Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story (2015) Movie Script

Wait, he's the one.
- You see it? - No.
Tell me where. I can't see anything.
Use your phone. Turn on the camera.
Turn on the camera.
There's the car.
We can make it.
Jamie, help.
Oh God.
- Where are you? - Jamie.
Jamie, get up. Get the...
Oh my God.
Oh God.
Oh God.
Eli, what are you doing?!
Get in!
I am filming New Year's resolutions.
- You guys have resolutions? - Oh yeah, yeah.
I am marrying this girl. You see this rock?
Mary. Hey, Mary. Getting New Year's resolutions?
Okay. I'm on the hunt through, oh, resolutions.
Did you ...? Nope? Okay.
If anyone has something to say this year,
speak now or forever.
I'm just dealing a little... a little report from Pharmacist Content.
County baths. Great Lexington.
Any promising leads?
Thank God.
You've any New Year resolution?
- I do actually. - Yeah?
This is gonna be my last Percocet 2012.
I did say that in 2011 and 2010, but ...
I mean it this time.
Sara Kovic.
Sara, I'm, uh ...
Sorry, I'm Milo.
- Milo. - Yes.
Oh wait, Sara. Wait.
Are you a chance of Sara, the new reporter of New Straits thing?
Yes, it's me. I'm Sara, the new chronicler,
which means that you must be Milo, the camera guy.
We prefer to call photographers.
You're very good at that. You look very comfortable with it.
I ... That's right, yes.
- That's unfortunate for you. - Well, I don't ...
- Milo. - Yes.
Man of the hour.
- Yes. - So?
What are your New Year resolutions?
New Years? And you're very ultimate actually.
- Oh no. - I do.
- Oh, it's shitty. - No, it's not.
- Oh, it's embarrassing. - No, it's really awesome.
It does ... no, 'cause it comes out every time I drink and ...
Are you here with anybody or ...?
No. Nobody.
- Are you? - Very good.
- Everyone ready? - No.
Nine, eight, seven ...
six, five, four,
Three, two, one.
Happy New Year...
And she's in.
Okay, currency six months. Congratulations.
That was fast. Like a lightning.
Oh, careful. Oh no, Sara.
There's a lot of produce on the ground now.
Yep, don't forget that orange.
I put on the light cameras.
Hi, Marty.
How is it going?
How was your day, Marty?
What did you do?
"I licked things, my hair on everyday. "
Right, treasure?
What did I do? I ... did the usual, you know.
Followed around the camera.
"Why did you do that, Milo?"
I don't...
HAPPY RETIREMENT - Hi, Frank. I'm gonna miss...
GOOD-BYE, FRANK - Sometimes a tragedy is required to ...
Barbara, would you wanna have a testimony on Frank?
Hey, Sara. Hey.
Uh, apparently the guy who's replacing Frank is some douche bag.
- Milo, stop, stop .... - But they bringing him here
- because apparently did not know - Shhhhhhh
- This is Charlie MacNeel. - Hey.
- He'll be replacing Frank. - How're you doing?
I am the douche bag. Nice to meet ya.
Hey, Milo, let's go. We might be late.
Yeah, coming.
Guy just bothers you because you don't know him
and you're suspicious of everything you don't know.
No, he just brings all the way out here with no prep whatsoever.
Who does that?
Guy comes to Columbia from Boston.
Well, its not exactly a lateral move.
- I don't know. Perhaps he moved by the family. - Has a lot of fun?
He is already arrived in time, it's perfect.
- Yes, you're professionals. - Yes, that's right. Good job.
But you'll come inside, I'll show you what's going on here, and I think you'll gonna love it.
...Would you just grab, grab uh, just grab everything, okay?
I'll just drive the van through in front into the house.
MORTGAGE EXECUTED - This is great because it is gonna be a story
it can really sink into your soul, you know it.
Some people actually benefit from.
- It's, it's actually kind of new ... - I know.
A fresh take, uh, look, so ...
- Smart. - Wanna try one?
- I'm thinking. - I'm, I'm using my nagging.
- Yes. - I like where you hands that.
- Alright. Milo? - Yeah?
- Then? - Yeah, you much out there.
Well, I ran a trash of crew.
When a folk old abandoned his house,
so we come in and clean the place up.
We started off cleaning the dusted areas
and this switch over it when, uh ...
market went down and the bank started to call us.
It just gonna be obsessed Mr Day take a stop of, uh, what damage there isn't
and see if there is some valuables we got to move
to keep the place from being loaded.
- Oh, does that happen once? - Yes, it does.
Michael Tobler.
Let's see what's behind the door number one.
Hello? Is anybody home?
Why do I feel like this is going to suck?
