Amanda (2022) Movie Script

It wasn't easy
to meet guys there.
They are weird.
At times you feel like they're
there alone on a Saturday night
only because they have
nowhere else to go.
This feeling is almost confirmed
by the fact that I am also
there alone on Saturdays
because I wouldn't know
where else to go,
or with whom.
Once, at a screening,
I had a crush on somebody.
We looked at each other.
To be honest,
we looked at each other a lot.
We looked at each other
even at the end of the film
to make sure
we would leave together.
My plan was to follow him and his,
I guess, was to follow me.
Well, Marina, it didn't work out.
We couldn't follow
each other anywhere.
We had nowhere to go,
no friends to catch up with.
I had an apartment,
he probably did too.
But you can't go
to somebody's house on a first date.
You know what bothers me
most about this, Marina?
I met him five years ago.
That guy at the cinematheque could
have been my boyfriend for five years.
We would have shared everything
for five wonderful...
maybe difficult at times,
but hey... such is life!
Wonderful years.
I feel very sad now, Marina.
Very sad.
KEEP OUYou are too skinny.
You look like a table.
I'll be back, OK?
Where is the squash soup?
They finished it.
My parents?
Marina and her husband, I think.
They always finish everything.
They finish and destroy everything.
I can't come with you
to the rave tomorrow.
Why not?
I have to run
some bureaucratic errands.
Judy, staying with my family
is turning you into a real asshole.
I won't go either.
I'm going home.
- Amanda.
- Huh?
You can't walk outside
with a bowl of rice in your hands!
I know, Judy.
Thanks a lot.
Bourgeois bitch.
There are no new messages, Sexy Mama.
There are two illegal raves
and three techno festivals this week.
Tomorrow, 3 pm,
"Dance and Destroy"
hard-style techno party.
This doesn't look like
"Dance and Destroy"
hard-style techno party.
Route recalculation?
Why did you lie to me?
I didn't want to lie.
It's my nephew's engagement party.
I had to be here, Amanda.
You could have at least invited me.
- You're ashamed of me.
- Amanda.
Are you ashamed of me?
Amanda, your mother asked me
not to hang out with you anymore,
or you'll never make friends.
She said that?
Yes, she did.
Come on, Amy.
We've talked about this.
You need to make friends.
But are you ashamed of me?
I'm very proud of you, Amanda.
No, not this.
Where's the broken dot?
Where's the broken dot?
- Where's the broken dot?
- I don't know!
You told Judy not to hang out
with me anymore?
- I simply told her...
- Why, mom?
Why do you want to ruin my life?
Because you have to spend time
with people your own age.
- That's why.
- I'm trying, Marina!
Do you think making
friends in a new city is easy?
- You had no friends in Paris either.
- You had no friends!
That's why you already have two kids,
you needed to talk to someone.
It's not easy making friends
in a new city!
Amanda, you're 25, not 12.
And how am I supposed to find them?
At school? In my Scout troop?
No! Because I'm not allowed
to do those things anymore.
Why don't you go back to Paris, then?
You said you'd come here
to help with the pharmacies.
You came in once to get a chapstick.
For free.
I haven't eaten yet,
can I sit?
Of course.
Could I sit next to my aunt?
Sure, switch chairs with your mom.
- How's it going?
- Good, and you?
Not bad.
- Pavel?
- We broke up.
I'm sorry.
These things always happen
in long-distance relationships.
Especially over summer.
We were supposed to go
to the same summer camp,
but he signed up to one
I couldn't go to.
- Why couldn't you go?
- It's for boys only.
- He's an asshole.
- He's not an asshole.
He's eight years old.
- His mother decided for him.
- Even worse.
Do you want a boyfriend
who always listens to his mother?
- No.
- Good girl.
Do you have to go?
No, I'm just waiting for a friend.
Is anybody there?
Hey, I'm a tin of Collottina.
I bet you want to smell me!
I'm looking for someone to talk to.
You've got to smell me, first.
Then you can ask me anything.
I'll do anything you want.
Done, I smelled.
So, basically...
I just moved to the city
where all my family lives.
It's where I was born.
