Amal (2007) Movie Script

What are you doing for Diwali, Amal?
Me too.
I double my prices on Diwali.
People will pay anything on Diwali.
You probably make a killing.
No, madam.
Hey sister, spare some change.
Get lost.
- Anything.
- I said get lost!
So you really never charge extra?
And I thought you only gave me
a good price because you liked me.
Thief! Thief!
Don't worry about it.
There's nothing valuable
in the purse.
I have my money. See?
But madam, wait here.
Someone call an ambulance!
Just tea?
How about some food?
Veg, meat?
Just tea.
Hurry up!
Make the big man his tea, quickly.
Lazy bums.
Standing around, doing nothing.
Hurry up!
What is this? Hey!
You call this Bournvita?
What are you saying?
I asked for Bournvita.
What is this?
You asked for tea.
You're saying I didn't ask for Bournvita?
You asked for tea, "hot. "
So you're calling me a liar?
Calm down and be reasonable.
I'm not giving you a penny
until I get my Bournvita, hot!
You said tea and will pay for it!
So you call this customer service?
Don't lecture me.
Get the hell out of here.
You'll be out of business in a month.
Remember this.
Remember what?
Fuckin' vagrant can't even remember
an order.
How is she?
Not good.
Who are you?
We just brought her in.
Your names?
Amal Kumar.
Pooja Seth.
Did you get the car's licence number?
You can go.
Will she be okay, Doctor?
We won't know until morning.
Thank you.
It wasn't your fault, Amal.
She stole my bag
and ran into traffic.
I know, madam.
You brought the little girl?
Yes, sir.
I'm Dr. Shiva.
How is she, sir?
She's stable,
but in serious condition.
Listen, does this girl have any family?
Don't know, sir.
She might be here for a while.
What's the problem, sir?
What's your name?
Amal Kumar.
What do you do?
Drive a rickshaw.
Don't worry.
I'll do what I can.
But sir, this is only 50.
That's what we agreed on.
We said 70.
Coming from there, we had to take
a longer route because of traffic.
- Longer?
- It was a short cut!
What do you mean short cut?
You're all bloody crooks.
We agree on a fare
and you change your mind.
50 rupees.
I brought him here from CP for 50.
It's a fair price.
Yes, sir.
Over here.
Yeah! Come, come, madam.
Come, sir.
- You're free?
- Yes, sir.
Hey, I don't need your help!
Let's go.
- Hurry up!
- Yes, sir.
CP, Inner Circle.
Yes, sir.
Are you feeling okay?
I'm not paying you to talk.
Just drive.
- What?
- Cough drops.
What's going on?
Why have we stopped?
Construction, sir.
Metro work.
Get us out of here.
I don't care how!
Through there.
Faster. Faster!
- Who's that?
- Sir?
In the photo?
My father.
Also a rickshaw driver?
Was, sir.
Someday we'll say the same about you.
What will you do
when the metro replaces you guys?
Where in the Inner Circle
would you like to go, sir?
Idiot, you missed the Outer Circle!
I told you to take me to the Outer...
Inner... Outer Circle!
Sir, you said Inner Circle.
So I'm lying?
I'm lying?
No, sir.
My mistake.
I'll report you for this.
What's your name?
Amal Kumar, sir.
I'll report you for this.
All rickshaw drivers
are money-sucking leeches.
Turn here!
There. Ahead.
Okay, stop.
How much?
47, sir.
I'm giving you 37
because you're such an idiot.
And if you have a problem with that,
I'll keep your cough drops too.
Should I?
Whatever you like, sir.
What kind of a rickshaw driver are you?
Sir, not all rickshaw wallahs are the same.
Where did you learn that?
From my father.
You're an idiot.
You'll die broke.
That should cover it.
Keep the three rupees.
I said keep it.
Sir, you said 37.
Consider it a tip.
No, sir.
What is your father's name?
Vijay Kumar, sir.
Take care, sir.
Hi, ma'am.
How's it going?
Count these.
Did you go back?
Yes, madam.
How is she?
Getting better.
See, I told you.
No need to feel guilty.
These things happen all the time.
Madam, I...
I couldn't sleep.
Look what I made.
It's not the strongest, but it'll hold.
