Amantes (1991) Movie Script

Fall out!
Paco, I have a message for you.
What's up?
Come with Trini and us
where the bicycles are
Relax, man, relax.
- Good morning, Paco.
- Good morning, Madam.
Take my wife to the Station early tomorrow.
We expect some friends.
At your orders, Sir.
Let me see. We have them.
Why rent bicycles?
I promised the kids.
The maid and the manservant.
That's enough!
Neither of us is on duty.
Don't sulk!
Paco, Paquito, if you behave
I'll buy you a lollipop.
What did you do in the country?
I kept cattle.
An ox there liked me.
Where did you both go to gaze?
Where are the children?
If you stay here you'll need a job.
Many want to reenlist.
Oh, no! Not you!
Not me. Only idlers give up
everything to live off others.
Work makes a living.
But I'd hate to choke on smoke in a factory.
I've been a maid since
I was fourteen and I'm okay.
I've saved 19.000 pesetas.
I'll save for both of us.
I'll work anywhere, all the time,
but I'll do the saving.
We'll make a living.
Hey, think about us for a while.
Time for a snack.
Buy us some peanuts, at least.
And something else.
Come on, Paco. Call it a day.
And dried chestnuts.
December 8, a day like any other
These apes aren't even relatives.
And earth almonds.
Peanuts for all.
And meals?
I'll manage.
There's a room to let.
As long as it's near.
Yes, it is.
Looks good.
Bring your laundry once a week.
I'll see to it.
Will you come tonight?
Excuse me. I hear you've a room to let.
Do you?
Like it?
I'm not sure.
How much is it?
60 pesetas a week.
In advance?
Yes, thats right. Breakfast is free...
But you must make it yourself.
You'll stay for long?
I don't know yet.
Call if you need anything.
Thank you
Has she any children?
Not that I know of
I've slept all afternoon.
That's all you have done?
I've also thought of you.
May I know what you've thought?
Well what? You forgot, didn't you?
What a liar you are!
That's enough! Stop! Don't be silly!
You want to know what I've
been thinking about you?
Something dirty, I'm sure!
Shall I whisper it in your ear? Listen...
At your orders, sir.
Easy Paco, easy.
You aren't in the army now.
Good evening. Good evening.
A corkscrew?
Yes, sir. Right now.
Necking, eh?...
Found a job?
Not yet, sir.
And why not?
They're building around here.
They need men.
There's a... huge ad.
My brother-in-law sells them bricks.
He's Arturo Vazquez.
Tell him I sent you.
Tell him to call me.
I will, sir.
Remember I always told you.
You must work to get ahead.
Yes, sir.
Well, goodbye.
Carry on.
Good evening, sir.
He didn't get...
to be a Major by working.
It's good advice, though.
Instead of wasting your time with nonsense,
you know what you can do.
It wasn't nonsense.
Don't be reluctant.
Let me whisper it in your ear.
What dirt!
I won't eat you.
Help me with this.
How are you?
You've worked before?
I helped in the fields.
This isn't the job for you.
It isn't!
My pay?
The clerk is in the cabin.
Hi, Maria.
Hi, Paco.
You want Luisa?
I forgot my key.
She should be back soon.
I'll wait.
Not Trini, Luisa.
I'm Luisa.
Isn't one's own bed cozier?
I forgot my key.
If it happens again,
there's a key in the bar.
It won't happen again.
Good night.
Good night.
Would you care for a drink?
I wouldn't want to trouble you.
I'll take it anyway.
Sit down.
My last.
The glasses.
There were six, but now
only these two are left.
No glasses, no brandy, no nothing.
Anisette, then.
I don't like sweets.
Nor I.
There's nothing else.
It's me.
You recognize me?
My girl's name is Trini.
Did you mean that?
I mean you're up a cloud.
I had a bad day.
So did I.
Want a sweet?
No. No, thank you.
Have you had dinner?
I don't need dinner.
Cheer up, man!
Look, I happen to know bad days
can be good if one likes.
I always end doing something crazy.
What could I do?
