Ama (2021) Movie Script

You have one new message.
Child, I've been calling,
I just want to wish
the girl happy birthday, please.
Please call me.
You have one new message.
Child, I've been calling,
I just want to wish
the girl happy birthday, please.
Please call me.
Hey, it's Diego.
Leave a message
and I might hear it later.
- Coming in?
- Yes.
- Late, aren't you?
- What's up, Keko?
- Yes.
Give me a fag.
- Darling.
- Pepa.
Can I get a drink?
- Rum and Coke?
- OK.
Have you seen Laura?
- Laura?
- Yes.
- She'll be around.
- OK.
- Hello.
- Hello.
You think you're smart.
Wait until I get you.
Pepa, open the door!
Pepa, damn it!
What are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing
with my stuff?
You're leaving.
What do you mean, Ade?
Stop for a second, what's wrong?
- What's wrong?
Where were you tonight, Pepa?
You can't leave whenever.
You have a child.
You have duties.
- I know that!
I don't care
if you want to mess your life up,
but you can't do that to Leila.
Ade, she was sleeping when I left!
Aren't you ashamed
to come home in this state?
Fucking hell!
Where are they?
What have they done...?
Ade, seriously, please.
Ade. Let go.
Let the bag go, damn it.
You're leaving at once,
get it in your head.
I'm not fucking leaving!
Ade, that's not going to happen.
You won't leave me
on the streets!
You don't have the balls for it, Ade!
You think?
Ade, please.
where do you want me to go?
You're leaving me homeless.
You should have thought
about your daughter, it's your duty!
- You have no clue, Ade.
- Right. And you do?
You can't even spend the night
with your daughter.
You're fucking her life up,
can't you see?
At least I have someone to fuck up.
You know what?
I am leaving.
I am leaving!
You're not fucking kicking me out.
Give her to me, Ade.
Give her to me, Ade!
- She's not leaving!
- Mum!
Let her go, you're going
to hurt her, damn it!
Let her go, Ade!
- Mum!
Pepa, please.
Are you fucking crazy?
Fucking crazy!
- Pepa, please, listen.
You're never going
to fucking see her again.
Never fucking again.
Leila, what is it?
Fucking hell! Really?
- No.
You're not going
to walk around in pee.
Not here.
Where the hell are your knickers?
- No.
- Stay still, fuck.
You're not going to walk around in pee!
Leila! Enough!
Lift your leg.
Lift your leg, Leila.
Careful, Leila.
Go down.
Go down.
Leila, I have to go for a second,
I'll be right back, OK?
- No.
- Leila, please.
I'll be right back, OK?
- No.
- Please, Leila.
- Carlos.
- Wow, it's Pepa.
Carlos, sorry for being a bit late.
I thought you might not show up.
The thing is my girl is sick.
I don't care.
So, are we working today or not?
- Yes.
Carlos, there are barely 20.
This isn't enough for the day.
Listen, Pepa, come here tomorrow
at nine in the morning,
like your colleagues,
and let's see if there are
more left to hand out.
Hey! Fancy a ticket to PenAlope?
No? Not going out tonight?
Hey! Fancy tickets
to Penlope tonight? No?
Hey! fancy a ticket
to Penlope tonight?
Want to go to a nightclub tonight?
Fancy a ticket to Penlope?
It's your style.
Remember it has to be
before half past one.
Hey! You do want to go out tonight.
Nightclub? No?
No? Fuck, nobody at this beach wants to.
Leila, give me that.
Give me.
These ones are for me.
Hey! Fancy tickets to Penlope tonight?
Hey, sweetie!-
Fancy a ticket to Penlope?
Fancy a ticket to Penlope?
Mum, I'm hungry.
Mum, can I get another sandwich?
- Why?
It has onions.
Not any more.
Mum, I don't want any more.
Save it for later, Leila.
Hey! Fancy tickets to Penlope?
Are you going out tonight?
No party?
No? What about you?
You can go with them!
Fancy a ticket...? OK, then.
Girls, fancy tickets to Penlope? No?
Come party tonight!
Fancy a ticket to Penlope?
- Hello.
Want to party tonight?
No? I have an offer
- How much?
- Thirty.
Hey, all good?
Good. You're with her, right?
Yes, has she told you already?
Leila, have you told them
how much it is?
- Yes.
- She explained perfectly.
- Thirty euros. Two drinks included.
- That sounds good.
Two drinks, yes.
- What is the music like, Leila?