Have you ever had your wallet stolen?
Last night,
I went through everything in my purse.
Most of it was junk.
It was useless for you to run after her.
These beggars are all the same.
My supplier has lots of these losers
around his place.
By the way, if you ever need anything,
he's a good guy to know.
Amal, if you ever need spare auto parts,
Subhash's brother owns a place
in Karol Bagh.
He'll give you a good deal.
Right, Subhash?
- Of course, ma'am.
- Good.
What the hell is this?
This isn't the same brand.
Why are you giving me this shit?
It's okay.
It's good water.
Good water? But you're charging me
the same for this shit?
But it's all the same.
I know this brand.
It sells for 12 rupees per bottle.
If you're selling for 8, I'll buy.
You sell it for 10.
What will I do with 2 rupees profit?
- But ma'am...
- I'm not paying.
You can't switch brands like that
without telling me.
I came to you because of your prices.
I drive with Amal because of his prices.
Amal, unload the water.
But ma'am, I have higher expenses.
I make nothing.
How long have I been coming to you?
Can't hold it in?
Drive luxury cars, dress in fancy clothes,
and you piss on our streets like a dog.
Fuck off.
Leave me alone.
Just whip it out anywhere and start...
Hey, Tabla Man!
Why are you ruining such a great song?
Old man...
Either listen, or leave politely.
If my patrons will allow me to say so.
Yes, go ahead!
Keep singing like this
and your God will never forgive you.
So can you do any better?
Better than this? I've been singing this song
since before he was born.
Please then, Old Timer.
Show us how it's done.
My story remained untold in my heart.
No one understood
the essence of my expressions
in this world.
My story remained untold in my heart.
No one understood
the essence of my expressions
in this world.
Keep going, please!
I ended up far from my real purpose.
I ended up far from my real purpose.
My beloved life has gone wasted.
No one understood the
essence of my expressions
in this world.
You're welcome to sing here anytime.
I don't sing.
What's he saying?
Don't give him the 30 rupees.
Don't give it to him.
How is she, sir?
She's better.
More alert,
but I'd like to run some more tests.
What's the problem, sir?
She was hit hard on the head.
I'm just being cautious.
In the meantime,
I think she could use some company.
Oh no, sir.
Patients usually make a faster recovery
if they have someone to spend time with.
I have to run.
They treating you okay?
Well, they missed breakfast today,
but otherwise it's great.
It's like a hotel.
If I knew hospitals were like this,
I'd have run into traffic long ago.
Do you have any family?
No, just the Godfather.
You work for Thaakur Saab?
Of course.
Don't you?
Who was that cheap bitch
in your rickshaw?
She's not a bitch.
So you admit she's cheap?
I think you should rest, Princess.
I was just kidding.
Come sit.
I said sit.
So you drive her every day?
Since when did you start driving her?
You should rest.
She's cute, isn't she?
I bet you'd drive her for free if she asked!
She looks like a movie star.
One second.
She didn't get breakfast this morning.
What did I tell you?
Watch her.
Make sure she's fed.
It'll never work.
Hey! Haven't seen you in days.
How are you?
Carburetor's damaged.
I've already tried.
Whose is it?
It's junk.
What's wrong with you?
You look like hell.
I've been working.
Why don't you give this another shot?
First one to fix this piece of junk keeps it.
I already have one.
I haven't seen you in 3 days.
Do you even care
if your mother is alive or dead?
I spent years worrying about your father, and
now you.
What have I done to deserve this?
Look how thin you've become.
You have to take care of yourself.
Go, wash your hands.
Pawan's still trying to fix
that rickshaw outside?
He's been working on it for days.
I told him it's missing a carburetor.
When will you give up that damn autorickshaw?
My brother still says
you can work at the post office.
More pay, less hours.
Then we can find a nice girl
to look after you.
Look, I got you this.
Try it on.
To see if it fits.
Why are you wasting money
on things I don't need?
What are you going to wear for Diwali?
You want to look your best at the temple.
Ma, please.
You haven't gone in over a year.
Come tomorrow.
No, Ma.
I'm working.
That autorickshaw killed your father
and will kill you too.
Every day I pray for a daughter-in-law
for both our sakes.
