Amanda and the Fox (2018) Movie Script

You're such a good boy, Max.
Yes, you are.
Oh, you like that name?
Do you?
Me too.
Yeah, no.
No, no.
Looks like you have a wig,
when you have that
much soap on your head.
Max, you look so squeaky clean
for when my dad first sees you.
I'm home.
The good news is,
it's not cold enough
to make any snow.
It's gonna be mainly
rain, even on Saturday.
A mix across parts
of Ontario and Quebec.
- Huh?
- Dad?
You'll never guess
what happened.
Well, did it
involve a tornado?
Dad, you alive over there?
Huh, what happened in here?
Yeah, that's what
I would like to know.
- What the?
- Is that a dog?
Yeah, Dad, it's a dog.
A dog in my house
with my daughter.
You know, the
granddaughter in the house
you're supposed to be watching?
Don't worry, it's just Max.
He likes you.
He looked so sad when I
found him, I had to help.
What were you thinking?
That maybe we could keep him?
You're joking, right?
I just had a little nap.
I promise I'll take good
care of him, please, Dad?
He's, he's a stray, and he's
got nowhere else to go, please?
A stray, huh?
You mean that kinda stray?
Call me if I can
lend a hand, son.
Thanks, Dad.
Bye, Grandpa.
I can't thank you enough.
We were so worried about him.
That's not a problem, Amanda
deserves all the credit.
She's the one that found him.
Thank you
for finding our dog.
You can come play with
us sometime if you want?
C'mon, Bernie, let's go play
I know you're upset,
but I really need to know
that whenever I'm out
meeting with a client,
you're gonna be responsible,
and I'm not gonna come
home to a trashed house.
Can I count on ya?
You sure?
Because you and I both
know that Grandpa's
just gonna fall
asleep in that chair.
I can always get Mrs. Crabtree
to come over and
watch you instead.
No, I like Grandpa.
It won't happen again.
Well, when you're ready,
clean up the mess you made.
I'm gonna go fix dinner.
Mom would have wanted a dog.
I know she would have.
I know.
But Mom would have also been
here to help take care of it.
It's just me and you now,
and dogs are a big
You're just not ready yet,
but maybe in a couple of
years when you're older.
We'll see, kiddo.
C'mon, little dearies.
Everybody come and get
your breakfast now.
Good girls.
C'mon, now.
Judge Weartherbee will toss
this suit out in a heartbeat.
No, that's crazy.
What, John, John,
hold on second, yeah.
Yeah, I know, hold on a second.
I'm on the on the phone.
Can I walk with Maggie
over to see Aunt Kathy?
Okay, have a
good time, Amanda.
Love you, too.
Look, I just don't think
that Mclean's gonna
agree to that, John.
Alright, already, let's go.
When I get older, I'm gonna
have like a gazillion dogs.
Don't you like dogs?
I like Roscoe,
but he's a pain.
My parents make me
walk him everyday.
And he gets hair everywhere.
Oh, and he stinks really bad.
He does not.
Don't listen to her, Roscoe.
Yes, he does.
He's a walking fart machine.
Trust me.
And when he does his
business, it's totally gross.
Well, I wouldn't care, I'd
just be happy to have a dog.
Even if it only
had like three legs
or something, I'd
still take care of it.
Why won't your dad
let you have one?
Is it because of your mom?
What do you mean?
I don't know, I thought maybe
because your mom
was a dog trainer,
that dogs made him
feel bad or something.
Oh, I didn't think about that.
I'm sorry, we
don't have to talk
about your mom if
you don't want to.
No, it's okay.
I didn't like it at first.
Especially when I came back
to school after she died.
Everyone was really
nice and everything,
but I really did not
wanna talk about it,
and that's all
they wanted to do.
Now it's just like it helps
me remember her, you know?
I get this warm
feeling inside of me,
like she's looking
down on me from Heaven.
Well, you can come over and
walk Roscoe anytime you want.
- Really?
- Mm, yeah.
- No.
- Oh, no, squirrel.
Look out for the--
Garbage cans.
You would never drag my best
friend halfway down the street.
Would you?
Just a scratch.
Nothing's broken.
You know, girlie, that's exactly
the kinda thing your
mom would have done.
She used to bring home
all kinds of strays.
Heck, yeah, cats, dogs,
turtles, you name it.
If it needed a home, she
would try and find it one.
She even used her dog sitting
money to have us registered
as an official wildlife
sanctuary with the state.
She did?
Yeah, even when we were kids.
No, scratch that,
especially when we were kids.
She always used this
to guide her decisions,
instead of this.
She had the biggest, kindest
heart I've ever known.
And she loved dogs
the most, right?
Well there was one
thing she loved more.
Really? What?
Us, silly.
Her family.
Oh, duh.
Dad's not really a
heart guy, is he?
No, he is not.