- Awesome.
- I'd go.
- Yes, thirty is OK.
Yes? Come on, Leila.
Hand over.
Listen, the place is truly amazing.
There's a dance floor,
there's the smoking area
to smoke in peace.
- Thanks!
- Cool
Yes or no?
OK then, see you tonight.
Yes? Thanks a lot. Have fun.
- Fucking hell!
- My glasses!
Leave the glasses, damn it.
Pepa! Will you please stop?
Are you crazy?
How could you come with her?
Do you want to get me in trouble?
- I know, Carlos, sorry.
Sorry, but she's sick,
what did you want me to do?
I can't leave her with anyone.
Do you realise how you're making
the nightclub look?
Do you even think?
- I know, Carlos. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. So sorry.
It won't happen again.
Give me whatever you have left.
- Come on.
Give me whatever you have left.
- Please don't.
I'm begging.
Don't do this, man.
You're done for today, come on.
See you later.
- What?
- Just one thing.
I know this isn't normal,
but I need you to pay me
today's work in advance.
- No way!
It isn't that much,
I need the advance, please.
I'm in big trouble.
I need it, please.
- No way, Pepa!
You already know how things work.
- What's it to you? I've sold them.
- We're done!
For fuck's sake!
Hey, it's Diego.
Leave a message
and I might hear it later.
- Yes?
- Open, Diego.
What do you want?
I'm with Leila.
I'll meet you at the bar.
Come, please.
Who gave you that?
Juan did.
- Did you say thanks?
- Yes.
What do we have here?
- Diego.
- Look at this beauty!
- How are you?
- Fine.
Have you finished school?
- Yes.
Did you get your marks?
- Yes.
- How did it go?
- Well.
- Did you pass everything?
- No.
- What did you fail?
- Maths.
- How come?
- The teacher's an idiot.
Oh, sit down.
Do you have homework?
- Yes.
- Oh, yes? For summer?
- Yes.
- Are you going to do it?
- No, I can't be bothered.
- What?
Ade kicked us out.
Hey, are you listening?
- Yes, I am.
I'm listening, yes.
What do you want me to say?
Go to Seville.
- What are you on about, Diego?
- Go to your mother's.
- What the fuck are you on about?
- She'll help.
What are you on about, Diego?
Can we stay the night
at your place?
You're so handsome.
Come here.
No! no! Pepa, no.
Take care of Leila.
Take care of Leila?
Take fucking care
of your child already.
And leave me alone already.
For fuck's sake!
- Are you dumping me?
Look at me.
- I called you yesterday.
- Yes.
I went looking for you.
You're never there when I need you.
Pepa, I no longer have
to explain anything to you.
Hey, beautiful.
I'm leaving, OK?
- I'm coming now.
- Oh, OK.
- Hello.
- Hi, girls.
How can I help?
I'm looking for a room
for us both for tonight.
Do you have anything?
Well, let me quickly check.
Yes, we have a single room left
at 120 euros the night.
No, no, not 120.
Haven't you got anything cheaper?
One of those shared rooms with beds.
Let me see.
No. Shared rooms for 12...
They're fully booked.
- OK.
I'm sorry, I have nothing left.
I can recommend another place,
if you want.
Yes, I would be grateful.
Look, you can check...
Look, this one, OK?
This one here.
- Yes.
- I can't see.
- Stay still, Leila.
- And then you can also try...
Better yet, go to these ones here, OK?
These are inexpensive
and they're also nearby.
I'll write down the names up here.
- Hello.
- Hi, do you work at the guesthouse?
Do you have any free rooms
for us both for tonight?
We're fully booked
until the end of July, sorry.
You'll find it great here. Honestly.
If I didn't like it,
I wouldn't recommend it.
Les Barraques Restaurant.
It's easy to find.
You'll see three big huts together
at Gran Avenida.
- So, we'll certainly dine well.
- Certainly.
- OK, thanks a lot.
- Thanks.
- Thank you two. Later.
- Later.
- Hello.
- Hi. How can I help you?
I need a room for today.
Actually, for a few days.
Do you have anything available?
I bed would do.
Listen, it's too late for tonight.
I'm fully booked.
But listen...
The couple you've just seen,
the ones who just left,
they leave tomorrow.
And that would be
my only available room.
Would you be interested?
Oh, yes, I guess so.
But can you save it for me today
or do I have to come tomorrow?
I'll make the booking
and you'll have it ready tomorrow.