They work together like in a circus,
but they have pharmacies instead.
Wait, I don't understand any of this.
I just wanted to jerk off.
But if you are here at night asking
for advice from an unknown ex-junkie,
you should change
something in your life.
That's my advice.
That's my advice.
Well, what is it?
Good luck, girl.
Good luck to you.
Where's my mother?
Viola came to see her.
They're having tea in the parlor.
Is there any way I can reach
a bathroom without being seen by them?
I need the bathroom.
No, I meant
why can't you be seen by...
She wants me
to meet Viola's daughter.
And what's wrong with that?
In your opinion, Judy,
how humiliating would it be
to talk about parties, work and love
with the daughters
of my mother's friends?
Let's go!
- Let's go.
- Wait, watch until the end.
We have to go to school.
I need to talk to you.
Aunt Amanda will talk to you later.
When are you back?
At seven.
What kind of school ends at seven?
We're going to therapy after school.
- Again?
- We go once a week.
- Are you still obsessed with Jesus?
- I'm not obsessed.
- You're obsessed.
- I like him as a person.
So what? She likes him as a person.
We weren't all born
rich and liberal.
Oh, I didn't see you there.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
- Hello Amanda.
- Hello Viola.
- You're not at work?
- No.
No, today's her day off.
Well, since you're off today,
why don't you go visit
Viola's daughter?
Okay what?
I'll go later.
Later when?
Later after
I've organized my agenda.
Get out.
Do you know why
you never do anything, Amanda?
Because you're too busy doing nothing.
This sentence is problematic
under many aspects, mom.
What are you doing?
Besides, Viola's daughter
will become a great lawyer.
And you always need
a lawyer, trust me.
You need it for everything.
To double park, to divorce...
Why do you want a divorce?
- Dad never even talks.
- I don't want to get a divorce.
- Why do you want a divorce?
- I don't want to get a divorce.
I'm saying, in general.
- But why would you want a divorce?
- I don't want a divorce.
It applies to anyone.
Especially to you.
Okay, I'm going now.
I'm going to Viola's now.
Can't you go there
dressed differently?
Where's Rebecca?
She is...
She's upstairs.
I don't know if you remember...
You should cut a bigger slice.
I like it this way.
I'm so tired.
I can't sleep.
There are too many
lights in this house.
Can't you turn them off?
But it's tiring.
Does Rebecca ever come out?
Imagine that she didn't come out
of her room for a whole year,
in the past.
My mom never told me.
I completely forgot
to tell your mother.
- Are you ashamed of Rebecca?
- No, why?
Come on, just a little.
No, no.
Rebecca was...
good at every sport.
I was so happy
that you would be friends.
Just like your mom and I.
We were inseparable as girls.
Your mother was perfect.
She always settled.
And then, with Rebecca?
Then, for work,
you moved away.
It broke my heart, but that's life...
So Rebecca and I
could have been best friends.
Yes, maybe.
And then my family took me away,
away from my best friend.
- No, I meant...
- No, don't excuse them.
But nothing's lost, Viola.
Nothing is lost.
It just so happens
that I'm looking for a best friend!
Go fuck yourself.
It's 8 points for these.
How many points
do I need for the LED fan?
A hundred.
That's a lot of points.
For only 20 points, you can get
Buston, the stuffed dolphin.
But be aware that some batches
have their eyes coming off.
I'm not interested, thank you.
Lunch was just delivered!
I'll starve you to death.
It's not funny! You hear me?
This is not funny at all!
You're fucking crazy.
You're spoilt and crazy!
Fuck you!
I'm not spoilt and crazy!
- It wasn't me!
- Who was it then?
I was downstairs
and you're alone here!
Or is there someone I can't see?
- I didn't come out.
- It was you!
- It wasn't me!
- I decide if it was you or not!
I decide, you understand?
You don't decide anything!
This is my house! I decide!
Stop it! Stop screaming!
You're making my ears hurt!
Don't yell.
I can dry them for you.
I can do it myself.
- I have a hair-dryer in my room.
- Okay.
- Okay what?
- Okay-coming.
Now you're deaf, too?
Hurry up, I don't have all day.
