Amanda (2018) Movie Script

- Goodbye. - Bye.
Yes, Mr. Roman. He expected
at 3:30 pm, but ... wait ...
- He was sending a message. - All right.
Hi. Charmed...
It's a bit small for the whole family, right?
Not well. It is perfect.
I thought there were four
... there are only four large beds.
It's okay.
Be here?
David will pick me today.
- David? - Mom's brother.
Anyway, it happens.
You can not sit here alone.
- Yes? - Hello, I'm here for Amanda Sorel.
- The door is open. - Thank you.
Great routine that you have there.
If your food has things you do not like,
Do you eat first the guards or the end?
- I start with what I do not like. - Me too.
I'm not fussy, but sometimes hide in the jar
the things I do not like.
You're an expert.
What is your favorite food?
Fish fingers and macaroni.
A joke for you: What is the youngest fish?
What happened? School left me four messages.
My Indian tourists arrived 30 minutes late.
I'm sorry, I was stuck.
She was alone in the street, go figure.
Okay, it was inside.
Come on, he is 7 years old and was in the street
while you did your scam.
Everything is fine, calm down.
Mom, really, not long.
Leave her out of this.
I see you soon, Amanda.
- What do you do? - See you later.
Yes, sure.
Is this the David is upset?
I do not know.
If it is, not you.
- Some homework? - Yes.
Let me see if?
Do you're upset?
No, honey, do not worry.
What does that mean?
"Elvis has left the building."
It is an expression in English.
North America, in fact.
What is an expression?
An expression is ...
It's when you say something in a language
using imagination, creating images.
For example, as a light off.
It is imaginative. It means someone has fainted.
You understand?
And Elvis did not know what? What is that?
Elvis Presley
It was a famous American singer. Now he's dead.
It was really famous and had many fans.
And many people, after their concerts,
They prowled the halls in hopes of seeing Elvis.
One day a man came to the stage, grabbed the microphone and said ...
"Elvis has left the building. Thank you and good night."
It was a way of saying that Elvis was not, he was gone.
Do you understand?
And now,
it has become a famous expression
that people often say.
They do not bother to be hanging around
waiting for something. It's over, it's over.
Well, it's fun.
I'll play a song from Elvis and the man.
We look for it on the Internet.
On December 15, 1956, the speaker
in the famous program
Louisiana Hayride used the phrase
"Elvis has left the building"
for the first time.
You're David, right?
- Are you Lena? - Yes.
- Hello. - Hello.
Did not you find problem?
Not at all. I took a taxi from the station.
Are there other luggage?
- Yes, the suitcase. - Wait, I charge.
Well thanks.
It is on the third floor.
This is the front door.
The round is the patio. After 8 pm, it is closed.
Information Wifi is in the box furniture.
And that password.
I almost forgot, the shower ...
The key is upside down.
You have to turn hard to leave the warm water.
Be patient.
It seems that someone came to fix it, fine.
Sorry to bother you, do you have a pen?
Of course, one second.
- Thank you. - No problem.
- Goodnight. - Goodnight.
Hello, your bag, please.
I am seeking a language lab, classroom English.
Languages, down the hall to the left.
All right. Thank you.
You know what you did wrong.
will not come to yours in this.
If necessary, I sue.
- You will not do it. - Watch me.
What's going on?
Demand if you want, but it is not the solution.
We will discuss the four.
We'll see you, Rudy.
Thank you.
You're good?
We will?
I'll get my stuff in the staffroom.
What happened exactly?
I shook a guy who keeps challenging me.
That is all.
Sorry I'm late the other day.
Is that why you came?
No, I have a favor to ask.
Simonian wants to translate the terms of
the rental agreement English.
You know that English is not my first love.
I knew you had an ulterior motive.
Enough, you see evil in everything.
When you're buying a real bike?
What's wrong with me?
It's an antique, it will snail speed.
Do not talk silly.
Hurry up and get your license.
- What do you mean? - I have no change.
I do? They are my legs.
If you put air in your tire you go faster.
I have not a bomb.
I will bring my last time to see that.
Your translation will be at noon, okay?
When you want, thank you.
Come eat one night, I'll call.
- I love you! - Same.
- Hello. - Hello.
What are you doing here?
I came for a career.
I see, you look good.
Are you also a gardener?
No, pruner, short trees.
Parks and Gardens of the city.
It's casual, call me when they need me.
By the way...
And stockings?