Suck it.
One of the person's job is whenever the homos live behind, we got the key.
We stay with what they have left.
You never know what you gonna find through the front door.
It might be toxic mold growing on the wall.
It might be completely disaster area of
...squatters who settled of on the floors. You would never know.
That's great. I don't think ... I don't think we need to ...
we will ... Well, that's fantastic.
- Thank you. Thank you so much. - Okay, good. No problem.
Erm, do u want to go around and get some biro?
Oh, oh no, dude, you're ... You're my shaw.
Hey, Milo, come over here.
- Give a shot of these toys right here. - Okay.
Resells houses and told me some horror stories on foreclosures.
- And there are these people ... - They just get so pissed out.
They put out the stuff and just cement down the white toilet.
- And then... - That's so bad.
They ripped the wiring out of the walls.
- Why do it? - Oh no.
- I don't know. They are very upset about that. - "ripped the wiring out of the walls"?
Well, it smells delicious in here.
Ahaha man, Milo. What happened?
- What did we learn today, buddy? - What...?
Let Sleeping Dogs ...
- Listen for Leonard. - Oh my God. What happened?
There could be squatters in the house.
Does not nest we removed It was filmed? No, i guess.
What is that for?
Well, it is to know that legally BSR was here.
All right, people. We on it.
Can I just say real fast how truant I am?
we make a note about garbage?
Have you guys ever seen the reality show on PBS 70
- Called "An American Family"? - Yeah.
That's what exactly we trying to do here.
Barbara sent me emails, wanting to know what the hell we were doing.
. So would you mind calling? Thank you. - No, I do not want to...
Last one for the day.
Alright, Mr. Mrs. Wittlocke. Let's see what you get.
Hello? Is there anybody at home in the priest?
What the hell?
Are you sure no one's living here?
I had never seen anything like this. The power is still on.
The place is also covered in dust, too.
Do people usually leaves these much stuff?
Perhaps we have gotten.
Hey, Milo, come to get a shot of this.
Is homework.
Hence, I wonder if little Tara's doing her homework
and then... next minute she's gone.
Hey guys, we got messages.
Hey, Dan, buddy.
Look, I tried to reach you all day yesterday no luck.
Will you come to work this morning?
Listen, Dan, if you don't call me back,
that's really not much more I can do for you.
I am Makaela. Did u go on vacation?
I have seeing u around the last few days.
Hey listen, your mails pile up very high so on to your elementary,
your daughter, Tara has been absenced for the past two days
and we yet can't communicate either two of you.
Dan, honey, It's mom.
Why haven't you called me back? Is everything okay?
Call me.
Hey, Dan, I'm Tim Carey, just to check it in.
You missed a night of poker ...
Well, Dan, picked up that phone,
answer text, or anything.
You have not given me a single respond ...
Yes, that's better. Okay.
It smells weird.
Uhhhh, yeap.
A standard basement.
We'll see.
What the hell...?
What is that?
Eww, is that mold?
Oh no. Leonard. I think you have mold.
What the hell is that?
Oh! Jesus Christ! Yo!
- What is wrong with you? - Oh, Milo, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- What are you doing back here? - I found this ...
- With a bunch of graffiti out here. - I see, I see.
I think there were squatters. What is wrong with you?
I'm sorry. It was a bad thing I do and I didn't do it anyway.
Dude, my heart is beating so fast.
- Its not funny. - I'm sorry. I had to do it.
It is the second time today. You see this?
What is it?
Hey, Leonard.
Oh man, once if this turns out to be a one cellar,
I'll tell you how do I spend my weekend.
- Would you get in there? - Yeah, why don't you check it out?
Did you find anything good?
I don't know. There is a paint and there's a box of DV tapes, maybe camera.
Right there, in the corner. Do you see them?
Wow, great.
- Leonard? Where is Leonard? - Here, right here.
- You mind if we take these video? - It's none of my business.
You're a good man.
Congratulations, today we just struck gold. Those tapes are incredible.
What do you wanna drink? I'll go get the first round.
- I don't ... I don't drink. - You don't? You don't drink?
- No, not drinking. - You're not drinking? At all?
- She does not drink. - Do you want a coffee or something?
- Yeah. - I'll get a coffee.
- I mean, an Irish coffee. - Hey guys.
- Salute. - Cheers.
You know, I don't mean to bring anybody's prie-dieu,
but I just sat in the van for the last 45 minutes
and all I saw was a bunch of very boring ... as family gathers.
- Wrong. - No, right.
- No, that's totally wrong. - Very boring.
No, that gives us story exactly what it was missing to the context.
Worry about the shooting, the story layer?