Not you, we...
To the grave, Pepito.
Providence sent you here.
Put it on.
Let me.
You're so clumsy.
What is there for lunch?
Stew, Ma'am, like every Thursday.
Gosh, Thursday.
How time goes by!
If you ever switch menus
I won't know which day it is.
Oh, my head!
I've taken a couple of aspirins.
Dona Elvira...
I need your advice.
It's a week since I last heard from Paco.
What should I do?
Have you quarreled?
Yes, but it wasn't serious.
If he were your sister,
I'd tell you to search in hospitals.
But he's a man.
He's young and handsome.
He'll show up.
What are you doing?
Where did you go?
I went out on an errand.
Don't ever leave me again.
I went to the butcher's.
We have to eat, don't we?
Not today.
Promise you won't leave me alone again.
I promise.
No, Paco. Not now.
Why not?
I'll have a fit if we don't do it.
Really, love.
We can't do it just now.
We can't.
They're expecting us.
Come, come. Let go.
Who expects you?
We've some business.
A good deal.
We have?
- Me too?
- Yes.
What business?
There's money to be made
and you'll help.
Who me?
Yes, you.
Don't worry and listen to me.
Come, I'll dress you up.
Which one do you like?
Whose are these suits?
They were my husband's.
Which one do you like?
The green one.
Blue becomes you.
You know the price?
Five pesetas.
Have you change?
Let me see.
Give me stamps, please.
How's Dona Eulalie?
Tomorrow they cut the stiches.
Tell her Francisca asked after her.
I'll tell her.
It's two o'clock. You can close.
There are some words I don't
understand. It must be my fault.
Which words?
For example...
What does ab intestato mean?
It means she inherited
the tobacco shop.
She's the owner now.
Not everybody knows Latin.
These are legal terms.
I think so.
Then let's go down to signing.
Have you the money here?
Now the witnesses.
So what about your friends?
Isn't it clear?
"Fatso" is the thin guy
with the moustache.
The other guy's known as "Fees".
He studied law.
Here Your share.
My share?
I didn't do anything.
The cops wouldn't say so.
No way!
"Fees" is a lawyer.
He does this often.
Nothing's ever gone wrong.
He's very sharp.
I don't know how he does it.
You saw it. The owner was in the
hospital and he had the keys.
What a laugh to see
that yokel's face...
Then the tobacconist gets well!
I'm sorry for him.
I bet it took years...
to earn that money.
You and I will squander it
fast enough, though.
Tell me that you love me.
I love you.
And now tell "him" to say it too.
You drive me wild, fucker.
Come on, come on.
I'm crazy about you too.
The infant Dona Eulalie...
perfumes her cunt with a dahlia.
The infant Dona Isabel...
The ladies with these plants...
with a pink perfumes hers well.
The ladies with these plants...
sure love to enhance their cunts.
No, you.
I go dry for it all
pours to flood you...
and when it happens I'm all yours.
I'm on the brink of a swoon.
And now I want my love...
my fancy...
my treasure...
to tell me in whose arms
he'll spend Christmas Eve.
Tell me.
As always...
Then you'll wear a tie.
Hi, Paco.
It's Paco, Mama.
When will you take us
to the zoo, Paco?
You're an animal yourself.
Hi, Paco.
Trini prayed that you'd
come tonight.
Do you know who this King is?
He's Balthazar, the black.
Get your luggage, kids.
Hi, Paco.
How's it going, Paco?
Are you doing well in Madrid?
What are you up to, now?
I left the building site.
I work in a bread factory now.
I help with deliveries. It's fun.
And easier.
Are you leaving?
As every year.
We spend these holidays with my
parents. Who knows? They're old.
I knew you'd say goodbye.
Merry Christmas and goodbye!
Goodbye, Trini!
Merry Christmas!
Good luck, Paco!
Be good.
Goodbye, Paco.
Same to you, Paco!
How are you?
Just fine.
I'm glad you're happy.
That's why I never see you
anymore? To make me happy?
I thought you were dead.
Come on!
I sure did.
