hello, everyone! I'm Jamie.
Today is the day of my first LP.
Only 500 records have been
produced for circulation.
Now I'll sign my name on this one.
This will be the one and only.
Because I won't sign any others.
Why not? We want one, sign a few more.
Quiet, quiet!
Let me finish!
I'd like to present this record
to a very important person.
My Mom and Dad left me behind when I was 3.
My uncle has been looking
after me ever since.
I wouldn't be here today without him.
So, I very much want...
to hand this record to my uncle.
Would my uncle please come up here?
Uncle, please?
Go! Go!
Don't keep her waiting.
One second, your jacket.
Look this way, ready!
What's the point?
You cry every time.
Give me that!
I'll throw it away.
No, don't!
Stop crying then
I wasn't crying.
A grown man shouldn't cry every day
I'll throw it away if you touch it again.
Oh, please, my friends!
I need a little more time
I promise I will settle it.
You've been given
a lot more time than you deserve
I want to finish my bucket list first.
One week.
Looking for records?
Take your time, many are classics.
A rag-and-bone man recommended this place.
Any discount?
There are a lot in there, c'mon in.
You only picked the classics.
Alright, $1800 total
That's before the discount.
After the discount, $1500.
How about a further discount?
This is already the cheapest you can get.
How about...
I'll give you one for free.
Pick any one.
A free one?
Yes, whichever you like.
Be my guest.
This one then.
Credit card?
The sound of an LP is really warmer,
the voice is more natural.
It'd sound even better
with a tube amplifier.
But that would cost me an arm and a leg.
It's autographed.
A collector's item.
With so many records,
you surely know how to kill time
I thought you were going to say this
is another piece of junk I bought.
I know I always said that to you before
I'm sorry.
Hey! Don't make me say
the same thing twice.
Let's dance, I'm in such a good mood!
Dance to the right music, of course, c'mon.
You stopped dancing with me after
we got married.
But I feel like dancing now.
Oh, damn!
Fast music, c'mon!
Your ass is really...
What are you looking for?
What happened to Jamie's record?
It's not here.
It's good to hear that
I threw it away.
You keep listening to
it when it's around...
and keep crying.
Now that it's gone,
you don't have to suffer any more.
Do you know how much Jamie's record
means to me?
Have you ever treated me with respect?
Have you?
How do you think I feel when you cry?
I feel bad too, don't I?
Well, you didn't have to throw it away.
What's the big deal?
It is a big deal!
you don't...
Throwing my things away is...
Do you mean it?
DO you?
Do you really mean it?
Say that again.
Say that again, say you want me to leave.
No "Hm".
Say it!
Are you asking me to leave?
It's only a record
I'm your wife.
You would kick me out for a record?
Say so!
One more "Hm", and I'll leave.
Why is the stylus stuck?
It's a new record player!
Did you put the record on?
Go to sleep.
Do you want it to go on?
Where are you going?
To dump it!
Dump it?
Alright then, its yours to keep, here!
Break it first, then dump it.
That's not nice! Some spirit
might not be reborn.
Don't say that.
You scare me
I don't want it any more...
I'll throw it away then.
No complaint, Okay!
Go ahead!
Go ahead!
Come with me.
C'mon! Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid. Don't scare yourself.
We threw it away yesterday,
didn't we?
Why is it back there?
Did we close the main door
when we got back yesterday?
I don't remember.
You came in after me.
I jumped into bed as soon as we got back.
How am I supposed to remember?
Hey! The door isn't closed.
Yeah right, it isn't.
What are you doing here?
On patrol!
Have you seen anyone going into our place?
But you saw my door was left open.
That's why I'm standing here,
guarding it for you.
Did you come in?
I'm the Superintendent.
My duty is to take care
of all areas out here only,
your home
is beyond my control.
Cut the crap, come with me.
Not so hard.
Have you seen this record before?
How do you know I like music?
Of course I have!
Did you find it out there
and bring it back here?
Why would I bring it back here if
I found it? I would take it home.
Only a nutcase would
pick up something like this.
Then who put it on the player?
That means you didn't.
Of course not, I can't believe you.
What now?
Take it with you. You like it, right?
Take it home.
Wow, thanks...
but no thanks.
Hey, hey!
Don't be afraid.
Why don't we get our aunt here?
No, leave her alone.
Let's throw it further away, Okay?
What? What's wrong?
It's back there again.
Where did you buy that?
You had better take it back.
Take it back to where it belongs.
What can I show you, madam?
No, I came to return this.
What is it?
The lady-boss gave me
this when I was here last.
This is it!
She said she had thrown it away.
Let me buy it back from you.
No need, bye!
How about picking something
you like for free.
No, no, no need! Thank you.
It is the right thing to do.
It's nice to see you back.
I missed you very much.
Why did you kick me out then?
I'm very sorry.
I found the record.
I can see that.
No more crying from now on.
It isn't easy to hold back tears.
Cry me a river then,
just don't let me see it.
Yes, Sir.
Let's go in.
I can hold back anything...
but tears.
What would you do...
if I said I'm leaving you tomorrow?
Has anything happened to you?
Tell me!
You've been acting funny
lately, what happened?
Tell me, will you?
Tell me the truth. Don't
scare me like that.
What happened?
Tell me what's wrong?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
Enough! Time to go.
A few more minutes, please!
Let me say goodbye to my wife, please!
Time is running out,
you and your wife will meet again.
But you have to make it
to your next life first.
Let go of my husband,
or I will shoot!
Let go of my husband!
Drop your gun!
Drop it!
They've been sent from hell.
I must leave.
Put back your gun
I'm dead already.
You were unconscious for 3 weeks
in the hospital.
And had no recollection
at all when you woke up.
This is Sergeant No. 62438.
A serious traffic accident
has occurred here.
At the junction of
Sycamore and Maple Streets.
Oh, boy! Look!
They must be dead by now, Look!
He's the rag-and-bone man
I came to collect comic books, madam.
Okay, come with me.
Don't wait for me, I'll see you at home.
This way.
She's been pretty weird, don't you think?
She's been like that since the coma.
Maybe she misses Sam too much.
She doesn't look too sad to me though.
Hey... you're pulling too hard
I've always wanted to tell you the truth.
But once I did,
I would have to go.
I don't want to leave you.
I knew I didn't love you enough.
I wanted to love you more.
Here are the 50 birthday cards I made.
I haven't got much time left.
Do you know I enjoy
the way you smile a lot?
Nothing is more important...
than your smile.
Smile, will you?
Will you, please?
I hate to see you cry.
Give me a smile, will you?
Do you know you look awful when you cry?
Smile, please?
I must leave now.
Smile for me, please!
I'll go with you.
Drop your gun!
Although you're no longer with me,
I take it as if I were your wife.
Don't worry.
I will take good care of our business...
to make your dream come true
I'll hang on with it, no matter what.
How is she, Doc?
She needs to rest.
Let's talk outside.
Come this way.
She witnessed a serious traffic
accident last and was in much distress.
She's now schizophrenic.
So she sees illusions all the time.
Meanwhile, we'll put her on medication
and send her to psychotherapy.
Your job is to keep an eye on her at home