You spit when you talked.
- No, I didn't.
- Gross, you're like a llama.
You don't know what it is
because you live in a room.
You still read these?
I have them too.
- All of them?
- Yes.
They're in my old room.
But now it's my niece's room.
I would go insane
if someone stole my room.
Well, clearly.
Can you put back
everything you move?
Yeah, sure. Sorry.
And don't touch the trophies.
What trophies?
They're a lot, uh?
What are they for?
I was good at everything.
Well done.
Do you work here?
I lost my phone.
- Do you need to use mine?
- Can I?
If I ran off with your phone,
wouldn't you be angry?
- Go make this call.
- Yes.
Why do you keep staring at me?
- I wasn't staring at you.
- No.
You were staring.
- You're dealing in toilets.
- It's not drugs.
Yes, it is.
Why do you think I'm dealing drugs?
Because you have drug-dealer shoes.
What kind of shoes
do drug-dealers wear?
Your kind.
How do my shoes look like?
Like drug-dealers' shoes.
I already told you, stop asking me.
You want to go eat
something together?
- You wanna go eat something together?
- Yes.
If we have nothing to do,
we could do something together.
Do you know that I once
saw a deer on this road?
- Nice.
- I know.
Girls love this story.
Technically, it's not a story.
It needs a series of connected events
for it to be a story.
Like what?
I don't know, I wasn't there
when you saw the deer.
So, it should be like...
"I saw a deer, so I stopped the car"?
Is that a story?
Yeah, I guess so.
Not a very compelling story,
but still a story.
Okay. But a lot of girls love it.
Yeah, it's not bad.
Why do you hang out alone?
I give out free condoms at festivals.
It's always been my dream.
Handing out free condoms?
What do you like to do?
Lots of things:
going out with my friends...
I like to go to the movies.
My best friend is an actor.
You look like an actor too.
What do you mean?
You have a well-defined jaw.
Thank you, even though
my jaw is not so well-defined.
The Rock's is well-defined.
Do you watch wrestling?
- No.
- Ah.
When I look
at Dwayne Johnson's jawline,
I feel like a 12 year old girl.
Plus, my mother buys me
this strawberry shampoo.
Can you smell the strawberry?
No, I don't.
Why were you alone at the toilets?
I was about to leave,
I wasn't feeling well...
And now you're fine?
Yeah, really good.
I feel good too.
It's gotten a bit late.
- Do you want to come over?
- I think I better go home.
- Could you take me home?
- Of course, I'll take you home.
I live pretty close, I'll walk.
I'd rather take a walk.
As you wish.
They forgot to give me
a couple of points last time.
They won't believe me now,
I don't know what to do.
You came with me
just to get your points?
- Points for what?
- For a free electric fan.
- You need a fan?
- No, but I could sell it online.
I need to make some money,
work is not going well.
You don't come to work.
I know it's a horrible thing to say,
but sometimes I wish
you had a small,
but grueling, real problem.
The kind of thing that pounds
your brain and reduces it into a mush
'till it runs down your nose.
Like when you were a kid
and you had a runny nose.
Everyone made fun of you
and I had to defend you.
Tell me a problem you have.
They told me that Stella
will need a support teacher.
But she is very good at music,
even her teacher says so.
I don't see the problem, then.
The problem is everything else.
Maybe you are the problem.
One day Stella will play
at the Royal Albert Hall
and I will deserve to be there!
And you?
You'll be stuck
at an event of pharmacists
married to other pharmacists
with your pharmacist second-born,
who still looks like a blonde potato.
He's grown
but still looks like a potato.
I just hope
Stella doesn't grow up like you.
Fuck you.
Where the fuck are you going?
We're in the middle of nowhere,
You're in the middle of nowhere!
There are no new messages
from My Boyfriend.
Last received message:
Ahahah, ok. I am actually a Gemini.
I was born the 22nd of May.
In fact I am throwing a huge party.
You can bring someone if you want.
Are you sleeping?
- No.
- Ah.
I met someone.
He invited me to a party
and we're going together.
- What kind of party?
- That's not the point.
He invited us.
I can bring a friend
and I chose you.