I left the building site.
I wouldn't come empty-handed.
You found a new job?
In a bread factory.
I get the deliveries ready.
I work twelve hours a day,
every day.
How come you stayed?
I felt like it.
You want to go out?
Where shall I take you?
We've the house to ourselves...
and it's Christmas Eve.
Do they always eat like this?
No. Not even on Christmas Eve.
They aren't really rich.
We have a menu for each day
of the week.
Lamb chops on Saturday.
Fish on Friday.
I bought this at the market
with my own money.
You expected me?
It had to be tonight or never.
Good, eh?
It's delicious.
So it'll be when we marry.
Almost always.
Since you'll earn the money I'll be
able to take good care of you.
That's all.
If I lose my job?
I'll work for you
Would you?
You won't have to.
I'll have saved enough to own
a shop in which you'll work.
You're nuts.
I promise.
Don't promise.
What kind of a shop would suit me?
A haberdashery for me...
for you a bar or a grocery.
It's up to you.
A sports shop for me.
It has a fine future.
For the man of the house.
Is it one of the Major's?
Whose if not?
He could shoot you.
Not me, you.
Not anymore.
I'll replace it tomorrow.
Come here.
Give me a kiss.
Shall we try the Major's bed?
Are you crazy?
Let's clear this.
What are you doing?
What's wrong?
I'm a fool.
Here I am missing a pimp
I hardly know on Christmas Eve.
I'm all alone.
I also missed you.
You missed me while you stroked her tits.
Whose tits?
The maid's tits.
Whose if not?
I'll pet yours.
Wash your hands first.
Now what?
I'm off to bed.
Did you do it with her?
Yes or no?
I've never done it with her.
A virgin?
I guess so.
Yes, she's a virgin.
And it drives you wild,
doesn't it?
Perhaps before I met you.
But now I crave your body...
and just won't let her
get into my mind.
Come, kiss me.
A thousand million times.
To bed?
We still have time
to go to the cinema.
To the cinema again?
Why again?
I bet you don't remember
the last film we saw.
"Gentlemen prefer blondes. "
That was ages ago.
This afternoon
I'd rather drink a beer.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
My fianc...
Dona Luisa,
my landlady.
How do you do?
Care for a drink?
No, thanks. I'm in a hurry.
Hey, Paco!
Don't be so formal.
We're friends, aren't we?
Good afternoon.
A beer.
And you, miss?
Nothing. Thank you.
Order something, no?
What's up?
Is she the poor widow
who pampers you?
That's her.
She's admirable.
Her husband spoiled her
and now she must work for a living.
I won't be taken for a fool.
You saw how she looked at you?
She hesitated.
She dodged us...
like the bitch she is.
You think I'm stupid?
Don't exaggerate.
She certainly is a whore
and you went pale.
Let's go!
Wait till I drink my beer.
Calm down.
If you swear to find
another landlady.
I'd be a fool.
She'll make a fool out of you.
There's no dessert.
If you want some cookies.
It doesn't matter.
I'm not hungry.
Why? The maid cooks better than I?
It must be that.
She looks too... innocent.
You'll start again?
It's no fun to see you with a maid.
Don't insult her.
You knew I had a
No, sir. I did not.
You do now.
When will you marry?
As soon as I find a job.
So what?
You've done it?
I only do it with you.
But you'll do it with her.
I guess so.
You'd fuck us both.
Well, listen.
Listen, shit!
The devil shrivel her cunt...
so you can't stick it in
when she does let you.
Don't laugh!
What else can I do?
Shut up!
Come to bed.
I said come!
Then teach her how to do it.
I like it this way.
What's up?
Nothing. What do you want?
My trench coat.
It has to be mended.
My overcoat?
That's in its usual place.
Don't be childish.
Let's take it easy.
Let's see.
What is Paco up to?
He's sleeping with that slut.
Okay, he sleeps with that woman.
men do it with someone else sometime.
You'll have to leave without it.
We can't make it just now.
Go. Go.
We'll make Paco come back
and you'll have him...