Sara, look, you want to be a fantastic poetical one day
and I see that you absolutely have the potential.
But sometimes you got to learn to take what you can get.
And also, Leonard did say whatever that we're behind, we got to keep.
Just that you can't keep something, it means actually you shouldn't.
Look, I do not want to spend the rest of my lifebrin Columbia, do you?
Unprotected ...
- Oh. - This gonna be a lot.
- Chopping broccoli. - Your favorite.
- Oh, broccoli. - Yeah, broccoli.
- I hate broccoli. - You got to love that ...
I got to learn that like you.
It looks like there's moist around the tapes.
Yeah, it's not like it should ...
- You can sit outside. - Alright, stop, okay?
Stop it. I know it's a pin in the ass.
And it's a lot of furnish, but we have to go through it.
- But it is a lot. Why...? - It's gonna be...
- It's gonna cut them together well. - Why did we have to do?
Why doesn't Charlie come and watch together with us ...?
- 'Cause that's not his job to do that. - Yes of course.
- You know that. - Thank you, mommy.
You know I gets Charlie in your pants, right?
- Really? - Alright, nevermind.
You really wanna talk about this again?
No, we ... Forget it.
- That was not a good head conversation. - Well, no, you are not given up.
You were absolutely wasted, I know.
But you like totally screw up for a few following weeks after that?
'Cause I seem to remember we last a little longer
a horrible wasted given.
And it was a mistake and we just need to stay friends.
Great. Let me clear. A mistake.
I wouldn't talk about this anymore.
Daddy, is that you?
- Are you little tense? - A little bit.
- I've never done this before. - Alright, just relax.
Do you remember the Wittlocke on Hollyluke Road?
Dan and Rose Wittlocke?
We didn't kick the red lights out. They left.
We called them and nobody picked up.
They were just gone.
So, uh, what has inspired the Wittlocke to leave,
Had nothing to do with us. Nothing.
D & W GROUP MORTGAGEbr- Hey Milo, what do you think !-- i--?
They left. They had just get out of here.
- Yeah? - New game plan, man.
Can you give me a flavor and look up these tapes?
Check discover every hour you can and find it any inside of the word where the Wittlockes went.
Yeah, that's cool. Alright I just pack up all by myself and I see you guys in some point.
Can you give me sound check with it?
- I can't ... I can't hear you. - You can't hear me?
I can't hear anything.
- The microphone was not on. - Was it off?
It was totally off.
- Good job. - I am professional.
It began as the story with a family ...
driven from the home by Foreclosure
but recent development has shown it to be much more than that.
They were barbeque on the beach.
Dan Rose, Tara, Jeremy.
Wayne noticed it.
Jeremy was gone.
What happened to him?
He went for a swim and hit by a boat.
Dan got a little bit strange after the accident.
I mean, who wouldn't?
He just always had that ... that camera with him.
Uh, I mean, he had it before,
but he would use it for birthday parties...
or school recitals things like
I went for a jog and I saw him in the backyard,
just staring into the woods,
just pointing the camera at nothing.
So, did you get any calls regarding Dan Wittlocke or his wife's pryer
through their disappearance?
Yeah, I got a series calls from Dan
claim there were some stalker in the woods outside of his home.
I never saw anything.
Dan? He did not hear in that.
He began to wag and raving,
and insisting there was a guy living in the trees on his property.
If you ask me, the guy playing with the full deck there.
Oops, sorry, I moved my hands.
- No, that's okay. - Okay, that's alright.
- That was pretty good. - A lot of we did that.
If you ask me, the guy wouldn't play with the full deck there.
That's great, it's a great one.
- Hey. - Hey.
- What're you doing? - Hey, uh...
- Where's the rest of your team? - They'll come back along in five minutes.
Ah, well. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Can you see the difference ...?
Does it strikes you as odd?
Yeah, but can you see the...
Here we go.
Alright never mind. Yep, we are good ...
she's not.
This is the fifth call I get.
Barbara, hello.
I ... No, no, we clear this duty
Remember? We talked about it... Okay. Oh, she's gone.
- That's it. she's gone. - She hang up?
I feel like a better husband. I feel I should go on Oprah.
Did you survive two years at the affiliated Boston and you are stressed out here?
Well, I... I got to kicked off Boston.
I got to show you guys something. I got to show you something right now.
Charlie, grab the camera.
- Alright, as if. - What are you...?
Two seconds, I got a whole bunch of stuff to show you guys.
I'll look at it. Come on.
Alright, come here.
Come here, girl. Alright.
Good job.
- Alright, birthday girl. - Okay, Tara.
- Just like I showed you. - Let me get this.
- Got hairs on your face too. - Milo, seriously,
What is the point of this?