- I'm not coming.
- Why?
I don't lock myself in here
because I love this room.
I do it because I hate parties.
- Are you sleeping?
- No.
He wanted to give me a ride,
but I wanted to look independent.
Why are you telling me?
These are personal stuff
and we go way back.
Hand me a pillow.
Do you have an album
of baby pictures?
- Not many.
- Because you were ugly?
No, because my mom
didn't take many pictures.
- And your dad?
- I don't know who he is.
- Your dad?
- I got it, I don't know who he is.
Can't you ask your mom?
I'd rather not.
- So I picture him as I want.
- How do you picture him?
- Dead.
- Ah, I'm sorry.
If I came to the party,
you'd leave me alone.
- Or you'd pretend you didn't know me.
- I would never do that.
I know what it's like to be alone
in a place full of people
who aren't alone.
It's always been like that, for me.
- Are you sleeping?
- No.
Anyway, I didn't have
much experience with boys.
Oh, okay.
Okay what?
I met a guy once,
but we lived in two different cities.
We were really far apart.
We met in an online forum.
And you went to see him?
Eventually, he found a girl
in his own town and dumped me.
You can't have long-distance sex.
We did one night...
When he told me which
fabric softener he used.
I was able to touch
his skin and his t-shirt
before falling asleep
and as I woke up.
Hair is the hardest part
to touch from afar.
Hugs the easiest to feel.
Are you crazy?
They're tight.
- Tight?
- They've always been too tight.
My God.
I thought you were shooting
at each other.
We would never, Viola.
I'm crazy for this stuff!
- Can you get me more?
- Yes.
Now my life is going fast.
And if the circumstances are right,
I would go exponentially faster
because the speed adds up.
The ball is rolling, you understand?
This is a perfect example
of "momentum",
but you don't have
the right disambiguation page.
I don't know what to say to this,
Sexy Mama.
It doesn't matter,
I was just trying to explain.
I was talking about perception,
you of a physical law.
Isn't our perception
the only physical law
we are given access to, Sexy Mama?
You got me!
You little flat bitch!
Maybe good things didn't happen to me
because I had no one to tell them to.
Do you think it works like that?
One day, you're nobody.
And the next day you wake up,
you have a best friend, a boyfriend,
and almost
an electric fan and a horse.
Now you tell me what it is you want.
This is private property,
you can't be here.
I want to buy this horse.
It's not for sale.
- Why not?
- Because I said so.
And it's too old
to do anything, anyway.
Is that why you keep him
from riding activities?
- Who are you?
- The horse can't ride anymore.
He's old, it's cold at night
and you leave him out in the cold.
Horses don't feel the cold.
And how would you know,
are you a horse?
Today at school,
Stella gave a presentation
that left everybody speechless.
A presentation about what?
The content analysis of a book.
Stella chose the Bible.
A very brave choice.
It's not brave.
It's the story of Jesus
and I already knew all about him.
It's not exactly his story.
It's the Americanized version,
if you know what I mean.
It's not Americanized.
America didn't exist yet.
It was just an expression.
This is a bit
of an excessive reaction.
I don't feel good.
I don't feel good.
I thought you were fine.
Everything seemed fine
a few minutes ago...
This is the deception
of the bourgeoisie, dad.
But also its charm.
Mom, she's completely unbearable.
I can't stand this.
Excuse me,
I have to text my boyfriend.
The more she fools you
the more you give her.
She just arrived
and everything is ready:
food, my clothes...
You even pay her rent.
Okay, Marina.
Since it bothers you so much,
from now on I won't need anything.
Sure, of course.
Hi. I'm staying here for a few days.
We could run on the street sometime.
No, I don't want to.
If you're spending your life in here,
you might as well die.
I'm ready,
I even trained for it.
I picture the worst scenario,
and I try to endure it.
Like what?
The worst possible outcome is this:
an eternity in which you are conscious
and maintain some kind of body, okay?
You're stuck in a dark
and narrow box with no room to move.
And nobody around to hear you scream.
Holy shit.
Sometimes I add some variations.
- Also?
- Yes.
Like what?