I'll tell you what to do...
but first one question.
Tell me the truth...
you hear?
The whole truth.
Have you slept with him yet?
No, Maam. Never.
Nor with others, I suppose.
No, Maam.
This is going to be easy after all.
First be sure you know
what's going on.
You've only a hunch
and no proof yet.
Some hunch!
You should have seen them face to face.
I couldn't be surer.
Very well. Very well.
Then let's strike at once,
as the Major would say.
Because this will be a war.
- Do you mind waiting?
- No.
If you want me to...
Here you are.
May I come in?
I know she's not in.
You've no work today?
I'm on the night shift.
What's this?
Don't you like it?
Where do you sleep?
Do you make your bed?
Trini, Im not in love with her.
I can give you everything, too.
Are you afraid she'll return?
Well, what are you waiting for?
Let's remove the bedspread at least.
Antonio! The usual.
One batch. Camel.
Camel and Chesterfield.
Charged by you this fortnight.
It's your word against his.
I only charged one batch.
We believe him.
We know him and we know you.
What must I do?
If we subtract your share...
its... 15.000 pesetas.
To whom do I owe them?
To him.
Why him?
My business is with you.
We've been paid, don't doubt it.
We know whom to trust.
I haven't the money.
Find it.
We can call the police if he dares.
We're all implicated.
You know Luisa,
we have means to persuade you.
What will you do? Beat me up?
Beat a woman?
We can spoil your face for life.
Then you'll have to find another job.
Sure. In a circus.
Give me time.
Not much.
I'll pay you tomorrow, Maria.
What do you want?
He'll tell you.
I missed you.
It's no use lying.
How can you tell? You're a witch?
She's the witch.
Sometimes you regret being born.
I haven't cheated on you.
We've been engaged for two years.
She's kind.
She came...
To fuck you.
She came to make peace
and I'm glad she did.
She seems to accept things as they are.
It's the best thing
that could happen to you.
Now you have what you wanted.
Two cunts for variety.
Luisa, please!
What did you think?
You thought I'd dump Trini?
Right now I can't tell.
Let's go to bed.
Not tonight.
Don't you dare cross this door.
Luisa, open!
I wanted to tell you personally
but I couldn't.
I'll be away for a few days.
I took some money.
You know I love you, Paco.
Trini, my child!
Mother, this is Paco.
He's my husband.
We married last week.
Is it possible?
Can you have married...
without telling me?
You can't have.
You'd come with your crutches?
We didn't tell anyone.
You could have written.
We haven't heard from you since last year.
It's him?
Call your mother...
.. and your aunt, Eufernia!
What's happening?
My daughter's married.
Look, here's the bridegroom.
Here's the bridegroom.
Isn't he handsome?
There's a dance at the town square
tonight and you'll want to go.
So if you want to rest first,
here you are.
There are clean sheets
in the bureau, as you know, Trini.
My house is your house.
Do as you like.
I can call you son, can't I?
I'm so happy.
You've made me very happy.
Love her
and cherish her,
that's what counts.
Of course.
She's duped.
Who knows?
If not she must feel we'd marry soon.
Are you happy?
I want us both to be happy.
Even if it's only for a few days.
What are you thinking about?
About the ox you took grazing?
What is that?
My mother must be upstairs.
Always like that?
Like what?
I mean lame.
Has she always used crutches?
A long time ago she threw
herself under a cart.
Threw herself?
Because my father
had an affair with a nurse.
It must run in the family.
You wouldn't do that, would you?
I would poison your food.
Where's your father?
He died of apoplexy shortly after.
In this very bed.
Say, do you love me?
You know I do.
What is it?
Aren't you happy?
I know I'm dull.
I can cook a good meal
but I'm no good in bed.
But I'll learn, Paco.
I promise you I will.
Do you want us to do it again?
As often as you like.
Do you want to touch you there?
Caress you?
I love you very much, Paco.
More than my life.
Don't be dramatic.
I say it because it's true.
I'm yours...
I'm yours... yours.
Shut up!
Love me, Paco, please...