I do not wear tights out there.
I know, just kidding. It was a joke.
Thank you.
- You have a good day. - Good day.
How about a drink tonight?
It's okay.
Call me, see you later.
How Simonian end up working for?
Basically by chance.
He was working as a painter when he bought part of the building.
He was looking for a kind of coordinator.
I offered a study
in exchange for my job and that was it.
Okay, so you explodes.
You have summarized my work.
Why did you leave Bordeaux?
Bordeaux? I grew up there.
I teach piano to live and ...
- Seriously? - Yes.
He was in a band also played at local concerts.
We're here, you want to sit a while?
- Okay, fine. - All right.
You do not want to come in?
I'll stay here with you.
What kind of music played?
Rock, we played great tunes.
Pop, basically.
What are your plans? Do you give classes and stuff?
- Do you have contacts? - If some.
Students need to have advertising.
I was thinking...
... the daughter of my sister wants piano lessons.
- I could ask. - Clear.
Of course, I appreciate it.
How old are you?
It has 6 or 7 years.
7 years maybe.
- Are you sure? You do not have 15 or 16? - I'm not sure.
Watch out!
- The truck is open? - Yes.
I'll take this.
- Do you do this every day? - Occasionally.
It's our new ritual.
- A cream cake and you eat it? - Yes.
Do you make coffee?
Thank you.
What about Axel? Are they separate?
But they are separated each week.
He's taking bad. It seems to be serious this time.
Are you blushing?
- Silly! - It is true.
As soon as you finish you go to bed.
Do you flirt again with married men in Facebook?
You know I had no idea he was married.
No, I ended up with that.
What? Let's go.
I'm going for a cigarette.
You enjoy it?
Well, I see myself with someone.
A psychiatrist?
A vague Icham friend and Severine.
Where did they meet?
On Facebook.
He is not married, really. It is separate.
As the other.
Until he uploaded photos of his wife and children on vacation.
I told you is separate.
Facebook men love women like you.
Like me? It's easy for you, but I have to Amanda.
I stay here every night.
He is different, works at the National Library.
Yes, that's different.
- Sellama Ivan. - John?
That may not be easy.
I like very much.
At first it was difficult, but that is changing.
He wants to try.
That's great.
I'm happy for you.
If you need to investigate him ...
Mom, read a story?
Yes I'm going.
First a surprise.
For me?
A surprise?
- What is it? - Open it.
Are you crazy.
Thank you.
I have three, so we can go with you.
Let me think about it.
What is the surprise then?
A tennis tournament in London.
- It's a chance to go together. - Cool.
- It's Wimbledon! - Yes.
- You bring back memories. - Basta.
And it is in London. Amanda and I said we would.
Two birds with one stone.
My clever sister.
Alison is completely different.
Then we will go to a trip to London and everything?
- And all? - Let's see mom's mom.
Get train tickets, I'll take care of the rest.
A family friend has a house there.
It is far from the city, south but near the tennis.
Sandrine, I know you mean well but I have to tell you,
I will not stand in your way, but ...
I will not go there to meet Alison.
I received your letter asking us to see us, but I'm not interested.
Very well.
It's your decision anyway.
Does your letter triggered this? You could have said.
You also received.
We wrote to both.
Except I threw it away.
You do not go and you show up 20 years later.
- I am very happy, thank you. - He should expect that.
- London? - Yes.
David, I come back later if you want.
- Hello. - Hello.
I bought this in the local market.
I have two, do you want one?
Thank you.
Pass. Do you have time for a coffee?
Amanda and I met your sister yesterday.
For coffee, but ...
Amanda is willing.
Tomorrow we will begin.
I am glad to learn you.
You're very close to your sister.
So it was as discreet as ever.
No, we are very close.
But not enough as she says.
It must have been very young Amanda.
- And the father? - She decided to leave.
It was an adventure.
He raised Amanda alone, he did not appear in their education.
That's something else raise your child on your own.
It is not always easy.
Finally, always it worked for both.
They look happy.
To us our father raised us.
- Only You brought me that no more? - Yes.
It was a bribe.
I saw you, do not try to hide it.
Leave something for others.
Hi, David, I am.
Can you bring some bread on the way?
I have some, but perhaps not enough.
I do not have time to go through the bakery.
I'll never time.
Great thanks.
- Hello. - Hi dear. How are you?
- Good night, Emmanuelle. You're good? - And you?
I'm late.