Like that I'm the only one
who ends up like this.
While everybody else
is free for eternity.
And you know
what freaks me out even more?
That I ended up there
because of an injustice.
That really drives me crazy.
Fuck you, Rebecca.
I never thought about this shit.
Now you've given me anxiety.
You still have time to get ready.
I slip under my bed
and stay there for hours on end.
Even twenty hours.
Twenty hours?
Without moving.
And you know what?
You have to train your ability
to be someplace else at all times.
Why did you want to drown yourself
when you were little?
You just wanted to be saved then?
Have you noticed
that it's always other people who die?
- You know what my dream is instead?
- Which one?
Pretending there's a third option.
That I don't have to choose
between life and death,
but that there is a third option.
Hey, don't worry. It's all right.
You can't go up now, Amanda.
How longer is this person staying?
She should be almost done.
How many times a week does she come?
Whenever needed.
Why have I never seen her?
And Rebecca always lets her in?
She trusts her.
- Let's hope she's trustable.
- What do you mean?
I mean that people are strange.
I just hope she's a good person.
How long have they known each other?
Since she started locking herself up.
And she still hasn't pulled her out?
She's not doing a great job.
- Good morning, Ann.
- Good morning.
- How did it go?
- Well.
Good morning, we haven't met.
I'm Amanda, a friend of Rebecca's.
She's going through a tough time
and I'm glad you're helping us out.
Thank you.
Good, shall we have some tea,
with milk, all together?
No, thank you.
I will get the cakes, excuse me.
Why didn't you tell me
about the therapist?
There are a lot of things
I haven't told you.
I met her downstairs,
she's super weird.
She is smart, she knows many things.
And she's a liar, Rebecca.
She reminds me of my mother.
She's basically our age.
Looks more like my mother's age.
You're just envious.
It's impossible for me to envy someone
who looks like my mother.
At this point
I'd rather be envious of my mother.
Can we finish tomorrow?
- You don't want to play?
- No.
All right.
Let's do something, then.
I have things to do on my own.
Because I have things to do.
- Don't you have anything to do?
- Of course.
I've put a lot of things on standby
to save our friendship.
You don't want me here?
Of course I do.
You can stay until you find a place.
I can pay rent you know.
No, thank you.
No, I insist.
How? You don't even have a job.
I've got connections, Rebecca.
Call Emilio Elettrico on speaker.
Of course, Sexy Mama.
Are you happy at your fr...
Hello, Emilio Elettrico
Hardware and High-Tech.
Good morning, do you buy
second-hand electric fans?
- Is it in good condition?
- Never used.
Yes, we apply a 40% reduction.
But that's a lot!
I haven't used it at all!
Stop by the shop,
so we can talk about it.
With pleasure,
with whom am I speaking?
I am Emilio.
Emilio as in Emilio Elettrico?
That would be me.
All right, I'll come by
one of these days, OK?
- Sure.
- See you soon.
See you soon.
It was Emilio himself.
Good evening.
Good evening.
At the end of the day,
we want the same thing.
The good of Rebecca.
No need to be so formal.
There's always need to be formal.
This is too much for the party.
They'll think we're too keen.
I don't know if I'm coming anyway.
If it doesn't come off,
do you want me to do your other eye?
No, thanks.
It won't come off.
I miss this dating stuff.
- Do you feel the adrenaline?
- A bit.
I miss this adrenaline stuff.
I'm glad you've found someone
who loves you.
I hope he can take care of you,
and you of him.
Listen, Amanda.
I decided to talk to you
in person because I think
there's been some communication issue
between us.
You can't text me every day,
at every hour.
Amanda, you text me ten times a day.
It would be fine, if you were
my girlfriend or something like that.
But we're not together.
I thought you liked it,
you could have just told me.
- You could have stopped replying.
- No, look.
I don't want to sound like a jerk
because I'm really not, believe me.
I just want to make things clear now,
to avoid misunderstandings.
No problem.
The problem is that I cannot receive
your messages all the time,
since I'm seeing Matilde.
- Who the fuck is Matilde?
- Matilde.
That night you told me
you weren't seeing anybody.
That was true.
I met her that night.