Let's go for a walk. Come on.
Let's pretend we're happy.
Whatever you say.
Trini, don't cry.
What will people think?
That I cry because I'm happy.
I'm very unhappy, Paco.
I'm stupid and I'm crazy.
I gave myself to you, body and soul
and you only think of that woman.
You're dying to see her.
Calm down, Trini.
It's true I'm uneasy and
want to go to Madrid.
But to quit that house
once and for all and find a job.
If it were true.
It's true.
Look, I didn't tell you but
I was fired from the Bread Factory.
That's why I'm acting so odd.
That's why you're sad?
You'll find a job.
If you don't it doesn't matter.
I have my savings.
What's mine is yours.
Hi, Luisa!
You see?
I'm back.
For how long?
Don't know.
That depends on you.
You're meek.
I'll go if you like.
If I did, I'd kick you out.
That means you'll be nice to me?
That means shit! Shit!
I'm covered with shit!
Don't be mad if I say
I need you desperately.
To live without you is hell.
That's from Machin.
I have to say it somehow.
Don't you believe me?
Say you do.
What else can I say?
What's this?
Business hazards.
Let me see.
How did this happen?
Some guys don't send you a telegram,
they sock it to you.
But what happened?
I'll tell you later.
Who are you writing to?
To a friend.
Who are you asking for
15.000 pesetas?
There were others before you.
I'm asking an old friend to lend me
the money, whatever he can afford.
He owes you money?
I swindled with sweepstakes.
We lived like kings.
But he doesn't owe me anything.
What's that money for?
So they won't send me telegrams.
Give me that letter.
Don't ask for money.
Why? Will you give it to me?
Have you that money?
But no one will hurt you while
you're by my side. Believe me.
I believe you alright,
but Id need two more like you and armed
like the Civil Guard.
We'll see.
I'm not in a good mood.
Luisa, open!
I just want to know
what's the matter with you.
Luisa, please!
You make me feel miserable.
Come in. The door's open.
She won't give it to you.
She won't do it for you,
but she'll do it for me.
Sure. She's been saving for years
so you can take it from her.
I can tell.
I know her kind.
I'll make up a story.
She's a country maid, Paco.
I'll tell her I'll go to prison
if she doesn't give it to me.
Push her and she'll drop you.
Oh, no!
She's too hot for me.
Listen, Paco.
You better leave your maid alone.
Perhaps prison isn't a too bad place.
I'll talk. We all get collared.
End of the story.
I'm sick and tired.
Don't be angry, Luisa.
I just want to help you.
There must be a way.
There is.
Are you willing to help?
You want your maid to give up her savings?
I want the best for you.
I'm going to know pretty soon if you...
My dear, are worthy of me or
if you're just another illusion.
Listen well because I'm very good
at these affairs.
Let's see how we can trap that cook.
I'd love to see her dead.
Why don't you kill her?
Why should I do that?
Do it for me.
And once in prison, I've lost you forever.
They may not catch you.
Oh, really?
How come?
I killed my husband and here I am.
That must be a joke.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to see you.
You want some coffee?
I want to keep my word, but...
What's the matter?
She absorbs you?
It's not that.
Found a job, then?
Are you looking for one?
You aren't far off.
I'm no better at deliveries
than at building.
Well, it's not the end of the world.
Trini, I must tell you.
I've a plan that will find me a job
and rid us of that woman.
I haven't been searching for a job,
but I found something else.
Tell me what is it.
They've offered me a bar in Aranda de Duero.
It's a bargain, but it's expensive.
This way we'll kill two
birds with one stone.
We leave Madrid,
and you own a business.
It's your...
money, though.
I don't know if you'd want to...
How much is it?
It's a lot.
Tell me how much.
20.000 pesetas.
I've got 30.000 in the bank.
We're in the money!
But you must go to an inn..
or to the Ritz, if necessary.
More snow!
Neither Trini nor I know
how to deal with customers...
but we'll learn in a few days.
If there's a will there's a way.
It's on the main street.
It's the "Esmeralda".