But I do know that he
loves you just as much.
And if you really want a pet,
you just have to convince him
with a really strong argument.
Show him that you can
take some responsibility,
and he'll come around.
You'll see.
Now my beautiful little niece,
you're just about good to go.
You just need one more thing
before you'll feel 100% better.
You know what that is?
Puppy kisses.
How 'bout that?
Heck yeah.
Here, hey, oh.
I love you.
Are you sure
this time, brother?
Yes, Dimitri, I see little
kitty, he run that way.
No, no.
How many times I
tell you, Boris?
It's not
it's kit.
It's English word
kit meaning
small fox.
This is what I say.
English kit, he run
that way.
It rhyme.
This is what I say, English
kit, he run that way.
This is what I say, English
kit, he run that way.
- This is--
- Boris?
This is what I say,
English kit, he go this way.
Excuse me?
You two?
Hello, kind lady, how
are you doing today?
Are you from animal control?
You are from animal
control, aren't you?
Yes, yes, yes, we are
from animal controlling.
I thought so.
I thought I could feel
some strange creature
watching over me.
I think it might be
after my poor bunnies.
You will protect my
bunnies, won't you?
Is this bunnies your backside?
Oh, no, no, no, my rabbits.
They're very special to me.
Oh, I am understanding,
now this is making
much more sense now.
Do you like your freedom,
should I just let you go?
Let you run free?
Would you like that?
That's my Mr. Lincoln.
You can't take him.
It's misunderstanding.
Boris, give the nice lady
back her Mr. Lincoln,
and we continue our searching.
give it back.
C'mon, little bunny.
C'mon, poor baby, oh,
c'mon, Mr. Lincoln.
Good boy, that's
my bunny, bunny.
You girls be careful,
there's a strange creature
on the loose in
the neighborhood.
Yes, Mrs. Crabtree.
And Margaret Cavanaugh,
you see that that dog
of yours doesn't do his
business on my yard again.
Yes, Mrs. Crabtree.
Sorry, Mrs. Crabtree.
I'm back.
Oh, hey, good timing.
So, I was thinking about
what we were talking
about yesterday.
You know, the pet situation?
I do listen to ya, you know?
Anyway, I think I came up
with a good compromise.
Go check your room.
He's waiting for ya.
Thank you, thank you.
Here, boy.
Where are ya boy?
Come on out.
I guess it's the thought
that counts, right Max?
You don't really
seem like a Max.
More like a, I don't know.
Sorry, don't take it personally.
I bet you're a really
nice little guy and all,
it's just, I really
had my heart set on,
well, not a turtle, you know?
C'mon, Max.
I said, don't take
it personally.
No need to run.
Oh, my gosh.
There's a fox in my yard.
There's a fox in my yard.
What does a fox eat?
What does a fox eat?
Where have I heard that before?
What does a, hmm?
Maggie, get over to
my house right now.
You'll never guess.
Amanda, what'd ya think?
About what?
The turtle, silly?
Oh, yeah, um, just getting
him some more lettuce.
I named him Max.
I'm glad you like him.
Ah, that's the ticket.
Are you sick, boy?
You don't look sick.
I bet you're the one
those dog catcher's
are looking for, aren't you?
But why?
You wouldn't hurt anybody.
Would you, Maxie?
Do you mind sharing a name, boy?
It fits you better, anyway.
Here, go on, take it.
I probably shouldn't
even be talking to you.
I mean, it's not
like I can keep you.
You're a fox after
all and besides,
if dad found you, I'd
get into so much trouble.
I can't let those
dog catchers get you.
Aunt Kathy says that when animal
control gets wild animals,
they, well, trust me,
it would not be fun.
Let's just say, I
better keep you around
for a few days until
the coast is clear.
How does that sound, Maxie?
Sound good?
Who are you talking to?
Oh, hi, Dad, I, um, I was
just talking to Max.
To Max?
My turtle, remember?
Yeah, I remember, he's
right here in the kitchen.
I know, I, um,
I just like to keep the
conversation going, that's all.
Yeah, well, come in
and get cleaned up.
I'm making a special
dinner for us.
Okay, I'll be right there.
I won't let anything happen
to you, Max, I promise.
I could have sworn that I
bought two chicken breasts.
It must be old age.
Gettin' forgetful, huh, Dad?
Yeah, you're
gonna have to put me
in the old folks home soon, huh?
Good one.
So, ah...
tell me about Max.
Ah, what about him?
He's fine.
Eating a lot of lettuce.
Doing everyday, normal
turtle stuff, you know?
That's, ah, that's good, yeah.
Everything okay, Dad?
yeah, um,
Um, I have something to tell ya,
and I put it off for too long,
and it's, and it's nothing bad.
Um, in fact, it's
actually really good news.
I'm just not
sure how to tell ya.