For tonight, pour yourself something cooler.
Do I load something down?
No thanks. CitiCar have a car reserved in office.
- Congratulations on your license. - Thank you, so welcome.
Have fun. Emmanuelle not bother if you are studying.
Keep me some cheesecake.
We'll see.
- Enjoy your night. - Have fun.
Hi, I'm L..
Would you mind going alone?
The train is late. I was 20 minutes late, now it's over.
They not even say how much.
No, go ahead without me.
Yes, I'm sorry.
Wait, you can buy 3 or 4 loaves?
I know I'm asking a lot, but Sandrine asked me to buy.
See you there.
Yes, they reached the end.
I'm on Avenue Daumesnil. They will be about 5 to 10 minutes.
Excuse me, can I borrow your phone, please? I lost mine.
- Taking. - Thank you.
Thank you. I sent to voicemail.
Amanda, me, David.
Mom still asleep?
She is not here.
Where is?
What are you doing here?
Let's take a turn to talk.
Why no one?
What happens? I want to see Mom.
Something serious happened last night
in the park with mom and our friends.
Men came.
They were armed and ...
They shot people who were there
picnic or walking.
They shot many people.
Mom shot him too.
Why did they do it?
When will we see mom again?
Not meet again, Amanda.
She's dead.
We will not see Mom.
We never see again.
I wanna go. Can we go now?
- Good Morning. - Good Morning.
- We can enter? - Lord is closed today.
Can not we go?
I'm sorry, Amanda.
Not a good day for walking around Paris. Go home, sir.
Thank you.
Hi dear.
Come in.
a rabbit out.
It will, he knows the way back.
I made sure of that.
- Can I hold him? - Of course dear.
No bites, you can load it.
What is your name?
No name. We will find one.
How can anyone do that?
It's so horrible.
How's it going with the rabbit?
It seems fine.
It's soft.
Did he slept at the end?
Yes, but it was a struggle.
He went round and round.
- Did he mention to Sandrine? - Do not.
I did not dare.
Give it time.
Are you going to go with the coroner?
A friend go with me.
Take the keys toilet.
He may be in bed when you get back.
It's okay.
I'm going.
The attack was the work of four men,
none of which is visible in videos filmed at the scene.
The attackers fired quick bursts before escaping,
according to eyewitness accounts given to the police.
Islamist terrorism is the most plausible explanation.
Good news.
Axel's mother says he is fine after the operation.
Any news about your friend?
She is fine.
He lost a lot of blood, he needed a transfusion,
but it is improving.
- Can you see her? - Not until now.
I was given a number to call tomorrow.
What are you going to do?
I need a shower and some sleep.
- And you? - I will return with my aunt.
To be there when Amanda wakes up.
Thanks for coming.
- How are you coming back? - Walking.
It is all I've done for 24 nows. I left my bike somewhere.
You take a taxi, you want a ride?
No thanks.
There's one.
Are there family members who can help?
It is my aunt, Maud.
My father died 3 years ago, my mother lives in London.
He has never met Amanda.
The priority is that Amanda has a legal status,
if only for the purpose of travel or medical.
That means you appoint a guardian, see?
Not really.
The judge will ask a family council to meet.
So you say, three people could take care of Amanda.
Your aunt, you and your mother.
At the meeting of the family council, the judge is going to ask
who agree to raise Amanda until he is of age.
As her guardian.
- And he will appoint a guardian. - A tutor?
It is someone who shares the supervision of the guardianship judge.
I get it. What is the deadline for ...?
A few weeks maybe.
Your niece needs a father in the legal sense.
For issues that a child can not decide alone.
Do you even have 15 years older than her?
Yes, she is 7 and 24.
Legally, you could be her guardian.
The decision is yours, of course.
What do you think?
I do not know, I never imagined one day raise my niece.
I love her a lot, but ...
Breed it scare you?
This is normal at your age.
You are also mourning.
What are we going to do today?
When finished, we will meet with the tenants at the station.
Why the long face?
We never do anything. We could go!
People will see things.
Monuments, parks ...
Do not throw things on the floor. I have work to do.
No school today. No one is working.
I do!
Do not you see that?
Look, I'm sorry.
We leave tonight if you want.
I'll see if there is someone for you to play.
Are there any games on your phone?
I do not know, I'll see.
Can I borrow?
If you want.
Hi amanda.
- She chose the flowers. - They are very pretty. Thank you.
How you doing?