Do you know Sumitra Auntie's daughter-in-law
does everything for her?
She lives like a queen.
I ask for one small thing,
then I can go in peace.
Either way, what will you do
when the metro comes?
I told you not to touch the flowers!
Sorry, madam.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
What the hell?
Sorry, brother.
Hey asshole, you didn't stop
ten minutes ago when you hit someone.
Can you hurry it up?
Stay out of this.
Amal, look what you did.
Look, look!
Look at the dent!
This'll cost a fortune.
Hello, sweetheart.
Your driver obviously doesn't know
what he's doing.
Why don't you come with me?
Raju, your passenger.
Hey! Sir!
Where the hell are you going?
You haven't paid!
Friend of yours?
What's going on, Amal?
I'm sorry about that, madam.
No, I mean with you.
What's wrong?
Nothing, madam.
You've never come close to an accident.
Don't lie to me.
It's nothing, madam.
Just tired.
You're working too hard.
What's wrong?
That little girl...
who took your purse.
She's still in the hospital.
Her bills...
You told me she was better.
Why did you lie to me?
Madam, I said she was improving.
You assumed she was okay.
How is she?
She'll be fine, madam.
These hospitals are all the same.
They'll take your money but neglect her.
I've taken care of it, madam.
She'll be okay.
But why are you taking care of her?
She's not your problem.
Don't worry about it, madam.
Sorry about the accident, madam.
Amal, I'm just trying to understand.
She's being looked after.
That's all that matters.
Don't worry about it.
See you tomorrow.
- What are you looking at?
- Nothing, ma'am.
- Faster, faster, faster!
- Yes, madam.
- Turn right.
- Yes, madam.
You're too slow.
Sorry, madam.
End of the road.
- What's your problem?
- Sorry, madam.
What sorry?
I'm not paying.
Yes, madam.
Don't you care?
Money is everything.
No kidding.
- She getting on your nerves?
- Who?
That bi...
Your movie star.
You talk too much.
I'm not a mute like you.
So tell me...
When are you going to tell her you like her?
I'm looking for a rickshaw driver
named Amal Kumar.
I don't know him.
There's another rickshaw stand here
and over there, right?
Go that way.
You know any Amal Kumar?
Yeah, that guy there.
That guy?
Yes, sir.
I'm looking for a rickshaw driver
named Vijay Kumar. You know him?
That's my father, sir.
Vijay Kumar's your father?
Yes, sir.
You're free?
Of course, sir.
- Take me to Raj Ghat?
- Yes, sir.
- How much?
- Meter rate, sir.
You always use the meter?
Yes, sir.
Nobody else does.
They're all bloody crooks.
What's your name?
Amal Kumar, sir.
How is your father?
He passed away, sir.
Sorry, sorry.
This is a nice rickshaw.
Thank you, sir.
My father spent years saving up for this.
I owe it to him to maintain it.
Where do you live?
Near Chattarpur Mandir, sir.
I see.
You have running water?
You have a family?
Live with my mother, sir.
No wife and kids?
No, sir.
Why not?
No time, sir.
No way.
Fine, I'll find you a nice girl.
Sir, that's exactly what my mom tells me.
She would say that.
Whose photo is that?
My father, sir.
So, the metro is starting up.
What'll happen to all you rickshaw wallahs?
We'll see, sir.
So what do you do after work,
at night?
Nothing, sir.
Friends, parties, nothing?
Just work, that's it?
You're content?
Yes, sir.
Well, then God's been good to you.
Sir, tell me how you knew my father.
Ah... it's not important.
My friend Amal.
Here you go.
Thank you, sir.
No, thank you.
What's your name?
The tests show there's bleeding inside
and it may be getting worse.
She needs urgent surgery.
I thought she was getting better.
Two chais.
See, Amal...
Sometimes head traumas improve on their own.
But this isn't the case.
Sometimes she looks okay,
other times she drifts in and out
of consciousness.
We need to operate,
but it doesn't look good.
It's a very expensive procedure.
Whatever you've done for her,
I know it's been difficult.
I can waive the hospital and doctor fees.
But medicines, tests,
the kind of care she needs, is expensive.
Maybe 50,000.