Amanda, I--
Oh, I forgot, I asked Maggie
if she can come over and play.
Can she stay for dinner?
Thanks for letting
me stay, Your Honor.
My mom always says it's rude
to invite myself for dinner.
Oh, I'm not a judge, Maggie.
You don't have to
call me, Your Honor.
Well, my dad says that
you will be one soon,
so we better start
getting on your good side.
Especially since we put
in our pool last summer,
and we didn't get
a permit for it.
Well, I guess I wasn't
supposed to tell anyone that.
Well, consider it bound by
attorney/client privilege.
I won't tell a soul.
Really? Thanks, Your Honor.
So, what is it that you
wanted to tell me, Dad?
Oh, that, that can wait.
But you said it couldn't wait?
I guess
I did, didn't I?
well, honey, here's the thing.
I met someone.
A girl, a woman.
I've gotta go.
Thanks for dinner, Your Honor.
Call me tomorrow, bye.
Listen, Aman...
your mother's been
gone for two years now,
and I'm allowed to...
Her name is Erica,
and I've known
her professionally
for a really long time now,
and over the past
several months,
you know, things have
just really clicked.
And I didn't want to
say anything to you
until I was sure, but you
know, now I am, I'm, I'm sure.
I asked her to marry me.
Listen, I'm sorry I
sprung it on ya like that.
I haven't...
It was the wrong
way to approach it.
I'm really sorry.
And we'll talk more
in the morning, okay?
Well, I love you.
Amanda, sweetie, wake up.
Have you seen my
hairbrush, Amanda?
I can't leave for the
show until I find it.
Help me look for it, Amanda.
I can't be late for
the championships.
I think I left it right here.
Found it.
I found the brush.
Where is Max, Amanda?
I can't find Max.
Mom, I don't understand?
hello, Amanda.
Who are you?
I'm Erika, I,
and it's so nice to
finally meet you.
Where's my dad?
Uh, well,
an extremely important
client called Peter, uh
your father, very
late last night.
He didn't wanna wake you,
but he needed to go to Chicago.
Do you know where Chicago is?
Since like the second grade.
Oh, um, certainly.
Of course you know
where Chicago is, I'm
Sorry, I,
I'm a little new to, regardless,
he needed
to be there, so he
asked me to watch you.
He thinks he should
be back late night.
The toast is burning, Erika.
What? Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Hey, Max.
Maxie, I brought you some
scrumptious breakfast.
Oh, no.
Are you okay, Maxie?
Breakfast is ready.
I can't, I told my
aunt I would help out
at the animal shelter.
Don't you have school?
Teacher inservice, of
something like that.
Well, at least
let me drive you.
No, it's okay.
My friend Maggie and
I walk sometimes.
It's not far.
Your father lets you do that?
Yep, as long as we
promise to stay together.
Well, Mrs. Crabtree
will watch you
just until I get back from work.
Okay, bye.
So you found the little
guy sick in backyard?
- Yep.
- And your dad told you,
you have some
strange woman, too.
- Yep.
- And now she's in
- your house?
- Yep.
Girlfriend, you're having
one seriously bad day.
He's going to be just fine.
I've given him some
fluids and a dewormer.
He'll be good as new
after he gets some rest.
Thanks, Aunt Kathy.
Amanda, I,
you're extremely lucky.
Don't give me that look.
He seems tame enough.
My guess is that he was
hand-reared by a breeder,
but he could have just as
easily been raised in the wild
with wild parents
protecting him.
Do I really need
to explain to you
how dangerous that
could have been
if that had been the case?
Foxes generally
don't attack humans,
but what if he
had been diseased?
Promise me that next time you
will tell an adult right away.
I will.
lecture over.
I bet you named him, didn't you?
Oh, girlie, that's
a wonderful name.
Well, I got Max a crate,
so you can transport
him home safely,
and I'll make a list of supplies
that your dad will
need to get for you,
but frankly I'm surprised
he's even letting...
He doesn't know, does he?
He's in Chicago.
Well, who's
watching you, then?
Who is it?
Mrs. Crabtree?
So he told you, then?
You knew?
That's not the point.
Alright, I'll come by the house
with some supplies tonight,
but you need to tell your dad
and Erika as soon as possible.
I mean it.
I know, I will.
Now I need to get back to work,
so off with you
two troublemakers.
Go on.
They are wrong.
But you can see that the
fox tracks are still here.
Even with the rain.
Do you see?
If it was there, it would
jump up and bite you.
No, I see it, I see it.
We stop for lunch soon, yes?
I take a long time to sneak
this fox into this country.
- Yes.
- The Americans,
they pay too much moneys
for this variable creature.
Do you want variable
fox and too much moneys?
You want to fill your
belly full of food.
Fill belly full of
food, final answer.
Not final answer.
We continue to
search for fox kitty.
So, what was all
that oogie stuff back there
about your fox being named Max?
