Amanti (1968) Movie Script

It's mine!
-It's mine. -I'm sorry madam,
but we have regulations here.
Is it alright like that?
Take it, but remember,
it can't run around without a muzzle.
Here's another disaster.
No comment is necessary,
it's tragic outcome is self-evident.
There's no doubt the hay ball protection
helped spread the fire,
causing the tragic consequences ...
we're all well aware of.
Here it is clear that misfortune
struck because of lack of barriers.
Barriers can
avoid tragedies.
But in this case, the car
has suffered serious damages.
However, a barrier developed in Milan,
that I will present
to a special commission in Monza, simply made up of...
plastic balls, filled with water.
They're easy to put up, of limited cost
and provide excellent protection.
I understand your surprise, but please
don't ask me why I stopped you.
I wanted to speak to you.
I havent even come up with
an excuse, but...
...for two hours I've been
watching you, and I've thought...
Well, I'm not really used to...
I don't even know how...
I'm an engineer.
A man who works.
So I'm not used to...
You're being very kind, thank you.
But I'm waiting for my husband.
A very fortunate man!
I envy him, madam.
I'm sorry.
May I?
Please don't be offended.
This is my address
and my phone number.
If by chance you
should come back to Italy.
But, what's wrong?
Are you afraid?
Here you can run all you like.
Go on! Be brave!
You're safe here.
Come on! Run!
I must have changed somehow.
Lost weight?
No, I don't think you have changed.
Besides, we only saw each other
a couple of minutes in the airport.
-Does that mean you had completely
forgotten about me? -No!
I always hoped to see you again.
I even tried to find out,
by all means, who you are...
...and follow your track,
but it's not easy...
...particularly not in a foreign country...
And what did you think of my phone call.
It surprised me a bit,
...I made me happy that
you remembered me.
I've wanted to see you.
Perhaps because I'm at a moment where I
need to be close to people I don't know,
...strangers, unfamiliar places...
...that don't remind me of anybody.
Please sit down.
I have the impression of
having heard on television,
...that you are conducting
some experiments...
...with plastic balls,
filled with water.
So that's why you called me!
I have to confess
I hadn't been thinking about you.
But then, I saw you
on the television and...
Well, you who know so much
about experiments,
would you like to do one with me?
Two days together, here.
I can imagine all the questions
you'd like to ask me.
Why I called you?
About that,
I've already told you something.
Why I have asked you to stay two days?
Why do I happen to be in Italy... this region with
such a strange name?
Ligano? Linago?
Anyway, I doesn't matter.
There are moments when
nothing matters...
...and anything might matter.
The only clear things are
the most confusing.
Tell me what it is I ought to do,
that way... least I won't make mistakes
right from the beginning.
First of all... me Giulia.
Have you driven all night?
You must be tired.
No, driving doesn't tire me.
I, on the other hand,
am very tired.
I haven't slept.
Then go and sleep.
It doesn't bother you if
I go and rest for a moment.
No, do it.
-Until later then.
Good morning. How are you?
As if my balls had busted.
Come! Come and look at this!
Look! They're fighting.
What are you thinking about?
I was asking myself:
why only two days?
And not four or five,
or just a few minutes... the first time in the airport?
It seems to be part of a plan... if someone was hiring
Anyway, it's the same to me.
I wouldn't have said no.
Within ten days
I should be returning to America.
A journey can always be postponed.
This one can't.
This time,
I'm going back to stay.
So, you have a real obligation.
In any case, if you have ten days,
why only grant me two?
Because it should be you,
who asks me for the rest.
I couldn't make you carry on,
what if you got bored...
from the first day.
So, it's all up to me.
Yes, of course.
That way you would also
have the possibility me.
If you'd like.
I'd like!
-I think we have it all.
-Careful! -Thanks.
-Are you sure you'd like to cook?
-Yes, of course.
I want to eat eggs that I've prepared.
Besides, it's the only thing I can do.
Would you like a coffee?
-Yes, or rather a hot tea.
One espresso with little water
and a hot tea.
Are you...married?
More or less.
But, she lives in Milan as well?
Do you live together?
Yes, for a time now.