Just be patient, okay? Just watch.
- Alright, let me spin you. - Not much too dizzy.
Turn you around.
What happened to the sound?
No idea, but it happens on a bunch of these tapes.
There. You see that? You see that?
See what, Milo?
Birthday girl's gonna be defeat.
You see? There ... Look, there's somebody standingbrback there by the trees.
- Look. - There. Yeah, there.
Looks like a guy in suit.
Hold on. Alright, just listen.
Rose, I'm telling you.
I look through the camera, he there. I look up, he's not there.
I'm not lying. I don't know how's the put.
Right, because you can only see him through the camera...
I'm not crazy, you've seen it. I don't know how else to...
Wait, what is that? Look.
Right there.
- What is that? - I didn't see it this one.
I didn't see it.
Is that it?
Should we had to stop rewind and show it this tape to the police? I don't understand.
Maybe he tried to and they were just tired enough of them.
In the 60s there was that serial killer, do you remember?
- What was his name? - Zodiac.
- Yeah. - I used to make entire, you know, uh, code messages
and the press to the police station.
- So yeah, one of the most of them was actually... - Oh yeah.
- with this little cross over it. - Yeah.
So ... I don't know. I mean I guess that this guy was not that imaginative.
You can always return an X. It is a similar symbol.
- This guy... is a serial killer? - It could be.
You know, we just found knives clean and blood in the kitchen.
That thing is that the one trade most serial killer is, that
they are somebody for a while and then they choose them.
You know, and if this guy keeps popping up for the kids birthday
in the woods in the backyard, I guess this is ridiculous thing to say.
And in fact I have a friend in the Bureau in Boston.
Let me see if I still have his numbers. Hang on.
Yep. I'll giving a call, to see if something is ringing the bell.
Are you okay?
Hey, is Barbara pissed with us or that just your face looks like this all the time?
- Hello, Barbara. - Hey.
Oh yeah?
Two hours late.
Yeah, well, it's a lot difficult working on two stories.
- Oh, really? - Yeah.
- That's the problem. - Well, it doesn't have to be a problem.
Yeah, you know what? I think we need to get inside and talk.
Alright, we... I mean, look, there's no reason we can't do
- Both this story. - Be my guest. Be my guest.
- Come on, Milo. Let's go. - Me too?
- Yeah. - Really?
Well, I can't believe she pulled this story. That's, that's bullshit.
- I don't know how she runs that place. - Sara,
Remember the guy, uh, from Atlanta, the rare teeth?
- Yeah. - Wait, who is he?
- This dude came from... - Yeah.
A months ago. We helped him out and he kinda owe us a favor.
Look, to be honest, I think this can go in national.
So if you think you got enough footage, then buy on me. Just keep ...
Up here, guys.
Hey, Marty?
Marty. Marty, out.
Out. Now.
- God. - Is this your dog?
He does not understand anything I say.
You know, that's everything on the van.
- At least we have this. - Yeah.
- That's a good set up, man. - Yeah, thanks.
We should've start this from decade ago.
Yeah, who needs sleep or whatever?
Uh, so that's... That's everything right here.
Just try not to turn into zombie while you going through all this stuff, alright?
- Alright. I will try my best. - You're in.
Call me in the morning and let me know.
Yeah, I will spend a few hours tonight and I'll tell you how it went.
- Okay. - Yes.
- All right, Milo. - Right, just get some sleep.
We'll take care of Barbara.
These are hieroglyphics, and right over here ... These are some pyramids.
He following the daughter too?
Hey, Jesus! No, no!
No, no. Marty, no.
Rose, come here. Come here.
Come on.
- Where? - Come. Out there, under the tree.
Look, right there. Right there.
Honey, there's nobody out there.
Here, look through the camera.
Oh my God. That's him?
Still there, right? I mean, you see him.
You see?
Give me the camera. Shit.
- He's gone. - What the hell is going on?
I don't know, Marty.
I don't what's going on,
except that I am not gonna not watch anymore of those goddamn tapes, you feel me?
Do you? You understand? No more.
Not for me. No sir.
Oh goddammit.
No, Marty.
Stay. Stay in the room, Marty.
Marty, stay in the room.
I've lost.
I've lost it. Thank you, Dan Wittlocke.
I'm now officially stuck in the house with my camera.
Hello, Milo. How are you?
I'm good. And you?
You know what? Don't check the closet.
It's just jackets in your closet, Milo.
No need to freak out yourself, okay?
Marty! Goddammit!
Shit. Jesus.
Oh my God.
He did not hear in that.
He began to wag and raving, insisting there was...
a guy living in the trees on his property...
I knew it.