Yeah, ya know?
Oh, well, it's
kind of a secret.
A secret?
C'mon, it's me,
Maggie, your BFF.
If you can't tell me your
secrets, who can you tell?
I know, it's
just one last thing
I have between me and my mom.
dumb, but.
You get off my property.
Please, please don't miss
undertake me, kind lady.
How you say?
- Foxy.
- Oh, we think you foxy.
Well, you are rather
strong, aren't you?
Yes, Dimitri very strong.
I protect whole neighborhood
against kittys, vicious,
dangerous animals.
That's a lie.
What are you doing?
Foxes are not vicious.
They're shy and playful,
and go out of their
way to avoid humans.
No, no, no, little girl.
Not this fox.
This fox very dangerous.
You know, this morning,
Boris and Dimitri,
we find a, how you say?
Ah, the den.
A fox
with many bones and fur
from animal's it's eaten
and cats, even.
No, it's not lie.
One they tried to
bite my face off.
What, what is it
you have inside box?
Ah, nothing.
We will be seeing what
is underneath blanket.
No, you will not.
C'mon, girls, you
two go in the backyard,
and play with the rabbits.
And you animal catchers,
you stay off my property.
You here, or I'm calling
the police, go, get, go.
You will let us know if
you see dangerous fox, yes?
Be gone.
C'mon, girls.
Too close.
Here, kitty.
Snake, snake, snake.
- Boris, what's the matter?
- Snake, snake.
It really not the
time to play on swing.
Slow down.
It's too tight,
tight around my neck.
I think I'm more
tuckered out than he is.
Don't look now,
those dogcatcher's are back.
Why can't those boneheads
just leave us alone?
I have an idea.
How quickly do you think
we can cut across the yard
to your house and get back here?
Not you, doggie, you
stay there.
Boris, Boris.
C'mon, you okay?
Hey, that dog is
gonna come back.
C'mon, we back here.
Oh, no.
Mr Lincoln.
What the?
All tuckered out, Maxie?
Me too.
We had a long day.
But it's a good kinda
tired, you know?
I sorta feel like
everything's gonna work out.
Like maybe I'll get to keep you.
I just need to figure out
the right way to ask my dad.
Until then, you'll be
my little secret, okay?
And Maggie's.
Oh, and Aunt Kathy's.
But not Erika.
She seems alright,
but it might ruin
things if I don't
ask Dad about your first.
And absolutely, positively
not Mrs. Crabtree.
So no more stealing
wigs, got it?
Amanda, it's time to get up.
Mom, I have such
wonderful news.
I found him.
Who, Amanda?
Max, I found Max, Mom.
Oh, I'm so happy for you.
You have to meet him,
I know you'll love him
as much as I do.
I swear he was right,
He was right there a second ago.
Where's Max, Amanda?
I'll be down in a minute.
May I come in?
Ah, just one second.
I'd really like to
talk to you, okay?
What are you up to?
Nothing, just playing.
Ah, we can go downstairs,
if you'd like to?
Oh, no, right
here's just fine.
Um, that's where Mr.
Sparkles likes to sit.
Oh, of course.
What is it that you
wanted to talk about?
I, there's something
I wanted to say to you,
but you were ,
you were in such a hurry,
I didn't get the chan,
Oh, excuse me.
I'm sorry, ah, must be
something in the air.
I want you to know, that I
love your father very much,
and I want to marry
him, but.
Um, do you mind grabbing
one of those for me?
I don't know what my problem is.
Have you had any
dogs in here lately?
I usually only get this
way around cats and dogs.
What, get what way?
I'm very allergic to animals.
- You are?
- Mm-hmm.
Sometimes dangerously so, it
it depends on the animal.
Oh, I just remembered,
I had Bernie up
here a few days ago.
He was a stray
- I found, well,
- Oh.
He turned out
just to be lost, but I
let him get on my bed.
Well, I'll wash your
- blankets for you.
- No, no, no, no, no,
it's, it's, okay.
Uh, Dad's always saying
that I should take
more responsibility.
Amanda, I want you to know,
that I can never
replace your mother.
I wouldn't want to,
but I hope we can
become close, alright?
I'll go make us some
breakfast, okay.
Ah, eggs sound good?
- Yes, yeah.
- Alright, okay, yeah.
Good morning, Max.
Don't worry, I'll
figure something out.
Maybe she can get
shots or something,
but until then it
would probably be best
if I kept you in the backyard,
but don't worry, I'll come out
and play with you every hour.
Don't you like your eggs?
Ah, yeah, sure.
You haven't eaten very much.
I guess I'm not as
hungry as I thought I was.
You know, when I
was a little girl,
I didn't meet my aunt
until I was about your age.
Really, why not?
She was in the military.
Stationed all over the world.
And I remember being really
worried about meeting her.