The coffee, gentlemen.
The owner of the house
should be back by now.
Maybe. You'll see what a nice
person she is.
We can't turn up with all these things.
Maybe it's better we leave them here.
No, why? Come!
Put the screen and the projector there,
on the right.
-Good evening madam. -Good evening.
Is countess Isabelle here.
No madam, the countess isn't present.
Some of her friends are here.
We can...we can come back later.
Excuse me madam, yesterday there
were no one to receive you...
...we were informed late. Apologies.
Please, the other guests
are waiting for you.
Let's enter for a while, ok?
Excuse me a moment.
-My name is Elena.
-Rossi, nice to meet you.
Attention, please!
Paintings and sculptures
from the X to XII centuries.
"An amorous relationship in a spirit
of calmness and serenity"
In India at the time there were
always calm, serene and pacific people.
-Don't you think? -Consider Gandhi.
-The most pacific of them all.
"The Devi Jagadamba temple
in Khajuraho" from X century.
What name did he say?
Carujao, Carabamba...
I have no idea.
-Were you upset, madam?
-So, I can continue.
Everything well? -Yes, yes. -Attention!
Everybodys talking and
I don't understand anything.
Don't worry,
later I'll explain to you everything.
That what he always says...
This is the Chakkapujab temple,
with its circular erotic rituals.
Excuse me, are there many left?
In thruth, there's a total of 26 rituals,
for a total of 250 slides.
Would you like to pick a card madam?
Keep it hidden and
don't look at it for a moment.
Pick one please
and don't look at it.
-It's a secret.
-That seems alright.
Pick one...
Pick one please.
Don't show it.
Pick one please.
Like that!
And don't show it.
And here is the red deck
that I will hand out.
This time for the gentlemen.
Let' go!
Pick one! Don't look at it.
It's a secret.
Each couple will have at their disposal
a room for seven minutes.
Seven minutes that will only
represent an interruption,
...a magic suspension of the
monotonous daily existence.
A moment of liberty.
The couples are paired by chance.
Attention, the game will begin,
Let's go, we'll start with you lawyer.
Come on!
Red 4. Red 4.
Who has black 4?
Who has black 4?
I was born without luck:
it's my husband.
No, not with your own woman, no.
You're eliminated. Let's go on!
And now for the red jack.
Who has the black jack?
Of course, it had to be with you!
-If you don't like it, throw the card.
-Next couple, please.
-No, not you.
Tall and young!
We'll set up a young couple now.
-I'm 50. -You're a child!
Now for red 7.
-Who has black 7?
-I have it.
Go to the room;
seven minutes!
Don't try and take any liberties,
I'll scratch you.
The red ace.
Who has the black ace, please!
Who has it?
Who has the black ace?
-No one has it? Who
has the black ace? -Please.
-But, who has the black ace? -Ah!
-Where to?
-The last door on the left.
Now, look. I don't
like this game one least bit.
Julie, you surprise me!
But Valerio, it's just a game.
A game?
To be unfaithful.
Valerio! How rude!
It's up to me if I'd like
to take part in the game or not.
Of course, naturally. You can do as
you like. It's your choice.
But I'm leaving.
-Where are you going?
-I'm leaving.
-But why?
-It's late.
And I've understood the history
of staying here two days.
And I've also understood what
kind of people you're used to.
No! It doesn't matter!
For you, maybe not.
For me it matters.
...our tale has been a good one.
It's even been marvellous.
-Thank you for this unforgettable
weekend. -No, one day, half a weekend.
Exactly. Thank you for this
half weekend.
Are you jealous?
No! No!
Yes, yes. You're jealous.
You're Italian!
Yes, I'm Italian.
But I'm not leaving just because
of the things that bothered me.
Something has come up.
Tomorrow I have to be in
Monza for a test.
-Ah, those famous balls
filled with water.
But that's tomorrow...
-You're making a big mistake leaving.
-I know.
But maybe it's for the best
that it all ends like this.
-One moment, gentlemen!
-A photograph, engineer!
Will you pass by the office, engineer?
Excuse me, engineer. We'll take the car
to the garage to check everything.