Shit, I do not even offered a drink.
- I'm looking for. - No, I have to move.
I was told it was in motion.
What do you want to take, Amanda?
- I dont know. - I have orange juice.
I have water.
Also I have orange juice.
And water.
- Orange juice then. - Cool.
Excellent choice.
A beer?
Coffee is fine.
Well, here we go. I'll take a beer.
I heard that relieves pain.
How you feel?
I feel good.
I see a psychiatrist.
Three sessions with her this week.
If someone had told me, Axel, you'll see a psychiatrist ...
Is it good?
It feels like if I said the same thing always, but it is good.
I do not understand why you refuse.
It'll be good for you.
Group Victim Support is great.
Yes, I called them.
Did they tell you how to cover your bases if this goes to trial?
- They said? - Yes.
I'm not sure I want to get involved in that.
Meet with them.
As I said, I have no time now.
You know what happens, right?
Do you think it will stop there? What these guys are not going to follow?
Do you realize that?
Are you okay, Amanda?
- tummy hurts. - Belly?
Perhaps you took the juice fast.
You know what we can do?
Put the flowers in the vase.
The pain goes away.
Hello david.
You're good?
Yes. Visiting the patient?
We brought flowers.
They are very cute.
- I also brought you something. - Yes?
Color notebook.
It's mine, I want it.
Lets go see it.
You go for a walk and I'll stay with Amanda.
Of course, we will. Walking does me good.
Let's go.
- See you, girls. - Bye.
I see you later, Amanda.
You know the Game of Goose?
Where we turn as well.
Did you do well with Raja?
I suppose.
We are in a period out of time.
She was so scared that ...
But we both know that we are experiencing an interlude.
At some point, we need to calm down.
You mean to separate?
It's not what I want.
The bragging rights at stake.
The redheaded guy is it.
Play Well.
How about you?
Among school pick, prune trees and work to Simonian,
honestly I never cease to be running.
And Amanda? How are you?
Sandrine almost never mentions.
Every time you approach it,
changes the subject or angry.
How are they organized? Did you move there?
How do you see things going?
I'm scared, Axel.
I do not know what my future holds.
I stayed there until the funeral, but honestly ...
I do not know I have no idea.
What future do we have? What will I do with it?
I am very afraid.
I'm not ready to raise a child that way.
I do not know what she does, I forget the task ...
She's not my daughter. I do not know what to do.
He has no one. We have no one now.
Raja told you about the Children's Home?
I'll see the manager.
It could be a good solution for now.
Until you recover.
- It's funny, coming from you. - Yes?
Well, I smartass.
What's going on?
What happens?
A nightmare? What happens?
Calm down, it's still night.
What's going on?
Go back to sleep now.
Sleep, go to bed.
Take it easy.
Amanda, talk to me.
Talk with me please.
Everything is fine, I'm here.
Take my hand.
I'm here.
I told you not put out.
I can call a cab.
It's not about the taxi.
Wait, let me help you.
You're good?
I'm sorry, David, I ...
I'm sorry, but ...
I do not think it's a good company.
I think I need to be alone.
So sorry.
No, I understand completely.
I'll take this, you will incline and leave you alone.
Thank you.
- What is that? - A yurt.
A Mongolian dwelling.
This is raise awareness about the need
friendly housing alternatives and environmentally.
As I was saying,
the idea is for children
escape being conditioned as performing animals.
Instead, they must learn
to be inflexible and inquisitive
in their daily activities.
Always be connected to something practical.
Are you the only family Amanda?
Is my father's sister.
All those children are orphans?
There are also children who have been separated from their parents.
I was wondering,
If you are flexible ...
We are very flexible about what happens inside the school,
but very strict about the outputs.
The kids, especially the younger ones would not understand someone coming home
while the others will remain here almost all year.
The two periods when the rules relaxed
They are the holiday period in December and summer,
in the first half of August.
She looks puzzled.
No way.
I was late, I had a difficult day.
Do not worry, we did homework, ate ...
To play, is not it, Amanda?
I'm starting to teach chess.
Seriously? Is not that a little young?
No, it is assimilating.
The horse is hard.
We will review the horse and bishop.
We will.
Are you ready? Grab your bag.
I do not want to go.
Why? You'll see Maud morning.
I want to stay here tonight.
You are always welcome, but the school is far away.
- It means an early start. - I'm sick of always moving.
Who will I live? With you or with Maud?