I mean, here is this woman
who had traveled the globe,
she had had all
these experiences.
I didn't even know how
to act in front of her.
She must have been able
to tell I was nervous
because the first thing she did
was ask me if I
wanted to play a game.
What kind of game?
Oh, it's simple, really.
You take the other
person's hand,
and then you share
something about yourself,
that you're normally too shy
or embarrassed to tell people.
Or maybe it's
something personal.
For instance,
even though I love
being a lawyer,
anytime I have to go to
court and talk in front
of a jury, I get
very, very nervous.
Mm, my palms start sweating.
My mind, it goes
completely blank,
and then, I start stuttering,
tha-a-a-nk you, Your H-H-Honor.
I can research a case
like nobody's business,
but I'm completely useless
as a lead attorney
in the courtroom.
Okay, your turn.
I guess there's Max.
Is he a boy you know?
he's a dog.
he was
a dog.
He was my mom's first show dog.
He was really smart, I guess.
- He won best of breed.
- Mm.
She said after he died,
she never had a dog
as smart as him.
Sometimes I'd sit with
her during her chemo,
and we'd talk about how we'd
get another dog someday.
Name him Max.
We'd train him together.
Just her and me.
He'd be the best dog ever.
That was a wonderful
story, Amanda.
Thank you for
sharing it with me.
Sometimes I have dreams
where she's asking me
if I've found Max yet.
Usually I feel bad
because I haven't,
but at least I get
to see her, you know?
Someday you'll find your Max.
I'm sure.
There's probably another Max
that I should tell you about.
Boy or dog?
A fox?
A fox?
I am literally
speechless right now.
I have no idea what to say.
For what it's worth,
I wouldn't have let
her bring it home
if I thought the
animal was going to--
His name is Max.
I wouldn't have let
her bring Max home,
if I thought it was the
least bit dangerous,
but she was supposed to
clear this with both of you.
Uh, but--
No, not a word, Amanda.
Where is it now?
May I say a word?
In his crate in the backyard.
I'll keep the little guy
until we can find
him a good home.
I am so disappointed in you.
You have anything
to say for yourself?
I wanted to show you that
I could take responsibility.
By hiding a stray animal in
our backyard, in our house?
By lying to us, that
kind of responsibility?
Sorry's not gonna cut
it this time, kiddo.
Go to your room until I decide
what your punishment's gonna be.
Could I at least say goodbye?
He's gone.
Brother look at this.
I wanted you, ah.
Hey, look at that, what do
you think they're looking for?
I don't, they, they look
for, for, lost doggie, maybe?
No, I think this is girl.
The, the other one, the
friend with the mean dog.
I don't like that dog.
Huh, oh, that's the girl
where we think we see.
- English kitty.
- English kitty.
- Ow.
- Ow.
That's too bad.
Dogs, mostly.
And apparently, foxes.
I hope we can get to
know each other better.
As family.
I'd like that
very much.
I hope Peter's not
too hard on her.
Her heart's in the right place.
I know, I know, she told
me about your sister and Max.
I wish there was something
I could do about it.
Hello, kind ladies.
How you doing today?
Not to be afraid.
We see that you are
searching for something.
What is it that you
are searching for?
My stepdaughter lost
her pet, that's all.
Oh, oh, well we
too are searching,
and you know, you
must be careful
because we are searching
for dangerous fox.
Maybe you'll be seeing it, uh?
I haven't seen
a fox.
Haven't seen a fox?
Well, okay, well if
you be seeing it,
you, you let us know, yes?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- B-bye.
- B-bye.
USA, number one.
America, Rolling Stone.
Those are the two
Amanda described, right?
They're definitely not animal
control, that's for sure.
I have a feeling we better
find Max before they do.
I'm sure he'll be okay.
Heck, if he's half as
smart as you say he is,
he'll probably end up back in
his crate by the
morning, anyway.
You do know, though,
if he comes back, we
can't keep him, right?
Cause of Erika?
Well um, sort of,
but mostly it's
because he's a fox.
I mean, even if you did
decide to raise him as a pet,
you know, they're not like dogs.
They need a lot more room,
and they need a lot more care
and a lot more attention.
Or at least I think they do,
I don't know, I mean
he's a fox.
It's just not in the cards.
You know, not until
you're much, much older
can you decide
whether you're ready
to take that much responsibility
for another living creature.
You know,
doing what's right for someone
or something, you know,
it feels like we're not doing
the right thing for ourselves.
I didn't wanna get on a plane,
and go to Chicago for a
pro bono job, you know?
Mr. Olivier's,
really nice man, and if
I didn't help him out,
he would lose the
bakery that he spent
his entire life trying to build,
and then he and his family,
they would have nothing.
And going to Chicago meant
that I would have to leave you,
but I knew it was the
right thing to do.
Does that make sense?