Hi, It's Charlie MacNeel. Leave your message.
Charlie, hey. Hey, it's Milo.
I'm going to the Wittlocke 'cause I want to look for some more tapes.
And I don't know if you're around, but ... I think the guy from the tape is following me
and I ... Call me back if you can.
Come on.
Oh yes.
Alright. Come on, come on.
Oh my God.
Screw this, screw this.
Marty, be good. Stay there. Good.
Okay, good.
Oh my God.
Hey, Marty?
What the hell you doing?
Marty, what ...?
Marty, there's nothing ...
Asshole, get out of my yard.
Marty, get over here ...
Shit. Shit.
Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.
Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.
Oh my God. Okay.
Hey Sara? Hey, it's Milo.
Hey, uh, I'm sorry.
I-I gotta talk to you right now, okay?
- Milo? - I'm sorry, Sara.
Hey, Sara.
Hey, uh, I'm sorry.
I didn't realize
I didn't realize that, I didn't realize this seconds okay?
You looks like shit. Wait, how did you get in here?
- I used the spare key from the ... plant. The part of plants. - Jesus.
Listen for to two seconds.
- I'm sorry. - Jesus.
Okay, I'm sorry. Just listen. Uh, I...
You guys remember the guy, the, the, the ... Uh, Dan Wittlocke who keeps talking in the tapes? The guy?
- Yes Yes Yes. - The guy you can't see,
you know, you make an eye.
Remember he said he can only sees him in the camera?
- Yes. - I just saw him in my yard.
Okay, okay? Well, well, look. Look at this, look at this.
Look at this. Look. It's still there. Look at it.
- You see that? - Oh my God, what did you do with yourself?
I was sleeping and I thought I heard something.
When I woke up, it was just there.
It's like a ... A brand or something.
It's just ...
I just saw the guy in my camera!
Calm down. It's time to leave.
- No, it's not. Charlie. - You've got to go.
- Sara, listen. - Calm down.
I don't know what to do. You see this?
Sara, I wouldn't do this to myself!
Charlie, shut up!
- Milo, that's enough! - Sara, listen. No. No.
No, Charlie! Don't touch my camera, Charlie.
You get out! I don't wanna get physical violence before you leave, do you understand?
Okay. No! Get your hands off me!
Okay, yeah, yeah, I'm calm, I'm calm, I'm calm.
- Listen, I'll go. Charlie, okay? - What?
- I... - Milo.
Look, I saw you at Chez Figaro and I don't care.
- What the f...? Get out of the house! - God, Charlie!
Sara, I don't want to go home! Sara, please! I don't want to go home!
I don't know what to do!
Goddamn it, Charlie!
911, what is your emergency?
Hi. I...
Sir, are you there?
I need to... report
Are you okay, sir?
- Sir? - I'm sorry, never, never mind.
Oh shit.
- Sir? - Yeah?
$ 24.50.
Cash or credit?
Credit, uh, sorry. Hold on.
You got sort of YouTube or something?
Okay, I can do this.
I can do this.
Who is it?
Who is it, Marty?
What is it, Marty?
Marty, come here.
Oh God.
Okay. Okay.
In out...
Oh God...
Oh, oh, careful. Oh no.
Jesus Christ, Charlie?
What are you doing in my house? You scare the shit out of me, Charlie!
Have you been following her?
How long does this thing going on, Milo?
Is it why you had a problem with me since I came to work?
Charlie, you just can't...
Because you're some sick fantasy with you and Sara got in together?
- You can't just walk into my house ... - Put the camera down.
Shut up, Milo. Put the camera down.
How long does it going on? Until you know about Chez Figaro, huh?
'Cause you've been watching us?
- No. - I swear to God, how much does it is bullshit, Milo?
Don't start with me or else I lose my temper.
No! I swear to God.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Charlie, you've been telling us that the, this whole entire Wittlocke story is been going on?
Now you've been spying on her...?
How much it is true and how much it is bullshit?
Because I've been trying, man. I am trying to give the benefit of the doubt!
I swear to God that I will lose my temper!
Sara, listen to me.
Milo. Milo, stop.
Sara, I know, I know, I know.
We're gonna come and talk to him in the morning.
Sara, if you let me show these tapes ...
Milo, shut up! Shut up, Milo!
Look, he's been stalking you for months.
In the grocery store, until you have to work.
- Have footage where ... - Guys, guys.
- Everywhere. - Guys.
- Somebody's gonna pick up the camera now and look at the screen, please. - That's enough.
That's enough with the pale man.
- Don't touch ... Well, Milo. - Well, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.
Okay, fine, just look. Just look. Look, please.
This is ridiculous. Alright, alright.