Yes, take it.
-Did everything work out all right?
-Yes, yes. How lovely that you're here.
-I knew it. -No, you didn't know anything.
Careful, because I'm still angry.
-Why? -You should tell me
what went on in those seven minutes.
-Seven minutes?
-The what?
-The seven minutes with the red ace!
-Ah, those seven minutes!
-Yes. -OK.
What does that OK mean?
That nothing happened.
I went to my room.
He wanted to take advantage and
I turned him down. That's all.
Nothing happened because I made a scene.
Tell me the truth.
If not, you would've gone with him.
But I didn't.
Answer me! If I hadn't objected,
you would have gone with him, yes or no?
I don't know. Maybe.
Anyway, nothing would have happened.
-We would have talked all the time.
-Yes, talked!
When a woman makes the first move,
then she'll make the second as well.
And I even make the third.
I'll get up on this fence and make
the fourth, the fifth and sixth...
Be careful! Youre going to get hurt!
Come on, get down!
You have to enter by the pit.
-Are the suitcases yours?
Alright. Then wait here.
I'll get you in my car.
Are we doing the test tomorrow?
-I'm not sure. Have everything ready.
-Annamaria called.
She said to call her. -Thanks.
-But didn't you only have two?
-This one is yours.
-Mine? No. I don't have one.
-I know.
I wanted to give you a gift.
I robbed it from the house.
-Thank you.
You know. It was from the guy with
the silver jacket and the obscene slides.
Let's check what's inside.
Kapakiro karushawa,
you remember?
-No. What a thing!
-Oriental style.
How about that!
No razor, nor soap, nor toothpaste.
How did this one clean himself?
-We could buy him some on the road.
-Of course.
Well, are you ready?
Let's go!
Excuse me for a moment.
I have to make a phone call.
Julia, you have told me things earlier
about you, about your worries.
That's the right word.
Now, I'd like to tell you about mine.
No, Valerio, it's not necessary.
Maybe it's better not to speak to much.
-Would you tell me how much
I owe you, please? -Very well.
Listen, I've robbed a razor blade,
a toothbrush and a lipstick.
-What are you saying?
-It was very easy.
When they take you to prison,
I'll pretend I don't to know you.
I've also taken
shaving foam and a brush.
-Now you rob something for me.
-Have you gone mad?
I've been wanting to do something
dangerous for you.
-Oh yes? -Yes.
-Thanks a lot.
This lady has robbed a razor blade,
a toothbrush and lip...
I'll pay for her.
-This man is delirious. -No!
Are you going to deny you robbed
a blade, a toothbrush, a lipstick and...
Who is this man?
How does he dare to accuse me?
She says it's not true, but I saw her
put it in her pocket. I'm not blind...
This man's a raving lunatic.
He has made up the story.
-Oh yes?
Then let me see
what you have in your pockets.
Ok, what a nerve!
Madam, please, call the police.
No, I don't think it's necessary.
If the gentleman thinks like that.
Go ahead, search me!
No! I don't want to see it.
Let's stop for a moment here.
Where do you think you're going?
Where did you get a driver's licence?
The view is splendid here.
Were you afraid?
No, no. I just wanted
to stretch my legs.
It's not true. It's just
an excuse because you want to drive.
You know,
they were right at the agency.
The upstairs is also really nice.
Are you cold?
You know what I was thinking about?
If you put together
all the houses I've lived in... would be a whole village.
I've lived all over and in all types
of houses, following my family around.
On top of that, a couple of boarding
houses and finally my New York flat.
-And where did you
like it the best? -Where?
In a house inherited by my grandparents.
Altogether I had six.
Six grandparents?
So you think that is a record?
You didn't know there
are people who have eight?
How beautiful it is!
It's just the house I was looking for.
Maybe it's because I'm happy.
The important thing with
a house is that it makes you happy.
We're putting on a show.
-And who are you?
Griselda! What a beautiful name?
What did you want?
The agency told me go right away
to make up the beds for the night.
I live there.
And that is my grandfather.
-She's beautiful, right?
-Yes, very beautiful, but naughty.
-It's alright. When we need you,
we'll call. Bye -Bye.