- How much a night?
- Forty-seven.
Oh, OK.
Your name?
Pepa Jimnez.
How many days are you staying?
- Three.
- Three.
That would amount to 141 euros
for three days.
Is that OK?
- Yes.
You'd only pay half now,
as a deposit, and the rest
before you leave.
- So, how much now?
- Just 70 now.
A telephone number?
Great, all done.
I'm truly sorry for not having
anything today.
Oh, well.
At least it's something.
- No problem, later.
Let's go, Leila.
I'm tired.
Where are we going?
I don't know, Leila.
Can you lift me up?
What do you fancy, Leila?
- A cheeseburger.
- OK.
- Get out.
- Ade.
Hi, darling.
Please, leave.
We're just here for dinner.
The kitchen isn't open until eight.
- Well, what do you want to drink, Leila?
- Water.
Do you fancy some crisps?
I'd like a Coca-Cola.
I'll be right back.
Ade, I want to talk to you.
I need you to take care of Leila.
Ade, you know it's really hard,
it's impossible.
Just take care of her tonight.
Just tonight,
I swear it's the last favour.
I swear.
- No.
She has to be with you.
I can't deal with this any more.
I need you to get out of my life.
I'm not helping if I take care of you.
I'm not talking about me,
I'm asking you to take care of the girl.
Just you two, without me.
Get it?
Leila is going to have
to sleep on the streets.
Take care of your own business.
For fuck's sake.
- Here.
- What are you doing?
What can I do with 30 euros?
- I can't give you more.
We're leaving.
- What about the crisps?
- No crisps.
Sur Hotel, good evening.
Hi, I'm looking for a room
for the night.
For how many guests?
Two, but we can sleep in the same bed.
Sorry, we're fully booked right now.
- Not even a single one?
- No.
- OK, thanks.
- Bye.
Mum, where is Seville?
- I don't know, down.
- Down where?
- Down south, I don't know.
- Down south where?
Hold on.
I'm calling to
- Please hold on.
Yes, I'll hold.
Were you born in Seville?
Yes, Leila, you know that.
What about me?
No, you didn't.
How come?
You just didn't, Leila,
you were born here.
I'm going to swim to Seville.
Fucking music.
Mum, do you know how to swim?
Who taught you?
Was it grandma?
Was it grandad?
What about grandad?
What was his name?
Did I meet him?
- No.
- Why not?
Because when you were born,
he was already gone.
And why don't we ever see grandma?
- I'm going to take a dip.
- Me too.
No, finish that first,
then come.
Leila, come on.
- Mum, please.
- Get up, come.
- Mum, please.
Get up, come, come.
Get up, come, come.
Come on, get up.
My child.
Look at me, please.
Leila, what can I do?
Did you pee?
Shall I change you?
Come on, come on.
Don't cry.
My rose goes to sleep
My child goes to sleep
Because it's late
With the eyes of my soul
I'm looking at you
And with the eyes on my face, disguising
- Not here.
- What do you mean not here?
Girl, you have to shower.
- Not here.
You're covered in pee.
Are you embarrassed that people
may see your private parts?
Are you embarrassed?
Your loss.
Hurry, come.
Come here, silly.
It's so cold, please!
Good morning.
May I help?
I have a booking for today.
Would it be OK to leave our bags now?
Yes, sure, we have a room for that.
But you'd have
to leave a ten-euro deposit.
- No problem.
- You'd get it back.
It's just in case something happens.
OK, perfect.
OK, give me your name
and I'll check the booking.
Yes, Pepa Jimnez.
OK, yes, here it is.
Come this way,
you can leave them where you please.
Hey cutie, want a sweet?
- Not that one.
Which one?
That one?
See you at check-in time.
- At six, right?
- Yes.
OK then, see you later.
- Great, thanks. Later.
- Later.
One second.
Leila, I'll be right back, OK?
- OK, but don't take long.
- OK, I won't.
If I don't know who sells,
I don't know who gets paid.
Got it? It's easy to understand.
You have to improve...
the southern area.
We should get more people there.
SQ, get going.
And you, ladies, I want you
to cover the market area.
Split the boardwalk as you wish,
but cover the whole area.
Oh, remember that we cash up at six.
- Carlos, what about me?
- You're fired, Pepa.
What the fuck
are you on about, man?
You should have thought about that
before bringing your child to work.
What did you expect, Pepa?
Things don't work like that, darling.
Coming here as if nothing happened?