For the last time, Milo, There is no...
pale man.
Leave the room! Go!
What the hell just happened?
You believe me now?
I'll just keep driving man, okay?
- Where are you trying to take us to? - What do you mean?
I'll just gotta keep driving until somewhere.
Calm down.
Don't you think he's gonna finds us on the road?
Why does he have to?
- We can't just keep driving, Milo. - Where are we supposed to go?
We need to, we need to go the cops, okay?
If the cops really believe us ... It is the best idea.
Dan Wittlocke called the cops and looked at what they looked at him.
Yeah, they thought he was crazy.
Yeah, we're not calling the cops like crazy people.
- Hey, you need the GoPro? - Yeah.
Check this out, guys.
- That's a good idea. - Oh man.
I've got to show you something.
Come here.
Alright man.
- You can bear with me for a second, okay? - Yeah.
I have no idea what the ... what this thing is.
I don't know what it wants, and don't know why chose us or why chose the Wittlockes.
But I think it operates some of uh, some kind of a, like, uh...
Like a pattern. Look.
- Dan? - Yeah.
I see you.
I see you.
This is exactly what happened to me.
And I have no idea. I have no idea.
I didn't feel it. I just, I just woke up.
This one is the craziest thing I've found. This is the one that I found it in the basement.
Alright, play it.
What the f...?
Tara? Tara.
Tara, I'm coming.
- Daddy. - Tara.
Tar ...
What? Oh God, oh God, oh God.
Tara, where are you?
Oh God. Tara.
Okay. Okay, all right. I'm here.
- I'm here, I'm here. - Something's wrong with my tummy.
Something's wrong with your tummy?
Like a, tummy ache?
No, it's on the outside.
On the outside of your ... like on your skin?
Okay, yeah, uhm...
Okay, well, stand up and let me take a look at it.
I take your bunny.
Let me see it. Let me see it.
Here, let me see it.
Okay, uhm, here, that's gonna be okay. Take your bunny and come with me.
Let's go find mom, okay? Come this way.
Alright, okay.
It'll just gonna be just fine.
- Just fine. - What's wrong, Daddy?
Uh, nothing is wrong.
Rose. Honey?
I'll be right back here. You stay right here.
Honey, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
I was washing up.
- We have to leave. - Okay, okay, okay.
- Okay, okay, yeah, come on. - Now.
- That's it? - That's it.
- That's all we have? - Yeah.
So, why does this thing stalks you and then ...?
Marks you somehow in possibly?
And then you so obsessed with this thing then you just go completely mad?
- 'Cause that's what we're dealing with it? - Maybe they found a way to make it stop.
Yeah. Or, God, maybe they didn't, guys.
I mean, I'm telling you,
- they could be lying somewhere dead. - Stop, stop.
That's what I'm only saying.
We need to figure out where they went.
- Anything? - No, nothing.
How long have you been following me around?
Well, technically I started the night we met.
You know, I ... I told myself ...
when I started that ... You know, I was doing it because I...
You know, I ... I loved you.
You know, and I wanted ... I wanted to make sure you were safe,
that you're okay and when you're gonna go to your meetings.
You know, the truth is, I started ...
like that and then ...
but I kept going because I just, uh...
I didn't know how to stop.
Hey, Charlie?
- Charlie, you gotta wake up. - Yeah.
- Why? - Sara is not here. I don't know.
I don't know where she...
- What are you doing? - What are you doing?
Where have you been?
- Where did you go? - I just trying to get some air.
- Why didn't you take the camera? - I'm sorry.
- It's Charlie. - Chill out.
Oh God,I tell you I've got good news.
- You really should have take a camera. - Holy shit, are you serious?
Alright, give me a second. I'll go get something to write it down.
Let me get a pen. Okay, yeah?
What is it? Charlie, what is it?
Okay. Yep.
Oh, you're a handsome man and I love you.
I already told you that before? Thank you so much, buddy.
2901 Little Cape Road, Alma, Colorado. 81210.
What is that?
Bureau got to hit on Dan Wittlocke's credit card
and apparently he ordered something and had a shoot it to this address.
I say, we go there and play a little more, Milo.
I might need your help packing up the projector.
- Hey, Charlie. - Yeah?
Lift up your shirt.
- Look. - Oh shit.
- What? - Shit.
When did it happen?
Thank you.
No way.
Milo. What are you doing over there?
- Look, could I ask you something? - Sure, yeah.
You got, uh... fired from Boston, right?
We had create a differences. It was totally encore.
- Really? - No, not at all.
I walked into my boss's office and I smashed up everything with a light knife.
- Jesus Christ, really? - Yeah.
We doing a story on a charge of school in Boston
sticking bibles for the extra kids.