It's in God's hands now.
Give me a few days.
Will she be okay if we wait that long?
We'll monitor her in the meantime.
- How was school?
- Good.
How's the play coming along?
I don't like it.
Can I speak with you?
Go ahead.
What can I do for you?
Sir, I hate to ask you,
but could I have an advance?
I'll work as long as you
want to pay you back.
How much do you need?
Well, I need 50,000.
Sir, even 5, 10, 15.
Whatever you can give would be appreciated.
Even that's a lot to ask for.
You drive a rickshaw, not an airplane.
Yes, sir.
Tell me,
what do you need so much for?
Are you in trouble?
No, sir.
It's not for me.
Let me give you some advice.
I used to be like you.
Didn't have a care in the world.
All I wanted was to play the piano.
Never thought about the future.
I don't think you'll understand.
Find yourself a woman to take care of you.
Spare some change.
You have anybody else you can ask?
A few people, sir.
I like you Amal.
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you, sir.
Who's that?
Who's that?
What was that noise?
I was just going to the washroom.
You woke me up.
Bring me some coffee.
You okay, Honey?
Kunal misses his mother.
He was asking me
where she's been these past few weeks.
So I told him a crazy old millionaire died,
so she can't spare any time for us.
Good, makes sense.
Now please let me work.
One more thing...
The guy who picks up Kunal
asked for an advance.
So, deal with it.
But he's asking for a lot.
Ram, how many times do I have to tell you?
Please, leave me alone.
Amal, she's getting worse.
The longer we wait, the riskier it is.
Sir, I'll get the money.
What can I do for you, rickshaw wallah?
A young girl named Priya works for you.
She was hurt in a car accident.
I told you don't touch the cauliflower.
So what do you want me to do?
She needs money for an operation.
- How much?
- 50,000.
I have hundreds of people working for me,
and I don't cover their medical expenses.
And you should know better
than to ask for so much money.
Sir, she'll die without your help.
Sir, you can't just let her die.
Keep working!
Sir, what if I borrowed the money from you,
in my name?
Is she related to you?
She's a friend, sir.
So you want to borrow the money.
Do you have any collateral?
You own your rickshaw?
You give me your rickshaw,
you'll get your money.
Fine then.
Shall I call a rickshaw for you?
Don't worry.
You won't feel a thing.
I'm not the one who's worried.
Why are you doing this for me,
rickshaw wallah?
What do you mean?
The doctor told me everything.
When I was your age,
my father was sick.
I hope your father feels better.
I'll pray for him.
You'll be okay.
That's what matters.
You have a good doctor.
It's in God's hands.
It's time.
Clean them and put them back up.
Hi, sweetheart.
Where's Amal?
I've taken over his accounts.
For how long?
That depends on you, sweetheart.
I keep asking you,
why can't you give me a stamp?
What's the passport code?
Give me five stamps.
Excuse me.
Do you know where Amal Kumar lives?
Straight ahead.
I haven't seen him in days.
He's not driving anymore.
He took a job at the post office.
And you are...
I'm Pooja.
His rickshaw...
You left something in his rickshaw?
No, no.
Why don't you come in.
Yes, sir?
I need you to take me to
the rickshaw wallah's house
at 6:00 am tomorrow.
Yes, Sir.
Can I get some chai?
There's no water, sir.
- Hungry?
- No, Ma.
How was work?
Uncle said if I keep working hard,
he'll promote me to drive a delivery van.
Want to go to the temple tomorrow?
Sure, Ma.
Maybe I can get you married?
Sure, Ma.
I hate rubbing feet.
When your father and I first got married,
he would come home every night
with bloody, blistered feet.
After I wrapped them,
he would fall asleep.
What was wrong with his feet?
All rickshaw pullers had sore feet
after running all day.
I kept telling him to buy an autorickshaw.
We could afford it.
But he only got one after you were born.
Why did he wait so long,
if he suffered so much?
That's the way he was.
He was obsessed with hard work.
You're exactly like your father.
Both stubborn...
Hi, Amal.
Your mother and I have something for you.
Open it.
A carburetor.
It's the right part?
Yes, but...
You don't like it?
It's not that.
It's a gift.
Madam, I can't accept this.