No way.
It doesn't work like that.
Carlos, come on, please.
No, I'm sorry.
Carlos, I'm begging you, please.
You know it's all I got.
Don't hold me accountable
for your shitty life.
Give me my fucking tickets.
- Stop!
- Where's my money?
- No way.
- Let go.
What money?
What money?
What I earned yesterday.
Yesterday's earnings.
Give me my damn money.
Give me my money
or I'll burn this shit down!
OK, relax!
Now leave!
Of course I'm leaving
this shitty nightclub.
Working at your age with these kids...
Fuck off!
Fuck all of you!
What's wrong?
- Can I take a dip now?
- Yes.
Can you adjust it?
It's fine, Leila.
- Are you getting in?
- No, I don't feel like it.
Oh, Leila!
What are you doing?
Are you silly or something?
The water's cold, right?
- Yes.
Do you want to play a game?
No, I don't feel like it.
Come on,
you don't even have to move.
- What game?
- The letter one.
How does it work?
I have to write a word on your back
and you have to guess it.
Wait, wait, press harder.
Ow, not that hard.
Another one, that was an easy one.
Go on.
Did you write "poo"?
Don't write nasty things
on my back, Leila.
Come on, go quicker.
- I'm done playing, let's leave.
- No!
Let's go, Leila.
- What are you making?
- Mayo-chup.
- What's that?
- A sauce.
Who taught you that?
Blanca, a friend from school.
We went to the dining hall
and they gave us a burger.
- No, thanks.
- It's yummy.
Damn, it is yummy.
That's disgusting, Leila.
Like this?
Damn, Leila,
you'll end up flying.
- Pepa?
- Yes.
Pepa, I've been calling you all day,
you left me worried yesterday.
Did something happen?
No, no, it was a mistake.
Are you sure?
Is everything OK?
Is the girl OK?
Of course, why shouldn't she be?
Damn, Pepa, you called at five
in the morning, what do you think?
Mum, listen, stop looking
for excuses to call, OK?
What are you on about, child?
What's fucking wrong?
Please tell me.
OK, OK, bye.
I love this.
Where did you find this?
Let's see.
Check this, Leila.
Check, Leila.
Damn, you did a bad job, child.
Let's see.
Do you like it?
- Yes.
- Bye.
- See you later.
No, no.
No, no. No!
Dirty thing!
Come, come.
Look at me for a second.
Let me get something off you.
Come, come.
Oh, you're so filthy, child!
Your eyelashes are pink.
Press the button, we're getting off.
Can you reach it?
You'll hit the lady.
Oh, sorry.
Hello, girls.
- Hi.
- Our bags.
What are they doing there?
Well, please give me a second,
I'll be right back.
Hello, Pepa, right?
Listen, we had a problem this morning
with your booking.
I tried to call you many times,
but you probably missed it.
I'll tell you why now.
Listen, I'm really sorry,
but I've had to cancel your booking,
because a tourist couple has arrived
who wants to stay
until the end of August.
But they had to check-in today.
- Hold on.
- And I had to give up you
I paid you for the booking, right?
Why would you give them my room?
No, but we always
reserve the right to cancel.
No, let me tell you why
for you to get it, honestly.
I want you to understand.
Listen, we are a small business.
The big hotels nearby eat us alive
so, of course, we don't have many means
- Listen, listen.
I made a booking here, OK?
They didn't.
What right do they have
to take my room?
Why the fuck
did you give them my room?
I don't get it.
- I get that you're angry.
- I paid.
- Understand our stance...
- Understand?
You're scamming me.
Nobody called me, OK?
- Please check again.
- I'm not checking anything!
Nobody called me and that's that!
No, no.
I want my room, OK?
And I want my money, all of it!
- Get her money, Irene.
Both fucking deposits!
Here you have.
- And my room.
- I can't give you a room,
it was the last one.
Give me mine! Mine!
Now kick out those tourists
and give me my room.
You made an agreement with me,
not them, me.
I'm going to kindly ask you to leave.
Where are they?
Where are they?
- Stop, stop, damn it.
- Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
- I'm calling the cops.
- I just want my room.
I just want my room.
- Stop, please.
- Where are they?
- Stop, please.
Stop, please, stop already.
No, you had an agreement with me!
I'm so sorry, sorry.
- I won't be left on the streets again!
- Please.
What are you doing?
Are you calling the police?
Yes, here at the guesthouse.
To hell with it.
- I've had a row with a customer.