As it turns out, my boss's son was one of the kids.
- No, shit. - So, of course, he tried to shut this down.
I didn't like that very much.
And I got very angry.
I lost my temper.
It was trying to like if something that I couldn't stop myself doing.
Does makes sense.
Yeah, does makes sense.
- Yo, you want me to drive? - No, I'm alright, man.
- Sure? - Yeah.
Oh, Marty. Marty.
I get so much dog hair from here.
There is Sarah.
Marty, are you okay? Good boy.
Do you think she's okay?
I have no idea. How do you think I should act?
Hey, come on. Sit.
You alright?
Charlie, wake up. Milo is gone.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
The ...
I'm sorry. The headlights ... They were flickering.
So, I had to come out here and fix them, you know?
Marty, sit down.
Hey, Milo, let me know if your hotspot had been running.
- I need to know about it. - It should be else in run.
- It is right now? - Yeah. Just do me a favor
keep the eye on the monitors. I'm busy, okay?
Yeah, I'm looking at it. I got it.
I got it. I got it.
Oh, no, we are long way to go. Goddammit.
Man, I think it got too hot in the car.
- What? - The projector's not working.
Sara, how you doing there? I got to use the restroom.
You okay?
I'm fine. Hold on.
- Milo? - Yeah, what's wrong?
I don't know.
Sara, can we come in?
Sara, what's wrong?
Sara, open the door, ya?
Sara, I'm gonna come in, OK?
- Sara, open the ... - Just leave me alone.
She's not open up, Charlie.
Sara, open the door.
- Hey, hey. - Leave me alone.
I'm sorry. Are you okay? What's happen?
Look, look, look.
- Just leave me alone, okay? - It's gonna be ok.
- Goddammit, Milo. - Just stop it. Sara, what is wrong?
What do you doing with ...?
Really? Now?
- You kidding me? - Give me my...
No. Just stop.
- What else you got? - Come on, guys.
What else you got?
Let's see what else we can find here.
- What else is inside, huh? - Milo, Milo. stop, stop, stop!
Get out of my ...
Milo, come on. You're not helping.
Bastard! Stop it!
- Milo, stop. - Charlie, you don't touch me!
Hey, don't push her, Milo!
- Stay out, Charlie! - Do not put your hands on me, Milo!
What will you gonna do? You gonna grab a light knife and go crazy on me ...?
You piece of shit! What did you just said?!
He's here.
- Who is here? - I think he's in the room.
What happened? What happened?
I don't know. I don't know.
No gracious.There's no gracious.
Look, I'm really sorry, again.
I just don't have any goddamn idea what happened.
How did that thing find us?
Even talking about it. We have no idea what we talking about.
It could be anything. You can only see him through the camera.
Means it can be, what, anywhere?
Is death.
Doesn't seem like death could be done with you?
Whatever is this, it makes you do things.
- You alright to drive? - Yeah.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Oh shit!
Guys, we gotta stop. I've tried. I'm done.
What if we just switched off the cameras?
Why would we? Why we just shut off the camera?
Because we can only see this thing through the camera
and obviously he wants us to see him.
What if we just shut them off?
Yeah, I see it ...
It's only anything we got it.
Well, maybe ... Maybe it would go away. We do not know ... I mean, I ...
Yeah, I think we should do it.
- Really? - Yeah.
What else we can do, Milo?
Let's try it.
You got it?
Guys, wake up ...
My dog stop moving! I don't know!
I don't know what had happened.
He's dead! You woke up and he's dead?
Yes, Charlie. Why did you guys tell me to shut off the camera?
- It was an idea, Milo. - Why would you make me to shut off the camera?
What will you do besides stop filming this guy?
Oh shit! Jesus Christ.
This is it?
He was in the car.
I'm really worry about him.
I don't know what to say.
Milo, I'm so sorry.
You guys sure that this is the right address?
Yeah, I mean, it popped up in the GPS, alright? So...
Yeah, these people they did not want to live out.
Destination will be on your right in point two miles.
You have arrived on your destination.
Just let him go.
- Hey guys? - Yeah?
Come here.
See that?
- What? - What is that?
Oh, you know that looks like?
It looks like a ...
Yeah, it looks like an RFM antenna.
Yeah, what the ...?
What the hell is that connected to?
- Open it up? - Yeah.
- Is there a latch or something? - Yeah.
- You need help? - Nope.
What's in it?
It looks like a storm shelter.
Charlie, go grab a flashlight from the truck, ya?
Yeah, there is so much of shit down here.
Careful, don't touch anything.
Jesus, look at this.
Come here.
Oh shit.
Uh, he totally lost it.
What is this set up here?