You introduced me to her, remember?
We came here together.
The phone girl.
I would still like you
to come to the party.
I don't know if you have someone
to bring, whoever you want.
It would be cool
if we all wore nature costumes.
Like a plant, a nettle.
It's at the end of the month,
you have time to prepare.
Did I give you my address?
- We'll be partying all night...
- I'm not listening to you.
You're not listening?
Do you want me to stop talking?
- Amanda.
- It's urgent Viola.
I fought with my boyfriend.
- Amanda!
- What is it?
Sit down a moment,
Ann needs to talk to you.
Please, speak quietly.
We're going through
a very complex process.
Rebecca shouldn't have any intrusions
in her room, except from me.
Okay. So, where can we meet?
You must tell Rebecca
you're going to Paris for a while
and can't do otherwise.
You have borderline personality traits
that are not good for Rebecca.
What the fuck do I have, mad genius?
Fuck you!
Rebecca! There's another woman!
He told me not to text him anymore
because he's dating Matilde.
Rebecca, don't leave me alone!
- What about the party?
- Amanda.
Rebecca, don't leave me alone!
Are you coming to the party?
He thinks I'm a loser!
Viola, let go of me!
We have to go together!
He thinks I'm a loser!
Please, Rebecca.
He thinks I'm a loser.
- Yes?
- It's Amanda.
I thought about what you said,
will you open the main gate?
- You're with a car?
- Yes.
I'll open, park in the yard.
I came to tell Rebecca
I'm leaving for Paris.
You're going to Paris?
Viola, you asked me
to tell her I'm going to Paris.
What the fuck is the problem
with this family?
Oh, yes.
It's true.
I just didn't think that...
I'm not here to chat with you
nor with that other nutjob.
I'm here for Rebecca.
Can I come in?
They want to set me up, Reb.
They're saying I'm bad for you.
They told you, too?
You know who's to blame for this?
This is proof
she doesn't understand shit.
Bye bye, Ann. Farewell!
Don't say that,
Ann knows what she's saying.
You should be careful, Rebecca.
They are brainwashing you.
Let's go.
Do you need to bring
all of your trophies?
What if she's right?
I think Ann is right,
we're different you and I.
Why do you say that?
Are you envious of me?
I would have to be crazy to be.
But you are crazy!
Your mum thinks you're crazy.
Ann, too.
Then you must be crazy!
Shut up!
You are the lamest person I know!
Because you only know me, your mom
and the one you pay to be your friend.
- What about you?
- What?
You're here because
no one else can stand you.
I'm here for you!
I'm here because I felt
I was missing a friend I never had.
But that's not possible,
you understand?
You can't miss something
you never had.
Then I found out
that I did have a friend.
And it was you.
Do you know why we were
always together as kids?
My mother made me go out with you
because everyone felt sorry for you.
Fuck you, Rebecca.
Fuck you!
No, fuck you!
Someone had to do it!
- How did it go?
- Great, thanks.
There's a horse in the garden.
What if she falls in again?
She hasn't learned to swim yet?
We have to get her out.
I can hear you, you know?
If you get me out,
I'll go back in.
Amanda, if you fall in
I won't jump in to save you this time.
Aunt Amanda, do you know that I take
swimming lessons in this pool?
I had to skip today
because you're in it.
Yeah, I know.
I need to know
how long you'll be there.
So, I can organize myself.
I don't know.
You're so selfish, Amanda,
it's unbelievable.
Why are you still here?
Mind your own fucking business.
- Don't you work today?
- No.
You have the parent-teacher meeting.
They called you?
Mind your fucking business.
I'm getting very sick of you two.
It's not my fault
you grew up like this.
You know that?
My kids are completely normal.
Can you keep the noise down?
I'm thinking.
What cereal is that?
Are you afraid that I'll jump?
You're the only one who thinks
I jumped in on purpose that day.
I don't believe anything you say,
But I believe this.
Because I saw you.
You took off your armbands and jumped.
And you did nothing?
I was a very lazy child.
You were a very asshole child.
I'm not hungry anymore.
You're going out?
I know, Marina!
I can't leave the house all wet.