Amanda is a difficult moment we are going through.
For you, obviously and most importantly, but also for David.
I really enjoy spending time with you, but it's good for you to be with David.
There you have the energy that I have, you know?
I'll also change schools?
We did not go home tonight to be closer to school.
I want to stay here.
- This is not funny. - I want to stay!
What time is it?
I do not know.
Fast or late.
I'll buy a croissant for breakfast.
- A chocolate bread. - Yes, if that's what you want.
Go wash.
Where is your toothbrush?
Where is the brush mom?
I save it. We can not leave it there.
You think?
You have no right, not yours!
This is not your house!
You do not decide on the brushes.
Well, I'm sorry.
- I'll put it where it goes. - Right now.
I swear I will, but we need to hurry now.
Let's move on.
Shit, your backpack.
You have a good day
Maud will pick you tonight.
You will stay to sleep with her.
- How are you? - A lot of time has passed.
You have not changed.
Do not you move to Lyon?
I moved to Paris two years ago.
The company that Victor and I started not work.
Then we parted and that's it.
- I took over the business from my parents. - The restaurant?
I am bar manager-server.
- And Marco, my cousin, do you know? - Yes Yes...
Is in the kitchen.
Passes beyond. You know where to find us.
How about you?
I'm pretty busy with several things,
but my main job is with a big landlord in Paris.
I'm the one who means tenants or tourists.
The last time I saw your sister said you were with parks and gardens.
That too.
All right. How is Sandrine?
Did she tell you speak? Maybe 18 months ago when I moved.
We discussed that we would meet and then time passed.
Does your daughter how old now? Five?
- Seven years. - Seven?
I have to go. Tell her I'll call these days.
Go through there to eat them. At night it is better, so we speak.
- See you, David. - Goodbye.
- How are you? - Good and you?
What brings you here?
We came to see you.
- Hi amanda. - Hello.
How are you?
Come, look closely.
It is funny.
- What is your name? - Jean-Marco.
That's a very original name.
How are you doing in the store?
You saw me.
Geraldine gives me things to do.
It takes me 3 hours what it 10 minutes.
Obviously, it takes time to get back to you.
It will improve over time and some rehabilitation.
You sound like my mother.
In fact, we do not know if it will improve. We have no idea.
It's a firecracker, do not worry.
You're good?
I'm sorry...
No excuses now.
I'm sorry, Amanda.
No, do not apologize, come on.
Smells that. It's not your basic wine.
Why do I smell?
People tasting wine
to see if it's good start by turning in the glass.
Then they smell it.
Prove it.
And spit it out.
That's gross.
It is not usually in the cup.
Is very good.
If you're not going to finish the beans, at least eat something.
I already ate enough.
Look, eat half of what it was.
Next time, forget the cream cake at 6 o'clock.
Let's go.
It takes a long time to fall asleep. If I do not stay, it's even longer.
- Do not you bored? - Do not.
It's horrible for her, this happened without warning.
It's lucky to have you.
You know...
It's very sweet of you,
but I can not keep living like this.
I need some peace and quiet.
If you want, you can move in with me.
Take time to process it all. No problem.
I will return to my mother.
You said it was difficult to live with it.
Right, sure.
In the south, we have more space.
I will take up with old students, but can not touch.
Having worked together makes it much easier.
You need someone to support you.
You need someone ...
A ride.
To be there for both, that is reliable.
Right now, I'm not that person.
Come here.
- Hello david. - Hello, Moise.
I'm sorry for your friend, but Simonian ...
No problem.
When he left?
This morning.
And the new people?
A Russian couple. I will meet them at the station in 30 minutes.
- See you. - Goodbye.
Mister and Mrs. Orlov?
Delighted, I'm David.
- Good trip? - Yes thanks.
It's this way.
Was it good your day?
You're good?
What's going on? I did something?
What happens then?
I was punished.
Do not worry about it.
I thought it was serious. Who cares.
I do not want to go.
I thought you loved being at home Maud.
I prefer to be with you tonight.
You can not keep changing his mind. It was organized with Maud.
What is the difference if tomorrow?
The difference is that it is organized. And I'm busy tonight.
- Why? - I'm having dinner with some friends.
Why I can not go with you?
Because it is far, it is an adult conversation.
Because you can not.
Do not cry like that.
You'll see me tomorrow.
My little lamb chop. Dont cry please.
Enters. The rabbit is in the living room.