- Guys, there's light. - Give me the light.
- I'm gonna try to find ... - There is a cord.
There's a cord down here.
Well, there you go.
Well, go, go to the last entry.
Oh shit.
Oh man.
Holy shit, he filmed the whole house.
Wake up.
No. Dan. What did you do?
What did you do?
I love you.
It make us kill each other out of it? Is that it? That's it?
It can't be. That's not it.
You know what, I'm taking this.
So, what're we gonna do now?
Hey, pond there.
I'm sorry, sir. Did you know they were the Wittlockes when you found them?
Oh we didn't know who they were actually until after the fire.
I see some things up here. The hunting accidents and all it like.
But I never seen anything like this bad.
By the time the trucks got there,
husband and the kid are quite burnt toast.
What about the wife, Rose?
She was still kick in.
I'm sorry, wait. Is she still alive?
She is trap inside the psychiatric Stratton, she is gonna stay for very long time.
Uh, I'll be right back.
Hold on, guys, wait for a second.
- 1138. - Oh shit.
You see that? Did you see it?
Who? That guy?
Have they seen it?
- What? - The one who is not there?
No, I don't think so.
Of course you haven't.
He's not there.
- Not there. - Come on, Parson.
He is not...
What the fuck...?
Alright, come on.
Is it okay if we ...?
- Yes, you're allowed. - Okay.
Ms. Wittlocke?
Ms. Wittlocke, my name is Sara Kovic.
I am a reporter of Columbia and I wanted to ...
ask you a couple questions about your family.
If you want to talk about Dan, you gonna have to talk about his friend.
His friend?
What was the way would you call someone you invite into your life?
Dan could not stop looking for him
and that's why he opened the door and let it be in.
But he left you alone.
Did he?
I don't know.
All I know is this as soon as Dan died ...
He went away.
He is with you!
- No! - You brought him here!
- No, he is here! - Sara.
He is here!
Get away from me! Get out of here!
Want to take this?
Yes, we're okay.
Put it up there or some places.
I 'm gonna put one up back.
Tell me, where are we gonna go? What are we gonna do?
Who wouldn't take this? I mean,
you know we can't keep moving from town to town,
- Setting cameras up there whenever we go. - No, obviously.
- I know. - Rose survived.
Rose survived and she is the only one who survived.
What does that mean? You stick together and all kill yourself? Or you what?
- You separate? - I don't know.
And then you kill yourself.
You kill somebody that has no idea about this thing?
I mean ... Maybe it's better if we split up.
That we are not in danger with each other.
What else? You saw the videos in the house.
He suffocated his daughter.
I don't want that to happen to us, where all we kill each other.
He is with you.
- It is not like this. - You brought him.
- No, he's not here. - Sara.
He is here. He is here.
All I know is that as soon as Dan died ...
he went away.
Dan died and he went away.
- Hey guys? - Yeah?
I have to show you something.
These are the footage in the hospital.
- Yeah? - Do you see her wrist?
The mark's gone.
- Do you see your wrist? - Yeah.
Dan died and the mark's gone.
Shit. Charlie, get the another camera.
- Did you see something? - I don't see anything.
Shit. It's all black.
He's here. He's here.
Sara. Stay close to Charlie, okay?
Oh Jesus.
Come on, let's ...
Hey, guys, what are you doing?
Sara, this way.
Right there. Next to your left.
Milo, what are you doing, man?
Oh my God.
Everything's gonna be ok.
What are you doing man?
Jesus Christ.
I think he's gone.
Sara? Sara.
I think it's over.
Sara, are you okay?
- It is okay. - No.
It is okay.
Alright, come here. Come here.
- Milo? - Sara, get back.
Jesus Christ, Milo.
Stay away.
Oh God.
No, honey, we are still in Alabama,
but we will be home tomorrow evening.
Yes, Mommy misses you.
Give your brother a kiss from me
and tell him not to cause too much problem for Makaela, okay?
Alright. Bye bye.
Dan, this is why you don't take to garage sales.
That you went around for three seconds and buy this camera?
Did you know this camera would have cost like three times as much if I bought Costco?
- Alright. Doesn't it work? - It's working right now. Even had a tape in it.
Somebody's art filming or something.
- What do you mean? - I don't know.
Some kid like chasing a guy ...
wearing a suit to the wood with a flashlight.
And here I was hoping it stumbled upon up something fun.
Oh well, we can put something fun about that.
- Dan. - No?
- Put it away. - Totally kidding.
- Yeah. - Right.
What are you doing?
You're beautiful.
Sometimes I remember something.
Just put it away.
Yes, of course. Let's get out of here.
What are you talking about?
Where is the power?