No, I just wanted to tell you
that I'm glad Judy saved you.
You know what?
- I'll come to the teachers' meeting.
- No.
- Yes.
- No, please no.
I will, Marina.
I happen to have the afternoon off.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I thought to call my colleague in.
Stella loves music class.
Good morning.
What was that?
That thing with you
and the music teacher.
Nothing, don't mention it.
For once we can talk about
something normal as sisters!
Leave me alone.
- Why are you being like this?
- Stella likes him.
Parents really are clueless.
- Stella is 8 years old.
- I'm not like that, Marina.
I never will be
and I don't have time for love now.
I have some stuff to work out
and you know that.
- Are you working?
- No.
I was just looking out the window.
So, will Stella need
a support teacher?
I think so.
This is not so terrible.
What do you think?
Are you asking me what I think?
No, I don't think it's a big deal.
Yeah, well.
Nothing is.
Can I do anything for you, mom?
When I bought the house,
the man who sold it to us
told my husband,
"Make this the guest room".
But my husband, nothing.
He liked that room
so we made it our bedroom.
But now that he's gone,
I get so cold at night.
A cold that chills my bones.
I think the Leroy radiator
might be the best choice for you.
I would show you
the accordion radiator,
but given your situation
I would avoid it.
- The room is 20 square meters?
- More or less.
Ma'am, go for this one.
- I was taking care of it, Amanda.
- It's not a contest.
It's a bit expensive,
I can't afford it.
We'll find another solution.
I'll see if I can get you a discount
of 50% Emilio Elettrico 3000
with an interest-free installment.
- You live alone?
- Yes.
We have discounts for people
who live alone and feel cold.
- We don't.
- Let's go to my office.
It's not your office.
It's a bit cluttered,
my manager is a mess.
- Come, I'll show you.
- No problem.
I've been looking for you.
Rebecca thinks of you often.
- How would you know?
- She talks about you.
- You two don't talk.
- She talked to me about you.
You or her?
If we were still friends,
I could go back to the house?
It'd be better if you met outside,
where you can be on equal ground.
It will happen, sooner or later.
She doesn't even have a phone.
Not that I would call her.
Tell her that even if she had a phone,
I wouldn't have called
because I'm offended.
I am also doing
an internship at Emilio Elettrico
making my dreams come true.
And every afternoon I watch the 6 pm
screening at the cinematheque.
If I saw her at the movies,
I'd say hello, I'm not a rude person.
I run a shop with 27 customers a day.
I know how to deal with people.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'm very busy.
- Here you are.
- Okay.
- Hi, Amanda.
- Hi.
Can I have two tickets?
I'll leave one with you for Rebecca.
I've thrown out
12 tickets for Rebecca.
Are you sure this time?
I'd rather not risk it.
What if she comes
and can't find a seat?
It's always half empty, here.
Yes, it's always half empty.
Until it's full.
As you like.
Hi, I always see you
here on Saturdays.
You see me on Saturdays
because I come every day.
Is this seat free?
No, I'm waiting for a friend.
Okay then.
Is this one free?
- Yes, this one is.
- Thank you.
Amanda, come the fuck down!
What is it?
My party was yesterday.
I know, I couldn't make it,
I was busy.
- I think you did come, actually.
- What?
Somebody crashed the party
and threw at least
20 firecrackers in my living room.
Now Matilde is going to have
PTSD for ages.
So you're going to dump her?
No, Amanda!
Well, I'm sorry,
I've no idea who did it.
You're lucky I won't sue you,
because I feel bad for you.
Yeah, right, go fuck yourself.
You have to go see a doctor.
Your girlfriend needs to see a doctor.
I came to tell you
it's nice what you did.
Thank you.
What's wrong?
I messed up.
The horse got scared.
- About what?
- Firecrackers.
The noise made him run away.
- You went there on horse-back?
- Yes.
- On horse-back?
- Yes, I don't know how to drive.
OK, I'm going.
- Where?
- I'll go look for him.
Wait, I'll come with you.
You can't come wearing that.
I do whatever the fuck I want, Amanda.
Well Rebecca,
the one time you leave the house...