Have fun tonight.
You too.
Do you mind if I record this?
No, it's okay if agreed.
Where do I begin?
It depends on you.
The idea is to have a first hand picture of your sister.
Without going into intimate details, obviously.
It may be easier to start with your work.
You said it was an English teacher.
Yes, in secondary Arago.
She loved her job, although he said it was getting harder
in recent years.
Why did you choose English?
- Our mother is English. - Seriously?
That's interesting.
He lives in London.
So Sandrine also lived in London?
But Wimbledon bought tickets for her daughter and for me this week.
Did he have a daughter?
You not mentioned on the phone.
What has this to do with a portrait of Sandrine?
Usually when people have children, she is mentioned.
I mean, it is this matter of your readers?
Actually, the idea is ...
Tell the story of those people who were like you and me.
Parous ...
The children are part of their stories.
Sorry. I know it has worked, but we can not continue.
Look is...
I understand, it is a delicate thing.
It is not that sensitive. I just changed my mind, I'm sorry.
Leave it, I'll pay.
No, he come up here. My sincere apologies.
Not well.
- We are going? - Yes.
See you.
Did you enjoy that?
- Thank you. - Yes.
Arms up.
Kick off your shoes, please.
Try again.
It's okay.
Points directly through.
No, it's not strong enough.
Stresses me out, I do not like.
Do not stress. You need to be relaxed.
- My stick is bent, twisted. - It's not.
Let's go.
- Not like yours. - it is not bent.
Not like mine? Mine is bigger.
You want it? It's as big as you.
Wait, you know what?
I'll put it closer. It's a great position.
There, it will be easier now.
- That's right, you see. - Yes!
You see? Good and relaxed.
Yes, but it was very close too.
It was closer, so what?
On what discussed?
Is it because your clothes?
Yes, it seems.
Why do not you believe in God?
We do not believe.
At school they tell me that I will burn in hell if I do not think.
That's silly.
Does the hell exist?
No, of course it not, is nonsense.
Believers do believe, but ...
I do not really know. Nobody knows.
So if it is true, nor know.
It may be there.
One thing is for sure...
Those boys school
They are only repeating what their parents say.
They have no right to scare you, okay?
The next time you say that, you tell them to give them a beating.
Well, right.
Not so fast.
I just straightened up, come on.
I'm not who leads you.
- Be careful, there are leaves. - Where?
There, turn right.
- I can do it. - Straight.
You really were a tennis champion before?
Not a champion but was ...
One day, mom showed me a video of you two children.
You were playing tennis.
Our father...
Your grandfather was always making home videos.
More wine?
It's bedtime, Amanda.
Not yet.
It's getting late.
Caramel Bring with you if you want.
- That's how we put. - It is a white rabbit.
We have more imagination than you.
Try this.
I kept restaurant we had in Clichy.
Everyone tries to get me out of my senses.
You have no choice with that. It is made of brambles.
Tastes good.
Did you meet our mother well?
You see? Not so bad after all my blackberry brandy.
Funny you ask.
I was thinking about Allison few days ago.
We saw a lot in the early days. We got along well.
There was something free in it.
It was very Abiera of mind.
For me, someone who was so introverted before,
meet your mother was very beneficial.
And when she left him,
Luc was in love, of course.
Dijiera not let anyone not even his name.
You never talked about her?
Hardly ever. I have some memories of her.
But especially after she left and that did not last long.
Whenever we asked her dad, she said she had broken ties.
I had a new life and that there was no place for us in it.
I was completely wrong.
Allison wears his heart on his sleeve. It is very impulsive.
It soon became embroiled in another relationship.
Nothing happened without your father organized.
Did you kept watching at that time?
He wrote occasionally, mainly asking for you.
When Luc discovered,
he went mad, threatened us ...
He ordered us to choose sides.
I have his letters somewhere.
Assuming you want to see them.
Thank you.
When your father died, I thought to contact her.
I know I learned from a friend in common.
I did not, the time had passed.
A nice...
Hi, David, Lena speaks.
It's late, I hope not depertarte.
I received a small electronic keyboard you sent.
I touched it with my good hand.
I even recorded a song in my cell.
Amanda and you are in my thoughts.
Words can not express how much I think of you, my distant friends.
I can help?
Hello, are you the mother of Lena?
- Yeah. - I'm David, a friend.
I came to say hello.
Up the call.
- Hello. - Hello.
I was in the area so ...