Its owner died lately, and the
widow wants to return to her town.
Here's the contract we signed,
but we've...
still to pay.
It includes a home?
Yes, of course.
A lounge and two bedrooms.
Did you see it Trini?
No, Paco did. I'll see it tomorrow.
But I'm sure it's okay.
Where will you marry?
In Paco's town.
He has a large family.
You're invited.
I was sent to Aranda de Duero
in 1942.
It's cold in winter.
That's good for business.
I hope you get rich selling brandy.
And now a toast
for the bride and the groom.
To you.
I wish you happiness.
What did you pack in there?
The Major's sofa?
You need help?
No. You watch your handbag.
We're almost there.
The mistress gave me
embroidered linen, almost new.
Imagine if they robbed us!
I'm here to prevent it.
It won't be just anyone.
What did you tell her?
Your landlady. Who else?
I just said I was leaving.
What did she say?
She started crying.
I sometimes think she's not to blame.
These things happen.
I don't want
to talk about this, Trini.
Promise you'll forget about her.
It's done.
Where are you going?
Out to smoke.
What's the matter?
I'm cold. Something I ate
must have upset me.
You brought that?
Of course.
Our Lady will help us out.
Are you still cold?
No. Not anymore.
You aren't warm.
I'm alright. Don't worry.
Rest for a while.
Are we going out?
Not you.
I've to see if the widow's cousin
has called the Notary.
Don't take long.
I'll be back soon.
Put your shoe here.
That's it! Two knots. You see?
All in order?
Tomorrow at eleven in Aranda.
It all depends on her paying at once.
She'll like the bar. It's worth more than
what she'll pay for it.
"Fees" will be the Notary.
It won't be necessary.
Luisa, I've the money here with me.
She gave it to you?
I took it from her.
She was asleep and I took it from her.
But you're crazy!
You can bet she'll report the theft
to the police. They'll arrest you.
What will be will be.
Here It's more than you need.
30.000 pesetas.
Go back to Madrid and settle your affairs.
I'll be okay.
No, you won't.
You'll go to jail and so will I.
Too late.
Nothing will happen.
Hide for a while.
It's the best thing to do.
Hide for a while?
The best thing to do?
When will I see you again?
Who knows?
I can't leave her now.
It would be unwise and, anyway, I couldn't.
Kill her!
How could you?
I'd better tell you, Trini.
She's everything to me.
Somehow I can't forget her.
I can't do without Luisa.
...the rest is a lie.
The bar's a lie,
and we only wanted your money
because I needed it to keep her.
I've only loved you.
Only you in this world.
And now I see the one I love most...
and need most, wants to ruin me.
I brought your money back.
It's over.
Say something.
Go away, please.
I can't bear it.
I don't want to see you again.
I'm tired.
I don't want to go on living.
I can't.
Open so I can say I'm sorry.
I don't want you to suffer.
I told you this to work things out.
Open, Trini.
I was beside myself.
I was crazy.
I didn't know what I was doing.
Things will be different from now on.
Open up, Trini!
Stand off!
Don't do it, Trini!
I'll do anything.
I'll never leave you.
I promise.
It's over, Trini.
It's over.
All will be the way it was.
Take me out of here!
It's stuffy!
Trini.. Let's go.
Let's go somewhere else.
How long have we known each other?
Two years.
I've known you all my life.
But no.
That's just a dream.
Look at me.
Kiss me.
You don't love me.
Forgive me, Trini.
I'll never leave you.
I'll break my legs.
I'll tear my eyes out.
I'll cut my hands and breasts.
When I'm a ruin at your feet you'll..
never forget you didn't know...
how to love Trini.
who only wanted to offer you her love...
give you children...
care for you.
That's all that's left between us
from now on.
You like that?
Answer me. You like that?
I'd like to kill that woman
but God won't allow it.
Deep down inside I feel the need
to put an end to all this.
I want to die, Paco.
I know you want me to die.
Do it, Paco.
Kill me.
Free me from this torture, please.
The Express to Madrid
is about to make its departure
at Platform 1...