I promised I wouldn't let
anything bad happen to Max.
Well, I'll tell you what,
you know, Aunty Kathy
will take care of him
until we find a place for him,
and you can help her.
And then we won't
give him to anyone
until they promise
that you can visit.
How's that sound?
Is that a deal?
- Really?
- Really.
Goodnight, kiddo.
I love you.
Boris, we've
got to get this fox,
otherwise we're gonna be
really in big trouble.
You know why? Because we put
too much moneys for this.
Now what we gonna do?
Watch, okay?
- Okay.
- We going to be in big
troubles because
we gonna have to
hitchhike back to Russia.
Is that what you want?
Then no
more stupid stuff, okay?
Watch it.
It's what I'm telling
you, no stupid.
C'mon now, pay attention.
call me names.
but you got to--
I don't like names.
Stop, keep moving,
look for fox.
Boris, I tell you
how many times?
How many times I tell you?
What's a matter with you now?
I believe it is you
who is watching now, huh?
Are you crazy?
Get that outta my face.
Help me up now.
Hello, kind policeman.
How are you doing tonight?
USA, number one.
Get on the ground, now.
Get down on the ground.
Get down on the ground.
Hands behind your back.
My bunnies.
Mrs. Crabtree, what?
Oh, no.
Some of the little
ones are gone.
My poor bunnies.
It was that wicked
fox, I know it was.
They warned us how
dangerous it is.
No, Mrs. Crabtree, it
couldn't have been him.
He would never do
- something like--
- Amanda.
Look, we don't
know what happened,
and foxes do eat rabbits.
- We have to assume--
- He would never do
something like this.
He wouldn't.
Such a nice girl for
helping me with this.
Would you like a snack?
I'm okay.
Well, if you need anything,
you let me know, okay?
I called the real animal
control an hour ago,
but you keep an eye out
for that vicious beast.
You'd never do
anything like this, Max.
I know you wouldn't.
You're a gentle, kind fox,
and I don't know how
yet, but I'll prove it.
Get, you get outta here.
Go on.
Go, go.
Go on, get.
Max, no.
He's trying to save us.
- Max.
- Amanda, no.
He's too small,
he's gonna get hurt.
Get behind, get back.
Get back, that's a coyote.
Got 'em.
It's just a
tranquilizer gun, alright?
- Two for two.
- He was protecting us.
Oh, it's okay,
hon, it's over now.
It will be okay.
It's alright, it's okay, shh.
It's alright, it's
alright, it's alright.
Alright, so, I just
got off the phone
with the county shelter,
and they have minimal
staff on the weekend,
so Max will be fine
until the work week,
but if there's no
court order by Monday--
They'll put him down.
I'm afraid so.
But, you have to stop them.
Oh, honey, I'm
sorry, but I have
to get back on a
plane to Chicago.
Mr. Olivier's case is on Monday.
No, you can't, Max needs you.
Hold on, I'm not sure that
you're aware of this or not,
but you happen to have
one of the best lawyers
in the state sitting
right next to ya.
Huh, Peter, you've
seen me in court.
I'm a research
- attorney, I can't--
- Look, I'm not saying
for you to be lead
counsel on this.
Who then?
You wanted to prove to me
that you could take
responsibility, right?
That you could handle this?
Erika can help guide you,
but I think that you should do
the heavy lifting in this case.
But, I--
No, no buts.
Do you wanna save Max or not?
Then this is your
moment, Amanda.
You are a bright,
intelligent young lady,
and if you put half the
energy into saving Max
as you did into
hiding him from us,
he'll be free in no time.
And I'll be right there
with you the entire way.
You can do this.
I know you can.
Then what are we waiting for?
Let's get this party started.
- That's my girl.
- Alright.
- Alright.
- Alright, excellent.
- Alright.
- Alright.
Good, let's get to work.
Wow, that's some
heavy lifting alright.
It's not as bad as it looks.
We just need to take
this one step at a time,
and our first priority,
is to convince
Judge Weartherbee that we need
a few days to put
our case together.
That will also buy Max
a little more time.
And then what?
Then we develop an
argument as to why
Max isn't a menace and
danger to the community.
If the judge agrees,
he'll let Max go free.
And if he doesn't?
One step at a time, remember?
Don't underestimate
the sheer awesomeness
of our secret weapon.
What secret weapon?
Do you think I'm ready?
Have you done your
absolute best to prepare?
Then you're going to
do great tomorrow.
Max is so
lucky to have found
Try to get some sleep, okay?
Well, Dad and I are lucky
to have found you, too.
Oh, Amanda,
I feel the same.
All rise.
The Court of the Honorable,
Wilfred B. Weartherbee
is now in session.
All rise.
Can't find my glasses, Frank.
Use your words.
You may be seated.
Just remember everything
we talked about,
and you'll do fine.
Miss King, is that you I see?