-You have to promise
me a thing. -What?
That while we're here,
you always tell me the truth...
...plain and simple. You promise?
Alright. I promise.
Listen now, I'm speaking seriously!
Night and day, only the truth.
You can even criticize me...
...around the clock
about every little thing;
...about how I talk, move or sit;
...anything. You just tell me
and I'll change.
I want to change... for you.
It's fine! You want to change, eh?
Now I'll make sure you change.
What are you doing?
You laugh, soon you'll see what
kind of monster you turned me into.
No, you can't do this,
if you wish to do me good.
Of course I wish to do you good, but
remember, I like monsters.
No! No, Valerio, please!
-"Please". -No.
-Hold still.
-No, no, Valerio!
-Valerio, a horn! Still!
Now you'll see.
Impossible! I can't make you ugly.
The more one paints you Americans,
the more you resemble Indians.
There's nothing to be done.
One moment! Stay there!
No, Valerio, have you gone mad?
No, Valerio, please!
I must look like a monster. No!
No, Valerio, I look ridiculous.
Come on! Come!
Here I come!
Careful, it's going flat out!
Well, don't you have enough
of my face now?
Do you like him?
I imagine living here with you;
...cook for you and
that this child is ours.
How about we take him with us?
We can buy him or abduct him.
Come here!
Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!
Let's go!
it's a beautiful boy, you know.
I don't know how they do it...
...walking around with that
weight for so many months.
At what time is there
a flight for Milan?
The plane you came with will return
at one o'clock in the afternoon.
After that, there's one this night at ten thirty.
Then, please reserve two seats
for the one o'clock flight.
I was going crazy
and the others as well.
Why? I even sent you a telegram
and I've written to you.
I've told you the truth.
We had agreed that you were
to be hospitalized last Thursday.
Everything was arranged.
Why this delay?
I wanted to be alone, left to myself.
But then I meet someone.
Have you seen the madam?
She's left for Cortina.
I've spoken to the doctor.
He said you should return immediately.
But, what doctor? Maggie!
I'm aware of what you expect of me.
I know it very well.
I had accepted to go to the hospital,
because that way...
But they know themselves it's useless.
For what I have, there's no cure.
That's not true.
There's always hope.
I've fallen in love.
I've really fallen in love.
It has never happened to me before.
That's why I want to stay here,
all the time I can.
But, don't you think in him?
How do you think he will take it...
...after all this.
If you leave now, while it's so beautiful,
he'll think all's been a marvellous...
-But when he finds out... -No, no.
He won't find out. He shouldn't.
He thinks I'm on vacations and
will have to return to America.
-In how many days do you want it?
-In three or four.
-Here's your film.
-Did it turn out fine?
-There's a part that's overexposed. You
didn't use the diaphragm. -Well, it's...
Attention, please.
We're announcing the departure
of flight 107, destination Milan.
We ask the passengers to
please board the plane.
Thank you.
I can't...
I can't...
I can't run away like this.
What's the number?
What's the number?
Oh God!
What's the number?
Listen, please...
He doesn't answer.
The plane is about to leave. Were
only waiting for you two.
He doesn't answer, Maggie!
He's looking for me.
No, I'm not coming.
Julie, be reasonable.
We have to go now.
I'm not going.
You are.
Maggie, listen, stay as well.
Later I'll go as well,
but I have to see him.
Julie, why didn't you tell
me you went to Cortina?
What's all this mystery?
There's no mystery.
I had to see a friend of mine.
Very well. And you leave me like that,
for two or three hours.
At the very least leave me a note.
I hope you know how to write.
If not, find another
way to let me know. Let's go!
It's not like we're married
or something like that,
...and I don't need to know
everything you do and where you go.
But at least tell me something.
And as if that wasn't enough,
you take the car...
...knowing mine is in the garage in
Cortina and you leave me all alone, like...
I love you!
Isn't that your friend?
The one in there?
-Yes, it's Maggie.
-She's crying.
What's happened to her?
Nothing. She's in love.
You know how women are,
and he's married.
How long time will it take
them to get to the summit?
Two, three or even four hours.