You never listen, right?
I do not want to intrude.
I can go or spend later.
It's fun to imagine here.
I have spent much time living in cities, only in cities.
And here we are ...
City Mouse and vole.
Do you remember that?
There was once a city mouse invited a vole
very courteously to share leftovers Ortolan.
If you you know it.
What is Ortolan, by the way?
A bird.
Really you're a city mouse.
Tell me about Amanda.
It is difficult to know how it goes.
Is strong.
It impresses me.
It is often as if she was there for me.
I think about her a lot.
I was also asked about you.
Piano lessons meant a lot to her.
I'll start the process.
I'll be the father.
I'll take care of it.
I will be their guardian.
I think it also will adopt.
I came to take you to Paris.
I never asked this to anyone and I never thought so.
I'm so excited,
but we hardly know.
I know it may seem absurd,
And you're right, this should be our fourth time together.
I'm not crazy, really.
When I had to decide for Amanda, think of you helped me.
Amanda needs you. You need peace and quiet.
We have time.
How do you think we have time?
Seriously, David.
We have all the time in the world now.
You want to stay with me tonight?
"David, soy Ivan.
I guess Sandrine said.
I chose to write before calling.
I feel more comfortable writing.
I do not know if you want, but I would like us to meet.
Sandrine told me of his brother. It's silly that we did not know.
Apparently we have a lot in common.
I look asias know about you ... Ivan. "
It's like cars, upside down.
Maybe I have the wrong keys.
It can not.
I can try?
Thank you.
It is not supposed to be like cars.
We will do well relax.
Nice place, right?
Old Luce.
Up and choose which room you will want.
You should be there.
I heard something about a beached whale.
It came back to water but passes through here.
Apparently it appears occasionally.
We'll see.
- Is here? - Was here 10 minutes ago.
Perhaps later appear. It is not known if you're lucky.
What did the Lord say?
It was apparently here 10 minutes ago.
How old are going to have when you get yours?
Very old?
Much larger with a long white beard.
Not seriously.
When you're my age, I have 40 years.
40 years is not very old.
No, it is not.
Still I'll still watching?
How long are you with me?
I'll be with you until you're at least 18 years.
Is it okay to stay with me? Are we going to take?
We'll see.
Yes, on top of a hill near some trees.
- Hello. - Hello.
Hello david.
Thanks for coming.
Yes it is...
We sit?
Are you going to live here?
No, a little west of here.
After Bayswater.
I thought I would suggest you to come, but ...
No, the park is well.
- Did you get this morning? - Yes.
We're staying in South Wimbledon.
Quite a stretch.
We came for the tournament, so I practical.
Sandrine wrote to tell me
all they are going to go this year.
She talked about this trip.
We talk about a possible meeting.
I said, yes.
I know he cared a lot, especially that you met Amanda.
Can we talk about you?
What do you currently do?
- To live? - I do arbolismo.
In the trees, short branches.
I see.
- And you? - I?
I spent a lot of time working as assistant curator of a museum.
In the Hampstead Heath.
Until it closed a few years ago,
and now I teach French.
It will take a long time
so that we are able actually to speak.
So you can ...
... explain ...
To try to explain ...
I know it must feel strange,
perhaps even intolerable
hear this, but ...
I also came to tell
I am to help them both.
For you and Amanda.
If ever...
... they want one day ...
She is Alison, of whom I spoke. It's mother's mother.
I really love to meet you.
Thanks for coming.
Eress very beautiful.
If you still have time, we can go for ice cream.
There is an ice cream parlor nearby. They are very good.
Want one?
I like our street.
It's cute, right?
Early start to see the games.
- Shall we go to Center Court. - You bet I do.
- Goodnight. - Goodnight.
I like Alison.
Okay, she enjoyed meeting you.
You know, I think
Sandrine I am happy that both were known.
If Alison is the mother Mom, it's yours too.
- Do they have the same mother? - Yes.
I hardly knew, just, but it is also my mother.
I hope that the two had a good day in London, not very tiring.
I thought I'd see the games on TV to see if I see them on the podium.
I can not wait to be with you again, my beautiful David.
I miss you. L
Elvis has left the enclosure.
Elvis left the building.
It's over.
Was over.
Wait, it's not over yet.
It is only three points behind.
What's going on? Why are you crying?
What happens?
For, I do not like to see you sad.
What, lamb?
He did not finish.
Do you see it now?
Hang in there until the end.