Ah, y-y-y-yes, Your
And who's that
you got with you?
Amanda, Your Honor.
Uh, Amanda Hart, I mean.
You approved our request for
me to act as lead counsel?
I did?
Yes, Your Honor,
three days ago.
that's highly unusual.
I don't seem to
have the paperwork.
Must have left them.
All rise.
I have a copy, Your
Honor, right here.
I must have been in a
charitable mood that day.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Alright, um,
oh, please be seated.
Now, since it appears
that most of the
fifth grade class
at Harris Hill Elementary
has decided to join us,
I would like to remind everyone
that even though this is
just a hearing not a trial,
I expect complete
silence from the gallery
during the proceedings.
Good, now, ah, we are here
to determine whether the
fox captured on, ah, on...
November 9th, sir.
on November 9.
Ah, whether this
fox poses a danger
to the community and
must be euthanized,
or whether it can be
responsibly returned
into said community.
Any questions on
that before we begin?
Any questions for counsel?
No, Your Honor.
No questions, Your Honor.
You may call
your first witness.
He was in very good
shape, considering.
A clean bill of
health all and all.
During the examination,
he was perfectly
friendly and tame.
Your witness, Mr. Milkins.
Miss Jones, since the
fox has been at county,
has anybody claimed
to be its owner?
Well, I only work
at the county shelter
when they're short staffed, so--
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, sure, sure,
but has anybody claimed
the fox as their owner?
Not that I know of.
Okay, no further
questions, Your Honor.
We played the whole afternoon
with Max, I mean the fox,
and he came up to
me really friendly.
Like when I first met him.
He's a sweetie pie.
Mr. Milkins?
Hmm, hmm, oh, yes.
Uh, Miss, ah?
Margaret Cavanaugh.
Yeah, sure, um,
do you own the fox?
No, I have a dog.
Hmm, and do you know
anyone who owns the fox?
Um, no.
If I did, we wouldn't have spent
all that time playing with him.
Yeah, no further
questions, Your Honor.
What's he doing?
He must think that if he
can show that no one owns Max,
then Max should be put down.
Can't we say we own him?
No, Amanda.
That wouldn't be the truth.
I'm sorry.
I know.
What do we do then?
We just keep going, and hope
that our argument is
stronger than his in the end.
You're doing great.
Your Honor, I'd like to call--
Brenda Killacky,
and yes, I'd heard
that there was a fox roaming
around the neighborhood,
so I called right away.
Especially after poor
Fluffers went missing.
Fluffers is the cat that
you told Animal Control
had been taken by the fox?
She's never been gone
for so long before.
Did you see the fox take her?
What a pretty
We found her at the
shelter two days ago.
You have to say for the record,
is this your cat
Fluffers, Mrs. Killacky?
Oh, I thought you
were giving him to me
because I run the
rescue operation.
no, he's--
Oh, this isn't Fluffers.
If the shelter's gonna put
him down, I'll take him.
I'm a licensed rescue
organization for up to ten cats.
And with Fluffers being gone,
well, I'm happy to take him.
No further
questions, Your Honor.
Do you own the fox?
Excuse me, Your Honor?
What's going on here?
We're character witnesses.
Character witnesses?
For a fox?
He's a nice fox.
And you're a very mean man.
We can raise our
hands and swear in,
then repeat it if
you need us to.
No, that won't be necessary.
Do any of you four own the fox?
No, it's Amanda's fox.
see about that.
Okay, this is the last witness
before the judge deliberates.
You're doing great, do you
remember our strategy with her?
Almost there.
Finish strong.
Mrs. Crabtree, I'd
like to get one question
out of the way right
from the start.
Of course, dear, what is it?
Do you own the fox?
Heaven's no.
Last week, there
were 14 complaint calls
to animal control
about Max, or the fox,
and 12 of them were from you.
Well, I
don't know about that,
I, I didn't count them,
but, well I was really
worried about my bunnies.
I don't blame
you, Mrs. Crabtree.
I mean, there was
a dangerous animal
loose in the neighborhood,
wasn't there?
After everything that happened,
do you still think it was Max?
Well, right up until the time
that that coyote attacked us,
I would have said that
the fox was a menace,
but after the way he saved us,
no, no, I don't think your
fox is a danger to anyone.
Thank you, Mrs. Crabtree.
No further questions.
Mr. Milkins?
No questions, Your Honor.
Very well.
Does counsel have anything
to add before I deliberate?
Your Honor, I think I've shown
that everything people
thought about Max,
that he was a mean,
scary animal wasn't true.
I know that there's
still the missing cats,
but there's no proof
that he did that either.
And we do know that there's
a coyote in the neighborhood
that hurt other animals and
would have hurt humans, too.
I'd also like to add,
that it is legal to own
foxes in this state.
They're not seen as dangerous
animals under the law.