- What are you doing?
Are you scared of me or what?
You fuck me over and it's my fault.
I have an issue here with a customer...
You're fucking me over.
- There's a little girl too
- You're a son of a bitch.
Son of a bitch!
- Dad, hang up!
- No, she hasn't broken anything, but...
- I'm leaving, I'm leaving!
Tell them you've scammed me, prick!
You've scammed me, son of a bitch!
I can't believe it!
- Where are we going?
- I don't know.
Ow, you're hurting me.
I'm also tired, OK?
I'm also tired!
I try to fix things and you mess them.
You follow me and mess everything!
Do you want to leave?
Go, leave!
Crazy girl and mouth
And even though she kisses
With her fruits
She gets her words wrong
My voices are air, they fly
My days are mud, they weigh
My moons are suns, you lie
My eyes are water, fountains
Oh, how my wings weigh
Oh, I feel like kissing you, air
My feathers, my feathers are weary
And make my heart dance
And make my heart dance
Oh, crazy girl
Oh, crazy girl, crazy,
crazy, crazy
This is my mouth
And even though she kisses
with her fruits
She gets her words wrong
Crazy girl, crazy, crazy, crazy
And even though she kisses
with her fruits
She gets her words wrong
She gets her words wrong
Crazy girl, crazy girl
This is my mouth
And even though she kisses
with her fruits
Crazy girl, crazy girl
She gets her words wrong
She gets her words wrong
Oh, crazy girl, crazy girl
And crazy girl, crazy, crazy
Crazy girl
Crazy mouth
Crazy mouth
Crazy mouth
Oh, words
She gets them wrong
She gets them wrong
Where were you?
I don't know.
Stop here.
- Pepa?
- Yes, it's me.
I'm opening.
- Done.
- Done?
- Child.
I didn't expect you this early.
Let me see you.
Oh, how beautiful,
how big, how everything.
Come over here.
Oh, my darling!
How are you?
- Fine.
- Fine?
She's beautiful, child!
How are you?
How was the trip?
- OK, a bit tired.
It's many hours, right?
But you're here now.
Let me give you another hug.
A big one, like this.
Hand over your things, darling.
Listen, I've set the big room.
A big bed,
so you'll be comfortable there.
And I've left you
your mum's old cuddly toys.
They're on the bed,
I hope you like them.
Is that OK?
OK, I don't know. Whatever.
Go ahead,
you already know where everything is.
Do you like it, Leila?
Where are you sleeping then?
Ever since dad,
I don't sleep here.
Look, do you know who this belonged to?
It's your mum's, when she was a girl,
do you want it?
All yours. Look.
A fan, for Seville's heat.
Do you want it?
Here, all yours, too.
Do you want breakfast?
Does she like ham?
Do you like ham?
- Are you hungry, Leila?
- No?
Do you want a bath?
Oh, OK.
I'll get the bath ready.
OK, but wait,
let me get the heater on,
it's quite tricky.
When the water gets here,
turn it off, OK?
And bathe yourself,
you know how.
What are you doing, sweetie?
You've put coffee on?
Let me make it.
- There's no need.
Let me, come on.
Let me make it!
Have some juice,
or the vitamins will disappear.
Let me make it.
Go on, sit down there and rest.
For coming back home.
It's really great for me
that you're here.
It bothered me all these years, Pepa.
I've missed you a lot.
I think things could have been
very different,
and I believe it's my fault.
I don't know.
I could have done things better,
I guess.
I'd like to say sorry.
I don't want you to say sorry.
I quit my job at my boss's house,
I'm not sure if you knew.
I was sick of being there.
Now I'm waiting for Mara-a to...
Do you remember Marl-a?
Your friend, yes.
Well, I'm waiting for news
to see if I'll work with her.
At the bakery.
I want a change of scenery.
What have you been doing?
Tell me.
I honestly don't feel like telling
you anything.
Nor for you to tell me anything,
to be honest.
Come on, Pepa, child.
You've never told me
things like that before, got it?
What were you hoping for?
I get it...
I called you because I didn't know...
where else to go, you know?
And because I'm trying to stop focusing
solely on myself, to be honest.
I think I'm doing a shit job.
I don't even know how
to take care of her, you know?
I don't even know how to touch her.
But at least I had courage to come here
and ask for your help.
Something you never did once.
I'm not mad at you.
I'm not, honestly.
I don't want you to say sorry.
This is not about you or me.
I'll get the coffee.