Come. They must be crazy.
Why risk the life like that?
I, on the other hand,
understand them.
Suddenly, life seems so...
You don't believe so?
I don't know.
Why do you have to go back to America?
Picking flowers and plants prohibited.
For many reasons.
I was born there.
My home is there.
-For many reasons.
-And which else?
Is there another man waiting for you?
Some obligation or problem?
Have you seen what's written there?
Floral protection zone.
Strictly forbidden to pick
any plant or flower.
Where are they?
You shouldn't.
Why did you do that?
For you!
Excuse me,
but there are so few here.
But, what's wrong?
Don't tell me you get
sad over two flowers.
Julie, careful!
What are you doing?
Nothing, nothing.
I love you! I love you!
I love you!
Yes, darling!
I love you!
I love you! I love you! I love you!
Last call for
flight 109 bound for Milan.
We ask the passengers to please
board immediately.
Thank you.
Yes. Who's calling?
I'm Maggie, Julie's friend.
Excuse me, is she still there?
She's in the shower.
Can she call you back?
In the shower?
But the plane is about to leave.
Hasn't she told you
that she have to...
Have to what?
Listen, Julie have to leave,
and you should let her.
Why? What's happening?
Because Julie is ill,
seriously ill.
She must leave right away.
She needs attention.
No, it's not possible.
Julie is full of life.
It's only a matter of days now.
Then, the morphine.
She needs treatment.
The end can be dreadful.
You can't even imagine
what sufferings...
Oh, you have to be cold like that.
I'm going to tell them to bring
some firewood, don't you think.
How stupid of me!
I didn't realize it's late.
Let's go out.
What do you say?
I'll put on the jacket and
we'll go down to Cortina.
Will we find something
open at this hour?
Yes, there are some places
that are open all night.
Let's go! Go on
and get dressed.
Who called?
-Who made the phone call?
No idea. Someone who
had the wrong number.
Come here!
Tell me I'm still beautiful.
Of course you're still beautiful,
so beautiful, the most beatiful.
How stupid of me!
Yes, silly, silly.
Go and get dressed.
I'll be ready in a minute.
No! We're not going out.
Come here! Dace with me.
No, me... the modern dances, you know.
No, no. It's not a modern dance.
It's a "spiritual".
One dances... and prays, the same time.
I've developed the film.
I had forgotten.
Let's see how it turned out.
Seven days,
only seven days together.
-What a pity, it could have been ten.
-Julie, listen. It's possible...
No, don't look at me like that. I can't
stand those who look at me with compassion.
I've been very happy these days, because
your eyes werent compassionate.
They were normal.
Now, now they're like everyone else's.
I feel like
I've never had so much to tell you.
No, I don't want to hear it, Valerio.
I don't want to, I don't want to
see you as a type of nurse,
sitting by the bed in compassion.
What compassion!
I have a strength...
-We both have a strength that is
above all of this. -No, Valerio.
What compassion!
You should listen to me now
that I talk to you, because I love you.
I love you. I love you, Julie.
-No, I don't want to.
I love you. I love you, Julie.
No! No! No!
All of this is for you.
-No, madam. I can't
-Take it, take it.
Goodbye, madam.
Many thanks.
One moment.
Thank you, madam.
Thank you, madam.
Really, thanks a lot.
And you as well, sir.
Many thanks.
Are you ready?
Can we go?
Of course.
But before going, let me
check that we didn't forget anything.
Ah, your lighter!
We didn't forget anything else?
My glasses!
Here they are.
Well then... wait a minute.
My toilet kit.
I left it upstairs.
Can you fetch it for me, please.
Do you mind?
-Valerio. -Where are you?
Are you in Cortina?
I had decided to leave
without saying goodbye,
...but I couldn't.
Julie, please, tell me where you are.
I want to talk with you, Julie.
I'm in... I'm at the airport bar.
I'm leaving...
I'm leaving in a few minutes.
I wanted to thank you for
all that you have given me.
Julie. I don't hear you.
I wanted to...
I wanted to thank you for all that...
...for all that I never thought
I would have in life. And now...
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you!
You drive.
I'm afraid.
You drive.