I promise that if
you let me take Max
until I can find a
good home for him,
nothing like this will
ever happen again.
Thank you, Miss Hart.
Mr. Milkins?
Your Honor, it is
the county's opinion
that his case is cut and dry.
Foxes are classified as
wild animals, period.
You know, whether
they're tame or not,
they're still
highly unpredictable
and potentially dangerous.
Now, the state does allow
foxes to be kept as pets,
but only under the
strictest of circumstances.
However, that's not
what we have here.
No one owns the
fox as we've shown.
And the plaintiff
herself has admitted,
that she was irresponsible
in taking care
of the fox in the first place.
So, the county has no reason
to believe that
this will change.
Therefore, we believe
the fox is a menace,
and should not be allowed
back into the community.
Very well.
We'll take a 15 minute recess
while I make my final decision.
You made a very fine
argument, young lady.
You should be proud of that,
but ah, I should also warn you,
that I'm inclined
to rule in favor
of the county at this point,
but I will keep an open mind
as I review the testimony.
Hey, Amanda?
I am so proud of you.
No matter what happens.
I'm sorry about
the fox, Amanda.
I wish my rescue
license covered foxes.
It wouldn't matter if
he was wild or not.
If I was zoned for a wildlife
sanctuary, but I'm not.
Sanctuary, I know
how to save Max.
C'mon, I'll explain on the way.
Will Miss Hart be joining us?
Your Honor I,
She'd like to ask for a
few more minutes, Your Honor.
C'mon, Your Honor.
Why delay the inevitable?
I'm trying to get nine holes
of golf in this evening.
I also have other appointments
on my docket today, Miss King.
You'll have to inform Miss Hart
of my judgment when she arrives.
as much as I wish otherwise,
I must regretfully
say that I find
the county's argument
more compelling.
Therefore, I ordered
the fox to be--
Your Honor, I have it.
What exactly do
you have, Miss Hart?
The license, they still had it
at the clerk's office for
a wild animal sanctuary.
A sanctuary named Max and Me.
It was started by
my mom and my aunt.
Thanks, Mom.
They don't expire, Your Honor,
and my aunt would like to
provide sanctuary for Max.
Well, this changes everything,
now doesn't it, Miss Hart?
It does?
Yes, and I expect you to have
a proper enclosure
within the week.
Not a problem, Your Honor.
Your Honor?
Mr. Milkins, be seated.
Yes, yes, this does
change things, Miss Hart,
and since no one has stepped
forward to claim, Max,
I hereby order that--
Excuse me, please
to excuse, kind sir?
Now what?
Excuse a, please,
judge, your majesty.
Ah, my brother and me, we
have been, how do you say?
- Ah, Detaining.
- Ah, detaining.
No, no, detained.
We have just been able to
come here now,
but if it is this fox
you are talking about
that's been running around town,
well, ah,
my brother and me,
well, we,
we be owning this fox.
We'd like a chance
to question these men?
Yes, yes, off course.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Boo, huh,
I kidding.
I have a certified
health certificate
from animal doctor and
a receipt for be owning.
But if you really
owned the fox,
then why did you say that
you were from animal control?
Because we were
controlling this animal,
until the, well, until
my brother be losing it.
We worry that, ah,
people will want reward
for finding it
if, ah, but we get no monies,
until we be bringing
fox to new owner.
So, we tell people he's
dangerous, this fox.
You're selling him?
Ah, yes, to fox
pen, north of here.
Fox pen? What's that?
It is, ah, it is place for
hunting with hound doggies.
No, Your Honor, you can't.
Order, order.
Let me remind you,
that hunting has a long and
proud tradition in this state.
There's nothing illegal about
what they're doing here.
Yes, it's legal.
We bring many foxes each year.
Wait, Max is from Russia?
Is that an electric
device in my courtroom?
If it pleases the
court, Your Honor,
I'm Amanda's father
and a attorney.
May I please
question the witness?
Why not?
I've ignored every other law,
rule and regulation today.
Have at it.
Sir, you say that you're
a citizen of Russia?
Yes, we are neighbors
from across the borders.
Then, where's your
International Broker's License
from the Department
of Fish and Wildlife?
But, I don't know this thing.
Well, Your Honor, without
an International
Animal's Brokers License,
they're not allowed
to bring wild animals
into the United States.
Therefore, the fox must be
considered smuggled contraband,
which means--
Which means they forfeit
their ownership rights.
I hereby order the
fox be remanded
into the custody of the
Max and Me Sanctuary.
- Yes.
- Where I hope
he will live a long
and happy life.
Do you know what today is?
It's my father's wedding.
I'm gonna have a stepmom,
and you're gonna have
an aunt.
time to go.
I'll be right there.
I swear, you'd miss
your own father's wedding
just to spend a little
more time with Max.
Welcome home, Max.