Amal, please.
I'm sorry for the trouble, madam.
But I can't take this.
Why not?
Ma, I can't.
How can you afford this?
I had some savings.
But this is expensive.
Amal, I was saving up for my dowry.
Take it.
Thank you.
What are you crazy?
Thakur-Saab just wanted to remind you
that your debt is due tomorrow.
Don't be late, understand?
I'm sorry about the little girl.
She was so feisty.
I'll never forget her.
She deserved better.
Whatever happens is God's will.
What is it?
I was thinking about my father.
He was sick a long time ago.
We needed money for treatment.
Ma said we should sell the rickshaw.
It would have been enough.
My father said no,
the rickshaw was for Amal,
no matter what happened to him.
Papa said it was God's will he was sick.
And when he died,
Ma said it was God's will he die.
I never understood
how they could say that until now.
Believe it or not,
I know what you mean.
You know,
I was saving that money for years.
But I'm not sure I ever would have spent it.
Bring the car around.
Have some tea.
Not working yet?
You're missing Ganesh-ji's blessing.
Now try it.
Now try.
Just try it!
Pooja's had a long night.
Drop her home.
Thank you, Auntie.
Please come visit, anytime.
I will, Auntie.
Where's Suresh?
I don't know.
I was supposed to drive him somewhere
at 6:00 am,
but he's not here.
Has he been okay these past few days?
He seemed okay.
Where were you taking him?
It drives well.
You fixed it nicely.
It only has to last a few years.
I rode the metro this week.
Things are changing.
I'll probably have to get a taxi
when this goes.
I thought you dropped my account
because of what I said to you.
I would have never dropped this account
by choice.
I'll see you at 5:30 today?
Sure, 5:30.
Is this Amal Kumar's place?
Yes, but he's working.
He was here earlier.
It's 3:00 o'clock.
He'd be picking up kids from school now.
What school?
Sacred Heart.
Come on.
Ram, why didn't you tell me
Kunal's driver's name was Amal?
Honey, you never asked.
I hired him six months ago.
If Amal gets there before me,
keep him there, understand?
Yeah, sure.
And Harish is here.
Keep him in the living room.
Can't you go faster?
- Hi, Mom.
- Go inside.
Yes, Madam.
Come inside, please.
I'm sorry I wasn't around for a few days.
No no no! Not for that.
It's something else really important.
Please come inside.
Madam, I'm in a hurry.
So am I.
G.K. Jayaram's lawyer.
Um, you drove him about a month ago.
He was really angry...
a little crazy.
Had a beard.
Cough drops!
You gave him some cough drops.
Oh yeah.
Listen, I really have to run.
I'm also in a rush.
Please, I told you
it'll only take a few minutes.
Please, please.
Don't worry.
I won't hurt you.
No, get lost.
Madam, can this wait until Monday?
No, it can't.
I can't believe it.
You came here every day
and I had no idea.
How long have you been a rickshaw driver?
Fifteen years.
Have a seat.
Amrita, wait outside.
Give me the key.
Don't let anyone in.
Close the door.
You probably have no idea.
G.K. Jayaram passed away.
Please sit.
Mr. Jayaram wanted me
to give you this letter before we talk.
He wrote it for you.
Read it carefully.
We'll talk after.
You can ask me anything.
I know it seems strange.
Now you can ask me anything.
Take your time.
whatever we talk about is just between us.
We'll need you to sign some papers.
Your autograph.
Do you have any family?
What is it?
One second.
No. Suresh Gupta...
I haven't seen him in days.
No, we spoke on the phone last night.
Hold one second.
It's important.
Uh, give me one minute, okay?
Take him to the living room.
Get him some chai.
I'll be right there.
No, you keep it.
It's yours.
Have a seat.
I'll get your chai.
Amal, everything okay?
Yes, sir.
You'll pick up Kunal on Monday?
Yes, sir.
Please tell Madam I'll see her then.
I have to run.
See you.
Spare some change.
I have pencils,
but I'm out of paper.
Stop! Stop!
Hey, what's wrong?
That autorickshaw driver gave me this paper.
But there's something written on it.
You think it's something important?
What difference does it make?
Amal can't read.
Where's Amal?